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  1. How do you confirm your email on here?
    How do you confirm your email on here?
    3 Funadvice 20
  2. comfirming my email
    how do I comfirm my email
    2 Funadvice 20
  3. Confirming email
    How do I confirm my email???
    4 Funadvice 19
  4. Where do I confirm my email
    Where do I confirm my email
    2 Funadvice 26
  5. Whats the email that you use to email stuff to
    2 Literature 9
  6. Funadvice email confirmation
    How do you confirm your email
    2 Funadvice 28
  7. How to email the bounty hunter?
    how can i email bounty hunter
    2 Money 50
  8. How to stop email?
    how to stop /delete email
    2 Technology 53
  9. How do you confirm yoru email?
    How do you confirm yoru email???
    4 Funadvice 19
  10. How do I confirm my email address?
    How do I confirm my email address
    3 Funadvice 16
  11. How do I confirm my email address
    How do I confirm my email address
    2 Funadvice 59
  12. Confirm email!!!
    How do I confirm mmy email???
    3 Funadvice 26
  13. How to erase an email?
    I am not able to do it
    2 Technology 15
  14. Best Email?
    Do the best email is yahoomail ?
    3 Technology 23
  15. How can I email a friend?
    How can I email a friend (like Tanya)?
    2 Funadvice 25
  16. How do you verify your email adress on myspace
    How do you verify your email adress on myspace
    3 Technology 18
  17. confirming email on fun advice
    how do I confirm my email
    2 Funadvice 9
  18. Do you have more than 10 unread emails in your inbox?
    Do you have more than 10 unread emails in your inbox?
    9 Funadvice 15
  19. Email confirm
    When I check my email to confirm it isnt there. Why isnt it there?
    2 Funadvice 15
  20. Can I email pictures to FunAdvice; If so, to what address?
    3 Funadvice 13
  21. How do I receive Tips of the day to my email?
    3 Technology 9
  22. In what year was the first email sent?
    5 Technology 12
  23. How can i stop Funadvice emailing me updates?
    3 Funadvice 8
  24. Setting up AT&T email account?
    how do I set up an att email account 2nite?
    2 Technology 63
  25. emailing pictures to a cell phone
    How do you email pictures from a computer to a cell phone?
    3 Technology 52
  26. How do I confirm my email
    How do I edit my profile and confirm my email address.
    2 Funadvice 31
  27. Chicken's email
    Can a pet chicken have an email? I hope you can tell me.
    8 Pets 13
  28. Nick jonas real email?
    Where can I get Nick Jonas' REAL email?
    10 Music 93
  29. Email confirmation?
    How do yo change your email on funadvice?
    3 Funadvice 46
  30. How do I hack someone's Myspace knowing their email?
    How do I hack into someones myspace only knowing their email
    2 Technology 200
  31. Is the Myspace URL your email address?
    you know on the url there email address?
    3 Technology 12
  32. Can I change the color of my print on email and im?
    Can I change the color of my print on email and im?
    2 Technology 22
  33. Address in email
    How do I paste an email address to my web browser
    2 Technology 11
  34. Should I read my girlfriend's email?
    Should I read my girl friends email?
    9 Relationships 47
  35. from email to phone
    how do I send a pic from my email to a friends phone
    2 Technology 53
  36. Delete an email account?
    It is possible to delete your email address??
    2 Technology 63
  37. Email Verification.
    It says I need to verify my email. So I login to my email and there is no email. What do I do?
    4 Funadvice 13
  38. How do I stop receiving email updates from FunAdvice now?
    4 Funadvice 14
  39. How To delete An Email Address
    because I don't really use it any more.
    7 Technology 34
  40. How can I save flip videos from an email to my computer?
    2 Technology 26
  41. How can you contact a company if they have no email, only mailing address?
    5 General 16
  42. Retrieve old sent emails
    How do I retrieve old sent messages
    2 Technology 61
  43. Are there any free email clients that are similar to Outlook?
    2 Technology 11
  44. Why can't I verify my account on here on my email?
    3 Technology 9
  45. When writing a resume, where do you put your email address?
    3 Money 8
  46. When I email a photo to this website, does it go to the photos section?
    7 Funadvice 9
  47. How can I find someone who just joined without having their email?
    3 Funadvice 12
  48. How to stop FunAdvice emails?
    how do I stop getting emails from fun advice
    4 Funadvice 11
  49. Will my teacher be able to trace my email?
    If I email my teacher, could she trace it if she wanted to?
    9 Technology 22
  50. I never got my confermation email
    I don't know whst to do I never got my confermation email ... what do I do?
    3 Funadvice 2
  51. Can't confirm my email
    I cant access my email, so can you please comfirm it for me???
