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Emt grand theft felony expunged

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  1. Should a felony conviction be for a lifetime?
    Should a felony conviction be for a lifetime?
    2 Politics 22
  2. How do you find a job with a felony?
    How do you find a job with a felony?
    2 Money 33
  3. Can you get your felony expunged if you're on probation?
    can you get a felony expunged while you're still on probation for it?
    2 General 29
  4. grand theft auto
    how do you get 2players on grand theft auto san andreas
    5 Gaming 11
  5. Is there a money cheat for Grand Theft Auto Vice City?
    is there a money cheat for grand theft auto vice city
    2 Gaming 46
  6. sealing your juvinile record the same as expunging it?
    is sealing your juvinile record the same as expunging it?
    2 Politics 14
  7. Grand Theft Auto PlayStation 2
    how to put two players for grand theft auto
    2 Gaming 41
  8. How to get two players in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?
    how do you get two players in grand theft auto san andreas?
    4 Gaming 54
  9. What is prison time for grand larceny?
    What is prison time for grand larceny?
    2 Family 49
  10. superman on grand theft auto san andreias on playstation 2
    how can I be superman on grand theft auto san andreias on playstation 2
    2 Gaming 27
  11. Is an EMT career a good decision?
    6 Money 15
  12. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
    What are Katies standards in the game?
    2 Gaming 45
  13. Should I tell the Post Office about an expunged felony?
    I applied to the post office for a job. I have a felony conviction on my record that was expunged. Do I have to tell them about this?
    3 Money 175
  14. How to be Superman in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas?
    can you be superman and if you can please tell me the code
    6 Gaming 245
  15. Grand theft auto
    what are the best cheat,and mods on gta san andreas
    3 Gaming 38
  16. How do you get a pilot license in Grand Theft Auto?
    how do you get a piolet lisence in grand theft auto san andreas?
    3 Gaming 22
  17. have a felony can you get a poker dealers license?
    If you have a felony can you get a poker dealers license?
    2 Money 189
  18. Can two people play Grand Theft Auto at once?
    Can two people play any of the grand theft autos at once? I have seen cheat codes that say when you are playing with two people
    2 Gaming 68
  19. Can you become a cna if you have a felony?
    Can you become a cna if you happen to have a felony in your background?
    2 Education 111
  20. How do you get two players in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas?
    How do you get 2 players in Grand theft auto San Andres?
    8 Gaming 237
  21. How do I fix the Grand Theft Auto 4 lag problem for PC with Windows 7?
    3 Gaming 37
  22. Grand Theft Auto 4 xbox 360
    Can you get your girlfriend pregnant in that game???
    5 Gaming 10
  23. How do I get 2 players on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas?
    who evers had grand theft auto san andreas for a long time how do I get 2 players on it?
    4 Gaming 66
  24. Felony work
    How do I find work if I have a criminal recored?
    3 Money 41
  25. How do you become Superman in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas?
    how do you become superman grand theft auto san andreas need to know now!! b very descriptive!
    7 Gaming 158
  26. What is a good book to help me out in an EMT course?
    2 Education 17
  27. can i get a florida babers license if i have a felony?
    2 Money 24
  28. can someone work in a nursing home that has had a felony?
    3 Money 26
  29. Where can a person with a felony find a truck driving job?
    Where can a person with a felony find a truck driving job?
    2 Money 50
  30. how do you get a truck driving job with a felony
    how does a person with a felony get a truck driving job
    2 Money 75
  31. Jobs for a person convicted of a nonviolent felony?
    What jobs are available for a person convicted of a nonviolent felony?
    3 Money 109
  32. How many times can I install Grand Theft Auto 4 with one product key?
    Can I install it on more than one computer with just one product key?
    3 Gaming 36
  33. Will the felony show up?
    I have an feonlie but iwas not convicted of it do it show on my background
    3 Money 20
  34. can i still get my teachers credential with felonies on my background?
    4 Education 8
  35. How to you buy grand theft auto at GameStop but a minor?
    Just wanna know how I can go into GameStop and buy the game legally and not have to bribe.
    5 Gaming 11
  36. Can I hold a liquor license if I have a felony or misdimeanor charge?
    2 Money 153
  37. Playing item for 2 years old grand daughter
    Playing item for 2 years old grand daughter
    2 Babies 10
  38. Can a person with a felony work in Real Estate?
    can a person with a felonies on his backgroung have a career in real estate?
    3 Homegarden 90
  39. How can I play Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on my computer?
    Do I have to download it or something? Is there even a way to play it on the computer, or can you only play it on a game console?
    4 Gaming 49
  40. Are robbery and theft the same???
    Are robbery and theft the same or are they different like do you have to steal so much stuff for it to be considered robbery or theft
    3 General 16
  41. How should I write my resume with felonies?
    How do I write a resume and If I have a few felonies on my record will I still be able to get my record expunged?
    3 Money 63
  42. new game out grand theft auto: ballard of gay tony?
    Has anyone seen or heard of the new game out grand theft auto: ballard of gay tony?I mean what the hell?GAY???y is that in the header?
    3 Gaming 37
  43. Doesn anyone know cheats for Grand theft auto?
    Does anyone know cheat code things for grand theft auto 4? Or whatever the new one is? :) Thanks for your help!
    3 Gaming 40
  44. What is the average mile per gallon in a 97 Pontiac grand am?
    2 Cars 11
  45. I need 3 grand so I can get a new laptop 4 school
    I need 3 grand so I can get a new laptop 4 school
    4 Money 47
  46. grand theft auto III
    Okay. I was playing Grand Theft Auto III [playstation 2] a few minutes ago, and I typed in the Pedestrians Hate You cheat just for fun. But it's so aggrivating now. Is there a cheat, to undo cheats?
    2 Gaming 12
  47. cheats to Grand Theft Auto 3 for playstation 2.
    Please give me cheats to Grand Theft Auto 3 for playstation 2. I've got some..but I need tips on flying [cars and airplanes] because I suck at that =]
    2 Gaming 90
  48. How long after a conviction do you have to mention a felony?
    how long after a conviction do you have to answer yes on an application in georgia
    2 Money 68
  49. When is Grand Theft Auto 4 coming out?
    Whens it coming UGHHH can't wait btw I heard it's date to come out got pushed back is that a true or a MYTh???
