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  1. Forgot my AOL username
    I forgot my username on aol. how do I get it
    2 Technology 992
  2. How do I change my username???
    How do I change my username???
    2 Funadvice 26
  3. How to change my username?
    How can I change my username?
    4 Funadvice 39
  4. I forgot my password to my phone
    I forgot my password to my phone
    8 Technology 94
  5. Good username or not?
    Is marchbaby a good username?
    3 Technology 52
  6. How to uninstall aol 9.0?
    How to uninstall aol 9.0?
    2 Technology 49
  7. What do i do if i forgot to sign up for the draft?
    9 Politics 140
  8. How to edit funadvice's username?
    2 Funadvice 10
  9. Can I keep my aol email address if I no longer use aol isp?
    Can I keep my aol email address if I no longer use aol isp?
    2 Technology 42
  10. How do I hack AOL?
    hack into someones aol account
    3 Technology 166
  11. Where do I go to change my username screen?
    Where do I go to change my username screen?
    3 Technology 61
  12. Can I add more people on my aol account?
    Can I add more people on my aol account?
    2 Technology 41
  13. Can I tell if a blocked person is on aol?
    Can I tell if a blocked person is on aol?
    2 Technology 23
  14. How do I create a different username for this site?
    How do I create a different username for this site?
    3 Funadvice 19
  15. How to unlock my computer if I forgot the password?
    I unlock my computer if I forgot the password?
    6 Technology 236
  16. How can I reset aol security question?
    How can I reset aol security question?
    2 Technology 45
  17. mandy moore's username
    what was mandy moore's username when she was on funadvice ?
    2 Funadvice 37
  18. How to unblock buddy on buddy list on aol?
    How to unblock buddy on buddy list on aol?
    2 Technology 153
  19. How to open my pc if I forgot password
    How to open my pc if I forgot password
    5 Technology 54
  20. How to contact aol fraud department?
    How to contact aol fraud department?
    2 Money 500
  21. How did you come up with your username
    How did you come up with your username, any special meaning to it?
    24 Funadvice 42
  22. forgot password can't log into windows
    forgot password can't log into windows
    7 Technology 55
  23. Good usernames?
    What are some good usernames that I could use?
    12 Technology 1514
  24. What happens when you forget your username and password?
    4 Funadvice 29
  25. How can you search for a specific username on FunAdvice?
    3 Funadvice 56
  26. How do I recover my AOL screen name?
    11 Technology 290
  27. AOL buddy list
    How do you unblock someone from your AOL buddy list?
    2 Technology 28
  28. I forgot my laptops password
    I forgot the password for my laptop and I dont know what to do What can I do??
    5 Technology 29
  29. username drama ?
    How can I change my profile name/ username ?
    3 Funadvice 45
  30. I set a password for my psp and I forgot it
    3 Gaming 59
  31. How do I find someone on FunAdvice when I only know their username?
    10 Funadvice 24
  32. How do I add an AOL screen name to an account?
    How do I add a new screen name to my AOL account?
    2 Technology 72
  33. Cancel aol mail??
    Is it possible to cancel an aol email account?
    2 Technology 68
  34. Forgot my password, how do I get it back?
    I forgot my myspace password, how do I figure it out
    3 Technology 25
  35. Cute nickname for a username?
    I want your opinion one a cute nickname for a username?
    4 Technology 496
  36. Yahoo help, I forgot my password
    I forgot my password forgot my birthdate how can I get into my account?!?!?!
    6 Technology 32
  37. How do I unlock an XV6700 pocket pc? (I forgot the password)
    2 Technology 28
  38. how do you find ur wifi password, if u forgot it???
    4 Technology 30
  39. How many words can you make out of your username?
    12 Gaming 54
  40. How to get on your computer when you forgot your password?
    3 Technology 67
  41. How did you come up with your username?
    How did you come up with your user name? Some names are very unique & funny.
    25 Funadvice 71
  42. How to get in my iPod if I forgot my code?
    how can I get in my ipod if I for got my password or code
    2 Technology 20
  43. How to change your username on funadvice?
    How do you change your user name on funadvice? Thanks!
    2 Funadvice 29
  44. Have you listened to aol radio?
    hey has anybody ever listened to the aol radio on the internet?
    2 Music 12
  45. My friend forgot her password
    My friend forgot her password and her email address dosent work what does she do
    3 Funadvice 14
  46. awesome usernames?
    I know I answered a question like this, but what do you do to get all the awesome usernames?
    2 Technology 92
  47. What's the best username you've ever seen?
    It doesnt have to be on funadvice
    16 General 1929
  48. How do you make your name show up (when you comment, ect.) instead of your username?
    10 Funadvice 22
  49. How to get on my computer if I forgot the password?
    I forgot the password on to my computer and I dont know how to get on.. any way to do that ?
    5 Technology 160
  50. What's your XBOX username?
    what is yalls x box name ... mine is grumpy
    5 Gaming 33
  51. Want a twitter but I want a really cool username
    Ok so I want a twitter but I want a really cool username..anyone got any suggestions?
    3 Technology 100
  52. forgot password
    My sister gave me a computer she no longer was using and she forgot her password, how can I find the password so I can start using the computer.
