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Goldfish attacking

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  1. Does anyone know if Attack Attack is a Christian band?
    6 Music 179
  2. How often to feed goldfish?
    How often to feed goldfish?
    2 Food 36
  3. How long are goldfish pregnant for?
    how long are goldfishes pregnant?
    4 Pets 5328
  4. How a heart look's at heart attack?
    How a heart look's at heart attack?
    2 Health 24
  5. ashma attack
    how do you no if someone is having a ashma attack?
    7 Health 21
  6. How can I stop panic attacks?
    2 Health 16
  7. What are panic attacks?
    what exactly are they?
    5 Health 37
  8. What are the differences and similarities of the attack of 911 and the attack of pearl harbor?
    5 Education 25
  9. what was the first attack in WWI?
    2 Politics 17
  10. Y did my goldfish eat my goldfish?
    Y did my bigger goldfish(7) eat my littler goldfish?(1)
    6 Pets 72
  11. Goldfish boy or girl?
    How do I tell if a goldfish is a boy or girl?
    6 Pets 130
  12. stopping panic attacks?1
    how do you stop panic attacks?!
    4 Health 51
  13. Do domestic cats attack squirrels?
    do domestic cats attack squirrels
    7 Pets 351
  14. How can you train your dog to attack for protection?
    5 Pets 36
  15. How long does a goldfish typically live?
    11 Pets 55
  16. what does a heart attack feel like?
    3 Health 24
  17. How can I stop panic attacks from reoccuring?
    5 Health 33
  18. Comet Goldfish
    How would I know that my goldfish is pregant
    2 Pets 42
  19. How can I stop having panic attacks?
    I have major panic attacks for no reason what can I do to stop them?
    2 Health 16
  20. How Long Do Goldfish Live?
    How Long Do Goldfish Live?? A few weeks...a year...more
    5 Pets 112
  21. What is the differance in haveing a heart attack and haveing a stroke?
    4 Health 15
  22. Why is my dwarf gourami attacking my platy all of a sudden?
    4 Pets 34
  23. What should I do if I were to go into cardiac arrest (heart attack)?
    3 Health 12
  24. How would you survive an imminent zombie attack?
    3 Environment 17
  25. devil attack
    In the bible is there a scripture that explains ways to attack the devil?
    5 Religion 47
  26. Will my cat attack my rabbit
    Will my cat attack my baby rabbit and can I train my cat to getalong with my rabbit
    6 Pets 85
  27. What causes panic or anxiety attacks?
    What causes panic or anxiety attacks? How often do they happne?
    3 Health 33
  28. What's the best thing to do while having a panic attack?
    7 Health 36
  29. Do you think there is going to be a terrorism attack on the anniversary of 9/11?
    8 Politics 12
  30. Why does my kitten insist upon attacking me while I'm sleeping?
    13 Pets 18
  31. What are your thoughts on the Gaza blockade and the attack on the aid ship?
    10 Politics 11
  32. How to find pictures of people having a panic attack?
    what do you look up for images of people having a panic attack.
    2 Health 61
  33. goldfish whats a cute little name?
    I want to get a goldfish. Whats a cute little name???
    16 Pets 54
  34. attack attack!
    does anyone think attack attack is like underoath, mixed with a little devil wears prada with sky eats airplane or is it me and name some bands like them :)?
    3 Music 10
  35. Do you think Al qaeda is planning a new attack on U.S.A?
    18 Politics 40
  36. How come when i have no fan on or window open i get a panic attack?
    2 Health 15
  37. Death of goldfish!!
    Im kinda curious on this... Why do goldfish die so fast?!?!?! Lol
    4 Pets 18
  38. Would you call the police if you saw a family member getting attacked ?
    11 Family 37
  39. Does anybody know any ways to prevent panic attacks after smoking weed?
    2 Health 116
  40. Is it a myth that if goldfish freeze in a pond, then unfreeze, they'll still be alive ?
    8 Pets 43
  41. How can I keep from attacking the person who tried to rape my girlfriend and ruin our relationship?
    2 Relationships 12
  42. Could Adderall be causing my panic attacks?
    I recently upped my dosage of my Adderall, and I have recently had two panic attacks. Before these two attacks, I had never had a panic attack in my life. Could my Adderall be causing this?
    2 Health 50
  43. Does anyone have any methods they use for stopping or preventing an anxiety attack once you feel it beginning?
    10 Health 26
  44. How come everytime I go out in public by myself I feel like I'm going to have a panic attack?
    10 Health 41
  45. What would happen If a doctor suddenly had a heart attack while doing surgery, would the other doctors work on the doctor or the patient?
    8 Health 57
  46. Can having OCD really cause me to have small panic attacks without even knowing it?
    4 Health 22
  47. what can i do if dogs (pit bull types) keep attacking my dog?
    how can i protect her? btw my dogs deaf
    9 Pets 41
  48. puppies attacked by its own mother
    Why does my dog attack and snap at her own puppies. The pup is three weeks old and the dog (her mother) attacks and snaps at her around the head?
    2 Pets 255
  49. Can baby rabbits eat Goldfish crackers?
    can 5 week old pet rabbits eat the human snack, goldfish?
    3 Pets 323
  50. How to breed Goldfish?
    How to tell the difference between Male and female goldfish as I would like to breed and what items would you need to help breed
    3 Pets 48
  51. What do you guys think about the North Korea attack to South Korea?
    Do you think its possible for a World War to start by that?
    10 Politics 22
  52. why would a weed smoker of 6 years straight start having panic attacks everytime ??????
    3 Money 32
  53. What are the symtoms of a heart attack?
    I gotta tell my dad some horrible stuff so I know that he is going to have a moment. What are the symtoms of a heart attack and what should I look out for?
    5 Health 78
  54. Why do my dogs attack my underwear?
    Like when its that time of the month my dogs will go in my laundray basket and take my under were and bite them are they attacking it because of the blood why
    3 Pets 86
  55. How can I help my turtle who was attacked by 6 dogs?
    advice about an injured turtle. She was attacked by 6 dogs, her shell is all white, most of the color has been gnawed off, what can I do to heop her !!!
    3 Pets 13
  56. How to stop attacks
    Hi I was just wondering if anyone knows how to stop anxiety attacks or what they are caused by? I keep getting them all the time and dont know why :(
    3 Health 11
  57. What would happen if someone fainted in class or got a massive cough attack?
    (me and my messed up mind)
    9 Health 45
  58. Dog attack
    Say 2 dogs or 3 dogs atacck you what do you do and say theirs just small trees and no houses and nothing to climb on what do you do?
