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  1. What's your favorite restaurant?
    27 Food 37
  2. What should I make for dinner tonight?
    What should I make for dinner tonight
    6 Food 15
  3. Fancy restaurants
    What are fancy restaurants to eat at??
    2 Food 22
  4. Who has seen Dinner for Schmucks?
    11 Entertainment 7
  5. What is a good movie that is out in theaters?
    9 Entertainment 47
  6. What are the best restaurants in Maine?
    2 Food 11
  7. What to make for dinner with my date?
    5 Food 13
  8. What is a list of you favorite restaurants?
    11 Food 14
  9. What is the best Chinese/Japanese restaurant?
    3 Food 13
  10. Do they have Pizza Express restaurants in Australia?
    Do they have Pizza Express restaurants in Australia?
    2 Food 100
  11. Who else loves ChowKing restaurant?
    3 Food 12
  12. What is your favorite restaurant?
    what's your fav restraunt.
    7 Nutritionfitness 42
  13. What is the best fast food restaurant?
    21 Food 30
  14. How many McDonald's restaurants are there in the USA?
    4 Food 35
  15. Which arm rest is yours at a movie theater?
    11 Entertainment 167
  16. Dinner~ Random
    15 Food 28
  17. Favorite restaurant?
    What is your favorite restaurant? Mine is Ruby Tuesday
    6 Food 14
  18. Good movie that are coming out in 2009 in theaters?
    Good movie that are coming out in 2009 in theaters?
    7 Entertainment 112
  19. Can a person major in theater?
    can a person major in theater and make a career out of it?
    8 Education 14
  20. is it bad for me to add salt to my cats dinner?
    20 Pets 31
  21. Which FunAdvicers would you invite to a dinner party?
    39 Funadvice 36
  22. What should I eat for dinner?
    10 Food 98
  23. Why is MSG added to some foods in restaurants?
    5 Food 25
  24. When is your favorite time of day to eat dinner?
    13 Food 27
  25. when is the movie "Breaking Dawn" coming to theaters ?
    4 Entertainment 14
  26. what you usually eat for dinner on sunday nights?
    21 Food 28
  27. What are some nice names for a Vegetarian restaurant with a buffet?
    3 Food 14
  28. When did/does the new Titanic come to theaters?
    8 Entertainment 39
  29. What traditional dinner do you eat on fourth of July?
    9 Food 38
  30. What movies are coming out in theaters in the next week?
    3 Entertainment 29
  31. What kind of restaurant would you want to open up and own?
    10 Food 40
  32. Is it true that the KFC restaurant is no longer in Ohio?
    4 Food 9
  33. What do you guys think about breakfast for dinner time?
    11 Food 69
  34. What are good restaurants in Beverly Hills?
    Does anyone know of a good restaurant in Beverly Hills?
    2 Food 13
  35. what restaurants has shorts and skirts as the uniform?
    what restaurants besides hooters has shorts and skirts as the uniform?
    3 Money 14
  36. Group Dinner
    What is an easy dinner to cook for a large group of people?
    4 Food 20
  37. Eating salad for dinner?
    Is it bad to eat a salad every night for dinner?
    4 Food 17
  38. Do you feel self conscious when signaling a waiter at a restaurant?
    15 Food 40
  39. what time do you guys start eating thanksgiving dinner?
    14 Food 47
  40. Busiest day of year in the restaurant business?
    what is the busiest day of the year in the resturant business?
    5 Money 329
  41. Can you name "only one" thing you had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
    13 Food 17
  42. What are basic things you want to see when you go to restaurants?
    12 Food 36
  43. What is the appropriate percentage to give someone for tip at a restaurant?
    3 Style 43
  44. Should we allow a fast food restaurant to operate in the college?
    2 Food 16
  45. How old must you be to watch Sweeney Todd in the theater in Canada?
    How old must you be to watch Sweeney Todd in the theater in Canada?
    4 Entertainment 14
  46. Healthy diet dinners
    What are Some Good Healthy Diet Dinners. You Can Eatt ? with low calories
    2 Food 38
  47. help whith dinner!!
    need help!! I need easy dinner idias for 6 help!!!
    4 Food 8
  48. What is the busiest day for restaurants?
    Which day of the year is the busiest one for people dining out in restaurants?
    6 Food 1038
  49. Would you go to a restaurant that didn't have a menu and you just eat what they serve?
    13 Food 27
  50. Who thinks restaurants should start putting calorie contents on their foods/drinks?
    16 Nutritionfitness 21
  51. What would you do if your child was given an alcoholic drink at a restaurant by mistake?
    22 Food 46
  52. Who actually stocks up on condiment packets from restaurants, and uses them at home?
    10 Food 25
  53. Movie theater price?
    Whats the average movie theatre ticket price???
    2 Entertainment 10
  54. How many movies did you go see at a cinema theater this year?
    20 Entertainment 34
  55. Would you rather see a movie at the theater or at home on DVD?
    11 Entertainment 28
  56. What shall I have 4 dinner
    What can I ha for dinner? My mums pestering me to choose what shall I have an ideas?
    4 Food 46
  57. Cheap and good restaurant?
    Whats a good affordable restaurant that I should make my boyfriend take me to
    3 Food 11
  58. What's your favorite fast food restaurant?
    What's your favorite fast food restaurant? Mine's Chik-Fil-A.
    9 Food 49
  59. What kind of restaurant will hire a 16 year old?
    What kind of restaurant will hire a 16 year old as a bus boy?
