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  1. How do you run faster
    How do you run faster
    3 Nutritionfitness 41
  2. How do I get my period faster?
    How do I get my period faster?
    21 Health 1476
  3. How can I get faster reflexes?
    7 Nutritionfitness 42
  4. How can I get faster for sprinting?
    13 Sports 43
  5. How can I get a faster metabolism?
    2 Nutritionfitness 36
  6. How do you get weed out your system faster?
    How do you get weed out your system faster
    6 Health 670
  7. sunburn how can you makeit peel faster?
    how can you makeit peel faster
    2 Health 312
  8. how can you makes you breast grow faster?
    how can you makes you breast grow faster
    4 Nutritionfitness 562
  9. How do you get cuts to heal faster?
    3 Health 36
  10. Does your hair grow faster when it's braided?
    23 Style 48
  11. How do you cum/bust faster?
    2 Relationships 48
  12. how to make youtube go faster!?
    3 Technology 42
  13. who is faster, Koopa Troopa or Sonic?
    7 Gaming 11
  14. How do i make my bangs grow faster?
    What can make your hair grow faster?
    3 Style 87
  15. How to help your hair grow faster?
    Is there anything to help your hair to grow faster?
    11 Style 150
  16. Name of cream grow faster breast
    What name of cream which grow faster breast?
    2 Style 736
  17. Make your teeth grow, and grow straighter faster?
    How can you make your teeth grow, and grow straighter faster?
    4 Style 1238
    2 Style 28
  19. grow nails faster
    how 2 grow nails big faster
    4 Style 36
  20. Can anything go faster than the speed of light?
    Can anything go faster than the speed of light?
    24 Science 81
  21. How to hatch an egg faster on pokemon emerald?
    How to hatch an egg faster on pokemon emerald?
    2 Gaming 63
  22. How can I run faster?
    how do I increase my running speed to get faster?
    2 Nutritionfitness 27
  23. do plants grow faster with or without music?
    do plants grow faster with or without music?
    7 Homegarden 95
  24. Do plants grow faster with music?
    Do plants grow faster with or without music?
    10 Homegarden 214
  25. Does cutting your hair make it grow faster?
    does hair grow faster when cut
    6 Style 52
  26. does music make plants grow faster?
    does music make plants grow faster???
    8 Homegarden 161
  27. Which car is faster?
    A Trans Am or a Chrysler 300?
    5 Cars 15
  28. How can you read faster while still comprehending what you've read?
    9 Education 15
  29. what makes google chrome faster than any other browser?
    7 Technology 34
  30. Why does Diet Coke freeze faster than regular Coke?
    3 Food 655
  31. Is it true that fit people digest faster?
    3 Health 19
  32. How can you get rid of sore muscles faster?
    14 Health 36
  33. How can you wake up faster if you're a heavy sleeper?
    13 Nutritionfitness 43
  34. Why wont my tomato plants grow faster?
    2 Homegarden 11
  35. Can teens lose weight faster than grownups?
    10 Nutritionfitness 97
  36. What type of music makes plants grow faster?
    What type of music makes plants grow faster?
    10 Homegarden 137
  37. Product What much I use for my hair to grow faster
    What much I use for my hair to grow faster
    6 Style 42
  38. girls only ways to make my breast grow faster?
    ways to make my breast grow faster??
    4 Style 1998
  39. How can you make your hair grow faster?
    is their any thing that can make your hair grow faster, if you dont have hair.
    2 Style 110
  40. Does drinking alcohol make your period end faster?
    Does drinking alcohol make your period end faster?
    6 Health 1687
  41. How to run faster?
    any gud tips on how to run faster and have a lot of stamina?
    6 Nutritionfitness 35
  42. What is the faster way to recover from a severely sprained ankle?
    2 Health 31
  43. Are there any ways to make your eyelashes grow back faster?
    7 Style 116
  44. What are some ways to make nail polish dry faster?
    7 Style 29
  45. Does the sun set faster or slower during the summer months?
    4 Environment 22
  46. Why is Google Chrome so much faster than Internet Explorer?
    9 Technology 44
  47. which gives better orgasum and is faster?
    5 Sex 117
  48. What is the best way of increasing height at a faster rate?
    4 Health 57
  49. Who do you think is a faster rapper - Eminem or Nicki Minaj?
    28 Music 113
  50. Could a regular bowel mean you have a faster metabolism?
    3 Health 13
  51. Why does the jug boil faster than a pot of water on the stove?
    3 Science 26
  52. Is it statistically true that girls learn faster than boys, and why?
    10 Style 77
  53. What is a good free program to teach you to type faster?
    4 Technology 5
  54. Does soil sink faster in water than sand and soil mixed?
    2 Science 111
  55. What can I use to make black people hair grow faster?
    What can I use to make black people hair grow faster?
    7 Style 60
  56. How do you make your hair grow faster?
    I want my hair to grow longer faster, any tips on how I can do that?
    59 Style 1240
  57. How to grow faster
    I'm 5.3 and I want to be taller so how can I make myself grow faster?
    2 Health 856
  58. What stuff can I use to make my hair grow faster
    How to make your hair grow longer and faster?
    2 Style 93
  59. How do you make your period go away faster?
    all I wnna kknow is how can I make it go away faster...
    11 Health 736
  60. Things to make my hair grow faster??
    whats some things I can do to make my hair grow longer faster?