    8 Pets 34
  59. What would happen if someone had a seizure or an asthma attack and no one was there to help them?
    7 Health 69
  60. Attack of the blackheads
    What home remedies will instantly get rid of blackheads, and I need the ingredients to be something I most likely have.
    2 Health 37
  61. Will goldfish eat other goldfish?
    The boys I take care of had 2 pet goldfish, and while they were on a weekend away, one of the goldfish died. When they came back, instead of having a goldfish floating on the top of the water, they had bits of carcass through the bowl. There is no filt...
    6 Pets 2257
  62. GoldFish
    my goldfish is floats on the top were ever the water takes it. I am not sure if my pump is to stong or he is sick. Or old Who can you tell who old it is? and do you think it is my pump?
    3 Pets 20
  63. Any suggestions, I have panic attacks in school
    So I go to a huge school and I tend to have panic attacks a lot in the hallway from such small places... I break down and hyperventelate... any suggestions???
    2 Health 28
  64. Why are muslims being attacked in palestine when theyre defenseless
    Why are muslims attacked in palestine when they're practially defenseless? The usa are supporting jews with weapons while mulims they're only have rocks
    8 Religion 32
  65. How is our class goldfish bleeding, what do we do?
    How do we make the bleeding stop? Why is it bleeding? What is going on with mario? Our fish is not that well, and we think he is bleeding because his friend died...
    3 Pets 59
  66. Would it be safe to buy a new goldfish and put it in the same aquarium as the goldfish i've had for years?
    I'm just worried cause any time i've bought new animals and had them meet the older ones they've fought and i'd rather not have one fish eat the other. So is it safe to buy another one?
    4 Pets 28
  67. Does anyone ever see things in their dreams and then later on in life see the exact same thing and sit there and have a mini heart attack?
    9 Health 41
  68. Panic attacks from smoking pot
    Every time I smoke pot I get theses really bad panic attacks.why is this and how can I stop it?
    100 Health 10763
  69. Heart attack urgent please read
    Does anyone know the signs of a heart attack and if someone possibly had a heart attack last night would he be ok right now
    3 Health 24
  70. Why do our goldfish have white dots on their tai?
    me and also my friend have been seeing white little dots on our fantail goldfish's tails...please answer my question. ThAnKs
    2 Pets 39
  71. How can I get rid of my panic attacks?
    I've been having panic attacks lately, and I usually get them when I'm really scared or nervous. Is there any way I could possibly get rid of them?
    5 Health 36
  72. I'm having a panic attack!
    Ok I need to get my mind off of some stuff- because it's giving me a panic attack, what should I do ? I'm taking deep breaths, and I'm relaxing, but it's not helping :(
    2 Health 9
  73. Why did the japanese attack pearl harbour?
    So ihave this BIG history assignment and the main question is why did the japanese attack pearl harbour? any suggestions of good websites or just an answer?
    5 Education 30
  74. Do you guys think the 9/11 attacks will be talked about tomorrow on television?
    I wonder that, I forgot if they have the past few years, but do you think they will this year? Especially the army?
    7 General 18
  75. Panic-Anxiety Attacks
    Does anyone have any stories of anxiety attacks or panic attacks? Tell me how you felt at the time, what happen and how your body felt.. Please, I have it and I want to know what might happen before it happens.
    5 Health 12
  76. Attack training for dogs... Any methods?
    I got a shepard that knows how to attack on command and im gonna train a pitbull to do the same anyone got any new methods of training??? Any advice is apreciated!
    7 Pets 33
  77. Are there a lot of shark attacks in Hawaii?
    Shark attacks in Hawaii I want to go into the ocean and I will but my brother wont he will do ANYTHING but go into the water there and were going for summer break and I dont want to go alone into the water.
    7 Travel 54
  78. If I take a baby bird out of its nest, will the parents attack it when I return it?
    I just discovered I have a baby lovebird (1 day old) can you take it out of the cage with parent's and then put it back in the nest or will they attack it?
    4 Pets 32
  79. Excess goldfish food
    Gold fish...I have a goldfish and a guppy and I got them yesterday and I fed them and there is still food leftover and it sinks to the bottom do I leave it or is it poisonous
    3 Pets 81
  80. Panic attacks and pot
    I started smoking pot about a year ago and in the last few months whenever I smoke I get panic attacks and think I am about to die. why does this happen? and should I just stop smoking.?
    7 Health 95
  81. Can you have panic attacks in your sleep?
    If not what's can you have whilst sleeping, that wakes you up, that's similar? Pretty sure it wasn't because I was dreaming of falling before anyone suggests it. :/ Any ideas?
    5 Health 32
  82. Whats wrong with my goldfish?
    It floats to the top of the water then swims back down but it keeps floating back. I gave it some peas and it was better for a few weeks its doing the same thing again
    5 Pets 69
  83. How do you personally handle panic attacks?
    I've delt with them almost on a daily basis since 6th grade and am curious how others handle them.
    4 Health 13
  84. My Goldfish
    how big of tank should a about 3 inch goldfish have. Sherbet (my goldfish) just grew a lot. and he has a 2.65 gallon. The next size up in the store near by is 5 gallon tank. Do you think I should get that?
    3 Pets 39
  85. Goldfish-Black Smudges
    I am currently getting black smudges all over my goldfish and they are recently dissapearing! It is the wierdest thing. All of which has happened in the last two weeks. Does anyone know why or what this is?
    3 Pets 66
  86. Your thoughts on south park attack on kanye west?
    I personally thought kanye deserve every moment of it. And trey parker is a freaking screenwriting genius
    6 Entertainment 45
  87. What should I do if my friend has an asthma attack?
    My friend has asthma and she's had a asthma attack recently, I'm going out with her this weekend just her and I, her mum wants me to know what to do if she has a asthma attack just in case it happens, my friend is going to tell me where she keeps her i...
    3 Health 21
  88. What fish are compatible with common goldfish in a tank?
    Hi I have goldfish (4) in a pretty large tank and I would like some other fish in there as well. The problem is I don't know which fish are compatible with my goldfish (common goldfish) if any of you know if you could please tell me that would be great...
    4 Pets 188
  89. Teachers said if I had another anxiety attack they'd call ambulance
    At school, the teachers said thta if I had another anxiety attack they would call an ambulance 2 take me 2 the hospital. Can they do that? I thought that they had 2 call my parents firts?
