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  1. What's the best lap dance song?
    What is the best song to do a lap dance to?
    5 Relationships 127
  2. How do you give a lap dance?
    How do you start a lap dance?
    2 Relationships 60
  3. How do you hire a stripper for a bachlorette party?
    How do you hire a stripper for a bachlorette party?
    2 Entertainment 16
  4. How much money do strippers make?
    How much money do strippers make?
    3 Money 62
  5. How do I go about getting a job as a stripper?
    5 Money 72
  6. strippers?
    what do you think of them...dirty/not dirty? what?
    10 General 47
  7. What is the difference between lap winding and wave winding?
    2 General 167
  8. Do you have to pay taxes if you're a stripper?
    6 Money 87
    5 Gaming 43
  10. Lapping the milk
    When will a kitten switch from a bottle to lapping the milk replacer?
    4 Pets 41
  11. How much does an average stripper get paid a night
    How much does an average stripper get paid a night
    5 Money 839
  12. Male Stripper
    How can I become a male stripper, and what places can I go to strip
    5 Money 89
  13. PICS To Lap Top
    Sending pics from cell phone to Lap Top?
    3 Technology 42
  14. If a stripper had a lollipop where would she put it?
    Answer me that riddler.
    4 General 12
  15. Can a 16 year old girl get a job as a stripper?
    17 Money 1015
  16. People think its wierd that my goal is to be a stripper?
    Why do so many people think its wierd that my goal is to be a stripper?.. Is it really that bad?
    14 Money 47
  17. Daisy duke or stripper?
    Would should we be for halloween,daisy duke or a stripper? [my boyfriend wants to know?
    9 Style 55
  18. Do strippers have to give lap dances?
    Strippers, I want to become one if I cant get into Playboy. My question is do all strippers have to give lap dances? because if they do I don't want to become one. I mean it's a good job getting paid about $1000 a night
    5 Money 997
  19. What do you think about strippers
    So... girls: Do you care if your boyfriend has strippers for his bachelor party? guys: is having strippers at your bachelor party important to you?
    3 Relationships 16
  20. lap dance songs
    hey does anyone have any ideas for good lapdancing songs?
    10 Music 64
  21. Lap Dog for a senior?
    Best Dog for an eighty year old woman
    9 Pets 42
  22. lap dance music
    what is the best music to do a lap dance to? is there any music that you would recomend? what would you like to see your partner dance to?
    6 Music 233
  23. How much skin does a stripper show?
    how much body does a stripper show im 25 and never have seen a stripper is it worth it?
    9 Entertainment 417
  24. Whats the average weekly salary of a stripper?
    How much money do they usually make??
    3 Money 113
  25. how to give a lap dance
    I was wondering how to give a lap dance. how do you start and end it? is there any helpful websites to learn from? thanks.
    39 Relationships 1583
  26. Anyone ever been a stripper or wanted to be one
    Ummm does anyone ever been a striper or wanted to be one please write back
    3 Relationships 17
  27. Looking for seductive music for lap dance
    I am looking for some seducdive music for a lapdance. I was wondering if anyone had any cugrestions...
    3 Music 130
  28. Where can I get color stripper for my hair?
    5 Style 78
  29. Why does my dog like to be in my lap all the time?
    I pet him and rub his tummie all the time, I give him the most attention out of my mom, dad and i.
    8 Pets 31
  30. Male stripper
    Okay well im going to be a male stripper at a 18th bday party tonight... Im quite nervous any moves you I should do??
    5 Entertainment 24
  31. I want to learn to give a really good lap dance
    I want to learn to give a really good lap dance does anyone know some good tips or a web site that teaches you?
    2 Entertainment 45
  32. Who wants to b a stripper when they are older? Alreaaady r?
    Just tell me okay why not you should but blonds are the best 4 that job!
    3 Money 55
  33. Do guys always get turned on when a girl sits on his lap?
    does he deffinitley get turned on or hard? like can a girl just siit on a guys lap as friends and nothing happen?
    15 Relationships 14424
  34. Does using a laptop on your lap make you sterile?
    I heard somewhere that having your laptop on your lap can make females sterile... (unable to reproduce). Is this true? And if so, is it with all laptops, or could it just be the older ones?
    4 Health 79
  35. Why do girls sit on your lap?
    Why do girls sit on your lap. I dont mind it or anything, I enjoy it when a pretty girl sits on leg, just wanna know if there is anymore to this than just finding a place to sit? XD
    5 Relationships 1730
  36. Where is the best club to see strippers in Detroit?
    I love strippers. where is the best club? I've been going to chix on dix but its in detroit and I live in detroit but I want to try a new place
    2 Entertainment 17
  37. How do they ge tthe bull mad?
    well yesterday we went to the rodeo and we saw the bull thing and I was just wondering what do they do to the bull that it makes it that mad?? it was like the bull went crazy what do they do them?
    5 Pets 16
  38. What: Is it true that if a guy puts laptop on his laps it can kill sperms and will cause a sterility in the future and they wont have kids thats scary.?
    11 Health 113
  39. why is my dwarf rabbit pooping in my lap?
    I have a dwarf rabbit that loves to sit in my lap. She uses her litter box and does not go anywhere else in the house. However, lately she's been pooping in my lap when she sits with me. How do I get this to stop???
    2 Pets 97
  40. Where can I ge BrokeNCYDE's newest CD?
    Where can I get BrokeNCYDE's new CD? The only two places I've found are online. Does anyone know of any stores that sell it?
    4 Music 39
  41. I want to be a stripper: I'm 14
    Im 14 and I REALLY want to be a stripper and maybe even a porn star. but all websites are saying you have to be 18. is there anywere that lets a 14 year old be a stripper, a porn star...or both.? im desperate
    10 Money 497
  42. How do I know whch apps I can kill on my lap top?
    I have like a hundred things going on start up, and it is really bogging my system down. heeeelp!
    5 Technology 17
  43. Male stripper song and moves
    Hi there, Im being a male stripper for a friends 18th birthday, she doesnt know yet:p so I just wanted to know what songs do you think I should use and any tipps for moves?
    2 Entertainment 115
  44. whats a good song to lap dance to?
    I've bin wi ma boyfriend 2 mnths now and he asked me to give him a lap dance im just wonderin what a good song to do it to xx
    19 Relationships 2464
  45. Get off my lap???
    Can having your laptop on your abdomen for long periods of time cause cysts??? I heard the computer gives off a cell phone
    2 Health 22
  46. Do you know where I can ge a tattoo before im 18?
    both of my parent said i could since i want my sisters ( who resntly passed)name on back. Doyou know where i can get it done??
    10 Style 39
  47. How can I ge this guy to like me?
    There is this guy who is 2 years older than me. we are bothe teenagers. he is the sweet/ quietish but funny guy. we text sometimes and it seems like he kind of likes me. however, he likes my sister. I think that he likes me just because I remind him of...
    2 Relationships 34
  48. STD through a Lap Dance in Strip Club ?
    In a fully nude lap dance, is there chance of any STD spreading if the guy is not wearing any underwear inside ? I.e the Fluids from the Dancer can cause STD this way by seeping into the cotton shorts ? Thanks.
    3 Health 435
  49. What is a good lap dance song? I have my fav. musicians listed.
    My boyfriend and I like this kind of music Leonard Cohen Bob Dyaln John Frusciante Eric Clapton help!
    6 Music 59
  50. I want to ge my friends support
    my friends are getting mad at me because I am talking to my ex again, they only know all the bad things about him because thats all I told them. I really like him and it sucks when you dont get your friends support to do something. One of my really clo...
