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  1. What are the secrets of the universe?
    what are the secrets of the universe?
    4 General 17
  2. what is the same meaning of secret ?
    3 General 11
  3. Secret Shame??
    Secret shame... what does it mean to you???
    5 General 20
  4. How can I be a secret shopper for safeway?
    How can I be a secret shopper for safeway?
    4 Shopping 171
  5. How do you find a job with a felony?
    How do you find a job with a felony?
    2 Money 33
  6. Should a felony conviction be for a lifetime?
    Should a felony conviction be for a lifetime?
    2 Politics 22
  7. How good are you at keeping a secret?
    27 General 39
  8. Who loves Victoria's Secret?
    9 Shopping 15
  9. What's your secret to flawless skin?
    12 Style 48
  10. Has anyone read The Secret?
    Has anyone read "the secret", and if so...what did you think?
    7 Entertainment 18
  11. How to put pokemon in a secret base?
    How to put pokemon in a secret base?
    2 General 16
  12. Do you believe in the secret and law of attraction.
    Do you believe in the secret and law of attraction.
    2 Religion 16
  13. What was one secret you just could not keep?
    what was one secret you just could not keep?
    5 General 24
  14. Who: Secrets,Secret club?
    Secret for secret. What's somthin no one knows about you that you are holding in and wanna say?
    2 Entertainment 10
  15. Is being a secret service agent exciting?
    6 Money 41
  16. Kissing secrets
    What is your favorite trick to do when kissing?
    11 Relationships 203
  17. Do you think keeping secrets is good?
    6 General 13
  18. Is keeping a secret telling a lie ?
    10 General 77
  19. have a felony can you get a poker dealers license?
    If you have a felony can you get a poker dealers license?
    2 Money 189
  20. Can you become a cna if you have a felony?
    Can you become a cna if you happen to have a felony in your background?
    2 Education 111
  21. how do you find out who sent you a secret crush?
    how do you find out who sent you a secret crush? on the widget???
    4 Funadvice 9
  22. How do you enter a secret code to adopt a pet?
    How do you enter a secret code to adopt a pet?
    2 Pets 22
  23. Victoria Secret Perfume ?
    What's your favorite Victoria Secret Perfume? What's it called?
    2 Shopping 40
  24. Why is there an over secretion of sweat glands in most girl's armpits?
    5 Health 46
  25. How do you get a girl secretly
    How do you get a girl with out her knowing your trying to?
    3 Babies 18
  26. What's the secret to keeping cookies soft when you bake them?
    12 Food 23
  27. Felony work
    How do I find work if I have a criminal recored?
    3 Money 41
  28. can i get a florida babers license if i have a felony?
    2 Money 24
  29. can someone work in a nursing home that has had a felony?
    3 Money 26
  30. Who's team are you on for The Secret Life - Amy's or Adrian's?
    4 Entertainment 38
  31. what is a secret shopper, or undercover shopper?
    ...... whatever its called
    8 Shopping 44
  32. Can you get your felony expunged if you're on probation?
    can you get a felony expunged while you're still on probation for it?
    2 General 29
  33. Club Penguin Secret Items?
    here can you find secret items on Club Panguin?!
    4 Gaming 41
  34. Jobs for a person convicted of a nonviolent felony?
    What jobs are available for a person convicted of a nonviolent felony?
    3 Money 109
  35. Where can a person with a felony find a truck driving job?
    Where can a person with a felony find a truck driving job?
    2 Money 50
  36. how do you get a truck driving job with a felony
    how does a person with a felony get a truck driving job
    2 Money 75
  37. secrets to life
    do you believes in secrets to life? if yes what do you think are the secrets aof life lol
    3 General 16
  38. can i still get my teachers credential with felonies on my background?
    4 Education 8
  39. Can I hold a liquor license if I have a felony or misdimeanor charge?
    2 Money 153
  40. Victoria's secret bra- what kind of bra is she wearing?
    6 Style 80
  41. Did they cancel the show "Secret Life of an American Teenager"?
    6 Entertainment 15
  42. Is the song "Secret" by The Pierces folk pop or folk rock?
    2 Music 13
  43. Who has a secret that not a single other person knows?
    You can admit them here...or you can just admit that you have one.
    24 General 31
  44. Are Victoria's Secret Pink® yoga shorts good?
    4 Shopping 15
  45. Who would recommend the hair extensions from Trade Secrets?
    4 Style 18
  46. Will the felony show up?
    I have an feonlie but iwas not convicted of it do it show on my background
    3 Money 20
  47. What does cervical secretions look like in early pregnancy?
    2 Health 692
  48. Any body else watch the secret life of an american teenager?
    Does any body else watch the secret life of an american teenager
    10 Entertainment 13
  49. What are secrets guys dont want girls to know?
    What are secrets guys dont want girls to know??? just curious!!!:)
    2 Relationships 83
  50. Can a person with a felony work in Real Estate?
    can a person with a felonies on his backgroung have a career in real estate?
    3 Homegarden 90
  51. Is there any secret places on "the new super mario" for Nintendo DSI?
    2 Entertainment 31
  52. Is it bad to wear your Victoria's Secret pink sweatpants all day?
    11 Style 18
  53. Does Victoria Secret sell plus size bras and panties?
    5 Shopping 20
  54. what's the green secretion coming out of my vagina?
    this is the first time i'm having it.
    14 Health 64
  55. Does Victoria's Secret have good nude lipsticks?
    tell me your review :)
    5 Shopping 35
  56. What was the best Secret Santa gift you've ever received?
    9 General 31
  57. lil waynes secret message in the song I feel like dying
    what is lil waynes secret message in the song I feel like dying
    8 Music 63
  58. The Secret Life of the American Teenager
    who watches The Secret LIfe of the American Teenager. what do you think will happen next!
