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  1. what does the shutter button on a digital camera do?
    2 Technology 25
  2. What brand is your digital camera if you have on and is it any good?(:
    6 Technology 11
  3. Which is more accurate - a digital or dial scale?
    2 Technology 83
  4. Can I use a digital camera as a webcam?
    Is there a way I can use a digital camera as a webcam?
    3 Technology 54
  5. Where can a get a pretty cheap digital camra?
    Where can a get a pretty cheap digital camra?
    2 Shopping 9
  6. How do I upload video from a digital camera to a computer?
    How do I upload video from a digital camera to a computer?
    4 Technology 212
  7. how can I print a picture from my digital camera on paper.
    how can I print a picture from my digital camera on paper is that possible or I can not print a picture from my digital camera on paper.
    2 Technology 54
  8. Where can I find a nice digital camera?
    4 Technology 16
  9. What is the average cost of digital cable tv, and internet?
    What is the average cost of digital cable tv, and internet?
    2 Shopping 149
  10. What I can do to put my photos frommy digital camera to my computer
    How do I do to put my photos from my digital camera to my computer
    2 Technology 12
  11. where can i get a lcd screen and digitizer screen for a iphone (not the internet)?
    2 Technology 23
  12. How do I retrieve my 4-digit password on the Motorolla i465?
    4 Technology 31
  13. Which camera is better - the Polaroid Pogo digital camera or Z340 digital camera?
    I thought about the nikon cameras but I want to save money for that and purchase it myself.
    4 Technology 13
  14. Is a two digit IQ score considered average?
    7 General 125
  15. Digital Camera
    is 8 mega pixels a good digital camera quality?
    6 Entertainment 10
  16. what kind of digital camera do you have?
    how many megapixels, and how much did you pay for it?
    4 Technology 14
  17. What digital camera is best??
    Whats a good kind/type of digital camera??? Not too expensive And where can I find it??
    4 Technology 11
  18. How do you fix a broken screen on a digital camera?
    The camera model is a Kodak EasyShareC743
    7 Technology 18
  19. How do you stop the date and time from showing on your pictures when using a digital camera?
    5 Technology 52
  20. How do you import music into Digital Dj Pro?
    Like of iTunes & my desktop.
    3 Technology 46
  21. Whats a better digital Camera, The Nikon Coolpix or the Canon Powershot?
    7 Technology 47
  22. Digital camera videos
    I uploaded a video to my computer, but I couldn't hear the audio, is there a way to hear the audio? It's a digital camera, not a video camera.
    2 Technology 51
  23. What are the next 20 digits of pi?
    I know it it goes like this 3.14159... whats the next 20 digits?
    4 Education 73
  24. Gettin dem digits!
    How do you ask for your crush number without looking dumb?
    2 Relationships 12
  25. Does anyone have the digital camera "Samsung DualView TL205"?
    Is it good? Would you recommend it?
    2 Technology 10
  26. Is that true that they changed the date to digital tv until june.
    I have heard that they changed the date for digital tv until june is that true any answer is welcome thank you.
    2 Entertainment 8
  27. Where's the software for a Sims Digital Recorder?
    Where can I find the software needed to install my Sims Digital Recorder SVR-M935?
    5 Technology 202
  28. What kind of digital camera should I buy ?
    I will buy a digital camera later on this week , but I have no clue what to buy .. Any help would be great
    4 Shopping 8
  29. Good digital camera for a good price?
    duz anyone noe anywhere I can find a good digital camera thats not overpriced?
    2 Technology 18
  30. What brand digital camera should I get?
    I'm gettin a digital camera and I was just wonderin what brand would be the best between kodak or sony
    5 Technology 22
  31. Plastic Surgery digital imaging?
    Ok, so I would like to know where I can get free online plastic surgery digital imaging..
    2 Technology 48
  32. Digital Camera
    I want to buy one that under $150 and it has to be a good one!! If you know where I can get one under $150 please tell me
    2 Technology 8
  33. How many pixels need a digital camera to be good
    I want to know how many pixels need a digital camera to be good and I can take pitcures but not to get blurry pictures how many pixels need at least to have a digital Camera to be considered a good digital camera.
    5 Technology 54
  34. Can I turn pictures taken with a regular camera into digital pictures to put it in the computer or not?
    I have many pictures taken with a camera but this camera its not digital is there a way to turn this pictures into digital or not if you know tell me please thank you.
    6 Technology 23
  35. What does SLR stand for with regards to digital cameras?
    I want to purchase a new camera (more advanced than my current point and shoot).
    2 Technology 52
  36. How to transfer pictures from digital camera to phone
    How can I transfer my pictures from my camera into the computer or website?I have a wire that came with whe camera but I don't know where to put it in on the computer.
    2 Technology 31
  37. When going to a haunted place does a digital camera pick up ghost sounds?
    Like talking, gun sounds etc...?
