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  1. Why is it bad to skip breakfast?
    Why is it bad to skip breakfast?
    3 Health 47
  2. Is it healthy to skip a menstrual period?
    Is it healthy to skip a menstrual period?
    4 Health 77
  3. Is it a good thing to skip breakfast?
    is it a good thing to skip breakfast?
    7 Food 34
  4. How many non-seniors usually skip on senior skip day?
    How many usually skip on senior skip day even though your not a senior?
    5 Education 54
  5. Ok is it bad if you skip a period?
    Ok is it bad if you skip a period? What does it mean if you do?
    7 Health 28
  6. Is it normal to skip periods?
    is it normal to skip a period if you're a virgin?
    3 Health 106
  7. Are you supposed to say "excuse me" when your stomach growls?
    4 General 77
  8. Can I skip drivers ed if I am 17 and under a hardship?
    3 General 52
  9. What's a good excuse for skipping a class?
    if you skip a class what is the best excuse to use? lol please tell meh much love
    8 Education 1983
  10. Can I skip pills on birth control to induce a period?
    7 Health 80
  11. Excuses for being late?
    Whats the best excuse you've told you boss for being late?
    8 General 9
  12. What are excuses?
    I need some excuses to get out tonight what to tell my mom thanks
    4 Family 13
  13. What are some websites like Pandora without the skipping songs limit?
    3 Technology 9
  14. who has an excuse for dialated pupils?
    I need an excuse for having dialated pupils.. its a long story lol..
    7 Health 86
  15. Will skipping a meal help me lose weight?
    will skipping dinner or lunch help me lose weight? explain.
    3 Nutritionfitness 42
  16. What would be an acceptable excuse in court for not taking my defensive driving class?
    7 Education 28
  17. My dog, skip.
    Has anyone ever seen that movie? I think its the saddest movie I have ever seen.
    2 Entertainment 15
  18. What is the most elaborate excuse you've ever used so you wouldn't get into trouble?
    5 Entertainment 15
  19. Why does my boxer dog seem to skip while running?
    2 Pets 13
  20. what are some good excuses to ask your dad why you want to borrow duck tape for ?
    22 Style 37
  21. Why does the grading thing goes A B C D F and it skips E?
    16 Education 58
  22. Is emo an excuse for guys to be gay?
    What is Emo-Kid? I see it every where? some one told me that it's just an excuse for guys to be gay?
    3 Relationships 32
  23. Gauge skipping
    I have my ears gauged to a size 6. I want to get to 00. How big can I skip gauges now? Thanks
    2 Style 65
  24. Is it healthy to skip meals?
    Is it healthy to skip eating the whole day and then eat in the evening? While also exercising twice a day?
    4 Nutritionfitness 34
  25. What excuse can I give my boyfriend so I can stop with him tonight?
    I want to stop at my boyfriends tonight but his told he that he wants a break what excuse can I give him so he will let me stay ?
    3 Relationships 33
  26. What is an excuse to have a sleepover?
    my mom wont let me have a sleepover and I neeed an excuse to convience her to let me have one after she already said no
    5 Family 87
  27. Is skipping good for losing weight?
    Hello.Can skipping helps to lose weight?Heard that it is a good exercise as it is a full body exercise..
    8 Nutritionfitness 71
  28. is it bad if i skip my period every 2 months?
    and is it bad if i dnt get cramps BUT get them after my period somtimes?
    15 Health 60
  29. How many are skipping school or having a late start tomorrow because the midnight showing of Harry Potter?
    3 Education 74
  30. Can you skip out of high school?
    like skip senior year... and if you can would you still get like your diploma or whatever...
    15 Education 54
  31. how I take the pill like skip periods and stuff
    can some one please explane how I take the pill like skip periods and stuff im so confussed!
    4 Health 29
  32. Are Jewish people allowed to skip out on their religion and date outside their religion and race?
    or would that be bad?
    4 Religion 58
  33. excuses fro not doing homework?
    Ok, just wondering if anyone had any good excuses. Thanks, please help. James
    7 Education 39
  34. What's my excuse for missing school?
    Ok, so I'm visiting a school, having a look around. But I don't want my old school to find out, so what will my excuse be for not being at school?
    6 Education 32
  35. What excuse do I use if anybody tells to my parents that I smoke?
    Any body har telled my parents that I smoke and my parents Asking me questions what can I do
    4 Family 38
  36. Should I skip class?
    I skip all the time but I never got caught till today and I was wonderin if I should skip in high school ? I just need some help
    11 Education 46
  37. Will skipping some meals make me lose weight?
    Ok... how about skipping a meal or two... or drinking LOTS of water?? does that help with anything?
    3 Nutritionfitness 39
  38. What happens if you eat a full breakfast, skip lunch and eat a full dinner with a glass of milk right before bed?
    8 Nutritionfitness 50
  39. A doctors excuse or face suspension?
    I dont have a doctors note I never made it to the doctor..I went home and slept it off now I face suspension!!! What should I do?
    5 Education 19
  40. Absence excuses given to your boss or teacher
    What is the best and believable excuse you have ever given to your employer (boss) or teacher for not turning up to work or tutorials? and did they buy it ?
    7 Education 71
  41. Is it okay if you're on a diet but skip one day to eat fatty foods, then go right back to your diet?
    6 Nutritionfitness 21
  42. Why dose the grades go a,b,c,d,and skip e to f?
    If school is so smart why dose the grades go a,b,c,d,and skip e to f??? Some one plzzz tell me why!!!
    5 Education 107
  43. Why do people always assume you hafta be "emo" (excuse the word =D) to shop at hot topic?
    29 Shopping 49
  44. What are the best excuses to get out of work sick?
    What excuses are the best for getting off of work sick? I have a bunch of work and I can't afford to go to my regular job, but they won't just let me have the day off. Need excuses to give to be sick or something for work.
    6 Money 60
  45. What should I do, I skipped school and got caught?
    I skipped school and went and hung out with my friends. They school called my parents and I wasent at home so they couldnt find me... There gonna be home at 5!!! What do I do???
    11 Family 1351
  46. How much weight will I lose if I skip Lunch ??
    I am trying to lose weight how much will I lose if I eat a small breakfast, skip lunch and have a small dinner ??? How much will I lose in a week eating this? I know it isnt healthy but how much will I probebly lose ??
    10 Nutritionfitness 199
  47. Does it count to say you skipped breakfast if you woke up at lunch time and ate right away(considering breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal)?
    3 Health 15
  48. What is the worst punishment in junior high can you get from skipping class?
    A couple of my friends plan on doing it, and I just want to know what's gonna happen to them.
    6 Education 23
  49. What could I write to my French teacher as an apology for skipping class?
    I skipped a french class with my friends and we have to write an apology letter to the teacher. What are some phrases or things I could say that sound sincere (I do not regret skipping that class I learn nothing!)