    4 Style 66
  61. Why do boys fall in love faster than girls do with the opposite sex
    Why do boys fall in love faster than girls do with the opposite sex
    2 Sex 55
  62. Do you burn calories everytime your heart pumps faster?
    do you burn calories everytime ur heart pumps faster?????
    2 Nutritionfitness 51
  63. How can you make your computer faster?
    How can you make your computer run a little faster other than a complete upgrade?
    4 Technology 20
  64. How often should you do the Woman's Body Bible Workout for faster results?
    3 Nutritionfitness 14
  65. Why does it seem that more attractive people make friends faster than others?
    14 Relationships 100
  66. does horse hair shampoo work to help hair grow faster?
    6 Style 90
  67. Why does this site suggest updates get faster answers than questions?
    6 Funadvice 13
  68. How to fall asleep faster at night?
    How can I get to sleep at night faster? It takes forever!! What should I do?
    4 Health 28
  69. Hair grow faster if I have dandruff?
    Does anybody know how I can make my hair grow faster? Get at me
    11 Style 27
  70. Why is my Mozilla Firefox so slow, IE works faster?
    Why is my Mozilla Firefox so D*mN slow!!! My IE works faster.
    6 Technology 48
  71. Will daily jogging make me a faster runner?
    will jogging for 1 hour everyday make me a faster runner? if not then what will?
    12 Nutritionfitness 238
  72. is it true the more u shave the thicker your facial hair will grow and faster????
    51 Style 90
  73. How can I get over the flu faster?
    I have this Flu i can't seem to shake for two weeks. Any ideas?
    2 Health 84
  74. Would windows 64 bit run faster than Windows 32 bit on my netbook?
    5 Technology 22
  75. what is an easy way to make blisters heal faster and form calices?
    3 Health 24
  76. Laptops or desktops--- which is faster?
    will a same configuration laptop work as fast as a desktop? Will there be any performance difference?
    5 Technology 40
  77. Does Afro-American hair grow faster when braided?
    Is there any scientific proof that Afro- American hair grows faster when braided?
    2 Style 96
  78. How to make my hair grow faster?
    They say there are certain shampoo's and or/foods that make your hair grow faster. Is any of that true and if so then what?
    6 Style 25
  79. How do I make my hair grow faster?
    How do I make my hair grow faster? How do I make it shiny and nice? Help! Im a wreck!!
    6 Style 65
  80. Do guys cum faster if they haven't had sex in awhile?
    do guys cum faster when they dont have sex in a long time??...
    4 Sex 1389
  81. Does anybody know anything I can do to fall asleep faster
    Does anybody know anything I can do to fall asleep faster because I have a really hard time falling asleep
    4 Health 13
  82. How to get my hair to grow faster?
    How can I grow my hair faster? Is their anything that will help? Vitamins,shampoos, etc.
    7 Style 41
  83. is there a way 2 make a sunburn go away faster?
    How. Do you make a sunburn hurt less and. Is there a way 2 make it go way faster?
    4 Style 61
  84. what is a better and faster way to get
    what is a better and faster way to get abs keeping your legs straight or bending them?
    2 Nutritionfitness 15
  85. Does squeezing a tennis ball make you play guitar faster?
    9 Music 66
  86. How to get ready faster for school in the morning?
    I spend almost 2 hours.
    6 Style 51
  87. What is another way to make my hair grow out a little faster besides waiting?
    15 Style 73
  88. how can I read faster and stil understand what im reading?
    I want to learn how to read and still unerstand what im reading
    3 Education 18
  89. Does soaking your piercing in warm water with sea salt make it heal faster?
    7 Style 125
  90. how can I have a baby faster
    im only 16 years old and I want to get pregnet faster..
    8 Health 129
  91. Make your metabolism faster?
    What can you do, eat, or take to make your metabolism faster. So that it will burn off food more. An possible make me loose weight?
    2 Health 87
  92. Is there anyway to make my tooth grow in faster?
    is there any possible way to make your tooth grow in faster? any ways or tricks? please help
    2 Health 28912
  93. What are ways to become a faster runner?
    any tips, and does losing weight make u run faster i heard it does
    11 Sports 15
  94. How can I learn German faster?
    do you have any good things to help me learn grman faster I can conversate but for school that is not enough!thankz!
    2 General 22
  95. Is there any way I can make the clay dry faster?
    Ok so I asked a question earlier about if I can paint the clay when its not dry yet. Is there any way I can make the clay dry faster?
    2 General 152
  96. When I charge my laptop will it charge faster on power saver mode?
    When I charge my laptop will it charge faster on power saver mode if im using it or does it charge at the same rate on high performance during use
    3 Technology 182
  97. Is there a way to make hair grow faster?
    I cut my hair short but now I want it thare a way to make my hair grow back faster?
    9 Style 660
  98. If someone's hair grows faster does that mean that they are dying faster?
    My friend came up with some question that I thought was pretty funny if you think about it. Since hair is just dead cells, if someone's hair grows faster, does that mean that they are also dieing faster? Im pretty sure it doesnt mean that but I just th...
    4 Health 134
  99. How to tan faster on a sun bed?
    How do you get tan? Because my skin is white but I wanna get tan in 3 weeks!
    6 Style 76
  100. What do I have to do to get my preiod faster? Is there a trick?
    I never had my first preiod before and I it so bad how doi get it is there a trick to get it faster give me signs and awnsers please!
    3 Health 64
  101. Mane 'n' Tail makes your hair grow faster?
    does it makes your hair grow faster? im thinking about buying it. does it also make your hair nicer?