    2 Technology 13
  53. Why did you choose your username?
    Why did you choose your username? I have seen many strange ones on here, so if that is you(you know who you are), explain yourself please! :)
    30 Funadvice 28
  54. Username for youtube
    Does anybody have a suggestion for a username for a youtube account? I love horses esspecially bays.
    5 Technology 35
  55. I forgot my password system password and I cant get on what can I
    I need help with my laptop can anyone help me
    9 Technology 55
  56. I need a Minecraft username!
    Any suggestions? Maybe something to do with camo, I don't know lol
    2 Gaming 17
  57. Do new users get to choose their UserName?
    because i noticed alot oftheirs are the same..
    6 Funadvice 12
  58. Why do you say in your profile that "labels are stupid" and that you're "not emo or goth", but your username is "Emogirl95"?
    5 Style 35
  59. What is a good boy username?
    It's hard I can't think of a good boy's username!!! They've just all run out of my head and no one else can think of one!!!
    2 General 96
  60. What if I forgot my iPod code?
    I have a problem I forgot the code on my I[pod because I ;lost it and then I found it so is there a way that I can get through past my ipod?
    3 Technology 34
  61. What is a really cool username?
    I need a really cool username for this art website and I cant think of any got any cool ideas?
    2 Technology 93
  62. Forgot my laptop password
    Okay,so I forgot my password for my laptop and I dont know how to get back on it. Can anybody help???
    2 Technology 28
  63. What do you all think of the new username I chose?
    Wondering, what do you all think of the username I chose? Just wondering. Hope this question doesn't get deleted.
    3 Funadvice 25
  64. I forgot my myspace password and my email password
    I changed my password for my myspace and I dont remember it then I forgot my e-mail password what do I do?
    2 Technology 26
  65. What username can I use, with the word Ladybug in it?
    I'm trying to come up with a good username that has the word Ladybug in it. Ladybug by itself is too short. Can any of you out there, help me come up with a good Ladybug username I can use? Thanks!
    5 General 149
  66. Change or modify my aol. Email address not creating another one?
    How can I modify or change my email aol email address /screen name? I don't want to create another one...
    3 Technology 82
  67. How do I recover or find "My Favorites" on aol if I am using internet explorer to view my account?
    2 Technology 148
  68. Unlock a windows 2000 laptop forgot my pass word
    I need to know if I should trash it or can it be unlocked?
    3 Technology 26
  69. How do I get my password that I forgot
    Someone hacked my myspace and changed my password how do I hack it back so I can change it again please help me...?
    2 Technology 35
  70. How do I get my AOL Favorites back?
    How can I access my "AOL Favorite Places" after deleting AOL and then installing AOL 9.1 ?? All my "Favorite Places" information data are gone !! I am lost !! HELP !!!
    4 Technology 2552
  71. Butterfly Usernames!
    Just a curiosity question! If you wanted to come up with a username that applies to Butterflies, which username would you use? Can you give me some ideas please? Thanks!
    4 Technology 399
  72. What should my new username be?
    my currnet aim username is really boring...I luv cheerleading,fall out boy,and pete wentz<3...what should my username be???
    4 Technology 38
  73. Are we allowed to post the usernames of our other social network accounts on the status update wall?
    can we give our usernames (twitter, etc) on the status update wall? or no?
    5 Funadvice 19
  74. What if I forgot my Yahoo password and the secret question answer?
    what do i do if i forgot my yahoo passwrod AND the answer to the secret question? is there any way to gt into my account? please help!!!
    2 Technology 28
  75. what do I do if I forgot my gamertag?
    I purchased a gold membership, and I remember my e-mail, but I have forgot my gamertag. is there any way to figure out what it is, so I can use my membership
    2 Gaming 56
  76. Forgot my myspace password?
    I changed my password yesterday.I forgot what I changed it to.My email address is not my current email address.Can you please help me.
    4 Technology 25
  77. music band - forgot their name
    there is this music band ~ famous I forgot there name all I know is that it ends in *dish* something like this have you got any ideas ... ??
    3 Music 51
  78. What are some cool emo usernames?
    I need a username 4 imvu please make them emo. And dont let them have the word emo in them. Thankies
    5 General 1869
  79. I need ideas for a username
    I need ideas for a username. I love cats, am brunette and I have blue eyes. Any cute user names you can think of?
    6 Technology 110
  80. How to correct my username?
    hey ya'll I miss spelled my name on my display name and is there any way I can fix it on here
    3 Funadvice 24
  81. Does AOL send email texts, like how Facebook sends alerts saying if someone commented on something?
    2 Technology 37
  82. Why wont my AOL email account let me in?
    it wants me to do this "word things" where you hae to read but i CANT read them
    3 Technology 38
  83. i still love my ex but im very shy to approach him . does he need to know my feelings if he forgot me already?
    7 Relationships 16
  84. I forgot my myspace password
    I forgot my password for myspace and I went to forgot password and then it told me to put my email adress so I did and then it said that it was sent to my email adress but I dont get where to go to look at my email adress
    4 Technology 8
  85. Is there a way to restore AOL Favorite Places?
    I suddenly lost my favorite places file and cannot enter anything new in that file. Can I restore it?
