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  1. What should I do when my sister is mean to me?
    What should I do when my sister is mean to me?
    10 Family 2324
  2. what sports should my sister do?
    what sports should my sister do?
    5 Sports 61
  3. Who was hamlet's sister?
    Who was hamlet's sister?
    2 Family 87
  4. What is the most dumbest law?
    What is the most dumbest law?
    6 General 27
  5. why do we have to learn about the law?
    6 Education 36
  6. What is Ohm's law?
    5 Science 35
  7. What's the difference between in-laws and out-laws?
    This is a joke. What's the difference between in-laws and out-laws?
    4 General 47
  8. How did english law influence the development of american law
    How did english law influence the development of american law?
    2 Religion 695
  9. sister takes friends
    My sister takes all my friends...what do I do??
    3 Family 23
  10. What if I find out my sister is on drugs?
    what do I do if I find that my sister is on drugs?!
    2 Drugs 35
  11. Are Brothers or Sisters Worse?
    Are Brothers or Sisters Worse?
    11 Family 182
  12. how can me and my sister torcher our brother.
    how can me and my sister torcher our brother.
    4 Family 211
  13. Why should there be a seat belt law?
    why should there be a seat belt law???
    18 Politics 116
  14. Can you tell we're sisters?
    Can you tell we're sisters?
    5 Family 50
  15. What should I do when my sister makes me mad
    What should I do when my sister makes me mad
    8 Family 105
  16. How to make the guy have an erection?
    How to make the guy have an erection?
    2 Relationships 325
  17. Sister never listens, what about you?
    My sister never listens! What about you!
    3 Family 81
  18. How to keep him from having a erection so soon?
    How to keep him from having a erection so soon
    5 Relationships 109
  19. What are some differances in Law and Order here in the US, and Law and Order UK?
    Just curious because they do have differant laws over their
    3 Entertainment 13
  20. what if your younger sister hates you?
    4 Family 60
  21. What is a song me and my sister can dance to?
    7 Music 35
  22. What exactly is, "The law of Attraction"?
    4 Religion 41
  23. how can i give my sister an enema?
    9 Health 356
  24. What is the purpose of having a curfew law?
    5 Politics 35
  25. I Am My Sisters Keeper Quote???
    What does "I Am My Sisters Keeper" Mean?
    7 General 131
  26. How can I get my sister to treat me better?
    How can I get my sister to treat me better?
    4 Family 66
  27. Do you believe in the secret and law of attraction.
    Do you believe in the secret and law of attraction.
    2 Religion 16
  28. How a bill becomes a law for kids?
    How a bill becomes a law for kids?
    2 Money 14
  29. Is there a treatment to stop erections?
    can you show the treatment to stop erections.
    2 Relationships 63
  30. What is zac efrons sisters name?
    What is zac efrons sisters name?
    4 Family 92
  31. How many of you know the universal laws?
    11 Religion 57
  32. Are "in-law" and "outlaw" the same thing?
    9 General 56
  33. how to tell my sister i do not care with out pissning her off???
    2 Pets 28
  34. Do law firms usually take Volunteers who are not law students or paralegal students yet and have no prior experience in Law?
    If so, How do I ask for a volunteer position?
    2 Money 8
  35. Why is my sister scared of rabbits touching her?
    10 Pets 47
  36. What is Lil' Romeo's sister's name?
    3 Entertainment 178
  37. Is it easier for inlaws to accept a daughter-n-law than a son-n-law ?
    5 Family 38
  38. I hate my sister
    why is my sister such a little fat head
    4 Family 47
  39. common law?
    what exactly does a common law relationship entail?
    6 Relationships 20
  40. How to annoy your older sister.
    How do you really p/o your older sister?
    18 Family 236
  41. Does anyone have a friend like a sister?
    does any body have a friend that is just like a sister?
    10 Family 47
  42. Best way to apply laws of attraction?
    What is the best way I can apply the laws of attraction?
