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  1. Why is it that some scars eventually fade and some scars do not fade at all?
    4 Style 29
  2. How can you start a foundation?
    4 General 11
  3. How can get rid of visible scars?( any type of scars)
    5 Style 25
  4. Does the sun make scars worse, or can you tan over a scar?
    6 Style 62
  5. What foundation do you recommend?
    What foundation do you recomend???
    9 Style 16
  6. What do people use foundation for?
    What do people use foundation for?
    4 Style 15
  7. How do I stop scarring
    How do I stop any further scarring from my cuts?
    3 Health 66
  8. Should guys wear foundation?
    9 Style 19
  9. How can I hide the scars on my arm?
    11 Style 65
  10. How do they make foundation for your face?
    2 Style 11
  11. is foundation bad for your skin?
    is foundation bad for your skin? What about concealer?
    2 Style 22
  12. Scar removal
    how I remove scars fm my face?
    2 Style 65
  13. If scars not treated it will they last forever?
    If scars not treated it will they last forever?
    8 Style 23
  14. How do you get rid of burn scars?
    4 Style 43
  15. How can I get rid of a scar (not an acne scar) using natural home remedies?
    4 Style 85
  16. How effective is laser scar treatment ?
    2 Style 13
  17. How do you remove a small surgery scar?
    4 Style 27
  18. Is Revlon PhotoReady™ foundation good?
    2 Style 11
  19. How long does it take for scars to fade away ?
    How long does it take for scars to fade away ?
    3 Style 90
  20. How do you get rid of scars left by cutting?
    How do you get rid of scars left by cutting?
    6 Style 20
  21. Foundation skateboards
    Foundation skateboards are the best boards ever
    2 Shopping 10
  22. Do you get a scar when a lip piercing heels?
    Do you get a scar when a lip piercing heels?
    2 Style 78
  23. how do you get rid of scars from cutting?
    how do you get rid of scars from cutting.?help.please
    20 Health 487
  24. How to get rid of a scar?
    What's a good way to get rid of a scar?
    2 Style 78
  25. How to hide or get rid of scars?
    How to hide or get rid of cutting Scars?
    7 Style 75
  26. Foundation on your lips?
    Is there anyway how you can foundation to stay on your lips longer ?
    2 Style 23
  27. Sopfies choice foundation...
    What is sopfies choice foundation about???who is it for???who made it???whos sopfie???
    2 Education 13
  28. do scar removal medicine actually work?
    2 Style 34
  29. Why doesn't my mom want me to use foundation?
    9 Style 44
  30. Is Contractubex effective in removing white scars?
    3 Style 214
  31. would a tattoo cover a scar of a bullet?
    3 Style 55
  32. What are some good brands of foundation that are cheap but nice?
    9 Style 35
  33. What is better for breath-ability for your pores - liquid foundation or loose mineral foundation powder?
    11 Style 11
  34. What foundation is good for dry and sensitive skin?
    7 Style 27
  35. Good tips on minimising scars
    Good tips on minimising scares
    2 Health 29
  36. Is there any way to whiten the scars all around my knees?
    2 Style 17
  37. How can I pick the right foundation for my skin color?
    5 Style 27
  38. What causes a scar to be either thick or sunken in?
    2 Health 25
  39. Why do some old scars hurt
    I have some old cutting scars and they still hurt sometimes
    3 Health 488
  40. How do I apply foundation?
    how do I apply foundation without making my face white?
    8 Style 32
  41. Lighting scars
    If you were to be struck by lightning could you develope a scar?
    5 Health 46
  42. Can you plant Watermelon near a house foundation?
    Can you plant them near a house foundation? Does it matter?
    2 Homegarden 26
  43. Does anyone have any solutions for acne and acne scars?
    Does anyone have any solutions for acne & the scars, something that works for both?
    7 Style 49
  44. Contractubex does it help for removing the scars?
    have anyone tried Contractubex and does it help for removing the scars?/
    5 Style 345
  45. how can i get rid of embarrasing self injury scars?
    17 Health 70
  46. How to get rid of pimples and their scars?
    how can i get rid of pimples and their marks those were once poped up
    5 Style 60
  47. How long does it take for a keloid scar to become evident?
    2 Health 30
  48. What kind of shade do you use for powder, compact, or foundation?
    15 Style 40
  49. How do you get rid of scars if they're a few years old?
    8 Style 21
  50. What is the difference between foundation and concealer?
    I really don't know haha.
    3 Style 37
  51. Is there a way to cover up zits without concealer or foundation?
    2 Style 8
  52. Can I use the same makeup brush for my blush, bronzer, and foundation?
    5 Style 54
  53. Products to fade scars?
    Does anyone know of any products which can reduce the appearance of or fade scars?
    6 Style 27
  54. How to apply foundation to dry skin and make it look good?
    How to apply foundation to dry skin and make it look good?
    2 Style 26
  55. How do I get my cheeks to be less red without having to use foundation?
    16 Style 24
  56. Are you more likly to scar from getting a cut on metal or glass?
    10 Health 41
  57. What happens when ur belly ring hole closes up does it scar?
    5 Style 926
  58. Why am I proud of my self-harm scars?
    i dont regret them ????
    6 Health 104
  59. Can apple cider vinegar lighten pimple scars on the face?
    7 Style 209
  60. Does anyone know how to get liquid foundation out of white leggings?
    5 Homegarden 66
  61. Foundation that covers my freckles, help?
    I can never find the right foundation that covers my freckles Can anybody help
    3 Style 32
  62. where can I get GOSH foundation primer...
    where can I get GOSH velvet touch foundation primer for a cheap price?
    2 Style 12
  63. Can you use both BB cream and foundation?
    i have the l'oreal bb cream and natural collection foundation.
    6 Style 36
  64. Toothpaste to remove acne scars?
    I've heard toothpaste can help remove acne scars is that true? If not what can?