    2 Funadvice 5
  52. looking for peoples emails
    looking for john cena the wrestlers email
    3 Entertainment 16
  53. email...moble #? help
    is it possable 2 email pics 2 a moble #?
    2 Technology 16
  54. How to verify email?
    How do verify my email address to send mail on this site!!!
    2 Funadvice 12
  55. Which is the best email client?
    Which is the best Outlook Express or thunderbrid for email?
    2 Technology 17
  56. How can I view my friend requests on here, besides by email?
    hey, how can I view my friend requests on here, besides by email??
    2 Funadvice 8
  57. How to check my verizon email account from another computer?
    How to check my verizon email account from another computer?
    2 Technology 343
  58. how can I get my confirmation email back I deleted it
    how can I get my confirmation email back I deleted it by accident
    3 Funadvice 17
  59. What's Corbin's email address?
    Anybody know Corbin's Email adress?
    2 Music 45
  60. Can an email affect any application, such as a job application or for school?
    my email is
    5 Money 98
  61. How do you check deleted email?
    How do you check deleted email messages on your computer? Can they be recovered?
    2 Technology 38
  62. When you click on "edit my profile" and you change your email address to a different one, does that change what email your alerts get sent too?
    4 Funadvice 12
  63. Why is my email sending emails to all my contacts about taking pills to lose weight?
    And how can i stop it from doing it because people are getting annoyed.
    3 Technology 37
  64. How can I have people add me on myspace without it asking them for my email?
    9 Technology 10
  65. does it cost money to send a picture on your phone to your email?
    5 Technology 29
  66. Why is my phone making me sync it in order to get emails?
    8 Technology 8
  67. Youtube's email address?
    What is youtube's e-mail address?
    2 Technology 66
  68. Is sending someone a sexual email considered sextin?
    2 Sex 70
  69. Why haven't i got an email from paypal yet about the points?
    3 Funadvice 16
  70. I set up a new account and don't have the comfirmation email yet?
    I set up a new account and don't have the comfirmation email yet? What's going on?
    3 Funadvice 16
  71. Question about Making a Email address?
    Can any body creat and make a Email address as the same as created and making a Website?
    3 Technology 25
  72. How to put pic in body of email
    How do I put a color background or pic in the body of an email in Gmail?
    3 Technology 56
  73. Can I keep my aol email address if I no longer use aol isp?
    Can I keep my aol email address if I no longer use aol isp?
    2 Technology 42
  74. what is j.k. rowling's email address
    I SPECIFFICLY want EMAIL not mail.
    2 Entertainment 105
  75. How do get emails from FunAdvice?
    How come some people get emails form FunAdvice? And what are they regarding? how do I get them?
    6 Funadvice 17
  76. Finding someones email address
    How do I get someones email address and how am I sure if it is theres
    4 Technology 62
  77. My email will not confirm
    My email wont confirm for some reason. help me step by step please!!!
    2 Funadvice 8
  78. Why cant I confirm my email address
    Why cant I confirm my email address so that I can send mail to others
    2 Funadvice 16
  79. Can people see your email on FunAdvice?
    can people see your email.? like if they were to go to your profile.?
    6 Funadvice 13
  80. Where can I make a new email address?
    Where can I make a new (free) email address? (apart from hotmail)
    4 Technology 42
  81. ot getting the confirmation email
    sceus me but I am getting mad cause I am not getting the confirmation email
    2 Funadvice 21
  82. Confirmation email
    Please send me my confirmation email,,,bcoz I have not yet recieved it?
    2 Funadvice 9
  83. How to stop emails when temporarily out of town?
    When temporarily away on vacation, how do you stop emails from being received?
    3 General 80
  84. I tried to confirm my email to send funmail
    I tried to confirm my email to send funmail. But nothing happens at all. What should I do?
    3 Funadvice 16
  85. Why does it say to comfirm my email?
    Why does it say to comfirm my email? When I havent recieved a email to comfirm ?? Huh im confussed
    2 Funadvice 6
  86. Best way to filter email spam?
    I get a lot of lame emails. What's the best way to filter email spam?
    4 Technology 41
  87. Does the government track every site we visit, even our emails?
    and can they even do that?
    10 Politics 21
  88. How can I disable funadvice from sending me an email everytime I have a new alert?
    2 Funadvice 16
  89. Confirming email address?
    How do I confirm my e mail address so I can send fun mail
    2 Funadvice 82
  90. whats the best email service that lets you have unlimited contacts??
    7 Technology 30
  91. How can a parent get around Myspace and email passwords?
    How can a parent get around a myspace and yahoo password?
    3 Technology 36
  92. miley cyrus email
    anyone know miley cyruse's e mail
    4 Entertainment 48
  93. Can I delete my acount on here and start a new one with the same email address?
    7 Funadvice 18
  94. What is John Cena's email?
    what is john cena's e-mail address?
