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  1. Divorce I don't know what to do?
    I don't know what to do
    4 Relationships 37
  2. Can I file for divorce online?
    Can I file for divorce online?
    5 Technology 17
  3. How do I get my parents divorced?
    9 Family 36
  4. Is it normal for a divorce to be so stressful?
    Is it normal for a divorce to be so stressfull
    9 Family 23
  5. lil wayne why did he get divorce?
    why did he get divorce?
    2 Music 34
  6. What's the Bible say about marriage and divorce?
    What does the bible says about marriage and divorce?
    20 Religion 129
  7. What did you do when your parents divorced?
    what did you do when your parents divorced and who did you chose to live with ?
    4 Family 25
  8. How do you get divorced on Skyrim for Xbox 360?
    9 Gaming 78
  9. Should I force a child into counseling?
    Is it good to force a child into counseling if they really don't want it?
    8 Babies 799
  10. Which religion doesnt believe in divorce?
    Which country of people has the religion that doesnt believe in divorce ?
    6 Religion 182
  11. why some divorced young men love to marry virgins?
    4 Relationships 27
  12. Can I move to another state with my children after a divorce
    Can I move to another state with my children after a divorce in new york state?
    2 Babies 16
  13. How can I stop a bad divorce about me?
    It's about my mom and dad getting a divorce because of me. How can I stop it from happeing.
    5 Family 25
  14. Divorcing my wife- need reasons
    What criteria should I consider when thinking about divorcing my wife?
    3 Relationships 37
  15. What is the age in Virginia where a child can refuse visitation with a divorced parent?
    3 General 69
  16. Does anyone know of any online counseling sites that don't use chat?
    4 Health 9
  17. How do you go about 'divorcing' your parents?
    (terminating their rights as a parent to you)? Is it possible in the UK?
    11 Family 21
  18. How can I be sure if I have borderline disorder without talking to a counseler of some sort?
    3 Health 11
  19. jon & kate gosselin divorce.
    is it true that jon & kate gosselin are going to get a divorce or something ?
    8 Entertainment 40
  20. How much do counselling sessions cost?
    what is the cost of an average counsellor??? generally how long are sessions???
    6 Health 15
  21. What kind of college classes would you take to become a counseling psych?
    10 Education 38
  22. What if an illegal immigrant became a US citizen by marriage, what would happen if they divorced?
    7 Politics 18
  23. Is there a such thing as getting a divorce from your parent?
    My friend just told me that and I was just weirding because i never heard that before.
    3 Family 11
  24. Is it wrong for me to feel frustrated at my parents for dragging me into the middle of their very heated and contentious divorce?
    8 Family 51
  25. Can you go to counseling to work on self esteem/confidence or is it just for things like depression and other problems like that?
    6 Health 13
  26. Why do most divorces occur in January?
    Why does january have the most number of divorces in a year? Is it mere coincidence or has it got a real reason?
    2 Relationships 11
  27. Friend's parents are getting a divorce, what to say?
    What do you say to a friend whos parents are goiin thru a divorce & its really affecting them
    5 Family 3191
  28. Divorced Parents
    Have any of your parents gotten a divorce when you were younger and since then you have never seen your real father or mother?
    8 Family 17
  29. Counseling how to ask???
    hello, I finally realize that I need counseling. how do I ask my mom?? without saying im hurting myself again and I need counseling...???
    5 Health 34
  30. How do you manage divorced parents?
    How do you manage divorced parents? My parents have been divorced for 6 months now. I can't stand it! It gets harder and harder! My mom's already dating again.
    4 Family 29
  31. How do I ask my mom to take me to counselling without her questioning me?
    How do I ask my mom to take me to counselling without her questioning me and saying no because its like a stupid reason or something like that
    4 Health 28
  32. How much would a contested divorce be when all u have to fight over is a child and the other parent doesn't have a lawyer?
    7 Family 13
  33. Is it legal to voice record your counseling sessions?
    Do you have to ask the therapist for permissioon or can you just turn on the voice recorder from your phone?
    9 Politics 10
  34. How do I cheer up friend whose parents are getting divorced.
    What if my friends parents are getting a divorce and shes having a really hard time dealing with it..?what should I do to cheer her up?
    8 Family 6838
  35. How can I divorce my sister?
    How can I divorce my sister? I know people have divorced their parents before. I just want to remove and ties that I have with her. She is nothing more to me now than someone I don't like. Thanks Oliver
    14 Family 175
  36. longer jails terms vs counseling classes.
    what do you think would be better give to the criminals a longer jail term or give them counseling and classes meanwhile they are in jail what do you think.
    5 Education 37
  37. is it true that 50% of all 1st marriges, 67& of 2nd marriages and 74% of all 3rd marriages end in divorce?
    12 Relationships 37
  38. When parents divorce, do they think about the kids much?
    Or are they like, "Aw, they'll get over it sooner or later"?
    8 Family 20
  39. What can I tell my 16 year old cousin who just told me my aunt and uncle are getting a divorce?
    ..What can i say to comfort her?
    8 Family 42
  40. How do you stop your divorced parents from fighting (read more)?
    ... and how do you deel with your dad expecting more out of you when your best isnt good enough???
    4 Family 36
  41. Rules for divorce cases by catholic churches?
    Can anyone let me know wht are the rules for divorce cases by catholic churches. Do they grant divorce if both partners are willing ? I heard they dont ? How long before they do finally grant the divorce?
    3 Religion 25
  42. How can I help my dad through this divorce?
    I am always crying but not around him, because I don't want to end up seeing him cry... If he wasen't upset I would be fine with the divorce. How can I comfort my dad during this??? =(
    2 Family 19
  43. Can a four-year-old child choose who he wants to live with when their parents get divorced or it is decided by the court?
    17 Babies 51
  44. What do I do to get this divorce final?
    I have been seperated from my husband for two years this august. he filed the divorce papers. I was supposed to just sign them. we have been doing this for two years. I have filed against him. he wont give me the divorce. what is up with this. ...
    2 Relationships 29
  45. How can I help my friend get through her parents' divorce?
    My friends parents are getting divorced and my friend is taking it pretty hard. What should I say to her to make her feel better? Please give me some advice.
    5 Family 106
  46. If your dad divorces your mum and marries a man, is the new man your stepdad?
    I was just wondering, so if your mum and dad slipt up and your dads turned gay then he gets married to a man, does the man he married become your step dad? My dads not gay I just was wondering
    7 Family 60
  47. Can someone suggest some good free counselling by e-mail services?
    A cousin of mine needs it. Please help if you happen to have any info. :)
    2 Health 5
  48. Did Britney divorce K-Fed?
    My buddy told me that Spears dumped K-Fed and I was here so I figured I would ask. Did they break up or did she divorce him? K-Fed was kind of a joke but I thought that they had two kids?
    5 Entertainment 44
  49. My 'mate' becca, todaii, shouted out I need to see a counseller
    Ok, so apparently I need to see a counseller but anyway, my 'mate' becca, todaii, shouted out infront of the whole of my history class that I need to see a counseller and I was going to kill myself! How can I get revenge? I am sooo angry with her!