    5 Style 48
  65. Would revlon foundation cover my scars?
    I have some dark scars on my face and I've ben thnkng about changng my foundation. do you thnk revlon foundation wud work well with my skin tone and cover my scars completly?
    5 Style 51
  66. How can I clear an age scar from my leg?
    Am having an age scars on my legs, I got the scars when I was about 6year of age. How can I make it go away?
    3 Style 48
  67. What is a good book to learn the foundations of Geometry?
    Something not hard to understand.
    3 Education 43
  68. Do scars on legs usually bulge?
    Do they darken? How do I make them stay dark?
    4 Health 29
  69. What product(s) will get rid of scars?
    No Home remedies. And you can find at Walmart.
    6 Style 51
  70. what can i use to cover up my scars to show people my wrist so they can leave me alone?
    4 Style 13
  71. How dangerous would it be if I pierced my belly button again through the scar of my last one?
    11 Style 149
  72. Getting rid of acne scars?
    does anybody know what a really good way is getting rid of acne scars?
    4 Style 31
  73. How can I get rid of bad acne and scars?
    As you can see I have bad acne and scars, any idea what is the best way to get rid of it ?
    5 Style 36
  74. Fair foundation
    I have quite fair skin. Does anyone know a foundation which isnt too expensive and is fair? Thankss
    5 Style 34
  75. How long does it approximatively take for a surgery scar to heal?
    I got my appendix removed
    5 Health 55
  76. What is a genetic disorder that is not real common, but that I can still get a testimonial and a foundation specialized for that disorder?
    3 Health 46
  77. What kind of scar does an eyebrow ring leave behind?
    Does the eyebrow hair(at the piercing) be gone?
    5 Style 93
  78. What's a good way to keep hip surface piercings from scarring?
    And what is the chance of them rejecting?
    2 Style 21
  79. What is the best drugstore foundation?
    I've had a mac one before but it's just to expensive for me to buy. but what is a really good drugstore foundation?
    5 Drugs 14
  80. How do I get rid of scars?
    I used to cut myself and now I have hundreds of ugly scars on my arms and legs. Is there any way to get rid of them?
    2 Style 30
  81. What are good products to use on old scars or stretchmarks?
    what are good produ againcts to use on old scars and strech marks
    3 Style 21
  82. monroe piercing, does it leave a visible scar?
    Anyone that has one, does it leave a very visible scar when you remove it.? And did you find the piercing itself to be very painful?
    9 Style 232
  83. Getting rid of nose piercing scar
    I have a scar on my nose from a nose piercing does anyone know how to make it go away?
    4 Style 313
  84. How do you get rid of acne scars?
    How do you get rid of acne scars? I have some and its fading but is there anyway I can make it go away faster?
    2 Style 40
  85. facial problems how can I remove my acne scars??
    how can I remove my acne scars?? please give me effective answers..
    2 Style 89
  86. Foundation makeup question...
    When I tried on foundation (I'm new at makeup), I looked like I wasn't wearing any at all. It was BareMinerals foundation. Why is that?
    3 Style 29
  87. Cuts. Scarring?
    When ever you get a cut, or cut is the wound always guaranteed to scar? Or do some cuts heal without scarring? Kthnxbi<3
    3 Health 35
  88. Does foundation and tanning cream give you pimples and blackheads?
    If so, if i stopped wearing both, would i stop getting them?
    5 Style 40
  89. How can you get rid of scars?
    How can you get rid of scars fast ? I have scars on my wrist and im going to the doctor tommorow im afraid they are gonna see them How can I get rid of them?
    9 Style 212
  90. What will cure my bad acne and allergie scars?
    I have really bad acne and allergie scars on my face, will poison ivy cream heal them?
    4 Style 15
  91. Will breaking a pimple leave a scar?
    Hey guys, I want to ask if you have a pimple and you go and break it, will it like leave a scar down there? if it does, how do we actually remove it?
    6 Style 452
  92. How can I cover up the scars on my arms ?
    My cat accidentaly scratched my arm and left 2 longgg scars on it , I want to cover them up because they look awful , how can I do it ?
    4 Style 43
  93. How to get rid of acne scars?
    It will be a great help if any body suggest me how to get rid of the scars left by the pimples during my tender age.
    3 Style 63
  94. How do u make a scar less noticable because it brite red n hard to hide in the summer ?
    3 Health 56
  95. My mom found my scars...
    ok my mom found out I was cutting and now its always so akward being around her. How can I make my mom just forget it? how can I make it so its not so akward? pleasehelp
    9 Family 38
  96. Tattoos over surgery scars? Help
    I have really bad scars from a car crash I was in last year, surgery scars, does anyone no if I can get a tattoo done over the top of my surgery scars and will it hurt...???
    3 Style 88
  97. How to get the last bit of foundation out?
    Does anyone know how to get the very last bit of your foundation out of the bottle. I have some MAC foundation and there is still some in the bottle..but its caught up around the edges and down at the bottom..any tips on how to get it out?
    5 Style 869
  98. How to get rid of scars without buying stuff from the store?
    I have scars on my arms from cutting myself, and I wanna get rid of them, without stuff from the store.. Is there anything in my house that I can use to get rid of my scars?
    6 Style 44
  99. How do you cover scars?
    I am going on vacation soon and have scars from cutting. What will help me hide it without wearing long sleeved shirts?
    4 Style 26
  100. What can I use to help reduce the appearance of my scar?
    i had my stitches taken a few days ago and now i have a scar and i want it to disappear, our atleast for it not to be noticeable.
    7 Style 23
  101. What is the best foundation out there in your experience of makeup?
    Basically in other peoples experiences what is the best foundation out there...I know people have different skin and stuff but I just want an overview on it Thx!
    3 Style 44
  102. Can you peirce over a scar?
    I had my belly button pierced before and it ripped out..I want it done again..could they? (Its scared pretty bad)
    6 Style 360
  103. what are all the abilities that tetsusaiga from the show inuyasha can attain aside from wind scar backlash wave and adamant barrage?
