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  1. What is a "picture window"?
    2 Technology 17
  2. What is the difference between Windows 7 and Windows 7 Premium??
    5 Technology 26
  3. Is Windows Vista Ultimate fast or is it the same as Windows Vista Basic?
    4 Technology 15
  4. Which is better in your opinion, Windows 7 or Windows Vista, why?
    17 Technology 40
  5. Is your windows genuine?
    Can you buy a genuine Windows?
    5 Technology 16
  6. Can I paint my door knobs?
    Can I paint my door knobs?
    4 Homegarden 16
  7. How to install a shower faucet?
    2 Homegarden 25
  8. How to install paving stones?
    2 Homegarden 32
  9. If the FBI breaks your door down do they have to pay for it?
    If the FBI breaks your door down do they have to pay for it?
    6 Politics 75
  10. How to get stains off of shower doors?
    How to get stains off of shower doors?
    2 Homegarden 19
  11. Can windows melinium upgrade to windows xp professional
    Can windows melinium upgrade to windows xp professional with this cd a guy gave me
    2 Technology 12
  12. How to install bathroom sink drain?
    How to install bathroom sink drain?
    2 Homegarden 36
  13. forgot password can't log into windows
    forgot password can't log into windows
    7 Technology 55
  14. Where do I get Windows Media Center?
    where do I get windows media center
    3 Technology 49
  15. What do you prefer windows Vista or XP?
    What do you prefer windows Vista or XP? Why?
    10 Technology 38
  16. How can i not get condensation on my windows in the winter?
    6 Homegarden 13
  17. How can you reduce the size of the winsxs in Windows 7 located in the C:\Windows\winsxs directory?
    4 Technology 40
  18. Would windows 64 bit run faster than Windows 32 bit on my netbook?
    5 Technology 22
  19. What is the height(in pixels) of the Windows taskbar?
    2 Technology 543
  20. What is the key filter in Microsoft Windows?
    2 Technology 9
  21. Do you always lock the doors, and windows on your car and house, or do you feel there is no need to?
    27 Homegarden 47
  22. How do you install Duke Nukem Forever?
    5 Gaming 7
  23. What software do I need to install so that I am able to watch movies on Windows Media?
    5 Technology 15
  24. Should I sleep in a sleeping bag at my door or in my bed?
    10 General 23
  25. Is there a specific name for this type of window?
    8 Cars 18
  26. How do you install an operating system on a notebook?
    4 Technology 35
  27. Does anyone like the doors?
    Does anyone like The Doors and Jim Morrison
    10 Music 18
  28. Can I move a door bell by splicing wires?
    Can I move a door bell by splicing wires?
    2 General 190
  29. Shutting bus doors
    Who shuts the door when the bus driver gets off?
    7 General 31
  30. How much should you charge to wash all the windows in Dallas?
    How much should you charge to wash all the windows in Dallas?
    2 Money 42
  31. What's the difference between Windows XP and Vista?
    What's the difference between Windows XP and Vista? Just wondering.
    8 Technology 51
  32. How to change Firefox theme after installation?
    with firefox how do you change the theme after installing one?
    2 Technology 14
  33. How do I open the windows of my accord with the keyless remot
    How do I open the windows of my accord with the keyless remote?
    2 Cars 10
  34. why does my dog stick his head out the window of the car??
    why does my dog stick his head out the window of the car??
    10 Pets 75
  35. Convert Windows Movie Maker format to Windows Media Player format
    How do you convert a file that is saved in Windows Movie Maker to a Windows Media Player format??? It won't play in Windows Media Player because of it's format that's saved under Windows Movie Maker.
    3 Technology 108
  36. Why can't I log on Windows Live in GTA: EFLC?
    2 Technology 15
  37. How do I make text on Windows Live Movie Maker (I have Windows 7) look like its being typed in?
    2 Technology 105
  38. Car windshield installation
    How do youinstall front windshield on a car
    2 General 22
  39. how do i stop installing updates on windows 7?
    it always updates everyday, even if i set it to only once a week
    5 Technology 45
  40. Making Money DOOR TO DOOR
    I wanna make money so I decided on going DOOR TO DOOR with my friend. We don't know what to sell, what would people like? What should I sell when I go door to door?
    3 Money 74
  41. how do i do a password recovery for my windows live account?