    2 Relationships 29
  50. Divorce from my parents!?!?!
    Im 15 I want a divorce from my parents I live in northern ireland can anyone help me and tell me where I can get it done and how I can do it like the money afterwords??? Any advice and they laws and stuff
    6 Family 27
  51. Divorcing your parents??
    My mom and I have a lot of problems and it seems that our relationship gets worse by the day. I've heard you can "divorce" your parents. Is that true and if so how do you go about doing so. I'm only 15 and I live in Columbus Ohio
    5 Family 44
  52. How to feel about my parents' divorce?
    My parents are getting a divorce... my father is a big idiot.He's mean, obnoxious and horrible. All he does is mess with computers.He slams doors and yells at my mom. I wish he'd shut up and get lost.
    4 Family 22
  53. Would you cry if your parents were divorcing?
    I am 13, and my parent's are getting a divorce. I CANT STAND IT!! their always fighting and makeing me feel like crap. my mom says it's my fault. I cried about it the other day at school and people made fun of me for crying. would you cry if your par...
    9 Family 44
  54. What do you think of Katie Holmes divorcing Tom Cruise?
    I think she was not happy with him, and this guy with this scientology thing,never let her do many movies. Now she is free to continue with her acting carreer and make more movies What do you think?.
    11 Entertainment 7
  55. divorce arangements
    my mother and my dad got a divorce last year. well my mom wants me and my brother to stay with her through the week and with my dad on the weekend. my question is how would you tell your father that without making him mad?
    4 Family 11
  56. counselling
    my friend really wants me to get some counselling, I"ve been cutting and other crap and I'm only getting worse. but I really don't want to. anyway, how much would it cost to see an average counsellor??? please help. xx thanx
    5 Health 11
  57. How Can I Divorce my Little Sister?
    I too have heard about divorcing a parent, but I just want to divorce my little sister. We have nothing in common and can not for the life of us get along. I think she just hates me because I had a baby and she is no longer the little girl. However she...
    16 Family 195
  58. Counseling?
    I was cutting myself and apperently one of my friends saw the cuts and told the counselor. He called my mom and now my parents know. my dad wants me to do counseling but I don't want to. Did anyone ever do counseling?? does it help? I really don't wann...
    7 Health 30
  59. what do i do with my ring now that im divorced?
    i was thinking about trying that gold exchange thing it's a 10k gold band with diamonds in it. would a pawn shop take it for a good price? or what is the best option to go about this and i am aloud to sell it now that im divorced now,right?
    5 Shopping 25
  60. Why is the divorce rate of Americans so high?
    Its proven that 1 out of 2 marriages in the united states will end up in divorce thats just insane to me. Is it just that during our times people take the word of god so lightly =/. Some feedback would be greatly appreciated.
    5 Relationships 17
  61. Drug and alcohol counseling
    I was just looking through courses to take in college for September - there was only one that really jumped out at me which was 'Drug and alcohol counseling'. I think I would really enjoy this course because there are so many drug/alcohol addicts in th...
    3 Drugs 18
  62. My parents are getting a divorce again
    Omfg... My parents won't stop changing their mind. My mom has moved out and moved back in a so many times. They are pissing me off, and they don;t give a fuc* about me. If they did they would stop putting me and my bro through this. everyweek they get...
    3 Family 53
  63. Parents divorcing
    My parents are on the verge of getting a divorce.. Basically my dad's selfish and was never there for me when I was growing up and isn't there for my brother.. He's an alcoholic and he lies to my mom all the time.. It doesn't feel real yet and I need a...
    9 Family 25
  64. Has there been a US president before who divorced his wife?
    My US history skills aren't all that great, and I just realized: have we had a president before who divorced his wife? If not, then McCain would be the first, right? Sorry, I just remembered: Reagan was the first president to have divorced his wife. H...
    12 Politics 650
  65. Might get a divorce
    today I might get my adivorce and I dont know how I feel, becoz I married him for love and now he is treatin me real bad its like we dont know each other anymore, and my heart keeps jumpin, oh people please tell me what to do?
    3 Relationships 15
  66. How can I find an English divorced wife for my Dad?
    My dad he gotten a divorced with my mom.We want an english divorced mom/wife.The reason we wany an ENGLISH woman is because we have english in usand want an english woman.My brother said 30-40 years.My dad want me to find one for him. So what site woul...
    5 Family 17
  67. My mom and dad want to put me back in counseling
    What can I do to try to get my parents to not get me to counseling again I tried that and it was a very long story!! But after my favorite teacher dragged me out of counseling because she didn't think I needed counseling I had a really good attitude an...
    6 Family 62
  68. My parents are getting a divorce
    well, I've nevered thought this would happen to me... but my mom was caught having an affair, and now my dad wants a divorce.. the thing is, my mom refuses to accept it... My dad left the house and he wants me and my sisters... my mom... goes crazy an...
    3 Family 28
  69. How do I stop my mom and dad from getting a divorce.
    My mom and dad fight a lot and last night my dad said he was leaving but I talked him into staying . I know that the next fight will probably be worse and I dont want my parents to be seperated. I love them both but I need them together. How do I stop ...
    10 Family 225
  70. Why do so many people in America get counselling?
    Ok, first off, I’m not trying to suggest any kind of weakness in anyone, so please don’t take offence to this genuine question. Why do so many people in America get counselling? I get the impression from the media (films, internet etc) that most...
    8 Health 60
  71. How can a teacher who has been divorced over 5 times give an assignment asking us to write a 3-5 page paper on the true meaning of love?
    Is There Even A Right Or Wrong Answer? Ugh I Hate School...But At This Point Who Doesn't?
    11 Education 24
  72. Do you think it is bad luck to still hold on to an engagement ring if you are divorced & your ex never paid for it in the first place?
    I took it off after I found out he was cheating on me, but put it away in my jewelery box. Everyone seems to think it is bad luck to keep it as well as my wedding ring...what do you think?
    10 General 64
  73. How do I get my parents to send me to counselling for depression?
    I have been cutting for more than a year now and I've tried to stop many times. I've been depressed for more than a year also. I've told them I was depressed and they did nothing. I told them I wanted to talk to a psychiatrist and they didn't do anythi...
    7 Family 51
  74. What if I'm worried about my parents getting divorced?
    I think my parents are getting divorced , my mom was driving me home , and suddenly she asked me " honey , how would you feel if me and daddy got a divorce ? " and I told her " I would be ok with it , and I know it wouldn't be my fault " but the truth ...
    8 Family 63
  75. Is the divorce my fault if I'm the kid
    My parents are getting a my other post about my family and that will help you understand why but basically I'm a little bit abused or so people tell me and I'm not happy at home and my parents are getting a divorce now and are blaming me...
    3 Family 46
  76. Will they get a divorce?
    ok so hi im sarah I have asked some questions before but this one is the most importhan so here is the thing my parents are going through some realy rough patches like there always fighting and arguing about food expences and money and work and are ...
    7 Family 28
  77. How to handle a possibility of divorce?
    ok...ugh (sigh) ok so lately me and my husband have been argueing a lot it hurts me really bad but I know it can be because of me and my insecurities towards him he has done things in the past and I just cant seem to trust him is that wrong of me? I...