    3 Entertainment 57
  104. What is a good foundation that stays on all day?
    I have a pretty white face. I usually wear sand-colored foundation......I have tried a lot of foundation; I was just wondering what is a foundation I should try that STAYS on ALL day? Most of the foundations I have tried come off in the middle of the day.
    2 Style 74
  105. when you take out a nose piercing can you remove the scar?
    when you take out a nose piercing and it leaves a scar, will scar removal products help get rid of that? this is probably a stupid question, but w/e. ty:)
    2 Style 135
  106. any ways to conceal an old facial scar??
    is there any ways to conceal a scar from about 4 years ago?? I have a scar on my chin and everyone is like "WHAT HAPPEND!?!" it gets old after a while. got any advice??
    3 Style 43
  107. What can I wear, with all these scars ?
    I need help. Im going to a sixteen's birthday party and I dont knowhat to wear . I have a lot of scars so I dont know what I could wear .
    7 Style 34
  108. How can you fade scars from acne?
    Well, I got some advice on what products work for it. But I want to know if there is anything cheap that you can get at a drugstore that fades acne scars? Well?
    4 Style 22
  109. How do you get rid of a scar?
    Okay as you can see in my first pic I have this dumb scar that looks like a cold sore by my lip. How do I get rid of it quick!?
    8 Style 120
  110. How to get rid of scars on my legs?
    how can I get rid of ugly scars like bug bites and scratches on my legs, I want to be able to wear shorts this summer!
    2 Health 36
  111. got a wish granted from the make a wish foundation?
    Has anybody got a wish granted from the make a wish foundation???if so what was it like if you flew on a plane was it first class and if yall stayed in a hotel what was it like???
    2 General 13
  112. Strange scars on my face
    I had puss under my skin, but not a pimple. I squezed and got the puss out, but now I have brown spots. What happened and when will these go away?
    2 Style 21
  113. How long does it take for acne scars to show up
    I'm guessing it takes a while? Because I only see older people with them and don't get them after I pick on my pimples.
    4 Style 442
  114. Does anyone know a website where I could find free piano sheet music for "Eyes on Fire" by Blue Foundation?
    2 Music 106
  115. How to fade scars?
    I know vitamin e heals the scar? but do you have to put the vitamin e on the scar or can you just take a vitamin e pill? Or some other type of vitamin because the scar is down almost my whole entire back and I cant reach it to put stuff on it.
    4 Style 26
  116. Wierd bug bite scar
    So I had a bug bite, and I scratched it open. So it eventually became a scar. The scar is's flat and reddish. At night it gets reeeaaaly itchy, then it stings. Is this normal?
    3 General 58
  117. Would it be okay if I put foundation over my whitehead?
    Before you tell me no, read this. Okay, I dont put foundation all over my face, just around my eyes. I have this medication that puts a seal over the blemish, but you can still seal it. If I put foundation over that, will it not affect the whitehead?
    6 Style 36
  118. When someone has scars from self injury, do you think they should keep their scars covered up?
    Would you ever suggest that someone was showing off their scars (or that they thought they were cool because of the scars) if they let them show? I hope this question doesn't get deleted or something D: I feel like it might, though. Or worse- it'll tur...
    20 General 34
  119. How can I diminish scars without surgery?
    I have a 6 inch scar on my arm and I was wondering if there is a non-surgical and relatively inexpensive way of diminishing or treating it.
    2 Style 39
  120. Getting rid of scars?
    I used to pick at my mosquito bites and now I have some ugly scars on my shins. any tips for how to get rid of them? any special creams you know that work you can reccomend?
    3 Style 58
  121. Scars on my arm
    Well, im having blood tests tomorrow and they're taking my blood ...well, I have scratches on my left arm, well they're more like scars, and I dont know which arm they take your blood from?? does anyone know? :(
    5 Health 28
  122. How do I get rid of acne scars on my face?
    I had gotten a acne bump on my face and I hated it so I kept picking with it and now it left a scar?...whats the fastest way to heal it?
    2 Style 178
  123. Can you tattoo over moles, scars or even spots?
    I have just decided what tattoo I want, and where I want it, but I has a little mole right in that place but I heard you cant because of the chance of it being cancerous.
    12 General 288
  124. What are some good, effective products to get rid of scars or make them lighter?
    Products that can be found at places like walmart will be extreamly helpfull!
    9 Style 28
  125. Who has tried Maybelline Pure Foundation?
    Who has tried this makeup? I heard it's great for oily skin-which I have- and I want to try it but I don't know anything about it. help me! :]
    2 Style 8
  126. How long do burn scars last?
    Like, if you have a 1st degree burn, will you loose pigment if you're pale? Ughhh I can't word this but how bad does the burn have to be to leave you scarred and if so, what color would the scar be?
    7 Health 86
  127. How to get rid of dark brown acne scars
    I've been using proactiv and now all my acne is gone, but there are scars left. How do I get rid of them or lighten them?? are there any home remedies or would I have to get like scar cream??
    4 Style 508
  128. Foundation wall
    How many concreate blocks do I need for a 3 sided foundation, 2 sides 24 feet long and 1 side 20 feet, 4 feet high?
    2 Homegarden 18
  129. Why do my acne scars become noticable after I throw up?
    Everytime I throw up the acne scars on my face become a lot more red and noticable. I dont know if this happens to anyone else or if anyone can give me a answer!
    2 Health 66
  130. My foundation shows chunks all over my face!
    why is it that my foundation is making me look like I have huge pores? like all my pores are clogged looking! how do I get rid of that?? (I use mercelle muse foundaton)
    6 Style 41
  131. What is the best makeup Foundation?
    what to you girls is the BEST foundation to use? seems like mine always comes off during the day, I want to know what has worked the best for YOU. (: Thanks a ton!
    6 Style 49
  132. Do scars every really go away?
    Ok, if you get cut or something like that, and it hasnt made a scar, but you scar easy, and you really, really dont want the scars, do they ever really go away? I need help. Seriously!
