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  1. How long should a church service be?
    How long should a church service be?
    2 Religion 63
  2. Why in the USA, if we are know as mainly surviving on service, then why are we outsourcing service?
    6 Money 16
  3. Can I use a router for a dsl connection?
    Can I use a router for a dsl connection?
    2 Technology 6
  4. What's the best online dating service?
    What is the best online dating service?
    6 Technology 47
  5. Who let the dogs out dog walking service?
    Who let the dogs out dog walking service?
    2 Pets 22
  6. Why is Custermor Service important
    Why do you think Custermor Service is Important??..
    2 Money 17
  7. Can I send money through postal service?
    can I send money through postal service
    2 Money 18
  8. Is being a secret service agent exciting?
    6 Money 41
  9. What services does planned parenthood provide?
    3 Health 26
  10. What is your definition of great customer service?
    4 Money 65
  11. Can I connect another computer using dsl?
    Can I connect another computer using dsl?
    2 Technology 9
  12. Can I access emergency 911 services from my computer?
    Can I access emergency 911 services from my computer?
    3 Technology 21
  13. what can I do to get in the modeling services
    I need to know what can I do to get in the modeling services
    4 Money 19
  14. Can I use a qwest phone on sprint service?
    Can I use a qwest phone on sprint service?
    2 General 38
  15. Is there a suicide hotline with texting service set up?
    4 General 8
  16. what is the prayer that is said during catholic church services?
    6 Religion 23
    How many hours do we need for community service and working service???
    4 Money 26
  18. What are some good antivirus protection services?
    5 Technology 12
  19. When a guy gives you a number and its no longer in service?
    When a guy gives you a number and its no longer in service what does it mean?
    3 Relationships 15
  20. Has anyone attended a Jehovah Witness service?
    Has anyone attended a Jehovah Witness service? If so, how are they? Just curious.
    6 Religion 42
  21. Do anyone know any Quotes for Leadership, Friendship, and Service?
    Do anyone know any Quotes for Leadership, Friendship, and Service?
    2 General 85
  22. whats a better service AT&T | DISH or T.W cable?
    whats a better service AT&T | DISH or T.W cable?
    4 Technology 7
  23. The service is activated in my airtel mobile. How can I de
    The service is activated in my airtel mobile. How can I deactivate service?
    3 Technology 46
  24. What's the best airline service to travel all around the world?
    9 Travel 17
  25. Does anybody know a good resume writing service?
    2 Money 17
  26. Does anyone work for Child Protective Services?
    does anyone here work for child protective services or do you have parents that might?
    6 Money 52
  27. Community service ideas?
    What are soem good Community Service ideas for college students?
    4 General 12
  28. Is blog commenting for search engine optimization services spam?
    Is blog commenting for search engine optimization services spam?
    4 Technology 30
  29. Why we have to do jury service?
    Why we have to do jury service, I dont know anything about being a juror, we have some benefit for doing this or not.
    6 Politics 25
  30. Why do fast food joints have really bad service in everything?
    5 General 33
  31. What branch of the service should I join?
    I want to join the reserves next july. what should I join? And what should I do in the reserves?
    4 Money 26
  32. whats the best email service that lets you have unlimited contacts??
    7 Technology 30
  33. Is Virgin Mobile a good service and how much is their unlimited plan?
    5 Technology 13
  34. Why does it seem as though children's services goes where their not needed instead of where they are needed?
    7 General 22
  35. best phone service
    what's the best phone service (altell, AT&T, Sprint, etc) and why?? thanks! maddie
    5 Technology 29
  36. Why google do not have answer service?
    Why is google being such a good site do not provide question and answers services to its users?
    4 Technology 14
  37. What animals are used for therapy and service?
    Can you tell me animals that are used for therapy, seach and rescue, service and protection?
    4 Pets 16
  38. What is a good repair service for an iPhone 4 other then sending it back to apple?
    2 Technology 22
  39. Why can I have my phone in the exact same spot for an hour while holding it but then will at some point lose service?
    3 Technology 11
  40. Do you think children's services should be able to take a child away from you because they are overweight?
    8 Babies 22
  41. Alpha Phi Omega National Service Group Fraternity Inc.
    Are there any Brothers of Alpha Phi Omega National Service Group Fraternity Inc. ?
    2 Education 28
  42. women fight in the army but can join and do other services?
    Why cant women fight in the army but can join and do other services? and why has there not been a women nfl coach lol
    2 Money 50
  43. Net10 cell phone service how to block a persons number
    I have the prepaid cellphone service net10 and I was wondering how to block a person's number with that service?
    2 Technology 1255
  44. How do I contact POGO Game Club Customer Service. Unable to pull up game sites
    2 Gaming 85
  45. Military Occupation-Which branch of Service?
    Which Branch of the Military would you enlist in if you was interested in going into the military?
    4 Money 46
  46. What is more rewarding: A 5% raise or volunteering 1 hour a week to community service??
    14 General 51
  47. Is Service Pack 3 released yet?
    has Microsoft released the official service pack 3 for windows xp? or is it due?
    2 Technology 12
  48. Community service
    Where can I get a non-profitable job for community service in garland, or dallas tx??
    2 Money 16
  49. Whats a better club song sexy b!tch or hotel room service?
    3 Sex 40
  50. Is there some kind of service where you can pay a person to go to someone's house and knock on the door and sing to them?
    3 Money 19
  51. UPS service has lost comm with UPS?
    UPS service has lost comm with UPS? my UPS is not giving back up to my computer,and when I check power options on control panel it says "ups service has lost comm with ups?".
    2 Technology 26
  52. Msn help, everytime I try to sign on it says service unavailable?
    I installed my msn about 6 times but everytime I try to sign in it says the service in unavailable what should I do? I miss msn
    3 Technology 58
  53. Will social services take my baby?
    Somebody told me if I qo to social services to qet help they'll take my baby away is that true ?
    6 Babies 72
  54. Community service for 14 year olds in rockford illinois
    What community service jobs are there for 14 year olds in rockford illinois because I need one and im desperate\
    2 Money 70
  55. What is too much free service for consulting?
    I give my customers 2 hours of free consulting on each one of their new projects, am I giving to much?
