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Dry cracked itchy outer labium

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  1. What do I do if my boobs are itchy?
    what do i do if my boobs are itchy
    4 Health 710
  2. Why am I always itchy down there?
    why am I always itchy down there?
    7 Health 236
  3. Why is my throat dry?
    8 Health 65
  4. Is dry shampoo intended for wet or dry hair?
    7 Style 39
  5. What products do you use for dry and cracked feet?
    7 Style 34
  6. What cracks you up?
    What cracks you up so hard that...well...what cracks you up?
    11 Entertainment 30
  7. How to treat cracked heels?
    How do I treat my cracked heels
    7 Health 34
  8. How to dry hump on your own?
    ways to dry hump on your own
    7 Relationships 4303
  9. Is anyone into Leftover Crack?
    Is anyone into Leftover Crack???
    2 Music 24
  10. Is cracking your fingers bad?
    Is cracking your fingers bad?
    15 Health 78
  11. How to help dry skin?
    How do you help dry skin?
    5 Style 42
  12. what is dry humping?
    what does dry humping mean?
    5 Relationships 2224
  13. Cracking my fingers
    How do I stop cracking my fingers???
    4 Health 65
  14. Are your boobs itchy when your pregnent?
    Are your boobs itchy when your pregnent?
    3 Health 219
  15. What are dry climates divided into?
    3 Environment 60
  16. Why do my bones crack when I bend
    8 Health 70
  17. What should I do to soothe dry eyes?
    2 Health 19
  18. How can I make my own dry shampoo?
    4 Style 108
  19. How to help a dog's dry and cracking nose?
    my friends dog has a dry and cracking nose, what could it be and what could we do for it?
    3 Pets 74
  20. How to fix dry and cracked nipples?
    No.Im NOT Pregnant. But My Nipples are Dry and Cracked,like Dry Skin. What can I do to Fix it?
    16 Health 2118
  21. is it stealing to use a crack or a keygen ?
    is it stealing to use a crack or a keygen ?
    5 Technology 29
  22. My vagina is very itchy and it hurts a lot
    I have itchy vagina and it hurts me a lot.
    5 Health 295
  23. Cream for an itchy scrotum?
    My scrotum is itchy I need cream
    3 Health 244
  24. My nipples are itchy
    My nipples are this a sign of pregnancy?
    3 Health 155
  25. If you leave your tongue out dry, can you or your tongue die?
    3 Health 1571
  26. How often should dry hair be washed?
    4 Style 20
  27. Are there any good sites for searching Cracks?
    4 Technology 18
  28. What do I do if I'm itchy down there?
    I have an itchey fanni
    8 Health 122
  29. What's that tool called that cracks walnuts?
    4 Food 13
  30. Why do I get dry skin under my nose?
    4 Style 69
  31. What's the most important - inner beauty or outer beauty?
    10 Style 65
  32. Why do I get itchy lumps/spots on my body?
    14 Health 38
  33. Why Do Humans have Butt Cracks?
    Why Do Humans have Butt Cracks? its useless theirs a whole why the butt crack?
    5 General 1396
  34. dog try to bit me when I try to dry her after her shower?
    Why does my dog try to bit me when I try to dry her after her shower?
    6 Pets 55
  35. How can I blow dry my hair poker straight?
    How can I blow dry my hair poker straight?
    2 Style 90
  36. I have been itchy in the vagina for a while whats wrong with me?
    I have been itchy in the vagina for a while whats wrong with me? is it bad?
    4 Health 211
  37. Why some times during sex I just get soo dry?
    Why some times during sex I just get soo dry?
    5 Sex 32
  38. any of you go for inner beauty or outer beauty?
    What would any of you go for inner beauty or outer beauty?
    10 Relationships 37
  39. Dry Cracked Lips
    I always have dry cracked lips, I always use vaseline and it doesnt go away what else can I do?
    7 Health 46
  40. Knuckle cracking
    What happens when you crack your knuckles? Do they get messed up?