    3 Education 18
  90. Why does my female cat hiss and attack at her son after neutering?
    My female cat is 3yrs old and we took her son 6mths to be neutered and still 3 days post op she hisses, and growls and attacks him, why does she do this? Will she stop?
    2 Pets 88
  91. If the US attacks north korea, they attack japan is that true?
    Ok, Is this true? My Social Studies teacher says that like, If we plan on attackin North Korea with our nuclear missles. He says if they die from us, they are going to launch missles at Japan. SO basically if they end up dying [north korea] they're tak...
    13 Politics 46
  92. What would cause severe anxiety attacks?
    My older sister has been suffering from extremely bad anxiety attacks ever since she joined the marine core. Could id be the stress that is causing her to get these attacks? if so how can she manage it?
    6 Health 10
  93. Does taking 2 baby aspirins a night before bed really help to reduce your chances of having a heart attack?
    I've heard this more than once, so I was just wondering how true it actually is?
    4 Health 21
  94. 9/11 attacks
    do you think bombs were planted inside the building because if you go to youtube in a video you see and hear FDNY and NYPD talking about another device in the building what do you think
    6 Politics 47
  95. What do I do right after a random asthma attack?
    k so I just had a random asthma attack and I just ran downstairs and got my inhaler then I had to take a pill and now im dizzy?? is this normal? does the inhaler make you dizzy I only took two puffs which it says you should do???
    2 Health 45
  96. Goldfish problems
    My goldfish are covered in loads of small spots, it looks like. (Not like 'whitespot')Also, their top fins are lying down on their backs, instead of up straight and fanned out. Please help!
    2 Pets 24
  97. Goldfish disappearing from outdoor pond
    Recently, we have had goldfish disappearing from our outdoor pond. we have had the fish for years, and all of the sudden they started disappearing- no remnants of fish bodies or anything! we think something must be eating them! suggestions to keep t...
    7 Pets 355
  98. Attack of the 000s!
    Why doquite a lot of people put 0s (zeroes) instead of os (letters) in their words in their questions & answers? e.g. hell0. my nameis b0b. Why Why Why?
    9 Technology 17
  99. Sick comet goldfish
    I have a 55 gallon tank with 8 comet goldfish all of them where fine the first 2 days and last night tehy developed a blue color on the bottom o fthem
    2 Pets 53
  100. What is going on with my body is it a panic attack?
    I think I have been having panic attacks I would be sitting down and then just randomly start shaking and my heart rate goes up really quick.its been doing that for a few days and its really scarying me and I dont know what it is! Any thoughts ?
    2 Health 13
  101. Is it true that the Majority Leader of Congress attacked a citizen?
    Is it true that the Majority Leader and some other Congress-people, in an unprecedented move, attacked a private citizen of this country, attempting to have him censored and lose his job over an allegation, since proven to be false ?
    5 Politics 10
  102. Why do people always attack others?
    Why cant people just give opinions on hear without attacking someone else just because they do not agree with their answer. I know I get attacked all the time, and there are ways to disagree with someones answer without attacking them. And I am sick an...
    2 General 38
  103. How do goldfish breed?
    my goldfish have been chasing one around for five minutes and I need to know how they mate and if they are going to. my one is like 16 times bigger and the other is 2 times bigger and they are in pretty cold water. and there is only 3.not 3 million.
    2 Pets 53
  104. Why is my goldfish's tail drooping?
    I've had my goldfish for about 2 1/2 years. I think he is a faintail, but may be a comet (unless they are the same, I don't know!). A few days ago, his tail starting drooping and I don't know what is causing it. The pH is fine and I treated the water f...
    3 Pets 453
  105. How do I get a weapon attack base boost in Samorai Warriors 2?
    is their a way to get a wepon attack base bost because i did it once but i dont know if it was luck or i did something 2 get it. oh and this is 4 the ps2 verson i dont know if that will make a differance but please awnser.
    2 Gaming 41
  106. Anxiety Attack
    Im havin a really bad anxiety attack I cnt fkin breathe its getting r;y bad I've had these before but they never lasted this long this ones lasted abt 45mins/ noones home what can I do to calM MYSDLRF?
    5 Health 8
  107. Why were kamikaze attacks so effective?
    I have no idea why these were affective. my teacher gave us places but the sites are not working right so please help. I've tried looking them up on the internet but leads me back to a dead end.
    4 Politics 82
  108. is this a panic attack?
    I feel tense all over and my gums feel itchy and tight, I can't really describe it more than that because my mind feels completely blank, like I can't really think of anything... and I keep clenching my jaw and my heart feels like it wants to leap out ...
    9 Health 50
  109. Why am I planning an action plan if zombies attacked?
    I keep asking my friends what they would do if zombies attacked and telling them what I would do. People think I'm joking but I'm deadly serious! I known it's a very low chance of zombies attacking but I'm constantly paranoid. I've recently had two dre...
    5 General 15
  110. How to speed up martial arts attacks?
    Here's my little conundrum if I managed to spell it right which I most likely did not. I'm some-what a martial artist with no one teaching me, very little space and no weights to use. I need to speed up my strikes. What's a good way to do so other than...
    3 Gaming 20
  111. Goldfish eggs?
    Ok heres the deal. I have a couple of goldfish and I just changed the water for the tank two days ago. When I woke up yesterday the water was white and cloudy. What does that mean? Did they lay eggs? Should I clean the water? Will they die if I leave t...
    2 Pets 56
  112. Is My Poor Little Goldfish {Fishstick} Sick?
    My Fish Will Not Eat His Food?? He just sits there in the same spot,he does not swim around,I mean he has a big bowl? Is my poor little baby sick...poor Fishstick I hope not.Please help me,I love my lil goldyfish..please help me,Thank You!
    2 Pets 31
  113. What's the black spots on my goldfish?
    fish is slow & laying on bottom of tank. small flat black spots on top of head black spot/black smudge? we have no snails in the tank please give help. for each piece of advice I will answer 2 of your questions. thanks.
    2 Pets 133
  114. how can i get over my dad having a heart attack ?
    in 2005 it was 3 days after my birthday and my dad called me in the bathroom and asked me to get his heart burn tablets i couldn't find them i got my mum and she did nothing so i got someone to ring the ambulance hes okay but now but after witnes...
    5 Health 38
  115. Do you think 9/11 was a cover up to remove the trade towers, or was it a real terror attack?
    I was watching Conspiracy Theories on true TV and then I have always wondered how the building came down so perfectly. When a building is hit like that is should fall over like a tree, to the side of weakness.