    3 Style 119
  102. How can I make my hair grow faster
    I want my hair long again I dont put chemicals in it but I do Like shampoo and condition how can I make it grow faster
    7 Style 43
  103. Which internet browser is faster?
    I need to know because next week I am switcing from Internet Explorer,which is faster between Mozzila Firefox or Flock?
    4 Technology 12
  104. How to make it grow faster or calm it down?
    Is there any possible way to make your hair grow faster? And also I have really curly hair are there any products that can help calm it down??
    35 Style 161
  105. Make nails grow faster?
    Is there any way that I can make my fingernails grow faster? I'm trying to grow them out and make them pretty for my winter formal dance.
    9 Style 85
  106. How can I make my computer run faster?
    My desktop has been running slow (like turtle slow). How can I speed it up (cheaply, plz.)
    2 Technology 23
  107. Any products that make your skin tan faster?
    lol the world has lots of stuff so I thot maby
    4 Style 51
  108. Which processor is faster - intel pentium dual core 2.50ghz or the intel core 2 duo 2.4ghz?
    5 Technology 11
  109. Is there a way that i can make my Google faster?
    Whenever i open internet, it takes so long for my homepage to open, or any 'tabs'.
    2 Technology 35
  110. Does anyone know how to make your hair grow faster?
    I cut my hair to donate it . Awhile ago & my hair just won't grow?
    6 Style 33
  111. What foods can help me get fat faster?
    What foods can help me get fat faster?? a college student so I need foods I can easily find and buy...thnks!
    4 Nutritionfitness 11
  112. How do I make my hair grow faster?
    how can I make my hair grow faster im so tired of short hair and dont suggerst extentions either they cost to much
    8 Style 95
  113. How can I help my hair to grow faster?
    My hair grows so slow, and I want To grow it longer, but it seems like It takes forever. Is there any way to Make it grow faster?
    9 Style 71
  114. How to tan faster?
    How can you tan faster without going to the tanning bed and fake tanner. I need a natural tan in 3 days!!! PLEASE HELP!
    7 Style 719
  115. menstration pills??
    anyone know any pills to make me menstration (period) normal? mines come evey 3 or 4 months...
    3 Health 12
  116. How to make my hair grow faster
    Im desprete to grow my hair to my waist im suick of using scraggy extentions Any help?
    9 Style 45
  117. who is faster, Bolt or oscar?
    wow they are both really fast runners oscar is past news ,Bolt is really headlining the olympics.Tell me what you think
    5 Sports 21
  118. How can I make my boobs grow faster?
    I'm starting to grow boobs but all my friends are almost full grown. How do i get full grown quick!
    5 Style 72
  119. What works faster with pills?
    Okay so my ex boyfriend told me he snorted pills... I slipped on him and asked him why he would do something so stupid!! And he said that is you snort them they work faster. So do pills work faster if you swallow them or if you snort them?
    4 Health 60
  120. How to make your eyebrow hair grow and eyebrows grow faster?
    How to make your eyebrows hair grow and grow faster? I want them to be thinker and fuller. Also since im asking about hair, also how do I make my beerd and mustache grow faster as well?
    2 Style 194
  121. How can I help my hair grow faster and longer?
    I have shoulder length brown-reddish hair. And I need something that will *work* to help it grow faster. Does anyone know how to help your hair grow faster and longer?
    58 Style 377
  122. How can I get through puberty faster?
    How am I a fourteen year old in a eleven year old size body?!?!?!?!?!? How do I get through puberty faster??? Please give me advice, I am f*** pissed!!!
    8 Health 745
  123. Would I finish my period faster If I used a pad?
    would I finish my period faster If I wore a Pad instead of a tampon? please Answer xx. Love Dearly
    6 Health 156
  124. Explain Firefox for me please is it safer / faster?
    Explain Firefox for me please.. I don't have it.. but I'm thinking about getting it.. is it safer?? Faster?? Better in what wayz?? in comparison to Internet Explorer.
    5 Technology 43
  125. way's to get to sleep faster!?
    ok I havent been able to get to sleep untill like 2 AM and I have school starting back up soonn. what are some way to get to sleep faster?
    6 General 39
  126. How do you tan faster without getting a sun burn?
    I am a person who wants to tan but I really don't have the time to tan... I was wondering if there is a faster way I could possibly tan
    2 Style 173
  127. Faster weight lose..running or jogging or walking fast?
    the best way to loose weight...would be? running? walking fast? or jogging? thank you for your help
    4 Nutritionfitness 57
  128. Do eyebrows grow back faster if you shave them or wax?
    If I go get my eyebrows waxed, when they grow back, will they come in thicker and bushier or will I have to keep getting them plucked/waxed?
    6 Style 102
  129. How is it that the user who posts about handbags is getting points faster in one day than I have in 2 years? Makes no sense I tell you! >.<
    30 General 22
  130. Is it normal to not have a faster heartbeat or not to feel too excited when i have sex?
    I want to have sex though.. just seems like I don't have a very excited reaction these days..
    3 Sex 43
  131. how can I fall asleep faster and stay asleep?
    how can I fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer I think I have insomnia and I cant fall asleep until 1am I go to bed at 11! And I wake up at 7 or 8 I want to fall asleep faster and stay asleep?
    2 Health 63
  132. How to get rid of bruises on legs faster?
    Hey everyone, ok I have bruises on my legs from playing sports, does anybody know how to make them go away faster?
