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  1. Are you supposed to say "excuse me" when your stomach growls?
    4 General 77
  2. Excuses for being late?
    Whats the best excuse you've told you boss for being late?
    8 General 9
  3. What are excuses?
    I need some excuses to get out tonight what to tell my mom thanks
    4 Family 13
  4. who has an excuse for dialated pupils?
    I need an excuse for having dialated pupils.. its a long story lol..
    7 Health 86
  5. what are some good excuses to ask your dad why you want to borrow duck tape for ?
    22 Style 37
  6. What is the most elaborate excuse you've ever used so you wouldn't get into trouble?
    5 Entertainment 15
  7. What would be an acceptable excuse in court for not taking my defensive driving class?
    7 Education 28
  8. What excuse can I give my boyfriend so I can stop with him tonight?
    I want to stop at my boyfriends tonight but his told he that he wants a break what excuse can I give him so he will let me stay ?
    3 Relationships 33
  9. Is emo an excuse for guys to be gay?
    What is Emo-Kid? I see it every where? some one told me that it's just an excuse for guys to be gay?
    3 Relationships 32
  10. What is an excuse to have a sleepover?
    my mom wont let me have a sleepover and I neeed an excuse to convience her to let me have one after she already said no
    5 Family 87
  11. What's my excuse for missing school?
    Ok, so I'm visiting a school, having a look around. But I don't want my old school to find out, so what will my excuse be for not being at school?
    6 Education 32
  12. excuses fro not doing homework?
    Ok, just wondering if anyone had any good excuses. Thanks, please help. James
    7 Education 39
  13. What excuse do I use if anybody tells to my parents that I smoke?
    Any body har telled my parents that I smoke and my parents Asking me questions what can I do
    4 Family 38
  14. What's a good excuse for skipping a class?
    if you skip a class what is the best excuse to use? lol please tell meh much love
    8 Education 1980
  15. A doctors excuse or face suspension?
    I dont have a doctors note I never made it to the doctor..I went home and slept it off now I face suspension!!! What should I do?
    5 Education 19
  16. Absence excuses given to your boss or teacher
    What is the best and believable excuse you have ever given to your employer (boss) or teacher for not turning up to work or tutorials? and did they buy it ?
    7 Education 71
  17. Why do people always assume you hafta be "emo" (excuse the word =D) to shop at hot topic?
    29 Shopping 49
  18. What are the best excuses to get out of work sick?
    What excuses are the best for getting off of work sick? I have a bunch of work and I can't afford to go to my regular job, but they won't just let me have the day off. Need excuses to give to be sick or something for work.
    6 Money 60
  19. Who else thinks PMS is not an excuse to behave badly?
    It seems like women feel they are permitted to do whatever they want when it is that time of that month.
    44 General 91
  20. Great excuses
    I really need a good excuse to go out and see a boy very quickly, but my mum wont let me out the house because of previsous trouble I've been in.. Whats a good excuse ?
    2 Relationships 39
  21. Why the juror always bite that lame excuse that the guy was crazy and hear voices to justify their crimes?
    That is no excuse to forgive that crime. The guy kill that boy.Crazy or not crazy the guy must be punished. What do you think?
    5 General 25
  22. What are some good excuses for having a knife in your bedroom?
    I'm looking for believable excuses, not something like "a unicorn came in and tried to eat my unborn child so I had to fend it off :D". Plausible excuses only please ^.^
    39 General 168
  23. is ebonics an actual language or is it just an excuse to be ghetto?
    when i meet pple they will tell me they are bilingual and they will say they speak english and ebonics. and i know i spelt bilingual wrong so dont tell me that.
    7 General 34
  24. What are some excuses ana people would use to say they can not eat?
    im doing my project, and want to know like the people that starve their self to be thin they always have excuses what would be some of them that they'd use if someone asked them to eat
    2 Health 26
  25. What are good excuses to get out of school?
    Excuses to not go to school I used the oones in my question but I need new ones so help someone you can use thee and if they dont work just tell me and I will try to get ome new ones
    4 Education 35
  26. What's an excuse to not go to our mom's friend's party?
    So I have to go to my mom's friends party and I really really dont wanna go. Me and my sister are looking for excuses to use, but cant come up with any or dont find any on the internet!! Help hurry!! Its tonight!!! Thanks xx
    4 Family 52
  27. good excuse?
    yesterday I read on mespace that my ex (that im still in love with) is going to an arcade to see his favorite band play there and told people to go and I want to go so bad but I dont want him to think that im just there cause he is so whats a good ex...
    4 General 33
  28. What excuses are useful for coming back home late from gym?
    I usually have one hour and a half for gym. But I have some friends that I like hanging out with afterwards, one of them is a girl I like a lot. So one day I went over her house, but I get grounded for coming back late! "/
    6 Family 34
  29. Need a good excuse for missing school
    Principal's Waiver And I need a letter from my parent explaining the need. What would be a good excuse to letting me get principal's waiver, That I would need to stay home for? Oh and Principal's Waiver, is Were you get a half schedule your senior yea...
    5 Education 71
  30. Do you think this can be an excuse for everything?
    For example, when people say that being gay is because they have it in the genes, or they were born that way, so a thief or a shameless person can use the same argument well im a thief, because its in my genes i can control it and so on, please dont ge...
    4 General 18
  31. What is a good excuse to sleep out at my friends house?
    My mom really really hates it when I have a sleepover. For some reason she cant stand it when I go out? its weird. But I need to find a way to get out and be able to finally have a sleepover because I haven;t had one in about 2 months. !
    8 Family 16125
  32. Need excuse for not going to gym class
    well at school the pool is so dirty and people get liver spots and fungus and stuff like that on their face is there something that I can say so I don't have to go for this week?? like I have a kind of skin problem or something believable
    2 Education 15
  33. Anyone good at making excuses??
    Ok, so im going to a concert with my friend in a few days... I need to convince my dad to let me go over to her house and ride with her there instead of just letting him take me.. Im not embarrassed about showing up there with him or anything, its ju...
    6 General 37
  34. What's an excuse for not eating?
    I don't eat alot, and at home, Mum and Dad never notice, but i'm going out tomorrow night with a bunch of mates to celebrate a mate's Birthday, and we're going to a pub for a big meal. Basically, my question is- what kind of excuse can i use so as t...
    4 Health 26
  35. What are some excuses for missing so much school?
    I being abcent out of school for 5 days and even more and I a lot more desided to go drop out but after a wild I realy whant to go back but I need to come up with some good excuses to take to the school so my mom wont get a thicket for $2000?please an...
    7 Education 52
  36. Should I shave my poor excuse of a goatee?
    Should I have my goatee? I am worried that if I do, I will get more of those "baby-faced" comments that I always seem to get. Asides from that, any suggestions to look older. I am nearly 24 and I can't grow facial hair to save me life. There is a...
    2 Style 26
  37. A good excuse to miss school?
    I did not ask this question to be spammed with "NO YOU ARE BAD PLEASE DON'T SKIP SCHOOL." Or anything of the sort. Do not ask me to not do this, as it is extremely important I skip a day on Monday, but I'm not sure what to say to convince my mom. I nee...
    12 Education 2151
  38. What excuses can I use to get out of eating in my house?
    I've been trying to loose weight for over a year but no diet has worked. I've only been eating only when I really have to lately and its working im loosing weight, but I don't know how to hide it when im in the house. I've gotten to the point were any ...
    6 Food 89
  39. What's a good excuse to convince my mom to have a sleepover.
    okay, well I'm not exactly allowed to have sleepovers and I have no idea why. my friend wants to sleepover. I know I can't ask my padre (dad) because he'll say straight out NO. it's summer and I atleast want 1 sleepover. my brother has had a milli...
    12 Family 1532
  40. Why do I need to give my school a medical excuse?
    Well I'm out of school right now because I had a baby. I am supposed to go back to school this coming up monday but my doctor gave me a note saying not to return until the 18th. I have a medical excuse but I want that to remain confidential between my ...
