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  1. How does someone display citizenship?
    3 Politics 41
  2. What are some abnormal behaviours that a rabbit/budgie/chinchilla/dog might display in captivity?
    2 Pets 33
  3. Myspace, how do you change your display name?
    Ok on myspace right how do you change your display name?? I forgot
    2 Technology 50
  4. my space Display Name need help
    I need help with my Display Name my name is christopher ratliff
    2 Technology 15
  5. Why is it important to display confidence without arrogance in business world or in any situation?
    5 Education 62
  6. how to display the tv to computer what software do you use?
    i have all the cables hooked in the back of the cpu but what software do i use???
    2 Technology 11
  7. Why is my profile intrests not displaying properly?
    Why is my profile intrests not displaying properly? its like not all there and I've tried moving it about but it is still the same. x
    5 Funadvice 15
  8. Can you help with my Myspace display name?
    My display name is hidden on Myspace. Is there a code to unhide it or a code in the layout code I have to take out? Thanks!
    2 Technology 40
  9. How do I change my display picture on funadvice?
    Ok This Id Gunna Sound so Simple and Stupid, But How do I Change My Display Picture ?
    2 Funadvice 9
  10. When you take a picture on here from your webcam for your display picture, how do you keep it as your picture?
    All mine does is just sit there. There's no way to save it to anything.
    2 Technology 25
  11. Why is today's younger generation so homophobic despite the sexual maturity they display towards the opposite gender?
    26 Sex 106
  12. What Fireworks display is the biggest for the 4th of July?
    Is Washington's, DC the biggest or NYC or where would you go if you had the means and where a fan of Fireworks?
    2 Entertainment 16
  13. How do I turn my Xbox display back to how it was before the update?
    The system said an update is required and i clicked yes but when it's done, the display is in different places and i don't like it. how can i turn it back to it was?
    2 Gaming 14
  14. Myspace advice, what's a cool display name?
    Okay I want a really cool display name. For "victoria" I want one such as: -mariah,myth -lexiilust -wyatwrath
    4 Technology 41
  15. How do I change the display settings of a webcam?
    My dad messed up the settings for the webcam in our computer... so it's all yellow and grainy.. so I'm wondering how do I change the settings back?
    6 Technology 16
  16. What do you prefer to have on your couch as display?
    What are some good cushion designs that give a calm relaxing feel to your couch and emphasize the welcomeness of your home?
    4 Homegarden 17
  17. cool ways to display my art?
    I'm really into drawing and stuff and I have a few really cool drawings I'd like to display in my room, but I don't know how to display them so it looks nice. What are some ways to display them in an area low in space?
    2 Literature 36
  18. How do I change my display picture on my profile?
    So , I'm new here. I just uploaded 2 new photos. But I want to make the other one the display picture. As in just change it. How do I do that? Answer! pleaseee :D
    3 Funadvice 49
  19. How come every time I comment on a post FunAdvice says it can't display the web page?
    I retype funadvice back in the browser and the website is fine and my comment is there, so why does it redirect me ?
    5 Funadvice 14
  20. What is a catchy and/or funny name for a display board on a Catapult experiment?
    I'm not launching anything in particular so I can't call it "whatever I am launching-pult"
    2 Science 368
  21. What is wrong with my computer/funny display
    My computer does not sound like it is running but the light is display is black with a blue square shape of symbols...Can anyone help? I tried to reboot...I tried to unplug & replug in...
    3 Technology 11
  22. Why won't my page be displayed after I sign in?
    My internet for my guest account works but whenever I try to sign into any website it says the page cannot be displayed it has been like that for 3 days and other people tried signing in but it's not working, how can I fix this problem?
    4 Technology 3
  23. MSN dynamic display pictures
    On MSN you can record your own default picture, it's like a video (or it could be an animated GIF) that plays on loop. Does anyone know where these dynamic pictures are saved on your computer? Is there any way of getting the picture off MSN? Thank y...