    8 Education 131
  50. Skipping exercise.
    I skipped 2 days of my daily 1 hour walk, that won't make me fat will it? I plan to start up again, I've just been depressed lately.
    5 Nutritionfitness 15
  51. Who else thinks PMS is not an excuse to behave badly?
    It seems like women feel they are permitted to do whatever they want when it is that time of that month.
    44 General 91
  52. Great excuses
    I really need a good excuse to go out and see a boy very quickly, but my mum wont let me out the house because of previsous trouble I've been in.. Whats a good excuse ?
    2 Relationships 39
  53. How many "skip cards" can you lay down in Uno when it's your turn?
    Ok how many skip cards can you lay down when its your turn? I was playing with my boyfrind and he laided down like 5 different color skip cards in a row... thats not right is it you cant do that?
    3 Gaming 1197
  54. Is it good to skip Breakfast?
    Is it good or what? Sometimes I dont eat breakfast because later I feel like puking it up and sometimes I eat Pop tarts at school I dont know if thats good or not
    6 Food 33
  55. Why the juror always bite that lame excuse that the guy was crazy and hear voices to justify their crimes?
    That is no excuse to forgive that crime. The guy kill that boy.Crazy or not crazy the guy must be punished. What do you think?
    5 General 25
  56. How can you skip scenes in FFVIII?
    Can you skip scenes where the characters are just talking in FFVIII? Etc. the scene where Squall an Rinoa are on the Ragnarok. It freezes during that scene so I can't progress in the story and I'm using a slim PS2. Is it possible?
    2 Gaming 116
  57. to skip or not to skip
    should I skip my last class (child development) this week? it starts in two hours... my reasons for not going: -it's really freaking cold outside...and freaking windy -my teacher can't pronounce the word, "tertiary"...what does that say about her...
    5 Education 54
  58. What are some good excuses for having a knife in your bedroom?
    I'm looking for believable excuses, not something like "a unicorn came in and tried to eat my unborn child so I had to fend it off :D". Plausible excuses only please ^.^
    39 General 168
  59. Gauge size skipping..
    I know a guy who just went from an 8 gauge to a 0 gauge without doing the 6, 4, or 2 first, will that ever heal?
    3 Style 55
  60. is ebonics an actual language or is it just an excuse to be ghetto?
    when i meet pple they will tell me they are bilingual and they will say they speak english and ebonics. and i know i spelt bilingual wrong so dont tell me that.
    7 General 34
  61. Is it possible to skip your period for a month while using the birth control Natazia?
    so my boyfriend is coming over this summer from england for a month, and i really don't want to have to have my period while he's here, is there anyway i can skip my period for a month and still continue to use the birth control during that time?
    11 Health 341
  62. What if you skip your period for a month can you be pregnant?
    I have iregular periods I haven't had my period for 39 days but am having abdominal pain and have done two home pregnancy test and both where negative. can I still be pregnant?
    2 Health 78
  63. What are some excuses ana people would use to say they can not eat?
    im doing my project, and want to know like the people that starve their self to be thin they always have excuses what would be some of them that they'd use if someone asked them to eat
    2 Health 26
  64. Can I skip active birth control pills?
    Because my period will be timed right for the days my boyfriend and i are planning to hangout and i REALLY don't want to be on my period. Could I skip 3-4 active pills so I will get my period sooner?
    8 Health 47
  65. What are good excuses to get out of school?
    Excuses to not go to school I used the oones in my question but I need new ones so help someone you can use thee and if they dont work just tell me and I will try to get ome new ones
    4 Education 35
  66. when should I run in the morning and skip brakfast and run?
    I am 13 years old I am like 160 something and I now I am fat but I wanna lose body fat and l want to lose hips I have big hips?
    4 Health 34
  67. What's an excuse to not go to our mom's friend's party?
    So I have to go to my mom's friends party and I really really dont wanna go. Me and my sister are looking for excuses to use, but cant come up with any or dont find any on the internet!! Help hurry!! Its tonight!!! Thanks xx
    4 Family 52
  68. What does skipping lunch do for you?
    At my school,there's a lot of kids that skip lunch.When we come back to our classroom,there's always at least two people in there who look like they haven't moved since everyone else left.So yea,what does skipping lunch do for you?
    4 Nutritionfitness 85
  69. Does it matter if I skip the sugar birth control pills?
    Please tell me it doesnt matter that ive been skipping the suger pills from my pack of birth control pills? (the pills that i take while having my monthly perioud) & that im still protected from being pregnant? thnx so much!
    3 Health 496
  70. Is skipping breakfast an eating disorder?
    so I have a friend and she usually always skips breakfast. she doesnt gain or lose any weight by it. and I know she feels somewhat insecure about her body although she is of average weight. if people skip meals during the day like she does is that cons...
    9 Nutritionfitness 57
  71. Is it normal to skip a month of your period?
    I skipped a month on my pd. and me and my boyfriend always use protection... l had cramps for a little while aroud when I was supposed to get it. but I really wanted to know, is it normal to skip a month once in a while?? sometimes mine skips around I ...
    3 Health 156
  72. What are good excuses to why I skipped class ???
    There was a bball game second half of school and you payed if you wanted to go and if you didnt, you stayed in class. I payed butt instead of going, I just skipped with my friends when I wasnt suppose to and I dont wanna get in trouble but I didnt want...
    4 Education 599
  73. good excuse?
    yesterday I read on mespace that my ex (that im still in love with) is going to an arcade to see his favorite band play there and told people to go and I want to go so bad but I dont want him to think that im just there cause he is so whats a good ex...
    4 General 33
  74. Why have I skipped 3 periods ?
    I've skipped 3 periods but have been getting cramp all the time, im hormonal and my breasts are sore. Im a virgin so pregnancy is a no. anybody know what could have caused this ? im worrying sick. I've been having periods for four years so shouldnt the...
    2 Health 25
  75. How many days do I get suspended if I skip a class 5 times?
    Ook. I skipp gym bout 5 times in a row dis week. So I wannna know how many days will I get suspended? and I go to george washington high school?
    3 Education 26
  76. I skipped a period, is it just late?
    not had a period over 5 weeks now & im scared cus last time I had sex I didnt bother with contraception but he didnt come inside me, he pulled out as he was about to... is it just stress or am I?!?!?!?! please reply asap xxx
    2 Sex 61
  77. What excuses are useful for coming back home late from gym?
    I usually have one hour and a half for gym. But I have some friends that I like hanging out with afterwards, one of them is a girl I like a lot. So one day I went over her house, but I get grounded for coming back late! "/
    6 Family 34
  78. Need a good excuse for missing school
    Principal's Waiver And I need a letter from my parent explaining the need. What would be a good excuse to letting me get principal's waiver, That I would need to stay home for? Oh and Principal's Waiver, is Were you get a half schedule your senior yea...
