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  1. what is a group of turkeys called
    what is a group of turkeys called
    6 Pets 115
  2. What are a bunch of turkeys called?
    what are a bunch of turkeys called?
    2 Pets 343
  3. Why do we eat Turkey for Thanksgiving?
    4 Food 51
  4. Which is healthier for you - chicken or turkey?
    6 Nutritionfitness 20
  5. how long is a frozen turkey good for?
    6 Food 43
  6. How long do you defrost a turkey before bakeing it?
    5 Food 43
  7. what something you can make with turkey burgers?
    What is something you can make with turkey burgers BESIDES turkey burgers.
    2 Food 24
  8. About turkey
    How many days is cooked turkey good for?
    4 Food 46
  9. What is the best wine to drink with a turkey?
    What is the best wine to drink with a turkey dinner?
    2 Food 46
  10. what is some good seasonings to put on turkey burgers?
    4 Food 30
  11. How do you barbeque a turkey?
    How do you barbeque a turkey? Is it possible to cook a whole turkey on the grill? Will it cook through? How do I season it?
    3 Homegarden 28
  12. Which is better for a diet - white chicken meat or white turkey meat?
    3 Nutritionfitness 33
  13. What is a good alternative for the holidays if you don't like ham and turkey?
    17 Food 59
  14. What kind of meat do you like best on a turkey?
    What kind of meat do you like best on a Turkey? White, or dark?
    6 Food 21
  15. How long to cook a turkey?
    How long do you cook a turkey for? It's based on weight, but how long per pound?
    2 Food 59
  16. What is a group of turkeys called?
    What is a group of turkeys called? Every animal type seems to have a name for the group, so what's a group of turkeys called?
    13 Pets 5613
  17. Why are beef, chicken, turkey, and fish the most common meats and others not?
    3 Food 15
  18. is chicken and turkey meat hard to digest like red meat is?
    2 Health 113
  19. Is turkey fattening?
    does turkey make you thick , because im very skinny and want to get a liittle thick atleast ...
    3 Food 385
  20. How long roughly does it take to fly form virginia (US) to turkey?
    How long roughly does it take to fly a jet plane from Virginia (US) to Turkey?
    2 Travel 115
  21. Is it really dangerous to deep fry a turkey?
    Is it really dangerous to deep fry a turkey? I've heard stories about people burning down their houses because they were trying to deep fry a turkey. Why is that?
    5 Food 144
  22. Turkeys
    I have chickens about 12 and we just had chicks but I want to convince my dad to get a turkey and he says that we have to many chickens and I wont kill any chickens so I don't know how to convince him any advice?
    3 Pets 45
  23. Getting pregnant with a turkey baster
    I am due for my period in 4 days and I used a turkey baster to self insaminate myself could I fall preg
    4 Health 88
  24. How do I deep fry a turkey?
    How do I go about deep frying a turkey? I want to try it this year so I have to know everything about it to convince the family back home to let me do it. Are you a Turkey Fry Cook expert? I really need the Emeril of Fry Cooks here.
    2 Food 63
  25. Do you think that the current eruptions of volcanoes in Turkey and Japan are a sign of worse things to come?
    13 Environment 12
  26. Serving size for turkeys
    If it says 3.2ozs for the serving size and the total slices are 31 equal slices does anyone know how many slices to get to the serving size of 3.2ozs??? Please help :)
    2 Food 12
  27. FunAdvice Featured Recipe: Turkey Macaroni Salad
    Start the new year right by using up some of that leftover holiday turkey in this light, delicious pasta salad.
    5 Funadvice 18
  28. How do you quit Hydromorph cold turkey?
    I got cut off of methadone. So i need some help as to how im supposed to go about quitting. Ive been injecting 16mg about 5-8 times a day.
    6 Health 70
  29. what is the best tasting way to cook turkey legs?
    so im having turkey leg (drumsticks) whatever youw ant to call it..tonight..and im not sure how to cook them.i've heard of deep frying and regular frying..which way is best?..bake, fry or deep fry?