    17 Politics 33
  116. My Fancy Goldfish
    I have three fancy goldfish (two orange and one brown and orange). One of the orange ones keeps sitting on the bottom of the tanks and I keep thinking it is dead but when I touch the tank it starts to move around again. Also I as been floating on its ...
    3 Pets 31
  117. Goldfish Epylepsy
    My pet goldfish is epileptic. His name is George. I call his name and he just goes into a fit. Does anyone else have this problem, maybe the name resonates in his scales, runs along his plimsole line and and affects his swim bladder or something? When...
    6 Pets 43
  118. Will my cat attack my rabbit?
    I recently got a bunny,and I have 2 small Kittens.And Im scared to let my bunny out because of the cats.((my bedroom door is weird,it like opens randomly)) Do you think my cats would attack my bunny? And if so,Is there anyway to keep it form happening?...
    7 Pets 691
  119. Can you get a heart attack from stress?
    Ok my moms had two heart attacks that caused her to pass out.Well shes going to the doctor this friday to get thoroughly checked out but theres a problem.I MIGHT be pregnant.IT IS NOT MY MOMS FAULT.she is a good protective mother.I admitt It was my fau...
    2 Health 37
  120. My goldfish is getting black spots
    My fish keeps getting more and more black spots on him. It started on the top fins now its spreading throughout his body too! What can be done to treat it or what is the cause of it? We have two goldfish, a albino frog, two snails, a molly, and two g...
    5 Pets 89
  121. Should the teacher that asked her pupils to plan a ter.rorist attack that would k!ll as many innocent people as possible be fired?
    In Australia a teacher asked students to plan out a complete ter.rorist attack, one that would k!ll as many innocent people as possible. The assignment was canceled when student refused but word got out. The teacher still has her job, the principle cl...
    14 Education 29
  122. Is it a bad idea to do shrooms if I have panic attacks?
    I had my first panic attack this week and another 2 days later. I always feel fine until I'm about to go to sleep. My friends and I have been trying very hard since the beginning of summer to get our hands on shrooms and my friend finally got some at...
    13 Health 156
  123. What do I do I was attacked by my own dog?
    My own dog, a springer spaniel cross aggresively bit me in the face, I had to get 8 stitches for the main cut in my face, there was another bad one below it and 7 punctures inside my nose, almost pierced through. I've'e had her for 3 years since her bi...
    5 Pets 52
  124. Will next doors cat attack my rabbit
    I have a rabbit that is about 3 years old that every now and then we let have a run around in the garden but next door have 2 cats that keep coming over the fence should I be concerned as everytime I check on the rabbit there is a cat in the garden sta...
    5 Pets 54
  125. Goldie
    Can my goldfish have babies?
    12 Pets 12
  126. My first panic attack.
    Well yesterday, I just had my first and hopefully only panic attack. I want to know how to make it go away, I just felt like I couldnt move, I got really mad in a two minute time period, and then I just started like crying. and I just couldn't stop. I ...
    4 Health 22
  127. Am I having a Panic Attack?
    I don't know if I am.. I'm calm, but my heart is racing for no reason.. it does this every day now.. not all the time, but at least once a day.. the doctors at first said I have hyperthyroidism.. but now they say I don't.. and they never did anything e...
    4 Health 16
  128. How do you think a story about panic attack would appeal to others?
    Okay I am a 16 year old girl and I've experienced many panic attacks before, I'm also a writter. I want to write a book about a girl who has to deal with panic attacks throughout her life. I'm hoping that it would appeal to young teens and make them wa...
    6 Literature 18
  129. How do you know if you had a panic attack?
    How do you know if you had a panic attack? I think I did,.. I was falling asleep, home alone, heard knocking at the door, and I remember feeling shaky, I couldnt talk to my dad (who I called after the knocking) , hard time breathing, and I didnt know i...
    3 Health 17
  130. Why is my fantail goldfish turning red?
    We have two fantail goldfishes, yesterday we noticed that it's tail had a streak of red. We got worried so we changed the water, in case it was a bacterial infection. I woke up this morning and checked the fish, now the whole tail is almost red and it'...
    2 Pets 155
  131. How to control my panic attacks?
    hey im 15, im a model and love life !!! the problem is that I suffer from minor panick attacks all the time! little things that I get nervous about set them off, presentations in school, the doctors, optitons everything like that. I really hate the ...
    3 Health 26
  132. Could I be having a heart attack?
    I was playing on the wii(boxing) on Saturday. Sunday night my chest started hurting and I do not think it hurted until Tuesday. It hurts to laugh, to take a deep breath. It hurts like I been punched or like I been laying down on my chest for too long. ...
    12 Health 56
  133. My dog was attacked by another ,bigger dog
    In the dog park (about 6 months ago) .she has been more snarly and agresive since ,but she was attacked and I managed to get her up into my arms ,the other dog was trying to get at her and even bit me in the shoulder.I will not be goin...
    2 Pets 41
  134. Why does my cocker spaniel attack one of her three pups?
    My dog has been very aggressive with her puppy. She has one male and two females; lately she has been aggressive towards one of the females to the point that we pick up the pup and she is growling and biting us. I have to keep the mom tied up because s...
    2 Pets 29
  135. Why do my cats keep attacking each other!?
    I have two male cats, about a year old, one of which has been de-sexed but the other not as it was too expensive at the time. The de-sexed cat (Jack) has recently started randomly attacking my other cat (Shady) and they fight nearly everyday, at nig...
    3 Sex 17
  136. Could someone explain to me what a panic attack is like?
    I haven't had one myself and I am writing a story. I need to know- if there is anyone out there to help- what happens, how do you feel and what do you do to overcome it? I have been reading online about it and there are many different stories, I'd just...
    2 Health 30
  137. How do I handle my only family having a heart attack?
    I'm almost reached the age of 15 and my dad just had a sever heartattack and has been having multiple minor heart attacks since then and the dr's said he doesn't have much time. he's my only family. I have no one but him. what do I do? the pain is so...
    4 Health 23
  138. My aunt had a heart attack and is now driving? What should I dooo?
    Alright I got a big problem... Ok my great aunt is like 66 I think her names marine... And she had a heart attack in her car as she was driving but she was at a gas station when it happened she wasnt moving. Well my other aunt judy is taken care of h...
    4 Family 58
  139. Am I having little heart attacks?
    Ok so these past couple days I have been feeling really weird.. like I feel like I have been having heart attacks.. little ones.. like the other night I was getting so hot and then I had my fan blowing on me and I felt like I couldnt breath and my lun...