    8 Entertainment 74
  95. my email
    it says I need to confirm my email address ... how do I do that ...? much love x
    3 Shopping 11
  96. Email Address for John and Kate Plus 8?
    What is the email address to John and Kate plus 8 tv show?
    3 Entertainment 51
  97. if I have a email in yahoo or msn can I open the spam or not.
    if I have a email in yahoo or msn can I open the spam or not any answer is welcome thank you.
    6 Technology 13
  98. What's John Cena's email address?
    what is john cena's email address for I can give advice on the great khali
    3 Entertainment 191
  99. how to I confirm my email
    How do I send fun mail it is telling me that I have to confirm my email and I dont know how to do that
    3 Funadvice 26
  100. Getting my own email
    I want my own email wrire now im using my mom's. w2d
    5 Technology 18
  101. Funadvice email confirmation
    How long does it take for you to get the email confirmation? Its driving me kerrrazyy
    2 Funadvice 13
  102. How to find what my password is by knowing my email
    I need to know I forgot my password but I got my email and I need to delete
    5 Technology 29
  103. How can I get on Myspace if someone changed my email password?
    I need to get into my myspace. but someone changed my email password? help
    2 Technology 44
  104. Can I make two Gaia accounts with one email?
    how do u make another gaia with only one email?
    3 Gaming 76
  105. To Create Email Address
    Which is the best to create an email address in, Hotmail, Gmail, Aol or Yahoo? & why?
    3 Technology 21
  106. How do I delete my email account on gmail?
    I just made an email account on google and I cant figure out how to delete it. What do I have to do??
    4 Technology 52
  107. Didn't get the welcome email?
    Didn't get the welcome email? Enter the email address you registered with. The notification can only be sent *once only
    2 Funadvice 14
  108. How do I change my email so I can recieve notices from Funadvice?
    I got a new email address how do you change the one on here so I can recieve notices from here on my new email?
    3 Funadvice 16
  109. Can i make a new email and delete my old email or just ignore my old email?
    Im trying to help my aunt because she asked me how to delete her email, because she have a lot of spam i told her to make a new one and ignore her old email that would be the same than delete her old email, or not tell me please. Im trying to explain h...
    2 Technology 29
  110. What are some FUNNY fathers day poems i could recite or email to my dad on Fathers day???
    4 Family 18
  111. can you send an e-mail to a yahoo email using your google e-mail??
    7 Technology 58
  112. how do i make it so funadvice does send me an update to my email everytime i have a new alert?
    2 Funadvice 7
  113. How do you confirm your email
    11 Funadvice 41
  114. Hentai fans, how to get it in my email?
    Where can I go to have "Anime Hentai" sent to my Email account for free?
    3 Entertainment 125
  115. How do I stop this companies from sending me emails?
    I keep getting emails from like companies and websites and it's anoying me. :/
    5 Technology 53
  116. Myspace email question?
    Can you check your myspace email from somewhere on the net besides actually logging on to myspace?
    2 Technology 25
  117. Confirming my eMail!!
    how do do that?? I have to confirm my email adres & the page asks me to giv it my cell # but I dot have a cell phone!!!
    2 Funadvice 9
  118. changed email
    changed email to yahoo. but I dont get notices from fa. and I cant figure out how to get it to do!
    2 Funadvice 11
  119. Can my Yahoo email account have a virus?
    My Yahoo email keeps sending emails to my contacts without me even doing it. How can I stop this?
    2 Technology 8
  120. Recover passwords have results sent to current email
    If I don't remember password to my old email how to get results sent to different email?
    2 Technology 49
  121. Email address bounced?
    Why is it randomly saying that "The last email sent to my email address was bounced" and then asks me to update my email address, my email is working fine as it ever was
    3 Funadvice 19
  122. Why can't I get my email address on Bebo?
    Why cant I got ma emal adres on bebo
    2 Technology 36
  123. is it possible to get my funmails and replies sent to my phone as either a text or email that i can reply to?
    3 Funadvice 21
  124. When I send an email, how much personal information could the reciever potentially have acess too?
    7 Funadvice 15
  125. Does anyone know the email address for Burger King?
    one that I can contact about english burger kings.
    6 Food 70
  126. Can you get your Myspace friend's email address?
    can you get someones e-mail address if you are their myspace friend
    2 Technology 12
  127. do famous people,movie stars,reply to theire fan email?
    5 Entertainment 39
  128. Confirm email
    it saids I need to comfrim my email and I all ready did bt its still not leting me do nothing
    2 Funadvice 45
  129. Confirm Email
    Is there another way to confirm my email without using my celphone because mine isn't working?