    7 Entertainment 43
  59. How should I write my resume with felonies?
    How do I write a resume and If I have a few felonies on my record will I still be able to get my record expunged?
    3 Money 63
  60. What are the important parts in the secret life of bees book?
    in the secret life of bees book, what are 5 of the most important events?
    3 Literature 71
  61. Who else like secret life of the american teenager?
    Who else on here watches secret life of the american teenager besids me?
    10 Entertainment 33
  62. How long after a conviction do you have to mention a felony?
    how long after a conviction do you have to answer yes on an application in georgia
    2 Money 68
  63. any secrets to making a girl like you?
    how can you please a girl with words? is it all bout the looks ?
    9 Relationships 37
  64. What are some songs that are about two teenagers who secretly love each other, but can't get up the courage to tell each other?
    12 Music 28
  65. Where can I watch an episode of Secret Life of An American Teenage that Ive missed?
    4 Entertainment 12
  66. Why are girls usually secretive about their periods?
    and why does my best friend tell me why she's on one?
    12 Health 54
  67. What kind of secret hand shakes or little games do you play with your friends?
    4 General 43
  68. losing the baby, but keeping it a secret?
    How do you lose a baby without your parents knowing?!! Is it possible??
    6 Health 58
  69. What's one of your secrets?
    I'm bored so I came up with a random one .if you give me one of your secrets I'll give you one of my'n
    10 General 31
  70. Secret album tracks
    Did ya ever hear of a secret track on a album or CD how do they put them on and how do you find them?
    2 Music 18
  71. Victoria's Secret panties?
    Do Victoria's Secret have a way of measure yur pantie size? Do they let you try them on?
    3 Style 94
  72. What are some secret santa gift ideas?
    Does anyone have any good ideas for a secret santa gift? It is for a guy in senior highschool.
    3 Shopping 54
  73. What is everyones dirty little secret?
    I'm just wondering what everyones dirty little secret is...:P. So... Tell me !!! :D
    9 General 36
  74. Should I tell the Post Office about an expunged felony?
    I applied to the post office for a job. I have a felony conviction on my record that was expunged. Do I have to tell them about this?
    3 Money 175
  75. How do I get my firearms card back if I have a felony?
    I got a felony over ten years ago how do I get my firearms card back
    2 Politics 13
  76. Where can a non-violend felony find employment?
    where can a person with a non violent felony get employment
    2 Money 34
  77. Is it possible to get a gaming license if I have old felonies?
    I have felonies that are almost 11 years old. Is it possible to get a gaming license
    2 General 38
  78. Victoria's Secret
    I've never shopped at Victoria's secret before... Is it awkward when they measure you? Or like... how does it work?
    5 Shopping 39
  79. What kind of programs are there to help felonies?
    Their is no help for felonies that are seeking help tha are in need for an job what kind of programs are out her in sc to help people with an felony
    2 Money 30
  80. who has ever heard the song "secret" from adam sandler's album "Shh don't tell" ?
    10 Music 42
  81. Employment after a felony conviction
    Is there a job placement program or a job placement facility that assist felons
    2 Money 57
  82. What episode of "Secret Life of the American Teenager" do Amy and Ben get married?
    2 Entertainment 9
  83. Which Victoria's Secret bra gives great cleavage even if I don't have huge breasts?
    6 Style 30
  84. Which is your favourite Victoria's Secret scent?
    my fave is love spell, it smells amazing
    7 Style 32
  85. Does anyone like The secret life of the american teenager?? I know I do lolz XD
    12 General 22
  86. Can I get a job as para-legal or medical secretary with a felony conviction?
    2 Money 62
  87. Secrets! Do you have any?
    I bought a magic carpet with my friends jayjee and sinjianna. I'm serious.
    6 General 41
  88. How can you convince your mom to get you $21.00 bras from Victoria Secret and not from JCpenny? x_x
    5 Shopping 59
  89. The Secret Life of an american teenager
    Does anyone watch this show, and wants to talk about?
    8 Entertainment 9
  90. Where to work in Austin with a felony?
    I need to go to work so as a felon in austin tx where do I place an aplication?
    3 Money 36
  91. What age should I be to get the victoria secret catalog&gift cards?
    I love victorias secret but waht age must I be to get catalogs and gift cards?
    2 Shopping 39
  92. How can I get a decent job with a felony?
    I have a felony of theft by taking,and a good work histor how can I get a decent job?firsttimefel
    4 Money 49
  93. How to get a job as a secret shopper?
    how to get a job being a secret shopper? also why do they as ku to pay 19.95 before getting the job arnt they suppose to pay me??
    3 Shopping 25
  94. secretly rubbing one off
    why would my girl secretly masterbate at night when I'm sleeping next to her.
    7 Sex 129
  95. About the 'Secret' movie
    there is a movie named 'Secret' catching fire all around the world, do you believe in the main idea of the movie?
    2 Entertainment 27
  96. Guitar Hero 3 cheats and secret achievements?
    Does anyone have any Guitar Hero 3 cheats? Or ways to unlock the secret achievements? Thanks if you do.
    4 Gaming 46
  97. How old do you have to be to be a secret shopper?
    I really want to be a secret shopper it looks pretty cool lol..but how old do yu have to be?
    3 Shopping 111
  98. Do you think fbi knows about the secret recipe of kfc.
    Do you think fbi knows about the secret recipe of kfc and how to made coca cola I think somebody has to know.
    2 Food 32
  99. lets all tell our secrets
    what is your secret? I don't know any of you, or you could put anonymous on your answer. I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours.
    8 General 47
  100. Where can my boyfriend work if he has a felony?
    can you tell me where i can go find my boyfriend a good job even though he's a convicted felony
    2 Money 67
  101. How can I apply The Secret?
    What can I do today to apply The Secret? What actions can I take? For example, The Law of Attraction. How could I make this work for me and other ideas from The Secret?