    2 Food 36
  30. Can I keep a frozen turkey in my garage until Christmas?
    (There are some great sales on turkeys right now and I need one for Christmas dinner but i don't have a big freezer. Can I keep it in the garage in a cooler or something till Christmas? The weather channel is calling for temperatures around freezing an...
    7 Food 27
  31. What are some quick and simple lunches with ground turkey to bring to school?
    I'm trying to find something that would not be completely ruined being packed in a box then microwaved (some stuff just tastes absolutely horrid left in a box then microwaved). I'm out of ideas with what to do with my left over extra-lean ground turkey.
    4 Food 10
  32. What is it like to live in Turkey?
    I just got back from a holiday there and it was immense. The entertainers at the hotel I stayed at seem to really love their jobs and they come from all over - like one of them was originally from Swansea and another from Scotland. I just wondered if a...
    7 Travel 124
  33. Is it possible to renew a tourist visa for Turkey from within the country itself?
    I was wondering if i'd have to leave the country and return to get a new visa or if it's possible to just renew it from within. I have one set to expire in early July but I'll be there longer and yeah, sorry I'm confused. Any help much appreciated :)
    7 Travel 14
  34. What is the story behind Thanksgiving Day?
    3 General 17
  35. What's a group of ducks called?
    What's a group of ducks called? Is it a flock or something else?
    2 Pets 137
  36. Help with diet ~ is this healthy/
    So is this a good diet? Only having: Water Nuts Turkey sausage or turkey bacon for breakfast. Sald Carrots Celery
    4 Health 21
  37. what do you think turkish people?
    I am turkish and I wondering what you know turkish people. and have you been ever in turkey?
    2 General 12
  38. freezing questions
    How long can a turkey stay frozen before cooking it?
    3 Food 16
  39. What was the best thing you've eaten today?
    Pie, Turkey, Stuffing...ect.?
    35 Food 23
  40. What are some popular winter foods?
    What are some popular winter foods? I know turkey is one of them. Anything else? This is just a random question.
    8 Food 15
  41. Is grece a democratic country?
    Is grece a democratic country and is turkey democratic as well? I have a hard assignment and I need to know please hurry!!!
    3 Politics 49
  42. FunAdvice Trivia: What are groups of starfish called?
    A) Mollusks B) Flocks C) Polverents D) Echinoderms
    13 Funadvice 126
  43. What Thanksgiving/Christmas feast food is your favourite?
    (Ie. stuffing, whipped potatoes, cranberries, turkey, ham etc.)
    11 Food 16
  44. What's for dinner tonight?
    Usually Christmas dinner we make restaurant reservations but this year it's only my parents and I so we are just having something at home. We are having both ham and turkey because I don't like turkey and that's what they wanted, so we're having both. ...
    4 Food 23
  45. Clothes worn in Anatolia in the 1500s
    I need some help. In the 1500s,what clothes did people wear in Anatolia,Turkey?I cant find it anywhere.Thanx.
    2 Style 50
  46. Which internet browser is faster?
    I need to know because next week I am switcing from Internet Explorer,which is faster between Mozzila Firefox or Flock?
    4 Technology 12
  47. What household products can I mix together for a sleep aid to help me feel sleepy?
    I Dont Have Milk Or Honey Or Turkey
    24 Health 60
  48. Lunch and dinner
    if your had roast turkey, 1/2 cup of rice, and steamed vegies including pumpkin for lunch what would your recommend to have for dinner
    4 Nutritionfitness 17
  49. Why do birds have reunions?
    I was on my way home today when a flock of about 2000 snow geese landed in a dead cornfield. Why do birds have reunions? Are they even reunions?
    6 Pets 20
  50. safe to eat?
    are packaged foods that are cooked or smoked good to eat without being reheated in any way? like smoked salmon and cooked slices of turkey meats and etc...
    2 Food 18
  51. FunAdvice Christmas Countdown (9 days) - December 16th, 2011
    We're now in our final days before Christmas and it's time to start organizing those Christmas dinner recipes. Here are some delicious traditional holiday feast recipes for you to try: The best roast turkey for Christmas (or any time) - Jamie Oliver...
