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  1. Why am I so tired all the time?
    Why am I so tired all the time!
    3 Health 55
  2. Is it possible to be too tired to sleep, too tired to think, too tired to comprehend anything?
    4 Health 52
  3. How can I not look tired when I wake up?
    How can I not look tired when I wake up?
    7 Style 19
  4. How to draw tire tracks?
    How to draw tire tracks?
    2 General 168
  5. Who is tired of the "N" word?
    22 General 38
  6. Why am i always tired during school?
    9 Health 47
  7. Who's tired of the Twilight fuss?
    19 Entertainment 11
  8. Is volleyball a tiring sport?
    5 Sports 204
  9. why do people yawn when they are tired?
    5 Health 51
  10. Can I use tire cables in wa?
    Can I use tire cables in wa?
    2 Technology 8
  11. Is anyone else tired of politics?
    11 Politics 35
  12. Is it possible to wake up and not feel tired?
    5 Health 57
  13. why do I always feel so tired when it is fridays??
    3 Health 88
  14. Why does crying make you so tired and sleepy?
    6 Health 408
  15. tired all the time
    y am I tired all the time all I want to do is sleep all of the time
    4 Health 26
  16. Tired But..
    Cant go to sleep? What Should I Do?
    5 General 13
  17. Where can I get discounted scrap booking items?
    7 Shopping 25
  18. How can I tell if my car tires are properly inflated?
    3 Cars 51
  19. can people get tired of havin s*x?
    16 Health 22
  20. Does being in menopause make you more tired than you normally would be?
    5 Health 32
  21. Tired all the time
    does anybody no how to catch up on sleep because I feel tired all of the time
    2 Health 12
  22. Who else besides me is tired of hearing about britney spears?
    Who else besides me is tired of hearing about britney spears?
    12 Entertainment 39
  23. What does it mean when you deprive yourself of sleep and never feel tired?
    11 Health 43
  24. why can i only work when its extremely late but still really tired?
    4 Health 17
  25. I'm so tired of two faced people
    8 General 74
  26. What's a good song for when you're tired and want to relax?
    11 Music 51
  27. Discount Shopping
    Walmart vs Target vs Kmart
    7 Shopping 23
  28. Is it normal to get super tired after getting a Lupron shot?
    5 Health 9
  29. Why does my body feel so tired during the day around 3p.m?
    9 Health 29
  30. Who's tired of the cold rainy weather and is ready for the sun?
    10 Environment 59
  31. What does rotating and balancing tires do and why?
    I got em balanced today. How do they do it? What does it do?
    2 Cars 25
  32. What are some Amazon discount and coupon codes?
    What are some Amazon discount and coupon codes? Recent ones if you know any.
    4 Shopping 34
  33. Did masturbation make tired
    Did masturbation make tired in us? Is it any problem for doing this? Is it effect my body?
    2 Sex 22
  34. What does it mean when your stool looks like coffee grounds and I am very tired?
    3 Health 177
  35. Why do you get nights when you can't sleep even though you are really tired?
    8 Health 15
  36. tired of masturbating
    Should I cheat on my wife, if she does not want to make love?
    2 Sex 42
  37. Why do I get weird tingles or shivers on my face when I'm tired?
    2 Health 107
  38. Why do pregnant women sleep a lot, or often feel tired?
    6 Health 84
  39. Cheap car tires and rims
    Where is a good place to buy cheap car tires and rims? Thanx.
    2 Shopping 61
  40. how do i give a good hand job without my arm getting tired??
    3 Relationships 221
  41. Why is it that when I finally get a good night sleep, I feel more tired than when I don't sleep well?
    10 Health 49
  42. Motorcycle tires
    I would love to buy new tires for my bike and i have no idea what to go for.
    3 Cars 19
  43. Where can I buy a discount prada purse?
    I'm looking for a place where I can buy a discount prada purse online. Any ideas?
    4 Shopping 39
  44. I have a bad kidny Infection im tired all the time
    I have a bad kidny Infection im tired all the time and my hands and feet are very swollen
    2 Health 42
  45. Why does crying make people really tired?
    Why does crying make people really tired? Cuz whenever i cry and finish crying i'll get really tired?
    9 Health 66
  46. How to get over being mentally tired?
    I'm tired. Not physically, I get enough sleep. But mentally, or spiritually, or somethingally I'm tired. I'm not sure why, and I don't know how to get over it, but I'm tired.
    3 Health 628
  47. Tired all the time
    Whats wrong even if I sleep till noon I am tiered all the time???
    4 Health 37
  48. What kind of specials do you like to see in a day spa, as far as discounts, etc?
    18 Shopping 28
  49. What are the dangers of buying used car tires?
    I can't afford new ones at the moment.
    9 Cars 37
  50. Why am so tired all the time even if I get more than 12 hours of sleep every day?
    9 Health 46
  51. Do you think God will just get tired of seeing so much sins and destroy us all?
    41 Religion 34
  52. Why am I still tired?
    I have been getting 8-10 hours of sleep lately but I still feel tired... Is there a reason for this?
    4 Health 44
  53. I tired everything??
    During the summer I break out really bad! I have tired just about everything and nothing works! Can anyone help me??
    4 Style 13
  54. Discounts
    If I were to buy a black hardcover sketchbook for about 12 dollars, how much would it be after 40% discount??
    7 Shopping 10
  55. Why am I always tired and sick?
    Why am I always tired and sick? And dizzy? And I have my menstraul cycle e like weeks straight!
    2 Health 76
  56. I know your tired of all these quistions but answer truthfully ple
    what do you guys think when you first see me?
    3 Relationships 18
  57. Is anybody tired of seeing the same commercials for something over and over again?
    If so what commercial is it? I'm tired of the Extenze commercial and the Roni Deutch commercial they come on to much.