    7 General 14
  102. What is the secret to having a long life?
    What is the secret to having a long life? If I excercise every day and take very good care of myself will it prolong my life or is it just chance?
    6 Nutritionfitness 36
  103. Secret life of the american teenager
    Whos excited for the new season ?!? Iknow iam !
    3 Entertainment 13
  104. what did you guys think of new season secret life lastnight??? how do you feel if adrian is preganant??
    2 Entertainment 8
  105. How to add someone to my friends on Myspace secretly?
    can I add someone to my friend list without them know so I can view their profile?
    5 Technology 167
  106. What are some good websites or stores I can get a swim suit? I looked at Victoria's secret already
    4 Style 50
  107. Where can i find the movie "the secret"?
    i cant find it anywhere! i heard it will like change your life is that true?
    6 Entertainment 19
  108. felony for airsoft?
    what kind of offense is it to shoot cars with airsoft guns, and what are the consequences if you get caught?
    2 General 36
  109. How to stop her from telling secrets?
    I have a friend and when I tell her a secrect she tells that person and I feel bad when she tells somebody from somebody in Auckland
    6 Relationships 9
  110. Where do I get a good paying job with a felony?
    I want a good paying job where do I go with a felony that happened 13 years ago.
    5 Money 173
  111. What if I forgot my Yahoo password and the secret question answer?
    what do i do if i forgot my yahoo passwrod AND the answer to the secret question? is there any way to gt into my account? please help!!!
    2 Technology 28
  112. Secret life last week
    Secret life of the american teenager... September 3rd I missed it someone fill me in please
    2 General 9
  113. where does a convicted felony get a job in ky?
    where does a convicted felony get a job in ky. I have tried all the cdl schools and all the places around here and no one will hire me?
    4 Money 67
  114. Secret life american teen- season 3
    What is going to happen in the 3rd season of abc family's "secret life of the american teenager"??
    3 Entertainment 47
  115. Felony that is five year old, where to get a job?
    I have an agg. Domestic battery conviction that is five year can I find a job?
    2 Money 13
  116. The secret life of the american teenager
    Does anyone watch this show??? I ljust recently discovered it, and I am in love with it!!!
    4 Entertainment 15
  117. What exactly is a felony?
    I usually see questions here in funadvice about people having felony charges. What exactly is it? I don't think we have that in my country. Or maybe we do but in a different name...
    3 Money 87
  118. I want to be a Victoria Secret model..
    It seems impossible :( there body's are perfect. ugh! Think I have a chance?
    4 Money 72
  119. Do you think those secret documents of the FBI about the existence of aliens, that just became public, is real or just another conspiracy theory?
    5 Science 13
  120. what Amy's reacttion wen Ben told her about Adrienne,(on secret Life) i missed that part cuz i was on the phone??
    7 Entertainment 5
  121. How do you get a felony lifted?
    My boyfreind is a felon due to marijuana possesion. I was wonder if he could get this lifted and how he would go about it.
    2 General 46
  122. Secret life of the American Teenager.
    What do you think about it? personally I love the show :) Can't wait for the new season tonight!!!
    14 Entertainment 29
  123. How do Victoria's Secret models do their hair?
    does anyone know how the supermodels do their curly wavey messy sex hairr??
    11 Sex 202
  124. Victorias secret question..
    Is it just me Or is victorias secret bra's smaller than the ones at regular stores?? Such as jcpenny and sears and whatnot? And when they measure you is that your size just in that store or in Any store with any bra?
    2 Shopping 24
  125. Why is it so damn hard to make legit money with a felony?
    Why is it so damn hard to make legit money with a felony??? Its almost as if they want us to go back to making fast money so that they can just throw us in prison again!!!
    2 Money 58
  126. Where can I find a felony friendly job in colorado?
    I'm new here in colorado,I want to make a difference in my life...looking for a good job
    2 Money 45
  127. Felonies
    Will I stand a better chance of finding employment with a bachelor degree after being convicted of a violent crime or will this hinder my chances even more?
    3 Education 39
  128. How much damage do you think Wikileaks is going to cause to the United States government, with the secret US Embassy Cables?
    5 Politics 12
  129. Can someone tell me what happened on the last Secret Life?
    I was watching it, but I was also reading. then it came on again, but i was and wasn't paying attention.
    4 Entertainment 10
  130. What is the "secret" Stride gum flavor?
    I'm thinking of buying it but I don't wan't to try it just yet becouse I have had mixed reviews.
    2 General 45
  131. how can I seal my felony?
    I have a felony from 2005 and I want it sealed. I am taking a course as a medical Assit and I want to take the cerification,. I have a certificate of relief but that is not enough, I need something else.
    3 Money 43
  132. Do you like the new show ,secret life?
    Do you like the new show ( secret life of the american teenager???) I do drama shows or movies are the best. I hate love movies, I think some love movies are so pathatic that their funny.
    3 Entertainment 11
  133. Any secrets to make my zits disappear?
    Lol... Ok I never get zits like NEVER!! and now sum are poppin up!!! please dose anyone no sum secret that makes dem Disappear!!! lol???
    8 Style 52
  134. Do Federal Felony Charges show up on a job backround check ?
    Hello, I am being charged with a couple of felony charges but haven't been convicted. Will theses charges show up on a job back round check for employment?
    3 Money 120
  135. What's your secret?
    What's your secret? Just something intense or not that you want to let out to people who will never meet you and cant personally judge you? I just think this would be a fun post!
    21 General 11
  136. How can my husband find a job with felony charges?
    My husband was charged with felony! It was a fight five and him, self defense and still charged with felony. He has been looking for a job for a whole year and can't find one. We want to relocate to miami, where can he look for a job?
