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  1. How can you make donuts at home???
    2 Food 43
  2. Who is homer simpson's donut supplier?
    Who is homer simpson's donut supplier?
    3 Entertainment 75
  3. Who supplies homer simpson with donuts?
    Who supplies homer simpson with donuts?
    3 Entertainment 79
  4. dunkin donuts vs starbucks
    what do you like more dunkin donuts or starbucks.
    10 Shopping 23
  5. how many calories are in a chocolate iced donut?
    9 Food 18
  6. What personnel records are needed for small retailer?
    2 Money 114
  7. Why do people get stressed from retail?
    How come people get stressed out from working in retail buisness.
    5 Shopping 31
  8. whole and retail?
    whats the difference between wholesale and retail. what does each word mean?
    2 General 47
  9. How many calories is one glazed donut from Krispy Kreme?
    4 Nutritionfitness 12
  10. What are some pros and cons to working at large chain retail stores?
    2 Money 68
  11. Would a cardigan be bad to wear to a retail interview or should I stick to a nice blazer?
    7 Money 16
  12. Making Donuts?
    Say someone works at dunkin donuts..or some donut place. What hours do they work there? Like at night? or in the day time What time do they make the donuts?
    6 Money 47
  13. Who else loves donuts?
    MmMmMm donuts! I LOVE donuts any kind of donuts... lol who else LOVES donuts and wats your favourite kind? o0o and who just cant stand them and wats your reason for not liking them?
    10 Food 47
  14. Retail theft under $20.00 24 years ago.
    Is retail theft considered a felony? And will it show on my record if checked?
    4 Money 37
  15. What kind of donuts
    K I'm going to bring some donuts 2morrow 4 a school party and I don't know what kind, so jut tell me what kind of donuts you like...
    5 Food 16
  16. Whats the punishment for retail theft
    If you are 18. Less than $150 dollars. First time offense. Shoplifting.
    2 Politics 39
  17. What is your favorite donut?
    To me bavarian creme would be perfect, but i always get dirty with the flour or that white powder lol.
    12 Food 39
  18. What is that old show that had a crocodile that chased kids around and, I think there was a talking donut?
    O.o im going wayy back so try to keep up with me youngsters.
    3 Entertainment 13
  19. I am 15 trying to get a job at Dunkin' Donuts
    I have signed up and recieved a North Carolina Department Of Labor Youth Employment Certificate , which allows me to legally work at dunkin donuts, does anyone know the hours I am LEgALLY allowed to work?
    3 Money 165
  20. Do you think if i ask the people who work in Dunkin donuts where they get the frozen yogurt machine they would tell me or not?
    I need to know where those restaurants get those frozen yogurt machines i wonder if i ask them to the people who works in dunkin donuts or Mac donalds they would tell me where they get those machines or not tell me please thank you. I need to find a s...
    3 Food 40
  21. Is under armour sold in retail stores?
    I was putting together my christmas list and I want a black under armour cold gear base top. but I wasn't sure where you could find them. is it just online or is under armour available in retail stores such as meijer, wal-mart etc.? Where might I find it?
    2 Shopping 250
  22. What are some of your favorite dunkin donuts iced coffees?
    I normally have a starkbucks carmel frappachino, but my mom said its too expensive to go there all the time, and that dunkin donuts is cheaper and tastes the same. I was wondering what your favorite dunkin donuts iced coffees are? Like maybe a vanilla...
    2 Food 18
  23. Does anyone know why retailers have removed the "take a penny / leave a penny" tray (read more)?
    Around here, convienient stores, grocery stores, drug stores ect. all used to have "the penny tray" but no more. Employees say it's because "corporate office says we can't have it anymore" but they don't know why. Any ideas as to why such a decision is...
    11 Shopping 33
  24. serious help with an interview thanks a million * Shoe Store * retail /sales
    Hey! thanks for hearing me out ... I just got called in for an interview at champs sports ,( similar to shoe palace foot locker etc) im kinda nervous , what kind of questions will they ask ? and what should i wear ? jordans etc ? any advice wil...
    2 Money 43
  25. How old do you have to be to work at Dunkin Donuts?
    My aunt worked there for a while and she said you only have to be 14 to work there with a job permit and parent/school permission. It seems a little young to me though.I'm 15 and a half,nearly 16,and I've been looking for a decent job so I dont have t...
    2 Money 666
  26. Why won't my Retail Plus DVD+/-RW Ultra Slim USB 2.0 external CD drive work?
    I got it for hristmas and it has worked great up until now. It will turn on for like 10 seconds (light will come on and will make the noises even let me put a cd in it) but then it just suddenly stops. I have everything installed for it and I haven't d...
