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  1. What to eat and not to eat if you have diabetes?
    2 Health 68
  2. Whats the symptoms for diabetes?
    Whats the symptoms for diabetes?
    5 Health 36
  3. Diabetes can you get it other than by genes?
    How can you get diabetes other than by genes?
    4 Health 33
  4. How can you tell if a dog has diabetes?
    How can you tell if a dog has diabetes?
    2 Pets 66
  5. What will happen if I dont eat with diabetes
    What will happen if I dont eat with diabetes
    3 Health 56
  6. What are the signs of diabetes?
    Just curious. What are the signs of getting diabetes?
    2 Health 31
  7. Is breast cancer and diabetes genetic?
    6 Health 23
  8. Can Diabetes be controlled by meditation and yoga?
    5 Health 45
  9. What are some good foods a diabetic should eat?
    2 Food 15
  10. Who has diabetes type 2 and celiac?
    2 Health 10
  11. What are the most common symptoms of SUGAR DIABETES?
    12 Health 40
  12. How do people get diabetes?
    6 Health 18
  13. What is Type II Diabetes?
    What is Type II Diabetes and how is it different from regular diabetes?
    2 Health 44
  14. Can you tell if you have cancer or diabetes?
    is there any possible way you can tell if you have cancer or diabetes?
    3 Health 11
  15. Physician question!
    How much does it cost to see a physician?
    4 Health 16
  16. diets for diabetics
    What food should be eaten if I am a diabetic & what foods are toboo?
    3 Nutritionfitness 47
  17. Diabetics and food
    Is watermelon good or bad for diabetics?
    4 Food 36
  18. Diabetic Dog
    How to feed diabetic dog that won't eat?
    9 Pets 63
  19. Whats a good meal plan if you have diabetes?
    4 Food 24
  20. Could having diabetes cause a person to hallucinate?
    5 Health 17
  21. Is there a way to fake diabetes?
    Is there anyway to fake diabetes? My friend says there is.
    5 Health 326
  22. Can diabetes make your life shorter?
    4 Health 28
  23. diabetics?
    if you eat to much salt can you become a disbetic?
    4 Food 33
  24. How do people get cholesterol or be diabetic? cholesterol from oily food?
    5 Health 14
  25. What would a vegan do if they became diabetic and needed insulin?
    7 Health 16
  26. Diabetes prevention?
    What are ways to prevent type 1 diabetes? Are there any doctor proven ways that make you have type 1 diabetes?
    3 Health 24
  27. Do you get diabetes from eating sugar?
    7 Health 16
  28. What preventative measures can I take, if any, to reduce my risk of becomeing diabetic?
    2 Health 16
  29. Is it true that everyone is born with diabetes and cancer, it's just in most people it stays dormant?
    5 Health 83
  30. Does diabetes last a lifetime?
    If a person have diabetes will they have it for the rest of there life let me know thank you
    7 Health 117
  31. How long can a diabetic live without food
    I was just wondering how long a diabetic can live without food (not including water). Does it make any difference?
    2 Nutritionfitness 529
  32. How do I help control my diabetes?
    what can i do to help my a1c lower, and what can i do to keep it at a good level to do sports(wrestling)?
    5 Health 21
  33. Is type 2 diabetes where you don't have enough sugar being produced in your body?
    And is type 1 diabetes where you produce too much? Or is it the other way round?
    4 Health 13
  34. Why are diabetes and arthritis joints contraindicated for a paraffin bath?
    Rather than just memorizing diabetes and arthritis joints are contraindications, I would like to know why. Why are they considered to be a contraindication for a paraffin bath?
    2 Health 33
  35. A high school student has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.
    What factors increase his risk for developing diabetic ketoacidosis?
    2 Health 45
  36. Explain the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes in terms
    of pathophysiology including the production of insulin.
    3 Nutritionfitness 12
  37. Why do diabetics have to get medical forms filled out by their doctors and send them in to the D.M.V. to get their drivers license renewed?
    3 Health 16
  38. Who knows if there a way to change physician?
    like say someone moved to a new town, could they get a new Physicians? or any others way
    6 Health 12
  39. physician assisted suicide
    I don't really know much about the subject, but I was just listening to a few of my friends arguing about it and I was just wondering... what are your opinions?
