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Did trump insult disabled reporter

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  1. How are eviction reported?
    How are eviction reported?
    2 Homegarden 17
  2. Insults
    What are some good insults to bullies
    5 General 56
  3. What happens when you report a member?
    What happens when you report a member?
    2 Funadvice 15
  4. How to insult someone from india?
    How to insult someone from india?
    2 General 356
  5. Can I garnish veterand disability?
    Can I garnish veterand disability?
    2 Money 43
  6. How do you disable an Ankol monitor?
    how do you disable an ankol monitor?
    10 Technology 265
  7. What a good topic for a report
    What a good topic for a report
    3 Education 60
  8. Are you hurt by words or insults
    Are you hurt by words or insults
    12 General 33
  9. How to read toxicology report?
    How to read toxicology report?
    3 General 539
  10. Why do credit report sites cost money to get a credit report?
    3 Money 26
  11. What to do when you sent in a report accidentally?
    2 General 13
  12. How can I report a fake user?
    7 Funadvice 20
  13. How can I become a reporter?
    What do I need to know to become a reporter?
    2 Education 17
  14. Where can I get my credit report for free?
    Where can i get my credit report free?
    2 Money 18
  15. insults?!?!?!?
    does anyone know any good insults?
    4 Education 43
  16. Why is no one reporting on ClimateGate Scandal?
    Why is no one reporting on climategate scandal?
    7 Politics 16
  17. who do you contact to report a racist teacher?
    5 Education 39
  18. Can you either report somebody or block somebody on here?
    10 Funadvice 9
  19. What is an IRT (Income Reporting Threshold)?
    2 Money 138
  20. What are some facts about Alaska for my state report?
    13 Education 34
  21. How to report abuse on my profile?
    How do I report abusive and offensive comments?
    6 Funadvice 6
  22. if someone insulted you, what would you do?
    if someone insulted you , what would you do ? the same or just let it go ?
    13 General 177
  23. Who is the richest between donald trump and bill gates?
    Who is the richest between donald trump and bill gates?
    4 Entertainment 47
  24. Court reporting
    Is court reporting a good carreer to get into??
    10 Money 37
  25. Report someone?
    When someone is reported, who checks them out? Why would they be deleted?
    7 Funadvice 18
  26. Court Reporting
    Can a convited felon become a court reporter?
    2 Money 14
  27. Is SSI the same as disability?
    Ssi is the same as disability or these are 2 diferent things.
    4 Money 29
  28. Does the person know who reported them?
    if you report abuse on funadvise...does the person you report know it was U that reported them?
    5 Funadvice 22
  29. Is it an insult when girls say "put a shirt on?"
    3 Style 22
  30. Where can I get a free copy of my police report?
    2 Politics 16
  31. Report of abuse
    If any one abuse me here what can I do? and what action take by you?
    4 Funadvice 17
  32. what does it mean when someone says add insult to injury?
    what does it mean when someone says add insult to injury?
    2 General 73
  33. What major should I be in college to be like Donald Trump?
    what major in college do I have to study to be like donald trump ?
    2 Education 21
  34. Disable blog from search engines
    How can I disable my blogger blog from being found on all search engines?
    2 Technology 15
  35. How do I write a good lab report?
    I have to write a lab report for science. How do I write it? How can I make it good?
    2 Education 144
  36. What does it mean when an account is disabled?
    What does it mean when an account has been disabled? I looked at a question and it said that
    4 Funadvice 54
  37. Disabling HTML mode on the internet?
    How can I disable HTML with Mozilla FireFox?
    2 Technology 14
  38. Games that are insulting to Bush?
    games that are insulting to bush can you give me urls to games like this?
    3 Gaming 8
  39. What can I do, besides reporting it, if people are making fun of me at my school?
    3 Education 18
  40. Why do people shy away from answering questions from reporters?
    12 General 52
  41. Is it ok to allow the handicap and disabled from birth to exist?
    79 Politics 37
  42. Is the chatting function which was there on the home page of this site disabled?
    3 Funadvice 11
  43. what happens when someone reports you on club penguin??
    7 Gaming 123
  44. Are there any ways to fix minor disabilities(like a stutter/lisp)?
    7 Health 23
  45. can i report my school for not having hand soap in the bathrooms?
    7 Education 19
  46. good way to write a 8th grade book report!?
    what is a good way to write a 8th grade book report!?!?
    3 Literature 128
  47. good insults ?
    I don't know im bored whast are some good insults or comebackss
    2 General 163
  48. What website has free book reports?
    Does anyone know a free website that gives free book reports?
    2 Literature 17
  49. Reporting an advisor?
    If you report an advisor, would they know about it, or is it annomous for everyone.?? I am just wondering??
    3 Funadvice 15
  50. What did you get on your report card?
    what did you get on your report card? (please dont ask why im asking this)
    13 Education 17
  51. Isaac Newton, help for my report?
    I have to do a report on Isaac Newtun...anyone know who that is?
    9 Education 47
  52. What should I do for my english report?
    what book should I do for my report. I like mysteries and romance. it has to be fiction
    3 Education 17
  53. Will regulary checking my credit report lower my credit score?
    If I check my credit report all the time will that lower my credit and my credit score?
    3 Money 52
  54. Abandoned dog. Who do I report the owners to?
    Please advise. Thanks!
    4 Politics 106
  55. What are your thoughts on disabled people?
    what is the idea in your mind about Handicapped person
    9 General 37
  56. Is 68% a bad mark in end term school report?
    9 Education 95
  57. What was the situation on the roast of Donald trump?
    He's never done comedy before....
    3 Entertainment 12
  58. Why do think Allah created people who have disabilities?
    for example Dyscalculia?
    17 Religion 37
  59. Who is the Admin of this site and can I report to him/her a user I think should be deleted?
    4 Funadvice 13
  60. How can I disable funadvice from sending me an email everytime I have a new alert?
    2 Funadvice 16
  61. Therapist reports!
    I goto a therapist and im 13. Will they report you if your tell them that you smoke? Even when you tell them not to tell??