    4 Technology 404
  27. Collage This Year Business Retail administration Help.
    Okay this is what id be Learning When I Go.. Introduction to Customer Service Personal Effectiveness Introduction to Administration , Social Responsibility at Work Introduction to Retail, Communicating Effectively at Work. .. I was wondering, ...
    2 Education 13
  28. Donut or Doughnut?
    A few weeks ago at a computer in the library a buddy of mine pulls up to me and we start talking about proxy servers. He gave me the link to one and tells me to type it into the browser. So I do and nothing happened. The site was something lame liketow...
    3 Food 51
  29. Why is getting a retail job seriously so hard to get?! :(
    I'm 16 so I am able to meet the eligibility requirements to get a job. I'm really in need of a job so I can get the money I make for college and save my parents a lot of money and trouble. I have been searching for a job for six months straight and not...
    3 Money 52
  30. What are you eating right now?
    Or, what did you last eat or what are you about to eat? I'm eating a glazed donut:D
    9 Food 19
  31. How can I hide a nose ring for work?
    I work for a retail place and were not aloud to have facial pircings what should I do
    9 Style 41
  32. What are some good games for a teenagers birthday party?
    So far I have donut on a string and thats it XD
    8 Entertainment 36
  33. What happens to unsold clearance merchandise?
    What does Walmart, target and other retailers do with the merchandise that doesn't get sold?
    6 Shopping 129
  34. where is a good place to sell jewelry?
    where would I be able to make the most money off of selling new jewelry gold watch-retail at $600- purchased for $81 gold/silver money clip-retail at $500- purchased for $72
    3 Shopping 48
  35. Does anyone like blueberry muffins?
    from dunkin donuts I mean they are delicioius!!! I love than any one else?
    10 Food 7
  36. What are some good sales techniques?
    I'm beginning my first job at a retail store tomorrow and I want to know what are some good techniques. I want to be the best I can be. Help me!
    3 Money 33
  37. Yummy in my tummy... (if you want to know read this)
    Arent donutes goood! What are better jimmys with frosting just frosting or just jimmys... Personaly I like both... What your opinion
    4 Food 9
  38. how can I get beautifull hair
    Since my birth,my hair was always curly and now they are becoming frizzy...I donut know what to do,when I go outside,my hair just become frizzy and my hair look ill.what should I do?
    8 Style 29
  39. What are the hottest toys for Christmas 2007?
    Hi everyone christmas 2007 has arrived in our doorstep. There is no more time to celebrate this auspicious festival. Where the hot toys will be available for retailers.
    2 Shopping 47
  40. Legal matters
    When some one is arrested for retail thef, on the first offense if convicted what are the typical sentences? Jail, Fines, probation? What is the stimated time in jail if that were the sentence?
    2 General 40
  41. Business help!
    Ok so is anyone out there good in Business work...such as retail and stock and all that stupid crap...if so please answer so I can put some homework questions up here and get help!!!
    2 Education 10
  42. OMG the wierdest dream ever!
    Um so yea.I was eating a donut then the gruge poped outa nowhere and acted like she was in pain and for some reason I decided to help her and she ate my donut so I got mad and I pushed her then she said''GET OFF MY LAWN!''and her voice was high piched....
    6 General 10
  43. Is it true that Biodiesel fuel has quality problems?
    I am from Chicago and I have a 2010+ engine model, is it alright if i start using biodiesel? Is there any retailer that provides high quality biodiesel that you can recommend?
    2 Environment 27
  44. What is your favorite Ice Cream flavor?
    What is your favorite Ice cream flavor AND What flavor would you invent if you could? Mine:Peanu tbutter chocolate chip inventtive flavor:Krispy creme donut flavor!!! :P
    8 Food 42
  45. Does anyone know of a good recipe that doesnt require eggs?
    Its fasting tym and I want some donuts! Da stores in my area dont stock egg replacers... Sigh... Does anyone know of a good recipe that doesnt require eggs?
    2 Food 41
  46. which is the best store for online shopping of clothes?
    Considering the fever of online shopping, the company also embarked with its online store, but now you can find their clothes sold more on the retailer stores rather their own site.
    2 Shopping 10
  47. Addicted to Krispy Kreme!
    Is eating dozen original glazed Krispy kreme donuts in one sitting bad?? and how many maximum should I eat?? a 18 year old girl.
    3 Food 68
  48. White tie :sss (help)
    Where can I buy a sold white tie . Im 14 years old and I I don't want a huge tie. Any store that are cheap even retail stores I don't care just somewhere I can buy one.
    2 Style 30
  49. I Need a JOB but theres none For me ;[
    Okay, so I need a JOB in Retail.. As That is Wot im going to collage in september to study, I need ajob because I need to gett £600 Before June.. And I just want a job for somthing to do.. im 16 !.. and I cant find no JOBS in Wisbech, Cambridgeshi...