    3 Technology 56
  24. Who thinks that the behaviour displayed by Juggalos at a recent ICP concert should be accountable by the band?
    Tila Tequila was attacked by ICP fans when she made a recent appearance on stage. Is this the sort of behaviour that ICP teaches it's fans, or are the fans simply taking things too far?
    2 Entertainment 15
  25. Should a football player be penalized for displaying "Happy New Year" on his undershirt during a match?
    Stevie Johnson of the Buffalo Bills was benched for lifting his jersey to reveal the message "Happy New Year" written on his undershirt. Do you think this should rightfully be an offence, or do you think the this rule borders on ridiculous? Read abo...
    13 Sports 26
  26. Who thinks that people who talk about being depressed display narcissistic behaviour?
    Narcissism is a pathological craving for attention, and since most chronically depressed people "shut down", then wouldn't it stand to reason that anyone who cries outwardly about being depressed (via website status updates, message boards, etc.) with ...
    8 Health 42
  27. How should I display life quotes in my room?
    Once I move rooms, I plan on finding a bunch of quotes to live by. I have had a stack for a few years, but now I want to add to the pile and display them in my room. Any creative ideas to go about this? The best I have right now is to just print them o...
    4 Homegarden 109
  28. how do I change it
    how can I change my display nem thingy on this??? I cant seem to do it
    2 Education 8
  29. How do I put back my msn picture
    I accidently pressed a button,which now I cant see my display pict or the display pict of the person im talking too,,,what to do?
    2 Technology 17
  30. Myspace-Top Friends
    how do you get it to not display your top friends on your profile??
    2 Technology 17
  31. Yard sale tips how can I pick best days, etc?
    How can I pick best days ,pricing,display,etc
    3 Shopping 19
  32. Where could I get diplay cases for knives w/o spending a fortune?
    I collect fantasy knives but have no decent place to display them, I can't find any places where I could buy display cases and anywhere onlne I'd have to spend a fortune.
    2 Shopping 19
  33. Why is denmark making fun of muslims?
    Why is denmark making fun of muslims by displaying Prophet Muhammads pictures and cartoons?
    8 Religion 69
  34. Google not working
    My google is not working when I go to google it says internet explorer cannot display the webpage any ideas why it does not work?
    4 Technology 49
  35. how do I change my dp?
    okay this is really sad, but how do I change my display picture on here? I cant remember how xD
    3 Funadvice 34
  36. How to correct my username?
    hey ya'll I miss spelled my name on my display name and is there any way I can fix it on here
    3 Funadvice 24
  37. Open or not dark knight collectables?
    I have a lot of these dark knight collectables and im wondering should I open them or leave them in the box and display them in ther
    6 General 9
  38. Computer monitor burnt out
    I think the light in my sister's computer monitor burnt out. The monitor is on, but it just looks black. However, the reason I think the light has just burnt out is because if I shine a flashlight on the monitor, I can see what the monitor is displayin...
    2 Technology 78
  39. What to do when sign in to Ebay doesn't work?
    What to do when sign in to Ebay doesn't work it just comes up with 'can not display this page', is there a way to overcome this problem it is driving me mad!!! :(
    4 Technology 76
  40. What can I use for grass on a project?
    Ok well I have a project due on Thursday. (23rd) I need 2 do a 3D display of the Alamo. What can I use as grass?
    3 General 84
  41. Nickname when playing games on LAN?
    can you suggest me a nick to be displayed when I m playing game on LAN?? I m currently using FOX...but my frnd says it sounds it so??
    3 Gaming 25
  42. What do you think about the idea of stuffing Knut?
    There's some controversy going around that there are plans to have Knut the polar bear mounted and put on display in the museum. Do you think it's a good idea? Why or why not?
    8 Funadvice 16
  43. How about adding a private pic section?
    For people offended by the display of well-endowed physiques (for above and below physiques), why don't we add a private pic section? Friendster did it, so did a social site - so why not here?
    2 Funadvice 11
  44. What would a "plutonic hug" be?
    In the school rules under Public Displays of Affections it says only hand holding and plutonic hugs are allowed. but I don't get what the plutonic part means or how the hug would be.