    3 Funadvice 17
  52. pregnant trying to quit smokeing?
    I'm trying to get pregnant but i need to stop smokeing first does anyone know how i can stop smokeing with out patches and pills Because i tryed cold turkey but thats just really hard Thanks
    3 Health 7
  53. Can jalapeno cause ulcers?
    I love to eat raw jalapenos wrapped with turkey and cheese, and a friend told me that doing this could cause ulcers. I have not really been able to find anything to support this, and do not think this is true. Am I right?
    7 Nutritionfitness 329
  54. Is it a crazy dream to want to live a self-sufficient lifestyle when I am older?
    Grow most of my own fruits, vegetables and other food. Raise chickens and turkeys for eggs and meat. When I am older I really just want to live in the country like that
    7 General 21
  55. How to stop cutting if nothing works?
    im down in the dumps right now and need some advice im 14 and I kneed to stop cuting im adicted can anyone help me I've tried the rubberband thing and cold turkey but nutin workes
    4 Health 31
  56. Did I eat too much today?
    this is what I ate today... 2 peices of toast w/ butter and jelly Stew with veggies and beef. a choclate chip cookie A HUGE PEICE of cake turkey Sandwich. ___ I eat to much Dont you agree?.
    6 Nutritionfitness 73
  57. How to do rasta wool dread atebas?
    hey does anyone knows what an ateba is? its like a wool dread, you kinda spin the wool all around one flock of hair and its really nice I think.. but I cant do them, help somebody thxx
    2 Style 144
  58. How can you make some good taco seasoning?
    I really want to cook something and I only happen to have ground turkey, so i thought tacos ! But I would like to make some type of yummy seasoning so it isn't just plain taco meat. I have almost all the usual spices and most cooking herbs.
    2 Food 15
  59. Where were all the genocides?
    I am doing a progect, and I am decorating a box with all the flags of each country that a genocide had occured in. Could domeone name all the countires. I have all of these. Rwanda, in turkey the Armenian Genocide happened, Yugoslavia, Nazi Germany, Gu...
    3 Politics 26
  60. chickens and apricots
    Does it harm chickens to eat apricots? I have heard that it can shut down the egg production. However, ours are just now starting to lay, they were born in March and have just barely started laying maybe 1-2 eggs a day, which is unusual with a flock of...
    2 Pets 233
  61. How can I quit smoking cigarettes?
    Me and my mom are quitting in a week after my finals and the last few times I tried, I lost my mind. I always tried the cold turkey method but im starting to think that maybe the gum or something would be better. Hmph.
    12 Health 71
  62. what does this mean??? guys answer please
    what does it mean when a guy "cums"??? some1 help me out please, cause like I soooooooo don't know!!! plus, im just going to write random things, so I have 64 characters, so my questiuon can be submited. Gobble Gobble, its turkey season Gobble Gobble
    3 Relationships 69
  63. How do you make your jalapeno poppers?
    I just tried a new method, instead of using cream cheese, I stuffed them with string cheese, and then wrapped them with turkey bacon. I cooked them till the cheese was melted inside, and they where great. Anyone else do anything different?
    14 Food 52
  64. I like girl,but she doesn't believe in Jesus Christ
    NOTE:This is not about me but about a friend of mine's.He is 15 years old and she likes a girl who is 15 years old too(they were in the same class at school)He likes this girl and she likes him(she has hugged him twice,kissed him once etc).But there is...
    11 Religion 37
  65. What am I? Just a choosy eater?
    For a while I was told I was an ovo-lacto vegan but for 7 years now, I only eat turkey,fish,and chicken meat types and dairy products so from what I've read that term doesn't apply to me because ovo-lacto's don't eat meat at all but will allow dairy in...
    2 Food 42
  66. Best wine for a Christmas dinner!
    I am having Christmas dinner at my houes this year and a lot of my family members like wine with their meal so what is the best wine to serve with a turkey dinner? We usually have the typical mashed potatos, stuffing, cranberry, veggies, and some kind ...