    5 Health 33
  62. whats a good book to do a book report on?
    whats a good book to do a book report on? any book I would be happy with. thank youu
    8 Literature 48
  63. Would I be able to get on disability for being bipolar?
    Would I be able to get on disability for being bipolar? It's been getting in the way of work so bad.
    3 Health 24
  64. What are the uses of sound energy? Help! This is for my report tom.
    Pls. Answer.what are the uses of sound energy?.
    3 Science 3680
  65. how can i disable the alerts so that everytime somebody answers a qeustion i answered it wont give me an alert?
    2 Funadvice 10
  66. Can someone give me a list of smart victorian insults or name callings?
    8 Literature 77
  67. When writing the procedure in a lab report do u write it in steps or paragrraph form?
    8 General 20
  68. question is reported as abuse and sent to that place?
    what happens if your question is reported as abuse and sent to that place? I dont want to be deleated... :,(
    12 Funadvice 36
  69. What are my chances of getting disability for being bipolar?
    What are my chances of getting disability because I'm bipolar? How long would it take to get it started?
    5 Money 169
  70. Disability
    How do you get on disability, and would severe depression and rheumatoid arthritis make me eligable?
    2 Money 60
  71. If I fall down on the street can I get disability from my job.
    If I fall down on the street and I can not work can I get disability from my job or not. Any answer is welcome thank you.
    4 Money 56
  72. Who would you rather eat dinner with: Presidents Obama and Clinton or Romney and Trump?
    11 Food 25
  73. What can I say to my parents regarding my bad report card?
    To make them less angry
    3 Family 18
  74. Can doctors tell if a baby is going to be mentally and/or physically disabled before it is born?
    10 Health 79
  75. Do you think military disabled Vets should be allowed to use toll roads at no charge?
    14 Politics 39
  76. What does "Total c.umulative grade" mean and does the current average or the total c.umulative grade go on report cards?
    5 Education 16
  77. Would happen if a parent reports that their child self harms
    What would happen if a parent reports that their child self harms I'm just curious Thx!
    3 Health 16
  78. Do you think the next huge trumped crisis will be 'Inflation, Infla
    Do you think the next huge trumped crisis will be 'Inflation, Inflation' and a demand for price controls ?
    3 Politics 16
  79. Report cards
    On report cards you know how an a means a 4 b a three and so on? Well if it has an s do you count that as an a so it equals to 4?
    3 Education 21
  80. History report on computer
    How do you get to the history report on the computer cause im grounded from myspace but I could get on then delete the history of it but I don't know how to get on it?
    2 Technology 45
  81. How to write a 500 word report on Acountability?
    I have to write a report on accountability it has to be 500 words and I have no idea where to start or how to word it .. I have 2 days .. help?
    4 Money 55
  82. How come my acount was disabled?
    Title says it all... I used to b karen123 but for some reason it was dissabled!!!
    2 Funadvice 10
  83. whats data inn a lab report for biology?
    whats data inn a lab report for biology? [Google dosnt answer this] I tired sorry -.-
    3 Science 36
  84. gaia hacked, do I report them?
    my gaia was hacked a couple of days ago and I found who did it lol duh :/ but if I report them do get my stuff back?
    3 Gaming 56
  85. How would you react if your child came home with a report with 1 A, 1 B, 3 C's, and 1 D?
    10 Babies 60
  86. What should I study to be a news reporter?
    What education do I need to become a news reporter? Example do i need to be good in math or maybe science or social studies? Which one do i need??
    2 Education 25
  87. Why do people tease people with a disability
    My mom works with phiscally disability people and I love them there so kind and warm hearted why do they get teased they are not any less human then we are.
    11 General 219
  88. Fave insults
    Favorite insult? Mine is simple but it gets the point across More of a namecalling thing but w/e Co** smoker
    4 General 53
  89. How Come this site keeps disabling my account?
    How come you people keep disabling my account? Then I have to log in again everytime? You never sent the email so I can confirm my new email.
    2 Funadvice 7
  90. How can you report a DSS case online?
    can you report a dss case online? I really dont want to call nervous about friend really needs my help...
    4 Family 66
  91. Really good comebacks insults?
    really need some good comebacks and insults my best one is "why dont you go back 2 the feild with all the other cows"
    5 General 128
  92. What are some interesting books to do a report on?
    book to do on a report? What are some good books you guys have read. And please don't give something that will make me fall asleep. lol
    5 Literature 9
  93. What's the best/worst/most insulting insult you've ever heard?
    Personally 2 of my favourites are: "If ignorance were bliss you would have multiple orgasms regularly" and "I can see that you are wise, not like this strutting fool, whose only right to nobility is having crawled out from between the leggs of a que...
    4 General 20
  94. Have you been, or are you being, mistreated because of a disability
    Have you been--or our you being--punished (for example by parents), abused, yelled at, accused of something, etc. because of something you cannot do--or do--as a result of your mental or physical disability? (And what is your disability?) <3
    2 Health 32
  95. where can I view weather reports for other countries???
    ok so is there any website I can go to 2 see current weather reports like for spain or france??? thanks!;)
    2 General 12
  96. Insults please??
    Im looking for insults for backstabbing, jealous, lying two-faced friends Who think they know everything
    4 General 53
  97. Account being disabled
    My cousin emohater her account got disabeled but if you type in emohater she comes up but when she tries 2 log in she cant Help!!!
    2 Funadvice 23
  98. think that Fox Network reports the news and covers the issues
    Do you think that Fox Network reports the news and covers the issues in a fair and unbiased fashion ex: Beck? Hannity? O'Reily?
    12 Politics 18
  99. Disable accounts!
    Why did you disable wintermichelleiero's account? I am her family member and this is her email address! Her email mailbox does not work so she can not send or recieve emails! You are making me fustrated cause she is innocent!