    2 Entertainment 9
  38. Why do the photos on the EOS 5D Mark III 22.3-Megapixel Digital SLR Camera take up so much space?
    9 Technology 29
  39. Which is the best graphic tablet for digital painting?
    does anyone know anything about graphic tablets, such as wacom? if so could you tell what is better for digital painting wacom intuos3, or bamboo fun?
    2 Technology 19
  40. Can you take pictures from your computer, and put them on your digital camera?
    I know you can put pictures from your digital camera onto your computer....but does it work both ways? I have pictures on my computer, that I want to put in my digital camera so I can print them out using the memory card. If you can, how would I go...
    11 Technology 78
  41. Why does the flash go off when I turn my digital camera on?
    Whenever I turn my digital camera on, the flash goes off. This started happening not long after I purchased the camera. Its more annoying then anything else, but I'm wondering why?
    2 Technology 29
  42. What is a good, cheap underwater digital camera?
    I really want an underwater digital camera but I have no idea what kind to get. What is a good, not too expensive one that will take great photos in and out of water?
    4 Technology 13
  43. What is a digital signature?
    I need to forward a contract online to a client and they asked me to use a an electronic signature. Does anyone know this company - [link removed] ?
    6 Technology 13
  44. What do I need to buy for my computer to download pictures from my digital camera?
    My computer doesn't have a slot to put the memory card of my digital camera,so what do I need to buy or add to my computer to put the memory card and download the pictures if you know tell me please thank you.
    5 Technology 14
  45. Is there anyway to put a picture in internet if the camera is not digital or not?
    If i have old pictures taken from a non digital camera can i put in my profile in any website or not. Tell me please i have seen people who put it, but i dont know how they do it if you know how to do it tell me please thank you.
    2 Technology 12
  46. Are digital pianos good to get if you can't afford a real one?
    I'm wondering because I want to get a piano but my mom said we would have to try to put money aside(if we can) to get a digital one because the real ones are thousands of dollars.
    4 Music 16
  47. A 13 digit phone number?
    I was receiving phone calls from a 13 digit number, I was wondering if anybody knew what country they were from or what type of device, if they were even from this planet?? Haha but yeah... It boggled my mind, any ideas?
    5 Technology 4707
  48. What digital camera is better: sony or cannon (less than $200)?
    I want to buy a digital camera. Which is better? Sony or cannon? I want to buy it for less than $190. I really have no knowledge on cameras.And if you know where I can get it the cheapest please let me know! Thank You!!
    2 Shopping 11
  49. Would you use a digital rug that changes its design?
    A digital rug has been created that alters the design when someone walks across it. Would you use this rug, or do you think the novelty would get very old, very fast? Read about it:
    9 Technology 10
  50. SHould i jusyt keep my regular digital camera or get those professional loking ones?
    cuz i wanna start doing photography and editing pictures? i need some help.. so answer
    5 Technology 11
  51. what's a decent price for a good digital camera?...
    i was thinking about getting one cuz i fell in love with my bf's when i was in cali and you know, i don't wanna be too cheap and get a piece of snap me out?
    5 Technology 15
  52. Taking Digital Pixs With Your Bra On!!
    Okay..I guess you can say there's nothing wrong with being and looking sexy rite??? there are a lot of ways to look sexy,lol:) friends loves taking pixs with their bra on and so do I...Is that being slutty and Trashy??? or that's a wa...
    4 Sex 23
  53. How can I unlock the memory card of my digital camera?
    How can unlock the memory card of my camera I dont know how but memory card is locked and I can not take pictures with that memory card I need to unlock that card because when I turn on the camera with the memory card inside I got this message card loc...
    2 Technology 17
  54. Why they force us to get digital tv.
    Why we are force to get digital tv, converter or cable why they dont leave tv just like this and let people to choose if they want to get a digital tv or they want the regulart I think this is only businees to sell digital tv and cable, because even to...
    4 Technology 19
  55. what is the best and cheapest digital camera?
    ok so im looking to buying a new digital camera from walmart. I need something that is good quality but not too exspensive. like maybe within 100-150,or cheaper. and what brand is better?
    2 Shopping 9
  56. Do any of you know about TV going digital in 2009?
    Do any of you know about TV going digital in 2009? I've been hearing that those TV's that have Rabbit ears or Enntennas that those who have those will need a convertor box. This includes local channels. If you know about this transition, what are your ...
    3 Entertainment 5
  57. Digital camera for under $300?
    I want to by a good digital camera just to take pics I dont need anything fancy but I want it to be nice. I want a large sceen to look at, zoom in and out, and other good stuff like color effects. What kind of camera should I get?? P.s. I only have $3...
    2 Technology 14
  58. Best Digital Camera
    What is the best digital camera? I am looking for something really small. I love taking pictures but my current camera is very bulky and I hate taking it around. It seems like the smaller the camera the fewer the features. Is this true. There are so ma...