    2 Relationships 37
  51. Which lap top is or hp...?
    Going to buy a seems to be slightly cheaper but hp offers a better graphics card than dell...?which of the two is better...this is the first time im going to buy a lap top since I ll moving on a yearly basis for two years from now...I've ...
    3 Technology 23
  52. How could I get internet, if I got a new lap top?
    I have an old desktop right now, with internet. (cable, phone, internet bundle). I am planning on buying a lap top later on. It will have wi-fi. When I get it, will it pick up the internet from my other computer, or would I have to go somewhere lik...
    11 Technology 6
  53. How do I have my erection unrestrained during a lap dance?
    When I go get a dance at a strip club I would get an erection but sometimes it is stuck there in my underwear or pants. I do not feel comfortable reaching down there and repositioning it. Is there a way to make it so that when it goes erect I do not ...
    5 Relationships 1709
  54. Am I to heavy to sit on this guys lap?
    Ok, so there's a couple of guys at school that like me. And I like them. they always ask me to sit on their lap or one leg to talk to them. I"m 13 and weigh 112 pounds...most of which is fat. (I wear a size 6/7 in jeans. Ii never sit on their laps bec...
    6 Relationships 160
  55. Lap Top Screen?
    what's wrong with my dad's lap top screen? Like it's not bright at all, very dim, you CANNOT see what you're doing. You can kinda see what's going on but its very very very dim, like you have to look RIGHT at the screen and try to see what's going on...
    6 Technology 38
  56. Thinking about becoming a stripper, what do they look like?
    I'm thinking about becoming a stripper, I am horribly desperate for money. I'm going to school full time, working two jobs and am just exausted. I heard college girls stripping to pay for college and am actually considering it. I'm just nervous!! I hav...
    6 Money 158
  57. lap band...
    So I have the lap band, I've had it for almost a year and a half, I've lost 81 lbs so far, but my port hurts me really bad after I drink or eat then go work out. I've told my doctor and he says its fine, but it gets to the point I have to go lay down o...
    2 Health 22
  58. Stripper crissis!
    So tonight I am starting out at this strip club with my friend im kind of nervous but im gonna drink a little before. Any tips???are any of you strippers or have stripped? If your a dude and go to strip clubs can you give me some tips The manger did...
    4 Money 33
  59. Sensitive Skin, Could it be heat Rash? And what can I do not to ge
    Hey I started to work at a mcdonalds resently, part of the job (that i do) inludes constantly wearing laytex golves. At times I have to put another pair of plastic gloves over those. When I work long hours (around 7) I get rashes on my hands that stick...
    2 Health 48
  60. Best lap top model
    hi all, I want to buy a laptop with the following configurations. 2 or more GB RAM Atleast 120 GB HDD DVD Combo Wb cam, usb and other basic features Screen size : 15 pricing should be at the range of $540 - $ 700. can some on...
    3 Technology 20
  61. Sexy Sensual Music
    What are some sexy songs to lap dance to?
    5 Sex 49
  62. What should I do with my fridge?
    My fridge stopped cooling. Its a GE Side by side and the places you can take it to in this area won't fix it. They said they don't work with GE appliances! Anyone have any ideas how to fix it or what?
    9 Homegarden 16
  63. LAPTOP'S ?
    In about a month or so I am getting a lap top it will be my first and well I was wondering what is the most reliable lap top ? I want some thing that work's well is small and comes in different colors
    6 Technology 41
  64. Running a mile or two
    Hi, I love tennis but...I am not really into running all. Our coach makes us run before practice. Seriously one lap makes me really nauseous. I know to eat bananas for the nausea, but can anyone give me some tips for sucking it up and making ...
    5 Nutritionfitness 12
  65. why does my dog snif my eyes?
    Every day he gets on my or my daughters lap and sniffs our eyes. Why does he do this?
    3 Pets 4971
  66. fittnness
    any one have any advice for someone who is overweight and wants to lose it to become a stripper
    2 Health 15
  67. Spicing things up?
    How can I spice things up ... when kissing him or just plain old things I can do... Im not doing a lap dance lmmfao no way!!!
    2 Relationships 101
  68. How can I keep my laptop battery charged longer?
    I just bought a new lap top what can I do to have the battery last longer.
    3 Technology 28
  69. was downloading frostwire A bad Idea ??
    Well I needed music so I went ahead and downloaded Frostwire. to my lap top was this a bad idea ?
    2 Technology 45
  70. Does smokey eye makeup look good on brown eyes?
    does that work? And if it does.. how do I ge tthe smokey effect?
    5 Style 51
  71. What do RAM chips do for a computer?
    what do ram chips do for a computer and what would the advantage be to upgrade to more ram for a lap top,and what are the usall off the shelf price of the chips be
    2 Technology 71
  72. worried can that induce me to have a miscarrage
    if I am 17 & prenant & I have to go to school and play softball, run two laps around the track everyday, except friday we run four laps, can that induce me to have a miscarrage even though I am 5 weeks pregnant.???
    4 Health 30
  73. bachelor party?
    my friend is gettin marrried and were trying to get together something for him...what other ideas can we do other than the usual stripper bachelor party
    2 Entertainment 38
  74. What size is a Juniors large in numbers?
    what is size junior 0-9, is 9 junior large. Because i am Junior large, and i dont want to ge the wrong size. Thnx.
    4 Style 467
  75. How can guys tell that you have been spanked?
    I go to a private school (sucks) and the teachers can spank yor there and at lunch a couple guys always ask me if I want to sit on there lap instead of the hard benches or chairs I guess im trying to say how do they figure out you were spanked an...
    4 Relationships 454
  76. How do I "squirt" while masterbating?
    I got myself to squirt the other night but now that everytime I try I cant... I have tried to recreate or do all the things I did that night. My boyfriend and I have phone sex but we never can ge me to squirt...
    5 Sex 971
  77. How to sign up for sims 3?
    Ok I have heard that the sims 3 is kinda hard is it really hard or is it easy because I am going to ge it for my christmas and I want to know is it going to be easy or hard
    4 Gaming 45
  78. Which is more strange?
    Going up to your boyfriend/girlfriend and rubbing their knees squealing "kneecaps!!!" Or Crawling on their lap and liking their lips and chin like a dog while making out with them?
    3 Relationships 153
  79. pussy cats =P
    I got to male cats 9mnths old now and 1s really effectionate and the other is really playfull any ways there so cute but the never sit on your lap 4 more then 2 scnds but suddenly like the last couple of days they been really effectionate but only to m...
    2 Pets 15
  80. Embarrising moments!
    What is your most embarrising moment? Mine is when we were throwing this ball around(btw we werein 7th grade) and it landed up on the floor so me and this guy started running from different directions and we ran smack into each other and he fell and I ...
    4 General 15
  81. Homecomeing Bisexual Dancer!
    You see my homecoming is soon ! I am known to be the naughtiest dancer,the best grinder,and very sexy stripper. But tell me what youd want if I danced with you?
    9 Sex 39
  82. How do you have sex?
    How do you have sex? HOw do you give a lap dance? whats a bj? whats a 68 or 69? Please help me my parents are gone and my sister is gone far away.
    4 Sex 45
  83. How to gain more stamina?
    How can I gain more stamina because I am running the mile in gym next week im fast but get tired in the 1st out of 3 laps please help
    4 Sports 38
  84. Was my Boyfriend hard (horny)
    Today my boyfriend and I were at the park with my friends.And we were on the swings and he wanted me to sit on his lap(like all ways).So I sat he's lap and a few minutes later I feel some thing poking me in my butt.And time to time his's trying to pull...