    3 Relationships 29
  78. Does your school have peer mediation and how does it work?
    I have been granted a skill of being able to solve conflicts, quickly, with no shouting or punishment involved. I want to carry my skills to my community, and school. This is why I want to start a peer mediation program, where certain students are trai...
    3 Sex 44
  79. How to get my parents to allow me to have counseling?
    I k now I need counselling for depression. I've been told so by proffessionals. but my parents just said that going to see the professional was a waste of time. I know I cant see a professional outside school because my dad works too late to take me, b...
    4 Health 35
  80. Why do I need counseling just because my friend died?
    Okay, so my best friend died 6 months ago at the age of 13... and only a couple of weeks ago did my mother take me to the doctors against my will. My doctor and mother both agree that I need counseling, but since that visit I've been working on it. I r...
    4 Health 15
  81. How can I prevent my parents from getting a divorce?
    My mom and dad have been fighting a lot lately and my mom keeps saying how she would like to leave my dad/ her husband because she does not feel 'financially secure'. We live in a great house, and are financially functioning normally. My dad and mom bo...
    5 Family 48
  82. How do you tell your parents you want them to gt a divorce?
    Ok my parents are so annoying thy always argue and I swear it's really getting on my nerves ino my father is a dirty cheating dog and my mom thinks I don't no that but I do and ino my mom is really unhappy with my dad they don't like each other anymore...
    6 Family 23
  83. How do I get over my mom & dad divorcing?
    My last question answers why they split. Actually, my dad left. I don't know if they "divorced" or not. But anyways, all I've been doing is crying. My dad feels really embarrassed of what he did, & I still love him & always will. My dad doesn't have hi...
    4 Relationships 25
  84. Parents fight nonstop... divorce may be in the near future... :(
    They fought all day today and just a second ago my mother came in my room yelling at stupid crap... I really think a divorce might happen soon... :'( My mom even talks to me about it. . . I think things are going to get bad. . . REALLY bad.... I don't ...
    4 Family 17
  85. What do people do with divorce and the Catholic Church?
    If your answer is no the church does not grant divorce then wht does one do ? like my fren is livin in with this married guy and he says catholic churches dunt grant divorce. How does she live her life with him wont it be a sin ? and it would be agains...
    4 Religion 25
  86. counseling without parents knowing...
    im 16 years old and I kinda have some issues I need to deal with. im not at all close to my parents and I really need to talk to someone about everything going on. but my parents are against the whole therapy thing so I was wondering if anybody had som...
    5 Family 110
  87. What if I still think I'm fat after counseling?
    I was told that I was a bulimic 2 years ago, my weight decreased rapidly, I am 5ft7 and at one point I weighd 6 stone. Through the help of my nutritionist I am on the road to recovery my weight is now just under 8 stone, I still have cravings to make ...
    4 Health 43
  88. Does your Pastor counsel you?
    Does your Pastor counsel you? Well, I'm asking this question, because whenever I have problems or concerns, I go to my LDS Branch President for guidance and counsel. I also go to him to help me repent whenever I sinned. So, I was wondering, if your ...
    3 Religion 40
  89. My parents are getting divorced...please help
    Today...has been...the worst day of my life... My parents are getting a divorce...and decided to tell me right before I was going to go to my swim team practice... I got there 30 minutes early so I could jump in the pool before anyone saw my crying. T...
    5 Family 9
  90. How do I stop cutting without having to go to counseling?
    So I cut myself and I've tried to stop but I cant seem to. My boyfriend even said that if he saw me with cuts on my wrists again he would hurt himself and that would hopefully make me stop. he doesn't like to see me do that to myself. and I want to sto...
    11 Health 40
  91. Divorce/ child support
    I am a divorced mother I have been divorce since 2003 I have three children, two have moved out on ther own and my 17 year old still lives with me. There was an order in place that neather party shale pay child support ,, my ex now live out of the cou...
    2 Family 30
  92. Letting the Divorce Go?
    my parents got a divorce about six years ago. My mom is now dating this guy, she acts totally different. She's more mean. My dad is not the same either. I sometimes quietly look at pictures of the times when I had a whole family. We were so happy. I fi...
    3 Relationships 11
  93. divorcing parents
    I have a dad who screams and yells at me constantly for stupid reasons and he hits me and my brother and I WANT TO LEAVE!! my boyfriend says I can always stay with him but I want to be able to go to school and not runaway I want to do this the legal w...
    4 Family 19
  94. Going through an aweful divorce
    I'm a good looking 30 year old. Who's going through an awful divorce. I know, I'm that girl!! I love my daughter more then my own life . I never ever want her to see millions of men in and out of my life. I fell for one. Who has problems. (aa). He...
    2 Relationships 23
  95. Is the divorce my fault?
    im 16 years old and im from simms tx my uncle and my aunt might be getting a divorce and I dont know what to do they fight all the time and she never leaves him alone. I love them both to death but sometimes I think he needs sometime alone. im scared t...
    3 Family 31
  96. Can I divorce my Mom in Alabama?
    I live in the state of alabama. My mom is majorly bipolar. She is not a mother to me at all. She controlls my life. I am not your typical 15 year old I do not party and all the other bad things most of your teenagers are doing today. I am involved in ...
    3 Family 28
  97. How can I get my parents not to get a divorce?
    they say that it is my fault and I am the reason my mom is moving out! and the police came to my house the other day, cause my dad was mad, and they said to go in the bathroom and lock the door! but he usually not like that if my mom isen't pissing h...
    4 Family 35
  98. How to help my parents through their divorce?
    My dad cheated on my mom with some lady he's known for a long time. My mom found out because I think the lady called her and told her everything. She got a lawyer and is going to divorce him, but she hasn't told him. He knows that she knows about his ...
    3 Family 19
  99. What if my wife wants a divorce?
    My wife and I was having problems. She started to talk to an old friend and that bothered me and was having a hard time letting it go. At my job I delt with many repeat customers and ended up making a friend. It was a female and we talked on the phon...
    6 Relationships 38
  100. Divorce rate
    I know this may seem like a really stupid question, but I'm asking it anyways. I'm just wondering your opinion on why divorce rates are so high. Like are people marrying too young, too soon? What is it? My mother and father are still married and I've...
    17 Family 49
  101. Want to legally divorce mother
    I would like to legally be divorced from my mother. I want nothing more to do with her and no responsibility for her any longer. I would like to have her served with some kind of offical papers stating this but do not know what it would be called. I ...
    6 Family 10
  102. Brother is going through a divorce, how to help?
    ...yeah ok so here goes. My brother is getting divorced which in my opinion is cool with me. But I have an issue...what if the mother keeps the child? The mother's character is severely flawed. She is hot tempered and loses it so bad sometimes. She...
    3 Family 169
  103. How to get over depression without counseling?
    how do you get rid of depression with out the help of mental health counselors? also what can you do to get sleep in your house if everybody who lives there is making a lot of noise really late at night or coughing all night? I need some answers people...
    7 Health 42
  104. Should I have counseling following my friend's behavior?
    ok, so there's this girl named tanya. well, I was just on myspace and she sent me a message telling me to stop following her around; im not her dog and she doesnt really care about my problems. now I thought this girl was my friend. so I had to delete ...