    2 Food 13
  67. How do you breed/raise chickens for eggs (read more)?
    How do i clean chicken eggs for eating? How many eggs does a chicken produce per day? How do i get white chicken eggs? How do i get brown chicken eggs? How many chickens per male when i'd like chicks in the spring? Can i keep chickens, ducks, and ...
    5 Pets 40
  68. What is a way to resist sweets and sugar and junk
    Hello all! Off season volleyball tryouts are next week and I am trying really hard to resist sweets this week so that it doesn't slow me down. But how can I do that? There is a ton of pie and cakes and brownies in my house from turkey day haha any help...
    3 Food 44
  69. What should I do eat or stop?
    Hi happy thankgiving ok here the problem I'm on a diet my kind of diet I eat whateva that don't fill me up and healthy today I ate oatmeal for breakfast to packs because 1 is like feedin a newborn and 2 packs like feeding a 3 yr lol so I ain't the 1 fr...
    2 Nutritionfitness 15
  70. quit smoking help
    I have smoked cigarettes for 16 years. (since I was 9) I want to quit but I cant do cold turkey. I have also tried hard candy but that didnt work. I dont want to use the patch or the gum. I want to try to quit in a natural way. can anyone give me advice?
    3 Health 36
  71. Why am I throwing up when I'm not sick?
    I woke up this morning, and the first thing i did was go to the washroom dry heaving. Then I want to put the turkey into the oven, while doing this i dry heaved 2 more times (I figured weak stomach with raw turkey). When it was in, I got into the showe...
    9 Health 37
  72. How can I cheer my brother up?
    He's been on holiday for 2 weeks to Turkey without any family and he was really homesick. The carnival where I live was on not too long ago, whilst my brother was on holiday and I saw his girlfriend holding another boy's hand. When my brother got home,...
    13 Family 15
  73. How to quit cursing so much?
    I curse way too much, I'd like to quit all together, but my whole family used to cuss like sailors, so now I do too. I 'm always swearing, and I hate it. I've tried to just quit cold turkey but I swear without even realizing it. Someone please help me ...
    8 General 95
  74. Has anyone tried Visatril, Geoden, or Prozac?
    I was taken off of my other meds cold turkey a month ago (Seroquel & Lexapro) and today they just gave me these 3 new meds. I gained about 14 pounds while on Seroquel and Lexapro and I haven't been able to lose it and now I'm absolutely terrified some ...
    3 Health 31
  75. How unhealthy is it to feed a small dog human food/table scraps?
    Would it be okay to feed my dog some food off of my plate, so long as it is no more than half a cup of food, and she exercises daily? I want to give her some turkey and gravy with some green beans or something for Thanksgiving. :D I just don't wa...
    6 Pets 43
  76. how to stop breastfeeding a 4 week old?
    I need some advice on how to stop breastfeeding a 4 week old. Do I have to wean or can I just go cold turkey. I have had a really hard time with the latching etc. and she eats so much after I breastfeed her I still have to make a bottle. Please d...
    6 Babies 92
  77. What's in all of Subway's subs?
    i got a job at subway and im having troubles memorizing what meats go in what subs and have decided to make a study guide to help me learn =) i know this might be stupid but can someone name all the types of subways subs and what meats go in them like ...
    3 Food 39
  78. What did you do on your 18th bday?
    My 18th bday is two best frnds are is in turkey and the other one has her sisters surgery!!! so they both cant be with me bt all my other frnds can tho and my granpa also died recently, so I can\t have a party! Does someone have any...
    5 General 48
  79. How can I stop smoking?
    I need to quit smoking baaadly. I tried before but I had the worst anxiety for days and I went right back. I wana stop especially for my daughter and the rest of my family. I tried cold turkey but I obv need sumthin 2 ease me off this addiction. when...
    2 Health 21
  80. How I will choose?
    I have problem with my family I love a guy in different religion I am muslim and they want to force me to marry another guy that I even do not know him and my boyfriend saying to runaway with him I dunno what I have to do can someone help me do you thi...