    3 Technology 10
  42. How to I get Minecraft to not lag on my windows computer?
    4 Technology 19
  43. Why did michael jackson hang his child from the window?
    4 Entertainment 46
  44. Where can I download Windows Movie Maker 1.6?
    6 Technology 90
  45. Convert windows movie maker format to windows media player format
    Is it possible to do this type of conversion? Convert windows movie maker format to windows media player format James
    3 Technology 50
  46. How do I find the startup folder in windows xp?
    Ps. How do I find the startup folder in windows xp?
    2 Technology 12
  47. How to get a free windows xp confirmation id?
    How to get a free windows xp confirmation id?
    2 Technology 372
  48. How can you see through my eyes like open doors... lyrics?
    How can you see through my eyes like open doors... lyrics?
    3 Music 137
  49. How can I view my conversation history in windows live messenger ?
    How can I view my conversation history in windows live messenger ?
    5 Technology 105
  50. No favorites in Windows 7
    After having windows 7 cannot find favotites
    2 Technology 12
  51. How to take a screenshot on Windows XP?
    on my computer I have a windows xp - how do I take a screenshoot???
    8 Technology 104
  52. How do I solve the stop-c000021a-fatal-system-error on my windows XP without the windows disks?
    2 Technology 45
  53. What do I do if I put a disk into the computer to install it but nothing pops up?
    9 Technology 8
  54. What is Windows Live Messenger 2011 like?
    6 Technology 15
  55. Can you put songs on your iPod with Windows Media Player?
    3 Technology 48
  56. How can I stop my German Shepard/Husky from chewing on my house and doors?
    2 Pets 54
  57. Does a Blackberry come with windows live messenger or will I have to download it?
    5 Technology 10
  58. How can I download Microsoft Word 2010 for Windows 7?
    2 Technology 9
  59. The New Version Of iTunes Is Out Has Anyone installed it yet?
    2 Technology 7
  60. Why do people download leaked Windows 7 when they can buy it?
    6 General 19
  61. how come my smileys/emotions are not working on windows live messenger?
    2 Technology 12
  62. What does the CTRL and W button do in Windows when pushed together?
    13 Technology 72
  63. Where can I find a battery door for a Mytouch 3G Slide????
    10 Technology 34
  64. what are some good ideas for a short story with the theme 'through the door'??
    10 Education 40
  65. How is Ubuntu advantageous over Windows XP operating systems?
    5 Technology 59
  66. How do you select more than one picture at a time with a windows computer?
    7 Technology 36
  67. any has windows 8.. i need help with the password?
    4 Technology 27
  68. How do you block a number on an LG c900 Windows phone?
    2 Technology 140
  69. How would you describe the people that live next door?
    70 General 40
  70. Have you ever been pushed out a window
    I was just wondering if anyone has been pushed out a window or am I alone on that one ?
    6 General 14
  71. 16x slot installation on a laptop
    can I install 16x slot in my laptop somehow...for graphic card??
    2 Technology 12
  72. Is it an offense to knock on someone's door and run?
    is it an offence to knock on some ones door and run?
    8 General 1395
  73. Questions about windows vista
    Is windows vista good or not ?> does all softwares that works with xp , work with vista?
    2 Technology 17
  74. throw a cat out of the car window, does it become kitty litter?
    If you throw a cat out of the car window, does it become kitty litter?
    3 General 59
  75. What's this Windows Explorer error?
    'windows explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close'
    8 Technology 12
  76. Videos on iPod from Windows Media Player?
    I want to put videos on my ipod from windows media player, but how do I do that
    3 Technology 15
  77. What is your windows 7 opinion ?
    Has anyone here downloaded the new beta windows 7 and if so, what's your opinion ?
    2 Technology 42
  78. Can I put songs on my iPod with Windows Media Player?
    can you get songs on an ipod with windows media player? if so how?!
    4 Music 49
  79. Why do we have to pay for windows 7?
    I visited window's website about windows 7 the newest version and I found out we have to pay for it. Why??
    6 Technology 123
  80. Riddle, what kind of room has no windows?
    Can you get this riddle??? What kind of room has no windows, no doors, no cielings and no floors?
    11 Gaming 676
  81. Why is my Windows Media Player not making sound even if it's not muted?
    5 Technology 35
  82. Lost my installation cd
    Is there a way thatr I can upload the progam with out the cd ?
    2 Technology 45
  83. Do all americans leave your front doors open like in the movies?
    18 General 210
  84. How do I get the mineral deposits left over on the window after washing the car?
    3 Cars 13
  85. How do you install elastic into clothing?
    like the kind to keep a shirt/dress up?
