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  1. Should a felony conviction be for a lifetime?
    Should a felony conviction be for a lifetime?
    2 Politics 22
  2. Who hires 15year old?
    Who hires 15year old?
    4 Money 50
  3. will anybody hire me at 14
    will anybody hire me at 14
    7 Money 51
  4. How do you find a job with a felony?
    How do you find a job with a felony?
    2 Money 33
  5. Does Walmart hire felons?
    6 Money 208
  6. Will lowes hire a convicted felon?
    Will lowes hire a convicted felon?
    2 Money 341
  7. How do you hire a stripper for a bachlorette party?
    How do you hire a stripper for a bachlorette party?
    2 Entertainment 16
  8. If the FBI breaks your door down do they have to pay for it?
    If the FBI breaks your door down do they have to pay for it?
    6 Politics 75
  9. Who hires at age 15 for work?
    3 Money 151
  10. what age does macdonalds start to hire?
    2 Money 41
  11. How much does it cost to hire an agent?
    2 Money 51
  12. Do clubs hire female bouncers?
    4 Money 46
  13. What places are hiring 15 year olds?
    What places are hiring 15 year olds?
    13 Money 492
  14. Stores that hire at 15?
    Do anyone know who's hiring at 15 ?
    4 Money 48
  15. what jobs will hire a 13 year old?
    what jobs will hire a 13 year old
    2 Money 128
  16. Can you become a cna if you have a felony?
    Can you become a cna if you happen to have a felony in your background?
    2 Education 111
  17. have a felony can you get a poker dealers license?
    If you have a felony can you get a poker dealers license?
    2 Money 189
  18. whats you opinion of parents hiring nannies?
    6 Family 27
  19. can i get a florida babers license if i have a felony?
    2 Money 24
  20. How does someone get a position in the FBI or CSIS?
    3 Money 17
  21. can someone work in a nursing home that has had a felony?
    3 Money 26
  22. What places other than fast food will hire me with piercings?
    11 Money 90
  23. Felony work
    How do I find work if I have a criminal recored?
    3 Money 41
  24. What are places that hire 14 years olds?
    does mcdonalds hire 14 years old
    7 Money 194
  25. Where can a person with a felony find a truck driving job?
    Where can a person with a felony find a truck driving job?
    2 Money 50
  26. Where can I get hired at 15?
    Where should I go to get hired, Being that im only fifteen?
    6 Money 60
  27. Does anyone know of any trucking companies that will hire a felon?
    Does anyone know of any trucking companies that will hire a felon
    2 Money 126
  28. Can you get your felony expunged if you're on probation?
    can you get a felony expunged while you're still on probation for it?
    2 General 29
  29. Companies in miami, florida willing to hire a felon?
    Is there any companies in miami, florida willing to hire a felon?
    2 Money 284
  30. FBI ID
    What does real FBI ID actually look like?
    2 Technology 95
  31. Jobs for a person convicted of a nonviolent felony?
    What jobs are available for a person convicted of a nonviolent felony?
    3 Money 109
  32. What jobs hire 14 years olds in us?
    What jobs hire 14 years olds in us?
    3 Money 120
  33. how do you get a truck driving job with a felony
    how does a person with a felony get a truck driving job
    2 Money 75
  34. Who will hire a teenager?
    I need a job who will hire me cauz I am 14
    3 Money 35
  35. Can I hold a liquor license if I have a felony or misdimeanor charge?
    2 Money 153
  36. can i still get my teachers credential with felonies on my background?
    4 Education 8
  37. What jobs hire a 14 yr old
    6 Money 12
  38. Does UPS hire convicted felons?
    Can I get a job with ups if I am a convicted felon
    2 Money 425
  39. Is there an animal shelter that will hire a 15 year old?
    3 Money 501
  40. Will the felony show up?
    I have an feonlie but iwas not convicted of it do it show on my background
    3 Money 20
  41. Can a person with a felony work in Real Estate?
    can a person with a felonies on his backgroung have a career in real estate?
    3 Homegarden 90
  42. List of jobs that hire felons in richmond va area?
    List of jobs that hire felons in richmond va area?
    2 Money 457
  43. Does the government pay companies for hiring felon?
    When a company hires a felon, is there a government grant or money that they get for hiring them?
    3 Money 202
  44. Who is hiring in Victorville, CA besides the fast food places?
    14 Money 84
  45. Is there a way to trace my family tree without hiring a geneologist?
    6 Family 25
  46. babysitting hire
    Will people hire some one to look after their kids, if they have never had any experience?
    2 Money 40
  47. What kind of restaurant will hire a 16 year old?
    What kind of restaurant will hire a 16 year old as a bus boy?
    3 Money 62
  48. How should I write my resume with felonies?
    How do I write a resume and If I have a few felonies on my record will I still be able to get my record expunged?
    3 Money 63
  49. Who hires convicted felons in Houston, Texas?
    Who hires convicted felons in Houston, Texas? My convictions were 15 years ago.
    2 Money 85
  50. list of employers who hire convicted felons in houston, tx
    I am looking for a list of employers who hire convicted felons in houston, tx.
    4 Money 457
  51. I want to hire a tutor from the website
    I want to hire a tutor from the website When do I have to pay for the lessons? How should I pay them? Do I pay the website or the tutor when I meet her?
    4 Education 13
  52. Company in Tennessee that hires felons?
    I really need to find company in tenn that hires felons
    3 Money 60
  53. Hiring 15 year olds in North Charleston, SC?
    What companies in North Charleston SC will hire a 15 year old
    3 Money 399
  54. Why wouldn't someone hire a person that needs a job?
    Some struggles more then others why wouldn't a person hired that person.
