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  1. my girlfriend cuts
    my girlfriend cuts what should I do
    12 Family 72
  2. Should I cut my hair or not?
    Should I cut my hair or not?
    7 Style 48
  3. Is it bad to cut?
    I cut myself... is that bad?
    3 Health 53
  4. What does cutting mean
    What does cutting mean
    6 Health 90
  5. How do you cut the wind?
    how to cut the wind???
    3 General 27
  6. How to stop cutting?
    6 Health 47
  7. How can I hide my cutting from my mom if she checks my body for cuts?
    18 Family 125
  8. Why Are Tropical Rainforests Being Cut Down?
    Why Are Tropical Rainforests Being Cut Down?
    5 Environment 92
  9. How do you do a bald fade cut?
    How do you cut a bald fade?
    2 Style 91
  10. What causes self cutting?
    What causes self cutting?
    5 Health 68
  11. How do I keep from thinking about cutting myself?
    14 Health 79
  12. What are your thoughts about people cutting themselves?
    18 Health 32
  13. What is the reason(s) for all these kids "cutting" themselves?
    14 Health 89
  14. Why do you bleed when you get cut?
    4 Health 58
  15. What does putting perfume on a cut do to it?
    11 Health 96
  16. What do you do when someone cuts in line?
    27 General 103
  17. Should I cut my hair and then dye it?
    should I dye my hair and then get it cut or cut it then dye it
    2 Style 134
  18. why do people judge before knowing why people cut themselves cause i don't like it when lina judges me cutting?
    4 General 16
  19. How to fix a bad hair cut?
    How to fix a bad hair cut?
    2 Style 27
  20. How are clay sewer pipes cut?
    How are clay sewer pipes cut?
    2 General 20
  21. How to cut layers into the sides of your hair?
    How to cut layers into the sides of your hair?
    2 Style 102
  22. Why do people think all emos cut themselves?
    Why do people think all emos cut themselves ??
    9 Style 93
  23. How to cut layers in long hair?
    How to cut layers in long hair?
    2 Style 22
  24. Do you think cutting solves depression?
    Do you think cutting solves depression?
    4 Health 22
  25. Should I cut my hair?
    should I cut my hair or do something crazy ?
    4 Style 32
  26. How to make cutting less painful?
    I cut, what can I do to make it less painful?
    2 Health 188
  27. Why do cuts hurt so much
    Why do cuts hurt so much x
    2 Health 36
  28. How often are you supposed to cut your hair?
    How often are you supposed to cut your hair?
    2 Style 69
  29. How can I cut trans fat from my diet?
    How can I cut trans fat from my diet?
    2 Nutritionfitness 29
  30. How can I help a friend who cuts themselves?
    How can I help a friend who cuts them self???
    4 Health 87
  31. How long does it take for a cut to heal?
    How long does it take for a cut to heal?
    2 Health 175
  32. Do hair dressers do goth/emo hair cuts or do you have to do it yourself and, if so, how do you do it?
    7 Style 27
  33. How do you get cuts to heal faster?
    3 Health 36
  34. are there any websites for parents of kids that cut?
    3 Family 48
  35. How can I get a cut to scab over fast?
    5 Health 70
  36. How to cut long bangs into your hair?
    2 Style 49
  37. How Can I Find Ways To Stop Cutting Myself?
    2 Health 24
  38. What do I do if my best friend is starting to cut herself...?
    10 Relationships 10
  39. How can I cut a song shorter on my laptop?
    5 Technology 18
  40. how do you get rid of scars from cutting?
    how do you get rid of scars from cutting.?help.please
    20 Health 487
  41. Friends cutting hair!?
    would you trust your friends to cut your hair?
    5 Style 48
  42. Does Obama plan to cut the defense budget ?
    Does Obama plan to cut the defense budget ?
    30 Politics 39
  43. Does cutting your hair make it grow faster?
    does hair grow faster when cut
    6 Style 52
  44. Internet videos cut in and out
    When viewing internet videos on my computer they cut in and out
    2 Technology 75
  45. How do you get rid of scars left by cutting?
    How do you get rid of scars left by cutting?
