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Door glass and mirrors

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  1. Is glass science?
    3 Science 17
  2. What is a mirror twin?
    what is a mirror twin?
    3 General 19
  3. If I put a candle in a glass with the glass break or something
    If I put a candle in a glass with the glass break or something
    4 General 77
  4. Can I paint my door knobs?
    Can I paint my door knobs?
    4 Homegarden 16
  5. why is MAC lip glasses called lip "glasses"?
    like why is it glass and not gloss?
    2 Style 50
  6. Is it just me or is stain glass just so ugly?
    12 Homegarden 32
  7. what do you think about glass houses?
    12 Homegarden 18
  8. How do I get the smudges off my glasses?
    8 Style 29
  9. How to get stains off of shower doors?
    How to get stains off of shower doors?
    2 Homegarden 19
  10. How do you look cute in braces and glasses?
    How do you look cute in braces and glasses?
    9 Style 728
  11. If the FBI breaks your door down do they have to pay for it?
    If the FBI breaks your door down do they have to pay for it?
    6 Politics 75
  12. How can I put a price on glass etching?
    How can I put a price on glass etching?
    2 Music 33
  13. How can I decorate my mirror with artificial flowers?
    How can I decorate my mirror with artificial flowers?
    2 Homegarden 34
  14. Why do a lot of Asians have glasses and braces?
    14 Style 178
  15. What are those eye glasses that fold called?
    3 Health 15
  16. how do you take the contact lense out of the glasses?
    2 Style 23
  17. Where can I get some cute glasses?
    9 Style 28
  18. Should I sleep in a sleeping bag at my door or in my bed?
    10 General 23
  19. Do mirrors make you look wider?
    17 Style 121
  20. Can I clean my glasses with windex?
    Can I clean my glasses with windex??? What if its similar to windex but a a glass cleaner?
    4 General 89
  21. Can you put your prescription glasses lenses in the fake glasses you can get at Hot Topic/Claire's/ect?
    6 Style 292
  22. What kind of glasses are these?
    (give me the name of this type of glasses)
    3 Style 12
  23. Can I move a door bell by splicing wires?
    Can I move a door bell by splicing wires?
    2 General 190
  24. Does anyone like the doors?
    Does anyone like The Doors and Jim Morrison
    10 Music 18
  25. Who wears glasses?
    Glasses... Just wondering cause I just started wearing them...=]
    8 Style 20
  26. Shutting bus doors
    Who shuts the door when the bus driver gets off?
    7 General 31
  27. How do you get the rings off glass top stove?
    4 Homegarden 54
  28. Making Money DOOR TO DOOR
    I wanna make money so I decided on going DOOR TO DOOR with my friend. We don't know what to sell, what would people like? What should I sell when I go door to door?
    3 Money 74
  29. Makeup for glasses
    I wear glasses and don't know what type of makeup to wear help
    2 Style 44
  30. How many oranges does it take to make a glass of juice?
    How many oranges does it take to make a glass of juice?
    4 Food 33
  31. What are some cool glasses to get?
    I'm looking to get some cool glasses are there any suggestions?
    2 Shopping 12
  32. How can you see through my eyes like open doors... lyrics?
    How can you see through my eyes like open doors... lyrics?
    3 Music 137
  33. What should I do if I have a glass pipe stuck in my uterus?
    I have a glass pipe stuck in my uterus what should I do I cant get it out
    4 Health 77
  34. If there is a glass only half way with water, half full or empty?
    If there is a glass only half way with water- Is it half empty? Or is it half full?
    14 Food 58
  35. How to make text in mirror image or to flip words?
    How to make text in mirror image or to flip words?
    3 General 69
  36. How to soundproof a sliding glass door?
    dose anyone no a way to sound proof a sliding glass door using only hous hold items
    4 Homegarden 98
  37. Is it bad to buy eye glasses without a prescription?
    8 Health 15
  38. How can I stop my German Shepard/Husky from chewing on my house and doors?
    2 Pets 54
  39. How can I find Stunner Glasses on iTunes?
    I am trying to find it on iTunes. I can't. If it is there, what is it named under?
    2 Music 26
  40. Why is it when I see in the mirror, my eyes look kinda greenish?
    3 Health 49
  41. How would you describe the people that live next door?
    70 General 40
  42. Why do guys find it sexy when a girl wears glasses?
    24 Sex 41
  43. Is it normal to drink water more than 8 glasses a day?
    26 Health 28
  44. what can i put on the ear screw on my glasses so it will stop coming out?
    2 Style 36
  45. What should i get? contact lens or glasses? which has greater demerits and what are the?
    8 Style 14
  46. How can I best remove glass shards from an open wound?
    5 Health 62
  47. Is it just me, or do drinks taste better when you drink out of glass instead of plastic?
    9 Food 21
  48. Where can I find a battery door for a Mytouch 3G Slide????
    10 Technology 34
  49. what are some good ideas for a short story with the theme 'through the door'??
    10 Education 40
  50. What do girls think about guys with glasses?
    6 Relationships 86
  51. What do you prefer - contact lenses or prescription glasses?
    what do you prefer... contact lenses or prescription glasses? which one is better?
    11 Style 27
  52. Is it an offense to knock on someone's door and run?
    is it an offence to knock on some ones door and run?
    8 General 1393
  53. Spider hour glass on belly not sure what type it is?
    Spider bite me hour glass on belly not sure what type it is
    5 Pets 52
  54. Glasses_on a girl?
    GUYS_what do you think when a girl wheres glasses,do you like them on a girl or without?
