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Does trump care about protests

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  1. Who is "If Everyone Cared" by?
    who is "if everyone cared" by
    7 Music 35
  2. Is there a difference when someone says they care "for" you and when they say they care "about" you?
    6 General 48
  3. DO all vets care for reptiles?
    DO all vets care for reptiles?
    3 Pets 61
  4. How do you care for a rubber tree?
    how to care for a rubber tree
    2 Homegarden 93
  5. How do you care for a baby egg
    How do you care for an egg?
    2 Pets 40
  6. How do I properly take care of myself?
    How do I take care if myself properly?
    3 Health 16
  7. What is Universal Health Care ??
    2 Health 30
  8. Would you rather have your parents not care about you at all, or care about you to the point that it's suffocating?
    16 Family 16
  9. How to care for foliage plants?
    2 Homegarden 25
  10. Do you care what God thinks?
    29 Religion 10
  11. what does white protestant mean??
    8 Religion 47
  12. How well do you care about your pets?
    33 Pets 36
  13. How do you take care of rabbits?
    Please how do you take care of rabbits?
    2 Pets 29
  14. How did home health care start?
    How did home health care start?
    2 Health 279
  15. How do I take care of a baby robin?
    How do I take care of a baby robin?
    3 Pets 95
  16. Normal to not care if I die?
    is it normal if I dont care if I die???
    11 Health 105
  17. Why do people care so much about how they look?
    Why do people care so much about how they look?
    10 Style 147
  18. How to take care of a lip piercing?
    How to take care of a lip piercing?
    4 Style 180
  19. How do you take care of a baby robin?
    How do you take care of a baby robin?
    22 Pets 5615
  20. what is the hardest animal to take care of?
    6 Pets 261
  21. How to take care of my nose piercing?
    6 Style 53
  22. how to tell my sister i do not care with out pissning her off???
    2 Pets 28
  23. why do people care so much about maners?
    4 Education 16
  24. What would you do if your boyfriend cares more about his friends then you ?
    8 Relationships 111
  25. how can i take care of pink eye?
    4 Health 27
  26. What do I do to take care of my scraped knee?
    10 Health 101
  27. How to make others care about you ?
    I care about others and I deserve someone to care about me
    2 Relationships 14
  28. People should be more careful with the enviorment?
    Who else agrees that people should be more careful with the enviorment?
    9 Environment 48
  29. what do you do when no one cares?
    what do you do when it feels like no one in your family cares about you?
    2 Relationships 26
  30. Who is the richest between donald trump and bill gates?
    Who is the richest between donald trump and bill gates?
    4 Entertainment 47
  31. How to show someone I don't care when I do?
    how do I show someone that I don't care about them anymore but I really do
    5 Relationships 22
  32. How do you take care of a baby Capuchin Monkey
    How do you take care of a baby Capuchin Monkey
    4 Pets 79
  33. What do you do when you feel like no one cares about you?
    What do you do when you feel like no one cares about u?
    5 Health 172
  34. What if I don't know were is the nearest day care center???
    What if I don't know were is the nearest day care center???
    2 Money 37
  35. Do guys care about breast size?
    do guys care about breast size? what sizes are nice?
    20 Relationships 1584
  36. How do I take care of a robin egg?
    I have a robin egg and it is alive. How do I take care of it?
    4 Pets 350
  37. Do parents really care if their child votes or not?
    Do parents really care if their child votes or not?
    2 Family 14
  38. Why do your parents care so much about your room being clean?
    19 Family 120
  39. What is the best make up and skin care for Combination Skin?
    3 Style 13
  40. Are the Libyan and Egyptian protests still active?
    3 Religion 33
  41. How do you properly care for and manage Sugar Gliders?
    2 Pets 7
  42. Do guys care if girls shave down there?
    do guys like it if a girl shaves down there or not?? =S
    7 Style 249
  43. How to care for a pet capuchin monkey?
    What do pet capuchin monkeys eat?
    24 Pets 402
  44. how to take care of the bellyring hole after the infection is all out of it
    2 Style 28
  45. What's the best lip care you've used?
    8 Style 16
  46. Why Do I Not Care About Sex Whrn I Take Xanax?
    6 Sex 53
  47. What are easy eye care tips?
    What are the most popular eye care tips or habits that are easy to do?
    2 Style 40
  48. Corn plant care
    How do you care for the house plant commonly known as the corn plant?
    2 Homegarden 39
  49. get annoyed and no one cares about you how do you react
    How some times you get annoyed and no one cares about you how do you react
    3 Health 13
  50. What major should I be in college to be like Donald Trump?
    what major in college do I have to study to be like donald trump ?