    6 Money 15
  56. How much does it cost to get wi-fi installed in my house if I have Verizon as my computer service?
    3 Technology 49
  57. Should I call children services or can i call them if my baby;s mom is smoking pot around our 10 month old?
    8 Health 70
  58. How can I start a pet sitting service?
    I want 2 start a pet sitting service but there are 2 kids in my history class and they would laugh at me if I gave them a flier.
    2 Pets 20
  59. whats a good free web service?
    I want to make my own website to show my art, what is a good free service? For a real web page, not just a myspace,
    2 Technology 7
  60. Is an escort service like prostitution?
    so, if you work for an escort service, are you required to sleep with the clients or do you just go on dates with them? and is it a well paying job?
    9 Money 49
  61. Will 911 provide escort services if you're too drunk to drive?
    I saw this on reno 911 yesterday and i was wondering if it was possible.
    5 General 23
  62. what is a good prepaid monthly cell phone service that works almost anywhere?
    I have metro PCS and it sucks.
    2 Technology 28
  63. which service is best?
    im tired of my phone rite now so I want to know what phone service is best 4 me ? (sprint, alltel, verizon, cricket. . .etc.)?
    6 Technology 8
  64. How can I get better service on my cell?
    I have the HTC Droid Incredible from Verizon Wireless, and I don't have service in very many places. I especially don't at my house and that's where I want it most.
    5 Technology 19
  65. How can someone connect to XboX live with just a laptop, and a ethernet cable. btw i also have AOL internet service wirelessly?
    2 Gaming 38
  66. What is the # 4 sony vio computer service?
    What is the name for customer support for the laptops (sony vio) anyone know? Please and thnx
    2 Technology 140
  67. What does it mean when your new cell phone has service bars but wont let you make a call, or text?
    4 Technology 39
  68. Who provides good packers and movers service in Delhi?
    I want to shift my house from Delhi to Ludhiana.So can any one suggest me the best packers and movers in Delhi.
    3 Travel 27
  69. Hi, I'm working as a service desk engineer and I'm from India, is there any way I could get a job in USA or UK?
    I want to get a job as a service desk engineer or any other job relevant to it in USA or UK, is there any way?
    3 Money 10
  70. violating any youtube terms of service if I leave them up?
    I have posted videos on youtube of myself and others which were posted over a year ago and consented by the other party. Now he is mad at me and demands that I remove them. Am I violating any youtube terms of service if I leave them up?
    2 Technology 16
  71. The Pros and Cons of Using the Academic Editing and Proofreading Services
    The guide provides information concerning the basic advantages and disadvantages of using the editing and proofreading services for academic purposes.
    6 Education 41
  72. How can I get this temp service to pay what they owe me?
    I have worked for a year through a temp service they have bounced several of my checks now I am 1,000 in debt and having a hard time getting them to fix this. I worked for them... What do I do?
    2 Money 41
  73. Why cant I get financial aid I didnt apply to selective service?
    Need federal grant but never applyed to selective service can I still get money to go to gollege
    2 Politics 91
  74. Branch of the Military Service.
    If you was gonna go into the Military after school? Would it be.(A) The Marine Corps. or (B) The Navy. or (C) The Army. or (D) The Airforce.???
    14 Money 90
  75. home phone /cell phone service
    is there such thing as has free home phone service?or free long distance?what about a free cell phone-with some kind free service?like u can earn your minutes either way.i was told there was.
    2 Shopping 23
  76. Can someone suggest some good free counselling by e-mail services?
    A cousin of mine needs it. Please help if you happen to have any info. :)
    2 Health 5
  77. Community service ideas?
    Iam a long term kid and for me to get back into school I have to do 25 hours in commuity service I need ideas I have to have this finnsh soon Pleace help me
    4 Education 42
  78. Which phone service is best - AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile?
    Based on their phone, prices, and service??? Im looking to buy one with my bf but we dont know which company is best. Any suggestions can help :)
    9 Technology 23
  79. What other service can I get instead of Netflix?
    I have heard that netflix dont have Dexter and also they wont have starz so i think there is nothing good to watch there do you any other service better than netflix that you can suggest me tell me please thank you.
    4 Entertainment 11
  80. Who thinks Google's new "Calls from Gmail" service will profoundly improve their users statistics?
    The service has started rolling out - if you don't have a Gmail account, do you plan to get one now? If you already have one, do you think you'll use the service? What do you think this will mean for other similar services like Skype?
    4 Technology 13
  81. What are some good community services that a person can do by there self?
    It needs to be something I can do by myself and get alot of hours for it and still be able to have an adult signature saying I did it, it's for NHS. It also needs to be creative.
    7 General 18
  82. Why the news tell me that i can lose my cable service if im paying for it?
    I have to wait until eleven tonight to know, but if im paying for that service, why they will cut my cable the news never say something good to hear like there would be a better service. News are always bad news.
    3 Technology 25
  83. where can I go for community service recognition???
    hi, im going to be a sophmore in highschool and I did 30 hours of community service this summer. my school does not provide any recognition and im wondering does anybody know where I can go to get a certificate proving I did community service??? I ...
    3 Education 26
  84. Michael jacksons funeral service
    Hi, you guys just wondering am I the only one who realised that during michael jackson's memorial thats his dad joe was the only family member who didnt show any remorse whatsoever...
    3 Entertainment 37
  85. Is it true that once your 16 social services cant get involved with you anymore, or is it till 18?
    This girl told me that once your 16 they stop and they dont take you away from your perents and stuff like that, is it true?
    14 Family 48
  86. How do I know which processes to end in "currently running services" in Win Vista?
    My freakin laptop is working way to hard right now. I just did a factory reset and now it is runing slower than before. Help!!!
