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  1. What can I do with 100 blank discs?
    16 General 30
  2. Can you have a career and be a horse jockey?
    11 Money 33
  3. How can I take out the scratch of my cd or dvd discs.
    How can I take out the scratch of my cd or dvd discs.
    2 Technology 63
  4. how do I burn music from youtube onto a disc?
    how do I burn music from youtube onto a disc?
    2 Technology 49
  5. How and where do you go to fix a dogs ruptured disc?
    How and where do you go to fix a dogs ruptured disc?
    2 Technology 6
  6. Can I use the windowsxp disc I got with my computer on anothe
    Can I use the windowsxp disc I got with my computer on another computer?
    2 Technology 13
  7. Can I play dvd disc on my computer ,?
    I dont have a dvd drive
    7 Gaming 15
  8. Why does it take so long to put movies onto discs?
    4 Technology 14
  9. How do I make a DVD disc that can be played in a PS2 console?
    3 Technology 12
  10. Is it possible to burn a PS2 game from the web to a disc and play it on PS2?
    2 Gaming 43
  11. Can I copy rented dvds onto dvd recordable discs to build my
    Can I copy rented dvds onto dvd recordable discs to build my own library?
    3 Technology 38
  12. What to do if plastation says no disc is in when it is?
    Says no disc is in.what should I do to make it work? I have a playstation2 should I clean the laser
    3 Gaming 18
  13. Are there any easy ways to train a border collie to catch frisbies (collies are good at disc catching)?
    5 Pets 41
  14. can I still use my old dvd discs on the blue ray or not.
    can I still use my old dvd discs on the blue ray or not any answer is welcome thank you.
    4 Technology 37
  15. What disc it best to burn songs on?
    hey can you tell me what type of disc works best to burn songs from itunes??? thanks!!!
    3 Technology 158
  16. What disc do you need to play old XBOX games on xbox 360?
    what disk do you need to play old games from xbox to xbox 360 where do you download it from xbox live
    3 Gaming 76
  17. Versions of lightscribe discs
    Currently I can only find cd-/+r and dvd-/+r as a lightscribe disc. Since a dvd dl is still on one side of the disc why do they not make dvd dl in a lightscribe version? Or if they do where can I find them?
    2 Technology 34
  18. where to insert discs
    I got the Eee laptop. 10 inches wide. and I was just wondering where do I insert the cds? I can't seem to find it
    3 Technology 11
  19. games without a disc?
    is is possible to save a PC game disc onto my hard drive so I dont have to put the game in my computer every time I want to play it?
    2 Technology 17
  20. How can I play a copy-burn disc to windows media player???
    Hi I wanted to play a 3-minute video burn disc to my windows media player but I can't and I want to know how and save!!!
    2 Technology 15
  21. What disc is in your CD player right now?
    What is the CD in your car or home CD player right now? If it is a mix, what artist sings the majority of the music on it? I have Kelly Clarkson- My December in mine!
    10 Music 20
  22. How can I install a printer without the disc?
    Hey x I have an epson Stylus printer DX7450 I have lost the disc to intall it, is there another way I can install it on my laptop ?X THANKS FOR YOUR HELP XXX
    4 Technology 93
  23. How do you burn mpeg onto a disc so it will play on a dvd player?
    How do you burn mpeg, wmv etc files into a blank cd or dvd so that it will play properly onto a dvd player?? I have nero and dvd fab and dvd shrink
    5 Technology 107
  24. How do I get a scratched disc to work?
    I've been wanting to play San andres for a very very long time now, but the disk is scratched and I cant get it to work...what is an easy wayu to get it going?
    5 Technology 12
  25. What is disc 2 for on Grand Theft Auto 4?
    I bought Grand Theft Auto 4 and I was reading through the installation booklet and it said to insert disc 1 and follow to on-screen instructions and it never mentioned anything about disc 2, what is it for?
    2 Gaming 6
  26. Ripping and adding on a disc. Please please please help!!!
    I burned some music on a blank disc from media player and I forgot to burn a song. It won't let me do it now. So I was wondering if I could rip all the songs from the cd and burn them again and add the on that I forgot. Thank you so much for your help!