    15 Money 45
  55. What places hire for felonies??
    My boyfriend is in jail right now and he has felonies on him... And he gets out in december and wants to get a job.. But we arent to sure what places hire felonies.. I would apperciate it if anybody could give me a list of places that hire felonies...
    2 Money 55
  56. What jobs are hiring felons, In St. Louis, Mo?
    If your a sex offended what jobs in St. Louis, Mo is hiring felons. Who willl hire a felon. Where can I find the most jobs hiring felons.
    3 Sex 247
  57. How long after a conviction do you have to mention a felony?
    how long after a conviction do you have to answer yes on an application in georgia
    2 Money 68
  58. is there an animal shelter near freeport n.y that will hire kids 14 and up?
    3 Money 89
  59. What jobs hire ex-felons in Los Aangeles county?
    3 Money 52
  60. How do you train a dog to pee in the proper place and without hiring a trainer?
    3 Pets 21
  61. What are some jobs that would hire a person who doesn't have their h.s. diploma just yet?
    2 Money 14
  62. Is it possible to get a gaming license if I have old felonies?
    I have felonies that are almost 11 years old. Is it possible to get a gaming license
    2 General 38
  63. Where can a non-violend felony find employment?
    where can a person with a non violent felony get employment
    2 Money 34
  64. Should I tell the Post Office about an expunged felony?
    I applied to the post office for a job. I have a felony conviction on my record that was expunged. Do I have to tell them about this?
    3 Money 175
  65. Will any jobs in Houston hire 15-year-olds?
    Is there any jobs in Houston,tx that are hiring 15 years old kids
    4 Money 1133
  66. How do I get my firearms card back if I have a felony?
    I got a felony over ten years ago how do I get my firearms card back
    2 Politics 13
  67. What states hire felons?
    I am trying to find a state that wont hold my pass felony against me
    2 Money 153
  68. What kind of programs are there to help felonies?
    Their is no help for felonies that are seeking help tha are in need for an job what kind of programs are out her in sc to help people with an felony
    2 Money 30
  69. Can I get a job as para-legal or medical secretary with a felony conviction?
    2 Money 62
  70. What restaurants hire felons?
    Where can a felon in Virginia find a job workin in a restaurant as a cook or prep cook?
    2 Money 303
  71. Employment after a felony conviction
    Is there a job placement program or a job placement facility that assist felons
    2 Money 57
  72. What law firms will hire convicted felons in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi?
    2 Money 49
  73. When walking into an office how do you ask if there hiring?
    Walking in to a medical office how do I ask for a job. Need advice ASAP
    4 Money 169
  74. Where to work in Austin with a felony?
    I need to go to work so as a felon in austin tx where do I place an aplication?
    3 Money 36
  75. What places in Illinois hire 13-year-olds?
    Where can I work in Ill. at 13?
    2 Money 180
  76. What companies hire convicted felons for office work?
    I am looking for a list of websites and companies that hire convicted felons in the office clerical work.
    18 Money 1482
  77. How can I get a decent job with a felony?
    I have a felony of theft by taking,and a good work histor how can I get a decent job?firsttimefel
    4 Money 49
  78. Do you think fbi knows about the secret recipe of kfc.
    Do you think fbi knows about the secret recipe of kfc and how to made coca cola I think somebody has to know.
    2 Food 32
  79. What companies will hire felons?
    I am looking ror apprenticeships and companies who hire felons .I live in north central Arkansas.
    2 Money 172
  80. Will anyone hire me when I'm 14?
    I need a job. but im only 14.. would any one hire me??
    6 Money 154
  81. What trucking companies will hire felons in IL?
    Will you please give a list of trucking companies that will hire convicted felons in Illinois?
    3 Money 213
  82. Will goodwill industries hire a felon?
    Will goodwill industries hire a felon that has rehabilitated and never served time..I need a second chance
    3 Money 180
  83. Hiring a convicted felon
    are there any employers that are willing to hire a convicted felon that made a mistake but trying to make right in michigan?
    9 Money 121
  84. How can I find someone to hire me for child care?
    I just turned 14 and I can't seem to find somewhere that will hire me for child care. Can anyone help me?
    2 Money 23
  85. where does a convicted felony get a job in ky?
    where does a convicted felony get a job in ky. I have tried all the cdl schools and all the places around here and no one will hire me?
    4 Money 67
  86. felony for airsoft?
    what kind of offense is it to shoot cars with airsoft guns, and what are the consequences if you get caught?
    2 General 36
  87. Deferred adjudication hiring?
    Do you have any leads on potential companies that hire people with a background such as deferred adjudication which is more than 10 years ago?
    3 Money 88
  88. Do yooh think Hy-vee would hire me??
    Do yooh think Hy-vee would hire me?? Im 15,,&& live in the Midwest,,
    2 Money 189
  89. What companies hire felons in Raleigh, NC?
    What companies hire felons in Raleigh? My charge is not violent, nor a drug charge and is five years old.
    2 Money 154
  90. Hourly cost of hiring a limo?
    does anyone know how much a hiring limo cost for bout an hour because I want a limo for me 18th bday
    4 General 60
  91. What is the hiring age for mcdonalds in akron ohio?
    Because my sister told me that they hire at the age of 15 and I wanted to find out if it was ture
    3 Money 208
  92. daycare or any jobs hiring 14 year olds
    Do you know any (particularly DayCare) jobs that hire 14-year-olds in pennsylvania?? (media, that is)
    14 Money 691
  93. Where do I get a good paying job with a felony?
    I want a good paying job where do I go with a felony that happened 13 years ago.