    3 Gaming 8
  50. how much is a 1987 v6 buick grand national with turbo worth?
    8 Cars 47
  51. Where can a non-violend felony find employment?
    where can a person with a non violent felony get employment
    2 Money 34
  52. What are some good artist that sound similar to grand national?
    What are some good bands or artists that sound similar to grand national or have that indie alternative sound
    3 Music 52
  53. How do I get my firearms card back if I have a felony?
    I got a felony over ten years ago how do I get my firearms card back
    2 Politics 13
  54. Is it possible to get a gaming license if I have old felonies?
    I have felonies that are almost 11 years old. Is it possible to get a gaming license
    2 General 38
  55. How can I get a decent job with a felony?
    I have a felony of theft by taking,and a good work histor how can I get a decent job?firsttimefel
    4 Money 49
  56. What kind of programs are there to help felonies?
    Their is no help for felonies that are seeking help tha are in need for an job what kind of programs are out her in sc to help people with an felony
    2 Money 30
  57. Employment after a felony conviction
    Is there a job placement program or a job placement facility that assist felons
    2 Money 57
  58. Where to work in Austin with a felony?
    I need to go to work so as a felon in austin tx where do I place an aplication?
    3 Money 36
  59. Can I get a job as para-legal or medical secretary with a felony conviction?
    2 Money 62
  60. Do you have to unlock multiplayer mode in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?
    If yes, then what is the mission called, if no, then where on the map is the area of multiplayer? Can you please attach screen shots or a video?
    4 Gaming 125
  61. What is disc 2 for on Grand Theft Auto 4?
    I bought Grand Theft Auto 4 and I was reading through the installation booklet and it said to insert disc 1 and follow to on-screen instructions and it never mentioned anything about disc 2, what is it for?
    2 Gaming 6
  62. Retail theft under $20.00 24 years ago.
    Is retail theft considered a felony? And will it show on my record if checked?
    4 Money 37
  63. How do you pass this part in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas?
    can someone please tell me how to get passed the mission "life's a beach"?? I get to the beach and talk to the DJ and I dont know what to do after that..
    2 Gaming 57
  64. What is du best grand theft auto game ever?
    What do you think is the best grand theft auto out there or do you think it still has not been made yet?and tell me what it will have on the game that you made up and what is the main characters name?...I think its san andreas... Pls answer
    3 Gaming 41
  65. felony for airsoft?
    what kind of offense is it to shoot cars with airsoft guns, and what are the consequences if you get caught?
    2 General 36
  66. Where can my boyfriend work if he has a felony?
    can you tell me where i can go find my boyfriend a good job even though he's a convicted felony
    2 Money 67
  67. Where do I get a good paying job with a felony?
    I want a good paying job where do I go with a felony that happened 13 years ago.
    5 Money 173
  68. What do you do when your parent's boss is accusing them of theft when they worked there for 8 years?
    And you know they never did a such thing ?
    2 Family 14
  69. Which car should I buy - a 2005 Grand Prix or a 2005 Vibe?
    first car both automatic, love the way the grand prix rides.
    10 Cars 36
  70. How do I remove a patch for Grand Theft Auto 4?
    I installed Grand Theft Auto 4 and it was lagging really bad and I didn't know how to fix it so I installed a patch and now GRAND THEFT AUTO 4 WON'T EVEN OPEN NOW! So I think it caused because of the patch, does anyone know how to remove it? If yes, do...
    3 Gaming 63
  71. What is the new Grand Theft Auto game? is it number four?
    well I want to get the new grand theft auto game because I played it at my exboyfriends house and it was really fun. so I want to know what the new one is and what game system you have to play it on because I only have a game cube and an x box... I kno...
    2 Gaming 14
  72. where does a convicted felony get a job in ky?
    where does a convicted felony get a job in ky. I have tried all the cdl schools and all the places around here and no one will hire me?
    4 Money 67
  73. What's a good online anime game other then Maplestory and Grand Chase?
    I've played both of those and gotten bored.
    3 Gaming 13
  74. Felony that is five year old, where to get a job?
    I have an agg. Domestic battery conviction that is five year can I find a job?
    2 Money 13
  75. Two theft felonies, where can I find a job and apartment?
    I have two felonies, and there both theft. I was wondering where I could find a job in, Davenport or Bettendorf, Iowa. I'v been looking and no one wants to hire me, because of my two felonies. I was also wondering about housing, I'm looking for a studi...
    3 Money 17
  76. Grand theft auto 3 dodo bird car cheat
    I'll rephrase my question , I was doing the dodo bird car cheat on grand theft auto 3 , the car tried flying , but to get it to fly you have to accelerate and press up on something , but I don't know which one , which one do I use ? One the d-pad , the...
    2 Gaming 66
  77. How can a felony be expunged in california?
    I was charged with a felony back in 2004 for a dui accident with some injuries. I have since then paid all dues. Completed all programs requierd, and completed 0probation with excellent reports from my p.o. I just hope I do have another chance after su...
    2 Money 18
  78. EMT bag
    I'm creating a small EMT's bag. Where can I find a good comprehensive list of contents I would need. Thanks
    3 General 62
  79. What exactly is a felony?
    I usually see questions here in funadvice about people having felony charges. What exactly is it? I don't think we have that in my country. Or maybe we do but in a different name...
    3 Money 87
  80. What's wrong with my Grand Theft Auto game?
    Okay, there seems to be a problem with my Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas video game. It'll work okay for like 5 minutes, then it just says disc read error when the game is brand same with my ps2,and why isnt it working?? and the other games I've got w...
    4 Gaming 25
  81. How do you get a felony lifted?
    My boyfreind is a felon due to marijuana possesion. I was wonder if he could get this lifted and how he would go about it.
    2 General 46
  82. Whats the punishment for retail theft
    If you are 18. Less than $150 dollars. First time offense. Shoplifting.
    2 Politics 39
  83. Why is it so damn hard to make legit money with a felony?
    Why is it so damn hard to make legit money with a felony??? Its almost as if they want us to go back to making fast money so that they can just throw us in prison again!!!