    2 Technology 5
  87. FunAdvice Trivia: The American news organization AP celebrated how many years of service on May 14, 1998?
    A) 75 B) 100 C) 125 D) 150
    11 Funadvice 12
  88. FunAdvice Trivia: On December 26, 1917 the U.S. Government took over what services during World War I?
    A) The coal mines B) The salt mines C) The gold trade D) The railroads
    5 Funadvice 11
  89. FunAdvice Trivia: The American news organization AP celebrated how many years of service on May 14, 1998?
    A) 75 B) 100 C) 125 D) 150
    3 Funadvice 10
  90. What is a good cellphone service virgin mobile or boostmobile?
    I talk hmm I cant say im a HUGE talker but I do talk & I love texting...but I don't know which is a better uh service and what type of plan to get... any ideas..please?!?!?!
    3 Technology 40
  91. What is your opinion on the government now giving out free cellphones and service to people on welfare and foodstamps?
    They have started a new program where people who are on welfare and foodstamps can qualify to recieve a free cellphone and free service...its ridiculous to me. I have no problem with tax dollars going to help people in need with nessacities, but cellph...
    18 Politics 33
  92. Should all military veterans be treated equal regardless of time in service, location of duty station, and deployed or not?
    I have received a lot of greif on the fact that I was never actually deployed over seas, and the fact that I was only in for 2 years. What is your opinion?
    8 General 47
  93. Will social services and WIC help me at 14?
    ok well im 14 & preqnant & I'll still be 14 when I have my baby but the thinq im worried about is can I qet help from social services & wic ? I could qet a job & thats what im doinq but im scared what if im too younq too qet help from wic & social seri...
    3 Money 40
  94. Can I hook 2nd computer to a single DSL modem?
    We now have a second tower computer. Any way that I can run a line from our old DSL box (maybe thru crawl space) to another room so that both computers could access the internet (not at the same time of course)?
    4 Technology 66
  95. How to connect my PS2 online with a DSL modem?
    im trying to connect my ps2 online w/ dsl modem! i get past the DNAS part! but it says"retieving data from server.please wait" then i get a message saying"you have lost your connection to EA servers." please help what do i need to do???
    2 Gaming 49
  96. What do these errors mean - 500 ( Internal Server) and 503 (Service Not Available)?
    I've tried to get to a site, but a white screen with these words pop up. I've tried to type it in, click the link from a search engine, etc.
    2 Technology 8
  97. Why is there a draft system being implemented (Selective Service System)? mandatory registration by the time a man turns 18 and ends until he is 26. Or so goes my understanding, can someone explain to me why in a few years I have to register for something my ideology conflicts directly against?
    10 Politics 34
  98. Community service ideas?
    Community service ideas? I'm doing this award thing and I need 1 hour a week of community sevice for 13 weeks. it has to be community sevice so for a non profit organistation like help out at a youth club, visit elderly in area or litter pick..i was wo...
    5 General 30
  99. Could the cop call child protection services?
    ok me and my mom were argueing today then she starts yelling then the cops come so he comes in and my mom tells him that I am waiting for new meds and said every thing is ok but the thing I am worried about could or would he call child protectivive se...
    4 Family 63
  100. Forging community service hours
    How easy is it too forge community service hours? I have 20 more due on tues and I have copies of the sheet...if I have the ladys signature can I just make up a whole new sheet and forge the rest??? By the way I got an m.I.c and I am its a juv...
    2 General 462
  101. What do i do when I have community service at 2pm tomorrow but school doesn't get out until 2:30pm?
    i was thinking about skipping my 6th period so i could do my community service but i dont want to be truant. I originally wanted to just not go to school tomorrow with my mom's permission but she wont let me eventhough i wont be doing much in school to...
    5 Education 41
  102. mobile phone says limited service, if I change the sim card will t
    I just wondering about mobiles well im on contract but the bill when way to high so they cut me off its on orange a d500 and says limited service which I cant call anyone etc but yeah fairenough but tried another orange sim and it still says limited se...
    3 Technology 147
  103. How can I get my Mom to let me do community service?
    hey ok the prob is I am in high school and I need to do 60 hours of community service but my mom dosent want my to volentear for anything she thinks I am to young but I only have 9 months to complet it if I dont then I dont get to graduate ps I am han...
    2 Family 31
  104. Dsl modem keeps going out
    Okay so while on the internet, my dsl goes out whenever someone calls or it randomly dos it every once in a while. As I recall this isnt supposed to happen? Very annoying and also while I play my xbox360 on my live account the dsl always turns red afte...
    5 Technology 53
  105. Social service cases, would they contact you?
    If a case was opened with social services and they came out to see you told you that they had no concerns and that once they had had a chat with your midwive to confirm that you have been attending all your appointments and then they was closing the ca...
    2 General 9
  106. Can you spare a few minutes to give your opinion about our service?
    This is my biggest irritant with companies these days. I bought from them, I'm on the do not call list, BUT, they still call me up and ask for my opinion on the service I received. No, I can't spare five minutes to talk to you. Yes, I did have a job d...
    8 Money 50
  107. What Does Social Services do?
    I have an appointment with a social worker soon and im worried that if I say too much about what is happening that my parents will find out. the social worker said she wants to find out more about whats been happening... but if I say too much its going...
    3 Family 48
  108. do you think they should bring National service(millitary service/Conscription) back?
    we were having a debate in history class about the positive and negative side of it. i told them about how my Grandad had to do 2 years of national service and it taught him alot of skills he used in the future and taught him alot of maners ect. but th...
    10 General 15
  109. Is there a free Internet phone or text service?
    I am living in eritra/east africa.10 years ago I wes living in ethiopia.There is no conection phone ,road and mail.My friends and relatives living in ethiopia.We dont use and have credit card.Is there totaly free internet phone or totaly free sending s...
    2 Technology 31
  110. What type of community service would you recieve if...?
    My friend started taking her moms car and she would drive around town or we would both go places. She took me home one day, and she was speeding and she got pulled over. She doesn't have her license or permit so basically she stole the car. Her court d...
    2 Politics 6
  111. Should I call Child Protective Services
    My Ex wife has my 3 year old daughter half of the time. They live with her boyfriend in a condo/apt.. They have a medium size dog who the let go to the bathroom on their porch. The last time I was there, the porch was covered in dog feces...not 3 or 4 ...
    4 Babies 79
  112. Will social services take my babies?
    I just wanted to know, I am pregnant with twins and I was caught out intoxicated in the city center and the police made a referal to social services they came out to see me and said that they had no concerns and when they had spoken to my mid wife wich...