    2 Education 21
  51. do girls care
    do girls really care about penis size or is that just a lie
    2 Relationships 66
  52. have you ever felt like your not inportant and no one cares
    have you ever felt like your not inportant and no one cares
    5 General 43
  53. How much does it cost to own a guinea pig and take care of it?
    7 Pets 65
  54. What is it called when people have an addiction to being in the hospital and being taken care of?
    7 Health 50
  55. What makes most men care less about small things?
    14 General 26
  56. Why does the government not have a better health care plan for the elderly?
    3 Health 24
  57. What's the best way to take care of bleached hair?
    3 Style 49
  58. Do we have to be extra careful when others are scared of a particular subject?
    2 Education 43
  59. Should the government run and control health care?
    Should the government run and control healthcare?
    7 Politics 21
  60. What are some flowers that are easy for children to grow and take care of on their own?
    7 Homegarden 10
  61. How to take care of a baby weasel?
    3 week old weasel. How do i take care of it?
    2 Pets 215
  62. How do I know that my girlfriend cares?
    how do I know my girlfriend cares for me? she never shows it by calling me or anything
    2 Relationships 50
  63. How expensive is dental care in Germany?
    Can someone give me information on the Dental care?
    2 Health 11
  64. How do I take care a new born parakeet?
    New born parakeet regected from mother how do I take care of the new born? What do I do?
    2 Pets 123
  65. Do girls care if your penis is hairy?
    Do girls care if your penis is hairy? Do they it shaved trimmed or bald?
    14 Relationships 10053
  66. what is respite care.?
    what is restpite care.. I need to know thanks=]
    2 Health 13
  67. What do you do when you just stop caring about your grades?
    What do you do when you just stop caring about your grades family friends gossip etc?
    3 Education 68
  68. Who is the girl that sings in Protest The Hero's "The Divine Suicide of K."?
    4 Music 56
  69. Are rabbits easy house pets to take care of?
    6 Pets 26
  70. What was the situation on the roast of Donald trump?
    He's never done comedy before....
    3 Entertainment 12
  71. How do you care for a capuchin monkey?
    what do capuchin monkeys eat and drink . and wo offten?
    3 Pets 98
  72. Why do people care to cum together?
    When people have intercourse, most of them try to cum together. Why is that so? What are the benefits from it?
    3 Relationships 41
  73. What are some things I need to know to take care of a baby girl?
    6 Babies 14
  74. why do we care bout time? whats time?
    why do we care bout time? whats time? can you make it an easy explanation please
    7 Science 111
  75. hows the best way to take care of yu industrial piercing ??
    hows the best way to take care of yu industrial piercing ??
    2 Style 64
  76. Do you all have people in your life that care about you?
    Do you all have people in your life that care about you? I know I have a bunch but, don't realize the love I have from certain people. How is that for all of you?
    3 General 24
  77. How to care for a baby?
    ok so my girlfreind just had our baby boy and we want to take it home and take care of it do you have any advice on how to take care of a baby?
    9 Babies 32
  78. Does taking care of a mouse differ from taking care of a hamster?
    Does taking care of a mouse differ from taking care of a hamster? Do you have to clean their cages out at least once a week, or do you have to do it more frequently with a mouse? Are they as easy to tame as a hamster? Basically is it easier in any way ...
    3 Pets 52
  79. Why doesnt anyone care about the welfare of animals?
    Thats my question, its just crazy!
    13 Pets 30
  80. Belly Piercing After Care
    will sea salt burn me if I use it to clean my piercing?
    2 Style 36
  81. what are the support for adults caring for a child with special needs?
    The adults support children with special need. so who supports the adults then.? what organisations and how.?
    23 Family 52
  82. Do guys care if a girl has acne?
    Would you (as a guy) think that a girl with acne is or could be attractive?
    5 Style 142
  83. How can I tell my parents how miserable I feel and how I feel like theycouldnt care lessabout me?
    7 Health 34
  84. What is Protest The Hero's recording studio called?
    Like the name of the place that records them.
    2 Music 15
  85. Beauty Care how to remove oil dots from my face?
    On my face have a oil dots. how to remove oil dots? From-Amila.
    2 Style 42
  86. Why do the people I'm supposed to care about the most annoy me so much and I just want them out of my life?
    4 Family 35
  87. Post natal care
    How are different foods introduced into infants diet
    2 Babies 16
  88. why don't you see much protesting in america nowadays compared to the 60's and 70's?
    3 Politics 14
  89. How do I take care of baby parakeets?
    my parakeet is nesting and I do have a male in the cage but if the eggs hatch then how do I take care of them?
    2 Pets 225
  90. Why are there protests at the Vancouver Olympics??
    I can understand why people were protesting over the Beijing Olympics but with these ones I'm not to sure.
    10 Sports 40
  91. Does Obama have a Health Care Solution?
    Has Obama proposed a specific solution to the Health Care Crisis? How does it stack up against the other candidates?
    3 Politics 26
  92. Can a 14-year-old get a job in health care?
    Is there a job that a 14 year old person can do with health care?
    2 Health 120
  93. how to take care of a salt water snail?
    what do they eat? do they drown ? can they be left under salt water?and in general how do we take care of them?
    2 Pets 65
  94. How do I take care of my cacti?
    How do I take care of my caccti. Do they need any special treatment. How often should I water them.