    3 Funadvice 13
  130. Does anyone know shia labeoufs email adress
    I would be sooo grateful to anyone who can find shia's email for me!
    2 Entertainment 18
  131. How do you send pics from your phone to your email address?
    well I got a new phone today and I want to send my pics to my email. How do you do that?
    3 Technology 12
  132. how can I get a pic from my email to my profile?
    how can I get a pic from my email to my profile? I cant copy and past and graging it wont work!
    4 Funadvice 35
  133. Safest email address
    What is the safest email address I can get ??? For like using ebay and important stuff. Thanks .
    4 Technology 39
  134. What are some good email address name ideas?
    What are some good email addresses since I will be in college I need a more mature one.
    6 Technology 949
  135. Problem with email
    When you are registering for an email account, you are required to fill in an alternate email address. Everytime I do this, it tells me that it is invalid. What do you do?
    3 Technology 9
  136. Change or modify my aol. Email address not creating another one?
    How can I modify or change my email aol email address /screen name? I don't want to create another one...
    3 Technology 82
  137. Can I hack into my boyfriend's Myspace without his email address?
    I want to hack into a Myspace profile but i forgot the email my boyfriend used for Myspace..can i still hack it?
    2 Technology 71
  138. I cant confirm to use the site. I never got the email..
    the title seys it all
    2 Funadvice 22
  139. Is there a way I can stop emails coming through of notifications of peoples photo uploads and tips being posted?
    4 Funadvice 37
  140. my crush isnt replying 2 my emails
    my crush isnt replying 2 my emails...but he sayed he lyked me...I don't know what 2 do.I need answers!!
    2 Relationships 31
  141. Does Shia LaBeouf have an email?
    I was just wondering if shia labeouf has an email??? not sure if any of you would know or not but just in case you do, can you please share it with me??
    5 Entertainment 50
  142. Is there a way to get back emails that you threw away and then emptied the trash on yahoo mail?
    5 Technology 54
  143. All the emails from FA end up my spam folder how to fix?
    All the emails from FA end up my spam folder for some reason... anyway can I get them to go in my inbox at all?
    2 Technology 14
  144. How to stop getting so many emails on Freecycle?
    How do I stop receiving emails every time someone posts a message
    2 Technology 79
  145. Is there a way to turn off the email notification from FunAdvice for activities from people you are following and vice versa?
    2 Funadvice 12
  146. I forgot my myspace password and my email password
    I changed my password for my myspace and I dont remember it then I forgot my e-mail password what do I do?
    2 Technology 26
  147. How to confirm my email?
    confused! how do you confirm your email... ?? I am trying to but I cant! I want to funmail people. yeah I know I am so blonde.
    3 Funadvice 19
  148. Make a difference if you put .com or in your email?
    Does it make a difference if you put .com or at the end of your e-mail
    3 Technology 56
  149. Why doesn't funadvice email me anymore? Like, I haven't changed my settings or anything, so what's going on?
    6 Technology 7
  150. John and Kate plus 8, where to email them?
    Hey guys this isnt a question but I know what adress to email john and kate gosslin
    13 Entertainment 116
  151. Junk phone calls, mail, and email
    How do you quit getting junk phone calls, spam mail, and spam email? From people trying to sell stuff?
    2 General 15
  152. Email Questions to friends
    If you see or ask a Q here, where it says "Email To a Friend" can you send it to someone outside the FunAdvice community?
    2 Funadvice 67
  153. Is there a way to not get emailed everytime someone does something on funadvice?
    Im in the process of deleting about 4000 emails from this site...
    3 Funadvice 9
  154. how do you confirm your email
    uummm... this is kinda getting me annoyed... I wanna know how do you confirm your email to send and recieve fun mail???
    2 Funadvice 20
  155. Email confirmation?
    Im new.I dont know how to send an email confirmation to acess stuff on my profile.tell meh please!
    3 Funadvice 25
  156. how to pick an email address?
    I need an email address. I have beautiful blue eyes, I love the rain, and I can't live without music
    5 Technology 58
  157. How can I stop getting email about people uploading pictures and videos?
    But i want to keep getting the emails about new answers and new questions.
    2 Funadvice 14
  158. Why wont my AOL email account let me in?
    it wants me to do this "word things" where you hae to read but i CANT read them
    3 Technology 38
  159. Does AOL send email texts, like how Facebook sends alerts saying if someone commented on something?
    2 Technology 37
  160. Why aren't I getting answer notification emails?
    I tciked the box to notify me when certain threads get answered...but I'm not getting notified!
    3 Funadvice 6
  161. how do I remove all the messages in my email?
    i mean without clicking clear all then delete, cause it only deleted some of it possible to clear all the messages in my inbox?
