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  1. How to detect tracking devices?
    How to detect tracking devices?
    2 General 34
  2. How can we detect a hate crime?
    4 Politics 57
  3. Can an MRI detect autism?
    2 Health 44
  4. What STD's can be detected by a urine test?
    What STD's can be detected by a urine test?
    3 Health 240
  5. How accurate is an emg in detecting nerve damage?
    How accurate is an emg in detecting nerve damage?
    3 Health 159
  6. Can a pap-smear detect virginity?
    Can a pap-smear detect virginity?
    3 Health 1434
  7. How accurate is an emg in detecting nerve damage?
    2 Health 79
  8. How do admins on here detect fraud in the points systems?
    6 Funadvice 16
  9. itunes, can it detect Limewire?
    if you download itunes can it detect lime wire on your computer or ipod?
    2 Technology 46
  10. How soon can a blood pregnancy test detect pregnancy?
    How soon can a blood pregnancy test detect pregnancy? I heard it was like a week into conception it can detect pregnancy is this true?
    2 Health 124
  11. How to detect listening devices or hidden cameras?
    How can I know if there have been listening devices or hidden cameras placed in my home or vehicle?
    6 Technology 498
  12. what would i need if i wanna be a law and order detective type person as a career ?
    3 Money 8
  13. What does a Holter Monitor detect?
    For example does it show if your hear is off rythem, or if its working to hard?
    2 Health 72
  14. Which site can I download an episode of Detective Conan?
    Im addicted to it, so anyone know where to download it?thanks
    3 Entertainment 41
  15. How soon can a pregnancy be detected?
    How soon can a pregnancy be detected by using a pregnancy test? Some say a week some 19 days after the unprotected sex. Does anyone know how soon really?
    2 Sex 337
  16. My computer wont detect my built-in web cam on my laptop
    it only works 1 in 10 times after I refresh my computer help?
    6 Technology 111
  17. Fan not detected
    If im on my computer for more than 30 min at a time my computer freezes and I have to shut it off the wrong way... When I turn it back on it says fan not detected does anyone know what that means
    3 Technology 10
  18. What if I wanted to become a homocide detective?
    I know you got to be a street cop on patrol first but what if I dont wanna be a street cop at all I just dont like the idea of being a actual cop? Is there a way around that?
    3 Money 28
  19. FunAdvice Trivia: In the 1986 animated feature THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE, who provided the voice of the evil Professor Ratigan?
    A) Anthony Hopkins B) Martin Landau C) Tim Curry D) Vincent Price
    4 Funadvice 12
  20. What is a GRUB, and how can I detect how it got there?
    Basically I have found out that whenever I tried boot-up onto Windows, I get a blank screen with a flashing white dash in the upper left corner..and I can't do any type of demand .__. Any clue? Please... ;3
    6 Technology 27
  21. Who here has a way for detecting sarcasm?
    I cant seem to do it? Ok, its rather simple. In a variety of circumstances, whether written or spoken, i cannot detect sarcasm, and attempt to interpret the phrase literally. This can be very frustrating, as it leads to people abusing this flaw, and ma...
    13 General 39
  22. How long will clonazepam be detectable in a drug test
    How long will clonazepam be detectable in a drug test? I have court in 6 days. was busted with clean off that now.. just take the k's.. need to know if I stop taking them today if they will find them in my system? also I have two left id lik...
    2 Drugs 107
    I installed 2 new programs today.xp tools and regcure.ran zonealarm and got winkeeper-sheder dll as a virus.can`t find out what either do to a computer.I run win xp it a real virus or just from getting these programs to work?I also ran jv16 a fe...
    3 Technology 30
  24. What's a good spyware detection guide?
    Spyware detection help and guide please. It is now very very pathetic conditon to use intenet safe. There are number of thousands of viruses, spyware, horses , trojons are now spreaded all over the internet. Use internet safe is now a day dream. So it ...
    3 Technology 8
  25. Can animals detect pregnancy?
    My fiance and I have been wondering, do you think animals know when a human is carrying a baby? We have 2 little kittens and it's almost like they know I'm carrying a baby. The one, Dexter, he loves to cuddle with my belly and set his paw where the kic...
    3 Pets 70
  26. Intrusion detection
    I believe my ex husband and his wife hacked my computer to steal information I have emailed to my attorney, I have verizon wireless and couldn't get on my internet last night because another user was currently the ex calls my daughter with i...