    10 Politics 34
  40. What is the aveage monthly cost for a diabetic mother?
    Say your mother is going to live with you, when she is older. She has type 2 diabetes, what would be the monthly cost for her medication/ medical costs,etc?
    2 Health 13
  41. Type One Diabetics!!!
    Anyone have type one diabetes? Do you have the pump or do you use insulin shots. Which do you think is better? I use insulin shots but its too much of a hassle and everyone tells me I should switch to using the pump, any suggestions?
    2 Health 7
  42. Diagnosed with pre diabetes, how do I know what type it is?
    I was diagnosed with pre diabetes and the doctor said that the insulin in my body would not absorb so this leads to my question do I fall under which category type 1 or type2
    2 Health 22
  43. Diabetic Goth
    Every time I feel sleepy or slow,I always get the feeling my blood sugar is low,is this a sign I am a diabetic? Is there anyway I can find out if I'm a diabetic without going to the doctors?
    4 Health 21
  44. Is there a form of diabetes transfered genetically?
    Just asking because my mom just got diagnosed a diabetic and she is a very healthy person, like barely any junk food(if any) and drinks nothing but tea and water...
    6 Health 33
  45. What would happen if a non-diabetic took a shot of insulin ?
    My aunt is a diabetic, & i'm just curious of what would happen. Could it kill you ? Brain damage, heart problems, whaaaaaa ?
    8 Health 15
  46. Could it be possible for me to have diabetes at my age (young teen)?
    i looked online and i have a few of the symtoms, and i dont have a great diet, and im not that fit. But im not overweight, if anything im under weight.?
    5 Health 7
  47. Who can tell me important stuff about diabetes?
    I have noticed that I have some symptoms of diabetes. I am seeing a doctor (maybe) and I was hoping you guys could help me out with some givaways you had or know about and what it's like when your hyperglycemic? PLEASE help this is very important for m...
    2 Health 15
  48. Type 1 Diabetes
    I was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on Friday. I'm allowed to have three, 1 to two carb snacks each day in between meals. Do you know any good snacks that are quick and easy and MUST be under 2 carbs.
    3 Health 15
  49. The Best Physicians Formulas?
    Has Anyone experienced ANY of the Physicians Formula Items that work best for YOU? It could be anything that you've tried from powder or liners or mascaras. . Anything from that company that you've tried that works Best for you skin and looks? ...
    4 Style 24
  50. Cat with diabetes
    Hi. I think my cat has diabetes. Has anyone had a pet with diabetes? Can you tell me what your experience was like? Are they still happy even with the insulin shots? Is it better to put them to sleep? I need help and I am very upset. Thank you -emma
    5 Pets 55
  51. What are some symptoms of Diabetes?
    I'm curious, what are some symptoms of being diabetic? I think I may be, but I want to make sure before I tell my parents about it and make an appointment for the doctors I checked wikipedia and saw some of the symptoms, and I fell under that catog...
    5 Health 12
  52. Can I get diabetes from eating junk food?
    I've been thinking lately that I might have diabetes. I have some of the symptoms. someone told me that I may have it because of the food I eat. at lunch I eat like a lot of junk food because at school we have nothing esle. could that be why? Can I get...
    3 Health 40
  53. Can low blood sugar increase your chances of becoming diabetic?
    I think I have low blood sugar and I was wondering if you don't eat reguraly, get dizzy, and other symptoms like hypoglycemia if that can create diabeates, or is diabeates something your born with?
    3 Health 33
  54. Diabete signs
    In my magazine it said that some signs of diabetes is when your thirsty and you need the toilet more and I have like every sign but my parents say its probably nothing but im not sure, how could I be postitive I dont have it without going to a doctor o...
    2 Health 41
  55. Is this letter asking me to check if I am diabetic? (read more)
    "according to our records,, it is time for your next HgbA1C. this blood test indicates how well your diabetes treatment plan is controlling your blood sugar levels. Please call the clinic and schedule your diabetes follow up appointment.
    5 Health 16
  56. Wanting Diabetes name is Briana and I m mellondissco's friend. Mi madre wouldn't let me get my own funadvice account so I'm using my friend's. I just wanted to know if there is any way to get type one diabetes. Not fake it but actually get it. Thank You!!!