    6 Relationships 255
  85. Whats wrong with my cat?
    My cat drools a lot like all il Do is lat it on my lap and it gets up five minutes later and im soaked Is this normal?
    9 Pets 43
  86. Black to blonde hair
    I used to have blonde hair but stupidly dyed it black. I want to have my blonde hair back. Does anyone know how to do this? And also hair strippers? Can you use any household items insted? Xx
    2 Style 55
  87. AOL Favorite Places lost
    I recently installed AOL 9.0 on my new computer. All seems OK but now I can not find my Favortie Places. When I clicked on the Favorite Places ICON nothing comes up. Although they are present on my Lap Top Computer. When I bring up my Address Box...
    2 Technology 169
  88. How can I get muscular fast?
    I don't want to overwork myself too bad and I still want to eat normal. So how can I do those and ge tsmall biceps, pecs, and faintly visible abs.
    10 Nutritionfitness 50
  89. What are fun halloween party contests? HELP
    So I already have: booty shaking contest- chugging contest- best lap dance contest- and other good ideas? thanks guys!
    3 Entertainment 21
  90. I have Bunny Issues...
    My rabbit HATES being picked up. how can I help get her to let me pick her up? I really need to trim her nails and it would be nice if she would sit on my lap...
    6 Pets 27
  91. If I have bronchitis..
    If I have bronchitis then would I run short of breath sooner than usuall when running? And what are sum of the symtims? In gym we normally run about 10 laps around the gym and I have been running short of breath sooner than usual. I'm just woundering....
    2 Health 22
  92. name of song that goes bought him chicken nuggets
    its a country song, that goes bought him chicken nuggets and he spilled orange soda all over his lap and then he said a four letter word, I asked him where he heard that and he said from you.
    3 Music 369
  93. How can I add mixed number fractions?
    My daughter and I are doing mixed number fractions we are stumped on one of them can someone explain to her how to ge the answer to 8 6/11 + 3 1/3 without remainder thanks
    2 Education 28
  94. Lost webcam install disk.
    Does anyone know any websites that would be good to install a webcam? I lost the disk, and all the websites that I have found didn't work. I have a GE EasyCam PC Camera H098063. :P
    8 Technology 104
  95. what is the best way to relaxe when makingout with your girlfriend?
    ok girlfriend new at makingout she is havein probs relaxeing when we do. she is realy shy and we do not ge to see each other that much out f school so how can I get it were she will kiss at school?
    2 Relationships 36
  96. Chiuaua's
    What most do those kind of dogs like to do,my mom bought one for me,and right now he's in my lap as we speak,help me out? To bring up,he cost over $300,she said he's a mixed brand or breed.
    3 Pets 16
  97. Google earth?
    Is there like anyway that GE does like up to date or real time tracking or something because like I saw a pic of my house and it's old and like I want to know if it does like recent and real time viewing ya know?
    2 Technology 16
  98. How to fix my blackberry curve got wet?
    Help, my blackberry curve 8320 got wet!:( I was drinkin orange juice and my phone was on my lap and it dukend itself on the orange cup that was in the middle of my legs ..what shud I do? this happened yesterday.
    2 Technology 54
  99. running 2 and a hlf miles
    I have to run 2 miles and a half on thursday for physical testing in gym, and I can barely run one lap. . can anyone tell me what to do or think about so I can push myself to keep going and not stop??
    2 Nutritionfitness 14
  100. How can I get out of hibernation when my laptop overheats?
    when im playing a game some times my laptop over heats then goes into hibernation and id what to do so i just hold the power butten down, but i want to now how to get out of it w/o turning my lap top off.
    4 Technology 14
  101. puppy leg broken?
    what shouldi do if I think my puppys leg is broken. she just threw herself on the floor from my lap while I was sitting down and started limping she is 2 months and a half old and she is a pure breed red nose pitbull
    5 Pets 52
  102. dell vs. apple
    going off to college and need a new lap top. dell or apple? not planning on majoring in graphic design or anything, so some apple programs are superflous, but vista for the dell... I dont know. help!
    3 Technology 21
  103. Thongs, do they mean I'm a slut?
    I'm 13 and I wear thongs, somehow the kids last year and in 5th grade found out, the called me a wh*re and a sl*t they said I was a stripper and a prostitute. Does that really mean that how I am?
    23 Style 226
  104. The guy I like has a girlfriend
    So the guy I like has a girlfriend and just last week I told him I had feelings for him and now he flirting with me and stuff. Like he says that im pretty and he asked me to sit on his lap and he walked me to my class . Do you think he likes me ? And y...
    3 Relationships 32
  105. What is the law about dogs in cars?
    We have a small maltese dog, she is excellent in the car, doesn't bark at all, just sits on the passenger's lap and goes to sleep. She does have a dog-seatbelt, but it takes ages to get her in it. What is the law about having a dog in your car? Also,...
    2 Pets 31
  106. Why did he touch my thigh or leg??
    Well my boyfriend touch my leg, and then he moved to my thihght area, and the he moved it on my innner thigh of my thihg, not my vagina, just my thigh. then he did it again when I was ding my scholwork at school?? also will a guy get turned on if you...
    3 Relationships 13995
  107. Is it wrong if im mad at her?
    Ok so im relly close 2 my sis and she has been a stripper 4 bout 6 months and I knew bout that and I wasnt upset with her cus she relly needs money my sis has always kinda been a slut but just now I foung out she has been prosituing. And she didnt even...
    8 Family 33
  108. How do you download hair for Sims 3?
    I am using Window's seven, on a newer lap top. I don't exactly know how to do it because this little blue bar pops up on the bottom. I am having a lot of trouble. Help please! Include which websites to use!!
    2 Gaming 73
  109. netbook heating up
    okay, so I just got one of those netbook things (like a lap top) and even if im jut running face book.. and itunes, the bottom of it getts really hot, really fast, is this bad? and what should I do about it?
    5 Technology 57
  110. how do I start a petition? I really want to fight this
    There is supposed to be a skatepark being built in astoria park in astoria queens but the people that run laps and stuff are arguing that we are gonna make too much noise . I wanna start a petition with some of my friends so that they can get started....
    4 Politics 14
  111. Is this the right weight for my body?
    Ok read in another question that if your fingers overlap your wrists at 5'9 you should weigh around 135 But im 6' and my fingers over lap my wrists and I weigh 175.. That's nothing even close Is that normal?
    4 Nutritionfitness 48
  112. 14. how to get on the pill?
    ok heres the deal I need to ge on the pill a well, I dont want my mom to know about it. So is there any way a 14 year old can get on it. ( I have looke at planned parenthood there are none anywere around me) thanks for everythng
    5 Health 35
  113. What is this girl thinking?
    While we were on the phone last night , she was over her moms friends house babysitting , and the womans oldest son came home and she started playing music with the volume high and talk'in flirtly with the the oldest son , then the oldest son got on th...
    2 Relationships 31
  114. freaky ideas
    Can anyone tell me some freaky ideas that is like really freaky and so sexual. I have already talked about the whip cream on the body, the ice cubes, shower, swallowing his cum, strapping him down, lap dance, and hott wax. I need more ideas. it gets ol...
    3 Sex 226
  115. Can laptops cause cancer?
    So my mom just heard about the facts that cell phones can cause testicular cancer. She now thinks that laptop can cause that also! So can you tell me if it is possiable if a laptop, that have been used for maybe 10 years or so, can cause cancer? If the...