    2 Homegarden 12
  95. What are the reigning thoughts of a careful/ cautious person?
    What are the reigning thoughts of a careful/ cautious person? Or simply, if someone is careless, how can he/she be more careful?
    3 General 17
  96. What do guys really care about
    Do guys really care about all the make up girls put on or do they care about how short our shorts r? Guys what do you think ? Girls what do you think with your experiences?
    4 Relationships 38
  97. Who would you rather eat dinner with: Presidents Obama and Clinton or Romney and Trump?
    11 Food 25
  98. What website can answer your questions professionally about how to take care of African American hair?
    4 Style 16
  99. Why does he care so much about age?
    I like this boy but he thinks that im not old enough what should I do?
    5 Relationships 33
  100. How could my boyfriend of 2 & a half years care less about spending time with me?
    6 Relationships 41
  101. Where can I get a full copy of the health care reform bill/plan that Obama passed?
    2 Politics 21
  102. What skin care products are best to use to prevent spots or greasy looking skin?
    3 Style 21
  103. How to take care of baby Molly fish?
    I got a female molly fish that had 32 baby fish and I want to know how to take care of them?
    22 Pets 737
  104. How to care for mommy and her puppy's?
    my chihuahua just had her puppy's. I am new to this how do I take care of them and her is there anything special I need to do or get for them?
    4 Pets 29
  105. How to open a day care?
    Does any body know how to open a day care? To get a license do you need to pass any exams?
    2 Babies 11
  106. What are some quotes about not caring about him anymore?
    I need a quote or quotes that have something to do with not caring about him anymore...or soemthing relating to that. Ha I don't know =[ Thanks
    4 Literature 71
  107. does he even care??
    ughh im pregnant && he hasnt even called tOO check up on I over reactinq or is it that he just doesnt care??
    3 Relationships 33
  108. Is Nationalized health care included ?
    The Stimulus Package passed the Senate today - Is it true that nationalized health care is included ?
    5 Politics 8
  109. How does a home health care agency in michigan become medicai
    How does a home health care agency in michigan become medicaid and mecicare certifeid?
    2 Health 11
  110. Do doctors really care what happens to u?
    Are doctors nice 2 you in the hospital. Do they really care what happens to u? What is going through their minds?
    5 Health 48
  111. Do you think the next huge trumped crisis will be 'Inflation, Infla
    Do you think the next huge trumped crisis will be 'Inflation, Inflation' and a demand for price controls ?
    3 Politics 16
  112. how to take care of a salt water hermit crab?
    what do they eat? do they drown ? can they be left under salt water?and in general how do we take care of them?
    3 Health 49
  113. Overnight Animal Care Jobs
    Do anyone know where I can find some overnight animal care jobs? a website or something?? in NYC
    2 Money 26
  114. How do you take care of a 4 day old pitbull puppy
    How do you take care of a 4 day old pitbull puppy.can you please help me
    3 Pets 67
  115. Why don't guys care about their weight?
    How come guys do not care if someone makes fun of their weight and is not obsessed about weight like women are?
    13 Nutritionfitness 56
  116. How Do I Take Care Of A Newborn Baby Parakeet?
    How Do I Take Care Of A Newborn Baby Parakeet??? Please Help Me Two Of My Baby Parakeets Died I Need Help!!!
    2 Pets 187
  117. How to take care of a watermelon plant?
    I have a small water melon plant in my has just 4 or 5 I have to take care of the plant?
    2 Homegarden 201
  118. What do you think of this statement: Parents who are involved in online gaming give inadequate care to their children?
    6 Family 15
  119. Should i be careful kissing a guy with braces?
    I'm planning on kissing/makeout with a guy with braces. will it hurt or cut me? lmao.
    10 Relationships 19
  120. Who cares about the new zodiac sign named "Ophiuchus"?
    I know im upset about the change.
    14 General 17
  121. Who knows if chicks care if a guy is hairy?
    Do chicks actually care if a guy is hairy and I mean like chest,legs,ect
    4 Relationships 56
  122. can there be severe problems with your baby if you just start prenatal care at 8 to 9 weeks pregnant?
    5 Health 27
  123. My dog dont Know how to take care her puppies
    I have a pregnant dog, & this is her second time. How can I help her taking care of the puppies..
    2 Pets 64
  124. How can I find someone to hire me for child care?
    I just turned 14 and I can't seem to find somewhere that will hire me for child care. Can anyone help me?
    2 Money 23
  125. Hair care for teens with little product?
    When you're young (13) how do you take care of your hair when you dont take a lot of products?
    5 Style 22
  126. Do guys care what a vagina looks like?
    Like my lips are out not to big not to small and they arent tucked in
    3 Relationships 113
  127. What can I do if my baby's father doesn't help with caring for our child?
    Who out there has a baby and the father does not help you change diapers or feed or bathe the baby? What cAn I do?
