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  1. Should I be a doctor
    4 Money 30
  2. How can I thank my doctor?
    How can I thank my doctor?
    2 Health 50
  3. How can I find a doctor?
    How can I find a doctor?
    2 Health 33
  4. doctors do you hate them?
    doctors do you hate them?
    6 Health 49
  5. How to thank a doctor?
    How to thank a doctor?
    4 Health 16
  6. What does a naturopathic doctor do?
    3 Health 44
  7. How do I negotiate prices with my doctor?
    How do I negotiate prices with my doctor?
    2 Health 11
  8. What to wear shadowing doctor?
    What to wear shadowing doctor?
    2 Health 56
  9. How can I get information about my doctor?
    How can I get information about my doctor?
    2 Health 33
  10. How can know they are medical doctor?
    How can know they are medical doctor?
    2 Health 10
  11. Why do doctors wear masks?
    Why do doctors wear masks?
    4 Health 40
  12. How do doctors remove the prostate?
    How do doctors remove the prostate?
    3 Health 55
  13. how hard is it to become a doctor?
    5 Health 49
  14. which is better, doctors or lawyers/judges?
    9 Money 24
  15. What do you do while you are waiting in a doctors office?
    27 Health 24
  16. What would happen If a doctor suddenly had a heart attack while doing surgery, would the other doctors work on the doctor or the patient?
    8 Health 57
  17. Should you see a doctor when you start your period?
    Should you see a doctor when you start your period?
    3 Health 71
  18. Do you have any friends or family who is doctor??
    Do you have any family or friends who is doctor?? And how it like ??
    4 Family 57
  19. Who is the best doctor to see about hemorrids?
    Who is the best doctor to see about hemorrids?
    2 Health 9
  20. How doctors are fighting infectious diseases?
    How doctors are fighting infectious diseases?
    2 Health 13
  21. Can a doctor tell if you're a virgin?
    can a doctor tell if your a virgin or not??
    4 Health 487
  22. How doctors obtain sperm sample?
    How doctors obtain sperm sample?
    2 Health 171
  23. becoming doctor
    can you become a doctor if you are aquarius?? thank you!!
    4 Education 11
  24. Can I ask any doctor for an std test?
    Can I ask any doctor for an std test?
    4 Health 56
  25. Why are they not making any more Doctor Who adventure games?
    2 Gaming 4
  26. Do doctors know more about medicine than nutrition?
    7 Health 52
  27. what do you think the outcome of this doctors appointment will be?
    2 Health 15
  28. if you're aquarius can you become a doctor??
    if you're aquarius can you become a doctor??thanks.
    4 Education 18
  29. Is anyone here a doctor?
    is anyone hear a doctor or something of some sorts?!!
    2 Health 16
  30. Doctor Appointments..
    I am 16. Can I make doctor appointments by myself?
    3 Health 9
  31. What do Doctors usually prescribe for people with insomnia?
    6 Health 52
  32. How can you find out if you have brain tumors before going to the doctor's?
    3 Health 16
  33. can a doctor tell if you have anal sex? or anal play?
    5 Sex 929
  34. what can the doctors do if my husband doesn't think he is fertile?
    9 Health 96
  35. Why do most female doctors keep their maiden name?
    5 General 151
  36. What doctor can give ultrasounds and deliver a baby?
    2 Health 41
  37. If you go to the doctor can they tell if you've had intercourse?
    If you go to the doctor can they tell whether or not if you had intercourse?
    3 Relationships 37
  38. How many fields are there for doctors
    I need to know how manyfields are there for doctors and what are they
    2 Money 73
  39. How do I cite 1 author who is a doctor for a book in apa?
    How do I cite 1 author who is a doctor for a book in apa?
    2 Literature 256
  40. Which is better, being a doctor or a nurse?
    Which do you think is the best , to be a medical doctor or to be a nurse?
    3 Money 35
  41. Can I have a doctor put contacts in my eyes?
    I'm too scared to do it myself.
    6 Health 64
  42. when you go to the doctor for a pelvic exam do they drug test??
    2 Drugs 23
  43. How can I load my "Doctor Who" series 6 DVDs on my laptop?
    4 Technology 28
  44. How much would an anaesthesiologist make with their doctorate degree?
    5 Money 17
  45. What type of doctor do you see after you find out you're pregnant?
    2 Health 24
  46. How do you know if your wrist is sprained besides going to a doctor?
    5 Health 202
  47. When a doctor asks about being sexually active, does fingering count?
    3 Sex 233
  48. Isn't it a bit dodgy that doctors call what they do 'practice'?
    Why do they call it that?
    2 General 15
  49. Where can I take my brother for a drug test besides his doctor?
    3 Drugs 50
  50. Safe ways to remove moles without going to the doctor?
    Are there any safe ways to remove moles without going to the doctor?
    3 Health 46
  51. Doctor and get checked can they tell if your not a virgin?
    If you go to yhe doctor and get checked can they tell if your not a virgin??
    5 Health 257
  52. How does the Doctor know if you're having sex?
    2 Sex 75
  53. what should i do the doctor said i shouldnt play football anymore should i listen or not?
    8 Sports 24
  54. What are some good ways to cure a cold without going to a doctors?
    12 Health 43
  55. What does it mean if a doctor tells a woman her testonsterone levels are to high?
    8 Health 20
  56. Who do you complain to if a doctor isn't treating a patient the way the patient is supposed to be treated?
    7 Health 18
  57. What's the best thing I can put on a burn (that I don't need to go to a doctor for)?
    8 Health 74
  58. What would you do if your doctor tells you he thinks he may have messed you up when he did surgery?
    11 Health 14
  59. Does anyone here watch Doctor Who?
    I'm just wondering because its a good show.