    2 Technology 6
  27. Where do you throw away discs?
    Okay, so my mom wants to get rid of a bunch of discs (for many reasons) and she told me to go throw these at the trash. I'm just wondering if I should do it, and if not, where is the best place to get rid of discs? I'll appreciate quick answers :D
    4 Technology 55
  28. How do I play a game on my computer without needing the disc?
    I bought Age of Empires 3 and my sister has Sims 3. I want to be able to play these games without needing the disc in everytime. I'm not worried about taking up space. I have a Mac and a terabyte hard drive
    4 Technology 11
  29. Why doesn't my disc drive work?
    I have an e-machines computer and the disc drive doesnt work. I just got it fixed after it wouldnt turn on and had to spend 7 months with out it. I was wondering if I could fix it from home ?? any advice would be helpful. thanks
    4 Technology 45
  30. My PS2 doesnt want to read discs anymore...
    My PS2 stopped reading discs. I dont know what happend bt one day it juss stopped working. anyone know why and if theres anything I can do w/out having to call SONY? Help Appreciated. =] Thanx
    9 Gaming 65
  31. Why won't my computer "disc holder" eject?
    I know thats not the most tech answer but I need to put some of my iTunes songs onto a cd and whenever I try to open up the disc thing it makes a grinding sound. So its probably jammed but is there anyway to fix it?
    4 Technology 40
  32. Should he change it to DVDs or blu-ray discs instead?
    I have a friend whose response to most questions is 'I have to return some videotapes', which annoys a lot of people. He gets out of doing most things by saying that. Is it an appropriate response? Is it the fact that videos are nearly obsolete that ca...
    3 Technology 7
  33. Slipping discs at 19 What can I do to help it?
    I'm 19 and I already have slipping discs in my back, I live in pain daily, I've tried physical thearapy, exercise, and my latest thing has been getting steroid shots in my back. Nothing has worked I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem or knows ...
    2 Health 22
  34. "The required disc cannot be found"
    Somebodyyy, please help, I'm about to lose itt! Ok, my iPods being stupid! I sent it to Apple so that they could fix the problem that it had, which was that it wouldn't want to sync, but they didn't seem to do anything cause its still the same, well w...
    9 Technology 138
  35. Why can't I open my CD tray?
    I cant open my CD Disc to play music or anything on a DVD or CD disc
    2 Technology 38
  36. itune wont burn
    why wont my itunes burn me an mp3 disc off the playlist I chose? I ripped three of my discs and want them on one mp3 disc to conserve space in my cd changer.
    2 Technology 13
  37. PSP Problems
    My PSP can not read discs anymore.When I put the UMD in my PSP it keeps making a buzzing sound.After like 20 minutes it says the disc can not be read.Why can't my PSP read discs and how do I fix it?
    4 Gaming 38
  38. Download movies to laptop
    How can I download/put a movie into my laptop? Like the disc?
    2 Technology 54
  39. Kentucky Derby
    Kentucky Derby jockey Toe Talamo – does he have his own website?
    2 Sports 13
  40. I need some help with WoW
    ok man I got the disc and I got window vista home basic and when I put the disc in it don't work why?
    2 Gaming 11
  41. What is wrong with my Xbox 360 (read more)?
    My Xbox 360 always shows "Reading Disc" and then "Open Tray" on the odd occasion it will work halfway through the game it says "Disc Unreadable, please wipe the disc with a clean cloth" etc, How do I fix this?
    2 Gaming 9
  42. How to burn a movie from iTunes?
    hey can you tell me how to burn a movie from itunes onto a disc and alos how to import a movie from a disc onto itunes and also where to fing the chat at thanks in advance
    3 Technology 82
  43. How to set this up?
    My friend recently purchashed a laptop from Best Buy I think, and when she bought it they gave her 3 discs. 1. Applications and Drivers 2. Recovery Disc 1 3. Recovery Disc 2 She has no idea if she is suppose to install them or to just keep them in a ...
    2 Technology 16
  44. Cd burner
    Why can't I burn cd's my cd drive says "dvd rom compact disc rewrittable" I insert a blank cd and it still says " please insert disc" it reads dvds can someone please help
    2 Technology 10
  45. Who has McAfee?
    I booght it at a Walmart last year. The box says you can use the disc on up to 3 computers. I don't however have the box anymore. Recently my computer told me my time is running out and i need to renew my McAfee. I spent 60 dollars on this disc! Do i r...
    10 Technology 36
  46. Why does my laptop say my cd drive is empty when it isn't?
    Help! it can't detect the contents in my disc.
    5 Technology 35
  47. How to burn a DVD?
    how do I burn a DVD, because every time I try it on a DVD player it says blank disc! What am I doing wrong?
    4 Technology 33
  48. Dvd burning
    How do I copy a a dvd from the disc to my computer. I've tried copy & paste but it didn't work?