    12 Relationships 104
  45. Can someone help me think of a name?
    Okay, so my name is Alexis, and I can't seem to think of a display name. Something like; MollyMaddness. I donno. I need helpp. Thanks everyonee(:
    7 General 9
  46. How to create a unique bristol board for my presentation?
    I'm doing a project on a psychologist by the name of Ravi menon and i want to display my research about him creatively on a bristol board but i'm not creative at all and have no ideas. Any help on how i can present my research creatively with bristol b...
    6 Education 79
  47. How comes?
    Why isnt my question displayed so every one can see it? When people asking stupid question, it shows but when people really needs helps yall hiding it? Tsk
    3 Funadvice 17
  48. youtube not working?
    Whenever I try to go on on my computer, it says internet explorer cannot display webpage...How do I fix this, this has been happening for four days now.
    4 Technology 38
  49. Australian museums exhibition on dinosaurs are designed to be touch
    Displays I the Australian museums exhibition on dinosaurs are designed to be touched, offering visitors ___ experience. A.An Odoriferous B. An Archaic C.An Aural D.A Tactile
    2 Education 22
  50. its not showin up
    my question isn't comin up its called plzz I'm eager are sum like that it shood b unda myn plzzz can you aser it its not showin up on tha display
    5 Funadvice 7
  51. Whats wrong with love/relationships?
    I clicked on the tab & it says "Cannot display webpage" All the other tabs work but that one doesnt. I tried clearing my cookies & everything, but it refuses to work. Help?
    4 Funadvice 9
  52. How can I increase storage space on S.D cards, or U.S.B sticks?
    We use S.D. cards, or U.S.B. sticks here to store Digital Photographs for display upon Digital Photo Frames. I've noticed, however, that even 2GB cards/sticks can only store a very limited number of photos. I've also noticed that, when viewing the ...
    2 Technology 37
  53. How to style shorter hair?
    I have no clue how to style it. I cutt it short layers in the back and long strand in the front but how do I style it??? curling iron tease who knows?? its kind of like the pic I displayed
    6 Style 17
  54. Motorola phone's pictures all went corrupted!
    All of the pictures taken on my Motorola Razr V9 are corrupted suddenly. Now every image is not viewable and just displays a red cross. I've been using this phone for less than 2 years! What is the problem and what can I do?
    3 Technology 43
  55. What is a website that has michael jackson doing the moonwalk?
    So for my History Day project I'm doing the moonwalk. Does anyone know of a website or something that has screenshots of Michael Jackson doing the moonwalk? (preferably the Motown 25 moonwalk) I would love to have them lining the bottom of my display b...
    5 Entertainment 37
  56. How do I check websites visited on compute if history is cleared?
    I want to be able to look at the web pages visited on my computer to see if someone has been on it and cleared the history through internet options. I recall there being something that displays thumbnails of pages visited...I just cannot recall how I ...
    2 Technology 189
  57. Did funadvice get an error?
    A couple of hours ago funadvice just completely stopped working. The site wouldn't load, it just either timed-out or said that the page could not be displayed. What happened? Was it just me who had this problem?
    4 Funadvice 5
  58. What are good sites for creating things?
    Any Good Sites for Creating things? I love Creating Things. I just a Site, and Then I Could Create... whatever the Site is Bassed on. it Can be Based on, Making Display Pictures, Internet Scrap Books, (anything but Piczo, or Making a Site) lol Yeah,...
    3 Technology 58
  59. Aol & aim
    Why does everytime I sign on aol I never see my buddy list I cant instant message someone???...and if I use internet explorer and go to and try to sign in it says this page can not be displayed...???!!! Help me!!!
    2 Technology 40
  60. How to fix my slow computer?
    does anyone have some ideas why my comp has gone slow and keeps saying 'cannot display this page' its only been happening since I changed my modem to a wireless netgear modem,I've done scans and that ok so what could it be??
    9 Technology 52
  61. What can we make for our science project on water?
    Kay so my friend and I are making a science project on freshwater vs saltwater and the comparrisions and stuff. We need to make a model or something we can use. And we have no ideas! This isn't like a volcano project where it explodes once and that's i...