    2 General 22
  43. Create & Legalize a law
    If you could create and legalize any law what would it be?
    7 Politics 26
  44. My sister is 15 and she weighs 91 is that normal ?
    My sister is 15 and she weighs 91 is that normal ???
    9 Nutritionfitness 128
  45. My sister always calls me stupid
    Having a sister that all ways calls you stupid
    10 Family 589
  46. Smoking sister?
    My sister is smoking and I know she is but she is under age. She knows I know but she is quiting and I don't know what to do about it
    7 Family 43
  47. Is there a way to keep yourself from getting an erection?
    Ok, is there a way to keep yourself from getting an erection?!?!?
    3 Relationships 60
  48. How do I make my sisters's 10th birthday memorable?
    How do I make my sisters's 10th birthday memorable?
    4 Family 67
  49. How a bill becomes a law for grade 2?
    How a bill becomes a law for grade 2?
    2 Money 22
  50. can people ejaculate without having a hard erection?
    can people ejaculate without having a hard erection?
    2 Health 1048
  51. How long does law school really take ?
    How long does law school really take ?
    2 Education 49
  52. older sister
    what is the best prank to play on your older sister
    2 Family 181
  53. sister sister
    my younger sister mon hates doing stuf with me an we are like complete opposites any advice on how I can get her to be more like me
    2 Family 14
  54. What's the best way to get a sister get off your back?
    8 Family 23
  55. my sister is having a baby
    11 Babies 69
  56. Why did Mussolini introduce the Race Laws in 1938?
    2 Politics 68
  57. What law affects people in many ways ?
    6 Politics 15
  58. What do you do when your Dad and sister hate you?
    what do you do when your dad and sis hate u?
    12 Family 97
  59. What kind of food should i have at my sisters grad party?
    2 Food 48
  60. Sister in law
    My sister in law like to wacth me&my wife doing sex,she asked us for that.should I let her wacthing or participating with us/??
    5 Sex 171
  61. how can i help my sister change her underwear? she shit in them...
    3 Health 49
  62. I need a good erection
    I have an impotence problem what to do
    4 Health 17
  63. Which are the top universities in England for studying law?
    5 Education 7
  64. Can anybody define that what actually is inheritance law?
    2 Politics 32
  65. What are some scrapbooking type crafts for my sister to do (20)?
    3 Homegarden 16
  66. Brothers and sisters
    Do sister fight with there brothers a lot for no reason as much as my sister and me.
    3 Family 34
  67. What do you think of making laws about NO texting while driving?
    19 Politics 31
  68. Do men eject sperm without being erect?
    3 Health 179
  69. against the law drive while on the phone in Florida?!
    if you drive while on the phone in Florida?!?! Just wondering. :)
    3 Politics 55
  70. What can i get my sister for her baby shower its a girl?
    8 Babies 14
  71. How can you get an erection when there's nothing to arouse you?
    how can you get an erection when theres nothing around to arouse you?
    5 Relationships 59
  72. My Older sister hits me all the time
    My Older sister hits me all the time how do I make her stop
    5 Family 65
  73. greatest law in the world
    is there anyone here knows the "greatest law in the universe?"
    3 General 11
  74. Brother and sister
    Do you have a younger or older brother or sister. If you do are they annoying I have a younger brother that is sooo annoying
    9 Family 100
  75. Is it wrong for my sister to be obbsessed with the Jonas Brothers?
    is it wrong to have a sister who has an obsession with the jonas brothers
    6 Music 15
  76. How Long Dose It take To Complete Law School?
    How Long Dose It take To Complete Law School?
    4 Education 45
  77. How do you stop erections?
    Will some one tell me how to stop erections (annoying lol)...
    6 Health 100
  78. marriage laws
    in Australia what do you think the marriage law is intended to achieve?
    2 Religion 20
  79. How to stop sisters from stelling friends
    How do you stop your sister from taking friends off u
    5 Babies 21
  80. Is limewire against the law?
    People keep telling me it is against the law is that true
    9 Technology 51
  81. older annoying sisters
    how do I get over my big sister bothering me?