    5 Entertainment 8
  60. Can a doctor prescribe E-cigarettes to you so you can quit smoking?
    4 Health 37
  61. Is it safe to pop your ears on your own, or should you go to the doctor to get it done?
    9 Health 32
  62. How can I ask my doctor I think I can't get pregnant without getting a lecture?
    13 Health 18
  63. What is a website where you can chat online with a doctor for FREE?
    8 Technology 12
    7 Health 10
  65. When during your pregnancy were the doctors first able to feel the top of your uterus?
    2 Health 26
  66. What to do if I have an STD and can't go to a Doctor?
    if I hv std what should I do?I cant go to doctor..please tell what should I do..
    4 Health 49
  67. How to tell how many months along without a doctor?
    how can women tell how many monthes they are without going to the doctor???
    7 Health 13
  68. Do you have to pay to see the doctor where you live?
    Do you have to pay to see the doctor,hospital or dentist where you live,I live in Wales and is free here
    10 Money 18
  69. How old to go to the doctors?
    How old do I have to be to go to the doctors on my own? And would they pescribe me the pill? Thanks x
    4 Money 35
  70. A list of the types of Doctors?
    I want to be a doctor but I don't know what type. Can someone think of a list of type of doctors and what they do? please and thank you!
    14 Money 497
  71. What can a person do if they have a black dot in their heart but they already went to the doctor?
    what else you can do about it???
    6 Health 22
  72. What school is the best one to go to become a Pediatrician(a baby doctor)?
    5 Education 28
  73. Who makes more money: a vet, a business owner, a doctor, or a journalist?
    7 Money 45
  74. Can eight year olds watch Doctor Who?
    I'm asking for my cousins.
    6 Babies 24
  75. How to know if my virgin blood still exists or not without going to the doctor?
    7 Health 336
  76. Who knows if the doctor will put me to sleep when i get my wisdom teeth taken out?
    22 Health 52
  77. Should I see a doctor for my hiccups; I get them about 7 to 8 times a day?
    11 Health 61
  78. Why did they release the song "I need a doctor" for download now instead of when they made the video?
    3 Music 6
  79. Doctor able to tell if she was pregnant from her blood test?
    If a pregnant women had a blood test, would the doctor be able to tell if she was pregnant just from her blood results?
    6 Health 89
  80. Doctors reaction to positive weed drug test?
    how do doctors react to being postive on a drug test for weed/tree
    4 Drugs 45
  81. How can I become a Doctor?
    Hello, I am 13 years old and I want to become a doctor, what do I have to study to get there?.
    3 Education 46
  82. Doctor said not to give water to my son
    The doctor said not to give water to my son.hes 1 month and 1/2.why is that?
    7 Babies 26
  83. Why do doctors leave the room when you change?
    Why do doctors leave the room when you change? They're going to see you naked anyway.
    7 Health 59
  84. How can your family doctor check if your a virgin?
    Is that ture can your doctor check if your a virgin or not? Someone told me that the doctor can check if you are, no matter if your a boy or girl.
    4 Health 223
  85. Does a doctor have to confirm that one has been diagnosed with depression or can a person know themselves when they get the symptoms?
    7 Health 42
  86. How long should you be depressed before thinking pills, like Zoloft that the doctor prescribed, are the answer?
    17 Health 27
  87. who is a good doctor for teenage bipolar disorder in the vista or oceanside ca area?
    2 Health 22
  88. Can take my brother to his doctor to see if he's taking drugs?
    if so, what is the test called and can it tell what drugs hes on??
    2 Drugs 10
  89. Can doctors do anything to help you lose weight?
    if you know of something please comment below
    12 Nutritionfitness 33
  90. Why would a doctor prescribe birth control pills that warn against use while breastfeeding if you are breastfeeding?
    2 Health 26
  91. Can doctors tell if a baby is going to be mentally and/or physically disabled before it is born?
    10 Health 78
  92. When I talk to my doctor about wanting to be put on birth control, will he need to check anything?
    8 Health 63
  93. Why does my doctor listen to my stomach?
    When I go for an abdominal examination he puts a stethoscope to my tummy.Why is this?
    2 Health 266
  94. when you lose your virginity,can your doctor know?
    im a young teen and I want to know if I lose my virginity can my doctor find out by looking?
    12 Health 679
  95. When a doctor asks about being sexually active...
    I was wondering, when a doctor asks you if you are secually active, does masterbation or getting fingered count?
    2 Sex 159
  96. Is it okay to lie to my doctor about having my period?
    I haven't had it in 2 and a half months but I tell my doctor I have it every month
    3 Health 70
  97. Do doctors really care what happens to u?
    Are doctors nice 2 you in the hospital. Do they really care what happens to u? What is going through their minds?
    5 Health 48
  98. Why is it awkward when I go to the doctor's?
    When i go to the doctors and they have to check my down there area, it creeps me out and i feel super uncomftorable. likee what do i do!?
    9 Health 48
  99. When should I go to the doctor for a pregnancy test?
    2 Health 76
  100. don't want to waste doctors time
    lump under armpit if it goes away I don't need to see a doctor?
    3 Health 23
  101. name a doctor
    whats the name of the type od doctor that curesd diseases like diabetes and arthritis?
    2 Health 30
  102. when to go to the doctor
    how long after I miss my period should I wait to go get a pregnancy test done by a doctor?
    3 Health 29
  103. When doctors take blood to look for a certain sickness like mono
    When doctors take blood to look for a certain sickness like mono, can they look for other things like drugs?
    5 Health 59
  104. A doctors excuse or face suspension?
    I dont have a doctors note I never made it to the doctor..I went home and slept it off now I face suspension!!! What should I do?
    5 Education 19
  105. Exposed cuts at the Doctors
    I'm going to the doctor and I think my cuts will be revealed please help im going today.