    6 Style 20
  46. Does cutting mean you're emo?
    if you cut does it mean your emo jw jw
    7 Health 50
  47. How to treat a cut inside a human mouth?
    How to treat a cut inside a human mouth?
    6 Health 1964
  48. Cutting... How would you tell some one?
    How would you tell a loved one that you are cutting
    3 Health 91
  49. cutting up on the moter way
    is it ellegal to cut someone up on the moter way?
    3 General 16
  50. What is the safest way to cut my cat's nails?
    5 Pets 16
  51. Are you supposed to say "excuse me" when your stomach growls?
    4 General 77
  52. when can i finally cut my bangs im so sick of them!?
    3 Style 14
  53. How to cut a shih-tzu's hair?
    2 Pets 133
  54. How do I get my little girl to cut her hair?
    7 Babies 50
  55. Can flossing cause little cuts on the gums?
    4 Health 77
  56. Who is Kunta Kinte and how did he get his leg cut off?
    3 General 195
  57. how should I cut my hair...and dye it?
    2 Style 17
  58. How can I convince my dad to let me cut my hair off?
    8 Family 56
  59. Why would someone cut the name of a someone into their flesh?
    8 Health 280
  60. why is it that everytime me and my boyfriend fight i want to cut myself?
    6 Relationships 67
  61. Do you have any tips for when cutting your own hair?
    Specifically your bangs?
    8 Style 15
  62. How long should their tails bleed after being cut?
    How long should they bleed after being cut? When they are still puppies.
    3 Pets 50
  63. How can I make my hair look good without cutting it?
    how can I make my hair look good without cutting it?
    5 Style 43
  64. How will a rubberband help for cutting?
    I heard sumthin bout a rubberband for cutting??
    3 Health 46
  65. Can I treat my split ends without cutting them?
    can I treat my hair without cutting it
    3 Style 54
  66. What style to cut my hair?
    I dont know what style to cut my hair. help me!!!
    3 Style 22
  67. cuts hurt
    I accedentally cut myself and I was wondering how I could hide it
    5 Health 33
  68. Did Lil Wayne cut off his dreads?
    Did lil wayne really cut 0of his dreads??
    10 Entertainment 87
  69. split end help that does not involve cutting!?
    split end help that does not involve cutting!?!? please
    5 Style 89
  70. How to not cut myself when I'm depressed?
    4 Health 41
  71. cutting and sucide
    I have a friend who is cutting her self what do you think I should tell her
    4 Health 12
  72. How to help my friend who cuts herself?
    My Best Friend told me she cuts herself. What do I do and who do I tell?
    2 Health 14
  73. A cut inside mouth
    I have a cut inside my mouth whit puss what can I do to heal it?
    3 Health 361
  74. Cutting quit
    I have been cutting for about two years now. I really want to quit. how do I?
    2 Health 34
  75. Does cutting your ends make your hair grow longer?
    Does cutting your ends make your hair grow longer?
    12 Style 93
  76. What's a good way to cut your hair by yourself so it turns out even?
    3 Style 8
  77. How do I stop the urge to cut myself?
    how do I stop the erge to hurt myself I cant stop
    5 Health 68
  78. What to do if a hairdresser cut your hair too short?
    Its for my cousin! HELP!
    10 Style 14
  79. What is the most tender cut of steak you can get that's good for grilling?
    5 Food 22
  80. how long does t take for cut in the vaginal wall to heal ?
    2 Health 77
  81. Whats the difference between the directors cut and the normal movie?
    3 Entertainment 74
  82. Why did Vincent van Gogh cut his ear off and how did he die?
    7 General 14
  83. What is the percent of teens and adults who cut or self injure?
    6 Health 45
  84. Can my neighbour make me cut down my very large conifer in my garden?
    4 Politics 51
  85. my dog got a deep cut...
    what is the best why to seal it up?
    6 Pets 64
  86. What can i do for my dogs cut on his leg without taking him to the vet?
    5 Pets 38
  87. What is the difference between steel-cut oatmeal and regular oatmeal?
    5 Food 6
  88. My friends cut themselves
    Some of my friends cut themselves because of depression, and I get worried about do I make them stop?
    12 Family 75
  89. How deep does a cut have to be before stitches are needed?
    Basically, at what point do you need stitches for a cut on your leg?