    5 Money 173
  94. Where can my boyfriend work if he has a felony?
    can you tell me where i can go find my boyfriend a good job even though he's a convicted felony
    2 Money 67
  95. Trucking company that will hire an ex-felon?
    Do you know any trucking company that will hire an exfelon who just recieved his class- a cdl? Thank you
    2 Money 135
  96. Someone please hire kids that are willing to work.
    Will anyone hire a 14 year old in Memphis,TN?
    3 Money 49
  97. Are there real companies that hire homeworkers?
    ones that do stuff like envelope stuffing...assembling...typing...?
    2 Money 11
  98. What is the difference between the FBI and the CIA?
    I always thought these goverment agencies were the same if you know the difference tell me please thank you.
    3 Politics 21
  99. Do you think its right for a companys boss to not hire a person who has tattoo's and piercings or even to fise someone because of them?
    12 Money 38
  100. Felony that is five year old, where to get a job?
    I have an agg. Domestic battery conviction that is five year can I find a job?
    2 Money 13
  101. What place besides McDonalds will hire felons?
    Are there jobs around othere than McDonalds that hires Felons in PA? Ive been searchin for a job for over a month & no one wants to hire me.
    2 Money 111
  102. where is a record componay that will hire a girl band?
    I need a great record deal that will hire 13 year olds in a band and we also sound great!
    3 Music 13
  103. Does McDonalds hire 13-year-olds?
    17 Money 2039
  104. Other than fast food, where will hire 14 and 15-year-olds?
    What other jobs besides fast food places hire at 14 and 15 years old? Need help fast!
    4 Money 359
  105. What exactly is a felony?
    I usually see questions here in funadvice about people having felony charges. What exactly is it? I don't think we have that in my country. Or maybe we do but in a different name...
    3 Money 87
  106. What does an employer expect to hear from a person their hiring?
    What does an employer expect to hear from a person their interviewing. What are some things I can do to be calm and have the boss like me?? and want me to work for them.??
    3 Money 47
  107. Do you think those secret documents of the FBI about the existence of aliens, that just became public, is real or just another conspiracy theory?
    5 Science 13
  108. What do you think about companies hireing bounty hunters to see if their employees are really sick when they call of work?
    7 Money 39
  109. How do you get a felony lifted?
    My boyfreind is a felon due to marijuana possesion. I was wonder if he could get this lifted and how he would go about it.
    2 General 46
  110. Why is it so damn hard to make legit money with a felony?
    Why is it so damn hard to make legit money with a felony??? Its almost as if they want us to go back to making fast money so that they can just throw us in prison again!!!
    2 Money 58
  111. What are places that hire at 15?
    ok I dont want a huge long list ...I mean places like actual stores and subway and places like that...does subway hire at 15?
    3 Money 197
  112. Would you hire a 13, almost 14-year-old to babysit your kids?
    Just out of curiosity, how many mothers or fathers would hire a 13 almost 14 year old to babysit your kids?
    7 Money 60
  113. What kind of places will hire someone my age?
    Im 14 and my parents want me to get a job. What kinda places hire kids my age, in MA?
    2 Money 79
  114. Is there an animal shelter or hospital that will hire 13 year olds?
    I was hoping that there would be a job at an animal hospital, or an animal shelter that hires 13-year-olds? I live in Chalfont PA
    2 Money 424
  115. Where in Edmonton would hire a 14-year-old?
    I Am 14 years of age but having trouble finding a job in edmonton alberta? do you know any places that would hire me?
    3 Money 640
  116. What are job agencies that hire felons in Los Angeles?
    Hi, I would like to know if anyone knows of any job agencies that hire felons in Los Angeles, California??? please help???
    3 Money 165
  117. What companies are always hiring?
    I know like mcdonalds, walmart, superstore, grocery stores, and restraunts, etc. but what are some other places that are always hiring in canada???
    2 Money 116
  118. Who will hire a 14 year old boy in Chesapeake Virginia?
    I was wondering what kind of job could I get if I'm 14 years old?
    3 Money 80
  119. Where can I find a felony friendly job in colorado?
    I'm new here in colorado,I want to make a difference in my life...looking for a good job
    2 Money 45
  120. Felonies
    Will I stand a better chance of finding employment with a bachelor degree after being convicted of a violent crime or will this hinder my chances even more?
    3 Education 39
  121. how can I seal my felony?
    I have a felony from 2005 and I want it sealed. I am taking a course as a medical Assit and I want to take the cerification,. I have a certificate of relief but that is not enough, I need something else.
    3 Money 43
  122. Do Federal Felony Charges show up on a job backround check ?
    Hello, I am being charged with a couple of felony charges but haven't been convicted. Will theses charges show up on a job back round check for employment?
    3 Money 120
  123. What places in Phoenix, AZ hire at 15 years of age?
    I am looking for a job in Phoenix, Arizona, and I can't seem to find/contact any places that hire at 15 or 15 and a half years old. Any suggestions??
    4 Money 1515
  124. How can I get a job with an FBI felony record?
    I have a felony record with a FBI number. It has been over twenty years but with the FBI, no matter how long they go back in a search the FBI number is there. I am a different person today and have been for some time. I would like to change the facts ...
    3 Money 46
  125. How to get a job when I've been charged of a felony?
    I've been charged with some felonies,but they are not convictions,just charges..but when ever I go to apply for a job I dont get hired. Is there anyway to take this away or is there any good jobs that will hire a felon. in tampa fl.