    3 Relationships 23
  81. sick chicken?
    There is something wrong with my hen. Her comb is very pale pink and small when it used to be big and red. She walks slow and does everything slow. Couple of months ago, all her feathers kept falling off- but that is ok now. I also have 2 other hen...
    3 Pets 57
  82. Eating time
    I've only just begun to count calories, so im still iffy on this stuff Today: Oatmeal 150 Healthy choice 310 Healthy choice 270 Turkey wrap 300 (estimating -- the wrap was 100, and im guess 200 for the turkey) Apple 80 2 yogurt 160 Ran 2.5-3 m...
    6 Nutritionfitness 12
  83. Semi-vegetarian
    Hi I get comments all the time about my diet choice - im semi veggy I dont eat red meat, I eat fish, chicken, duck and turkey It would make me puke if a cow or a pig, anything like that was placed on my table on a plate yuk And thats my choice B...
    5 Food 38
  84. What is a good but moderately cheap main course meal to serve a group of 15-20 people?
    (We are hosting a Celebration in a couple of weeks and I just can't decide what to make for the main course. Usually we make a turkey or pot roast, but I wanted to do something different this time. We cannot do pork as my husband is deathly allergic an...
    15 Food 62
  85. do all muslims hate England?
    I dont want to believe it because I have a friend who is muslim and loves england (lives in turkey) but even he admits a lot of muslims hate the uk. what did we do for them to hate us so much? Please dont say war, bacause that is the obvious answer, im...
    12 Religion 80
  86. How to survive being vegetarian on Thanksgiving?
    My family is a meat eating family. My uncle and grandpa even hunt. But, I don't like meat. At Thanksgiving two or three years ago, I decided to stop eating meat because I found the turkey so unappetizing. I tend to stick to mashed potatoes and stuf...
    4 Food 39
  87. What extremely difficult life situation have you overcome and how did you do it?
    Mine: Being a drug addict (meth, coke, xtc, acid, shrooms, pain pills) for 6 years, using every day over that period of time. I overcame my addictions when I became pregnant with my son. I turned my life around because it no longer revolved arou...
    10 General 11
  88. How can I hide my baby bump?
    hay im lizzie emily-louise I am 3 months gone and need some advice. in the 6weeks I got raped in turkey and in the event I got pregnant I have never been a fan of abortions but dont wanna tell ma mom and da because they will screw so how can I hide my ...
    8 General 47
  89. How do you lose a a lot of weight in 2 months.
    Im 16 and 195 pounds. I m going on this trip at the end of july and want to know how to lose the most weight the quickest. I work at a summer camp for 8 hours in the hot sun and all we do is sports. I drink like 6 bottles of water during camp. I work o...
    4 Nutritionfitness 124
  90. What is the strangest food you have eaten?
    What's traditional in your country may be a strange delicacy for another! What might seem revolting to you, might be a common food for another! What is the weirdest, strangest food you have tried? Like deep-fried turkey testicles or wriggling octopus t...
    15 Relationships 65
  91. Why do people bother to question leaders?
    *ahem* well mary thats a fine question... allow me to answer... because you are expected to step aside and join in the american stupor... pretty un-american actually... they throw all kinds of entertainments at us instead of keeping music and culture ...
    5 Politics 19
  92. What should I do with my ex-boyfriend?
    It's been only 1 week since we broke up. Well, I have to admit, I'm still in love with him. Just can't get him out of my mind. But there is a big problem: I'm from Turkey and he is from Mexico, he will be going end of March... That's why I decided to l...
    2 Relationships 30
  93. Smoking while pregnant
    DONT GIVE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK PLEASE> I found out 3 days ago that I am pregnant, probably about 4 weeks or so and I quit smoking that day. Well since then I've been feeling really stressed and crying because not having a cigarette is bothering me, my fri...