    8 Relationships 56
  128. How can you tell if someone cares about you , without asking ?
    How can you tell if someone really cares about you without asking them ? What are some little things that they do to show you they care ? Im just curious as to how other people think of how people show that they care for you :)
    2 Relationships 260
  129. Why should I care what other people think?
    Why do we care so much what other people think? Isn't it our decision how we live and how we dress and act? And why do people care about how we do these things if it shouldn't matter to them? Why do we care about whats cool???
    9 Relationships 23
  130. How can I care for a 1-year-old child?
    how can care the 1 year old child? My brother has a 1 year old baby and want know about baby care things. so please tell me about it.
    5 Babies 33
  131. If you only had oral but you were really careful
    If you only had oral but you were really careful. And a week to 2 weeks later your nipples AREN'T sore. Does that mean you probably aren't pregnant?
    7 Sex 48
  132. Can I go to an Urgent Care to have a doctor prescribe birth control?
    I am wanting to get on birth control but I no longer have my own doctor that I go to. So am I able to go to an Urgent Care to get a presciption?
    7 Health 5856
  133. What's the best hair care products for bleached hair?
    I bleach my hair and i need some good hair care products to keep it healthy i don't bleach all of it just some.. Can anyone suggest some products ?
    4 Style 25
  134. Do people care if you get bed hair?
    does people care if you get bed hair? I mean you get it! it doesnt mean that you cant brush it out! it not like brush are fake!!! use them
    2 Style 18
  135. puppy care
    whe have a new puppy born 2 days ago , is it better for the puppy to stay with her mom or should whe take care of the puppy?
    4 Pets 23
  136. What do you think are the most important factors in successfully reversing traditional gender roles concerning child care?
    2 Babies 93
  137. How much should I charge to care for a 6year old?
    My sister-in-law wants me to babysit her 6year old for the summer. How much should I charge her?
    2 Money 21
  138. What can a 16 year old do if she doesn't want to attend college, but wants to still study child care?
    6 Education 32
  139. is it wrong, careing?
    is it wrong to care to much about people? it seems like when I care about people and what there going through(yes people on here) I freak em out... its never my intention. but when I act like I dont care, thats when they do...
    6 Relationships 12
  140. Bearded Dragon Care?
    How Do I Take Care Of A Bearded Dragon? Im Getting A Baby From My Friend Soon, And I Need Basic Instructions. Is It Like Taking Care Of An Iguana?
    9 Pets 74
  141. It seems like he doesn't care
    Why does it seem like my boyfriend doesnt care about me? he says he loves me but he keeps lying and breaking promises and he don't really care what I do. It bugs me.
    3 Relationships 34
  142. is sex better with guys you care more about
    is it true that sex is better with guys you care more about? I mean I have had sex with a few guys and the only guy I have ever finished with has been my most recent guy and I wanna know if that is because I am in love with him or if that is because he...
    4 Sex 32
  143. What is a good song to let someone know you care?
    I have a guy thats my best friend. I kinda like him. I want to know what a good song to let him know I care is.
    4 Music 458
  144. How do you care for a navel piercing?
    My cousin, who is 17 if you're wondering, just got her navel pierced by one of her friends, who is 19, but she doesn't know how to care for it.
    7 Style 36
  145. Where can I dropoff my 2 turtles I cant take care of?
    I have 2 miniture turtles for 14 years, I cant take care of them, so I just wanted to free them to a safe place
    5 Pets 276
  146. How to take care of a baby without your mom's support?
    Any advice on how to take care of a baby without your mom's support??? Cause when my mom find out I'm pregnant I'm getting put out!!!
    6 Babies 49
  147. Caring for pit after birth
    If my pitbull is still bleeding after delivering 9 pups in the last 7 hours can she still be delivering?
    2 Pets 38
  148. Why do guys only care about looks?
    I have a question for guyz..Why do you always fall for a girl's good looks like her ass or breasts?????
    4 Relationships 80
  149. Can the cops make a 16 year old return to home if they run away? as long as their being took care of?
    4 Family 145
  150. Why do people care about what Tiger Woods does?
    So much attention paid to Tiger, seems so disproportionate to what else is going on in the society...
    5 Sports 15
  151. How do you take care of oily skin?
    I was my face before school and take all the excess oil off, but by 3rd period, my face is shiny again. Any tips?
    10 Style 61
  152. clown frogs care
    I a'm hopefully getting a clwon tree frogs, that is if I can find any INFORMATION on these lettle fella's/
    2 Pets 32
  153. How to care for baby weasel?
    I have a pet weasel I dont know anyone else that has one is anyone out there got a pet weasel if so could you let me know
    2 Pets 102
  154. what's a cute nickname for a guy i still care about?
    he calls me "sweet cheeks" so i want to give him a cute name in return. :-/
    28 Relationships 109
  155. How come some people don't care about their education, preferring to just quit and stay home for the rest of their lives?
    depending on others?
    16 Education 22
  156. Need hair care advice?
    How can I increase the volume of my normal straight hair ?any home remedies?please help?
