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  1. What is the most dumbest law?
    What is the most dumbest law?
    6 General 27
  2. What is Ohm's law?
    5 Science 35
  3. why do we have to learn about the law?
    6 Education 36
  4. How did english law influence the development of american law
    How did english law influence the development of american law?
    2 Religion 697
  5. What's the difference between in-laws and out-laws?
    This is a joke. What's the difference between in-laws and out-laws?
    4 General 47
  6. How do you disable an Ankol monitor?
    how do you disable an ankol monitor?
    10 Technology 265
  7. Why should there be a seat belt law?
    why should there be a seat belt law???
    18 Politics 116
  8. Can I garnish veterand disability?
    Can I garnish veterand disability?
    2 Money 43
  9. What are some differances in Law and Order here in the US, and Law and Order UK?
    Just curious because they do have differant laws over their
    3 Entertainment 13
  10. What exactly is, "The law of Attraction"?
    4 Religion 41
  11. What is the purpose of having a curfew law?
    5 Politics 35
  12. Is an attorney and a lawyer the same thing?
    4 General 44
  13. Do you believe in the secret and law of attraction.
    Do you believe in the secret and law of attraction.
    2 Religion 16
  14. How a bill becomes a law for kids?
    How a bill becomes a law for kids?
    2 Money 14
  15. Are "in-law" and "outlaw" the same thing?
    9 General 56
  16. What's the difference between Prosecutors and Attorneys/ Lawyers?
    7 Politics 34
  17. Do law firms usually take Volunteers who are not law students or paralegal students yet and have no prior experience in Law?
    If so, How do I ask for a volunteer position?
    2 Money 8
  18. How many of you know the universal laws?
    11 Religion 57
  19. Is it easier for inlaws to accept a daughter-n-law than a son-n-law ?
    5 Family 60
  20. Best way to apply laws of attraction?
    What is the best way I can apply the laws of attraction?
    2 General 22
  21. How long does law school really take ?
    How long does law school really take ?
    2 Education 49
  22. Is SSI the same as disability?
    Ssi is the same as disability or these are 2 diferent things.
    4 Money 29
  23. How a bill becomes a law for grade 2?
    How a bill becomes a law for grade 2?
    2 Money 22
  24. Tax Attorney Help
    What is the benefit of hiring a Tax Attorney
    2 Politics 14
  25. common law?
    what exactly does a common law relationship entail?
    6 Relationships 20
  26. Create & Legalize a law
    If you could create and legalize any law what would it be?
    7 Politics 26
  27. What law affects people in many ways ?
    6 Politics 15
  28. Why did Mussolini introduce the Race Laws in 1938?
    2 Politics 68
  29. Can anybody define that what actually is inheritance law?
    2 Politics 32
  30. against the law drive while on the phone in Florida?!
    if you drive while on the phone in Florida?!?! Just wondering. :)
    3 Politics 55
  31. Which are the top universities in England for studying law?
    5 Education 7
  32. What do you think of making laws about NO texting while driving?
    19 Politics 31
  33. How Long Dose It take To Complete Law School?
    How Long Dose It take To Complete Law School?
    4 Education 45
  34. greatest law in the world
    is there anyone here knows the "greatest law in the universe?"
    3 General 11
  35. Is limewire against the law?
    People keep telling me it is against the law is that true
    9 Technology 51
  36. Disable blog from search engines
    How can I disable my blogger blog from being found on all search engines?
    2 Technology 15
  37. Is anyone else attracted to their Mother-in-Law?
    Does anyone else have an attraction for their Mother In Law?
    5 Family 362
  38. What does it mean when an account is disabled?
    What does it mean when an account has been disabled? I looked at a question and it said that
    4 Funadvice 54
  39. Disabling HTML mode on the internet?
    How can I disable HTML with Mozilla FireFox?
    2 Technology 14
  40. marriage laws
    in Australia what do you think the marriage law is intended to achieve?
    2 Religion 20
  41. Why is speeding against the law when all cars are made to exceed the speed limit?
    7 Politics 59
  42. Is the chatting function which was there on the home page of this site disabled?
    3 Funadvice 11
  43. what is the name of the lady investigator in Law and Order: SVU?
    4 Entertainment 55
  44. Are there any ways to fix minor disabilities(like a stutter/lisp)?
    7 Health 23
  45. What happens when a state doesn't follow a federal law?
    5 Politics 98
  46. Who here thinks there should be tougher gun control laws in the US?
    18 Politics 54
  47. Is it ok to allow the handicap and disabled from birth to exist?
    79 Politics 37
  48. How does an idea become a law?
    I need help with government.
    2 Politics 15
  49. Which category does questions about the law, court, etc... belong in?
    14 Funadvice 18
  50. Do you think that the goverment should make laws for our own personal safety?
    4 Politics 21
  51. Why don't all the staes in the US have the same laws?
    and what would be some pros and cons for them haveing the same laws?
    6 Politics 16
  52. How can I prove to a court of law that I get abused by my spo
    How can I prove to a court of law that I get abused by my spouse?
    2 Religion 13
  53. Laws now in effect for owning a pitbull?
    What are the laws now in effect for owning a pitbull? Do you have to have insurance? How much? And where can I get it?
    3 Pets 34
  54. Which is better Ncis Csi or Law and order
    Which show do you think is better? Ncis Csi Law and order
    10 Entertainment 152
  55. Relationship with In-laws
    What are the issues you and your mother-in-law fought about?
    2 Family 11
  56. Are Jude Law and Sienna Miller together?
    Are Jude Law and Sienna Miller still dating?
    2 Entertainment 11
  57. What to give my mom and my mother in law for mothers day
    Does anyone have any ideas on what to give me mom and my mother in law for mothers day
    8 Family 37
  58. What are your thoughts on disabled people?
    what is the idea in your mind about Handicapped person
    9 General 37
  59. What are the names of top colleges in England that offer Environmental Law?
    2 Education 9
  60. is it possible for my boyfriend to live with me with out my parents getting in trouble with the law ?