    2 Funadvice 11
  100. Writing Report
    Hey Friends, I want to write Report any topic but not a (Business and Information Technology topics)..I really don't know what to plzzz.?! Maleka
    2 Education 7
  101. Accidental abuse report
    What will happen if you accidentally pressed "report abuse" on a user who didnt do anything bad!!!? I didnt mean to... I hope her account doesnt get cancled!
    4 Funadvice 42
  102. How can I help Disabled children?
    I want to help Disableld children. I've gone on google and looked. But I can tfind any thing! Advice please? thnx
    3 Education 45
  103. Why is it that when you give someone your opinion on their religion they say you are insulting them?
    I dont get insulted when people say they believe in god, thats their opinion, i dont understand why they accuse you of atta.cking their religon.
    58 Religion 42
  104. What should I do when people are insulting me and my friends?
    So I know when someone insults me I should walk away and not insult them back I know its the mature thing to do but what about when it comes to other people theres a guy insulting my friends right now should I just ignore it or what??? Should I be the ...
    9 General 104
  105. Can a person lose their SSI-Disability after they've been approved?
    If a person has filed for SSI-Disability because they cannot work due to disabilities, and their claim was approved and they are now receiving checks... can they lose it at anytime after they've been approved? If so, for what reasons could they lose...
    4 Money 35
  106. What is your opinion about a 9 year old being hancuffed and being reported back to her country?
    Don't you think that law is going way to far on things like this?
    7 Politics 12
  107. Is it a compliment or insult when people tell you that you have "cat eyes"?
    ppl keep teling me i have very cat like eyes, im not sur if i should take this as a compliment or if i should be offended like is that bad?
    10 Style 239
  108. Are there any scholarships for children who have parents with disabilities for college?
    My mother is disabled and can't work and I was wondering if there are scholarships or grans available for kids who have parents who have disabilities? and if so is there like a website or something I can visit to get information or apply?
    4 Education 9
  109. Where to get information about anorexia for a report?
    I need some information about anorexica ..i am doing a report for my english/psychology class and i need some info. from some anorexics..or past anorexics..And if you know of any websites*support* groups..please let me know
    3 Health 15
  110. help book report problems
    ok I forgot to read my book for a book report thats due on monday and I accidentally turned in my book to the library today so I was wonder can I read my book on the computer and if so what websites to I got to
    2 Literature 11
  111. Who thinks Donald Trump can fix America if he were president?
    Considering the debt of the country, and Trump's obvious mind for money matters, do you think he can turn the country around and get it to a peak economy?
    14 Politics 56
  112. Ugh. If you're going to be insanely shallow, objectifying, picky and insulting
    towards women, at least hold yourself to the same standards you fat ugly greasy slob.
    11 Relationships 28
  113. How come family members treat those with disabilities differently?
    How come family members treat those with disabilities differently? What's so different when being treated either cruel, or other ways? compared to sighted people? I have a visual impairment and my family just treated me like I was nobody. What causes ...
    2 Family 15
  114. What common mental health problems are experienced by people with a physical disability?
    I need a link between mental health problems and physical disability...I can't be 4rsed anymore...please give us a website chaps and chappetts! so I need to know what common mental health problems ar eexperianced by people with a physical disability...
    3 Health 26
  115. Can I report a racist blog site?
    I was recently was googling a news report and I stumbled on this racist blog site that bashes on black people, I was stunned, the n-word was used on there openly. I would like this blog site reported and possibly shut down. Is it possible to do this, a...
    10 Technology 39
  116. How to make a fake report card?
    Well I messed up on my last report card and got out of the trouble somehow but I get report cards again tomorrow and I did even worst I need to know how to make a fake report card without photoshop and just microsoft word 2007. Help! And I know this is...
    4 Education 523
  117. Ipod to report?
    Ok like at school someone stole my ipod and I was wondering what you do- or how you go and put in your cereal number iin and it disables the ipod till I get it back??? Anyone know
    5 Technology 18
  118. what do you think of Donald trump running for president?
    I dont know if he is republican or democrat. im with the democrat party but if he is republican i will vote for him, because is a smart guy and if he leads this country like he does with their companies, i think this country will be better what do you ...
    11 Politics 50
  119. Why do people treat me different because of my disability?
    welli have a hearing disability and im wondering why dont people give me a chance to prove that im a really nice outgoing all around good person? and why do they judge me and treat me differently if im no different than anyone else?
    2 General 30
  120. What do I do? Do I report them to the school?
    Ok, about 5 kids from my school, each of whom are 14, went out earlier today and smoked pot. I know it was the first time for 4 of them. The rest just wanted to try. And I want to report them, but 1 is my best friend. What should I do?
    14 Education 42
  121. Book report on Breaking Dawn
    I have to do a book report over breaking daen by stephanie meyer by next monday! I need 2-4 page detailed summary of the book. Don't worry I'm not going to plagerize it, I'm going to change it up but I just need help!
    4 Education 45
  122. Ipod disabled.
    sooo... I have a password on my ipod and my little sister tried getting on it and it disabled it, now it says to connect it to itunes, which I did and itunes said "itunes could not connect with the ipod "moe =]" because this ipod is locked with a passc...
    4 Technology 166
  123. What is one of the most insulting things someone has said to you?
    I remember a guy telling my boyfriend to "Keep his b!tch on a leash" sexist remarks are a major pet peeve. So what is something someone has said to you that you found extremely insulting?
    43 Sex 32
  124. Thomas Edison's disability
    Ok so is class we have to do this project about famous people with disabilities and I got Thomas Edison I tried looking up things on Google but I am not so sure what he has exactly so anyone here know? And if you do can you please explain how the disa...
    3 Education 77
  125. Is John McCain disabled or not?
    I just read that John McCain is considered 100% disabled by the VA and receives $58,000/year in disability. McCain has assured voters that he is fit enough to hike the Grand Canyon. So which is it. Is he disabled or not? Also, isn't this the sa...