    4 General 40
  41. Is this a lame excuse from McDonald's for not honouring my coupon? (read more)
    I was going to buy hot cakes with this coupon discount, for 1.50 and when i showed him the coupon the guy toldme that the cash register wasnt set up yet, with the offer, but the right thing to do would be to set up the cash register first and then put...
    7 Food 13
  42. What is a good excuse?
    K guys I need your help, please. Follow along. I am a sophmore in high school and I am currently in Biology. Our teacher is somewhat nice. Her homework policy is if you don't turn it in, you can turn it in for full credit up until the chapter test....
    2 Education 25
  43. Why do women use pregnancy as an excuse to gain fat?
    What dummy came up with that phrase? I mean, if you really think about it, you are NOT eating for 2, as the baby really does not need that many calories, esp. in the first few months, when the fetus is less that 6 ounces at most. I mean, really, why is...
    6 Health 136
  44. What is a good excuse for when I come home late?
    So I like to hang out with my friends untill like 11 at night but my mom says I have to be home at 5 right after school. The other day I hung out with my friends and didn't return until 11:30 and she flipped her lid. I'm really bad at being creative wh...
    8 Family 7825
  45. Wagging class
    Good excuses to wag class?
    3 Education 22
  46. Im I dumb or blond
    Im I dumb or just blond and have an excuse to be dumb
    3 Education 33
  47. What is a good excuse for my bestfriend?
    Okay so my best friend introduced me to this guy and we chilled for a day and then we added him on facebook, then me and this guy got to talking about alot of things and he was wondering why she was acting all cranky and angry at him and i told him its...
    11 Relationships 23
  48. What are good excuses to why I skipped class ???
    There was a bball game second half of school and you payed if you wanted to go and if you didnt, you stayed in class. I payed butt instead of going, I just skipped with my friends when I wasnt suppose to and I dont wanna get in trouble but I didnt want...
    4 Education 599
  49. Who think this is a excuse to get mad?
    I won't go into detail ( cause it a lot). but if you read my old qustion about my night at the military ball. you should know. this girl got mad cause I was dancing with her friend at the ball ( we was dancing for almost the whole time). and she said s...
    2 Relationships 65
  50. Why do guys use blue-balls as an excuse?
    Sooo, I was this kickback all drunk. I ended up not coming home that night or the next day. The day after, this guy I had met the night before comes to the room with me, and it was just us two, no one else wasn't in the room. And out of no where he j...
    3 Sex 147
  51. need an excuse to return it
    ok this might be long but please read it + help me... I needed a black skirt for a fancy dress party and on the day of the party I went shopping for one, I looked everywhere and I could only find one in topshop which was £16, so I bought it and wore i...
    17 Shopping 1392
  52. What are some return excuses for Apple devices?
    Okay so when I got my ipod touch 3gen it comes with a 3.1.2 firmware software. I had my ipod jailbroken. Every so often I like to back up and restore my ipod touch and re-jailbreak. The problem is that the last time I restored it, I accidentally agree...
    4 Technology 35
  53. Is Youtube an excuse for people to voice their opinions about emos?
    Okay lately I've been on Youtube a lot more then usual and I've noticed that there is a lot of videos where people are insuting emo's.Also when people have uploaded videos telling people to leave emo alone there is always some sort of negative comment ...
    6 Technology 63
  54. Do people deserve a second chance ?
    Do people deserve a second chance even when you have no excuse for the first?
    13 General 623
  55. Home Early From School
    What is a good excuse to my mum as to why I have come home early?
    3 Education 26
  56. Computer times
    My mom wont let me go on the computer . Any excuses?!?!?! Plzzz!!
    3 Technology 14
  57. My usless excuse for a mother!
    OK sooo my mum is a twat and I dont need to go into the ins an outs of it but im 13 and I need her shes 47 and I havnt seen her for 4 years because she got involved with a man in the drugs line Hes ded because of this now but my mum isnt sooo I want ...
    5 Family 21
  58. If you could have an extra body part..?
    Excuse me ..!! If you could have an extra body part..? If you could have an extra body part, WHAT... What would You choose for YOU ...? What would You choose for Your partner ? sanks. :) .
    5 General 47
  59. What do you honestly think of political correctness?
    I'm interested in what people think, because I just think it's becoming an overplayed excuse for things..
    33 Politics 37
  60. Am afraid of losing my boyfriend...
    He is ignoring all my phone calls and when he answers he gives me excuses upon excuses, I keep calling for us to talk about this but he ignores all my approach. Am stressed and have no sleep from this for the past 2 months. I never cheated on him and I...
    3 Relationships 49
  61. getting out of going 2 school monday!!!
    what are some of the best excuses uve used 2 get out of school besides stomac aches an headaches???
    8 Education 47
  62. How to explain a boob hickey?
    I had a boob hickey 2 years ago my husband will not let it go. What is a good excuse to get him off my back?
    2 Relationships 1838
  63. Creative ways to get off of work.
    I don't want to go into work tomorrow for inventory so is there good excuses or creative illnesses I could catch to get off work?
    2 Money 141
  64. Is naivety a crime?
    Not the willfull ignorance, the really basic "I don't know and I have never known up until now" kind of naivety. Excuse my lack of better phrasing!
    6 General 66
  65. Whts the right way?
    How can I let go of my boyfrnd. I just can't be with him <|3 I love him but uqh I just want to be sinqel . How can I say it in the nicest way? Or an excuse? ||:
    2 Relationships 43
  66. This gets on my nerves...
    I'm always catching my sister wearing my clothes, And I would tell thats mine & she would make an excuse like. " Oh I didnt know whos it was" yet she sees me wear it all the time?? or " I bought the same shirt" when she doesnt even own a shirt like it...
    10 Family 57
  67. Prego's and their food.
    Why do pregnant women have weird cravings when they're gregnant? Does it have anything to do with the baby or do they just use that as an excuse to eat up everything in the fridge?
    3 Food 26
  68. Who thinks religion causes conflict?
    Do you think 1. religion causes conflict or 2. do you think its used by politicians as an excuse to create war and violence? I personally think its the second one. thanks(:
    20 Religion 40
  69. college, for me?
    what is a good job for me to go to college for I argue a lot I cant talk for ever to anybody I am good at making up excuses I am good at defending people and myself' I am good at supporting my idea
    6 Education 12
  70. I always keep in the back of my mind that we will break up
    is it a bad thing that whenever I have a boyfriend I always keep in the back of my mind that we will break up even if the relationship is going good? Can that be in excuse for not getting hurt?
    3 Relationships 21
  71. What that means that you overqualified for a job.
    I dont know if this is true but they can tell you that you overqualified for a job and then they dont give you the job I mean what they want because they say you need more experience or they say that you overqualified to me both are bad excuses, so b...
    3 Money 44
  72. Who else thinks that the religion shouldnt be able to affect government?
    I feel that most of the laws and government are manipulated with christianity, and personally i dont feel that its right, as of someone being able to take how they personally feel and affect the country. Mostly with the excuse as of why gay marriage is...
    6 Politics 35
  73. How, if im on my period can I still use a dildo?
    Excuse the how at the beginning, anyway well im realy horny and I was just about to use my dildo:$ and I discoverdd im on my period? can I still use it ? please answer xx thanks
    5 Health 3005
  74. How do I open my moms eyes?
    Well my mom moved her boyfriend in quickly and he has been living here for a while and he is very nice he cleans cooks and is very good wit my daughter my brothers grandfather but it seems to me he hates to work he's been having excuses and excuses why...
    2 Family 40
  75. Does he not want me??
    My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years. The last 2 1/2 we have been living together. In the beginning we made love at least four times a week. Now it&#039;s like once every two weeks or even longer. I try to initiate sex several times du...