    5 Education 71
  79. How can I convince my parents to let me skip babysitting to hang with my friend?
    Me and my friend have been trying to hang for the longest time and we were gonna have a sleepover at her house this Thurs-Fri. my parents were ok with it till they found out my neighbors wanted me to babysit their kids both thurs and fri. how can i get...
    5 Money 52
  80. Do you think this can be an excuse for everything?
    For example, when people say that being gay is because they have it in the genes, or they were born that way, so a thief or a shameless person can use the same argument well im a thief, because its in my genes i can control it and so on, please dont ge...
    4 General 18
  81. What is a good excuse to sleep out at my friends house?
    My mom really really hates it when I have a sleepover. For some reason she cant stand it when I go out? its weird. But I need to find a way to get out and be able to finally have a sleepover because I haven;t had one in about 2 months. !
    8 Family 16128
  82. what will happen if I skipped a day?
    I am taking a birth control pill for the last 2 months, its not to proctect me from getting preg only to help make them regular, yesterday I didnt take one, with it being xmas I forgot, will this affect me in anyway? =/ xxx
    2 Health 23
  83. Need excuse for not going to gym class
    well at school the pool is so dirty and people get liver spots and fungus and stuff like that on their face is there something that I can say so I don't have to go for this week?? like I have a kind of skin problem or something believable
    2 Education 15
  84. A good excuse to miss school?
    I did not ask this question to be spammed with "NO YOU ARE BAD PLEASE DON'T SKIP SCHOOL." Or anything of the sort. Do not ask me to not do this, as it is extremely important I skip a day on Monday, but I'm not sure what to say to convince my mom. I nee...
    12 Education 2151
  85. What would happen if I skipped a month of birth control?
    okay, I won't be seeing my boyfriend for about 3 months (when I turn 18) and I thinking about skipping a month so when I turn 18 and don't have any medical coverage to pay for it I have a little extra time to get it. I would start taking it again 1 m...
    2 Health 19
  86. What's the worst that can happen if I skip testing hair dye?
    If i dye my hair without doing a tester what's the worst that can happen? I mean they tell you you should always do the tester but they also say use the product as soon as its its a waste of product and money....why don't they make little t...
    2 Style 34
  87. Anyone good at making excuses??
    Ok, so im going to a concert with my friend in a few days... I need to convince my dad to let me go over to her house and ride with her there instead of just letting him take me.. Im not embarrassed about showing up there with him or anything, its ju...
    6 General 37
  88. How can I get my computer to play videos without skipping?
    Whenever I watch videos on youtube or try to watch a movie online, instead of it looking like a video or movie, it looks like a slide show, it's not showing skips. Like if someone is talking, you don't see their mouth move, you just see...
    5 Technology 55
  89. What can cause a period to start, last two days, skip a day, start again, and then stop again (random bleeding)....?
    NORMALLY I have an irregular, heavy period... that lasts about 5-7 days. This time, I had a medium period...started 2 days ago, then it skipped a day, then I got it again the next day, then skipped a day again...Sorry, it's confusing, but basically my ...
    3 Health 207
  90. Who can answer if I can get prego if I skip my period for months?
    So I am a virgin I skip my period 4-5 months then go on for 3 days I don't eat like I should since I am on concerta and ritalin, which supresses my appetite during weekdays for school. I pig out on weekends however I weigh 98 and I'm 5' 3" c...
    3 Health 30
  91. What will hapen if you claim job seekers allowance and skip a session?
    if you claim job seekers allowance and they set up and interview for you to go somewhere for and interview to learn how to prepare a c.v/resume but you can already do that by yourself so therefore you dont see it necessary to waste your time and attend...
    6 Money 38
  92. What are some excuses for missing so much school?
    I being abcent out of school for 5 days and even more and I a lot more desided to go drop out but after a wild I realy whant to go back but I need to come up with some good excuses to take to the school so my mom wont get a thicket for $2000?please an...
    7 Education 52
  93. What's an excuse for not eating?
    I don't eat alot, and at home, Mum and Dad never notice, but i'm going out tomorrow night with a bunch of mates to celebrate a mate's Birthday, and we're going to a pub for a big meal. Basically, my question is- what kind of excuse can i use so as t...
    4 Health 26
  94. Should I shave my poor excuse of a goatee?
    Should I have my goatee? I am worried that if I do, I will get more of those "baby-faced" comments that I always seem to get. Asides from that, any suggestions to look older. I am nearly 24 and I can't grow facial hair to save me life. There is a...
    2 Style 26
  95. What is in your purse (for females only, no lying or skipping anything either)?
    Mine: Powder compact, wallet, deoderant, body spray, lipstick, lipgloss, keys, lollipops, babywipes, small notebook, pen, wic booklet, change purse, pink knife, sunglasses.
    61 Style 53
  96. 4 skipped periods.
    my last period was 4 months ago, and I've felt like sheeet lately:( I know I've been really stressed out and I know that makes you irregular, but theres not much I can do about that. is there anything I can do to make my period start? I've been so e...
    7 Health 36
  97. What excuses can I use to get out of eating in my house?
    I've been trying to loose weight for over a year but no diet has worked. I've only been eating only when I really have to lately and its working im loosing weight, but I don't know how to hide it when im in the house. I've gotten to the point were any ...
    6 Food 90
  98. What's a good excuse to convince my mom to have a sleepover.
    okay, well I'm not exactly allowed to have sleepovers and I have no idea why. my friend wants to sleepover. I know I can't ask my padre (dad) because he'll say straight out NO. it's summer and I atleast want 1 sleepover. my brother has had a milli...
    12 Family 1532
  99. Why do I need to give my school a medical excuse?
    Well I'm out of school right now because I had a baby. I am supposed to go back to school this coming up monday but my doctor gave me a note saying not to return until the 18th. I have a medical excuse but I want that to remain confidential between my ...
    4 General 40
  100. I skip my period almost everyother month, sometimes more
    I am a healthy 21 year old that doesn't do drugs, I only drink occasionally and havent taken birth control for years but I skip my period almost every other month and sometimes more. I am not pregnant, I have a healthy diet and am a low-stress, easy go...
    2 Health 94
  101. What do I do? Skipping Class?
    Tomorrow I have my PE lesson first. I really don't want to go. But I'm scared of getting caught skiving. I was thinking about going to school in the morning (because my mother gives me a lift) and then just walking in the opposite direction to the near...
    8 Education 81
  102. Can you lose weight by skipping breakfast?
    Well recently I feel like I have put on a little bit of weight, not a lot, but enough that I notice it, and I was wondering, in the morning I am never really hungry anyway... so if I skip breakfast... could I lose some weight? Or maybe have breakfast a...
    5 Nutritionfitness 72
  103. What should I do, skipping school?
    And don't start on about that skipping class will kill you business. This is different. I need to go to the doctors, but I can't tell my mum. I can't tell her, there is NO CHANCE! The problem is I can only get in during school time, specifically the fi...