    6 Entertainment 65
  58. Why do my contacts make me feel tired?
    After a while of wearing my contacts, they make me sleepy, but as soon as I remove them I start feeling more awake.
    6 Health 667
  59. soo tired
    hey I go to bed really early and I take naps but I am so tired why am I tired all the time please help me
    2 Health 38
  60. Why do I feel tired all the time and my muscles ache?
    Feel tired all the time and my muscles ache? I have headaches and my back and upper forearms hurt bad
    3 Health 176
  61. Tired of parents
    Can you move out legally at the age 17 without your parents permission in the state of fl?
    2 Family 11
  62. What if you want to do stuff but are too tired?
    what can you do when you are so tired but you want to do things like take a walk or eat or any thing but your too pooped to poop? (SORRY FOR THE VISUAL)
    4 Health 38
  63. How can I like go 2 sleep when Im not tired??
    I cant I try but I dont know, what do you do?
    13 General 58
  64. what does a conditioner for hair do, can i just buy the shampoo without the conditioner. i am tired of people saying wheres the conditioner lol?
    3 Style 23
  65. r you tired of hearing about twilight
    is anyone else tired of hearing about mean its ok but im tired of always hearing about it everywhere I go.
    10 General 15
  66. Is it good that I feel so tired after working out?
    I feel really tired the day after I work out I cant even climb the stairs fast:S is that a good thing?
    5 Nutritionfitness 65
  67. Tired all the time... Could I be pregnant?
    I have been tired all the time and I feel like my boobs are getting bigger. Could I be pregnant? Is this is an early pregnany sign??
    4 Health 73
  68. How can I get some discounted Hollister clothes (preferably hoodies) in the UK, without having to pay postage (online)?
    3 Shopping 16
  69. Good Mud Running Tires?
    I need to buy some good tires to use for mud running for a toyota 4runner does anyone know the name and how much are they?
    3 Cars 34
  70. Why am I randomly dizzy and tired?
    Quick question- I've been really dizzy and tired lately, like randomly, just wondering if this could mean anything at all? Or is it just randomness?
    6 Health 276
  71. When does a bigger tire give more top end speed?
    I have a 250cc quad and would like more top speed. Will going with a taller tire increase my top end speed?
    2 General 73
  72. Does anyone know what a 'five finger discount' refers to?
    This was the story on Not Always Right
    7 Money 24
  73. Why do the spikes come out of the tires in saints row 2?
    In saints row 2 when you customize a car the spikes come out of the wheels. Why is this? And is there anyway to make it stop?
    2 Gaming 105
  74. How come when people are stressed our or they have cried a lot they get tired and go to sleep even if they slept all night?
    4 Health 11
  75. Who is tired of Sammy (Jersey Shore) and her stuff?
    In my opinion she is just a clinger she hangs around him all the time then wants him back.
    7 Entertainment 15
  76. Why am I constantly tired?
    I have been constantly tired for like 2 years or maybe even 3 now, had 2 blood tests and they're perfectly fine, any suggestions?
    6 Health 26
  77. Why cant I sleep. Im tired but dont wonna sleep?
    Im tired but I dont wonna sleep what do I do? Its ten already and I have school tomorrow. My body wants to rest but I dont. Solutions?
    2 Health 23
  78. Tired all the time...
    Okay so I am 13 and I am tired ALL the time! Its not normal! and lately I have been going to bed hours before I usally do and I just don't have alotta energy. Whats wrong with me :(?
    4 Health 12
  79. Tired of hearing about it... are u?
    Im tired of hearing about how emos and goths and scenes are sooo mocked on!! They choose to be that whay and they can change at any moment...Do you agree?
    5 Style 35
  80. Is being tired a sign of being pregnant?
    Say you were only like one month pregante, could being sleepy a lot be becuase of your pregance?
    5 Health 59
  81. What would make me tired and sleep well, without taking anything?
    Its so hard for me to fall asleep, I don't know what to do. Help me?
    4 Health 27
  82. Why do I get itchy feet when I'm tired?
    I get really itchy feet when I am tired, does anyone know if there is a specific medical reason for this or is it just one of those weird body things?
    2 Health 687
  83. Who's tired of questions asking for the Jonas Brothers' numbers?
    Seriously, there's been a billion questions asking for their phone numbers on here lately. I'm bored of it- we don't have their numbers, and if we did, why would we give them out? Who else is tired of this?
    28 Funadvice 26
  84. how come when i go to sleep, i sleep for about 16hours sometimes and when i wake up im still like dead tired and have to force my self awake?
    4 Health 24
  85. Is it possible to not feel like me and be extremely tired a week after conceiving (read more)?
    because I on the pill but also on medication for ibs and to stop me feeling sick?
    2 Health 14
  86. If something is on sale for 1/4 off the price, what's the discount?
    the dress store is having a sale where all merchandise is 1/4 off. a woman buys$30 of merchandise at the sale price. what would she have to pay at the regular price?
    2 Shopping 174
  87. What is the one question you get tired of people asking you?
    Mine is how old are you because im 17 but I look 13 or 14 whats yours??
    7 General 46
  88. Do people get especially tired after they dream in thier sleep?
    I love dreaming it's fun but I am not sure if I should continue if I get so tired every morning. Is there anyway to stop dreaming or make it less tiring?
    5 Health 20
  89. Why am I tired after oral?
    Today I had oral sex with my boyffriend 4 the first time and I am soo tired and light headed.. Why? Are there any possible side effects to oral sex? Other than diseases?
    2 Sex 101
  90. Very tired what could it be?
    So everyday I get these awful headaches, and I get dizzy and feel naseaus. I am also bruising very easily, and I'm very tired. My muscles ache sometimes too. What could this be?