    12 Family 128
  82. Is anyone else attracted to their Mother-in-Law?
    Does anyone else have an attraction for their Mother In Law?
    5 Family 362
  83. Do all men have an erection when they wake up?
    Do all men wake up hard/with an erection every morning?
    8 Relationships 266
  84. What are causes for not staying erect?
    What are some reasons why a boy's penis can't stay erected?
    3 Relationships 70
  85. Is my sister's nephew related to me?
    Is my sisters nephew (by marriage, my brother in laws nephew ) related to me in any way???
    2 Family 32
  86. Anyone else have an annoying sister?
    Does anyone else have an annoying sister, I still love her though, she is my sister!?
    6 Family 28
  87. Is my sister pretty?
    do you think my sister is pretty? her picture is my primary picture theres a picture of me as well but what do you think about my sister??
    6 Style 52
  88. Who here thinks there should be tougher gun control laws in the US?
    18 Politics 54
  89. Which category does questions about the law, court, etc... belong in?
    14 Funadvice 18
  90. How does an idea become a law?
    I need help with government.
    2 Politics 15
  91. Would it be wrong if I went out with my sister's husband's brother?
    6 Relationships 33
  92. How do I convince my mum that I don't start fights with my sister or lie about them?
    9 Family 25
  93. How do I handle my rocky relationship with my sister and her problems with my fiance?
    8 Family 11
  94. How do you tell an 11 year old what girl an erection is?
    11 Family 153
  95. Why is speeding against the law when all cars are made to exceed the speed limit?
    7 Politics 59
  96. what is the name of the lady investigator in Law and Order: SVU?
    4 Entertainment 55
  97. Do you think that the goverment should make laws for our own personal safety?
    4 Politics 21
  98. What happens when a state doesn't follow a federal law?
    5 Politics 98
  99. How to find out if my sister is dyslexic?
    how can I find out if my four year old sister is dislexic
    2 Family 24
  100. Relationship with In-laws
    What are the issues you and your mother-in-law fought about?
    2 Family 11
  101. Are Jude Law and Sienna Miller together?
    Are Jude Law and Sienna Miller still dating?
    2 Entertainment 11
  102. Problems with my sister
    My sister is annorexic its terrible!!! I need help and fast!
    3 Nutritionfitness 10
  103. Which is better Ncis Csi or Law and order
    Which show do you think is better? Ncis Csi Law and order
    10 Entertainment 151
  104. How do I relate to my sister?
    How do I relate to my sister cus I hate her but I dont want to. cus she is so mean to me.
    7 Family 40
  105. My 14 yr sister lost her virginity to my 20yr ex...
    What should I 14 yr sister lost her virginity to my 20yr ex...
    10 Family 41
  106. Can I tell my sister I'm a lesbian?
    I live with my sister and I want to know if I am a lesbian.
    8 Family 79
  107. How can I prove to a court of law that I get abused by my spo
    How can I prove to a court of law that I get abused by my spouse?
    2 Religion 13
  108. Why don't all the staes in the US have the same laws?
    and what would be some pros and cons for them haveing the same laws?
    6 Politics 16
  109. Girls and erections
    Why are girls wierded out by guys when they get erections. ps I am not talking about all girls
    2 Relationships 148
  110. My sister is annoying
    Ok, My sister wants me to spend the night with my grandma and I just did. Should I spend the night again or not.
    7 Babies 60
  111. What if my sister is trying to get pregnant?
    3 Family 39
  112. Hate my sisters habits, what to do?
    How could you get rid of sisters habits that you don't like?
    3 Family 24
  113. Laws now in effect for owning a pitbull?
    What are the laws now in effect for owning a pitbull? Do you have to have insurance? How much? And where can I get it?
    3 Pets 34
  114. HatredIs it wrong to hate your little sister's best friend?
    Is it wrong to hate your little sister's best friend?
