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Get help with Diners.

  1. Fast Food Diners? Where Do You Go?
    Where do you go for fast food dining...Who has the best hamberurger OUT THERE?
    3 Food 21
  2. Diner Dash
    Where can yuu play the whole game of diner dash without downloading it or buying it
    3 Gaming 55
  3. Why dont girls like boys taking them out for diner?
    whats the problem? I think its romantic haha?
    11 Relationships 42
  4. Getting past Diner Dash level 13, any advice?
    I am playing diner dash 2 and I cannot get past level 13---the the cell phone addicts!, can someone please give me some advice on how to get past that level!!!
    2 Gaming 412
  5. Diner dash 2
    Ok, I am still stuck on level 13 on diner dash 2 ( its the pizza restr. W/ cell phone addicts!) and the goal is 7800 and I just got 7515!!! Someone please help me!!!
    4 Gaming 51
  6. How to get your Diner Dash Hometown Gourmet Hero game to work?
    Now, I've own this game for probably two years now and I don't know why the story mode isn't working brand new never been used because I lost it, but now it's found. Anyway I've looked around and could not find out why it isn't working can you help or ...
    2 Gaming 52
  7. Im thinking about opening a diner when I finish high school
    Im only 14, I live in Bay City, Michigan. and yeah. economy sucks. theres nothing here. all we have are chain resturaunts. there is one diner in town, and there food is expensive. (like 6 bucks for a hamburger) and I love cooking, im a sophomore ...
    2 Money 39
  8. What are some games sites I can go to online and not...?
    Hey could you guys give me a few sites online that I could go to and play games (diner dash,sally's spa,cake mania,etc without having to download anything...thank u.
    4 Gaming 36
  9. What are some good time management games for iPad?
    I'm going on a long car ride in a couple of days, and I need some good, addictive apps for my iPad. I have the obvious time management games like Diner Dash etc. Are there any 'unknown' ones?
    4 Gaming 18
  10. What to wear and what not to wear?!
    I'm going to be on a red carpet and I'm going shopping what should I buy to wear? Nothing with too much white I'm gonna have a diner and I don't wanna look dirty for the paparazzi. Also what hairstyles would go with the outfit you picked. Please help.
    2 Style 17
  11. What are things I can do to eat healthier when I have no time to make food and am forced to eat at weird times?
    I have no time to pack my own lunches so I've been eating a lot of fast foods recently. As well, I've been eating at weird times due to being busy with job and classes. Sometimes I will miss breakfast and lunch, a lot of times I end up eating diner at ...
    8 Nutritionfitness 44
  12. Who know's the name of this children's book?
    All the characters where animals, mostly frogs. It was one of the frog's birthdays and all his friends planned him a surprse party. At the end of the book they surprised him with a cake in a diner. I know it's a far stretch that anyone whill know, but ...
    10 Literature 23
  13. Can you tie a cherry stem with your tongue?
    Can you tie a cherry stem with your tongue? And how fast?? I never tried but when we took a road trip we went through idaho and stopped at this little diner. Our drinks had cherries in them and all the cousins and I (even granmda woo-hoo) tied the stem...
    14 Food 68
  14. Can't get a job and I need one Yesterday.
    I'm 21 years old and have always worked in the restaurant industry. I recently left my job working at a 24 hr diner b/c of financial, safety, and, moral reasons. I have a pretty good resume for being so young. I went to a culinary high school and am a ...
    4 Sex 79
  15. Can't eat infront of people. Condition or teenage mishap??
    I'm 14 and I don't know whether its a condition or something but I can never eat in front of somebody. My family go out maybe twice a year and I always eat my food with my head down. At school in the diner I eat with my head down and if I ever do have ...
    8 Food 126
  16. What is IAC Recovery Systems Ltd. ?
    Today, I got an email from a company located at IAC Recovery Systems Ltd. 17165 Platte St., Suite 110 Denver, CO 80202 Fax: (303) 756-3400 Email: iacrecoverysystems(at)mail(dot)com but I can not find anything out about it. They are saying I am passed...
    17 Money 61
  17. Who thinks my parents are being fair?
    So I am involved in my school play. Last night was the last night. Our play lasted until 10:00 and left at 11:30. After the play, everybody(and I know it's not literally everybody, but out of like 80 or so kids, I would say 40ish) goes out to a diner. ...
    9 Family 26
  18. What do you think(criticism)?
    The lay in distraught, The corpses fester, Just in time for dinner, In this dismal grot, It's a real killer. A Scene So obscene, They chow down like heathens, Gorging themselves Without given reason To their solemn frown Or indig...
    4 Literature 11
  19. How do I get this girl that I work with?
    ok..theres this girl I work with. ever since I started working there I had a crush on her. well I got a dog off her on day and she baby sat it for me a couple of times. using that to my benefit I got able to know her a little better and establish some ...
    2 Relationships 7
  20. What do I do...
    ok I know my mom works and all but I never see her... even when she's standing infront of me. I'm almost 14 and since a was about 8-9ish my mom stoped talking to me like not compleatly swe have conversations like.I ask how her day was she says "fine yo...
    2 Family 11
  21. One day I met a sweet gentleman and fell in love...
    Baked beans One day I met a sweet gentleman and fell in love. When it became apparent that we would marry, I made the supreme sacrifice and gave up beans. Some months later, on my birthday, my car broke down on the way home from work. Since I lived in ...
    6 Relationships 62
  22. Advice on my friendship?
    Well I know I've posted quite a few q's about this, but right now I don't know what to do. I've read everyones advice but they're not listening. They completely ignored me at diner today and were obviously talking about me. You know when your walkin...
    2 Relationships 36
  23. Advice needed... Unhealthy realationship.. Help! Please!
    So me and this guy have been together for 9 months. 32308. And he cheated on me.. Ifound a bloody condom in his room in september..we broke up.. And we started talkin a few days later... I told him maybe sumday we cud move past this..(I gave him hope i...
    5 Sex 8