    3 Technology 27
  27. Is there a test to detect anal sex?
    this is the story ... well my friend was asleep and we were with about four 3 boys. I was laying with my boyfriend, the other girl was laying with her boyfriend and my friend slept next to my boyfriends mate. and apparently whilst she was asleep the bo...
    6 Sex 102
  28. When my hard drive is corrupt how I recover my data?
    My hard drive is corrupt but its detect can you advice me how to recover my data?
    2 Technology 45
  29. Can anybody tell me what ghost detecting app really works and can prove its self and that's free?
    I'm wanting to use a free ghost hunting app that really works and can show you proof that it does work. Does anybody know of one that can do that? Im starting to think that there is something hanging around my house, especially at night. At night we wo...
    7 Technology 33
  30. Eptopic pregnancy
    Can a regular pregnancy test from the store detect an eptopic pregnancy the same as it would a normal pregnancy.
    2 Health 31
  31. How long does heroin stay in system
    How long is herion detected by piss testing
    3 Health 157
  32. Funniest Movie Ever!
    What is the funniest movie you've ever seen??? The funniest movie I've seen was Friday and Ace Ventura Pet Detective!
    7 Entertainment 46
  33. Why does my laptop say my cd drive is empty when it isn't?
    Help! it can't detect the contents in my disc.
    5 Technology 35
  34. I love the show Monk!!!
    I love the homoside detective mystery show, Monk!!! Does anyone else know about it and like it, too?
    3 Relationships 6
  35. How long does a body need to decompose to give off cadaverine?
    How long does a body need to decompose before it gives off cadaverine which is detectable by specialist sniffer dogs?
    2 Science 96
  36. Does anyone like to watch Forensic Files?
    Does anyone like to watch Farenzic Files? If so, do you all like to see the detectives solve cold cases?
    6 Entertainment 39
  37. my built in webcam isn't working
    My built in webcam isn't working on my laptop.. it just says no webcam detected! How can I make it work? Is there something to download online?
    5 Technology 438
  38. Aliens visting earth!!
    Just thinking,do you think aliens could have visted earth without been detected by satellites,eg because they got superior technology.
    12 Science 50
  39. tell me how
    can any body tell me how to detect weather I had one of the spy software or key guard logger is already in my computer or not. thank you
    2 Technology 10
  40. What home remedie exists to test for semen?
    If there were a solution that could be made at home to detect the presence of semen one could find out if there daughter were having sex.
    3 Sex 833
  41. Escape url in php?
    How would I detect the escape the url in php. eg. So that if somebody navigated to the word TEST would be echoed.
    3 Technology 58
  42. Does anyone like Law and Order?
    does any one love to watch law and order svu my favorite actor is maricka haritgay or detective olivia benson
    2 Entertainment 37
  43. How can I remove the trojan spycrush?
    i keep getting a system alert that says spy-ware was detected . when i click on it ,a spycrush ad appears. how do i remove it ?
    2 Technology 22
  44. What did you think of the movie; Shutter Island?
    I just watched the movie Shutter Island and I thought it was pretty good. But, I was really confused about the ending because I didn't know if he is actually a patient there or if he's a detective. What are you thoughts about the movie?
    4 Entertainment 61
  45. How to do breast examination on my girlfriend?
    My girlfriend just allowed me to feel her up but still no sex. Is there any good breast examination technique which I can make her feel good just with her breasts alone. It also can be useful to detect and prevent breast cancer.
    6 Sex 106
  46. I accidently removed my sound device, how can I get it back?
    I have a Asus Eee PC series laptop. It is a new kind of mini laptop and it doesn't have a cd or dvd drive. I accidently completly removed the sound from it. When I try to listen to anything it says no sound device detected. And same with my built in we...
    2 Technology 55
  47. How do you disguise the smell of smoke?
    Quite a few of my friends smoke and everytime I hug them or make contact with them, I end up smelling of smoke. I don't smoke and my parents would not approve of it if I did, but I'm always worried that I smell of smoke when I get in from school. How c...
    3 General 70
  48. Investigation and lie detectors.
    Why when the cops, fbi, detectives etc. Want to know if a suspect really killed a victem Why dont they just do a lie detector test & ask them if they killed someone ? I've always wondered about that... Isent it easier ?
    5 Politics 54
  49. Trying to get a passport, but my dads being a butt...
    I need to get a passport to go to Europe next year, but my mom an dad are divorced. My mom does not have primary care over me. I need him to sign the paper saying I can get a passport. I haven't talked to hime in almost a year and he won't call me b...