    2 Technology 12
  49. Burning movies
    Where is the best site do down load a movie from. Then I can either convert the file to dvd then burn. Or just burn the movie download to dvd disc
    2 Technology 57
  50. Hard drive formatted! HELP!
    I accidentally formatted my haddrive. I don't have a vista installation disk or recovery disc. What shall I do?
    3 Technology 11
  51. How do you burn a CD using a laptop?
    I've never copied a CD to a blank disc on my laptop but I want to make a present for a friend's birthday. Since there's only one disc drive, I'm not sure how to do this though. My computer is 5 years old and has Vista on it, if that helps. Thank you!
    3 Technology 15
  52. Sims 2 seasons/Sims Origonal
    Ok so my mom got me Sims 2 seasons expansion pack and I was wondering which Sims 2 disc do I need to use the expansion pack.
    2 Gaming 47
  53. Microsoft Office download?
    how do I download micsoft without cd disc so I can use micsoft word to make pctures and text of what I want on that docment.
    2 Technology 34
  54. Optical Drive problems
    why is it that when I insert a DVD in my DVD drive nothing happens (normally a window comes up asking if I want to open the folders on the disc, etc.) but when its in the drive nothing happens. When I access my computer and go double click the disc ico...
    4 Technology 12
  55. Sims Deluxe Edition
    I have this version of the Sims for my computer, and I was wondering, there are 2 discs, I use the 1st one, but I don't know what the 2nd is for. What is it and how can I get it to work???
    2 Gaming 23
  56. DVD Burning question
    Assuming I have a dvd that was dual-layered or whatever its called and is like 7gb when copied onto computer as disc image file, is it possible to burn this onto a normal blank dvd disc? If not then is it possible to reduce the image size or extract me...
    3 Technology 12
  57. Ares help!!
    So I got ares and it doesnt download music I got it for windows98 How can I make it down load music again And can someone tell me where I can download a program so I can burn discs thanx=]
    2 Technology 45
  58. Help with deleting files
    My computer is slow as hell! this is because of all the files on it. I cannot find the uninstall disc to get rid of any of the programs/files, is there any other way to get rid of these programs??
    2 Technology 10
  59. How can I exercise my stomach without hurting my neck?
    I have herniated discs in my neck and nerve damage down my arms. How can I reduce the size of my upper arms and also my stomach without injuring my neck?
    3 Nutritionfitness 81
  60. How do you backup your computer system?
    I have an XP laptop with a built in disc drive..what are the steps of backing up all my data..especially the data in my documents file..I have done it before but I forget.
    6 Technology 11
  61. DVD onto ipod?
    do any of you know how to get a movie from a DVD disc onto your ipod? and it doesnt work if you just stick the CD in the machine and wait for it to pop up like a music CD
    6 Technology 30
  62. Why isn't my iPod Nano syncing?
    I have all of my playlists and everything made now but everytime that I go to sync it, It states that I dont have some kind of disc? It's not a problem with the Ipod itself because my boyfriend can sync it on his computer.
    3 Technology 85
  63. Burning a movie to a dvd-r
    ok so my neighbor wants me to burn a dvd to a disc right and I have converted the movie to mpg and would I just burn it with windows media player
    2 Technology 29
  64. Why won't my iPod sync?
    I had my 30 gig ipod stollen that was 1st Gen. I recently purchased a 5th G ipod that tells me "The ipod cannot be synced. The required disc cannot be found".
    3 Technology 41
  65. What are some songs you know?
    I want to have more songs. I am going to be uploading (downloading) songs to a disc. So like I want some songs. Does anyone know any songs? When you put the songs on here (put the artist`s name too with the songs you tell me please) Please, help me w...
    6 Music 36
  66. Where can I download a copy of Windows XP for free?
    Im going 2 school for my dagree 4 ITT Tech I no a lot about computers and how to fix them but I need an operating Disc
    2 Technology 28
  67. Has anyone used ?
    Has anyone used Is it legitimate? I have used Netflix before and they are very reasonable if discs get lost in the mail or scratched. Seeing how games are so expensive (especially the Wii, which is my current addiction), is gamefly as reas...
    4 Gaming 64
  68. How should I go about X360 to PS3?
    I was recently getting fed up with Microsoft and their gaming system XBOX 360. I have had the RROD once, fixed that. Went through two disc replacements because of the crappy DVD drive, and took them 5 months to get them back to me(and one came back for...
    6 Gaming 28
  69. Lexmark printer to a Dell computer
    I know how to connect the printer to the computer, but I don't know how to make it work. I don't have a manual or a disc. The printer goes to my old emachine computer. We bought a Dell computer without a printer. I found how to connect other Lexmark pr...