    8 Family 38
  61. Why do think Allah created people who have disabilities?
    for example Dyscalculia?
    17 Religion 37
  62. Is it against the law to send naked pictures on a cell phone if we are both under 18?
    9 Politics 137
  63. How can I disable funadvice from sending me an email everytime I have a new alert?
    2 Funadvice 16
  64. What's the deal with the new (and old...) laws concerning music downloading?
    5 Politics 32
  65. Can you get a job in law enforcement without a college degree?
    2 Money 21
  66. Who here knows about the new marijuana laws in California?
    Do you think more states should implement those laws?
    14 Politics 25
  67. How many wives does islamic law allow a man to have at the sa
    How many wives does islamic law allow a man to have at the same time?
    4 Religion 62
  68. How law are an instrument for social change?
    How can we use law in our country to bring about changes in our society..??
    4 Politics 43
  69. Does it break a law to turn someone's poem into a song?
    is it against the law to turn someone elses poem into a song with out there permission?
    11 Literature 83
  70. Where do I file a complaint on my attorney?
    I need to file a complaint on my attorney who did my divorce, does anyone know how I should go about to do this?
    2 General 27
  71. Would you advocate a law allowing assisted suicide?
    It is for my Law class. Would you have restrictions if you did?
    11 Politics 37
  72. what laws did hitler make for the jews?
    what laws did hitler make for the jews beforethey went into the constration camp
    3 Education 27
  73. law on foreign drivers license
    what is the law on using a foreign drivers license to purchase alcohol in kentucky?
    3 Politics 14
  74. Would I be able to get on disability for being bipolar?
    Would I be able to get on disability for being bipolar? It's been getting in the way of work so bad.
    3 Health 24
  75. how can i disable the alerts so that everytime somebody answers a qeustion i answered it wont give me an alert?
    2 Funadvice 10
  76. Law and Order: SVU "authority"
    Anyone excited for this episode??? I know I am!!!
    4 Entertainment 41
  77. Does anyone know any of the custody laws for grandparents?
    Such as, if they can(t) move out of state and moooore?
    3 Family 12
  78. Why wont America change their gun laws?
    Why are guns still legal in the states?
    51 Politics 43
  79. Should law or religion be an instrument of global social change?
    Should law be an instrument of global social change and human rights, or should we leave that up to religion?
    13 Religion 90
  80. Disability
    How do you get on disability, and would severe depression and rheumatoid arthritis make me eligable?
    2 Money 60
  81. If I fall down on the street can I get disability from my job.
    If I fall down on the street and I can not work can I get disability from my job or not. Any answer is welcome thank you.
    4 Money 56
  82. What are my chances of getting disability for being bipolar?
    What are my chances of getting disability because I'm bipolar? How long would it take to get it started?
    5 Money 169
  83. Gun Control Laws, for or against.
    So what are your opinions on new gun control laws if they come? Should we have firmer laws or ban certain guns entirely?
    3 Politics 13
  84. Do you think military disabled Vets should be allowed to use toll roads at no charge?
    14 Politics 39
  85. What law firms will hire convicted felons in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi?
    2 Money 49
  86. Child Labor Laws
    How many hours can a high school student work a work
    4 Money 16
  87. Can doctors tell if a baby is going to be mentally and/or physically disabled before it is born?
    10 Health 79
  88. what would i need if i wanna be a law and order detective type person as a career ?
    3 Money 8
  89. what is your opinion on the seatbelt laws in most states?
    is it a good thing to enforce? or an invasion of privacy
    4 Politics 30
  90. Sharing bedrooms and the Law!!
    Is there a law to actually stipulate how old children have to be before they need to have seperate rooms?
    3 Family 16
  91. Monster in law movie
    What is the song on Monster in Law with jennifer lopez that says I just want to get close to you?
    2 Entertainment 40
  92. What's a good Law School?
    What is a good law school to go to? I am going to possible apply for Princeton when im out of high school. any ideas?
    2 Education 22
  93. have you ever heard of law of attraction?
    I use law of attraction how long do it usually take for it really happen?
    2 Style 20
  94. What laws protect employees in constructions
    What laws protect employees in construction?? Like if accidents happen or rights and responsibilities But are their laws that protect the employees that work in construction in u.k.
    2 Money 25
  95. who else is sick of law and order being on every hour of ever day on different channels!..?
    4 Entertainment 13
  96. How can I ask my brother in law for a loan of 100.00 dolars?
    How can I ask my brother in law to believe that I could multiplied his money guarantee ?
    2 Money 16
  97. Sister in law
    My sister in law like to wacth me&my wife doing sex,she asked us for that.should I let her wacthing or participating with us/??
    5 Sex 171
  98. How come my acount was disabled?
    Title says it all... I used to b karen123 but for some reason it was dissabled!!!
    2 Funadvice 10
  99. Judges have become crafters of law good thing or bad thing ?
    Many of today's Judges have become crafters of law instead of interpreters - Is this a good thing or bad thing ?
    6 Politics 11
  100. Is it against the law to take someone id card with out asking ?
    Is this agianst the law to do ? If someone is trying to get power of attorny .
    3 Money 63
  101. what to get my new brother in law for christmas?
    how do I decide what to get my new brother in law for christmas? hes about 23 I think, but I dont know what to get him
    3 Shopping 98
  102. Fingerprinting law.
    do you think the government should enact a law that requires all US citizens to have their fingerprints taken for a national database.?
    7 Politics 13
  103. What law should exist that doesnt already?
    What law do you think should exist? I need to write a law that I think should exist for my government class, and I cant think of anything... help? do you have any personal opinions on laws that should be there?