    3 Technology 17
  162. How to change my email
    Whenever I change my email it never gets saved and so I can't delete my account because when I press the delete button although it does say that it will send me a verification email it never does.
    3 Technology 18
  163. How can I find my friend's email address?
    I accidently deleted my friends number but I do know that they have an email address wondering if anyone can help me out in finding my friends email addres let me know thanks
    2 Technology 41
  164. How do I stop FunAdvice from Alerting my Email?
    I get waaay too many alerts from this website in my email. It's crowding my inbox. I just need to know how to make it stop!
    2 Funadvice 25
  165. How to get my email account back?
    Please help me; someone has hacked in to my email account? I dont know what to do as I forgot my security answer?
    3 Technology 22
  166. Funadvice isn't even sending the email for me to confirm.
    I've tried two different email accounts, and still nothing.
    3 Funadvice 18
  167. changing the Email address
    I have an Email address with AOL, but I'm receiving to much junk mail. How can I change to new address but saving the aol mails of the present address? John
    3 Technology 35
  168. What is a paypal email?
    And do you have to pay for it,, like every month or something? Because I need one ... For another site but it keeps asking for a paypal email
    2 Technology 32
  169. What's Laura Bush's email address?
    What is Laura Bush's email address? The First Lady of the United States, Laura Bush I mean. DOES ANYONE KNOW THE REAL ANSWER?!?!
    3 Politics 204
  170. Why is my email coming back to me?
    does anyone know why when I send an email to someone it comes back to me?I dont get it someone please help me and give me some advise PLEASE.
    2 Technology 68
  171. Why do sites always send confirmation emails?
    why is it when you sign up to something it is always sent to your email its anoying what if you couldnt log into msn like me?
    6 Technology 15
  172. why wont my email load??
    my email wont load. D: it takes forever and then gets stuck and i dont have enough time to let it run. :( what should i do?
    2 Technology 39
  173. How to send email to hannah montana aka miley cyrus
    I just t wanted to know how to send an email to hannah montana so I can tell her that im her biggest fans!
    6 Entertainment 66
  174. Little people big world and Jon and Kate plus 8 emails?
    Can anyone give me the email address of Little People Big World and Jon & kate plus 8? Thank You.
    5 Entertainment 41
  175. How can I change my default email?
    I have spent way too much time on this and I still can't figure out how to make AOL my default email. Help...please :)
    2 Technology 50
  176. Can't think of an email address
    I'm a 13 year old girl that wants to make a gmail but I can't think of one email address! Any suggestions?
    4 Technology 193
  177. Deleting email
    how in the world do I delete my Yahoo email account. I made a 3rd one so I can delete the 2nd one. little help please(: thanksss.
    2 Technology 30
  178. How can I sign into Myspace if I changed my email?
    I have changed my eamil adress on my myspace and it wont let me sign back in; and I really really nedd to get back into it
    2 Technology 47
  179. How can I get someone's email password to hack their Myspace?
    How can i get someones password..if it says it sends it to their email..and then doesnt do anything else?? It says it sent it to their email but doesnt give me a chance to change their email password so i can send the myspace one to it??
    2 Technology 176
  180. My email wont open
    My main email account wont open.its been 2 weeks now and it has the most important information.when I log it in its as if its blocked or none existant
    2 Technology 14
  181. Can I have two email address
    and if I do get two email address will that affect my log ins?For example can I still be log in to my google home page with my old account.
    3 Technology 23
  182. Does anyone know how to make certain emails go directly to a different folder instead of my inbox on Yahoo! Mail?
    4 Technology 9
  183. How to send email over a fax?
    I asked you "I s it posible to send message to landline phone?"your answer iwes "to the fax is posible"Could you tell me how its work?
    3 Technology 44
  184. Why am I getting these emails?
    why does this site send me e-mails saying I get comments from people but when I look on my page there arent any there..???
    2 Funadvice 10
  185. Trouble recieving emails from this site
    This site says that the last email sent to me bounced, and that I need to update my email adress. Nothing has changed and the adress that is in here is the correct one. How can I make sure that I recieve my emails?
    3 Funadvice 12
  186. How can I figure out who sent us mean email?
    I had someone email my girlfriend some bad stuyff about her and I; they used a random hotmail email address. Anyway to get their password or figure out who it is?
    2 Technology 12
  187. Can someone get your personal email?
    I recently posted a picture on my site and I started to receive emails from individuals. I dont know if they got it from this site or not, but is it possible??
    3 Technology 14
  188. Myspace email confirmation
    Okay. So I had to create a new myspace because for some reason myspace wouldn't send me my password But now they won't send the confirmation email for my password so I can begin myspace. Any ideas what might be the problem?
