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  1. How can I make a copy of a DVD for a friend?
    How do I burn a DVD to make a copy for a friend
    4 Technology 39
  2. What is the full form of DVD?
    what is the full form of DVD?
    3 Technology 81
  3. How to burn dvd movies?
    How to burn dvd movies?
    2 Health 37
  4. How to find dvd movies?
    How to find dvd movies?
    2 Entertainment 16
  5. How do I copy pokemon in pokemon pearl?
    How do I copy pokemon in pokemon pearl?
    5 Gaming 45
  6. Can I play a dvd on this computer?
    Can I play a dvd on this computer?
    2 Gaming 14
  7. When does Juno come out on DVD?
    when does juno come out on dvd
    4 Entertainment 35
  8. How can I copy chicken little?
    How can I copy chicken little?
    2 Food 51
  9. Which is the fastest DVD Ripper?
    3 Technology 15
  10. How can i copy the URL from my pictures?
    5 Technology 20
  11. How do I copy a dvd
    How do I copy a dvd to my computer so I can have it later? I know how to burn them. I have vista
    6 Technology 33
  12. copy dvds
    how can I copy a dvd to my computer
    2 Technology 17
  13. How do I burn a dvd
    Not sure how to burn a dvd to another dvd?
    3 Technology 39
  14. How do you copy a master ball on pokemon?
    How do you copy a master ball on pokemon?
    2 Gaming 59
  15. How do you rip a dvd to a mpeg file?
    How do you rip a dvd to a mpeg file?
    4 Technology 16
  16. How to burn dvd's to your hard drive?
    How to burn dvd's to your hard drive?
    2 Health 21
  17. Free DVD to Zune converter?
    is there a free dvd to zune converter?
    3 Technology 57
  18. What do you do when your DVD player says "no play"?
    2 Technology 8
  19. When does the movie Despicable me, come out on DVD?
    2 Entertainment 56
  20. Where can I buy the rugrats movie on dvd?
    2 Technology 7
  21. Can I copy rented dvds onto dvd recordable discs to build my
    Can I copy rented dvds onto dvd recordable discs to build my own library?
    3 Technology 38
  22. How to get a copy of ged certificate wv?
    How to get a copy of ged certificate wv?
    3 Education 587
  23. How can I take out the scratch of my cd or dvd discs.
    How can I take out the scratch of my cd or dvd discs.
    2 Technology 63
  24. Can you get "Whose Line is it Anyway" on DVD?
    Can you get whose line is it anyway on dvd?
    2 Entertainment 8
  25. What is the best cd and dvd burning software?
    What is the best cd and dvd burning software?
    3 Technology 27
  26. How do I burn avi. movies onto dvd?
    How do I burn avi. movies onto dvd?
    4 Health 32
  27. How do I copy and paste a web address into my web browser?
    How do I copy and paste a web address into my web browser?
    2 Technology 36
  28. How to burn movie dvd from computer file?
    How to burn movie dvd from computer file?
    2 Technology 19
  29. How to convert avi to dvd high quality?
    How to convert avi to dvd high quality?
    3 Entertainment 30
  30. How Do You Copy a song From a Computer To a cd?
    How do you copy a song from itunes to a cd?
    5 Technology 35
  31. dvd scraches
    how do you get rid of dvd scaches???
    2 Gaming 20
  32. How can I get a free copy of Photo Shop?
    4 Technology 18
  33. how do i open the cd / dvd parrt on the mac ???
    3 Technology 10
  34. Where can I get a free copy of my police report?
    2 Politics 16
  35. Dvd and blue ray
    6 Entertainment 27
  36. Why do movies take so long to get on dvd?
    2 Entertainment 33
  37. How do you copy music from an mp3 player to a laptop?
    6 Technology 33
  38. Where can I get a copy of the "anyway" poster?
    4 Homegarden 14
  39. Oprah 'Woman & money' free copy
    Can I have the free digital copy of Oprah 'woman & money ' ?
    2 Entertainment 25
  40. Where to copy the file gdiplus.dll?
    Where to copy the file gdiplus.dll which I have downloaded frm net?
    2 Technology 11
  41. How to burn .wmv files to work on a dvd player?
    How to burn .wmv files to work on a dvd player?
    2 Gaming 12
  42. How can I copy a master ball on Pokemon?
    how do you copy a master ball on leaf green?
    11 Gaming 214
  43. Can I play dvd disc on my computer ,?
    I dont have a dvd drive
    7 Gaming 15
  44. DVD burning Time
    About how long does burning a DVD usually take?
    5 Technology 8
  45. How do I put dvd's on my itunes?
    I am trying to but my dvd's on my itunes but I dont know how to do it.
    5 Technology 44
  46. Burn DVD,
    How do you burn a DVD with windows vist home basic?
    2 Technology 17
  47. How many gb's will a dvd take up on a hard drive?
    How many gb's will a dvd take up on a hard drive
    4 Technology 60
  48. Free download to Burn DVD
    What free program is good to download for burning DVD's?
    2 Technology 18
  49. What is copy and paste?
    What exactly is copy and paste and do I have to know a lot about computer to do it?
    7 Technology 15
  50. Does anyone know where I can get Yo Gabba Gabba DVD's?
    Does anyone know where I can get Yo Gabba Gabba DVD's?
    6 Shopping 42
  51. How can I burn DVD's?
    how do I burn dvds?how could I make a copy of a dvd or how could I copy a dvd movie into my computer?