    4 Health 24
  91. How can I make wearing contacts less tiring on my eyes?
    Wearing them always makes me feel more tired than I am ,and it is worst than it was before. When I first started wearing contacts i would get slightly tired, now I get really tired wearing it. It's a new pair I opened and I wear monthly's
    2 Health 38
  92. im board and im not tired
    so what is everyone doing? and what time is it there? im listening to music, drinking some water lol and its 11 25 pm be specific people!!!
    9 General 14
  93. ever gotten tired of forgiving someone
    have you ever gotten tired of forgiving someone whi has hurt you enough already? I have... just wondering if anyone has ever felt the same..and what if your obligation was to forgive them? like if it was your mom or dad, or a sibling..?
    5 General 14
  94. Have you tired an illiegal drug at least once?
    1. Have you tired an illiegal drug at least once? 2. How many times? 3. What drug? 4. How old were you? 5. Why did you do it? 6. What were you feeling while doing the drug? 7. Did you feel bad afterwards?
    6 Drugs 12
  95. Discounts on eyeshadow palettes
    does anybody have any discounts on the 88 eyeshadow palette from coastal scents? I wanna buy it but the shipping is too much. so please let me know thanks! -makeup guru
    3 Style 8
  96. Where Can I Buy Discount Perfume?
    I buy a lot of perfume during the year usually one for each activitiy I might be doing or different seasons. This really ads up. Where can I buy discount perfume online? Any ideas would be helpful.
    5 Shopping 10
  97. Does DD's discounts sell boy skinny jeans
    Their website gives no information so I was wondering if they do. There's one around the corner from my house so that would be very conveinent. =]
    2 Shopping 91
  98. Is anyone else tired of political name-calling?
    whos sick of this? just to name a few: "McShame" "Barry Hussein" "NoBama" "Sarah Failin" "McSame"
    5 Politics 60
  99. Tired of the same boring ponytail
    Mfy first day of 7th grade is coming up and im so tired of the same boring old ponytail. I have brown, shoulder-length, curly hair and I have no idea what to do with it. Any ideas??
    4 Style 13
  100. How do you not be so tired all the time?
    I've been really tired lately. How can I not be so tired I get about 7 hours of sleep everyday, but I am still falling asleep during class. Im really busy with dance and friends and I havent been eating much lately. Any tips not to be so tired?
    3 Health 123
  101. Tired looking eyes, what helps?
    I have quite puffy and dark skin around my eyes, is ther maybe a home remidey that someone knows of to help get rid of this?
    8 Style 9
  102. Why does he go cross-eyed when he's tired?
    I've taken notice that my boyfriend goes cross-eyed when he's tired. Then he'll go back into focus, then back to cross-eyed, and so on. His friends have noticed this too, and have said it's been going on for awhile now. But he has insomnia and stays up...
    2 Health 1397
  103. Sick and tired
    I have a cold I am really tired but cant get to sleep and by the end of the day I feel a bit better but by the next morning I feel really bad again what am I suppose to do. Help Plez Thankyou
    2 Health 17
  104. I can't sleep and when I do I wake up tired
    okay so like I can't sleep and when I do I wake up tired. why do you think this is? do you think it could relate to my grand-ma (50 years young) being diagnosed with cancer a couple of weeks ago?
    2 Health 12
  105. what teen idol or movie star are you tired of hearing about???
    me personally im tired of hearing about kristen and rob from twilight..and along time ago I was tired of hearing bout miley cyrus with her twitter but I like her music..what about you?
    13 Entertainment 14
  106. What eyeliner does the trick to make your eyes brighter and less tired?
    Peach eyeliner or white eyeliner? I've heard that both of them work. Tell me your thoughts and if you recommend peach eyeliner please tell me where I can pick some up in CANADA!?
    3 Style 15
  107. is the pill making me tired?
    I started the pill a week ago and I've been getting 7-9 hours sleep every night but I wake up and I feel exhausted. Is that the pill's fault?
    2 Health 14
  108. Am I the only one who is tired of guys lieng?
    I am so sic of guys just trying to get in your pants, or making up some other crap just because he likes you. Why is it so hard to just be urslef? I dont like guys who try to be something they arent. Does anyone agree?
    4 Relationships 14
  109. Tired of my Hair. Any advice?
    Okay, I'm absolutely tired of my hair. It's wavy/cury/ and almost to my butt. Should I cut it? Btw, I gotta question for the guys. Do yall girls with Long/Medium/ or Short hair? Just wondering. <3
    4 Style 44
  110. Why would I feel tired after drinking caffeine?
    Whenever i drink coke or coffee i feel tired after and I usually am trying to stay awake, so it sucks for it to have the opposite effect... Also sometimes it's like 4 pm and i'll have coke/coffee and i'll feel tired after =S
    4 Health 47
  111. im I the only one whos tired of taking these pills?!
    is there any way to get over depression with out having to take these stpid pills and listening to people who think they know what their talking about, just because they read it in a book? because man this is getting old!
    8 Health 13
  112. When buying an iPod, can I give them my old one for a discount?
    i've heard from a few people that you get a 10% discount if you give them your old ipod, but I just want to check so i dont seem like an idiot going into the apple store with an old ipod lol
    3 Shopping 10
  113. Tired and I dont know why :(
    I'm always so tired half way through school, and I have no idea why! Some lessons I just rest my head on the desk and do nothing, because I feel so bad. Any reasons as to why I feel exhausted half way through the school day? Thank you x
    2 Health 15
  114. Tired of Red
    I have red hair (Auburn) and want to try something different but I noticed at the store that all the hair dye products do not list red hair as a starting point on the boxes. Do people with red hair just not dye their hair or is it something that cannot...
    2 Style 71
  115. Dizzy&tired
    I been tired and dizzy lately I get up in the morning get out of bed. And I I'm very dizzy and by noon I'm tired. And I go to bed at 10:00 and get up at 6:00 this started about a month ago and I get seizures but I don't think this has to do with it do...