    3 Money 62
  60. What movies in theaters would you guys recommend right now?
    What movies in theaters would you guys recommend right now?? Thx =d
    3 Entertainment 37
  61. What do youll thank about the restaurant Applebee's?
    What do youll thank about the restaurant Applebee's?,for me thank that the restaurant is very cool place too go,but it is very very expensive too go though,what do youll thank?
    5 Food 27
  62. How unhealthy is it if you go without eating breakfast and lunch, just a snack and dinner?
    6 Food 10
  63. What are some simple and quick dinner ideas that you can make using very basic ingredients ?
    4 Food 23
  64. Did the Ninja Assassin movie come out in 3D when it came out in theaters in the US?
    3 Entertainment 36
  65. Is $5 too cheap to leave as a tip at a restaurant?
    It's 2 adults and a todler.
    9 Food 14
  66. What would you do if you see this person in a restaurant got choked and seemed out of breath?
    9 General 10
  67. What would you do if a spider the size of a dinner plate landed on you right this second?
    16 General 33
  68. Better Restaurant
    Friday's; Apple Bees; ruby tuesdays; arby's; or chili's which is the better restaurant?
    6 Food 25
  69. What restaurants hire felons?
    Where can a felon in Virginia find a job workin in a restaurant as a cook or prep cook?
    2 Money 303
  70. What are some nice recipes for dinner ?
    What can I cook for the family which is simple but it tastes nice and it does not take forever to cook ??
    3 Food 23
  71. Why is the government allowing more fast food restaurants to be built?
    is it so the employment rate can increase?
    5 Politics 8
  72. Can u actually eat out all the time at fast food restaurants and still be healthy?
    7 Food 35
  73. Who would you rather eat dinner with: Presidents Obama and Clinton or Romney and Trump?
    11 Food 25
  74. What can be a good title for my descriptive essay about my favorite restaurant, Buffalo Wild Wings?
    4 Literature 67
  75. How long should I wait to swim after eating dinner?
    Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me how long I should wait after I eat dinner to swim for exercise.
    3 Nutritionfitness 191
  76. Candlelight Dinner Options!?
    I want to cook a candle light dinner for a friend. What a good menu?
    4 Food 46
  77. Is dishwashing in a restaurant a bad job for a female
    Is dishwashing in a restaurant a bad job for a female with good looking hands and nails? Will it ruin my hands and nails?
    2 Money 9
  78. What could I make for dinner that doesnt take too long?
    My boyfriend is comin home tomorrow nite what could I make for dinner that doesnt take to long
    4 Food 11
  79. Healthy vegetarian dishes for dinner?
    I am a vegetarian I need ideads for dishes for dinner that are healthy and good for you oh and they have to taste good too =] please help
    6 Food 27
  80. Healthy schools dinners
    Do you think that school should stay healthy or go into a junk school dinner e.g burgers and chips etc
    6 Food 16
  81. Why do we now call supper "dinner"?
    and lunch used to be Dinner? What happened i was talking to my grandpa who was telling me about this, can someone help?
    8 General 27
  82. What is a good, easy to make dinner?
    What is a good and relatively easy to make dinner? (preferably something without too many strange ingredients!)
    11 Food 139
  83. Will drinking rockstars with dinner help you lose weight?
    If you drink a rockstar energy drink with dinner every night, will it speed up your metabolism and help you lose weight?
    5 Nutritionfitness 94
  84. The best restaurant, Wendy's or Burger King?
    The best restraunt Wendies? or Burger King? Lastly, which has better quality of food?
    11 Food 64
  85. What word is right...DINNER...Or...SUPPER?
    Ok so my mate says its supper, after the last supper...but isnt supper after dinner when you have a snack! who is right...My mate...or ME :D?
    7 General 57
  86. My dog got into my fridge and ate the leftover mexican taquitos from dinner. Is this going to kill him and if not what will it do to him or what should i do?
    6 Pets 560
  87. What's the best movie out right now at theaters?
    what movie is the best to go and see in da cinema @ da mo??? X
    4 Entertainment 60
  88. Should I see Harry Potter in the theater or wait to buy it?
    hey there is this harry potter movie that is coming out in theaters in july07 I dont know weather to see it in theaters or wait to buy it?
    5 Entertainment 18
  89. Is it safe to lay down after eating dinner?
    How long after dinner can you go to sleep ? I heard its not good to sleep or lie down right after eating a meal
    4 Food 171
  90. Is there a proper wine ettiquette to follow at dinner?
    Is there a proper wine ettiquette to follow at dinner? Other than the standard, what wine to drink with what type of food, I don't really know if there is a standard ettiquette to follow with wine. Is there such a concept?
    2 Food 39
  91. What to wear on my birthday to a dinner theatre?
    I kinda wanna dress up and be all girly xD. It's not fancy though...
    3 Style 34
  92. How old is required to work at a movie theater?
    can somebody tell me what age you need to be to work at a small movie theatre?
    3 Money 80
  93. What happens if you eat a full breakfast, skip lunch and eat a full dinner with a glass of milk right before bed?
    8 Nutritionfitness 50
  94. what dessert should i make to take to a friends for thanksgiving dinner?
    ..i want something somewhat different..any suggestions?
    20 Food 40
  95. What should I make for the dinner party?
    I've already made spaghetti and lasagna, and I have nothing else in mind.
    9 Food 39
  96. What are some easy recipes or dinner ideas that you can make with ground meat?
    We have a freezer full and im running out of ideas.
    5 Food 19
  97. Lunch and dinner
    if your had roast turkey, 1/2 cup of rice, and steamed vegies including pumpkin for lunch what would your recommend to have for dinner
    4 Nutritionfitness 17
  98. Who sells better food - food cart vendors or restaurants?
    To me foodcarts foods tastes better. What do you like more? tell me please thank you.