    3 Science 21
  62. What do me & my boyfriend do to show pda in school?
    Okay because me and my boyfriend have all our classes together,so we probably do too much pda(public display of affection). Well anyways the school councillor told us if we didn't stop showing pda she will send us to aep for insaboardination, we still ...
    7 Relationships 82
  63. What exactly does the rental price on an apartment mean?
    So I'm looking to rent an apartment next year and I was wondering, do the prices they display mean you have to pay that much each month or is it for a set time? Like a rental price of $5,000 will get you 1 month or get you 6 months or something like that?
    6 General 30
  64. How to keep my modem from cutting out?
    Since having my psp3 I've had to change my modem to a wireless netgear modem as its in another room but a lot of the time it loses internet connection and says cannot display this page,what should I do? would it help to reinstall it or any other advice...
    2 Technology 18
  65. what should iput my a social site name as?
    I don't know what to put as my a social site display name, it has to have my name or something in it. my names anna btw, haha I recently had annaisthesexxx :D , but name stealers stole the idea of that one, so I wanteed a new one. I just cant think ...
    2 Sex 12
  66. Uninstall software
    I tried to install a older version of pro tools to my windows vista computer. It couldn't work so I use the windows compatibility wizard to try it. My display turned a different strange colour and now I want to uninstall or delete the program but I can...
    2 Technology 11
  67. makeup.
    u see some girls where they're like orange-ish, with thick eye makeup on, not like emo's, thick eyeliner and that, but real thick mascara and that? how do I make my eyes thicker? I got bright blue eyes as you can see by my display picture, I dont want ...
    3 Style 25
  68. How can I get my parents to let me dye my hair?
    I've asked and asked I just wanted to do like a blood redish color? is that to harsh? I need a way to convince them? they wont agree with any thing I've said so far. Any advice I really need some help on this. My hair is apparently really pretty but I ...
    3 Style 16
  69. What's this type of flower?
    I have been looking for the name of this flower growing in a rest area south of Green Bay Wisconsin. It grows 3 to 5 feet high. I have checked seed displays even a national garden chain store but no one has been able to tell me the name. Anyone out the...
    2 Homegarden 35
  70. Where can I find good monologues?
    Im going to a preforming arts camp this summer, and i have to audition to be placed into classes. It says i need two monolouges that are about two minutes long and display diffrent caraters. Also, i dont have much acting expirence so tips would be help...
    3 Literature 43
  71. Why do they stay right by his side regardless ?
    Ladies, can you help me understand: How do you explain this 'Stand by your man regardless' syndrome we've seen: Hillary with Bill's multiple affairs / Mrs McGreevey beside him at the podium / Mrs Spitzer beside him at the podium and others in both part...
    17 Politics 48
  72. ~A Demons Poem~
    in this dark day the angels will sway slowly falling into decay silently crying as they pray for the light of the day which has let them go astray oh this dark day such a beautiful bloody display of carnage and of hate of the end that they had...
    3 Literature 13
  73. PDA where do you draw the line?
    I know PDA means Public Display of Affection, but where do you draw the line? What should be considered PDA? Kissing infront of friends? Groping in public? Cause I know I don't do THAT...but my boyfriend and I were cuddling at a friends house...and he'...
    4 Relationships 478
  74. Camera problem
    I have a digital camera, a kodak easy shareV1253, and when I go to review or look at my pictures it says unreconized file format, and wont display my pics. What wrong with it? I charged it, tried plugging it into my comp., and taking out the battery, n...
    4 Technology 55
  75. Which one of these logos is the most appealing to you (photo link)?
    I had to design a few initial logo's for my multimedia class and these are some I came up with. Which of these do you think you will remember best? (The logo's are meant to be designed for "my" graphic designing company). I uploaded the picture into m...
    10 Literature 14
  76. Ideas for a quick movie?
    Hey people me and my friends but mostly my brother are making movies on youtube we just started and it's giong great we have a few subscribers allready but were all out of ideas so any one got any ideas it would help a lot and if your idea helps us lot...