    2 Health 67
  116. Lost Driver for webcam.
    I recently found my webcam again, but I have lost the driver/instillation disk. Every place I find the driver, I need to buy something to get it working. I have an easycam GE pc camera h098063 Does anyone know any drivers that I could download f...
    2 Technology 33
  117. SIMS! HELP ME
    my sims worked fine before then I took it off beacuse I got a lap top but I'm trying to downlaod it again on my home compture but it keeps crashing I keep re-instailing it but it still crashes then says wrong CD it's so annoing and it crashes ...
    4 Gaming 21
  118. Sims, Sims, and more Sims!
    ok sooo... I have an HP laptop, and I bought it on January 26. I'm addicted to Sims, so I put it on the laptop right when I got it. It worked fine until abut a month ago it keeps stopping, or loading for over an hour. Does any of your lap tops so that ...
    2 Technology 9
  119. My chihuahua won't feed her puppies any more.
    Hello, I have a two-year-old chihuahua that had six puppies and they are 3 weeks old tomorrow and she won't feed them anymore...I have to hold her in my lap so they can eat...she will clean them but wont feed them.please can somebody help me I dont kno...
    3 Pets 88
  120. How do you feel about mothers working as exotic dancers/strippers?
    The stip club I used to work in had a lot of mothers that were strippers. I had my mixed emotions about this, and I was just wondering what other's thought about it. How do you feel about mothers working as exotic dancers/strippers? When the child i...
    8 Money 49
  121. moviess
    so the kid I like and I are planning on going to the movies together and we were talking about where we'd site and he was like : " you should sit on my lap,Yeah just cus youd be siting on my lapp but it wud be better if you satt like onn my lapp and ...
    5 Entertainment 19
  122. Want my blonde hair back
    Just a quick question, I have brown hair and have been touching it up every month with more brown hair dye because it looks a reddish colour, I want blonde streaks but just on the top half of my head, what would you recommend that aint going to ruin my...
    2 Style 79
  123. Stuck in a dead end job, should I pursue burlesque?
    Stuck in a dead end job, should I pursue burlesque? Tastful, artistic and theatrical burlesque now. NOT a stripper. It's been something that keeps alluring me, with the likes of Dita von Teese, Dirty Martini and Michelle L'amour. I'd like your o...
    6 Money 47
  124. Do you know fun ways to give a gift for a future event?
    For my Husband;s Birthday I bought him 8 laps around a NASCAR track. I am so excited for him I don't have any ideas on how to give the gift to him. All I got was a email with confirmation, How do I Present this gift so that its fun, because he has to ...
    3 Shopping 24
  125. New members of the family
    I have had lots of luck introducing new pets into my home, but I am sure there will come a day when someone does not like what is going on. How have you handled introducing new members to the family? I know this pic looks awful,but this is play and no ...
    2 Pets 12
  126. Who can help me with my perrriod problem?
    I need period is rediculous and I erally need it possible for my period to be longer than usuall because of my labtop being on my lap to much...liket he radiation causing it to be obnoxiously longer than ever...? Please help...ser...
    3 Health 16
  127. I don't want to have a baby, what should I do?
    I didnt ly down o have a baby was forced. I really don't want or need a baby ite now iave aot going for my self imstill in school and I lke it. I really don't have the money to ge an abortion and don't know if thatste thing todo. I heard somush from l...
    8 Health 42
  128. Mac or Dell
    I'm going to college this year and I need to decide what laptop company would be best for me. I'm going inot a Graphic Design major and I needa lap top with a long life, fantastic memory and it needs to by fast and wireless. What would be best for me? ...
    2 Technology 17
  129. Aggression in cat
    Recently my roommate's cat as been very aggressive. We don't know what it is. He'd crawl up on your lap and expect you to pet him. He'd then start biting and scratching and if you try to push him away he'll viciously attack you. It happened to my room...
    4 Pets 9
  130. How do I get her attention
    Myane der iz diss girl she stares at me most of the times ,she give me lap dances and tells me to eat her out??? I want to she tells me she wanna fuckk I feel like bustin her so badd I need help man yall ladies gimme sum tips
    3 Relationships 15
  131. Daddy's Girl
    Mom's are important, but daddy's leave an impression, to a growing little girl his strength is the obsession. Sitting on his lap and kissing his manly cheek, remembering all the memories of me dancing on his feet. Wrapp...
    6 Literature 77
  132. Masterbation . .. What to use???
    I like to masterbate but I have goten too tired to use my fingers so bought two toothbrushes 'cause I have already asked this question they told me to but a normal toothbrush and a electric toothbrush they told me to use the normal insise me and the ...
    3 Sex 67
  133. Job!!! Any good tips on how to get the job?
    No one ever calls me back!!!I applied to ihop on sat...they are hiring...any good tips on how to get the job???what should I them...come in...what is the best thing to say...and lol will fast food like taco bell hire anyone...haha im desperat...
    4 Money 20
  134. The guy I like...
    When I sit next to him he doesnt move away... I was leaning on his shoulder and he wraped his arms around me.. he grabs me by the waist.. he holds my hand... I told him I was tired and he told me to lay my head on his lap... he gives me huggs!!...
    2 Relationships 15
  135. Will my child fly for free?
    Im leaving Germany back to Houston because my husband is leaving to Iraq. I have an 8 month old daughter. I dont want to carry her on my lap for 17 hours beacause that is just way to uncomfortable. Can she still fly for free if she has her own seat nex...
    5 Travel 31
  136. Crazzyy mommy
    My mom is a stripper...not very proud of that but she does make lots of money lol. My friends say im lucky because I have a strpper pole in the bath tub! And if I show some action in there to my mom and really mean. I can tell her stuff ...
    6 Family 19
  137. Should I break up with her?
    Ok Guys! Sorry, it's another girlfriend problem... But I just need your opinion! Okay, so they had this High school Senior party at their house on friday, and a few Seniors showed up. And of course the usual she has to flirt with every single one of...
    8 Relationships 35
  138. what's wrong with my nose?
    today when I was with my 2 year old niece she was sitting on my lap and accidentally smacked her head into my nose, I heard it crack and then it started bleeding. there's no bruising but it hurts a lot at the bridge of my nose. the cracking sound was r...
    2 General 71
  139. hexed quarts necklace?!
    I have this rose quarts necklace that I got a while ago and I was wearing it the night I went to this physic message circle. I took it off that night after the circle and just put it on today(it's been about 4 days since the circle). I felt all dizy an...
    3 General 33
  140. What / Is my laptop bad for me?
    I am on my laptop for about 5 hours a day, sitting it on my lap. Every night it charges under my bed and I sleep less than a meter above it. I'm worried that it could give me cancer or something. Are there any known problems with being close to a co...
    3 Technology 14
  141. How can I make the hair on my arms less noticable?
    Ok so when I was like 7 or 8 I shaved the hair on my arms off cause I thought there was too much.. boy was I wrong. I'm a girl btw so it's sorta bad... Anyways my brothers notice my arms one day and said that they where hairier than theirs. :( What can...
    6 Style 797
  142. How do I remove scratches from off my back from my boyfriend?
    Ok if you seen any of my other questions you know that me and my boyfriend dont have sex yet. But if you dont I just told you. so any ways we mess around a lot though! And one day I was on his lap facing him and he got into it and but scratches on my b...
    3 Sex 1013
  143. Has anyone had a pet rabbit?
    I got a few questions.. 1.Do they bite? 2.Are they chill;;Can you sit around with them in your lap,like a cat? 3.Do they make big messes? 4.Can I put it in a dog carrier? ((I read somewhere that lots of people perfer to keep their bunny in a pet carri...