    12 Health 55
  90. Excuses for being late?
    Whats the best excuse you've told you boss for being late?
    8 General 9
  91. shaving cuts
    Is there a way to stop the bleeding if you cut yourself shaving, really QUICK?
    6 Style 33
  92. How can you style your hair if your hair cut is straight forward on top like a guy's cut?
    my hair has ben pullled forward and cut out of my eyes so its a guys hair cut but long all the way aaround
    2 Style 16
  93. How to convince my Dad to cut down on his drinking?
    is there a way 2 get my dad 2 cut down on his drinking?
    8 Family 36
  94. How to get my friend to stop cutting?
    How can I get my friend to stop cutting when she doesn't want help
    4 Health 35
  95. How do you cut hair into thin layers?
    how do you cut hair into layers to make it look thinner?
    2 Style 28
  96. How can I cut bangs?
    I really want to learn how to cut bangs can somebody tell me how.
    4 Style 45
  97. Should I cut my hair like hers?
    What do you think? And be honest. Should I cut my hair like her's or is it a bad idea?
    5 Style 46
  98. Should I cut my hair, if so, how much?
    tell me if you think I shood cut my hair..n if so how much
    3 Style 15
  99. Cutting my yorkies hair
    Im looking for advice on how to cut my yorkies hair please
    4 Pets 56
  100. What are excuses?
    I need some excuses to get out tonight what to tell my mom thanks
    4 Family 13
  101. Is it emo if you cut your own hair?
    Do you guys think it is emo if you cut your own hair,lol.Just Wondering!
    8 Style 13
  102. What is your opinion on cutting?
    Is cutting wrong in your opinion? (person who in pain, sadness etc cuts them self)
    42 Health 42
  103. How should i cut my hair if i have medium length hair, and it is pretty much very thin?
    4 Style 27
  104. Are you more likly to scar from getting a cut on metal or glass?
    10 Health 41
  105. Why does my sims3 keep cutting off at a random time its really annoying ??
    2 Health 11
  106. how do you get your fringe back to how it was once u got it cut after you have had a shower?
    2 Style 38
  107. Is the government cutting out SSI this next month, or is this just a stupid rumor?
    4 Money 23
  108. Is it bad to be using one cutting board for meat and fruit?
    5 Food 37
  109. Am I emo even if I don't use knives to cut myself?
    Instead of using knives, I use my fingernails.
    10 Health 34
  110. What does this mean: "What are some of your main triggers for cutting and why"?
    i dont understand the question. yes. i cut but what do they mean but what are my triggers?
    4 Health 31
  111. what kind of jeans like you more, boot cut, loose or straight fit.
    what kind of jeans like you more, boot cut, loose or straight fit.
    4 Style 17
  112. How do I cut my rabbits nails ?
    I have had my rabbit for a few months now and his nails are starting to get long. Shall I cut them myself and if so how?
    2 Pets 39
  113. Should I cut my hair?
    I want to let my hair grow but I've been waiting forever and should I cut it??
    8 Style 15
  114. How do you stop cuts from stinging?
    like when yu get a cut, and it kinda to yu stop it?
    3 Health 99
  115. if you know someone who cut himself would you hate , stop / want t
    if you know someone who cut himself would you hate , stop / want to be his friend ?
    9 Health 54
  116. who has an excuse for dialated pupils?
    I need an excuse for having dialated pupils.. its a long story lol..
    7 Health 86
  117. Is anorexia connected to cutting yourself?
    my friend is anorexic and she is cutting her self does anorexcia has any thing to do with that
    3 Health 21
  118. Why do we cut our wrists?
    Why do we cut our wrists? Is it because physical pain overpowers emotional? Or is it simply for the pleasure of cutting yurself?
    11 Health 115
  119. Did Omarion really cut his hair?
    Did Omarion really cut his hair? I was on some web site and a girl post that Omarion cut his hair. Is that really true?