    7 Family 144
  104. How to get my boyfriend to stop skipping school?'s starting to drive me mad!! my boyfriend has a habit of skipping classes... and no duh!! - he get's a call home every once in a while... I've had his mum say..."he only listens to you!!" - but honestly...he DOSEN'T!! well not anymore!! I tel...
    5 Education 601
  105. Is it normal to skip months of your period?
    ok i noe its normal to skip months , i noe it normal to have 2 periods with in a month, i noe its normal to have it come early or a few days late...and i noe it normal for it to last for 7 days ...but is it normal for it to come out brown the first day...
    3 Health 38
  106. How many periods skipped is too many to not be able to have children?
    Yesterday I asked about being too thin and it stopping you from getting pregnant. And people said it wasn't as much as being too thin, and more about missing periods. So i was wondering how many periods missed should be a concern. I have missed a...
    6 Health 12
  107. Is this a lame excuse from McDonald's for not honouring my coupon? (read more)
    I was going to buy hot cakes with this coupon discount, for 1.50 and when i showed him the coupon the guy toldme that the cash register wasnt set up yet, with the offer, but the right thing to do would be to set up the cash register first and then put...
    7 Food 13
  108. What is a good excuse?
    K guys I need your help, please. Follow along. I am a sophmore in high school and I am currently in Biology. Our teacher is somewhat nice. Her homework policy is if you don't turn it in, you can turn it in for full credit up until the chapter test....
    2 Education 25
  109. Would you skip school...?
    I have huuuge tests in March. I can't graduate if I don't pass them. But the thing is, my aunt lives in Texas and me, my Mamaw and my two aunts were going to fly down for my cousins birthday. I have these tests the week of the 16th and we were leaving ...
    9 Education 40
  110. Eighth grade, wanting to skip ninth grade.
    I am in eighth grade right now. And I'm supposed to be going into nith grade next year. But I'm smart enough to be going into tenth grade, and my dad says it's a smart descision to go ahead a grade. But I need to know what do over the summer. I wan...
    3 Education 130
  111. How do I try out for cheerleading, when I can't even skip?
    So, one of my friends want me to do cheerleader, but I am probably the worst coordinating person in my family.. And, I can't do the splits, and I hate wearing skirts. but my friend won't do it unless I do, and she really wants to do it lol. o and I'm a...
    3 Sports 38
  112. Why do women use pregnancy as an excuse to gain fat?
    What dummy came up with that phrase? I mean, if you really think about it, you are NOT eating for 2, as the baby really does not need that many calories, esp. in the first few months, when the fetus is less that 6 ounces at most. I mean, really, why is...
    6 Health 137
  113. If I got my period early should I skip the sugar pills or take them anyway?
    My birth control is Levelin (or however you spell it) and I got my period 5 days early for some reason. It looks like I'm going to finish it right as I'm meant to start it so shuold I skip the sugar pills and start a new pack or continue with the sugar...
    10 Health 154
  114. skipping my monthly
    Hi, okay here it is... I'm 17 and since I've started haveing my period I've always been very consistant. But I haven't had one since December. There is no way of me being pregnet, And I haven't really changed my diet. At first I was thinking stress...
    2 Health 17
  115. What: can I loose weight by skipping lunch everyday???
    I am so sick and tired of my dad picking on me everytime I eat. Its not fair. He's been doing this since I was little. So many people tell me I'm so lucky for being as petit and skinny as I am but he makes me feel so fat. And im sick and tired of it. I...
    7 Nutritionfitness 39
  116. What is a good excuse for when I come home late?
    So I like to hang out with my friends untill like 11 at night but my mom says I have to be home at 5 right after school. The other day I hung out with my friends and didn't return until 11:30 and she flipped her lid. I'm really bad at being creative wh...
    8 Family 7826
  117. Im I dumb or blond
    Im I dumb or just blond and have an excuse to be dumb
    3 Education 33
  118. paranoia schizophrenia
    does paranoia schizophrenia skip generations?
    6 Health 69
  119. Loestrin 24fe
    Can you skip your period with Loestrin 24fe?
    2 Health 48
  120. Wagging class
    Good excuses to wag class?
    3 Education 22
  121. What is a good excuse for my bestfriend?
    Okay so my best friend introduced me to this guy and we chilled for a day and then we added him on facebook, then me and this guy got to talking about alot of things and he was wondering why she was acting all cranky and angry at him and i told him its...
    11 Relationships 23
  122. Can I lose a little weight by skipping meals?
    5 Nutritionfitness 31
  123. Who think this is a excuse to get mad?
    I won't go into detail ( cause it a lot). but if you read my old qustion about my night at the military ball. you should know. this girl got mad cause I was dancing with her friend at the ball ( we was dancing for almost the whole time). and she said s...
    2 Relationships 65
  124. Do you think it would be okay to skip between these gauge sizes (read)?
    Okay so either today or tomorrow I'm buying new tapers so I can stretch my ears again. Right now I'm at a 7/16 & I planned to go to the next size 1/2, but I realized theres a lot of extra room with my 7/16 right now & I feel that if I put in a 1/2 it w...
    11 Style 18
  125. Why do people skip to conclusions?
    Ok its a weird q but whatever. When I eat I get a little pudge (lol)on my stomach and when we went out like 3 days ago this waitor at the restraunt gave me this look cause the people asked if we were in high school and I said no then I took off my coat...
    2 Nutritionfitness 46
  126. Why did McCain skip on the vote to tax the oil companies?
    His vote essentially doomed the legislation, just last week. He had the chance to pass it along, and create taxes for the oil companies (which are making the biggest quarterly profits of any company in world history), and provide for that extra tax rev...
    12 Politics 112
  127. Why do guys use blue-balls as an excuse?
    Sooo, I was this kickback all drunk. I ended up not coming home that night or the next day. The day after, this guy I had met the night before comes to the room with me, and it was just us two, no one else wasn't in the room. And out of no where he j...
    3 Sex 147
  128. Codes for lx .
    is their anyway to skip the code thinqg , cause I dont remember the code to the lx , so is thei any way to skip that part
    2 Music 15
  129. Does chewing gum help you lose weight?
    Does chewing gum all day help you loose weight? Does skipping help you loose weight as well? and does skipping breakfast help? xx:)
    16 Nutritionfitness 226
  130. need an excuse to return it
    ok this might be long but please read it + help me... I needed a black skirt for a fancy dress party and on the day of the party I went shopping for one, I looked everywhere and I could only find one in topshop which was £16, so I bought it and wore i...
    17 Shopping 1393
  131. What are some return excuses for Apple devices?
    Okay so when I got my ipod touch 3gen it comes with a 3.1.2 firmware software. I had my ipod jailbroken. Every so often I like to back up and restore my ipod touch and re-jailbreak. The problem is that the last time I restored it, I accidentally agree...