    2 Style 19
  55. What would you do if you opened your front door, and there was an infant laying on your steps?
    21 General 29
  56. What would happen if Harry Potter 'expelliarmus'ed himself in the mirror?
    8 General 40
  57. Do all americans leave your front doors open like in the movies?
    18 General 188
  58. Did Joe Jonas's hand hurt when he fell on glass?
    Do you think that hurt?
    10 Music 44
  59. Are you more likly to scar from getting a cut on metal or glass?
    10 Health 41
  60. Lambo Door Conversion ?
    Should I put a lamborghini door hinge conversion on a 1964 mustang
    8 Cars 54
  61. Circle or square glasses?
    Do you prefer circle or square glasses? I used 2 have oval(circle whatever) and now I have square!!
    5 Style 31
  62. girls in glasses
    do you GUYS think girls who wear glasses are cute tell me the truth of what you think
    7 Style 15
  63. * do white people talk about black people behide close doors?
    Do white people talk bout black people Behide close doors?
    15 General 86
  64. Sleeping with your hand in a glass of warm water
    If someone is sleeping and you put their hand in a glass of warm water they pee themselves, why?
    2 General 65
  65. Will wearing 3D glasses damage my eyes if I'm not watching anything that's 3D?
    7 Health 19
  66. Do you always lock the doors, and windows on your car and house, or do you feel there is no need to?
    27 Homegarden 47
  67. What is the best way to get mildew off canvas covered out door furniture?
    2 Homegarden 39
  68. When going skiing or snowboarding, would it be better to wear contacts or glasses?
    8 Sports 21
  69. What do you think about my glasses?
    Does it fit my face? Do I look like a nerd???. LOL...
    3 Style 22
  70. How come the Jewish men break a glass bottle with their foot at their weeding?
    10 Religion 26
  71. How does a glass filled with oil and water illustrate the properties of a cell membrane?
    What properties does it not illustrate?
    2 Science 222
  72. Is insurance expensive for 2-door cars'?
    Is the insurance expensive for small cars compared to larger cars?
    3 General 34
  73. how do i know if its ok to be next door neighbors to my husbands ex girlfriend ?
    19 Relationships 74
  74. Is it true that if you drink 8 glasses of water a day you lose weight?
    8 Nutritionfitness 48
  75. If a man and a woman share a bed is the man supposed to have the side closest to the door, if so why?
    13 Relationships 45
  76. Ghost people slaming doors and talking
    Were can I find out the history of my house?
    4 Religion 47
  77. Why does pitbull always wear glasses ?
    Does anyone have a picture of pitbull without glasses? Sennnd linnk :)
    2 Music 317
  78. How do eyebrow peircings look with glasses?
    I want to get my eyebrow peirced but I wear glasses, will it still look alright?
    3 Style 590
  79. Who has never walked through a screen door?
    Who can honestly say they havn't or don't know anyone who has walked into a screen door?
    6 General 32
  80. Door sounds on my computer
    Can someone tell me why I get the sound of opening and closing doors on my pc?
    7 Technology 82
  81. Which door do you chose, and why?
    There are 2 doors. Door A and Door B. One door leads to nothingness and the other to gold. There are 2 guards. One guard tells nothing but the truth. And the other all lies. You ask the guard in front of Door A, "If I asked the other guard which... was...
    5 General 10
  82. Why is it that the Johovah's witness people are the only ones that come knocking on your door to attend their church?
    51 Religion 62
  83. Did Benjamin Franklin invent the eye glasses?
    I think, just checking, I'm doing homework.
    4 Education 67
  84. Is it bad for a 15 year old to drink a glass of wine every week?
    13 Health 67
  85. Do they make eye glasses with a bi-focal lens that isn't visible?
    6 Health 25
  86. why is it that evry girl next door gets the hot guy but not the girl across the road????
    8 Relationships 12
  87. Can I buy a pair of nerd glasses from Hot Topic and replace the lenses with my prescription lenses?
    9 Style 40
  88. Do you think that there's really nothing to serving wine - simply get the wine out of the bottle and into a glass.?
    13 Food 11
  89. what is a cute way to personalize my stuff? like my bedroom door, my binder, ect. ect.?
    2 General 14
  90. Is it creepy that I like seeing myself in the mirror 24/7?
    Do you really think its creepy that I actually love to see my self in the mirror 24/7?
    7 Style 35
  91. Where can I get big black glasses?
    YOu know Those Big BLack Glasses Nerds Usually Wear in Videos & stuff? Where Can you Get those?!!?!?
    2 Style 34
  92. what does it mean when somone says people with glass houses shouldn
    what does it mean when somone says people with glass houses shouldnt throw stones?
    2 General 92
  93. awesome song..."man in the mirror" -micheal jackson?
    dont you think this is an awesome song..."man in the mirror" -micheal jackson! ii loveee it!!! ( :
    9 Music 45
  94. 8 glasses of water
    Will I lose weight if I drink 8 glasses of water a day without drinking soda and exercising??
    5 Nutritionfitness 9
  95. Get my dogs to use the doggie door?
    I got a new doggie door but my dogs have never had 1 of these before how do I get them to go through it?
    4 Pets 43
  96. Soda and glass measurement
    You have 1 L of soda. Your glass can hold 500 ml of soda. How many glasses of soda can you get out of the 1 L? Explain.
    4 Education 96
  97. what does it mean when someone says dont let the door hit you on th
    what does it mean when someone says dont let the door hit you on the way out or something like that
    3 General 118
  98. can you get a dint in your nose from wearing glasses?
    I've been wearing glasses everyday for about 11 years and my nose at the top has a dint, it might be just my nose but could it be from wearing glasses?
    2 Style 79
  99. Is there some kind of service where you can pay a person to go to someone's house and knock on the door and sing to them?