    3 Technology 233
  86. When cashing ur points in do u use ur username to have a checked mailed or do you use your real name when filling out the form?
    38 Funadvice 63
  87. How do I get my favorites tab on aol back
    I am on internet explorer now. when I enter aol my favorites tab does not come up. how do I access my favorites and get the tab back? all of my banking and important searches on on my favorites. do I have to subscribe to aol to access this info?
    2 Technology 245
  88. What is a good username including lime green?
    I want to find a good username for gaia online. I also want the username to be involving lime green. I do not know what to think of. something awesome!
    4 Gaming 110
  89. usernames for youtube :]
    yesh well I need a emo/scene username :] thanx you I dont ummm lable & alll its just 4 you 2 relate :]
    5 Entertainment 182
  90. Username Ideas?
    me and my friends (all of our names are Lyndsey, Lindsay, Kenzie, and Jemia) all are going to share an account on a site, what would be a good idea for our username?
    2 Technology 90
  91. How can I hack my own Myspace since I forgot my password?
    how do I hack my own myspace because I changed my password and forgot. The email address I signed up with for myspace is not my current email address anymore. I really don't want to start my myspace all over again.
    3 Technology 102
  92. Can anyone give me a good username for a site?
    lol i want a new username but i cants really think of one :/ help please!
    6 Technology 30
  93. How can someone connect to XboX live with just a laptop, and a ethernet cable. btw i also have AOL internet service wirelessly?
    2 Gaming 38
  94. Youtube usernames
    Im gonna make a new account on youtube. I need help for usernames?? It doesnt have to have sidney in it. But I prefer somethinq wit my name in it?
    2 Technology 51
  95. forgot the name of this song
    it goes like this: want you body need your body as long as you have me you wont need no body everyone knows the song, anyone know the name? thanks
    2 Music 12
  96. I forgot my security answers on my yahoo?
    I know the first answer but as far as my afvorite team I for got what I put. how can I change my 2 security questions?
    3 Technology 78
  97. What if I forgot my password?
    I forgot my yahoo account password. When I go to sign in, I click on the 'forgot password?' link, then it takes me to where I have to put in my bday. But when I put it in, it says its not the correct one I put in when I first signed up for it. Is ther...
    3 Technology 39
  98. Forgot logon for xp
    Trying to get into my old nb and forgot the password. all I remember was is was 3 uppercase, 3 lower case, 3 munbers and a punctuation. thanks
    2 Technology 21
  99. Why did I see a question being asked under my username???
    okay so I was checking out the questions that I have asked. and I saw something weird. there was a question under politics that I did not ask but it showed that I asked it. it was under my username and it had the picture I had for my profile thing. ho...
    4 Funadvice 14
  100. for twitter, REALLY awesome usernames??
    So everyone is now getting a twiiter and have cool usernames. What are some REALLY awesome usernames?? like I don't know something cool and radom like H2o&vitimn3nC like I don't know can anyone give me some good advice??
    4 Technology 82
  101. Why did you pick the username you currently have?
    Hmm, eve rwonder why everyone picks the username they are using! Hmm, I picked mine cause I liek to be random! SO hwo bout you! ^ LOL that was lame! But for real.
    14 Funadvice 37
  102. how can I get in my windows 2000 if I forgot my password?
    When I knew my password all. I had to do was press enter everytime I did that for about a year. All of a sudden I forget my password when I presses enter one day it wouldn't log me in.
    7 Technology 46
  103. Can the internet use your friend's usernames to send you advertisements?
    This is really messed up if it's true..two times I think a bot messaged me advertising stuff using my friends' names.
    4 Technology 18
  104. Funadvice as a username
    Are there more than one.? Why are there so many.? Can people just change their picture to that robot and put their name as funadvice.? Because I know a guy that hella did that. One day he was theoneyoupunkrockbeezy with a picture and now he's fun advic...
    2 Funadvice 35
  105. Scene/emo usernames
    Yesh well I want a new you tube account soo yesh if you can give meh a non poserish name pllz :] thank u
    14 Technology 27894
  106. I forgot a quote did you know it?
    I've seen those quote I guess you can call it many times but all of a sudden I completely forgotten what it was can anyone help?Its about twilight so haha ya. FANGS OR ??
    2 Literature 19
  107. What if I forgot my schoolwork in class?
    im not dojng so good in science class, now my teacher said that if I dont have this assigment she would be calling home, I was just about to do it but then I noticed that I for got it in the class room what would you do on monday
    3 Education 12
  108. I forgot the password to get on my computer
    I can't remember the password to log on to my computer and it dn't give me the option to press f8 when I turn it on. The only option it give me is to press Delete and I can figure out what to do to get back on my computer someone please help me!!!
    4 Technology 48
  109. What is a good aim username that I can use ?
    - I want a really good aim . That I can only give to friends .. But , I can't think of anything .. I want it to reflect my name .. Connie . Or anything without my name .. I don't care . Just be good and awesome . :) Or just be different .. So , any id...
