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  1. What do you think of these diamond earrings?
    What do you think of these diamond earrings?
    4 Shopping 31
  2. How can you tell when a diamond is real?
    how can you tell when a diamond is real?
    8 Shopping 71
  3. what are the four c's of diamonds
    what are the four c's of diamonds
    4 General 43
  4. Do diamonds come in blue?
    Do diamonds have blue colors?
    2 General 13
  5. Do they sell diamond glaze at WalMart?
    2 Shopping 115
  6. How and where do you get Pokemon Diamond Rockclimb?
    How or where do you get Rockclimb??
    7 Gaming 65
  7. Is it possible to trade from Pokemon Sliver to Diamond?
    Is it possible to trade from pokemon sliver to pokemon diamond? If so how do you do it?
    2 Gaming 41
  8. How do you tell if a diamond is real?
    How do you know if a diamond is real? Does it have colors?
    6 General 82
  9. pokemon diamond
    How to download the darkri event?
    2 Gaming 15
  10. how do i catch an absol in pokemon diamond version??
    2 Gaming 67
  11. Which one is correct - English diamond ring, or Diamond English ring?
    Please provide me a link for further study, Thank you.
    6 Education 18
  12. What personnel records are needed for small retailer?
    2 Money 114
  13. how can you tell if a diamond is real?
    how can you tell if a diamond is real? I know bring it to a jeweler , but what other you can just tell it is real?
    7 Style 68
  14. Where to get Azune flute on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?
    where you get Azune flute
    4 Gaming 56
  15. would you prefer a non diamond engagement ring?
    Or a diamond engagement ring for sure?
    6 Style 49
  16. whole and retail?
    whats the difference between wholesale and retail. what does each word mean?
    2 General 47
  17. what does it mean when someone sasy im looking for a diamond in the
    what does it mean when someone sasy im looking for a diamond in the rough?
    3 General 16
  18. Why do people get stressed from retail?
    How come people get stressed out from working in retail buisness.
    5 Shopping 31
  19. What are some pros and cons to working at large chain retail stores?
    2 Money 68
  20. Htc touch diamond
    Does anyone know how I can get more battery life out of this htc touch diamond?
    2 Technology 8
  21. What can i clean an old 4 karrot diamond (with gold band) ring?
    14 Style 47
  22. How do I trade from Pokemon Ruby to Diamond?
    how do I trade from pokemon ruby to pokemon like if I wanted to get the regi's from ruby and trade them to diamond to get regigagis
    14 Gaming 205
  23. How and were can I download pokemon diamond and pearl
    How and were can I download pokemon diamond and pearl or just one of them for my nds emulator I have an ideas nds emulator and I want pokemon diamond and pearl for it :d
    2 Gaming 25
  24. Would a cardigan be bad to wear to a retail interview or should I stick to a nice blazer?
    7 Money 16
  25. How do I transfer Pokemon with HM's from Ruby to Diamond?
    I found out how to transfer some pokemon from ruby to diamond, but I can't figure out how to send my best. How do you migrate pokemon with HM's?
    7 Gaming 53
  26. How do I transfer pokemon from crystal to diamond?
    The pokemon crystal cartridge wont fit into slot 2 in my ds. So how do I get pokemon from crystal to diamond
    2 Gaming 50
  27. which hairstyles would suit a diamond shaped face?
    because I really have no idea, but apparently thats what shape face I have.
    2 Style 66
  28. Retail theft under $20.00 24 years ago.
    Is retail theft considered a felony? And will it show on my record if checked?
    4 Money 37
  29. How do I find the suite key in Pokemon Diamond?
    ok im at the part in the pokemon diamond where I need to find her suite key I CANT find it please help
    7 Gaming 158
  30. how can I tell from a real diamond than a fake one?
    I just want to know how can I tell if a diamon is real because I have a diamon but I"m not sure if it's real can you please help me
    4 General 49
  31. Whats the punishment for retail theft
    If you are 18. Less than $150 dollars. First time offense. Shoplifting.
    2 Politics 39
  32. Where to get the membership pass in Pokemon Diamond?
    Where can I get a membership pass so that I can go to the house in the canalave city that is locked?how to download the darkrai event??
    3 Gaming 161
  33. Retrieve deleted file on Pokemon Diamond?
    I deleted my downloaded manaphy egg on accident. Can it be recovered? I cannot re-download it from ranger.
    2 Gaming 71
  34. How to get the mystery gift on Pokemon Diamond?
    after I get the mystery gift feature on the main menu what will I do next?I don't know what to do..I cant find anything...I'm stuck on my game in pokemon diamond ds...
    6 Gaming 130
  35. How do I use the wifi trading thing in pokemon diamond?
    Ok im using pokemon diamond and I don't know how 2 trade with my older games like sapphire and stuff like what can someone help?
    3 Gaming 26
  36. Should I get diamonds in my braces?
    Does it look silly when you get diamonds in your braces? If it doesnt I might get it but how much are they? What colour should I get for my braces everybody in my class (girls) have red but I don't really like that colour any ideas? Thnks a lot!
    4 Style 99
  37. Who thinks my nose will look good with a lil diamond piercing?
    im thinking of getting that lil diamond nose piercing (like the one christina aguilera had) .. but im not sure if I have the nose for it.. soo please let me know what you think!