    2 Relationships 5
  105. How to comfort my Dad during their divorce?
    Ok so my mom cheated on my dad with his best friend his best friend died then he found out about the 10 year affair now my parents are getting a divorce and my dad still loved her and within the next 6 months I will be homeless so how can I comfort my...
    17 Family 56
  106. Should I let my Mom divorce my Dad?
    well my dad was sent to prison when I was a baby and he was there for a few years. he went there cause he sold drugs so he missed my baby life, and now hes in it again for the same reasons since 2004 when I was in forth grade. im now in 8th grade and h...
    7 Family 46
  107. I want my parents to get a divorce.
    I know this sounds bad but I hate my dad. Im 13. I want him and my mom to get a divorce and me go with my mom and my brother go with my dad. I can tell my mom doesnt like my dad too. He is a jerk! Hes always blaming me and everyone else for things and...
    6 Family 142
  108. My parents are getting a divorce and my dad watches porn
    my parents haven't said anything to me but just last night I herd them fighting about how my mom always puts down my dad and stuff. im an only child and I herd my dad say he doesnt no how him and my mom have stayed together all this time. he said if it...
    6 Sex 107
  109. Divorce
    Hi, My parents have always been fighting - like all parents do. But it's been more recent, more harsh and it's been taking longer for them to get back together. This time, their not really getting back together. They are telling me and my older bro (...
    4 Babies 39
  110. Why do people get so upset when parents divorce?
    Right first things first My parents split when I was a few months old as they didnt think it was going to work and didnt want to split when I was older but wanted to stay as friends I see my mum 4 days of the week and my dad 3 I've often had friend...
    8 Family 60
  111. Kids and Divorce
    How do I help my kids get over there father wanting to leave? How do I help my kids when they know that their father has a girlfriend? They're only 7, 6 & 4. They are hurt, they tell him that they hate him, they hit him and he thinks that they're jo...
    5 Babies 30
  112. Another divorce kid
    my parents got divorced big woop, but now its been a full year and things are better I see both my parents equally on a weekly based schedule that I made but I just feel like I cant trust anyone... I had a girlfriend for a while but just said im done ...
    2 Family 7
  113. What do I do, I do not want a divorce?
    First off, I am 22 years old and have been with my husband for the past seven years, we broke up some while teenagers but were married in 2007. We have a three year old child. Our biggest issues lie with the fact that he says that I need to change ...
    3 Relationships 19
  114. How to deal with a verbally abusive father when mother won't get a divorce?
    He's horrible. I was sobbing last night because of the way they were fighting, and hyperventalating. I can't deal with his crap anymore, I can't do it. I want them to split..I feel I'll never be able to have a good relationship with anyone because I'm...
    6 Family 16
  115. my parent are getting a divorce.
    my parents got in a fight over nothing. my mom is like "why are we even married" shes just being a b1tch and over reacting. my mom left for the day. she didnt have her cell so I didnt know where she was. I made reservations for my fav restaurant for my...
    2 Family 34
  116. How should I convince her it's good for her?
    How should I get my friend to think that counseling is good for her? My friend says she's had to go to counseling before but she won't say why. She has to go again but she doesn't want to. I have to go to. She cuts herself all up her arm to where it's ...
    3 Health 12
  117. Dating a divorced man
    I have been seeing a divorced man now for 5 years. we have great fun together when the opportunity arises but there are various problems that keep us apart - he works nights, I work days being a major factor. He also has three grown up children (all o...
    3 Relationships 32
  118. Counseling
    Ok, so I have depression, and whatnot...Like 3 weeks ago I ended up in the emergency room for overdose, and since then everything has basically gone back to normal. I got off the antidepressants I was taking...and I really dont want to go to therapy an...
    4 Health 19
  119. How do you convince your parents to get a divorce?
    My parents have been married for 29 years and for the past 10 or so things haven't been going too well. I live at home with them and my two older brothers. My dad is an alcoholic and he has been for quite some time now. He drinks every night when he co...
    17 Family 161
  120. How do I divorce my parents?
    Im going to tell you more about my situation.. I want to divorce my parents becasue I havnt talked to my mom for 36 months.. And I havnt talked to my dad for 14 years.. And right now im 15 a sophmore and I dont want them to have any control over my lif...
    2 Sex 14
  121. When is it okay to get a divorce
    When is it okay to give up on your marriage? My husband has a disease called alcohol and drug addiction. I knew that he drank and did drugs before we got married but I didn't realize how bad it was til the last 6 months. We have been married fo...
    8 Relationships 53
  122. Divorce?
    I have been married for a year and a half. And the entire year, it has been a disaster. We have our first child, who is 8 months old, and now another one on the way. I do not have any love for him what so ever. I have worked and supported him the entir...
    4 Relationships 18
  123. Where do I file a complaint on my attorney?
    I need to file a complaint on my attorney who did my divorce, does anyone know how I should go about to do this?
    2 General 27
  124. Spells, whoever is a Wiccan
    Please whoever is an wiccan, please give me some helpful spells like a levitation or mediatation spell. Please give me some spells
    7 Religion 43
  125. Is it ever okay
    To wish your parents were getting a divorce? Because I have been,, and they FINALLY are. And I'm happy about their choice.
    6 Family 17
  126. Why did Rochester keep his wife?
    Why did Rochester keep his wife instead of sending her to a hospital or divorcing her and then he could keep her hidden and THEN marry Jane. I know divorce wasn't seen as a good thing back then but he had a legitimate reason she was insane!
    3 Literature 43
  127. Can I find a therapist to aim?
    Can I find a therapist to aim? or talk back and forth to on funadvice? I'd like help, or counseling. and I dont have any kind of money. I'm only a kid. and im currently not in school so I can't exactly go to my school counseler.
    2 Health 24
  128. Is it legal for a 13 year old to divorce her family?
    So after I posted "screwed up family" things got better, and today is her birthday, but I was talking to her like 5 min ago, and she told me that she was going to divorce our family after spring break! (2 weeks) and she is planning to move in with her ...
    8 Family 14
  129. Options in my Proposed Marriage?
    Hi My marriage is proposed with my father's eldest brother's divorced wife I need opinions
    13 Relationships 19
  130. Parents, who to sit next to?
    I have to go to a funeral tomoro and both my parents are going however they wont sit next to each other (divorced) and I have to choose one to sit next to who do I choose?
    10 Family 34
  131. Do I want a divorce?
    This summer I will have only been married two years (We had dated for six years previous). We still are child-free, but my husband would love to already have several children. I am not happy and I know that if I am not...something needs to change. I do...
    5 Relationships 63
  132. help me im confused
    ok so if a man and a woman got married and were husband and wife and both had divorced parents and the husbands mom gets married to the wifes dad does that make the husband and wife brother and sister and would they have to get a divorce or something ...
    2 General 15
  133. I have a son so...
    I need help. hes getting bigger but he's a handful. Me and his mom are divorced so its split custidy. any adivce on this s$it
    6 Babies 31
  134. evil ex stepmom
    my ex stepmom and dad got divorced two years ago and ever since she has tried to make his life a living hell! when they were married she was a total bi*ch to me 24/7 and now that they are divorced she wants to be my best friend!!?? what do I do??