    2 Style 43
  86. How can you repair wooden window blinds if the string that runs through them breaks?
    3 Homegarden 49
  87. Is there going to be a 5th instalment to the Twilight Saga after Breaking Dawn?
    5 Entertainment 43
  88. Is it possible and safe to upgrade an XP laptop to Windows 7?
    6 Technology 31
  89. How to get Windows Media Center?
    how do I get it do I need to buy it or downlaod it what do I need to do both
    2 Technology 26
  90. What is the price of Windows 7 sp2 licensed OS in India?
    3 Technology 17
  91. How come when i have no fan on or window open i get a panic attack?
    2 Health 15
  92. Are Apple laptops and desktops compatible with all windows software and other software on the net?
    3 Technology 9
  93. How do you install a zipper into some sort of material?
    like if your making a dress
    3 Style 14
  94. When does Awakened, 8th instalment of the House of Night hit stores?
    2 Literature 14
  95. What would you do if you opened your front door, and there was an infant laying on your steps?
    21 General 29
  96. Is Installing laminate flooring on concrete better than carpet spread?
    5 Homegarden 31
  97. Lambo Door Conversion ?
    Should I put a lamborghini door hinge conversion on a 1964 mustang
    8 Cars 54
  98. ipod can you put songs on it from windows media
    if you get an ipod can you put songs on it from windows media or do you have to use I tunes?
    4 Technology 41
  99. * do white people talk about black people behide close doors?
    Do white people talk bout black people Behide close doors?
    15 General 86
  100. Musik From My Windows Media Player
    Can I transfer music from my windows media player to an ipod nano
    2 Technology 9
  101. can you install a webcam without the disk?
    I've lost the disk for my logitech webcam and I need to install can I do that without the disk??
    2 Technology 62
  102. How do you feel about Windows Vista?
    I bought a laptop with windows vista and did not like the changes they made in vista. What do you feel about vista?
    5 Technology 38
  103. fear of looking out windows
    Okay, I have a fear of looking out windows. Does anyone know the phobia name?
    3 Health 76
  104. How do I install sims on my cruzer USB device?
    I got a cruzer USB device and I'm trying to install the sims on it. How do I do that?
    2 Gaming 76
  105. convert a file that is saved in Windows Movie Maker
    How do you convert a file that is saved in Windows Movie Maker to a Windows Media Player format???
    3 Technology 44
  106. Why doesn't Windows live messenger show music I'm listening to on Itunes but shows music on Windows media player ?
    Itunes is set as default but it doesn't show on Windows live messenger. I don't like WMP but messenger keeps showing the music on there.
    3 Technology 35
  107. windows operating system
    can I use windows operating system to reinstall windows on my laptop it came with my other computer " there both dell and there both windows xp"
    3 Technology 40
  108. how do i know if its ok to be next door neighbors to my husbands ex girlfriend ?
    19 Relationships 74
  109. Is insurance expensive for 2-door cars'?
    Is the insurance expensive for small cars compared to larger cars?
    3 General 34
  110. is it safe to delete the screen savers that came with windows vista basic?
    5 Technology 8
  111. how can I enter cheats on windows vista
    I cant get the cheat bar to come up how do I do it
    2 Technology 17
  112. What is the best way to get mildew off canvas covered out door furniture?
    2 Homegarden 39
  113. Can I add music from windows media player to my ipod nano
    2 Technology 52
  114. Ghost people slaming doors and talking
    Were can I find out the history of my house?
    4 Religion 47
  115. How can I combine two pictures so they can look like one on windows vista?
    7 Technology 14
  116. If a man and a woman share a bed is the man supposed to have the side closest to the door, if so why?
    13 Relationships 45
  117. What is the best/easiest way to clean window blinds?
    (the horizontal type mini blind type)
    9 Homegarden 34
  118. What can I use to edit my YouTube videos for free other than Windows Movie Maker?
    4 Technology 53
  119. Why is it that when I first wake up in the morning and look out the window I start sneezing?
    3 Health 19
  120. Who has never walked through a screen door?
    Who can honestly say they havn't or don't know anyone who has walked into a screen door?
    6 General 32
  121. Door sounds on my computer
    Can someone tell me why I get the sound of opening and closing doors on my pc?
    7 Technology 82
  122. How to logon to a Windows admin account without a password?
    how can I log onto a windows administrator account without a password
    8 Technology 56
  123. Which door do you chose, and why?
    There are 2 doors. Door A and Door B. One door leads to nothingness and the other to gold. There are 2 guards. One guard tells nothing but the truth. And the other all lies. You ask the guard in front of Door A, "If I asked the other guard which... was...