    2 Style 14
  157. Can a parent put a teenager into foster care?
    I mean if the parent doesnt want to take care of the child anymore and refuses to wouldnt foster care (or adoption) be better
    3 Family 51
  158. Hydrangea care
    What the best way to care for a hydragena plant to produce flowers. I have a small one for 2 years, but it gets no flowers. thank you,
    3 Homegarden 55
  159. I don't care about mii bday comeing up...
    mii and my bff are turning 17 a daii apart but we both dont feel like its our birthday like we really dont care why do we both feel like this??
    3 Entertainment 16
  160. How do you take care of a Hip piercing?
    How do you take care of a Hip piercing? I really want 1 but im scared! And what do people mean when they say "it can reject"?? What makes it reject??
    7 Style 125
  161. How to get into foster care?
    ok I want to livemy fsmily cause they dont treat me right and I really want to go away from them so I want to go to foster care
    5 Family 33
  162. Why can't I care about school?
    During School hours I try to care about school but i just cant. I sleep, I daydream, I even listen to music during class. Can someone please help me?
    10 Education 28
  163. I need a job to take care of my self
    I turn 15 teen tomorrow and I dont know where to get a job where can I work
    2 Money 13
  164. Who is the girl Protest The Hero has in some of there songs?
    She was in a few like Hair-Trigger, and The Divine Suicide Of K. Anyone know who she is?
    2 Music 10
  165. how do you take care of your skin
    what's the best way to keep your skin health and smooth? Also how do you get rid or acne and blackheads?
    3 Style 9
  166. What are some good ways to minimize large pores and take care of oily skin?
    Home remedies would be nice :)
    8 Style 16
  167. I care for people to much
    I care for people to much.. why does it seem like people take advantage of that? and why does it make it easier for them to pull away from me? does it make me a bad person? am I just not worth careing back for?
    4 Relationships 21
  168. How do you take care of hangnails properly?
    I have had a hang nail on my little toe as long as i can remember and it keeps coming back. Is there a way to take care of it to where it won't come back?
    5 Health 64
  169. How can I show this girl that I care for her?
    i known this girl for 10 yrs and i am really in love with her. but i moved away for 5 yrs and came back. so my question is what should i do or say to her to show her that i care about her and i will be here for her
    2 Relationships 22
  170. How can I find in patient care for depression in my area?
    I keep searching to find in patient care for depression in my area, and have so far only found one that is out of pocket only. I am having a hard time finding any online. Help?
    5 Health 19
  171. What should I pursue - teaching or animal care?
    I am considering becoming a secondary school math teacher but I am also considering animal care as I love animals and have many myself? I need help!
    6 Education 16
  172. What does it mean if someone says "candles burn if you're not careful'?
    Someone was talking about their beliefs, and someone commented that their positivity is a turn on. So, someone else said ''candles also burn if you're not careful''... what did they mean?
    2 General 39
  173. do guys care if a girl has a mole on her upper cheek or not?
    ok so I was just wondering do guys care if a girl has a mole on her upper cheek or not. like does it even matter to them or not. please answer truthfully also!
    6 Style 74
  174. Military care package?
    How long would it take a care package to get to Iraq from the U.S. and if I wanted it to get there before March 10th 2009 ,when would I need to send the package out?
    4 General 15
  175. How do I care for a rubber tree plant?
    How do I care for a rubber tree plant? We're considering getting one, and I'd love to get a handle on how to take care of one. The thing is, I'm not very good at taking care of plants. Any tips would be great.
    5 Homegarden 222
  176. New kitten care
    I have a new kitten, about four wks old. It is eating and peeing but has yet to poop and today is day two. is this normal?
    6 Pets 40
  177. shitzu care
    I have a shitzu puppie that smells I am told there are glands to clean in a shitzu is this true and will a pet groomer do the job or must I take it to a vet???
    4 Pets 52
  178. Would a judge grant custody to a "mom" that does drugs, or the grandparents that actually have a real job and have been basically caring for him since birth??
    4 Drugs 39
  179. How can I take care of my turtles??
    I bought new tortoises... I neeeddd help !! They're tiny, they live in water but can live outside aswell
    4 Pets 16
  180. Protestant or Catholic?
    Would you be Protestant or Catholic Roman? and with you answer explain why. For me I am Protestant (Orthodox Presbyterian) cause when I learned bout the things the Catholic Church did & the things it created that aren't in theBible...well that's why.
    10 Religion 41
  181. Who thinks that the aging Baby Boomers is going to affect health care?
    With so many people reaching the age where they require additional care, do you think it will cause health care access and quality to decline?
    6 Health 12
  182. How to take care of a miniature rose plant?
    I got a minature rose plant for Valentines Day from my boyfriend. I don't know how to take care of it, and I don't want it to die. Please help me?? :D
    3 Homegarden 18
  183. how do I take care of a ferret
    I want one really badly but I never really had one. which one do you prefer I get boy or girl and how do I take care of it how much do they cost please answer.
    3 Pets 41
  184. How to take care of long hair?
    I am 17 years old. How to get rid of hair fall? How do I get rid of dandruff? How do I get rid of split ends? And also give me some advices on how to take care of long hair.