    6 Family 42
  113. Do you think this was a bad customer service or not?
    I was buying a subway sandwich, and i was asking for the toppings and i told her to put lettuce, tomatoes onions, but i didnt know the name of the other toppings,so i pointed with my finger and tolder to put this and that, and she told me that i have ...
    6 Food 22
  114. How to convert a prepaid into full service phone?
    Ok let me cut to the chase here. I have this verizon cell phone, and it is so old and messed up that it drops calls every 5minutes. My boyfriend told me he wants to get me a new prepaid phone for christmas. The question I am asking is How long do I hav...
    3 Technology 56
  115. How can I get this temp service to pay what they owe me?
    I talked to a layer they said " its like getting blood from a turnip" an anothe replaied with its wasting money to get money! I emailed wrtv 6 here in Indiana and no responsise they laid all of us off and I am so poor I had direct deposit after working...
    2 Money 29
  116. how much is an iphone?
    and does it cost more with service? how much?
    3 Technology 31
  117. Making community service less hellish?
    Im doing community service at this church and about 2 weeks ago this a$$h*le caleb kicked me out cause he threw a water ballon at me and said get back to work f*cker so I threw a broom at him and it missed...anyways im friends with the janator and he l...
    2 General 20
  118. Do you ever find that your Religious Education services are there mostly to make money and to send kids to private school?
    I was a little unclear in the title, but I really mean to ask if the religious education, (any Church that teaches public school kids about a religion for a fee) is lacking religion knowledge, but instead advertises the local religious private schools ...
    6 Education 19
  119. How can I start a blog?
    Many of my friends have blogs. How can I start one? What software do I need? Is there a service that offers free blogging services?
    3 Technology 12
  120. Should I call protective services about this baby girl?
    I know somebody who has a 6 month old baby girl. I personally have an 8 and 1/2 month old son. I am worried about this little girl. she is under weight and put on 2% milk at 4 months old. the mother says that the pediatrician told her to do it, but als...
    7 Babies 23
  121. Why cant social services let things lye and let us get on
    My partner and his ex partner had a fight she kicked him bust his leg open ect he then slaped her there was a baby there who was in a different room and did not see anything he was fast asleep na I have been with my partner for some time now he never d...
    4 Family 10
  122. Advertising Babysitting
    How can you advertise your baby sitting services? Any ideas...
    3 Money 9
  123. Why is still always a beta
    2 years back when I first used it was a beta service..Why is it still a beta service?Will google stop its free email service once the beta period is over..Is there any guidelines how long a software can be called a beta version?
    2 Technology 129
  124. What is you dream career?
    I would want to be an agent for the secret service
    33 Money 19
  125. Why we let this happen?
    I have heard in the news things like the subway wanna increase the fare and cut some services and now I heard that juices going to increase too, but they are going to be in a smaller size, so why we have to pay more for less service or a bad service, ...
    2 Money 15
  126. What/ Is it true America hates Obama?
    and why apparently its because he wants socialist health service I'm british and live in a country with a socialist health service and trust me its the greatest blessing I could ever ask for to be born with socialist public services
    26 Politics 27
  127. Service
    I ate at tgi fridays in new jersey a little over a year ago. my family and I just got seated and got our drink/appetizer orders taken. our waiter appeared anxious and uninterested in serving us. after a few minutes we saw our waiter come from the ba...
    3 Money 71
  128. Deactivated cell phone text messaging ?
    I have verizon wireless along with my friend. A few months ago her phone service got shut down/deactivated, I accidentally sent a text to her while her phone was shut down, a few months later her phone service got turned back on. Now that her phone ser...
    3 Technology 152
  129. Should I call social services about the neighbour's kids?
    I live in england in a nice village. I have serious concerns about 2 households in my street, they make my life a misery with their behavior and my constant worrying about their kids Household 1, Single mother of a 15yr old non-attending school and 1...
    5 Babies 30
  130. Where can I print what I have saved on my floppy disk?
    Where can I print what I have saved on my floppy disk? What store delivers this sort of service?
    4 General 32
  131. Do you know any reliable and fast web hosting providers?
    do you know any reliable and fast web hosting providers? How is the yahoo web hosting services?
    3 Technology 75
  132. Cost to euthanize cat
    How much does it cost (ballpark) to have my cat euthanized, and cost to be with the cat when the vet performs this service?
    9 Pets 1993
  133. 16, need job.
    I'm 16 and need a job but I hate food service. Any suggestions?
    4 Money 34
  134. Suspended cell phone question ?
    If my my mom suspends my phone for about a month or two, when I get my service back will the text messages come up during the time my phone service was out ? I have verizon if that helps.
    3 Technology 184
  135. Is it still possible to order books at the library?
    We used to be able to ask the local council library to order books, if they didnt already have them. Is this service still available here in UK, and is this service available in other countries / states?
    2 Literature 11
  136. someone PLEASE help me
    im doing a report on George Read and I can't find out what his "public service" was. Not his job, but a public service. Can anyone please please please help me?? or at least give me a website I can go to xoxo
    2 Education 20
  137. How can I learn to be a waiter?
    Where can I get the service training necessary to be a food server in a restaurant?
    2 Money 36
  138. How exactly do the gigs work?
    How do you pay for services; paypal? points? credit card? vice versa, how do you receive payments for services? Can you decline a job request to your gig? What if the work done is no good?
    10 Funadvice 23
  139. dating lines
    does anybody no any dating services??? please reply bac thanx xoxo...!
    2 Relationships 18
  140. What address do I use when writing about problems with my phone?
    I know I am addressing Apple and not AT&T, I asked my teacher and he said 'Customer Service". Do I put the headquarters address or does customer service have their own address (probably sounding really dumb right now)
    3 Technology 14
  141. PC Access to Live Broadcast TV
    How can I watch a LIVE broadcast of the NYC Ball Drop on New Years Eve on my notebook PC with wi-fi service? There is no cable TV service in the place we will be.