    5 General 10
  124. When you take in your prescription for a handicap sticker to the DMV do they charge you for the thing you hang in your window?
    4 General 12
  125. why is it that evry girl next door gets the hot guy but not the girl across the road????
    8 Relationships 12
  126. Where can I get certification in Windows Applications like Excel or Access for resume padding?
    4 Money 16
  127. Is it possible to add text to the middle of your videos using windows movie maker?
    5 Technology 12
  128. what is a cute way to personalize my stuff? like my bedroom door, my binder, ect. ect.?
    2 General 14
  129. Why is it that the Johovah's witness people are the only ones that come knocking on your door to attend their church?
    51 Religion 62
  130. Get my dogs to use the doggie door?
    I got a new doggie door but my dogs have never had 1 of these before how do I get them to go through it?
    4 Pets 43
  131. Help wth windows ???
    Hey, I dont know when windows 98 was released. Advice needed!!!
    3 General 8
  132. Put music in a movie with windows movie maker?
    How do I put music in a video on windows movie maker? I have lime wire. so yea..
    2 Technology 20
  133. Is it possible to edit an MP4 video in Windows Media Player?
    Is that possible to edit an MP4 (or MPEG) video in Windows Media Player? Mature answers only!
    7 Technology 178
  134. What do you do if you forget your Windows password?
    my neice has forgotten her windows password and she can not get on her computer. I am not very famliar with computers, so I need help.
    8 Technology 59
  135. When using windows movie maker
    When using windows movie maker to turn photos into a movie can that movie pay in a normal dvd player
    2 Technology 43
  136. I need tips on how to tint windows
    Hey well I need tips on how too tint my back window on my durango! Any tips you can give me please?
    4 Homegarden 29
  137. What do you guys think of window cleaning?
    my mom and dad clean windows and I think it sucks I don't like it and I need some opinions?what do you guys think of cleaning window?just curious?
    4 Money 15
  138. How many Windows?
    theres a square room with no walls. It's painted purple and three dogs are in the room, with no doors. How many windows are in the room?
    4 Homegarden 17
  139. How to get Windows XP back on my system?
    well I put windows vista on my computer and its to slow and I lost my windows xp disk. so how do I get windows xp back on my computer?
    4 Technology 46
  140. how to generate income by installing nitendo games in malls in my c
    I have a vision to install nitendo games in some malls in my country how can I do this and can I have it with coin slots?
    2 Gaming 12
  141. who know if you get music from itunes you can transfer it to an mp3 like windows media player?
    6 Technology 23
  142. Recovering Task Manager on Windows?
    Is there a way you can recover the Task Manager (except of re-installing windows) on windows after it was disabled or overwrite by a certain virus?
    6 Technology 20
  143. How do I fix the Grand Theft Auto 4 lag problem for PC with Windows 7?
    3 Gaming 37
  144. what does it mean when someone says dont let the door hit you on th
    what does it mean when someone says dont let the door hit you on the way out or something like that
    3 General 118
  145. Is there some kind of service where you can pay a person to go to someone's house and knock on the door and sing to them?
    3 Money 19
  146. Unlock a windows 2000 laptop forgot my pass word
    I need to know if I should trash it or can it be unlocked?
    3 Technology 26
  147. Photoshop, how to install fonts?
    Ok so I've dowloaded some good fonts off a website, how do I put them on to photoshop to use them?
    2 Technology 24
  148. Why won't my Windows Movie Maker or Audacity play sounds, and is there a better download I can use?
    2 Technology 28
  149. How many times can I install Grand Theft Auto 4 with one product key?
    Can I install it on more than one computer with just one product key?
    3 Gaming 36
  150. Can I unblock my Itunes if I un-install and then reinstall?
    IF I uninstall and then reinstall my itunes from my computer will it be unblocked from my family protection if I reinstall it?
    3 Technology 19
  151. What is the best thing to clean windows with?
    I was hired to clean windows both on the inside and outside of a house. I know how to clean windows, my own windows, just not sure how a professional would do it. Anyone know?
    5 Technology 43
  152. What do you think of the HTC the windows phone?
    I am about ready to through mine through the wall, the thing locks up all the time.
    5 Technology 19
  153. How do I change all the fonts back to default on Windows XP?
    please help! they are all messed up :( cant figure out how to change it back to default fonts. windows xp.
    3 Technology 48
  154. what is the best way to change my windows password?
    someone changed the password on my daughters computor and we would like to change the password again so that we can log in to windows.