    5 Food 16
  99. Is it healthy for someone to eat granola bars all day till dinner because their squedule does not allow them to sit down and have lunch?
    3 Food 39
  100. What is your favorite meal for dinner?
    I was just wondering what do people really like to eat for their dinner...I like mashed potatoes and Chicken and so wats your favorite
    5 Food 16
  101. What do restaurants use to make the breading for chicken or other meats?
    It tastes and its texture feels very different from when you buy a can of bread crumbs from a store and coat using that. What's the difference from what restaurants use or do?
    2 Food 6
  102. When you eat dinner, do you normally eat it at the kitchen table with your family, or by yourself?
    I'm just curious because my friends were all talking about how they eat dinner with their families and I'm like "Whoa does everyone do that??" lol.
    20 General 33
  103. What are some cheap and simple dinner ideas?
    My fiance is getting tired of eating the same things, but we do have a budget, and im new to cooking.
    12 Food 34
  104. Is Sonic another fast food restaurant like McDonald's?
    They just opened one where i live, and no one is allowed to go there yet
    7 Food 10
  105. Best Restaurant in Tampa, FL?
    What's the best resturant in Tampa,Flordia? Im going there and need to find good resturants to go to. Please no bars
    4 Travel 17
  106. How do you politely get people to RSVP for a dinner party when you need exact numbers and you've asked twice already?
    13 General 95
  107. Cooking dinner and cut myself
    I was cooking dinner for my b/f wednesday night and after we were done I did the dishes I cut myself on a cheese grater and my finger is still bleeding, throbbing and in pain,
    3 Health 44
  108. Who are 5 famous people, dead or alive, that you would invite for dinner?
    So i have do a project for school, invite five famous people for dinner, dead or alive, i need inspiration, who would you guys choose?
    14 Entertainment 37
  109. Where should I go for my birthday dinner date with my boyfriend?
    I like all kinds of foods, just shoot me some ideas cause I don't know where to go and neither does he. c:
    10 Food 17
  110. Is there any way to compare restaurants side by side online?
    like prices, type of food, location, if they take reservations,... that kind of stuff?
    3 Food 10
  111. How do you make those sweet tender carrots, just like a lot of Japanese/Chinese restaurants do?
    I can make sweet carrots, but they never taste like the ones at the restaurants. Does anyone know a good way to make them, so that they come out like the kind in the restaurants?
    5 Food 71
  112. What to make for my moms birthday dinner?
    Does anybody know Of a good cajun recipe? I want to make something special for my mom's birthday dinner, and she likes cajun food, butt I dont know what to make.
    2 Food 52
  113. When is the best time to eat dinner?
    I'm on this health kick, and I know that there is a certain time when you are supposed to eat dinner, but I can't remember. I think before 8:00, but I am not sure. Anyone know?
    4 Food 35
  114. What to wear to birthday dinner?
    Im going out for dinner with my boyfriend at a niceish place, I cant explain it but its nice! and my favourite:) haha. Anywho, I was wondering what I should wear to it tomorrow?
    2 Style 57
  115. In movie theater wit my girl
    How can I finger my girl in the movie theaters without getting people to notice what im doin to her? Where exactly should we sit? and Should she wear pants or a skirt?
    8 Relationships 866
  116. Prom dinner conversation
    What are some good things to talk about during prom dinner? Im taking my girlfriend of almost 1 year and idt any of our friends will be there. Please help
    2 Education 66
  117. Does anyone like Kraft Dinner?
    hey deos anyone like Kraft Dinner? I love it, especially when its so hot and I dont even have to chew , I just swallow, and it goes down. and its the easiest thing to make.
    3 Food 13
  118. How do I throw away my cousin's nasty dinner without notice?
    My cousin is having dinner tomorrow and her food is not that good, she is real sensitive about her cooking and I do not want to hurt her feelings. How do I throw away the food without anyone noticing?
    2 Food 58
  119. What can I do with pre-made falafel for dinner?
    I have brought pre-made falafel and usually fry or bake it and have it with dressing or in a wrap. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on what else I could do or what I could have it with!!
    5 Food 46
  120. Healthy dinner suggestions
    I'm eating salads all the time for dinner lately and I'm getting so bored with them !!.. Can anyone suggest some good food ideas!?. Healthy though please . . And also is omlet good for you ?
    4 Food 14
  121. What do you think of this ad for a restaurant?
    Restaurant ad rice, salad and one kind of meat. I dont think its a good ad, because what if somebody opens another restaurant across the street, and put this ad rice, salad and two kind of meat lol. That would be cool. What do you think?
    2 Food 19
  122. Who researches restaurants before they go out to eat?
    I am trying to find new places to eat and so I've been looking at some restaurant reviews. I am trying to figure out how useful they really are. The restaurants I regularly eat at have fairly accurate reviews. Does anyone else look at reviews? How accu...
    4 Food 19
  123. Restaurants in a gym
    What do you think about putting restaurants in the gym? Would it make it unworth it worth it or convienient? We have to build a gym for tech class and mine is going to be ahigh rise and im trying to decide if I should put restaurants in there lol
    6 Food 32
  124. what should I wear for my moms big bday dinner?
    I don't know if I should wear heels or not because my whole family is like way taller then me and I'm already done growing. any suggestions?
    2 Shopping 46
  125. How much of everything should I buy if I am having 10 people over for dinner?
    There should be no more than 10 people attending I wanted to make Tacos for my friends. How many lbs of meat should I buy if I estimated everyone has 2 tacos?