    4 Money 66
  126. What place will hire a 13-year-old?
    I need a job really bad. Where can I get one where they will let a 13 year old work?
    3 Money 65
  127. How can my husband find a job with felony charges?
    My husband was charged with felony! It was a fight five and him, self defense and still charged with felony. He has been looking for a job for a whole year and can't find one. We want to relocate to miami, where can he look for a job?
    2 Money 390
  128. How to find musician to hire in Liverpool or Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
    Hi out there! I´m looking for a musician to hire in Liverpool or Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada. Could anyone give ma an idea?
    2 Music 25
  129. Will the Catfish House hire a 14-year-old?
    4 Money 42
  130. What are some sites where I could go to find jobs hiring?
    Im in serious need of a job and I have been having the hardest time finding places that are hiring.So does anyone know of any sites what list places that are hiring?
    3 Money 51
  131. Who- do you guys know who is hiring right now?
    K I need a job because I really want to leave the one I have...pls let me know if you know of anyone thats hiring right now..thanks ;]
    3 Money 50
  132. What will hire me when I'm 15?
    2 Money 73
  133. How can apartments and reality deny me because of felonies?
    I have a few felonies from about 2 years ago and im a single mom trying to find a place for us to live but no place will rent to me because I have felonies isnt that discrimination?
    2 Homegarden 44
  134. What places hire 14-year-olds?
    I am trying to find a summer job, but a lot of places don't hire people that are 14. any places you know that do hire 14 year olds near vancouver bc?By the way does burger king and those like places hire 14 year olds??
    19 Money 1839
  135. Do you know any stores that hire 16 year olds for there first job?
    I wanna work when I turn 16 which will be in like 4 months so most of my friends work at fast food but do you know any stores that hire 16 year olds for there first job?
    3 Money 83
  136. Where can a person with a felony find a job in Michigan?
    I am a 45 year old woman that made a bad choice, now I have a felony conviction. Where can I find a decent job in or around Adrian, MI?
    2 Money 65
  137. What medical jobs can you get with a felony?
    I am about to start college and I have felonies on my record. I want to pursue a degree in the medical field but I'm not sure what I can do in the medical field if anything. Does anyone know what jobs if any someone can do with a record in the medical ...
    2 Money 102
  138. Is there a free way to look up felony records?
    My best friend is dating a new guy who just got out of prison. I dont believe he was locked up for the reason he gave her. is there a free way to look up felony records?
    2 General 53
  139. is it true that the ppl that hire models are looking for ppl that have a big gap between their teeth?
    ..i heard it on the radio..iz it true? gaps the new thing cuz i dont think it iz..?
    49 Money 44
  140. Is there an Animal Shelter near Slidell Louisiana that is looking for help an will hire a 15 year old part time without a workers permit?
    2 Money 70
  141. Who will hire 14-year-olds in Virginia?
    Ok I have gone through so many places to find this out that is not even funny. So can anybody help me please!
    6 Money 579
  142. Do think I could get hired somewhere?
    I have my tounge, ears pierced 6 times, my nose peirced and I have 6 visible tattoos if I cover them and put clear studs in do you think that I could get hired somewhere?
    5 Money 11
  143. What places hire 15 year olds in dayton ohio?
    Im 15 years old and I need a job so I can help out around the house and stuff but I cant fin nowhere thats hiring?
    2 Money 463
  144. where would people hire 14 year olds for jobs in manchester ?
    does anyone know anywhere that people are hiring for 14 year olds to baby sit or go to day care nurserys to work ?
    3 Babies 68
  145. I have a felony but not convicted nor charged with anything.
    it is still on my record but their are a lot of jobs that will not hire me because of that.they will not read the felony all they say is it has to be 7 or 10 years old to hire you.all that is on my record is the arrest.why is it harder to find a job th...
    2 Money 100
  146. How can I hire a nightclub for a 17th Party?
    For mine and My boyfriends party (joint party) we want to hire out a nightclub in Bristol. How would I find out about prices or even if they would let us hire it? I was wondering if anyone had done it before and had some information on it? xx
    3 Entertainment 48
  147. What places hire 15-year-olds?
    what are some jobs in jacksonville Fl that a 15 year old can work I've looked ever where and only found Publix and Burger kind
    7 Money 1025
  148. When will my felony leave me alone?
    i was convicted of a felony years ago and it still runs my life. i can't believe that one little mistake when i was a teenager is following me. where can i find a job, other than Bob Evan's?
    2 Money 35
  149. How can I get a job with a felony charge?
    I have a felony chrage and Iam having a really bad time trying to find a job. I was hanging out with the wrong crowd and got blamed for something I didn't do. How can I get a job with my charge in my city?
    5 Money 187
  150. Are there places that hire short models?
    I'm not really interested in modeling but I was just curious, are there people who hire short models? I'm 5'0" tall btw. And I've been told I'm pretty a lot sooo just wondering.
    3 Money 116
  151. Background check and old felony
    I recently was offered a job with centerpoint energy pipeline I accepted pending a background check. I have a feolny conviction 16 years ago should I be worried?
    5 Money 362
  152. Which humane societys will hire a 14 year old?
    the who was just so I could ask the question. I want to save money for a ferret and my mom wont let me get a dog or pay for the ferret. Will MI humane societys hire me?
    2 Money 54
  153. can a person with a felony get a jobin the medical field in ohio
    I am wondering if there are any jobs in ohio for a felony 2 burglary charge that occured a little more than 5 years ago in the medical field in ohio...with the proper schooling of course...