    2 Money 58
  84. Has anyone here been victim of identity theft?
    I don’t always check my credit card statements as carefully as I should. Has anyone here been victim of identity theft? What can I do to make sure no one steals my identity?
    5 Money 42
  85. Felonies
    Will I stand a better chance of finding employment with a bachelor degree after being convicted of a violent crime or will this hinder my chances even more?
    3 Education 39
  86. Where can I find a felony friendly job in colorado?
    I'm new here in colorado,I want to make a difference in my life...looking for a good job
    2 Money 45
  87. Do Federal Felony Charges show up on a job backround check ?
    Hello, I am being charged with a couple of felony charges but haven't been convicted. Will theses charges show up on a job back round check for employment?
    3 Money 120
  88. how can I seal my felony?
    I have a felony from 2005 and I want it sealed. I am taking a course as a medical Assit and I want to take the cerification,. I have a certificate of relief but that is not enough, I need something else.
    3 Money 43
  89. How can my husband find a job with felony charges?
    My husband was charged with felony! It was a fight five and him, self defense and still charged with felony. He has been looking for a job for a whole year and can't find one. We want to relocate to miami, where can he look for a job?
    2 Money 390
  90. What places hire for felonies??
    My boyfriend is in jail right now and he has felonies on him... And he gets out in december and wants to get a job.. But we arent to sure what places hire felonies.. I would apperciate it if anybody could give me a list of places that hire felonies...
    2 Money 55
  91. How can apartments and reality deny me because of felonies?
    I have a few felonies from about 2 years ago and im a single mom trying to find a place for us to live but no place will rent to me because I have felonies isnt that discrimination?
    2 Homegarden 44
  92. Cheats for grand theft auto vice city
    Can you all give me as much cheats as possible for grand theft auto vice city and write next to them what the code is to unlock or activate? I also want the cheat that unlocks the bridges tocross over into the the other city and a cheat to fly the plan...
    2 Gaming 42
  93. Is there a free way to look up felony records?
    My best friend is dating a new guy who just got out of prison. I dont believe he was locked up for the reason he gave her. is there a free way to look up felony records?
    2 General 53
  94. Where can a person with a felony find a job in Michigan?
    I am a 45 year old woman that made a bad choice, now I have a felony conviction. Where can I find a decent job in or around Adrian, MI?
    2 Money 65
  95. What medical jobs can you get with a felony?
    I am about to start college and I have felonies on my record. I want to pursue a degree in the medical field but I'm not sure what I can do in the medical field if anything. Does anyone know what jobs if any someone can do with a record in the medical ...
    2 Money 102
  96. How to get a job when I've been charged of a felony?
    I've been charged with some felonies,but they are not convictions,just charges..but when ever I go to apply for a job I dont get hired. Is there anyway to take this away or is there any good jobs that will hire a felon. in tampa fl.
    4 Money 66
  97. How can I get a job with a felony charge?
    I have a felony chrage and Iam having a really bad time trying to find a job. I was hanging out with the wrong crowd and got blamed for something I didn't do. How can I get a job with my charge in my city?
    5 Money 187
  98. When will my felony leave me alone?
    i was convicted of a felony years ago and it still runs my life. i can't believe that one little mistake when i was a teenager is following me. where can i find a job, other than Bob Evan's?
    2 Money 35
  99. Background check and old felony
    I recently was offered a job with centerpoint energy pipeline I accepted pending a background check. I have a feolny conviction 16 years ago should I be worried?
    5 Money 362
  100. What should I do in Key West and the Grand Cayman?
    I'm going on a CelebrityX cruise over spring break and we are stopping at Key West and Grand Cayman. Can anyone tell me some pros and cons of the ship and the islands? Any good places to go to on the islands?? Any good activities?
    2 Travel 18
  101. can I be a nurse with a felony
    I was wondering if anyone has had to take a background check to get into nursing school. I want to start nursing school next semester but I have a felony and dont know how I am going to pass the criminal background check in california. does anyone know...
    5 Money 77
  102. can a person with a felony get a jobin the medical field in ohio
    I am wondering if there are any jobs in ohio for a felony 2 burglary charge that occured a little more than 5 years ago in the medical field in ohio...with the proper schooling of course...
    3 Money 74
  103. Can you get your gun rights back in Missouri after a felony charge?
    Unlawful use of a weapon sections 1-4 felony d in missouri. Sentenced to 5 years probation. Will I get my right to bare arms back after my probation is served out?
    2 Politics 116
  104. Has anyone committed a felony?
    I'm working on a paper on this topic and I need real life situations. After the felony, could you find a job? If so, what is your job? What was your punishment? Do you regret doing what you did? Any advice would be really appreciated! Thanks..
    3 Money 23
  105. Where can my husband work with a felony record?
    Hi My husband is looking for a job but everybodys turning him down because of his backround. You said you know some agencies or something. Well we live in the Van nuys area do you have anything for that?
    2 Money 36
  106. How can I change a Sprite's ability in Grand Fantasia?
    I'm currently a priest in Grand Fantasia and my main sprite is able to make staves. After I played the game for a while I discovered I actually want him to make hammers. Is there a way for me to change that without starting a new character?
    2 Gaming 125
  107. I have a felony but not convicted nor charged with anything.
    it is still on my record but their are a lot of jobs that will not hire me because of that.they will not read the felony all they say is it has to be 7 or 10 years old to hire you.all that is on my record is the arrest.why is it harder to find a job th...
    2 Money 100
  108. Where does someone with a felony get a decent job?
    Where does someone with a felony on their record go to get a decent job? I cannot get a job ANYWHERE...I have a 6 year old Forgery charge...which I didn't do (honestly) and I cannot get a break. I live in Arizona where a Forgery charge is worse than vi...
    2 Money 51
  109. Felony conviction
    I am being charged with 3 felonies...Intent to Breaking and Entering, Conspiracy : Intent to Breaking and Entering, Monumental Damage of $1000^. I have never been in trouble with the law ever before. What's the most likely outcome of these charges. I'm...