    6 General 88
  104. Could hate crime laws cross a line ?
    is there a danger that so-called "hate crimes" laws end up, in reality, being "thought control" laws ?
    5 Politics 42
  105. Can my dad force me to take a drug test by law?
    My dad is going to randomly drug test me. I need to know if the law will force me to take it or if I can tell him to go screw himself.
    18 Drugs 786
  106. whats the difference between law enforcement and police officer?
    my purse was stolen and they told me to contact law enforcement and police officer..thought its the same thing?
    2 Politics 32
  107. Are they considered common law?
    If my sister and her boyfriend lived here at home with my parents for 4 years paying rent are they considered common law?
    5 Family 26
  108. Is there any law against having van door opens?
    I know the weather can be brutal some days bur is there some type of law against having doors open do to safety reasons?
    3 Politics 11
  109. What is the law on 18+ dating minors?
    I turn 15 next month and my boyfriend turns 18 later on in the year, so I was wondering what that law was.
    3 Politics 35
  110. Is it true that they might pass a law that people won't get their driver's license until they're 18?
    8 Politics 14
  111. Law enforcement
    Can you become a cop at 18 like right after highschool. Or do you have to be 21 years old?
    2 Money 30
  112. law? I don't know
    what is a mis dmeneor and what kind of things am I looking at the harges got dropped but its down to a misdemenior?
    12 Education 38
  113. Michigan laws
    How can I a sixteen year old minor be signed over to a friend of the family or my nearest family member?
    2 Family 18
  114. A new law
    Ok I am a child and I want a law passed but I don't know where to go, I want this law passed: - tobbaco is illegal to have in possesion, to smoke, or to sell. What do you think about this? Where do I go?
    11 General 26
  115. How Come this site keeps disabling my account?
    How come you people keep disabling my account? Then I have to log in again everytime? You never sent the email so I can confirm my new email.
    2 Funadvice 7
  116. What laws were passed against the Jews in 1933-1938?
    Can someone please tell me what laws were passed against the Jews in 1933-1938? I cant find a simple answer anywhere.
    3 Politics 66
  117. Why do people tease people with a disability
    My mom works with phiscally disability people and I love them there so kind and warm hearted why do they get teased they are not any less human then we are.
    11 General 219
  118. When will the law go into effect that makes it so commercials will be the same volume as the show you are watching?
    I hate watching a show, then a commercials come on blareing in your ear
    6 Politics 12
  119. Would my boyfriend be in trouble lawfully?
    if they found out that he's dating a fifteen year old and he's seventeen turning eighteen?
    7 Relationships 12
  120. Virginia Laws
    This might be stupid, but is it illegal to convert videos from youtube to my mp3, mp4, powerpoint, etc.?
    2 Politics 9
  121. Going to japan what are their laws
    I'm going to tokyo an I dont know their laws I only know that you cant chew bubblegum in public can anyone tell me there laws so I dont get in trouble when I get there.
    3 Travel 30
  122. Stupid/Funny Laws
    What are some of the stupidest laws you have ever heard. like state laws. Example: in Kentucky, its illegal to carry ice cream in your back pocket.
    8 Politics 49
  123. Have you been, or are you being, mistreated because of a disability
    Have you been--or our you being--punished (for example by parents), abused, yelled at, accused of something, etc. because of something you cannot do--or do--as a result of your mental or physical disability? (And what is your disability?) <3
    2 Health 32
  124. Do you like Obama and the laws he's making?
    Do you like Obama and the laws he's making? Why do you like him. Just because he's colored or what he wants to do with our country. I dont like him. I'm NOT I repeat NOT racist. >( I just dont like what he's doing with our country, no rude comments p...
    14 Politics 40
  125. If the laws after a runaway
    If the law comes after my friend who is 17 and who has run away from home what should I do? Hide him in the basement? Can I get in trouble for havin him @ my house?
    5 Family 25
  126. Georgia law on parents and child
    Im 17 and my mom threatened to kick me out. My question is whats the legal age in georgia that a parent can kick a child out.
    2 Family 52
  127. Natural Law Theory
    Im doing a presentation on it in a couple days and im wondering if anyone else could give me their own description of it?
    2 Education 34
  128. is slapping your daughter against the law
    my mom told me to be quiet yesterday and she had to tell me so many times that my dad slapped me and iwas mad
    10 Babies 216
  129. What do you think of this California discrimination law?
    what do you all think of this?? In California you can't say mom or dad in the public schools cause it's considered discrimination against people who don't have a mom and/or dad.
    12 Politics 24
  130. Account being disabled
    My cousin emohater her account got disabeled but if you type in emohater she comes up but when she tries 2 log in she cant Help!!!
    2 Funadvice 23
  131. first anti-semitic law passed???
    what was the first anti semitic law passed??? and was it the law were jews were expelled from sport clubs?? thanks, im doing a paper on anti semitism and I cant find the answer.
    3 Politics 57
  132. What is the point of this no holding hands law?
    What is the point of this law for teens of no holding hands if they give sexual education in the schools and a free condom to the teenagers. So this law doesnt make any sense. What do you think?
    11 Sex 43
  133. Does anyone like Law and Order?
    does any one love to watch law and order svu my favorite actor is maricka haritgay or detective olivia benson
    2 Entertainment 37
  134. What do you guys feel about Missouri passing a law directly against "Obamacare"?
    It's known as Proposition C and the voters overwhelmingly passed the law which will take effect in 2014.
    7 Politics 5
  135. Pointless Laws?
    Anyone know any funny, pointless laws? For Example, it is illegal for a man to wear a strapless dress in public in the state of Florida. lol.
    3 General 39
  136. Disable accounts!
    Why did you disable wintermichelleiero's account? I am her family member and this is her email address! Her email mailbox does not work so she can not send or recieve emails! You are making me fustrated cause she is innocent!