    2 Technology 15
  189. Why was he so mean to me in email?
    there is a guy that i like and when i emailed him he responded "Stop e-mailing me. Gosh!!" I felt really upset. Now I just want to hurt him.
    3 Relationships 28
  190. Free email at
    I use Yahoo mail constantly but I have heard that google mail is much better. Is '' still a viable and decent place for free email?
    15 Technology 312
  191. Can i get my yahoo email account back?
    Some one i don't know theft me and fooled me to give my password, and i lost my account. Any help if i can get it back. Tan,
    3 Technology 13
  192. Teacher tracking email, it's very important
    I am trying to tell her something Something very very important but I cant bring myself to say it in peroson so this is my only option. I wouldnt do that to someone
    2 Technology 11
  193. Why does my computer keep sending emails to everyone on my contact list?
    It is an ad for Viagra so it is kinda embarassing. Plus, how can I fix this problem?
    6 Technology 45
  194. How do you send an email to a razor phone?
    hey I have a razor phone and I want to know how do you send a email to your phone..I know how to get one from the phone to the pc but I need to know the oppisite would be much help
    2 Technology 62
  195. Should you have an email in your sentbox
    Should you have an email in your sentbox saying that youve asked that person 2 be your friend when you try to add them because only a couple people show up that have been sent whan I have asked a lot more
    4 Funadvice 24
  196. Unffair emails
    My mom took away my email address just because she found out I was emailing my stepmom who she totally hates. I think this is unfair, I really dont know what to do or how to confront her on what she did was wrong and that I have the right to email my s...
    4 Family 46
  197. How can I update my email address on Myspace?
    I deleted my old email account but forgot to change my email log in on myspace BEFORE deleting the email account. Is it possible to update my new mail without having to enter the security code that myspace emails to your current email address which wou...
    3 Technology 47
  198. What is a cute email address?
    I am a beach girl and I love to be free and I want something that starts with crazy. I also want it to be appriate so no babe or chicks
    4 Technology 81
  199. How can I switch my email address on funadvice?
    So I got a new email address, and I want to delete my old one, so is there a way I can switch my email address so I can get alerts to that one. (yes, for those of you who wanted to add me or something, that's why) Thanks!! ^_^ Liberty
    2 Funadvice 8
  200. Blackberry email issues
    when I acess the blackberry desktop manager the email section is blanked out and when I click on it it says " email settings are not avalible when there is no connection to server, can anyone explain what I can do to sort it, thank you
    2 Technology 17
  201. How many email accounts do you have?
    Odd question, I know, but I'm just curious about how many most people have to manage. I have one personal email, one for business and some personal, and then a slew of other emails forwarded to me form various business I work for. How about you?
    22 Technology 84
  202. Funadvice always has to send me an email every time I login
    Okay so whenever I try to login in funadvice has to send me an email which I then have to go all the way back to my email, click on the link, and finally I will be in funadvice. Does this happen to you guys?
    2 Funadvice 12
  203. Email address forwarding
    Well I got a new email address and I want all my info which is usually sent to the old one to the new email address (like stuff sent to me from youtube, etc.) is that possible?
    2 Technology 17
  204. Entered email address and didn't work?
    I usually won't ask this much questions, but it says I haven't entered my email address when I have because I can't improve my profile? Help! Please? Thanks. =]
    2 Funadvice 6
  205. How to send a fax from email for free?
    I need to send fax from my email.From my country we dont use credit cards for payment. Do you know free email to fax website? I search it but I couldnt get it.
    2 Technology 43
  206. Can you create an email and set it to be send in a year?
    I watched this korean movie, Daddy long Legs & i got curious about this email a girl sent to herself but to be received in a this possible
    10 Technology 13
  207. How to email a college for information?
    I won't be applying for a while; I have three years to go. But I want to get to know things about this college, and I have theit email and all but I'm not sure how to introduce myself, if I should at all. What to ask.
    2 Education 11
  208. How can you find your email adress?
    Hey x I dont know my new email adress and my mum wont tell me but I need it so I can sign up for msn does anyone know how I can find out my email adress on the laptop? Please help xx
    3 Technology 29
  209. email
    Do you know how changed 2 some smart zone thing?? I really hate it!!! To you no of any way to change it back 2 the origanl comcast? Thanks kiahcranberry
    2 Technology 48
  210. Transfer a ringtone from email to cell phone?
    My friend e-mailed me a cute Ringtone. Does anyone know how or if I can send it to my cell-phone and what the process is > Thanks
    2 Technology 18
  211. What does it mean when my email address is automatically sending out messages to people?
    I have a mac. I just checked my sent messages, and there's a link being sent out to people I dont even know. Is it a virus and how do I stop it?