    5 Politics 51
  126. What is all this talk about Oprah hates disabled people?
    It's skyrocketing on Google Trends. Let me guess, she said something and it was taken out of is the only source I found really:
    8 Entertainment 31
    There's this chick I dislike and she's a bit slutty so I need some clever evil ways to tell her she smells like fish and/or original ways to say she's loose :) please help!!!
    10 Entertainment 223
  128. Can you help me with my genetic engeneering report?
    I have to write a report on genetic engeneering. my language arts teacher(8th grade) said it has to be about current advances in genetic engineering. I need help I dont know where to start and I can't understand half the stuff they say.
    2 Education 11
  129. How do I un-disable my 4th generation iPod Touch?
    I have an iPod touch, and my friends tried to unlock it so many times with a invalid passcode until the point were my iPod says "Disabled- connect to iTunes" But i dont have a charger/cord anymore to do that, is there any other way to un-disable it wit...
    3 Technology 16
  130. How do you report someone on here for sexual harassment?
    There is a user on here that is posting things on peoples profiles as a 23 year old male. I know for a fact he was harassing a 14 year old girl. He won't leave her alone as far as I can tell and he started in on other people too. How do I report him fo...
    3 Sex 14
  131. How should I start my report? chemistry I have to do a 3 pg report on any element I picked helium..(I don't know y) but I dont know how to start off the first sentence of my report I think im thinking to much about it and im gettn lost but as soon as I get that first sentenc...
    2 Education 61
  132. what is Eddie Walkers disability In the movie true Confessions?
    they said it was a mental disability that would make him act like a child forever. before that I thought it was autism, please tell me if I'm wrong they never mentioned the disability, could someone please tell me or at least explain.
    2 Entertainment 77
  133. Do I have that disability when you read stuff backwards?
    Like sometimes I'll read stuff the way I want too. Like I put the words in different order and sometimes take words out. But not on purpose. Like I'll read 4 example whats the best bible translation?(saw in side bar) Like:whats the translation for t...
    2 Health 78
  134. How to report online identity theft?
    Who would I contact and make a report to if I know someone is using other peoples names to order things on - line and is receiving these items - Identify theft I think you would call it and I'm afraid she may have used my name as well ?
    5 Technology 20
  135. Does anyone have siblings, friends, etc. who have a disability?
    Hello, I was wondering, does anyone have siblings, friends, etc. who have a disability? Well, the reason I'm asking this question is because I have a disability myself and I'm visually impaired and been blind since birth. So, if anyone in your family...
    7 General 13
  136. environmental report.
    I need a current events report on the environment... its due tomoro... I love to write but I don't know what to do... can someone please help me... I really want to write it but I don't know how to come about it... I only need one paragraph but I don't...
    3 Environment 21
  137. What is the best insult you can make up
    Like when I go on a game, theres always that 1 guy. That guy whos really annoying and argues even tho he knows hes wrong and is being a du***. Wuts a good insult 2 tell someone online
    8 Relationships 15
  138. Learning disability
    Okay so I have a slight learning disability and lately people have been judging me because of it. like everyone acts like I'm really stupid and I'm sick of it. You can't even tell I have it. but when people do know I have it, they think I'm stupid like...
    5 Education 24
  139. Can my friend make a police report because she assumes that I have her ipod at my house when I dont?
    I have evidence that she drank the night that she lost the "Itouch", but she is trying to say she left it at my house and I don't want to be responsible for anyones belongings. And it's been over a month and she bearly is asking about it now so it's al...
    5 Babies 15
  140. What are some banking insults?
    What would a banker say? Like if someone said 'Don't bite my head off!' if they were getting angry, what could a banker say to do with their job? Like to do with debts, loans, credit cards or whatever hehe or just make something up x) Thankies ^-^
    4 Money 31
  141. Where to call to report this fire?
    My neighboors house caught on fire like 5 minutes ago and I took really good pictures of the fire and the people, everyones okay! Who or where can I call here in Houston, Texas to sell or give the pictures? Like what website,newspaper,news
    2 General 11
  142. How long can you be away from home before reported as a runaway?
    My parents have been mad at me and expect me to just attend school, come straight home and do what they want me to do here. I want to be able to hang out with my friends for atleast a little while then come straight home. I don't want to get in trouble...
    5 Family 80
  143. how to report student loan fraud
    I know several people who are giveing fake addresses to get grant money in kentucky who could I report this too both have parnets with lots of money but list there address as a vacant lot that ther family owns but really live at home there people who n...
    3 Education 48
  144. Does anyone else here have a disabled sibling?
    Does anyone else on this site have a disabled sibling and are being constantly mocked for it? I love my 15 year old sister with down syndrome dearly, but I am at my wits wnd trying to explain to people how I feel about being mocked. Does anyone have a ...
    5 Family 22
  145. Diamond grading report?
    I’ve been looking at diamond engagement rings online, and I’ve noticed that the rings with diamonds that haven’t been certified are a little cheaper than the ones that are. I also understand why (they haven’t been graded by experts), but I’m wondering...
    3 Shopping 11
  146. What can the cops do if I'm 18 and reported missing?
    I recently asked a question about me leaving my parents house to go to the school of my choice well I did that recently and now my parents are calling everyone off my cell phone bill asking whether or not they know where I am? I was wondering what will...
    9 Family 149
  147. Who knows the name of the new Godsmack song insulting Nikki Sixx?
    I guess Godsmack went on tour with Montly Crue and they complained about everything and were not fun to tour with so Godsmack wrote a song and some of the lyrics were 'You're always crying like a b*tch' or something like that, refurring to Nikki Sixx.
    2 Music 48
  148. Do you think news channels/programs allot enough time for sports reporting?
    When I watched the news to see the goals of soccer games they talked too fast and if the score was for example, more than 3 goals i didn't get too watch all the goals just one or two, because they have to tell all these sports news in 5 minutes lol. Wh...