    2 Money 388
  137. the legend of zelda : majora's mask secret path ?
    I heard in majora's mask , there's a secret path to the observatory , is this true ? I've looked inside , but all I've found is a chest with 100 rupee's in it
    3 Gaming 26
  138. Miley Cyrus, secret of her money
    Super pop star music Miley Cyrus is now only 15 and she is multi-millionaire. What is secret of her success. Does she living in the mid of controversy?
    8 Entertainment 55
  139. What places hire for felonies??
    My boyfriend is in jail right now and he has felonies on him... And he gets out in december and wants to get a job.. But we arent to sure what places hire felonies.. I would apperciate it if anybody could give me a list of places that hire felonies...
    2 Money 55
  140. Secret Treasures
    what do you have hidden in your closet? or what was the last thing in it besides your clothing? I have letters, pictures, and... an ice box with a penguin in it.. :D
    7 Entertainment 14
  141. Theres no victoria secrets near me
    I live in england I dont think there vs in england? So how will I know which to get if I cant try them on!!! Shall I guess???
    3 Shopping 12
  142. What's th secret to those of you with flat stomachs?
    How do you people get flat stomachs? What do you do? Do you do sit ups special diet what? And how does it work for a 13 year old girl?
    2 Nutritionfitness 13
  143. What if adrianne from secret life is pregnant?
    What do think will happen? Or how further is it gonna take the show? I missed the finale ( so mad at myself) :) I saw it from the previewhats your prediction?
    5 Entertainment 29
  144. Who's your favorite Victoria's Secret Angel from VSFashion Show 2012?
    My favorite is Adriana Lima of course. I have a major girl crush on her. Lezbehonest... She's GORGEOUS.
    2 Style 25
  145. How can apartments and reality deny me because of felonies?
    I have a few felonies from about 2 years ago and im a single mom trying to find a place for us to live but no place will rent to me because I have felonies isnt that discrimination?
    2 Homegarden 44
  146. who cant get over that on secret life adrienne is Preganant, i juss cant believe it even tho she use to sleep around alot be it wierd now?
    6 Entertainment 35
  147. Is there a free way to look up felony records?
    My best friend is dating a new guy who just got out of prison. I dont believe he was locked up for the reason he gave her. is there a free way to look up felony records?
    2 General 53
  148. secret life of the american teenager
    someone please give me an update of the secret life of the american teenager!!! I have cheerleading practice during like every episode so I havent seen it in like forever! what did I miss?
    4 Entertainment 25
  149. whats your secret to loosing quick weight?
    I have been trying to loose weight since last year. im not seeing improvements. I really need good advice. if you have a secret to loosing weight, can you share it with me?
    6 Nutritionfitness 17
  150. What medical jobs can you get with a felony?
    I am about to start college and I have felonies on my record. I want to pursue a degree in the medical field but I'm not sure what I can do in the medical field if anything. Does anyone know what jobs if any someone can do with a record in the medical ...
    2 Money 102
  151. Where can a person with a felony find a job in Michigan?
    I am a 45 year old woman that made a bad choice, now I have a felony conviction. Where can I find a decent job in or around Adrian, MI?
    2 Money 65
  152. People who are naturally thin , what is their secret?
    I know someone , who is almost 6,0 feet , and weigh about 110, and this person is very healthy , I wish I were like that .
    8 Nutritionfitness 14
  153. season2 of the secret life of the american teenage
    what do you guys think of the new season ? ithink its kinda wack, last season was better. but thats just me lol
    2 Entertainment 4
  154. Post-secret. Anyone interested?
    I want to start a post secret because they are really fascinating. Its annoyamous. All you have to do it tell us a secret that you haven't told anyone else. It can be about anything and everything. If you have a secret that you want to let out annoyamo...
    3 General 11
  155. If I get secretly married, will I be emancipated?
    k im 13 I know im too young but my boyfriend gets out of the military when im 16 so in idaho you can only be emancipated when you get married and he asked me to marry him so if I secretly marry him im emacipated right??? can I do that??? please help!
    4 Relationships 42
  156. Where can I hide my secret diary
    Iam scared if my mom or any one in my family reads or finds my secret book so where can I hide it were no one can actually find it Lool I dont know in which category I should put it in :p
    14 Literature 485
  157. How to treat naval when it is secreting puss for 7 days?
    My naval is secreting puss for a week. I am 25 years old and dont' have any piercing done near my naval. How to treat at home without consulting a doctor?
    2 Health 39
  158. How to get a job when I've been charged of a felony?
    I've been charged with some felonies,but they are not convictions,just charges..but when ever I go to apply for a job I dont get hired. Is there anyway to take this away or is there any good jobs that will hire a felon. in tampa fl.
    4 Money 66
  159. Who else secretly bites their toenails?
    I must confess that I bite my toenails from time to time. I realize it is disgusting. But have done it for so long I dont pay attention. oes anyone else do this or am I the only one???/
    5 Health 32
  160. How could a minor secretly buy an airplane ticket?
    how could a minor buy an airplane ticket without her mom knowing?she lives in texas and wants to travel to florida for a week or two how could she buy an airplane ticket without her moms permision?
    3 Shopping 13
  161. How can I get a job with a felony charge?
    I have a felony chrage and Iam having a really bad time trying to find a job. I was hanging out with the wrong crowd and got blamed for something I didn't do. How can I get a job with my charge in my city?
    5 Money 187
  162. When will my felony leave me alone?
    i was convicted of a felony years ago and it still runs my life. i can't believe that one little mistake when i was a teenager is following me. where can i find a job, other than Bob Evan's?
    2 Money 35
  163. Secret Obsession
    Ok. everybody has a secret obsession. I'm a 17 year old guy that loves to watch Hannah Montana. Hahahaha. funny eh? (Maybe I hang out with my sisters too So wats your secret obsession?
