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  1. Please help me! Prego help
    If you had sex a month ago now you got a belly on you but when you sit up it's rolls and I can still suck my tummy in all the way and I can like grab the fat, butmy tummy looks like a hill smaller at top goingdown and gettingbiggrr HELP
    8 Sex 884
  2. What Detox Pills Work for THC Removal and do they really work?
    I am taking a 10 day Detox product (pills) and drinking roughly 1 gallon of water a day. Has anyone ever had success with 10 day Detox pills--do they really work for THC? I'm 6'2, 175, go to the gym 2 times week, on average. I'm very lean--roughly ...
    1 Health 1081
  3. What hurts you more handspanking on bare bum or belting on jeans?
    I am getting a spanking from tonight and I am thinking about avoiding big pain and welts. I am a 13 years old girl. I rarely get spanked from dad ,usually my mom spanks me
    11 Babies 1986
  4. Stomach feeling "tight"
    Is it normal for your stomach to feel tight around your belly button? I've noticed mine does when you push on it and it only feels that way around my belly button. Everywhere else feels soft I guess you'd say. Is this just because I'm not fat *no offen...
    3 Health 7896
  5. Will Chinese slim tea make me lose weight?
    Hey jess thanx for your advice , hey by taking Chinese slim tea will I lose weight? Cause it makes me go toilet a lot , or should I still make myself puke ? Please reply I'm so fat Jessi, nice name by the way.
    14 Nutritionfitness 1730
  6. Why won't the mother dog feed her puppies anymore?
    A dog I recued 1 1/2 ago has had puppies..yes its my fault but the vet woundnt do it earlier she was to young so he says...she had 6 puppies I made a nice big box witha heatlight and helped her deliver.. she was good mom and new what to do when they tu...
    13 Pets 9630
  7. What does the average 15-year-old weigh?
    Well I'm 15, and well I think I'm fat.. But my mates say I'm not, I want to know for sure for myself, so can you tell me: What does the average 15 year old weigh?
    42 Nutritionfitness 46904
  8. How can I suck in belly fat completely and properly?
    I just have a little and i dont wanna have a belly for this carnival im going to, how can i suck it in properly/make it stay smaller for that day (i mean fast temporary methods)
    1 Nutritionfitness 889
  9. What should I do when my mom gets on my nerves?
    help. my mom gets on my nerves and I dont know what to do when she gets on my nerves, I cant talk back to her I cant tell her to shut her fat face, and I cant just leave the room or where ever where at. anyways can someone or anyone give me some advice...
    7 Family 1377
  10. Is it true that playing piano makes your fingers skinnier and longer?
    Ive played for 2 years ---fat and short hahahahha
    10 Music 1081
  11. How can a 14 year old girl lose weight?
    I feel really fat and I always feeling left out meaning that all of friends are skinny and I’m not. I try to do a diet plan but it doesn’t work for me. I don’t know what to do. I’m feeling less confident about myself every day. I want to lose 20 poun...
    40 Nutritionfitness 12631
  12. Why does my stomach hurt when I walk?
    I woke up in the middle night feeling like really bloated and my stomach was rumbling and hurting bad... all day I have been walking around pain. My dad and mom said its because I am probably constipated or full of gas... I know grose... but I took Ga...
    2 Health 918
  13. How can I lose 40 pounds in 2 weeks?
    I am 13 years old and I weigh 144 pounds. I am extreemly over weight. In 2 weeks i am going to a new school. and i do not want to be the fat girl anymore! i have had it with people pretending to puke when they see me in a bikini. I have had it with alw...
    11 Nutritionfitness 3706
  14. Is it normal for your legs to "jiggle" ?
    Im 5'5" and 114 lbs. Im not fat, and my legs aren't huge or anything, they just like jiggle when I walk and stuff, I know this sounds so stupid, but I was wondering if its normal for someone fit to have jiggly legs, and how to get reid of it. - ple...
    8 Health 1563
  15. Why do boys like boobs?
    Why do boy like touching girls breasts, they are just fat. Like what is the point of touching them sucking them or any other sexual act? So why do males like females breasts?
    10 Sex 1267
  16. Disadvantages because of Asthma
    I am asthma,I don't find it a big deal,never had to use an inhaler only when the doctor wanted me to for a breathing test,but I find tha I get out of breathe easily when I work out,dance,run etc. I'm not really out of shape,I am definetley not fat,but ...
    1 Health 825
  17. Who has hairy stomach (girls only)?
    I am a 15 year old girl and have a hairy stomach. No one knows about this.. As I havent shown anyone it since I got it a few years ago. I pretend I just think I'm too fat for bikini's ect. Is this normal. Anyone with the same problem. Pls help?