    3 Sports 13
  149. Why do people Tease and insult Bisexuals.
    I am Bi and I am mad fun of for it but I dont really care. I have been made fun of my hole life and I've had a lot of s*** happen to me. My life is complicated. I am not going to get into my past my question is why do people care if im Bi if im not eve...
    5 Sex 89
  150. Should I be insulted or just let it go?
    Okay, so my boyfriend and I have been dating for almost a year. (On the 14th!)We were talking a few nights ago and he told me that if him and I were to brake up, I would be his last girlfriend. He said that it is too much work! He is only 27! I don't k...
    3 Relationships 21
  151. Could my parents file a runaway report?
    I currently live in New Jersey, where the legal age to move out without parent consent is 18. I really hate living in my house, and I want to move in with my boyfriends family. (They are okay with it) They now live in South Carolina. The age for moving...
    3 Family 64
  152. My teacher insulted us.
    K well my class was being chatty and teacher yellss 'if you act like this at school I can only imagine what kind of dirty poor home you come from and what kind of bad parents you must have if they tought you liek this' And im like 'excuse mee? You ant...
    6 Education 43
  153. How do I give my mom my bad progress report?
    Ok well I have 2 f's in my progress report. We get won every week and if I don't turn it in I will get a detintio!!! I have to give it to her like in 30 minutes pls help!!! I don't want to be grounded. How can I sneek it past her with out her seeing th...
    5 Family 80
  154. Why do people feel always sorry for me just because im disabled?
    why do people always feel sorry for me just because I am disabled. I have cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy makes me walk different like you can tell there is something wrong with me. But other than that I am like any other teenager. I can tell that some ...
    9 General 85
  155. How do I report a comment as abuse?
    Posted by: welshchick09 5 minutes ago. | delete it LOL well atleast im not a fat cow, get over one cares... and yes you are fake and its funny that your going to get deleted leave me alone before I report you. oh and dont be a hater...
    3 Family 11
  156. How is it that so many post things about disabilities, yet none of them are of any help to my question?
    so here goes...if you have noticed you have had symptoms by reading them online, all of which you can relate to could it be possible that you just may have that disability? I mean I dont want to consider the obvious, but is it possible that it may jus...
    8 Health 20
  157. Reporting someone to the irs
    Okay my dad allowed my 32 year old cousin to use me and my sister's social security numbers. I am mad and also worried about my credit.I want to report them but if they go to jail what would happen to us. I just want to know is it better to report them...
    2 Money 53
  158. What are some great insults for guys that tease me?
    This kid that is on my bus to and from school really annoys me say insults to me all the time and it gets SO annoying!!!If I don't say something back,he'll keep doing it day after day.Week after week and I'm sick of it!I tried telling someone about it ...
    7 Relationships 67
  159. black insulting white
    when a white person says nig**r even if they dont mean it offenceively they get in trouble but when a black person says ho*ky no one really cares.why is that? im black and mexican and I was adopted into in all white family so I really dont take sides....
    8 General 148
  160. Would becoming vegan insult God?
    I'm thinking about becoming a vegan, but I'm Christian too. God put the animals here for us to care for and eat, and I'm afraid if I purposely stop eating them, it is putting God's creations to waste. I don't want to become a vegan for animal rights, I...
    19 Religion 249
  161. Really good insults?
    Does anyone have some really good insults, because like at school people always take the piss out of me so iwant something that I can come back at them with :D this is my best one, your birth certificuit is an appoligey letter from Durex && Do you blee...
    70 General 5049
  162. How to confront adults who insult children?
    What is a polite way to let an adult know they have said something that isn't appropriate to a child? I've been in situations where I've heard adults around me, in a social situation, tell children (not their own) that they are "stupid" or an "idiot" ...
    2 Babies 151
  163. should I report my boyfriend to the police?
    me and my boyfriend got in a fight. he seen some text I was sending my friend about a guy from the past. he got really upset and took my cell. I got his camera so he could give me my cell,but when I did that he got furious! he choked me and lifted me u...
    3 Relationships 67
  164. How many people were reported deceased May 21st, 2011?
    I would like to know because a lot of my classmates said a ton of people.........themselves, because they really thought the world was going to end. One classmate even describe what this one girl did and my heart just sunk in my stomach. She did it rig...
    2 Education 6
  165. How to disable Deepfreeze 6 Permanently?
    How to disable Deepfreeze 6 Permanently? I pressed Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F6 then copied the OTP token and pasted into One Time Password Generation System... then copied the code and paste it to Deep Freeze 6. And I Choose Thawed on next restart. But After On...
    5 Technology 145
  166. How to deal with a bossy, self-righteous, insulting elder brother?
    When he deals with me he underestimates, insults and overimposes his authority being older because I tend to be intimidated and respectful to him but deep inside my senses and my person resent and oppose such behavior, however, he has something that I ...
    2 Family 126
  167. What colleges accept people with disabilities?
    I wanted to know if Colleges in the U.S accepted kids with Disability. like a impediment or something around that. Do anyone know anyone who did? or maybe know someone who got a great career even tho they had a impediment. Like maybe a doctor or Milita...
    4 Education 65
  168. Can i turn off my disability income and get a real job?
    I was wondering if i am able to turn off my SSI, and get a real job. Because i feel like i dont wanna live my life like that, i wanna experience the real world, you know get a job, meet new friends, go hang out and stuff like that. my grandma ...
    2 Money 15
  169. Should I get acupuncture for my disabled dog?
    Someone told me that accupuncture was a good alternative to surgery. My dog just got an injury to her back by unkown reasons. The neurologist we spoke to mentioned different forms of rehabilitation and accupuncture was one he suggested. Has anyone w...
    3 Pets 36
  170. Why can't I get a job in Utah as a disabled person?
    I've been trying to get a job since I've been out of high school and next year will be my 10 year reunion. And, every time I try and find a job that says right on their door 'HELP WANTED' or 'NOW HIRING' they reject me. Now I think they just reject c...