    2 Style 39
  185. Taking care of a boston fern plant
    Yes, I just brought a boston fern plant. It was nice and full when I brought it,now the leaves are turning brown and the leaves are shedding a lot. Can you please tell me how to take care of this plant.
    2 Homegarden 55
  186. Why do people care about sexual orientation?
    I have on my page that im bisexual and some one commented saying that I was wrong and stupid. Why do people care so much its none of there buisness who people love.
    8 Sex 40
  187. After care for a bellyring
    Im thinking about getting it done before thrusday of next week and I want to know how do I take care of it and for how long do I have to stay on top of it..
    3 Style 11
  188. what do I need to care for a baby bird
    what supplies do I need to care for a baby lovebird? At what temperature do I need to have them,so they can be warm and not die? do I need to put a light to keep them warm or just with a cloth? PLEASE HELP ME!!! I need advice
    3 Pets 110
  189. What if I have a I dont care attitude?
    And its effecting me a lot Like I use to care about getting caught Or others peoples feelings Lately but now im just like yeah I dont care and I want to quit but I cant What do I do?
    4 General 45
  190. Between you and your partner, how is the labour of taking care of your children
    divided? Who brings them to school? Takes them to the doctor's? Pack lunches, make dinners? Bathes? Etc.
    2 Health 8
  191. How to convinece my perents that I can take care of a dog?
    I am 13 year old and I would really like a dog.But my perents think that I can't handle a one. What should I do?
    3 Family 25
  192. How do you take care of a home done tounge ring?
    how do you take care of a home done tounge piercing... io burned the needle and the tounge ring and iced my tounge and just did it... so now I was just looking for some tips on taking care of it... and like what have to do... like not eat cirtain thin...
    7 Style 37
  193. Is it okay to care for someone more than you care for yourself
    Because if it is I think I have found the right guy :] I mean when I don't talk to him I think about talking to him and when I talk 2 him I'm just like a kid in a candy store And when he's sad I'm sad/ I feel like we're the same person I feel like...
    6 Relationships 18
  194. How do you care for a baby robin?
    how do you take care of a baby robin? my g-pa found it this morning and we need help caring for it we are feeding it worms and some luke warm water. please help me help the baby bird
    15 Pets 270
  195. How to stop caring what people think?
    I have this problem where I always care what people think of me and all muy friends dont care. I want to get over that instead of not doin the things I love because im worried about my friends, what can I do to change that,??
    3 Relationships 9
  196. How to take care of myself while pregnant?
    hi friends im pregnant ,how shld i tk care of me,and i want beautiful child what should i eat,and my husband has green eyes and how shld i get green eye baby?
    2 Health 48
  197. How to take care/ Hide from parents?
    okay well I have a lip piercing and yeeah, so what do I do to take care of it. Because people are telling me each ways. AND I want to know how to hide it from my parents cause they dont know. and I dont want to keep takeing it in and out!. ???
    3 Family 27
  198. How do I take care of a baby Capuchin monkey?
    I am going to fetch her at the airport today and I'm very excited and worried at the same time. Is there anyone here that can give me information regarding the care of my baby monkey?
    5 Pets 149
  199. How to take care of watery eyes?
    i don't know why but my eyes have been really watery for no reason and it seriously looks like im crying but really im do you take care of this? thanks so much if you answered and if you didn't not so much :P
    2 Health 44
  200. Does any one here know the importance of caring for new born puppies?
    i already did alot of research, but when caring for new borns u can nvr be too safe, soo yeah can someone help
    4 Pets 26
  201. Do you think hed care bout sex?
    Lets say theres a girl and a guy, there in a relationship but the girls a virgin but the guys not, do you think hed care bout the first time they had sex, because like hed already had his first, so would it be just like any other sex to him, do you thi...
    2 Sex 30
  202. How to care for a tongue piercing?
    how do I clean my toung peircing correctly . I have had it for 4 days I have been using listerion about 6 times a day but I think that is just making it worse !!! What do I do???
    9 Style 273
  203. Movies are fake why do people care about the WWE
    oK... people always complane how the WWE is fake so they don't watch it...right...but movies are fake why do we all enjoy it??? So ya can you guys give me some answers??? thks...
    6 Entertainment 53
  204. Does God care if one temple has had more money spent on it than the one next door?
    Who is the real customer for a church full of opulent trappings and fashionable accessories?
    18 Religion 20
  205. What are some good ways to take care of my 4H rabbits?
    I want my 4H rabbits to place this year, really bad. How do I make sure my rabbits are perfect for judging time?!
    2 Pets 36
  206. How do I take good care of a leopard gecko?
    My brother and I just got a male leopard gecko and we have never had lizzards before and neither has anyone else in my family. Does anyone have any advice for us?!
    3 Pets 46
  207. friend wants me to take care of her child!!!
    I don't know what to do her new born kid is in the hospital right now and she wants me to move the kid in when he gets out... and I dun want to I know nothing about kids help?!