    2 Technology 53
  142. Can we duplicate a simcard?
    Hey guyz, can we duplicate a simcard? If yes, how? So that we get the same services on both simcards? Gimme an ideal thanks.
    2 Technology 40
  143. What's a good website to post a hotel complaint?
    What is the best website to complain about a hotel that gave very poor service?
    5 Travel 79
  144. Blocking someone from calling you?
    Is it possible to block someone's number from your phone,like they can't call you at all no matter what service your using?
    3 Technology 66
  145. Why cant I recharge my telstra pre paid mobile?
    Does any one else think telstra online pre paid recharge is a complete joke I have tried to make an account so I can recharge (I cant do it on my phone) but it comes up with Error 12003 Telstra cannot complete your registration. Your service mus...
    2 Technology 95
  146. I lost my charger
    how much would a new one cost? I have the sony ericsson in white. and my service is AT&T.
    2 Shopping 11
  147. Dell computers
    Are dell computers worth the hype?How is their customer service? Pls suggest some nice dell pc configurations.
    5 Technology 30
  148. London Limosine
    does nayone know any good cheap limosine services? that come with decent packages thank you
    5 Entertainment 12
  149. What if you slip up your identity in Witness Protection?
    what should somebody do if they are put into secret services and given a new name and they slip up?
    5 Politics 27
  150. Best VPNs for Unblocking and Online Privacy
    I say it with complete confidence that mentioned VPN service providers are the best. Of course, there is a long list of reasons behind this confident claim. Following is my small attempt to enlighten you with the features, services.
    5 Technology 114
  151. How do I explain to a customer representative that I want to decrease my bill?
    when talking to customer services what to say for them to decrease my bill..i want a discount because i am paying to much?
    7 Money 12
  152. Can an HR profession grow hairs
    I am woring in Human Resourse Service Division . Can i grow hairs. Will it be fair. Kindly advice
    4 Style 13
  153. How can I optimise my Orkut profile?
    how can I optimise my orkut profile... tell me some cool ideas and also how is this powerscrap and all those 3rd party do you rate them
    3 Technology 14
  154. Where can you find lesbian and bi people?
    I am bisexual and there is like nobody in my school who is. Where do you find people? I do not like dating services. But if there is someone who is bi or lesbian can you give me advice?
    4 Sex 29
  155. Can someone please explain GDP to me?
    So I know that GDP is the total value of goods and services produced by/in a country in usually a year (from economics I had in first year), but can someone remind me or tell me how we know when a country is performing good I.t.o. GDP. I.e. Let's s...
    5 Politics 67
  156. Car keys
    I lost my car key and only have the one for serviceing do you no what I can do. I was told ya cant really drive with that key as it comes up code it drives but don't no why ya cant use it. Does any one no what I can do now.
    2 Technology 21
  157. All Messengers in One?
    Is there an Online Service where I can upload all my Instant messenger contacts (Yahoo, MSn, AOL, etc) in one place? Thanks!!!
    3 Technology 9
  158. Has anyone ever gone to serendipity three?
    Did you like it , hat did yo have , how was the service? Wa it expensive? How much was your bill ?
    2 Food 5
  159. my computerrr
    okay, I have dsl & but it always kicks me off & says I cant get on unless I let dial-up run, help me!?!?
    2 Style 12
  160. Who is the kgb girl?
    Can anyone tell me the name of the kgb girl? In the kgb text answer service adds who is the red head she is really pretty I think.
    2 Entertainment 62
  161. Which ISP is best?
    I am thinking of switching I.S.P. providers do to cost.What is the difference between the services of AOl compaired to Earthlink or Net Zero?
    2 Technology 21
  162. Cosmetic surgery in thailand
    Has anyone here done a cosmetic surgery in thailand? Heard it is a lot cheaper? Any idea how the services are? Please give your experiences..
    2 Style 13
  163. How do I hook up my Motorola Razr to the computer?
    How do I hook up my motorola Razr to the computer? It has AT&T service. But when I plug it into the computer it doesn't read that my phone is plugged in. What should I do for it to read my phone. I just got my phone about a week ago. It is a Razr v3. J...
    2 Technology 88
  164. Connecting 2 computers to internet
    I got a computer in my room connected with the dsl modem and I connected another desktop computer in another room but how do I get it to connect also? Is there something I have to buy?
    6 Technology 71
  165. What is going on with AT&T?
    Is it my phone or the the company? It's still not working and I can't call customer service because it's too late here. If anyone else is having issues, let me know.
    2 Technology 7
  166. Directv help
    Ok,I just got directv yesterday,it's the most complicated cable service,what channels are the usa network,scifi,spike tv on?
    2 Technology 37
  167. Why do I feel bad about this?
    I go to church. & I believe 110% in God. I almost always go to Sunday school & church after that. My dad was a youth advisor for evening service when we had youth meetings. But ever since he cheated on my mom & stopped coming to church, I've stopped...
    5 Religion 31
  168. What percent does groupon take if you use them to advertise?
    My wife is thinking about listing a service in our spa on this and I have been over their site, but this is not listed. I guess it is probably a lot. LOL
    3 General 57
  169. Are there any sites that you can send a text message with your cell phone and get answers?
    I know is a question and answer service that you can use with your phone..but I was just wondering is their any other websites that are out their where you can text questions and get answers to your cell phone?
    6 Technology 40
  170. Sky broadband
    Does anyone use sky for there internet provider im thinking of changing and they have good deals wondered what there service was actually like
    2 General 14
  171. Is it possible to get transportation to Busch Gardens Tampa when staying at an Orlando hotel?
    Just curious I don't know how far away Busch gardens Tampa is from Disney universal or sea world but if your at an Orlando hotel could you get transpiration service or shuttle service to Busch gardens...just in case if you don't know how to get their t...
    2 Travel 29
  172. How do you do this math problem step by step?
    Two years of local internet service costs $685, plus the installation fee of $85. What is the monthly fee?
    3 Education 32
  173. Where can someone go to find jobs for convicted felons?
    Where do convicted felons go to find jobs. No one seems to want to take them so their must be a special service that caters to them. Right?