    5 Technology 46
  155. Door Voices Problem
    Question.1 . Before few days Ago I made a door Here is problems With open and close. When I open it Different Voices I hear. So what problems they have.
    2 General 10
  156. Why does my computer keep giving me a warning about a virus , but then when i run a scan with windows defender it says there are no viruses?
    4 Technology 129
  157. How to set up parental control in Windows 8?
    How to I prevent my kids from accessing the Internet and games on my Windows 8 machine?
    2 Technology 7
  158. How to add a playlist on windows media player to burn a cd?
    I have a windows media player for burning cd and I was wondering how do I add songs to my playlist cause its empty?
    2 Technology 42
  159. Alien looking through window photo
    My friend sent me this pic of what is supposed to be an alien looking through a window. Do any of you believe it? I dont that much.
    5 Science 101
  160. geting out thriugh a window
    when your parent dont let you go some were is it good or ok to get out of the window at night?
    3 General 19
  161. windows live messenger problem ?
    I tried to install windows live messenger but I wont do that , it says fail ,, it always get stuck at windows communication platform ,, what is wrong ,, how can I install it ??
    2 Technology 39
  162. When logging on to windows, I get a pop up, what does this mean?
    When I log on to windows, I get a pop up that says, Click to have windows check for solutions to computer problems online. What does this mean? By the way, I have Windows Vista.
    2 Technology 36
  163. Windows Vista Wow...?
    I have windows vista. I have yet to discover/uncover whats so great about it. Any help? I want to do cool stuff on my pc but what can I do differently now with windows vista?
    5 Technology 8
  164. How can I get the plastic tape off of pvc windows?
    I had new pvc windows installed and they had a protective tape on the outside of them. Some of the tape eeled off easily some didnt. How can I remove this tape now.
    2 Homegarden 61
  165. What can I download that is better then Windows Movie Maker?
    I make stuff for Veoh and I use windows movie maker (which sucks) what else can I download that will work better?
    3 Technology 47
  166. Has anyone used Windows Vista?
    I am looking to buy new laptop and wanted to know if anyone has any personal experience with windows vista.
    3 Technology 48
  167. Are there any good virtual games with no download or install!
    Are there any good virtual games with no download and no install I've tried Vizwoz, imvu, club penguin and ixivio
    11 Entertainment 247
  168. Would the sims games work if they were instaled on a USB drive?
    Would the sims 2 and it's expansions and sims 1 complete collection install on a USB drive?
    4 Technology 49
  169. Door Knockin Mormons Missionaires
    So when Mormons come knocking to your door do they do it because its what they want to do?? Are they like ordered to do it??? how often do they do this && why?? Just -Curious- Is all... Thanks
    6 Religion 39
  170. Have you upgraded to Windows Vista?
    Have you upgraded to Windows Vista? I did, but my video card is too crappy to even do anything cool with it. If you haven’t upgraded yet, are you planning to?
    2 Technology 21
  171. windows media player skins
    on windows media player I went to skins and clicked Canvas. I hate it because its so tiny, how do I get it back to normal??
    5 Technology 13
  172. Is there any law against having van door opens?
    I know the weather can be brutal some days bur is there some type of law against having doors open do to safety reasons?
    3 Politics 11
  173. how can I get through the demon door in fable?
    please help me get through the demon door in fable the lost chapter its the quest when you haft to meet the archaeologies please help me
    3 Gaming 52
  174. How would you handle a young child that runs out the door and close to traffic every time you place him in time out?
    8 Babies 20
  175. How can one retrieve their bookmarks off Firefox from another hard drive after you have installed Win7 on a second hard drive in the same computer?
    3 Technology 38
  176. How / Can you put stuff in slow-motion on windows movie maker?
    2 Technology 39
  177. How much does it cost to get wi-fi installed in my house if I have Verizon as my computer service?
    3 Technology 49
  178. Is Windows Vista good or not?
    IM planing on geting a new computer that has vista it it a good or not right know I have xp
    5 Technology 24
  179. How would I would install a new plumbing system into a home?
    My friends plumbing system is damaged, and he needs to get a new one.
    3 Homegarden 8
  180. Is there anything I can put on my truck windows to stop them from fogging up when the humidity is high?
    I don't have heat in the truck so can't use defroster or anything
    6 Cars 13
  181. Is there any program you can download onto windows 7 to make thescreen resolution choices like more advanced?
    5 Technology 36
  182. Which operating system has the greatest performance, Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, or OpenSource Linux?