    4 Style 13
  38. Diamonds value?
    I was wondering if anybody knew the values of the following colored diamonds Black Diamonds Pink Diamonds Red Diamonds Blue Diamonds Yellow Diamonds Green Diamonds White Diamonds Because I was hoping to put the black diamonds on an engagement ring su...
    7 Style 25
  39. Diamond grading report?
    I’ve been looking at diamond engagement rings online, and I’ve noticed that the rings with diamonds that haven’t been certified are a little cheaper than the ones that are. I also understand why (they haven’t been graded by experts), but I’m wondering...
    3 Shopping 11
  40. How do I migrate my Pokemon Ruby to Pokemon Diamond?
    Every time I follow the advice in the booklet about migrating my Pokemon from Ruby to Diamond the Migrate option does not appear on the main menu and my save game data is deleted on Pokemon Ruby... anyone have any ideas how to get around this problem?
    3 Gaming 46
  41. Pokemon diamond did I beat it because its getting boring
    Did I beat the game I beat the elite 4 got to the resort area got heatran I got enough ribbons to get into that place and now im bored with it I got platinum and I keep restarting it but thats getting boring is there anything more I can do
    3 Gaming 33
  42. how can i tell if a gold and diamond ring is real without going to the jewelers?
    i mean its stamped 14 k..and it looks real,, but it looks soooo expensive, and i dont wanna a jeweler buying it off me if it is real for a lot less than it s worth
    19 Style 126
  43. Does Pokemon Diamond work with the Wii?
    I know that the other versions like Ruby and Emerald could interface with the gamecube, but does the new Pokemon Diamond plug into the new Wii? I got hooked on the silly game and my nephews are playing the DS version of Diamond, but I really want to s...
    4 Gaming 56
  44. Is under armour sold in retail stores?
    I was putting together my christmas list and I want a black under armour cold gear base top. but I wasn't sure where you could find them. is it just online or is under armour available in retail stores such as meijer, wal-mart etc.? Where might I find it?
    2 Shopping 250
  45. Pokemon Diamond, Pearl & Platinum
    so my friend showed me her "shiny" aipom ((MY MOST FAVORITE POKEMON!!!)) and omg I was sooo freakin jealous!! she want tell mii how she got it tho... do any of you guys know how to get shiny pokemon?? in my case a shiny Aipom?? I REALLY WANT ONE!! th...
    3 Gaming 44
  46. Howdo I find my diamond necklace?
    So it was the other morning I went to the bathroom to get my diamond necklace. I keep it in the closet in there. I opened the door and it was not there. I don't remember the last place I had it, or when the last time it was when I had it on. My boyfrie...
    2 Style 10
  47. Why doesn't my Pokemon Diamond work anymore?
    ok I let my lil bro play with my pokemon diamond for just ONE DAY!! all of a sudden it wont work anymore theres no dents or nothing it just doesnt WORK!! I keep blaming my bro but he said he didnt do NOTHING! I mean I just getting mad because my mom do...
    2 Technology 34
  48. Does anyone know why retailers have removed the "take a penny / leave a penny" tray (read more)?
    Around here, convienient stores, grocery stores, drug stores ect. all used to have "the penny tray" but no more. Employees say it's because "corporate office says we can't have it anymore" but they don't know why. Any ideas as to why such a decision is...
    11 Shopping 33
  49. serious help with an interview thanks a million * Shoe Store * retail /sales
    Hey! thanks for hearing me out ... I just got called in for an interview at champs sports ,( similar to shoe palace foot locker etc) im kinda nervous , what kind of questions will they ask ? and what should i wear ? jordans etc ? any advice wil...
    2 Money 43
  50. I have the diamond but can't find the setting
    I have a 1ct. princess cut diamond but not the setting! I am trying to find a “bridal set”, but one with a split shank and missing the center stone so I could put my 1ct. stone into it! I have been searching EVERYWHERE and I am having no luck! :0( I ...
    4 Shopping 54
  51. Help with diamond weight
    Is 1/10 CT diamond good? Or is it bad? I just bought my boyfriend a ring online. "All angles and geometric lines, this 10K gold men's band is a striking presentation with a subtle white gold diagonal strip down the center to house three channel-set di...
    2 General 8
  52. Why won't my Retail Plus DVD+/-RW Ultra Slim USB 2.0 external CD drive work?
    I got it for hristmas and it has worked great up until now. It will turn on for like 10 seconds (light will come on and will make the noises even let me put a cd in it) but then it just suddenly stops. I have everything installed for it and I haven't d...
    4 Technology 404
  53. Collage This Year Business Retail administration Help.
    Okay this is what id be Learning When I Go.. Introduction to Customer Service Personal Effectiveness Introduction to Administration , Social Responsibility at Work Introduction to Retail, Communicating Effectively at Work. .. I was wondering, ...
    2 Education 13
  54. skteboard bearings
    which bearings are better,diamonds gold or speed metal bam,speed metal vallely...or any good bearings,better then diamond gold
    6 Sports 33
  55. Why is getting a retail job seriously so hard to get?! :(
    I'm 16 so I am able to meet the eligibility requirements to get a job. I'm really in need of a job so I can get the money I make for college and save my parents a lot of money and trouble. I have been searching for a job for six months straight and not...