    4 Technology 35
  132. Is Youtube an excuse for people to voice their opinions about emos?
    Okay lately I've been on Youtube a lot more then usual and I've noticed that there is a lot of videos where people are insuting emo's.Also when people have uploaded videos telling people to leave emo alone there is always some sort of negative comment ...
    6 Technology 63
  133. skipped period.. im scared.
    I usually get them every month, around 20's. im only 14. my boyfriend and I didnt have sex. he shot, and he's not sure if any got on his fingers. we did mutual masturbation. and like im late. the last time I had my period was in feb. if I didnt have i...
    2 Sex 287
  134. Chewing gum
    Does chewing gum help lose weight and skipping
    3 Nutritionfitness 61
  135. is breakfast really important ?
    is breakfast really that important ? I skip it everyday , people who used to skip it and started to have breakfast ,, do you think it changed your life and eating habits >
    5 Food 10
  136. Home Early From School
    What is a good excuse to my mum as to why I have come home early?
    3 Education 26
  137. Do people deserve a second chance ?
    Do people deserve a second chance even when you have no excuse for the first?
    13 General 623
  138. Skipped period 3 months - not the first time it's happened.
    I've had my period for 2 1/2 years now, and it is still irregular. Is that normal? I get my periods every 1-2 months, usually every second month. But this is the longest I've gone without getting it. My last period was late august, and now it's Novembe...
    2 Health 62
  139. Bad Mom
    Is my mom bad for letting my sister skip sex ed if she is 12?
    7 Sex 45
  140. Computer times
    My mom wont let me go on the computer . Any excuses?!?!?! Plzzz!!
    3 Technology 14
  141. My usless excuse for a mother!
    OK sooo my mum is a twat and I dont need to go into the ins an outs of it but im 13 and I need her shes 47 and I havnt seen her for 4 years because she got involved with a man in the drugs line Hes ded because of this now but my mum isnt sooo I want ...
    5 Family 21
  142. morning sickness!
    does everybody have morning sickness when their pregnant. anddd, do you skip a period the first month?
    3 Relationships 40
  143. What is bad about exercising every day?
    I've been trying to loose weight so I've been dieting and I exercise everyday. I keep getting told that I should skip exercising like 2 days a week. Is it bad to exercise every day? Should I skip it a coulple days a week?
    6 Nutritionfitness 52
  144. If you could have an extra body part..?
    Excuse me ..!! If you could have an extra body part..? If you could have an extra body part, WHAT... What would You choose for YOU ...? What would You choose for Your partner ? sanks. :) .
    5 General 47
  145. is there such thing as semi anorexia?
    like i do eat but i skip every other day. or what do you call that?
    8 Health 90
  146. Period has a weird schedule
    I've had my period for I think 4 weeks now .. But it skips a lot And I dont get it ! Why is it doing this???
    5 Health 36
  147. Why does my heart sometimes beat funny?
    Like it skips and then i have loss of breath. Does anyone else have this? Is it normal?
    9 Health 36
  148. What does it mean for your ears to 'blowout' with gauges?
    & is it okay to skip from size 6 to 2 or should i go to 4 in between ?
    4 Style 89
  149. Urgent!
    Okay so I skipped like a lot at my school its 69, but there not all full days. On some I just skipped certain periods, so now they are taking me to court for it=/ I wanna know what will be the consequenses of this? Do you think they'll put me on probat...
    2 Education 21
  150. I am a Junior in High School and I have dug a deep hole for myself. Well the story is, I have been skipping my first period class because of bull
    I am a Junior in High School and I have dug a deep hole for myself. Well the story is, I have been skipping my first period class because of bullying. So I just go to the library and I do work for other classes. My grade in my first class is extremely ...
    2 Education 39
  151. damage to the crevix
    by using objects when I masturbate damage my cervix if I use the object too harshly...? I keep skipping my period and I think its because of how often I masturbate. What do you think?
    4 Sex 515
  152. What do you honestly think of political correctness?
    I'm interested in what people think, because I just think it's becoming an overplayed excuse for things..
    33 Politics 37
  153. getting out of going 2 school monday!!!
    what are some of the best excuses uve used 2 get out of school besides stomac aches an headaches???
    8 Education 47
  154. how do I handle my troubled 14 yr old?
    how do I handle my 14 yr old? she drinks smokes has done drugs been in trouble with the police skips school etc etc ?
    17 Babies 44
  155. Creative ways to get off of work.
    I don't want to go into work tomorrow for inventory so is there good excuses or creative illnesses I could catch to get off work?
    2 Money 141
  156. Am afraid of losing my boyfriend...
    He is ignoring all my phone calls and when he answers he gives me excuses upon excuses, I keep calling for us to talk about this but he ignores all my approach. Am stressed and have no sleep from this for the past 2 months. I never cheated on him and I...
    3 Relationships 49
  157. Am I anorexic?
    All my mates think I am anorexic because I skip my tea dinner and breakfast I feel I am too ugly and fat and I want to know if this makes me anorexic?
    5 Health 62
  158. How to explain a boob hickey?
    I had a boob hickey 2 years ago my husband will not let it go. What is a good excuse to get him off my back?
    2 Relationships 1838
  159. Birth control pill
    My sister stole two of my birth control pills (don't ask why) so now I don't have two days worth. What should I do? Do I just keep taking them like normal or just skip two days?
    2 Health 11
  160. Is naivety a crime?
    Not the willfull ignorance, the really basic "I don't know and I have never known up until now" kind of naivety. Excuse my lack of better phrasing!
    6 General 66
  161. Whts the right way?
    How can I let go of my boyfrnd. I just can't be with him <|3 I love him but uqh I just want to be sinqel . How can I say it in the nicest way? Or an excuse? ||:
    2 Relationships 43
  162. Crippling pain after breakfast
    Everytime I eat breakfast in the morning or drink anything my stomach feels like someone is stabbing me. it crippling pain that is the only symtom. usually I just skip breakfast in the morning because of the pain even though I feel hungary I know the p...
    3 Health 101
  163. Will I turn anorexic?
    I think I am fat I am on a diet some of my friends say im not but I think I am I skip meals and I dont eat that much do yhuu think I will turn anorexic?
    4 Nutritionfitness 14
  164. This gets on my nerves...
    I'm always catching my sister wearing my clothes, And I would tell thats mine & she would make an excuse like. " Oh I didnt know whos it was" yet she sees me wear it all the time?? or " I bought the same shirt" when she doesnt even own a shirt like it...
    10 Family 57
  165. How much calories do situps kill?
    I have been doing a lot of sit 200 something a day. Will it hurt me if I skip one day because my tailbone is killing me!!??