    4 Babies 116
  208. how much do guys care about girls bodies?
    do guys always want a girls body to be perfect? like, im skinny and have a pretty good body, but its not perfect by any guys care about this kind of thing, or am I trippen over nothing?
    2 Relationships 33
  209. Do we care for our "brothers and sisters" or do we blame God?
    Most people want to know why the world is like this? Most of them point the problem towards GOD, but I believe that if we are capable of loving and caring for our brothers and sisters, things will be fine but do we do that? If not, why?
    14 Religion 49
  210. Dog day care
    ok so im starting a dog day care type thing! I offer different services. so far I have dog walking, dog baths, and cleaning up dog waste. Any one have any other ideas
    2 Pets 31
  211. What's the difference between Catholics and Protestants?
    As a acatholic girl, I've been raised to keep my distance from the evangelical church, (protestants) but I dont get the differences, can anyone please help me get a clearer picture?
    11 Religion 104
  212. Are nose piercings relatively easy to take care of?
    And yes I realize everybody's bodies react to piercings differently. However, some piercings are better known for being hard to take care of, or easily rejected.
    5 Style 43
  213. How to care for new born abandon pit bull puppies.
    What is the best way to take care of new born a pit bull puppie who has been taken from its mother too soon? Please I need all the help you can give me thank you .
    3 Pets 83
  214. Who thinks Donald Trump can fix America if he were president?
    Considering the debt of the country, and Trump's obvious mind for money matters, do you think he can turn the country around and get it to a peak economy?
    14 Politics 56
  215. What do people care more about?
    How come people care like more about if you don't eat anything compared to if you eat tonss!!! Like do doctors care equally about if you are deathly thin and not healthy or a lot over weight and not healthy how come people think like not eating is so b...
    3 Health 11
  216. How can I leave foster care at the age of 17?
    I have been in foster care since about 15.can I leave at 17? I've already asked my case worker and she said not that shes aware of but I dont trust it. I need a reason y. Can I and how can I leave foster care at 17?
    2 Literature 51
  217. How can I convince everyone that I really dont care?
    I keep telling everybody that I give up on school and everything in life because I just do not care anymore. and I think life is stupid and pointless. but nobody gets it that I really dont care. and they keep calling me stupid and dumb.
    12 General 33
  218. FunAdvice Trivia: What was the name of Donaldson's cat that Beaver and Wally took care of (Leave it to Beaver)?
    A) Fluffy B) Whitey C) Puff Puff D) Lumpy
    4 Funadvice 10
  219. What should i do if i feel like my boyfriend doesn't care anymore?
    We're in a long distance relationship nd we barely speak anymore. I understand he's busy, but he doesn't make time for me.
    9 Relationships 54
  220. What is T-MOBILE's phone number for customer care?
    I know it's 611 on a cellphone but is it still 611 for house phone? (I can't use my cell to call because it's off and I need to call for a question & concerns)
    6 Technology 85
  221. How do I show my boyfriend I care about him?
    I'm 13 and in 8th grade and I have the most amazing boyfriend. I really like him. how do I show him I really care about him? b.c I do. I'm not ready to tell him I love him any other suggestions. what are good places to go on a date?
    2 Relationships 40
  222. Wrinkles good face or skin care suggestions?
    Hello beautiful people. Ok I'll keep this short. I wanna get my mum some wicked awesome face/skin care...any suggestions?
    3 Style 44
  223. Why do my boyfriend make me feel like he dont care about me ?
    Me and my boyfriend is not talking right now so he put in his away message I dont care about you or how you feel anymore . So I asked him he said he dont know how he feeling right now. Do he really care for me or no ? Btw we juss got back together
    2 Relationships 61
  224. How does the American health care system work?
    I am curious, how does the American Health care system work. Overhere we have private hospitals which are for people with medical aid (or as some would say health insurance) and then public hospitals which are for people who cannot afford health care, ...
    12 Politics 37
  225. Why do people protest funerals for soldiers?
    I was reading about shirley phelps-roper, the woman who apparently hates gays and protests them, but her and her followers also protest funerals held for soldiers killed in combat, I'm completely confused, what do they have against people killed in com...
    13 Politics 71
  226. How I gotta take care of little white poodle .. !!??
    I wanna give her natural food 'cause I heard that's better !!! How I gotta train her,how I gotta teach her things ... !!! Pls tell me !!!
    2 Pets 18
  227. Do guys care if girls have muscles?
    Ok, do guys like it if girls have large muscles in your legs, because I'm in a lot of sports and my calves are huge and same thing in my arms, I have a lot of muscles, so please tell me if guys have an opinion on muscles in a girl.
    5 Relationships 136
  228. How do you stop caring about stupid drama, and who to trust?
    Me and my friends always get into fights , and theres always drama. One of my friends just wants me to herself , but when I do go to her she ditches me for my other friend. Another one of my friends is always there for me but the friend that always dit...