    17 Pets 51
  144. How do I stop doing "stuff" with my best guy friend??
    Well me and my best guy friend have gotten really close this past year. Example: he has fingered me I gave him head, lap dance and etc. But we dont actually like each other he is actually pretty much in love with my best friend that is a girl and I fee...
    3 Relationships 67
  145. How to download MP4 player software?
    Hi, just received a MP4 player in the mail, and it came with this small disc that does not fit into my lap top. So how can I down load the software. ? I dont know really what I am doing, and I need total help,,, it came with very vague discription, ...
    3 Technology 38
  146. windows to mac OS urgent!!
    hii... I just want to know if a normal HP lap top can have two Operating systems installed on it... as in have windows and mac and allow users to switch when required? please let me know fast!!! and if it is possible couuld some one tell me how I can c...
    3 Technology 10
  147. We Held Hands!!!
    Today was field day and I was sitting down with my my best friend and then the boy I like sat by me and grabbed my hand and and put our hand togetha and put em in his lap..{I have liked him since September} sooo then we sat there a min then this girl c...
    3 Relationships 34
  148. Can I be having a baby?
    I was sitting on my boyfriend's lap and we were kissing. he then undid my zipper of my pants but kept my pants and panty on and slipped his hand under my panty and played with me abit. den he took his hand out. I then rubbed his thing. he became a litt...
    11 Health 118
  149. Hairy stomache
    Hi , When I was reaally young I shaved mi stomache and now its really hairy ...I dont wear a bikinie and now im scared its gonna start coming on mi chest I havent told mi mum because im embarresed ...wats the best thing to do ??I realy need help!!! If ...
    4 Style 82
  150. How can I prove to my mom I'm ready for a dog?
    I love dogs, and really want a dog! First of all what type of a dog should I get! I'm 14 and love any kind of dog, but want it cute, maybe a lap dog to go with the families big dog. I've tried cleaning my room, feeding the dog, brushing and bathing the...
    2 Pets 23
  151. How to get rid of bad dreams?
    i have a lot of nightmares kinda frequently and i dont know why. i dont watch anything scary. and it seems like it has nothing to do with life except the place looks kinda familar and maybe a person i know is it every now and then. i go to bed early so...
    8 Health 46
  152. How can I get some muscle and loose the belly?
    I can barely do a single push up or curl up. I want a flat stomach and some abs. I also need to work with my arm muslces because I'm on a swim team and It's hard for me to do four laps without stopping. I'm 13, 5'5, and I weight 112 lbs. Also, (and her...
    3 Nutritionfitness 24
  153. how do I get rid of coackroaches
    Sorry if I'm grossing you out people, but mnh how do I get rid of coackroaches. I just moved to this new house, and I only rent a room, but the lady of the house has big problem with coackroaches and well the first days I didnt see them only at night ...
    11 Homegarden 67
  154. Miniature Pot belly pig
    ok I looked every were for a miniature pot belly pig that grows up to 30lbs everywhere in want ads and internet I can find one any where in the new england area. if you know where there is one to buy for cheap in the Ct Mass or Ri area please tell me!!...
    2 Pets 21
  155. Cute and sqeaky
    My mini poodle has one toy in particular that after a few hrs you have to hide because she wont calm down. Its a small squeaky ball she will put the ball on your lap wait for you to throw it and then repeat if you dont throw it she will stare at you un...
    4 Pets 22
  156. What Can I Do In My Spare Time Instead?
    Sorry If Its Long; -I used to play rugby.. Untill about 4 or 5 months ago because I got a bad tackle and when I got took down someone was already on the floor and my shoulder blade smashed off their boot. So I can play rugby anymore, and whatever...
    2 General 40
  157. Why won't my computer let me download anything?
    hey the last couple of weeks ago I went on to youtube and want to listen to a song were the song was ment to be play it just went pure white and when I was gona be listen to songs on a social site it was white again when I was going to draw a white bo...
    5 Technology 243
  158. accused of stealing
    our son was accused of stealing goggles recently. Initially, I believed him to be guilty. Being 13, I thought perhaps- an impluse? But, we had discussed buying these goggles, and I had told him to pick out a pair, and I would come and see them since ...
    2 Shopping 28
  159. How can I Stop being suspicious of my Boyfriend?
    I seriously Love this guy so so much... We have been Together for about a year. But When eveer he talks about other Women, I get so jeliuos .. Its not like im Suspecting hes cheetin on me. but just him talking about them Even the littlest thing about ...
    2 Relationships 139
  160. How is it not sexual abuse?
    My moms boyfriend moved in last year when I was 12, not Im 13. My mom kicked him out because he gave me hickeys all over my chest and one on my cheek. He also sucked on my upper lip but when I pulled away he stopped, then he gave me a "full body massag...
    11 Sex 47
  161. Random and Fun Questions
    Blue or Pink? Cat or Dog? Water or Soda? Pen or Pencil? Phone or Lap-Top? Shorts or Skirts? Boy or Girl? Bird or Mouse? Car or Motorcycle? Scoter or Bike? Papper or Plastice? Ipod or Mp3? Football or Baseball? Christmas or Birthday? Metro Station or Sh...
    17 General 168
  162. Random Funnies
    What is one of the most random things that ever happened to you? For me, I went to a middle school dance w. some friends and I got 2 school with 7th and 6th graders (I'm in 8th grade). so, a group of four 6th graders came up 2 me and my 3 friends(wh...
    2 Entertainment 27
  163. Two daddies??!! Two mommies??!!!
    My father was my first love. he protected me and showed me how I was supposed to be loved. that was the male acceptance assurance I needed. my mother let me cry on her lap when I started my period and told me about her first time. that was the fema...
    8 Family 14
  164. Should my ex son-in-law have visitation?
    My daughter married a the love of her life at the age of 19. They wanted a baby as soon as they said I DO. When the baby was three months old he left her and the baby and went back with his ex girlfriend who married and divorced. Here is a few things a...
    9 Sex 9
  165. How much is it to strip my hair?
    Hello my questions about stripping my hair I've tried everything!!!right now my hair is black my natural color is bleach blonde and I've tried everything to get the dark color out of my hair and nothing is working I went to rite-aid and bought bottles ...
    2 Style 103
  166. How do I deal with a physically clingy best friend?
    I really like my personal space, but my best friend/roommate is constantly violating my bubble. She expects me to hold her hand during nearly every serious conversation we have or whenever she's happy. She likes to sit practically on top of me and play...
    2 Relationships 76
  167. How do you handle an attention-seeking puppy?
    Butterscotch is three months old and very demanding. When I'm trying to work, and not paying her a lot of attention, she gets up on the table and sits there until I notice her ... it's like that whole "bad behaviour gains attention" issue. After I tel...
    16 Pets 21
  168. What should I do my laptop battery is dead ?
    ok my laptop battery is dead ... I just bought this laptop like last christmas I think? Im looking around for it and they are so damn expensive around 140 bucks and over ... the only way I can get it cheap is online but I dont trust online stores becau...
    4 Technology 45
  169. Should I stay with my boyfriend?
    Should I stay with my boyfriend? We've been together for about a year and a half now. He can be a real.. butthole to me a lot. He spends most of his time on videogames. I spend a lot of money on him because I get allowance, and he rarely gets money....
    5 Relationships 38
  170. Pitbull turns agressive?
    We have a 2-year-old neutered pit who has just recently started growling and snapping at our two teenage children, more so at our girl than her younger brother who is far more aggressive with the dog. He sleeps at the foot of her bed, though. This be...