    3 Money 52
  56. Can you give me a step-by-step guide to catch giratina in pokemon
    How do I catch giratina in pokemon diamond???
    2 Gaming 44
  57. What does it mean when someone says that they're looking for a diam
    What does it mean when someone says that they're looking for a diamond in the rough?
    5 General 84
  58. How do I find master balls?
    How do I get master balls in pokemon diamond game, they are just to hard to find???
    2 Gaming 41
  59. How can I hide a nose ring for work?
    I work for a retail place and were not aloud to have facial pircings what should I do
    9 Style 41
  60. I love my pokemon!!! <3
    I have the game Pokemon Diamond Version for my ds. if I get other pokemon games will they add on?
    2 Gaming 62
  61. Whats this piercing Called?
    What’s this piercing called ?? That lil diamond piercing that you can get on like the side of your eye
    8 Style 215
  62. earrings help!
    im a thirteen year old boy. im buying new earrings and I nee some help. should I go with a white diamond square stud or a black diamond square stud? any answers are greatly appreciated!!
    5 Style 37
  63. What happens to unsold clearance merchandise?
    What does Walmart, target and other retailers do with the merchandise that doesn't get sold?
    6 Shopping 129
  64. What was the best Christmas present you ever got?
    What was the best Christmas present you ever got? mine is a diamond necklace I got when I was 17 from my mom.
    8 Entertainment 21
  65. Lip piercing opinions?
    What do you think of lip piercings? I think they look cute with just a diamond stud in them like this picture shows. I kinda wanted to get a lip piercing and just have a diamond stud in it...but im not sure ide look good with one..
    4 Style 75
  66. Who knows if they sell pregnancy tests at gas stations?
    like at a diamond shamrock or so..
    3 Shopping 4688
  67. where is a good place to sell jewelry?
    where would I be able to make the most money off of selling new jewelry gold watch-retail at $600- purchased for $81 gold/silver money clip-retail at $500- purchased for $72
    3 Shopping 48
  68. What is a hotter belly ring on a girl?
    What is hotter for a girl to wear? A regular diamond stud bellyring? or a dangly one?
    4 Style 94
  69. "frendship bracelets"
    how do you make really thick bracelts? like with zigzags and diamond-patterns
    2 General 8
  70. Something different to buy my girlfriend for her birthday???
    I want to buy my girlfriend a few presents for her birthday (obviously) but can't think what??? Over the last year I have bought her diamond neckless, diamond earrings, diamond ring, about 30 bottles of perfume, car activity data, lingerie, books, endl...
    5 Shopping 68
  71. How do I download the event for the membership card in Pokemon?
    how to download the event to get the membership card in my pokemon diamond? I have no idea to do that,please help me. thank you
    3 Gaming 54
  72. What kind of perfume do you like?
    Elizabeth diamond..or that one that has a skeleton on it and it says love kills, or body spray..any? What kind that your more into?
    6 Style 45
  73. How to tell if an earring is real?
    i have one the has a pearl. and diamonds, and im not sure how to tell and also it says "14k" in the back
    2 Style 34
  74. Earings for guys?
    I am seventeen year old guy and I was thinking about getting my ears pierced wondering what girls think about it? (I would put in some small diamonds) should guys pierce their ears?
    8 Style 122
  75. What are some good sales techniques?
    I'm beginning my first job at a retail store tomorrow and I want to know what are some good techniques. I want to be the best I can be. Help me!
    3 Money 33
  76. Skateboard help
    I just bought new diamonds abec 7 bearings and I was wondering whether it would go faster after I rde it.
    6 Sports 20
  77. Horse names
    One of the horses is having a foal, my other horse is called diamond and I sort of wanted to keep that theme of gems and stones.. any ideas?
    9 Pets 25
  78. Promise ring
    What is a promise ring... Like would it resemble a engagment ring? Does it have diamonds? If you can just give me a brief description please...also what hand would the promise ring go on?
    5 Relationships 105
  79. Avenged Sevenfolds New Album!
    Has anybody heard about Avenged Sevenfolds new album, "The Diamond in the Rough" I bet this one is going to be totally freakin loaded!
    6 Music 37
  80. FunAdvice Trivia: Jonker and President Vargas are types of what?
    A) Marbles B) Diamonds C) Unicycles D) Board Games
    5 Funadvice 154
  81. What happens to the engagement ring before the wedding?
    haha okay so im almost 19 and my boyfriend and I are both confused about this process...when I guy proposes to a girl he gives her a diamond engagement ring that she wears...but does she wear it to her wedding too and then the guy gives her just a diam...
    3 Relationships 68
  82. Do you think he's getting in love with me?
    Ok me and my boyfriend have been dating for about 1 month 1/2 but I say a coeple weeks but around there.he is so nice,hot,sweet,hot,caring,hot,loving,and hot. So anyways like he has a job already.he got a job permit from our school and like,he saved up...
    3 Relationships 24
  83. Does any one know the answer to this riddle?
    What is tougher than diamond, faster than light, the source of all destruction, The chooser of life and death, and is only affected by the will of a single being?
    6 Entertainment 24
  84. What are the hottest toys for Christmas 2007?
    Hi everyone christmas 2007 has arrived in our doorstep. There is no more time to celebrate this auspicious festival. Where the hot toys will be available for retailers.