    3 Health 40
  116. Why do we yawn, when we're tired?
    I thought since when we sleep, our airways expand a lot, so maybe it's ready to expand? Or doesn't it stretch your throat (in a good way)? I dont know lmfao :P
    4 General 65
  117. Why do my eyes get bloodshot when I am over-tired?
    I've noticed that when I don't have much sleep for a couple of days (the past few days I haven't been going to sleep until 2-3am and getting up at 7am) my eyes get all bloodshot, and I was just wondering why this happens? Thanks!
    2 Health 58
  118. Why have I been so tired lately (read more)?
    I'm a freshman and don't get out of class until 3:40, and I wake up at 6. I've had a small cough and the sniffles, but I've been really tired even before this. When I get home, I finish my homework, eat, take a shower, and then sleep.
    2 Health 59
  119. Why am I always so tired in the afternoons?
    Every day at about 2 I start to get really tired and I want to fall asleep. My doctors say that I am fine but I dont think thats right. I think there is something wrong with my. Please any help. Thanks!
    3 Health 45
  120. I'm tired of lyin and cheatin to my boyfriend
    I'm tired of lyin and cheatin to my boyfriend I miss him and I really want to be wit him so after x-mas I'm going to trying to tell him all da thing I did wrong and hope that he 4 give me I hope he do but I just don't know how to tell him I'm tired of ...
    3 Relationships 14
  121. How do you calculate the overall price of a discounted item?
    Like fore example if something costs $98.00 and its 40% off, how do u calculate to see about how much is it going to cost? I thought u had to multiply like this 98x.40=? But i think im wrong am just wonderin.
    6 Education 16
  122. tired eyes
    every morning I wake up and I have huge black bags under my eyes... they never seem 2 go away even when I like sleep a lot. I try creams and stuff but they dont really seem to work... :S
    8 Style 30
  123. 6 month old 4:30 -5:00 he is tired and very wingy
    Hey I have a 6 month old 4:30 -5:00 he is tired and very wingy and is having tired there any tips that may make him a happier baby by that time.. and so I dont have to put him to bed..he is normally awake bout 5:00 am...advice would be ...
    6 Babies 43
  124. Is he tired of me?
    My boyfriend and I been going out for about 10 months now. and I miss the past, like the way he used to be how he used to kiss me all the time and everything was like sooo amazing, and now he dont kiss me that much or have sex that much only at nigh...
    3 Sex 88
  125. How can I shake off this tired feeling?
    I have been up all night last night working on assignments for college and I had to leave for school at around 6am. Now I am at college and its about to start but I feel drowsy. I need a really quick way to get myself to wake up. I am in class now so I...
    4 Health 205
  126. am tired of this someone please help
    ok am skinny I weight about 120 pound I can't fight so you know I can't defence myself because am so weak I can't even lift 90 pound I need a way where I can get stronger and learn how to fight better any clue? and I also got Asthma which don't help a...
    2 Health 32
  127. Didn't so good in school today because I was tired
    Okay, I need to sleep, and I take full responsibility for the reason why... Shock websites. Well, now they're all stuck in my head, especially the 2 guys and one horse and the fact that one of the guys died... Can someone please help me because I didn'...
    3 Health 16
  128. Why am I so tired so early in the day?
    Right now I'm so tired I could knock out,but I know I'll wake up way too early, so I make myself stay up... but by the time it's later (10 or 11) I can't sleep for anything. I won't end up falling asleep until 3am or so... it's really screwing with me....
    2 Health 42
  129. Why am I so tired?
    Lately I've been exhausted!!! I have no idea why, though. I even started going to bed really early, and still im always tired. I'm a vegetarian, maybe that has something to do with it??? But I hate being this way because all I want to do is sleep. Do...
    7 Health 100
  130. Does anyone think that Oprah is looking tired?
    I have been watching Oprah for a lot of years now and I have seen her go through many transformations. I am really concerned for her now. Recently, she just looks really tired. I think that she might be spreading herself thin. It looks like she needs t...
    7 Entertainment 164
  131. Why am I tired all the time?
    Is there any reason why Im always soo tired..I usually go to bed around 930.And I have a job that I have to get up at 2...I sleep on the way there cause I cant drive and I sleep when ever I can during my job which is delivering news papers so theres so...
    2 Health 57
  132. Im tired of living through this...stage persona!
    Im tired of living through this...stage persona! I mean nobody knows the real me, nobody gives a sh*t weather I live or die. I mean I act loud and happy and Like I don't care . Nobody has a freckin` clue that I cryed myself to asleep last night. I just...
    3 Health 47
  133. Do you ever get tired of looking for help and no one comes?
    My life has been pretty much upside down for a while now and I've already tried to talk to people and everyone I try to talk to ignores me. I'm tired of looking for help from people because no one wants to help me. I don't know what to do anymore. ...
    3 Health 45
  134. Why am I always pretty much tired?
    I am always pretty tired, and yawning a lot. I always go to bed aroung ten and wake up at six, im very active except for weekends kind of. I play volleyball everyday after school for two hours and I take my dog on walks and all that stuff but I do get ...
    6 Health 68
  135. Sometimes I feel so tired..
    Who doesn't? This is question for everyone who has an Idea of how to periodically stop it. The best way for "killing" tiredness is to sleep, after sleeping I always feel fresh and new, but im talking about during the day... Please don't say drink ...
    4 Health 51
  136. Can I be pregnant if I'm tired and my back hurts?
    ok i think im 11 week preggo but not sure i always feel tired about to weeks ago i felt tired and my lower back would hurt but now im just tired i have no morning sickness at all and when i try sucking in my stomach it hurts...i havent taken an hpt for...
    3 Health 64
  137. I'm tired of it I got to change
    I go to this terrible school and its terrible because I'm getting bullied I went to the principal he did nothing and it just kept getting worse and its not only the kids its the teachers to they think I don't try because I get c's and I'm tired of it I...