    3 Health 21
  41. does a dry nose been my puppy is sick
    my puppy always has a dry nose is he sick
    7 Pets 86
  42. How can you crack your back by yourself?
    Your Back.. By Yourself? Hellpp.. he he he I want to crack it =]
    2 Nutritionfitness 66
  43. How to dry hump and what are the risks?
    how do you dry hump, what are the risks, and what does it feel like
    7 Relationships 3628
  44. Is it bad for your joints if you crack your f╬╣ngers all the time?
    8 Health 33
  45. How do I tell if my skin is oily or dry or combo?
    3 Style 31
  46. Why did my cake rise so high and crack at the center?
    3 Food 11
  47. When is a good time to start drying flowers?
    2 Homegarden 9
  48. how do i clean my dry skin in natural way?
    5 Style 25
  49. whats the best way to crack your back???
    25 Health 79
  50. what is the best way to towel dry your hair?
    4 Style 42
  51. How long does it take CRAFTING resin to dry?
    2 Literature 95
  52. When your arm bone (humerus) has a crack in it, does it heal?
    2 Health 13
  53. Where does water go when it dries?
    it cant just disappear
    13 Science 97
  54. Will my clothes burn if I put them on the radiator to dry?
    8 General 464
  55. Is Canada Dry Ginger Ale made in Canada?
    5 Food 13
  56. How do I get my oil paints to dry on my canvas?
    6 Literature 18
  57. Dry gums and nose on a dog
    Why would my dog have a dry and warm nose and dry gum's?
    3 Pets 133
  58. is it illegal to sell a car with a cracked frame?
    2 Politics 203
  59. What is outer-appearance and inner-appearance?
    2 Style 7
  60. my new dog has a dry cough, is that normal and what can i do about it?
    4 Pets 20
  61. Does Krazy Glue dry clear on paper?
    4 Literature 30
  62. Why am I so itchy?
    My 'private' has been itching. Is there any reason why it is doing this? And how do I stop it?
    10 Health 68
  63. What foundation is good for dry and sensitive skin?
    7 Style 27
  64. how do i get dryed ink off of hardwood floor?
    3 Homegarden 53
  65. why is it when someone cracks a part of their body, I get an unbearable urge to crack my knuckles ?
    4 Health 21
  66. Is it normal to be itchy after shaving your vagina?
    Is it normal to be itchy after shaving yur vagina ? Xx
    6 Style 469
  67. How long does crack cocaine stay in your system?
    How long does crack cocaine stay in your system if smoked
    4 Drugs 4943
  68. Can someone please tell me what dry sex is?
    Can some one please tell me what dry sex is?
    7 Sex 977
  69. Why is my vagina itchy?
    why that my vagina get itchy??for almost a week already
    6 Health 1897
  70. Cracking your back
    Is cracking your back bad for you? I have scholosis and it eases my pain.
    2 Health 32
  71. What tones and brightens dry and uneven skin ?
    I have skin discoloration. What tones and brightens dry and uneven skin ?
    2 Style 49
  72. Can cracked laptop screens be replaced?
    my laptop screen cracked can it be replaced for a reasonable price ?
    4 Technology 54
  73. How to remove dried old mortar off used brick?
    How to remove dried old mortar off used brick?
    3 Homegarden 73
  74. Why inside of my vagina is itchy?
    Why inside of my vagina is itchy after my monthly period? Is it normal?
    3 Health 1355
  75. blow dry, or air dry?
    I was wondering if blow drying your hair will make it get greasier faster, or is your hair more likely to get oily if you let it air dry?? -does it make any difference?
    8 Style 141
  76. What does it mean if i woke up with red itchy swollen eyes???
    4 Health 42
  77. How do I get rid of the dry skin on my baby bump?
    16 Style 22
  78. What are some ways to make nail polish dry faster?
    7 Style 29
  79. Why do our bums have a crack?
    Why can't it just be a big round mono-bum?
    9 Style 46
  80. Who do my fingers always get itchy when I get my nails done?
    3 Style 64
  81. How do I dry hump without my boyfriend?
    how do I dryhump a item not my boyfriend?