    2 Shopping 47
  85. Where to find my dream engagement ring?
    I found the perfect engagement ring aboard the Carnival Conquest in December of 2006...anyone know what jewelry line they sell, if it is available anywhere else, and if there is anyplace that sells like-styled jewelry? It was a small blue diamond enci...
    2 Shopping 63
  86. Is it true that Biodiesel fuel has quality problems?
    I am from Chicago and I have a 2010+ engine model, is it alright if i start using biodiesel? Is there any retailer that provides high quality biodiesel that you can recommend?
    2 Environment 27
  87. Business help!
    Ok so is anyone out there good in Business work...such as retail and stock and all that stupid crap...if so please answer so I can put some homework questions up here and get help!!!
    2 Education 10
  88. Legal matters
    When some one is arrested for retail thef, on the first offense if convicted what are the typical sentences? Jail, Fines, probation? What is the stimated time in jail if that were the sentence?
    2 General 40
  89. Do you think a monroe piercing will look good?
    im getting my monroe pierced and I was wondering how bad it hurt. how quickly can you change the stud? I want a diamond. do you think it would look good?
    6 Style 87
  90. what do you think of my philosophy on religion?
    here is my thoughts on religion, I heard it from a book and I cant remember where but here it is, im gonna copy and paste part of something I wrote as an answer on this site: Maybe consider that the higher being or the unknown is like a big diamond, i...
    4 Religion 12
  91. Drop Dead Clothing
    Hey does anyone here know where I can buy the "Hellz Yeah" tee shirt and the diamond drop dead tee shirt from as the website no longer sells them due to demand?
    3 Shopping 58
  92. If I get my labret can I change it to a lip ring later on?
    I want 2 get the bottom side of my lip pierced with a lil diamond but I eventually want to change it to a lip ring, do I have to get 2 seperate piercings 4 that or can I just get me lebret pierced and then change it 2 a lip ring?
    2 Style 100
  93. Do you think a nose piercing will look good on me?
    I've want a nose stud for a while now. I'm thinking a little diamond nose stud or blue rhinestone. I'm not sure how I would look with it though. Any tips? Here's me in the photo.
    5 Style 121
  94. how would youreact if your ex kept your wedding ring and lets your daughter where it every day.?
    The ring does not mean anything to me.But it has diamonds that my mother gave me. please help.
    9 Family 14
  95. Whats that song??
    Ok I love this song but I have no idea what its called . I know it says " I got them diamonds on my neck and patron in my cup" something like that. Pleaseee help meee
    2 Music 38
  96. FunAdvice Trivia: Whose born name was Dino Paul Crocetti?
    A) Neil Diamond B) Fabian C) Dean Martin D) Engelbert Humperdinck
    10 Funadvice 9
  97. which is the best store for online shopping of clothes?
    Considering the fever of online shopping, the company also embarked with its online store, but now you can find their clothes sold more on the retailer stores rather their own site.
    2 Shopping 10
  98. friend wrote this, do you think this is cheezy?
    okay so my "friend" wrote this and he said its cheezy. do you think it is? with the glare of the sun hitting your eyes it looks as if you have beautiful shinning diamonds that leaves people speechless with desire and wonder.
    5 Literature 32
  99. What's the name of this rap song?
    I heard this song a few years ago and I can't find it on my lyrics website. I know it's a rap song, the rapper talks about his diamonds being so big that you can't the speakers and he says "it's the ice man baby and you know what it is". Do you know th...
    4 Music 49
  100. White tie :sss (help)
    Where can I buy a sold white tie . Im 14 years old and I I don't want a huge tie. Any store that are cheap even retail stores I don't care just somewhere I can buy one.
    2 Style 30
  101. Who sings this song?
    Here are the lyrics: ...give you diamonds give you pills I'll give you anything you want hundred dollar bills I'll even let you watch the shows you wanna see if you'll just marry me. marry me. marry me...
    4 Music 20
  102. Nose stud peirce?
    HI I really want to get my nose peirced like a little diamond stud.but I have herd it hurts a lot! does it? also would it look good on me?...does it hurt? lol
    3 Style 34
  103. Do you find baseball fields pretty?
    I know - cheesy question, but I've always found them to be quite lovely. Do you find baseball fields pretty? I'm not a fan of baseball, but the diamond shape, etc, always have looked interesting to me.
    2 Entertainment 13
  104. What is the dot on the forehead of Pakistani women?
    okay im not saying this to be rude. I always wondered this. a person who lives in Pakistan, they dot on the womens fore head. is that just a diamond stuck there with glue, is it a sticker? what is it & how does it stay
    11 Style 3476
  105. Whats this peircing called?
    In the picture,its the two studs uner her lower lip. I saw a girl at the store with them,but instead of the balls,they were just diamonds. They looked so neat. What would I say at the peircing parlor? Whats that called?
    4 Style 44
  106. I Need a JOB but theres none For me ;[
    Okay, so I need a JOB in Retail.. As That is Wot im going to collage in september to study, I need ajob because I need to gett £600 Before June.. And I just want a job for somthing to do.. im 16 !.. and I cant find no JOBS in Wisbech, Cambridgeshi...