    2 Technology 7
  59. What do you think of the new Sony DSC-TX7 Cyber shot Digital Camera?
    I saw it on TV this morning and absolutely love it! It has so much new features that cameras have never had. Does anyone have it? If so, is it as good as advertised? I want to buy it but I want feedback before I do.
    3 Technology 15
  60. How can I use my digital camera as a webcam ???
    well, I gotta be honest with you, my web-cam sucks after the incident where it fell out of the window (well it was thrown) so I was just wondering how I can use my digital camera as a web-cam insted, I have the kodak easy share M753 (sorry about the e...
    2 Technology 48
  61. Can you suggest a nice digital camera between 200 and 300 bucks?
    I'm really desperate about choosing a digital camera. I want it's functions to be close to these of the digital SLR cameras, but I don't have that kind of money. I prefer Canon and Nikon. Also I don't mind the optical zoom that much. I'll be really gra...
    2 Shopping 19
  62. Mysterious 12 digit numbers calling my cellphone
    On October 8th, I got a phone call from a 12 digit number. The number is "912-223-68***" They had an accent, and asked for someone (I can't remember the name) I told them they had the wrong number and I hung up. I didn't think much of it. Toda...
    7 Technology 678
  63. Don't know which digital SLR camera to get?
    I'm really interested in photography. I do this BOCES program where I leave my school for a half a day and just learn/practice photography. Soon I'm going to need a digital SLR camera, but I'm completely clueless on which brands are the best. I'm looki...
    3 Technology 34
  64. Is it possible to use a digital camera for my project?
    Hey guys... I have this project that I am working on where I need to record myself speaking for about 5 minutes. I have a digital camera that records pretty well. My ultimate goal is to take the short snippets and have them put together as a document...
    2 Technology 7
  65. Do you believe digital art is easier and taking away from traditional art?
    I mean in programs like photo shop you can download a brush of any texture you want. I believe it takes some of the skill out of it. Yes you can argue you need some know how on composition, color ect. to create a good piece of art with or without digit...
    8 Technology 59
  66. How accurate is my first response gold digital?
    I had sex on december 31st and I took a first response gold digital test yesterday feb 9th and it read NO which is good this was my first time. We used a condom which did not break that I know of :/ and I'm on bc lostrin fe 24 and missed one pill a we...
    2 Sex 74
  67. Olympus digital camera
    I have a Olympus digital camera and I brought it to the beach yesterday.. Anyway it was working fine in the beginning and later on that night it started not working... I didn't get it wet or sandy because I kept it in a plastic sandwich bag.. Any way I...
    2 Technology 8
  68. What canvas size does one use to do digital paintings on Photoshop?
    When I try painting, (People from far away with a background) And zoom in, it gets all pixally and I can't do details. Does anyone know the right settings to use? I'm using Photoshop CS6 For something like this: (remove the spaces) Not the exact pi...
    2 Technology 27
  69. Why wont my little Sony digital camera import videos to my computer?
    When I plug it in to my laptop doesnt seem to recognize there are videos also on the camera. I tried adjusting the import options and I accessed the memory card from computer and they dont show, only the pictures. I really need a video on it cause its ...
    3 Technology 25
  70. How can I damage my digital camera on purpose?
    Ok, I know this is an odd question! but let me explain it!! For an art project I decided to do stuff with multimedia and I am doing this whole segment on glitching and circuit bending. I wanna alter my old vivitar 4090 so that it can create weird image...
    9 Technology 52
  71. Cameras In Digital Converter Boxes
    okayy you know those digital converter boxes the goverment was givin out $40 dollar coupons for? well since the DTV transition, you now must have one of those boxes to recieve TV airwaves. Well a bunch of people at my church and a lot of christians a...
    6 Religion 46
  72. Please help!! I need my 4-digit id code for my orange phone???
    Right I've kinda locked my phone so I wanna try and register for orange buh I cant cause it needs to send me a text and I cant read texts cause my phone is locked. So I phoned up and entered my number buh then... It asked me for my 4-digit id code? A...
    2 Technology 68
  73. How can I fix my digital camera lens?
    My Grandfather bought me this new HP Photosmart Digital Camera, that costed around $300. I broke it. It fell off my bed. My cameras lens goes out when you take a pic, it has two sections to the lens, and the second (smallest) where the Cameras "glass...
    3 Technology 53
  74. What is a viewfinder?
    To do with digital cameras..
    5 Technology 16
  75. My digital camera wont turn on and it gets really hot.
    Yesterday I was about to upload pictures and I noticed my battery was almost dead, but I want too worried because uploading pictures takes like five seconds. I turned it off and unplugged it when I was done, then tried turning it on again a little late...
    3 Technology 102
  76. Ipod is locked
    My ipod is asking for the 4 digit's locked...I have never used a 4 digit code --- as far as I can remember
    4 Technology 29
  77. craigs list picture transfer
    how do I transfer pictures from my digital cameria to craigs list
    2 Technology 124
  78. Transferring a video
    Is there anyway I can transfer a video from my digital camera to my computer??