    3 Education 8
  138. Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired
    Okay, does it ever seem like youre sick all the time? I hate it so much. Sometimes im okay, I can talk normally, but usually later on in the day or something, my throat gets all fuzzy again, and I have to clear my throat before I say anything. Seems li...
    3 Health 42
  139. tired of trying
    Hi there I don't know how to do this thing yet...anyhow...She doesn't like "talking about stuff" I try and all she does is tell me to Shutup...*also its starting to make me really mad that when she is at her dad house and I say Love you over the phone ...
    2 Relationships 30
  140. What is wrong with me, soo tired and wanna cry?
    I've been going though loads stress at the moment with my boyfriend and my family. Its been two weeks and I havnt gone a day without crying/wanting to cry. I dont know whats wrong with me, I've become really sensitive and emotional and I get tired sooo...
    5 Health 26
  141. How am I not tired with only 5 to 4 hours of sleep?
    On an average week day during school I usually go to bed around 2 o'clock and wake up around 6:30 yet I'm not tired at all. One thing that might make me able to get up is I wake up turn on my TV then go to sleep for another five minutes then lye around...
    2 Health 222
  142. Why is my boyfriend always tired?
    My boyfriend gets about 8-9 hours of sleep every night, however he's still always tired & exhasted during the day. He doesn't sleep during the day on his days off, so he's not oversleeping/undersleeping at all. He's had blood tests done, and every time...
    6 Health 3098
  143. Why am I so tired if I sleep enough?
    to have 45 f one day and the next its -6. or having it 60 f in the winter and snow on the ground in wisconsin and have a tornado then have it snow two days later. do you think thats why I have been sick so much and feeling like I havent been getting en...
    5 Health 52
  144. Im 14, and want to move out, and im tired of parent drama
    My mom and dad both stress me out. and I hate my moms boyfriend. but no matter what I say it wont work. I have offers from family to live with them and they both have good schools.My parents are currently divorced and talk about each other all the time...
    2 Family 51
  145. Im just so tired of life, everythings going wrong for me
    Im just so tired of life, everythings going wrong for me at the moment.. So much people died in my life my grandad, friend...and im having so much problems at school. I just feel like there no point of life no more you do the same thing everyday its l...
    4 Health 78
  146. Fiance thinks I might be anemic, I'm always tired, ideas?
    I'm not a vegetarian but I rarely eat meat (maybe, maybe a piece of chicken once a month), I do not eat sea food (hate it) and I'm lactose intolerant. so basically I eat carbs and veggies. I'm always tired, dizzy, and sometimes my vision blurs. my f...
    2 Health 50
  147. Who else is tired of the same ol' secret life episodes?
    okay so I LOVE secret life of the american teenager but its kinda annoying, all they talk about is teens having or wanting to have sex,,,then we come to this and other sites and BAM a lot of 14,15 or 16 y.olds are thinking their preggers, imean sex isn...
    2 Sex 10
  148. Tired of Miley Cyrus?
    Is anyone else besides me absolutely sick of hearing about Miley Cyrus? She did the teen choice awards, she dated joe jonas, has a new album, blahhh blah blah, youtube channel show thing, vanity fair pictures, dance off competetion, she's on a ''got mi...
    12 Entertainment 37
  149. Tender breasts, tired...pregnant?
    Okay so im 15 me and my boyfriend of 2 years had unprotected sex about 3 weeks ago (like 5 or 6 days after my period). And like 4 days ago I started noticing that my nipples were very tender and hurt badly (I know it has nothing to do with my period be...
    5 Sex 63
  150. Emotinally Tired
    I Cant seem to understand why I'm so emtional, Everything makes me cry, my boyfriend thinks im dramatic and I think thats what hurts the most, I hate to talk about my past and I never feel like anyone takes me serious at all, I've been through ahole lo...
    2 Health 49
  151. How to stop being tired of life?
    I feel like I hit rock bottom...I dont know what to do..people lie to me.. before my self esteem was so high and I was able to handle myself with other I really dont know what to do and I end up looking stupid when other people are trying ...
    2 Relationships 35
  152. im so tired of being dumped
    by my boyfriend its like he doesnt care about how I feel he knows how I feel about him but he alway dump me and begs me back last nite just becoz I didnt answere my phone because I was in the shower he got mad at me sending me rude messages saying yeah...
    3 Relationships 54
  153. Mother of three boys is always tired
    I am mother of three boys and always runing. I have always been tiered but lately it is worst than usual. I wake up in the morning after 8-9 hours sleep and I feel like I have not sleep for days. I am constently sleepy and in the past week I have body ...
    2 Health 40
  154. Tired of not looking the way I wish to
    I'm a first year in undergrad college. I want to lose the fat I have in my arms. I don't want my fat to become muscle because I really dislike the size. As well as my neck and chin. There's some fat there that I can't see when I take a good picture (si...
    3 Nutritionfitness 40
  155. I want to gain weight, im tired of it
    ok, I am 18 years old... I have an extremely high metabolism which im not complaining.. I am a size 0, my cup size is 34B and I got to flat tummy and evertything..I used to be satisfied, but now im sick of going places and getting the feeling that peop...
    6 Nutritionfitness 43
  156. Sick and tired? Or just sick?
    Ok, so I have been thru a lot with guys in my life! To be honest, I have been cheated on, beaten, and lied to. Not to mention I gave birth to my daughter at 6 and a half months, and she didnt make it thru the night. So I endured a lot with males and r...
    3 Relationships 14
  157. I'm so tired of people thinking I'm anorexic
    I'm about 5'6 and I weight 110 I think I'm about ok thought I would like to lose some weight but everyone keeps calling me anorexic and its really freaking annoying cuase its nto my fault I'm my weight which I dont think is even close to anorexic becau...