    3 Money 49
  107. how do you get a nose piercing to heal fast?
    i just got my nose pierced and they put a stainless steel plate in my nose instead of a diamond stud becouse they said stones harbor infections. i want it to heal fast so i can wear a stud instead of a steel plate as soon as possible.
    7 Style 94
  108. Help me I need to how to get the third badge
    Please help I carnt get the third badge on pokemon diamond I went to the mines and found her and now when I go to the gym shes not there were is she and how do I find her it is reallt annoying me I have been puzzeled foreva please please help me Ros...
    3 Gaming 54
  109. Who are some of your favorite UK artists/bands?
    These people aren't my favorite just some I found yesterday. Alex Clare, Ben Howard, Ed Sheeran (knew about for a little over a month now), Marina & The Diamonds (i love her), The Saturadays (they're cool).
    5 Music 9
  110. How to brighten my bling?
    I was just wondering if there are any home tricks that I could use to polish my ring up again, rather than taking it to a shop? It is a white gold puzzle ring with diamonds set all round the ring. Some suggestions would be great! thanks :)
    5 Homegarden 10
  111. what do i do with my ring now that im divorced?
    i was thinking about trying that gold exchange thing it's a 10k gold band with diamonds in it. would a pawn shop take it for a good price? or what is the best option to go about this and i am aloud to sell it now that im divorced now,right?
    5 Shopping 25
  112. 2 month old son's ear pierced?
    My son is 2months as most of you know, im thinking about having his left ear pierced, just a tiny diamond stud nothing huge, tacky or chavvy, personally I think it will look really cute. What do you guys think?
    40 Babies 224
  113. Pre teen alternative clothing
    My 10 year daughter likes wearing emo/ alternative clothing (she particularly likes tartan/ skinny jeans) but as she is only 137cm tall and has a 22inc waist most teenage clothes are too big. Any suggestions for retailers/ online stores/
    4 Style 79
  114. What's Your Fav Breathe Carolina Song?
    Omg yes iam this bored. Haha. So like Breathe Carolina is one of my top favy bands. David Schmitt is gawgous (Lead For BC). My top 3 fav songs by them are Diamonds Dressed Up To Undress and Velvet. What's yours?
    4 Music 38
  115. Beatlemania
    Well...after watching "Across the Universe" which by the way was AMAZING! I soon began to wonder...about songs by the Beatles. Like what they mean? Like "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"...I know John wrote it after his son Julian came home ...
    8 Music 14
  116. cheap earrings?
    ok I just bought these one dollar fake diamond studs since I just got my lobes pierced and im going to get my lobes pierced againg on friday could I use the cheap ones or would I be better off just buying a pair at the place where im getting them pierced?
    4 Style 48
  117. Where can I get Pokemon game tips?
    My nephew got a new Nintendo DS and he got the Pokemon Pearl or Diamond (I am not sure which one). Well anyway, we went to find information about the game on "" which is a pretty cool site, but their wasn't many tips. Is there a site I...
    3 Gaming 99
  118. jonas brothers concert poster ideas
    So im going to a jonas brothers concert and this tour they are covering neil diamond's sweet caroline. My name is Caroline and I need to figure out something clever to write on a poster so they will notice and maybe grab my hand (I have front row seats...
    6 Music 49
  119. Snake bite studs?
    I want to get my snake bits dont but I dont want to get the rings,I want to get the diamond studs like in this picture. I know with a lot of peircings you hafta start with the rings and work your way to the other things so it can heal right. if I were ...
    3 Style 121
  120. What do girls over 30 think of a single earring on guy?
    I want to get my left ear pierced but maybe think I'm too old to pull it off. Thinking of getting a diamond stud for first 6 weeks then change it to a small hoop once its healed up. Girls I need your advice. I am 34.
    5 Style 94
  121. Clear Nose Retainer
    I have finally decided to get a nose piercing to wear a tiny diamond stud. However, I work in a very professional environment and I am going to get the initial piercing with a clear retainer. Does anyone have any pictures of themselves with a clear r...
    8 Style 828
  122. Price of the ring really effect how much a girl likes the ring?
    I was wanting to get my girlfriend a ring offline from wal-mart for our one year anniv. I looked at most of the rings that I could afford right now. I found a really nice ring and I think she will like it more than any of them but the diamonds in it ai...
    5 Shopping 56
  123. I need advice on this song
    I wrote this, I'm not done with it, yet, but here's what I got: " His eyes sparkle like diamonds They'll stun you just, walking by His eyes shine like the sun They're beautiful, Just like a, clear blue sky And I don't know how, he does this to me And...
    2 Music 15
  124. I dont like to be alone
    well I dont like to go to places such as malls, resturaunts, retail stores, or anywhere really unless im with at least one other person. whenever I am out by myself I feel as if everyone is staring and judging me... I am not comfortable with the way my...
    4 Health 22
  125. What my mom wont approve of me dating someone?
    I really like this guy and he really likes me he bought me a 250 dollar necklace with my name on it its real diamond. I asked my moms approval she said no shes afraid I'm gonnq hsve sex with him which I'm not. she says 15 is 2 young for dating. what s...
    4 Sex 49
  126. What is an organic insect killer I can buy for my garden?
    I always have insect problems with my organic garden, but I don’t feel like making organic insect repellents every year. Is there a retail product I can buy instead of spending so much time making my own insect control solution? So far I found this ins...