    4 Politics 28
  110. How to report online identity theft?
    Who would I contact and make a report to if I know someone is using other peoples names to order things on - line and is receiving these items - Identify theft I think you would call it and I'm afraid she may have used my name as well ?
    5 Technology 20
  111. Are felonies OK after seven years?
    someone told me after seven years a felony doesnt have any effect on your job applications is this true? That after seven years of completeing my probation I will not have to put it on them or that it is not considered in the hiring decision...this sou...
    3 Money 168
  112. Grand Theft Auto Liberty City
    I just bought a PlayStation3 and I got GTA4 special edition is awesome. I cant stop playing it. its so fun and it looks soo good. I like going to the bar and getting drunk in the game. lol I usually dont do missions but in this I've gott...
    8 Gaming 17
  113. Ain't Life Grand ???
    Isn't it great to be alive? I know that the world is going through a lot of turmoil and strife as a whole and that it's likely to worsen, BUT imagine living at any other time in history. We have so much to be grateful for. We have so much compared to t...
    7 General 20
  114. Do you agree with this Texas grand jury's decision?
    (read more) A Texas grand jury declined to bring charges against a father for beating a man to death in an attempt to save his (the father's) 5 year old daughter from a śexual aśsult by an attacker. It's a current national news story.
    20 Politics 25
  115. Grand Theft Auto - Vice City
    I am close to beating the game but not the full 100%, I mean mission wise. I have all of my assets done except the cherry popper, strip club, and Malibu. I can get those done, but one mission is bothering the crap out of me "The Driver" for the Malibu...
    2 Gaming 17
  116. Felony Jobs
    I have a felony. It is so far impossible to get a job anywhere. I have started a brokering firm as a result, but am looking for something else. Any advice on what I should do? I am unfortunately not a college graduate, but am working towards the means ...
    3 Money 58
  117. pharmacy technician and felonies
    I am almost finished with pharmacy technician school. I recently got arrested for battery on leo and resisting arrest without violence,these charges seem to contradict! sept. 1st is my court date. if one of these felonies becomes a conviction which is ...
    2 General 19
  118. False allegations, are they a felony offense?
    Okay so about 7 months ago my mother got arrested for false allegations of rape.. I don't live with my mom, but she's living with someone who is already a felon. Now I know that it's illegal for 2 felons to live together, so I curious as to if anyone c...
    3 General 13
  119. How to find a job with a Class 4 Felony?
    I am a 42 year old female, who went back to school last year to become a Medical Assistant. I did very well in school - got A's & B's, graduated and recenty took the certification test. May of last year I was arrested for possesion of an uncontrolled ...
    3 Money 61
  120. How can someone with a felony charge get a nursing license?
    I know someone who has a 12 year old class C felony charge. What happened was, he was drunk and someone came after him.He didn't start the fight, but he took it too far in defending himself. He has been in a recovery program and he would like to get hi...
    3 Money 87
  121. Do I have to mention my felony?
    I got 10 years probation I've already did 8 and I'm looking for a job but it's hard now a days if you have a felon so I was wondering when I go apply for a job do I have to tell them that I have a felon when the question pops up even though my attorney...
    8 Money 45
  122. What apartments in Michigan won't deny you because of a felony?
    My husband & I are trying to find a nice apartment in MIchigan, but because he has a felony a lot of places will rent to me, but not him. He was convicted almost 10 years ago & shouldn't be judged because of a bad decision made so long ago. We want to ...
    2 Homegarden 210
  123. Can a person with a drug felony ever become an addiction counselor?
    I am living in Montana. I have a drug felony from 2004. I have cleaned up my life and I am getting my bachelor's degree in Psychology. So far I have a 4.0. I spoke with the state licensing board who said that if I am qualified they have to license ...
    4 Drugs 134
  124. How can I get a job with an FBI felony record?
    I have a felony record with a FBI number. It has been over twenty years but with the FBI, no matter how long they go back in a search the FBI number is there. I am a different person today and have been for some time. I would like to change the facts ...
    3 Money 46
  125. can I obtain a cna license with a felony on my record?
    I have a felony for possession of drugs after being set up by narcotic agents because I, a user at that time, would not snitch on drug dealers. this was my first and last felony. It happened in 2001 and for 7 years I have not used drugs or been in any...
    8 Education 1209
  126. Felony conviction with job opportunities...
    I am 21 years old and will possibly face a felony conviction in Virginia, when I move back to North Carolina I need to find work...full time and possibly part time as well...are there any substantial possibilties for me when I finally go back to NC? Al...
    2 Money 49
  127. what ? an Undesignated felony 4 text messaging?
    I'm looking for a trucking job in phoenix,az. I currently have an undesignated felony for aggrevated harrasment to my x wife ( text messaging) this falls under domestic violence category. USA the best country in the world ? I have 20 years CDL experi...
    2 Money 34
  128. Guardian of Grand Daughter
    I am the legal guardian of my Grand daughter. I have been guardian since she was 1 month old. She has lived with my daughter, her mom, most of the time. Now, my daughter is exhibiting bizarre behavior and exposing my grand daughter to danger and kee...
    2 Babies 25
  129. Will the felony arrest of meg whitman's son negatively impact her run for the CA governor position?
    I just read that he pushed a woman at a bar for taking his baseball cap...she broke her ankle and there are witnesses that corroborate her version of the story. I dunno about you guys...but, I think he needs to start learning to hold onto his soap. On ...
    13 Politics 35
  130. Can I go to college in cali if I have a felony?
    Just grabbed a class 4 felony obstruction of justice and a class a misdemeanor resisting a peace officer.. even though we all know this justice system is bull poop(you are not allowed to say "sh*t" on funadvice apparently)...I still get footed with t...
    3 Education 53
  131. Getting a job with felony charge no conviction.
    I am 52 years old and recently messed up my life due to drugs. I embezzled a large sum of money from the company I was working for. I am an Accountant,Administrator and a female. Due to my clean record I was given Probation in lieu of conviction. I...
    3 Money 70
  132. Can You work for the FBI with a felony charge ( not Conviction )?
    I was charged with a Felony Animal abandonment and falsifying an official Document While I worked for the Sheriff's Office. I didn't actually do the crime, I just covered up for someone and learned a valuable lesson. I was not convicted however, in...