    2 Entertainment 75
  77. Relationship Survey
    whats your fav color? are you single? what do you like in the opposite sex? how do you feel about interracial dating? have you ever had a issue with some one sending you mixed signals? If so explain? How does my display pic loo...
    5 Sex 22
  78. Who is the villain in the end of the Avengers movie?
    I had a discussion with my friend. About the end of the Avengers movie. There is a very short scene in the end, embedded in the closing credits. After the names of the main actors scrolled through and just before the names of everyone else on the set a...
    4 Entertainment 8
  79. My ipod wont sync any more, how do I make it work?
    I have the Ipod nano 4 GB ( not the newest one the square looking one) and its about 2 years old and I also created a new display name on my computer. Now, my ipod doesn't sync and my computer doesn't recognise that my ipod is plugged in. I originally ...
    2 Technology 55
  80. Damn IE7?
    I have been having irritating things spoling my use of the internet after I downloaded the IE7. Can someone tell me how I can rectify this one?: After I do a search, a page is displayed and I have a list of websites I can get into. When I clicked on o...
    4 Technology 38
  81. What are some good sources for this history term paper?
    So i am witting a 3 page paper on international trade, but how it would have changed history up to the 1500 hundreds if it never happened or occurred, and all things it would effect. I also, am having to display it on a poster board creatively. NO im n...
    3 Education 16
  82. Is it cruel to make dolphins perform jumps at marine world?
    Do you think it's cruel to make dolphins perform tricks & things at a park or zoo like marine world? We saw this dolphin perform some amazing tricks at marine world, it was my first time seeing a performance like this. The kids thought it was amazing, ...
    4 Entertainment 47
  83. Will doing this restore my computer to default settings?
    Will doing this restore my computer to default settings? Or will I still have everything on my computer? 1. Reboot your machine. 2. Press F8 before the Windows boot screen appears. * Do not press F5 as used on the NT/9x series of Windows. 3. You will ...
    4 Technology 43
  84. Why can't Windows be more logical?
    As most of you know am an old man of seventy odd years with a great desire to try out new things b4 my evening of life turns to dusk and darkness ! Avast, SpyBot and Ad-Aware were installed in my PC. SysChat, the free advice site, advised me to ...
    4 Technology 35
  85. All fair in love and war???
    This guy I am totally crushing on is married. I know this because I have noticed his ring and a mutual firend told me. He flirts with me everytime I see him and even says cute things like, "I would love to see you again." and "I've been missing you." E...
    2 Relationships 15
  86. My laptop always hangs
    my laptop always hang,then one day it shutdown.then it couldn't be open anymore.I've tried to reformat ,however after several days still "shutdown" symptoms cudn't be avoided.So I continued reformatting ,until the time that reformatting process is a di...
    2 Technology 52
  87. Did you know Yahoo pollutes search results with ads?
    So, I just saw an ad that really bugged me. Yahoo is suggesting "you can't find stuff on Google" however, they are the *only* search engine where they show ads inside the search results themselves, that you can't distinguish from normal results. Did...
    6 Technology 23
  88. Why doesn't he kiss me in public anymore?
    ok so, here it goes, my boyfriend and I used to hangout all the time and like PDA all the time ( public display of affection ) just making out and stuff.. but after march break ( we didnt hang out during march break at al) he barley kisses me.. and li...
    4 Relationships 47
  89. Who wrote this poem?
    I'll tell you of my secret confessions, Of all my lies and imperfections. I'll tell you of all the love to display, For the hungry soul has much to say. I'll start out with a simple question To begin my tale of confessions. Have you ever felt a love t...
    3 Literature 14
  90. Online chatting danger
    Ok. So I have an msn account. This "guy" from "greek" started talking to me. He was freaking me out b/c he would always look at my display picture and say I'm pretty and that he "loves" me. He doesnt have any pics of himself. Hes always like... Im at m...
    7 Technology 51
  91. Whats the scariest dream you've ever had?
    Whats the scariest dream you've ever had? If you can remember lol :P Yeah I'm bored... Mine is that I dreamt I was in my primary school and suddenly the sky outside turned pitch black and a voice said "There hear..." 0_0" Next thing I knew hands wer...