    2 Homegarden 21
  127. Where can I find a fun upbeat job that wont bring me down?
    Well Im still young..21..and I've been so stressed lately from my job. Obviously since I dont have a degree or anything yet and im still young I havent really had a steady serious job, just 5 or 6 different retail jobs and some babysitting on the side....
    5 Money 15
  128. What is the best book to buy in shops just now?
    Ok, I've recently finished my jacqueline wilson book: clean break and I want more jackie wilson bookz because they're my favz, have you got any jw book that's out that I could buy? Here's my list of books I already have: Vicky angel Clean break The dia...
    3 Literature 15
  129. Probability Questions?
    Hey I need some help with my maths hwk and its for tomorrow - I need to answer these questions: I have a pack of playing cards, and if I picked one at random, what would be the probability of choosing: 1. A diamond. 2.Not a black card. 3.An ace. 4...
    5 Education 12
  130. What opinion do guys have on giving your g/f a ring?
    Well I recieved a ring on my finger 3years into a relationship!! yay so happy I cried made me close my eye and count to 20 and there it was a beautiful box with a diamond ring!! the best gift ever. What do guys think about this? why does it take so lo...
    3 Relationships 9
  131. Do you have public holidays in your country during Easter?
    In Australia, we have public holidays on Friday 22nd April, Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th....Wednesday 27th April is when everyone is back at work (unless of course you are a shift worker). Most of the large retailers also closed on these three days. ...
    5 General 70
  132. Will this routine help my pectoral development?
    I was wondering... My work out consists of push-ups, diamond push-ups, decline push-ups, and incline push-ups. I also to dumbbell flies and dumbbell press. On occassion I do Bench Press. I probably do this routine 4-6 times a week. Do you think these ...
    3 Sex 73
  133. Im so stressed out
    I work in a retail store and the person who is my co-worker give me a hard time working with her. she yells at me with no reason and I dont know what to do. the other day she even made me cry infront of everyone I dont know, should I queit my job. I ...
    2 Nutritionfitness 27
  134. Does anyone know this song by Neil someone?
    Hey- looking for a 70's song that goes a little something like: these eyes cry every night for you these eyes are longing to hold you again- these eyes are crying these eyes have seen a lot of love but they're never gonna see another love like I ha...
    5 Music 26
    Who's ready for 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7 & 8? Who will bombard their favorite music retailer to pick up the newest Slipknot album, ALL HOPE IS GONE? I'm over-anxious to grab my copy of the cd <to be released Tuesday, August 26, 2008> Also, how many of you ow...
    4 Music 19
  136. Abnormal shopper
    im 14 and I suck a shopping... my sister can like eye out da diamond in the coals and its awkward to c that.. im not jealous actually I kinda apprcte that but I dont buy/choose crappy stuff either its just nt exactly to the point... m I abnormal becau...
    2 Shopping 14
  137. What jobs can I get with a food sanitation certificate?
    I live in Illinois (in the United States) and have recently gotten the Illinois State Food Sanitation Certification. I got it for a class at my college and in hopes of getting a good job while going to school. I had/have a lead on a job but the interv...
    3 Money 30
  138. Soccer team
    I really dislike my coach. I play for weston u-14 boys and im at prime age now, im very good player and play very well as a striker, when I first joined all was good I was playing foward and I was scoring assisting and winning games. A new formation w...
    6 Sports 17
  139. Should I sell an heirloom?
    I am having a hard time deciding what to do. I have a beautiful diamond ring my grandmother gave me. It has diamonds on it that belonged to her and my grandfather. They have both passed away. My problem is My husbands work is very slow and I am a stay ...
    3 Money 20
  140. Rolex Platinum watch from nigeria
    I purchased a Rolex watch on e-bay for a really good price. It retails for 50K and me and this guy from nigeria made a deal for 10k. I paid him by Western Union, but the problem is he won't return my e-mails and has not sent the watch. It has been 3 we...
    3 Shopping 45
  141. Does anyone know wut song it was that London Tipton sung...
    On the episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody when they were making a commercial for the hotel, London auditioned and sung a song about bling, did they make it up especially for this episode or is it an actual song? just curious. it goes: " I'm...
    6 Music 97
  142. How Should I Get My Car Painted (Opinions Please)??
    Ok So Im Going To Re-Paint My Car And I Want It Based Off An Anime Character... Kisuke Urahara. Now My Options Are To: A.) Paint It Black With White Diamonds Along The Side. (Like His Kimono) Or B.) Paint It A Combo Color Of Green And White Stripes (...
    2 General 14
  143. Piercingsss!
    Okay well im allowed to either get my nose pierced or my belly button pierced. I was thinking my nose pierceed because its going to be not bathing suit weather soon you know and so I was gona just get my belly button pierced before I go on vacation in...
    12 Style 22
  144. How can I get rid of my boxer's gas?
    I have a 10 month old male boxer who is having horrible gas problems. We previously had a 14 yo boxer, and she never had this problem. Our other 2 dogs are fine too. We were advised to switch from the Diamond Lamb and Rice puppy food we were using t...