    3 Money 159
  133. Gta vice city
    Is there a money cheat for grand theft auto vice city
    2 Gaming 43
  134. Trying to find work with pending felonies?
    My boyfriend at the time mother was arrested.Which was a shock.I went to see her at the jail and got arrested and charged with six felonies. I've never been in trouble before.I was in jail for 2 months due to my bond being so high.theres 11 co defenden...
    3 Money 159
  135. Jail time for stealing car?
    How long can you go to jail for grand theft auto
    3 General 105
  136. which is better
    sims grand theft auto wii fit halo or ... rockband
    9 Gaming 12
  137. GTA4
    how can I persuade my parents to let me get grand theft auto 4?
    8 Gaming 42
  138. Felony job.
    Ok, so im 17, and I have two felonies on my record, I really need a job, and I have literaly applied 2 times at EVER place in my town. I would apply out of town, but one of my felonies sais I cant drive, so I have no way of getting there. I live in a r...
    3 Money 47
  139. Professor with a felony?
    I am 24 and I am currently facing some felonies for marijuana possesion, delivery, and felony possesion of morphine (even though it ws just one pill). This is my first offense, I have a good lawyer and we're working to get charges amended. Hopefully I ...
    2 Money 192
  140. Not sure what I can do in the world with this felony
    Okay right now I'm on deferred adjudication for poss of a controlled sub. I have been clean for well over two years and I have been doing well on question is I'm getting ready to sign up 4 school but I'm not sure what I can do in the wo...
    4 Money 29
  141. Hazmat endorsement
    I have a felony conviction that is 7 years old. Would this felony disqualify me from getting hazmat endorsement?
    4 Money 58
  142. Are there any jobs for felons in Ohio?
    are ther any jobs for felonys in ohio
    2 Money 58
  143. Superman cj
    In grand theft auto san andreas for the ps2, can or how do I get the superman skin...
    2 Gaming 57
  144. New at 7-11, sign that says that credit card fraud is a felony?
    The local 7-11 near my house now has a sign printed in black & white that reads, "credit card fraud is a felony"...let me get this straight: the politicians of our country decided that if somebody commits a crime that hurts *nobody* they should be impr...
    9 Politics 84
  145. can I become a nurse in NYS with a class B felony?
    hello everyone! I hope someone can shed some light on my problem without judgement. I recently was convicted of a class B felony for drugs. I really have a passion for nursing and I know I made a mistake but it's always been my dream. it is the only ch...
    2 Money 88
  146. What is the GTA superman cheat code?
    how do I get superman cheat code for grand theft auto San Andreas for ps2
    6 Gaming 164
  147. Gta sa
    What are the best cheats and/or tips/glitches for grand theft auto sa...pleeze help...
    4 Gaming 8
  148. Two player mode on gta san andreas?
    How do you get two player mode on grand theft auto san andraes
    2 Gaming 22
  149. Boyfriend has 4 Felonies and is in jail for 4 more months
    My ex boyfriend is in jail because he had 4 prior felonies and fell down the drug hole. Got arrested for possession and they locked his ass up. I used to use with him but never was addicted (coke, oxycotton and xanax). I broke up with him because I co...
    5 Relationships 36
  150. Gun Posseession
    Convicted of felony in 2001 reduced to felony theft was released in 2004 and no longer live in that state It was Nebraska im in Missouri...Can I possess a firearm
    3 Politics 49
  151. limitations to becoming a teacher
    Can a felony stop someone from becoming a teacher?
    3 Money 42
  152. Need help finding a job
    Where can I find a job for a person with a felony
    3 Money 32
  153. Is DUI felony just as bad?
    I live in Michigan and in this state having three alcohol or drug crimes is considered a felony. I have been in trouble 3 times in my entire life- (1) in 1996 for UBAL/Under 21 for being a passenger in a car with a BAC level. (2) in 2001 for OUIL wit...
    2 Money 87
  154. My GRAND mother in law.. hates me
    My husbands grandma hates me.. with a passion. We have a baby and she insists on telling people that we "starve" him. She even went to wal mart and bought a whole bunch of baby food for him! Not that I mind not having to buy it.. its just the point beh...
    3 Family 119
  155. 360 or ps3
    im a grand theft auto person that only plays that game and racing games should I get a 360 or a ps3 but its really expensive
    12 Gaming 6
  156. Can I be arrested for false theft reports?
    Ok out of the kind of my heart I let some girl stay with me and my boyfriend. Everything was going goo for awhile till she didn't want to pay us rent of 100$ so we started to let her pay us in payments of 50$ well we started to notice that things start...
    4 Politics 27
  157. What can my parents do if I run away?
    6 Family 65
  158. Is it possable to get a flying car in GTA vice city stories for psp
    hey I have a ? is it possable to fly cars on Grand Theft auto vice city stories for psp if there is tell me
    2 Travel 45
  159. Eye colour of my future kids.
    I would just like to know what are the chances that my kids have coloured eyes I have brown eyes, my mother has green eyes and my father has brown eyes. My grand-parents from my father's side both had brown eyes but my grand-parents from my mother s...
    3 Family 51
  160. how to become superman in gta san andres
    please I been playng grand theft auto gta san andres for 4 years and I like to know how do you be superman in gta san andres
    2 Gaming 64
  161. The best racing game ever?
    Is it grand tourismo or nfs?
    4 Gaming 50
  162. Gang War
    How do I survive in order to save my territory that I stole from the ballers in Grand Theft Auto:SanAndreas?I only have a shot gun.
    2 Gaming 22
  163. Felony question
    I currently have a felony pending when I got out on bond I never returned to the small town that I was charged I got hired shortly thereafter at a collection agency and have worked there the last 2 years I have not been contacted since by the police or...
    3 Money 18
  164. How to find a job with a misdemeanor?
    I see several questions about how to find a job with felony convictions, what about misdemeanors?
    3 Money 231
  165. Hpw to unloock Starfish Island in GTA: Vice City.
    What do I have to do to unlcok Starfish Islad (I hope that's the name. You know, where the mansion is.) in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City?