    2 Technology 40
  110. Good Username Ideas?
    I was thinking about a good username idea, but I've gone blank. I want 2 words, three at the most - something like 'MedicatingPerfection' Something to do with Poetry, songs, deceit, hate, revenge and stuff like that?
    5 Technology 114
  111. Aol & aim
    Why does everytime I sign on aol I never see my buddy list I cant instant message someone???...and if I use internet explorer and go to and try to sign in it says this page can not be displayed...???!!! Help me!!!
    2 Technology 40
  112. forgot my pasword
    When I go to turn my computer on it automatically brings me to a black screen and its asking me for a parword. When I type something nothing shows up and it just saids wrong password. What can I do. Its windows xp
    2 Technology 15
  113. Can I use AIM without using AOL?
    Umm im just wondering can I create an aim on my computer without using aol...well what I mean is whats a great site that lets me im for free no downloads and that I can create an account for free help!!! Give me information!!!1
    2 Technology 70
  114. How do I restore password on my HP touchSmart tm2 if I forgot it?
    I have a HP touchsmart tm2. I forgot my password and cant login. I've tried to shut it down and restore it by pressing f8 but this meathod does NOT work.. how can I restore my password and finally login? p.s take all actions if necessary thanks
    3 Technology 334
  115. I forgot to take my pill
    Basically, I forgot to take my birth control pills for about 2 weeks now. Would it be more safe/ make more sense to just start on my new month of pills? And how long do you think it would take for them to be effective? I've heard a week, a month, three...
    2 Health 37
  116. How do you delete aol instant messenger (your aim history)?
    I have some conversations no1 needs 2 know about.I have cursed out people and stuff(of course I didnt do it for nothing everytime I had a reason).I just need 2 get rid of them please...
    2 Technology 61
  117. How did you come up with your username here in funadvice?
    Just a random question by a bored person about to sleep to bored people out here :-) I kind of got my username from silverchair's song "without you," which is an awesome song by the way. Kind of because I heard it wrong lol. The lyrics are "you brigh...
    10 Funadvice 41
  118. What do I do if I forgot my ipod touches passcode?
    So I reset my passcode and thought it was 1318 and when I typed it in it didnt work I disabled it so many times it says connect to itunes but when I do nothing happans is there anything I can do without erasing everything please help Sonia
    3 Technology 52
  119. What Michael Jackson site username suggestions?
    I am a REAL BIG MJ fan and I wanna join the MJ site but I can't think of a unique and cool username for it.. I don't really want something thats really obvious and used a lot of times - something kind of witty and sweet and Michael Jackson related! Tha...
    2 Music 500
  120. Quick AOL ?
    Hi there, Editor. Question: in AOL, I used to be able to retreive old emails connected (either sent or rec'd) from someone simply by typing their email address in a Search box. I can't even find the Search box anymore. Is this feature from AOL go...
    2 Technology 60
  121. What are some cool emo/punk gaia usernames?
    Okay I know this sounds weird but I’m a very indecisive person. I need a really good Gaia nick name. Really good. Emo or punk please. But not anything with emo or punk in it…..just give me ideas and I’m going to check if they are taken XP XD!! Thanks!
    8 Gaming 2648
  122. How do I get past a forgotten password on window XP "username"?
    I tried safe mode(F8) and then clicking start and then entering userpasswords2 in run box to change password but computer said "no file exists by that name" somebody help a non- techy fix his mom's computer.
    7 Technology 36
  123. AOL Favorite Places lost
    I recently installed AOL 9.0 on my new computer. All seems OK but now I can not find my Favortie Places. When I clicked on the Favorite Places ICON nothing comes up. Although they are present on my Lap Top Computer. When I bring up my Address Box...
    2 Technology 169
  124. What's a good username?
    Alright, I'm trying to pick a username for this other site so help me decide. ;] Even combos of some would be good and if you think of better things, dont hesitate to post. :] Iffy Psychedelic helloKinky (instead of Hello Kitty haha) Temptress Aes...
    3 Technology 123
  125. forgot to take the pill Saturday, Sunday we had sex
    I am on birth control, and this weekend I stayed at my boyfriend's house. he had a party, friday and saturday night, I took my pill on friday. but im not sure if it worked, cause of the alcohol, however I forgot to take it Saturday and Sunday. and we h...
    2 Sex 82
  126. What can I do to make it up to my mom if I forgot Mother's Day?
    So i thought mothers day was Tomorow i thought todays was saturday well anyways my mother now hates my sister and i because she thinks we forgot.My dad had to call me and wake me up and tell me today was mothers day,We made her breakfast but she wont e...
    8 Family 36
  127. Who can help me make a cool scene/emo username?
    I want to make a new username my old one is slowlydying (not for this site) but I just need a new one . one that is scene or emo ish like =] I skate board. im 14. im a girl. my name is zoe. my initials are zen. I cant really describe myself. im differe...
    8 General 121
  128. I forgot to take my BC pill at 6pm, am I okay to just take one now?
    Likewise as the title says. I just started taking this brand called "Beyaz" and it's fine but forgot to take it at 6 tonight and it's over an hour! I just took one once I remembered it, but how should I do this now? Am I safe still until next Wednesday...