    2 Health 110
  133. What foods make hair grow faster and longer?
    I want to grow my hair long fast. So what foods are there which contain the vitamins needed to support hair growth? What foods help hair grow faster and longer?
    3 Nutritionfitness 64
  134. How can I make my belly button piercing heal faster?
    I dont know if there is a way to make belly button piercings heel faster..but if thyr is will somone let me know pleasee(: Thanks.
    4 Style 259
  135. How to help my baby's hair grow faster?
    My little girl is 1 and her hair is growing slowly what could I put on her hair to make it grow faster and thicker to see some results
    4 Babies 51
  136. Does the ps3 slim die faster?
    Im saving up for a ps3 and im kinda interested in the slim, does anyone know if it overheats easier ,or other tech problems?
    3 Gaming 52
  137. How do I get my splits down faster? stretch when sore or no?
    should I stretch a lot one day and not the next couple days when I am sore and then stretch a lot again or stretch every day even when I am sore and can't go down as far?
    3 Sports 51
  138. How to stop menstration for vacation?
    I have my tubes done so I'm not sure if taking the pill is good for me any other options I have only 2 days to find out?
    2 Health 51
  139. How do I get faster for track season??
    This is kinda a hard question but does anyone know how to get faster for track season?? Im already sorta fast but I need to get faster, so any help well be AWESOME!!!
    5 Sports 67
  140. how to make faster internet with dial up?
    I have aol dial up and its really slow so I want to know how to make it faster I allreaddy downloaded firefox it went faster but not fast enough please help.
    2 Technology 44
  141. How can I get faster with the kick pedal on drums?
    So I'm teaching myself to play the drums and sometimes I stutter on the kick pedal when I go faster or my leg starts hurting, any tips on how to perfect this?
    3 Music 39
  142. How can i make a week go faster??
    I have a big day on the 22nd for a few reasons but im really exited and worried at the same time.Is there any way i can make the next week go faster than usual??
    5 Family 40
  143. How to get rid of your voice changing faster?
    my voice just started changing it took forever but back on topic would it help me get rid of it faster if I talked a lot less or does it not matter
    2 Health 28
  144. Why do I orgasm faster from sex than masturbating?
    I need some help I dont have sex like a lot but when I do I c*m quick but when I rub one off I dont c*m quick any advice on that one
    5 Sex 22
  145. Is there a way to make my hair grow out faster?
    I went to the salon to get it layered, and she layered it, and took off 5 inches!! I miss my long hair!! How can I grow my hair out quickly??
    2 Health 297
  146. How to make my laptop go faster?
    its a Dell Inspiron 1521. pink. it goes really slow. I have almost 1000 pictures. ha could that be it ? what can I do to like make it faster ??
    10 Technology 176
  147. What is a really good trick to blow dry the back of your hair faster?
    and don't say blow drying it upside down haha cuz then all i have a puff, i've tried thanks=)
    14 Style 12
  148. How can I fall asleep faster at night?
    I can't get to sleep every night. I'm 13. It takes me 4 hours to get to sleep and I have to wake up at 7:00 every day.
    7 Health 49
  149. How to make my hair grow faster and healthier?
    I am a guy 29 years old and im not sure what to do with my hair since I want to have very very long hair. I want to grow my hair down to atleast the middle of my back. What can I do to help my hair grow faster and healthier?
    3 Style 43
  150. How to make hair grow faster?
    Does anyone know how to make hair grow faster, or as fast as possible? I know that everyone is different, but I'm just wondering if they're anything I can do to make my hair longer, and I dont mean extentions=)
    4 Style 48
  151. Taller faster.
    I need to know what I could do to grow fater/taller. I know you cant fight genetics and age when it comes to height. But I need somthing that would help me grow taller and faster (besides milk). help!
    2 Nutritionfitness 48
  152. Is it possible to get pregnant having sex during menstration?
    Is it possible to get pregnant having sex on my 4th and 5th day or last day of my menstration? I had my 1st day period last March 10 and it's April 9 now and I havent had my period yet. Thanks.
    3 Sex 38
  153. More Money Faster
    Please help me by giving e advice a getting money quicker. I only have $4.59 and I need $17.16 more! Do YOU know how I can get it? Please help me! I'm trying to get something that is $21.75. Please help!
    3 Style 25
  154. How can I help a scab disappear faster?
    I have a scab on my face (not from acne or anything) it's kinda like road rash i guess.. so how can I help it go away, or be less noticable?
    10 Health 289
  155. Where would you shoot a zombie to kill it faster, head of center of body mass?
    Im not talkng about a video game, but in real life when the zombie apocalypse comes.
    9 General 36
  156. Does Mane 'n Tail shampoo really make hair grow faster?
    I've heard and read that it does, but does anyone have any personal experiences with it? Thanks in advance (:
    13 Style 72
  157. Does anyone now anything to make my hair go faster?
    Okay I got this really short layered hair cut! Like in november last year & my hair hasnt grown since!!! Does anyone now anything to make my hair go faster?
    4 Style 39
  158. how can I cum faster
    Me and my girlfriend have been dating for 2 years now and she always finish way before me and she feels upsat that she can't make me cum but I'm not just a 2 min guy it usauly that's me 45 min to and hour min to cum is there something I can do to mak...
    2 Relationships 74
  159. Does nicotine help you run faster?
    My boyfriend claims that if I let him start smoking he'll run faster. He says that when he smoked before he ran faster then what he does now. Now he wants those electric blu things, which would only have nicotene in them. Will this actually work or is ...