    5 Nutritionfitness 33
  166. Prego's and their food.
    Why do pregnant women have weird cravings when they're gregnant? Does it have anything to do with the baby or do they just use that as an excuse to eat up everything in the fridge?
    3 Food 26
  167. Worried
    I have been trying to lose wait so I can look good for my boyfriend but nothingis working and I have been skipping a lot of meals and running I look better should I keep doing this
    5 Nutritionfitness 33
  168. what do I do for chapped ear gauges?
    I went from a regular earing size to a zero in about 3 weeks. I didnt skip any sizes. but now my ears are chapped and very itchy. What creams or ointments should I put on ?
    2 Style 242
  169. Do all toddlers go through the terrible twos?
    Do all toddlers go through the terrible twos? I know a toddler who is three, and has been an exceptionally well behaved child thus far. Will he go through the terrible twos late or did he skip that phase?
    3 Babies 74
  170. Is it okay to do sit ups while trying to get pregnant?
    We are trying for a baby. But at some time I am trying to shed a few pounds. Is it ok to do things like sit ups, skipping etc?
    2 Health 142
  171. Can you stop your period from the pill?
    Can you skip your period by not taking the sugar pills at the end of your birth control cycle? And going straight onto another packet?
    4 Health 462
  172. I'm 14 can I move in with my grandmother
    I'm 14 can I move in with my grandmother. or will I get in troble. my mother has put on in a home for bad kids all I did was skip school one time.
    4 Babies 26
  173. Who else thinks that the religion shouldnt be able to affect government?
    I feel that most of the laws and government are manipulated with christianity, and personally i dont feel that its right, as of someone being able to take how they personally feel and affect the country. Mostly with the excuse as of why gay marriage is...
    6 Politics 35
  174. college, for me?
    what is a good job for me to go to college for I argue a lot I cant talk for ever to anybody I am good at making up excuses I am good at defending people and myself' I am good at supporting my idea
    6 Education 12
  175. I always keep in the back of my mind that we will break up
    is it a bad thing that whenever I have a boyfriend I always keep in the back of my mind that we will break up even if the relationship is going good? Can that be in excuse for not getting hurt?
    3 Relationships 21
  176. Been on my period for 14 days now!
    I am on my cycle for 4 to 5 days and it will skip a month. But this time I had skiped two months and I have been on my cycle for 14 days and still counting now. Can anyone tell me what is wrong ? What should I do?
    5 Health 120
  177. What is your heart-break story?
    Okay guys and girls, let me know your heart break stories. I want to know how your heart has been broken. Im the guru ;) Dont skip the details...
    3 Relationships 31
  178. Who thinks religion causes conflict?
    Do you think 1. religion causes conflict or 2. do you think its used by politicians as an excuse to create war and violence? I personally think its the second one. thanks(:
    20 Religion 40
  179. What that means that you overqualified for a job.
    I dont know if this is true but they can tell you that you overqualified for a job and then they dont give you the job I mean what they want because they say you need more experience or they say that you overqualified to me both are bad excuses, so b...
    3 Money 44
  180. How can I stop my stomach from hurting?
    i have an exam today so i cant skip school but i have a really bad stomach ache and i feel like im gonna puke
    7 Health 61
  181. How, if im on my period can I still use a dildo?
    Excuse the how at the beginning, anyway well im realy horny and I was just about to use my dildo:$ and I discoverdd im on my period? can I still use it ? please answer xx thanks
    5 Health 3006
  182. How do I open my moms eyes?
    Well my mom moved her boyfriend in quickly and he has been living here for a while and he is very nice he cleans cooks and is very good wit my daughter my brothers grandfather but it seems to me he hates to work he's been having excuses and excuses why...
    2 Family 40
  183. Does he not want me??
    My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years. The last 2 1/2 we have been living together. In the beginning we made love at least four times a week. Now it&#039;s like once every two weeks or even longer. I try to initiate sex several times du...
    4 Sex 60
  184. How do I get my girlfrirnd to send me a naked picture of herself?
    Even though I sent my girlfriend a naked picture of myself over the phone, she won't do the same. She has been stalling by saying she would but I hear nothing but excuses. How do I get my girlfrirnd to send me a naked picture of herself?
    8 Relationships 59
  185. What kinds of things help with sleep?
    I have tried drinking warm milk, calming music, reading, nothing helps! i hate this insomnia, i end up sleeping every clas i have.
    5 Health 19
  186. Who else has taken part in 'No Shave November'?
    I did! But only 'cause I've been too lazy to do it so I just used it as an excuse.. only my legs though. I'm not an animal, ahah :L
    14 Style 31
  187. Whats something you cant do?
    *bored* Well I cant: Click my heels Say physicyst w/out messn up Skip Siit in silence Smoke ciggs [eww]
    4 Entertainment 14
  188. Can I stop my period from coming?
    If I skip the white pills of my yasmin and just continue on with a new month of pills, will that alter the effect of my birth control and will it keep me from having my period at that time I am suppose to.
    3 Health 67
  189. What is wrong with my period?
    Okay so I went on vacation and was expecting me period the 2nd last day. I am on the pill so I decided that I would skip my period so I could enjoy the rest of my vacation. I skipped the last row of pills (sugar pills) and started a new pack, but still...
    2 Health 25
  190. Whats a conch?
    Gotta remember us brits talk different to you americans excuse my ignorance but what is it? ps...hope ya hubby grows to love tats , he hopefully will
    4 Health 17
  191. Is it ok to have breakfast but no lunch?
    if I just had a big breakfast (ham eggs and cheese on a bagle) would it b ok to skip lunch and eat dinner around 5 or 6 o'clock??
    5 Nutritionfitness 311
  192. How can I get my parents to let me sleepover my boyfriends house?
    I need help on how to get my parents to let me sleepover my boyfriends house, im 15 and hes 16, I am 16 this year, my parents say im childish but they use it as an excuse because they are too controlling. What to do?
    18 Family 3954
  193. Do newer dvd players not play burned movies?
    I have so many movies that are burned, and none of them work on a dvd player I just bought. They all skip. 2 other people have the same dvd player, and they don't work for them either. Store bought movies do work though.. what's going on with it?
    10 Technology 36
  194. How many days is normal for you to be late on your period
    How many days is normal for you to be late on your period and if you skip a period is it normal (I havent had sex) im scared cause im a day late..I have a tiny bit of brown blood this morning but its stopped now :S help
    2 Sex 295
  195. Anything wrong with going to therapy at the age of 14?
    Is there anything wrong with going to therapy at the age of 14? I am just wondering because when I go back to school from an appt. Everyone always looks at me weird when they see my tardy note excuse from therapy.
    14 General 37
  196. My two friends are now dating
    My two friends are now dateing and I cant sand the boy I mean hes ok but I don't know like all she does I talk about him and she even skips classes to see him at lunch my other friend say that to what do I do
    2 Relationships 40
  197. listen to my first recorded song?