    2 Health 41
  129. Have you ever been about to do something...?
    And then completely forgot what it was?
    8 General 9
  130. Changeing user name
    Can you change your username on here??
    2 Funadvice 9
  131. What does this symbol mean?
    What does 3> mean? I forgot.
    6 Technology 63
  132. Psp password?
    I forgot my psp password and I cant remember what it is...does anyone know if I can change it without knowing my password that I forgot?
    2 Gaming 57
  133. I was really stupid and forgot to take my pill please help
    on friday saturday and sunday I didn't take any of my pills because two of the days I was ill and thought that they would be ineffective and because I had been off my usual routine of taking the pill I must have forgot to take it on the sunday. I've be...
    2 Sex 47
  134. Does anyone on this site play neopets?
    What's your username?
    6 Entertainment 31
  135. How do you change your profile here?
    how the heck do you change your profile? cause i forgot:)
    3 Funadvice 12
  136. my mum and dad forgot my birthday
    Ok so today was my birthday, all day everyone was mean to me and they forgot that it was my birthday. I thought that they were all acting and there would be a surprise, so i didnt say anything all day. And they were really mean to me not like other day...
    9 Family 131
  137. How to get my Myspace password?
    heyy my name is ari and I recently changed my password on myspace and forgot it! but the problem is my email to get onto myspace is on aol and I cancelled my account awhile ago :( so I cant click forgot password because I forgot the password to my aol ...
    2 Technology 38
  138. How to get my Yahoo information back?
    What if i forgot my information for yahoo? I need to get that information!
    2 Technology 19
  139. computers who is addictid
    who is addictid to computers (sorry, forgot how to spell it) to the computer??? I am!!! lol
    3 Technology 12
  140. What was the first funadvice question?
    What was the first question ever posted on funadvice? and what was the username!?
    2 Funadvice 13
  141. What is the formula for solving slopes.
    What is the formula for solving slopes? I forgot it and I cant remember it
    4 Education 17
  142. Do people still use
    Just how popular is ''? And who are these people that still use AOL?
    2 Technology 52
  143. How to unblock my computer?
    Forgot my administiator password..
    4 Technology 51
  144. Changing pic
    How do I change my stupid pic I forgot! Help me please!
    2 Funadvice 22
  145. How can I mark my questions anonymous?
    How can I mark my questions annonmus I forgot how 2!
    3 Funadvice 8
  146. Do any of you play runescape?
    Do any of you play runescape if you do give me your usernames and I'll add you
    6 Gaming 57
  147. changing the Email address
    I have an Email address with AOL, but I'm receiving to much junk mail. How can I change to new address but saving the aol mails of the present address? John
    3 Technology 35
  148. how do I start a autobiograph?
    I'm forgot how to start a autobiograph about me can someone help me thank you
    3 Literature 18
  149. How to tounge kiss?
    Its been a while since I've tounged kiss and I forgot how, so any advice or what to do..? Asap.
    6 Relationships 122
  150. adminstration password for nmy computer how do I reset it
    I forgot my adminstration password for nmy computer how do I reset it if I can not login
    3 Technology 44
  151. Myspace, how do you change your display name?
    Ok on myspace right how do you change your display name?? I forgot
    2 Technology 50
  152. Advice how to login in my pc
    Hello I forgot my password to login in to my computer what can I do?
    3 Technology 23
  153. WHo like Brokencyde
    Who likes brokencyde I had a pledge but I forgot it LOL I made it up hmm I have to find it!
    2 Music 16
  154. Why do they call (the person) St Patrick, "St Patrick"?
    I know he has a real name, but I forgot.
    9 General 22
  155. How many cups are in half a gallon?
    I forgot the metric system help!
    3 Science 155
  156. how many fast and furios movies are there?
    I forgot how many fast and furios movies there are and I need your help. so please help me.
    5 Entertainment 19
  157. Life is like a puzzle quote
    Do any one know the quote or any quote that contains "life is like a puzzle..." I forgot it...
    11 Literature 375
  158. Can you rejoin after being kicked off FunAdvice?
    if you get kicked off the site, are you able to get bak on with an other username
    7 Funadvice 19
  159. To Create Email Address
    Which is the best to create an email address in, Hotmail, Gmail, Aol or Yahoo? & why?
    3 Technology 21
  160. How to find what my password is by knowing my email
    I need to know I forgot my password but I got my email and I need to delete
    5 Technology 29
  161. How to get back into my Myspace?
    Okay, I made a myspace page and forgot my password. I would have had it sent to the email I signed up with, but aol had cancelled my email account. Every time I tried to log in, it said that the address did not exist and when I tried to make an aol acc...
    2 Technology 56
  162. Table Tennis!
    What is the name of the film that is about table tennis? I knew but I forgot so if you know please tell me...
    2 Entertainment 6
  163. H0tmaiil passw0rd rec0very
    How can I get my hotmail password if I forgot ma info?
    2 Technology 25
  164. Whats bulimic?
    Whats bulimic is it when you dont eat or something like that I used to know but forgot
    4 Health 51
  165. Why are there so many funadvice accounts?
    Why are there multiple funadvice accounts with the same username 'funadvice'? or is it just one account and different people answer under that same account? and why?