    3 Money 74
  154. can I be a nurse with a felony
    I was wondering if anyone has had to take a background check to get into nursing school. I want to start nursing school next semester but I have a felony and dont know how I am going to pass the criminal background check in california. does anyone know...
    5 Money 77
  155. Will any companies in Atlanta hire felons?
    My son has been to several emplyment staffing agencies and companies seeking employment after being laid off. He has not been unsuccessful in finding a job due to his criminal background. Are there any agencies or companies in the Atlanta, GA area that...
    3 Money 198
  156. Will parents in a small town hire me to babysit?
    I am 14 years old and would like to babysit as a summerjob but i dont have much experience and i havent taken any of the courses but i am great with kids. Do you think parents in a SMALL TOWN would still hire me?
    4 Money 17
  157. Can you get your gun rights back in Missouri after a felony charge?
    Unlawful use of a weapon sections 1-4 felony d in missouri. Sentenced to 5 years probation. Will I get my right to bare arms back after my probation is served out?
    2 Politics 116
  158. Two theft felonies, where can I find a job and apartment?
    I have two felonies, and there both theft. I was wondering where I could find a job in, Davenport or Bettendorf, Iowa. I'v been looking and no one wants to hire me, because of my two felonies. I was also wondering about housing, I'm looking for a studi...
    3 Money 17
  159. Can You work for the FBI with a felony charge ( not Conviction )?
    I was charged with a Felony Animal abandonment and falsifying an official Document While I worked for the Sheriff's Office. I didn't actually do the crime, I just covered up for someone and learned a valuable lesson. I was not convicted however, in...
    3 Money 159
  160. Why do these major televison networks use everyone they hire to sing and act?
    Like Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Miranda Cosgrove. It's really annoying because they always fix their voices.
    2 Entertainment 13
  161. Has anyone committed a felony?
    I'm working on a paper on this topic and I need real life situations. After the felony, could you find a job? If so, what is your job? What was your punishment? Do you regret doing what you did? Any advice would be really appreciated! Thanks..
    3 Money 23
  162. Where can my husband work with a felony record?
    Hi My husband is looking for a job but everybodys turning him down because of his backround. You said you know some agencies or something. Well we live in the Van nuys area do you have anything for that?
    2 Money 36
  163. Are felonies OK after seven years?
    someone told me after seven years a felony doesnt have any effect on your job applications is this true? That after seven years of completeing my probation I will not have to put it on them or that it is not considered in the hiring decision...this sou...
    3 Money 168
  164. Where does someone with a felony get a decent job?
    Where does someone with a felony on their record go to get a decent job? I cannot get a job ANYWHERE...I have a 6 year old Forgery charge...which I didn't do (honestly) and I cannot get a break. I live in Arizona where a Forgery charge is worse than vi...
    2 Money 51
  165. Would you hire a guy dressed in female interview attire?
    Ladies, if you were the boss, how many of you would hire a guy who came in for an interview in proper female interview attire? The ensemble would include light make-up, stud earrings, a nice skirtsuit, hose and heels.
    4 Money 59
  166. FunAdvice Trivia: What section of the FBI do The X-Files fall under?
    A) Paranormal Investigations B) Serial Kιller Task Force C) Special Operations D) Violent Crimes
    13 Funadvice 31
  167. Felony conviction
    I am being charged with 3 felonies...Intent to Breaking and Entering, Conspiracy : Intent to Breaking and Entering, Monumental Damage of $1000^. I have never been in trouble with the law ever before. What's the most likely outcome of these charges. I'm...
    4 Politics 28
  168. How can a felony be expunged in california?
    I was charged with a felony back in 2004 for a dui accident with some injuries. I have since then paid all dues. Completed all programs requierd, and completed 0probation with excellent reports from my p.o. I just hope I do have another chance after su...
    2 Money 18
  169. Will anyone hire me?
    I am a 14 year old girl and I live in mesa arizona. I need a job to pay for my cell phone bills, which runs around $20 a month. I would really apprecatie some help.
    3 Money 56
  170. What are some business that hired 16 year olds?
    well im looking for my first job, and I'm very very nervous, i probably won't get the job anyway cause ill probably mess up in the interview,, but anyone know some business that hire 16 year olds, In peoria Iliinois? ( im not talking about odd jobs)
    5 Money 31
  171. Felony Jobs
    I have a felony. It is so far impossible to get a job anywhere. I have started a brokering firm as a result, but am looking for something else. Any advice on what I should do? I am unfortunately not a college graduate, but am working towards the means ...
    3 Money 58
  172. How to find someone who will hire a felon in Camden, NJ?
    I am having a really hard time trying to find somewhere that will hire a person with a felony on their record, I live in Camden County NJ and I have applied everywhere I can think of.. I dont want to lie on the application when it asks if I have ever b...
    6 Money 163
  173. pharmacy technician and felonies
    I am almost finished with pharmacy technician school. I recently got arrested for battery on leo and resisting arrest without violence,these charges seem to contradict! sept. 1st is my court date. if one of these felonies becomes a conviction which is ...
    2 General 19
  174. False allegations, are they a felony offense?
    Okay so about 7 months ago my mother got arrested for false allegations of rape.. I don't live with my mom, but she's living with someone who is already a felon. Now I know that it's illegal for 2 felons to live together, so I curious as to if anyone c...
    3 General 13
  175. How to find a job with a Class 4 Felony?
    I am a 42 year old female, who went back to school last year to become a Medical Assistant. I did very well in school - got A's & B's, graduated and recenty took the certification test. May of last year I was arrested for possesion of an uncontrolled ...