    5 Family 14
  115. Sister drama
    How do I deal with my pregnant sister who is always on my case about everything?
    2 Family 42
  116. what do I do when my boyfriends sister talks to his ex girlfriend?
    my boyfriends sister talks to his ex. ho do I deal with this?
    2 Relationships 273
  117. What to give my mom and my mother in law for mothers day
    Does anyone have any ideas on what to give me mom and my mother in law for mothers day
    8 Family 37
  118. Who sings cherry pie is it poison or twisted sister?
    Who sings cherry pie??? Posion or twisted sister???
    4 Music 102
  119. How can bring about erection?i'm 20years,i involved in 4day consecutive sex with drugs because i seemed to lose my erection in the time of penetration
    2 Sex 34
  120. What are the names of top colleges in England that offer Environmental Law?
    2 Education 9
  121. What is one of the worse but funny things you have done to a brother or sister?
    11 Family 35
  122. What are some fun things to do when you are babysitting your three year old sister?
    7 Babies 69
  123. Can you get a job in law enforcement without a college degree?
    2 Money 21
  124. painfull erection?
    does it hurt when a guy is about to cum but is disrupted and doesnt?
    4 Relationships 43
  125. What's the deal with the new (and old...) laws concerning music downloading?
    5 Politics 32
  126. What to do on a 6 hour road trip with your sister, bestfriend, and dad?
    8 Travel 18
  127. Is it against the law to send naked pictures on a cell phone if we are both under 18?
    9 Politics 137
  128. is it possible for my boyfriend to live with me with out my parents getting in trouble with the law ?
    8 Family 38
  129. How do I deal with my mom, dad, and little sister that don't like my girlfriend?
    9 Family 55
  130. How to tease my sister?
    she has her period, i need to get back at her. any insults?
    2 Family 43
  131. Does it break a law to turn someone's poem into a song?
    is it against the law to turn someone elses poem into a song with out there permission?
    11 Literature 83
  132. Would you advocate a law allowing assisted suicide?
    It is for my Law class. Would you have restrictions if you did?
    11 Politics 37
  133. How do I deal with my 5 year old sister?
    how to get rid of a stupid 5 year's old sister
    7 Family 31
  134. How do I deal with an annoying brother and sister?
    I have a hard time dealing with my brother and sister. they are soo annoying! any help?
    5 Family 80
  135. How many wives does islamic law allow a man to have at the sa
    How many wives does islamic law allow a man to have at the same time?
    4 Religion 62
  136. what laws did hitler make for the jews?
    what laws did hitler make for the jews beforethey went into the constration camp
    3 Education 27
  137. Who here knows about the new marijuana laws in California?
    Do you think more states should implement those laws?
    14 Politics 25
  138. if your sister
    if your sister hurts you and you saying that it hurts but she dose not stop hurting you and no one is listing to what you are telling them what should you do
    7 Family 40
  139. law on foreign drivers license
    what is the law on using a foreign drivers license to purchase alcohol in kentucky?
    3 Politics 14
  140. Why dont most brothers ans sisters like eachother
    Why dont most brothers ans sisters like eachother its kinda weird
    5 Family 65
  141. My sisters having twins and she is giving one up for adoption
    My sisters having twins and she is giving one up for adoption and keeping the other!!! Do you think its wrong to do that.
    27 Family 733
  142. How law are an instrument for social change?
    How can we use law in our country to bring about changes in our society..??
    4 Politics 43
  143. How can my sister be popular?
    my sister wants tips on how to be popular as a 9th grader but is to embarrassed to ask. Any tips
    3 Relationships 23
  144. How do I sleep with my sister-in-law?
    My sister-in-law is hot. She is in her 40's and very open. She loves to flirt with me, and we always seem to talk about sex. I would love to sleep with her, and fulfill a wonderful fantasy.
    5 Sex 229
  145. How do I get my SISTER away from the xBox 360?
    Seriously, she is freakin addicted.