    2 Entertainment 52
  120. Is cutting addictive?
    is cutting addictive cause I cut like every day or am I just weird? like to hear your opinions
    5 Health 68
  121. What is the best way to cut your toe nail so that it doesn't dig into your skin?
    5 Health 91
  122. Where can I get cut-off jean shorts where the pockets hang from underneath?
    6 Style 24
  123. Is it highly advisable to attempt to cut your own hair if you've never had training?
    10 Style 9
  124. Do I have to have a license, or any kind of schooling to cut hair out of my own home for extra money?
    5 Money 38
  125. What is the most elaborate excuse you've ever used so you wouldn't get into trouble?
    5 Entertainment 15
  126. Is cutting against the Wiccan Rede?
    I have stopped but friends started :( who is also Wiccan btw
    3 Religion 45
  127. Is cutting yourself, drinking, and smoking the same concept? other words, would you put them in the same catagory? Or are they not the same
    10 Health 50
  128. what are some good excuses to ask your dad why you want to borrow duck tape for ?
    22 Style 37
  129. What would be an acceptable excuse in court for not taking my defensive driving class?
    7 Education 28
  130. Why do people cut themselves?
    why do people cut there selves they say it is to releive the pain but it really doesnt do they do it for attention?
    2 Health 46
  131. is there something easier to cut chicken? I heard theres a scissor for chicken.
    is there something easier to cut chicken? I heard theres a scissor for chicken. I am tired of the knife?
    2 Relationships 10
  132. How to treat a cut inside a humans mouth?
    How to treat a small cut in the inside of a human lip? a small white gash inside a human mouth
    4 Health 624
  133. My friend has been cutting herself
    my friend she has been cutting herself for awhile now and I just want to tell someone but I made a promise I wouldnt tell what should I do???
    2 Relationships 50
  134. my friend that lives upstairs from me CUTS HERSELF
    my friend that lives upstairs from me CUTS HERSELF she claims to be GOTHIC what is a good way to tell her about herself
    10 Health 35
  135. Where is a good and cheap place for a hair cut?
    Where is a good and cheap place for a hair cut? I can't afford my normal barber this month.
    2 Style 11
  136. When do Guys Cut there balls hair?
    I'm a girl and I want to know if guys cut there hair like girls do, you know down there.
    6 Health 81
  137. Cut my bangs too short..make it grow fast???
    So I just got my hair cut.. And the lady cut my bangs too short.. How can I make it grow fast???
    3 Style 56
  138. Cut on stomach, is it infected?
    I have a cut on my stomach and it really hurts a lot. And the cut has like this watery stuff coming out what should I do to it???
    3 Health 132
  139. How to help my friend who cuts herself?
    I just recently found out that my friend cuts herself. I want to help. What are some other "solutions" that could help her with her problems beside cutting?
    4 Health 72
  140. Do I cut my hair?
    Do I cut my hair is not too long. But, I'm not really sure to cut it. If somebody can help me right here. Please
    4 Style 17
  141. Cuts. Scarring?
    When ever you get a cut, or cut is the wound always guaranteed to scar? Or do some cuts heal without scarring? Kthnxbi<3
    3 Health 35
  142. What will happen if you get cut by some rusty metal and you aren't up to date with a tetanus shot?
    6 Health 47
  143. What should you do when you find out one of your best friends are cutting themselves?
    And please don't say, tell their parents.
    21 Relationships 45
  144. Can I use "make" in a passive-causative sentence like: She makes her hair cut?
    2 Education 13
  145. What could white - ish bumps on ones vagina be, could it be from shaving and cutting ones self?
    3 Health 330
  146. How do you find a person to cut your hair the exact way you want it without them messing it up?
    3 Style 20
  147. What kind of parent gets mad at you and grounds you for cutting yourself instead of trying to help you?
    26 Family 78
  148. Should I cut my hair short?
    Do you think I would look better with shorter hair, or the length I have now?
    6 Style 68
  149. How should I get my hair cut so it would suit me best and make me look more grown up?
    3 Style 31
  150. Do you shave or cut the hair?
    Um... the manhood and womanhood is hairy, when you do sex do you ignore it?
    6 Sex 36
  151. How bad is it to cut yourself and put ink in it?
    me and my friends do it all the time im just womdering what damages we are doing
    16 Health 1504
  152. Is it true that if you cut a child's eyelashes they would grow back thicker and longer?
    5 Style 61
  153. How many people have tried cutting their own hair?
    was it horrible after or totally freakin awsome?