    2 Family 32
  135. Is getting married really that important?
    is getting married really important or is it some scheme for businesses and divorce lawyers to make money as someone told me?
    3 Relationships 58
  136. religion and dating
    I wanted to know if it is wrong for a Christian to date a Muslim. I am divorced with a child and wasn't sure to pursue this or not.
    6 Religion 23
  137. Mom and Dad fight too much
    My mom and dad have been fighting soo much lately. its really starting to annoy me! I don't want them to get divorced or anything, but I want this to stop. I keep trying to talk to my parents about this but they say its no big deal. I'm really scared t...
    8 Family 59
  138. Reason for needing food stamps
    If you have ever been on food stamps, what was the main reason (for instance, loss of job, divorce, disability, DUI, etc)
    7 General 43
  139. How can I stop feeling so depressed?
    how can I stop feeling depressed I have been depressed for a very long time and its getting severe any advice what do I do...I have gone to counsellers but it never seemed to work what should I do?
    5 Health 45
  140. Do I need counseling?
    About 5 months have passed since the last time I spoke to a counsellor because I had an incident where I tried to hurt myself by drinking loads of pills all at once. I didn't stop conselling because I didn't need it anymore but just thought I didn't. M...
    5 Sex 48
  141. should I live with my dad or my mom
    live with my dad or my mom because my mom is mean its like if my cousin is there and we both get in trouble mymom get mostly mad at me and not my cousin, my dad wants me to live with him and there divorce
    2 Family 74
  142. two lives but can only choose one??
    My parents are divorced and I have to choose who I want to live with. I want to live with my mom but my dad had all these plans for me. . . Im soo confused. :(
    3 Family 14
  143. how old you have to be to move into your other parents house
    Im 15 years old and I live with my mom, my parents have been divorced since I was in preschool. my mom moved out of the state from michigan to new york. I cant live with my mom anymore, she is emotionally abusive. does anyone know how old you have t...
    3 Family 130
  144. How is it legal for my friends husband to do this?
    My friend found out today that her husband has been talking to this other girl that he knew in college for a while now. He even has an account with a dating site and a fake FB. (I know you don't like us mentioning FB but he does) Anyways she told hiim ...
    17 Relationships 28
  145. Should I stay or should I go?
    My boyfriend cheated on me for retaliation, when he assumed that I cheated on him. He found out I didnt cheat but its too late,she's pregnant. Do you think we should go to counseling or do you think that option is out the window?
    5 Relationships 12
  146. How do I learn to move on...?
    ...from things that seem to paralyze me? I.e., parents' divorce, failures I've tripped on along the way, etc.
    2 General 31
  147. Can me Dad keep me in the state of Michigan?
    Can my father legally keep me in the state of Michigan? My parents are divorced and I reside with my mother. When I'm 16 I plan on moving out of state but is it legal?
    3 Family 38
  148. My little girl wants to visit her mother.
    My daughter Margret wants to visit her mother, but we're divorced and dn't talk anymore. Should I still take her?
    8 Family 17
  149. when can I start dating
    I have started the divorce paperwork. My husband will be served in two weeks. When is it right to start dating. And if my husband finds out, can he use that against me to prevent me from keeping the house for the kids?
    2 Relationships 19
  150. what age do you have to be before you can live with your other parent?
    My parents have been divorced since I was 2 and I live with my mum 99% of the time but I don't like living with her and her partner and they treat me like s***. how old do you have to be to choose which parent you want to live with?
    7 Family 46
  151. Should I tell my Mom that my Dad is having an affair?
    I think my dad is having an affair, well actually I no he is. please dont ask how.. I just need to no if I should tell my mom.. I dont want them to get a divorce =(
    8 Family 55
  152. Who should I tell?
    My friend is cutting and I dont know who I should tell. She is not cutting bad, at all. But should I have a teacher who she trusts and looks up to talk to her and have her handle it from there? or should I go straight to the guidance counselers?
    4 Health 16
  153. Do I have the choice not to see my crazy Dad?
    my parents are divorced and my dad is a maniac i live with my mom and never see him, if he forces me to go with him is that legal because i am 17, you can move out when you are 17 so do i have the choice not to see him?
    3 Family 37
  154. What should I do about my parents?
    My parents are divorced and I live with my mom and I barley ever see my dad. Its not that I dont want to see him...its just I hate my step mom and her kids. I feel bad but what should I do?
    2 Family 8
  155. How should a Jehovah's Witness woman behave?
    How a woman from this religion behave, i mean, what would happened if i like somebody from this religion, so what happen if a woman from this religion get divorced she can get married again or not. tellme please thank you.
    2 Religion 46
  156. Love really strong enough to keep people together that fight?
    Is love really strong enough to keep people together that fight? When my mom yells, is love the only thing that keeps my dad with her? Or maybe its the fact that divorce is against our religion...
    2 Relationships 39
  157. How can I get my mum and dad re-married?
    My mum and dad are divorced and I wanna get them back together because things were better then than how it is now :( any advice (I'm just bored) lol.
    3 Family 24
  158. Parent help
    My parents are divorced and my mom just moved back from another state and I love my parents to death, but I have a lot of anger towards both of them and I don't know how to let it go...
    6 Family 15
  159. Where can I get counseling
    a little while ago I was like really depressed everything was going wrong it just seeemed like nothing would ever get better especially when I moved from one school to another it seemed like all the teachers hated me and the kids were so mean to me i...
    2 Family 15
  160. This is a marriage question.
    Call me sick or whatever but you're not coming from my point of view.I was looking at this little girl earlier that was SO pretty,and I thought she was so cute but is that a bad thing? How do you know if something is a fantasy?I hope it is not a fanta...
    7 Sex 31
  161. Should I tell my mom that my dad used to rape me?
    My parents are divorced and ive been living with my dad and hed rape my anally and vaginally since i was like ten. my mom doesn't know. should i tell her?
    17 Family 87
  162. How do you feel about same-sex parents?
    How do you feel about children who were born in a regular family but whose family was divorced and the parents became involved in a same-sex-relationshipand the kid moved in with one of them?
    5 Sex 42
  163. Why do I feel this way?
    My parents are going to end up getting a divorce and I really don't care...I m not sad or mad...I feel fine about that normal...I feel like I should be crying or mad at someone.
    6 Family 32
  164. How to get a job to help my parents?
    please my mom and dad just got divorced and I need a job because money is a little tight!!please I am an average 14 year old that needs this!
    4 Money 53
  165. Living with married woman
    I have been living with my supposed girlfriend for 2 years now and she assured me she was getting divorced. That was the deal when she moved in. She always has excuses like I have the divorce papers ECT. Its hard for me especially around the holidays...
    2 Relationships 23
  166. My Marriage
    I am a 24 years old Muslim Boy. My marriage is proposed with my (aunt) father's eldest brother's divorced wife,56 years old. Can ony one guide me if I can take up this marriage
    2 Relationships 19
  167. How can I break off this affair with a coworker?
    I am a 29 year old divorced mother of 2. I began a relationship after my divorce that lasted 3 years the relationship went south after 2 and a half years. I work with a man that has always been a clown at work like myself. One day a coworker pointed o...