    4 Health 26
  106. Whats happening to the doctor?!
    Doctor who. In the christmas series, is it true that they're getting rid of the current doctor?? I love him, though... :(
    2 Entertainment 22
  107. What can you get your doctorate in besides medicine
    What can you get your doctorate in besides medicine.I have been looking all over the place for a list ...can you guys please help.
    3 Education 7
  108. Do doctors fall in love with their patients?
    i have a feeling my doctor is in love with my friend? she's 18 and he's like twice as old as she is..
    13 Relationships 566
  109. How to get rid of small annoying bumps on upper arms and shoulders without a doctor?
    4 Health 34
  110. How long should I wait before I go to the doctor about my periods?
    How many months should I wait betwen my periods till I go to the docto.
    5 Health 67
  111. Doctors appt.
    If you go to the doctors, do they care if your not at the "regular weight" I am 5'6 92. Do they only care about if your sick or whatever?
    10 Health 38
  112. Can a doctor tell?
    Look my friend masturbates and his parents don't accept it and he has to get a phisical for football so can a doctor tell if hes masturbated???
    6 Sex 29
  113. when the doctor says u have segmatism whats does he mean?
    i went to check my eyes lol
    4 Health 305
  114. How well can I trust a doctor?
    I am under 18 and I want to talk to my doctor about some things that I dont want my mom to know about. Will the doctor say anything if I dont want her to ?
    2 Health 19
  115. Can you buy birth control without going to the doctor
    Can you buy birthcontrol without going to the doctor first or having your mom find out ? And where would you buy some ?
    4 Health 259
  116. Can doctors see if you had cancer cells in your bloodstream even if they took the blood for a different cause?
    4 Health 12
  117. What.. If you strain your knee, should you go to a doctor? My mom says it is strained, but I think it is sprained or something..?
    4 Health 29
  118. why do doctors say if u lose weight quickly you will gain it back ,, and what do they exactly mean?
    4 Nutritionfitness 41
  119. Can I go to the doctor and get a pill that will help me sleep without a doctor's prescription?
    If so what would it be called? And can I get it off the shelf from there or would I have to go up to the big desk? C: Information you may need to know is that I am 15 and I live in sa.
    11 Health 25
  120. Is it true some religions don't believe in going to the doctors?
    Is it true some religions don't believe in going to the doctors? I'm talking about if you come down with an illness. I hear some religions believe in self healing and don't go to the doctors. I was just wondering if that's true or not.
    7 Religion 581
  121. Can I go to an Urgent Care to have a doctor prescribe birth control?
    I am wanting to get on birth control but I no longer have my own doctor that I go to. So am I able to go to an Urgent Care to get a presciption?
    7 Health 5857
  122. Can a doctor tell if you smoked before a surgery
    I am having a breast reduction done and my doctor told me not to smoke for atleast a month prior. Will they be able to tell if I have?
    3 Health 15
  123. get tested for STDs can I just go to my doctor
    If I don't want my parents to know I want to get tested for STDs can I just go to my doctor myself and ask.? And does anyone know how much it cost.?
    3 Health 39
  124. Doctor giving an infant Albuteral for a cough and congestion?
    Have you ever heard of a doctor giving an infant albuteral for a cough and congestion? She was wheezing... the albuteral helped with that, but will it help with the cough and congestion as well? ANy advice?
    8 Babies 49
  125. Do I need to see a Doctor for possible pregnancy?
    I am 24 and trying to get pregnant. Do I have to see a doctor for him/her to tell me what wrong?
    3 Health 46
  126. What is it like to go to the girl doctor?
    what do they do.? like is it wierd.? I don't know what to expect? papsmere? what kind of questions do they ask!!!
    2 Health 31
  127. Shots at doctor
    Do hpv and tetana shots hurt I have to get them because I never got them when I was little. Im terrified!!!
    6 Health 32
  128. Why do diabetics have to get medical forms filled out by their doctors and send them in to the D.M.V. to get their drivers license renewed?
    3 Health 16
  129. Do you have to get colored contacts (just for looks) from an eye doctor?
    Do they sell them at any department stores, or any stores at all? I just wants some blue contacts, only for looks.
    17 Shopping 86
  130. How do you take off a tattoo without going to the doctor?
    Well I got this tattoo and I dont want it anymore so how do you take it off without going to the docters???
    6 Style 78
  131. Any doctor , here ? please read
    Constipation , and blurred vision , I feel like there something stuck in my throat ??
    3 Health 26
  132. Urine samples at the Doctor
    You know how when you go to the doctors office they have to take a urine sample? Well if you are having your period when you go, will wearing a tampon prevent blood from going into the sample?
    5 Health 211
  133. What is the room where doctors prep and wash their hands before they operate called?
    Like on Grey's Anatomy where they wash their hands and put on gloves? What is that called?
    3 General 13
  134. Is it normal when a girl gets a physical for the doctor to pinch the vagina in certain areas? mine did and I see no point in it.
    4 Health 95
  135. What --- can I go to the doctors without my mum?
    My sister is 12 and wondering can my sister go to the doctors on her own?? About something I dont want her to know im worrying aboout?
    3 Nutritionfitness 24
  136. Scared of what the doctor will say..
    I've had three positive HPTs and Im going to the doctor in a little bit but Im terrified that they will say Im not pregnant.
    4 Health 9
  137. URGENT:Should I See A Doctor?
    Ok,When I get Mad I Want to commit suicide.And usually have thoughts of it.Should I see a doc.?
    5 Health 14
  138. When do doctors generally start checking you for dilation and signs of labor when you're pregnant?
    I cant remember when they started checking last time i was pregnant.
    2 Health 43
  139. Should I be worried if my doctor told me I probably won't live a day past 2 years if I keep stressing?
    what would you do? :/
    12 Health 25
  140. Without going to the doctors and taking any tests
    I get depressed a lot. It hurts really bad. My family and friends don't understand. How can I see if I have depression without going to the doctors and taking any tests?