    16 Style 83
  154. Addicted to cutting, if I do it again, will I get addicted again?
    I use to slit my wrist. I did it about 48 times. I was addicted to doing it. If I did ever do it again will I get addicted to doing it again?
    5 Health 26
  155. Is there any way you can get rid of split ends without having to cut your hair?
    Or any way to prevent split ends?
    8 Style 48
  156. When cutting your toe nails do you smell your toe nail?
    Yes or No. Please be honest, there is people who said yes.
    22 Style 36
  157. How should I get my hair cut if it's medium length and has bangs? I'm open to color?
    2 Style 17
  158. What do you think of buzz cuts?
    Do you like them or not. Do you think that shaved is better or what type or style of short hair cut do you like
    2 Style 40
  159. What is an excuse to have a sleepover?
    my mom wont let me have a sleepover and I neeed an excuse to convience her to let me have one after she already said no
    5 Family 87
  160. Why do people at my church either tell me to cut my hair or pick on me because of it?
    what should i do? should i cut my hair right now before tomorrow morning before church?
    25 Style 35
  161. What excuse can I give my boyfriend so I can stop with him tonight?
    I want to stop at my boyfriends tonight but his told he that he wants a break what excuse can I give him so he will let me stay ?
    3 Relationships 33
  162. Does cutting mean you're possessed?
    when you cut a lot.. every day and night.. dose that mean your possessed??
    7 Health 26
  163. Is emo an excuse for guys to be gay?
    What is Emo-Kid? I see it every where? some one told me that it's just an excuse for guys to be gay?
    3 Relationships 32
  164. Threes, cutting or hugging??
    What do you think of the slogan Trees are for Hugging Not for cutting if you aren't a tree hugger then vise versa What do you think?
    10 Environment 159
  165. Is cutting yourself wrong?
    I have been cutting for some time now, And it is the only thing that helps, But latly I have been to the hospital, And it has been getting bad. Any advice?
    4 Health 23
  166. Getting hair cut any ideas?
    im gettin me hair cut 2 m0oro any ideas on what I shud get done ???
    3 Style 19
  167. My friend is cutting herself
    My friend Laci is cutting herself and im sick of it I told her rents and they didnt care what should I do HHHEEELLLPPP
    6 Relationships 24
  168. Coco after his first hair cut, what do you think of my dog?
    Ok this is coco after his first hair cut Its not much difference though
    8 Pets 42
  169. What does it mean to be cut or uncut?
    I hear people ask "are you cut or uncut" every once in a while but I dont know what it means. Help?
    2 Relationships 36
  170. black male emo people hair cuts
    lol it sounds lame , but what if there is a black emo ,, what hair cut should they get
    3 Style 53
  171. how do i cut parts out of songs?
    I wont to cut out the talking part in the song I'll Make a Man Out of You-Mulan
    2 Music 31
  172. cutting issues help!!!
    okay soo I really need help on cutting... what should I do to stop or try to recover from cutting please help!!!
    7 Health 9
  173. Cut myself for about 5 years and my mom doesn't know
    I have cut myself for about 5 years and my mom doesn't know , should I tell her before swim season,or I just not tell her at all and try to stop cutting .
    4 Health 28
  174. Difference between a scissor and razor hair cut?
    What's the difference in getting your hair cut with a razor and scissors like what's the razor do to your hair that the scissors can't. I'm thinking about getting my hair cut with a razor so I wanted to know the difference
    5 Style 142
  175. why are my hands cutting.
    am i cursed or something????.. my hands are dry and they keep cutting like if i grabbed something sharp and cut it. whats wrong??
    5 Health 20
  176. what are some good tips for cutting hair?
    I want to cut my hair but I dont really know any good tips. Are they any tips out there that could help me cut my hair better?
    2 Style 13
  177. People who want to cut themself?
    Why do people cut? Is it to relieve stress? For attention? If you do cut, why do you? I don't want to offend anyone, I just want to understand it better.
    4 Health 21
  178. is it normal for a cut to still be throbbing 12 hours after the cut?
    I you all may have seen I sliced my finger yesturday evening with a very very sharp knife. It sliced about a quater of an inch into the skin. Any ideas on how to stop it from throbbing?