    Hello! I recorded my first cover song, excuse the horrid quality it was recorded on a laptop. Advice is always helpful! Thanks! c:
    2 Music 13
  198. Can I move out after graduation?
    2 Family 44
  199. Is he going to break up with me for talking about myself?
    My boyfriend and I have been going out for a little bit more than a year now.. and he told me last night that I talk a lot about myself. since day 1. what does that mean? how does he feel about me now... is that an excuse to break up?
    3 Relationships 18
  200. Is there another way to lose weight?
    I am a young teenage girl and I am trying to lose weight. I have been skipping breakfast and lunch and just eating supper and even through up twice. I feel terrible. Is there any alternative?
    3 Nutritionfitness 24
  201. How can I break my arm?
    I really want to break my arm but im not sure how to do it/ does it hurt/ what is a good excuse on how I broke it if I do/ im right handed so would it be harder to break my left or right hand/ I need to know how to break my arm please???
    6 Health 310
  202. Diabulemia information
    I was watching Dr Phil a few weeks back and he had a girl on there and she had been diagnosed with diabulemia. She was a diabetic, and she had to take shots for her sugar. When she would gain weight, or decide she wanted to lose it, she would skip her ...
    2 Health 46
  203. omg I feel so bad as a big sister
    okay. my sister is sleeping and I just told my mom about her being bi because im soo woried about her she does drungs and skips school,I didnt tell my mom all that, but I want her to stop with that bc all shes going to do is get herself in trouble. my ...
    5 Family 44
  204. Why did solomon had too many wifes?
    King solomon and others had many wifes. Can someone explain if god allowed it? Also, he had sex with almost all of the virgins at that time. So now some religions use this example to have more than one wife. Is that excused?
    5 Sex 61
  205. Is there laser treatment for scars?
    Is there and does it work? How much would it cost? Do I need it if my scars are faded from using other things, but I need them gone because some one asked about them yesterday and I didnt have an excuse, so I need them gone a lot Help !!!
    2 Health 35
  206. How can I moisturize my dry hair after trying just about everything?
    I've tried the egg mask, avocado mask, hot oil treatment, I always condition my hair before and after washing it, and have been skipping a day before washing my hair. My hair is still dry no matter what.
    6 Style 18
  207. How do I put a blue streak in my hair?
    So I'm a struggling college student. I cant afford to go to a salon to put in a blue streak. I'm just wondering what is the best way to do this. I know I should bleach my hair but I'm wondering if there is any way I can do it and skip this step.
    3 Style 61
  208. is it bad if i smoke weed while taking daily zoloft and abilify?
    i take zoloft 100mg in the morning and abilify 5mg at night. if i skip my zoloft is it okay if i smoke that day? what will happen? i heard .zoloft and weed gives u panic attacks and stuff but does it stillll happen if i skip it? what about the abilify?...
    12 Health 111
  209. Transcend T.sonic 850 MP3 Player
    Does anyone have a Transcend T.sonic 850?? If so, is it possible to view your songs as a list or can you only see them by skipping through them?? I'm geting kinda frustrated lol Thanks in advance! xox
    2 Technology 38
  210. What justin bieber video was I watching ???
    I was watching a video and justin bieber was skipping down a street I think and he was singing a made up song about a buger and cheese and he goes skimydimpydoo I love you but I lost the video please help me if you can :0 x
    3 Entertainment 12
  211. I need help my bffl
    I have a friends she is letting this boy take advantage of her if he says lets go skipping she goes with him but I dont want her to get hurt any more she has went through enough pain already
    3 Relationships 12
  212. What do you think of 4D movies?
    I dont watch 3d movies and im not interested in 4d movies if they just want an excuse to increase the prices for going to the movie theaters, i just want my regular movie without these 3d glasses.What do you think? tellme please thank you.
    2 Entertainment 24
  213. please suggest any medicine or remedy
    me and my girl friend had oral sex and I release my semen on her vagina but not inside ,how she had skip her period ,is she pregent if yes please sugest any medicine or remendy for the unwanted pregency
    2 Sex 38
  214. How do I change my attuide towards my parents and teachers?
    Ok everyday since I skipped school I've been getting in trouble at school and home.well yeah I dont know what to do anymore I need yourhelp.
    5 Family 14
  215. Can my parents legally drug test me?
    Im over 18 and i dont live with them, but i am staying here with them for a couple days while i take care of some court stuff. They tried to drug test me this morning but i made up an excuse to prolong it.
    8 Drugs 107
  216. Why do I get so nervous when I have to present?
    OMG when I have to present in front of the class I get so nervous and I don't know my head shakes and I get red its so embaressing!!! So now when I have to present I just skip class and I hate presenting so much but I think its because im shy?? how do ...
    5 Style 88
  217. how to stop feeling hungry all the time ???
    I eat very well now , and I dont skip any meal , but I still feel hungry all the time , I have tried every thing but nothing worked and my father wont let me get any pills , what should I do ?
    2 Health 46
  218. Read this, its funny-ish!
    1. Your reading my comment 2. Now your saying/thinking thats a stupid fact. 4. You didnt notice that I skipped 3. 5. Your checking it now. 6. Your smiling. 7. Your still reading my comment. 8. You know all you have read is true. 10. You didn't notice t...
    6 General 28
  219. Why do people dislike Hilary Clinton?
    Everywhere I go I hear shudders when Clinton is mentioned, but I've yet to have heard of any reasons as to why she is disliked by so many. Please excuse my ignorance, I am very new to the world of politics.
    12 Politics 43
  220. I dont want to meet him
    Right.. this lad always goes on about meeting me I know who he is, and he used to go to my school and everyything I just dont want to meet him, but feel bad on him cause I feel I've led him on abit, and I just want to be honest and tell him I dont wan...
    3 Relationships 15
  221. What do I do if I dont like dances?
    My high school is this month, I think. Or maybe next!? I don't know, but anyways, I HATE wearing a dress. HATE HATE HATE HATE! I went to my 8th grade dance & now I'm in 10th. When I wore my dress for 8th grade & went infront of my family, I just felt S...
    2 Relationships 23
  222. How to become a rapper?
    okay I've been raping for about 5 months and I want to be a raper I looked online but they don't give you sh#t excuse my language an I want to give my demos to producers just anyone really who I can sign a contract with
    12 Music 45
  223. Do I have to eat breakfast?
    I know it is considered the most important meal of the day and that you should not skip it because you would just end up eating more in the afternoon or later on. But I was wondering, what if I didn't eat dinner and still woke up satisfied? Do I st...
    4 Nutritionfitness 37
  224. What do you think? Should I go to my ex-boyfriend's b-day?
    Well, it is his bday tmrw and I'm invited. It's been only 1 week since we broke up. Should I join his party or make an excuse for not to go???