    12 Pets 74
  171. How! Would do the followings if treat a girl only as a friend?
    GUYS! Would do the followings if treat a girl only as a friend? 1) would you go clubbing with her alone and dance with her really close? 2) would you mind hugging her all the time? 3) Would you hold her hand all the time? 4) Would you suggest to he...
    2 Relationships 43
  172. who, I'm so depressed, my dad just went to the strip club?
    with his "friends" and these two women because they convinced him to when my mom was at church. my mom called the lady's cellphone and she's a FUkKING BIG ASHOLE. she won't let my dad go. my dad doesn't even wanna go. my mom's downstairs crying. I was...
    2 Relationships 51
  173. What do you think of a 21 year old with braces?
    Im 21 years old and I want braces my bottom teeth are starting to over lap due to my wisdom teeth coming in.the dentist removed my wisdom teeth but he says they caused a lot of damage to my teeth.. So he recommended braces problem is im 21 I personally...
    7 Style 72
  174. My hair and make up plus piercings
    Well I am the girl sitting on the other 1's lap k well... I dont have my scene thing going on in the pic ut here are my questions... 1) do you tink I should get snake bites or a piercing above my top lip like the 1's on the bottom ecept on top lol ...
    2 Style 33
  175. my b-day is in 7 days!! help meh out please!! ill return the favor
    ok so my birthday is in 7 days. (feb 8th) I dont know what I want. and my boyfriend really wants to ge tme something. but I don't know what to tell him? any advice?? somethings I like are elmo <3, purple, black, anything romantic but a lil sexual at th...
    2 Sex 28
  176. Dad with a attitude
    Mea and my dad dont ge along the best but I have changed and gotten better about fighting with him, but this week especially seems like he is trying to hurt me... I know he loves me to an extent and I kow he cares but he isnt doing this to my sister, h...
    3 Family 11
  177. is it love? and onother question with it.
    ok so I love my boyfirned but theres a rumor going around that hes cheating on me but he said he will never .. so when I talked to him the rumore stoped.. so do you think he is.. ? and one day I was hanging around my boyfrined and we wer ma...
    3 Relationships 25
  178. I need tips on sex (first time)
    I never had a girlfriend, until I went to summer school this year. This girl is going to my school and will be in my class. Im 15 and she is too, anyways Im not used to her whole sexual vibe, I mean I like it a lot cause she is really hot, but I feel n...
    2 Sex 56
  179. Crazy for this girl, I'm bi, what should I say to her?
    I've fallen madly in love with my best friend who is of the same sex as me. I am Bi sexual and when I came out she confided in me that she thought she was bi as well. I told her I had feelings for her and she claimed that she was straight but if she wa...
    2 Sex 29
  180. How to make this stop?
    I have 3 cats. One male and two female. All are the same age. Within a couple weeks of each other. They will be a year old in April. Anyway, my male cat (Luke), has been tying to get my cat Jade pregnant. But Luke leaves Moo alone. We don't ha...
    10 Pets 39
  181. Is it a Good Poem??
    Ok well this was my english homework and I dont if im going to ge a good grade off of this...Please read and comment hope you''ll like it=) My Crush I have these feelings, deep inside feelings that I have to hide I don't know if he feels the way too A...
    5 Literature 7
  182. Addicted to computer
    ey in the past few months every spare time I've had is spent on the computer msn/gaming... I would get home, go on, eat dinner, come back, not watch any of my shows I used to watch.. or if I did I'd have the laptop on my lap.. then stay uup till bout ...
    7 Technology 31
  183. Could this guy like me again?
    I have a crush on a guy friend and I overheard him and a friend talking about him being with another girl and I got kinda upset. He asked everybody what was wrong and one of them told him it was cos of him. He later tried to talk to me about it and I w...
    2 Relationships 16
  184. my husbands a liar
    My husband said he was going to his work to get his lap top at 2:00 am. I got an urgent phone call from his dad and called my husband only to hear him ask a girl if she liked nicaraguens because thats what he is. He had pushed talk instead of end so I ...
    3 Relationships 59
  185. Im 17 turning 18 in january can I move out
    My mother and I are constantly fighting its never abusive phsyicaly but its very stressful and does not make for a good living enviroment . She constantly tells me to ge the f*** out if I dont like it and then throws it in my face that she would report...
    3 Family 31
  186. What do I do if my cousin touched me ?
    We were sitting on the couch in basement watching a movie and i had my feet up and he was sitting regular . Every so often he would rub my leg and i just ignored it because he does it alot . Then he started playing with my foot . Like poking it and pet...
    8 Family 126
  187. Sleep deprived workout
    So I stayed up all night so that I could see my uncle off to the airport and now its morning and I don't plan to sleep because it will ruin my sleeping pattern. I haven't worked out for 2 days and I want to work out today but I am very tired and slee...
    2 Nutritionfitness 40
  188. Im writing an article for a mens magazine - suggestions?
    Hey Guys. I would really appreciate your input (from both guys & girls). My friend has started up a magazine which will be both produced & distributed locally in my area. It is a magazine which is mainly about cars but will also have pictures of girls ...
    2 Literature 7
  189. Hair is a train wreck
    I have dyed my hair darkest brown for 7 years. Decided I wanted my light brown back so, used Color fix 1 time to get out the excess color. Then tried to dye it light brown, result, red roots and the rest is still dark. I have done a protein conditi...
    2 Style 42
  190. gifts for a girl turning 14?
    I'm turning 14 this year, and I don't know what I want. I have a cell-phone, lap-top, digital camera, flat screen T.V., three iPod nano chromatics, a Zune, all the skinny jeans I can fit in my closet, designer shoes/dresses/purses/swimsuits/clothing, a...
    18 Babies 173
  191. How do I find the girl I fell in love with after knowing for only 7 hours?
    i met a girl at a friends house during a weekend and at first we didnt say a thing to eachother then when we got to know eachother we found that we ahd simmiler intrests and stayed up till 5am talking even tohe we were breaking some rules staying up so...
    2 Relationships 16
  192. Help on stray cat and kitten
    A cat came up to my window a few days ago looking scared and underfed and was limping so I started feeding it and it now sleeps in the house and even sat on my lap the other day (=, but I noticed a lump on the back of its neck which looks like a tumour...
    6 Pets 17
  193. How can we introduce this new puppy to my Chihuahua?
    I just got a pomeranian puppy, 11 weeks old, female. She was introduced in a small meeting room to my 2 1/2 year old male/neutered chihuahua. My chi was afraid of the new puppy and wouldn't acknowledge her. It's basically been the same since we brou...
    3 Pets 39
  194. Clingy Dog
    I have an 8 month old puppy who is very clingy. When I quickly and completely leave the house especially if I givher a treat to distract her, she is fine. But if shenes is in her room (with the door open and a baby gate up) and she can sense I am in th...
    2 Pets 60
  195. How do I calm my hyper dog down, and stop the playful biting?
    My dog gets really wild sometimes. She starts running around, jumping, biting, etc... She does this when I'm sitting on the computer, and I try to ignore it so she will stop...but she keeps jumping and biting my arms and hands while I type. It doesn't ...
    3 Pets 45
  196. Do I save or do I let go?
    Last week my lap had somehow caught a Vista Guardian trogen virus, and it really done some damage I cant even open paint & and you know thats bad when you cant even open paint. I cant open hardly any programs what so ever because of it. A friend of mi...
    3 Technology 14
  197. Why can't I leave him after everything he has done to hurt me?
    My husband of 5 years is just... UGH! The other day we sat down and talked for HOURS because he was drunk and he confessed a lot of things to me... 1. He has JACKED OFF to my sisters/cousins pics. 2. He watches porn behind my back and jacks off to it. ...