    5 Relationships 1539
  82. How can I keep my hands from being dry without using lotion?
    8 Style 24
  83. How can you prevent dry skin besides using lotion?
    4 Style 17
  84. Itchy
    Do you have any advice to stop the itchyness after shaving your leggs !!! :@
    9 Style 77
  85. Can honey help with acne and somewhat dry skin?
    8 Style 29
  86. How much does it cost to fix a crack in a flatscreen TV (if it can be fixed)?
    3 Technology 44
  87. I am itchy and very very dry after my period has been gone 5 days
    I am very very itchy and dry, my period ended 5 days ago I don't know why I am so dry. It itches so bad and I am scared something is wrong
    4 Health 539
  88. When a dogs nose is dry does it mean the dog is sick?
    My dogs nose is dry and I was wondering if he is sick or not... What do you think.
    5 Pets 181
  89. my vagina is itchy
    I just turned 13 yesterday and my vagina has been itchy ever since
    6 Health 132
  90. Do you shave your outer vagina when shaving bikini lines?
    When you shave your bikini line are you supposed to shave the outer parts of your vagina?
    13 Style 836
  91. How can I stop my vagina from becoming dry?
    how can I keep my virgina from becomming dry during sex
    8 Sex 52
  92. Itchy nose
    What does it mean when someone constantly has to scratch an itchy nose when they are speaking to you?
    2 Health 95
  93. How to apply foundation to dry skin and make it look good?
    How to apply foundation to dry skin and make it look good?
    2 Style 26
  94. Does a dry nose mean my dog is sick?
    If my dog has a dry nose and warm pads, does that mean she's sick?
    19 Pets 473
  95. Does the sperm in the condom dry up
    After you use a condom. Does the sperm in the condom dry up or does it stay a liquid forever?
    3 Health 3653
  96. Outer Space
    How far do you think outer space can go?? Does it have a end or does it go out to infinite??
    2 General 37
  97. What are the best products for weighing down dry sponge like hair?
    What are the best products for weighing down dry sponge like hair?
    4 Style 35
  98. Why is my lip piercing so itchy?
    I just got it today and it's really itchy! Is it normal?
    4 Style 150
  99. Are food and clothes drying potential or kinetic energy?
    Is food potential or kinetic energy? How bout drying clothes?
    2 Education 50
  100. Dry, damaged hair and dry scalp
    I used to do a lot of crap to my hair and now it's really dry, and my scalp is dry too and I get bad dandruff now. What can be done to alleviate both/either?
    3 Style 37
  101. make my scab heal quicker its real itchy?
    what should I do ta make my scab heal quicker its real itchy???
    2 Health 175
  102. Whats a good way to crack your back?
    Whats a good way to crack your back? My back kills and it really needs to be cracked!
    2 Health 62
  103. What's the best way to get blood stains out after they've dried in?
    10 Homegarden 42
  104. Is it possible to make a home made dry erase board?
    2 Homegarden 20
  105. Is vasaline ok to put on your face if you have really dry skin?
    4 Style 22
  106. Why do my bones crack every time when I bend my knees?
    and sometimes other bones?
    4 Health 54
  107. Itchy finger
    Does it mean something if your middle finger itches a lot?
    8 Health 10098
  108. How can dry my hair really quickly without a blow dryer?
    12 Style 19
  109. How to get rid of dry patches of skin on the sides of my nose?
    5 Style 63
  110. How long does it take for one pair of jeans to wash AND dry?
    12 Style 1110
  111. What are fast remedies for dry elbows?
    4 Health 14
  112. What is a good product for my daughter to use for her dry eyes (she is 11)?
    11 Health 15
  113. Why do I get itchy on my period?
    You can guess where. I won't go into any further detail than that.
    5 Health 61
  114. Lubricant -does it help for dry sex
    Are you telling me that lubricant will help. if it is gonna help I will try it.