    3 Health 30
  140. How can I stop these constant panic attacks?
    I keep having panic attacks. I cant control them and I am SO sick of it!!! I will just be sitting there when all of a sudden I start thinking scary scary thoughts...About death, Thinking about God, thinking I am sick, thoughts about school, and more. I...
    11 Health 52
  141. Why does my dog attack her 3 and a half week old puppies?
    My dog is a jack x staff, who had 5 pups 3 and a half weeks ago, they have just started to need some puppy meal and she has been a good mum untill tonight when she attacked 2 of them for no apparent reason. Both yelped and shook like mad but she hadnt ...
    6 Pets 167
  142. vietnam war?
    why was the vietnam war started? Why did we/ they attack??
    4 Politics 33
  143. Who believes that the F. Hood terrorist attack could have been?
    I didn't have enough room but my question was...Do you believe that the Fort Hood Terrorist attack could have been avoided? Also, do you think that the Army was being too politically correct about Nidal Malik Hasan's religion? Would you have fired or C...
    9 Politics 40
  144. Umm...Is my ferret trying to ATTACK me or is she playing?
    I am a fairly new ferret owner and since they are actually illegal in CA, I never came across one before until now and I need some help because obviously I can't just call any friend up and ask this. Anyways... Fondou (my baby ferret) was just n...
    8 Pets 318
  145. Is there such thing as a minor panic attack?
    Because whenever I am asked in class to come up to the whiteboard or answer a question, my heart races really fast, my temperature goes up sky high, legs go like jelly and I blush. This also happens when I talk to people I'm not normally friendly with ...
    17 Health 47
  146. Shrooms with a panic attack
    Okay well about a year and a bit ago I smoked just one joint to myself and before then I smoked all the time, and after I smoked this joint I felt really weird and then it got worse, it felt like I couldent breathe and I couldent stop shaking, and then...
    2 Health 74
  147. Overcoming Panic Attacks
    So I've been smoking pot for a few years. I dont do it often, maybe like.. twice a month. Well the last two times I've smoked, I was in comfortable environments and with people I trust. But the last two times I've smoked I've had extremely bad panic at...
    2 Health 36
  148. How do I deal with panic attacks?
    please help me! I have these horrible panic attacks and I don't know why. I like this guy, and every time I know he is with this one girl or see him talking to this one girl, I feel like I can't breathe. I feel dizzy and my stomach feels like it is doi...
    3 Health 18
  149. Attacking other members in public - not OK
    Just a friendly reminder, we're not here to attack other members. Not in public and ideally, not in private. However, we can't stop you from verbal attacks in private, but if you get reported, we will delete, disable or otherwise remove you from the sy...
    4 Funadvice 15
  150. What type of attack is this? Nervous breakdown? anxiety attack? or panic attack?
    It started when i was 14, i had a nervous breakdown nd went into manic depression when my mum left shortly after my 14th birthday, when she told me nd my sis, i was fine i didn't think it'd be bad, thought it was for the best, until the next day it kic...
    3 Health 44
  151. I am the walrus ?
    What was the insperation for 'I Am the Walrus' By the beatles? I heard it was An acid attack, I mean, I know they Did acid, I just want to know if it *was* an acid attack?
    3 Music 10
  152. Are people blaming Muslims for terrorist attacks?
    I'm a muslim...and I'm wondering why most of the people outside there blaming muslim for a lot of terrorist attacks??? are we a bad people??? why the president of the united states give an order to attack afghanistan for no reasons...he just assume wi...
    10 Politics 66
  153. Is satan attacking me?
    I have been trying to rekindle my relationship with God, and be spiritualy more intouch with God. Well I'm 4 months pregnant, my boyfriend got arrested he might serve 6 months and he would miss the birth. I had to move back in with my parents because ...
    10 Religion 106
  154. What do you think about Bethany Storro admitting she faked the story of an acid attack and that her burns were self-inflicted?
    I think its disgusting & that she obviously has some sort of mental illness to make up such a story & accuse an African American woman of it. I felt bad for her at first but then i studied the pictures & it looked planned, the burns were only on her ch...
    2 General 42
  155. How to deal with Severe-Anxiety/Panic Attacks?
    I have been suffering from anxiety/panic attacks for about 9 months now, and they only seem to be getting worse. They happen more when I get stressed out (which is a lot) I try to avoid stress now, but, it always somehow finds me. They also happen for ...
    2 Health 18
  156. Bill O'reilly attacks Eminem?
    Recently Bill O'reilly who is a talk show host on Fox attacked Eminem the rapper for a video he made because it has a spoof about Sarah Palin. But, Bill O'reilly never said anything about how it attacks Brittany Spears, Ellen Degenres, Lindsay Lohan a...
    4 Entertainment 20
  157. Panic Attack and Anxiety - At School
    Why can't I handle school? Does it have something to do because I'm bipolar and have anxiety? Its been getting worse over the years. At school and can't handle all the people, I have panic attacks, the lighting gives me horrible head aches/MIGRAINE...
    2 Health 30
  158. Why did my goldfish turn from bright orange to black & get 2x larger?
    About exactly a month ago, my family & I went on vacation for a week & left our neighbor to take care of most of our pets, except the fish because they had one of those food block things just sitting in there & yeah so my neighbor payed no attention to...
    5 Pets 32
  159. would this be considered a panic attack?
    this usually happens when im at school or on the bus sometimes ill be sitting there and all of a sudden my whole body changes. like today i was in class and it was like my palms started to get sweaty, my heart started racing, i felt like my lungs were ...
    2 Health 17
  160. spots becoming bigger
    can the black spots kill my goldfish?
    3 Pets 21
  161. how canu tell
    how can you tell a male and female goldfish apart
    3 Pets 19
  162. What is your Zombie contingency plan?
    What is your Zombie contingency plan? like, what would you do if Zombies attacked?
    14 General 48
  163. Trojan attack
    I think I've been hacked or somthing. I have CURRENTLY 43 trojan viruses and remote connection viruses. I don't have any money because Im thirteen years old. I cant afford any of the trojan removal stuff. There is NO SUCH THING as a "free" spyware/troj...
    6 Technology 29
  164. Goldfish/friends/care/food and babies
    ok so I got a goldfish from the school like a week ago or so. So anyways it just a regular goldfish. I named hem Clue! He is Orange! So this is my first goldfish I have ever had!! So I have a few questions: I want to get Clue a friend..what kind of...
    3 Pets 34
  165. What causes a mild heartattack?
    can that be deadly? Can that cause a bigger heart attack??