    3 Money 61
  176. How can someone with a felony charge get a nursing license?
    I know someone who has a 12 year old class C felony charge. What happened was, he was drunk and someone came after him.He didn't start the fight, but he took it too far in defending himself. He has been in a recovery program and he would like to get hi...
    3 Money 87
  177. is there someone that will hire a 15 year old ?
    I need a part-time job that has flexible hours because im have school I dont have a permit also I dont really know where I coulld get one and I was looking for a job because I was interested in trying to get one and hoping someone would hire me even ...
    3 Money 65
  178. Do I have to mention my felony?
    I got 10 years probation I've already did 8 and I'm looking for a job but it's hard now a days if you have a felon so I was wondering when I go apply for a job do I have to tell them that I have a felon when the question pops up even though my attorney...
    8 Money 45
  179. What Texas trucking company will hire felons?
    I live in the dallas area and I am wondering if anybody knows of any trucking companys in texas that will hire a felon. that dac program is really making it hard. these people need to know that we paid are debt to society. and we need to get back on wi...
    2 Money 109
  180. Can a person with a drug felony ever become an addiction counselor?
    I am living in Montana. I have a drug felony from 2004. I have cleaned up my life and I am getting my bachelor's degree in Psychology. So far I have a 4.0. I spoke with the state licensing board who said that if I am qualified they have to license ...
    4 Drugs 134
  181. What apartments in Michigan won't deny you because of a felony?
    My husband & I are trying to find a nice apartment in MIchigan, but because he has a felony a lot of places will rent to me, but not him. He was convicted almost 10 years ago & shouldn't be judged because of a bad decision made so long ago. We want to ...
    2 Homegarden 210
  182. I will never be able to get a job no one wants to hire me!
    I am never going to get a job. I have been to 5 interviews and 2 group interivews and every single time I have been turned away, because I know the reason is that I'm too shy, which I am, the moment people see me they know I'm shy and I have no idea f...
    5 Money 171
  183. Why is the CIA and FBI and other agencies picking up random students who study abroad in their colleges because they are Muslim?I live in Pakistan and heard of
    atleast four cases of students who were hauled off for questioning.Two returned safe and sound.The other two have been lost for days.Other cases state that some never come back.O.O Why are innocent students being hauled off like that?!
    3 Politics 18
  184. what ? an Undesignated felony 4 text messaging?
    I'm looking for a trucking job in phoenix,az. I currently have an undesignated felony for aggrevated harrasment to my x wife ( text messaging) this falls under domestic violence category. USA the best country in the world ? I have 20 years CDL experi...
    2 Money 34
  185. can I obtain a cna license with a felony on my record?
    I have a felony for possession of drugs after being set up by narcotic agents because I, a user at that time, would not snitch on drug dealers. this was my first and last felony. It happened in 2001 and for 7 years I have not used drugs or been in any...
    8 Education 1209
  186. Felony conviction with job opportunities...
    I am 21 years old and will possibly face a felony conviction in Virginia, when I move back to North Carolina I need to find work...full time and possibly part time as well...are there any substantial possibilties for me when I finally go back to NC? Al...
    2 Money 49
  187. Why don't people hire young teens?
    How come people in fancy places wont give young men or young females a try to be hired? I think that is just Unexceptable. I mean im 14 year's old but im very much willing to save money and not have to wait till im 15 so that this way I have job exsp...
    5 Money 148
  188. Why did Palin hire her high school buddies to high paying jobs?
    The new dept of agriculture head got the job (a former high school classmate of Palin's) because she "loved cows", why couldn't Palin find more qualified candidates? The state (ANY state) is supposed to hire the most qualified candidates, not thos...
    11 Politics 14
  189. How can I improve my chances of getting hired?
    I am currently looking for a job, however, I am very new at job hunting and have never had a job. A friend told me of a place that was hiring, so I called them to confirm by asking them if they were hiring. They said they will be be hiring very soon, a...
    5 Money 42
  190. What jobs in San Diego will hire felons?
    I have felony hard to find a job period. Ill get job when background comes back the job offer is taken back. If anyone can point in direction business that hire or job agencies or any programs in San Diego area please I would appreciate it. Also if any...
    2 Money 245
  191. FBI loses lawsuit based on national security letter, then withdraws
    So, three times now the FBI has used a national security letter (NSL) to obtain information, and then was sued and the defendent one, under the grounds that the request was unconstitutional. And each time the FBI lost the lawsuit, they no longer bo...
    3 Literature 16
  192. Will wamart hire me if I have a misdermener on my background
    I went for a interview had two they went good they said I was hired as long as I passed my drug test and background now its been a week still no call but I got a letter in the mail saying I walmart asked for a credit repot and my misdameener for possio...
    3 Money 96
  193. What jobs are hiring at 15 years old?
    Hi!! Does anyone know any jobs that are hiring at 15 tears old? As of right now, my family is haveing a financial crisis. I want to be able to help out. My dad can't work because he is on disability. My mom has to take care of him and my little brothe...
    4 Money 509
  194. Tips to get hired on the spot?
    Tomorrow I am going to be handing in my resume to DQ, my friend quit (Handed in her 2 week notice) today so I thought right away would be a good time to hand it in. Is there any special thing I should say to the manager? Any tips people have that have ...
    2 Money 66
  195. How to prove myself if no one will hire me?
    I don't need fun advice I need serious answers to a real serious problem in this society. How are we suppose to prove ourselves worthy of of employment if we aren't given the chance to work. What is the purpose of rehabilitation if it's success isn't...