    5 Technology 10
  79. Oprah 'Woman & money' free copy
    Can I have the free digital copy of Oprah 'woman & money ' ?
    2 Entertainment 25
  80. What does DVD (the letters) stand for?
    My guess is something to do with digital :)
    14 Technology 46
  81. perfect square and cube?
    what is a three digit number that is a perfect square and a perfect cube?
    3 Education 51
  82. Which type of guitar amp should I buy next?
    4 Shopping 37
  83. camera or phone??
    which one would you rather have- your favorite digital camera or your favorite cell phone??
    4 Technology 8
  84. help on h.w.
    What is the smallest number that is divisible evenly by all digits 1 through 9.
    2 Education 15
  85. Putting video onto my iPod
    Does anyone know how to put digital camera videos onto my 80gig iPod video??
    5 Technology 45
  86. Why won't my hair straighten properly?
    Im using Toni&Guy ceramic digital hair straightener.
    12 Style 71
  87. Where can I find a Nano Baby?
    where can I find those digital babys what we all used to love lol I want one agian.
    2 Shopping 68
  88. How unique is your dog's name?
    What is it, and what made you think of that? Mine's named after a digital video recorder lol...
    49 Pets 49
  89. Good camera?
    I have an old sony ciber shot digital camera. I wated to kow what is a good and affordable camera.
    2 Technology 11
  90. When will we have flying cars?
    When do you think flying cars will become the normal standard of commuting? Do you think the cars will drive themselves on digital highways?
    5 Travel 41
  91. How should I go about listing an unfinished degree?
    I was originally in a program called Digital Media, and then switched out two years later into Business. I wanted to add Digital Media to my resume since I did learn some relevant things in that program. How do I list that?
    3 Education 17
  92. How can I put photos on the computer?
    How can I put photos on the computer without actually deleting them from my digital camera. Please help! ^x^
    3 Technology 38
  93. If you're smart enough then..
    what is the Answer to (Send+More)?Remember that each letter is represented by a digit and the answer is a Real word.
    2 General 16
  94. What is the best pregnancy test [PT] brand?
    Okay. First off I need to know if I should get a PT test. I'm having pains in my lower back, lower tummy, sides, I have head rush or feel dizzy every time I stand up, I have headaches off and on,I #1 10 times a day, #2 once or twice a day, Gross I kno...
    3 Health 146
  95. Can you help me with cameras?
    What is the difference between digital cameras & fil cameras, and how are they alike? Also, how big is the world's largest camera, and how small is the smallest camera? What are they used for?
    4 Technology 30
  96. my dogs are going out of control!
    ok so my dogs are chewing like everything it makes me so mad, they chewed my digital camera, and they keepp on chewing and chewing!!! HELP!
    7 Pets 27
  97. Kodak Or Fujifilm??
    I jsut wanna Know Whick Digital Camera is Better A Kodak Or A Fujifilm??? beacause I want 1 And I wanna Know How much Are they too.
    8 Technology 17
  98. SLR cameras
    does anyone have any advice on purchasing a digital SLR camera thats not too expensive? I want one thats nice and easy to use =D
    2 Technology 13
  99. Home scale?
    We have a home scale, the one where it isnt digital, wheres the best place to put it? Hard wood flooring, tile, concreet?
    2 Style 12
  100. Lens doesn't come on my camera
    ok I have a pink polaroid digital camera and for some reason when I turn it on the lens doesnt some out can someone tell me how to fix that?
    2 Technology 63
  101. is really true that you find better prices online.
    Is really true that you find better prices online than in stores to buy ipods, laptops digital cameras and all that stuff or the prices are almost the same.
    4 Shopping 10
  102. Printing more than one image
    I want to print several different images on photo paper. What program can I use? I have Microsoft Digital Images but I can't figure out how to put more than one image on a page.
    3 Technology 19
  103. How can I make my photo into an AIM icon?
    hey I took a picture of me with a digital camera. I want to make it my buddy icon for aim, but I don't know how. Pleazz help if you can. = ) I already have it saved on my pictures.
    8 Technology 173
  104. MPEG-4 HD video conversion to WMV HD video
    I want to know if WMV format supports HD video. I have a digital camera that shoots in MPEG-4 format with HD. Cant I convert the MPEP-4 HD video to WMV HD video?
    2 Technology 14
  105. What did you get for christmas
    just wondering?? I got a digital camera, ipod, lancome perfume lipgloss and makeup bag, purse, clothes, makeup, and a cruise and rockband
    7 Shopping 16
  106. Where do you put the memory card?
    Im trying to transfer some pictures from my digital camera 2 the computer but I cant find the input for the memory card can some one help me?
    4 Technology 6
  107. How would I address a letter that is leaving the USA?
    I Know Its Normaly Name Street Address, City 5 Digit Zip Code But What Else If Its Going Overseas?