    2 Pets 151
  145. Does she like me or not?
    This girl and I liked eachother for a few years and everyone said it was obvious. Even her litle brother told me that she liked me. So about a year ago I bought her this diamond pendant for Valentine's Day and asked her if she wanted to get into a rela...
    3 Relationships 37
  146. How do I get contacts overseas to make something for me?
    I need to gain contacts overseas to have some candy confections made for me. I am thinking on selling "Sweet Jesus" candy (a gummy Jesus on a small gummy cross). It would be mostly a t-shirt sales retail online site with a limited amount of candy mad...
    2 Money 22
  147. want to moveto canada dont get the skilled workers
    Okay.. So Sometime in My Life.. Maybe when im about 23, I want to move to canada.. I've Decided im 16 now, and im going to Study, Retaill Assient manager - because its what I want I want to do that for 2 YEARS> but I also want to move to canada when im...
    2 Travel 30
  148. Can I get eBay Pokemon into Wii without DS?
    Please educate me. Pokemon are sold on eBay instead of being traded for free. Can they be directly downloaded to the Wii system or are they only able to be transfered to the DS system? How does that work? How do you connect to a specific DS? How d...
    2 Gaming 17
  149. Can I have touch screen support on Windows XP home/professional/media centre?
    I know this is an odd question! but my uncle just gave me an old tablet PC from 2001, its a fujitsu stylistic 3400 :) the good thing is that, it works!! only down side is that it has windows 2000 "/ I don't have windows xp tablet edition on disc an...
    2 Technology 64
  150. Whats are your top 10 bands and your favourite song by that band ?
    mine are: 1.Nrivana - Frances Farmer will have Her Revenge on Seattle. 2.Blink 182 - Down 3.Bring me the Horizon - Diamonds arent Forver 4.Aiden - The Last Sunrise 5.Bloodhound Gang - Bad Touch 6.Mindless Self Indulgence - Straight To Video 7. A...
    5 Music 11
  151. Caught Shoplifting
    Recently me & my friend got caught taking $100 worth of items from a retail store.. Im 19..A certified nursing assistant & also a phlebotomist.. I accidently left my wallet in my vehicle & made a very stupid choice not to go get it.. I am scared th...
    11 Money 75
  152. What should I get pierced? PLEASE help me!
    Okay. I have a MAJOR question. okayy...last year I got my nose pierced, I had it for awhile and I loved it. but I had to take it out for gym and I lost it and I didnt have anything else to put in it, so I let it grow shut. now me and my bestfriend are ...
    17 Style 54
  153. CV and jobs.
    I'm trying to write a CV but I don't know how, so I googled how to make a cv and stuff came up but its all very general. Is there anything that can help a fair bit because I am stuck as what to write. What defines skills or abilities? Also what's keepi...
    7 Money 26
  154. my poem
    how do you like this poem I wrote? please the truth even if it's bad. Why doesn't he notice why don't he care I love him for so much more than his hair his smile his eyes he's absolutly perfect for my life he's sweet he's charming oh how I ...
    10 Literature 31
  155. Should I give my cousin this bracelet?
    ok so in like a month and a half is my cousin's 16th birthday we are very close friends and i think for her 16th bday i should get her something nice we don't really do the whole "sweet 16" thing in my family but still i found a 24-kt. Goldplated Blu...
    2 Family 50
  156. caring box, what should I put in it?
    It's been a long week. On October 13 my best friend, Jetamio, was murdered and another, Diamond, ended up in the hospital in critical condition. So I haven't really had time for surfing the net. I am making a caring box for Jetamio's sister because sh...
    3 Homegarden 51
  157. Who knows anything about Harlequin ichthyosis?
    so i was just doing some researching today and i just came across a picture that frightened me and when i look into it nad found out why it came up with a result that shocked me intio wanting to find out more its a skin disease, is the most severe fo...
    8 Health 35
  158. What should I wear as my holiday outfit?
    I'm a boy and I've decided to start to put together my "holiday dress-up outfit" for Thanksgiving/Christmas. How does this sound? An American Eagle black pinstripe shirt, low-rise boot cut khakis, a black leather belt with silver buckle, and black dres...
    4 Style 40
  159. Who Likes These Lyrics?
    okay so before some of yall answred my question what to write my new song about. and a lot of yall said love so.I chose that. so tell me if yall like the new lyrics: Fly Away [vers...
    2 Music 17
  160. Okay...I have a problem with a "friend"
    There's this girl (she WAS a good friend of mine) she still thinks we're good friends. But she made a mistake and ran off with her psycho boyfriend. Things got ugly with her and her parents. Her boyfriend gave her a cell phone because they weren't allo...
    3 Relationships 15
  161. Please I need advice
    ok so today is my birthday. At first I wanted a dog, and my mom kept saying maybe on and off again. So like a few days ago she said would you like diamond earing, jonas brother tickets, stay at the diplomat. I said earings are stupid and I would take t...
    4 Family 7
  162. FunAdvice Christmas Countdown (10 days) - December 15th, 2011
    Shopping days are dwindling down! If you haven't finished your Christmas shopping, here are some great ideas for gifts! Kids: 3D Lite Board PlaSmart Plasma Balance Bike Ec...