    9 Style 234
  133. How to get rid of acne and scars?
    I get zits or pimples on my arms up the top near my shoulder ( I don't know dif between them ) and it scars when I pik at it and squeeze the white stuff out what stuff can you use to stop the acne and stop and get rid of scars:)
    5 Style 29
  134. What is your favourite brand of foundation and why?
    i need a new one cuz mine sux and i need sum that covers really good but can be light. help?
    12 Style 13
  135. How does Mac cosmetics cover acne scars?
    I am thinking about buying mac cosmetics foundation and i was wondering if they cover dark ache scars? Because it's expensive and i don't want to waste money on something that won't cover my ache scars. So does anyone know if it works? :)
    4 Style 27
  136. Will wearing liquid foundation once a week still ruin my skin?
    I don't wear foundation very often...will wearing my liquid foundation once or twice a week still ruin my skin or make it break out? Wearing it once a week won't hurt, will it? Please tell me because if it does, I won't use it anymore...I'll go for ...
    2 Style 54
  137. Getting rid of scars?
    I have a small burn scar on my leg because a good friend of mine was bored. And I was wondering if there was any cream or something to make it go away. Thanks =)
    4 Style 22
  138. Does ear gauges closing cause scarring?
    Say if you were go down to a size 6g and decide to let them go back to normal 18g, will your ears be scarred badly? I mean I know ear piercing are already scar but you know what I mean
    4 Style 143
  139. Scars on 15 year old girls face from picking spots
    I have scarring on my face from picking you spots. What will make the scarring go? Will drinking 2 litres of water a day help after a long period of time?
    2 Style 19
  140. Whats the best foundation to use ??
    Im fed up of buying foundation thats crap its doin my headin! Anyone know any good foundations to buy id love to hear your advise :) Xx
    4 Style 29
  141. Tiny scars
    hey I had a spot.. and I kinda picked at it lol.. but now its left like a tiny red mark will that go away or will it be perament? xx
    3 Style 24
  142. Facial Scars :(
    I have these two really red cuts on my forehead right now and I was just wondering if anyone had a clue how to cover them up without them looking caky or weird looking?
    3 Style 15
  143. Do you have any scars?
    Just wondering... And how did you get them? I have one on my toe from kicking metal And one from running in high heels and falling...lost a tiny chunk out of my knee lol what about you?
    6 Entertainment 21
  144. Implant scars
    I need help, I want to know more about the implant as I on it, I've had 2 spottings in the last 4 months but im really scared. Please help
    2 Style 14
  145. Finding the right foundation
    My foundation covers stuff like pimples and everything but you can tell that I;m wearing it. It's like obvious. And I've gone thorugh like 6 different foundations. How do I get my foundation to blend in with my skin better?
    11 Style 47
  146. How to get rid of scars from zits?
    okay so I've been using these awesome nuetregena things for my face and they wrok really really good...but from popping zits... I still have a few scars!! =[ help..anyone?
    5 Style 23
  147. What will it look like after I take out mu piercing? Scar?
    I'm getting my lower lip pierced tomoro morning, it'll be a 1.2mm bar. Will it leave a noticable scar when I take it out?
    2 Style 61
  148. Waterproof foundation???heeellpp!
    Ok so is there any foundation I can wear swimming thatl stay put?I wear it all the time and I dont want to look ugly in the pool lol!help? Tanx!!:)
    3 Style 13
  149. What is a good foundation to use if your looking for coverage ?
    I have really red and somtimes blotchy cheeks, I have been looking for a foundation thats really good for coverage but can also look natural , and not look like I have a cakeface . So if you guys know of any foundations that will help me then please te...
    4 Style 28
  150. What are some good products to make scars vanish or diminish?
    I have used merderma, Bio-oil and Coco Butter. Anything else have you have used and works great?
    11 Style 25
  151. Does my skin look better because I've stopped wearing foundation?
    i stopped wearin it a couple of months ago and my skin lost alot of its oilyness and redness and looks so much healthier. is is cause of the foundation or cause my skin matured?
    8 Style 77
  152. How to get rid of scars?
    I have a lot of scars on my legs and stuff from playing sports and everything whe I was you you guys know any medicine or anything that I can put on them to make them go away?
    8 Style 53
  153. When you see someone with scars that are obviously not accidental are you more afraid to approach them?
    I feel like people at my college go out of their way to avoid me and the only thing i could think of why they would be doing that is the obvious scars on my arm.
    6 General 29
  154. Is there laser treatment for scars?
    Is there and does it work? How much would it cost? Do I need it if my scars are faded from using other things, but I need them gone because some one asked about them yesterday and I didnt have an excuse, so I need them gone a lot Help !!!
    2 Health 35
  155. How do I conceal a red scar?
    I got surgery about a year ago and I have a big red scar from it. Its not a big deal but its really red and I have tried covering it but its not completely healed so it can sometimes get infected any suggestions on how to concel it?
    4 Style 26
  156. Why does my foundation look flaky and how to fix it?
    Okay so I am getting older and decided to start using foundation. I went and got some clinique foundation. I wash my face. but on face lotion, and I apply the foundation after the lotion dries with a foundation brush. But it always looks flakey! I trie...
    8 Style 106
  157. Lighten/take away scars?
    I have lots of scars from either playing or cutting from like 3 years ago. I've stop cutting and I know that scars are there forever but is there any way to lighten them to make them less noticeable? Thanks
    2 Style 18
  158. How to make scars less noticeable?
    I have some minor surface scars from spots but is there anything I could do to minimise them? I have heard that Bio Oil helps scars but I dont know if it is suitable for my face .. any ideas?? Thanks xx
    3 Style 48
  159. How Do I get Rid of These Annoying Scars?
    I hate to admit it, but I'm pretty clumsy. I'm always falling over and cutting myself and I've got a lot of scars. Are there any home remedies that can get rid of these scars, or at least make them fade? Thx! :)
    3 Style 27
  160. Good foundation that stays on?
    Does anybody of any good foundation that stays on without wearing off?? Im currently using a mousse foundation I think its rimmel, but it doesnt give off a very good natural effect, help?? Most creamed foundations dont work for me as they wear off.. A...