    3 Money 49
  50. What gets you "jazzed" about work?
    I'm fillingout an application thing for Dunkin' Donuts. They asked me what gets me jazzed for work. I don't know what to put down. So while I think (and watch some of my movie.. yes I know I'm procrastinating), I wanna know.. What gets YOU jazz...
    2 Money 226
  51. Pre teen alternative clothing
    My 10 year daughter likes wearing emo/ alternative clothing (she particularly likes tartan/ skinny jeans) but as she is only 137cm tall and has a 22inc waist most teenage clothes are too big. Any suggestions for retailers/ online stores/
    4 Style 79
  52. What are some of your favorite commercials?
    I love to watch funny commercials, like the Hillshire farms meat commercial were all the guys are yelling across their yards and grilling meat. I also love all of the Dunkin' Donuts commercials, like the one where the people are trying to pronouce the ...
    8 Entertainment 20
  53. why people is so nice to me
    last friday my supervisor gave me her lunch and yesterday I was having a breakfast at dunkin donuts and an old lady gave her newspaper I was surprised like oh thank you , I dont complain about this but I dont know why people is so nice to me I like it ...
    2 General 29
  54. I dont like to be alone
    well I dont like to go to places such as malls, resturaunts, retail stores, or anywhere really unless im with at least one other person. whenever I am out by myself I feel as if everyone is staring and judging me... I am not comfortable with the way my...
    4 Health 22
  55. How do I ask my mum for the 50 bucks she owes me?
    So I've been saving up my money for something special but my mom needed 50 dollars so I decided to give them to her and she said she would pay me back but it's been over a month now and I haven't gotten my fifty back. Just today she gave me a twenty to...
    41 Family 71
  56. Where can I find a fun upbeat job that wont bring me down?
    Well Im still young..21..and I've been so stressed lately from my job. Obviously since I dont have a degree or anything yet and im still young I havent really had a steady serious job, just 5 or 6 different retail jobs and some babysitting on the side....
    5 Money 15
  57. What is an organic insect killer I can buy for my garden?
    I always have insect problems with my organic garden, but I don’t feel like making organic insect repellents every year. Is there a retail product I can buy instead of spending so much time making my own insect control solution? So far I found this ins...
    2 Homegarden 21
  58. Im so stressed out
    I work in a retail store and the person who is my co-worker give me a hard time working with her. she yells at me with no reason and I dont know what to do. the other day she even made me cry infront of everyone I dont know, should I queit my job. I ...
    2 Nutritionfitness 27
  59. Do you have public holidays in your country during Easter?
    In Australia, we have public holidays on Friday 22nd April, Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th....Wednesday 27th April is when everyone is back at work (unless of course you are a shift worker). Most of the large retailers also closed on these three days. ...
    5 General 70
  60. Carbon Monoxide
    How long does Carbon Monoxide stay in your system, blood? I have a friend that recently gave birth to a still born and the investigator says it was carbon monoxide poision that may have killed the baby. The gas station next to the Dunkin Donuts drive...
    2 Health 51
    Who's ready for 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7 & 8? Who will bombard their favorite music retailer to pick up the newest Slipknot album, ALL HOPE IS GONE? I'm over-anxious to grab my copy of the cd <to be released Tuesday, August 26, 2008> Also, how many of you ow...
    4 Music 19
  62. What jobs can I get with a food sanitation certificate?
    I live in Illinois (in the United States) and have recently gotten the Illinois State Food Sanitation Certification. I got it for a class at my college and in hopes of getting a good job while going to school. I had/have a lead on a job but the interv...
    3 Money 30
  63. Rolex Platinum watch from nigeria
    I purchased a Rolex watch on e-bay for a really good price. It retails for 50K and me and this guy from nigeria made a deal for 10k. I paid him by Western Union, but the problem is he won't return my e-mails and has not sent the watch. It has been 3 we...
    3 Shopping 45
  64. How much money would I need to convert for a week in Thailand?
    Hey guys, so I'm travelling to Thailand (Phuket island and Bangkok) in January for a week... i need to know about the money issue mainly... how much American dollars i should convert into Baht for a week (spending money). I'm not looking to eat at the...
    3 Travel 39
  65. How do I get contacts overseas to make something for me?
    I need to gain contacts overseas to have some candy confections made for me. I am thinking on selling "Sweet Jesus" candy (a gummy Jesus on a small gummy cross). It would be mostly a t-shirt sales retail online site with a limited amount of candy mad...
    2 Money 22
  66. want to moveto canada dont get the skilled workers
    Okay.. So Sometime in My Life.. Maybe when im about 23, I want to move to canada.. I've Decided im 16 now, and im going to Study, Retaill Assient manager - because its what I want I want to do that for 2 YEARS> but I also want to move to canada when im...