    4 General 44
  92. How do I get decent cleavage?
    Ok first of all ignore my display picture because it has been edited so the shadows look deeper etc. My breasts, naturally, are about 3-4cm apart from each other and although I am a 32C, in PE I feel very concious about my breasts and I don't feel that...
    16 Style 410
  93. Power out to computer.
    Alright, well there was one day where the computer was on. No one was using it, we have to leave it on during the day otherwise it won't start. Not sure why, but if you have solutions to that problem I'll take those too. Anyways, the computer was on, a...
    2 Technology 16
  94. Internet isn't working?
    Ok, so I'm 'borrowing' my neighbors wireless internet connection(and they know about it) and it has worked for years. Then one day a little while ago, it stopped working.. The computer says I'm connected and everything with very good signal strength...
    3 Technology 40
  95. Confused love?
    If you could have a say on this it'll help... Well I like this girl ... We talk everyday mostly on msn as we don't people to talk bout us or something... Well its obvious that she feels something 4me because she said it and prove it so many times but...
    2 Relationships 18
  96. Why does my 5 yr old male shih-tzu not want to mate?
    Last night we had a very pretty female shih-tzu stay over so they can get to know each other a little better. She showed a lot of interest, but he just didn't want anything to do with her. He seemed a bit nervous having her around. I also don't usually...
    3 Pets 157
  97. Am I a living joke or is this a good different?
    So, I have this Myspace and I think it's getting in the way of meeting people. Yeah, I know...IT'S A MYSPACE, but everytime I talk to a person and they see the Myspace I never hear from them again. I have a theme for it. My name on it is "I'M REAL", be...
    6 Technology 42
  98. Why is my boyfriend acting strange?
    Okay. I went to the movies with my boyfriend yesterday. My sister and brother in law took us. Usually he is really nice and outgoing with me. And he usually likes to show PDA.(public display of affection). But for some reason, he barely said anything. ...
    2 Relationships 89
  99. How to make the guy I like jealous?
    Well I liked this guy I new him for a long time. He really liked me. But we didint go out.. We were gona before I fuked it up.. We were gona meet up and a week before that I had to mess it all up..I didint listen to him.. And when he said call me I nev...
    2 Relationships 28
  100. Why does my media player play anime mirror style?
    I run the following media players: Gom Windows 11 Real Player [latest... forgot which version it is] DivX pack 6.2 PowerDVD Okay so since I installed media coder and converted one anime episode [encoded with divx] to mpeg to test the program, I find ...
    2 Technology 49
  101. Why)) do you like my 'the walking wounded' poem?
    A blank stare and a moving mouth Robotically voicing the mimicking doubts Heart strewned apart from a raining storm Realizing this pain is always the norm Your glassy dark shadow moves through the night You display the truth not knowing it's a lie...
    2 Literature 40
  102. Who knows if this computer system can run world of warcraft?
    I got this from directx diagnostic tool Operating system: microsoft windows xp home edition (5,1 build 2600) Language: english (regional setting: english) System manufacturer: hewlett-packard System model: hp Processor: intel(r) celeron(r) cpu 2.8...
    3 Gaming 15
  103. Why would the devil want us to believe that the Earth is a sphere?
    A tiny minority of christians insists that the Earth is square. They base their extraordinary claim on Biblical texts (look it up yourself: Daniel 4:10-11, Matthew 4:8, Joshua 10:12, 1 Chronicles 16:30, Psalms 93:1 & 96:10 & 104:5, Isaiah 45:18, etc.)....
    8 Religion 51
  104. the burden of religion
    People have a strong ability to attribute human qualities on to objects or phenomena. Some people blame the weather for ruining the day. Others blame their car for braking down at an inconvenient time. They would even display emotions (anger or gratitu...
    10 Religion 32
  105. Is dad still having an affair?
    Yesterday when my dad let me use his laptop, I saw a msn icon. I nevaknew my dad used msn so I clicked on it and it said his name at the top, and his personal message was, "I love you so much Sayang (L)" But there was only one contact, a person with "...