    3 Technology 37
  52. How do we know whether any photo in the internet is copy righted or not ?
    2 Technology 14
  53. What keys do you use to copy (such as CTRL + V = Paste)?
    6 Technology 45
  54. How do I make a DVD disc that can be played in a PS2 console?
    3 Technology 12
  55. Do you get angry when people copy you?
    6 Relationships 22
  56. What does DVD (the letters) stand for?
    My guess is something to do with digital :)
    14 Technology 46
  57. What is the release date for the Supernatural Season 6 DVD?
    2 Entertainment 15
  58. How can you tell what region dvds your dvd player will play?
    2 Technology 33
  59. Is it possible to rip files from a DVD?
    Is it possible to rip video files from a DVD onto my computer? If so how?
    8 Technology 30
  60. When is Horton Hears a Who coming out on DVD??
    When is Horton Hears a Who Coming out on DVD?? I LOVE that movie! It is my favorite!
    2 Entertainment 44
  61. How do you copy a dongle?
    Is there any free software available to copy a dongle, just in case it is lost?
    2 Technology 154
  62. what is the difference between dvd and blue ray?
    what is the difference between dvd and blue ray you can really watch the difference or is just advertising.
    3 Shopping 40
  63. What's the difference between a regular DVD Player? and a Portable?
    What's the difference between a regular DVD Player? and a portable? Would it be the sound? or not?
    3 Technology 32
  64. What DVD burner copies protected DVDs and what's Vista?
    Can someone tell me which DVD burner/copier copies protected DVDs? Is it possible to find a cheap one? Also what is Windows Vista?
    2 Technology 14
  65. Does the Acer Aspire One (160GB) have a built in DVD player?
    2 Technology 14
  66. Why on iTunes is there only one song but on my iTouch there is a copy of the songs I have brought off of iTunes and how do I fix it?
    2 Music 24
  67. How much does it cost to make a key copy at Home Depot?
    2 Shopping 2553
  68. how do u get rid of scratches from cd and dvd disks?
    2 Technology 57
  69. When does Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part1 come out on DVD?
    5 Entertainment 36
  70. Would you rather see a movie at the theater or at home on DVD?
    11 Entertainment 28
  71. Why did funadvice copy another Q&A site about the points thing?
    14 Funadvice 32
  72. How can I convert mp4 files into avi so I am able to use them on a DVD?
    5 Technology 12
  73. When does Harry Potter 5 come out on DVD?
    when is hp 5 suppose 2 come on dvd
    2 Entertainment 118
  74. Does the Phantom of the opera 2004 DVD have all the songs?
    Just wondering does the 2004 DVD or phantom of the opera have all the songs and music, or just the story?
    2 Entertainment 9
  75. DVD's at home and put them onto your iPod classic?
    Can you take movies from your DVD's at home and put them onto your iPod classic?
    2 Technology 9
  76. DVD decoder
    what is a good DVD decoder? free is better just give me the name please.
    3 Technology 44
  77. Dvd burning
    How do I copy a a dvd from the disc to my computer. I've tried copy & paste but it didn't work?
    2 Technology 12
  78. How to save a video on dvd with dvd format
    I have to make a movie on a dvd and I have never done it before! I tried to do it but it will only read the movie on the computer. I put the dvd in the dvd player and it did not read the format. I need to know what format or what ever I have to do to d...
    3 Technology 34
  79. How do I change the settings on my DVD player in macbook so that when I watch movies they are in HD?
    4 Technology 26
  80. How to copy contacts from my samsung galaxy to my new sim?
    is there apps availble ?
    2 Technology 58
  81. How do I do to watch a dvd movie on a laptop?
    How do I do to watch a dvd movie in my laptop if anybody knows tellme please thank you.
    2 Technology 18
  82. How to edit my Image Document Online and how to copy and edit prote
    How to edit my Image Document Online and how to copy and edit protected pdf files?
    2 Technology 12
  83. Is 'This is it' doing to be on DVD?
    Is it going to stop showing in theatres not this wednesday, but the one after it? Also, is it gonna be on DVD?
    2 Entertainment 44
  84. How to copy photos of someones funadvice page ?
    Hey ! Well my friend have photos of me that I want to copy how do I do that ?
    2 Technology 10
  85. How do I put movies from a dvd on my iPod?
    I've had my ipod for a while and I still dont know how to put movies from a dvd onto it.
    5 Technology 113
  86. How to burn a DVD?
    how do I burn a DVD, because every time I try it on a DVD player it says blank disc! What am I doing wrong?
    4 Technology 33
  87. Can someone copy paste the reply on this with all the calculations?
    and mail it to me?
    2 Funadvice 9
  88. Does anyone know if "2 Stupid Dogs" is ever going to be released on DVD?
    2 Entertainment 32
  89. Where can I get a full copy of the health care reform bill/plan that Obama passed?
    2 Politics 21
  90. burning dvd?
    why does my computer say no blank disk when I put a blank in my computer and try to burn movies in to it?
    2 Technology 16
  91. Big and Rich all access DVD
    on the big & rich all access dvd where john rich is at granny's at the dinnertable who is the brunett sitting beside him?
    2 Entertainment 24
  92. Where can i go online to copy and paste and symbol?
    It needs to be a circle with a star in the center, what website, it needs to be copy and paste.??
    6 Technology 79
  93. Take out scratches on a dvd with penut butter
    Is it possible to take out scratches on a dvd with penut butter diet coke and tooth paste?
    2 Technology 10
  94. Why do people try to copy sleazy celebs
    Why do people like to copy only the sleazy celebs and not the classy ones? I perfer classy over trashy what about you?!
    3 Entertainment 44
  95. can I still use my old dvd discs on the blue ray or not.
    can I still use my old dvd discs on the blue ray or not any answer is welcome thank you.
    4 Technology 37
  96. When is Zombie Land coming out on dvd?
    I saw the movie a bunch of times at the movies,I totally love it! When is it coming out on dvd? :(
    3 Entertainment 45
  97. Dvd files convert?
    Is it possible to convert files from a dvd ( .ifo .vob .bup ) to easily edited files? If so what do I use? Free.