    2 Health 99
  179. What do I do if my teacher saw my cutting?
    He said he is worried and talked to my counselor and my friend. But not to me. I bled on the floor and he saw. What do I do?
    9 Education 387
  180. Why do onions make us cry when we cut them up?
    My sister asked me this, and I actually don't know the answer.
    3 Food 36
  181. How to cut MP3s?
    I want to cut an MP3 song to small pieces to make ringtone. Which program you advise?
    2 Music 39
  182. What excuse do I use if anybody tells to my parents that I smoke?
    Any body har telled my parents that I smoke and my parents Asking me questions what can I do
    4 Family 38
  183. Needs cutting back its huge
    My plant is hughe and not room to get bigger pot how do I cut it back please
    2 Homegarden 8
  184. Exposed cuts at the Doctors
    I'm going to the doctor and I think my cuts will be revealed please help im going today.
    4 Health 26
  185. excuses fro not doing homework?
    Ok, just wondering if anyone had any good excuses. Thanks, please help. James
    7 Education 39
  186. How should I cut my hair?
    How short should I cut my hair? It is below my boobs right now and it is just too much to manage. I need a hair cut but I don't want to end up hateing it. So help me.
    4 Style 40
  187. Photoshop, how to cut people out?
    Hay . if you have a picture of someone with a background behind them. How do you cut them out without having the background there?? do you use photoshop or what can you use??? help
    3 Technology 73
  188. Why do some people cut themselve's?
    Why do you think they cut themseleve? Just wondering. I know some of my friends that cut and it makes me sad seeing them in pain.
    14 Health 39
  189. how can i cut my doggies nails without hurting him or without buying that little thing that spins and files them?
    14 Pets 44
  190. How deep should a cut be for stitches?
    I accidently dropped a knife on my toe and I think that I kneed stiches.
    5 Health 89
  191. what is the prettiest hair style?? straight down, curly down, pony tail, cut short or long?
    9 Style 54
  192. How to talk to your friend about cutting?
    I have a friend that is most likely cutting herself. I don't know exactly what to say to her and what to do? Please help. I'm scared for her.
    2 Relationships 37
  193. How can I stop cutting my wrists?
    I cut my wrists. L:( have been for a while, I can't stop, I need to stop, how can I stop? I'm really depressed, and I'm losing friends cause of it, what can I do:(?
    20 Health 188
  194. What's my excuse for missing school?
    Ok, so I'm visiting a school, having a look around. But I don't want my old school to find out, so what will my excuse be for not being at school?
    6 Education 32
  195. How long would an avocado stay good out of the fridge after being cut in half?
    Is there any way to make it stay good longer? cut in half and out of the fridge.
    4 Food 75
  196. When I cut my hair each month, does it make my hair longer?
    If I cut my hair each month will my hair get longer quicker? &&' does scrunching my hair give me split ends?
    3 Style 44
  197. Cutting athletes pay
    Do you think if they cut athelets pay roll big time, that it would help the economy?
    6 Sports 8
  198. Get rid of split ends without having hair cut?
    I was wonderin if ther is any way to get rid of slpit ends other than to have my hair cut? ...
    6 Style 23
  199. Do you have to cut yourself to be emo?
    I love the way emo people look and the clothes but do yhoo have to cut your self to be an emo x <3
    10 Style 119
  200. Why sometimes does a commercial come on for like two seconds and then another one cuts it right off?
    4 Entertainment 25
  201. If you put your finger on your vein would it cut off the blood
    I was alwas scared of that happening could it happen
    2 Health 107
  202. Tips to stop cutting?
    I cut and my friends think im ruining my life... I told them it is my life and they dont quite understand. Anybody have tips to stop cutting?
    5 Health 56
  203. How do you stop cutting yourself?
    Okay so here`s my question... How do you stop cutting yourself or get help to stop cutting yourselfwhen you`ve done it for so long and its become a daily habit?