    4 Sex 60
  76. Who else has taken part in 'No Shave November'?
    I did! But only 'cause I've been too lazy to do it so I just used it as an excuse.. only my legs though. I'm not an animal, ahah :L
    14 Style 31
  77. How do I get my girlfrirnd to send me a naked picture of herself?
    Even though I sent my girlfriend a naked picture of myself over the phone, she won't do the same. She has been stalling by saying she would but I hear nothing but excuses. How do I get my girlfrirnd to send me a naked picture of herself?
    8 Relationships 59
  78. How can I get my parents to let me sleepover my boyfriends house?
    I need help on how to get my parents to let me sleepover my boyfriends house, im 15 and hes 16, I am 16 this year, my parents say im childish but they use it as an excuse because they are too controlling. What to do?
    18 Family 3953
  79. Is he going to break up with me for talking about myself?
    My boyfriend and I have been going out for a little bit more than a year now.. and he told me last night that I talk a lot about myself. since day 1. what does that mean? how does he feel about me now... is that an excuse to break up?
    3 Relationships 18
  80. Anything wrong with going to therapy at the age of 14?
    Is there anything wrong with going to therapy at the age of 14? I am just wondering because when I go back to school from an appt. Everyone always looks at me weird when they see my tardy note excuse from therapy.
    14 General 37
  81. listen to my first recorded song?
    Hello! I recorded my first cover song, excuse the horrid quality it was recorded on a laptop. Advice is always helpful! Thanks! c:
    2 Music 13
  82. Whats a conch?
    Gotta remember us brits talk different to you americans excuse my ignorance but what is it? ps...hope ya hubby grows to love tats , he hopefully will
    4 Health 17
  83. How can I break my arm?
    I really want to break my arm but im not sure how to do it/ does it hurt/ what is a good excuse on how I broke it if I do/ im right handed so would it be harder to break my left or right hand/ I need to know how to break my arm please???
    6 Health 310
  84. Is there laser treatment for scars?
    Is there and does it work? How much would it cost? Do I need it if my scars are faded from using other things, but I need them gone because some one asked about them yesterday and I didnt have an excuse, so I need them gone a lot Help !!!
    2 Health 35
  85. Why did solomon had too many wifes?
    King solomon and others had many wifes. Can someone explain if god allowed it? Also, he had sex with almost all of the virgins at that time. So now some religions use this example to have more than one wife. Is that excused?
    5 Sex 61
  86. Why do people dislike Hilary Clinton?
    Everywhere I go I hear shudders when Clinton is mentioned, but I've yet to have heard of any reasons as to why she is disliked by so many. Please excuse my ignorance, I am very new to the world of politics.
    12 Politics 43
  87. Can my parents legally drug test me?
    Im over 18 and i dont live with them, but i am staying here with them for a couple days while i take care of some court stuff. They tried to drug test me this morning but i made up an excuse to prolong it.
    8 Drugs 107
  88. What do you think of 4D movies?
    I dont watch 3d movies and im not interested in 4d movies if they just want an excuse to increase the prices for going to the movie theaters, i just want my regular movie without these 3d glasses.What do you think? tellme please thank you.
    2 Entertainment 24
  89. I dont want to meet him
    Right.. this lad always goes on about meeting me I know who he is, and he used to go to my school and everyything I just dont want to meet him, but feel bad on him cause I feel I've led him on abit, and I just want to be honest and tell him I dont wan...
    3 Relationships 15
  90. What do you think? Should I go to my ex-boyfriend's b-day?
    Well, it is his bday tmrw and I'm invited. It's been only 1 week since we broke up. Should I join his party or make an excuse for not to go???
    3 Relationships 13
  91. Dad hits me and has pushed me like down the stairs, what to do?
    So mi dad hits me and has pushed me like down the stairs and whatnot. But my mom won't beleive me she said I justwant an excuse to move out. I don't want to turn it into anything big but each time it gets worse what should I do???!!!
    10 Family 140
  92. How to become a rapper?
    okay I've been raping for about 5 months and I want to be a raper I looked online but they don't give you sh#t excuse my language an I want to give my demos to producers just anyone really who I can sign a contract with
    12 Music 45
  93. What is this song called?
    I heard this song but I dont know what its goes like... The more that I see you, the more that I realize you're beautiful. Yeah, excuse me miss johnson, where did you get those pretty eyes? Won't you tell me baby ...
    2 Music 11
  94. Deficiency attentional syndrome and schizophrenia?
    Excuse me if this term is wrong, I don't know the right term for this problem, but it consists is a difficulty to keep atentive and it's associated to hiperactivity. The questio is: Which are the odds that a child with this diagnose should develope sch...
    5 Health 30
  95. How do I clean my keyboard safely?
    I was thinking just shoving it under the sink or something, but I dont know if that will cause problems. My keys keep sticking, I didn't think they actually did that, I thought sticky keys was an excuse to type poorly, but now I know it actually happen...
    19 Technology 26
  96. Should I tell it to the police?
    If you have been cought with using another person's identity card, trying to get in to a club and that person has to go to a heering at the police... What she is planning to say is that she was tryong to get in to the club but wasn't let in. Is that ...
    7 General 31
  97. Medical reasons why a dog can't get pregnant
    I got a really good deal on a mini chiuahua and the guy told me I had to breed her one time so he could get one of the puppies and I don't want her to have puppies. What would be a really good medical excuse for me to tell him that she can't have puppi...
    4 Pets 394
  98. Do rats attract other rats?
    *please excuse my spelling* but do they? Also, do rats make good pets for a 14 year old gal like myself? and is it better do get a buck or doe rat (boy or girl)? please and thank u
    2 Pets 59
  99. Why can't I make new friends?
    Ok so im still finding it very difficult to make new friends and I havent gone out with people my age in a while now , Im going to flip alone and not going out !! dont know what im going to do !! the few people that didnt turn against me keep making ex...
    5 Relationships 27
  100. Should lump sum payments for injured Canadian soldiers be taxable?
    Canada's maximum lump sum payment for soldiers injured during a tour of duty is roughly 200, 000 less than the British benefits. The excuse for this is that taxes are being taken out. Is that fair? Should injury benefits be tax exempt?
    4 Politics 17
  101. cry cry
    well my friend caroline is always making fun of my laugh and words I cant say that well she says I laugh with my eyes down and to make up a excuse I said thats my fake laugh then she asked then whats your real laugh and I dont make fun of words she say...
    6 Babies 21
  102. How do I get my brother to stop trying to kill me?
    My brother is 6'2 and all he does is study and workout. I'm only 5'6 I have muscle but no neary brother. So obviously my brother can crush me in his fist. Please, do not say "tell your parents" my brother will find some excuse to blame it all on me.
    6 Family 67
  103. Which will you answer quicker: a phone call or a text message?
    My sister gets so aggravated with her teenage children because she can call and call and call, but they won't answer their cells and always have a pretty good excuse of why they missed the call (yeah right lol). But if she texts them, they will immedia...
    8 Technology 13
  104. What do I do when my boyfriend won't let me use his bathroom?
    Well, my boyfriend won't let me use his bathroom cause he thinks it's gross. I stayed at his house one weekend & he wouldn't let me do my pee! I held it but once it got to the point where I was in pain, I made up an excuse & went home. How do I deal wi...
    6 Relationships 1097
  105. Getting my motivation back?
    Since I've been preg it felt like it gave me a excuse to eat what ever I want and since I've gained a lot of weight I used to be so skinny now its so hard to get bak into the whole routine of workingout and eating healthy how do I get my motivation bak
    2 Health 58
  106. What are your opinions on the theory that we are genetically lazy?
    I saw a program today and some one's theory is that as a race we are genetically lazy. "Due to our primitive ancestors we must conserve our energy when we can because of all the hunting we used to do" That's not the real quote but it sums it up. So wha...
    5 Nutritionfitness 17
  107. How do I know he wont kiss her again?
    Im grounded so im not alowed out for another week, but my boyfriend kissed his other girl once when I wasn't out, he was drunk but thats not an excuse. we wasn't dating then but we had just split up and now were back together, I didn't think it would b...