    6 Nutritionfitness 47
  160. How can I make my hair grow faster?
    How can I make my hair grow faster? It grows really really slow, like it doesn't grow at all.. My mum cut her hair 2 times these 2 months, and my hair is almost the same length, maybe little longer.. So what should I do/eat to make my hair grow faster....
    15 Style 72
  161. What Can I do to get pregnant faster?
    I am 23 years old and have been trying to have another baby for 1yr. I know I can still have babies. What can I do to get pregnant? I tried having sex everyday of the month with my husband. Should I get fertility pills?
    7 Sex 37
  162. How can my nails grow faster?
    I used to chew them, yes nasty habit, but I stopped about a month ago, finally, but they are taking forever to grow. other peoples grow like bamboo, but mine like snails.
    3 Style 52
  163. How can I level up in Mw2 faster.??No BOssting.?
    iM level 20 prestige 5 all my friends are 8 9 and 10 but without boostin or cheating how can I get there quick plzz help
    5 Gaming 69
  164. Which burns fat faster - swimming or jogging?
    well I have a debate on a friend of mine and he pisses me off. Hes like Saying This and That,NO stupid! its that and this.[if you know what I mean] I cant say this and that because I don't really know. But What I do think is Jogging :)
    5 Nutritionfitness 62
  165. Can someone tell me how to be more girly faster?
    I want to become more girly. When im girly I feel supa cute and everything and I like that. I skate and im athletic but id rather be a girly girl.. someone help?
    9 Style 72
  166. I have a big cut on my face,is there anything which will heal it faster??
    its a very big cut from a scratch and deep. Its starts under my eye and ends on my top lip. please can you give me advice and is there anything to make it hide until it goes???
    2 Health 52
  167. Could I get pregnant during my menstration?
    I had sex with my boyfriend during my menstruation. I thought it was the end of my last period. Right after 5 minuets onwards there was little blood I saw on my panty. Could I get pregnant?
    3 Sex 20
  168. Is there a way to make torrents download any faster?
    Any tip would be appreciated. I've been torrenting like mad the past few days, but now I'm down to the ones that are going obscenely slow. Any ideas?
    2 Technology 11
  169. Is it true that undyed hair grows faster?
    I dyed my hair a lot and now it's kinda damaged. I want to grow it out and start over with fresh un-dyed hair. Does anyone know of any ways to make it grow even a little bit faster?
    6 Style 185
  170. Is there a faster way to lose weight?
    6 Nutritionfitness 11
  171. Best way to make computer go faster?
    Whats the best way to make a computer load faster? Mine always says not responding and is really slow, I don't have a virus on it because my brother cleared my computer not so long ago. Anyone have any ideas?
    6 Technology 47
  172. How do I get my hair to grow back faster?
    mom cut my hair all wrong. It's uneven. The hair on the top of my head is all long while the hair on the sides it really short. What should I do? Is there a way to make it grow back faster? Should I ask mom to even it out? If there's no way of makeing ...
    3 Style 53
  173. How to repay a loan faster?
    I'm a man with no future planning for my expenditures...I owned a personal loan of $10,000 and now I can't repay and the company is noticing me continuously. so please help me out with some of the great advices how to repay my loan fastly.
    3 Money 12
  174. how to grow hair faster?
    I had a waist-length you can see..but I made the biggest mistake of my life and now it's just above my shoulder.. anything I can do to speed up my hair growth?how long will I wait for it to grow long?please help!!
    3 Style 342
  175. Tragus or rook piercing, which hurts less & heals faster?
    I want to get one either my tragus or rook pierced. But I don't know which one hurts more, takes more time to heal, etc. If you'd had either done or know anything about them please let me know(:
    15 Style 8669
  176. Well excess masturbation cause faster orgasms?
    So I heard somewhere that if a male masturbates he makes himself cum faster each time to experience pleasure faster...which I think makes sense. A male wants to experience pleasure and masturbates...but is it true that if a male masturbates it will act...
    6 Sex 45
  177. How can I fall asleep faster since school starts soon?
    Hi. I go to bed at takes me until 4:30 to go to bed.what should i do to help me go to sleep faster.i start school in 1 week.
    2 Health 25
  178. how do I become a faster drummer?
    I've been drumming for about a year and 5 months, and personally I think im awesome for only drumming for about a year and a 1/2, but im not reall good at speed, can any one out there give me tips on how to get faster, with my hands and my feet.?
    5 Music 62
  179. how do you lose weight faster?
    how do you lose weight faster? I mean what do ui have to do enable to stay fit and healthy.what shuld I eat enable to lose the fat off.I way 177 lb and I dont know how to lose it all off. please help and reply fast thanx
    6 Nutritionfitness 38
  180. How to get my hair down there to grow faster?
    How can I make my vagina hair grow faster? My boyfriend thinks im sexy, but I know that a hairy bush turns him on, so how do I get my vagina hair to grow really fast? by the way, im not a freak, im 24, brown skin, volumptuous, I just wwanna really tu...
    3 Sex 116
  181. how do I get my hair to grow faster?
    my hair was long and my ex boy friend was over obsessing with it so I got it all cut off so its a little above my shoulders, and now to my luck he moved and I miss my long hair, is there any good way to make my hair grow faster? I hate the way I look n...