    3 Money 19
  100. Pink eye and I lost my glasses!
    I have pink eye in bolth eyes and I cant finde my glasses also no 1s home and I cant see what should I do ???
    5 Health 58
  101. Door Voices Problem
    Question.1 . Before few days Ago I made a door Here is problems With open and close. When I open it Different Voices I hear. So what problems they have.
    2 General 10
  102. Fake glasses headache?
    I want glasses but my eyes are perfect. When I put fake ones on I get a headache. How can I ruin my eyesight just a tad to get glasses?
    7 Style 546
  103. What do you prefer on women - glasses or no glasses?
    Alright, this one is mainly for the guys, but ladies can chime in. As a woman who wears glasses, I just want to know which one guys prefer - glasses or contacts. I always assumed glasses were bad, but recently I've heard quite the opposite. What do you...
    20 Style 80
  104. Is there any law against having van door opens?
    I know the weather can be brutal some days bur is there some type of law against having doors open do to safety reasons?
    3 Politics 11
  105. Drink 8 glasses of water a day your hair will grow?
    I have natural course black hair the saying is you drink 8 glasses of water a day your hair will grow is that true
    3 Style 72
  106. Door Knockin Mormons Missionaires
    So when Mormons come knocking to your door do they do it because its what they want to do?? Are they like ordered to do it??? how often do they do this && why?? Just -Curious- Is all... Thanks
    6 Religion 39
  107. hour glass shape
    any way to lose weight kinda lose it enough where you get an hour glass figure
    2 Nutritionfitness 48
  108. how can I get through the demon door in fable?
    please help me get through the demon door in fable the lost chapter its the quest when you haft to meet the archaeologies please help me
    3 Gaming 52
  109. The movie "Mirrors"
    What is the point of the end when he saved his family? Why is he now a spirit in the mirrors? I need an explanation b/c I'm confused!
    3 Entertainment 18
  110. what are "mirror image" louis vuittoun bags?
    .i have one..but i dont know wut that means
    7 Shopping 24
  111. How would you handle a young child that runs out the door and close to traffic every time you place him in time out?
    8 Babies 20
  112. Is it possible for your eye prescription to get higher even if you wear your glasses like you're told to?
    7 Health 27
  113. What happens if you eat a full breakfast, skip lunch and eat a full dinner with a glass of milk right before bed?
    8 Nutritionfitness 50
  114. How much will it be to fix my car door ?
    Acura tl 2001, I backed it up into a pole with the door open the door has little dents but the door doesnt close, will it be expensive to fix it?
    2 Money 8
  115. How can I keep a door open so it doesn't lock?
    I don't have a key for my front door (that atomatically locks) so I want to know how to keep it open without anyone noticing.
    5 Homegarden 135
  116. how do glasses ruin your vision?
    I was wondering I wear glasses and I've heard that they ruin your eyes over time and when you take them off you have even worse vision so is there any truth to that. that they ruin your eyes?
    3 General 94
  117. Which is more accurate mirror or pc cam ?
    Because when I look in a mirror , sometimes I like it and think im too handsome , but when I look at a pc pic , I look dreadful ? So ...answer ,me?
    2 General 11
  118. Do glasses lens have reciets?
    Do glasses lens have reciets. Like if they accidentally gie you the wrong lenses can you give them the reiceit and nget your money back??
    3 Shopping 28
  119. What is this glass called?
    there is this type of glass they use in hollywood where you can hit people ovr the head w/ it and it doesnt hurt what is it called and what is it made of??
    2 General 11
  120. do you think mirrors edge is a good game?
    do you think mirrors edge is a good game? I beat it and I think its awsome... what bout gta4 or fable2 or left 4 dead???
    4 Gaming 40
  121. Picture Vs. Mirror
    Am I right on this one: lets say I take a picture of a stuffed animal. Won't that picture be opposite as if looking into a mirror?
    15 General 88
  122. Why does my puppy bite at the cage door when its closing?
    He just recently started doing that. He has always been really good about going in his cage but after a while he started barking at it and biting it.
    4 Pets 23
  123. Why is a glass nail file better than an ordinary one?
    I heard they were better for your nails so I got one and it does feel kinder to my nails compared to a normal one. But why is this?
    9 Style 40
  124. Friend has no bathroom door now
    My friends' friend was masturbating in his bathroom. Which is completely normal, right? Well anyways his mom saw him and then she took away his bathroom door and he doesn't have a bathroom door. Do you think that is right??
    5 Sex 38
  125. How can you clean scratched glasses?
    ok So my mom bearly bought some glasses & we alSo got a new puppy & the puppy got the glasses off the table and scratched dem how can you get rid of the scratches?
    2 General 36
  126. Where can I find glasses like these ?
    My friends going to a rave next month and we were looking for glasses, that have like flame's in the lenses, like holograms? Can anyone help?
    2 Shopping 25
  127. grey squar glasses and long brown hair with part emo?
    Hay yall, I have another quistion for u. are grey squar glasses and long brown hair with a side part emo?
    5 Style 36
  128. Could not wearing glasses make your vision worse?
    What if you may have a problem with your vision, and you don't go in and get glasses, or whatever you need done, could this make the problem worst?
    22 Health 15
  129. How much is a mixed drink, beer, and glass of wine generally at clubs/bars where your from?
    Just out of curiousity. Beers are $2.50, Mixed Drinks are $5-6, and a glass of wine is usually $3.
    6 Food 34
  130. How to program wireless garage door openers?
    I have 2 wireless number pads for garage door openers... I cannot get them programed. One is a Chamberlin and the other is a Sears. Help!
    3 Technology 33
  131. new glasses
    I've got new glasses. I like them but they are weird because theyre tinted. im scared people are going to take the mick!