    4 Food 17
  126. What not to do when a boy is over for dinner?
    Hi im having a boy round for the first time in my life I no what to do but not what to do I really need the advice today quick and Fast thank you for your help !!! please help
    4 Relationships 16
  127. Can we do meditation after doing dinner?never done meditation ?
    Will meditation effect my health ? Will it have bad effect on my health? I want to start concentrating on my chakras? I mostly get time in night? Please reply
    2 Health 26
  128. How many servings do restaurants usually give on one plate?
    poorly phrased question, but for example, if the nutrition facts for a restaurant say that one serving of fries is 150 calories, is one serving what they put on your plate? Or are there multiple servings on your plate?
    7 Food 24
  129. What food is better and healthier - the food sold in the food cart on the streets, or the food sold in fast food restaurants?
    To me the food that they sell in the food carts and the coffee is better than the food in the fast food restaurants like Mac donald or burger king. What do you think? Tell me please thank you.
    3 Food 27
  130. Do you think restaurants should be allowed to automatically factor in a 20% tip on your bill?
    Two Toronto restaurants have begun doing this, but they say it's optional. What do you think? Is it really *optional* if the tip is already on your bill? Read about it:
    12 Food 17
  131. Are tv dinners good or bad for you?
    Are tv dinners good for your health or bad??? I am trying to eat healthy I eat tv dinners a lot tho.. I eat stouffers meat loaf and mashed potatoes & pepper steak meals.. also michellina pepper steak meals.. is this good or bad?
    2 Food 69
  132. Roast dinners.
    What is your favourite roast ? Lamb ? Pork ? Beef ? or Roast vegies ? (didnt want to leave the vegetarians out) (edited for the white meat eating people lol) CHICKEN ?
    15 Food 28
  133. If you don't eat dinner, could you lose weight?
    I heard that when you eat before you go to sleep, the food will be stored as fat... And even if you don't eat right before bed, but still before it, it will still be stored as fat. I want to lose 5 ibs so im wondering if you don't eat dinner, could...
    3 Nutritionfitness 170
  134. how much for tips when I go to a restaurant?
    do you know how much do I have to give when im in a restaurant I dont want the waiter think im a cheaper guy but im not a millonaire neither if anybody has an idea tell me please thank you.
    3 Money 12
  135. Where can I take my 23yr old boyfriend for dinner?
    he's 23yrs old. his birthday in august. he like to eat a lot. favorite food is rice chicken steak, he loves a strawberry dackory
    3 Food 30
  136. What is something fairly simple that i could bring to my in-laws thanksgiving dinner when they are already cooking just about everything?
    I thought of doing a cake or cupcakes...but i do that every year and wanted to bring something different.
    7 Food 34
  137. xmas dinner cloths help
    hi I m 28m, I am overweight I have big waist size 42inh I dont know what kind of clothes I should wear so I dont look to big any idea thanks
    3 Style 15
  138. Eating out at restaurants
    We went to a nice restaurant for my friend's birthday a couple of weeks ago, and I was surprised to see that it was packed! Not cheap either. Are you eating out more or less than you did at this time last year? Has the economy made you go out to eat...
    3 Food 9
  139. How many times can you eat when you go to an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant?
    I only can eat twice and maybe a third time if i havent eaten anything during the day lol, when i go to this chinese restaurant buffet all you can eat for 7.99 lol. What do you think? Tell me please thank you.
    15 Food 23
  140. What do you eat when you go to a Chinese restaurant?
    I have eaten shrimp lo mein because its the only thing i know with those names from the menu, but i bet they have other good dishes also in the chinese restaurant if anybody has a suggestion or has tried another dish from the menu in a chinese restaura...
    12 Food 17
  141. How effective are restaurant reviews?
    Just wanted to know if reading restaurant reviews either online or in print, swayed you from eating at the restaurants based on their negative or good reviews? I'm asking this question as I am trying to organise a special dinner anniversary at a resta...
    3 Food 39
  142. What's for dinner tonight?
    Usually Christmas dinner we make restaurant reservations but this year it's only my parents and I so we are just having something at home. We are having both ham and turkey because I don't like turkey and that's what they wanted, so we're having both. ...
    4 Food 23
  143. Best wine for a Christmas dinner!
    I am having Christmas dinner at my houes this year and a lot of my family members like wine with their meal so what is the best wine to serve with a turkey dinner? We usually have the typical mashed potatos, stuffing, cranberry, veggies, and some kind ...
    2 Food 13
  144. Which is a good movie in theaters right now?
    Don't suggest Black Swan. I already saw that. I was thinking of choosing between Little Fockers and How Do You Know since they seem like the most decent that I can handle. So which is better?
    10 Entertainment 24
  145. What dinner for two would you suggest?
    Im making it this friday and just looking for any ideas. Now we only students so nothing to fancy and difficult for me here like lobster or something ha! Not as complicated as that, but not as simple as like a curry or something :)
    14 Food 46
  146. When I order in restaurants, people talk to me in spanish, why?
    I dont know if this only happen to me but sometimes when I ask for food in some restaurants, people talk to me in spanish, I mean why this happen to me do I look like a spanish guy tell me please I know some words in spanish, but this always makes me ...
    2 Food 42
  147. How To Connect My Ipod With My Home Theater System?
    I have an Ipod mini, which is great. However now that I'm such a big itunes fan, I don't have any music CD's, and I'd like to be able to listen to my music on my home theater system as well. Ideally the system that could connect my ipod with my home th...