    3 Health 20
  57. S.A.T Question Life for Physician Susan La Fleshe
    Life for Physician Susan La Fleshe was quite ___ when she returned to her omaha people : She had to treat a widely dispersed population with little ___. A. Humdrum, Monotony B.Draining, Difficulty C.Frustrating, Hardship D.Challenging, Assistance
    3 Education 37
  58. I just found out my dad has type 2 diabetes..
    He just called on the phone, since I don't live with him, and he said that he has type 2 diabetes! He was in the hospital because he was dehydrated and now he has to take medication. I'm so scared for him and I don't know anything about diabetes, can i...
    2 Family 25
  59. why doctors wont diognose if I have diabetes ?
    well I keep going to the doctor asking why I keep blacking out and fainting and I still get no answer we try to get me test but all my doctor tells my mom..."they have no certian test for diabetes"... im getting sick of always feeling like im gunna pas...
    2 Health 17
  60. I'm I crazy to want to be a diabetic?
    I might be in danger of becoming a diabetic now. The doctors think its because my dad is a diabetic and hes had it for his whole life. so is it strange to want to be a diabetic? they say is isnt a sure thing yet but I should drink lots of waters and tr...
    2 Health 15
  61. Am I a diabetic and should I keep taking shots?
    My dad is a diabetic and the other day I got sick. My dad checked my sugars and they were 183 (the range for your sugars should be around 100) So he said they were a little high but thats because I was sick. I checked my sugars the next day and decided...
    4 Health 32
  62. What do you buy a family for Christmas when you hardly know them and several members are diabetic?
    So this year my boyfriends family is having christmas with his brothers girlfriends family, and its up to me to think of a good gift for the family as my boyfriend never thinks of this stuff. I have only met them once, so I dont really know a lot about...
    10 Shopping 66
  63. How to know if you have diabetes or sugar problems ?
    Ok so I think I might have diabetes im 17 and I looked up the sysmpotoms of diabetes and so far everything the social website said thats what I have conset thirst really tired always got to pee I lose a lot of weight but then I gain it back and I reall...
    3 Health 22
  64. am I having a break down or is it my diabetes
    for some odd reason I started to burst out in tears and I don't know why? I was talking to my boyfriend when it happen I know it wasn't cause of him because he is a good guy. I don't know if it was cause I was having a break down or my diabetes this ha...
    2 Health 20
  65. I think I have diabetes?
    I think I have diabetes here are my symptoms Mood swings Fatigue, or a feeling of being "run down" and tired Rapid breathing Blurred vision Dry, itchy skin Headache Excessive thirst Frequent urination Extreme hunger I am practically crying ri...
    4 Health 48
  66. diabetic or infection
    so I am 21 obese and for the past like 3 years I have been getting these bumps under my arm my breast, my hip, inner thigh and groin area now I have been to the doctor a few times he has given me antibiotics and while taking them the bumps go away but ...
    4 Health 14
  67. How do I make diabetic desserts that tastes good?
    My boyfriends brother is an insulin dependant diabetic and we are having dinner with him tomorrow night. I got the task of making dessert so I made a blueberry cheesecake. It was pretty easy to make a diabetic version of that, only hard part was no one...
    4 Food 77
  68. no periods, pcos, diabetic, overweight and want to conceive
    im 37 & married, my husband has a child from a prev marriage, so im guessing its me? I've been trying to get pregnant for too many years ( about 12 !! ). I was told I have pcos. im diabetic, but have good numbers. im overweight but active. I havent ha...
    3 Health 44
  69. Diabetic?
    I think I might be a diabetic. im thirsty all the time, im tired, and even just standing up gets me dizzy. just the flourescent lights in my school make the sides of my eyes fuzz up so I cant see anything but straight. im really irratible, and I hav...
    3 Health 42
  70. Could I still be a diabetic even if I don't drink excessive amounts but have all the other symptoms?
    my dad was diagnosed with diabetes when he was 16/17 which is the same age as me. but me and my family moved out so there for we had to change doctors and we all had to take a urine sample this morning. however i got a phonecall this afternoon saying t...
    4 Health 23
  71. Emergency!!!
    what's like being any er physician or a paramedic?
    5 Health 24
  72. My girlfriend has diabetes...
    My girlfriend and I have been dating since January now. She told me about her diabetes before and what it is. I had a diabetes scare just last month where I passed out and was shaking and the doctors ran some tests and said it was a chance I have diabe...