    3 General 12
  108. What would be cheaper?
    buying a digital camera that comes with a little printer, or buying a camera and getting the photo's printed out at Wal-mart using a SD card?
    7 Shopping 10
  109. Youtube video why is it taking so long to upload?
    Hi, I am trying to upload a video 2.5 min. long video from my digital kodak camera onto youtube, but it says it will take 1 and 25 min.!!! Why is it taking sooo long???
    2 Technology 65
  110. How much profit would I make if I buy the pawn shop in Fable 3?
    It's at a 6 digit price to buy, and I don't wanna buy it if I'm not gonna make a decent amount back from it.
    2 Gaming 61
  111. Who loves DBZ [Dragonball Z]?
    I love absolutely love it. Yesterday I bought the new Dragonball Z Kai. Its amazing. DBZ has been digitally remastered again and is even better quality. YOu have to look it up if you have not seen the DBZ Kai yet.
    8 Entertainment 31
  112. Verification number on visa
    Where is the verification number on a visa (wells fargo) card?? Im lost here trying to make an order. How many digits does it have? Is it in the back or front of the card? Left or right side? Thanks.
    6 Money 47
  113. What should I call my multimedia/digital media brand for school?
    I have to make up a "brand" for my digital media class and don't know what to call it. it's supposed to be something to do with ourself so, my name's stephanie and I like swimming animals reading. thanks
    2 Education 24
  114. What would you consider art?
    I draw, and create alt of digital paintings but i also edit photos of people, like make them better looking and would that be considered art? If so how would i go about getting a career in photo editing?
    10 Literature 59
  115. What kinds of things are required to become a psychiatrist, counselor, or a marriage counselor?
    Degrees? Other education? I was thinking of switching out of my Digital Media program in University. I was wondering if it is required to have a degree in psychology and what other things are required or needed for such jobs.
    4 Education 13
  116. How can I increase storage space on S.D cards, or U.S.B sticks?
    We use S.D. cards, or U.S.B. sticks here to store Digital Photographs for display upon Digital Photo Frames. I've noticed, however, that even 2GB cards/sticks can only store a very limited number of photos. I've also noticed that, when viewing the ...
    2 Technology 37
  117. Where to sell photos online?
    What is a good site to sell photos online. I have 1000s of good digital pictures and have heard of stock photo sites that let you post them for people to buy. There seems to be so many sites I don't have a clue which would be the best.
    3 Money 12
  118. Cellphone question
    How do I check my cellphone voicemail? I just got it. It says to enter a not sure what that is. I tried the last 4 digits of my number, 1111.1234,0000. What else could work?
    5 Technology 16
  119. How do I make the sound work in Windows Movie Maker?
    I want to put a bunch of small videos together that we made in school. That part I can do. We took the videos with my digital camera. It records sound too. But when I play the video in Windows Movie Maker, there's no sound. What do I do?
    2 Technology 18
  120. Anyone know any good cheap slr cameras?
    I have a fantastic digital camera and enjoy taking photos, so a friend recommended buying an slr camera, does anyone know any decent but cheap ones? Also, explain to me more about them? Is the nikon d40 any good?
    2 Technology 14
    ok, my camera is a pink digital concept camera and when you record a video and go to play it back no sound appears. I do not have my user mannual to see what might be wrong. any advice on what the problem is?? please respond!!!
    3 Technology 29
  122. New Plates
    We just bought a 2009 Challenger SRT8, so of course we want to put personalized plates on it. Any ideas? I can only use 6 letters or digits. Oh, the car is black. Any help would be great.
    2 General 43
  123. How much time required to get my blog listed in google?
    I have created a blog on "Product Review of Clickbank Digital Products" around 10 days before and submitted to different search engine and to google and yahoo. My blog is not listed to any where. How much time required to get listed in the search engin...
    3 Technology 41
  124. please help me.. im going insane wondering whats wrong!!!
    last thursday I took 2 pregnancy tests one had a faint line so I went back to walmart to get a digital one to make sure.. it said pregnant..well the next day I took another one the line ones, and it came out neg, so I went back to walmart to get a digi...
    5 Health 279
  125. Can you help me out with this girl I like?
    I gave this girl at school a note. I wrote that If she wanted to go out with me to call me. I also wrote that I luv her. And that I wanted her to write me a note back. She never did she never gave me a respond. I wonder why she looks likes shes into m...
    8 Relationships 72
  126. How can I take out the date on my pictures?
    Ok so I have a digital camera and If I put them on the computer they have the date and the time when the picture was taken. However I don't want anyone ot see when and what time I took the picture is there anyway that I can take this out??? Photobucket...
    3 Technology 11
  127. Which is the best SLR camera, Nikon or Canon?
    I want to buy a digital SLR camera and am considering either a low end Nikon or Canon with the idea I'll invest in quality lenses first and upgrade the camera later. Any advice on which is the better brand.