    4 Nutritionfitness 61
  158. My nails get white spots on them and I'm always tired help me
    Okay so I thought I had bruised my nails because at least 3 fingers on each hand always have a white spot but now I've realized its not bruising I read it could be a low zinc level but I also read many many other things this could be. For a while now ...
    6 Health 167
  159. Paris Hilton: Hot or Not?
    Is America tired of Paris Hilton?
    18 Entertainment 23
  160. How to gain weight
    Hey how can I gain weight I am tired of being skinny
    7 Nutritionfitness 23
  161. Emancipation so I really am tired of living at home with my mom
    okay so I really am tired of living at home with my mom.. my other family memebers agree that she is too harsh on me when one I volunteer at least 56 hours to my cumminity have never done drugs make good grades in school and won over 32 awards one from...
    3 Family 38
  162. Are you getting tired of US election news in your country?
    A gentleman on here from New Zealand recently posted some questions about the US election process, brought on partly because he's been hearing a lot about it on the news. That got me thinking, because I visit the BBC website a lot and I notice the...
    9 Politics 72
  163. Tired of Bad Economy?
    I know some people are helping without knowing it. Buying American cars, will stimulate the economy. Why? Well lets say you pay $25,000 for a Hyundai Sonata. Thats giving 25,000 to them. If someone bought a Ford Focus for 25,000, thats giving 25,000 to...
    10 Politics 22
  164. How do I keep up withhouse work im so tired esp with 2 babies
    Im 21 I have a 4year old and a 15 moth old im so tired all the time and the house work gets on top of me I tidy one room realy nice and I got do enother then walk in to the first room id just cleaned and tidyed and the 2 kids have trashed it again ...
    4 Homegarden 22
  165. How do I get a boyfriend
    I have been single for a while Im tired of being alone. So how do I get a Boyfriend
    4 Relationships 10
  166. what are some MUST have songs?
    any favorite songs that you will never get tired of ...
    7 Music 38
  167. whats wrong my eyes feel puffy
    my eyes feel puffy I feel tired.??
    4 Health 54
  168. Showering before bed
    Does showering before bed actually make your more tired or does it make your more awake?
    4 Health 28
  169. How to be more spiritual?
    I am tired of beeing in the same situation over and over. So I need to become more spiritual
    6 Religion 42
  170. are your breasts suppose to hurt that bad before you get your menstual?
    and are you suppose to really be that tired? i been so tired and makes me sleep alot this is the first time i had this
    5 Health 46
  171. I know you guys are getting tired of hearing about Toonces
    I know you guys are getting tired of hearing about Toonces, my cat, but I don't think he's going to make it through the night. I had him back inside but I realized that it was selfish of me plus, I just didn't know if I could handle seeing him die. At ...
    2 Relationships 25
  172. Tired of being overweight
    Ok im like 5'3, 13 years old and weigh like 130lbs!!! I've been struggling for years trying as hard as possible to lose weight. I watch what im eating, I go jogging a lot, and im always moving, like active I guess. I will not go on any type of diet...e...
    6 Nutritionfitness 48
  173. What Can I Do?? Tired Of How I Feel
    Hi! I have been dealing with this for years. Am a 22years old guy and was kind of fat when younger, with time I lost a lot of weight but I couldn't lose my stomach fat. My arms don�¢??t have any strong muscles and my legs are kind of skinny. This ...
    3 Health 23
  174. Im getting tired of my girlfriend
    Me and my girlfriend have been dating for almost 6 months now and we both love each other very much. We fight a lot :(. We hardly get to spend time together, we've gone to one movie in the whole 5 1/2 months. We occasionally get to go to softball game...
    3 Relationships 221
  175. I am actually going to cry once again.Im sick and tired.
    had my bag nicked today and they took my phone and my money and dumped the bag. I was jut finally getting off to sleep just now and I realised my camera that my boyfriend bought me was in there aswell and now I cant sleep again :'( I'm so emotionally d...
    3 Relationships 42
  176. How to stop fighting with my girl's ex?
    4 Relationships 37
  177. I want to leave my parents' house
    im 15 and I want to move out of my parents house because I am tired of them what should I do
    7 Family 393
  178. Why do I get mad when I have my period?
    I alway get mad, tired and lazy when I get my period its that common in women?
    3 Health 87
  179. What could it be? Your opinion.
    I am nasueas (sp?), constipated at times, and extremely tired.
    3 Health 17
  180. racist white people agaist mexicans.
    im really tired of white people being racist
    10 General 46
  181. Jonas Mania
    is it just me, or is anyone else tired of this whole jonas brothers craze?
    9 Music 14
  182. Tired of dreaming and waiting..
    By what I have read on this site I am pretty sure im in love..the thing is im confused as to whether the has any interest in me let alon ehim loving me... it all started 5 years ago when we both were in secondary school (different ones)... my family an...
    2 Relationships 27
  183. sales tax?
    if your discount amount is $94.00 and you have to add 7% sales tax to that amount. how do you do that? can you show me step by step.
    3 General 38
  184. How to get to sleep?
    I've been up for 16hrs. Im not tired @ I cant sleap Help!
    7 Health 17
  185. Dog haters
    When owners get tired of their pet dogs, what it is likely thing they would do to them?
    7 Pets 55
  186. What does the lyrics of
    The white tie affair's-candle(sick&tired) mean??
    2 Music 4
  187. How can I get beautiful?
    I'm fat, ugly and get teased all the time... How can I get beautiful? I'm so tired of being this way. :(
    8 Style 32
  188. E trip
    So, I've done e twice. Both times I had woken up very early in the day and was a bit tired when I took it. But when I take it, it makes me want to sleep/ makes me tired. Both times it was the same type of e (pink star), and it was amazing even though I...