    2 Technology 57
  98. What does "Auto-Play Menu" mean on "DVD Flick"?
    Under the "Menu Settings" on DVD Flick, there's a check box saying "Auto-Play Menu." What does this mean?
    2 Technology 82
  99. Dvd burning?
    Is there a free program I can download to rip a dvd onto my computer in mp4 form? Thanks!
    3 Technology 24
  100. Does anyone know where I can get a free .pdf copy of Friedrich Nietzsche's "On the Genealogy of Morals"?
    7 Sex 16
  101. Copy Of ID??
    Okay I have to get a copy of my drivers license to send to this company. Where do I go to get an official copy of my ID?? Do I go tot he DMV?
    4 General 45
  102. When does New Moon come out on DVD?
    What specific date does New Moon come out on DVD? I think it is in January but I wanna know the exact date
    2 Entertainment 54
  103. Boy Meets World DVD package?
    boy meets world was one of my favourite shows and I was wondering do they have like all the seasons on a dvd package?
    2 Entertainment 18
  104. Do they make most old shows into DVD's?
    such as the little kids show rainbow brite, if so how can I find it to buy it?
    6 Entertainment 11
  105. How do I burn a dvd to my computer?
    I want to be able to take the video from a dvd and put it on my lptop, an nybody tell me how?
    4 Technology 47
  106. How do you rip a dvd onto your computer ?
    Does anyone know how to rip a dvd onto a computer ? I know how to do it with a cd but with a dvd it dosnt do it. So there must be another way of doing it. Please help !!
    11 Technology 70
  107. How come when I burn a DVD with Windows DVD Maker, it has black bars on the top, bottom, left, and right side?
    My settings are... DVD Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Video Format: NTSC DVD Burner Speed: Slow Any help?
    5 Technology 11
  108. Workout dvd's
    Can anyone recommend any good workout dvd's based on dance, especially ballet!!! Thanx for any suggestions!!! Beczx
    3 Nutritionfitness 11
  109. When is new moon coming out on dvd?
    I have seen new moon in the cinemas and totally loved it. Does anyone know when it will be realeased on dvd in the uk?
    6 Entertainment 53
  110. when you something new to your hair everyone copys u?
    okay so is it me or does it feel like when you something new to your hair everyone copys u? its really annoyingg. watshould I do?
    6 Style 12
  111. what is a good dvd burning program to use ?
    i cant get any of my movie files on dvds and get them to woork in my dvd player
    3 Technology 19
  112. Where can I find a copy of The Lion King on DVD?
    The only reason I want the DVD is because I really really really wanna watch it in Spanish. I saw a video for the Spanish version. It was where Scar sings the song Be Prepared. If you would like to watch that video, you can go to youtube and look up li...
    2 Entertainment 47
  113. Why is it that when I try to play a video off a DVD my laptop takes forever to load it and it simply stays stuck there?
    5 Technology 18
  114. How do you burn mpeg onto a disc so it will play on a dvd player?
    How do you burn mpeg, wmv etc files into a blank cd or dvd so that it will play properly onto a dvd player?? I have nero and dvd fab and dvd shrink
    5 Technology 107
  115. How Much Is A Copy 4 your SSC And Birth Certificate?
    Who Know's how much is a copy of your Social Sercurity Card and a copy of your Birth Certificate?? anybody who knows can hit me back up..Asap!!:)
    3 General 54
  116. Is GLEE series 2 out in DVD yet in the UK?
    I am buying the complete series 1 DVD set this weekend and was wandering if the glee series 2 complete set was out in DVD yet in the UK. Does anyone know if it is?
    3 Entertainment 11
  117. Can I rip music from a DVD to a CD?
    Can I rip music from DVD to a CD? I have a music video but I want to rip music to CD for the car stereo. I saw RIP in Media Player but I can't rip it. Please help.
    3 Technology 26
  118. Does copying me means he likes me?
    So there's this guy on my baseball team and he like copying what I'm standing like and then laughing. Does it sound like he likes me? (he is the same age as me and YES I am a girl).
    2 Relationships 232
  119. xbox 360 game reading as dvd
    I played left4dead and it froze, and I put it in again and it said it was a dvd and wouldnt play, this is the only game that does this. please help
    4 Gaming 61
  120. Can anyone recomend any good dvd's I could ask for???
    I really would like some new dvd's for my birthday! Any recomendations??? Thanks x
    2 Entertainment 5
  121. What are some good movies to watch on dvd?
    What are some interesting movies that how come out on dvd? Anything from horror to comedy are my favorite genres! Let me know :*
    7 Entertainment 43
  122. Copy music to your Xbox 360 Harddrive
    I want to be able to copy/download music on my Xbox 360 hard drive. Does anyone know how to do this?
    3 Gaming 218
  123. Dvd vs bluray
    Now that they came out with blu much longer do you think dvds are going to last?
    3 Entertainment 23
  124. How to download short videos to a DVD?
    I have a DVD-R, and I just downloaded 7 videos, each about 3-4 minutes long that I want on them. How do I put them onto the DVD-R? Thanks :)
    2 Technology 52
  125. Is there anyway to find the previous link that I copied on my computer?
    I just copied someone's tumblr link and then accidentally copied something else before I could paste it down somewhere and ugh :(
    3 Technology 71
  126. How do I set up my dvd player to a universal remote?
    I just got a dvd player (second hand) and it doesn't have a remote, which is kinda annoying... We have a universal remote for the satellite, so how do o program it for the dvd player as well?
    2 Technology 38
  127. Whats the best dvd workout to do?
    Whats the best dvd workout to do? Like the best, With the best results :) Need to know urgently because im bidding on ebay :) Thanks. xx
    3 Nutritionfitness 7
  128. How do I stop my friend copying me!?
    She always says what I say , does what I do ! One time I hurt me knee so I was limping and then weird enough she started limping!