    2 Funadvice 27
  163. Can you help me amend my intro letter?
    Hi, I am writing the following intro letter to my direct end user, I have a retail showroom selling custom-made curtain/blinds/wallcovering/carpet. Plus help me amend it to a more appropriately expressed and persuasive letter with the correct format (b...
    2 Literature 32
  164. How do I get her off WoW?
    I was close friends with a girl. We both played the same MMO Ragnarok Online, and we were playing that together, on the same private server, until around 2-3 months ago. Then I started going all lovey-dovey over her, and started making her feel unco...
    2 Entertainment 42
  165. Hals Garage
    Dear Oprah! Watch yr show everday! I LOVE it! My favorites are with Dr. Oz! And, yr just recent show with the most Talented kids! ( Chariss! which I think is AMAZING! ) What she has done for her Mom, etc..! This is my situation.. I have been employed b...
    2 Money 16
  166. A reocurring bad dream:( please help!!!
    Since I was a child, I've had the same nightmares over and over again!!! First one, I'm always on my own, walking on a street, then someone either a gangster, or a agressor, or a scary person comes with a gun and points it at my chest! I either get sho...
    2 General 20
  167. Who's the best rapper alive
    1,lil wayne 2,young jeezy 3,t.I. 4,birdman 5,lil mama 6,50cents 7,bow wow 8,chris brown 9,ciara 10,snoop dog 11,dr dre 12,drake 13,eminem 14,ja rule 15,diamond & princess 16,trina 17,missy elliott 18,jay-z 19,jennifer lopez 20,lil jo...
    8 Music 45
  168. please help me and tell me what to do!!!!
    ******hi im 14 and im in love with this guy matt..the only thing is he lives 3 1/2 hours away..we used to talk all the time on msn and on the phone like we couldnt get enough of eachother, people tell me to get over him, he lives to fa...
    2 Relationships 30
  169. 5 years and still dreaming
    Hello This is going to be a quite long story, but I hope someone have the patience to read it through. I´ll try to make it as interesting I can for you to read. You can think it like a book, because I think one day I´m going to write it all on paper. ...
    16 Relationships 45
  170. Isn't this a good Poem ?
    MY NAME iS C0CAiNE: Beware my friend ;my name is cocaine. coke for short. I enterd this country without a passport. Ever since then I've been hunted & sought; By Junkies and Pushers and plain clothes d*cks. Mostly users who need a quick fix. Im more ...
    11 Literature 156
  171. Pyramids (song)
    Set the cheetahs on the loose There's a thief out on the move Underneath our legion's view They have taken Cleopatra [Bridge] Run run run, come back for my glory Bring her back to me Run run run, the crown of our pharaoh The throne of our que...
    2 Music 13
  172. Random xd rather be questions?
    You rather be: Gay or straight Eyeliner or eyeshadow Umbrella or rain on me Doctor or die of cancer Choker or diamond necklace Aeropostale or hollister Nike or dc's Converse or vans Green day or poison Fast or slow Purple or black Big or small Skinny ...
    2 Sex 18
  173. What should I do about my brother's constant mental abuse?
    Recently I asked a question about my brother's unemployed situation. For those who did not read it I will sum it up, My mom left me and my brother about a month ago or so, he and I did not have a job but I found one in retail i am (18) btw and I paid f...
    4 Family 23
  174. Girl confessions for girls only
    1. Do you sleep in your bra? 2. Have you kissed any one from your friends list? 3. Are you happy with your looks? Honestly? 4. Do you enjoy drama? 5. Are you a girly girl? 6. Who was the last person you hugged? 7. Small or large handbags? 8. Do ...
    40 Sex 80
  175. What really matters?
    What Really Matters? Tearfully He Holds You What Really Matters? The Rose - A Parable Against Jealousy Storms Of Life If I Be Lifted Up Preach It!! I Asked God When The Going Gets Tough ... Never Ever Stop! Learning From The Past - A Sermon ...
    3 Religion 19
  176. Do you think boss is on warning
    Steve asked if I could email you a copy of the letter he wrote to the ceo back in december 2007. Only for the letter he is sending you he omitted the names of the people involved and the companies names. He replaced them with new company, old company a...
    2 Sex 39
  177. What do you think of the two letters
    Steve is definitely not a disgruntled employee. He just wants to alert the CEO about Yvette April 15, 2008 Dear CEO First I want to say that I am not saying I want any one fired. However, my ex-coworkers asked me to write another letter to y...
    4 Sex 43
  178. What does everybody think of this story??
    Part 1: Introduction- As the blade grew deeper in her arm, Daina forgot about everything on her mind. The only thing she felt was the growing pain coming from her bloody limb. She hated her life, and everyone in it. Nobody felt the sever pain and fea...
    9 Literature 22
  179. 99 Things About You/Fun Survey
    I wanna know more about as many funadvice members as possible. I told you, so now you tell me! XD 1. ONE OF YOUR SCARS, HOW DID YOU GET IT? my ankle, shaving. I'm dangerous with sharp objects. 2. WHAT IS ON THE WALLS IN YOUR ROOM? spiderwebs 3. DO ...
    5 Sex 59
  180. How different people have sex,
    How they have sex, think of more? Post it:) Accountants are good with figures. Actors do it on cue. Advertisers use the "new, improved" method. Ambulance drivers come quicker. Ansi does it in the standard way Archeologists like it old...
    6 Sex 42