    7 Style 12
  161. What's the best way to apply liquid foundation?
    I just switched from compact to liquid makeup and I'm finding it's easy to not get an even color, any tips for applying it? I was thinking maybe a sponge?
    5 Style 55
  162. How can I get rid of stubborn pimple scars?
    I have had pimples and they left very dark and scary marks. It has been some time now and I have tried tens of facial treatments but they just can't "move", can any one please help?
    12 Style 152
  163. Good foundation?
    Does any one no of a really good foundation cus I need a new one that don't make my skinn greasy and that stays on and dnot look nt worried about the wb
    5 Style 13
  164. Mac foundation
    Soii heard it werks veryy good is this true? As of right now iwear bare minerals but iwana try sumthing new.. And is liquid or or powder foundation beter
    2 Style 33
  165. best liquid foundation ?
    Is their any good liquid foundation I can use that doesnt leave your face oily , last long , and has good coverge for pores or acne scars.One that I can find at walmart or walgreens .Please help .
    2 Style 16
  166. Are scars easy to get rid of ?
    I was in a car wreck a few months ago , some glass hit my arm and left scars , but I don't think the glass got past the first layer.Are there any ways to get rid of them besides doing to the doctor ?
    5 Health 36
  167. What kind of power and foundation could a brown person use?
    I am brown skin and never find are makeup 2fit me good, the would like know what kind of power and foundation should I use without gettin dark in the sun. I am brown skin
    2 Style 16
  168. Applying Skin Foundation
    when I apply my foundation, it stays on pretty well at first. Then half way through the night I notice it start to come off and go abit blochy, is there anyway I can keep it on without it running?
    3 Style 34
  169. Can you get a tattoo over scars?
    When I was 12 years only I went through a traumatic event that made me very depressed. I began cutting myself, I have about 17 visable scars on my left wrist, I want to get them covered with a swallow bird tattoo. Does anyone know if you can tattoo ove...
    3 Style 46
  170. How can I prevent my mosquito bites from scarring while easing the itch?
    I have 24 bites, they're all massive, swollen and really really red. I tend to scar rather easily and I really do not want these bites scarring up my legs; at the moment I look like I got beat up.
    4 Health 21
  171. Would You still have sex with girls who had scars?
    Would guys still have sex with a girl who has a scar right in the middle of her chest? I had a heart surgery when I was little but my booobs are like a D size and im skinny or not fat. Im just right. But im scared because wont want to have sex with me ...
    7 Sex 26
  172. How can I make my scars fade?
    I used to cut myself. Loong time ago. Now I have scars and I don't want them. I know they'll never go away but is there a way I can get them to fade? The scars aren't dark. But not light either. Please help!?
    10 Style 92
  173. Should I use a lighter foundation or darker over the winter?
    I use classic ivory its publish at day is that ok? I've seen in internet I have to wear two kinds of shades depending on the season
    3 Style 51
  174. cheek scars...
    I took my cheek piercings out after bout a month and I was wondering what can I do to help them heal and to get rid of the slight bumps around them and discoloration?? I have been soo embarassed because of the way it looks now.
    3 Style 48
  175. How to get rid of acne scars overnite?
    I am 13 years old and I have a lot of acne scars, how am I supposesd to get them away in a short period if time. I want use proactive or any other stff it just doesent work for my skin
    4 Style 74
  176. How can I get rid of acne scars?
    I have so many scars from acne and scratches on my face and legs is there any effective but not expensive way to get rid of it? I've tried exfoiliating but it doesnt work for me, and also my doctor gave me a vitamin A acid which also doesnt work!
    4 Style 40
  177. What are some reliable and affordable scar removal solutions(excluding laser/surgery)?
    While in MEPS I will need to show my entire body(excluding the privates) so the doctor might see that I have a scar on my stomach from a young age. How do I get it to be not as noticeable for MEPS?
    5 Style 61
  178. how tough are modelling agencies on scars?
    k, so i sent it a photo to a modelling agency, nd they called, and i have an interview with them this week... but thje photo i sent in doesnt really show the scars i have on my face.... do i have a chance at actually modelling with them? or are they re...
    7 Money 126
  179. How much to get rid of scar on my face?
    So, I'll make this short and sweet you guys. I have this UGLY UGLY UGLY scar on my face and I JUST hate it! I WANT IT GONE. I've had it since I've been 3 and I can't stand it. NOw I don't have isurance so how much do you think it will be to get th...
    3 Style 29
  180. Whats the best foundation to use?
    My skin is pale and I use it to give me a little more colour but I use it to cover up spots and stuff when I get them which is hardly ever but I don't want it to look like I have foundation on I want to look natural? Where could I get it from and ho...
    3 Style 48
  181. Eyeliner and foundation
    What is the best eyeliner to use that won't run too much? I've tried a few but they aren't working very well, and I have to go back to school and I need it!! And what is the best foundation to use that will stay on ? I need help please !! What brand...
    3 Style 13
  182. How to get rid of a scar ?
    .. i have this scar the shape of a linee, since my skin is peachy ( im asian) .. the scar is a dark brownish colour, looks like a bruise .. i've been applying vitamin e oil for a while now, no help at all ..
    4 Style 170
  183. How to heal A lip Scar
    So I currently am finally sick of my snake bites and have decided to take them out. But problem is, now I have these two mini holes under my lip. So does any one know how to make these scars less visible? Or perhaps gone forever?
    5 Style 146
  184. What do I put on my scar tissue from a nose peircing?
    I got my nose peirced about 4 months ago and I love it I have a stud but then I hate it sometimes because there is a small scar tissue bump right next to it and I cant make it go away it the same size as my stud.
    3 Style 42
  185. How do I diminish scarring?
    From a cut that I had from falling, I have developed a yeast infection on both sides of my legs. The itching has become out of control and now I have scars on my legs. With summer coming up, I'm embarrassed to even wear shorts anymore. Please help, wh...