    2 Health 45
  73. Type 1 Diabetes
    Recently I noticed that I was constantly thirsty and while I was wondering out loud about it someone mentioned that it might be diabetes. The idea kinda stuck with me so I looked it up and I realized I have a few of the other symptoms. Besides being co...
    3 Health 54
  74. What - Could I get diabetes if I keep eating like this?
    This is what I'd usually eat on a weekend... Breakfast - Toast or bacon sarnies Lunch - Ham sandwich & orange squash Snacks - Rich tea biscuits/shortbread biscuits/choc hob nob biscuts or 1/2 packets of crisps & water, sometimes scrambled egg or a ban...
    2 Health 30
  75. scared of my illness
    I'm frighten that one of these days I'm going to pass out because of my diabetes what should I do
    2 Health 30
  76. Doubts about taking insulin
    If a diabetic is also obese and he must take insuline, what are the problems he must face?
    3 Health 16
  77. name a doctor
    whats the name of the type od doctor that curesd diseases like diabetes and arthritis?
    2 Health 30
  78. Is it possible I have arthritis, diabetes, or fibromyalgia?
    All three run in my family, and I've always had weight problems due to my really bad metabolism (put on a lot of weight when I was about 5 after my dad left due to stress eating). The past few months, I was diagnosed with Asthma, and have been having...
    4 Health 23
  79. how can I get him 2 like me if I got no contact with him?
    how can I get this guy 2 like me. he is hot and blonde and diabetic. I really like his attitude to. I have no classes with him. how can I get him 2 like me if I got no contact with him?
    4 Relationships 49
  80. Can stress affect your blood glucose levels?
    Im getting tested for gestational diabetes tomorrow just wondering if stress can some how affect the results
    6 Health 47
  81. Diabetes [ Serious Question ]
    Okay this all sorta happened when ever I found out about Nick Jonas having diabetes. I was over at my friends house [who has diabetes] and shes like read this, so I did and it was the story of how Nick Jonas found out he had diabetes. I was reading alo...
    4 Health 25
  82. Am I overweight at 5'6 and 154?
    I weigh 70kgs, 5'6 and have a BMI of 25. Am I overweight and if so how do I lose weight safely as an insulin dependent diabetic?
    3 Nutritionfitness 87
  83. What all are you allowed to take on a plane?
    What all are you allowed to take on a plane? Im a insulin dependant diabetic so Id need that stuff. but what about shampoo/conditioner/deoderant/hair straighener/makeup? hair brush stuff like that?
    3 Travel 55
  84. Gangereine, what treatment would she be receiving?
    My gran is 62 and has diabetes. She was taken into hospital two days ago with gangereine on her heel. What treatment would she be receiving and will her foot be ok?
    3 Health 79
  85. What would happen if too much insulim were injected in the body?
    If too little insulimis produced by pancreas, anexcess of sugar builds up in blood and produces diabetes.
    3 Health 53
  86. Is it dangerous to be a medical research subject?
    I saw this ad in the newspaper about paying 1000 dollars for being part of a medical research about the diabetes but do you think that would be dangerous or not. Tell me what you think thank you.
    5 Money 13
  87. Younger bro started drinking
    Ok my bro told me he started drinking and his only 15 but that not the main problem he also has diabetes type 1 what should I do 2 get him 2 stop
    4 Family 9
  88. Diabulemia information
    I was watching Dr Phil a few weeks back and he had a girl on there and she had been diagnosed with diabulemia. She was a diabetic, and she had to take shots for her sugar. When she would gain weight, or decide she wanted to lose it, she would skip her ...
    2 Health 46
  89. How to prevent prescribed meds from showing up?
    I take adderall 20 mg twice a day and klonopin 1 mg three times a day(prescribed by a physician). Is there anything I can do tonight that will prevent those meds from showing up in my urine test tomorrow?
    3 Health 222
  90. I get dizzy often.
    I have problems with something like vertigo but it is not all the time. I get dizzy often when I am hungry or randomly throughout the day. I have been tested for diabetes and I don't have any history in my family of the disease. Is there anything el...
    5 Health 101
  91. Should these people be forced ?
    President Obama has indicated he'll remove protections for pro-life medical professionals - rescinding the Conscience Clause - and force physicians and nurses to participate in abortion procedures - Should these people be forced ?