    3 Relationships 9
  108. blowjobss
    ok... my boyfriend LOVES blowjobs, but I hate them :( it tastes sooo gross. I have braces so I always use them as an excuse, but im getting them off in 3 days and now I feel horible. the cum tastes sooo gross and I don't know how to deepthroat! help me...
    6 Sex 476
  109. Should I type this paper for my friend?
    URGENT I need an answer right now? One of my friends computer is broken. She called me last night because she wants to come over tonight and type her report for grad school due in two days. I told her that I dont let any one use my computer except for ...
    11 Relationships 22
  110. Where can I find pictures of scene hair cuts?
    Ok, well I want a scene haircut! But I dont know what I really want... But my mom wont let me get my hair cut she makes up dumb excuses! So does anyone have any styles of scene hair they like or pics and any ideas on how to convince my mom?
    7 Style 62
  111. Is this flirting?
    My best friend Jake likes this girl..and the other day at lunch the girl he likes touched his face and took an eyelash off for him and was like make a wish. He asked me bout it and i was like "i dunno man , maybe she does that with everyone" but then a...
    3 Relationships 35
  112. War funding
    Last night, Claire McCaskill (D) Missouri said on the Bill Maher show that if the Democrats had blocked Bush's war funding request, he would have found the money elsewhere. Is she right, or just making an excuse for the Democrat's lack of spine?
    7 Politics 29
  113. Juniperone: What is "Prell"?
    Hi Juniperone. Thank you for replying to my question Re: Brown hairdye that turned out real dark !! Also excuse me for sounding Thick !! but... part of your answer said .....Try Prell a few times a day until you leave. What is Prell? Await ...
    2 Style 90
  114. ok I used to love to go out and party, but not no more.:(
    Alrght I used like to go out and party and stuff like that. But now all I want to do is stay home, and sleep. Even when my friends want me to go out I just say nah I dont feel like it or make up an excuses not to go. So does any one know why im feeling...
    8 Entertainment 87
  115. Internet Schooling
    Does anyone have any good or bad experiences with using a school on the internet and having virtual classes/ internet schooling? I hope you understand what I mean lol! If you dont just let me know and I will try to explain it more clearly; I am tired a...
    2 Education 29
  116. Is it safe to get pregnant after a miscarriage?
    I would love to know.. I've had a miscarriage, and I think I may be pregnant again. I cannot really excuse my actions, but that's not what I'm asking so please don't make comments about my choices. I just want to know- how safe is it to be pregnant 4 ...
    4 Health 144
  117. Does he even care?
    so my ex boyfriend . is going out with this sluttyish chick (excuse my language). I have let go the fact that they are going out and told them I was happy for them, but the bad thing is, I want revenge. I know this sounds wrong but I can't help but wan...
    2 Relationships 14
  118. What should I do about a stove I bought that oven does not work?
    I bought a used stove for $300, the man said it was in great condition and that he was giving me a great deal, after a whille I found out that the oven was not working, I told the man and he has given me the run around and a million excuses why he has ...
    5 Homegarden 21
  119. What should I do should I leave her?
    My girlfriend lately has been making excuses to not see me she doesnt even want to talk to me at times. I tried to talk to her about it she says its nothing, that shes just been busy which isnt true because her brother told me they have just been at ho...
    3 Relationships 18
  120. How can I convince my parents?
    I have the party of the year in my hs, and I have to go b/c its my senior year but there a huge problem. My parents are the strictest parents you can imagine. I cant do anything that is not school related. The party is from 7-12 and I dont know excuse ...
    2 Family 45
  121. Do I have body dysmorphic disorder?
    Do I have BDD? How can you tell if you have BDD? A best friend and my boyfriend are really worried about me having BDD. I don’t know if I have it or not. Maybe I’m just ugly. I’m confused. I have realised I have some symptoms of BDD but I don’t know...
    2 Health 15
  122. Why does my boyfriend keep complaining that he's not happy with me?
    I keep trying to make him happy and satisfy him in ever way but he keeps bringing up the lamest excuses and turn it into a fight which makes me feel depressed and fed up and annoyed. And he keeps telling me its better to let go, but when we do he comes...
    2 Relationships 58
  123. shyness!!
    ummm.. I have this big problem of being really shy in front of a lot of people lets say a classroom of kids having a class discussion and im sitting there being asked a question and I always say I dont know or some other excuse why is that? do I need h...
    5 General 29
  124. How to get guys to stop crushing on me?
    I can never go a day with out finding another guy who has a crush on me or wants me to break up with my boyfriend... I mean I am nothing special all I am is average you can even check out my photos and im too nice to be straight out no I have to give e...
    2 Relationships 30
  125. When giving a BJ, hands or no hands??
    ok here's the deal, I'm very experiance sexually, but I really want to know if you guys want us girls to use our hands during and while we give you a bJ . I want to blow boyfriens mind... hehehe excuse the pun. so please.. please give me your opinions...
    6 Sex 144
  126. Should my friend who is not graduating be able to go to the all night party?
    To me I think she should not be able to go because i am sure she will be able to go next year. I feel like us Seniors who are graduating worked are butts off and obviously she didnt because she is not graduating on time. She asked for a ride and I dont...
    2 Relationships 9
  127. Would the connotations of a song be a legitimate reason not to listen to it or like it?
    Excuse my iffy use of the word connotation but this has been bugging me a bit. If you're wondering which song in particular I'm referring to it's called Lilium that's usually asѕociated with the anime "Elfen Lied." Hopefully the embedding works.
    4 Money 42
  128. Should he be approved and why ?
    Nominee to be treasury secretary Timothy Geithner failed to pay taxes in his past - not everybody fails to keep up with their taxes, surely a competent one could have been found - people are in jail right now for not paying - next time, we can use his ...
    8 Politics 52
  129. What can I do about this mean girl?
    K so she is super concieted and taking credit for other peoples work. And she so mean and she's always pushing people instead of saying "excuse me" and she hurts ppl. And the reason is cuz she's starting to do it to my friends. Gosh . And my friends do...
    15 Relationships 21
  130. Why do I get white gooey discharge?
    I have this white gooey discharge daily, my inner lips are much larger than my outer, and it makes me feel insecure about myself, and I always make excuses to not let my boyfriend go down on me. Is that normal? Please let me know a.s.a.p...worried 16 y...
    2 Health 250
  131. Why doesn't American Airlines admit that it has very old airplanes?
    If the seats of the airplanes of american airlines get loose is because the planes are old and they dont give them a good maintenance, why they make a lot of bad excuses, blaming the sodas or who knows what, they are pathetic. What do you think? Tell m...
    5 Travel 36
  132. What to text him?
    Theres this really gorjeous lad, and he's like really decent and not just a scratty boy, lol, I have his number but I havent text him yet, any ideas what I can say, because I feel like I need a bit of an excuse to text him cause im waaay not good enoug...
    5 Relationships 29
  133. What is this person talking about?
    Someone on ImDb posted this to me, what does he mean? I know what being illiterate means. What does he mean by the parents part? "High praise indeed from someone who thinks "it's a computer" is an excuse to be illiterate. Oh, that's right, you're not ...
    8 Entertainment 11
  134. I'm scared of sleep
    Maybe scared is the wrong word, but evey night I'm exhaused but can't sleep. I feel like I'm wasting my life asleep, or think of excuses to get up again. It's getting to the point where I only get an hour a night, and then fall asleep during the day....
    2 Health 12
  135. Why did I cry after being fingered?
    Yesterday was the first time I've been fingered by my boyfriend. After he was done fingering me I broke out crying and I have no idea why. I told him I didn't no why I was crying but then I just started to make up excuses. To make things worse, I looke...
    6 Relationships 1569
  136. Would your parents allow you to do this/ Would you allow your daughter the following ...?
    So i want to go to the seaside for a weekend with 8 friends (girls+guys), I'm 17 years old and i dont understand that my mom can really deny me of this..can she? What are some good excuses that will comfort her and make her realize that everything will...