    3 Relationships 37
  129. Where can I get a copy of my sister's immunization card?
    ..i went to the clinic and just got the paper..i need the yellow card because i lost it where can i go?
    2 Family 30
  130. Does it cost money to get a printed copy of your x-ray?
    like after they show it to you, would it cost money to take it home ?
    7 Health 23
  131. Would it be plagerising to copy song lyrics?
    I want to learn some songs by hart would it plagerising if I write the lyrics down to learn them whitout asking the one who wrote them?
    6 Music 14
  132. What are some good DVD player programs to use?
    I do not like the one my laptop comes with. Must be compatible with Windows 7.
    14 Technology 13
  133. How should I connect a dvd player to a tv?
    I have a av cable consists of red, green and blue cords Which I want to connect to a tv but its not working.
    2 Technology 10
  134. What do you think about the Jullian Michaels workout DVD "30 Day Shred"?
    Was It Effective? Tell Me Everything If You've Tryed It.
    2 Nutritionfitness 36
  135. How do I burn quicktime video to a dvd so it plays on a dvd player?
    I made a graduation video for my brother last year and my grandma wants to see it cause she never got a chance, so I want to burn it to a dvd so she can watch it on her dvd player. I have a mac and a windows computer so I can convert from either one. M...
    3 Technology 33
  136. Where can I find a copy of the written driver's test?
    Does anYone have a copy of the written driving test for this or last year In california?I really need help pleaseee
    2 Education 42
  137. How do I burn a DVD?
    Can anyone out there tell me how I can burn a video that I downloaded on Limewire onto a DVD? Is it possible? Do I need additional software? I can burn music CDs just fine...
    5 Technology 34
  138. What should you do about Annoying friends who copy u?
    She always steals my ideas and claims them for her own and says some hatedul thing sometimes I just want to ditch her but can't
    2 Relationships 30
  139. where can I get a free copy of an anything goes script?
    I'm in the musical anything goes and I accidentally lost my there anywhere I can download one online for free?
    2 Technology 318
  140. I am trying to cut the beginning of a song on windows 7 music maker. Its my first DVD. I have looked for the answer and it says I have to be se
    2 Technology 31
  141. Can someone give me a copy of 'Midnight sun'?
    Listen I went to the twilight site but I cant read midnight sun so can someone please go copy and paste it to the reply. Thank you
    6 Literature 46
  142. When Is The Covenant 2 Coming Out On Dvd?
    When is the sequel for The Covenant coming out? I really liked the first movie, and heard rumors of a second one being made. Is it already out on dvd? Is it coming soon?
    4 Entertainment 287
  143. DVD onto ipod?
    do any of you know how to get a movie from a DVD disc onto your ipod? and it doesnt work if you just stick the CD in the machine and wait for it to pop up like a music CD
    6 Technology 30
  144. Burning a movie to a dvd-r
    ok so my neighbor wants me to burn a dvd to a disc right and I have converted the movie to mpg and would I just burn it with windows media player
    2 Technology 29
  145. Copying and Pasting Sites
    I'm kinda new here! I tried to copy and paste a site here, and it won't work! Are you not allowed to copy and paste on this site! I went to the site I wanted to copy, went to the address bar and clicked on copy, came back to this question the I wanted ...
    2 Funadvice 11
  146. DVD download help please (:
    I downloaded a couple of films using IsoHunt but none of them work :/ it only plays the sound and not the images :( please any help would be great! :)
    3 Technology 11
  147. Do newer dvd players not play burned movies?
    I have so many movies that are burned, and none of them work on a dvd player I just bought. They all skip. 2 other people have the same dvd player, and they don't work for them either. Store bought movies do work though.. what's going on with it?
    10 Technology 36
  148. Is it true you'll die in 2 days if you don't copy and paste on a certain amount of videos?
    is it true were those things were you have to copy and paste on a certain amount of vidioes are you dye in 2 days cause I didnt do it now im scared
    8 General 38
  149. How can I put movies on my computer without a dvd drive?
    I'm going on a long trip and wanted some movies to watch but my laptop doesnt have a dvd drive so how do I put movies on it? I have got the dvds but no way to put them on the computer...
    6 Technology 15
  150. What to name my DVD website?
    hi, I'm making a dvd website and I'm having problems coming out with names for it - and it's kind of urgent that I finish it. can anyone help me get a cool name for people to attract to my website??
    4 Technology 19
  151. When does twilight come out on dvd in nsw oz
    Ok so as you can c I am asking when it comes out on dvd Im hanging out for my mum to buy it but she doesnt no when it comes out So please help meh I need to know when it comes out on dvd in nsw australia !!!
    2 Entertainment 32
  152. How do I convert .avi to DVD format?
    I downloaded a television series and I want to get it to play on a dvd player, but its all in .avi format and I think it needs to be converted to dvd format. Do I need to download a program to convert it like DivX or would it be something else?
    7 Technology 53
  153. How do I copy Xbox360 disks?
    I'm tired of my disks getting scratched and damaged. I wanna make backups to use and keep my origionals in a good condition.
    2 Gaming 54
  154. How do I copy and paste on a MacBook Pro?
    My brother has one and i can never figure it out because i will go to click on the right side of the "clicker thing" and it won't let me "right click".
    2 Technology 38
  155. How can I play a copy-burn disc to windows media player???
    Hi I wanted to play a 3-minute video burn disc to my windows media player but I can't and I want to know how and save!!!
    2 Technology 15
  156. How do you cut, copy, & paste to a URL?
    How do I cut, copy, & paste to a URL? I need help with this online procedure. I know absolutely nothing about it. Can you fully explain or do you have any photos regarding this procedure? I'll be awaiting your advice!