    2 Style 38
  182. how can you make your teeth grow in faster?
    how can you make your teeth grow in faster? my orthodontist said I cant take my braces off until it comes down! and its taking MONTHS AND MONTHS!!! im sooo sick of my braces!! I've had them on for almst 3yrs now because of my tooth problem... can you p...
    2 Health 8398
  183. tweak to make my internet faster
    sir I have a adsl connection of internet, and my speed is very slow ! can you give some tip to make my interne tfaster during bwosing and downloading without using a software booster? or upgrading technology?
    2 Technology 58
  184. how to gain weight faster when you have a high matablolism?
    I have chicken legs im 13 and weigh 86 pounds and every one at school makes fun of me about my size and shape.): can you help me at least gain a few pounds?!?!?...
    7 Nutritionfitness 19
  185. What can I do to help me get pregnant faster?
    I have very irregular periods and about a month and a half ago had a miscarriage at 10 weeks. My husband and I are veyr ready to be parents but im having a hard time getting pregnant again. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
    4 Health 16
  186. My laptop is very slow what can i do to make it faster?
    My laptop is getting old it has 5 years and it has windows 7 but i have to wait like 30 minutes to installs like 24 updates and thats make me crazy so if i change windows 7 for windows 8 that would make it faster or not. Tell me please thank you.
    2 Technology 19
  187. Faster Motabalism?
    Is there any way to get a faster motabilism? Well I know you have to lose weight and excersize every day and stuff...But like, I have an extremely slow one, and even if I don't eat anything for like 2 days, I eaither stay the same weight or acutally ga...
    2 Nutritionfitness 21
  188. Do fingernails grow back faster if you bite them or cut them?
    I know that sounds really stupid of me to ask, but i have long(ish) nails and i'm doing this volunteer program and you can't have long nails but when it's over, then i want my nails to grow back fast so i need to know if i should cut them off or bite...
    7 Style 74
  189. Why do they say girls mature faster than boys?
    This is really baffling me, I'm not sure how this came about but I'd really like to know if you agree with it or not and what your take is on it! :) It's not to say that guys aren't immature but generally, more girls are more commonly perceived as matu...
    33 General 58
  190. How can I get my nails to grow faster, They are always short?
    Is not because I bite them... I think that's nasty but anyway is becausei like do lot of things and like there is constently qemicals in my hands and all and I can't work whit gloves I'm always scrbing severeal things and all... any adivse on how to gr...
    4 Style 74
  191. Does horse shampoo help make your hair grow faster or, at least, healthier?
    I'm thinking of using Horse Shampoo since I cutt my hair really short cause of split ends and I would like to start taking care of my hair more and growing it out too.
    9 Style 17
  192. What's the best way to read faster
    My management coaching tells me that there are some proven methods of fast reading (understanding the content), like looking at the line in the middle. How do people really improve their speed, or does it just happen or is there any valid conscious...
    3 Education 18
  193. does Jello make your hair grow faster?
    I got a bad hair cut and I want these stupid layers to grow out FAST. how can I make my hair grow faster? what things can I buy at like walmart to help it grow faster? anything?!?!?!?!!?!??!?!?! im desprite! I look like a dude with a mullet!!! I can no...
    2 Style 85
  194. Is there anyway beside pills to make your chest grow faster?
    Im 14years old and my chest hasnt grown in a year. Im still at only a 32B, all of my friends are at least a size C now and just being around them lowers my self esteem. I need help!!!
    8 Style 63
  195. How to get my hair to grow faster?
    I dyed my hair on 4th February and now its 20th May and I just had it cut... I hate it, it's too short. I had it cut to try and get the colour out quicker. It's grown only about 3cm since February. Is there anything I can do to make it grow another 9cm...
    4 Style 43
  196. tall people are faster runners ??
    hey, I am taking part in a mathematics statistics competition and basically what I have to research on is whether tall people are faster runners? anyone have any information or websites ? of course I am not gonna free load but finding real stats are ...
    4 Education 42
  197. How do i get my processor to go faster?
    Hey, I have a fujitsu siemens amillo A7640w laptop that was made in 2004. It has a AMD 64 mobile athalon processor in it that stay at a constent speed of 319mhz. I know fo r a fact that these processors can go faster then that but i can't figure out...
    22 Technology 51
  198. HELP!-Are there any tricks to make make my boobs develop faster ???
    I've heard about estrogin Pills if I took them would they work??? And I've heard about if I took THE PILL they would grow big aswell??? But is there anything I could do that is possibly naturaal or anything that I could buy in a local supermarket or so...
    9 Style 75
  199. How can I grow my hair faster!
    Ok I need help with my hair people told me to use pantene pro-v buetiful lengths and for split ends an oil dip but thats not really working this is similar to the last one I posted please people help!
    3 Style 33
  200. Help, My boyfriend is cumming faster
    We're having like almost a year of great sex now and I must say, it still is ! but the problem is, he's cumming faster the past few month's. First we could easily handle 20 minutes but now it's lowering to 10/5 minutes, could it be my fault or did he ...
    2 Sex 65
  201. How can you get your hair dye to fade/grow out faster ?
    So I dyed my hair almost a year ago , its been along time and my hair dye still hasent grown out , I have brown under neither and bleach blonde streaks (my natural hair colour is dirty blonde) I know its probebly to late to get my hair to fade, but if ...
    4 Style 117
  202. Do you think girls read books faster than guys?
    Just a random question, I think girls tend to read books faster than guys can(well, the minimal amounts of guys that enjoy reading). like there's girls in my school that read a lengthy book like twilight or LOTR in one or two days, but for me, if I I'm...