    7 General 19
  164. Background check and old felony
    I recently was offered a job with centerpoint energy pipeline I accepted pending a background check. I have a feolny conviction 16 years ago should I be worried?
    5 Money 338
  165. The Secret Life Of The American Teenager
    That show is making me so mad! Anyone else feeling this way?! All the characters make me so mad! I used to Like this show but now its getting ridiculas! or ridicoulous or something
    7 Entertainment 37
  166. Should I tell my parents that I have a secret web life?
    i was always annoyed when i had to ask my mom about signing up for things, so i made an email acount without them knowing and now im wondering, should i tell them??
    7 Family 9
  167. Give me your best beauty top or secret...
    Everyone share pls :p One of mine id to blow dry your hair upside down for extra volume :)
    2 Style 28
  168. What happened in the 3rd season of secret life of americanteenager?
    What happened in the last season of a secret life a american teenager I missed like every epsiode of that season and would really like to no since they dont show it on tv please
    6 Entertainment 30
  169. can I be a nurse with a felony
    I was wondering if anyone has had to take a background check to get into nursing school. I want to start nursing school next semester but I have a felony and dont know how I am going to pass the criminal background check in california. does anyone know...
    5 Money 77
  170. secret life
    cpuld somebody pplease send me the link for teh Secret Life of teh American teenager season 2 premiire?? I missed it on tv and I cant find it on utube. thnx<333
    2 Technology 7
  171. How do I use a Tampax secretly?
    Okay. So I read all of your responses, and most of them Said I should suck it up and wear a tampon. So my mom said that since I'm so young I can't wear one, and I just can't swim. So I really really really really want to swim and my sisterr wears tampo...
    2 Health 20
  172. Give me secrets on thighs
    Does anyone have any advice on how to tone up your thighs, are there any effective secrets that people know and arnt shareing!!! Hmmm. Please help lol I have loadsa calf muscle and no thigh muscle or toneness at all, help me... Lol Luv yha
    4 Health 37
  173. can a person with a felony get a jobin the medical field in ohio
    I am wondering if there are any jobs in ohio for a felony 2 burglary charge that occured a little more than 5 years ago in the medical field in ohio...with the proper schooling of course...
    3 Money 74
  174. The Secret Life Of The American Teenager
    What do you think of The Secret Life of The American Teenager? I think it could somewhat be a good example for teens because it shows them how hard it is 2 have a bab at such a young age. It shows them how hard it is 2 raise a kid when your still in s...
    5 Entertainment 12
  175. lyrics 'you could never know' by the secret handshake?
    Does anyone know the full lyrics to 'you could never know' by the secret handshake? Could you give me any links or anything, I'd like to know. I listened really carefully + got a lot of it but there are a few words I couldnt hear.
    2 Music 8
  176. How exactly does "the secret" work?
    I've read the book, I've watched the movie but I just don't get it. Well actually I get it but I can't help but think that no this thing can't work, it can't be that easy! Does the secret work for anyone of you? If it does, please help me and tell me e...
    3 General 22
  177. Has anyone ever bought this Victoria's Secret bra?
    Has anyone ever bought that bra? This page doesn't seem to like my link but Go to Bras. Then Push Up, and it's the 2nd row first. Very Sexy® NEW! Secret Embrace™ push-up bra
    3 Sex 41
  178. Can you get your gun rights back in Missouri after a felony charge?
    Unlawful use of a weapon sections 1-4 felony d in missouri. Sentenced to 5 years probation. Will I get my right to bare arms back after my probation is served out?
    2 Politics 116
  179. Has anyone committed a felony?
    I'm working on a paper on this topic and I need real life situations. After the felony, could you find a job? If so, what is your job? What was your punishment? Do you regret doing what you did? Any advice would be really appreciated! Thanks..
    3 Money 23
  180. What to buy my girlfriend from Victoria's Secret?
    my girlfriend said for fun I could get her anything from victoria secret and she will wear it for me. What should I get her? I am thinking maybe a teddy or a g-string thing or botty shorts what do you think the sexiest gift would be for your girlfrie...
    4 Sex 151
  181. why on Secret Life does Amy have to be so diffucult?
    this show is gettin real stupid. but I luv it! my least favorite character is george, amy,sometimes ashley because shes so boring. but Amy gets on mii nerves!!!
    3 Entertainment 9
  182. Whats the secret to getting smooth underarms?,
    I've seen girls on commercials with great bikini lines and underarms with no trace that they ever had hair. when I shave I still tend to get bumps. any remedies???
    4 Style 126
  183. Where can my husband work with a felony record?
    Hi My husband is looking for a job but everybodys turning him down because of his backround. You said you know some agencies or something. Well we live in the Van nuys area do you have anything for that?
    2 Money 36
  184. FunAdvice Trivia: According to Virgil, which man first obtained the secret of bee-keeping by subduing Proteus?
    A) Achates B) Aristaeus C) Tithonus D) Neoptolemus
    3 Funadvice 12
  185. Two theft felonies, where can I find a job and apartment?
    I have two felonies, and there both theft. I was wondering where I could find a job in, Davenport or Bettendorf, Iowa. I'v been looking and no one wants to hire me, because of my two felonies. I was also wondering about housing, I'm looking for a studi...
    3 Money 17
  186. the secret to boys?
    I good guy friend told me "the secret to guys" is that if you want him to pay attention to you or want you(emotionally), then you have to act like you dont care. My bf ignores me a lot and it hurts so i guess it work on me too, but what ways can i show...
    2 Relationships 69
  187. Who watches Secret Life?
    Anyone as excited about the new season of Secret Life as I am? I heard a rumor that Ruthie from 7th Heaven will be making an appearance. I totally want to see what she looks like grown up! Who do you think she'll hook up with?