    10 Family 44
  146. Why do my friends and sisters make fun of my favourite celebrity Karen Gillan?
    8 Relationships 37
  147. How much should my lil sister weigh?
    shes 13, and shes 5 '2
    2 Nutritionfitness 21
  148. How do I deal with my sister wanting to be goth?
    my sisteris thinking aout eing a goth what will I do
    5 Style 38
  149. What do I do to be popular like my sister?
    My sis is really popular and I'm not.what do I do to bo popular
    3 Education 16
  150. What is a good prank to pull on your sister?
    She is 4 years older than me!!!:)ahhh!!!
    5 Family 121
  151. Why do some guys find it difficult to get an erection in the shower or bath tub?
    14 Homegarden 80
  152. Twin sisters
    Does anyone have twin siters and how old are hey?mine are 2.
    2 Shopping 23
  153. Why wont America change their gun laws?
    Why are guns still legal in the states?
    51 Politics 43
  154. What do I do about my sisters friend?
    my sis is having a sleep over with her friend and her friend is a b*tch!!!what do I do!!!???neeeddd hhheeelllppp!!!???
    5 Family 18
  155. Does anyone know any of the custody laws for grandparents?
    Such as, if they can(t) move out of state and moooore?
    3 Family 12
  156. Law and Order: SVU "authority"
    Anyone excited for this episode??? I know I am!!!
    4 Entertainment 41
  157. Which would you pick if you could choose your sibling, brother, sister, twin, or no siblings and why?
    20 Family 73
  158. How do you get an erection?
    Umm this has been on my mind. How do you get a erection? Like how does it get hard?Do the muscles contract or something?
    4 Relationships 140
  159. What do you think of my sister's picture?
    what do you think of my sister...go to my pics and its called "my sis" ...just curious...comment it!
    2 Style 53
  160. How to find my long lost sister?
    I am trying to find my sister that I have never met. how cani find her for free?
    6 Family 246
  161. why cant a brother ans sister share room?
    I always wanted to know why cant a brother ans sister share room?
    4 Family 146
  162. Adoption, should I get a brother or sister?
    My parents want to adopt and they asked if I wanted an older brother or sister. What should my choice be?
    15 Family 76
  163. Why isn't my sister talking to me?
    my sister is in college and I mimiced her now shes mad and dosen't want to talk to me what do I do ?
    3 Family 52
  164. What do I do if my sister hit her head?
    My sister hit her head and now im worried what will happen. Please give me some advice.
    4 Health 116
  165. Can I put my sister's name as a subsitute for my mother on th
    Can I put my sister's name as a subsitute for my mother on the wedding reception pamplet?
    2 Relationships 16
  166. Should law or religion be an instrument of global social change?
    Should law be an instrument of global social change and human rights, or should we leave that up to religion?
    13 Religion 90
  167. Is my sister overweight?
    Is my sister overweight? she is 7. She is 4feet 5inches tall and she weighs 76.4 pounds
    2 Nutritionfitness 45
  168. Can I put up my sister for sale?
    what do I do bout a little 10 year old annoying sister
    6 Babies 55
  169. Gun Control Laws, for or against.
    So what are your opinions on new gun control laws if they come? Should we have firmer laws or ban certain guns entirely?
    3 Politics 13
  170. Is she still my sister?
    My sister is 17 and she just got emancipated. My dad is telling me that she isn't my sister anymore. Is that true?
    3 Family 49
  171. What should I call my sister-in-law's brothers?
    So, my brother is going to get married. His girlfriend(it isnt totally official yet so I wont call her his fiancee)has 3 brothers. Would they be considered my brother in laws?
    4 Family 97
  172. How do I stop myself getting really upset and angry when my sister calls me horrible names?
    4 Family 74
  173. How to find a sister ?
    I know the name and even birth mother and father. I know she was born before me.