    3 Technology 35
  70. How do i fix my ipod??
    everytime i plug it into my computer, nothing downloads and it doesnt go to itunes, it just says empty disc. it also says 0% content downloaded, 0% free space. that doesnt even make sense. what do i do??
    4 Technology 12
  71. itunes 8 trouble
    I need help burning CDs. I have itunes 8 and windows XP. I bought the songs I want on itunes, made a playlist and dragged the songs into it, put in a blank CD-R cd, and clicked burn disc. but at the top it says "Disc Recording not found..." ...
    2 Music 37
  72. Where to get the installation CD for Creative Zen software?
    I have a creative zen neeon 2 but my disc drive on my computer doesn't work. I was wondering if anyone out there knew a place I could download a free copy of the installation cd? thanks
    4 Technology 89
  73. Cleavage Piercing? Well, dermals actually...
    Ok so I'm getting two little dermals near the bottom of my cleavage. For those of you who dont know, dermals are like a piercing but instead of going in one side and out the other, they cut a slit in your skin and make a little pocket, then they have t...
    2 Style 62
  74. Dell Local Backup 2.0 trys 2 start but won't, grrr.
    Hi to all, I'm in desperate need of some help. I bought a new Dell Studio 15 (1555) at the end of Aug '09 and once logged on to my user profil used to get a box pop up asking me if I wanted to create a set of backup discs. Unfortunately at the tim I d...
    2 Technology 61
  75. How much worse will my back pain get?
    If I have low back pain from degenerative disc disease in my thirties, how much worse will it become with age? I am I constant pain all the time. I am beginning to think that I have MS. I have some of the symptoms and my father has it. I know it runs...
    2 Health 14
  76. Can I have touch screen support on Windows XP home/professional/media centre?
    I know this is an odd question! but my uncle just gave me an old tablet PC from 2001, its a fujitsu stylistic 3400 :) the good thing is that, it works!! only down side is that it has windows 2000 "/ I don't have windows xp tablet edition on disc an...
    2 Technology 64
  77. Why are my patient's legs turning black?
    I'm a opiate addiction counselor and I have a pt with multiple health issues but one of them really scared me his legs are turning black, he is been dx with cellulitis and he has a back problem, couple of herniated discs, what could be the cause for h...
    2 Health 280
  78. Computer Wizzes!
    im making a disc for my friend with pics on and stuff but it wont let me load up the videos from my phone. im using miscrosoft movie maker and im putting pics on fine but when I click to load up the videos it acts as if they dont exist how do I ...
    3 Technology 12
  79. Is there anyway to remove background sound from a home video?
    (I'm making up our yearly photo/video disc and the one video has a lot of static/wind type sound in the background which makes it hard to hear the singer/speakers. Its in avi format. I'm a bit of a computer idiot so it needs to be fairly easy)
    7 Technology 14
  80. What's wrong with my Grand Theft Auto game?
    Okay, there seems to be a problem with my Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas video game. It'll work okay for like 5 minutes, then it just says disc read error when the game is brand same with my ps2,and why isnt it working?? and the other games I've got w...
    4 Gaming 25
  81. What's wrong with this game?
    I just got Spore and I installed it. But it didn't play, so I cleaned the disc and tried again. It still didn't work. It's brand new and doesn't have any scratches. I then restarted the computer and tried again. Still didn't work. I then uninstalled it...
    4 Technology 9
  82. How can I send iTunes music from one computer to another?
    The computer that has iTunes is having problem with its disc drive. Anyway i need to e-mail some music to my other computer so I can put it onto a cd. I need answers by thursday...srry if this isnt allowed but first person to help out will get points
    2 Technology 11
  83. How do I wipe my hard drive?
    So im building a new computer, but keeping some older parts of my previous comoputer (HD, vid card, sound card, disc drive) And since im starting new im just wondering how can I completley wipe my hard drive so its like brand I have to install...
    3 Technology 35
  84. How can I fix my PS3 Blu Ray drive?
    Ok, so, I've had my PS3 for about two years now and everything has been working fine until recently. Everything on my system works fine, except the disc drive won't read anything now, Blu-Rays, DVDs, PSone games, you name it. I researched and found tha...
    4 Gaming 56
  85. Why does " framework keep popping up!?
    I got the TDL3 rootkit virus about 2 weeks ago. Long story short, I had my email address on craigslist when I was selling something, someone sent me an email with a link in it, I was dumb enough to click, and the website infected me. A man from a compu...
    2 Technology 644
  86. What will happen if I try these methods on my scratched game?
    I have a scratched Playstation game that freezes during one cutscene. I'm using it on the new PS2.. the thin one. Does opening the disc tray during the scene, then closing it skip the scene? that's all I want to do. also, if that doesn't work, w...