    2 Travel 30
  67. Why do I feel the way I do?
    12/28/ and my ex boyfriend had sex[my first in everything and my last]and ever since then I've been feeling wierd like for example[today I had a taste for some donuts than the next minute I have a taste for something else.and when I feel like I ...
    4 Sex 247
  68. Can I have touch screen support on Windows XP home/professional/media centre?
    I know this is an odd question! but my uncle just gave me an old tablet PC from 2001, its a fujitsu stylistic 3400 :) the good thing is that, it works!! only down side is that it has windows 2000 "/ I don't have windows xp tablet edition on disc an...
    2 Technology 64
  69. Do I eat too much?
    I'm an active 17 year old male, but I'm BIG too. This is what I ATE TODAY, Breakfast-four pancakes, two bowls of cereal, and a small package of donuts. Lunch-Two chicken sandwhiches, two things of fries, a bag of brownie bites. I eat in ...
    9 Nutritionfitness 48
  70. Caught Shoplifting
    Recently me & my friend got caught taking $100 worth of items from a retail store.. Im 19..A certified nursing assistant & also a phlebotomist.. I accidently left my wallet in my vehicle & made a very stupid choice not to go get it.. I am scared th...
    11 Money 75
  71. Is there harmful gas making me pass out?
    Ok... Here it goes... I go to this donut shop place like everyday of the week and im usually fine but this one day I went down I was ok but I started feeling really agrivated and got lightheaded and was ready to pass out so I went home and fell asleep ...
    17 Health 175
  72. CV and jobs.
    I'm trying to write a CV but I don't know how, so I googled how to make a cv and stuff came up but its all very general. Is there anything that can help a fair bit because I am stuck as what to write. What defines skills or abilities? Also what's keepi...
    7 Money 26
  73. What are some nice, artistic,and delicious recipes?
    I love cooking, and have been doing it since I was little, because my dad was a single father. I actually plan on being a chef after highschool. I want to make a very yummy dish for my step dad, who is leaving for iraq in 3weeks(he is in the air force)...
    3 Food 15
  74. My dog Rico
    Ok I have a jack russell terrier who is about 1 1/2 now, his name is Rico. He's a good dog but he has some really annoying qualitys. He likes to chew and bite almost anything, last week he chewed through my ethernet cord. He also gets really hyper and ...
    5 Pets 37
  75. Why do we allow outsourcing of jobs in the US?
    My question is why do we outsource jobs in the US and/or allow migrant workers to take jobs away from us in America? Why can't legislation limit this approach? In the past 10 or so years I have seen jobs being taken over by the Hispanic population spec...
    3 Money 58
  76. Can you help me amend my intro letter?
    Hi, I am writing the following intro letter to my direct end user, I have a retail showroom selling custom-made curtain/blinds/wallcovering/carpet. Plus help me amend it to a more appropriately expressed and persuasive letter with the correct format (b...
    2 Literature 32
  77. How do I get her off WoW?
    I was close friends with a girl. We both played the same MMO Ragnarok Online, and we were playing that together, on the same private server, until around 2-3 months ago. Then I started going all lovey-dovey over her, and started making her feel unco...
    2 Entertainment 42
  78. Hals Garage
    Dear Oprah! Watch yr show everday! I LOVE it! My favorites are with Dr. Oz! And, yr just recent show with the most Talented kids! ( Chariss! which I think is AMAZING! ) What she has done for her Mom, etc..! This is my situation.. I have been employed b...
    2 Money 16
  79. What do you think of my new song?
    This song is called I'm in Heaven, it has to do with the happiness that she brought me after coming into my life. Nothing mean please :) Alone for the past 3 years, wondering why that is So many pretty girls in one place but I know none of them are fo...
    5 Music 36
  80. What should I do about my brother's constant mental abuse?
    Recently I asked a question about my brother's unemployed situation. For those who did not read it I will sum it up, My mom left me and my brother about a month ago or so, he and I did not have a job but I found one in retail i am (18) btw and I paid f...
    4 Family 23
  81. Do you think boss is on warning
    Steve asked if I could email you a copy of the letter he wrote to the ceo back in december 2007. Only for the letter he is sending you he omitted the names of the people involved and the companies names. He replaced them with new company, old company a...
    2 Sex 39
  82. What do you think of the two letters
    Steve is definitely not a disgruntled employee. He just wants to alert the CEO about Yvette April 15, 2008 Dear CEO First I want to say that I am not saying I want any one fired. However, my ex-coworkers asked me to write another letter to y...
    4 Sex 43
  83. How different people have sex,
    How they have sex, think of more? Post it:) Accountants are good with figures. Actors do it on cue. Advertisers use the "new, improved" method. Ambulance drivers come quicker. Ansi does it in the standard way Archeologists like it old...
    6 Sex 42