    2 Technology 39
  157. Copy and paste on laptop, very important please answer
    Can someone please please tell me how to copy and paste something on a laptop (no mouse)?? Its my brothers so I don't know. Its extremely important I need to know by 12:30 tonight pleasee
    5 Technology 85
  158. Rip movies from a DVD?
    So I made this video for my TV production class, but I want to put it on Youtube. it's on a store-bought blank DVD, and I'm using a Mac (with Firefox). is there any way to rip the movie from the DVD?
    4 Technology 46
  159. How can I burn a dvd movie from my laptop?
    I have an hp touch smart labtop. And im trying to find a way to burn it and make a copy onto another dvd. Where should I go and what are the procedures thank you guys
    2 Technology 39
  160. How do I get my pictures from the dvd disk?
    my friend lisa who took my wedding pictures gave me my disk its a dvdr I guess and everytime I put it into the harddrive it says that its a blank cd how do I get my pictures?
    3 Technology 41
  161. How to make a dvd movie?
    What I want to know is how to make a movie using .mp4 format files. I already know how make them with .avi, .wmv, .mpg, etc. Is there any way to do it qithout converting them to .avi
    2 Entertainment 13
  162. So do you believe the Bible is copied from Pagan sources?
    Just wanna hear other peoples opinions out of curiosity. I personally think the Bible is false. Especially concerning "hell". Anyways...
    28 Religion 26
  163. DVD vs. Blu Ray
    besides the fact that Blu Ray is more expensive, what's the difference? I noticed this switch to be popular just like VHS to DVD. it just doesn't seem clear to me. what's the whole idea behind Blu Ray?
    7 Technology 23
  164. What to do with little miss copy cat?
    My friend has started copying everything I do. I dye my her black so does she. I start having drum lessons so does she. I become a goth she says she wants to be one. What's even worse is because she is more outgoing than me people assume she did those ...
    2 Relationships 42
  165. Why can't I copy and paste anything from here?
    how come I can't copy/paste anything on this site? I wanted to copy/paste a reply I got [info' on how to download music from the net to my mobile] so I could save it to use later.
    5 Funadvice 60
  166. do you think within temptation copied evanesense?
    and dont insult me mah frends said that. and dont go spelling patrol on meh. ok whatever just give your opinion
    4 Music 41
  167. How to delete files off a DVD RW disk?
    I have music on the disk but I need to delete a few songs. Someone told me if I'm using vista I just need to press the delete key and they will erase, but that doesn't work.
    3 Technology 69
  168. Who is going to buy the Viva La Bam seasons DVD?
    Has anybody heard,beside me,about Bam Margera's Viva La Bam 5 seasons on 10 DVD's? If so,are you going to buy it? What's your favorite moment on the show? I asked my mom to get that for me on Christmas.
    2 Shopping 28
  169. DVD Decrypter help
    I am having trouble burning DVD's to disk using DVD Decrypter. I have no trouble writing them to the computer then shrinking them with DVD Shrink but when I go to DVD Decrypter to burn it to DVD, there is a message at the bottom of the top window sayin...
    2 Technology 13
  170. Why does ITunes keep importing doubles and triples of my songs when I only have 1 copy of each?
    Very annoying.. I couldn't use a backup to make my library so had to start from scratch and now i have so many duplicates =(
    2 Technology 48
  171. Where can I download a copy of Windows XP for free?
    Im going 2 school for my dagree 4 ITT Tech I no a lot about computers and how to fix them but I need an operating Disc
    2 Technology 28
  172. Where can I buy the Handbook for the Recently Deceased like the copy in the movie Beetlejuice?
    So I'm like obsessed with the movie Beetlejuice and i was wondering where you can get the book that all the recently deceased read, Handbook for the Recently Deceased. I was looking for a book that looked like the copy in the afterlife waiting room. A...
    5 Literature 38
  173. How can I stop people from copying pictures from my website?
    Im about to make a website for my artwork but I dont want people stealing my work by copy, paste.. how can I block people from takeing my artwork? Do I have to copyright all of my work because I think that would be really hard to do
    11 Technology 88
  174. What does "copy that" or "roger that" mean?
    In like walkie talkies or like communicators and that people say "copy that" or "roger that" at the end of what they are saying. I have seen it in films and the video bits in computer games and stuff. Im just wondering what it means thx x
    7 General 65
  175. How come Pinnacle Instant DVD Recorder (DAZZLE) isn't working for Windows 7?
    I have Windows 7 and I got the Instant DVD Recorder and the program installed right, but when I go under the "Select Captured Source" it doesn't show the "Dazzle" but when I installed it on Windows Vista, it works. Why is it doing this?
    4 Technology 93
  176. How to copy messages from cell to laptop?
    So m gonna change my cellphone and I want to put my saved messages from my cell (nokia xpress music 5130) on my laptop because I love those msgs and they've got lots of memories so how can I copy them on my laptop???
    2 Technology 11
  177. What is a compatible DVD decoder for Windows Media Player (read more)?
    What does Windows Media Player cannot play the DVD because a compatible DVD decoder is not installed on your computer." mean? Do I need to go out and buy something and download/install it to the laptop in order for it to play on Windows Media? It'...
    3 Technology 38
  178. What is Monty Pythons 40th anniversary DVD about?
    I bought it for my friend, but has anyone seen it? Is it just a bunch of people talking about skits they did, or is it all of the skits and stuff put together? Is it boring? Pleaaase explain whats on it
    3 Entertainment 4
  179. Deleting iTune library that copied onto another computer
    Someone plugged their iPod into my computer and then plugged it back into their computer and now they have my whole iTunes library on their computer (I still have mine). Mine is a Mac, they have a PC. When highlighting the whole library, the option isn...
    3 Technology 41
  180. Why does my laptop dvd player only play some dvds?
    My laptop is driving me mad!!it will only play certain dvds,like I bought a dvd a few wks ago and the dvd drive doesnt recognise it,it keeps saying please insert a dvd,but then I put another 1 in and it plays just fine,I bought another dvd yesturday an...