    3 Style 13
  132. How many glasses of water to drink every day?
    Some people say 8, others say 12, and many others say 2. How many do you drink, in practice?
    6 Nutritionfitness 24
  133. Why does everyone have a profile pic taken in the mirror?
    because they could just get someone else to take a photo. It wouldn't be that hard.
    9 Funadvice 43
  134. What kind of glasses to get?
    I just found im going to get new glassas and I dont now what kind I should maybe tiltend one any ideas
    6 Style 25
  135. Can I open the Biotin vitamin and pour the powder in a glass of water?
    I'm scared of pills lol I know ridiculous...
    5 Health 28
  136. Punching mirrors
    Is it bad when you punch a mirror? I did it a couple of days ago and I knw why I did it but I didnt realize I was doing it until my fist actually made contact with the mirror... Any advice on what to do if I feel like doing it again?
    4 Health 82
  137. How to remove stickers from my door?
    I'm moving and I stupidly put peta stickers on my door. When I tried to take them off, they just left that annoying white base. How can I get them off?
    5 General 38
  138. Why does my tap water taste extremely metalic after sitting in a glass cup for about an hour?
    at first it tastes perfectly normal but then after sitting it tastes disgusting. Have any clue why this is?
    4 Food 81
  139. What are your thoughts on the "non prescription over the counter" reading glasses?
    Do you think they can harm the eyes If a person just relies on them for reading even though it's not the correct prescription?
    7 Health 29
  140. What would make shards of glass stay on my painting?
    I read somewhere. That regular glue will turn yellow over time and so will hot glue.
    7 Literature 23
  141. How much are prescription glasses
    How much do glasses usually cost for prescription glasses and don't tell me 2 look it up because the eye doc. I go 2 is so old they don't kn0 what a website is lol help and thankx
    5 Sports 46
  142. Do you guys like girls with glasses?
    Hi I have red d&g glasses and they suit me. But do guys like girls with glasses...I mean I know you're supposed to like us for who we are but... I want to know thx people
    4 Style 43
  143. How to mirror an image in Microsoft Word?
    Hey, does anyone know how to mirror an image in microsoft word? I'm making a t-shirt and before I can print it onto iron-on paper (transfer paper) I have to mirror the
    3 Technology 93
  144. Drinking two glasses of red wine per day?
    Why could drinking red wine wine in moderation be bad for you? Please give me several reasons. Like a glass or two daily.
    5 Food 49
  145. When are we going to finally see new 3DTV's without the glasses?
    I heard their are already some out in stores but cost a ton of money...if so what brands are available??
    3 Technology 17
  146. How many glasses of aloe-vera juice should I drink a day?
    Im trying to lose weight, so I was wondering how many glasses of it should I drink a day or if one glass of aloe-vera is enough, Im already drinking a lot of water.
    21 Nutritionfitness 124
  147. The girls next door show
    Does any one know where I can get bedroom things like the bedroom things on that show?( re designing my room) Anyone know websites?
    3 Entertainment 12
  148. what are some ideas for door decorating ideas for christmas?
    my grade 8 class is working on it tomorrow and i want some good ideas and i just know FA can help me :D
    2 Homegarden 5
  149. how come some mirrors make you look skinier
    Hi I was wondering why when I go to like kohls I look fatter in mirrors but everywhere else (besides the one miror I have) all make me look skinnier. All my friends houses' mirrors make me look skinnier than the store mirrors and my one mirror that I h...
    2 Nutritionfitness 158
  150. Who thinks lightning can make glass out of soil?
    Since an electrical current can cause some molecules to fuse together, do you figure it would be enough to actually turn the soil into glass?
    3 Science 18
  151. Why do my grandparents always freak out when i lock the door?
    i keep my door to my room locked whenever im in there, even at night. mostly becuz i just like being by myself and hate people coming into my room
    28 Family 91
  152. Who in the world can drink 8 glasses of water in a day?
    They say that it's recommended to drink 7 or 8 glasses of water a day? I've known people to be on diets who has tried to drink that much water a day and it's mainly impossible for them to drink that much water a day.
    8 Nutritionfitness 39
  153. What someone knocking on the door in your dreams mean?
    What does it mean when you dream your in a strange house with all the people you love and hate and it's thundering and lightning out and your hiding and someone is knocking on the door but you're afraid to answer it because of the storm?
    2 General 129
  154. how many glasses of milk should I drink a day?
    how many glasses of milk should I drink a day if I want to build muscle? (not lose weight) && is drinkin 1% milk alriite? cus I dont like whole milk
    4 Nutritionfitness 104
  155. Why do I see my body differently when I look in the mirror?
    like i'll look in the mirror and I wont think I look that fat but when I go back a few hours later i'll think I look fat, why? can I gain weight within a few hours?
    5 Nutritionfitness 136
  156. Is there really such thing as shard o glass freeze pops?
    i saw this comercial about them and they said they are for adult consumers only , so i looked them up and i cant find anything about them, and if they are real, is it real glass in them?
    6 General 17
  157. How to deal with long eyelashes while wearing glasses?
    My bestfriend (male) wears glasses and his eyelashes are really long so they anoy him because they brush against his glasses. He wants to cut them but I told him not to because I don't want him to mess them up. Is there somewhere to go and get this don...
    7 Style 172
  158. What organic material are mirrors made of?
    And how to they work as to reflect our selves? This is a serious question btw...I feel right dumb for asking it, but someone has to. XD
    2 General 10
  159. Does God care if one temple has had more money spent on it than the one next door?
    Who is the real customer for a church full of opulent trappings and fashionable accessories?