    8 Money 36
  171. how do I report this crime?
    Someone I care about lots just recently found a new boyfriend. She is 15, and lives in Quebec, Canada. He is 21 and lives in Massachusette, USA. As much as I want her to be happy, I have found out some very concerning things about him, and some of his ...
    4 Relationships 21
  172. Do you think Obama will accept the offer from Donald Trump or not?
    I hope he takes the challenge and release his records the mone will be use for charities, if he do that and he is american he should do it. At least for the charities. His only response in the Joy Leno show was joking about that, but he didnt say anyth...
    5 Politics 20
  173. Can this be reported to police?
    My friend went on vacation a few days ago. While she was gone someone signed into her facebook (no one knows how they got the password) and made all her friends believe she was in the hospital dying. My friend is back and is pretty sure she knows who d...
    9 General 23
  174. How to get rid of shopper reports?
    I dont know what I've done but now everytime I visit a new website a tab comes up at the side called shopper reports the tab is about the size of the favourites tab and just advertises shopping I just want to now how to get rid of it as I cant se...
    2 Technology 38
  175. How can I make contact to Facebook administrators to report the users who keep uploading porno pics?
    I have been trying to do the manual reports but it takes a while till they really notice it. So many, even too many accounts are hacked and the hackers keep uploading dirty words or porno pics and videos. Since I am not good at PC and web, I do not kno...
    4 Education 23
  176. How to I handle being disabled from a car accident?
    im 14 and recently me and my boyfriend were in a car accident know I have brachel plexus disoreder which mean from the air bag pullud out 2 nerve routes out of my spine and I have to have 4 surgerys 2 of them are major im so scared.. and its really har...
    9 Health 46
  177. How can I deal with this insulting high school crap?
    Ok, I drew this amazing pic of Mona Lisa in 1 week and everyone is saying that I printed it1 At first I told them I didn't! They keep on telling me that I have no life, no talent, and no family! They also told me that I paid Patrick (my boyfriend) $100...
    7 Education 22
  178. What's the use of sharing things in therapy if they will get reported?
    I just don't get it, I shared with my theraphist that I cut, I only did this to get help because it reached a certain point. So all he did was report to my caseworker and all of a sudden everyone freaks out, isn't the point of theraphy is helping me...
    4 Health 11
  179. Error reports
    So I just got high speed internet, and ever since I did error reprrts that say "internet could not open the page:*insert webpage here*, operation aborted" and the other error report. And it only does this when im on myspace. Like whenever I log on ...
    3 Technology 8
  180. error reports
    so I just got high speed internet, and ever since I did error reprrts that say "internet could not open the page:*insert webpage here*, operation aborted" and the other error report. and it only does this when im on myspace. like whenever I log on ab...
    2 Technology 15
  181. Is it appropriate to report a 14 year old to the police for stalking?
    Some looney chick of 14 who is messed up has been stalking me since last month. She betrayed me and I told her I never wanna talk to her again, but ever since then, she's been stalking me thru phone, text, facebook and in person. At an lgbt club I go t...
    11 Politics 56
  182. Why would the news report a story about a 15 year old getting a breast enlargement instead of encouraging education?
    The schools are opening today and the news put this new school year, new body when they interview a girl who was getting their breast bigger at 15, but they never mentioned or encouraged to be a better student or something like that. The news are maki...
    7 Education 34
  183. Abused ove 10 years ago, Just reported it, some help please!!!
    I was sexually abused when I was 4 years old and it went on for over a few years. It has been hurting me ever since and I am 20 years old now and I just reported it last night. I will have to go back today or tomorrow and make a statement about it and ...
    7 Sex 10
  184. Would they believe me if I reported them ? please help !
    My mate goes to me drink this ... And I was like okay :s I drank it all and he was like you just drank cola and vodka and I was like =/ ... Then someone did that blackout thing to me and I told them not to ... And I fainted while doing pe outside I dun...
    5 Education 16
  185. Severely disabled and masterbation
    What are the laws on a severely physically disabled 33 year old man with only the ability to move his fingers and turn is head slightly and I am on a ventilator. The laws masterbation. I have only had one intimate girlfriend in 2005. I have DMD (Duc...
    4 Sex 323
  186. Can my friend report it if his Mom is abused?
    My friend lives in a foster home because his mom's a drunk and such. he's 15. he still cares about his mom and gets angry at night because he know's his mom's boyfriend beats her and I feel so bad casue I can't do anythnig about it. and he doesnt know ...
    4 Family 10
  187. Book report help?
    I'm doing a book report on Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz, and I know the internal conflict is that Alex had to make a choice, whether he wanted to take the mission from British M16, or not. But im not sure what to write for it.. this is a part of wh...
    3 Education 42
  188. Can I report people for hacking my friend's Myspace?
    I know that hacking is actually illegal. Is there a way to report the people that have hacked into my friend's Myspace account? I don't know their last names, only first (and I'm not sure whether he would tell me because although he does want them out ...
    3 Technology 65
  189. How can I file a report on someone whos not an immagrant ?
    How can I file a report on someone for not being an immagrant in canada ? I tried calling their immagrant phone number but its down at the moment Is there other ways to file a report online or sumthing? I noe of someone here whos not an immagrant he...
    5 Politics 36
  190. Can I tell my counselor of past abuse without it being reported?
    Ok, so when I was a sophomore in college me and my father were both going through a hard time because my uncle died. There were a few times where our arguments escalated and he became aggressive toward me. Now he never hit me hit persay but I do remem...
    4 Family 41
  191. harrassing debt collector
    Who can I report a harrassing debt collector to?
    2 Money 18
  192. Taxes on loan
    I recieved 37,000 from my grandmother as a loan . Do I have to report this as income? does she have to report this on her taxs?