    17 Family 29
  137. How do I calm my nerves before my guy friend wants to mess around?
    Well my guy friend is about to come over in the afternoon and this is the 4th chance im going to have to "mess"around and what not. But everytime he comes over my nerves take over and I make up some excuse not to!! and then I get upset afterwards when ...
    5 Relationships 81
  138. Why: Mein Schatz???
    I want to know why the translators of the internet are all retarded, excuse my language please. I'm full deutsch, born and raised in Germany and I'd assume I know my own mother tongue better! Mein Schatz means My Sweetheart in English, but anywhere I g...
    7 General 62
  139. How should i tell my girlfriend about a issue?
    I don't know how to tell my girlfriend that I'm having a issue with her. The issue is that she sorta big ( no offend to anyone) and I really don't know what peoples would say if we was seen together, i can't help but to care about what peoples think. ...
    9 Relationships 42
  140. How do I convince my parents to let me dance?
    My mom just met my teacher today and he said that my grades are falling down. when she got home she yelled at me and said that she cant allowed me to dance anymore but if i can prove her that i can raise my grade again, she'll let me. oh and she said g...
    6 Family 38
  141. What is that tv show?
    What is that tv show where they get an actor girl to go on cam and she pretends to be 14 but she is really 19 and there are people in the back in a van or something typing to these paedophile guys online and then the paedophiles come to the house and t...
    4 Entertainment 7
  142. Who believes that there is justification for ATOD?
    ATOD: Alcohol, tobacco, other drugs. And I'm including self-mutilation. Well anyhow, whenever I ask someone why they smoke, or do addictive things, or self-mutilate. They throw out the 'my life sucks' card, making up some excuse for why they do it. Th...
    4 Health 10
  143. When should I tell my boyfriend about my eating disorder ?
    I met a guy few weeks ago and he seems to really like me. The problem is I suffer from an eating disorder, I go on long fasts and if I eat anything I throw it up or sometimes I go into binging and then throwing up. Anyway I was just wondering; when sho...
    12 Relationships 153
  144. Ex boyfriend??
    Okay I left my boyfriend because things were differnt he didnt really see me he always had some excuse and I had broke up with him before because I found out he was tryna get with my cousin and they went out behind my back well they never saw each oth...
    3 Relationships 23
  145. Why won't my dad believe me when I tell him my step mom hit me?
    My step mom hates me and looks for any excuse to hurt me (usually by calling me an idiot delinquent) and yesterday I said the 'b' word to my friend Alex and she hit me in the face. Like, closed fist punch. I even bled. I told my dad, but he told me to ...
    13 Family 61
  146. Why is homework hard?
    Grrr. Why is homework so stupid and hardd.. I have so much homework & its freaking easter breaak. It just dsnt make sense to me!! & I cnt even come up with any poems .. This is all due tmro :s I don't know what to do... Its 11:30 at night & I ha...
    6 Education 57
  147. I do not believe abortion is right.
    I don't think that there is any logical reason to have an abortion because you 'just dont want it' I believe in a persons rights to make their own choices and decisions, but I don't think that abortion should be a choice. The choice was when you had se...
    18 Sex 26
  148. Motivation
    How do you push yourself to work out? I'm having trouble talking myself into going to the gym and it's really affecting me. Because my boyfriend asks me all the time if I want to go to the gym and I always end up making up an excuse not to go. I'll say...
    2 Nutritionfitness 25
  149. How can my fiance and I get married underage?
    I am 16 years old and I am pregnant. I know I can get married without my parents consent because I've already looked it up and I live in Ga. but I want to know if my fiance can get married without his parents consent. He is 17 and we want to get marrie...
    3 Relationships 49
  150. My parents refused the guy I'm dating
    hey so I'm dating this guy, & its a really intense relationship, & my parents toally refused him, & their excuse was his educational degree, & when he asked me whats wrong, over & over, I told hi, & now I feel like I hurt his feelings, although I said...
    3 Relationships 13
  151. How to eat with my boyfriend and his parents?
    okay. so my boyfriends mom keeps asking me to eat at their home with their family..and I keep making excuses up so I wont have to go, but I have to go tonight because he came out to dinner with me and my family last night and they invited me tonight a...
    2 Relationships 61
  152. Bible pretty much not much of a believer of god
    Ok, so I'm pretty much not much of a believer of god, disown me, hate me, curse me, but I don't. I don't see the logic in it, I don't see how it helps at all. To be 100% honest I believe it is the biggest lie of all time, it's a method of spreading fea...
    23 Sex 37
  153. Pushing guys away?!
    Is this normal? What can I do to fix it? Alriight, as soon as I finally start to let a guy get close enough, I either find any excuse to push him away or I loose intrest in him. It sucks and I know I do it but I cant help it. ...
    2 Relationships 6
  154. kissing a guy with a lip ring
    I've started seeing this guy, and he has a lip ring. it doen't put me off or that it just makes me nervous when he goes to kiss me which is why I make up an excuse or what ever and run away. im scared to kiss him because of it, im scared incase it ge...
    6 Relationships 2205
  155. What A Jerk He told me...
    that he didnt want to be with me b/c we had arranged for us to study and he was taking to long to reply and I really needed to study so I went to my friends house and studied at her house by the tiem he got the message I was already studying he got mad...
    2 Relationships 25
  156. How can I persuade my mum that loaning a horse for a month is worth it?
    I have enough money to loan a horse, but only for a month. I think this is long enough to simply have the experience etc. At first her only excuse was 'you won't be able to say goodbye to it'. I replied with 'I can always save up for another month' 'yo...
    4 Pets 16
  157. Is There A Song That Relates To This Situation?
    So This Boy That I've Liked For Along Time, Always Says He Loves Me and What Not. Weve Been Close For 3 Years. He Says Im Amazing And Whatever. But We Are Not Dating, But We Act Like it. Except He Goes Around And Messes With Other Girls. He Uses...
    4 Music 11
  158. Living with married woman
    I have been living with my supposed girlfriend for 2 years now and she assured me she was getting divorced. That was the deal when she moved in. She always has excuses like I have the divorce papers ECT. Its hard for me especially around the holidays...
    2 Relationships 23
  159. weird convo.
    I had a conversation with this guy in the lunch line, and I called him retarted 4 a joke, and he called me a stick. I said, "what do you mean?" he goes. "your a stick, like skinny." I go "um excuse me?" he says, "ya, your a stick, and then you just ge...
    3 Relationships 17
  160. What! Ugh opinions on parents??
    Do you ever feel that parents just have kids because they screwed up their own lives and think having kids is an excuse to try again?? I mean they try to control their kids and stuff I dont wanna hear they know best like my mom hates it when I wear thi...
    6 Family 27
  161. My teacher insulted us.
    K well my class was being chatty and teacher yellss 'if you act like this at school I can only imagine what kind of dirty poor home you come from and what kind of bad parents you must have if they tought you liek this' And im like 'excuse mee? You ant...
    6 Education 43
  162. Does anyone else get embarrassed by tummy grumbles?
    For reasons unknown, I suddenly realized my tummy grumbles a couple of months ago. I didn't find it embarassing before, in fact, I didn't pay any attention to my grumbles. But now I squirm in class when there's a quiet atmosphere. When my tummy grumble...
    7 Nutritionfitness 69
  163. Who can help me I ask out this guy and now hes being a jurk 2 me ?
    I ask a question about shall I ask out this boy and I did but now he keeps making up excuses not to see me we mad out today but I dont no if were taking it to far because weve only been going out since 7.00 this morning and he cam round me house , all ...
    4 Relationships 52
  164. Can't stop smoking weed
    I hadn't had any wweed in about 2 weeks.I wanted to concentrate on school. so I tried my best to quiet, I did for the 2 weeks though (really shaky excuse the typing) then today was too much for me I just gave in and smoked till I could hardly stand up ...
    3 Health 52
  165. Mental Illness
    ok so I was talking with my counseller today and we came round to the idea that I dont have depression. it was just me putting a label on myself and using it as an excuse for my very faulty thought processes and general messed up ness. does that me...