    6 Entertainment 8
  188. Does anyone know any easy weight loss secrets?
    I think I am overweight for my age and I was wondering if anyone knows easy weight loss secrets. I dont want to try thoes berry things or diet pills cus they never work. thanks guys
    2 Nutritionfitness 150
  189. NASA Secret Space Structure?
    Hey I was just wondering if any of you peeps might know if theres any truth to this nex Dilly Yo... I heard someone a while back talking about a secret structure that NASA had behind the moon that they wont admit to... You hear about this? or know wh...
    3 Politics 21
  190. I have a felony but not convicted nor charged with anything.
    it is still on my record but their are a lot of jobs that will not hire me because of that.they will not read the felony all they say is it has to be 7 or 10 years old to hire you.all that is on my record is the arrest.why is it harder to find a job th...
    2 Money 100
  191. Where does someone with a felony get a decent job?
    Where does someone with a felony on their record go to get a decent job? I cannot get a job ANYWHERE...I have a 6 year old Forgery charge...which I didn't do (honestly) and I cannot get a break. I live in Arizona where a Forgery charge is worse than vi...
    2 Money 51
  192. Is it secretly a STD?
    Think about it. Polynomial long division. "Hey Jane I don't know how to tell you this. *pause* I went to the doctor the other day and was diagnosed with Polynomial long division. I know we had sex and I have to contact all my partners and tell them ...
    2 Sex 17
  193. FunAdvice Trivia: Which British computer built in 1943, whose existence was kept secret until 1976, was actually the world's first?
    A) Acropolis B) Colossus C) Rameses D) Majesty
    7 Funadvice 28
  194. how to get secret revenge on a bully?
    theres this girl I myclas, who can be a real bitch at times. she thinks shees all that and a wee bit more, so I want to take revenge on her bulying me but I dntnow what to do. and it has to be a seret , she cannot know it was me!
    4 General 137
  195. What do I do if my friend asked me to keep a secret?
    Ok my best friend told me a couple of secrets and I promised I would not tell but they are really bad screts and she is in trouble and hurt what should I do?like she is getting hurt and I really wanna tell someone to get her help but she made me promis...
    3 Relationships 58
  196. How des the secret shopper position work?
    I asked a question the other day about felons and finding jobs in NJ,someone responded that they were a secret shopper. Will that person let me know if that is all legit, I have been offered that position. If anyone else knows anything about that posit...
    4 Money 22
  197. Are felonies OK after seven years?
    someone told me after seven years a felony doesnt have any effect on your job applications is this true? That after seven years of completeing my probation I will not have to put it on them or that it is not considered in the hiring decision...this sou...
    3 Money 168
  198. Felony conviction
    I am being charged with 3 felonies...Intent to Breaking and Entering, Conspiracy : Intent to Breaking and Entering, Monumental Damage of $1000^. I have never been in trouble with the law ever before. What's the most likely outcome of these charges. I'm...
    4 Politics 28
  199. How can a felony be expunged in california?
    I was charged with a felony back in 2004 for a dui accident with some injuries. I have since then paid all dues. Completed all programs requierd, and completed 0probation with excellent reports from my p.o. I just hope I do have another chance after su...
    2 Money 18
  200. Who else thinks that "The Secret Life of an American Teenager" is a stupid show?
    I cant stop watching it tho! But its kinda dumb is seems that every thing they talk about is sex but in real life teenagers arent like that.
    6 Sex 11
  201. Should I let my boyfriend go to a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show?
    My boyfriend recently got backstage and after-party passes from his friend to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. He is going in a few weeks on the weekend, and he only told me this a few days ago because it slipped in conversation. I am kind of mad at...
    24 Relationships 73
  202. Secrets to picking the gender of your child?
    My husband and I are getting ready to conseive(not right now, silly) but there are lots of web sights that say there are programs that can almost guarantee the sex of your choice. But these programs are lots of mula so, hoping that somebody out there w...
    9 Sex 39
  203. Post secrets
    Ok, I was reading this ool book o my cousins, where all these people send in their dirty little secrets, and this person makes a book out of them all. It was fricken hiilarious!! Anywho, I was just wondering if anyone knew what is was called , I cant...
    3 Entertainment 15
  204. Who here play Secret of the Solstice?
    um, if you do play Secret of the Solstice, please tell guild (if you have one), username, level, and class. Trying to find someone I might be able to tlk to mor... if you dont, please recommend good MMO games. I prefer fantasy ones.
    2 Gaming 32
  205. Is there any person besides your mother or father who you can trust your secrets
    I mean i live in a big city, but i dont know who i can talk about what i think or what i feel i have plenty of relatives, but talking to them is like talking to myself, because they dont really listen and most of the time i feel like im talking crazine...
    2 Family 19
  206. Secret door spells
    Is there any way to create you're own secret room using magick? Like make a door in a wall or wake shelves turn beck to make a little room that you know the incantation to? If so please reply with the spell,ritual,or site or tangible resource please! T...
    31 Religion 109
  207. How can you have sex secretly when your parents are at home?
    My boyfriend and I are thinking about sex... We've talked about all the possible things that could happen because of it... And we decided we want to try it. The problem is, is that our parents never leave us alone for more than an hour. Is it even poss...
    5 Sex 177
  208. Secret party, any ideas of what you think it is?
    Ok so am turnin 15 in december and all my famili from p.r and d.r and n.yr comin down to florida to celebrate it with me. Thing is I dont no if am havin a party. My mom and mi family have a plan and they dont want to tell me. Give me ideas of what you...
    2 Entertainment 20
  209. How do I tell my family my darkest secret?
    i was molested when i was bout 4 year old and i never told anyone i want to get help but i cant do it on my own i want to tell my family but i don't know how i don't want them to look at me different because i didn't say any thing how do you tell your...