    2 Money 13
  193. Can I report a Doctor for refusing to see me? (short version)
    I had a Dr office treat me badly and refuse to see me. I have been going there for 2 years and it has always been fine and people were nice - no issues. Today I go in for a schedled appointment with a really bad respritory issue and I was clearly ill. ...
    3 Health 15
  194. How do i not insult my stylist?
    I recently got my hair dyed and I am not to fond of it. Theres too much pop of color going on with the sides of my head. I got a app early october for a cut and dye. Im being somewhat cheap and want to fix it on my own before then. If I dye the sides o...
    14 Style 40
  195. Why did she insult me and my softball team?
    Well I was in the locker room and a girl happened to notice that I was wearing my softball uniform and she said,'' Yeah I remember that team. You guys sucked!" because her sister was on my team so she has seen us play before. And what I did was I agree...
    2 Relationships 21
  196. How do you react when someone insults your religion or beliefs?
    And what is your religion? I notice some people get really touchy about the subject when people show doubt in their beliefs, and they will outright start raging and telling the other person they are wrong, others will ignore it completely, offer no d...
    41 Religion 6001
  197. How should I write this report? Need answers fast!-?
    Okay so, at my school all the 8th graders are supposed to be in the science fair and I never wanted to be in it, but unfortunatly we have to. So I team up with my best friend and we deside we want to do colored fire so we do two colors (white and yello...
    5 Education 26
  198. Who can help with a history report on the korean war?
    Many americans have questioned whether fighting a full-scale war against china or a war of containment was the best policy for fighting the korean war. Using the internet, library, and other sources, research how truman and macarthur differed over stra...
    2 Education 193
  199. Is using the term "mafia" around an Italian community considered an insult?
    Ok I was out with my friend today at the little Italy days down at Bloomfield in the Pittsburgh area and I used therm mafia not loud so people could hear but my friends dad heard me and he said don't use that word around here ok? It's not a good word f...
    4 Politics 22
  200. What do I say/do to stop my mother insulting my friends?
    My friends are reasonably deacent people, infact compared to the majority of the people in my school, they're probably the most sutible people to have a friends so I don't understand why my mother insults them so much.They don't do drugs, smoke, and mo...
    6 Family 112
  201. Any good insults mine suck??
    Any time I get in fights with people my come backs/insults always consist of make me , you wish, and piss off and thats why people try to tick me off just to hear me say one of lately I've just been ignoring them but it doesnt work not to res...
    9 General 51
  202. How can I help my girlfriend lose weight without insulting her!
    basically, my girlfriend is a bit chubby, not fat. I think she is perfect, I love her so much, I love how she looks, etc.. I really do. I really care. But she is so insecure and it is getting in the way of our relationship. She can't help but feel u...
    5 Relationships 192
  203. Are these reports made up or real ?
    Just read this in the Daily Mail: A gang of British Muslims planned to blow up seven planes within hours in the biggest terrorist atrocity since 9/11, a court heard yesterday Two thousand passengers would have died in the plot by eight fanatics workin...
    4 Politics 11
  204. Should I report my mother?
    Ok a long time ago I was hosiptalized for going to the extremes to get away from my mother. While I was at the hospital I reported the abuse that happend to me with my mom prvious marrisge. Then came my moms new mariage he had tryed to kill her in fron...
    3 Family 23
  205. is it possible to report an app on an ipod?
    theres an ipod touch app called the "show off" app and its where ppl can put pictures of stuff on to show off. but theres something i noticed. one of my friends was on there and it was cuz of her ex bf. she sent him a cute pic of her nd she regretted i...
    2 Technology 11
  206. Who are some African Americans that I can do my report on??
    I have to pick a African American person for my school project. I can't do Micheal Jackson (no comments on his bleached skin), Bill Cosby, Bob Marley, Malcom X, Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, Obama, and George Washington Carver. I don't feel ...
    8 Politics 17
  207. Disabled Perks at Universal Studios?
    My younger brother has autism, and most theme parks we go to have a pass where you can skip most of the line or all of it, Such as disney, the disabled/wheelchair pass. At this point my family is pretty spoiled about waiting, and he has it 10 times wor...
    2 Travel 695
  208. How do deaf people dream in color?
    I mean if they are deaf then do they dream in color? The How was added so this would work. I know that a deaf person is disabled but are their dreams disabled too?
    3 Health 35
  209. Why was it Bill Clinton that brought the reporter's home?
    If you didn't know, two American reporters had been sentenced a few months ago to ten years of labor in North Korea, for stepping across the border there via China. And, after a quick trip by Bill Clinton recently, the two reporters have been freed. Wh...
    10 Politics 41
  210. What's going to happen to this guy if he gets reported to authorities?
    This dude added my friend on Facebook & somehow got her number. He sends her dirty things even though everytimr he does she tells him that she's in a relationship, to leave her alone, that he's disgusting. She's deleted his number & he knows it but he ...
    4 Politics 13
  211. Should I report my teacher?
    I have this teacher at school and she is really cruel. She gives me detentions for simple things like forgetting books. Screams in my face when I forget stuff. Belittles me and makes me feel bad about myself. And I swear that my grades are dropping! Sh...
    7 Education 48
  212. inapproiate pics
    if you report a picture as inapproiate, will it say who sent it?
    3 Funadvice 26
  213. plants and music
    I am doing a report on "DOES MUSIC MAKES PLANTS GROW FASTER?"
    3 Homegarden 12
  214. Who should I do for the Silent Museum?
    We have to dress and do a report on someone from history.
    6 Education 14
  215. Why do teachers make you read a "new" book if you've already read a book?
    Okay, so when we do book reports etc. I did get why would couldn't write a report on a book we've already read, but never did a report on. Why do they make us do that? I find it quite annoying
    2 Education 33
  216. Can I be arrested for false theft reports?
    Ok out of the kind of my heart I let some girl stay with me and my boyfriend. Everything was going goo for awhile till she didn't want to pay us rent of 100$ so we started to let her pay us in payments of 50$ well we started to notice that things start...