    3 Relationships 13
  225. When can I except this?
    At at what age should you start having normal, regular periods? I am 17 and have been having a period since I was about 13. Well I still have irregular periods. They skip between a month and 3 months at a time. I just had one September 2 - September 9....
    7 Health 13
  226. well which choice
    should I just drop school or keep going am failing all my classes am trying my best to pass but it not working so now I just skip almost all my classes or I might leave like 30 min before school is out I think I well just drop school it not doing no ...
    6 Education 19
  227. Dad hits me and has pushed me like down the stairs, what to do?
    So mi dad hits me and has pushed me like down the stairs and whatnot. But my mom won't beleive me she said I justwant an excuse to move out. I don't want to turn it into anything big but each time it gets worse what should I do???!!!
    10 Family 140
  228. What is this song called?
    I heard this song but I dont know what its goes like... The more that I see you, the more that I realize you're beautiful. Yeah, excuse me miss johnson, where did you get those pretty eyes? Won't you tell me baby ...
    2 Music 11
  229. Deficiency attentional syndrome and schizophrenia?
    Excuse me if this term is wrong, I don't know the right term for this problem, but it consists is a difficulty to keep atentive and it's associated to hiperactivity. The questio is: Which are the odds that a child with this diagnose should develope sch...
    5 Health 30
  230. I feel ugly
    I don't no how to build convedence I've alaways felt ugly people tell me I'm skinny but I always See real pretty skinny girls and just feel ugly and I skip meals I can't stop it any advice to help me?
    4 Nutritionfitness 28
  231. depression causing irregular periods??
    could my depression be causing me to like entirely skip my period, and then get 2 like a couple of weeks apart and stuff like that?? and is it normal to have it really hevily that first 2 days and then be REALY light the next few??
    3 Health 68
  232. Do rats attract other rats?
    *please excuse my spelling* but do they? Also, do rats make good pets for a 14 year old gal like myself? and is it better do get a buck or doe rat (boy or girl)? please and thank u
    2 Pets 59
  233. What if I lose my birth control! Help me please!!?
    Okay I took my pill this morning but now I cant find it. I only had one pill left until I went onto my next case. What should I do? Is it okay if I just skip tomorrow since I lost it? And what about the risks? Please help
    2 Health 19
  234. How do I clean my keyboard safely?
    I was thinking just shoving it under the sink or something, but I dont know if that will cause problems. My keys keep sticking, I didn't think they actually did that, I thought sticky keys was an excuse to type poorly, but now I know it actually happen...
    19 Technology 26
  235. Eating Questions
    Do you eat 3 meals everyday? Do you eat the same things? Do you skip meals? Do you snack? Do you only eat when you are hungry? Do you eat what you want, meaning.. junk.. just fruit/veg.. or a real meal? Do you eat healthy? What do you eat? What don't...
    4 Food 43
  236. Why do I have a Hard stomach?
    I'm 15 and my stomach feels a little tense around my bowel bladder up to my stomach. I've read it could be pregnancy but I haven't had sex I have masterbated a few times but that's it. I've skipped 2 periods. Why is my stomach hard?! Help!
    2 Sex 1248
  237. Medical reasons why a dog can't get pregnant
    I got a really good deal on a mini chiuahua and the guy told me I had to breed her one time so he could get one of the puppies and I don't want her to have puppies. What would be a really good medical excuse for me to tell him that she can't have puppi...
    4 Pets 394
  238. Should I tell it to the police?
    If you have been cought with using another person's identity card, trying to get in to a club and that person has to go to a heering at the police... What she is planning to say is that she was tryong to get in to the club but wasn't let in. Is that ...
    7 General 31
  239. can I make my period come sooner
    I have to go to a water park soon, and I need to start my period asap so I don't have it while im there can someone tell me how to either make it come sooner or make it skip bc is not an option, but other drugs an natural stuff is what im looking at.
    5 Health 144
  240. What if I love this guy who doesn't show interest?
    I like this one guy so pay attention ya'll, I love him, and he doesn't know!!! He's dated 2 of my friends, and totally skipped me, I love him and I can't tell him, but you don't understand, I love Him!!! Desperatly in need of help!!!
    6 Relationships 35
  241. Why did I still get my period???
    I have been on birth control (sprintec) since January 2010...I have not missed one pill whatsoever and I was told by my doctor and a friend that if I wanted to "skip a period" I just needed to throw out my white pills and continue with the blue active ...
    2 Health 219
  242. How do I get my brother to stop trying to kill me?
    My brother is 6'2 and all he does is study and workout. I'm only 5'6 I have muscle but no neary brother. So obviously my brother can crush me in his fist. Please, do not say "tell your parents" my brother will find some excuse to blame it all on me.
    6 Family 67
  243. Which will you answer quicker: a phone call or a text message?
    My sister gets so aggravated with her teenage children because she can call and call and call, but they won't answer their cells and always have a pretty good excuse of why they missed the call (yeah right lol). But if she texts them, they will immedia...
    8 Technology 13
  244. who were the strange creatures in the story the ODDESSEY?
    I have to do a project and draw some creatures that oddesseus(cant spell) encountered on his trip back home I read the story in school but we skipped chapters!! the only common creatures I know are scylla,charybdis, and the cyclop but thats to commo...
    2 Education 20
  245. What do I do while he touches me?
    Alright here it goes I went down on my boyfriend and he really liked it and then he fingered me I had never been fingered before that but I have had sex (yea I know I skipped a step) and it was really awkward I didn't know what do do while he was doing...
    6 Sex 393
  246. Whats the first thing you think of when I say...
    Whats the first thing you think of when I say... Food= Family= Dating= Males= Females= Boys= Girls= Parents= Grandparents= Life= Running= Skipping= Kindergarden= Being a little kid= Fun= Toys= Funadvice=
    3 General 203
  247. Baby/Period/Relations
    my partener and I had relations excatly 13 days ago. we would like to have a baby but we can wait. my question was: IF I happen to be pregnant, would my period just be delayed or would I actually skip it/miss it this month??? please be specific thank you.
    3 Health 25
  248. Should lump sum payments for injured Canadian soldiers be taxable?
    Canada's maximum lump sum payment for soldiers injured during a tour of duty is roughly 200, 000 less than the British benefits. The excuse for this is that taxes are being taken out. Is that fair? Should injury benefits be tax exempt?
    4 Politics 17
  249. cry cry
    well my friend caroline is always making fun of my laugh and words I cant say that well she says I laugh with my eyes down and to make up a excuse I said thats my fake laugh then she asked then whats your real laugh and I dont make fun of words she say...
    6 Babies 21
  250. Why can't I make new friends?
    Ok so im still finding it very difficult to make new friends and I havent gone out with people my age in a while now , Im going to flip alone and not going out !! dont know what im going to do !! the few people that didnt turn against me keep making ex...
    5 Relationships 27