    4 Health 36
  166. How to disable Deepfreeze 6 Permanently?
    How to disable Deepfreeze 6 Permanently? I pressed Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F6 then copied the OTP token and pasted into One Time Password Generation System... then copied the code and paste it to Deep Freeze 6. And I Choose Thawed on next restart. But After On...
    5 Technology 145
  167. Why did the US government sponsor two Oregon state sentators to visiti Maldives?
    The Oregon government that they're running is at a 2.5 billion dollar deficit...and the federal government is worse off. So when the Under Secretary of State has already been here, along with countless diplomats from other countries, what possible excu...
    4 Politics 18
  168. Should I go with the car I like, or the one that's more practical?
    I have to buy a new car before Wednesday. There are 2 that I'm interested in, one that has alright milage etc but I really like it. The other is a bit more expensive but it's only done 133000kms and it's had almost everything replaced professionally.. ...
    12 Cars 34
  169. teacher wan't me to write fake trial worth 300 points on a book that they didn't send me to use this year.... what do i do?
    so this year I was supposed to write a report on a book. it was supposed to be a fake "trial" for a character in a book. which they didn't send me. or anyone else. and so they excused the lessons for that book, but still want us to do this huge grade p...
    5 Education 41
  170. Semi-vegetarian
    Hi I get comments all the time about my diet choice - im semi veggy I dont eat red meat, I eat fish, chicken, duck and turkey It would make me puke if a cow or a pig, anything like that was placed on my table on a plate yuk And thats my choice B...
    5 Food 38
  171. surprise 16th birthday partyyy!
    alright soo my best friend is turning 16 in like two weeeks and I want to plan a surprise partyy for her. I dont know how to keep it a secret from her for two weeks because we talk like everyday. Should I send out invites or just text people? and what ...
    2 Entertainment 41
  172. Qwest refused to illegally wire tap Americans months before 9/11
    Turns out, the Bush administration had the NSA wiretapping phones illegally with the consent of our nations telecommunications firms nearly eight months prior to 9/11. The excuse given routinely by the administration is that the wiretapping followed 9/...
    2 Politics 11
  173. Boyfriend problems! Help!!
    This is long but please help me out here! I started going out with this guy today, and his Ex girlfriend has been talking to me over myspace and I asked her about how things were when they were dating. She told me that his parents wanted to meet he...
    3 Relationships 38
  174. How do I stay motivated to study when my friends are always asking me to go out with them?
    We're in college/university (whichever you call it) so it's a lot of independent study, and they take different courses than me too. They don't really care much for their grades whereas I'm a top student, and I feel like such a nerd when I say I have t...
    4 Education 37
  175. Tattooer in L.A.
    (First, excuse my English). So, I'm planning going to LA next year (I live in Europe) and I want some tattoos (3 up to 5). I have ideas and drawings for my tattoos, they are simple and quite small. I would like to know if you could recommend me a good ...
    2 Style 15
  176. How can I find out if my food stamp card has been mailed off or not?
    Because I did an interview with DFCS on the 9th of this month and they told me I would get it within seven days. I applied for stamps back in April and they told me I would get them and they keep telling me the same excuses and I haven't got them yet. ...
    2 General 200
  177. Convince my parents to transfer me to a different school?
    how do I convince my parents to transfer me to a different school? I've tried everything but they are so blocked outt, they think I want to go its because of my boyfriend but thats bs. and no im not lying..I dont know what other excuse to give them. I ...
    7 Family 544
  178. Is my vagina normal?
    I wont let any boy do anything sexual towards me because I dont think vagina is normal, I have done things with boys but I always come up with excuses that I am on my period. I dont want them to think I am a freak if they come to do anything and its no...
    37 Sex 3715
  179. how can I prove that someone is 100% NOT addicted?
    Hello, Im 18 and parents HATE my also 18 year old boyfriend because they found out that he used to smoke marijuana a few years ago. Although he has never been addicted and is DEFINITELY NOT addicted now my parents are absolutely convinced that he is a...
    8 Health 87
  180. What is this hand pain due to crocheting?
    I crochet a lot, and it involves very repetitive movements. I've been crocheting for several years now, but lately, I've been crocheting daily, and I've noticed that I have a lot of hand pain, in both my right and left hand, although they both hurt dif...
    2 Health 16
  181. What do I do with my lazy nephew and his girlfriend?
    I own a beautiful rental home. I recently remodeled and spent $70,000.00 in upgrades. I agreed to have my brother who is 54 years old rent it. He has a 29 year old son (my nephew) which would live with him. Both have good jobs. But now my other nephew ...
    2 Family 93
  182. what does this song mean?
    What does this song mean (big city dreams by nevershoutnever) You say we're both little people and you like it that way But in time I'm gunna put this body to shame (and grow old) Where a suit like my old man Pack up all my things and get my tail out ...
    3 Music 43
  183. Should my mother be angry at me because I told her to care for her own child?
    well yesterday i came home from school early cause i barly had any sleep at all and i couldn't stay awake so i came home. When i got home my mom was asking my girlfriend to watch my baby sister and i got mad because she should be watching her own damn ...
    15 Family 51
  184. Was she scared to be happy?
    I was dating this girl and she gave me a list of lame excuses to break up. Her biggest excuse is that she's dealing with a lot of stuff and doesn't want to bring me down with her. I told her I wantd to be there. I knew about her home life way before we...
    3 Relationships 36
  185. Why do most women use string underwears, I mean-is it comfortable??
    I'm just wondering why do they use string-panties? `Cause its like a wedgie (excuse me if my spelling's wrong)!! Their butt is like eating the underwear! My mom's wearing those stuff and it looks so.. hideous.. ickk-. what's the reason? -- does it mak...
    4 Relationships 144
  186. My mom wants me to go to church but I don't want to go
    My mom wants me to go to church. I keep giving excuses for why I can't. I am religious in that I believe in God and you must be forgiven for your sins in order to be saved. However, I do not really believe that you have to go to church. I don't know if...
    9 Family 130
  187. Is it okay for me to do this??
    Well I like doin stupid stuff just because its funny to see other peoples reactions.. Haha... Like in wal mart yesterday.. I walked up to someone and was like.. " uhh excuse me... Uhh... Comquate!!!" And they just looked at me! Hahaha It was hila...
    6 Relationships 48
  188. This bothers me so bad! Does it to you?
    I've noticed something quite awhile ago and it bothers the hell out of me. When I'm with people/family/whoever, and they mummble "I need to go pee/ I need to poop/ I need to burp/ I need to go number 1/2/ etc." It bugs me so bad! Why can't they ke...
    17 General 71
  189. What should I do with my little sister?
    Okay so I watch my little sister and shes potty trained and everything but when I put her in time-out obviously she starts crying and then she pees on herself. Like a few minutes ago I put her in timeout but she was crying and then making an excuse t...
    3 Babies 58
  190. Trust or not?
    OK my Babys father whom I have been with off and on for three years has been caught cheating on me 3 times though one of those times was on the internet and one of those times was with his ex in richmond the one I was pregnant and the other I had just ...
    6 Relationships 9
  191. Does anyone else agree with me that the movie Summer of 42 is so wrong?
    its basically a story about statutory and although its a good movie, i was still disturbed by the sexual tension between the minor and adult and the sex scene at the end went beyond what i thought they were going to do with the characters. i mea...
    9 Sex 38
  192. I'm having problems with my girlfriend
    We've been together for a month now, and our 2 month anniversary is coming up. But the problems are: First, I've been hearing that my girlfriend's been calling her ex-boyfriend. But she's denying it and I trust her, because everytime I ask her ex-boy...
    5 Relationships 85
  193. Does this mean I am not good enough for him?
    my boyfriend and I were virgins when we met, we have been 2gether for over a year now, and we smoked some maryjane 2gether and he told me he wants to know what it is like to have sex with another girl, I was upset over it for a few days after word then...