    2 Health 39
  141. Can a doctor know if a woman already had sex?
    Hey I want to know if doctors can do that, or it depends on how many times that the woman did that thingy just wondering?? I hope you can help me Thanks
    5 Sex 56
  142. Would my dentist or doctor tell my mom im bulimic if i asked them about it?
    I'm 13 and i was wondering if i told my doctor or dentist if they would be forsed to tell my mom or is there some type of confidentiality?
    4 Health 40
  143. How - will I need this to be a doctor?
    If I become a children's doctor could I become one from core science alone + alevels blaablaablaaa, or would I need to take additional science as a gcse too?
    2 Education 13
  144. Why do doctors say its okay to give a child Melatonin if it has been known to cause vivid and, my personal experience, very weird dreams while taking them?
    5 Health 17
  145. How will a doctor treat genital warts?
    I got genital warts off my ex, I told my current boyfriend and am going to the docs on wednesday, just wondering what to expect...
    22 Health 32
  146. When a girl goes to the obgyn for the first time to get on birth control to help with menstrual problems does the doctor actually look "down there"?
    11 Health 67
  147. Can you learn to use color contacts without seeing a doctor?
    like learning to put them in and take them out myself? will I poke my eye lol. thanks:)
    2 Style 8
  148. what is a doctor or nurse called who help pregant women?
    I want to know what they do and what they are called. you the people who either help watch and just help after they are delivered and also who deal with pregant women.
    2 Health 157
  149. What would doctors do about Bipolar?
    I'm taking my friend to the doctors, with no adults/parents. we both agree that she suffers with bipolar.. She even harms herself all the time. What will the doctors do? Is it a good idea? Please help.
    4 Health 21
  150. Mba for doctor??
    Whats your opinion about a doctor going for mba?? Is it right for him to leave the "noble profession" after years of training for the sake of money?? Or is it ok?? Being a doctor is so pathetic these days..
    3 Money 18
  151. Doctor-to-be (maybee)
    what are some of the best medical schools in the counry? where should I get my bachelor's of science? I reeealy want to be a doctor, but I don't know where I should go to college. What should I specialize in?
    2 Education 13
  152. Should my friend get this tattoo if she wants to be a doctor?
    So I'm asking this for a friend. She wants to get a tattoo of a star on her wrist, she just doesn't know how that would go over if she becomes a doctor. Do you guys/girls have any advice on what she should do?
    5 Money 20
  153. Will the doctor know that I take drugs and smoke?
    I want to go see the doctor to see if anything is wrong with me but im scared if I do because I take drugs and do cigs but do you think I will get caught
    5 Drugs 52
  154. How do Doctors know if you're depressed?
    When you tell your doctor you think you are depressed, how do they decide weather it is true or not, and how do they decide what medicine is best for you to take, Like, what kind of tests are done?
    3 Health 33
  155. Doctors and Confidentiality.
    Is everything you tell a doctor or a gynecologist supposed to stay confidential.. Like if you tell them you've had sex or if they discover your pregnant...Can they go back and tell your parents?
    4 Sex 16
  156. Can I get birth control pills from another doctor?
    I have never used birth ctrl pills and am scared of going to my family doc... is there anyway I can see other doctor and get my prescription
    2 Health 22
  157. should i goo see a doctor?
    my chest will undermy chest really hurts whnever i standup, walk areou, and im always outta breath.
    12 Health 26
  158. doctors.
    does anyone know if there is any way that I could go to the doctors without my mom knowing, because if I tell her she wont believe that I think somethings wrong with me and then I would get in trouble.
    5 Nutritionfitness 31
  159. Doctor Who?
    Which Doctor Who actor/character is your favourite scince the show started. I didn't watch it until the one with Rose. But my fave is David Tennant playing the current one. Opinions please.
    4 Entertainment 10
  160. My job can force me to work even if I have a note from the doctor
    I have a note from the doctor saying that I can no go to work yet until next month and maybe the doctor will extend me for one more month but I dont know if my job can force me to work or not any answer is welcome thank you.
    3 Money 41
  161. Can the doctor tell my girlfriend's Mom we've done it?
    My girlfriend's mom wants her to get a pap smear. Her mom said she was going to ask the doctor if my g/f has had sex. How accurately can a doctor tell. What exactly are they looking at. Her mom can't know we've had it.
    5 Sex 76
  162. Would a doctor normally prescribe adderall to a pregnant woman?
    Were trying to sift through some lies a friend has been telling. I though that adderall was not safe to take through a pregnancy.
    3 Health 20
  163. Court for doctor
    I went for a scan and my doctor uesd a machine (without asking if I was a virgin or not)wyhich got me thinking of taking the case to court as I think he was neglegient.any encouraging advices?
    16 Health 95
  164. can doctors find out your not a virgin from urine samples?
    to do with sex + I am scared that my mum will fund out + I have been to the doctors + its not a water infection so we had to take it to the hospital + I find otu the results on wednesday I am kinda scared :l
    8 Sex 5331
  165. Do I have to tell my fiance' about doctor visits?
    I am suppose to be going to the doctor 2ma! Does me parent have to take me or kan one of my friends over 18 over with me? Im not telling my faince' until we straighten things out is that ok?
    6 Health 37
  166. how can doctor say whether your hymen is broken and you r not virgin?
    I have not got my periods for last 3 months and my boyfriend does fingering once a week if I go to a doctor with my mother will she say that my hymen is broken because m not virgin
    3 Health 1358
  167. Is it ethical for a doctor to request payment up front?
    Would you say that if your doctor was asking for an upfront "deposit" before a surgery is commiting an unethical act? Should he have waited for my insurance to pay first and after the surgery?