    3 Sex 62
  115. Who else is waiting for the Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands crack?
    3 Gaming 10
  116. How do I fix dry, cracked feet?
    How can I get rid of this problem I tried creams and even petroleum jelly and nothing helps
    3 Style 121
  117. Is there anyway to get a dried buffalo sauce stain out of a sweater?
    3 Homegarden 48
  118. Why is the Thai government cracking down so hard on the red shirt protestors?
    2 Politics 9
  119. What is a really good hair mask I can buy for dry damaged hair?
    5 Style 16
  120. Is this clean and clear morning burst making my skin so dry?
    9 Style 98
  121. What's the best dog shampoo for dry irritated and stinky skin?
    6 Pets 31
  122. How to cure a dry throat and cold without any kind of medicine?
    3 Health 35
  123. Horrible rash we've dried destin other remedies?
    My litle sister has a horrible rash we've dried destin any other remedies?
    3 Health 28
  124. Which is better wet or dry hair with a flat iron?
    when straightining hair with uh flat iron, is it better to do it when your hair is wet or dry?
    6 Style 58
  125. Vagina is itchy and I think it smells funny?
    my vagina is itchy and I think it smells can other people smell this odor or is it just me and I shave down there
    6 Health 1445
  126. Itchy clothes
    ahh, my clothes are itching, I just had to roll up my sleeves because they were making me itchy on my arms...why??
    3 General 43
  127. How to stop scratching skin if it is itchy?
    I can't help but scratch my skin because of its itchiness and leads to a wound. how can I stop scratching and what should I do to get over it ??
    4 Health 46
  128. How can I prevent dry skin?
    how can i prevent dry skin? apart from using petroleum jelly..
    10 Style 18
  129. Scab on my face adn it was dry skin but how do I get rid of it fast
    I have scab on my face adn it was dry skin but how do I get rid of it fast
    4 Style 600
  130. Why does it get itchy?
    When you shave "down there" why does it get all itchy after awhile.& When I shave my legs & under my arms, it's not itchy or whateverr. I don't understand..
    8 Entertainment 95
  131. Which is the best facewash for dry skin?
    My skin is so dry, no any soap suited on my face. So please tell me the best facewash for dry skin.
    3 Style 40
  132. Is It Bad To Die Your Hair Alot && Always Blow Dry It && Straighten it ??
    19 Style 48
  133. Itchy nipples after working out
    Some times after I work out my nipples start to itch what could that mean?
    3 Health 342
  134. why does my central heating system always dries my throat when ever I wake up?
    2 Health 18
  135. Why do my toes get all itchy and red in winter?
    does lack of sunlight has anything to do with it?
    8 Health 71
  136. What cat shampoo helps with dry skin and dandruff that I can buy at Target/Walmart/Petsmart?
    6 Shopping 19
  137. how high is the sky from the ground we walk on to the outside outer layer of the earth?
    2 Science 75
  138. Does anyone know if you have to still put deoderant on when your using *Certain Dri ?
    3 Style 13
  139. Why does my hair get gross if I let it air dry, but it's fine when I blowdry it?
    6 Style 101
  140. What is a skin condition that has these symptoms: severe dry skin, exzema, and rips in the winter?
    4 Health 31
  141. How can you naturally moisturize dry lips without chap-stick?
    8 Style 36
  142. Is blow-drying with your head flipped upside down really better?
    6 Style 16
  143. I have a single small flesh colored bump on my outer labia.
    2 Health 215
  144. Can cracking my knees too much cause them to loose stregnth and hurt all the time?
    8 Health 32
  145. Does wet food really rot a dog's teeth more than dry food would?
    4 Pets 35
  146. What is this itchy discharge?
    there ia a green and sometimes yellow gischarge which itches
    3 Health 62
  147. How to fix bad urine and my itchy, burning vagina?
    My urine is really bad and my vagina itches and burns when I urinate
    5 Health 157
  148. What is a home remedy for cleaning your system of crack cocaine?
    I need to clean my system of crack cocaine---quickly! I need a verified home remedy.
    2 Drugs 24135
  149. Itchy Head
    My head has been VERY itchy lately. I know it is not lice. I think it is dandruff. how do I get rid of it ???