    15 Technology 32
  183. Is it safe to remove the side bar gadget from my Windows Vista Home Basic 32bit?
    2 Technology 11
  184. How much will it be to fix my car door ?
    Acura tl 2001, I backed it up into a pole with the door open the door has little dents but the door doesnt close, will it be expensive to fix it?
    2 Money 8
  185. Can I have windows vista 6.0 and windows 2000 on pc at same time!?
    Is is possible to have both windows vista 6.0 aswell as windows 2000 at the same time as I've bort a mp3 player that is only compatible with windows 2000!!! Can return in but wonder if theres a way round it at all? Im not too good with technology!! Lo...
    8 Technology 36
  186. Are there any risks with using a pirated version of windows 7?
    Are there any risks with using a pirated version of windows 7? My friend loaded it onto a cd and is willing to let me borrow it.
    3 Technology 88
  187. Windows movie maker..
    On windows movie maker how canu put a vidoe of of on a objest like you hlodin a camrea or on a picture frame.
    3 Technology 41
  188. How do I close the window?
    I was watching music videos and the window it was opened in won't show up on my taskbar.. so I still hear the music, but I can't close out or watch because I minimized it.. how do I close it?
    4 Technology 8
  189. How can I keep a door open so it doesn't lock?
    I don't have a key for my front door (that atomatically locks) so I want to know how to keep it open without anyone noticing.
    5 Homegarden 135
  190. How can I do this with Windows Photo Gallery?
    My mom took this picture that I wanted to re-create. So I did and I want to know how I can put her picture and my picture into one. How do you do this with Windows Photo Gallery??
    2 Technology 42
  191. Why does my windows theme keep changing?
    I'm using Windows Vista, and I don't know what the cause of this is, but sometimes at random my theme switches to Classic.
    5 Technology 63
  192. How to soundproof a sliding glass door?
    dose anyone no a way to sound proof a sliding glass door using only hous hold items
    4 Homegarden 98
  193. Are there any other ways besides spray repellent to prevent mosquito bites? and having the windows closed....doesn't count as one!
    3 Relationships 11
  194. Why doesnt itunes download on windows 7?
    I tried to download itunes on my pc and it said wasnt compatiable with win 32.
    2 Technology 72
  195. What key function do we use on Window Vista to upload multiple photos in one go instead of each individual photos?
    9 Technology 20
  196. can i play games like the sims 2&3 on my windows 7 computer if i dont have a graphics/video card?
    5 Technology 17
  197. Why does my puppy bite at the cage door when its closing?
    He just recently started doing that. He has always been really good about going in his cage but after a while he started barking at it and biting it.
    4 Pets 23
  198. Why is my Windows Installer working?
    On my laptop nothing will install, so I did a scan and it said I have loads of problems. the major one I need to fix is Windows installer wont install (ironic) and I cant download anything. I NEED it to work if im going to download another anti-virus...
    7 Technology 28
  199. Friend has no bathroom door now
    My friends' friend was masturbating in his bathroom. Which is completely normal, right? Well anyways his mom saw him and then she took away his bathroom door and he doesn't have a bathroom door. Do you think that is right??
    5 Sex 38
  200. Why can't I install Flash 8?
    I have Windows XP Pro and lots of sites prompt me to download Flash 8. When I do it says the install was successful but it NEVER works! Any ideas?
    2 Technology 42
  201. How to get rid of a virus in Windows XP?
    how do I take out a virus that is in the windows xp system? and if there would be a good program or a way that would not need any money it would be great!?
    2 Technology 46
  202. How to program wireless garage door openers?
    I have 2 wireless number pads for garage door openers... I cannot get them programed. One is a Chamberlin and the other is a Sears. Help!
    3 Technology 33
  203. Why does my music work on Windows Media Player, but not on my MP3 payer?
    When i was putting cover arts on my music with windows media player, it works on WMP, but some dosen't work on my mp3 player, does anyone know why????
    6 Technology 13
  204. What does it mean to dream of lighting a load of candles and putting them onto the window-sill?
    After the dream i woke up to find that i was moving my arm as if i was putting the candles on the window-sill. What all of this mean?
    4 General 19
  205. Do you guys open your room windows?
    i do expecting fresh air the rooms smell when the windows are closed but my dad disagrees he said germs enter the room??
    9 Homegarden 19
  206. Why does the iPod send updates to the games installed?
    I mean I always update the games, but I don't know why is that for my game still looks the same. If you know tell me please thank you.
    2 Gaming 11
  207. Can anything be done to stop Java auto updater from popping up all the time / everytime I start the computer? Windows 7.