    6 Style 5779
  18. How can I make my tongue smaller?
    my tongue is really fat and long && it makes me have a really badd tongue thrust and lispe.I hate it
    2 Style 1379
  19. I smoked pot10 days ago ie been downing water will I pass?
    I weigh about 140 with very low body fat, I've also been adding creatine to my water
    4 Food 841
  20. Doesn't throwing up your food make you bloated?
    She throw's up her food. She's always complaining about being fat. And she isn't. But when you throw up your food doesnt your stomach like bloat and your face gets bigger too?
    10 Health 5808
  21. Y do I have wide stomach when im skinny
    Hi I am a fairly skiny girl and I have 34b boobs but when I look in the mirror head on my stomach looks wide when I look from sideways its flat stomach it looks odd in shirts does anyone have this prob is there a way to fix it its so ugle ists like lo...
    10 Nutritionfitness 6584
  22. Too fat for navel piercing ?
    am I too chunky to get a belly button piercing? I'm about 5'2'' 1/2 possibly 5'3'' by now, and iweigh about 133-135.
    13 Nutritionfitness 1006
  23. Can hips be slimmed even though its bone structure?
    My body structure is that my hip area is kind of wide, even if I lose the fat the bone structure at my hips are wide, is there any excercise that can help to slim it?, because I heard its really hard to slim your hip when its your bone structure thats ...
    3 Nutritionfitness 2708
  24. fat rib cage
    what exercises can I use for reducing rib cage fat
    1 Nutritionfitness 1488
  25. Do you think Jonathan Davis has gotten way too fat?
    Ok Jonathan Davis, I recently saw him on a show... monk I think it was and he got really fat, I lost all respect for him so what if he can play the bag pipes? he's starting to sing terribly now since he can barely hold his breath. Do you people agree w...
    9 Music 1066
  26. A few stomach related questions
    Why does you stomach look insanely fat after you eat? Mine always does! I'm skinny so is just because my food hasn't digested yet? It always seems that after I eat a big meal that my stomach looks bigger than usual and then I feel fat =/ So is just ho...
    3 Nutritionfitness 1467
  27. How do I lose weight fast in my stomach area?
    I have a very fat stomach, I need some advice as to how to lose fat in my stomach fast.
    2 Nutritionfitness 936
  28. What foods can I eat to make my breast grow?
    I'm 13 and I don't seem to be starting growing breast when most of my friends have, it's really embarrassing for me to put on tight close or a bikini when I'm so flat chested.. I usually wear a padded bra and just stuff. Are there any foods I can eat t...
    17 Food 5520
  29. Why when I look at my vagina I think it looks skinny or not fat?
    Is there a way that I can make my vagina look fat and attractive please help anyone ):
    3 Relationships 2643
  30. What do people mean when they say you have a fat vagina (pussy)?
    Well I was talking on the phone with this boy I talk to and he asked me if I had a fat pu*sy so I was wondering what is that supposed to mean and is it good. Also is iit good to have a "deep" pus*y I always hear that too please help me out!! Thanx
    1 Relationships 897
  31. How do you lose the arm fat by your armpit?
    How do you lose the arm fat by your arm pit...and close to your boobs? Please its so gross...I hate wearing anything that show it... (this is not a pic of me, just one I found to show what im talking about)
    8 Nutritionfitness 900
  32. How can I lose weight in my stomach and vagina?
    I Have A tubby tummy and I also have a rather " fat " vagina ... ... is my vagina " fat " because my stomach size or not ? and how to I loose stomach weight and weight in my vagina ? can anyone recommend exercises for them two things ? thanks a l...
    9 Nutritionfitness 12226
  33. how to become fat?
    I am not havin any hip and my butt is very small.what should I do? I am very thin and my hands are also very thin.please give some good advice to become fat
    31 Nutritionfitness 1178
  34. Am I fat, I weight 9 stone and am 5'6"
    hey you guys! I was just wondering can anybody help me im 17 years old il be 18 in july and I weigh 9 stone im like 5'6 am I fat or what? every one says im not and thinks I have a problem but what do you guys think? oh my lord I just want to be skinny!
    7 Health 2885
  35. I have a little extra fat on my vag
    I have a little extra fat on my vag, is this normal ? what will guys say? how do I get rid of it
    4 Style 949
  36. Why is my vagina really fat at the top?
    I have a really fat vagina at the top im scared of it beacuse I am only 15 and im scared to loose my virginity to anyone because im scared of being laughed at by my first boyfriend because of my fat vag please someone give me a tip to get rid ot it??
    17 Health 53122
  37. how can I gain fat or muscles in my butt, I want a big butt
    I am 24 and am skinny but a I had a some size a year ago I was weighing about 130pounds but I come from a slim race of family with big butts. my mom have a big but I had a big but untill last year I was on medication for a medical problem that melted a...
    13 Nutritionfitness 5088
  38. Why do fat people hate on skinny people?
    How come it is all the fat people calling skinny people sticks, beanpoles, anorexic blah blah blah etc... when we arent the ones with fat hanging over are thighs... Breathing hard when we do sumthing... Doubling are portions... dropping over with hear...
    16 Nutritionfitness 929