    6 Politics 41
  92. yet another post about weight
    okay sooo im 13, 5'2 and weigh 115 I wanna lose some weight to look better annd im a type one diabetic so I dunno what should I do? :)
    2 Nutritionfitness 10
  93. Woman lets her daughter die...
    Okay today on the news there was this lady who had a daughter who had diabetes(spell error)any way she let her daughter die because she said god will heal her so does that mean god isnt real because he didnt help her daughter???and what do you think of...
    12 Religion 47
  94. How does chemotherapy effect a person that has diabeties?
    O.k so lets get on into this... Lastnite my mother told me she has been feeling a growth in her stomach 4 about 6 years... So I have been doing research on what it could be and I came across a youtube vid where a girl explained she had the same symptom...
    2 Health 8
  95. How can I keep my blood sugar from going low while I'm on a diet?
    I'm a 14 year old girl with Type 1 diabetes. I always had high A1c's since I was first diagnosed at age 7. I decided about a week ago to stop eating so much because I always forget to give myself my insulin (In denial. I always forget I have diabetes o...
    3 Nutritionfitness 18
  96. Giving Sugar Free Items to Baby
    I was wondering if any of you guys know if it is bad to give babies items that are sugar free. By this I am refering to items made with Splenda for example. I am diabetic and that is the type of things I eat and drink at home. Someone recently told me ...
    4 Babies 9
  97. Parents don't care enough!!!
    I think my sugar level is too low or something. I constantly have to drink something cause I'm constantly thirsty. It could be a sign of Diabetes. my parents don't care enough to get me checked out, but what if I do?? I don't know what to do. I can't c...
    5 Family 33
  98. Does Proactiv lotion fade tattoos?
    so I heard the proactiv repairing lotion supposedly fades the tattoo after a few months of use? does this really work??? and whats this thing about rubbing salt on the tattoo? but they say the salt thing has to be done by a physician. hmmm... HELP! im ...
    5 Style 286
  99. Why do I feel sooo dizzy all the time?
    So about 2 maybe 3 months ago I started to feel really dizzy for no reason at all. I didn't think much of it but it started to get worse. I'm diabetic but the last time I had a hypo was ages ago. So can anyone tell me why I'm dizzy all the time? Th...
    2 Health 63
  100. How bad is it beng anemic?
    My dad just found out today that he is anemic, he also has diabetes, the type where you take insulin. He hasn't had a conversation about it with his doctor yet but will be beginning of next month. I just wanted to know a little more about it because lo...
    6 Health 32
  101. How do I handle my father's alcoholism?
    me again i like to thank everyone on there advice, it help!!! this time its not about my health its about my father (once again part of my problem) i believe that my father is alcoholic!!! He's diabetic and because of his drinking it gets worst and he ...
    2 Family 19
  102. I'm so scared for tomorrow
    the 'end of the world' thing. I'm actually crying I'm that terrified. I just read an article on yahoo news about the physicians 'ignoring' the fact black holes could be formed. Seriously, I need HONEST opinions from people who actually know whats goi...
    9 Science 51
  103. What were these bumps on my vagina?
    Last month sometime I was messing with this guy and we used protection when we had sex. To make the long story short the condom broke. Then a couple days latter I had irritating bumps on the bottom end of my vagina. The bumps is no longer there now but...
    2 Sex 221
  104. Does masturbation cause excessive urination?
    hello I am a boy my age is 26 and unmarried. I have developed the habit of mastrubation from the age of 19. the day I mastrubate I feel like urinating too much , like if I have a tea or cofee I gp 4 to 6 times for urine but I m not diabetic. is this b ...
    2 Sex 45
  105. Why is my Mom having pain in her arms?
    Okay my mom is overweight, diabetic, and she is 54 years old. I love her to death! And she has been complaining that her upper arms hurt. They have hurt for a few months she said. Today she picked up a can of tomaton soup and it hurt to hold it. I know...
    6 Health 64
  106. Off cocaine gained 20
    I used to do a lot of cocaine then I got caught druged tested and failed went to jail I've been clean for 4 months and I've gained 20 or 25 pounds I was around 120 now im around140 I want to ,lose weight but im diabetic and its hard plus I eat a lot mo...
    5 Drugs 58
  107. Green poop in a child?
    my son has just pooed , & the colour was olive green looking faeces. Aged care nurse here & I don't think I have ever seen a poo this kind. So what would this mean? He has Type 1 diabetes, & is 10yr. He did have a sports drink the other day that was B...