    4 Technology 66
  181. How do I get a print copy of Zaobao, the Singapore newspaper?
    I live in California, however, an incredibly nice reporter from the Zaobao newspaper asked me some questions & said that the write up would appear in their Thursday newspaper. So...does anybody know how to get a copy of a Chinese newspaper from Singapo...
    4 General 35
  182. What if I want to be punk but my friend thinks I'm copying her?
    I love and want to be a punk..but one of my good friend(a selfish kind) loves punks too but doesnt know that I love them before she did...and now she's saying that im trying to copy her or even be her...which I think thats nonsense but I dont want to l...
    4 Relationships 81
  183. Where can I get a copy of the Book of Shadows?
    I've been looking everywhere for a copy and I cant find one. It's really discouraging for me because I've always been interested in the paegan religions and I want to read more about it. Is there a way to get a copy without paying an arm and a leg? (or...
    7 Religion 12
  184. Download and Burn DVD from You Tube
    Looking for a way to download a You Tube video to my PC (XP) then edit and burn to a DVD-R. Also would like to be able to EDIT a multi-movie DVD so that I only want part of that particular movie. Any help appreciated and I thank you in advance.
    5 Technology 47
  185. How can I get my friends to stop copying me?
    most ppl think that people copying them is flattering but when it happens a MILLION GOZILLION TIMES it isnt! all of my friends do whatevur i do! it is sOo annoyingg! at first i didnt mind but once the first year past it got pretty annoyingg!! HELP ME!!
    5 Relationships 33
  186. When does Avatar the movie come out on DVD?
    I saw Avatar back in December with my dad and brother.And I wanted 2 see it again but my dad said no and told me to wait till it came out on DVD,but I'm tried of waiting.And my coach has it on bootleg but it won't be as good.So does anyone know when it...
    4 Entertainment 46
  187. DVD Burning question
    Assuming I have a dvd that was dual-layered or whatever its called and is like 7gb when copied onto computer as disc image file, is it possible to burn this onto a normal blank dvd disc? If not then is it possible to reduce the image size or extract me...
    3 Technology 12
  188. How do you feel about people who copy you.
    I was just wondering how you feel when someone copies you. I happen to be a member on a forum where we the members talk about watches, Believe me it's a fun hobby. Any way there's a member on there who always seems to want to copy some people, For exam...
    8 Shopping 33
  189. Dvd security advice- does anyone know how to unlock it?
    I bought this dvd of dirty dancing 20th addition at the supermarket. But when I got it home I couldnt get it open. It has a sticker on the front saying security device enclosed ct-29. Im wondering if anyone knows how to get it open? Thanks
    2 Technology 99
  190. DVD software for computer?
    Ok does anybody know where I can find a DVD player software for my computer thats not a demo?Windows Media Player won't play it sayin that no compatible codec was found and my computer didn't come with the DVD software and I downloaded a couple after i...
    8 Technology 31
  191. Where could I find a portable DVD player that isn't too expensive?
    Where could I find a portable DVD player that isn't too expensive? Just wondering since I've been looking into buying one. Also, looking into buying one so I can watch my movies on it instead of on my computer. Not that I don't like watching DVDS on m...
    5 Shopping 12
  192. CD & DVD drives not responding
    I can see that they are showing up in My Computer but when a disk is inserted and I click on that drive to open, I get a message saying that there is "no disk it the drive". I have no idea on how to get around this problem and it effects both CD/DVD d...
    3 Technology 78
  193. How do you take a video off a DVD, and burn it to another (blank) DVD on a mac?
    My mother is a pianist and recently played in a performance somewhere, the man who hosted it had a video camera and made it into DVDs, one of which he gave to my mother. She wants to make copies of the DVD and I have tried a thousand times to do it but...
    7 Technology 15
  194. Copying hairstyles?
    I put pink streaks in my friends hair the kind from that hannah montanna stuff that comes out after one or 2 washes for sure and we took a pic and my other friends sis start betching at her aobut how she always copies they're hair styles. Do you guys...
    2 Style 33
  195. who knows how to get the dvd/ GPS system working in a jap import?
    hey, I just bought a jap import and it has a dvd player/ GPS sytem in it, and the dude at the car yard told me it won't work here in Australia. he also told me it would cost me around $1500 to get it fixed up for over here! does anybody know how y...
    2 Technology 16
  196. Will copying drawings, help my own drawing skills?
    I'm trying to draw (I really suck right now) And since I'm helpless of trying to draw my own things. I've been finding some drawings I like online and I copy them. Like I try to draw it only by looking at it, not tracing it. And I was wondering if tha...
    2 General 156
  197. Would it be copying if I took up swimming like my brother did?
    I was gonna do gymnastics after martial arts but bah. So my brother was in his school's swim team, one of the best swimmers. Now that I finally learned swimming(don't judge me -.-) I want to do it took but I'm worried my brother will see it like I'm tr...
    10 Sports 159
  198. When in Australia, can pirated copies of Windows 7 be tracked?
    I live in Australia and my stepdad who lives in Asia recently bought me a computer for my birthday but it's a pirated version of Windows 7 installed. My dad tells me that the Windows.. people (?) will be able to detect it and I may get in trouble. Anyw...
    3 Technology 45
  199. Hairstyle copying...I think lol
    My old bestfriend told me to get a hairstyle like her its called scene hair style! :P I got it and 2 months later when school came I made my hair style and I was so excited to wear it at school! Then my old bestfriend Krystal made her hair to like min...
    3 Style 20
  200. what does it mean when a guy waits ,stares and copies you ?
    OK so there's this guy at my school he always waits for me in the halls by the water fountain and when he sees me he act like his drinking water but he does it really fast then he walks slow when his in front of me in the halls one time i smiled ...