    18 Religion 20
  160. Would you bathe in a bathroom with clear glass walls showing outside?
    This is just one of a few designs listed as "Extreme", Read about it :
    16 Homegarden 21
  161. Should I get contacts or stay with glasses?
    I had an eye appointment about a month ago and I had to get glasses. The doctor said I can switch to contacts if I want to. I don't really like my glasses, I look WAY better with out them. I heard that contacts can be hard to put in and expensive. Sho...
    9 Health 137
  162. Can werein glasses
    Okey so I got bad eytes can it get better if I started werein glasses cause like when I was younger I had great eye sight now it sucks would werein glassesimprove my eye sight?
    4 Health 14
  163. What is the possiblity I need glasses?
    My eyes always feel like I M straining them. I don't sit on the computer a lot and I don't sit in front of the tv a lot. I can see well, but could I still possibly need glasses?
    5 Health 7
  164. Stepped on a little piece of glass how to remove it?
    I stepped on a little piece of glass and cant find a pair of tweezers so im using a needle but it hurts like hell, how do I get it out without it hurting so much???
    4 Health 25
  165. hanging 4x6 photos on a door
    what can I hang photos on a door with so I don't ruin the paint...scotch tape does not work and quake proof does not work...the tape gives away eventually and the quake proof does not seem to work on a side surface, the photos slide down eventually...
    2 Homegarden 15
  166. What happens after first Jehova's Witness door-to-door visit?
    Had a Jehovas Witness show up early this morning - was too tired to be rude so I listened to him read a verse from a Bible. He then gave me two Watchtower magazines and left. He never stated he was a Jehovas Witness, but the magazines make this fact ...
    4 Religion 28
  167. How do you feel about Mitt Romney bullying classmates or walking a blind teacher into a door to make students laugh?
    would this have you not vote him? why or why not? im just curious :3
    14 Politics 31
  168. What: will the iron gym pull up bar rip off my door frame?
    Im planning to get one but my parents say that it will rip my whole door frame off, I was wondering will it do this and I weigh about 180lb if you have the iron gym pull up bar tell me your experiences.
    2 Nutritionfitness 82
  169. No Mirrors??
    What would life be like if reflections didn't exist, like you never saw what you looked like.. Would fashion be as important? Would people still judge others for their looks? What do you think??
    6 Style 15
  170. How to get my cat to stop meowing at the door?
    Hes been badly attacked 3 times in 2 months. He hasnt been outside in a month. But he has sprayed once and we are getting him neutered soon. But in the mean time what can i do?
    5 Pets 22
  171. How? Is there a special paint for fiber glass?
    Ok im fourteen and me and my dad are fixing up this moped and I want to repaint it so its a reflection of my personality and I need to know if theres a special paint I need to use
    2 Travel 34
  172. Making a sword outta glass
    So I wanna work on a glass sword for fun but I need to know how. Im a teenager and there for dont have a lot of supplies to do this. Just simple stuff (beer bottles, ect.) so where should I start?
    5 Money 16
  173. Would you be able to wear colored contacts and still wear your glasses?
    Just wondring for when I get older, because I don't like the way I look without glasses, but I'd like to make my eyes a deeper more vibrent blue :)
    8 Style 34
  174. What do you think of this song by The Doors?
    Okay so I was...checking out "Light My Fire' by The Doors. I read some comments by people ..basically saying that "Light My Fire'' was the worst song they had ever heard. And it was The Doors' worst song as well. As for me...I really like the song. A...
    5 Music 18
  175. Glasses hurt eyes?
    I was wondering, because I got new glasses and every time I go to da eye doctor he says my eyes get worse. So I was wondering if glasses actually damage your eyes, because they make your eyes lazy? Will it hurt my eyes 2 take my glasses on and off cons...
    2 Health 53
  176. why do i go cross-eyed without out knowing when i wear my glasses ?
    i wear my glasses when im looking at the tv or long distance things or when my eyes start to hurt.and my eyes just go cross eyed and i notice then it goes back normal whys this ?
    4 Health 56
  177. Would glasses stop me from getting headaches whilst being on my laptop?
    Right now I have a headache and I get them quite a lot when I have been on my laptop. I have my brightness turned as low as it will go but it does not help and I do take breaks. Do you think I might need some sort of glasses?
    5 Health 43
  178. Should I go door-to-dor collecting old cell phones???
    I'm tryna to decide if I should go door-to-door collecting old cell phones because the more phones I collect, the more of the discount I get on the phone that I want...which is the T-moble G1 or HTC dream which $200...thanx for the opinions!!
    3 Technology 12
  179. Can you stop wearing your glasses?
    I'm getting braces on Tuesday. The metal kind with no colors, no headgear: pretty much just normal braces. I have glasses too. Can I just stop wearing my glasses? I've worn them all the time for 2 years and my mom wont get me contacts until Christmas s...
    10 Style 104
  180. Which door is which in this riddle?
    if you were standing in front of two doors, each guarded by one man. One of the men always tells the truth, the other one alway's lies. One door leads to heaven, the other, hell. The man who tells the truth wants you to get into heavan, the other he...
    6 General 79
  181. when you look in the mirror what do you see?
    i want the first word that comes to you, not a full sentence please just 1 word :) right im off out for a few light beverages.. ok who am i kiddin, im getting ratted
    19 Style 33
  182. How much is a empty 1980's 10 fl.oz. Mountain Dew glass bottle worth?
    i recently found two bottles and i'm wondering how much their worth their not in mint cond. but they still look good.
    5 Money 75
  183. Where to get those oversized squarerounded glasses?
    hey im looking for thoes very cute oversized squarerounded glasses but I cant find them anywere I know vera bradley have them they look gud on me but im not about to pay 40 buxx for em any body know where I could find them?