    5 Health 20
  168. How can a doctor know if you've had sex?
    How many ways is there for a female doctor to find out you have had sex??? Cause I really want to have sex but I just got on this birth control for my periods and like I go to see her and she examines me sometimes but like how many ways is there for a ...
    2 Sex 86
  169. where is the doctor code.
    Where is the doctor code when they commit to help and cure people because when somebody goes to see a doctor they dont ask what is your pain or how you feel instead they ask what is your insurance what kind of bloody cold doctor ask that right ,any an...
    3 Health 16
  170. FunAdvice Trivia: Who played the Black Guardian on DOCTOR WHO?
    A) Cyril Luckham B) Steve Gallager C) Nicholas Courtney D) Valentine Dyall
    5 Funadvice 4
  171. How many times do you have to have tonsillitis before the doctor takes them out?
    Every time I get sick it's my tonsils... and that is like 3-4 times a year. I am sick of being sick with them... Is there like a set number per year that you need to be sick with them to have them removed?
    5 Health 92
  172. How soon will the doctors tell me how many babies?
    I have recently went thru a procedure where 6 eggs that I know of could all have been fertilized. Six at one time concerns me how soon will the doctors be able to tell me just how many babies I will have
    2 Health 14
  173. Don't want to go to the doctor!!
    How to get rid of fluid on the knee without going to a doctor?! My knee got stepped on last week in Rugby and has been colecting fluid. I would like to know how to get rid of it without going to a doctor. I can't stand going to a doctor and basically h...
    2 Health 19
  174. Why does the doctor feel my tummy at an exam?
    When I went in for a sore throat she had me lie down and lift up my shirt so she could listen to my belly. Then she pressed all around my tummy. Why did she feel my tummy when it didn't hurt? (I just had a sore throat and congestion)
    4 Health 133
  175. Is it normal to laugh at the Doctors?
    Ok when I go to the doctor's and I need a shot I start crackin up when the needle's in my arm and giving me anythingi need I like die's funny to me it doesnt is that normal?
    8 Health 26
  176. Should I go back to my doctor about not starting my period?
    I have not started my period yet and I am worried sick... my friends have all started and I dont know why I havnt... my doctor sed anyday now but that was like 2yrs ago...should I go back or just wait..please help
    6 Health 49
  177. Will the Doctor know how I got the bladder infection?
    I got a bladder infection from having sex. I haven't told anyone yet but it hurts REALLY REALLY bad!!! I'm only 14 and my dad isn't supposed to know I had sex. If I go to the doctor will they have any way of knowing that I got the infection from sex?
    10 Sex 45
  178. Should I go to the doctor?
    I'm a 17 year old girl, 18 in December and I haven't hit puberty yet. I don't even fit into a 28a bra, and I definitely haven't had my period yet. Should I go see the doctor about this?
    3 Health 61
  179. How can I see a Doctor without my parents knowing?
    I have a bump on my labia, I dont even know what that means to be quite honest but its a lump on the lips, close to the vagina. I know I have to goto a doctor to see what it is, but we have a family doctor and I dont want to tell my mom. How do you do ...
    3 Health 119
  180. what do the doctors do to treat yeast infection?
    I just wondered how it is treated because I read someone elses question to the symptoms and I burn too. but I dnor if it was because it was my first time being fingered or because I have the infection, please help :) thankyouu x
    2 Health 51
  181. How do I explain my infant brother's sickness to the doctor?
    ok he has a fever but also something in his throat that's provoking him to gag..its like if something is stuck in his throat..what is it called? is it that green thingy..sorry i can't be any clear/
    2 Health 32
  182. Should I go to the doctor?
    I pretty much never get sick. And on the rare occaion that I do, I usually get better within a day or two. But I've been sick for over a week now, do you think I should go get antibiotics or something?
    2 Health 15
  183. How / can my eye doctor give me colored contacts ?
    I'm going to an anime convention in July , I'm cosplaying as Sheik from The Legend Of Zelda . He has red eyes , so I'm going to need colored contacts , if I ask my eye doctor , can he give me a pair to wear for 1 day ?
    4 Style 50
  184. Should I see a doctor?
    My boyfriend of 9 mouths have been pleasuring each other and lately its getting pretty rough watch I done mind at all but yesturday he did it really hard and there is now a lump down there I dont know if it just showlen or if I need to see a doctor wha...
    2 Health 117
  185. Should I see a doctor about my mirena iud?
    I got the mirena iud on the 8th of this month and ever since I've been feelin bad..I have headaches,back pains, nausea and I cant seem to control my this normal?should I see my doctor?
    3 Health 47
  186. How will doctors determine if i need anti-depressant pills?
    I have a apointment with a doctor on thursday because my family think i siffer with depression,i know i do sometimes.but i dont know what to expect when i get thair and i want to be a little prepared.but i dont know how they will determine if i need an...
    2 Health 43
  187. Do I have to have the doctor look at me down there?
    if I'm younger than 18, do I have to take the oral exam, like the doctor looks down there, can I just say im uncomfortalbe w/ it, and they wont do it?? I have to go get a phyical in a couple months... thanks for your help
    4 Sex 40
  188. Is there a doctor I can see for this?
    Hi lately I have been feeling really weird, I have this really bad feeling that something really bad is goinon with my health. I have no idea what but this feeling is driving me crazy! I havnt really been eating properly lately and im really worried! I...
    6 Health 12
  189. why doctors wont diognose if I have diabetes ?
    well I keep going to the doctor asking why I keep blacking out and fainting and I still get no answer we try to get me test but all my doctor tells my mom..."they have no certian test for diabetes"... im getting sick of always feeling like im gunna pas...