    2 Health 26
  189. Myspace layout sites?
    Layout sites please.. Im soo tired of htlyouts
    2 Technology 7
  190. is there something easier to cut chicken? I heard theres a scissor for chicken.
    is there something easier to cut chicken? I heard theres a scissor for chicken. I am tired of the knife?
    2 Relationships 10
  191. Calling all Vampires. Grr...
    Are there any real vampire out there? Because I'm tired of fakers. so if you're a real vampire: prove it.
    17 Religion 47
  192. Does anyone like science?
    why, after you're done pumping up tires, the pump is warmer then when you started?
    2 Education 44
  193. How do I tell my parents?
    how do I tell my parent I date black guys?? they do not agree with it... im tired of lying to them about everything!!
    5 Family 12
  194. Would you prefer the heat or the cold while working outdoors?
    I prefer the cold, for some reason the heat is just too much x) Tiring for me.
    17 General 23
  195. im bored anyone know anything I can do
    im bored anyone now what to do??? btw I dont feel like skateing im tired and im going to mable davis tomorrow... so nothin that tires me because im guna skate till like 2 in the morining
    6 Entertainment 13
  196. Dealing with overprotective parents?
    Why are parents 2 over protective ? Im tired of them always telling me what 2 do ! "help"
    7 Family 69
  197. When using a ouija board, why does this happen?
    me and my friend use the ouija board everytime I got to her house. I've noticed everytime we use the ouija board we both get pale and tired. I asked her if she noticed this and found out that when she used the board with other people she never got pale...
    17 Religion 410
  198. How to look good the next day after little sleep?
    How to not be and look so tired after a late night of studying??
    5 Style 79
  199. How to comprehend better?
    Im tired of failing quizes and test that involve remembering books. How can I comprehend better???
    4 Education 80
  200. Sleeping Problems !!
    I've had a sleeping problem for about a year. I could go to bed at 6am and not be tired for the rest of the day. Now for about 2, or 3 days I've had a full nights sleep and have been dead tired all throughout the day, even when taking 2, 3 naps. ...
    3 Nutritionfitness 20
  201. Can I Be Pregant?
    I have been discahargein tired and sick. Had sex 4 weeks ago did not have a condom could I BE PREGANT???
    2 Sex 107
  202. Light brown discharge, what is it?
    Light brown discharge, light bleeding, headaches, abdominal pain, dizziness, and tired. Any ideas about what it is?
    6 Health 535
  203. what do I do when I need a new pair of skate shoes
    I need a new pair if skate shoes but I dont have money and my parents are tired of giving me money. What to do now??
    3 Sports 18
  204. Is it possible for an adult to fight sleep like a baby and toddler (read more)?
    you know when a babies really tired but refuses to sleep? is possible that some adults say like myself do it without realizing it. i will be really tired coming from work at eleven at night but won't go to sleep until 3 or 4 hours after getting home. a...
    10 General 52
  205. Does any one have ways for me to get horny
    Does anyone have any tips on how to get horny and does any one have any tips on how to get my boyfriend hard because I'm tired of doing the same thing to get him hard ?
    15 Relationships 63
  206. How can I make my arm hair lighter?
    so I have embarassiny hair arms and im tired of them. shaving is not an option. are there any home remedies to make the hairs lighter?
    3 Style 98
  207. How was buddihsm spread?
    Was it Warfare or Trade. I cannot find the answer to this question and im tired of looking
    3 Education 43
  208. How can I change my look?
    I really want to change my look, like get a make-over. I'm tired if going to school with the same pony tail and same make-up. I really want to change. I really want to change my hair style, clothing style, and make-up. I'm just so tired of the same old...
    2 Style 33
  209. can I be pregnant even if I got my period?
    can I stiilll be pregnant if I got my period? I've been really tired , and now iam having mood swings.
    3 Health 112
  210. Reward Cards
    can some one please tell me some stores with reward cards. so like you can get discounts and % off like famous footwear?
    2 Shopping 9
  211. whats data inn a lab report for biology?
    whats data inn a lab report for biology? [Google dosnt answer this] I tired sorry -.-
    3 Science 36
  212. Rude People!
    why are people so rude that they have to go and say really mean and nasty things,are they so tired of there life they have to be like that?
    2 General 9
  213. How can I gain weight fast?
    im tire of being skinny I hate it I wish I can gain weight fast help me please! Rhedd
    2 Nutritionfitness 26
  214. Why do I suddenly need more sleep?
    Ever since I was realy young, I always had trouble sleeping, I would always sleep late, then wake for school and would never be tired. I had aways been used to sleeping at 1 or 2 in the morning. However, the past year or so, I have been trying to sle...
    3 Health 218
  215. What can a 14 year old girl do to feel prettier?
    I just dont feel pretty and im tired of it what can I do to help it?
    7 Style 57
  216. What causes us to receive donations in the mail everyday?
    What causes us to get donations in the mail everyday? Second part to this question, are you all tired of getting junk mail in the mailbox? or tired of receiving donations? Not that we shouldn't donate to different organizations but, I've been getting ...
    3 General 17
  217. Why David Banner didnt call triple A to fix his car and avoid thetransformation?
    One day i was driving and i had a flat tire, and i was going to change the tire, and i remembered the episode of the hulk tv series where David banner transform for changing the tire, and i said no i will call triple A to help me and that was problem s...
    2 Entertainment 44
  218. Masturbation Methods?
    I need new ways to masterbate because im tired of the old up and down method. got any ideas?
    2 Sex 275
  219. What are some really good new songs that are out?
    I need nore songs in my playlist im getting tired of old songs. what are some really good new songs?
    10 Music 33
  220. Masterbate with items around the house?
    What are some things around the house that feel really good to masterbate with? Tired of the same old stuff.