    4 Funadvice 6
  166. Math formula help
    what are the formulas for area and circumference? all of them. its on our 8th grade test! and I forgot them
    4 Education 27
  167. tiny font
    On AOL the font is really tiny like on websites and stuff. How do I make it biiger?
    5 Technology 34
  168. How to delete FunAdvice pages from an old account?
    How do you delet some old funadvice pages that you have created because you forgot your password? HELP ME!!!
    2 Funadvice 19
  169. Why does everyone want to hack Myspace?
    WHY!! oh and also explain about aol and all the other stuff you want to hack. . . . .
    2 Technology 47
  170. Myspace help
    Okay ; so I change my myspace password and I forgot it , so I clicked forgot password blahh all of that , the thing is I dont know the password to the email I signed up with - is there any way at all I can contact myspace or something so I can get my p...
    5 Technology 39
  171. iPod touch help..
    I wanna adds text to my iPod but when I put install a box shows up asking for username and password which one is talking about the only username I have is fir the iTunes thing is it that one
    2 Technology 18
  172. Bash Site
    What is the site that makes jokes about the users? I've been there before but I forgot to bookmark it. Any help?
    2 Technology 76
  173. Ripping and adding on a disc. Please please please help!!!
    I burned some music on a blank disc from media player and I forgot to burn a song. It won't let me do it now. So I was wondering if I could rip all the songs from the cd and burn them again and add the on that I forgot. Thank you so much for your help!
    2 Technology 6
  174. What is the formula for figuring the volume of a cylinder?
    I need to figure out the volume of a cylinder, but I forgot the formula... it's been years since I studied this. :/ Does anyone have the formula?
    6 Education 13
  175. What is that from of meditation called where you do the "UMMMMMMMMMM" stuff?
    i really need to relax, i havent done it in a while, & i forgot what its called -.-
    4 Health 17
  176. What to do if someone hacked onto my AIM account?
    What do I do if someone hacked onto my aol instant messenger screen name?
    4 Technology 72
  177. Do I use straighteners on dry or wet hair?
    Do I use straighteners on wet or dry hair? I forgot and I have lost da instructions!!! Thanx
    9 Style 76
  178. Study and memorize quick.
    Well I forgot about my test. and I need to memorize and study chap. 9 and 10 how can I do this quickly
    6 Education 33
  179. is it true that if you get a nose piercing you can breath through it(if your nose is plugged)?
    woops i forgot to say if you plug your nose can you breath through it :l
    3 General 1254
  180. HAHA would you ever wear these pants??
    Sorry forgot the pic of them last time OOPS... but would you ever wear them?
    8 Style 23
  181. How to delete my imvu account
    Because I forgot my password and I deleted my e-mail I put it under so I have no way to find out how to delete it...
    3 Technology 128
  182. My Yahoo Email account isnt showing any messages
    I forgot my Myspace password, so I filled out the little"Forgot your password" thing and they said they sent me my password. I've been doing that a thousand times and still have not received any message regarding my password. can anyone help?
    5 Technology 21
  183. How can I get my Myspace password back?
    3 Technology 49
  184. AIM trouble
    My AIM keeps telling me I have an Invalid Username or password but I have changed my password and everything. But it still says that it's still invalid.
    2 Technology 113
  185. Unlock ipod
    okay so like a year ago I lost my ipod and I has a lock on it and I just found it and I forgot the password. what do I do??
    2 Technology 27
  186. What does "HMU" mean?
    i asked some one before annd they told me, but i forgot, and i see people saying it all the tiime.
    4 General 82
  187. Am I too young???
    How old do you have to be to get a lip, bridge, or throat piercing anyway??? I totally forgot about that... hmmm...
    9 Style 31
  188. How to crack the volume lock on an iPod Nano?
    Do you know how to crack the volume lock without a password (I forgot mine)? Does anyone know how? It's an IPod nano...
    2 Technology 89
  189. How long does it take for estrogen to be out of your system after you've been taking them for 3 months?
    I would have asked my doc but I forgot
    3 Health 49
  190. what song is this?
    I forgot what song it is?! ugh it goes like woo hooo all over my woo hoo ? do you no this song? who sings it and what is it called? thanks !
    4 Music 16
  191. Can I hack into my boyfriend's Myspace without his email address?
    I want to hack into a Myspace profile but i forgot the email my boyfriend used for Myspace..can i still hack it?
    2 Technology 71
  192. What if this happend aftr sex?
    I had sex with my boyfriend yesterday and he cummed. I just checked and I forgot to take the pill. And I don't know what to do
    3 Sex 28
  193. math help
    what is 2% of 19 this is not homework,I just forgot some algebra answering this would really make my day
    2 Education 16
  194. What are some good sites for music videos?
    what some good sites for music videos? Youtube is blocked-aol got no good ones-yahoo is blocked.
    7 Music 16
  195. What are good reasons to not have your homework done lol?
    I forgot to do my homework twice in a row and I dont know what to say tomarrow
    8 Education 60
  196. Belly piercinggq? Need help.
    What do you clean a belly piercing withh ? I forgot and mines gettin a lil red.