    3 Music 67
  148. What should I feed her for dinner that's not fatning?
    Ok my neice is kind of over weight and im cooking dinner and I need something less fatning so can any body tell me what I should make for her shes 7 so yeah im a really good cook and im just about to go to the store so I need to know
    4 Food 28
  149. What should I bring with me for dinner?
    So, I'm going on a field trip on Friday to Red Rock Canyon with my school and I need ideas on what I should bring for dinner. It will need to stay out in room temperature for 8+ hours. Also, I don't want it to be junk food. Thanks!
    5 Food 31
  150. Thanksgiving dinners?
    I have two Thanksgiving parties one from my parents and one from his parents in another state. Who gets to decide where we go or is there some sort of edicate involved? We would honestly rather stay home then go to either place.
    3 Food 22
  151. What is your favorite food dish for dinner?
    What is your favorite food dish for dinner? I know that mine is a pizza with pesto sauce, salami, black olives, garlic, and mushrooms. There is this little pizza parlor just down the street that delivers, and theirs is a hundred times better than pizza...
    7 Food 52
  152. Do you eat cereal for dinner?
    When my husband was staying in NYC during week and coming home on weekends, during the week was nice because I really did not cook, only on the weekends. During the week I could eat cereal if I wanted for my dinner :))) And you know, cereal actually t...
    10 Food 82
  153. Do you like Breakfast for dinner?
    We made breakfast for dinner the other night, and it was so much fun. I've done it several times, but each time it just feels like it's special or something. I think it has to do with I never get to have a leisurely breakfast, and if you eat it for the...
    4 Shopping 30
  154. 8th Grade Dinner Dance [girls please]
    I am going to my 8th grade dinner dance and its supposed to be totally formal but not like im going to the prom and im so picky and I dont want to spend too much money where should I go what should I wear? Ps: I dont have big boobs or a big butt.
    7 Shopping 67
  155. how to make a good stake dinner for one?
    ok so im a vegitarian and dont know much about cooking stake, or making a nice stake dinner, and I want to suprise my boyfriend by making him a nice steak meal... but I dont know how I should cook it and what I should make to go with it... it cvan be k...
    5 Food 56
  156. What's your thought on this restaurant using live fish as a promotional tool?
    This is an ad for the Fisch Franke restaurant in Germany. It's a bus stop with an aquarium full of live trout. Is this a clever idea, or do you think it's inhumane to imprison live fish in a relatively small tank?
    7 Pets 26
  157. Do you think this sign in a restaurant its kind of rude?
    When you go to eat in a restaurant, and in the wall there is a sign that says time for food consuming its 30 minutes, We are rushed in our jobs, taking the train and everything and now we are rushed to eat too. Restaurants , and coffeshouses are suppo...
    5 Food 49
  158. Is it normal to be short of breath after eating a big dinner?
    I very rarely get short of breath. Tonight i went out for dinner and ate a lot (6 oz filet steak, calamari, shrimp and cheesecake). Could this be the reason? And if so, how come a full stomach affects breathing?
    3 Health 17
  159. Why would my aunt say this during dinner? (read more)
    I had a dinner with my relatives it was in their house, and it was a selfservice thing, but my aunt told to another guest to serve me the food, because I would get the table dirty. I was like what the fck in my mind. I was very pissed. What do you thin...
    10 Family 19
  160. Will waiters in France restaurants know English?
    ok im going to france with these people I know and basically everyday we are going to a restaurent and I cant understand french so the menu will be hard to understand.. there are a few people going who learn french but its unlikely theyll understand al...
    2 Travel 26
  161. British Indian restaurant question
    Why in Britain can one go into an indian restaraunt and see on the menu beef curry, chicken curry, prawn curry and 'meat' curry which on every occassion when asked, it turns out to be lamb. Why not have it on the menu as lamb curry? This question...
    2 Food 21
  162. Why Mac Donalds or other fast food restaurant dont make grilled nuggets?
    I dont believe anybody havent thought about this already why Mac Donald doesnt make grilled chicken macnuggets or Wendy or burger king make grilled chicken nuggets that would be good. What do you think?
    2 Food 16
  163. Would you eat at a restaurant that actually advertises how unhealthy their food is?
    A man suffered a heart attack while eating at the restaurant "Heart Attack Grill". With a business name like that, would you be more inclined to avoid the place, or would you still want to check out the fare? Read about it:
    15 Food 18
  164. What is the best Latin food for dinner?
    Me and boyfriend are going to have dinner tmrw night. Just don't know what to cook for my boyfriend as he is a Mexican. He loves Latin dishes as far as I know so I really would like to make sth that he really could like. Please give me ideas if the...
    3 Food 16
  165. A good dinner to make with chicken and potatos :)
    Okay, so me and my dad are making a nice meal for my mum tonight :) My dad has brought chicken breast and Potatoes and brocalie and runner beans :) And I need a nice easy reciepe or just some help on what to do with the food to make it nice, we know h...
    2 Food 31
  166. Are there good movies at the box office / theater?
    I've not seen a movie at the local movie theater in a while. Seems like all my time is spent on the computer (or watching tv). Plus movies are *so* expensive! However, I'd like to take my girlfriend out, and was thinking a movie might be a good idea. ...
    2 Entertainment 41
  167. What to do if my mom invites the guy she cheated with over dinner?
    Ok so to those of you who have been following my recent questions you already know my story. So my mom decided to invite the guy I saw her cheating with to dinner. ARE you KIDDING ME! I was so mad @ her, I embarrassed myself @ the dinner table, by gett...
    2 Family 12
  168. Do you think its reasonable for a husband who works to expect his stay at home wife to have the house clean and dinner cooked every day when he comes home?