    2 Health 17
  190. Can Doctors restore your hymen?
    well im almost 17 and I've lost my virginity to my x boyfriend & im wondering is there anyways I can get my hymen back? I've heard its possible but im not sure..
    2 Health 25
  191. Going to the doctor (2 questions)
    Ok. So you know how when you go to the doctor for a check-up, they ask you a bunch of questions and one of them is "are you sexually active?" 1. If you only have sex one time do you have to say yes or can you say no? 2. If you have had sex a bunch of ...
    5 Sex 9
  192. Doctor's assistant.
    How long will it take to become a doctor's assistant? I wonderr because my life is like planned, and I have to get married at 20, so I want to get a education, but before having kids I want to become something! so how long would it take.. 4 years bache...
    2 Education 44
  193. go to doctor without parents knowing
    ok I have a question. I am 19 and want to know if there is any way to go to the doctor to get checked if I'm pregnant, if I am under my parents insurance. I'm still covered under them because I am a full time student, but I really really don't want the...
    2 Health 79
  194. Does my Doctor have to tell my mom?
    I might be pregnant, and I have an appointment coming up with a doctor for a 'check up.' I'm 17 years old. 18 in june. I'm gunna have my mom wait in the waiting room for me. When I tell the doc that I think that I'm preg, he/she will test me, ...
    7 Health 36
  195. Are you "surprised" to learn that doctors often lie to their patients?
    I'm sure we've all been in a situation where we've doubted our doctor's diagnosis or advice, but it would appear that many doctors do, in fact, lie. Does this surprise you, or does it simply verify your previous opinion about doctors telling the tr...
    10 Health 31
  196. Your perfect doctor who and asistant?
    Random:I know the next doctor who has been picked and everythin but who would be your dream doctor who, who do ya think is right for the role, and who would there assistant be??? Not sure bout mine? *-) I'll buzzz off naw, haha xxx (sooo bored)
    2 Entertainment 17
  197. Is it normal for a doctor to get the gender wrong of a baby?
    I went to the doctors this morning and said I was pregnant with a boy and a girl instead of two girls. im happy because I wanted both but I thought I was having two girls. is this normal that the sex of one of the babies changed im 5 months pregnant.?
    2 Sex 91
  198. How do i get rid of a cough after going to the doctors and the meds do not work?
    I've been to my doctor 2 times got rid of the flu but still have my cough .. thr medicine isn't working or something so I need to find something to help me at home... Anyone know how 2 help me?
    4 Health 33
  199. Should I go to the doctor for this?
    I recently noticed that my front left ribs are slightly out of place, and I have also viewed that I am able to bring my ribs in and out like a door, but my front right ribs are completely standard...should I go to the doctos for this? I have no pain, b...
    2 Health 13
  200. Should I go to the doctor?
    I'm 15 years old and I started my period when I was 12. My period is super irregular. I haven't had my period for almost 5 months and it still hasn't regulated. I've told my mom if I should go to the doctor and be put on birth control pills to regulate...
    2 Health 17
  201. How can I talk to my doctor about putting me on the pill ?
    Well,me and my boyfriend have been together for over a year,and we are not ready to have sex yet but I would rather be already on it and be on the safe side! My doctor has brought it up before, and the three shots that I have to have before ,but I HAT...
    3 Sex 38
  202. Should I be a dancer, doctor or actress?
    I Have To Choose My Options In Less Than A Month ..! I kNow What I want to Do But I Cant Decide Between Thress Things..! I Could Go To A Performing College And Do Dancing.! I Could Go To The Same PLace And Do Acting! Or I Could Be A Doctor..! Ple...
    10 Education 63
  203. how can i see my doctor quicker than having to wait 3 weeks?
    is it possible? because my backaches are really unbareable but his receptionist said he was fully booked for the next 3 or so weeks.should i just deal with it untill someone cancels there appointment or the next appointment is avaliable?
    10 Health 17
  204. I went to the doctor and they measured me!
    Um, To those of you who read my first question you know "is it me or all they all midgets?" something like that. I mentioned I was 5'7, but I went to the doctor and It said I was 5'5. I find that strange. Well my stepfather measured me and I was 5'7 (t...
    2 Health 22
  205. how do i get rid off insomnia?i went to the doctor,he gave me pills,i used them,then i found that i dnt sleep timely but when i sleep like in the morning or
    noon,it is of a long session :P so i stopped them.then again i went to doctor and again pills and again same thing 3times.any other way of having a sound and punctual sleep rather than using sleeping pills and going to the doctors?
    3 Health 19
  206. Should I use the Monistat 3 before seeing a doctor?
    I was just wondering. Youh see I got this thing called monistat 3 because I feel I may have a yeast infection. Well the only symptom I have now is smelly discharge but before I had all the symptoms but they all went away without using anything for it. ...
    2 Health 119
  207. Embarrassed to go to the doctor
    im 14 and I smell like fish,and its really embarrassing. I honestly don't want to go to the doctor because of what my mom might think of me(and yea that may sound stupid, but you don't know how my mom is) any help would be greatly appreciated!! please ...
    8 Health 136
  208. Can you get an abortion at your local doctors?
    Can you get an abortion at your local doctors? and would they do it straight away do yuu recon ? or make a different day for you to go ? my mate needs to know as shes in loads of trouble with her parents already? .. helpfull answers will be good ...
    6 Health 17
  209. I Need The Love Doctor!
    I have had larger guys then my present boyfriend and it feels good but sometimes I get kinda bored during the deed.What can I do to enhance the feeling? Any suggestions on positions? And another thing- What are some enticing games that we can play befo...
    4 Relationships 27
  210. Is it better to go to a regular high school or a technical school if you want to become a doctor?
    Well I have been accepted to a technical highschool but I'm not sure if I should go to my highschool because the tech has no AP classes and I don't know if the academics or the experience will get me farther in college.