    6 Sex 17
  194. Is this acceptable business behavior?
    A while back, we setup a mutually beneficial arrangement with another company. Then last week, I found out they didn't uphold their end of the bargain. I contacted them, and they gave me a list of excuses, saying that it wasn't fair, etc, when they sug...
    3 Money 20
  195. Is he lying??
    This random girl got a wrong number an txtd my boyfriend. Well he sent me a fwd msg from her an I asked if he talks to her an he said no. I looked at his phone an there wasn't any messages from her not even the one he sent me but they didn't auto delet...
    3 Relationships 12
  196. Birthday sadness
    Uugh okay today is my bday && I planned on going out to dinner with a few of my friends well they all bailed on me except one but they had reasonable excuses but one of the which I known 4 12 years told me she didnt feel like going I was so hurt so I c...
    4 Relationships 44
  197. Where have I heard this song?
    Okay, so I just heard my immortal by evanesense for the first time (or so I thought). it seemed familiar, but I just forgot about it, until now and I can't stop thinking about it. its bugging the crap out of me that I cant firgure out where I no it f...
    3 Music 39
  198. What should I say to her that doesnt seem like awkward?
    okay so there's this girl that goes to school with me and she was on my Intramural volleyball team. I just thought she was a really cool girl to talk to during the semester, but I start to feel like that I'm attracted to her during this break. I have h...
    6 Relationships 39
  199. Am I the wrong one?
    Basically my two younger brothers ALWAYS go to my grandads at weekends , so usually we have to clean up do chores etc, but before they do sumthin stupid like eg: hang washing on the line then go, with me ill end up having to do more and my parents ha...
    3 Family 10
  200. Think VP Cheney will go to jail?
    Now that our outgoing Vice President's been indicted (it's on reuters & other news outlets) do you think he'll go to jail? I find his investments in privatized prisons fascinating,'s like you profit from finding excuses to take money aw...
    3 Politics 14
  201. How can I get my boyfriend to keep a job?
    im 3 months pregnant and my boyfriend wont get a job...everytime he tries...he ends up going for about a week, and then stops showing up and gets that im pregnant I cant deal with this anymore...but he keeps doing the sole provider ...
    5 Relationships 58
  202. Why do you love the internet?
    I love it becuase I can talk to anyone I want, when I want. I like the fact I don't have to tidy before I engage in conversaton, that my make up hasn't got to be done and I don't have to bribe the kids to behave when I have visitors.. Not that I am o...
    4 Technology 82
  203. What to do when mother hates you cause of sexuality (Please help!)?
    Okay, so ever since my mother found out I was bisexual, which was about three weeks ago, she's been treating my WAYY different. Keeping me at a distance, keeping sentences short, making excuses to avoid conversations, and the big one-not letting ANY fr...
    3 Sex 12
  204. So why aren't we nailing Foley to the wall?
    You know, the Republican who checked himself into an alcohol abuse treatment center after he was confirmed to have propositioned page boys in the senate. Now...if it was me, I'd be after him with a baseball bat for messing with my kids. I'm sure many ...
    3 Politics 13
  205. the guy i like is 5 years younger than me
    Hi .. just need some advice. there are 2 parts to this question 1. i have started noticing a guy that i work with. He and i get along so well and it seems that he is noticing me too. He always calls me "my Darling" and always has an excuse to to...
    2 Sex 40
  206. Always wants me to visit but doesn't pay for the bus
    I have a female friend and shes always wanting to see me and always wants me to go up to her house but it means gettin busses all the time and its coting a lot I stopped seeing her but shes always ringing me ''are you cumminh up today'' I d...
    3 Relationships 9
  207. finished with stupidity of life...can I make it better?
    I have felt like I cant take like anymore. Its when I experience things that I described in my last question, I don't want to do it anymore. I feel like this world doesnt deserve me. Like I don't have to deal with this because I am better than that. I...
    5 Relationships 28
  208. Does anyone have a pet bunny?
    My birthdays coming up in September. I REALLY Want a Bunny. I've wanted one for about 3 years not,But everytime I asked,My mom Gave me a dumb excuse Like "We have cats,itll be dead within a week" But My cats died. So now im all set=] I want an indoor ...
    9 Pets 48
  209. can a mass in the liver be cancerous?
    I took my mom to a GI because of the discomfort shes been receiving. They found by doing an MRI a solid ball? the doc. said its not a cyst for sure cause its not a sac filled with liquid. I am worried?? the doc. said a "notshol" excuse the spelling sh...
    3 Health 27
  210. how is it possable for my boyfriend to forget to call or txt me?
    he said to me he was gona call me after work but he didnt I saw him on a social site chatting to people but still no call or txt from him. so I rang him and ask him why dont you call or txt me? hes excuse was he forgot and drift of to sleep in the bus ...
    4 Relationships 45
  211. What do you think about the sl*t walk in Toronto?
    A while ago an officer suggested that young women not dress like "slu.ts" for their own safety. Women then marched in Toronto against this. What do you think about it? After a long talk about this, my friend and I concluded that a woman should not be b...
    5 Style 31
  212. How can I reduce the tension and stress in our household?
    My brother-in-law moved in with us after being homeless for a couple months. He irritates me so bad. His room is always a mess and we have to basically force him to shower. I am completely at my witts end but I don't want to kick him out for fear the h...
    4 Family 15
  213. Guy problem
    So I have this guy friend and he is so sweet. He tells me how attracted he is to me and things like that. We decided it was right to be together as in boyfriend/girlfriend. But the past three days weve been tryign to hang out. When we find a place and ...
    4 Relationships 17
  214. What to do when my boyfriend ignores me?
    Actually my boyfriend belongs to general category and I belong to sc category.he says that he can never marry me bcoz he don't want to hurt his parents.also he constantly talk to girls in the night and says excuse they are his friends.also he says some...
    2 Relationships 17
  215. What can I do to hang around together I'm so nervous?
    This boy I like, he liked me and I think he still does, I've known him since september but I only started speaking to him a week ago (over msn) we haven't spoke in person since 'cause this place we go to keeps getting cancelled because of the snow. He ...
    5 Relationships 73
  216. A Question about doctor/client confidentially
    I am 15 and I am an idiot. There is a slim chance I am possibly pregnant and im panicing about it. What I really want to know is if I go to my doctor for advice is he able to tell my parents ? as far as I know we should have docter/client confidentia...
    5 Sex 18
  217. am I having a break down or is it my diabetes
    for some odd reason I started to burst out in tears and I don't know why? I was talking to my boyfriend when it happen I know it wasn't cause of him because he is a good guy. I don't know if it was cause I was having a break down or my diabetes this ha...
    2 Health 20
  218. How can I survive gym til school ends?
    I suck at every sport and I am outcast for lots of reason including me sucking at every sport. Next semester I will have gym and everytime I have gym, I get panic attacks and get very nervous that I start shaking, breathe weird and my heart beats too f...
    3 Education 22
  219. Why am i doing this ?!
    Okay yeah i'm stupid i didn't realize that i posted this as a status update thigner at first, excuse my stupidity. I can't stay still. I'm squirmy. I can't stay still. I keep moving my legs, like kicking and rubbing against eachother & like spazzing ou...
    8 Health 21
  220. How do I deal with an unfair dad?
    I feel like I have to fight to get my dad's attention and it makes me feel very sad and angry. He married this woman who I feel very uncomfortable around because she always yells,cusses,and I feel like she does'nt accept me. I don't go to my dad's hous...
    6 Family 68
  221. Is it wrong or right to miss 61% of the votes you should be in on?
    McCain now ranks as the #1 most absent senator of the 110th Congress. This, to me, is a serious problem. We have the constitution being tossed out tomorrow by allowing investigation without a warrant (the wiretapping issue) and one of the contender's f...
    6 Politics 14
  222. How do I break it off without breaking his heart?
    Well, I'm in a relationship, but I don't know if I really like my b/f as much as I had thought...I think I've confused feelings of loneliness for those of lust. There are also some factors that stand in the way like the fact that we live about 20 mins ...