    35 Money 738
  174. switching phones
    so I have 2 phones one doesnt work and the other I use everyday I wanna switch it so the one that doesnt work is my phone that I use its the same service and everything would it cost money,? and how do I do it I have sprint
    3 Technology 24
  175. What sites sells sexy dresses besides ebay and amazon?
    One with good reviews, shipping and service. Please name sites that you yourself have placed an order and your review.
    9 Sex 11
  176. senior year
    its my senior and I havent taken my act. I have no idea where im going for college I am going to. I also have no community service hours. what should I be doing on my senior yeak? Advice plzz
    2 Education 13
  177. What are some bootable tools for PCs?
    i already have fedora, backtrack, tails, DBAN, tinycore, ophcrack, and dsl. im creating a multiboot flash drive.
    4 Technology 14
  178. Who on here has AT&T? Do you like it or hate it?
    I have AT&T. I do not get good service at all. It takes a long time to send multimedia messages. I don't know if it is just me or if it is AT&T. It has been like that on every phone that I have bought through them. so I was just wondering..thanks :)
    2 Technology 12
  179. Please Help ASAP(: ! cell phones.
    Can you use a tmobile/cingular phone with a prepaid service that isnt by tmobile or cingular and is not listed under prepaid phones? For example a sidekick or blackjack II?
    3 Technology 12
  180. Micheal jackson memorial live
    I've got bbc news on and I can see a veiw from a helicopter folowing the cars is this really live on the way to his funeral service
    3 Entertainment 46
  181. Can you make a living from Adsense?
    I see a lot of websites offering free service but they use adsense as a means of income. Is there enough money to be made going that route?
    2 Technology 12
  182. Talking about their own church
    I have a friend that goes to church and she keeps talking about that our youth service is boring that her friends is better than ours that makes me feel really bad because is like she was talking about god ,me and my pastor.what should I tell her about...
    7 Religion 22
  183. Prepaid phone plans
    Does anyone know how the dollar a day prepaid plan work for cell phones, because I'm tired of paying a bill every month, who has the best service
    4 Technology 12
  184. does any one know why windows live messenger wont let me sign in all of a sudden?
    it says the service is temperairily has been like this since last night
    7 Technology 10
  185. should I nap now?
    I have to do five hours of community service tonight at some church,which is from 6-11 PM. now it's 11:30 AM. and remember that I did five hours of community service last night and I haven't slept since wednesday night. I don't have to start getting r...
    2 Health 36
  186. My Brothers father died. should I go to his funeral?
    I didnt know his dad well... But I feel awful otherwise I learned his funeral is this friday... Should I attend the service even if I ddint know him well?
    15 Family 92
  187. How much should i get paid ?
    .. At my interview yesturday, the manager asked how much i think i should get paid .. I am a 15 year old applying for a customer service position at Pizza Nova .
    7 Money 22
  188. What do you think of the skateboarding priest?
    Some people think he's doing a great service by making religion more interesting to a younger group, while others think that it's all a hype and he is failing to promote the true word. What's your thought?
    5 Religion 19
  189. Cell phone question ?
    What's the difference between your cell phone being suspended and being completely disconnected ? either way I was just wondering if you can receive text messages whenever your service gets turned back on ?
    2 Technology 73
  190. Addicted to my cell phonee...
    I think I'm addicted to my cell phone. Wow. I literally go crazy if it doesn't work, no service, etc. Is anyone else like this? Or am I just like a majoorrr faggg?
    8 Technology 28
  191. I want to go online with my PS2
    ok im getting a ps2 and I was wondering what all I need to go online, I have an internet service, a modem, but im getting my ps2 in three days and I was wondering...does it come with all the cables/connections I need to go online can I just plug and play
    3 Gaming 50
  192. Dog day care
    ok so im starting a dog day care type thing! I offer different services. so far I have dog walking, dog baths, and cleaning up dog waste. Any one have any other ideas
    2 Pets 31
  193. Why do women have to cover their hair in some Church's - specifically Lutheran?
    Just curious. Started going to church with my new g/f and noticed during the service all the women cover their hair with a scarf. I have seen in before just never really knew why.
    7 Religion 38
  194. Bank of americaa fax numberr
    Bank of america fax number? I need to fax a letter to bank of america UGRGENTLY!!! and they service hours arent open what is the fax number for the claim center? PLEASE HELP!! :] thanks
    2 Education 12
  195. What are some things to do while babysitting?
    Me and my friend are going to start a babysitting service but we need help to keep the kids occupied. So far all we can think of is play board games and watch movies.
    3 Babies 54
  196. What's your favorite airline and why?
    I'm curious about the different airline choices. If you have to fly cross-country, which airline would you suggest? Why? What does it offer? What makes it better--service, cost,etc?
    9 Travel 35
  197. How can I lower my electric bill?
    How can I lower my electric bill? My girl wants it near like a sauna in the apartment from the heater and it is killing my electric bill with high rates and electrical service charges. I want to conserve but I don't want to lose any heat.
    4 Money 43
  198. Why is my iPhone 4 not activating?
    I have no way to get to the closest telus store. I got a phone there 2 days ago. He said it would take about 24 hours to activate, well its been almost 48 hours. It is a contract phone. I get to go on the internet no problem, but it will not let me sen...
    4 Technology 38
  199. Motorola ve240=pain in the ???
    I have a motorola ve240 with cricket service and I tried to put ringtones on it with out having to buy them I have a micro sd card and have music on the phone I tried a few free ringtone websites but none worked How to put ringtones on it
    2 Technology 40
  200. Should I call Child Protective Services?
    OK first of all I will start by telling you that my boyfriends mom is nuts...''surtifiably insane''. im sure your probably thinking im just being immature and im trying to get pay back for something but im not...this woman has so many problems that it...
    38 Babies 209
  201. Tornado watch???!!!
    Ok I am litterly afraid of rain and thunder. the stupid national weather service issued tornado watch!!! where in the world can I absolutly go??? is my house safe??? I live in a duplex. where can I go???
    7 Environment 28
  202. I hate my job
    ok I'm 16 and I hate my job. I hate working with customer service but that's the only job a 16 year old can get where I live. I want to quit but my mom is being stupid and wont let me. what do I do? I REALLY hate this job.