    2 Funadvice 11
  137. Does anyone know the law about being asked to leave a premesis?
    Does anyone know the law about being asked to leave a premesis for being noisy if you're a paying customer? Are there any loop holes that can be thrown in the face of authority?
    7 Politics 42
  138. How can I help Disabled children?
    I want to help Disableld children. I've gone on google and looked. But I can tfind any thing! Advice please? thnx
    3 Education 45
  139. Law enforcement increasing?
    I have noticed that the number of police officers have doubled in my city. Around every corner there is a police officer. Is this happening in your city, or just in mine?
    3 Politics 15
  140. Can a person lose their SSI-Disability after they've been approved?
    If a person has filed for SSI-Disability because they cannot work due to disabilities, and their claim was approved and they are now receiving checks... can they lose it at anytime after they've been approved? If so, for what reasons could they lose...
    4 Money 35
  141. Is it ok to when u watch t.v. to always want to watch like forenics shows, like forensic files, law and order, csi, shows like that, or is it odd?
    16 Entertainment 31
  142. Are there any scholarships for children who have parents with disabilities for college?
    My mother is disabled and can't work and I was wondering if there are scholarships or grans available for kids who have parents who have disabilities? and if so is there like a website or something I can visit to get information or apply?
    4 Education 9
  143. What are the driving laws in pennsylvania?
    I might be living in pa soon in time to get my permit and liscense and stuff. What are their laws in pa such as when you can get a permit, how long you have to wait to get your liscense, and how well do you have to score on your tests?
    3 Politics 32
  144. How do I sleep with my sister-in-law?
    My sister-in-law is hot. She is in her 40's and very open. She loves to flirt with me, and we always seem to talk about sex. I would love to sleep with her, and fulfill a wonderful fantasy.
    5 Sex 229
  145. what is a good law college to go to?
    I am 14 I want to be a lawer. I would like to get a scholarship but I dont know what I can do to raise my chances of getting one
    3 Education 39
  146. Laws on age
    Hes 19 almost 20 in august and I am 15 almost 16 june 9th is that not legal and if there might be a baby then what they let it go
    4 Babies 12
  147. What are the exact laws in Pennsylvania for carrying a chain whip?
    I'm in the process of buying a chain whip. What are the laws for carrying them around? They're really easy to conceal but how much trouble can I get in for having it in public?
    4 Politics 83
  148. Can Obama pass a law for 2013 even if he hasn't won the election yet?
    I mean he cannot pass any law for healthcare until he win this election right. If you know tell me please thank you
    11 Politics 18
  149. How can I find out about Disclosure Law in AZ ?
    I would like to know if there is a law where Selling Agent/ Seller has to disclose information of a suicide that took place in a house that I bought in Arizona?
    2 Homegarden 15
  150. What should I call my sister-in-law's brothers?
    So, my brother is going to get married. His girlfriend(it isnt totally official yet so I wont call her his fiancee)has 3 brothers. Would they be considered my brother in laws?
    4 Family 97
  151. Does anyone know the handgun laws???
    I know handgun laws vary from state to state but I have a permit to carry and if someone threatened me can I shoot them? Do I have to be attacked first??? Will I go to jail if someone is attacking me and I shoot them??? Btw I live in washington
    4 Politics 19
  152. who writes the laws?
    who actaully writes the law out in written form? does a senator have his helpers do a draft and then tweek it with little serets and catches. is it like a formal thing or just a favor he asks at the office?
    2 Politics 11
  153. What do you think about immigration Laws?
    First, this is not homework I need help with. There is a contest I am entering about the solution to immigration and I was wondering what people think about the and and about I good solution (I already wrote mine, I am just curious)
    4 Politics 66
  154. Sharia Law in the UK?
    Just curious about what you guys think about the The Archbishop of Canterbury's comments about implementing Sharia Law in the UK. How would you feel if a high political figure, or Christian leader where you are made a similar comment?
    2 Politics 16
  155. dating laws?
    please help, I am fifteen, my boyfriend is eighteen going on nineteen. I live in connecticut, and am not sure of the dating laws. what is the legal age of consent? when I turn sixteen, will our relationship be legal? thank you.
    3 Relationships 17
  156. Who knows the laws in Ohio?
    Trying to find out what the laws are in Ohio on harboring a runaway in Ohio. My daughter lives with her dad and ran away and called me and I picked her up. So he called the police. And in return I called children services because he had hit her.
    2 Family 34
  157. How do the people of Illinois feel about governor Pat Quinn's decision on the new seat belt law? (read more)
    How do the people of Illinois feel about govenor Pat Quinns decision on the new seat belt law making everyone wear seat belts no matter where you sit in the car?
    2 Politics 12
  158. How come family members treat those with disabilities differently?
    How come family members treat those with disabilities differently? What's so different when being treated either cruel, or other ways? compared to sighted people? I have a visual impairment and my family just treated me like I was nobody. What causes ...
    2 Family 15
  159. what laws protect Okefenokee Swamp?
    im doing a science report, on wetlands and I need to know , I've tried to search something up but im having a hard time finding good info what laws protect Okefenokee Swamp?
    3 Politics 110
  160. Good law or bad law ?
    Droopy pants: Pull them up, or pay up. That's what voters in Riviera Beach are telling people who wear baggy pants. Tuesday, they overwhelmingly approved a new ordinance that outlaws the low hanging pants. Under the new law, anyone with droopy pants th...
    8 Politics 26
  161. What common mental health problems are experienced by people with a physical disability?
    I need a link between mental health problems and physical disability...I can't be 4rsed anymore...please give us a website chaps and chappetts! so I need to know what common mental health problems ar eexperianced by people with a physical disability...