    2 Family 10
  174. Child Labor Laws
    How many hours can a high school student work a work
    4 Money 16
  175. Has anyone read My Sister's Keeper?
    tell me that it is the best book ever. Haha
    2 Entertainment 11
  176. My sister moved out and my friends are boring
    What do I do my friends are boring and I always feel lonley and cry all the time?
    6 Family 34
  177. can you like someone just by looking at a pic? my sister fell in love with this guy by just looking at his picture?
    6 Relationships 14
  178. what is your opinion on the seatbelt laws in most states?
    is it a good thing to enforce? or an invasion of privacy
    4 Politics 30
  179. Who knows if Catelynn & Tyler from Teen Mom / 16 & Pregnant, are brother & sister ?
    19 Family 107
  180. What law firms will hire convicted felons in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi?
    2 Money 49
  181. How old does my sister need to be to get braces?
    shes 9 but her teeth are corroded
    2 Health 19
  182. what would i need if i wanna be a law and order detective type person as a career ?
    3 Money 8
  183. What are some cool pranks I can do to my sister's computer, like turning her screen upside down and stuff like that?
    14 General 48
  184. have you ever heard of law of attraction?
    I use law of attraction how long do it usually take for it really happen?
    2 Style 20
  185. Names my sister picked for her baby
    My sister picked 3 names for her baby : madeline , adeline , or matilda , which one do you like ?
    12 Babies 16
  186. Is it normal for an erection to last 3 hours?
    Ok not to be sick or anyting but I have had an erection for the past like 3 hours now, is this normal?
    6 Health 57
  187. 19 year old sister, anorexic?
    If my 19 year old sister is anorexic is there anything we can do for her? She is over 18, and she can legally refuse treatment.
    2 Nutritionfitness 37
  188. Problem when your sister can't even tell you who she likes
    Do you believe there is a problem when your sister can't even tell you who she likes, but can tell your best friend? And what can I do to help this situation?
    5 Family 15
  189. I have trouble with erections
    whenever I hug or kiss my girlfriend I start to get an erection immediately, how can I stop this?
    2 Relationships 42
  190. Sharing bedrooms and the Law!!
    Is there a law to actually stipulate how old children have to be before they need to have seperate rooms?
    3 Family 16
  191. What's a good Law School?
    What is a good law school to go to? I am going to possible apply for Princeton when im out of high school. any ideas?
    2 Education 22
  192. sisters need fun stuff to do on birthday, no kids, no hubbies, HELP
    fun things to do for my adult sister birthday? no kids no hubbies, what is there to do?
    3 Entertainment 64
  193. Why does he have difficulty staying erect during sex?
    Why can't my lover maintain an erection during intercourse bt has no problem doing so with oral sex?
    2 Sex 74
  194. If your sister was cheatin on your friend???wud u /or wud u ...
    If your sister was cheatin on one of your friends? what would you do...tell or hush up ?
    3 Relationships 16
  195. Monster in law movie
    What is the song on Monster in Law with jennifer lopez that says I just want to get close to you?
    2 Entertainment 40
  196. Will my sister be able to help me get rid of my baby?
    my sister said to me that because I only 13 she can make me get rid of my baby if I was having a baby is this true
    6 Family 40
  197. Should I buy or rent a dress for my sister's wedding?
    well for my sisters wedding I want a dress.I think I schould rent but I think I schould buy.
    4 Style 44
  198. What laws protect employees in constructions
    What laws protect employees in construction?? Like if accidents happen or rights and responsibilities But are their laws that protect the employees that work in construction in u.k.
    2 Money 25
  199. Why is my sister such a moody person?
    Why is my little sister so anoying she is mean to me but why I try to be nice to her but she just thows it back in my face
    3 Family 101
  200. Can I use my sister's cell phone to validate my account?
    (she also has a funadvice and validated hers with the same number)? or should i use my moms..?
    6 Funadvice 17
  201. brother and sister fights
    has any got any advice on brother and sister rivalary? my little boy and his two sisters constantly fight any techniques for me???please??!?!?!?!?