    3 Relationships 40
  223. What do you think about this to say to a girl?
    Okay so here is the lines that I will use to talk to a girl in my school while were walking to class I wanna know if there is anything wierd or creepy about it or if I need to fix it a little "excuse me"(she looks at me) "I was wondering where you got ...
    2 Relationships 4
  224. Wine bar and dog joke
    A man walks into a wine bar with his dog. "Er, excuse me" Says the barman. "No dogs allowed!" "It's ok!" The man responds. "This is a super intelligent talking dog!" "Oh yeah?" sneers the barman. "Prove it!" "What grows on trees?" The man asks the anim...
    2 Entertainment 52
  225. Why doesnt he want 2 take the next step 2??
    My boyfriend is 16 and a jr. and im 14 and a freshman in high school. We are both virgins and have talked about sex many times.. we know we love each other and he knows I want I 2 lose my virginity[dont know if ii spelled that rite]lol] 2 him. ii talke...
    5 Sex 54
  226. So confused about my girlfreind
    My girlfriend and I just recentlly broke up. She said it was for her to have her own time without having to run it by anyone including me, but I dont have a problem with her wanting alne time. I believe that is a weak excuse for a break up, we have bee...
    3 Relationships 16
  227. How do you get rid of a memory?
    I'm 23 and a normal regular guy, when I was 18 I was raped by a gay guy, its not something that I've told anyone until today 21/09/07 when I finally told my fiancee. I now work as an accountant for a small firm and both of my bosses are gay so sometim...
    9 Health 41
  228. Okay why are so many kids getting preggo?
    I'm 13 and I don't understand why so many kids are having sex! I think you should wait until your mature enough for it and you are sure that the person you are having it with it the person you will spend the rest of your life with. To many kids are hav...
    4 Sex 40
  229. Unlv help!!! College question
    Okay, so I plan on moving to vegas when I graduate, andi want to go to unlv, and im totallly new at this whole college thing, I mean next year is my senior year and I graduate at semester, but I want to look into this college more, and I cannot find a ...
    2 Education 11
  230. How can I understand my suicidal sister?
    My sister && I were really close when I was little, shes 11 years older than me. But once I hit 12, was when it all started going downhill. Shes a druggy, an alcoholic, shes bi polar, she has a chemical imbalance,, Not her fault.. I know. But I know sh...
    6 Family 24
  231. How to deal with a sister in law I truly dislike?
    My SIL never buys anything for anyone either she's in her mid thirties makes more money than my husband and I together yet we give her stuff and she never gives anything, she's selfish and so fake it's truly annoying. She rather spend money at bars try...
    3 Family 116
  232. What do I do when I'm stuck between a guy and a girl?
    I have a boyfriend... ive been dating for 2 months. Hes nice, loves me, but always just talks about video games... thats not an excuse, though. Anyways, so i met this girl over a month ago, and about a week or 2 ago, she admitted she likes me. I'm bise...
    6 Sex 23
  233. What should I do about sleazy girl who is hitting on my boyfriend?
    My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years. Recently one of his friends (girl) started getting obsessed with him. She keeps calling him all the time (like 10 times a day) and sends him a lot of txt messages, making excuses for them to meetup. Sh...
    2 Relationships 57
  234. What do you think of the Denver shootings?
    My opinion, excuse my language but it is totally fucked up. How can someone walk into a theatre, gas the place out and fire blind shots at people? They said 10 - 15 people have died, 4 people in hospital & 50 people injured! It's just sick.. How som...
    10 Health 37
  235. If an employment agency doesnt have any job what that means?
    I mean i went to the employment agency and fill out my application and then the secretary told me there was nothing available, she toldme there was only job for women, but even when i told her so i can come back tomorrow very early when the agency open...
    2 Money 10
  236. What do I say to her , shes young and pregnant ?
    My cousin shes 15 now just a bit older then my sister. Shes pregnant well at least she thinks she might be. Shes two weeks late and she does not want to go to the doctor, her excuse is " I'm too scard" and like I don't want to be a b*tch but really I j...
    3 Health 41
  237. How I lost a friend because of a secret! Help?
    Ok so my friend told me her biggest secret.. And it was that bad I don't talk to her anymore but I'm not sure I was fair I can't stop thinking about what I've'e done! :( well I'm going to tell you what she said.. Because you people don't no her so it w...
    7 Sex 18
  238. I need to break my hymen or find out if it is broken already
    I'm ashamed to admit this but I lied to my boyfriend about being a virgin I'm 21 so I'm definitley ready to have sex so I dont give me that lecture about waiting anyways it is not an option to tell him I am a virgin he despises liars & would break up w...
    6 Sex 167
  239. I think my gf wants to kill me :( HELP! what do I do
    My gf kinda acts creepy sometimes. She told me that she loves to kill animals and she did, when she was 9 she killed her pet. Few weeks ago I was drunk and totally out of my mind and I was sleeping, that night I felt like a guy is beating me with a sti...
    4 Relationships 65
  240. Will he ever leave his wife?
    Im very confused.Im dating a married man.Well he always tells me that he loves me, and that he wants to start a life with me, but that I need to be patient.Well to me it just sounds like he is selfish and wants me to put my life on hold for something t...
    14 Relationships 282
  241. My dance teacher hates me, what can I do?
    I am doing dance competitions, but my mum and step dad are separating and I have gotten really side tracted, when I stuffed up my first dance my dance teacher had a go at me and at a practice this morning she constantly critisized me and told me all th...
    4 Sports 324
  242. Overprotective parents?
    im 15, basically not allowed anywhere on my own practically, my friends used to ask me out all the time and now its got to a point where they dont ask me so much and when they do I have to make some stupid pathetic excuse. I hate it, it makes me feel s...
    6 Family 45
  243. Ex wife invading privacy
    My boyfriend shares two kids with his ex wife and she invades his/our privacy. Weve only been dating for about three weeks now,and she has made up a few pathetic excuses to come over and be nosey.. She has the kids Mon-Friday and is supposed todrop t...
    2 Relationships 73
  244. My boyfriends going to ditch me
    I was looking on my boyfriends phone for a friends number an I found a lot of txts to his ex girlfriend. Most oof them say things like 'its wird having a g.f ' and ' I want to let her down easy. ' there was also one ther saying ' I dont want to hurt ...
    4 Relationships 32
  245. Why did McCain skip on the vote to tax the oil companies?
    His vote essentially doomed the legislation, just last week. He had the chance to pass it along, and create taxes for the oil companies (which are making the biggest quarterly profits of any company in world history), and provide for that extra tax rev...
    12 Politics 112
  246. Dont want a religion
    My dad is a VERY strong Christian. Hes very sensitive and like cries when I wont go to church. I just really dont have faith in what I can't touch and see. I dont really beleive in Jesus and question whether there is a god. I am a strong beleiver in Ev...
    41 Religion 35
  247. Mother living off of child support
    My husband pays $500.00 a month in child support to his ex girlfriend. He has joint custody of their son, and we have him half the time. He has never missed a payment and never complained about paying. But the one complaint he does have is that she has...
    5 Money 350
  248. Do you think Rihanna should still be associating her self with Chirs Brown?
    I know none of this is any of my business, but Everyone knows Rihanna is still hanging around Chris Brown even after the beating she took by him in 2009. As of now Chris has a girlfriend, Karrueche. But their has been plently reports of the two hooking...
    4 Entertainment 19
  249. President election for school?
    Please excuse the way im typin im tired *yawn* Im running for school president and for my speech I need to write goals or somthing I want different for my sckool. But realistic idaes because if I win, I really want to keep my promises and actually do i...
    3 Education 41
  250. How can I get proof that he's lying?
    I have been with my significant other for Seven years now and we have four kids together. Well I have caught him lying to me a few times lately and now i question every thing he has ever told me, ever excuse He's ever given. I feel like our whole relat...
    4 Relationships 34