    2 Money 23
  196. Who will hire convicted felons in Houston?
    I'm a single mother of 1, and I was convicted 7 yrs. ago for two 2nd degree felonies. I have had jobs in the past where they didn't check my background. I'm too educated to work in fast food!! I already paid my debt to society by losing my freedom. ...
    3 Money 420
  197. How can I look older so I'll get hired?
    Hey, I'm 16 and a sophomore in high school and I really want to get a summer part time job. The thing is, I look like I'm still 13 and I don't think many people would want to hire someone that looks so young. I'm not going for a big job, just this cut...
    2 Money 15
  198. Who in the medical feild will hire a felon?
    In the past I've got into a lot of trouble.out of all the trouble, I was charged and convicted of a felony. I've been out of prison now for a year and a half. My son is now 5 months old and im really wanting to go to college to better myself and set a ...
    4 Money 371
  199. Will the felony arrest of meg whitman's son negatively impact her run for the CA governor position?
    I just read that he pushed a woman at a bar for taking his baseball cap...she broke her ankle and there are witnesses that corroborate her version of the story. I dunno about you guys...but, I think he needs to start learning to hold onto his soap. On ...
    13 Politics 35
  200. Would you hire a male babysitter?
    Well i have long experience working with children as a summer camp counselor and after school program tutor with elementary school children ect... One of the parents suggested that i should look into babysitting position that i would be good for it. I ...
    13 Money 50
  201. Getting a job with felony charge no conviction.
    I am 52 years old and recently messed up my life due to drugs. I embezzled a large sum of money from the company I was working for. I am an Accountant,Administrator and a female. Due to my clean record I was given Probation in lieu of conviction. I...
    3 Money 70
  202. Misdemeanor
    Can a job not hire you because of a misdemeanor charge.
    3 Money 222
  203. FBI obtained phone records against policy, and tried to cover it up
    So the very least that the FBI has done is obtained phone records without proper internal justification. And, potentially, it was illegally obtaining phone records. Why is this kind of thing not bigger news? The government (Federal) massively abusin...
    9 Politics 19
  204. Any real jobs that are willing to hire a 13 year old?
    I was just wondering if there were any jobs in my area or around it(Sharon Hill,PA) that would hire me. I mean, they make a big deal about you HAVING to be 14 years old. I know it has to do with safety and everything, but if you think about it, it's no...
    6 Money 195
  205. Can I go to college in cali if I have a felony?
    Just grabbed a class 4 felony obstruction of justice and a class a misdemeanor resisting a peace officer.. even though we all know this justice system is bull poop(you are not allowed to say "sh*t" on funadvice apparently)...I still get footed with t...
    3 Education 53
  206. How to charge a hired (Wisconsin) lawyer who never showed?
    How can I collect a refund from a (prepaid) Wisconsin Lawyer who pushed the case back forever and now not only has it seemed impossible to connect with him but he didn't appear for the latest hearing? Judge said I've got to find a new representative. B...
    2 Politics 16
  207. Why wont anyone hire me?
    i've been applying at so many places. i apply at about 5 to 10 places a day since last year may after i graduated and every single place has turned me down, even places with "Help Wanted" signs. i've never had prior job experience becausse i couldnt ha...
    13 Money 49
  208. Trying to find work with pending felonies?
    My boyfriend at the time mother was arrested.Which was a shock.I went to see her at the jail and got arrested and charged with six felonies. I've never been in trouble before.I was in jail for 2 months due to my bond being so high.theres 11 co defenden...
    3 Money 159
  209. Convicted felon looking for a job
    Can you give me companies that will hire people with felonies?
    3 Money 65
  210. Felony job.
    Ok, so im 17, and I have two felonies on my record, I really need a job, and I have literaly applied 2 times at EVER place in my town. I would apply out of town, but one of my felonies sais I cant drive, so I have no way of getting there. I live in a r...
    3 Money 47
  211. Professor with a felony?
    I am 24 and I am currently facing some felonies for marijuana possesion, delivery, and felony possesion of morphine (even though it ws just one pill). This is my first offense, I have a good lawyer and we're working to get charges amended. Hopefully I ...
    2 Money 192
  212. Not sure what I can do in the world with this felony
    Okay right now I'm on deferred adjudication for poss of a controlled sub. I have been clean for well over two years and I have been doing well on question is I'm getting ready to sign up 4 school but I'm not sure what I can do in the wo...
    4 Money 29
  213. Are there any jobs for felons in Ohio?
    are ther any jobs for felonys in ohio
    2 Money 58
  214. Hazmat endorsement
    I have a felony conviction that is 7 years old. Would this felony disqualify me from getting hazmat endorsement?
    4 Money 58
  215. Unemployed
    Do you know of jobs that hire felons
    3 Money 33
  216. Tax Attorney Help
    What is the benefit of hiring a Tax Attorney
    2 Politics 14
  217. How old to be to work
    Is there places that hire at 14
    2 Money 38
  218. New at 7-11, sign that says that credit card fraud is a felony?
    The local 7-11 near my house now has a sign printed in black & white that reads, "credit card fraud is a felony"...let me get this straight: the politicians of our country decided that if somebody commits a crime that hurts *nobody* they should be impr...
    9 Politics 84
  219. can I become a nurse in NYS with a class B felony?
    hello everyone! I hope someone can shed some light on my problem without judgement. I recently was convicted of a class B felony for drugs. I really have a passion for nursing and I know I made a mistake but it's always been my dream. it is the only ch...