    5 Technology 42
  128. Christmas presents!
    For those of you who have opened you're x-mas gifts what did you get? Start from the nicest thing and work you're way up. It is still 3:15 ish hear so and I have opened my digital SLR type camera!
    11 Shopping 30
  129. Cost of my broken camera?
    I have this Canon PowerShot SD600 Digital ELPH Camera and it broke, like half of the screen is black and its not the lens or nothing its something inside.Do you have any idea how much the cost of fixing this camera will be or am I better off buying ano...
    2 Technology 13
  130. the "ipod touch" or the "playstation 3" ???
    my parents prmiced me that if I got high marks they will bring me what I want nowww I can only chooz one thing of these :'( *ipod touch *playstation 3 or *new sony digital camera pllzzz tell me your choice and adviceee me ...I need a recomindation !!!
    5 Gaming 5
  131. He's not ready for sex but I am
    me and my boyfriend are in a deep and serious relationship and we have been for about a year, I love him and he loves me but when it comes to sex we just cant agree. Me and him are both virgins but we have been doing digital sex ( he fingers me, I give...
    3 Sex 19
  132. How can I motivate and inspire myself to begin doing my art again?
    How do I get myself back into my art? I used to do a ton of art as a hobby painting, sketching, digital art etc. I stopped for a long time and I don't know how to get back into it. I can't seem to find the motivation or inspiration. I used to be good a...
    4 Literature 12
  133. Whats the best camera brand to buy?
    I wanna be a fashion photographer and im little to young to have those major big time camera well my dad wont get me one till 11th grade For christmas I want a coolpix.. So whats the best digital camera
    2 Shopping 10
  134. how to fix ditgital camara lens pleaseee help me!
    ok, well I was using my digital camara and my friend wanted to see it then she dropped it on the ground now the lens are jammed ;| and when I tried to turn it on it said lens error and I don't know what too do how too make it work because I really need...
    2 Technology 43
  135. Choosing A Camera, Please Help (Only Answer if you truly know)
    So I'm debating on getting a new digital camera, and recently fell in love with the Kodak Easy Share Z980 Black 12MP Digital Camera with 24x Optical Zoom, Smart Capture, but recently my mom mentioned to me about the Nikon Cool pix P90 Black 12MP Digita...
    2 Technology 43
  136. mall hunt
    for my friends bday we are having a scavanger hunt but do you have ideas of what to look 4?okay so she will split peopple into group and give use each a digital camera to take pictures of the things on the list!I need fun cRAZY STUFF NOT LIKE JUST A PI...
    3 Entertainment 26
  137. Do you guys think that, in the future, I could possibly go for a job or career in photography?
    I've attached some of my pictures from my trip to California. They were taken with my boyfriend's 7 mega pixel digital camera so I did the best I could from what little I knew of the camera and the camera itself. I would appreciate some advice and opin...
    7 Money 12
  138. 11:11
    OK Now, I realize this may seem like an odd question, but I was wondering if anyone else out there finds they always look at the clock at 11:11? I tend to often see other duplicating digits like 3:33 or 5:55, but 11:11 is the one I keep seeing. Strang...
    19 General 39
  139. Slr camera?
    I absolutely lovvve photography And I want to get one of those hard core cameras All I know is "slr" and I've heard people say something like "mm"? Please help..any way you can... I just know I want a slr, and a digital, can you tell me maybe a...
    2 Technology 17
  140. I dont get this can someone please tell me
    Group A IQ A1 - What's Next ** What could be the NEXT number and why? 1, 4, 7, 11, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 73 , ? IQ A2 - Summation * Complete this sum using all digits 0-9. 2 8 ? + ? ? 4 = ? ? ? ?
    3 Education 11
  141. Camera problem
    I have a digital camera, a kodak easy shareV1253, and when I go to review or look at my pictures it says unreconized file format, and wont display my pics. What wrong with it? I charged it, tried plugging it into my comp., and taking out the battery, n...
    4 Technology 55
  142. How can I do this with WMM?
    wmm (Windows movie maker) How to I import videos I made on it? I tried but it keeps saying: "The file C:\Documents and Settings\Nikki.MICHELLE-E52FEF\My Documents\My Pictures\Ball\Ball 006.MOV is not a supported file type, and it cannot be imported int...
    5 Technology 22
  143. How can I start to save money for a car?
    I am 14 and i need car cash! I really need a job but theres nothing in my area that i know hires at 14. My education is very important to me and I'm trying to save for a car (for when i get 16) I really need to start saving. I have a saving account bu...
    8 Money 42
  144. Why is flo rida's new song right round not on itunes?
    I found it on another site (listening to a stream now)...but, I wanted to *buy* it. It's not on Itunes yet...seriously, that's not right. I want to send this guy (and the woman on it) Money, you know, for their work. I'm not about to find a CD store.....