    7 Style 18
  197. email settings
    in aol, when I reply to a message I would like the sender's message to appear in my reply so that I can comment on it directly in my message. All that comes up is an empty box for me to type my reply in. I'm sure there is an email setting that makes ...
    3 Technology 44
  198. How to get my email account back?
    Please help me; someone has hacked in to my email account? I dont know what to do as I forgot my security answer?
    3 Technology 22
  199. What is a good emo/scene nickname for Taylor?
    I want to make a yyoutubee acount but cant think of a username...Help mee?
    4 General 101
  200. How can I get my computer password back?
    okay,so I forgot my password for my computer and I dont know how to get back on it. can anybody help??? please and thanks --samantha
    5 Technology 252
  201. Whats that song called that drake made?
    Whats that song called that drake made? Lol I forgot. It was something about shoes, cars, and clothes...?? Anyone know?
    3 Music 83
  202. How can I change my default email?
    I have spent way too much time on this and I still can't figure out how to make AOL my default email. Help...please :)
    2 Technology 50
  203. Is it possible to overdose on vitamins?
    I took my prenatal vitamin, and forgot, and took another one about 4 hours later.. Is this bad?
    13 Health 38
  204. Whats it called when like do stuff with a family member?
    Whats it called when like do stuff with a family member?I hecka forgot and my friend wont stop asking lol.
    9 Family 110
  205. Do you guys think the 9/11 attacks will be talked about tomorrow on television?
    I wonder that, I forgot if they have the past few years, but do you think they will this year? Especially the army?
    7 General 18
  206. Bible verse?
    What's that verse in the bible abou gettin tats an piercings? I heard it before I just forgot the verse...And can anybody kinda like explain it to me? What's your view on this?
    8 Religion 53
  207. All Messengers in One?
    Is there an Online Service where I can upload all my Instant messenger contacts (Yahoo, MSn, AOL, etc) in one place? Thanks!!!
    3 Technology 9
  208. Who has read the outsiders or saw the movie?
    I'm doing this report on the outsiders and I left my book at school anyway what are the greasers names I forgot
    3 Literature 14
  209. What are some cute & unique screen names ?
    Like for aim or aol ? I want cute & unique one like the one I have now is biitch iim meh x
    3 General 54
  210. Do you have to be smart in order to go to college?
    my cousin is 30 and he forgot 6th grade math he wants to go back to college but afraid..
    15 Education 38
  211. which banks does not charge monthly fees?
    i am tired of paying 10 dollars for each account. I pay 10 for a saving account and 10 for forgot the other one. Both debit cards.
    3 Money 51
  212. Which ISP is best?
    I am thinking of switching I.S.P. providers do to cost.What is the difference between the services of AOl compaired to Earthlink or Net Zero?
    2 Technology 21
  213. music website
    whats that one website that you type in an artist and it plays a bunch of songs of that same genre. I used to use it but forgot what it was called... help
    2 Music 10
  214. The Sixth Sense
    In that movie, what was the significance of the color red? My mom told me that there was some kind of significance for the color red in the movie and she forgot what it was and I really want to know. Lol.
    3 Entertainment 30
  215. Which is better, plus size or small size?
    I am sorry If I hurt anyone's feelings. Wich is better? Being Plus Size Or Being A Small Size (I Forgot what it's called) I Find Plus sizes really bueatiful =]!
    8 Style 51
  216. missed pills
    I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend Thursday night and forgot to take my pill that night and couple of days after? is there a chance I could be pregnant?
    2 Sex 91
  217. how to shut somebody out.
    im in love with a girl and I cant stand it no more. everytime I think about her I feel depressed. I need to forgot... how can I shut her out of my head?
    2 Relationships 50
  218. Where can I buy gift cards; the kind that you can use anywhere?
    I need a gift card but i want the ones that you can use anywhere not just at one certain store, i forgot what those giftcards are called.
    4 Shopping 48
  219. How can I hack into my a social site?
    how do I hack my own a social site because I changed my password and forgot. The email address I signed up with for a social site is not my current email address anymore. I really don't want to start my a social site all over again.
    2 Technology 17
  220. Does it cost to AIM with Verizon even though I have unlimited txt?
    will I get charged if I txt back to an AIM even with unlimited txting?? all I see is Tmobil & AOL.
    3 Technology 43
  221. Do bigger earthquakes kill more people?
    i have tons of homework and its school tmz =( i forgot bout it all sombody help meeeee :P
    6 Education 18
  222. Trust or Not?
    I found out my husband has a profile on lava life (the dateing website) He said that he made it when I broke up with him and then he forgot about it when I took him back. Should I believe him?
    4 Relationships 28
  223. When you get married where do you go and what do you have to do to change your name?
    Me and Chris got married yesterday afternoon finally, but i forgot to ask the notary how to legally change my name to take his.
    10 General 29
  224. How do you tie those wrap-around dresses?
    you know, the ones that are just a piece of cloth. i know there are dif ways to tie them but i forgot how. please help asap!
    2 Style 14
  225. Is hacking really illegal?
    is hacking really illegal? wut could possibly happen ? if you try to go to hacking site wut would happen? so you cant hack into myspace otherwise aol ?