    9 Health 52
  94. Am I a vegetarian, if so what kind?
    Well... last night I was eating dinner and I had come to realize that I was forcing myself to eat the piece of chicken that I had on my plate!! Actually the smell of the chicken was getting me kind of sick! I noticed that if it’s not all fancied up lik...
    10 Health 75
  95. Living in a weird world, I dont know what's happening
    Well, since I was 9 that's when I first felt it, when one of my friend's parents took a picture of a turkey, everything was just weird maby because of the flash or something. I thought it was a one day thing, but now I have it again. Since like last y...
    3 Science 19
  96. funnyyyy jokeeeeeee
    Its thanksgiving day. A man calls his wife a b*tch and the wife calls her husband a bas* the little boy goes up to his mom and says whats a b*tch and a b*stard? His mom says a b*tch is a lady and a b*astard is a gentlemen. The little boy goes o...
    8 Relationships 46
  97. Will drinking just on fridays and saturdays make me gain weight?
    I'm a freshman. Im nervous about the freshman 15. I have a really healthy diet sundays-thursdays. I have a small bowl of cereal for breakfast, a salad (no dressing) with a turkey sandwich (on wheat bread) for lunch. And for dinner ill have what ever th...
    2 Nutritionfitness 24
  98. Am I eating healthy enough?
    On a regular week day: Breakfast: bowl of raisin bran crunch with skim milk Lunch: turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with one slice of provolone cheese Dinner: baked chicken with either broccoli and a potato or plain yams with dressing S...
    9 Food 59
  99. What is a good way to get my mind off the Ciggarettes?
    Well, I started smoking heavily about 6 months ago. I smoke Dunhill Red and Winfield Blue I've been offered to start trainning for soccer professionally & I need to quit the Ciggarettes. I tried the patch and it was bullshizzle cause everytime...
    4 Health 23
  100. How to make Italian Shepherds pie
    cut turkey meat into cubes,then cut any kind of veggie you want your kids to eat ,,then put it in pan fry it in some o o*OLive oil* then put some tomato paste after its done, boil pasta and make cheese sauce cheese sauce flour, milk goda cheese parems...
    2 Food 40
  101. 6 small meals a day diet??
    ok im 5'9 and I weigh 195 lbs. I've decided to try the 6 small meals a day diet for a little while to see what kind of results I get. heres my question. does high sodium effect the diet. I went grocery shopping and bought a bunch of bananas for breakfa...
    3 Health 35
  102. When on a diet is this a bad meal plan?
    Weight:120 Height:5'3 Age:14 I do something similar to this everyday and was wondering if I needed to cut back more: Breakfast: light yogurt (8o calories) Lunch: water and a cheerios cereal bar: (150 cals) Snack: low fat cottage cheese(60...
    2 Nutritionfitness 19
  103. Lamb or Tiger?
    I've been closely observing Christian behavior, noting it, & such. I've noticed something. They claim to be "Lamb of Gods" & yet they show more traits of being the "tiger" in which they claim feed upon them. Though their "message" is centralized, notic...
    9 Religion 27
  104. How do you become a saint?
    Has the definition of 'saint' changed in recent times? The Pope beatified Cardinal Newman last week, on behalf of his flock and according to a written process. Millions have expressed similar or possibly greater ongoing emotional response regarding the...
    5 Religion 11
  105. Complaining about weight
    Why do people complain so much about their weight and go on all of these crazy eat whatever you want diets, and diet pills when all they have to do is eat right? I mean if you drink milk and juice and avoid things like coffee, frapachino's, latte's, s...
    5 Nutritionfitness 53
  106. still 30-40 lbs higher than I am used to being, why?
    Hello, I am a recovering heroin addict. When I quit cold turkey, I put on 30 lbs in 2 months because my energy levels were so low and I ate to comfort my aching body. When I finally started to feel normal again, I got pregnant. I had my baby in feb. An...
    4 Nutritionfitness 28
  107. how do i get rid of this nervous stomach?
    Okay so I got back from my holidays in Turkey on Thursday but on the night I arrived there I started having a really nervous feeling, my stomach was doing flips and I couldn't eat. This continued throughout my holiday and at some points I was gagging o...