    My mother thinks that chris is controlling, i however think its perfectly reasonable to expect a clean house and a warm dinner when he comes home seeing as how i dont work and he does. It only seems fair to me. Just curious as to what others opinions...
    17 General 94
  169. Is it possible to ask for more shrimp instead of fries at Popeye's restaurant?
    I have always watched about this popeyes shrimps special about shrimps, french fries and a biscuit, i dont know but sometimes i would like to ask them to not give me french fries and add more shrimps instead. Do you think they could do that or have you...
    6 Food 23
  170. What restaurants let you order online (In America)?
    So I don't have a phone as of now, our pantry is empty, and my room mate is using my car so I'm stuck with ordering online. I know about Domino's and Jason's Deli but Jason's Deli is too expensive and I am so tired of pizza. Any one know of any others...
    5 Food 103
  171. trivia A man in a restaurant asked a waiter for a juice glass
    A man in a restaurant asked a waiter for a juice glass, a dinner plate, water, a match, and a lemon wedge. The man poured enough water onto the plate to cover it. "If you can get the water on the plate into this glass without touching or moving this pl...
    7 General 91
  172. Do you know easy dinner ideas for a picky five year old?
    Anybody got any easy dinner ideas for a picky five year old? It seems like if we go out of our way to make it "fun" he likes to eat dinner better, but he's very stubborn about trying new things. My older son is great, it's just the younger one we have ...
    6 Babies 257
  173. Restaurant or buffet in manhattan ...
    im looking for a buffet that wont cost much (for my friends and I , were all 15-19) I want it to be like a girls night out. We eat anything as long as its good lol and im hoping to dress up since im going for my birthday... any suggestions ? please and...
    2 Food 40
  174. Where can I find out which theaters are playing HP 7 Part 2 at midnight?
    I really want to see the midnight showing but you need the buy the tickets in advance, and I've googled it countless times but I can't find out where it would be showing. It doesn't say on the theatre websites either. Any ideas? Thanks :)
    3 Entertainment 27
  175. How do I cuddle with my boyfriend in a movie theater?
    ok its going to be "funday" at school and my class is going to the movies (shrek 4 lol) and me and him are going to sit ALL the way in the back and i want to but my head on his shoulder (he asked me to also) but what do i do with my hands? (NO PERVERTE...
    5 Relationships 4901
  176. Is there anyway that restaurants who throw food can give that food to the people
    I used to work in a food factory and they sent me to throw a lot of good food like flour and beans and they were good, but for some reason that i would never understand they prefer to throw to the garbage instead of give it to somebody who need it. Sam...
    5 Food 30
  177. How do you suffer through a dinner at your grandparent's house?
    They're really nice people, but they treat me like I'm 2, and always insist that I sit there like a 'proper lady' and tell me to 'wipe that scowl of my face' when I'm trying desperately to NOT scowl! And I have to spend an entire day at their house -_-...
    11 Family 14
  178. Did anyone listen to Alice's Restaurant by Arlo Guthrie today (Thanksgiving day - read more)?
    At one time in the not too distant past it was played on virtually every radio station in America at least once on Thanksgiving day. Kind of an off the beaten path tradition. I had to do some searching of the radio stations today but found it just in t...
    2 Music 17
  179. Movie Scene for Theater Class?
    Soo I have a project with 2 partners. Both girls. The project is to perform a scene from a movie with your partner(s). It can't be from TV, only a Movie soo I have to find a movie scene that only has 3 girls talking to each other and I want to find a m...
    3 Literature 44
  180. Help me with dressing for a special dinner
    I have a dinner to go to with my man and the only thing I know what I am wearing is the sexiest par of black and tan animal print heels and a pair of lil maggies lucky jeans please let me know how I can put this outfit together, what color shirt what c...
    3 Sex 19
  181. What happens if you go to a restaurant without money in the Sims 2?
    like if your sims already finished eating, then you go to pay the bill and have no money? will they take something of yours? cuz one time when i was playing, my sim had the maid come over and clean and there wasn't enough to pay her, so she got mad an...
    2 Gaming 42
  182. What should we have...
    What should my mom fix for dinner?
    10 Food 17
  183. What should I eat for dinner if I want to lose weight?
    hiya, I have put on some weight recently and despretly want to loose it again. I have lost a bit, but I am stuck for ideas of what I could have for dinner/evening meal. I am a vegetarian, I try not to eat things like wheat but anyway what could I e...
    8 Nutritionfitness 22
  184. How do I get out of this dinner invite?
    Hey guys. I have been invited to go out for dinner by a friend for her 21st birthday. It's at a really fancy restaurant. And by fancy I mean EXPENSIVE. I'm currently unemployed and literally have $3 in my bank account til next week when I get unemploym...
    2 Relationships 16
  185. What should I eat for dinner if i don't have an appetite?
    I haven't been eating much and I'm losing a LOT of weight. This isn't a good thing because I'm already underweight. But I feel like i force myself to eat and it makes me feel sick so i usually just skip meals. I know I need to eat properly but I'm a fu...
    3 Food 21
  186. When you were younger did your family eat dinner together?
    when I was younger, I loved sitting down with the family & eating dinner. Weither its watching americas funniest home videos, or talking about how our day went during dinner. I'm just the kind of person who likes that. & were the parents prepare the ...
    13 Family 46
  187. Eating out for dinner... scared?
    My boyfriend asked me out to go have dinner with him at this fancy restraunt on thursday. And I'm scared. I'm scared to eat in front of him. I'm scared I'll make a pig of myself. Ect. I talked to my grandmother about it and she told me to just eat slow...