    8 Literature 108
  203. How can I make my nails grow faster
    I really want my nails to grow faster and longer...but I dont know how...I've been rubbing garlic on them every night befor I go to bed and I apply this nail growth jelly 2wice a day but I havnt seen you guys think that maybe im applyin...
    4 Style 23
  204. How can you get a faster metabolism?
    I have the slowest metabolism, I can go a whole day without eating and not even b hungry. I dont have enough time 2 take jogs and do cardio, I just walk 2 and from school and dats like a mile. is there anythin alse I can do like foods 2 eat or is it ju...
    4 Nutritionfitness 52
  205. Is there anything to make your hair grow faster?
    I'm 14 and im not losing my hair or anything, but Is there any food, drink, or technique on how to make you're hair grow longer faster? School starts in like a week and I have a specific hairstyle I want which requires long hair. My hair is about an in...
    4 Style 39
  206. How do you make your internet faster?
    Just a few hours ago my computer is going incrediblyslow. So slow that it doesnt respond to when I click sreach saying its done and Ive got only a blank page... Ive tried deleteing cookies and refreshing check to see if I have viruses. I dont know what...
    2 Technology 14
  207. Tips On How To Make Hair Grow Faster
    I've calculated how long it's going to take for my hair to grow back out:2 years. In 2 years my hair will be 24 inches. I'm such an impatient person,though! I want my hair at least past my shoulders. I'd be more than happy then. Does anyone have some ...
    4 Style 53
  208. Can my lip piercing heal faster then others?
    Okay, I got my lower bottom area of my lip piercing. A Labret (I think.) Anyways. I've been cleaning it well and everything. I got it pierced on Tuesday. It hasn't shown any signs of swelling or redness or hurting. I'm really confused... Seriously.. D:...
    2 Health 71
  209. Is FunAdvice working faster now?
    I had an email asking why the site was down, and thought I'd post it where more people could see. We migrated servers again yesterday (second time in less than 4 months) because we simply were getting too much traffic for the one server setup we had. S...
    8 Funadvice 29
  210. Faster than the universal speed limit now huh?
    I hear theres a newish theory that non of my teachers have heard of that during the big bang because of the breaking of of the main forces from the original supper force (gravity+s/l nuclear forces+em force, ect) there was a subatomic particle that tra...
    5 Science 14
  211. How to lose weight faster when using diet pills???
    Okay so I just got some diet pills today called AcaiBurn and I was wondering what else I could do to make it work better? Like what are some exercises I could do that are easy and will help with my weight loss? my family doesnt know im trying to lose w...
    4 Nutritionfitness 13
  212. Is there a way to get spray paint to dry faster?
    I sprayed several coats of RustOleum all surface paint on plastic. It says to use in at least 10C temperature, I brought it into the house where it's 20C at least. It says it is supposed to be dry to touch in 30 min, dry to handle within an hour and t...
    4 Homegarden 47
  213. How do I make him cum faster?
    Ok. So im 13 but I've done quite a few things with my partners genitals. What worries me is that it seems like it takes forever 2 make him cum. And I've tried different things and I've been told what 2 do but it still goes really slow. He tells me its ...
    3 Relationships 124
  214. Why is my virginal discharge brownish?
    My virginal itches while am still menstrating and it produces brownish discharges after menstration, why?
    3 Health 230
  215. How do you make a sunburn disappear faster?
    I was skiing yesterdayy and kinda forgot to wear sunblock. Whoopsie. Now I am stuck inside with the aloe vera gel and I am in extreme pain. My entire neck is a red color and I am having trouble moving around without wincing. I have to go into public ev...
    10 Health 240
  216. Why do guys get off faster with certain girls?
    Me and a friend hooked up a few days ago, we usually only have time for quickies but he always always gets off way before I do. he told me he didnt know what it was about me but I was the only girl he did this with. I thought maybe it was because its k...
    2 Relationships 50
  217. How can I make my period start faster?
    I've had one period before so don't really know anything about it. This one is already a month and a half late, but are these symptoms of it? Here are my symptoms: - diahrrea - mood swings - headaches - stomach cramp - backache - slight feverish...
    2 Health 74
  218. How do I help a blister heal faster?
    I didn't wear my shoes at the beach and walked around on the hot sand and concrete...not such a good idea because i got a big blister on each foot on the ball of my foot. It's really painful, and I have a big hiking trip in 2 1/2 days...I need to help ...
    5 Health 53
  219. How can I get faster at track???
    Okay well I have never been the fastest nor slowest person in pe class, but when it comes to track I am awaysss the last person in my 7&8 grade group. I dont no what I do wrong, I eat heathy, I weigh 136 pounds, im 14, I am 5'4, and I run a whole mile ...
    9 Sports 44
  220. Can I get my laptop to run faster?
    I think a video converter website made my laptop run super slow. It has been this way for the past few weeks now. It used to start up within 20 seconds. Now it takes up to 10-20 minutes. And another 10 minutes just to open up applications. I have ...
    5 Technology 31
  221. How do you heal scabs on your face faster?
    I have more then few scabs on my face that resulted from picking some pimples... I for a bout 2 days I have been putting this gel stuff for scabs its like neosporin and at night covering it with a bandaid but when I take it off im not sure what to do ...