    4 Health 154
  108. I need help...I need change...
    im a non stop partier and I want to quit I haVe never stayed home a weekend in my life all alcohol has every done for me is make things worse(I cannot begin to tell you the bad things that I have done and that has happened...cutting,attempting suicide,...
    2 Relationships 7
  109. I just can't seem to get over it.
    Something happened to me about 4 months ago. I was in turkey, and this man that my parents new for a long time offered to take me on his motorbike around the town. I'd always wanted to go on a motorbike so I was like dead excited and said yeah. He woul...
    3 General 26
  110. Health, Friends, and Internet Addiction?
    All these problems are sort of connected to each other... First of all I live in the Northern part of USA so from October to February it's WAY too cold to do any outdoor activities. I'm stuck inside for half the year and that's when I get hardly any e...
    2 Health 22
  111. Serj tankian v.s scars on broadway
    Serj tankian v.s scars on broadway Well which do you think is better? Personally I love both but... Ill have to go with s.o.b (lol...s.o.b...) on this one Not to mention I will pt them at the top of my list for 2008 releases One of the best ...
    4 Music 46
  112. How many carbs should take in a day?
    Alright, so I'm not really a vegetarian but I'm cracked out on vegetables, I eat salads all the time and am not really a fan of dressing so usually I eat them plain (yeah I know I'm weird). I don't really eat much bread but I do eat sliced deli meat li...
    6 Nutritionfitness 43
  113. How do you like my Song?
    what do you do? where do you turn you are left so alone that all your feelings can do is burn you feel abandoned you cant even talk stuck in an empty room like a seagull who has lost his flock you are so close to the edge, all you can do is hate kill...
    4 Music 4
  114. How are you supposed to take care of a hamster?
    I getting a hamster in about 3 weeks and I know Main things of how to take care of a hamster. But it's been like 4 years snice i've had one. So I want to make sure I haven't forgot anything. Im gonna go to and write down everything I need...
    14 Pets 48
  115. Random survey because im bored. =D
    Red rose or white? Salt or pepper? Pink or blue? Hamburgers or hotdogs? Summer or winter? Crunchy or creamy peanut butter? White or dark chocolate? Night or day? Soft candy or hard candy? Dog or cat? Penguin or elephant? Prep or punk? Water or milk? Fr...
    8 General 50
  116. What do you think of these poems?
    I wrote these while I was bored. I couldn't stop thinking of the girl I adore. Anyway what do you peoples think? The girl I love does not notice me, as I watch her enviously, in awe of her her brilliance, her splendor, her incredibility. If only y...
    8 Literature 34
  117. What is your normal Christmas routine?
    I know it's a couple of months away but I'm already excited about Christmas! The thing that really makes me excited is hearing other people's Christmas routines and telling people about mine. Christmas Eve- 7pm- Some family friends come round, we h...
    8 General 25
  118. what do you think of these poems?
    I see no reason why you fear me, to hurt you would destroy me. I see not why you avoid me, for only when your with me do we ever see your smile. its as though you understand me but also seems confused by me. your beauty is entrancing, like a rose among...
    4 Literature 16
  119. Xmas Survey!!
    Welcome to the Christmas edition of getting to know your friends. Okay, here's what you're supposed to do, and try not to be a SCROOGE!!! Just copy and paste into a new survey 4 urself :-) Change all the answers so that they apply to you. T...
    6 General 66
  120. Is it okay to cry years after a pet has died?
    Some info: I've always loved animals, a lot, I find it easier to connect with animals than it is with people, as animals are pure, sweet and innocent, they don't judge and are always great companions. I can spend hours alone with my cats or dog just pe...
    6 Pets 49
  121. Messiah from Islam, Judaism, Christian?
    Which is the real AntiChrist? Muslims? The Cristians? or the Jews? Christians believe that the Messiah was Jesus, but Jews do not believe that. Christians believe that Jesus' claims to be God go against the beliefs of Judaism. JUDAISM The concept of...
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