    7 Sex 301
  168. Should I stop piano if my Mom likes my teacher?
    I just found out that my parents are getting a divorce, and my mom is leaving my dad for my piano teacher! I love taking piano, but I'm thinking of quitting so my mom and my teacher will stop flirting. I don't know what to do!
    7 Family 72
  169. Why do i always worry about everything?
    I have alot going on in my life now.My parents are getting divorced after my father had been been a phony for years.I worrry about toothaches.Or any ache and pain i get in my body.
    9 Health 53
  170. Where to get a work permit?
    I am 14 and I need a work permitt. but I have no idea where to get one. I need to start working b/c my parents are divorcing so they have no extra cash I can spend. So can anyone help me by answering... Where can I get a work permit?
    2 Money 18
  171. Starved for affection
    What if you don't have the money to support yourself and therefore cannot get a divorce. totally broke, bill collectors calling your house, but you have to live with no affection at all!! I mean, we don't even kiss.
    3 Relationships 59
  172. Can I move out at 14 or 15 years old ?
    Can I move out at 14 years old or 15 years old because i have alot of stress at my house or houses since my parents are divorce and my cousin might get an appt. soon close by so can i legally move in with him. On my own
    5 Family 80
  173. What if we didn't begin marriage the way God intended?
    I have been with my husband for 7 years this May. Married to him for 4 years this month. We have 3 children the oldest will be 6 in June. As you can see, we obviously didn't do this the way God intended. I know what the bible says about divorce, an...
    10 Religion 40
  174. What do you think of my poem?
    The Place Where I Belong I belong there, The place I could Call Home. But my problem is I can't go back to fix the divorce my parents had. I belong in the house on Grant Street That's where I belong. - Kyle Alan Brubaker
    3 Literature 12
  175. why does everything think that cutting takes a therapist to get ove
    ok why does everything think that cutting takes a therapist to get over? I havent cut in 5 months. im addicted but I dont do it so why do people keep telling me I need counseling
    3 Health 22
  176. What is the legal age for a girl to have her own room?
    She and divorced dad live in a one bedroom and she doesn't want to sleep by her self. He would like to have full custody but need to know age that she need her own room.
    3 Family 80
  177. Just depressed
    I'm feeling so overwhelemed and depressed right now...I know this isn't a counseling center, but what do you do when you're feeling so low all you want to do is cry? So much is going wrong in my life now and I feel like screaming...
    2 Relationships 29
  178. What does the bible say
    My husband and I was married for almost 30 years.we have three kids. Before we got saved,; we both commited adultry,but I never cheated on his once we got saved,but he he wants a divorce because he has left me and found someone else.the fact th...
    16 Religion 54
  179. What should I do about my dad?
    So recentily my parents got a divorce, it wasnt a mean divorce, but a really sad one, because both my parents were cheating on eachother. So me and my sister are going through his picture and we come acrost a photo album of marriage memories. After goi...
    5 Family 14
  180. What am I suppose do about my parents!?
    ok let's start at the beginning. My bilogical dad and my mom got married,divorced, and my mom remarried. Well they got divorced when I was 2 mnths and my mom forced my dad to give up his rights over me or pay this huge load of child support just over m...
    2 Family 33
  181. How can I stop my self from self-harming and suicidal thoughts?
    How would i tell someone about it and i recently came out of counselling but i think i should go back in but how would i ask and would i get the same person? sorry if that is too much!
    14 Health 39
  182. Rape and Suicide...what would you advise?
    I have a friend who was raped 4 months ago. Its hard for her to talk about the incident but she needs help (she has horrible flashbacks.) When advised to try counseling she attempted suicide after the first session. What should I advise her to do?
    3 Relationships 11
  183. What are your experiences with online dating sites?
    I tried these a few years ago when I was looking to begin dating again after a divorce. I found a wonderful woman in Europe whom I ended marrying. We have been married for four years now and I have never been happier. What's your experience in this ...
    2 Relationships 36
  184. What am I suppose to do NOW!
    Ok, one of my counselors(college#1) contacted me on the courses that I need, she said if I go to the college she counsels in then she can help get me ready for my courses in Spring, but I wont be able to go for Fall semester there. Though my counselor ...
    2 Education 34
  185. Daughter having an affair with married man
    My daughter is having an affair with a married man with 7 children. it has seriously damaged all relationships in our family. she has divorced her husband and he is trying to divorce his wife. he lost his job and has been unemployed for almost a yea...
    2 Relationships 136
  186. Who thinks Tiger Woods and his wife could have worked out the issues in their marriage?
    As the divorce becomes final today, I wonder if it was possible for them to stay together despite the problems....or were they simply not in love with each other anymore?
    5 Entertainment 10
  187. Is there a way...
    to get counseling without your parents knowing in the USA? I am going through a rough time on various things, and I am not sure what to do... I would prefer it to be face to face but I know that would not be very likely to happen. My sister has a ther...
    14 Family 12
  188. how to make the sprout of my life survive?
    well my mom and dad are getting divorced and my social life has fallen and my life is just caving in over the roof of my head so I dont know what to do and I can only trust my ex girlfriend crazy as it sounds.
    2 Family 13
  189. eh I don't know
    my mom might send me away to a private school in like new york or something...and I didnt do anything wrong, I make good grades. My mom is going through a divorce, is that why? I have no idea.
    5 Family 39
  190. Should my ex son-in-law have visitation?
    My daughter married a the love of her life at the age of 19. They wanted a baby as soon as they said I DO. When the baby was three months old he left her and the baby and went back with his ex girlfriend who married and divorced. Here is a few things a...
    9 Sex 9
  191. After ten months my ex wife is calling
    My ex told me she wanted a divorce in jan 08. I did not fight it whats the use. Our divorce was final in March. After ten months of no talking only seeing her in passing cars she called. At first she said she wanted to end things better, I was cool wi...
    2 Sex 11
  192. custody?
    Hi, I told my husband I want a divorce and he told me that if I divorce him he will make sure I will only have supervised visitations. I don't want to go through court I tried my best to change his mind for joint custody but nothing works. I am the chi...
    4 Family 16
  193. Can the law stop me from moving back to my birth parent?
    I'm 17 years old, i was adopted and i want to move in with my sister and real mom this summer. i live in Ohio. my adopted parents are divorced, my adopted mom wants nothing to do with me, can the law say anything if i am to move out this summer?
    4 Family 46
  194. Not a puppy any more??
    I have 2 female dogs one at my moms and 1 at my dads(divorced) 1 of thems turning a yr. Old next month and she still hasnt had her "heat" so what is the usual time yorkie terriers to have their heat???
    2 Pets 7
  195. Should I divorce my husband over this?
    Ok so this might get a little long but I want to give the background info necessary to understand the situation. I met David in high school, we dated for about 3 years and we loved each other a lot, but he got involved in drugs and trouble with the law...
    2 Relationships 46
  196. Consequences of taking a child out of state without permission from the other parent?
    If two people were divorced and had joint custody of their children and one of those parents took their children out of state (AZ) on vacation without the other parents permission what would the consequences be? Would that particular parent lose joint ...
    2 Family 45
  197. Can I have dyslexia without a family record?
    I think I have dyslexia but my mom doesn't think so she won't even listen. I looked at the sympotoms I have a lot of them. I don't want to go to the counseler because they will tell my mom. I don't have a family history of it I don't think is there any...