    7 Style 40
  150. How to make Play Doh dry super quick?
    how do I make playdoh dry super quick??? PLEASE HELP!!!
    4 General 1474
  151. really bad dry skin I use loads of moisturisers, still dry though
    I have really bad dry skin I use loads of moisturisers given by doctors etc. but still I get dry patches, anybody know really good moisturisers ? xx
    4 Style 22
  152. Is using a crack or patch or keygen illegal?
    is it illegal if you used a crack or a patch or a keygen to activate or unlock any software because I do it all the time
    3 Technology 95
  153. Hairsyles for curly dry hair?
    I have curly hair.but they are dry and kind of ugly.please suggest some coo, hairsyles
    2 Style 16
  154. Dry humping
    Can you cum by dry humping a pillow if so how? lol im trying new things
    2 Relationships 1138
  155. Dry sex doesn't work for me
    Ok, well I have had dry sex with jeans,, it doesnt work for me at all. But it works for my girlfriend, what should I do?
    12 Sex 50
  156. Is it bad to crack your knucles?
    Is it bad to crack your knucles like 24/7? && is there any way to make your fingers skinnier??
    5 Entertainment 16
  157. Riddle - What gets more wet the more it dries?
    What gets wetter the more it dries? youl laugh at yourselfs when you get the answer =)
    16 General 2869
  158. Is there a good remedy for dry hair?
    Hello there. I have very dry hair. Any remedies for it? Please help me. Thanks =D
    6 Style 67
  159. Dry skin, What to use on a toddler?
    What's the best thing to use for dry skin on a child Age (2)?
    8 Health 38
  160. do you think they make bird food without the outer shell?
    do you think they make bird food without the outer shell with just the inside and if so where can I get some?
    3 Pets 7
  161. How do I get rid of dry skin?
    Sometimes after I wash my face, my face gets dry. Then when I put lotion on it, its still dry! How do I get rid of it?
    7 Style 54
  162. Dry Feet
    I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to help with dry cracking feet? other than just putting regular lotion on
    4 Style 26
  163. What are dry shampoos?
    I've heard about them but I have no idea what they are or what they do. Someone please enlighten me :p
    4 Style 14
  164. Blow drying and using the straightner
    Is it k to use the blow drier and the the straihet at the sme time?
    2 Style 11
  165. How do you get dried, black nail polish out of light-coloured shirts?
    4 Homegarden 39
  166. Discharge drying up
    what does it mean when aftre your discharge drie up and it turns brown and gets hard?
    2 Health 223
  167. Is it normal to wake up with dried blood in your nostrills, a month after you get your nose pierced?
    6 Style 21
  168. What's the best way to blow dry hair (read more)?
    like comb it with what brush or..?
    5 Style 30
  169. Do I put hair serum after I blow dry and straighten my hair or before?
    Does it matter either way?
    3 Style 43
  170. How can eye drops both cure dry eyes and watery eyes?
    i've been curious about this for awhile actually.
    2 Health 19
  171. Can you use the tresemme 24 hour body spray gel on dry hair?
    2 Style 18
  172. I straightened my hair last night but its all dry and smells funny
    WHY WHY WHY!! it smells gross, its all dry and I can barley move it
    3 Style 64
  173. Itchy vagina lips?
    I have itchy vagina lips, and I want to know if anyone knows why and if anyone knows how to get rid of it...please help!!!
    3 Health 1206
  174. What does it mean when a cat's nose is very dry?
    someone told me tht wen there noses are dry their sick?? is tht true
    5 Pets 60
  175. Why does proactive dry out your skin?
    I just began using proactive and ever since, my skin has become extremely dry and flaky.
    11 Style 63
  176. What happens if you used a dried condom?
    I used a dried condom 2 days ago. Now there is a bump on my pubic region.
    3 Health 84
  177. Why is my hair so itchy?
    Why is my hair so itchy?? I wont stop itching at all and I feel something but I dont see anything in my hair???
    4 Style 76
  178. Who know is cracking your knees is bad?
    I crack them when I wake up, but I think it's normal and my friend said it wasn't...?