    3 Health 26
  162. Copyright laws
    Is it legal if someone sells a game demo. It might be because more people will buy the game if they have the demo. I also dont mean jampacks. Also would it be legal if the person copyrighted it. (I have not done this, I am just curious)
    2 Politics 19
  163. How do you feel about the JIm Crow Law that was decades ago?
    speciflicy the one that stated how black people were to ride in the back seat of a car if a white person was driving
    2 Education 66
  164. What are the Canadian laws on keeping ducks as pets?
    in Ontario. I know there are some pets that are not allowed but I cannot seem to find them. I love ducks, but I'm not really planning on getting one but I am curious.
    3 Politics 13
  165. What is the funniest law you have ever heard?
    For me it would most definately be that, under British law, a pregnant woman may relieve herself anywhere, including in a policemans hat. I so have to be pregnant in the UK oneday so I can see the policemans face when I request his hat!
    31 Politics 39
  166. Law and order svu??
    Ok, well I love law and order svu. And my friend was telling me about a good episode and she doesn't know what it is called. All she said was that is it when olivia goes undercover in a jail and pretends to be an inmate.
    2 Entertainment 46
  167. What is the law for driving without a rear bumper?
    What is the law in new york state for driving without a rear bumper? I've searched online, but I cant find anything thats actually useful. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
    2 General 102
  168. What do you think about inspection stickers on cars, do you think they should be mandatory by law?
    I hate having to get my car inspected every year and they will fail you for the stupidest reasons...i know most states dont have them anymore, do you feel that cars should be inspected once a year by law or that they should be gotten rid of in all states?
    3 Politics 19
  169. Who knows what the laws are regarding employment for pregnant women?
    My friend is pregnant and the place I work for is trying to switch her from salary to non-salary work. She thinks they are going to try to cut her hours. Is that legal?
    2 Money 47
  170. What do you think of Vancouver's new law banning smoking at public beaches and parks?
    Do you think the ban is going too far by now targeting outdoor public areas, or is this something you wish all cities would take on?
    8 Politics 25
  171. Oregon dating laws?!?! HELP!
    okay, so I live with my aunt and my boyfriend just recently turned 18. we do not have sex, but my mom hates him with a passion, my aunt likes him, so can my mom do anything about us dating? any help will do (: <3
    3 Sex 46
  172. What is something fairly simple that i could bring to my in-laws thanksgiving dinner when they are already cooking just about everything?
    I thought of doing a cake or cupcakes...but i do that every year and wanted to bring something different.
    7 Food 34
  173. Do criminal law schools have a running program?
    In order for me to go to college I need to get a scholarship for cross country. Do regular private schools (Princeton) have Forensic Psychology classes?
    2 Education 12
  174. What to do about my attraction to my Mother-in-law?
    Hi there im a 31 year old married person. I must admit that I have an attraction to my Mother-In-Law she is 51. I know this is not conventional but I was wondering if there are any other people out there that are in the same boat I am? Please respond.
    5 Family 192
  175. Ipod disabled.
    sooo... I have a password on my ipod and my little sister tried getting on it and it disabled it, now it says to connect it to itunes, which I did and itunes said "itunes could not connect with the ipod "moe =]" because this ipod is locked with a passc...
    4 Technology 166
  176. Brother in Laws wedding...
    Well in Two days it's my brother in law's wedding.I had got a Car for $25,000 as a wedding gift for him but my wife thinks its too expensive for him.What else could I get for him as a GIFT eventhough its expensive but my wife should like it too?
    3 General 13
  177. Should cheating be against the law?
    I think when you are married,and somebody cheats,it should be against the law,and treated like any other criminal case,with a punishment...I think marrages would last longer,people wouldnt cheat as much,and their wouldnt be so many bogus marrages...wha...
    13 Relationships 41
  178. Why do people treat me different because of my disability?
    welli have a hearing disability and im wondering why dont people give me a chance to prove that im a really nice outgoing all around good person? and why do they judge me and treat me differently if im no different than anyone else?
    2 General 30
  179. What is the law about dogs in cars?
    We have a small maltese dog, she is excellent in the car, doesn't bark at all, just sits on the passenger's lap and goes to sleep. She does have a dog-seatbelt, but it takes ages to get her in it. What is the law about having a dog in your car? Also,...
    2 Pets 31
  180. What do you think about having so many laws for everything?
    the city wants to tell you if you can or can not have dogs in yor home what kind of dogs you can have. I think this is too much id rather to live in a field with cows and do whatever i want be free to live no laws just work to eat and eat to work no ne...
    6 Politics 23
  181. How much clothes does the law say you can have?
    My mom is getting angry at me for being a teen. Shes threatening to take most of my stuff away. I want to know some stuff about what the law says about what to give a person. What is the minimum amout of clothes a person is allowed to have by law? ...
    5 General 26
  182. Is it against the law for middle schoolers to protest?
    Would it be right if kids protested to get a teacher back there trying to cut are band teacher and know one wants to see her go i dont would it be against the law for middle school students to protest will we be in trouble
    2 Education 13
  183. Family law
    My son just turned 18 and wants to get custody of his 2yr old son since the mom dropped him off severly month ago saying she was not ready to settle down with a child
    3 Family 17
  184. Is John McCain disabled or not?
    I just read that John McCain is considered 100% disabled by the VA and receives $58,000/year in disability. McCain has assured voters that he is fit enough to hike the Grand Canyon. So which is it. Is he disabled or not? Also, isn't this the sa...
    5 Politics 51
  185. What do you think about the new law to limit commercial volume during television broadcasts?
    Personally I think it's awesome...I always hated how the show would be set to one volume on the TV and then the commercial would start and it would be much louder.