    2 Sex 3043
  221. I have trouble getting to sleep
    Ok well I no im tired but when I try to go to sleep I cant any tips on how to get to sleep
    8 Health 34
  222. Is there a way to block someone so they can't call my Cell Phone?
    Is there a way to block someone so they can't call my Cell Phone? I 'm tired of being harrased day and night.
    3 Technology 65
  223. Im tired of this life I live
    I'm about to be 17 years old.I've been getting into a lot of trouble for about 2 years now,because im in this "gang".I dont like it at all because all we do is sit around and smoke a lot of weed and talk crapto everybody.weeell all this crap talking is...
    7 General 60
  224. How to sleep longer?
    So when I was a teenager I could sleep 9 hours a night, no problem. Over the years, I've lost that ability. No matter how tired I am, I usually wake up after 5 or 6 hours of sleep, can't fall back asleep, and I feel tired and look tired throughou...
    8 Health 41
  225. Dizzy, stomach ache, body aches, tired ...
    Lately I've been having troubles with my stomach. For the past year or so, I always feel sick to my stomach when I wake up. For the past week or so I've had diarrhea (off and on.) I thought it may have been caused from something I was eating (milk)...
    3 Health 284
  226. What should I do I never have any energy?
    Im 14 and I always get my sleep, but for some reason im always tired and I never have any energy. Usually im very active, but I stoped all my sports beacause I have no energy to do anything but school and homework. Sometimes at school im so tired I fee...
    3 Health 85
  227. It keeps me awake.
    Okay so my parants have sex EVERY sunday night and it keeps me awake, when I wake up and tell them im tired they moan at me for going to sleep late. Im so tired when I go to school and I hate it.They would be embarrassed if I told they I knew they were...
    6 Sex 8
  228. How can I change my Google Chrome settings to UK spellings?
    Im tired of it always saying im spelling things wrong.
    6 Technology 18
  229. How can I make wearing glasses look less "geeky" on me?
    I don't know a better word to describe it. I usually wear contacts, but often in the mornings I'm too tired to wear them, and they make me more tired, or I just don't have time in the mornings. These pictures were taken two years ago, and I have short ...
    2 Style 35
  230. What is best energy drink thats out?
    I just started playing soccer today and I got really tired really quick so what is the best energy drink
    2 Food 37
  231. I can't sleep!
    I'm having a hard time sleeping during the night . I think its because I take long naps in the day . but I get so tired during the day I fall asleep . and it is hard sometimes for me to make it on time to my first class . and I don't get to eat breakfa...
    2 Health 15
  232. What is good for energy?
    I have no energy. Im always tired. What is a good vitamin or something like that, that I can take/do that will boost my energy yet not have any sideeffects?
    3 Nutritionfitness 25
  233. What do I do if my computer get frozen?
    What do I do if my computer get frozen do I have to wait, because sometimes I have to wait a long time and I get tired of that what do you suggest me to do, any advice is welcome thank you.
    4 Technology 76
  234. People make fun of me!!!
    Im tired of people making fun of me because im fat. I laugh it off but it hurts so much inside!!! Can somebody help me?!
    10 Nutritionfitness 85
  235. I got my cartlidge peirced like 2 months ago and I cant get it out
    Ughh I am getting sooo tired of this, I got my cartlidge peirced like 2 months ago and I cant get it out, what should I do?
    2 Style 43
  236. Im uncomfortable about my boobs, their too small!
    Im tired of being 32A, all of my friends are B or C cup! please help!
    7 Style 79
  237. natural breast enlargement
    are there any natural ways to enlarge breasts?.. surgury isn't an option.. but I'm tired of havin' small breasts...
    2 Health 68
  238. what jobs can I get at the age of 16
    im tired of asking my parents for money so I want to know what kind of jobs can I get when your just 16?
    5 Money 116
  239. Stay awake
    Could someone please help? I am really tired do you have anyways that I could use to keep my self awake?
    8 General 17
  240. how do you make a doughnut?
    how do you make a doughnut? im tired of payin!!! the price is eithr to high, well for the good ones anyway...
    5 Food 49
  241. How do I explain to a customer representative that I want to decrease my bill?
    when talking to customer services what to say for them to decrease my bill..i want a discount because i am paying to much?
    7 Money 12
  242. Fat questions
    How many of you are tired of these questions... Am I too fat? How do I lose weight? I am so and so tall, and weigh this much, is that good? Well, your not that fat... your only fat if you think your fat...
    7 Nutritionfitness 36
  243. Do I have insomnia?
    I'm 14, and some days only sleep for 2 hours because of my homework load, and I wake up perfectly energized and don't feel tired at all during the day. But when I sleep for more, like seven or eight hours I get really tired during the day and almost f...
    4 Health 10
  244. How much does it cost to treat a dog with parvo?
    w/o the overnight stays for an 11 week old puppy and if it's 2 of them won't they discount a bit since it's from the same litter? when i was going to get the shots for them they were going to get a little discount since they were from the same litter, ...
    3 Pets 168
  245. Is Nair for Men good for pubic hair removal?
    is nair good for your pubic area?? has anyone tired it?? does anyone know any other hair removal products that work in the genital areas?
    19 Style 13477
  246. What can I use on salads as dressing that is low in calories and low in fat?
    Im tired of using ranch but id like to have some sort of dressing on my salad that's healthy
    15 Food 35
  247. fake smile:(
    dont you ever just hate fakeing smiles? im getting a lil tired of always wearing a mask all the time...
    7 General 30
  248. What is a good nickname for nyasia(pronounced ni a sha)?
    I want a new nickname because im tired of my friends calling me jacob.
    3 General 69
  249. Thrillleeerrr
    Im sick and tired of hearing about micheal jackson!! Are you? Im mean I know him dying, is epic but im mean c'mon
    12 Entertainment 19
  250. What should I do should I get head tonight or stay home?
    What should I do should I get head tonight or stay home I was working all this week and im tired as hell but I want to get my suck what should I do
    3 Relationships 122