    2 Health 13
  186. Makeup: Need a good foundation
    Makeup: Need a good foundation. I just tried my friend's Bobby Brown foundation. I loved it. It really conceled the right spots on my face, and was so natural. However, it does cost $40 and I would like something as good but with a cheaper price at...
    3 Style 47
  187. Biting left permanant scar
    Ok so my girlfriend bites, me really hard, of course I love it, but she bite me so hard on my left arm, that theres a black teeth mark scar on my arm, and its been 2 months, and its not going away, and there is a small bump where the scar is. Is this a...
    3 Health 37
  188. How can I get rid of this red pimple scar?
    I have a stubborn scar in the middle of my eye brows. It is very red and the size of a penny. I can't get the redness of the scar to go away. The doctor gave me a 70 doller cream of crap! it's called red eye drops, and they DON'T work. Pleazzz help thanx
    6 Style 113
  189. Can I cover up a red face with foundation after working out?
    i have gym this year and after class my face is bright red and i only have 3 minutes to change out and go to make next class (which is with a really cute guy that im talking to) so can i cover up my reddness with foundation for a quick fix?
    3 Style 17
  190. My Ovary? Scarred? Ahhh
    My bf and i were playing around before and he didnt mean to but he was pretending he was gunna punch me and punche dme so hard in my pelvis area. It hurt so bad for so long. now its starting to hurt again and im so scared that he scarred one of my ovar...
    2 Relationships 20
  191. What is the best foundation to use that isnt too expensive ?
    I was just wondering because I need to buy sum new makeup soon and I wanted 2 know what is like the best brand of foundation to use that isnt like patchy when you put it on or make you orange or out like that. thankkss xx
    3 Style 43
  192. Im going to a church camp this summer and im gonna have to wear shorts like everyday but i cut myself and i have scars on my legs so how do i hide that?
    How can i make my lips bigger without surgery is there a certain product that will do this for me
    6 Style 15
  193. What is the best foundation for this type of skin?
    Okay so I have very dry skin, but a lot of acne. I need a new foundation that works really really well, but looks natural. whenever I wear foundation, I get dry patches between my eyebrows, and around where the bottom of my nose is connecting to my c...
    4 Style 35
  194. Is it OK to wear clothes that show scars?
    So, when I was younger I used to cut my upper arms. Time has past but the scars remain, and the doc says they will always be there. I have always made sure to pick clothes that hide the scars but I'm getting frustrated by it. My question is, is it oka...
    12 Style 81
  195. To all the girls on here - foundation
    So when you go to town and you see theses girls who seem to have flawless skin and you can tell its foundation but it still looks natural and appears like they have really good skin. Well I use maybeline dream matte mouse but its not too great coverage...
    8 Style 22
  196. How can I hide a scar on my wrist while swimming and exercising?
    I don't want to get loads of comments about how cutting is bad for you. It was one time, but it left a very obvious pink scar. I'm going on a family holiday soon and I need to know how to hide it. Any suggestions?
    10 Style 191
  197. Scar covering
    I've got all scars up my arms ;l From self harming.. I dont do it anymore, Anyway of hiding them wirth like cream or summit because I want to wear short sleves instea of long in this weather ';
    4 Style 65
  198. Burn and scar
    I have a large burn on my leg and it is embarrasing and I want it to be unnoticable what should I use to do that?? Ihave had it since I was one year old and now I am 14 and dont want it. What would a doctor be able to prescribe or what would I be able...
    4 Style 22
  199. What is the best makeup to use to cover acne scarring?
    im looking for something that covers great and stays on for a long period of time without feeling oily or thick or sticky..thanks in advance..
    5 Style 40
  200. A product that will lessen scars?
    I am allergic to mosquietos and they leave bad scars on me most of the time the scars go away after a year but the ones from last summer are still their! is their any particulare product that it good to use for scars I only use shea or coco butter now ...
    3 Style 43
  201. Why did he comment on my scar?
    when I was little and learning how to walk I tripped and fell on a wicker basket. This left a scar right above my top lip and it goes down onto my lip a bit. Today I was talking to a guy, who is new at our school. He mentioned the scar so I told him wh...
    2 Relationships 37
  202. What are the best pills for removing acne scars, please?
    there are pills for like almost everything, i was wondering is their is anyone that would work to remove all my acne like 3 of my pimples and then the rest are scars like 10 so mainly im looking for something that works great for the scars does anyone ...
    3 Style 41
  203. How to get rid of mosquito/flea bites scars
    I went to Vietnam lately and them mosquitoes seriously F*CKED me over !!! I also cannot control my scratching so now I'm kinda scarred. On top of that I already had scars from a while back because of flea bites. This is just adding to the horror. A...
    2 Style 117
  204. Is there anyway to get hair to grow over a scar?
    I had brain surgery around August 21st and they obviously had to shave a lot of hair off. I have a huge scar going up the back off my head. My mom said that hair will never grow where they made the incision at Is that true? Once it completely heals is ...
    2 Style 27
  205. Help! What is the best way to rid acne and acne scars?
    I know this is gross, but I have one pimple that looks like a pimple but it really a scar, and I dont know how to get rid of it! I've had it for along time and im afraid it will never go away! Help, please! Thanks
    2 Style 33
  206. How do I get my foundation to stay on longer???
    in the morning before I go to school I were like 2 layers of foundation on my face but when I come home from school my face looks like I never put any on in the frist place, its driveing me crazy lol can anyone help me??? thanks so much!
    5 Style 57
  207. Who has tried airbrushed foundation ?
    okay,, so I wanna try an airbrush foundation. by sally hansen and its in a green bottle; has anyone tried it, will it look to cakey on my face ? ohh annnd my makeup always wears off, does anyone have any suggestions on a good primer I could use so it ...