    11 Entertainment 21
  186. Which subjects are required for getting into a good Environmental Law program?
    i want to get into a university in UK nd im doin the ib diploma.... wat are the required subjects nd grades if i want 2 get into some good environmental universities such as the new hampshire university of environment.... or some good universities wh...
    5 Education 10
  187. Thomas Edison's disability
    Ok so is class we have to do this project about famous people with disabilities and I got Thomas Edison I tried looking up things on Google but I am not so sure what he has exactly so anyone here know? And if you do can you please explain how the disa...
    3 Education 77
  188. Can the law stop me from moving back to my birth parent?
    I'm 17 years old, i was adopted and i want to move in with my sister and real mom this summer. i live in Ohio. my adopted parents are divorced, my adopted mom wants nothing to do with me, can the law say anything if i am to move out this summer?
    4 Family 46
  189. What is all this talk about Oprah hates disabled people?
    It's skyrocketing on Google Trends. Let me guess, she said something and it was taken out of is the only source I found really:
    8 Entertainment 31
  190. How do I un-disable my 4th generation iPod Touch?
    I have an iPod touch, and my friends tried to unlock it so many times with a invalid passcode until the point were my iPod says "Disabled- connect to iTunes" But i dont have a charger/cord anymore to do that, is there any other way to un-disable it wit...
    3 Technology 16
  191. Lawyer or Law Students Advice?
    I'm fifteen and would really like to study Law in the future. The only trouble is do I need to be a straight A/B student for this and really clever or can I get by on motivation and ambition? Also I was wondering doesn anyone have any advice as to what...
    3 Education 14
  192. Should I study law or psychology?
    do you htink I should study law or pchycology?? I've in art clas and now am not sure if I reaally want law because I want to get married soon and my dad won't let me till I complete my career.I think I miss calculated it... I want something quick
    4 Education 37
  193. Who can tell me about laws on internet bullying?
    They are this one guy who keep sending me Personal Messages telling me he know allot about me, like what games I play or played plus other stuff like where I live, that kind of stuff. I believe this guy is an Internet bully who hides behind the keyboar...
    2 Politics 31
  194. In trouble with law after job turned out to be a scam
    I have a problem that I hope someone can help me with. Last year I was working for a company online come to find out the company was a scam, now I'am being charged for 14 different counts. I cannot find a job anywhere and I have never been in trouble w...
    2 Money 25
  195. what is Eddie Walkers disability In the movie true Confessions?
    they said it was a mental disability that would make him act like a child forever. before that I thought it was autism, please tell me if I'm wrong they never mentioned the disability, could someone please tell me or at least explain.
    2 Entertainment 77
  196. Do I have that disability when you read stuff backwards?
    Like sometimes I'll read stuff the way I want too. Like I put the words in different order and sometimes take words out. But not on purpose. Like I'll read 4 example whats the best bible translation?(saw in side bar) Like:whats the translation for t...
    2 Health 78
  197. How to make the first move with my attorney?
    please help, he is very attractive but I don't know how to make the first move. he seems to give me "looks" . he's very smart kinda nerdy but super hot- to me at least. maybe I'm crazy but I want him bad.
    3 Relationships 104
  198. What is cyber bullying and iz ther a law about it?
    I've saved all the messeges that this girl keeps sending me and ther mean I watch degrassi and saw a episode about it but can I really call the police and like get bullying on her record
    3 Technology 34
  199. Does anyone have siblings, friends, etc. who have a disability?
    Hello, I was wondering, does anyone have siblings, friends, etc. who have a disability? Well, the reason I'm asking this question is because I have a disability myself and I'm visually impaired and been blind since birth. So, if anyone in your family...
    7 General 13
  200. What is your opinion on Arizonas Immigration Law?
    The law states that anyone who they might suspect of being an illegal imigrant will be stopped and asked for there documents. So that means if I have dark hair and brown or black eyes I will get stopped by police and must identify myself. Whats your ...
    7 Politics 35
  201. Phoenix Wright ace attorney?
    hey- I've got to the last chapter and am cross examining the sandwich seller lady Angel something or the other. Anyway- any help would be most appreciated because' I'm totally stuck!
    2 Gaming 10
  202. When do I stop having sex with my sister-in-law?
    My bro is older than me by 12yrs, lately his wife and me have becum pretty good friends, then it turned sexual. We both know its wrong, we know we should stop, but she is "in her sexual prime" and we enjoy it. How long do we let it go?
    5 Sex 118
  203. Copyright law
    I'm doing some homework and I'd like to know whats the punishment for copyrighting? I've looked it up and I couldn't find anything.. maybey I wasn't looking hard enough. And also what countries does it apply to? thanks
    3 Politics 15
  204. Is it okay to date the sister-in-law of my by-blood uncle?
    I am almost 18 and she is 24. She is the younger sister of my uncle's (mom's blood brother) wife. She is beautiful and I think I'm in love with her. Is it okay or weird to date her? If the answer is okay, any help to ask her?
    2 Relationships 62
  205. Am I breaking a law online?
    I am looking at a sattellite map on my computer and I was looking at Washington D.C. and I looked at the capital and it had a caution sign and said "radar is not available at this zoom level. zoom out to view the radar image, or click here to lturn off...
    5 Politics 21
  206. What do you think of this new Louisiana law about cellphone use while driving?
    It was just passed that texting while driving is illegal (i agree with this), and that talking on a cellphone while driving is illegal if your under the age of 18. Im just curious as to how they will enforce this...i look younger than 18, they can just...
    11 Politics 40
  207. Would you pay federal income tax if it was not written law?
    Bare in mind I'm not asking if taxes are bad or if they are necessary...just would you pay THAT particular tax be it optional. Replace "federal" with the applicable term. A lot of people in the US claim that there is no such law. I have not done th...
    9 Money 24
  208. Learning disability
    Okay so I have a slight learning disability and lately people have been judging me because of it. like everyone acts like I'm really stupid and I'm sick of it. You can't even tell I have it. but when people do know I have it, they think I'm stupid like...