    2 Gaming 59
  166. How can I get a truck-driving job with a felony?
    I suffered a nervous breakdown and didn't get it documented in time for court. I got probation, community service and a felony larceny. I am going to try to go back and appeal. The other parties involved had trumped up charges that weren't true to hurt...
    15 Money 360
  167. How to make CJ White on GTA: San Andreas?
    Hi im GameWorldMaster could you please help me with this is How do you make CJ White on Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on PS2 Thanks!!
    3 Gaming 128
  168. Job in texas
    Can you tell me who hires exfelons in grand prairie tx area
    2 Money 21
  169. What states hire felons?
    I am trying to find a state that wont hold my pass felony against me
    2 Money 153
  170. Convicted felon looking for a job
    Can you give me companies that will hire people with felonies?
    3 Money 65
  171. 3 Felonies
    I was 21 and took a plea bargin back in 98 for misconduct with a minor class B, no jail town. I thought I the girl was 18 but she was 15. Parents lied and said they thought I was 17. black guy in a white town no way I would have won in ct. GOD was on...
    2 Money 43
  172. Certification
    Can I become a Certified Nursing Assistant or a Licensed Practical Nurse with a felony conviction?
    4 Health 18
  173. Is Kolichnevitch a Russian surname?
    hi does any know of the surname kolichnevitch, my grand father was charle ignatii kolichnevitch is it russian
    5 Family 23
  174. Was Selena Gomez born in Texas or New York?
    I was just wondering this because some places say that she was born in New York City and moved to Grand Prarie, Texas at a young age but some places say she was born in Grand Prarie Texas. Does anybody have any official sources on this?
    3 Entertainment 112
  175. How can one know what size the car speakers are?
    I have a grand am 03 and have busted speakers in the back.
    2 Cars 7
  176. Somebody control my pc how can I stop it?
    some time my pc internet stopped or very slow and data also theft
    3 Technology 47
  177. Where can I find a job being a convicted felon in Cedar Rapids IA?
    When I was 17 I was charged and convicted of 5 felonys and am now charged with 4 more felonys which im currently awaiting sentencing and I need to find a list of employers that hire convicted felons who employes felons?
    3 Money 263
  178. Can a felon become a firefighter in tucson?
    I want to know if a person with a felony can get job as an firefighter in tucson?
    3 Money 101
  179. How much time serve motion to revoke parole?
    about how much time in jail can you get for theft between $500 and $1500 and motion to revoke parole???
    4 General 61
  180. I need to find work I am a convicted felon
    How can I find employment after being convicted of a felony in orange county ca..
    2 Money 67
  181. Jobs for felons
    Does anyone know of any companies that hire people with a felony in their record in Dallas, TX?
    9 Money 492
  182. Give me a chance
    I am a otr truck driver with a felony that is 4 years old what company will hire me
    3 Money 37
  183. How can you survive with a felony
    Can life get any worse. I'm 21 as wasn't even covicted of a felony just placed on adjufication probation wich I completed like a year early.that was in 05 here it is like 3 years laterand I'm dealing with nothing but a bunch of b.s. I was told that wit...
    4 Family 73
  184. how do you unlock 2 player mode on san adreas?
    2 player mode is like playing 2 people on grand theft auto. It's more fun. You can also probably rule the game. there are two players that play on it. And on the game you have to do stuff for it to earn 2 player mode. but I really want to play two play...
    4 Gaming 72
  185. I need help getting money
    I yearn to obtain Grand Theft Auto 4 quite a bit, but I have had the same $20 for the past month and my collection of money is not getting bigger. I am pretty short so I just wouldn't feel right getting a job.
    5 Money 13
  186. How do you get 2 player GTA San Andreas?
    How Do You get 2 player on grand theft auto san andreas??? I've read the things u've all said but none of it is there. And I must not be that far into the game because I don't have a girlfriend yet. How do you get one? Please help.
    3 Gaming 75
  187. convicted felons in medical field
    Can I get a job in medical billing if I've been convicted of a felony and on active probation in California?
    5 Money 72
  188. Who here loves george lopez?
    Who here loves george lopez??? I don't ever watch that channel for any reason besides to watch george lopez b/c it blows! George lopez is grand tho!
    9 Entertainment 19
  189. How much do exotic dancers make?
    I know it depends, but on average is it possible to earn a couple of grand in a week?
    3 Money 112
  190. marines info
    I want to be in the marines and live on base.. my husband was convicted before for 4 felonys. can he still come live with me
    2 Money 13
  191. Can I be arrested from false theft accusations ?
    I work in a grocery store warehouse, and was fired under the impression that I was stealing. Supposely there were items going missing. They said they were doing a 3 month investigation and they have me on camera walking from the locker room to my car ...
    6 Money 45
  192. How clean off a scratched disk?
    Grand Theft Auto: SA I've put just water on it, alcohol on it, and it get's half way loaded on the thin strip bar thing then stops. Do I have to buy another one, or can I get it cleaned professional for less?
    6 Homegarden 11
  193. How can a convicted felon work as a probation officer?
    I just have one felony conviction. What steps can I take,if any, to make this dream come true
    2 Money 66
  194. Well documented criminal cases
    Anybody know of some well documented criminal cases: theft, murder, assault, etc. (btw I need these for a project)
    2 General 30
  195. How much money do i need to save a week?
    If i were to save 6 grand in the next 19 months, does that mean i would need to save $80 a week?
    4 Money 24
  196. Is a real estate license possible for a felon?
    can a person with a felony DUI conviction get a realestate licence in Arizona
    2 Homegarden 359
  197. Hmmm..Healthy Hair??
    Hmmm, any tips on how to get some healthy hair?? Mine is all dead and I want it to be healthier and longer~ Any advice would be grand.
    4 Style 28
  198. Why isn't my video game working just bought it a few months ago?
    Why isn't my grand theft auto game working I bought it like 5 or 6 months ago I haven't dropped it not once! This makes me so mad I got it from the pawn shop but still why! I just got the freaking thing! And I played it over 5o times never dropped it
    4 Gaming 44
  199. Questions for my gdad!!!kwik
    Whats something to talk about with your grand dad when the convosation gets boring and theres nothing to talk about I just need some questions???