    4 Family 63
  202. Judges have become crafters of law good thing or bad thing ?
    Many of today's Judges have become crafters of law instead of interpreters - Is this a good thing or bad thing ?
    6 Politics 11
  203. who else is sick of law and order being on every hour of ever day on different channels!..?
    4 Entertainment 13
  204. Are they considered common law?
    If my sister and her boyfriend lived here at home with my parents for 4 years paying rent are they considered common law?
    5 Family 26
  205. Is my little sister underweight?
    my lil sis is 84 pounds is that underweight for a 12 year old
    6 Health 162
  206. what should i do if a 5yr old wen behaving agressive or hitting her sister who is 2yr old?
    wat should i do to stop it?
    9 Babies 33
  207. does this look like a dudes erection?
    ok so a dude who is horny for me say down there looks liek this - 8=D
    2 Relationships 68
  208. What should I do when my sister is mean to me ?
    What should I do when my sister (17) is beening mean to me ? She think that just because she is older than me she has the authority to boss me around and call me mean words
    2 Family 42
  209. Fingerprinting law.
    do you think the government should enact a law that requires all US citizens to have their fingerprints taken for a national database.?
    7 Politics 13
  210. How do I tell my over protective sister I have a boyfriend?
    I want to tell my sister that I have a boyfriend myself before she finds out. but she says she'll beat him up if I have one. I really want to tell her. how do I?
    4 Family 55
  211. What if my sister's friends like me but they're like family?
    a couple of my sisters friends like me but they aren't my type plus i have come to think of them as family what do i do
    3 Relationships 13
  212. My Sisters Keeper
    is anyone gonna go see My Sisters Keeper when it comes to theaters? do you think itll be any good?
    7 Entertainment 17
  213. full erection??
    My boyfriend says he can't get a full erection when he is with me...We don't have sex yet but Oral. Is this normal?? Could it be nerves??
    3 Sex 62
  214. How to get my sister to be nice to me?
    7 Family 72
  215. How can I ask my brother in law for a loan of 100.00 dolars?
    How can I ask my brother in law to believe that I could multiplied his money guarantee ?
    2 Money 16
  216. can you really wash converse in the washing machine or is m sister trying to make me wreck them ??? E
    15 Technology 42
  217. What do you do when your sister court you jerken?
    Any way I was jerken my sister comes in shy 15 its oves im doing it. So yer waht do I do :'(
    5 Family 27
  218. my sister has ben acting weird lately
    well my sister has ben acting weird lately please answer asap thx she is a teen
    5 Family 80
  219. Is it against the law to take someone id card with out asking ?
    Is this agianst the law to do ? If someone is trying to get power of attorny .
    3 Money 63
  220. Can I stop my Dad from forcing my sister to get an abortion?
    how can I stop my dad from making my sister get an abortion? my sister really wants to keep the baby..
    5 Family 35
  221. what to get my new brother in law for christmas?
    how do I decide what to get my new brother in law for christmas? hes about 23 I think, but I dont know what to get him
    3 Shopping 98
  222. Can anybody give me a list of Melora Creager's songs from her new album Sister Kinderhook?
    2 Music 7
  223. My sister
    I want to find my sister she was put into foster care before I was even born I no her first name and where about she is living how do I find her??
    5 Family 26
  224. Does anyone think that the fight on Coronation Street between Becky and her sister was really good tonight?
    3 Entertainment 14
  225. What law should exist that doesnt already?
    What law do you think should exist? I need to write a law that I think should exist for my government class, and I cant think of anything... help? do you have any personal opinions on laws that should be there?
    6 General 88
  226. 3 inches when non-erect
    I'm 17, almost 18 and my penis is 3 inches when non-erect and 5 inches when erect, will my penis continue to grow?
    3 Relationships 78
  227. Are my erections normal?
    Whenever I think about sex I erect and I can't get it down until I tuck it under my leg or between my legs. Sometimes this happens when I am in public. Is this normal or do I need to get checked out for over erecting?