    4 Style 15
  208. How to get rid of acne scars?
    My best friend tanya has slightly bad acne. And on top of that bad acne scars. what type of medication can you use to make it go away. she cant go to a dermatologist because shes in college and cant afford it. what is there that she can use to make...
    4 Style 47
  209. Do Monroe piercings scar?
    I want a Monroe piercing while I'm still young and frolicking around. Still, I would rather not be 50 with a facial piercing ... If a Monroe piercing is taken out five or 10 years after it is done does it leave a big scar? Or does it heal pretty we...
    18 Style 2086
  210. Get Rid of Scars
    I have many little scars on my arm. It was just a beginning, very silly, very unplanned and I didn't know they wouldn't go away! I'm so ashamed I can't look at it. I can't tell anyone, they'd never look at me the same. Please, how do you hide it? Every...
    5 Style 88
  211. does putting vitamin E oil(olive oil) help pimple scars fade away?
    does using vitamin oil..or vitamin oil with some olive oil in it help with pimple scars?? I feel so self sister just went on and on at me with my horrible pimples and scars when I asked her something bout her hair being permed :( mean....
    2 Style 103
  212. How can I get rid of acne scars asap?
    I've tried a cinnamon/honey/tumeric/nutmeg/lemon juice/brown sugar facial before using these ingredients in different matches and i've tried applying ice cubes to them. I'm not sure how long I have to do these for before they're gone but it's pretty an...
    2 Style 57
  213. Tips To Reduce Scarring?
    My cat, in a feeble attempt to get away from the dog, attached himself to whatever he could find - namely, my face. Now I have some deep long cuts on my face, that although they won't stop bleeding, are not serious enough for stitches, but they will...
    5 Health 74
  214. How do I know what shade of Mac foundation to get?
    ok i want to buy mac studio fix powder plus foundation but they are sooo many shades i have no idea which to buy, i cannot try on first as no where in my city sells it and i cannot travel to buy so i have to get it online, i usually get ivory but it go...
    3 Style 34
  215. How to help scarring from picking spots?
    Hi. Picked my spots since I was 11, gross I know. I don't get so many spots any more...lets say 5 to 10 a week. I always pick them but it's not that upsets me. I have the will power not to pick them but I look in the mirror and because I have scarring ...
    3 Style 22
  216. fade/cover scar
    Tomorrow is the 8 month anniversary of my ileum resection surgery. I have a 6 inch scar down the middle of my stomach. Im starting a tanning package soon, should I still have to cover it up? Also does anyone know of any ways to help fade it better?
    2 Style 14
  217. How can I hide my self-harm scars during spring break?
    In a few weeks im going to visit my brother in Pensacola, and we are planning on going to the beach. I have scars at the top of my thighs, and i want to wear an actual bathingsuit. Not like the swim shorts? Will tanning just make them more dark? What ...
    6 General 67
  218. Is it bad that I JUST noticed what I think is a scar on my stomach?
    So I was going to the bathroom and I looked down and saw this really big line across my stomach. At first I thought it was a scar but then thought that I wouldn't have not seen it I mean it's a really big scar...but then I thought I'm never really shir...
    7 General 24
  219. How do you get rid of back pimples and scars?
    Do any of you guys know how to get rid of back pimples and pimple scars? Please help. And my underarm is extremely dark, it has a few bumps on it and I have no idea how to get it out... and how do you get rid of underarm odor and sweat? Sorry but I hav...
    2 Style 122
  220. Guys: What are your opinions on stretchmarks or scars?
    ok..umh, the reason why I ask this question is because, if I ask my parents they''ll be like it's what's inside not out.But not everybody thinks the same way therefore I need other people's point of view (guys mostly)Does it bother you when a girl has ...
    4 Style 28
  221. How badly can a Monroe scar ?
    My mom keeps saying that if I get my Monroe then it'll leave scaring . I've looked it up and yeaah it does scar depending on how well its taken care of , how well it healed and if its been touched and pulled a lot . Are those things true though ? Wha...
    4 Style 103
  222. "Scar Vanishing Cream"?
    Is there any cream that gets rid of scars from pimples? I'm not sure about using Bio-oil on my skin because putting Oil on it everyday may make me break out in spots. Anyone here using scar removal cream? Whats it called? I live in the UK if that...
    2 Style 71
  223. Need Help Choosing Foundation!
    I am So COnfused right now. I can't Tell What Foundations BEST fits my Complexion. I have Fair-Beige skin-colored and I've been using the Wrong kind of Foundation for a while now. It really put spots all over my face and didn't even out too well. H...
    3 Style 12
  224. Will the cut in my arm scar?
    I had a pretty long (7 inch) cut along my arm, that has been about 1mm deep. About a half after this and a month, I have a bright red / pink line where it had been, that is pretty lumpy. I would apply TCP to the cut while it was still open, but the sca...
    6 Health 44
  225. scars!
    I have scars on my arms and legs for about 5 years now and they never went away or even faded away is there anyway I can get rid of them for good? but I dont want no product that you have to use for 3 months like merderma and does putting on lemon ...
    2 Relationships 13
  226. Terrible scar:(
    HI! I have a question about a scar. ok so when I was like 7, I got mauled by a humongous pitbull/boxer on my the right side of my lower lip and I had 2 get plastic surgery:( No I have a bump on my lip and under it, and its 2 noticable for my liking. S...
    2 Style 32
  227. How can I minimize scars? Please help me I need your help?
    I use to cut my self on the top of my arm and it RUINED my life I can't wear t-shirts b/c of the scars !!! I have no idea what I'm going to do this summer ! Do any of you have any idea how to get rid of scars like a medicen or anything please help me...
    4 Style 33
  228. How can I get rid of acne scars?
    I have a lot of pretty bad acne scars on my face and chest, some of them seem to be lightening up, but others are pretty dark. I'm very self-conscious about it, I won't wear v-neck tops or leave the house without caking on concealor. How can I get rid ...