    3 Health 24
  198. Mother of the bride
    I need advice on what to wear. My daughter is getting married and as a divorced mother I have my eyes on a male guest and want to seduce him. I need advice on dress/two piece, underwear and I would love to wear sexy stockings for him that night. linda...
    2 Sex 37
  199. How do I tell my dad that I wanna go on birth control?
    I really want to go on birth control but I live with my dad and my parents are divorce. But you see the thing is that my dad is one of those very strict italian fathers and he still thinks im a virgin which im not.. So what should I do or tell him that...
    7 Family 48
  200. I actually have a few questions..
    kinda like a survey :) 1. do you believe in love? 2. do you believe in love at first sight? 3. do you think hate is another version of love? 4. do you think divorce is wrong? 5. do you think teen love is meaningless??
    7 Relationships 31
  201. Sad but I don't think I'm depressed
    okie heres the deal... im really sad but I dont think im depressed well I dont really think I need counseling just want someone to talk to, someone who will pay attention and actually care well I the other day I asked my mother if I could have counseli...
    5 Health 71
  202. How can I get my mom to stop bothering me 24/7?
    okay im 14,and I moved back to my moms house in parents are divorced so my brother and I lived with our dad for a long time...well now my mom bugs me about can I get her off my back? please help
    6 Family 187
  203. Ferrarri or husband
    I just bought myself a new ferrari its nice. But my husband got mad and he said eather your stupid car or me! I was like you are MAD! I love my car but I love you in a different way. But he says that im spending more time in my car than with him he say...
    3 Relationships 10
  204. Dr.Phil and Robyn
    Does anyone actually believe Dr.Phil and Robyn for divorced? I keep seeing it on news stands when I go to the store, but I find it very hard to believe. Your thoughts? *Don't leave comments on my question "Dr.Phil sucks" and all that, I'm not ask...
    5 Entertainment 36
  205. How to tell my mum??
    How can I tell my mum that I want to move to my dads house? They have been divorced for 9 years and there isn't many people in my family that like him. But I feel I need to see him more, and me and my family fight constanly and I never see my dad. Can ...
    3 Family 37
  206. How do I stop my Ex from Hacking?
    For one is it Illegal to go through someones myspace messages, Msn messages, and yahoo messages? My husband whom I'm currently getting a divorce from has gone through all these and printed off conversations that I have had with other people. I'm not ve...
    3 Technology 71
  207. How can my mom support three kids alone?
    My mom is talking about getting a divorce with my step dad a lot lately.She really has no interest in him,and they fight like crazy.Shes just scared that if she goes through with the divorce,she won;t be able to support me and my 2 brothers.She would g...
    4 Family 10
  208. How would u guys feel about this big secret kept from u all these years??
    So I just found out that my uncle is actually my dad. And I now understand the reason my parents are divorced and why my dad and uncle hate each other. Right now, I hate them all 4 this messed up jerry springer life of mine. What do u guys think abo...
    6 Family 17
  209. Who thinks Globe Magazine did the RIGHT thing, when they published Gary Coleman's deathbed photo?
    Apparently, his wife (although they were divorced at the time of his death) took the photo, sold it to Globe, and profited off it. Do you think Globe should have published it? I'll include the photo because it's not too explicit and can be seen on ne...
    4 Entertainment 10
  210. Advice about rape
    Im 18yrs old and I went through being raped when I ws 7-8 by my cousin but sometimes I feel that itg is just a movie that plays inside my head,and im starting counselling next week but I dont know how to tell my mum
    2 Relationships 23
  211. Love
    I'm married and my wife had not connection and wanted to break things off several times. I never every put my hands on my wife and we since she felt she didn't have a connection with me, and she said we were not compatible. She decided to leave several...
    2 Relationships 23
  212. Masters Degree vs Doctorates???
    I am contemplating between between graduate programs. Any advice??? I know the Doctorates would obviously take longer to complete whereas the Masters could be done in two years or so. I was thinking about either medical school (MD in Psychiatry), a ...
    7 Education 61
  213. How to get rid of Mom's creepy boyfriend?
    my parents are divorced my dads remarried I love my step mom more that my parents hell I call her mom more than I call my mother that! my real mother has this pervert boyfriend who is so incredibly ick so I want him OUT of my life any suggestions? ps l...
    3 Relationships 79
  214. Arguing parents
    My parents argue like all the time, especially on holiday. I don't want to get involved because I don't feel like I'm supposed to. I don't want my parents to divorce because my mum relys on dad a lot. I sometimes listen to them when I'm lying in bed. T...
    2 Family 22
  215. What should I do about my boyfriend?
    My mom and dad just got divorced, and I feel like they just kind of gave up on their love. And it's making me feel like I am going to be just like them and just stop trying to be in love. I have an awesome boyfriend named Brendon, and I feel like I mig...
    2 Relationships 6
  216. Confused about my boyfriends past
    im in a relationship with this guy who is married and has a child. They are seperated and have been for a while. His kid lives with the mom no where near here. I have meet his kid and fell completely in love but he just thinks im a friend. I have asked...
    2 Relationships 33
  217. How can I stop feeling angry and sad, about what my dad did?
    To tell it quickly. My dad has hit my mum since I was little, mum and dad divorced when I was 3. I see my dad every 2nd weekend up until 2 years ago when me and my sister saw dad hit mum. We told the police but dad says he never did it. Mum and Dad go ...
    5 Family 51
  218. Who can help me Questions about bein prego?
    Okay im sixteen and I believe im pregnant I am a week and 3 days late. I took four tests and im pretty sure they were positive. I dont know wether to tell my parents or not. When I thought I was prego before they flipped out compleatly. And at that tim...
    4 Health 29
  219. Should I go live with my Dad?
    well my parents are divorced and I can go live with my dad if I want to,but my mom is going to be lonely, but she is so strict and mean, sometimes I just want to run away from my house , shes cruel to me and I think she doesnt love me or I say why is s...
    3 Family 47
  220. my teen daughter does not love me
    It is a bit complicated because I am divorced and my 14 yr. old daughter goes back and forth between my house and her fathers. Right now it appears that she loves her dad more because he is not in her business as much. So now she wants to move to her...
    12 Babies 316
  221. What should I weigh?
    I'm about 5'11 and female..I don't know if age matters or not, but how much should I weigh? I'm very confused, nothing's accurate. Some things say I'm fine and some underweight. I need the most accurate thing I can find. And I can't go to a doctor beca...
    3 Nutritionfitness 25
  222. Am I A Bad Mother?
    I'm 27 years old and I have a daughter that will be 2 the 26th. I was married for 8 years and we divorced. I got supervised visitation for 24 hours a week but only one day, if my inlaws would let me stay for 24 hours anyway. So basically they would all...
    8 Family 44
  223. Should I See My Father after 11 years?
    my father,,sexually assualted my mother in 1997 ,,when I was 6...and went to prison,,,this all happened after there divorce was finall,,he got out in 2002,,and I am not allowed to see him until I am 18,,,he has not made any attempt to find out about me...