    8 Family 69
  210. Felony Jobs
    I have a felony. It is so far impossible to get a job anywhere. I have started a brokering firm as a result, but am looking for something else. Any advice on what I should do? I am unfortunately not a college graduate, but am working towards the means ...
    3 Money 58
  211. Little Secret
    My mom wants me to join track so bad. She is always on my case for it. It's always you need to join track or you'll become obese again ect. But I can't. I don't want to join track, I mean I love running but my scars on my legs I don't want anyone to se...
    2 Sports 8
  212. How can I tell my boyfriend our big familey secret?
    ok this is ganna seem crazy but my familey can see spirits me my mom my aunt and my cosins how are 12 and 21 my boyfriend is close to me and means so much to me I love him and he has told me the biggest secret in his life and hes getting worried about...
    14 Family 51
  213. How would u guys feel about this big secret kept from u all these years??
    So I just found out that my uncle is actually my dad. And I now understand the reason my parents are divorced and why my dad and uncle hate each other. Right now, I hate them all 4 this messed up jerry springer life of mine. What do u guys think abo...
    6 Family 17
  214. False allegations, are they a felony offense?
    Okay so about 7 months ago my mother got arrested for false allegations of rape.. I don't live with my mom, but she's living with someone who is already a felon. Now I know that it's illegal for 2 felons to live together, so I curious as to if anyone c...
    3 General 13
  215. pharmacy technician and felonies
    I am almost finished with pharmacy technician school. I recently got arrested for battery on leo and resisting arrest without violence,these charges seem to contradict! sept. 1st is my court date. if one of these felonies becomes a conviction which is ...
    2 General 19
  216. How to bring my secret son to this country?
    I am now 26yrs old married with two children but I had a son when I was 14. shortly after giving birth I migrated to the US lieveing him behind to live with my mom in my country. my question is how do I bring him here to live me and intruduce him to ev...
    6 Babies 38
  217. What is a good secret santa gift for my 13 year old friend?
    Okay so my friends and I are doing a secret santa thing this year. I got my friend Jade. She is an awesome friend. Are price range is from 10-20 dollars. I'm totally blanking on what to get her. Shes a gymnast, and is a girly girl. Any ideas? Thanks ...
    7 Shopping 64
  218. How can someone with a felony charge get a nursing license?
    I know someone who has a 12 year old class C felony charge. What happened was, he was drunk and someone came after him.He didn't start the fight, but he took it too far in defending himself. He has been in a recovery program and he would like to get hi...
    3 Money 87
  219. How to find a job with a Class 4 Felony?
    I am a 42 year old female, who went back to school last year to become a Medical Assistant. I did very well in school - got A's & B's, graduated and recenty took the certification test. May of last year I was arrested for possesion of an uncontrolled ...
    3 Money 61
  220. What if my secret is out?
    A really embarrassing thing happened to me a little while ago, and I didn't think anyone knew about it. But I think someone frm my school might have found out and if it gets spread around school I will lose what little confidence I still have. I really...
    7 Education 14
  221. Do I have to mention my felony?
    I got 10 years probation I've already did 8 and I'm looking for a job but it's hard now a days if you have a felon so I was wondering when I go apply for a job do I have to tell them that I have a felon when the question pops up even though my attorney...
    8 Money 45
  222. Secrets to stay trim?
    im always looking for new ways to stay trim, secrets and all that crazy stuff, so does anyone know any great secrets, that keep fat and weight off you! could be food or drinks anything in that catorgory, I've heard bunch of crazy stuff, did you know G...
    2 Nutritionfitness 19
  223. Should I Tell him or Keep it Secret?
    My Best Friend Cousin Gave me a nice fur coat he got for free out of a pile someplace and I told him I really liked it, but now I'm not so sure of it anymore and I am sure I am Very Unlikely to wear it at all. I am thinking about selling it off b...
    2 Family 25
  224. What apartments in Michigan won't deny you because of a felony?
    My husband & I are trying to find a nice apartment in MIchigan, but because he has a felony a lot of places will rent to me, but not him. He was convicted almost 10 years ago & shouldn't be judged because of a bad decision made so long ago. We want to ...
    2 Homegarden 210
  225. Why can't I trust my friends with a secret?
    Okay so I lost my virginity on monday night and I gave it to the guy that I have been with since 5th grade. He's really special to me and we both decided to keep it secret. But I feel like I need to tell someone so that I can vent my feelings and my ex...
    2 Relationships 28
  226. looked at different now because of my secret
    ok I told this guy I was bi right and like he freaked out and then said that like now he cant look at me the same and that like he thinks im hot now and like that he was gettin a b*ner lol hahaha yeah but like I have a question why would people look at...
    2 Relationships 6
  227. How do I keep this deep secret without it ruining me?
    Ok so before I asked a question about how I should confront my mom about cheating on my dad. I decided I wanted to know and I asked her. What she said made no sense and she wants me to keep it a secret from my other sibs and my dad. I didn't openly agr...
    3 Family 39
  228. How can I get a job with an FBI felony record?
    I have a felony record with a FBI number. It has been over twenty years but with the FBI, no matter how long they go back in a search the FBI number is there. I am a different person today and have been for some time. I would like to change the facts ...
    3 Money 46
  229. Can a person with a drug felony ever become an addiction counselor?
    I am living in Montana. I have a drug felony from 2004. I have cleaned up my life and I am getting my bachelor's degree in Psychology. So far I have a 4.0. I spoke with the state licensing board who said that if I am qualified they have to license ...
    4 Drugs 134
  230. Who secretly hates cats because of their demeanor?
    A dog loves you and misses you. Cats on the other hand don't care if you live or die as long as someone else lets them have their way because they are selfish control freaks, not to mention just creepy and untrustwhorthy. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't...