    8 Technology 14
  212. Confirm Email...
    I've seen lots of posts here on how to confirm email and I have the same problem... didn't ever receive the welcome email, tried resending and nothing. changed email and resend and nothing... Went to "Contact Us" and put my problem there but still no ...
    5 Funadvice 21
  213. What would people do if your email was set to say "sent from my iPhone 5"?
    I got an email from a friend who made me really jealous today as his email said sent from my iPhone 4. Now, I want to get him back and set my email to have a tag line that says "sent from my iPhone 5".
    6 Technology 24
  214. I need to retrieve my email
    My computer was restored, and I cant seem to find my email. I have WIndows XP. I have backup CDs, but I have no clue where to look. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
    2 Technology 31
  215. Sending a picture from cellphone to email.
    When I send my picture to my email from my cell phone I go into my account and click on the message to open up my picture, and it says no preview available. Does anyone know whats wrong?
    2 Technology 53
  216. Sending videos through email...
    I want to send some videos that I made in my multimedia class to some of my friends. I tried sending one as an attachment, only to have it returned to me later that evening with a message that said that the email was too big to send. Is there anything ...
    2 Technology 12
  217. Is it ok to ask someone out or dump them by email or SMS?
    Even though we do so many things via technology these days, is it proper etiquite to ask someone out or dump them by email or sms? It is easier, but it's not as personal or romantic.
    13 Technology 58
  218. Confirming Email
    Ok so I don't get it I clicked on the click here to edit your profile and confirm your email address. But when click on something I want to edit it just goes to the home page, and I don't even get how to confirm my email. I guess if im not just being...
    2 Funadvice 17
  219. Governor Palin's email address has been high jacked? Why?
    Governor Palin's email address has been high Jacked? Why? I heard a few minutes ago that Governor Palin's personal email address has been High Jacked by some anti conservative people. I thought Obama cared about our privacy. What happened to that? J...
    4 Politics 15
  220. Why arent I getting emails from funadvice ?
    I havnt been getting any emails from funadvice for answers,group posts,funmail,photo comments well everything basically My email adress works perfectly fine is there something wrong with funadvice ?
    6 Funadvice 26
  221. Are there any sites where I can get my horoscope emailed to me?
    Are there any websites where I can get a horoscope sent to me? I'm usually bored and tired in the morning, so I thought it would be nice to do something fun like that in the morning.
    2 Technology 17
  222. What would you do if you found out that your parents had gone through your emails?
    and when u ask them why they did it, they say because they have right to know whats going on with you? i would like it much better if they just asked me what was up with feel terrible and untrustworthy if i found out my parents had gone through...
    12 Family 31
  223. I have 2 email addresses, how do I change my MSN 1 to the other?
    hi, I have 2 email addresses and I was wondering how you could change my current MSN IM address from one address to the other? do I ahve to go ona seperate site? or what? cheers guys.
    3 Technology 39
  224. Grammar in automatic emails
    Has anyone else winced at the grammar contained in the automatically generated emails? Like this little gem: "[username] approve you to be her friend." Or maybe: "You can accept the invitation by visit [URL]"
    2 Funadvice 6
  225. Cute email ideas
    Hi I really need help for a cute email I like soccer the beach I have green eyes if thats any help please help ill take other just something thats fun and cute!thanks
    10 Technology 371
  226. Funmail emails
    I get SOOO many emails from funmail and it gets RIIILLLY annoying. is there any way 2 stop that? or maybe change the email I use because the one im using is kinda my more professional one and I dont want many funmail things always on there.
    2 Funadvice 12
  227. What if the email from Myspace never came?
    I forgot my myspace password and sent it to my emial but, its taking foreverrr. its been three days and I still havent gotten an email. has anyone tried to do this? and how long did it take for your password to send to your email? please help me! :]
    3 Technology 12
  228. Cell phone txting to email
    I have verison and I used to be able to send pics to my email to print out. Now it says no service and then I get a txt back saying the adress is blocked or something, but my phone has no blocks on it.. Whats up?
    2 Technology 50
  229. How can I find someones email address?
    I need to get someones email adress for work, but I donot have a telephone number or any other way of contacting them. Does anyon have any good website linksto help me much appreciated.
    7 Technology 37
  230. Why am I getting random text massages from emails?
    I got one on thanksgiving wishing me a good one. And know I got one wishing me Happy Birthday, and it's not my birthday. I replied to ask who was it, but there was no answer, and the email is form nowone I know. Any ideas of what it could be?
    3 Technology 33
  231. How can I find Sean Hannity's email address?
    How can I find Sean Hannity's email address? I've been wanting to look up his email address without paying to write him. I'm a fan of FoxNews and a fan of the radio show as well. I know no one on here likes Sean or fox except a few people. Just wonderi...