    2 Shopping 9
  184. Does wearing glasses make your vision stronger?
    I get a blurry vision sometimes the doc. recommended them for reading or driving..he said its not something i should be using 24/7 but i was wondering if i did would it help my vision get better?
    7 Health 33
  185. Glasses or contacts?:)
    Hi:) so uhm..I used to wear contacts but I stopped cause my eye got irritated. I just wanted to ask if its safe to wear contacts..I heard some people say it causes compications? Help please:)
    2 Health 20
  186. Glasses and their degree of emptiness
    The common question 'Is the glass half-full or half-empty' is all well and good, but what if it is a quarter-full or quarter-empty, as mine was the other evening? and what effect should this have on one's outlook towards life and the universe?
    4 General 29
  187. A really tricky double doors problem
    You are standing in a room with two doors in it.One door leads to death of any kind and the other one to freedom.You don't know which is which. A robot is guarding each door.You can choose any door and once you do so you have to go through it. But yo...
    7 General 31
  188. Will wearing glasses change my face or just make me look different?
    Okay, so I wear glasses only for school and I just go STRONGER ones that give me headaces, but it's all good. I was wondering, I'm going to high school and im going to wear the glasses for all the years, will they change my face? Or make me look differ...
    7 Style 142
  189. What do you think about pregnant women who have a glass of red wine a day?
    Doctors used to recommend a glass of red wine a day to pregnant women to relax and because the antioxidants were good for the pregnancy...but it seems kind of stupid when there are so many other non-alcoholic beverages that can give you the same anti...
    11 Health 33
  190. Cat pees by my door
    My cat has a tendency to pee by my door and you can smell it down all the way downstairs. How do I train him to stop peeing by the end of the week I need help or else we might put him in the garage or get rid of him and I don' t want that.please help ...
    8 Pets 150
  191. Glass planet?
    Since silicon has the same properties as carbon (right?) then its possible for life to be centered around glass instead of carbon-based things right? Would everybody break if they fell? Would brains still work right? P.s. How cool would that be!!
    2 Science 22
  192. What will clean crayon off of walls and mirrors?
    Someone had the bright idea to give my 2 year old crayons and not tell me, he has now colored all over the walls and a mirror in our living room. This is a rented home and i really need to find a way to clean them both and not ruin the paint job.
    13 Homegarden 77
  193. Anyone seen the new horror film 'Mirrors' yet?
    Has anyone watched the new horror film 'Mirrors' yet, it came out today and I'm going to see it tomorrow. I just want to know if it was any good because I don't want to waste my money incase its really boring and not scary. x
    3 Entertainment 15
  194. Have you seen the movie the spy next door, starring Jackie Chan?
    If so, what did you think about it. We're considering watching it with our kids soon (it's PG) so thought I'd double check before renting over itunes. Thanks.
    12 Entertainment 15
  195. What type of material should I use to mount my rear view mirror back on?
    It keeps falling off, I've tried two-sided-tape and super glue and neither one will hold. Any ideas?
    6 Cars 14
  196. I got glass in my fooottt ! D:
    eekk ! A glass cup fell and broke on my floor, I thought I had swept it all but argh I could feel a teeny tiny piece in my foot ! Like you no when your certain that theres glass in your foot?! Its so wittle and I can't even see it but when I touch the ...
    3 Health 22
  197. Why is my dog afraid of being in rooms with the door closed, even if I'm in there with her?
    My dog sleeps in my room, she's happy going in the room, but as soon as I close the door, she whimpers and shakes, staring at the door the whole time. This continues for several minutes, even up to an hour. Nothing I do, short of opening the door, cal...
    3 Pets 36
  198. How do I still make myself look good when wearing glasses?
    I'm getting glasses next Saturday. How do I still look cool and not look like a dork? I'm also in E.C; so I'll look like a nerd, and my friend's best friend is the type of girl who makes fun of people for their looks, and now I'm scared what will happen.
    8 Style 57
  199. why did they discontinue code name kids next door?
    I used to watch the show all the time and I loved it, still do! I sometimes watch the reruns and ya I was wondering why they don't play new ones anymore... So please tell me thank you!!
    3 Entertainment 45
  200. Why wont a glass of water relieve the burning of hot peppers?
    This is an extra credit question for my chemistry class that I just started yesterday. If any one can give me a reliable website (not wikipedia) it would be really helpful. Thanks!
    5 Science 38
  201. How do you make your dog stop scratching at the door when outside ?
    They don't do it when we're outside, so I can't just sit out there & spray them with water lol. Please don't say just let them in, cause as soon as I let them outside to do their business they run to the other door & start scratching it. It's gotten to...
    3 Pets 29
  202. Why won't a Volvo's doors unlock or engine start?
    So my boyfriend has a Volvo. It's a wagon..not sure of the year, definitely 1996-1999. Anyway, it has automatic locks with one of those clickers. Today, out of absolutely nowhere, none of the doors will unlock with the clicker. When he manually unlocks...
    5 General 49
  203. Secret door spells
    Is there any way to create you're own secret room using magick? Like make a door in a wall or wake shelves turn beck to make a little room that you know the incantation to? If so please reply with the spell,ritual,or site or tangible resource please! T...
    31 Religion 109
  204. Can you unlock your keyless entry car door remotely from a cell phone?
    I just got one of those dumb emails that said if you lock your keys in the car and it a keyless entry device and you have a spare set at home. You can call home from your cell phone and have the person at home hit the keyless entry button and it will o...