    11 Education 15
  211. Is it necessary to go to the doctor for a broken toe?
    This morning I opened a door and the door brought up my pinky toe and bent it backwards. I felt a pop when this happened. It's really swollen and it hurts, but I'm not sure if it's actually broken or not. Do I need to go to the doctor, or should I rest...
    4 Health 59
  212. Do I need to see a doctor for bleeding after being fingered?
    so this guy came over and he fingered me with 4.. he tells me everything is ok but i just want to make sure. he fingered me with four fingers, really deep. i am bleeding and i am swollen now.. it has been an hour after and i still feel pain down there....
    2 Health 532
  213. Should I talk to my doctor about being depressed?
    I have been really depressed lately over the lost of my dog and I kind of use food as my comfort..I eat huge bowls when im not hungry and every time I think about her I just keep eatin and eating until I cant take it any more you think I should...
    3 Health 29
  214. Should I go back to the Doctor,or wait it out?
    I was at the doctor a little over a week ago,and I found out I had Pneumonia.He gave me a Z-pack,and I got a lot better,but not 100%. Im still coughing a bit,and coughing up a lot of phlem.Im also having bad diarreah [[yeah,I know,its gross]] lately. ...
    3 Health 31
  215. Get the pill from my doctor again?
    I live in the UK. Before Christmas 08, I went to the doctors to get the contraceptive pill, Microgynon 30. She said I was okay to take it and gave me a perscription. The next day my mum got it for me. I've ran out of my packets now. Do I need to ...
    2 Health 10
  216. Does my doctor think I'm pregnant?
    So I think I'm pregnant and I went to my doctors today and he was like "lay down so I can feel your stomach and then we will talk about birth control methods for you" so I layed down and such then he gave me a sheet to get tested tomorrow. He didnt sa...
    5 Health 41
  217. Who thinks I should I go to the doctors?
    Im 16 years old, and I seem to get rashes on my legs and other places (boobs, inner thighs) that last a long time they have no texture but are very noticible, and one of my legs seems to get these numbing/cramping sensation that last for sometimes hour...
    2 Health 12
  218. Can the doctor find out if I have lost my virginity?
    I am 13 & here in a few days I got 2 get a papsmear so I can get birth control... So my question is can the doctor find out if I have lost my virginity? I really dont want my mom 2 find out, she would never 4give me or stop b***hing at me 4 it... So an...
    7 Health 181
  219. How can I go to the doctor's without my mom knowing?
    I want to make an appointment at my pediatrician and I'm 13 without my mom knowing about it and I have to find a way to get there without her knowing. Does anyone know if the doctors would call my mom and tell her or anything like that. Or do you know ...
    15 Health 59
  220. Should I see a doctor about my period?
    My period, for the past like 5 or 6 months has been lasting 8-10 days, consistently. It comes every month though at the same time. It just lasts way too long. Is this like a medical problem that I should go to the doctor about or is it really just noth...
    5 Health 49
  221. Why do doctors overprescribe nowdays?
    It seems like every single person is on a least one long term prescriptiion medicine, i get the use of most of them, but like little kids who have psychiatric drug pharmacies? That just seems like overkill and worse for the patient than helpful.
    10 Health 28
  222. when you are tested for a urinary tract infection can a doctor find out if you are pregnant?
    I am almost positive that i have one via sexual intercourse, but i took the morning after pill. Could they find traces of the morning after pill i my urine? could they find that i am pregnant? my parents dont know that i am sexually active. help please.
    4 Sex 93
  223. How can I go to the doctor after a sexual encounter?
    I'm 15, and I was talking to a 19 year old. He said he would never hurt me and i believed him. We had unprotected sex and he has gay features if you ask me. After we had sex, I never heard from him again. I don't want to tell my mom so know. I'm lost a...
    5 Sex 24
  224. Should doctors have the right to determine whether or not a person is a candidate for Euthanasia?
    A rather hypothetical question, considering euthanasia is not currently legalized, but with talks back on about whether or not to legalize it, do you think doctors should have the final say? With their knowledge of the ailments a person has, would they...
    9 Politics 44
  225. should i use this medicine the doctor gave me?
    The doctor told me to take Symbicort ( which is a inhaler) 4 times a day, but i'm not sure if i want to use it cause it can increase the risk of a asthma related death, ( which would be a sucky way to die). So i don't think i want to risk my health or...
    10 Health 37
  226. Doctors would the visit be confidential if I'm 16 in the uk?
    I've recently harmed and have started to hit ma pillow in anger and I've been depressed my friend today asked me if I had been to the doctors and I sed no and she sed why I and I said because it would be on my history and then my mum would find out and...
    3 Health 22
  227. Should I mention smoking marijuana to my doctor?
    I hafta go to the doctor soon,because im looking to get birth control. I know that when you get birth contorl,one of the things they ask you is if you smoke,because it guess that can affect which birth control they give you. I dont smoke cigarettes,b...
    12 Health 161
  228. What can I tell my dad so he goes to the doctor to get a regular check up?
    My dad needs to go get checked, he has not gone to the doctor since I was born, meaby years before that, I want fot my dad to be healthy and stuff but he wont go to the doctor. He sais no men is going to touch him because that makes him "homosexual" Wh...
    5 Sex 41
  229. My period is very irregular, should I see a doctor?
    I started my period in the summer of 2006 I think when I was 13. Now it is summer of 2009 and they still are VERY irregular. Like sometimes I wont have one for 4 months. I am nearly 16 btw. Is this normal should I go get some advice from the doctours?...
    3 Health 55
  230. what does it mean when your doctor tells you your pregnancy test is negative so far and the medicine he prescribes you wont hurt the baby?