    9 Health 55
  179. Arthritis caused by knuckle cracking?
    Is it true, if you crack your knuckles on a regular basis it can actually cause arthritis in later life?
    8 Health 68
  180. Is it safe to ejaculate under your briefs and let it dry?
    Is it fine to ejaculate under your brief and let it go until it dries? is it not harmful to your penis or something?
    7 Relationships 115
  181. Why was I getting dry while I was being fingered?
    I had a little bit to drink, I knew the person for a while and a few mins into I got dry
    3 Relationships 87
  182. Does an itchy wound mean it's healing?
    Does an itchy wound mean it's healing? Whenever I have a cut or a wound or something, it itches. Also, my piercings itch after they are pierced.
    4 Health 694
  183. Do I use straighteners on dry or wet hair?
    Do I use straighteners on wet or dry hair? I forgot and I have lost da instructions!!! Thanx
    9 Style 76
  184. Dried up wax?
    Ok I love lighting up candles and I kinda got dried up wax on my carpit. How do I get it out?
    2 Style 30
  185. Dried Cranberries?
    Are dried cranberries a negative calorie food? Don't go telling me that there's no such thing as negative calorie foods. They just burn off more calories than they have. I heard that cranberries are a negative calorie food. Is it the same with drie...
    2 Nutritionfitness 15
  186. how to dry my cleates
    my cleates are soaking wet I need them dry really quick how can I dry them quickly but I cant put them in the dryer any suggestions?
    2 Sports 42
  187. Is there any way I can make the clay dry faster?
    Ok so I asked a question earlier about if I can paint the clay when its not dry yet. Is there any way I can make the clay dry faster?
    2 General 152
  188. Is dry IAMS good for cats?
    I have a cat and I heard rumors that the dry food IAMS aren't healthy for cats. Is this true? If so, what food should I buy?
    4 Pets 33
  189. Is it nasty to use the same hand towel to dry your hands for a week before washing it?
    Do you think that is normal, or nasty? How often should you wash hand towels?
    9 Homegarden 84
  190. Dry hair
    My hair gets dry really easily and I get sick of having to wash it there anything that could help?
    2 Style 21
  191. Outer Space
    If there is no air outer space, then why when they place a flag on the moon it appears to be fluttering like wind is blowing it??
    7 Science 31
  192. why is mouth and lips drying up so fast?
    i'm drinking plenty of water but still why is it happening?what can i do?
    3 Health 27
  193. How to rid of dry hair?
    I have super dry hair. I'ved tried Garnier Frutis but it didn't work for me any advice?
    2 Style 22
  194. why do my muscles crack all of the time?
    i'm only 18 and general leg and neck area cracks a lot. Is there a reason for this?
    2 Health 21
  195. Itchy itchy itchy cast!
    I broke my damn ankle! It hurts it itches and the cast is ugly (with a big red "heel") and embarassing. But the worst of all thoes has to be the itching! Its pretty tight and everytime I stick a pencil in to scratch it it bunches up the fabric on the i...
    5 Health 80
  196. Crack On My Front Left Tooth...?
    I have a crack down the middle of my top front left tooth and the one underneath it too. Why is that?? Idunno, it's now starting to bug me.
    3 Health 70
  197. Is it ok that i hav these 2 itchy bumps on my breast that i think i got from plucking hair?
    5 Health 42
  198. How do I know if this is regular extraction pain or dry socket (I got 9 teeth pulled)?
    2 Health 9
  199. What happens if you snort applejack crack?
    You know, that dust at the bottom of a bag of applejack cereal. what would happen if you snorted it? :)
    3 Health 122
  200. How do aliens walk in outer space with no gravity?
    Cause it can remain as an unknown conclusion about what goes on in their lives in outer space.
    7 Science 83
  201. What is the red, dry irritated skin under my nostrils and on the side of my nose?
    also in my chin/mouth area?