    3 Family 9
  200. Who, What, When, Where, Why, How.., is the world ending?
    is the world ending in 2112.., I believe its ending bcause we are not recycling and tring to save our ozone=( I really wanted to have kids and grands What are your opinions?
    8 Environment 45
  201. Can i get my yahoo email account back?
    Some one i don't know theft me and fooled me to give my password, and i lost my account. Any help if i can get it back. Tan,
    3 Technology 13
  202. Is it OK if my grandson has 6 fingers on his hand?
    Hello, My grandson has 6 fingers, on his right hand, and he was born with 2 teeth, is this an okat thing, he is a cute little baby boy, now 4 months old and very cheerful. Can you advice me regrading the same. This is my first grand child. Thanking you...
    2 Health 22
  203. what store do I find brand new xbox games?
    does anybody know a videogame store that I could go to that would have brand new xbox video games because I cant find grand theft auto double pack, the warriors, manhunt,bloody roar extreme,and the punisher at all can somebody help me please thank you.
    2 Gaming 22
  204. Careers in medical field_
    I wanted 2 know what were the yearly salaries for a [certified nursing assistant,medical assist,emt,patient care tech,and a nurse]
    2 Money 34
  205. How can I get gun rights back if I've been clean over 20 years?
    I was convicted of felonies over 20 years ago and want to know if theres a away to get rights back
    4 Politics 36
  206. Why do cops set up bait traps to catch criminals?
    Like for prostitution and theft.. it's like they purposely tempt people so they can mess up their lives..
    11 Politics 41
  207. Is this dress worth anything? Can i still sell it?
    Blue dress has large stains (wasn't my dress) Am i able to sell this? I wouldnt expect anything over 50 for it. But is the damage too grand?
    2 Money 27
  208. Online shopping
    So there's this amazing dress on a website. But on the checkout page it says http and not https. Should I trust this site, or is it too much of a risk for identity theft?
    9 Shopping 16
  209. GTA cheat
    Is there a cheat in Grand thief auto San Andreas than unlocks all the cities? I don't feel like playing threw all the missions? Please help?
    2 Technology 16
  210. throwing up blood
    my brother recently had a grand mal seizure , and he's been taking all kinds of medication ,his recent medication has been making him throw up some blood , he's gone to the doctor , and the doctor doesn't know what to do , is there anything we can do ?
    4 Health 12
  211. Where to buy body kits?
    Does anyone know any store that sells body kits rather than online , I don't wanna buy it online , I live in michigan and I wanna be at the place to buy it , I have a grand am gt 2003
    2 General 10
  212. How to seal a court records
    I've been turn down for a job because 15 years ago I got in trouble with the law and was charge with a felony I want to know if I can have this record sealed so I can get a job
    4 Politics 41
  213. Convicted felon in Orlando, Fl area
    I am a 41 year old first time convicted felon on grand theft charges. I have 3 teenage children and need a job. Anyone know who hires convicted felons in Orland, Fl area? I am desperate for a job. I have both an Associates and Bachelors degrees in...
    3 Money 60
  214. Does anyone have a PS3?
    I do, and I looove it :] I have several games: - Singstar - Rachet & Clank : Tools of Destruction - Sonic te Hedgehog - Grand Theft Auto - Ridge Racer - Olympic Sports - Pirates of the Carribean - Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix ...
    5 Gaming 18
  215. What would you consider my legal problem...criminal or civil?
    I am a carpet installer, I recieved a deposit for carpet, ordered carpet. She changed her mind and wanted money back. It was already ordered. She made a police report, and now I am being charged with felony theft. I agreed to pay her back the money in ...
    3 Politics 12
  216. Jobs in fayetteville Nc for felons
    It hurts a mans pride when he cant get work, especially over a felony. he did his time didn't he. I se my man cant get no work here in fayetteville. Is there a decent job here that he can get? Please help
    3 Money 150
  217. How do I keep my granddaughter off of MySpace?
    how can I keep my granddaughter off of my space web site (myspace). My grand daughter, who I have custody Of, wants a myspace account. I am afraid because she is so immature and we already know that she can not be trusted and she has poor judgement.
    24 Babies 42
  218. Mario Kart Wii
    ok in the Grand Prix mode 150 CC on the special cup can anyone recommend a kart to use. especially that's good on rainbow road. thank you (:
    3 Gaming 30
  219. I can't sleep and when I do I wake up tired
    okay so like I can't sleep and when I do I wake up tired. why do you think this is? do you think it could relate to my grand-ma (50 years young) being diagnosed with cancer a couple of weeks ago?
    2 Health 12
  220. What would you do: Pay off debt or get a new car?
    Ok so we all know its tax season. Im getting 5 grand back total for federal and state. So I will have a total of 7 grand within a couple of weeks from my refund and saved money. I just had a baby and im debating weather or not I should purchase a new ...
    8 Money 13
  221. How can a felon get a job and the medical field in new york?
    Can a convicted felon get a job in the medical field in new york? I have a conviction from 5 years ago and am currently going to school! Will I be able to obtain employment in a hospital with a felony conviction?
    2 Money 76
  222. What would you do if you got caught in a bad situation?
    Im in a bad situation and might get a felony because a girl gave me a stolen phone and didnt tell me it was stolen thats just great huh? Not! What you think I should do?
    3 General 28
  223. Can you work in the nursing field if you are a felon
    I live in Saginaw MI. I am relocating to Dallas TEXAS, and I want to go to school for nursing. I have a felony on my record six years old from Michigan.
    2 Money 88
  224. How can I fix this game ?
    Okay, there seems to be a problem with my Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas video game. It'll work okay for like 5 minutes, then it just freezes up. The game play wont work, the audio stops, and if you pause the game, it will not get you to the pausing...
    2 Gaming 47
  225. Will I get rejected from Lowes?
    im freaking out guys, I have an interview at lowes today @ 2pm, im scared I might get rejected, becuase of the felony I have in my juvenile record. if you guys know anybody that was in the same situation please help me out here.