    12 Pets 36
  231. Should I tell my niece's secret since she told mine?
    My niece is 12 and I'm 14. We told each other a secret. Mine was that I cut myself and hers was some things she did with her boyfriend. She also cut his name into her leg and my mom found out and was griping her out about it. My niece said well have yo...
    8 Family 41
  232. can I obtain a cna license with a felony on my record?
    I have a felony for possession of drugs after being set up by narcotic agents because I, a user at that time, would not snitch on drug dealers. this was my first and last felony. It happened in 2001 and for 7 years I have not used drugs or been in any...
    8 Education 1207
  233. Felony conviction with job opportunities...
    I am 21 years old and will possibly face a felony conviction in Virginia, when I move back to North Carolina I need to find work...full time and possibly part time as well...are there any substantial possibilties for me when I finally go back to NC? Al...
    2 Money 49
  234. Secret Santa
    We have secret santa this year and I chose out my friend. The only problem is is that she isnt a girly girl shes not a tom boy shes more of a blob in the middle of it. I dont know what 2 get my friend- im a girl like that but it depends what mood im in...
    2 Shopping 28
  235. secrets of rape and shame
    Ok, say your best friend was raped... 2 years ago on August 2nd. her parents dont know , no one knows but a few people. is it wrong this 18 year old girl has not told her parents? Even if she feels so much shame that she can barely look at herself in t...
    14 Health 27
  236. How to go on a secret diet?
    I want to lose ten to fifteen pounds really quickly but I cant tell my mom or dad or theyll start watching what I eat. I need low cal snacks that dont say low cal on the box like rice cakes or something. good and low cal, but it doesn't advertise its...
    5 Nutritionfitness 27
  237. what ? an Undesignated felony 4 text messaging?
    I'm looking for a trucking job in phoenix,az. I currently have an undesignated felony for aggrevated harrasment to my x wife ( text messaging) this falls under domestic violence category. USA the best country in the world ? I have 20 years CDL experi...
    2 Money 34
  238. Should I confront my friend who gave away my secret?
    Okay so i have this friend! Well last year I told her a big secret of mine and she promised to never tell anyone well we got into a fight and we stopped being friends! So at the beginning of the next year we made up and became friends again and one of ...
    12 Relationships 59
  239. What can I do about everyone knowing my secret?
    ok so I told 3 people about my secret that my sis smokes and now someone else knos and is gonna tell my whole school! see I dont know who told because someone on honesty box told me they new that that they were gonna tell everyone... honesty box is on ...
    3 Relationships 29
  240. My mom doesn't like me having a boyfriend...keep it secret?
    Hey guys, okay here's the thing- My mom doesn't like me having boyfriends but I personally love having them! she always tells me to stay away because she doesn't want me missing out on things and when I tell her it's okay I'll be careful and all that ...
    5 Family 51
  241. Who else is tired of the same ol' secret life episodes?
    okay so I LOVE secret life of the american teenager but its kinda annoying, all they talk about is teens having or wanting to have sex,,,then we come to this and other sites and BAM a lot of 14,15 or 16 y.olds are thinking their preggers, imean sex isn...
    2 Sex 10
  242. Who has read 'The Secret Life of Bees'? HELP?
    I am writing an essay on The Secret Life of Bees, which I just skimmed through. (It obviously didn't catch my attention.) I kick myself for not reading it, but I would like to know if someone could help me... The question for the essay is: 'Carefu...
    2 Literature 143
  243. How to keep this a secret from My LDS branch president?
    Hi its goodgirl124 again, I have another question pertaining to previous question I asked. Well, If my fater comes around again that is if I don't renew the personal protection Order when it expires in June this year, and, he takes me out drinking agai...
    3 Religion 37
  244. How can I confront my Dad about this secret?
    All my family seem to keep secrets! My mum lied to my brither about his real father! All of my family hide somthing because I here them talking quietly thinking that I cant here! My suspicion began to grow when I found letters saying that my dad has tw...
    4 Family 18
  245. Will the felony arrest of meg whitman's son negatively impact her run for the CA governor position?
    I just read that he pushed a woman at a bar for taking his baseball cap...she broke her ankle and there are witnesses that corroborate her version of the story. I dunno about you guys...but, I think he needs to start learning to hold onto his soap. On ...
    13 Politics 35
  246. My Secret Emotions
    Im supose to go out for lunch or a night out in a discotheque with a guy,his been away for long and were supose to meet up.I really liked him and still do,but I want to show him that I've moved on or living a very happy life (though its not really the ...
    4 Relationships 31
  247. Deepest secret & my mom
    For over 4-5 years now I have held a very dark secret in me,and I think it's the caus eof my behavior,I haven't been able to tell my mom and well my dad. They have both asked me if her ex and I mean super ex did anything sexual to me,and well I'm afrai...
    3 Sex 19
  248. Can I go to college in cali if I have a felony?
    Just grabbed a class 4 felony obstruction of justice and a class a misdemeanor resisting a peace officer.. even though we all know this justice system is bull poop(you are not allowed to say "sh*t" on funadvice apparently)...I still get footed with t...
    3 Education 53
  249. Can You work for the FBI with a felony charge ( not Conviction )?
    I was charged with a Felony Animal abandonment and falsifying an official Document While I worked for the Sheriff's Office. I didn't actually do the crime, I just covered up for someone and learned a valuable lesson. I was not convicted however, in...
    3 Money 159
  250. Am I Secretly Bi?
    I've had a boyfriend for 2 years now, and he has recently asked me to marry him. We have a great life, nice house, nice car, nice career, amazing sex!! But whenever I'm not with him and I occasionaly get horny, I wonder how it would feel to do this wit...
    3 Sex 37