    4 Relationships 42
  229. How do I not care what my Mom says
    Ok I am 53, my mom 83. But I still get like a child if she criticises something that I buy, or do. How do I not care. I say to myself "How dare she". I am not working now, I still live home. But I am not a mamas girl. Help
    2 Family 25
  230. How do I take care of guinea pig babies?
    im almost positive that shes pregnant I cant wait till the babies come but im concered about what am I suppose to do with them or how do I take care of them ? like can I hold them the next day or what ?
    2 Pets 31
  231. How do I care for a baby weasel?
    Hey my name is celeste and I found a young weasel this morning. Please help me to care for it. Let me know what you are finding out. Please I'd like too see this little guy live.
    5 Pets 428
  232. FunAdvice Poll: Do you think Egyptian protesters are acting within their legal rights?
    A) No - they should be arrested B) Yes - they should keep protesting until they win C) What are you talking about? Read about it:
    12 Religion 10
  233. How much would it cost to care for a special needs kid?
    Me and my girlfriend are thinking about adopting a child with special needs. I thought it would be good but then I remember a child would need medication and other things and I want it to fit into our budget. How much would it cost monthly to care for ...
    5 Babies 15
  234. does god care?
    Why is it that roman catholic churches put all of that expensive golden stuff in it. If god really cared about people he would want the money from that donated to third world countries and stuff. It seems to me that if god really cared about EVERYBOD...
    17 Religion 108
  235. Is it against the law for middle schoolers to protest?
    Would it be right if kids protested to get a teacher back there trying to cut are band teacher and know one wants to see her go i dont would it be against the law for middle school students to protest will we be in trouble
    2 Education 13
  236. How to take care of dry skin?
    I'm using Garnier pure. Will it helps me? And I'm using Lakme Strawberry. Tell me how to keep my skin good. My skin is dry also, I'm short tell me how to dress up and hair style.
    5 Style 18
  237. what do you think of Donald trump running for president?
    I dont know if he is republican or democrat. im with the democrat party but if he is republican i will vote for him, because is a smart guy and if he leads this country like he does with their companies, i think this country will be better what do you ...
    11 Politics 50
  238. Who can give me some help on how to care for a child with a fractured femur?
    The child I look after has fractured her femur. She is very small, I was wondering if anybody could give me some information that would help me care for her when I am with her, and anything that could speed up recovery time, and just any info that coul...
    2 Health 15
  239. What do you do when the one you care about smokes and does weed?
    shes 13. i hav no problem with weed(no interest in trying it tho) but cigarettes are very addictive and i care about her and dont want her to do something so potentially harmful ps she doesnt know how much I care about her yet
    26 Relationships 73
  240. I found a pregnant Doxen, and I don't know how to care for it prop
    Anything I should know in order to ensure a successful birth for these puppies and the mom? Do I need to keep our other 3 chihuahuas away from her? Do I need to do anything to get her prepared to have the puppies?
    2 Pets 22
  241. What do I in a fosterhome..I feel like noone cares? name is selena ray hambrick..I got seperated from sister..I've been in an hospitle for cutting issues...I hate my life...what should I do?
    2 Family 16
  242. Does the girl care about penis size?
    my erection is 6 1/2 around there but my normal pen#s size is way smaller like 2-3in does that really matter to a girl scence all they see is the boner what should I do
    7 Relationships 197
  243. Should the government be doing more for those who care for family members suffering from dementia?
    It's been shown that an increase of depression and rage accompany people who are caring for a loved one with a psychological disorder. Are there enough resources to help these people or does the government need to offer more aid?
    2 Health 20
  244. Tips on how to take care of a child who is energetic?
    Please give some tips on how to take care of a child who is energetic but easily catches colds and even coughs. How could this be permanently eliminated or really be minimized? Id like him to grow up healthy and fit.
    4 Babies 57
  245. why doesn't he care??
    I am bisexual and I have a boyfriend.. he says he cares about me and doesnt want me being with anyone else but him! so why does he tell me he doesnt care if I makeout or go out with girls when I am going out with him?? just because it is a girl he does...
    2 Sex 42
  246. How to care for a new Mom and her puppies?
    2 Pets 50
  247. Would people be willing to try Korean Skin Care, make up and or hair care?
    I love korean make up hair care and skin care. I would like to know if people from all over the world would be willing to try korean make up skin care and or hair care. As if the interest is high enough I would like to create an online store. I ...
    2 Style 10
  248. Theres a video of a girl name neda getting shot for protesting...
    did anybody hear of the girl name NeDa she was shot on camera for protesting in israel or iraq I cant remember and now the call her the voice of protesters because she was never heard but said a lot with her actions or sumthin like that if so does anyb...
    5 Politics 16
  249. Is it normal to suddenly care about what I wear and how I look?
    See I have always been that girl how wore anything and didnt care. I never wores scerts I hated them But now I love scirt I want to ware them all the time I love colthes and care about what I ware how I look and now im going to pirs parrtys . Is it nor...
    4 Style 16
  250. do you think people care about other people.
    do you think people care about other people sometimes im not sure about that including myself because I have helped people and when they got what they want they turn their back on you thats why I feel more dissapointed every day have you ever felt lik...
    6 General 10