    2 Health 47
  202. What brand of hair color can be found anywhere that dosent dry out or damage your hair and the color lasts long?
    2 Style 52
  203. Why is my eye itchy?
    I started to rub the inner corner of my eye and then my eye starting getting really itchy , so now I have this urge to rub it !? What can I do to stop this ? D:
    7 Health 27
  204. What should we do about really bad, dry and cracked skin on hands?
    My boyfriend has really, really dry and cracked skin on his hands. It's so bad to the point where he'll just have cuts opening up out of nowhere. He won't go see a doctor, and when he tried moisturizer, it helped, but only a little, but was too painful...
    4 Health 30
  205. What does it even mean when yr itchy ?
    I mean like, what causes it, why, i don't know. 0.o Curious.
    7 Health 45
  206. How to crack the volume lock on an iPod Nano?
    Do you know how to crack the volume lock without a password (I forgot mine)? Does anyone know how? It's an IPod nano...
    2 Technology 89
  207. When you get cotton mouth is your mouth really dry or just numb?
    For those who don't know what it is from researching or smoking don't answer.
    4 Health 45
  208. Is it normal for a 5 week old kitten to be eating dry adult cat food?
    7 Pets 61
  209. Cracking bones
    When december started my bones started cracking every move that I make. Is that supposed to happen?? And I started cracking my ankle- is that really bad??
    2 Health 28
  210. Why did I become so itchy 5 hrs later after taking a 150mg of alpha lipoic acid?
    5 Health 16
  211. Is it possible that, after wearing earphones for so long, your ears start to feel like they are swelling and they are itchy?
    2 Health 51
  212. What are some remedies for itchy skin that I can get instant access to?
    Something most people have around the house.
    5 Health 35
  213. My feet are really dry. :-/
    I've been using those scubs and stuff to smooth out my feet but my feet are still dry. I don't know what happened... Does anyone know what to do?
    5 Health 21
  214. How to stop my hair from being dry after straightening it?
    When I get done straightening my hair, it looks dry and puffy, and it feels rough!! What should I do?? Please help me!!
    4 Style 20
  215. Itchy down below helppp
    Omg someone help..I cut down below(my pubes) with a scissors I just trimed them a tiny bit and now its really itchy what will I do
    3 Health 107
  216. How can I stop my nose from being so sore and dry when I have a cold?
    i have a bad cold,i have to constantly blow my nose and its making my nose really red,sore and dry is there anyway i can stop this?
    5 Health 43
  217. What kind of chapstick or lipgloss is best for dry lips?
    What kind of lip gloss or chapstick would be best for lips that chap easily and are dry? Thanx, Ciara!
    12 Style 54
  218. Is dry humping safe? Can you get pregnant?
    me and my boyfriend were dry humping yesterday I was in my pjs and he was in his boxers is it possible that sperm got in or what
    5 Health 2077
  219. What are some ways I can cut down the time on blow drying my hair?
    It usually takes me about 15-20 mins to fully dry my hair =/
    2 Style 14
  220. Is independence everything it's cracked up to be?
    hey mandy! i live with my parents and want to move out, but have a really crappy job. Is independence everything it's cracked up to be?
    3 Family 21
  221. How do you get rid of cracks on an iPod Touch?
    One night we stayed in a motel and my iPod fell and hit the tile and cracked.
    2 Technology 53
  222. What is making my private itchy?
    My privates have been itching and I really dont know why. its not a yeast infection or a disease. . . what could it be?
    2 Health 98
  223. How do I treat itchy eyes caused by glaucoma?
    I have glaucoma which is stable now, I've had ithcy eyes for years, how do I treat them please? Any suggestions?
    3 Health 39
  224. Why would my dogs fur constantly shed and her fur has changed drastically from very shiny coat to dull dry coat.?
    3 Pets 18
  225. Why do I always have to crack my knuckles, back, neck, wrists, ect, even though I know it's bad for me?
    5 Health 56
  226. Does rebonding your hair make your hair dry and damaged?
    my mom thinks so & she wont let me straighten my hair..uugghh
    3 Style 227
  227. Puffy dry hair
    Im a Guy and when I coeme outa the shower my hair is all poofy/puffy and dry anyone know what I can use to fix that?