    7 Entertainment 4332
  232. which email host is best, Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail?
    yahoo, gmail, hotmail or anything else?? I using yahoo right now, I think yahoo's server get too busy this day so I cant login well sometimes
    13 Technology 67
  233. How can I find my brothers email ?
    I havent seen my brother in a long time and I realy miss him and I know he lives in america, I know his age and his name, I would like to find his email adress and I wonderd if you could help me with that thankyou.
    3 Family 46
  234. Confirm Email
    Yes I know that this question has been asked many times before but when I click on the lynk that says click here to confim email it goes to edit your account and it says no where how I confirm it and I can't even read my fun mail please help.
    4 Funadvice 40
  235. recovering my xbox live gamertag and email...
    well I can't remember the email that is attached to my gamertag and I was wondering if there is a way or recovering it without the email and in turn figuring out which email is attached to it... and advice would help... I know my password recovery answ...
    4 Gaming 289
  236. First Lady's email address
    I don't know why they locked your question about Laura Bush's eMail address, it is not secret. nor is President Bush's a secret: This is public information, and is available by going to t...
    5 Politics 60
  237. What do I reply to this email?
    Yeah I did thank you just a lot going on and very tired and run down, hope all is well x Does it sound like ( a lot going on ) meaning wanting someone to talk to or not ? Please help :) xx
    3 Technology 7
  238. How can I find someones email address?
    Ok I just found out by looking at my local news paper that an old friend of mine just lost her mom on mothers day :( :( and I dont want to just show up at her house. Is there a way to find someones email address ?
    7 Technology 39
  239. I turned off my funadvice email notifications.
    I turned off my funadvice email notifications since I've been getting too many from either my new account and old account. I'm still receiving emails even though I turned off the notifications. What's going on? They fill up my inbox quickly. Is there...
    3 Funadvice 17
  240. Who can I email to translate chinese caligraphy?
    In my Geography class he has some Chinese calligraphy on his wall and if we can answer what it says than we get 50 extra credit points I really need them so please please tell me or help me find someone who can translate a picture I email them. HELP!!!
    2 Education 15
  241. How am I ment to verify my account if I haven't got the email?
    I signed up to Joe McElderry's official fansite, and it wouldn't let me comment on anything because I hadn't varified my account, but I didn't get the email to varify it, I then made another account but that didn't work either? what do I have to do?
    2 Technology 51
  242. Fun Advice Emails
    I'm getting way too many fun advice e-mails and it's spamming my inbox, anyway to control what messages I want to keep like friend requests etc?
    2 Funadvice 42
  243. What do I do if Google Adsense hasn't sent me an email, stating that my account is activated?
    I signed up about 8 days ago. They sent me an email to verify my email address, and I verified it. They said they would review my application, and send me an email letting me know the status. Yet, it's been 8 days...and nothing. Do I just con...
    6 Technology 9
  244. Will he send me an email?
    Ok here is my lovely morbid strange story... I starting liking my ymca camp leader...I got to know him a little bit, and he's nineteen...Im thirteen. I like him a lot, so I gave him a note saying "I like you!" Then I gave him my email...its been a da...
    10 Relationships 31
  245. What should I use for my new email address?
    READ THIS, OTHERWISE YOU WILL MISUNDERSTAND. What should I use for my new email address? My first name then middle name, or first name then surname? Both my first, middle and surname are all pretty crap, but I DON'T want it to be like a stupid girly 'm...
    3 Technology 74
  246. Email confirmation- Not getting this for fun mail
    HELP! I have not been able to receive my confirmation email- I have a new hotmail address, have confirmed this info with my settings in Fun advice, and have done about everything I can think of. I just can't get this down right! Frustrated! Compute...
    2 Funadvice 15
  247. What's the Jonas Brothers email?
    hey I say that you said you have the jonas brothers email. I was wondering if I could have it cause I am a HUGE fan and I really want to find backstage passes. and my best friends bday is coming up and she is a bigger fan than I am so I wanted to t...
    6 Music 46
  248. Why do I get emails that I...
    Have a friends request and well im already friends with that person Or I get one from the same person many times and I add them but it Says that there is no user called that name..and it sends me emails of People that add me comments or messages and I ...
    5 Funadvice 17
  249. email settings
    in aol, when I reply to a message I would like the sender's message to appear in my reply so that I can comment on it directly in my message. All that comes up is an empty box for me to type my reply in. I'm sure there is an email setting that makes ...
    3 Technology 44
  250. Can I email someone my question in private?
    I want to ask a question but AM NOT going to put it out so if anybody can help tell me so and I'll e-mail you with the question, and just to let you know it's kinda hard, but pleez help anyway can I ask any one?
    7 Funadvice 15