    4 Gaming 15
  87. Why won't Sims work?
    I got Sims 2 games for Christmas one year and I recently bought Sims 3, and I installed them on my laptop and I can't get cheats to work and I don't know why. The cheat box doesn't even pop up, but it works perfectly fine on a regular home computer. Al...
    3 Gaming 16
  88. What is a cheap way to fix my computer?
    I have this old HP computer that is capable of using more color I just cant get it to. it runs on windows 98 and is ok for playing old games but it only has 16 colors. I go to settings to see if I can fix it so it runs higher but it wont let me. I cant...
    3 Technology 16
  89. How to download MP4 player software?
    Hi, just received a MP4 player in the mail, and it came with this small disc that does not fit into my lap top. So how can I down load the software. ? I dont know really what I am doing, and I need total help,,, it came with very vague discription, ...
    3 Technology 38
  90. Psp Folders Wont Come Out in PC
    Well, When I Connect My Psp To The Computer It Says "Open Folder To View Files" And I Click It... And Normally It Would Have The Folders OF Music, Photos,etc. But Now Recently I Cannot See Those Folders Anymore Its Just A Blank Folder Named "Removable ...
    6 Technology 58
  91. My computer needs fixed.. help..:)
    Okay, So I have A compaq notebook laptop, Vista.. Im pretty sure.. So any way..It got a virus, so my sister tried restoring it to factory settings 3 times.. then that really screwd it up.. So she put in a restore harddrive c.d from another computer,...
    5 Technology 67
  92. Has this ever happened to anyone's computer?
    This thing just shut down on it's own for a few minutes, then re-started and informed me of a mile long list of updates windows installed for me. More bells and whistles that I don't need, to take up memory and disc space. I say if it isn't broke...
    5 Technology 20
  93. shitz zu won't eat after spine surgery
    My friend came back from vacation and found her dog dragging her two back feet , dunno what happened to her , took her to the vet and had to go into surgery something about a disc on her spine , surgery was succesful and vet kept her for about 4 days ...
    2 Pets 51
  94. My pc is slow
    I have an intel pentium dual cpu,e2200 @ 2.20ghz,2.19ghz,0.99gb of ram. 250gb hard-drive and a lg super multi disc drive. With all this, my computer is still slow,when I wanna open my browse page(firefox),it takes a lot of time. And when I wanna perfor...
    3 Technology 17
  95. Why can't I install Linux on my PowerBook G4 Onyx 550?
    Basically, I have tried every type of installation for ubuntu, and it hasn't worked! either I burn a disc, and it wont boot; or I use the gui live installer and that doesn't work either :( All i get is a black screen boot! I've even tried slackintosh. ...
    8 Technology 26
  96. How should I approach this situation?
    I let my friend borrow my Playstation 2 with a couple of games, because I was planning on selling it and figured he could have some fun with it before I got rid of it. Well I let him borrow it for about a month and a half, I just got it back tonight....
    6 Relationships 11
  97. how to get percocet leagally
    I would like to ask some concerned person out there how to get percocet , roxicodone, legally I just read some answers to the question and I signed up not half way knowing how to use this. I have MS, fibramyalsia, 5 heriated discs and rhumetoid arthrit...
    2 Health 130
  98. I wrote a poem...
    I wish I could describe to you how I'd write of you through the ages. I'd pen you into an immortal state like no other greek goddess or roman warrior ever has been. Oh, that intangible poetry enscribed upon your face that makes me quiver at the th...
    3 Literature 15
  99. How big is ‘the world’?
    Pliny the Elder - a 1st century Roman - reports Rome's difficulty in finding the 1000 pounds of gold required to purchase peace for the City after recapturing it from the Gauls in 390BCE (book XXXIII:V). A modern reader might assume he meant war repara...
    3 Religion 29
  100. Who thinks I should get this Toshiba laptop, I really like it?
    From Toshiba comes a portable powerhouse you can take with you anywhere you go. The 14.0" Satellite L645D laptop PC comes to you loaded with all the advanced features you expect from Toshiba. An AMD Athlon II P320 processor and 3GB of memory keep your ...
    13 Technology 35
  101. What are my chances of winning Social Security Disability?
    Thanks to all that Answer in Advance, iam a 41 Male but closer to 42 , but I look more like 32 to be honest, I was a tractor Trailer Driver, had a bad accident, Now iam Suffering From 5 Herniated Dics, Fatigue, Dizzyness, Server Lower back pain, and Se...
    2 Health 19