    8 Style 18
  228. red itchy bubbles
    I keep getting theses red itchy bubbles all over my body, it mostly comes up when I'm cold, it keeps recurring... any help?
    4 Health 39
  229. Why my pubic hair grow back ichey and dry?
    Its itchey and dry and grows and certain spots not all over and it also have lumps growing up to sumtimes they are sore
    2 Style 116
  230. How do I keep my hair dry well in the shower?
    I just straightened my hair and I wanna keep it as stright as I can. I don't have a shower cap and I need to have a shower so how do I keep my hair dry so it will stay as stright as I posably can for school?
    6 Style 81
  231. What does it mean if your knees and ankles are cracking?
    My body is not sore .my right knee always used to crack like when I walked...please help
    3 Health 44
  232. Itchy + Chapped skin
    hello my vigina had been itchy for about a week and I now have sore chapped skin around me hole. So when I have sex it hurts becasue it is streching.
    2 Sex 2583
  233. I have dried my hair out from bleaching!
    I have dried my hair out from bleaching! "certainly learned my lesson" but just wondering roughly how long it will take to go back to way it was?
    3 Style 21
  234. I have extreamly dry skin
    my skin is not ussally like this just yesterday it started and I need to know how to get rid of it fast
    3 Style 8
  235. can u crack this code -->(X35 P33N I hUJOH 05 W,I 35V37d 3W d73H)?
    20 General 140
  236. blow dry hair
    how long can my hair stay siliky non oily with a blower and what can I doto prevetn it to get oily?
    3 Style 20
  237. Itchy rash on my stomach and chest
    It may not be a rash, but my torso itches a lot, especially when I have just hopped out of the shower. Should I worry?
    4 Health 58
  238. How do I stop these white spots of dry skin from appearing on my face?
    These white marks that easily peel off keep appearing in my face how can I prevent them ?
    7 Style 28
  239. what does it mean when your dogs nose is dry and does not want to eat or drink just wants to sleep he was nueterd about 72 hours ago?
    5 Pets 57
  240. Is this eczema or just dry skin?
    I dont know if I have eczema or not but most people saying I do. my body started to itch this year and I have very dry skin. if I put on lotion, will the itchiness stop?
    3 Health 53
  241. How to treat cracked lips?
    i have been getting cracked lips lately and chap stick, moisturizing lip balm isnt workin.. how do i make my lips softer?
    10 Style 47
  242. Dry tight swollen skin on face
    I suffer from sensitive skin. recently the skin on my face has become very tight and swollen around the eyes. it is also itchy. help
    4 Style 85
  243. Dry hair breaking and not growing
    I was having a scalp bleach for aorund 3 months my hair started braking so I dyed it brown my hair is all broken off so so dry and is not growing what can I do??
    3 Style 23
  244. itchy ad scratchy
    Every time I shave my pubic hairs, a big rash comes up, and itgets very uncomfy and itchy. hat should I do?
    7 Health 331
  245. I am pregnant and have itchy skin
    I am 14 weeks pregnant and have really itchy skin I have scratched my legs so much they burn and are bleeding any suggestions to stop the itching
    3 Health 54
  246. Can you get pregnant from dry sex?
    Can you get pregnant from dry sex with cloths on ma friend want s to know because now see is scared to do it now because she don't know w if she could get prego or not
    4 Sex 134
  247. How can I get rid of dry lips?
    How can I get rid of dry lips? do I need a type of vitamin im not having enough? what fruit do I need to have to keep them moisturised and healthy? thanks
    18 Style 68
  248. get rid of the cat pee smell when it's already dried in?
    how do you get rid of the cat pee smell when it's already dried in?! we are considering moving into a house, and the carpet wreaks of cat spray..thanks.
    3 Pets 49
  249. itchy boobs
    lateley my boobs have been so itchy am not due on my periods till next month can some 1 please help me with what this could be? Thanks x
    3 Health 37
  250. My legs get very itchy after shaving
    My legs get very itchy after shaving and lotion and stuff doesnt work and I always get these blackish bumps afterwards, any help here please?
    2 Style 51