    5 Money 54
  203. Metro PCS
    Does anybody have Metro PCS? How do you feel about their service and phones? Does the internet work well? I'm planning on getting it tonight and would just like to hear everyone's opinions... Thanks!!
    2 Technology 46
  204. Who knows the laws in Ohio?
    Trying to find out what the laws are in Ohio on harboring a runaway in Ohio. My daughter lives with her dad and ran away and called me and I picked her up. So he called the police. And in return I called children services because he had hit her.
    2 Family 34
  205. Where may I get a tarot reading that isn't computer generated?
    Most sites supplying free tarot readings are actually only randomly generated card draws and your studying is just a straightforward set of the conventional card meanings. Pathfinder Tarot gives a free reading to clients, that is performed via electron...
    2 Religion 22
  206. Forever 21 online shopping
    Has anyone ever bought stuff from forever 21 online? How is the service and efficiency? Is it reliable? Please tell me your experiences because I'm thinking about buying stuff from them online! Thanks! :d
    4 Shopping 45
  207. will my phone work in new york??
    ok I have an ntelosphonma of you probably wont know what it is because I think its a phone company only in virginia. but does anyone know if I will get service in new york state? im going there for spring break.
    4 Technology 6
  208. Can blisters form after spilling boiling hot water over your hand?
    I just spilt boiling hot water over my hand but I have held it under cold water for a bit but it is still agony.. I have a valedictory service in a weeks time and I am worried I might have blisters all over my hand for it? :/
    7 Health 38
  209. Cell phone txting to email
    I have verison and I used to be able to send pics to my email to print out. Now it says no service and then I get a txt back saying the adress is blocked or something, but my phone has no blocks on it.. Whats up?
    2 Technology 50
  210. How good of a phone company is T-mobile?
    Okay so me and my family have Verizon Wireless, we've been having it for a couple of years now. My dad is starting to get ripped off. We have 5 lines connected in one plan. My dad is thinking of switching to T Mobile. Does anybody have any advice or co...
    6 Technology 15
  211. Do you think it's right to ban homose*xual men from being allowed to donate blood?
    An Ontario court has allowed the blood services to enforce their ban, because they are not a government entity, but do you think that it's fair? What makes these men more at risk than promiscuous women, for example?
    40 Politics 29
  212. I want to send gifts to India from USA
    I am currently in USA, NY. I want to send gifts to my friends on 31st Dec’13 and New Year 2014. Which website gives good service for sending gifts to India from very less time span?
    2 General 27
  213. FROM Address at the SMTP Level?
    Is it feasible to have an SMTP server change the FROM address of an e-mail, concealing the master account? POBox told me that it was possible with their service, depending upon "exactly how you set up your e-mail client".
    2 Technology 14
  214. Vonage not working
    Does anyone have vonage phone service? I just got it about a month ago, and I have not had service since last sunday. Error code 004 keeps coming up and theyre tech support is worthless. I hate paying for something I can't use. I don't have a cell phon...
    2 Technology 60
  215. How many republicans & democrats have done the deed?
    I love this quote: "Louisiana Republican Sen. David Vitter...admitted recently he was the customer of a call-girl service." Now, for those keeping score at home (because I don't, on republicans or democrats) how many politicians have admitted they pai...
    4 Sex 36
  216. How to choose the Best Packaging Material Supplier
    Before stepping into the world of packaging, you must have come across multiple companies working prosperously in providing similar services for the clients looking for them. The packaging is not so different from the other market areas. With the on-go...
    7 General 64
  217. found this new site to make your own rintones for free
    ok so I found this new site to make your own rintones for free and this was my plan (since I dont have internet access to my cell) I planned to make it on here on my laptop and then bluetooth it to my cell.. but question is..since it is from an inte...
    2 Technology 40
  218. Military and Families
    I need some real people from the marines/army/air force/navy or married to one of those to give me an answer on this if at all possible. Alright, so some of you are married, or you have a girlfriend/boyfriend. Or your married to someone in the service...
    5 Family 9
  219. What can I do if somebody else (I don't know who) is using my social security number?
    im trying to get a service but when they told me to verify my info thy told me that my social links to anoher person, what does that mean? is somebody elsee usng my social? if yea what can i do?
    3 Politics 16
  220. When do you not tip at a cafe?
    I had the worst experience at a cafe and I decided not to tip the guy. The guy with me left a tip instead and refused to not tip him! I was furious with him for taking the waiter's side on this and I felt betrayed. Did I break some unspoken rule to...
    6 Food 40
  221. Subway Application Help!!
    Ok it asks which is more important as far as the restaurant is concerned and gives me the choices Courteous Prompt Service or A Quality Product Which one is is because im SOO confused and REALLY need help!!!
    4 Money 101
  222. Samsung sgh l700 help??
    I have this samsung l700 and im having this kind of problem I cant install any application thourgh my pc suite, is there any way I can download my application through my cellphone without using wap services?? Please answer...
    8 Technology 69
  223. My dial up internet...
    I am reminded every time that I use it that it isn't the greatest thing available, but why will it randomly disconnect and the phone will ring once? Please do not tell me to get a better service; this is the best I can do right now. Thanks
    5 Technology 20
  224. Can someone tell me why my phone isn't working?
    okay so i woke up at 12 this morning.. or i guess afternoon... and my fone was five after i called my mom.. my fone said you dont have any service.. so apperntly my house is not giving my fone service.. i went around the entire house even outside and i...
    3 Technology 36
  225. I want to turn on a phone...
    I have two questions. So I went to And I did everything step by step. I picked my phone --> selected a plan --> and added a service. My monthly fee should be : $54.98 The phone I chose cost $199.99 (with the contract and everything of cou...
    3 Technology 9
  226. Where to start looking for my father?
    I would like to find my father and do not know where to start. He was last heard of in the U.S.A in the 1960`s. Can you advice me how to look, using the internet? I can`t afford to pay for my search. Are there any free services that might help me? ...
    4 Family 31
  227. How can I adopt a friend's baby?
    A friend of a friend is having a baby any day now and does not want the baby. My friend told her about me and how I have been fostering and wanting to adopt and she agreed to giving the baby to me. She doesn't want Child Protective Services to get invo...