    6 Health 65
  204. Person that cuts my hair always asks if I want to get highlights
    Whenever I go to get my haircut the person that cuts my hair always asks if I want to get you think I should
    4 Style 15
  205. How does seeing cuts trigger someone who is a cutter?
    It happens to me but i dont understand why it is i get the urge when i see other peoples scars or cuts
    6 Health 123
  206. Girls, do you like a penis cut or uncut?
    Ok Real simple question do you like a penis cut or uncut better and why? im just curious
    7 Relationships 265
  207. What is a better way to take out emotions so you dont have to cut?
    I cut and try to commite suiccied, I dont know any other ways to take out my emtions, any advice?
    7 Health 27
  208. Should I cut my hair just so I'm not kicked out?
    If your mother is kicking you out because you made the choice to grow your hair, and she wants you to cut it what should you do? It was your decision to grow your hair anyway, why can't she respect that.
    4 Family 12
  209. How should she get her hair cut?
    I have a friend named Sara.She is a brunette. Her hair is right above her shoulders and she has freckles not a lot but some and she don't know how she should get her hair cut.
    2 Style 8
  210. Cutting?
    I cut my stomach a lot so my family wont see but now I really dont want to anymore but its an addiction I have no idea what to do...
    2 Health 19
  211. How can I cut down on dog shedding?
    What is the best way to cut down or remove dog hair? I know dogs have to shed, but I've never had a dog who's hair is just always around.
    3 Pets 172
  212. Is it a good idea to cut my own hair?
    I've never cut my hair by my self and I wanna try, is it a good idea, and if so can any one tell me how to do it, I wanna expirement with it.
    6 Style 45
  213. What's a good excuse for skipping a class?
    if you skip a class what is the best excuse to use? lol please tell meh much love
    8 Education 1979
  214. Should I cut my hair like Sonny Moore or Davey Havok?
    Should I cut my Hair like Sonny Moore or Davey Havok?? all my friends say I should go with Sonny Moore's kind of hair, but I don't know.
    6 Style 81
  215. What are some good ways to cut back on spending but still be able to get out of the house and have fun on weekends?
    3 Money 30
  216. A doctors excuse or face suspension?
    I dont have a doctors note I never made it to the doctor..I went home and slept it off now I face suspension!!! What should I do?
    5 Education 19
  217. Would it be considered weird to gain sexual pleasure from self harm (cutting, burning)?
    and what are your thoughts on this?
    37 Sex 36
  218. Do they cut the ambilical cord from the woman too.
    Ok I know this is kinda a dumb question but when women have babies they have like ambilical cords and they cut them to disconnect the baby what happens to the women do they then cut it from her what
    3 General 39
  219. Why did I cut my bangs?
    I cut my bangs. it's like everytime you do it it turns out bad yet you do it again. everyone's done it. it's not as bad as it could be but I'm still mad at myself.
    6 Style 47
  220. How do I stop my friend from cutting?
    One of my bestfriends is a girl and im a guy. I know she is cutting herself but I dont know how to deal with these kinds of things, What should I do?
    4 Health 70
  221. What will happen if I cut the ends of my hair every month?
    Will I my hair grow longer & faster if I cut it every month? I want my to be longerr. so I just wanna know.
    4 Style 50
  222. Absence excuses given to your boss or teacher
    What is the best and believable excuse you have ever given to your employer (boss) or teacher for not turning up to work or tutorials? and did they buy it ?
    7 Education 71
  223. Would my face suit this hair cut?
    I'm getting my hair cut like this but I'm too scared that my face won't suit it.
    2 Style 49
  224. if you cut or shave your pubes, will the doc. look at you funny?
    OK! if you have cut or shaved pubic hair, will teh doctor look at you funny when you get a physical?
    5 Style 136
  225. Why do people automatically think that self-harm means cutting?
    must everyone automatically think that a self-harmer means they cut, there are other forms, hello ?
    5 Health 31
  226. help me stop my teen from cutting herself.
    Hi I'm new here, my question is how do I stop my 16 year old from cutting herself. please help me. margaret
    8 Family 81
  227. Deep cut on knuckle and my arm is freezing?
    I cut my knuckle really deep on some glass and its deep and bleeding a ton. But my arm and hand are like freezing cold. Is this normal?
    12 Health 56
  228. Shave Without Cutting?
    How do you shave your vagina? No I have never shaved it .im 13..I dont have mii period yet but how can I shave it..everybody does.