    3 Money 561
  226. Felon friendly states?
    I have 2 felonys in the state of Oregon. I am now liveing in Idaho. I would like to know if when applying for a job and they do back ground check would it just be for what state you are liveing in? or all states? I really need to know. thank-you...
    12 Money 2415
  227. Who loves to travel?
    I do! I don't get to do it that much, maybe about once every year. It's amazing. I've been to vegas, the grand canyon, washington DC, New York, Niagra Falls, and Disney World (:
    4 Travel 10
  228. Help for a felon in Milwaukee, WI
    I have a felony from 2004 Burglary of a building from Texas. Does anyone know any agencies that can help or lead me in a new direction. I have an Associates in Accounting and I am in my 9th semester for my Associates in Business Administration.
    3 Money 108
  229. Question for the Aussies out there?
    Those of you who are Australian on here...whats your rugby League team???... And who do you think will win the Grand final and who are you rooting for???... I'm rooting for Parra... GO PARRA...WOO HOO!!!... I'm a huge roosters fan too but for the f...
    2 Sports 12
  230. My Parents Are Overprotective!
    I need help with this, it's getting ridiculous! I just turned 20 and they think I can't handle playing Grand Theft Auto 4 for Xbox 360! I mean it's not like I'm going to go out and steal a car! I'm not impressionable But my mother thinks since...
    3 Family 27
  231. dont trust god anymore
    god has taken many people that I love away by death and I don't trust him anymore when he took my grandpa away my grand mother desidedthat we needed to support god so we started going to church would you trust god after that?
    19 Religion 41
  232. Does anyone actually believe that the coke found in Paris Hilton's purse was not hers?
    She is claiming that the purse doesn't belong to her, even though she was holding it when the vehicle she was in was pulled over. It was only her and her boyfriend in the car, so who's purse was she holding? Maybe she should be charged for theft as well!
    7 Entertainment 28
  233. Why can't felons get jobs?
    why is it that there seems to be no available jobs for men who have been convicted of a felony? doesn't it make sense that our government would want to occupy a "criminals" time rather than leave them free to commit more crime?
    2 Money 86
  234. How should this be handled ?
    A 10-year-old Florida girl faces felony weapons charges after bringing a small steak knife to school to cut up her steak lunch, according to a report - "She did not use it inappropriately. She did not threaten anyone with it. She didn't pull it out and...
    14 Politics 36
  235. Favorite Starbucks drink?
    My boyfriend just walked through the door, he works at Starbucks. He handed me my *favorite* Starbucks drink: An iced, grande soy Chai. What is your favorite drink from there? Even though I'll try something new once in awhile, I always go back to my ...
    24 Food 59
  236. Black And White
    Well, overtime I have noticed that young people ( teens ) only date people their race. Like, a white male with a white women or male, and a black male with a black women or black male. Of course, there is a good amount of people that don't do that, bu...
    4 Relationships 26
  237. Should I tell the police
    My boyfriends ex wife has 5 warrant out for her arrest, ranging from theft of identity, theft, fraud, writing bad checks etc. she has his little girl and she steals, lies and is not the best person. I worry about the little girls situation. I dont thin...
    6 Babies 26
  238. Can I sue my dad for back child support
    How do I go about sueing my father for back child support. He owe's 82,531.73 in back child support.and my mom is paying to put my sister and I both threw college this year and thats really expensive because my sisters college alone is 36 grand a year...
    8 Family 196
  239. Looking for Rn's who have Felon history???
    Hello, I was reading a lady who actually was in nursing school and had a felony. Well, thats me. I am not giving up. I am dong the right thing now, and I am tired of people telling me to "forget it" you will never get your RN licesne. I came in here...
    11 Money 329
  240. One time felon seeking tractor trailer job?
    I have a CDL class A drivers license. I have no experience and I have one felony. No matter what I do I keep being rejected by all driving co. Q: Should I just look for another proffesstion? I need help!!
    3 Money 43
  241. When you have felong drug charges can they take your cannibus card?
    Okay so I've been placed on 3 years felony probation... I've been charged with possession of marijuana with the attemp to distribute I have to register as a drug felon... During all the court hearings I went and got my cannibus card... Do you think the...
    3 Drugs 48
  242. How much time will my boyfriend have to do ?
    He's 17 last night he got cought robbing a car they charged him with a felony and a mistor meaner he's currently in jail now and they gave him a 10,000 bail tomorrow is his court will the judge lower his bail ?
    4 General 15
  243. Help finding a dog...
    Hey everyone can someone please help me find the dog of my dreams for cheap and somewhere close to grand rapids...I really want either a ~micro teacup maltese Or a ~micro teacup yorkie Or I'll settle for just a teacup for one of these dogs Thanks
    5 Pets 13
  244. trying to help my brother get a job
    do you know anyone who hire peoples with felony record but only been to jail in dallas texas I'm trying to help my brother get a job I took him some temp service and he could not get a job because of his record and he is really trying if you know of a...
    3 Money 46
    2 Money 25
  246. How to convince my grandparents to trust us?
    How do I convince my grand parents to trust me and let me shut my door when my boyfriend is over. I like my privicy. we have been dating for 6 monthes and we are good kids. we just want to be trusted and shut the door and watch a movie. its annoying wh...
    4 Family 52
  247. University problems
    Ok so I have a girlfriend and I really love her to death.We both love each other as well and its near the end of the year she is leaving to university and I am going to matric will I loose her when she goes to university will she meet other guys and le...
    2 Relationships 17
  248. Can a felon get a job in Tucson AZ
    just moved to tucson frome so cal oilfeild work most my life I've been here fore 1month cant find a job I think its becaose my felony im a 24yr old male can anybody give me any advise
    5 Money 142
  249. Money spendage
    Yeah so my family is renting our house out for 1 week during the superbowl, we're getting 23 grand for it. Me and my brother each get a thousand of it, I alrdy got an xbox,wii, computer, dont really want any other electronics lol. What should I spend ...
    4 Money 72
  250. PS2 disk
    Okay my best friend has a ps2, and she said it can only read disks that have a blue back kuz she she said it toppled over the stand. is there a way to get it to read regular ps2 disks? kuz the games she wants (GTA9grand theft auto), N4SMS(need for spee...
    3 Gaming 14