    5 Cars 69
  205. How can I make wearing glasses look less "geeky" on me?
    I don't know a better word to describe it. I usually wear contacts, but often in the mornings I'm too tired to wear them, and they make me more tired, or I just don't have time in the mornings. These pictures were taken two years ago, and I have short ...
    2 Style 35
  206. How to get my mirrors to reflect on Sims 2?
    I've got relly into story writing lately on the sims 2 and im getting annoyed as my mirrors dont reflect they just are like a grey painting! Everyone elses reflect so the sims can see themselfs Does anyone no why my mirrors dont reflect and even better...
    3 Gaming 64
  207. Questions about glasses and astigmatism...
    Is there any way to heal astigmatism?? If so, please tell me! Is it bad if you don't wear your glasses when you're supposed to? I have astigmatism and used to wear glasses...I still should, but I don't because I look horrible with them, and I have r...
    2 Style 58
  208. Bad luck and breaking mirrors.
    I have broken two mirrors in the past week! Do you think I will get lots and lots of bad luck and maybe even.. 14 years of it? If it is true that you get seven years of bad luck when you break a mirror, that would mean I have only ever had one year of ...
    5 General 111
  209. When I wear my glasses more will my eye sight get better?
    Basicaly im short sighted and I need glasses, but my optician didnt tell me if I had to wear them permanent or just for when im at the back of class or watching tv. If I wear them for most of the time will they get better as I grow up or will they ju...
    7 Health 57
  210. trivia A man in a restaurant asked a waiter for a juice glass
    A man in a restaurant asked a waiter for a juice glass, a dinner plate, water, a match, and a lemon wedge. The man poured enough water onto the plate to cover it. "If you can get the water on the plate into this glass without touching or moving this pl...
    7 General 91
  211. Do I need glasses?
    I keep getting headaches when I'm at school. Well, sometimes they're headaches, other times its like where my eyelids are. I can generally see things clearly, but when I look at the projector in classes like Business and IT, its a bit blurry. Will I ...
    4 Health 51
  212. Will next doors cat attack my rabbit
    I have a rabbit that is about 3 years old that every now and then we let have a run around in the garden but next door have 2 cats that keep coming over the fence should I be concerned as everytime I check on the rabbit there is a cat in the garden sta...
    5 Pets 54
  213. Why am I scared Of Windows and mirrors?
    when ever I look outside I freak out thinking its a mirror (like when I see someone outside) think they are behind me. I hate looking at cars parked on the street!!!It freaks me out becuase I feel like someone is watching me so I'm alway inspecting the...
    3 Health 155
  214. When you hold doors open for people to pass through do they say "thankyou"?
    "Whenever people hold doors for me to pass through, out of appreciation I always say thank you. But yet whenever I hold doors open for others to pass through they are so rude that they never say thank you but rather "mhmm". Sometimes they never say tha...
    4 General 34
  215. What kind of performance glasses are effective for looking at the computer screen?
    So i've been playing videogames and looking at screens a lot and i want to protect my eyes from the lights from them. so far i have seached and found out that the Gunner brand works well but there is others and i don't know which one is the best. i'm l...
    2 Health 16
  216. How can drinking a glass of water before eating help you lose weight?
    I was on the site, and stumbled upon (pun intended) a thing that said drinking a glass of water before eating can help you lose weight. Currently, I am drinking a glass, and waiting for supper to finish cooking. I to...
    11 Nutritionfitness 20
  217. When I look in the mirror I feel disgusting?
    So, this has been happening for the last couple of years and it tends to get worse...when I look in the mirror I feel like I am looking at someone fat and disgusting. I hate showing off my body and wearing a swimsuit. The problem is though, I am 5'8" a...
    8 Style 39
  218. Glass Houses and their features
    The proverb 'People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones' is confusing for a anumber of reasons. Why should there be stones to throw in the glass house anyway? Does the saying mean that it is okay to throw other things around e.g. catapults, arrows, ...
    10 General 35
  219. Why do some mirrors make me look ugly??
    I looked in several beauty shop mirrors lately..and I look like a haggered old..chubby woman..but I looked in a hotel hallway mirror..with bright lights near it..and I looked pretty..and cameras sometimes make me look like the main character on Sling B...
    13 Style 3008
  220. How can I wipe off my glasses without the cleaning cloth?
    I have glasses, and they tend to get dirty alot. I lost the cleaning cloth to it, i plan on going to buy another soon. But what can i use in the mean time to get it off? It drives me crazy. I already tried my shirt, it didnt work just made it worse, i ...
    2 General 22
  221. the movie 'MIRRORS'
    5 Entertainment 106
  222. How do I get through the coded doors in James Bond Nightfire ps2?
    I'm playing the ps2 version of this game and I have completed it, but on countdown, the second last level, there is a door with a pictutre of a gun on it (I'm guesing, full of guns) but you need a code to get in, and I have got the Decryptor and I thin...
    2 Gaming 28
  223. How do I get a lock made for my bedroom door?
    how can I get a lock made for my bedroom door? as in what place would be good place to go to for one and around how much would it cost? my mothers driving me crazy, I just walked into my room and found everything pulled out into the middle of the floo...
    3 Homegarden 53
  224. Mandy: Do you wear glasses?
    MM- When I was about 8 had to start wearing glasses, but never really liked the look. Now must have them to see, but thought of trying contacts; only problem is I have very sensitive eyes. What do you think? Should I try them? By the way do you wear gl...
    5 Style 107
  225. What type of glass plates can I put in the microwave?
    all my glass plates and bowls doesnt say anything about being microwave-able the only thing they say at the bottom of the plate is 'Made in China' lol so can i still put it in the microwave? and also some of my bowls were free goods that came along ...