    4 Politics 27
  217. Oprah?
    Im doing a report on Oprah Winfey .. :] Where can I fing some 'fun facts' about her?
    3 Literature 26
  218. How to tease my sister?
    she has her period, i need to get back at her. any insults?
    2 Family 43
  219. How to Boost Low Self Esteem?
    I have low self esteem problems and I would like to have a better self esteem. and please dont judge me or insult me. im telling this because the last time I posted a cuestion I got more insults than advice. and that made me feel like I was a bad perso...
    2 Health 19
  220. Is this the longest sentence?
    "I am" is reportedly the shortest sentence in the English language. Could it be that "I do" is the longest sentence?
    4 Literature 12
  221. having a disability
    My boyfriend and I both have physically challenges. My boyfriend's father is totally against this and we are together 2 years. I am 38 and he is 31. We both live in seperate apts and have professional jobs. His Dad feels the relationship will never...
    3 Relationships 9
  222. Brochure
    I'm making a brochure for a book report and I don't understand what to do. What are the basic elements in a brochure?
    2 General 19
  223. Meat on your bones
    An adult told me that I have no meat on me..does this come as sort of an insult to anyone?
    3 Nutritionfitness 16
  224. what can I do if my ex keeps hacking me MSN's?
    Could I report my Ex to the poilce for constanley hacking my Msn's?
    11 Technology 51
  225. Should I report it?
    This might seem incredibly obvious to everyone, but nothing like this has ever happened to me. Yesterday, some man approached me while I was on campus. It was in a crowded place. He asked about the shoes I was wearing, so I answered trying to be fri...
    9 Politics 32
  226. How to stop and report collection agency harrassment?
    My daughter wrote a check that bounced. She did not know it bounced because she went to navy boot camp and had closed her account not realizing that this check was still outstanding. Her mail was still coming to our house. Several months later she rece...
    2 Money 30
  227. Dick Cheneys daughter?
    I always wondered... If Dick Cheneys daughter is lesbian, and Bush was against Lesbians marrying, than was that an insult to Cheney? Or was he all for it too?
    4 Politics 34
  228. What do you know about China?
    It is for my daughter. She has to make a report on WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT CHINA. Thank you, everyone.
    20 Travel 38
  229. How to write good Essay????
    i am badly in need to submit my undergrad level reports
    2 Education 65
  230. help I need an adviser!
    I need a main adviser because id like this account deleted or disabled
    2 Funadvice 9
  231. Do you like chicken nuggets?
    Sorry its a stupid ? But im doing a report in summer school
    6 Food 34
  232. What can I do to get rid of that old urine smell?
    Hi everyone!my mother in laws house has an old urine smell in it and I want to do something about it but I dont want to insult my husband or mother-in-law.what can I do to get rid of that old urine smell without insulting anyone?
    3 Homegarden 78
  233. Who knows some men disease?
    I have a report to do and I just want a guy disease to do a reprot on instead of a girl or both guy and girl.
    8 Health 18
  234. What should I write about?
    What's a random school appropriate topic I could write a long report about for english?
    4 Education 52
    2 Relationships 34
  236. Why are there so many wannarexics?
    Why are there so many wannarexics? Its insulting to those who have anorexia. Plus its stupid to say that you want a mental illness.
    9 Health 49
  237. Who are the people of louisiana ???
    Im doing a report and want to know all people who are famous in louisiana who are not dead so if have an answer tell me
    2 Entertainment 16
  238. Who knows anything about the Puitans before and after the Great Awakening?
    i have a research report assigment so please does anyone know anything about it?
    2 Education 13
  239. What are some names of artists that were inspired by Walt Disney?
    im doing a report and need to find an artist that was inpired by walt disney.
    2 Literature 8
  240. In lord of the flies what does the "beast" represent?
    Lemme know I have to write a report about it and I'm clueless.
    7 Education 69
  241. Should I feel insulted? (A professional matter)
    I am a sales person by profession. Some 20 days back, it happened so that after a long delay from our existing customer in signing the contract I wrote e-mail directly to their MD bringing the matter into his notice. This was taken as an offence by th...
    2 Money 40
  242. What is a proctor essay?
    I applied for a job with the disabilities office at my university to be a monitor for a student with a disability. They contacted me and told me to come in to do a Proctor Essay. I googled it first but the answers vary widely and they don't tell me wha...
    3 Money 44
  243. How would I get 12 questions about Buddhism answered?
    I am doing a report for school and tried to contact a Buddhist Temple here in my city but there is no response. Would I be able to ask you some questions for my report? Thank you for you time and sorry if this is an inconvenience. Very Respectfully
    8 Religion 30
  244. What is a "Patron Saint"?
    I'm doing a saint report for confirmation, and I need to know if my saint is a Patron Saint or not. By the way, I'm doing Saint Anthony of the Desert. I don't know if that helps.
    5 Religion 45
  245. I need a Japanese kimono
    For my school, I am doing a country report, and I am doing Japan. Does anyone know a website I can check out?
    2 Shopping 14
  246. Do you think airlines should have the right to overcharge obese passengers because they require an extra seat?
    Should airlines be allowed to charge extra, or should obesity be covered under the disabilities act that allows disabled passengers to pay regular fare for their flight? Read about it:
    27 Travel 50
  247. Do you know anything about Hitler's early years?
    does anyone know anything about hitler before he turned evil I have to do a report of his early years I dont know a thing about him
    2 Education 45
  248. Spanish H3LP
    how do you spell accept in spanish? ahhh help me m doin a report on it and I don't know how to spell accept
    3 General 26
  249. How do I become emancipated?
    A lot of shit is going on with school and I seem to have a learning disability and I need to be emancipated and I don't know how.
    4 Family 120
  250. Html help - how do I comment out a section?
    I have a section of code that I don't want to remove, but just want to temporarily disable on a web page. How do I do that?
    3 Technology 91