    2 Technology 30
  208. Is sticking an orchid in the window ok for it or does the window need to be open?
    I have 2 African violet plants and they have been doing well. However, I just recently bought a $15 orchid plant and I want to make sure it has the best care because orchids are my favorite flowers and I don't want to kill it because it doesn't have en...
    3 Homegarden 18
  209. Does whats up Windows mobile
    i have a sony ericson xperia x1i and i have been trying to install whats up application but i have failed,,it has a windows mobile operating system,.. so does anyone know if it can be installed or not? And if so any source where i can get it?
    2 Technology 8
  210. How can I permanently install Frostwire on my computer?
    Whenever I open it it says it needs to be installed, so I install it but whenever I turn off my computer then try starting the program it needs to be installed again. So it's not a huge deal but it's starting to get annoying=/ so any help?
    3 Technology 46
  211. Windows movie maker says another user is running?
    Whenever I try to go to my windows movie maker, I says, "another user is running windows movie maker on this computer. Please close the other session of windows movie maker before starting windows movie maker again." how do I fix this? I dont have anot...
    9 Technology 112
  212. Mac or Windows ?
    Personally im a Mac user and I find my macbook to be much faster/better than any windows based laptop I own/owned . Which operating do you prefer and for what reason ?
    4 Technology 7
  213. How much does the average window air conditioner weigh?
    How much does an average air conditioner weigh? Like the kind used in windows on houses. Just need a ballpark answer, not an exact. Thank you.
    3 Homegarden 154
  214. Why cant I install sims 2 apartment life
    my sims 2 apartment life game won't install. my computer reads the disk but when it has to copy the file it says there is an error
    2 Gaming 54
  215. How to turn my windows to MAC?
    I want to change the whole windows 7 to MAC... like a genuine copy of mac make sure its free.. THANKS
    6 Technology 22
  216. Re-installing WoW?
    It's a really long story, but I need to re-install WoW. I can't find where to download the game, and I already have an existing account. Any help?
    3 Gaming 44
  217. How to remove stickers from my door?
    I'm moving and I stupidly put peta stickers on my door. When I tried to take them off, they just left that annoying white base. How can I get them off?
    5 General 38
  218. Get rid of Myspace Today window on Myspace IM?
    how do you get rid of the Myspace Today window that pops up everytime I logg into myspace instant messenger?? I cant find a way in preferences...
    2 Technology 48
  219. Why is it web cam's only work for a certain type of windows?
    i had a web cam from another computer i had but now i have windows vista and i guess it doesn't work on this one so i guess my only choice now is to buy a new one??
    4 Technology 20
  220. I am trying to cut the beginning of a song on windows 7 music maker. Its my first DVD. I have looked for the answer and it says I have to be se
    2 Technology 31
  221. HTC 8x or Samsung Galaxy 3? Is android better than windows 8?
    If there's another phone with that same quality tell me please!
    5 Technology 15
  222. How dark can I get the windows on my car tinted?
    i live in louisiana but my car is registered in texas, so do i have to go by the louisiana laws or can i go by the texas laws? in louisiana it cant be more than 40% but in texas its 25%
    5 Cars 40
  223. If we were chilling and a giant snake came in through your window..
    And wrapped around me on the couch and started immediately devouring me alive...What would you do?!
    8 Pets 7
  224. why does my newly installed skype download show shapes like circles, stars, plus signs, etc. instead of English?
    2 Technology 30
  225. A couple of Windows Vista questions
    1) How do I change my desktop background? 2) Am I supposed to have no right click? If not, how do I turn it back on?
    4 Technology 13
  226. Installing adobe flash player
    I tried installing adobe flash player. It works but after awhile it doesn't. I go on myspace or youtube and it says install adobe flash 9 or greater And yes I enabled javascript.
    2 Technology 16
  227. Keylogger installation
    How do install keylogger?can anybody tell me th esteps from the beginning to the end?a slight problem has occured when I tried to install it,it can not work bcoz of the directory name.plzz help me?
    2 Technology 9
  228. Windows problem
    This may or may not be a stupid question, but I need an immediate answer. I have Windows Vista, and I just put it in full screen mode. My question do I get it off of full screen? I cannot figure out how!
    5 Technology 15
  229. How do I hack a computer for a lost windows password?
    I am kicking myself for not writing down passwords. How do I hack a computer for a lost windows password? I can't remember the password I made to go with the admin profile because I had the password saved, but now I lost it. I haven't entered it in m...