    My friend said it could be i have high hormones and im pregnant but it was too early to fully see it. idont know how true that is though
    2 Health 16
  231. How expensive to see a doctor about contraceptive pills?
    I am under sixteen and understand I can see a GP or woman's health care professional / sex care professional about a subscription to the contraceptive pill (usually under 50 dollars a month?) but how much does the actual appointment to ask for the subs...
    2 Sex 20
  232. Should doctors be allowed to deny care to patients who owe a cancellation fee?
    Recently, a 90 year old Winnipeg cancer patient was refused treatment because she failed to pay a fine for canceling a previous appointment the week before. The woman hadn't received a bill from the doctor's office but was told she had to pay $120 befo...
    6 Health 51
  233. What would you do to help your child if the doctor said they were anemic?
    My younger son had a very poor diet previously but after the doctor said he was anemic, we've been more successful in getting him to eat veggies, foods high in iron, etc. He eats broccoli, steak, shrimp...other than making sure he eats better and takes...
    11 Babies 28
  234. Who thinks that doctors shouldnt tell teens that if they lose weight they will be beautiful?
    I seriously lost 40 lbs, went to the doctor and first thing she tells me is i need to lose 30 more to be pretty, she didnt acknowledge the weight i had lost, and the only reasons she gave me to lose more weight werent for health concerns. I mean i can ...
    8 Health 15
  235. How to become a doctor?
    I want to pursue a career in medicine. Like the doctors that do check-ups and such. & I would like to open my own medical center one day. I am 16. I have a 3.0-4.0 GPA but in my upcoming junior year, I will make it a goal to maintain a 4.0 throughout m...
    3 Money 46
  236. Should I be a doctor or a nurse?
    Well I'm thinking when I go to college I want to study for being a doctor. But I'd like to follow my family's things to my sister. I look up to he because she is very kind and caring and doesn't do anything bad. She is going to be a nurse and I thought...
    3 Money 118
  237. Help me!!! A question for doctors, dancers, or anyone!
    Ok, I am an adolescent ballerina. My mom doesn't know the first thing about ballet. She knows I love it and that is it. Does anyone know where I can find a website or a book to help her understand adolescent ballerinas? Also, any information as to help...
    2 Nutritionfitness 14
  238. Should I talk to my doctor about seeing a phychologist?
    I've had alot of bad and sad things in my life and i tend to keep all the memories and feeling pent up and not talk about them but here recently i've been taking out my anger on people without meaning to and i've lost friends over it. I can be super h...
    3 Health 22
  239. O you think I have a chance of being a nurse or doctor?
    Well when I'm older I might be a children's/teenager's nurse. Im in set 2 (grades c for most things, & g&f for maths but will be learning c stuff soon. Level high 4s and low 5s) do you think I have a chance of being a nurse or doctor??? *im in year 9 atm*
    3 Education 42
  240. What could a Canadian minor do about a doctor's appointment?
    I am a Canadian (Therefore, I have free medicare), and I am confused about the system. I am also a minor, 16. I want to set up a doctor's appointment, something routine, I'm very concerned about my health, and though my parents are perfectly fine peopl...
    2 Health 17
  241. Should i feel bad for cussing at a doctor?
    I broke my ankle, and while she was stuffing my leg into a walking cast it was the worst pain i have ever felt. I had to yell and scream it was horible. I actually made her cry, but isnt that her job to be able to take anything, and i didnt mean it rea...
    5 Health 7
  242. What damage can be done if you dislocate your wrist and don't go to the doctor straight away?
    Its been 2 weeks since I dislocated my wrist nd whenever I use it, it's painful on the scale of 7/10 sometimes 9/10. I need help going to A&E soon but I wana know if anyone knows the possibilities of the damage I've caused.
    3 Health 27
  243. Doctor Patient Confidentiality for Minors (17yrs Old)
    Okay. So if you are on the Depo Provera and you need to get the prescription renewed you need to take a pregnancy test, incase you got pregnant while you were on the birth control. Well if you are pregnant and 17 years old (in Georgia) would they tell ...
    3 Health 56
  244. find out if I'm depressed without going to a doctor
    How can I find out if I'm depressed without going to a doctor or telling my parents? I just don't want to tell them if I'm really not. Every time I tell them somethings wrong with me my mom is like awww poor baby! you want me to take you to the hospita...
    8 Health 50
  245. Should I bring my baby to the doctor?
    Hi, my name is Jennifer, and I have a four month old baby. Three days ago he has been throwing up almost everything I have been feeding him, milk and baby food, he also has a fever and is very red. I have been giving him two crushed up aspirin in his m...
    6 Babies 53
  246. Writing things down on paper when going to the doctor?
    I'm going to the doctors soon. It'll be my second visit as on the first one he said that I might have depression. On the first I was nervous and didn't say most of the things I wanted to. I thought about noting down everything and bringing the note in ...
    4 Health 21
  247. Physical (should I tell my doctor?)
    ok so when you get a physical, your doctor asks whoever is with you to leave the room so he can talk alone with you. he asks you if you have used any drugs or alcohol. what will he say if my answer is yes to either of those questions? because I drink...
    6 Health 52
  248. Do I need to go see a doctor?
    What do you call this? I have hadaches about everyday now I shake and sometimes I lose my balance(I don't do crap like drugs and alchol and I do eat) and I feel like fainting I feel tired all the time at school even tough I Sleep twice a day! And emo...
    7 Health 14
  249. Where do you go to have a circumcision if you are in your 20s?
    I know a doctor but what kind of doctor? Which is better a girl or a male doctor?
    5 Health 57
  250. Should I see a doctor for my Bulimia?
    I am 15 and have had bulimia for the 5 monthes. I tried to quit it and was only successful for 3 weeks. I have relapsed for the last 2 weeks and last night told my boyfriend. He was angry and we talked it out and I'm going to quit bulimia for good. But...
    2 Health 51