    15 Homegarden 91
  226. When should I get to the concert if doors open at 6:30pm?
    I'm going Kerrang Relentless in less than 2 weeks and it's my first gig (And on a school day, but I'll be missing it that day^^) The lineup is: -All time low -My passion -The blackout -My passion I wanna good place near the front, when should I ...
    6 Entertainment 294
  227. Confusing riddle
    You approach two talking doors. One door leads to the city of truth, while the other door leads to the city of liars. You do not know which door is which. You are able to ask only one question to determine which door is which. The door that leads to th...
    8 Gaming 73
  228. Glass cut
    I just sliced my thumb on a broken vase, and it bled really fast for a full ten minutes...I put pressure on it and it eventually stopped, but if I just move it the wrong way it starts again and stings really there anything I can do to make it ...
    2 Health 23
  229. Why do JW go door to door when believe on 144,000 saved ?
    ok, so I was visted by a JW today and I have always had a question for them, so I very nicely asked her if I could ask her something without offending her. I was wondering since JW believe that only 144,000 are going to heaven then why would you give u...
    22 Religion 50
  230. How much vitamin c is in a 8 ounce glass of orange juice?
    I was reading online but can't find a direct answer, different sources say different things and I guess it varies but what's a good guesstimate, just wondering. And how much vitamin c is too much, I've drank about a half gallon of orange juice today, i...
    4 Nutritionfitness 71
  231. How to take a small peice of glass out of hand??
    Hey. Well I fell in something that had glass and a lot of little shards got into my hand. It hurts like heck. Tell me ways to get it out. I cant go to the doctor, and im on a budget. It just happened today. I tried warm water, I tried the glue trick, a...
    2 Health 36
  232. how much is a KISS Destroyer mirror from 1977 worth?
    my mom got this mirror tht was made in 1976 when KISS was gettin a deal for the album Destroyer. ive looked online a million times nd i havent found a single trace of it. i have a feelin itll be worth some freakin good money but i hav no idea where i c...
    2 Money 164
  233. how do I keep my sports glasses on?
    I got them a few weeks ago and thought they'd work pretty well. they do except for the fact that we haven't even started full contact yet, and when I hit someone lightly they almost fall off. they did come with straps for the back, but if I have my gla...
    2 Sports 48
  234. How do you get into a locked car?
    How to get into a car door when it's locked by yourself?
    11 General 288
  235. What color should I paint my door for my lavander room?
    hey guys.. I just need some help asap.. I want to paint my door in my room.. and I dont know what kind of color can match my room. the color of my wall is lavander.. my baseboard is white with a lil touch of green.. but if youre going to look at it, st...
    3 Homegarden 104
  236. Glass half empty or half full?
    Have you ever heard that saying? Are you a negative person who always is waiting for the next bad thing to happen and even if something good happens you know it would'nt last. On the other side are you the person who is always too happy and nothin gets...
    3 General 28
  237. how much water are we supposed to drink in a day?
    how much water are we supposed to drink in a day? I heard 8 glasses is that correct? but how much water is in 8 glasses?
    3 Health 72
  238. First glass bowl
    Since I've never owned a glass bowl before, the others being just metal pipes, I've never had this problem happen before - inside the actual bowl part of my glass piece (where you pack the weed), there's a hole at the bottom where ash escapes. The iss...
    6 General 16
  239. What does this dream mean, glass coffin?
    My grandmother passed away a few years ago, very young... My mother and I lived with her, and we still live in the same house, BTW, if that makes a difference. And now my mother is in the hospital, sick. So, I've been VERY worried and stressed. And las...
    2 Health 101
  240. What would be a good reason for my mom to take away my shot glasses?
    i have a tone of shot glasses because i love to collect them and my mom has even got me some, to add to my collection, and she never had a problem with it before and now all of a sudden out of nowhere she sais: "i dont think i like you having these , b...
    13 Family 43
  241. Sunglass love?
    Who is crazy in love with sun glasses
    6 Style 38
  242. Full or empty?
    Do you see the glass as half empty or half full?
    6 General 14
  243. Stubbing your toe
    Have you ever kicked your door before and stubbed your toe?
    6 General 21
  244. Match attax
    Is there any glass case in the new stock match attax if anyone collects them Is there a glass case is my question is it true or not
    4 General 13
  245. Are glasses a good or bad thing?
    My dad has had bad vision since he was younger than me. he's far sighted (or something like that) meaning it's harder to see things closer to you than farther away. Well I started having trouble reading my notes when the teacher turned the lights down ...
    19 Health 57
  246. How Do You See It ?
    when your glass is filled half way up, do you say that your glass is half full or is it half empty? How positive is your outlook?
    6 General 15
  247. Barking at the dryer
    Everytime someone is doing laundry and the dryer door is opened Baist barks and bites the dryer door. Why? What can I do to stop this. I can't lock her out of the laundry room cause she barks outside of the door and she put a hole in the door from tha...
    6 Pets 50
  248. My face
    Hey, I have contacts and glasses but I have an infecten in one of my eyes so I have to wear my glasses and my boyfriend has not seen in my glasses and I'm scared that after the 2 weeks he won't like me anymore what should I do??
    5 Relationships 6
  249. Is my cat ok ?
    Ok like 3 hours ago, my cat was really hyper with his toy, and my door of my room was closed, and he sprinted to my door and smashed his head into my door!!! And he's acting all weird now... Lol !!! Like he's acting really weird, lol like really dum...
    2 Pets 33
  250. I hate my next door neighbours
    omfg!! I despise my next door neighbours!! I would love 2 crak her!! she gives my mum abuse all the time for no reason!! so I went round to this womans house kikin off at her an in her face right! an she was like who are you talking to!! lmfao she had ...
    10 Relationships 117