    2 Food 50
  188. What are your routine dinners in your household that are cheap on a budget?
    Im getting tired of making the same things over and over...but we are on a budget and have to watch what we spend. Our main things we usually have are: Red beans n rice, spaghetti, jambalaya, biscuits and eggs, meatballs and mashed potatos, hamburgers,...
    19 Food 27
  189. Do you ever eat breakfast for dinner?
    I think it's been kind of drummed into our heads that certain foods are "proper" for breakfast like cereal or scrambled eggs, pancakes, etc, while others, like soups, steaks, chicken, whatever are "proper" for dinner. But have you ever done a switch-a-...
    10 Food 66
  190. what am i suppossed to do if im athiest and im at a friends house and they make us pray at dinner?
    last time i was at my friends we had to do it, and i didnt want to be rude, and i didnt want to tell her perents i was athiest because then they might not let their kid hang out with me anymore, but i really just dont want to pray. it makes me feel lik...
    19 Religion 36
  191. What are healthy dinners and how to speed up metabolism?
    alright, well I know how people say to speed up your metabolism you should eat 5 smaller meals a day, but EVERYDAY, I have school. I cant just whip out an apple in math class. rofl. btw, I eat fruit and yogurt for breakfast,' I eat like, cracker...
    2 Nutritionfitness 50
  192. Where would you rather eat, an authentic Mexican restaurant, or Taco Bell?
    I like both. I like Taco Bell just for when we are driving around or something and we get a bit Hungary. It's fast food, and it's pretty darn good. lol. However, I would defiantly enjoy an authentic Mexican restaurant better, real recipes that have bee...
    16 Food 57
  193. What would be suitable, makeup wise, for a family dinner party?
    Any suggestions? I'm wearing a beige top with a humming-bird on it and his wings are sparkly and red-ish brown skinny jeans and brown boots. If it helps, my eyes are blue and I recently dyed my hair a chestnut brown. The dinner party is at a Chines...
    10 Style 30
  194. How do I eat at restaurants without feeling uncomfortable?
    im really self concious and I hate eating out, I very rearly eat out, I feel like everybody is watchin me but I know there not, everyons out to eat obviously, it took me 5 months before I could eat infront of my fiance, and I still only pick at fruit a...
    9 Food 60
  195. What are some good restaurants, hotels, and attractions in New York?
    If so I need the names of (or addresses if possible or the city its in)or some kind of info of 1.)like 3 great places to eat 2.)one great hotel to stay at 3.)some great places to visit amusement park,statcue(spell error lol) of liberty etc. ...
    2 Travel 38
  196. Romantic atmosphere
    How to make romantic dinner with romantic atmosphere?
    3 Relationships 10
  197. Tapeworm from restaurant food
    A man from Chicago and probably his name is Franz has claimed that he has got a 9 foot tapeworm from his stool after eating fish from a Chicago restaurant. It is quite unbelievable. Of course research and study in the health and medical department expe...
    2 Food 49
  198. Checks and Cinemas
    Do movie theaters accept checks?
    2 Entertainment 14
  199. What is the best wine to drink with a turkey?
    What is the best wine to drink with a turkey dinner?
    2 Food 46
  200. What age is a good age for taking kids to the theaters?
    I think it personally depends on each individual child but for me I have been very fortunate enough that I have waited till the right age my sons first movie was the cat in the hat and he was 4 and my daughters first movie was meet the robinsons and sh...
    2 Entertainment 20
  201. How to reheat nachos?
    Put into a container overnight in refrigerator. now, I want to reheat them to have for dinner or use them to create a new dinner.
    3 Food 14112
  202. How should i handle this situation that happend at the movie theater?
    i was at the movies earlier today with my two friends, and some 50yr old was yelling at everyone telling them to shutup, there was a part in the movie that made you jump a bit & my friends sayd "ohhh!" along with the other people who were there, the ma...
    6 Entertainment 37
  203. Whats a good Movie
    To go watch at the theaters ... ??
    6 Entertainment 18
  204. What does it take
    What does it take to get a job at a fast food restaurant?
    3 Money 20
  205. If you have to choose a place to date which would you pick
    If you have to choose a place to date between a restaurant , movie theater or disco Which one would you think is better for dating.
    2 Relationships 31
  206. healthy restaraunts
    anybody know of any healthy restaurants in Texas?
    3 Food 39
  207. Who am I?
    I am from outerspace. I like cats. If you ask me to dinner I will say "No problem." Who am I?
    9 Entertainment 6
  208. Why do pinto beans make you s***
    Just curious I had some for dinner and it makes my stomach hurt?
    2 Food 68
  209. what movie on friday?
    what movie in theaters should I see on friday w/ girlfriend and other friends?
    6 Relationships 12
  210. Will skipping a meal help me lose weight?
    will skipping dinner or lunch help me lose weight? explain.
    3 Nutritionfitness 42
  211. What is a good movie to watch?
    I haven't been to the theaters in a couple of months. What are some good movies that are out right now?
    8 Entertainment 19
  212. What to do for a first date for 46 year olds?
    no movies or dinners plz.
    3 Entertainment 9
  213. meeting daughter's boyfriend's parents
    We are going out to dinner to meet my daughter's boyfriend's parents. Do we offer to pay?
    5 Family 942
  214. How many times a month is it ok to eat out?
    how many times is ok to eat out in a fast food restaurant?
    4 Food 44
  215. What business would you choose, if you could own your own business?
    I would probably choose a small cafe, or restaurant...
    11 Money 36
  216. How do I reheat fish sticks left over from previous night's d
    How do I reheat fish sticks left over from previous night's dinner?