    5 Technology 65
  230. How can I play a copy-burn disc to windows media player???
    Hi I wanted to play a 3-minute video burn disc to my windows media player but I can't and I want to know how and save!!!
    2 Technology 15
  231. Who here thinks with every release of Windows the OS becomes more and more bloated?
    I also hate who I have to spend a day tweaking the OS before I can even use windows 7 for my work
    4 Technology 14
  232. Where can I download a free trial of windows 7 enterprise?
    Where can I download a free trial of windows 7 enterprise? When I went to microsoft technet the download manager wouldn't let me download from the 32 or 64 bit version.
    2 Technology 38
  233. Sims 2 installation
    Got the sims 2 disks but its in a different language. Trying to install it - put 1st disk in - nothing comes up.. ? Have no idea what to do - please help!
    2 Gaming 30
  234. How to resize a window on launch?
    There has got to be an easy answer to this. When I have several windows open at once I sometimes one at a different size. Then later on when I launch a new window it opens at that odd size and I have to manually resize it. Typically I like my window t...
    2 Technology 11
  235. How do I add a VIDEO to Windows Movie Maker?
    I keep trying to add a file under VIDEO but instead it goes to AUDIO.. so only the sound shows up, and not the picture.. how do I add it so it shows the audio and the picture?
    4 General 19
  236. How can I move music from my Windows Media Player to my Itunes?
    How can I transfer music please be specific I tried highlighting the songs and dragging them over to my ITunes but it didnt work.
    3 Technology 47
  237. How do I set the lenght for a picture to show on window movie make
    I amde a stop mothin movie..(or claymation) and its al in a frame but I dont know how to set a lenght the picture shows...
    2 Technology 11
  238. How come Pinnacle Instant DVD Recorder (DAZZLE) isn't working for Windows 7?
    I have Windows 7 and I got the Instant DVD Recorder and the program installed right, but when I go under the "Select Captured Source" it doesn't show the "Dazzle" but when I installed it on Windows Vista, it works. Why is it doing this?
    4 Technology 93
  239. what are some ideas for door decorating ideas for christmas?
    my grade 8 class is working on it tomorrow and i want some good ideas and i just know FA can help me :D
    2 Homegarden 5
  240. The girls next door show
    Does any one know where I can get bedroom things like the bedroom things on that show?( re designing my room) Anyone know websites?
    3 Entertainment 12
  241. How long would it take to install in a new part for a power window in a car?
    I was supposed to get my car today, but while cleaning it they found out the window on the drivers side doesn't close all the way so they ordered a new part that will be here tomorrow. They open at 8, and assuming they work on the car right away do you...
    4 Technology 12
  242. How can I install a printer without the disc?
    Hey x I have an epson Stylus printer DX7450 I have lost the disc to intall it, is there another way I can install it on my laptop ?X THANKS FOR YOUR HELP XXX
    4 Technology 93
  243. Windows vista question
    Ok a question for computer people...I am asking for my dad...he has windows vista and when he tries to shut it appears that it shuts down but the green light is still on...he has been shutting it down hard.what can he do or does anyone know w...
    3 Technology 18
  244. What someone knocking on the door in your dreams mean?
    What does it mean when you dream your in a strange house with all the people you love and hate and it's thundering and lightning out and your hiding and someone is knocking on the door but you're afraid to answer it because of the storm?
    2 General 129
  245. Why do my grandparents always freak out when i lock the door?
    i keep my door to my room locked whenever im in there, even at night. mostly becuz i just like being by myself and hate people coming into my room
    28 Family 91
  246. No webcam with windows professional?
    A fried of mine has windows professional, why wont it allow me to load webcam..., it says I have to have sp2.. If this is right I thought I may be able to download it from
    2 Technology 16
  247. Drop down window thingy
    Ok I unfortunately dont know what its called But yknow that window that pops down from various search bars that say things that you have typed in before? How do you disable that?
    2 Technology 21
  248. Windows live key port
    I need help!!! I downloaded windows live and its installed ok. But it wont sign in and I click troubleshoot and everything is ok except I get an exclamation mark by key port... How do I fix my key port so I can sign in?
    2 Technology 62
  249. How much do custom window decals cost?
    I'm pretty good at drawing and I want to have it printed off and make it a decal. Not too big, and in black and white. Any ideas on how much that will cost?
    2 Shopping 74
  250. Does God care if one temple has had more money spent on it than the one next door?
    Who is the real customer for a church full of opulent trappings and fashionable accessories?
    18 Religion 20