    6 Babies 72
  108. jonas brothers fans,can you admit these
    nick jonas is just a attention seeker,trying to get pity just because he has diabetes,if they werent good looking,you would NOT be even listening to them,u like them because of looks not music wise,their songs are all about girls and nothing more,have ...
    4 Music 8
  109. How do I regain weight?
    Ok, well I just got diagonosed with type 1 diabetes and lost a lot of weight. I used to be in to my weights but was just wondering what was the best way to put weight bk on healthly??? I went down to 8 and a half stone now I way 10 and a half b...
    2 Sex 16
  110. Grandma is sick
    My grandma is sick and I cant figure out whats wrong with her. She has diabetes and a fever. What do I do ? Her fever is 102 and her sugar is like 177 and last night at 3 in the morning 300 so I dont no what to do she's not on insulent only the pill al...
    3 Health 45
  111. Nerve damage - heat sensations
    My mum is 80 nyears of age and she is presently suffering a lot - she has heat sensations running up her leg ...and then radiating to her back - she has nerve sensations towards her chest - she is diabetic - and her feet feel wooly . Doctors have said ...
    3 Health 48
  112. Phosphoric Acid, Carbonation and More
    Why do people drink soft drinks and carbonated drinks when they are so bad for you? Coke, Pepsi and other drinks that contain phosphoric acid leach calcium from the bones leading to osteoporosis, osteomalasis, rickets and many other diseases. Coke and ...
    3 Health 60
  113. Omnipod pump
    OK, my sister was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in November. She is looking into pumps right now and I found this thing called the Omnipod. Does anybody here have one? If you do, how much does it hurt when you do site changes and have your sugars been...
    2 Health 26
  114. The Elderly & Money + careers?
    I htink that the elderly are going to be where the money is and taking acare of them is rewarding and you learn so much from them,anyone think the same?? Top ten careers in the next Decade: Computer Programmer Day Care Provider. Elder Care Speciali...
    2 Money 17
  115. Worried that it didnt work or that im not pregnant
    Ok here it is plain and simple... Sorta.. Alright threwought the month me and my fiance have been having sex withought any protection.. Now he is a type 1 diabetic, which I think has nothing to do with anything,, but anyways I am curious I have started...
    4 Sex 35
  116. Family diet?
    What are some good healthy snack foods? Even if you have eto mix some things...I want/need all the ideas I can get. Also, im trying to get my parents to go on a diet with me, but its really hard and im not sure how to do it. I keep stressing to them...
    2 Sex 32
  117. What is treatment for sexual infection?
    I have participated in sex for 3-4 times with a leady by wearing condom, we had a oral sex. I developed itching with redness and puss forming on my penis head.I consulted a general physician,on his recommendation I applied ointment on infected area, re...
    2 Sex 33
  118. How do you think psychiatrists really helpful ?
    Do you think psychiatrists really helpful Here is an example : my friend lost nearly 30 pounds in less than 6 weeks(her physician couldn't find diagnose the problem so he referred her to psychiatrist) ,a smart psychiatrist diagnosed her with severe ...
    5 Health 41
  119. What tips/support can you offer me about my boyfriend managing his life threatening condition better?
    My boyfriend has type 1 diabetes and has been having a lot of complications with it recently. He is only 23 years old and im scared that if we don't get his condition under control soon the wrost may happen. In the last 8 months he has had 7 seizures d...
    6 Health 54
  120. uninsured family
    I have been struggling to pay the bills so far and I had to cut some bills, one including my health insurance. My job cut the pay, and no longer provide health insurance. I am worried because I have a wife(who is injuried), mother with type 2 diabetes,...
    2 Family 25
  121. Why do my toes go numb just sitting?
    I sit on the floor with my feet flat, I am not twisting my legs or cutting of circulation. I wasnt "excercising" but I havnt been sitting here for long. 3 toes on my right foot went numb, the middle 3, and then about 10 min later the other side same to...
    2 Health 17
  122. How much money will these expenses cost monthly?
    I am trying to plan my life a little bit. I was wondering if someone could help me on this question. For everyone with children, I want to have 2 kids, how much would it cost to pay for their medical exenses, clothes, to go to a private school, anythin...