    2 Money 88
  220. Give me a chance
    I am a otr truck driver with a felony that is 4 years old what company will hire me
    3 Money 37
  221. Jobs for felons
    Does anyone know of any companies that hire people with a felony in their record in Dallas, TX?
    9 Money 492
  222. Boyfriend has 4 Felonies and is in jail for 4 more months
    My ex boyfriend is in jail because he had 4 prior felonies and fell down the drug hole. Got arrested for possession and they locked his ass up. I used to use with him but never was addicted (coke, oxycotton and xanax). I broke up with him because I co...
    5 Relationships 36
  223. How old do you have to be to work at Taco Bell?
    How old does taco bell hire employees?
    4 Money 224
  224. Need help finding a job
    Where can I find a job for a person with a felony
    3 Money 32
  225. Anyone know somewhere that'll hire 13 year olds?
    I'm a thirteen year old girl who's looking for a job. My dad's unemployed and my mom is disabled so it looks like I'm gonna have to make the money for our family. I was gonna pick berries but the stupid berry farmer pulled up all his blackberries. ): ...
    3 Money 60
  226. limitations to becoming a teacher
    Can a felony stop someone from becoming a teacher?
    3 Money 42
  227. Is DUI felony just as bad?
    I live in Michigan and in this state having three alcohol or drug crimes is considered a felony. I have been in trouble 3 times in my entire life- (1) in 1996 for UBAL/Under 21 for being a passenger in a car with a BAC level. (2) in 2001 for OUIL wit...
    2 Money 87
  228. what do I do to get a job, 18 and have yet to be hired...?
    I've been putting in applications for 2 years straight, Never had an interview, and I've applied everywhere in my town...I ALWAYS dress one level above what I usually wear, I have kind manners, and yet when I put the applications in, I never hear from ...
    9 Money 161
  229. Where can I find a job being a convicted felon in Cedar Rapids IA?
    When I was 17 I was charged and convicted of 5 felonys and am now charged with 4 more felonys which im currently awaiting sentencing and I need to find a list of employers that hire convicted felons who employes felons?
    3 Money 263
  230. Felony question
    I currently have a felony pending when I got out on bond I never returned to the small town that I was charged I got hired shortly thereafter at a collection agency and have worked there the last 2 years I have not been contacted since by the police or...
    3 Money 18
  231. Jobs for 15 year olds in murfreesboro tennessee?
    what jobs hire 15 year olds in murfreesboro tennessee
    2 Money 166
  232. What can my parents do if I run away?
    6 Family 65
  233. Employment for Convicted Felons
    Which companies in Richmond VA hires convicted felons?
    2 Money 65
  234. How can I get a truck-driving job with a felony?
    I suffered a nervous breakdown and didn't get it documented in time for court. I got probation, community service and a felony larceny. I am going to try to go back and appeal. The other parties involved had trumped up charges that weren't true to hurt...
    15 Money 360
  235. 3 Felonies
    I was 21 and took a plea bargin back in 98 for misconduct with a minor class B, no jail town. I thought I the girl was 18 but she was 15. Parents lied and said they thought I was 17. black guy in a white town no way I would have won in ct. GOD was on...
    2 Money 43
  236. What jobs can I do at 14?
    What kind of jobs would hire a 14 year old and how would I go about doing it?
    2 Money 29
  237. How to find a job with a misdemeanor?
    I see several questions about how to find a job with felony convictions, what about misdemeanors?
    3 Money 231
  238. Can a felon work for a car dealership in Arizona?
    what car dealers will hire felons in arizona or does it matter?
    3 Money 215
  239. Lost my job 2 weeks after being hired - help!
    I really need some advice as I don't know if what my employer did to me was right or not. I previously had questions about how I'd been out of work for 5 months after being made redundant, and was having no luck finding a job. I then told you guys that...
    8 Money 249
  240. Summer job
    I am 14 years old and I am looking for a summer job. Is there any place that will hire a 14 year old?
    2 Money 42
  241. Are there jobs in Florida for convicted felons?
    is there anywhere in deltona florida that will hire a convicted felon. I need a night job and so far nobody will hire me. all I hear is I will get back with you thanks wayne
    2 Money 105
  242. Jobs For Convicted Felons
    How do you find a list of employers in Indianapolis In that will hire felons?
    42 Money 502
  243. Gun Posseession
    Convicted of felony in 2001 reduced to felony theft was released in 2004 and no longer live in that state It was Nebraska im in Missouri...Can I possess a firearm
    3 Politics 49
  244. where can a convicited felon find a job in california
    I've been looking for a job for 6months and no one will hire me bacouse of my charges, where can I find a job that will hire someone with armed robbery and gun charges on my record?
    2 Money 38
  245. jobs for convicted felons in phoenix arizona?
    can you give me a list of companies that hire convicted felons in phoenix arizona?
    20 Money 678
  246. What jobs are in Tampa, FL for felons?
    Can you give me a list of companies/job in Tampa,FL that hire convicted felons?
    3 Money 356
  247. Job in texas
    Can you tell me who hires exfelons in grand prairie tx area
    2 Money 21
  248. Truck Driving
    Please let me know what truck driving co. will hire convicted felons ??
    2 Money 58
  249. Can anyone help me figure out how to get a job?
    I have a couple of felonies on my record, completed everything that I needed to do a year ago, but am running into the issue of no one wanting to hire me because of my past, is there anyone out there who can tell me where I can go to find a job for con...
    5 Money 35
  250. Jobs for ex- felons in columbia, mo?
    Where can you find someone that would hire a felon in columbia, mo.
    2 Money 155