    3 Relationships 31
  198. Im not sure if im pregnant or not
    Im 17. ..well I was in school and it was oct15 the da before why moms b-day and I had anal sex with this guy and when we started he didnt use a condom but 1 min later he puts one on and kept goind and the a week later oct 20 my friends kept asking was ...
    9 Sex 70
  199. separation anxiety I need help
    my dog has separation anxiety. he squeeks, squeels howls and screams until I come to him. literally- nonstop. I've even seen a tear or two. I make time for him and walk him and play with him even buy em toys and long lasting bones but as soon as we are...
    7 Pets 36
  200. who should I go for single or choose between the boys that I love?
    should I break up with my 16 year old boy friend because my friends 16 year old brother likes me and knows who he is aand what he wants which he says is sex. I've only been going out with him for a few weeks and he seems nice but we are kinda far ahead...
    3 Sex 9
  201. A teenage one night stand?
    So I was at my friends house, and her older brother had a friend over, we started watching a movie, and he wanted to cuddle. At first I was like oh you're reallycute, but I don't like you, but you can lay on my lap anyway. So then we started holdin...
    3 Relationships 31
  202. Will my Cocker Spaniel get along with my new Chihuahua?
    I had a cocker spaniel dog for ten years she was my little girl. I lost her last year to kidney failure. altough she was quite heavy she slept in my bed with me, sat on my lap I spent most of my time with her I looked after her and she looked after me....
    3 Pets 55
  203. Why is he making me so crazy?
    The first time I met him, he looked into my eyes and shook my hand. I talked to him on msn telling him I saw him at the movies and he kept the conversation going. The next day at school, my friends told me he was telling all his friends I was talking t...
    2 Relationships 28
  204. Randomest surveyy ever xD
    Funnn xD 1. If you could share an icecream with ANYONE in the world, alive or dead, who would it be? 2. Would you cut your pinky of for one million dollars? 3. Would you makeout with Kevin Jonas? 4. When is the last time you shaved? 5. If Paris H...
    12 General 60
  205. Boyfriend problems
    I've asked this already, but only received 1 answer and she was an idiot. My boyfriend, who isn't bored and isn't cheating, refuses to make-out and "touch me" down there...ya know. He kisses me (pecks) and sometimes will make out with me (it's been pro...
    4 Sex 23
  206. you think he likes me?
    The first time I met him, he looked into my eyes and shook my hand. I talked to him on msn telling him I saw him at the movies and he kept the conversation going. The next day at school, my friends told me he was telling all his friends I was talking t...
    2 Relationships 48
  207. How can I become a better swimmer?
    I'm in the highschool, a freshmen, and my gym class is coed and very large. I have no friends in my class, nobody I know. Second quarter there are two weeks of swimming we have to do, and I'm really scared. I'm small for my age, not in height wise re...
    4 Nutritionfitness 42
  208. My friend picks boys over me! What do I do??? Please read and help
    My best friend and I have known each other since pre-school. For about 6 months now, she has been doing nothing but hanging out with boys. She said she was forced to have sex with her boyfriend, and so I thought she was raped. Since then, she has be...
    3 Sex 43
  209. ok I need advice on A Guy ,Help?
    Okayy..So Theres this Guy And I lost My Virginity To Him While we were Datingg And He Said He Was In Love With Me,And I Have Been Deeply In Love With Him For Three Years!We Have Our on And Off Flings,our Special Momemts,I Feel Likee I Can tell Him Anyt...
    2 Relationships 50
  210. What to do after cheating on my boyfriend?
    Well I Love my Boyfriend with all my heart honestly but I Need Help. The other day I was having doubts and I was feeling so vulnerable about my ex and this other guy that I have been talking to over my Msn. So I went out with This Guy on my Msn and We...
    19 Relationships 195
  211. How do I get my hair back to blonde?
    Ok...I know I'm going to be criticized and I'm very lucky to have hair at this point in time..But I'm looking for help. I had platinum blonde hair for two years before I went out on a limb and dyed it dark brown, then black. I kept it black for abou...
    3 Style 36
  212. What does he have against me in gym?
    Ok, I have to say, I way a ton. Well, close to that. 170 pounds. Can you imagine how they would tease me in gym? Anyway, we were playing cat and mouse yesterday, (basicly run around the gym once and pass the ball you have in your hand to your partner t...
    3 Relationships 10
  213. One day I met a sweet gentleman and fell in love...
    Baked beans One day I met a sweet gentleman and fell in love. When it became apparent that we would marry, I made the supreme sacrifice and gave up beans. Some months later, on my birthday, my car broke down on the way home from work. Since I lived in ...
    6 Relationships 62
  214. Why does my boyfriend make me soo nervous HELP?!?!?
    Okay, well I've been dating an amazing guy for three months. He's really sweet and I like him quite a lot...but I have a few problems. He's a little older than me but not much. And he's really really really sexual. I'm not really just m...
    4 Sex 301
  215. my girlfriend wont give me head
    my girl, she got forced to give a guy head sometime last year and said that she wont ever do it again even if she isnt forced and wants to. that was in the first month of our relatioship, so I never expected anything like that. then one night at about ...
    9 Relationships 348
  216. Could my cousin like me?
    Well back when I was younger, my cousin neva eva liked me at all because I gt on her nerves and pissed her the hell off. Now I in 2008 in march, someone in her family died and I was dateing my cousin's cousin so thats how I new. so at the celebration t...
    7 Sex 78
  217. Hay ladies I need help (this question ain't sexual or nothin)
    I was talking to my girl last night and she told me that I need to do and say more cute things to her. I try to do stuff sometimes but to tell the truth I probally should do more because she's awesome. Anything that someone has done 4 you or anything t...
    3 Sex 14
  218. Dennis Leary is a loon
    I used to think he was funny, but he has gone to far with this. My younger brother has autism as well as a cousin of mine. Both had loving, attentive, uncompetitive and perfectly healthy parents. Where does he get off saying; "There is a huge bo...
    5 Health 33
  219. I hate my gramma and brother
    I hate them so much every day she freaks out whenever I do something. and my brother is EVIL. yesterday I told him to get off the computer so I could use it for homework he does he's fine then he starts crying and screaming that I hit him! and my gramm...
    4 Family 16
  220. Do you think he likes me?
    SO, my friend ( we'll say his name is Mark) lives across the street and I just met him this year and when I first hung out with him he told me that his best friend (lets call him... Brandon) likes me.... so, at first i didn't pay too much attention to...
    2 Relationships 5
  221. What can I do to stop her from urinating on my couch?
    My female cat, approximately a year and a half old, urinates on my couch whenever my back is turned! If I am near the couch, she has no problem using the cat box (which is in the bathroom)! She also likes to use the cat box whenever I am in the bathro...
    3 Pets 61
  222. Yorkies -- How old does my boy have to be to breed?
    My little boy Yorkie, Tucker, who is almost 8months old has been following my female Yorkie, Presley, around for days. Everytime I look at him he's trying to mount her and I say his name and he immediately stops and she jumps up into my lap. Neither ...
    2 Pets 156
  223. girlfriend broke up with me and is counfusing me
    ok me and her started hanging out as friends september I started flirting with her and realized I liked her so I asked her to homecomeing from ther we hung out the next day I had a party at my house we sat in a chair made for two people and I still did...