    9 Health 28
  166. Why are people so foucsed on lockerbie ?
    I mean why do people forget that america bombed libya on april 15, 1986 killing dozens of civilians in their homes I am not justifying the attack any attack that includes civilians is a terrorist attack But what america did was also terrorism why do...
    2 Politics 14
  167. Why is my fish eating all my other fish? (continued)
    It;s definitely a black moor, and it's with other goldfish that are bigger than him.
    4 Pets 48
  168. What do I do if my girlfriend was attacked, or worse - raped?
    My girl and i were at a party about 2 days ago and about half way through the night i lost her and i couldn't find her. I didn't think much at first because i thought she had just gone off with her girlfriends. But about an hour or so went by and her f...
    10 Relationships 137
  169. Why do the dinos roar?
    Why do the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park movies always roar when they attack? No predator roars when it attacks. It would startle the prey. Wolves, pumas, lions, owls, eagles--they all rely on silence when they attack. Who did they consult that suggested ...
    9 Entertainment 58
  170. cat acts strange when I cough
    Why is it when my mom or I cough my cat makes strange noises and attacks us?
    4 Pets 22
  171. Does anyone know the handgun laws???
    I know handgun laws vary from state to state but I have a permit to carry and if someone threatened me can I shoot them? Do I have to be attacked first??? Will I go to jail if someone is attacking me and I shoot them??? Btw I live in washington
    4 Politics 19
  172. Team Fortress 2
    Which character would be good for an attacking person on 2 flag?
    4 Gaming 7
  173. simlar bands to mindless self indulgence ?
    I've been looking for some new bands and I want some who sound like mindless self indulgence kid british enter shikari attack attack ! thanks 'xOx
    5 Music 48
  174. Are demons really the main cause for sleep paralysis?
    I think I experienced sleep paralysis but it was not demonic because there was no evil laughing or anything. I have never been attacked by demons and never experienced any demonic activity in my home. So could demons attack me when I do no notice th...
    17 Religion 46
  175. will people bring me to the ER for this?
    will people bring you to the emergency room for a panic or anxiety attack? like, im terrified of doctors, but lately I've had like, minor panic attacks from stress. if you faint during a panic attack, or look super pale, or freak out, will they bring y...
    4 Health 51
  176. panick attack related to marijuana
    hii m roberto from rome italy...I was considered and considered myself a major pot smoker I smoked pot just for one year but since the beginning it always took me a lot to get high and obviously when I had really good stuff I would get high faster but ...
    3 Health 46
  177. How to stop feeling anxious in class?
    Ok So Im Really Stressed (To Much Coursework! ) And Sometimes I Get Panic Attacks (Lol) How Do I Make Sure That I Dont Have A Panic Attack Because Its Horrible When Im In Class ):
    2 Health 18
  178. Why hasn't there been another 9/11 attack?
    Every time I pick up the paper (yes, I still read things written by moveable, printed type) I read some story about how vulnerable this country is to another terrorist attack. It seems like any terrorist group with some money, expertise, and desire co...
    11 Politics 64
  179. How Can I stop having Anxiety attacks?
    I have suffered from social anxiety for about 2 years now and im only 16 and it controls my whole life. I cannot go out on my own, I can't even walk down the street without having an anxiety attack. Im constantly thinking that people are judging me an...
    6 Health 51
  180. I'm so sick of republicans attacking Obama.
    I mean seriously, McCain and Palin both said their supporters wanted bigger and dominant attacks on Obama to hurt his campaign. Calling him names such as "socialist" "Communist", Now I want to talk about those two words. Communism is when things are ra...
    6 Politics 7
  181. Aggression in cat
    Recently my roommate's cat as been very aggressive. We don't know what it is. He'd crawl up on your lap and expect you to pet him. He'd then start biting and scratching and if you try to push him away he'll viciously attack you. It happened to my room...
    4 Pets 9
  182. What Metalcore!?
    Okay metalcore bands!! I need good ones similar to Haste The Day, Attack Attack!, Bullet For My Valentine, As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red... Mine are limited I want MORE!!!
    4 Music 43
  183. Events in 2000-2004
    What were some major events happeneing between 2000 and 2004 besdies the terrorist attacks and the millenium?
    3 General 85
  184. Deceptive family
    What do you do when an ex husband turns your owne family bagainst you ? When they dont listen to any reasoning other than attacking you .
    3 Family 25
  185. Is there a special type of food fish needed (read more)?
    I know theres goldfish food but for other fish is there a specific thing they need?
    2 Pets 32
  186. Bad Kitten
    My kitten is really bad she jumps on the counter tv and she attacks me and my friends and runs to the door to attack visitors she also jumps into the shower and bites my nose at nite when I sleep. what can I do to make her a good kitty kat and cure the...
    8 Pets 40
  187. why am I feeling this way?
    basically I am feeling very scared and it causes a panic attack. I have never experienced this before and it is worrying me. I feel so scared, as if I am being watched and have a weird sensation (unexplainable) then I have a panic attack. does this mea...
    4 Health 23
  188. Are vampires real?
    Not the immortal attack humans and suck them dry but born, inherited, has a heart beat kind.
    15 General 39
  189. Good songs for a cheerleading dance?
    What are some good songs 4 a cheerleading dance!?? W/ out any curse words my coach would have a heart attack!!!
    38 Sports 3529
  190. What would you consider to be the most terrible way to die and why?
    Myself personally it would have to be burned alive or attacked by killer bees lol.
    33 General 27
  191. Do you believe Rev. Wrights assertion about the US?
    Do you believe Rev. Wrights assertion that the U.S. deserved the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks ?
    15 Politics 42
  192. How to say something in German?
    how do you say/pronounce 'attack of the teddy bears!' in German? (weird question I know but its for an inside joke)
    3 General 56
  193. My friend's rabbit
    My friend's rabbit is a female but she never shops growling and attacking people they are getting her neutered, will this help? Any ideas?
    4 Pets 16
  194. Help me find good screamo/deathcore/heavy metal bands. please? :D
    screamo like attack attack deathcore like bring me the horizon heavy metal like...I don't know? some techno too.. kinda like dot dot cure, blood on the dance floor, & brokencyde.
    9 Music 48
  195. freakedout
    Alright, I just started smoking pot heavily this summer, before then it was about once every 3 months, but last night I took 3 hits off my bowl and started having a panic attack, I couldn't focus on anything and I thought I was gonna have a heart attac...