    3 Technology 69
  226. Can the pregnancy test show if I am pregnant after only 1 or 2 days?
    i slept with my boyfriend and didn't use the pills my doctor prescribed ..i forgot for for 2 days?
    4 Health 32
  227. How do I delete my past questions?
    I know I asked one time but I forgot can someone please give me the adress or something on how to delete my questions so no one can see them? thanks
    2 Funadvice 66
  228. What is a good website for dupplicating gold for gaia!
    What is a good website for getting a duplicator please send it to! please give me a website to download one not one that you have to send in a username and password!
    3 Technology 34
  229. why do you get points on this?
    ive hade it for a while but a forgot my password. so i justgot new one and would like to know what the point thigs are?? and what are they for?? what can you doooo with them??? thankyou!!
    12 Funadvice 16
  230. Really funny jokes?
    I'm so bored...I'm stuck doing 3 courseworks and its 1:56am =_=" I forgot all about them and they have to be in for tommorow :( So does anyone know any really funny jokes to cheer me up : )
    18 General 48
  231. Stuck between da past 'n' da present
    I used 2 like dis boy but I didn't know if he liked me and I forgot all about him but now he likes me but I have a boyfriend and I like dem both what do I do?
    2 Relationships 10
  232. What genre is it called when they sing heavy then back to a melody?
    Well, rock of coarse, I just don't know which type because I forgot. I'm totally blanking.
    2 Music 15
  233. Making a cartoon of yourself
    What are the names for the websites where you can make an animation of yourself?...its kind of like an avatar but a little different...I forgot the website I used and want to remember..
    4 Technology 137
  234. Am I pregnant after forgetting my pill?
    Yesterday i forgot to take my pill as we went out and i didnt take them with me and then my bf and i got a bit drunk and had sex without a condom! Am i now pregnant?
    2 Sex 114
  235. Amnesia
    People with amnesia, the ones who only lose their memory for a week or so or whatever. Do they remember that week they forgot? Do they regain their memory slowly? Do they know how to type? or eat? do they know how to walk?
    7 Health 39
  236. Will Avon take a check to get started with them?
    does anyone know if you can write a check to get started with Avon, I forgot to ask the lady and it is 10 dollars but I dunno if it has to be cash or not
    3 Money 26
  237. Damn periods
    So, I just got my period this morning and how long does it usally take before its gone away? I like tottally forgot. And is there anyway you can get it to go away? Haha
    3 Health 22
  238. songs on...
    what are some songs on.. I forgot what to call it but their songs that mean im there with you or the worlds still not perfect.. ill name a couple to make more sense runaway love where is the love
    2 Music 23
  239. Hairdresser or at one of those beauty saloons to dye eyebrows?
    Ok,so I already got my answer concerning dying my brows,but the one thing I forgot to ask is where do they do it? Is it at the hairdresser or at one of those beauty saloons?
    2 Style 18
  240. Someone Hacked My Imvu Account
    How do I recieve my imvu account back? My username was Inulover12 and I guess my password was real easy whe nsomeone hacked it! Please help me :'(
    4 Technology 1524
  241. How do I unlock my padlock ?
    I bought my padlock for school and i took off the combination on the back . Then i forgot the combination and i lost the paper with the combination it . im trying to remember it but nothing's working = / Have a any ideas ?
    2 General 13
  242. Where can we go sledding?
    I went sledding last year for christmas but I forgot where does anyone know any places (preferbly on the southside)(but it dosent have to be there) I plan on having a great time again
    2 General 50
  243. What are the layers that sediments form in rocks?
    Scienc-y question for ya'll. My mind blanked and I forgot what they're called :P
    3 Science 18
  244. Did Justin Timberlake quit his music career?
    always been a fan of him, but lately it seems like he focused on movies and forgot about his music, its a shame he has a nice voice
    3 Music 33
  245. Get my waffles buttered?
    Would chocolate chip waffles taste good with only butter? It soesn't seem like they would, but my father forgot to get syrup, AGAIN! And I realyy want those waffles!!! :'[
    3 Food 7
  246. Is there any way to view your AIM conversation history?
    Any place I can go to, login my AIM (AOL INSTANT MESSENGER) account and look up all the conversations I've ever had with people???
    7 Technology 4776
  247. Can you get a reprint of your a.ssessment test scores?
    I forgot where I placed my test score papers and I need it in order to contact my councelor for classes in Spring. Is it possible that I can get a reprint on campus?
    3 Education 15
  248. When would it be okay to take to take the BCP that I missed?
    I missed a Birth Control Pill last night. I take them at nine every night. Last night I crashed and totally forgot. Would it be okay to take both of them tonight at nine?
    5 Health 59
  249. How can I repair my mp3 player after I washed it?
    Ok well I forgot to check my pockets before I did laundry and I accidently washed my mp3 and then it went through the dryer is there some way I can fix it or am I just out of luck?
    4 Technology 56
  250. What is the brand of this shirt?
    Or where can I find it. I totally forgot what its called but the shirt have a picture of 2 people's legs (and shoes specifically). the girl is on heels and the guys in a pair of jays.
    2 Shopping 15