    9 Sex 35
  224. How to tell my parents?
    I want to tell my Mum or/and my Dad that I'm pansexual and I have a girl friend. It's not that easy I'm really nervous on what they'll say. My Mum is okay with gay people and so is my Father, I think. We have a lot of gay people in my family so they pr...
    3 Sex 41
  225. I don't want a step-dad :(((
    is having a step dad really that bad?? since my parents divorced my mom found this guy she likes. I never gave him a chance but I don't wanna my mom gettin married to anyone unless its my reeal dad!! :( I wanna break down into tearss :( what shoul...
    8 Family 90
  226. Bible "Jesus & God"
    I am no longer confused in my belief, but the belief of some out there, How on earth do you get so confused with the silly beliefs like "Jesus is God" the "three in one deal" I have been reading the Bible and every time it talks about Jesus and God it ...
    35 Religion 54
  227. Why is he so angry?
    Maybe if I knew why my dad and brother get so angry I could try and fic it!!! My mom wants them to go to counselling, but their not going to like that! How can they calm their anger of the littlest things??? My grampa passed it down to my dad and my da...
    3 Family 42
  228. How to get this woman off my dad?
    Seriously after being told off 20 years ago she's still at it. She's waiting for my dad to leave my mom and go with her. Uh uh b!tch. If she thinks she'll get my affection she's mistaken because she almost caused a divorce! We keep telling her off but ...
    10 Family 23
  229. How to cheer up?
    :( parents got divorced. I'm so sad. I'm listening to music, I've wrote in my diary, I can't go for a walk because its pitch black... Can't visit friends. Ugh. Can someone gives me ideas? I feel like I'm being such a drama queen because my parents bro...
    5 General 55
  230. dresses too young
    my sister is living with me, she's 25 and likes to go out with her friends. the problem is she has 4 kids and is a divorced wife. she leaves every time her kids go with their dad...Oh yeah she dresses like shes 17 and hangs out with 17, 18,19 yr olds. ...
    3 Family 7
  231. How to get my Dad to get off my back?
    My parents are currently going through a divorce. My dad and I didnt talk for 2 months until he got a court paper saying that if he did not talk to me he would not get custody (which he wanted for the money). now he calls me 2 to 3 times a day. I want ...
    5 Family 53
  232. How should I tell my mom?
    My parents are divorced, and have been since I was about 12. I currently live with my Mom, and things have been really stressful and hectic for a while. I thought that if I waited, things would get better. But they only get worse. I want to move with m...
    6 Family 34
  233. Is it normal for my kids to fight all the time?
    My family seems to fight all of the time. My parents are divorced and my dad is remarried. But that doesn't make a difference, he and my stepmom still fight all of the time. My little bros who are 9 and 10 talk back all of the time and I have to admit ...
    6 Family 38
  234. talking to my mom about her husband please adults advise
    my mother hates my dad and so do I and my two older sisters. we all want him out of the house but my mom keeps on saying he is going to change and she wont get a divorce or make him move out and I we try talking to her about it but she never listen ...
    6 Family 22
  235. Can my 14-year-old decide who he wants to live with?
    My oldest son is getting ready to turn 14 he has told me that he would like to stop going to his mothers every other weekend. I live in Indiana and the divorce was here. Does the state of Indian rules say that kids at the age of 14 can decide for them ...
    4 Family 88
  236. Would I be able to see the school counselor without my parents knowing?
    Im going through a bit of a 'rough patch'. My parents think ive recovered from my previous issues and have stopped me from seeing a normal counsellor. I really want to talk to my school counsellor, but i dont want my parents to know im visiting her, no...
    7 Family 39
  237. How can I get away from my parents?
    Ok I am 13 and I feel neglected from my sister is adored and I feel like I am not. I really want to move away from them. The other night I was caught smokin by them and that made them hate me even more. They feel that im the bad egg and my ...
    7 Family 59
  238. I dont know which one to stay with
    My mum and dad divorced--and I dont know which one to stay with,well they divorced like 5 years ago :( I live with my mum now,but sometimes I just think I could have a better life with my dad,I get to see my dad on weekends and I love it there, I have...
    2 Family 25
  239. He is dating my sister
    I dated this white man for a month and half. I introduced him to my sisiters because I live with them. Things din't work out and now he is dating my sister. with out even giving me time to get over him. Am not talking to my sister whom we were so close...
    3 Relationships 41
  240. can't get over my x
    I've been divorced for 6 years now. My former husband I have a 9 year old daughter. We have known eachother for 13 years. The problem is, is that even though we are divorced, we have always been on and off for as long as we have been apart (me always h...
    2 Relationships 8
  241. What to be when I grow up
    I have no idea what to be when I grow up. Im a straight a student, so I figure I should use my gifted mind to do something. I was thinking doctor, but then you have those crazy hours, plus if you make a mistake, someone could die. I couldnt sleep at n...
    4 Education 18
  242. Is it Normal to not wanting my parents to split up?
    my experience mom and dad got a divorce. My dad married a woman and she is mean. she also has a son, that's older than me. He hurts me punches me and pokes me. My mom is going to marry a guy, and he has a daughter. Their moving in the house. I h...
    3 Relationships 15
  243. What Should I Do When I've Been Raped ?
    I'm a 13-year-old girl and not a very happy one, I was raped at seven years old by my stepdad. I told my mum when I was eleven and she phoned the police but she already got divorced to him by then. I wouldn't speak to the police because I was too scare...
    2 Health 6
  244. What can I do about my family situation?
    I'm 14 and my parents are divorced. I live with my mom and her boyfriend.. they both dislike me and all we do is fight... I can no longer take the emotional and verbal abuse... I would live with my real dad but heworks night shift all week and I can...
    9 Family 6
  245. I need to help my Mom make money
    my parents are divorcing and my dad made sure that my mom would be in complete debt and hes not helping at all Im a 14 year old girl who needs to make money within the next month to help my mom pay for school clothes for me and my sister! where can I g...
    10 Money 76
  246. How can I continue with a bad marriage and work?
    I lied to my wife of 12 years about hanging to another woman, now she wants a divorce, I didnt cheat but im loosing my whole family, my life. things are going bad at work. nothing in my life has been right. ive been shot, stabbed..I give up. I really w...
    3 Relationships 10
  247. I emailed his wife...
    Ken and I fell in love 7 years ago in New York. Three months later he moved in with me in Los Angeles. He said he had been separated from his wife for years before we got together, he had lived in Florida and North Carolina and had a long term relati...
    2 Relationships 30
  248. How can I stop my friend self-harming?
    I don't know this person very well, but he told me he's self harming, and the reason why he's self harming because of just stupid stuff people have said to him that's really mean and that he's not what everybody thinks he is and he hates putting an act...
    4 Health 14
  249. I want to runaway
    I am a 16 year old girl, I am a canadian citizen. I am right now living in santo domingo (dr) and my parents are divorced and I hate my life here and I am very depressed and want to go home, I also have a boyfriend in canada and I want to be with him. ...
    2 Relationships 24
  250. skared
    ok im i4 & I weigh like 90 pounds. all my friends & fam say im 2 thin but I still feel fat. im afraid 2 gain weight even though deep down I no I need 2. all my friends say ima die if I keep not eatin. im in counseling & evrything but it dont help. wha...
    8 Nutritionfitness 53