    3 Health 36
  196. Would you eat at a restaurant that actually advertises how unhealthy their food is?
    A man suffered a heart attack while eating at the restaurant "Heart Attack Grill". With a business name like that, would you be more inclined to avoid the place, or would you still want to check out the fare? Read about it:
    15 Food 18
  197. What do atheists believe about how everything came to be that seems more logical than a supreme creator?
    (this is not meant as an attack - I'm honestly curious)
    25 Religion 33
  198. Why is my fish eating all my other fish? (continued)
    Thank you for your answer about my fish, you said do not get fish that are smaller than him. I've bought fish that are bigger than him and he still attacks them and eats them!
    3 Pets 83
  199. Neighbors attack my son
    There is a section 8 rental on our street, there are 7-8 people living there only 5 of wich are suppose to be. All of the children are 8 and under. Our problems started right away, these children began giving inappropriate info to the rest of the kids ...
    7 Sex 48
  200. I HATE when people touch me!!!
    I ABSOLUTELY HATE when people touch me!!! it drives me crazy!!! Only a few people can touch me without me havin a spaz attack. I don't know why. does anyone else have that? Is there a name for it?
    5 Health 191
  201. What exactly is anxiety?
    I've had anxiety for years now. I know this sounds retarded,but I've never really found out what exactly it is. What is it? What are anxiety attacks? How extreme can it get? What are the causes?
    9 Health 51
  202. Abraham lincoln with a laser cannon arm
    who would win in a fight, Abraham lincoln with a laser cannon arm or Bob Saggit with a three headed attack weasel?
    2 Entertainment 39
  203. Why don't my beta fish get along?
    I have a male and female beta fish and they dont like each other, they are in a tank together but its divided. they keep trying to attack each other. why?
    5 Pets 46
  204. What do you think causes these attacks??
    Wild Orcas are not considered a threat to humans, in fact there is no recorded attack on a human being by a wild Orca whale, there have, however been over 24 attacks by captive Orcas since the 1970's some of them fatal, here are a few examples On Apr...
    7 Pets 27
  205. How to get dogs to stop fighting each other?
    I got these 2 puppies. They are brothers. Same age and from the same litter. But they bite and attack each other. They really hurt each other. Sometimes they bleed. How can I get them to stop attacking each other. I don't think they really hate each ot...
    2 Pets 38
  206. Poisonous cterpillars??
    I got like attacked by this caterpillar that looked like a leaf today. It was green and...well, OUCH. Are caterpillars like this poisonous? I looked it up and I think it was a Plebian Sphinx Caterpillar.
    2 Homegarden 41
  207. How do I reboot?
    I just got an Hp Windows7 Laptop and due to my fault I crazily have been attacked by viruses. I dont care if I loose files that I have created.
    5 Technology 23
  208. Is this possible
    Right now my heart is beating WAY to fast,is it possible a 16 year old can have a panic attack because I feel like I might have one
    7 Health 20
  209. Betta fish, is she pregnant?
    I kinda need hlp here.. im not sure if my beta has eggs because she was in a bowl with a goldfish until he died. and now she is all fat near her fins and skinny on her tail, is she going to have half goldfish half beta babyiez??? and she also has a whi...
    3 Pets 113
  210. What is this if I'm having chest pain?
    pains in left side of chest, left arm going numb once in awhile, random spazz attacks from my chest where I cant breathe... whats wrong with me?
    8 Health 35
  211. Will quitting smoking guarantee that I don't get cancer?
    I want to know whether smoking is harmful while maximum number of death due to cancer are nonsmoker. If I quit smoking I can be assure that I will not attack by cancer.
    4 Health 42
  212. Lacrosse stick
    So I just finished my first year of lacrosse my freshman year just last spring. I have a warrior warpath. I'm doing lacrosse next spring as attack again, and I'm wondering if I should stick with my warpath or get a new stick. And if so, what stick?
    2 Sports 33
  213. What if a teacher hates you?
    What do you do if a teacher just down-right hates you? I don't mean if you're just parinoid...what if the teacher hates you so much they even tell your parents they hate you? and if this is the do you not just attack the teacher one day when...
    8 Education 87
  214. Why do people think I liked being raped
    people keep sayin I liked bein raped when I cant go out the house as I hve panic attacks and I hate sex ,,,why are they saying it??
    7 Sex 86
  215. Beta Fish and Compatible Fish.
    I have a Beta Fish and was wondering which types of fish can survive with a beta. Beta are pretty mean and will attack other beta fish if they are put in the same tank. There are some fish that can live with beta in the same tank but I don't know wh...
    40 Pets 459
  216. These spirits wont leave us alone
    okay heres the deal. Me and my cousin have this thing that attacks us. Its like a spirit or something. She gets it worse than I do but I want to know how to control it. She has seen things and I've only heard things and seen shadows. How can I get them...
    11 Religion 37
  217. Why are my cats all of a sudden being so territorial?
    I have 4 cats and 3 of them have been fighting like CRAZY lately. They have been around each other for over 5 years now and all of a sudden they have been attacking each other almost daily. And I'm not talking about a little hiss and a swat, they are f...
    8 Pets 104
  218. Terrorists in New York
    Is it possible for terrorists to start bombing and threatening United States too after the last Gun attack in New York!No doubt they are capable of doing anything,anywhere and anytime!
    5 Politics 8
  219. Mad Dream
    Ok I think might just have been the DT's but what does it mean if your attacked by a big cat and a wolf and his cup in your dream? It was a long dream with a lot of crap in it but this sticks out. Any Ideas??
    6 General 18
  220. Friends wont talk to me
    Okay so my friends wont talk to me because they think the only reason I got drunk was because of the fact that I was attacked not even a week ago. I caled them, txted them, and emailed them and they wont answer. What should I do???
    5 Relationships 33
  221. Do woodchucks hibernate all winter?
    my cat got attacked by somethin and their is a woodchuck in my back yard so I want 2 figure out what gave him this huge hole in his right back leg.
    2 Pets 72
  222. Why do they have a religion to prove there is no god
    Why do they have a religion to prove there is no god they meet and hold eachother accountable to there not being a god why do they go through the effort know this is not an attack but a reasonable question who believes christ is god and died for my sins
    11 Religion 28
  223. Would they get along?
    I haev a 2 year od goldfish and just got one last night...what would happen if I put them ogether in a bowl,..would they get along or get eatten/??
    4 Pets 14
  224. Can Pitbulls live together in harmony?
    I had a litter of pitbull puppies and kept 2 of them and now they're attacking each other and the mother. How do I get them to get along? By the way they are 6 months of age.