    4 Relationships 32
  224. Should I or shouldn't I?
    I just recently bought an old used laptop at a local donation-based thrift store, and to my surprise it works. Not great, but it works. It had no power cord with it but for 5 bucks it seemed worth the risk of my own power cord not fitting into it, whic...
    4 Technology 16
  225. my 1st simple survey lol hope you like
    USING ONLY ONE WORD Not as easy as you might think! Where is your cell phone? lap Your significant other? home Your hair? wild Your mother? oklahoma Your father? ...
    5 General 30
  226. God is good to me!
    Ok, this is a kind of an "update" on my question: "I'm in love with an immature goofball" Yesterday, I went with my friend to go visit the cemetary so we could visit the graves of our friend and her grandparents. Well after I left her to spend some ti...
    2 Relationships 8
  227. My survey, 30 random Q.s
    1.)Live,Love,Laugh? 2.)Fav ice cream flavor? 3.)Do you have a nickname? 4.)Gender? 5.) Fav Dairy product? 6.)Fav Season? 7.)Ever have a high texting bill? 8.)Fav soda? 9.) How old where you when you had your first kiss? 10.)S...
    14 General 52
  228. I need relationship advice... girlfriend wants sex but I'm not sure
    when my girlfriend and I were 16 we spent an entire weekend for our 3rd anniversary at the beach... on the night of our anniversary, I gave her a promise ring and told her I wanted to commit to the relationship and wanted to marry her one day after sch...
    3 Sex 46
  229. How do I deal with my boyfriend's daughter's manipulative behavior?
    I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years and we live together. He has a 4 yr old daughter that I love. She loves me but always has to have her dad's attention. If he is sitting with me on the couch, she jumps on his lap. If he is leaving, he'll kiss...
    9 Babies 1656
  230. How to want to go to school
    Well... I am now in grade 11 and since mid grade nine I have not been going to school regularly at all. I skip all the time or I just dont wake up and go. It is now becoming a big big problem and when I say I dont go I meant it has been about 60 days ...
    2 Education 14
  231. Boyfriend/girlfriend touching,rubbing,kissing, ect.
    Well I guess you could say im...young. :p I have a boyfriend and we've been together for like um, 10 months. :) things are great, never fight..never argue everythings really perfect for us, and neither of us can imagine life with out the other. Yeah we...
    4 Sex 2169
  232. I don't know what to do! sorry its a little long...
    alrightt so I liked this guy and at first my friends said he liked me.. so I would text him and we would talk. my friend said that he was absolutely crazzy about me and thought I was hott. we were at a partyy and I didnt know if I liked him or not yet...
    2 Relationships 33
  233. The ex
    My boyfriend and I dated for a lil over month. We had been friends for a while before then so we were pretty close and comfortable with each other. I'd sleep over at his place and he'd hold me all night, we'd make out but that was as far as it went. H...
    2 Relationships 27
  234. Need An Unbiased Opinion, does he genuinely like me?
    Hey y'all. So I met this guy through a friend at a party about 3 weeks ago...we immediately hit it off and made out for a bit, during which he sat me down on his lap and told me how beautiful I was and that he wanted to take me out on a date. Well, my ...
    7 Relationships 11
  235. Please help me,im seriously damaged
    its not a proud thing to do.or say and im not lapping this up or trying to be bigheaded of saying this.but I know you cant help me advise me the correct ways but your thoughts would count. I went to the doctor a month ago to see if had bipolar [ im onl...
    3 Sex 15
  236. What should I do with my sister-in-law??
    I'm tired of my sister in law. she is my husband's sister and I just can't deal with her anymore. I am a vary patient person, but everything has a limit. She comes over to my house every weekend. I don't really care about that, what I care about is t...
    7 Family 186
  237. How, I'm falling 4 my best guy friend???
    Ok, so I have a friend named Bryant. We've been friends since last year and now we hang a lot. He's on my team and in my homeroom. I always thought of him just as a friend, but lately...We kinda flirt a bit but nothing major. I always thought that he l...
    2 Relationships 39
  238. Why am I falling for my best guy friend(redo)??? pls ans?
    Ok, so I have a friend named Bryant. We've been friends since last year and now we hang a lot. He's on my team and in my homeroom. I always thought of him just as a friend, but lately...We kinda flirt a bit but nothing major. I always thought that he l...
    2 Relationships 28
  239. Overcoming what happened, and feeling useless
    ok so let me set the stage for what happened this weekend. I have a friend I have not seen in a year and a half. I know she is a bit crazy and I know her and I ahve a past with being umm very close with one another. Well we invite her over, because ...
    3 Relationships 10
  240. What's this guy all about?
    okay, my ex boyfriend broke up with me and asked if we could just be friends because he wasn't ready for a relationship, fair enough, no problem, I wasn't entirely sure I was ready for a new relationship either so yeah, it wasn't really a problem, but ...
    2 Relationships 13
  241. Why does he still need to contact his exes?
    I think it started 3 years ago with X... I can't say we had a good start, it was messy and confusing. As much as I wanted to commit, the only answer I got from him was that he COULDN'T on his part because he was still unable to get over his ex girlfrie...
    4 Relationships 22
  242. Am I Too Close?
    Okay well my mom babysits these too little boys one is 2years old(JoeRamon)& the other one is 1Year old(Jacob) My question is about Jacob Well lets see I've known this baby since the moment he was born I was the second person to carry him his mom is a...
    2 Relationships 39
  243. Graphic poem, do you like it?
    Mommy Never Came By: Britne Vinson As I laid there in my bed All I could think in my head Is how you left me there alone All over my body was his cologne I remember how it all went down He came into my room dressed like a clown I looked at him with ...
    3 Literature 16
  244. What does he mean "Not Ready"?
    Okay... I have an ex & he actually is the only one I have truly loved & I didn't realize it until, well.. it was too late. Anyways... I've joined the Marines & he the Air Force & we met at MEPS, things went great & we got along very well together. I ha...
    3 Relationships 58
  245. Attention all animal lovers! Why am I still grieving??
    2006 was probably the worst year of my life. I lost 2 cats in that same year, within months of each other! One died of renal failure, and the other of some sort of throat cancer. ***stories of each one below*** Reagan ("Miss Ray Ray")- I adopted her f...
    9 Pets 32
  246. Confessions Servey
    What did you last cry over?: I honestly don't remember. What's the last mistake you made?: Uhh, in art class I painted something the wrong color. Who was the last person you said I love you to?: Sandi(my mom) because I don't want her to be mad at me ...
    4 Sex 29
  247. How can I get into a foster family?
    Well im 16 and I live at home with a strict and old fashion farther im his only child he's married to my mother for 11 years,and been with her for 20 and my dad steped in and took care of my brothers and sister but later down the years when my sister w...
    2 Family 64
  248. the most shocking brake up of my life!
    I meet a great guy at work this summer, he's 16 and I’m 19. He came in the middle of the season at this theme park. I’ll call him "GuyB". At the time I was already going out with some, I’ll call him "guyA". GuyA asked me out in July. He had a curfew fo...
    2 Relationships 23
  249. A long rant about my boyfriend...looking for mature answers.
    I am fifteen, turning sixteen in about two months. I am a devoted Christian, but my boyfriend is not. He is not an Athiest or anything, and reminds me often that he will always respect me and my Faith, and I believe him. My parents don't know I am with...
    19 Sex 92
  250. I just need someone to listen and some advice
    first I'm going to say this is long and if you want to help me read it all. and sorry for the spelling/grammer First I’m(Braden) 15 about to be 16. In the past 3 ½ months my life has went from great happy go lucky to crap. First I found out my dad...
    7 Sex 39