    2 Food 568
  217. Who would be your ideal guests at a dinner party and why?
    If you could put together a dinner party list of guests from the past or present, who would you have on your list and why? Off the top of my head I would pick (in no particular order): 1) Jesus - Make sure we dont run short of wine 2) David Bowie - E...
    7 Food 64
  218. What is the average price of a meal in DC?
    I just am curious so I know how much money to bring. There wouldn't be any super fancy restaurants. Or does anyone know how to get maps of restaurants in the area?
    5 Food 15
  219. Where can I find a free movie website?
    Where can I find a free legal movie website to watch movies that are now on the theaters? Thank youuu :)
    2 Entertainment 48
  220. What are good foods to eat?
    What are good foods to eat for breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Snacks? What about drinks? And exercises?
    3 Food 36
  221. is food included with the price of a cruise?
    when booking a cruise, is food included or do you have to pay for it as if you're at a real restaurant?
    4 Travel 31
  222. How can I learn to be a waiter?
    Where can I get the service training necessary to be a food server in a restaurant?
    2 Money 36
  223. What should I eat at bubba gump shrimp?
    I'm a vegetarian, but my friend is having a birthday dinner there. What should I eat? : /
    5 Food 81
  224. Who here has already watched "The Help"?
    I'm dying to watch it but don't have any theaters near me screening the movie :(
    8 Entertainment 9
  225. what is some good prom music
    when I'm driving my girl to prom dinner and then to prom what are some good things to listen to
    7 Music 15
  226. Who works at In & Out Burger?
    So who else out there works at in && out burger? How do you like the job? Or even for those who dont work there, what are your opinions on the restaurant?
    4 Food 10
  227. What if your going on a double date with your boyfriend?
    ..and his brother and his wife. Should you pay for dinner? Or help pay?
    2 Relationships 16
  228. Movies coming out Friday
    What movies are coming out this Friday? The movie theater website isn't telling me.. haha.. thank you. :]
    3 Entertainment 53
  229. What is a good birthday surprise?
    What is a good surprise for my boyfriend, this is his birthday weekend and I wanted to do a dinner or something what would be nice?
    2 Shopping 42
  230. what are some good progressive metal bands?
    I like Dream Theater, Between The Buried And Me, Protest The Hero bands like that
    6 Music 16
  231. eating food
    if i eat three times a day for breakfast,lunch,and dinner will i get fat
    3 Food 28
  232. Is there a site I can go to and read plays?
    My theater teachers wants me to read a play but i cant find any online.
    5 Education 22
  233. What is the best time to workout?
    ok so when is the best time to work out like how long should I wait after eating my dinner?
    5 Nutritionfitness 18
  234. should I quit my job?
    is it wrong to work at a restaurant with a bar in it, if your one of Gods and filled with his spirit?
    9 Religion 72
  235. What is your food regimen or food intake?
    What do you usually eat for breakfast lunch and dinner also snacks.
    7 Nutritionfitness 15
  236. Cous cous
    Is cous cous good for you and is a healthy dinner or lunch? I can eat it all day... Any good recipies for it as I just eat it plain with salmon :)
    2 Food 38
  237. What can I do when I'm bored so I don't overeat?
    What are some things that I can do so that I don't over eat??? I was doing great today! I ate a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner and then after dinner I ended up eating a piece of cake even though I really wasn't hungry, I was just bored. So what ca...
    7 Food 65
  238. Friends dream
    My friend had a dream that she went on a date with her boyfriend, and they kissed in the back of the movie theater and cuddled. The next day at school, he asked her out and they went to the movie theater and kisse and cuddled. Does anyone find this wei...
    2 Relationships 26
  239. How do I make my ex-boyfriend jealous?
    how do I make my ex boyfriend jelous? we live in differnt towns but I see him about once a month because we go to the same camp so all of us go out to dinner, and soon were going out to our first dinner but I want to make him jealous and to want me aga...
    2 Relationships 49
  240. What is a good way to cook whole chicken breast?
    I have some i want to fix for dinner, but im just not sure how to cook them.
    4 Food 17
  241. Im a waitress Would you ever wait tables?
    I waitress at Ferguson's Country Store and Restaurant... and I love it! Would you ever wait tables???
    3 Money 9
  242. Could I get away without wearing a bra?
    I'm a dishwasher at a restaurant and it is pretty hot in there, could I get away without wearing a bra?
    5 Style 59
  243. My Sisters Keeper
    is anyone gonna go see My Sisters Keeper when it comes to theaters? do you think itll be any good?
    7 Entertainment 17
  244. What is lard?
    What exactly is lard? I know more healthier restaurants don't use it, is it bad for you? Does it make food taste better?
    7 Food 59
  245. Show Choir
    Next year I wonna try out for Show Choir/ Musical theater, but I don't know about it yet. Are you in it? Or What do you think about it?
    5 Music 34
  246. Food safe certificate
    Where do I go to get my food safe certificate thing. The one that you have to have like if you were to work at a fast food restaurant?
    4 Food 42
  247. Why is my friend scared?
    Ok, so my friend and I went to see " the strangers, " in the theaters and ever since that, shes been scared out of her pants. What should I do to help her not be scared?
    6 General 15
  248. Would it be okay if I replace my food for banana?
    i used to eat banana every dinner than eating ricee,would it be okay or it would make me fat?
    5 Nutritionfitness 34
  249. Jobs for 14 year olds?
    Does anyone know places where 14 year olds can work? any specific restaurants or stores, or just in general?
    8 Money 89
  250. Do most guys like pancakes?
    How many guys like pancakes? Wether made by your girl or at a restaurant. im a girl and want to know how many guys out there like pancakes! =D
    5 Food 72