    3 Music 46
  145. Do you still get your photos printed out or are they mainly on your computer?
    Now that we have digital camaras and social networking sites to share photos i used to never print out pictures anymore, then our laptop crashed and i lost tons of pictures i will never be able to get back. Ive recently started to print my pictures out...
    10 Technology 28
  146. God's will and the Republican National Convention
    Stewart Shepard digital media director of Focus on the Family called on Christians to pray for rain during Democratic presidential candidate Barak Obama's acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention in order to disrupt it. As we all know B...
    8 Religion 28
  147. I need video editing software
    I don't like windows movie maker stupid thing. I want to download some freeware thing so I can take the digital video from my camera and turn it into a movie and cut and move around the clips and do a bunch of stuff with the audio. And it has to wo...
    3 Technology 18
  148. How Much $$$?
    This summer I will be going to Canada for a week to stay with my Aunt. I am saving my money so that I can get some souvenirs and others things since she will be paying for me for the most part. Since I will be in Toronto, and some of the the surroundin...
    2 Technology 30
  149. Keep dog home
    Look I live in trinidad part time.and I have a dog named digit. The dogs in trinidad have the ability to cross streets and go places by themselves and it is not law to stop dog hasn't seen me in sometime because I went away. Now he doesn't list...
    2 Pets 59
  150. How do you use this SD card w/ your computer?
    I went to Wal-mart today to print some pictures off my digital camera. When I got there I asked how and they told me that I needed an adapter and an SD card for it so I bought them. The dumb ass there could even figure out how to get the pictures on to...
    2 Technology 38
  151. How can I earn money on clickbank?
    Can anybody provide some information on how to make money free from clickbank by selling digital products like ebook and useful software. Is there any free useful ebook available in the net which I can download and use to make money through click bank,...
    3 Money 37
  152. Cell Phone Picture Transfer help
    How do I transfer pics from my LG Lotus to my computer? I have it plugged into the USB port into my computer, I click "Pictbridge" and that brings up Digital Still Camera where I CAN see all my pictures, but then shortly after when I'm trying to acce...
    3 Technology 88
  153. re: implantation bleeding
    i took a preg test sunday, one of those clear blue digital tests and it came out neg. i have a docs appointment the 29th so i guess well see then, but its so far away *sigh*. from what i read though you should be able to test right when you experience ...
    2 Health 108
  154. Confused with careers
    well im just a bit confused with careers ... im 15 years old and I study applied business and french. im doing very well in all my subjects but I didnt not decide what career to follow. I enjoy studying applied business and I m interested in economi...
    3 Education 17
  155. Clearblue good or no good?
    I tested with a cheaper pregnancy test at the beginning of the week and it cam out with a faint positive so I thought I would test again with a clearblue just to be sure. I didnt use the digital because I've heard bad things but thought the normal ones...
    2 Health 61
  156. What is it called when you say something different than whats read?
    I'm actually starting to think that I have a minor case of dislexia but im not sure if I do... like theres been multiple cases where I read one thing and say another like for telling the time on a digital clock or a clock with hands... or reading words...
    2 General 85
  157. Who wants to help me with my chemistry homework!?
    1). A radioactive compound cobalt-60 has a half-life of 527.0 years. What will be the amount remaining in a 100.0-g sample after 15.816.0 years? 2).An 80.0-g sample of a radioactive compound,radium-266, is reduced to 5g in 28 years. What is the half...
    3 Education 31
  158. Did you know Yahoo pollutes search results with ads?
    So, I just saw an ad that really bugged me. Yahoo is suggesting "you can't find stuff on Google" however, they are the *only* search engine where they show ads inside the search results themselves, that you can't distinguish from normal results. Did...
    6 Technology 23
  159. Dvd drive not reading some cds
    Hello,I am having trouble with my dvd drive reading burned cds.all other dvd movies, Music cd or program cds come up on the computer immeadately.but my photo cd Which I burned in the past are not coming up.I get the cd icon on the cursor but if I try t...
    2 Technology 30
  160. Trying 4 a baby fallen pregnant but got raped
    Hi, me and my boyfriend have been trying 4 a baby again because I miscarried a few months ago. I did a digital test yesterday and this morning which has come up pregnant 1-2 weeks. On 18th this month my drink got spiked and I got taken full advantage o...
    3 Health 68
  161. Tips for filming a wedding?
    Tips for filming a wedding? I am filming my sister's wedding and I want to make it the best possible with what I have. My camcorder is a Sony Hi8 Handycam Vision CCD-TRV58. I am going to try to get the best out of it. I am thinking of using Ave...
    3 Technology 13
  162. Why can't I make a Myspace account?
    I've recently deleted my account after it was almost phished, and didnt wait the 48 hour period to make another one, and it was deleted. But that was over a week ago. And everytime I go to sign up for another account, a error occurs. I sign up w...
    5 Technology 70
  163. gifts for a girl turning 14?