    6 Pets 516
  225. What should I test out with a gold fish?
    Okay so far all I have is Does the tempature of a GoldFish affect the ... what could be the ... to test out ? like the heart rate , swimming speed ? for a science fair project
    3 Pets 43
  226. How can I make myself better?
    About a month ago, while I was in the car with my friend, I had a sudden panic attack while driving. I had to pull over, and sit for twenty minutes and calm myself down - It was the scariest experience I'd ever had. Now, a month later, it's difficult f...
    5 Health 36
  227. What right do terrorists have?
    This question is about 9/11, the attacks in madrid and london. I watched the video of the attacks today and I thought what possible reason could these people have for bombing the rest of the world? I mean they say they do it for religion... where in ...
    9 Religion 36
  228. Does anyone have lupus?
    Does anyone have lupus? Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease were a person's immune system starts attacking their own body.. I have it and want to share experiences with anyone who may have it or know someone who has it.,
    3 Health 14
  229. When you are losing an argument
    do you jump to personal attacks to weaken and confuse your opponent, enabling you a quicker, more insured win, or do you continue down the path your going, walking into a inevitable loss?
    2 Relationships 34
  230. How to get my cat to stop meowing at the door?
    Hes been badly attacked 3 times in 2 months. He hasnt been outside in a month. But he has sprayed once and we are getting him neutered soon. But in the mean time what can i do?
    5 Pets 22
  231. What is going on
    I felt hot at one point today, then I started shaking and felt more hot. I felt super dizzy and ready to barf. I didnt have trouble breathing, but it mad me kinda scared. I though anxiety attack made it hard to breath? What happened to me, it happend l...
    3 Health 12
  232. Are pitbull puppies violent or dangerous?
    I plan to get a pit who is 8 weeks everone tellin me its goanna turn on me I have a 2year old thats why kinda weiry about it I also plan to have him near poodles that my parents own if I raise him arround other dogs will he attack them when he is older...
    77 Pets 206
  233. Coca cola vs pepsi
    I dont know if somebody remember the advertisements of coca cola vs pepsi I only remeber that in these ads coca cola was attacking pepsi and pepsi did the same thing in his ads I was wondering if they sued each other for using the name without permisio...
    7 Food 52
  234. Does anyone have any self defence tips/ideas?
    I'm 5' 7" and weigh 122 pounds. Im tired of beeing beat up. What are some moves or websites I can use to keep off my attackers?
    9 General 30
  235. How do I stop my kitten from biting?
    HI!!! I got a major problem! My kitten won't stop biting me. I tried saying "No" in a stern voice, but she'll keep on biting me. Also she'll just attack me for no reason. PLEASE HELP!!!
    3 Pets 30
  236. Did the government know 9/11 was going to happen?
    The neocons talked for years about how it would take a "new Pearl Harbor" to convince the American people to invade Iraq and try to remake the Middle East in our image. From all the reports that have been published there were lots of warnings about ...
    3 Politics 43
  237. Been very depressed
    I've lately been really depressed (crying, panic attacks, cutting myself), and I'm already seeing a therapist and stuff, but I want to know if there are any simple activitys that could easily cheer me up?
    5 Health 11
  238. FunAdvice Trivia: What was Queen's first breakthrough song that landed them a record contract?
    A) Bohemian Rhapsody B) Keep Yourself Alive C) Killer Queen D) Sheer Heart Attack
    8 Funadvice 68
  239. What can I do to stop these dreams and get a decent nights sleep?
    I keep having these dreams where my dad is really ill and i know that if i can get to him then he will be alright, but somthing keeps stopping me getting to him. Last year my dad was in hospital desperatly ill for over a month. Before he went in he w...
    7 General 26
  240. Being on birth control and smoking weed?
    Being on birth control and smoking weed? I know on birth control commercials it will say like if you smoke, your risk of heart attack and blood clots are more likley to occur. Will this happen if your 16 and smoke weed while on birth control? (Not f...
    2 Health 119
  241. Why can't I breathe?
    HELP! I am having a SERIOUS hard time breathing, and I don't know what to do about it! My mom said to put that nose spray thingy on, and I did but now my nostrils are cleared up and Im STILL having a hard time breathing!.. I read at he doctor's office ...
    3 Health 40
  242. Help my mum is the hospital
    My mum just called me and told me she's in the hospital she said she didn't feel well and had no feeling in one of her arms do any of you guy no what she has? And she said she getting a heart test and she said she didn't have a heart attack! Please hel...
    2 Health 9
  243. What website is reliable in downloading free music?
    Does anyone know a website where I can download free music without getting attacked by little evil viruses? :) I'm making a mix tape for my pal for his bday. Halp!
    5 Music 37
  244. Why can't the US just mind its own business like Canada?
    why usa has to be in everywhere why cannot be like canada they are a big country too but they live in peace and they dont have to solve every problem of every country. Canadians live happily and no terrorist want to attack them .
    15 Politics 172
  245. Pet Fish :S
    Hi. One of my goldfish keeps tilting slightly to it's side. I don't think it's dying because it doesn't float to the top and it can make itself the right way round again. Does it have some sort of disease or illness?
    4 Pets 35
  246. What Will Happen If you Smoke Weed & Cigars but you Have Asthma?
    Okay So Me and my Friend Where Talking about Getting High. He Has Asthma Kinda Bad Like me. We dont Get Asthma Attacks Very Often , Or Much At All Really. SO like If he Got High Will it Effect him a lot?? Like What Will Happen??
    2 Health 66
  247. How can I get rid of my paranoid thoughts?
    I think there is someone waiting to kill me right now...A surprise attack. Sneak up behind me and stab me in the throat. Or choke me,or rape me. How can I get rid of my paranoid thoughts? PLEASE HELP ME!! Any answer will be appreciated.
    4 General 87
  248. Do you think the world would be a better place without religion?
    Look at how many fights, wars, murders, terrorist attacks, violence happens in the world today because of religion. The world would be a much better place without it... The world is really messed up I think. What do you guys think?
    18 Religion 78
  249. Who can tell me the top 5 songs in your opinoin for these band?
    In your opinion what are the top 5 songs for the following bands? Bring Me the Horizon Sky Eats Airplane Attack Attack Drop Dead, Gorgeous Hollywood Undead A Skylit Drive 30 Seconds to Mars Dot Dot Curve Never Shout Never I Set My Friends on...
    6 Sex 29
  250. IP ADRESS PLEASE HELP * * * * * *
    I have this big problem with the IP ADRESS any time I try to search the web via servers google/yahoo/live they give me different websites and im gtting attacked by this ip adress 291 something ??
    2 Technology 10