    5 Education 24
  209. Is there a law in Colorado saying that you can't hug a teenager for a long time?
    This lady that is working with my dad on something gave him this papper that has rules and one of those rules said that he can't hug me for a long time. My dad asked about it and she told him that it was a law in colorado and that he had to follow it f...
    9 Politics 28
  210. Does anyone else here have a disabled sibling?
    Does anyone else on this site have a disabled sibling and are being constantly mocked for it? I love my 15 year old sister with down syndrome dearly, but I am at my wits wnd trying to explain to people how I feel about being mocked. Does anyone have a ...
    5 Family 22
  211. What would your week day be like without laws?
    Question. What would your week day be like without laws? Imagine society without laws courts and polices. Describe you typical week day without laws. At work, the mall, place of worship, sports. explain why situaions would happen. I was asked this que...
    2 Politics 17
  212. A day without ANY laws??
    Question. What would your week day be like without laws? Imagine society without laws courts and polices. Describe you typical week day without laws. At work, the mall, place of worship, sports. explain why situaions would happen. I was asked thi...
    4 Politics 119
  213. what are the laws for keeping a opossum or raccoon in Oregon?
    I've researched these animals for like two years, and im saving up my money right now, I looked up all of the exotic pet licences and stuff, but I was wondering if you owned a raccoon or opossum, how much would the permit be for Oregon.
    3 Pets 559
  214. want to apply for law school and Im a convicted felon
    So I really want to apply for law school and Im a convicted felon and I cant tell you how many people have told me to give up...So you say that your in law school and as well have a felony how did you do this? Will you be able to apply for the BAR? O...
    2 Education 81
  215. What are the laws in texas & nebraska on dog breeding?
    I was wondering what are the laws in Texas & Nebraska on dog breeding etc. Because I was hoping to get a puppy in Nebraska when I move there & one of my family member's that has just move to Texas like 6 months ago is hoping to buy a dog for her...
    2 Pets 55
  216. new driving law?
    are they trying to make a new law saying kids cant drive until they are 18?? I heard this and I think its stupid becasue kids go t ocollege at 18 and it is too hard having them leaving home for the first time and learning how to drive and beiong alone ...
    3 General 22
  217. What is the age drifference laws in pennsylvania
    Ok im 14 and pregnant my boyfriend is 17 he is only 3 years older than me I will be 15 in june he will be 18 in I heard if he was more than 4 years older than me then he could get in trouble but I wanna know if he could get into trouble......
    4 Relationships 59
  218. What are those terms < law classs>?
    Agency Conflict of interest Judicial branch Ordinances Political Separation of powers Supremacy clause These are the terms I need to know... Yes I know I forgot my book at school... And internet does not help much. Can any one help me pleas...
    2 Politics 28
  219. what do you think of this new law from the goverment?
    i watched on the news that the goverment want to track every message on the internet and text message on the phones to figth against terrorism,but i think this would be against privacy of the people, i mean imagine that the goverment can know everythin...
    4 Politics 32
  220. Should Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resign?
    Many (even Republicans) have called for Attorney General Gonzales to resign, mainly because of the way the Justice Department handled the firings of eight federal prosecutors. He’s also been accused of supporting illegal wiretapping and the suspension ...
    3 Politics 20
  221. Should I we put a law case against Beneful?
    my dog eats beniful dog food. we get the big bag. a few days later, we didnt relize the food was all dusty or somethin, and my dog started peeing blood. we got her onto the little bag of beniful and now she duznt pee blood, pee in her pen, and she has ...
    8 Pets 51
  222. Can I move in with my boyfriend according to Texas law?
    I'm 16, will be 17 in less than 2 months. My boyfriend and I want to move together. We live in the state of TX. My mom was fine with it until she said the laws changed as of October 1, 2007. Is that true? I'll still be going to school and have a place ...
    2 Relationships 32
  223. Law and Motorbikes
    I am 14 years old and live in london I realy want to get a motorbike 50cc I got the money for it but yoyu can drive it from when you are 16 is there any chance I can drive it before I am 16. what would happen if police stopped me and I was under age an...
    2 Politics 17
  224. Teen laws. Fail!
    My girlfriend has horrible parents. But they do pay for all her stuff. She has a free ride through college if she stays in ga. Her parents are trying to move. She doesnt want to go. She is 17. Will be 18 in december. Is there any possible way she can m...
    3 Family 15
  225. Brother in law
    My brother in law is having trouble with a child in school. He is a teacher and has a kid who just smells awful. He stinks and is white trash. He is the eighth kid out of 12 and one youngest ones are 1 year old. He does not want the mother of this boy ...
    2 Family 22
  226. How do you deal with a sister in law... you work with?
    I work with my sister in law and we have not spoke in almost 2 years. There was a BIG fued between us. She was VERY wrong. I really love my job, but it's hard to see her everyday. I think things would be better if I left because I would only have to se...
    2 Family 49
  227. Did anyone watch Patrick Stump on Law and Order last night?
    I dont know for some reason I thought he would have more lines. but it was still cool that patrick was on tv. Pete got to be on one tree hill and now patricks been on law and order. hmm I wonder if andy and joe will ever be a special guest on a show
    3 Entertainment 52
    I just want to know what people out there have done to break the law like back in the day when I used to truant school used to go stealing cars became a habit didnt stop doing it till one of my mates got busted so yee whats something you have done
    8 General 26
  229. Severely disabled and masterbation
    What are the laws on a severely physically disabled 33 year old man with only the ability to move his fingers and turn is head slightly and I am on a ventilator. The laws masterbation. I have only had one intimate girlfriend in 2005. I have DMD (Duc...