    2 Sex 27
  228. Could hate crime laws cross a line ?
    is there a danger that so-called "hate crimes" laws end up, in reality, being "thought control" laws ?
    5 Politics 42
  229. Is it illegal to move in with my older sister?
    I need to know is it illegal to move in with your 22 year old sister? I'm fifteen and she is married. I need to know.
    3 Family 15
  230. Is there any law against having van door opens?
    I know the weather can be brutal some days bur is there some type of law against having doors open do to safety reasons?
    3 Politics 11
  231. Not erected atfer orgasm, is this right??
    I, I loose my erection after ejaculating, is this normal?? please help me, I'd be very gratefull!! Xx
    4 Relationships 32
  232. whats the difference between law enforcement and police officer?
    my purse was stolen and they told me to contact law enforcement and police officer..thought its the same thing?
    2 Politics 32
  233. What do I do if my sister is being mean to me?
    I Need Helpp! My Sister Is So Mean. Please Help ME! I Tried Lots Of Things I Need Advice! She gets on my nerves!
    3 Family 116
  234. Why cant my boyfriend keep an erection?
    why cant my boyfriend keep an erection? I really want a baby but I dont know if I can have kids? please help!
    4 Health 131
  235. Don't bleed as heavy as my Mom and sister, is it normal?
    I started my period last month and I dont bleed heavy like my mom and my older sister. is this normal?
    3 Health 33
  236. What is the law on 18+ dating minors?
    I turn 15 next month and my boyfriend turns 18 later on in the year, so I was wondering what that law was.
    3 Politics 35
  237. What is a game my little sister can play by herself?
    My little sister wants a game she can play by herself!she cant find one to do by herself(it gets annoying because she wont shutup)
    7 Entertainment 64
  238. Is it true that swallowing sperm gives guys longer erections?
    is it true when a guy swallows other's guy semen he has harder and longer erections beacause of male hormones in the semen?
    2 Relationships 113
  239. Can my dad force me to take a drug test by law?
    My dad is going to randomly drug test me. I need to know if the law will force me to take it or if I can tell him to go screw himself.
    18 Drugs 785
  240. im having trouble getting an erection
    I have erection problems and I would like to know if there is any herbal or vitamins I can take to solve this
    5 Health 47
  241. Should I tell my parents that my sister is drinking beer?
    My sister has been drinking. She has a lot of pictures of her drinking. She is also drinking in front of my 4 brothers. I have no idea to do.
    11 Family 316
  242. What exactly happens when a guy gets erect?
    what is it when a guy gets erected?? like i know it makes his penis bigger but what is the prosses to do it and like how is it done??
    4 Relationships 211
  243. Erection problems
    I keep on getting a erection at the worst of times and I was just wondering if anybody has a technic to make it go down or something.
    6 Relationships 38
  244. Is it okay to date the sister-in-law of my by-blood uncle?
    I am almost 18 and she is 24. She is the younger sister of my uncle's (mom's blood brother) wife. She is beautiful and I think I'm in love with her. Is it okay or weird to date her? If the answer is okay, any help to ask her?
    2 Relationships 62
  245. Law enforcement
    Can you become a cop at 18 like right after highschool. Or do you have to be 21 years old?
    2 Money 30
  246. What should my sister be for Holloween?
    Ok she is a tomboy is nice plays soccer, is very funny ummm likes to be funny and stuff like that.
    4 General 52
  247. Is it true that they might pass a law that people won't get their driver's license until they're 18?
    8 Politics 14
  248. how can i make my parents understand that i am not an A grade student as my sister?
    .that i will never be able to get a scholarship based on my grades?
    2 Family 23
  249. What if I want a brother or sister?
    you see I don't have any siblings... but I really miss them in my life.. can any one help me out???
    4 Family 31
  250. Michigan laws
    How can I a sixteen year old minor be signed over to a friend of the family or my nearest family member?
    2 Family 18