    3 Family 39
  106. Poems what do you think?
    Stunning eyes Betray your lies Give into the truth Your naive youth They speak a fortune Given away A million dollars Is on display Thoughts strung together Tie your open pain So smile through it all And hop aboard this train... Prepare for the ride T...
    8 Literature 12
  107. Quizzz :)
    1. First , whats your name? :) 2. Yo, hi, hey, or hello? 3. What are your favourite lyrics/ "words to live by"? 4. Hardest thing you've ever had to say? 5. Creepiest situation you've ever been involved in? 6. If you could pick ONE person to di...
    13 General 77
  108. like my poem?
    I think it is a little all over the place, because I was a little out of it when I wrote it, but tell me what you think! The Girl in the Blood Stained Book: The prologue I often miss the little girl whose dreams had no limit, who beilieved in a wor...
    3 Literature 18
  109. im 16,having a breakdown like my uncle help
    im going to explode,this is not depression or me over reacting..and I know you cant give me proper help but the smallest things are making me go noodle,im having some intense thought's,I have a big RAGE in my head my uncle has mental health.. and the d...
    2 Health 23
  110. Could this poem win a poetry contest?
    Could this poem win a poetry contest? Please give honest opinions!! I already asked about this poem, but I had to lengthen it and change it a bit for it to qualify to enter the contest. What do ya'll think? Inner Strength If you can start the day off...
    10 Literature 44
  111. The Confederate flag--Why?
    Why is it that people from the southwest use the confederate flag? I went to basic combat training in SC, and in one "class" they asked if anyone thought that it was racist to put the Confederate flag on their car or for it to be flown in front of fede...
    69 Sex 127
  112. Judge Roy Moore
    I received this today. Tell me what you think: The following is a poem written by Judge Roy Moore from Alabama. Judge Moore was sued by the ACLU for displaying the Ten Commandments in his courtroom foyer. He has been stripped of his judgeship and now ...
    23 Sex 46
  113. Do we have an OK relationship?
    Ok so this year I moved to a new high school for my freshman year. This really hot sophomore girl named Lola came over to my spot at lunch and started sitting with me. We started flirting and getting close. We began going to each others houses, and hav...
    2 Relationships 35
  114. Could you date someone who slept with someone you hate...?
    Help me out here, I've been seeing this girl for quite a while now. I never wanted to take on a girlfriend because I just didn't feel I was ready for one and couldn't find one I would actually want to settle down with (so to speak)... so I've been see...
    9 Sex 40
  115. Is this funny or offensive???
    Would you find this potential commercial funny or offensive? My sister said the yelling at people would be degrading and not laughed at by women over 40... The product is replaced by the word product to protect the innocent in case this is not funny....
    5 General 41
  116. Who thinks I should get this Toshiba laptop, I really like it?
    From Toshiba comes a portable powerhouse you can take with you anywhere you go. The 14.0" Satellite L645D laptop PC comes to you loaded with all the advanced features you expect from Toshiba. An AMD Athlon II P320 processor and 3GB of memory keep your ...
    13 Technology 35
  117. What do you think of the growing power of gay activists?
    the growing of power of gay activists, is it good to do that? ANYWAY I WANT TO KNOW? please read this now I LOVE IT;We Reap what we Sow The following was written by Ben Stein and recited by him on CBS Sunday Morning Commentary. My confession: I am a...
    13 Politics 39
  118. What to do about this painful relationship?
    What prompted me to initiate this entry is simple - my boyfriend or maybe EX-boyfriend is a major prick. We've been dating for a few months, and he's 20 years older. Originally, I was captivated by him..blinded by all the goo-goo-gaa-gaa B.S. that ne...
    5 Relationships 30
  119. Is anyone willing to adhere to this?
    "I am a Goth who cannot establish claims of an advanced age, although you cannot disregard of the Elder Goths, as they provide the foundation of the culture due to their unwavering endurance, although 'foundation' is apparent, yet is unfortunately quit...
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