    6 Style 264
  229. how to get rid of acne and acne scars from spots
    same as title... I have acne and just got lucky found some new product that helped me a lot my skin has totally cleared up :D. although now I been left with lots of scars when I use too pick at them.. I regret it bigtime now but need to know how to ...
    5 Style 35
  230. good cover up/ foundation
    what cover up would be good to cover skin thts like darker in some areas. like its hard to explain but my skin seems like a darker shade around my mouth and stuff. I have like an olivy skin color I think. im still preety young and I dont want cover up...
    3 Style 61
  231. I have a scar on my face, and i believe people stare at it
    Ok i have a scar on my face, i mean it isnt that bad but when i see people atring at me i feel like shit. it makes me feel like im ugly and i need help really bad how can i make this scar go away with out Get plastic /s? I really hate it and im16 and i...
    3 Health 110
  232. How to get rid of Acne Scars?
    I had really bad acne a couple months ago but it has all cleared up but im left with like ugly dark acne spots that look like pimples but are smooth marks. how do I get rid of them. I have this thing called scar zone but I haven't tried it on my acne s...
    3 Style 69
  233. Scar I hate
    Right I fell off my bike a year ago, broke my elbow and badly cut my knee, it still has a scar on it, and I hate it, I have a presentation evening on friday, and my dress is short and I like my legs, except for this scar, I have attached a picture, do ...
    3 Style 38
  234. (Help appreciated) About how much does scar removal surgery cost?
    Okay, I had cystic acne on my face about a year ago. It's gone but I still have two purple and blue scars the size of a quarter and four little scars. They won't go fade away with any prescription my dermatologist prescribes me. So I am getting surgery...
    2 Style 57
  235. Looking for new foundation, how do you like bare minerals?
    Okay, im tired of my liquid foundation, and I found out that liquid foundation seeps through your pores and gets into your bloodstream! So I want to switch to mineral foundation etc. So how do you like bare escentals mineral make up? Does it cover b...
    7 Style 55
  236. You people Fun Advice left another scar for me to bare all my life
    Ever since I heard the breaking news of theSIDEWAYSsmile passing away from cancer it really saddened me allot :"( Something I will never forget, it really breaks my heart people passing away from cancer every year or every day.
    4 Funadvice 13
  237. Scarred not ready yet
    Well one day my girl and I was just playin around and I rubbed my dick across her pussy but I didnt stick it in so I think I had a little pre cum so then we put on a condom and had sex but my question is can she get prego off pre cum and can she get ...
    3 Sex 198
  238. What; foundation choice question ?
    Okay(: so I have heard a lot of positive reviews from both: neutrogena healthy skin liquid makeup and revlon color stay. What did you find had better coverage or lasted longer, or just better in general? Are either or them cakey :p. Effective? Thanks(:
    2 Style 11
  239. Making scars less noticeable?
    please help me!!! Ok im recovering from current sever cutting on my arms. I would die to get rid of some of the scars or inleast make them less noticable! Someone give me some hints or something! I cant cover my arms forever!!! And it kinda needs to...
    9 Style 105
  240. Why did my scars turn white?
    So far this weekend everyday I've been outside on a boat. I put some tanning lotion stuff on my lower legs because they never seem to tan. They got a lil bit of sunburn on them. But what I thought was odd was the fact that my scars turned white instead...
    4 Health 215
  241. How do you get rid of scars or marks on your fourhead?
    I dont have acne or pimples so dont tell me I need proactive...I have a lot of little scars on my do I get rid of them?? I heard of mederma but I have been using it for 4 months I doesnt work and I tried lemonvate it works but not fast....
    4 Style 76
  242. What would happen to my scar on my stomach if I were to ever have a baby?
    I have a 7 inch scar down the middle of my stomach from an operation i had 2 years ago, what would happen to it if i were to ever have a baby? after it stretches would it ever shrink back to normal? also if you have any tried and trusted methods for ge...
    4 Health 77
  243. Pimple problems and scars
    hey guys, I have been trapped with this problem. I have got pimple problems and to add salt to the wound, I have broken some of it and it seems to leave a scar which is black in color under the skin. whenever I touch the affected area, it does not seem...
    2 Style 378
  244. How do you apply foundation?
    I'm sooo pissed as you can see. EVERY TIME I apply foundation, my face is both Caked -on or REALLY Flaky ALL Over!! Help! What am I doing Wrong?? My Face colour is Fair. And I apply it with a Q-Tip. =( I can never look pretty enough : ' ( Please,...
    5 Style 25
  245. What are some cruelty-free foundations?
    So since I've been wearing maybelline foundations and absoultly love them...till I found the test on animal by injecting it into there skin and coating them with it. I want to find an animal safe brand of makeup but its hard with my skin tone because I...
    6 Style 18
  246. How do I apply foundation so it covers my skin tone?
    So I love , love & love beauty & style but just today I put on my foundation and I set it with a powder when I got to school and looked in the mirror it looked at though it had fell off from my face , which then showed my actual skin tone with my found...
    3 Style 10
  247. How do get rid of acne scars?
    so I dont have a major problem with acne..just every once in a while i get bad bumps..such as those deep inside bumps..if you've had'd know those bumps are the worst to hurts and you can't get rid of it..gotta let it go by itself......
    2 Style 80
  248. Scar Tissue on belly piercing?
    I got my belly pierced 4-22-08. on the top hole, it is a bit redish purpulish. but you cant really see it if you look at. I know its there because its mine. I read around and I think its called scar tissue, b ut im not exactly sure what that is. can s...
    2 Health 2495
  249. What's the right color foundation for me?
    help im starting back school in a few weeks and need help on deciding what colour foundation and blusher to use I have a really light blonde hair colour and blue eyes and also quite pale skin so please can sum 1 giv me a few tips thanx tara x x x
    3 Style 11
  250. What can I put on a scar to take the redness out?
    I need to find a good lotion, cream or something to take out the redness on the scar on my forehead. It's right inbetween my eye brow and VERY red the size of a penny. PLEAzzz if you know of anything that actualy works to take out the redness, I have o...
    6 Style 58