    I'm turning 14 this year, and I don't know what I want. I have a cell-phone, lap-top, digital camera, flat screen T.V., three iPod nano chromatics, a Zune, all the skinny jeans I can fit in my closet, designer shoes/dresses/purses/swimsuits/clothing, a...
    18 Babies 173
  164. How can I sell my art?
    I have some art of paintings and digital work of faeries and some abstract impressonisms of my own porttrait. I have had a website up quite awhie like 2 years and only a total of 200 visitors. I have a VERY limited budget. How do I get more traffic on ...
    3 Shopping 29
  165. Could I be 10 weeks and still get a negitive?
    My last real (as in same bleeding amount as usuall) was the last week in June... I have been feeling sick to my stomach and craving wierd things and breast tenderness and having to go pee all the time since then. So I would wait a few days and take a p...
    3 Health 23
  166. Survey #1
    What do you like better??? Cherry or strawberry Blue or pink Curly hair or straight hair Math or science Clothes or shoes Shopping or reading Twillight or nick and noras infident playlist Chris brown or jesse mcartney Ashley tisdale or vanessa hudgenes...
    6 General 32
  167. Does anyone have the verizon, samsung juke?
    I was wondering if anyone has a verizon, samsung juke phone and if so, what they thought of it. I need to get a new phone (lost mine) and don't want to pay an arm and a leg. Verizon is offering me their "promotional" pricing so the juke would only c...
    6 Technology 42
  168. Average monthly cost of living?
    I'm turning 22 and my parents treat me like dirt. I just graduated from college, and I am living with them. I am kind of dependant. Once my room was unorganized a little bit and they locked me out of the room, giving me a pillow and a blanket to sleep ...
    9 Money 150
  169. Why can't kids wait?
    lol.. im only 16 I can honestly say kids these days are messed up have you read some of the questions in this place.. kids 12..13..14.. going to be in the single digits sooner than later. Girls what happend. Any self respect? think its cool to be pregn...
    15 Relationships 20
  170. Is this photo evidence of a ghost?
    Please see the two photos on my main page. They are both the same pic, I have just changed one to black & white for clarity. I took the pic about 20 years ago in a very old house in a place in Devon, England called Chagford. The building at the time ...
    8 Religion 25
  171. Is she being sneaky? OR does she like him and want to get with him on the low?
    First off my so called friend knows exactly what time i go to school and it seemed like every time i go to school shes calling my boyfriend while shes at work and im not around, asking for me when she knows i'm in school, at first i didn't think nothi...
    6 Relationships 30
  172. Poll: Be adopted or become heiress
    Ok I need your help with a decision. I have a 7 year old little girl who is stunning and sweet. The situation is that her biological father (who she hasn't seen since she was 2 weeks old) comes from a family that has old money. I mean like multiple 7...
    15 Babies 144
  173. Lam-WHAT-a ???
    Several years ago, I bought the Lambada Forbidden Dance movie soundtrack (after first buying the 1990 movie directed by Greydon Clark on VHS years earlier), primarily for one song in particular, and was disappointed to find that one of the best songs i...
    4 Music 88
  174. Help me get over him.Please.
    Well,as you can see for my other questions,I cant get over him.He is supposedly dating this ugly fat blonde (SERIOUSLY! IF HER EYES WERE MORE CLOSER TOGETHER SHE WOULD LOOK HALF-DECENT!!!) .Not to be beetchy,But I honestly thought I was 100% better...
    4 Relationships 34
  175. Computer Science VS Information Technology
    Computer Science VS Information Technology Undecided Course: Computer Science VS Information Technology - Which is better in, Job opportunity, etc? HI, Im A Freshman ( Undergraduate ), 19 Years Old, From Middleast (Saudi Arabia ) Who Wants To Take...
    4 Education 64
  176. I'm so bored survey
    When's the last time you ran? Yesterday night. Do your jeans have rips, tears, and holes in them? Some of them, not all. What are you dreading right now? Nothing. Do you celebrate 420? No. Do you get the full 8 hours of sleep a night? Yep. If ...
    6 General 49
  177. Who thinks I should get this Toshiba laptop, I really like it?
    From Toshiba comes a portable powerhouse you can take with you anywhere you go. The 14.0" Satellite L645D laptop PC comes to you loaded with all the advanced features you expect from Toshiba. An AMD Athlon II P320 processor and 3GB of memory keep your ...
    13 Technology 35
  178. Whats happening?
    Alright, I only just turned 16 yesterday.. I'm having really bad issues with my mum & her boyfriend.. my mum and I have lived by our selves with each other ever since she broke up from her ex years and years ago when I was young as a one digit number. ...
    5 Family 56
    Untitled `Page 1 Chapter One, Defiance “I don’t want to go to some stupid private school. I was happy where I was! Why can’t you ever just leave me alone?” I pleaded. I could tell by the expression on Paul, my uncles face, that no matter what I ...
    7 Literature 46