    3 Style 172
  222. What can you do to heal your tongue faster?
    Ok So I gt my tongue pierced yeSterday and it didnt hurt that much but today its hurting a lot I cant really talk and I cant really eat. how can I help the Swelling go down? any tipS to help it heal better? any advie would be good except if your guna S...
    2 Style 43
  223. Firefox or Internet Explorer?
    5 Technology 9
  224. How to make my hair grow faster and longer?
    At yesterday, I went to cut my hair I decided to cut shoulder-length that I was tired of having a long hair and I wanted to change it. But at later at night, I tried to sleep I couldn't sleep at two hours because I was thinking about my hair that I fel...
    3 Style 88
  225. Suggestions to get pregnant faster?
    Almost two years and me and my fiance been together we plan our wedding for april in 2011. but we want to have our son or daughter in the wedding. I am 16 with him being 21. he has a job that can support us me and him and even a lil princess or prince ...
    3 Health 23
  226. is it true that cutting and trimming your hair makes it grow faster?
    i was wondering because i recently got my hair cut from my waist to the base of my neck and i kindof want to go shorter and my mom sais i might need to anyways cuz my hair is damaged from putting clip on bows in it and clips and my ends are quite split...
    20 Style 64
  227. What kind of hair treatments are good to make hair grow faster?
    So, I've always liked the long hair look, my hair is really curly so it looks really good when its long, I would also straighten it ALL the time :]... My hair was probably a little below half my back, I LOVED it.. but then I realized my hair was wayyy ...
    6 Style 35
  228. How can I get my hair to grow faster?
    M'kay so I had hair that went down to where my boob stopped. I had choppy layers. and I went to the hair place majiggy, and I guess the lady heard me wrong or something. I asked for a trim to about 2 inches under my shoulder. Instead the lady cuts ...
    3 Style 141
  229. How can I get rid of my bad cold faster?
    I've been having this bad like sinus cold for the past 4 days. I've had bad sinus pressure making my whole face hurt. A stuffy nose and once in a while a runny one. My eyes were completely red for two of the days.. not anymore though. I've had bad body...
    3 Health 47
  230. Newborn belly button
    Any body know a faster way for a still healing belly button to dry faster??
    6 Babies 63
  231. How do I make my penis grow?
    How do I make my penis grow faster and longer?
    6 Relationships 90
  232. Grow Hair
    how to grow your hair (im black) Faster
    2 Style 64
  233. 1080i or 1080p on a HDTV?
    does 1080p moves faster than 1080i on hdtv?
    2 Technology 66
  234. How do you get weed out your system fast?
    How do you get weed out your system faster
    7 Health 190
  235. Why my booobs are growing veryyy fast?
    My boyfriend and I am doing sex daily my boyfriend sucks my boobs daily and they are growing faster and faster
    4 Sex 201
  236. When will things move faster?
    Here's the deal... I've been with my boyfriend for 3+ years, we live together and all that. We're in love and I know he's the one. We talk about marriage and kids but I can never seem to get it out of him when that all will exactly happen. We're you...
    10 Relationships 58
  237. The speed of dark vs the speed of light?
    Which is faster,the speed of light or the speed of dark?
    16 Science 226
  238. How to sell clothes faster?
    I've been trying to sell my clothes for like maybe 4 months now off & on I'm having no luck at all! Most of the clothes are new & still have tags on them! I've tried posting ads on the online classifieds in my state (its like the newspaper but onli...
    10 Shopping 33
  239. Want to lose weight or gain muscle and run faster
    I was wondering how I could lose some weight and or gain more muscle and be a faster runner I am 15 5,9 196lbs build like a brick s"it house im a big kid theres no hiding that but I wouldnt call my self fat just big and built I would like to at least w...
    4 Nutritionfitness 49
  240. Cumputer clean up.
    I want to clean up my cumputer so that it will run faster because it is slowing down. How do I clean up the cumputer?
    2 Technology 63
  241. plants and music
    I am doing a report on "DOES MUSIC MAKES PLANTS GROW FASTER?"
    3 Homegarden 12
  242. Nail growth?
    What can make my nails grow longer or faster?
    4 Style 23
  243. Does drinking milk make your boobs grow?
    Does drinking milk make your boobs grow faster or does it not?
    4 Health 1923
  244. How to get my butt and hair to grow more?
    How can I get my butt to grow more And how can I get my hair to grow longer faster
    3 Style 103
  245. how to make your hair grow
    does anyone have any tips on how to make your hair grow faster??
    3 Style 24
  246. How can I make stretch marks go away faster?
    I have stretch marks on my boobs, but, on the inside of my thys, my love handles and on the back of legs there not as bad as they used to be but the ones on my iner thys are like a purple color and they turn white sometimes and im very self conqence ab...
    9 Style 104
  247. How do you guys read faster?
    When I first started reading books again, I timed myself as reading 52 pages in an hour. But I seem to be getting slower the more I get into books. My new years resolution is to read a book a week and at first it was a chore kinda but I now I love it!!...
    5 Literature 21
  248. Nail Growth
    how do I make my nails grow longer, faster, and stronger?
    3 Style 25
  249. How can I get over my ex faster?
    Me and My current boyfriend broke up around Christmas,of last year. For about 6 months after we had broken up,I was with this other boy,Jordan. Everything was good,but he was kind of a jerk,and it was pretty obvious that all he wanted was sex,So I br...
    2 Sex 12
  250. can you help me..?
    where can I find a cream that makes my boobs grow faster?
    8 Style 37