    4 Style 149
  229. What are some ways I can cut down the time on blow drying my hair?
    It usually takes me about 15-20 mins to fully dry my hair =/
    2 Style 14
  230. What are some objects that can be used to cut open a package?
    I have a package that I can't open, and I need to know what I can use. I can't find anything. Would a knife work?
    4 General 34
  231. Getting my hair cut today
    Im gettingg myy hairr cutt todayy. Any advicee? -thanxx:)
    2 Style 17
  232. Short cut 2 a bob
    How can I get my hair to grow faster? Its in a shortcut now but I want it to be in a bob please help me
    3 Style 14
  233. What is the proper way to cut and eat a grapefruit?
    Everytime i try and eat one it turns to mush from me trying to get the pieces out to eat them.
    11 Food 18
  234. How do I get cuts?
    How can I get cuts? I mean I was already explained that I need to bulk up and then that I would need to cut,but my question is how do I get cuts?Like the guy in my albums with the tat on his chest?Like tell me specifically what is needed to do this.
    2 Nutritionfitness 10
  235. Why do so many of my friends cut?
    I have a friend that I have talked about before and she is in a institution for cutting today I found out that 3 more of my friends are cutting why do they all cut is it to just releive stress or is it some strange fad that is out I cant understand why...
    2 Health 13
  236. Do you think cutting is bad?
    people think cutting is bad. do u?? I cut, it kinda relives pain in a way for me... I do think it is bad when it gets outta hand. I do regret cutting but it is addicting and I cant stop. is it the same for u? how can I stop?
    7 Health 36
  237. Is cutting her legs the same as her arms and wrists?
    my friend is cutting her legs,is that the same as cutting your arms and wrist? her mom caught her and apperantly she stopped but I dont think I can trust her, please help ~mrcurious
    8 Health 744
  238. What hair color and cut would suit me?
    Okay so am bored with my hair haha. I want to get it cut, what style or cut would look good on me? And I also want to get it colored, any suggestions?
    3 Style 41
  239. Cutting my jeans at the ankle
    So I do this a lot I cut my jeans a the ankle and then show off my socks I just like the way I look with it does anybody else do this or do you think its to werid am I the only one
    3 Style 49
  240. Hair cut ideas.
    I am sick of having long hair and I want some tips on cutting my hair shorter. Are there any places I can see good pictures of short hair styles? Any ideas from you all?
    4 Style 46
  241. Cut off from the World?
    I feel totally cut off from the world. That the people who star in movies or are singers are out having fun, while your home doing nothing. Does anyone else feel that way?
    4 General 20
  242. Do you believe snapping yourself with rubber bands is a safer alternative than cutting or do you believe it is just as bad?
    My therapist told me to snap myself instead but I choose to not do either
    11 Pets 42
  243. what do i say to the hair stylist if i want my hair cut like this or layered like that?
    i dont want the bangs just the hair style. so please give me some ideas :)
    11 Style 43
  244. Can I download the game "Cut the Rope" on an iPod Touch?
    cuz i played it on my friend's ipad and im just wondering if they'd have that for ipod touches too?
    3 Technology 11
  245. ok so I got my hair cut and I fot bangs side bangs how do I keep
    how do I keep them outa my eyes please help thanks
    4 Style 37
  246. What is the name of the figure if you start with a rectangular pyramid and cut off its top?
    I know that the base and the top would be a rectangle and all the sides would be trapezoids.
    3 Education 11
  247. Why do people always assume you hafta be "emo" (excuse the word =D) to shop at hot topic?
    29 Shopping 49
  248. What song goes "I only go down if you keep your grass cut"?
    It's a rap song. It says if you got a big ass then back it up. Dirty song
    2 Music 206
  249. What are the best excuses to get out of work sick?
    What excuses are the best for getting off of work sick? I have a bunch of work and I can't afford to go to my regular job, but they won't just let me have the day off. Need excuses to give to be sick or something for work.
    6 Money 60
  250. Can I cut my puppies nails?
    I have a 6 month year old Chihuaha. His nails are getting extremly long, and I was wondering if it's too soon to have somebody cut them.. or could I cut them myself?
    7 Pets 62