    2 Money 37
  123. Is there a weight loss pill with no side effects?
    Does anybody know of a weight loss pill that has NO side effects? My Mom wants to know because she has a hard time dieting. And she is diabetic so I want her to be in better shape so I can have her around as long as possible. I also want to lose weight...
    5 Nutritionfitness 18
  124. How overweight must one be to get the gastric bypass surgery?
    How much does it cost? I recently found out that due to excess dieting in my younger years, my metabolism is screwed up for good, and now no matter how much I restrict or even just exercise and eat healthy, there is no chance of any of my current weigh...
    2 Health 9
  125. What's wrong with my daddy's foot?
    Yesterday, he called me over to take a look at his foot . ( im 13 & he knows i want to be a doctor when i grow up ) so when he showed me it, it looked completely black ! ( we're african-american though ) his leg is light skinned but his foot was comple...
    3 Health 42
  126. Do you think god is testing me?
    My dad is very sck with diabetes & a bad heart I had ruptured ovarian cysts which was the worst pain I ever felt Going through a very messy breakup Threatend to be killed by my ex's friends Diagnosed with chrons disease Numerous biopsies and hospi...
    13 Religion 43
  127. Why isn't it as easy as it seems to lose weight?
    I am 14 years old. I am 5 feet 6 and im 215 pounds. I am very attractive, a lot of girls say so but the only problem with me is that I am overweight. I am fat and that is stopping me from talking to girls. when me and my friends go to the beach because...
    3 Nutritionfitness 23
  128. How to get over my past to be healthy today?
    Okay, when I was 10, I was adopted, along with my 5 brothers and sisters. I was okay for having been in foster care for most of my life, I didn't steal, I didn't really worry all that much about how my body looked. I might lie once in a while, but I wa...
    3 Family 33
  129. Really need some help with a diet...
    Hellooo I have type 2 diabetes and I have insulin twice a day, when I was first diagnosed I completley cut out sugary foods and lost quite a lot of weight and was down to an ideal weight. But its been about 2 years and im not so strict with my diet and...
    4 Nutritionfitness 50
  130. What should I get my closest friend for Christmas?
    What should I get my closest friend whoes like grandma for Christmas? I have a few ideas such as Nightgowns, cooking ware, new diabetic shoes, cosmetics, housekeeping items, or a new file cabnet. What else do you all think she might like? I love her ...
    3 Shopping 18
  131. triglisorid count abnormal
    ok so I went to the doctor the other day and I got the usual physical, blood work, blah blah blah well anyways when I went back for a follow-up he said everything was fine but he found that my triglisorid count was very high now im 16 years old, I weig...
    2 Health 12
  132. Which of the following categories would veterinarian fall under?
    I'm filling out an application, and I want to be a veterinarian, it lists these categories: Biotechnology Cisco Working Academy Electronics Engineering Manufacturing Automotive Technology Collision Repair Printing Technology Welding Technolo...
    2 Education 322
  133. Family relations, help
    My mother and I dont get along at all she has lied cheated ant stole from me, I barely consider her my mother I refer to her as merely the hellhound I know it sounds horrible but you must understand our relationship I hater her and now she is slowly dy...
    6 Family 15
  134. what illness could this be? please help :(
    what would be an illness where you are very violent and feel like evwryone is ag I found out his true self.. What everyone has been hiding from me.. He threatens to kill people, he goes insane when he dosnt get what he wants, he lies, he is very violen...
    2 Health 24
  135. Does my dance teacher hate me?
    She constantly picks on me, when I do my absolute best. I'm the only one in my class who is not there for a recreational activity. Like, no one in the class goes home, practices, sweats my butt off, ect. but me. And she still picks on me. She tells me ...
    2 Education 66
  136. Got stuck with a used needle at the thrift store?!
    I was at the thrift store about six months ago, and there was a used diabetic's needle, which at the time I did not realize that, as I thought it was a key chain lazer. Seeing as I am an idiot, I stuck my finger over the end to make it light up, but in...
    9 Health 44
  137. can I move out of my aunts house at the age of 15
    I'm 15 years old, I live with my aunt and unce, due to the fact that my parents are alcoholics. I have been through a lot in my lifetime, and now I can say are the hardest times. My aunt never understands where im coming from. Whenever I do something w...