    4 Sex 323
  230. Do you think the government should use Google Earth to enforce the laws?
    I read in an article that I had to write a current event for class that the government may start using Google Earth to enforce the law Aerial View that is. What do you think about this? In my view, that's an invasion of the 1st Amendment (I think th...
    5 Politics 38
  231. How can I say thanks to my in-laws for letting me live with them?
    so i moved in with my boyfriend, but we were living in his parents house, but now we found a place of our but idk how to thanl them,for taking me into their home and helping us out. I know its something that has to come out naturally but im the kind if...
    4 Family 46
  232. pa laws
    well my next door nabor is really pissing me off he has his radio on the basment window delibrately put it there where he can make my umbrella cockatoo sqwak im getting so pissed off what do I do ... that is legal because his pissing me off to the poi...
    2 General 20
  233. How is it that so many post things about disabilities, yet none of them are of any help to my question?
    so here goes...if you have noticed you have had symptoms by reading them online, all of which you can relate to could it be possible that you just may have that disability? I mean I dont want to consider the obvious, but is it possible that it may jus...
    8 Health 20
  234. Why do people feel always sorry for me just because im disabled?
    why do people always feel sorry for me just because I am disabled. I have cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy makes me walk different like you can tell there is something wrong with me. But other than that I am like any other teenager. I can tell that some ...
    9 General 85
  235. Capuchin monkey laws in wales uk
    Hi Do you know what the laws are for having a pet capuchin monkey (simelar to the 1 from indiana jones film) & how I can go about finding breaders for them Also do you need special papers for them such as a licence or permit papers? I've looked on t...
    3 Pets 78
  236. Peircing laws
    How old do I have to be to get a peircing without my moms permission im pa?? Well she told me I could get one and a tattoo just as long as I pay for it myself and with myown money because she no paying for it...but does anyone know how old I need to be...
    8 Style 40
  237. Do you guys think that DOMA is an unconstitunional law?
    President Clinton passed DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) which basically defines marriage to be between a man and a woman. This is basically what keeps gay marriage abolished. This was passed to "legally" override The full faiths and credits section of ...
    4 Politics 16
  238. What do you think about this proposed anti-smoking law?
    I know people on here are from all over the world, so I'm not sure if you have heard about this. (I live in Ontario, Canada). They are trying to pass a law that doesn't allow people to smoke in their vehicles if it contains a person in it that is youn...
    12 Politics 24
  239. What are some of the stupidest laws on the books, in your State or area?
    Here's one I found........In Chicago, it is legal to protest naked in front of city hall as long as you are under seventeen years of age and have legal permits. So anyone looking for a good time and a way to blow off school for the day have at it! ...
    14 Politics 47
  240. Why can't I get a job in Utah as a disabled person?
    I've been trying to get a job since I've been out of high school and next year will be my 10 year reunion. And, every time I try and find a job that says right on their door 'HELP WANTED' or 'NOW HIRING' they reject me. Now I think they just reject c...
    8 Money 36
  241. What program will help my injured mother-in-law?
    sue we are having a hard time finding a program that will help my 86 year old mother-in law to the dr. she is pralized from waist down she has medicare but they won't pay the ambulance she also has part b of medicare if you know of any please let me kn...
    2 Health 34
  242. What are the laws in Pennsylvania and Arizona on carrying nunchaku?
    Ok, so this thing thought my question was too long to ask so here's my REAL question: In Pennsylvania (and Arizona, although Arizona is less pressing because I live in Pennslyvania and only travel to Arizona) what are the exact laws for POSESSING nu...
    3 General 517
  243. do you have to have a pelvic exam,is it required by law?...
    my cousin wont have one no matter how much they try to convince her. she says she aint letting no one look at family thinks shes crazy. i dont know but i agree with her i'm not letting a 50 60 year old man search me. idk im 13. so is it requ...
    5 Health 57
  244. What should i do if my in-laws are constantly letting our son do things or have things that we dont allow him?
    Should i just suck it up and let his grandparents spoil him, or should i try and speak up again. They keep giving him suckers and hes only two years old, they let him stay outside at night and he comes home with a million mosquito just frus...
    6 Babies 31
  245. Sagging Law?
    I think that sagging is pretty dumb. But its your style, and if you want to sag, sag then. And to put a law and practically ban a style? No way, jose. xD Thats like telling me, to stop wearing my hair in my face. Its not going to happen. I don't ...
    10 Politics 38
  246. How to disable Deepfreeze 6 Permanently?
    How to disable Deepfreeze 6 Permanently? I pressed Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F6 then copied the OTP token and pasted into One Time Password Generation System... then copied the code and paste it to Deep Freeze 6. And I Choose Thawed on next restart. But After On...
    5 Technology 145
  247. Weird laws
    Anybody know any cooky/weird laws? Like funny one's that don't make any sence. I want to know. I don't know I just like knowing random stuff and I'm too lazy to look them up. So hurry ya stupid people. Lol sry I should be nicer, ehem okay would you ple...
    6 General 48
  248. Will the law let me move in with my mate at 16?
    i live at home with mi mum and step dad but i am gonna be 16 in october and i h8 living at home with my parents and my mum and i keep having arugements and she dosent let me go anywhere she is dead protective and wont let me see some of my friends ,,,,...
    2 Family 33
  249. Legal question, UK ONLY(american laws are different!!!)
    Hypothetically if I have a list of offences that one man has commited over the course of roughly 10 years, including common assult(battery and threats), theft(stealing an x-box,Ds and an expensive pair of shoes) what could one do?
    2 General 12
  250. Since when is it wrong to enforce our laws on those who clearly bre
    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Caif., told an audience that included "ILLEGAL" immigrants that enforcement of America's immigration law is "un-American." - Referring to work site enforcement actions by ICE agents, Pelosi said, "We have to have a change ...
    5 Politics 14