    4 Babies 87
  228. Marine Questions?
    so today I finished signing up to be a Marine. I'll be going in march. I want to know if anybody on here is or was a marine?. First off you have my respect. Thank you for everything What can I expect during my service? What type of thing do you do...
    7 Education 40
  229. Why can't I add the MoneyWise Master Card to my PayPal?
    This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was denied, please contact your credit card issuer's customer service department. Or, you may want to try adding a different credit card. thats what...
    4 Money 15
  230. Where did "The N" go in Dish Network?
    Where did the and go in Dish Network? They said they were moving to a 24/7 network and on everyother service it has... except Dish!!! The and Channel finder on the website says that it has stayed and all day it has been kid crap where is the N!!! I CAN...
    2 Entertainment 43
  231. My friend passed away...
    I found out today that a very good friend passed away last night. I have never been to any kind of funeral service or wake or any ting. There will be a memorial service at a church and then a celebration of his life at a local bar. Do I have to bring a...
    5 General 64
  232. Does anyone have a sony ericsson c510?
    I've got a sony ericsson c510 and it comes up on my screen when I turn it on it says configuration error. Please contact your network operator or service centre. Can someone please help me it wont go away x
    3 Technology 46
  233. Does this make sense to you ?
    3/19/09: The Department of the Navy has given Congressman John Murtha a “Distinguished Service” award. Yes, that’s the same John Murtha who accused the Haditha Marines of being murderers without evidence, before their trial, then refused to apologize w...
    4 Politics 15
  234. Where can I advertise babysitting?
    Hey, I've wanted to be a babysitter since I was about 10 and now that im old enough to do it, I've put up an add in our local newspaper... But so far, no calls and I was thinking, where else could I advertise my services? Anyone got any ideas?
    4 Money 36
  235. are all cricket cell phones tapped??
    I have a cricket cell phone and people are tellin me that all cricket phones are tapped & they sell them cheap so people can buy them & they can spy on peoples conversations. Im not doin anything ilegel but still I dont want someone invading my privacy...
    4 Shopping 59
  236. Can a lawyer please help us ?
    I need to know if we have visitation rights with our cousins , I have 2 cousins who were taken by social services 4-5 years ago , but before they were , my mom and I pratically raised them while their parents were out doing whatever , when they were ta...
    3 General 14
  237. trying to help my brother get a job
    do you know anyone who hire peoples with felony record but only been to jail in dallas texas I'm trying to help my brother get a job I took him some temp service and he could not get a job because of his record and he is really trying if you know of a...
    3 Money 46
  238. Verizone contract help ?
    I have a friend who every once has her cell phone get disconnected due to her mom, I was wondering since she has verizon wireless doesn't it cost a fee to keep turning the cell phone number on and off ? And when her service gets shut down, does that go...
    3 Technology 47
  239. Rememberance Day!
    Hey guys as you all know, rememberance day is coming up. Today was our Rememberance Day service at school, and I was in chard eof running it. I had a local war veteran come and be a guest of honour, and as I was talking to him , it really hit me how ...
    2 Relationships 20
  240. Which metropolitan areas (besides San Francisco) has Metro Pcs?
    Just curious as to where Metro Pcs is now. I think they are the greatest, because you don't have to sign up for some dumb contract, and the most they charge for service (which includes UNLIMITED text,pic messaging, UNLIMITED talk time, local and long d...
    3 Technology 13
  241. What can I do about these phone calls?
    I get two to four phone calls a day from number within my area code and when I answer them no one is there. Whenever I call back the number it says we are sorry but the number you are trying to call has been disconnected or no longer in service. Its n...
    8 General 25
  242. Youtube video problem
    When trying to view you tube video the video will come on for just a second or two then the video blanks the box disappears but the audio still plays. Someone suggested getting the newest version of flash, that did not work. I am on dsl so the speed sh...
    2 Technology 39
  243. I want to get out
    I'm 17 and I live in ohio. I don't want to live at home anymore any advice will work on how to get my parents to let me go and stop grounding me for little mistakes. or even better what to do to leave other than military service or marriage. is it true...
    3 Family 27
  244. Limosine for Party?
    I want to rent a limosine for my birthday, and the best/closest limosine service rate is $210 for three hours. My parents are only willing to spend $100 on my birthday, and I need that money for the rest of the party. Do you think I should raise money ...
    2 Entertainment 13
  245. Is Over-the-Counter medicine okay when I'm pregnant?
    I'm 33 weeks pregnant and I'm getting a yeast infection... I tried to call my Dr and ask him what I should do but they are not open today (just my luck)... and I don't really think It's something I should have the answering service call him on. So I'm ...
    3 Health 12
  246. Why don't people tip appropriately?
    I work at a restaurant. Here is what I want to know. Do people not understand that servers make only 2.13 an hour, and we depend on our tips to survive? How is it that a family can come in and spend over 100 dollars on dinner, and not tip you approp...
    7 Money 33
  247. Who is enrolled in nurse assisant?
    Is it a good career..this is the info about it on there site" lol it doesn't mention any math yaya.. Certificate of proficiency Nurse assistant The nurse assistant (na) course prepares the student to provide services to those who need health car...
    2 Education 44
  248. anyone here have advice for moving out of state?
    I'm only moving up one state (CA to OR), but this is my very first move, and I was wondering if anyone here has advice. I won't be moving for about 5 months, but I'm collecting as much information as possible before it's time. I'm going to use a self ...
    2 Travel 11
  249. Can I put a cell phone under my name?
    For my birthday I was supposed to get a new phone,but my mom ealized that she still owes Verizon like 700$ form my dads cell phone,that he wracked up bills for and never paid. So She cant get a new phone under her name. Im only 16,but is there a wa...
    7 Technology 470
  250. With the Democrats selling out on FISA and the war...
    ...does voting for "the lesser of two evils" actually make any sense? You couldn't pay me to vote for either of the major parties in Nov. If you want actual change instead of lip service and special interest pandering, you're going to have to vote 3r...
    12 Politics 28