    2 Relationships 114
  201. Do you still buy DVD's??
    With the rise of Netflix, Hulu. Apple TV, Amazon Streaming and on-demand cable services, it makes little sense to buy DVDs. But many people still do. If you do so, why do you still buy them when an entire month of Netflix is half the cost of a s...
    7 Technology 71
  202. How to copy Some website and redirect it to your own website?
    How to copy Some website and redirect it to your own website? Using dreamweaver? I made a website and I want my friendster/myspace profile redirect it to my own website. I made My own layout and the only thing I can redirect or copy is the comment. Wh...
    2 Technology 21
  203. FunAdvice Featured Recipe: Copy Cat Starbuck's White Chocolate Mocha
    Make a pot of strong coffee and place it next to the crock pot along with the whipping cream, cinnamon or white chocolate shavings. Then your guests can make their own White Chocolate Mocha's. Or if you plan early enough you can just prepare the entire...
    4 Food 14
  204. How to copy and paste a Paypal Buy Now button to your webpage?
    Well I had created a paypal account and I've done created my webpage. But when I created the Buy Now button on Paypal, it wanted me to copy and paste the code to my webpage. But after I did that the button didn't show up to work on the actual page that...
    3 Money 46
  205. Why is she copying me?
    I have my own dance school and well its preety good. Girls and boys love it and never skip lessons but a month ago a new girl came to my school. So she copies me in everything-she buys cloth that I wear, she made hairstyle just like mine, acts just lik...
    7 Relationships 129
  206. Copying game data onto new pc
    hi my friend has bought a laptop today and it has Sims Life built into it. So being a bit cheap =) I would like to install the data onto my comp. Was wondering if anyone with some tech knowledge can assist me in transfering the program data or tell me ...
    3 Gaming 18
  207. Do you think blu-ray or hd dvd will become the next standard?
    I've already bought a PS3 about two months ago, but I keep wondering about what will become the new standard for hi def content. Do you think blu-ray or hd dvd will become the next standard? It seems similar to the beta / vhs format issues that happene...
    3 Technology 13
  208. Do Australian Customs check for Pirated DVD's?
    Well,I'm leaving for Australia tomorrow and I have a huge collection of yes pirated dvd's ofcourse...and I'm so looking forward to watching them when I get there.But...I heard that somebody got fined up to $1,000 for each pirated DVD's they have...I 'm...
    4 Travel 105
  209. How can I get my little sister to stop copying me?
    My little sister keeps copying me and it's so annoying!:( Me and my best friend will have a joke between us, and then she goes and starts saying, killing the joke!-.- She's copied me with my favourite band The Beatles, too!:L She goes on about them as ...
    3 Babies 244
  210. When is the FULL season 2 of Glee out on DVD?
    I'm a HUGE GLEEK!! And it's sad to say, but I have no cable nor satellite at the moment!! Although I do follow up online I missed most episodes due to school and work. Does anyone know when the release date is for the FULL season two of glee in canada?...
    2 Entertainment 9
  211. How many copies of the Bible existed at the time of Ahab c 850 BCE?
    This is about the time of 1 Kings 16:30-33. Obviously this was before the full OT existed, but how many copies of the scrolls would have been in use? One in the Temple and.... how many elsewhere in old Israel-Judah, which other centres would have had t...
    2 Religion 16
  212. Where can I find this movie on dvd childhood movie?
    I live in elpaso tx and I want aristro cats I love that movie I havent seen it over 9 years I looked on e bay keep loosing bids cant find it anywear !!! I miss that movie I went to the flee market guss what... They had it but for the vcr I was mad so a...
    3 Entertainment 18
  213. How Do I Stop Them Copying Me With This Serious Stuff?
    I sort of have an eating disorder and im getting help from my guidance teacher at school. I told my friends and one of them has started copying me with it making out she has a problem which she doesnt, well I fell out with her because of it and then we...
    2 Health 60
  214. How can I get my cousin/best friend to stop copying me?
    She actually won't stop, and I tell her to stop and she still does it and says she wasn't copying me yet she was. Ex: I like the color blue. She likes it. I hate it, she hates it. I wear a cardigan to her house. Next time we hangout, she wears a cardig...
    8 Relationships 127
  215. How Do I Fix This Problem Related To DVD-RW?
    Hello Friends, I'm having a specific problem using RW DVDs. After buying & formatting the DVD RW, I'd written 2 movies on it. After writing, when I saw it on my PC, it was showing, but it did not work on my DVD PLAYER. So, I full-erased it and again w...
    2 Technology 53
  216. Dvd drive not reading some cds
    Hello,I am having trouble with my dvd drive reading burned cds.all other dvd movies, Music cd or program cds come up on the computer immeadately.but my photo cd Which I burned in the past are not coming up.I get the cd icon on the cursor but if I try t...
    2 Technology 30
  217. What are laser-burned DVDs?
    is it a fake DVD if it's laser burned? what does a laser-burned DVD look like? is every DVD laser-bured?
    3 Technology 41
  218. My friend keeps copying people, what should I do?
    My friend keeps copying me like one day I came into school with a french manicure, next day she had one. We went shopping and she said she hated a top, but I liked it and brought it so she suddenly decided that she loved it and brought it too. In my ps...
    2 Relationships 62
  219. how can i get my 8 year old little brother to stop mocking and copying everything i say?
    Every time I try to give him advice or just make a statement, he will always come back with a mock and/or a slap. I don't know why he does it. I try to ignore him. that doesn't work. just makes him more mad. my mom says its just because he's an im...
    5 Family 21
  220. Who can help?My bestie copies me & puts me down, what should I do?
    My best friend is great and I love her to bits but she copies me all the time & brings me down if I have something "better" and its really annoying me lately. Normally, she just copies my clothing and hair (which she acts like she looks better in, and ...