    2 Family 53
  138. Why do I have urges to lick blood?
    Please help something's wrong. It may sound really silly! But everytime my mum pricks her finger (she's diabetic) and puts the blood on her medical stick I always feel tempted to ask if I can lick the blood off her finger but I refuse , and sometimes e...
    5 Health 58
  139. Film Over Eyes
    It feels like I have this like film over my eyes constantly..its like dirty..and some like patches are blurry..almost like blind spots..I've had it for quiet a while and sometimes I dont really notice it as much(but its still there)...othertimes I noti...
    2 Health 131
  140. How can I lose belly fat and gain it on my hips and butt?
    Hi fellow physician. I'm a mother of two children. I just gave birth 17wks ago to my second child. I've always been extremely bony as people used to say. After giving birth to my son seven years ago, I haven't been able to loose the belly fat AT AL...
    2 Nutritionfitness 386
  141. Is it too late to make my life expectancy longer?
    ok I 15 and im freakin out a bit.I have all of these risks for deadly and non-deadly desises and stuff. like in my family history theres heart disese and cancer and high blood pressure. I've also been a second hand smoker my entire definate l...
    2 Health 21
  142. What can I do to up my self confidence? pls help?
    I don't know why, but lately I've been feeling really ugly, fat...I'm noy even sure why. I do have some curves, I have a lot of friends...I have been told that I am pretty and beautiful and that I have a nice figure. Is this normal though? I haven't ha...
    4 General 29
  143. I want an affair--I think...
    My entire life I have always been as loyal as the day is long. I might be having a mid-life crisis (I'm 47), but my mind has been consumed the past few weeks of having a passionate love affair. My husband loves me desperately, but more and more ...
    5 Sex 54
  144. My niece
    Ok my niece is a spoiled brat my big sister buys her everything there gonna buy her a cellphone and she only 8 years old I can't believe it she growing fast she knows almost everything about shopping she know about roxy she know about coach I don't eve...
    3 Family 68
  145. Scared it's an std
    Last week, a week after shaving my bikini area, I noticed I had a scab in my groin area. I picked the scab and with the friction of my underwear againts the bump it kind of blistered but not even a day later it had scabed over and the next day it was...
    4 Health 148
  146. If your against stem cells your a jerk and im POed about it
    Why is creating Stem cells unethical? you have to be a mean or a greedy selfish jerk to say it is, people are dieing because of the people who are against it, 9 year old little girls who have aids, blindness, diabetes, and other diseases could be cured...
    14 Sex 55
  147. I DO have sleeping problems, mom!
    Sleep Test Results This test may help you recognize and detect symptoms of sleep disorders. The test is intended as a general source of educational information and does not contain medical advice. It should not be used for diagnosis or treatment. Gett...
    3 Health 42
  148. Why do some doctors treat chronic pain patients like drug addicts?
    I have fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis. Oh and i fractured my knee over the summer because my ankles give out on me sometimes when i use the stairs. I have to be honest the last part was kind of my fault i was in a hurry and not being very careful,...
    14 Drugs 27
  149. Weight problems
    OK, I know people are tired of hearing fat people complain and blah blah blah! But im not here to complain, and I dont blame anyone else but myself for my weight so lets just get that straigh right now...Ok, well fyi im obese, and I really want to lo...
    2 Relationships 15
  150. Spotting for 2 weeks!
    Okay, here's my situation: My mom won't let me go to the doctor because I don't have insurance and she says she's not shelling out a bunch of money for something that's probably no big deal. BUT... Here's my 'deal': For a year, I had been getting th...
    3 Health 49
  151. What do I do my son's 8th birthday?
    My youngest son will be 8 on October 31st. He's always hated his birthday for many reasons. 1) It's on Halloween, so every 7th year he gets to here about how horrible the night is. 2) He's tired of being called a "devil baby" by ignorant Christian fa...
    4 Babies 260
  152. My aunt died about 2 years ago..
    My aunt died about 2 years ago.. She was my heart soul everything.. About 9 years ago she fell & broke her knee & due to some of her conditions she couldnt walk anymore unless she had her walker. She had Diabetes & many more illnesses.. I remember ...
    5 Family 40
  153. ex fiance and letting go
    My fiance and I Were supposed to get married on Aug 16, 2008. I had a problem with a depersonalization disorder that caused me to lose reality for several months prior to the wedding. I did some things that I had no control over.. One being that my fia...
    5 Relationships 64