    2 Relationships 44
  221. my poem please do not copy!
    I feel lost,used,torchured put in the depths of hell locked away like I did nothing at all in the world I cry cry "let me out let me out!!" all I heard was echos of my voice screaming and yelling I start to laugh "haha" its what I want...
    2 Literature 16
  222. Why won't my Retail Plus DVD+/-RW Ultra Slim USB 2.0 external CD drive work?
    I got it for hristmas and it has worked great up until now. It will turn on for like 10 seconds (light will come on and will make the noises even let me put a cd in it) but then it just suddenly stops. I have everything installed for it and I haven't d...
    4 Technology 404
  223. Twilight release
    When is Twilight coming out on DVD?
    7 Entertainment 16
  224. Why does my friend copy me so much?
    My best friend is SO annoying, and I know she is my best friend and all, and I really like her, and I know I should take it as flattery, but I just get so aggrovated. My friend copies me ALL the time. Shes trying to impress me, and impress everyone els...
    6 Relationships 508
  225. Dvd's onto Ipod Touch :)
    okay, today I've downloaded:: Handbrake Videora VLC media player And have failed at all them. and some random programs that dont seem to do anything I keep getting confused and don't understand what things like 'GUI (Intel Only, DMG)' mean >.< I coul...
    3 Technology 39
  226. What should I do my best friend keeps copying me |:?
    This might sound like I am full of myself. Tbh I'm not but my best friend , I'v known her since the start of secondary school and we've been bests since then ;d, anyway to the point she's been copying me small things but they really annoy me. Like she ...
    5 Relationships 74
  227. Versions of lightscribe discs
    Currently I can only find cd-/+r and dvd-/+r as a lightscribe disc. Since a dvd dl is still on one side of the disc why do they not make dvd dl in a lightscribe version? Or if they do where can I find them?
    2 Technology 34
  228. Batman begins dvd - just watched it, and I think it was great - ho
    Last night I watched Batman Begins on DVD with some friends. I have to say, the movie was awesome - possibly the best batman movie so far. The story basically started with a bit of the usual - you know, Bruce Wayne growing up a small kid, bat issues, a...
    3 Entertainment 18
  229. Can you put your DVDs on iTunes?
    Is there a way you can put your dvd's on itunes?
    4 Entertainment 134
  230. Billing information
    copy of billing for the month of may.
    2 Money 18
  231. My ex friend copied me?
    Ok, sooo, I had this friend, and we got into a huge argument, and now we hate each other. And she completley copies me! I got highlights and lowlights in my hair, then she get them in hers. I wear skinny jeans and have layered hair, now she wears skinn...
    6 Relationships 53
  232. How to escape getting caught?
    Most of my frends get caught copying in tests well me 2 but only once I copy a lot but I almost got caught copy very many times... Please tell me huv to escape getting caught??
    3 Education 41
  233. Burning movies
    Where is the best site do down load a movie from. Then I can either convert the file to dvd then burn. Or just burn the movie download to dvd disc
    2 Technology 57
  234. This girl keeps copying me.
    I pride myself in dressing different then your average kid. I use different adjatives. I always speak my mind. And it's actually gotten me pretty popular over the years. I really do try to be nice to everyone, because I know I would want someone to tre...
    4 Style 182
  235. another poem dont copy!!!
    people hurt me they use me the torcher me make fun of me laugh at me I hide my tears as they hurt my soal deep inside my dusted sand heart at the end of the day all I do is cry and cry and cry and do stupid things until I fall over crying my...
    4 Literature 14
  236. High school musical3
    when does high school musical3 come out on dvd in australia???
    3 Entertainment 42
  237. Pokemon platinum
    Is it possible to copy a master ball on pokemon platinum?
    2 Gaming 45
  238. How do I save and burn Youtube videos?
    just want to give some copies of youtube tutorial videos to a friend. so how do you copy them to a vcd? or whatever you call that
    6 Technology 78
  239. Burning a Video File
    Which CD do I use to burn a copy of a video file??
    3 Technology 25
  240. Is my friend copying me or what?
    well I got this mate and I love her to bits but I think shes coping me or something!!what it is , is that I self harm and am going through deppression, when I first told her about myself harm she was there for me but kept saying things like that she cu...
    2 Relationships 81
  241. What to do with a exfriend that copies me!?
    We are in 8th grade now an me and this girl use to be best friends! Then she started getting on my nerves and 4 half a yr we would have fights everyweeked no joke. We finally had the last fight and it was over!it was always because she was copying me ...
    2 Relationships 36
  242. How do I know that my pictures are safe?
    How do I know that my pictures are safe? Can people copy them, and put them to their profile?
    5 Funadvice 20
  243. How do I change the format of these pics?
    I have to put these pics on a DVD, but I can only get half of them on there because the other half are in the wrong format. How can I change the format?
    3 Technology 6
  244. playing my dvds
    how do I play a movie on my pc when I've copyed it on to my hard drive
    4 Technology 10
  245. Used Dvds
    where can I find a used Dvd store by pinellas Park FL
    2 Shopping 17
  246. Naruto episodes
    Where can I get naruto episodes on dvd in japanese with subs? Please help :]
    3 Entertainment 20
  247. good christmas movies
    what are some good christmas movies on dvd oe online 2 watch
    4 Entertainment 42
  248. How do you get a movie on ipod
    I have the movie (not copy ) in meh cd drive but I have NO clue how to get on my ipod
    4 Technology 44
  249. burning itunes movies
    okay so I know how to burn music from itunes to a blank CD. but how do I burn movies from my itunes to a blank dvd?
    2 Technology 24
  250. Youtube- download music
    can you download only the music audio from youtube not the video just the audio? and can you burn it into a cd not a dvd a cd? HELP!
    4 Technology 32