    7 Travel 10
  50. Good Indie or Rock Songs ?
    hey does anyone know any good indie/rock songs to download heres an example of what I like ; paramore bloc party madina lake any bands like that any good songs I also like the fratellies and the pigeon detectives thanks xoxox
    4 Music 21
  51. Why does itunes keep rejecting my Ipod Nano?
    just recently... my ipod has been getting rejected by my itunes... it says "An iPod has been detected, but it could not be identified properly. Please disconnect and reconnect your iPod, then try again." This is very recent... its bugging and gettin m...
    2 Music 137
  52. How soon should I test for pregnancy?
    I am was wondering if someone could tell me, how soon through a home pregncay test can a pregancy be detected? I did a test on oct 2 and it was negative. I have not had a period in 28 days and I am pretty regular on my cycles. I normally go anywhere be...
    2 Health 73
  53. kid from my school shot a girl from another school
    Ok so some kid from my school shot a girl from another school last sunday and now kids from that school are threatening to randomly shoot kids at my school so there are cops all over campus and all sorts of medal detecters and all sorts of crap. Do yo...
    7 Education 9
  54. Passing tests
    I have a drug test that gets sent out to a lab to get tested.. I was smokking weed, I ahvent in about a week but was smoking for like a month maybe longer.. I have to take my test in 5 days.. What can I do?! I heard that labs can detect the drinks ...
    4 Health 905
  55. When in Australia, can pirated copies of Windows 7 be tracked?
    I live in Australia and my stepdad who lives in Asia recently bought me a computer for my birthday but it's a pirated version of Windows 7 installed. My dad tells me that the Windows.. people (?) will be able to detect it and I may get in trouble. Anyw...
    3 Technology 45
  56. how to block websites with safari?
    We have AVG, which detects tracking cookies. We have TONS. I blocked all of the websites they come from on Firefox, but I mainly use safari. I've been all through the Preferences and can't figure out how to block a website. I read somewhere that had to...
    2 Technology 26
  57. How to get rid of Antivirus 2009!
    Why every time I open my browser, the Antivirus 2009 always appear on the second tab and order me that it is recommended to install their software for the reason that my pc is infected with malicious program, then they they automatically scanned my pc...
    7 Technology 129
  58. I need help with my Micro Innovations Webcam
    I need help geting my new webcam to work I've tried installing it and I fallowed all the instructions givin but it still says that my computer can't detect the camera how can I get this thing to work? I really want this to work I hate to see electronic...
    2 Technology 31
  59. Do I have to install a program to get sound on Windows XP? (read more)
    Well mainly some of you know I have Ubuntu Mint and Windows XP is just another boot-up, well I have no sound whatsoever. Yes I did check my settings can't seem to detect any sound or speakers hooked up. I do have sound as of now on Ubuntu, it'...
    2 Technology 48
  60. Your thoughts?
    I think I'll call this "your knife"... Past pain Is future gain The tears Caused fears You killed My will From the burn I learned To detect And protect The parts Of my heart You killed What I built Your pride Wasted my time My jo...
    3 Literature 6
  61. Texas woman forced to remove nipple ring
    In news I just came to know that a Texas woman, Mandi Hamlin who was forced to remove her artificially fixed nipple ring piercing through her nipple. It was detected by the metal detector before an check carried out on her by the security staff of the ...
    5 Travel 41
  62. Will a pap smear find a yeast infection or STD?
    K, well I know it was stupid. Of course. But, I had unprotected sex with this guy, and this morning I felt kinda itchy, and have a really odd and bad smelling discharge. I'm kinda worried. Any thoughts of what it could possible be? Yeast infection m...
    3 Sex 63
  63. Why hasn't this been invented?
    I heard that when something is plugged into the wall and turned off, it still uses up electricity. Why isn't there something that detects when the device is off and 'unplugs' it from the outlet, or shuts off power to that specific outlet? Would it be t...
    4 General 11
  64. How long until I should take another pregnancy test?
    I've been having a lot of pregnancy symptoms, but got a negative at home pregnancy test yesterday. Im not sure if I tested too early, because my period isn't due for about another 4 or 5 days. (I used one that is supposed to detect pregnancy before you...
    2 Health 78
  65. Why the white pupil in photo help!?
    I was looking at some pics taken of me last night and in one I noticed the white eye effect that people talk about. Basically my left pupil was white. I am 21 and have never noticed this in any other pics of me. I have heard it can be a detection of e...
    2 Health 27
  66. What are symptoms of appendicitis?
    Well. I have been agonizing if I might have just begun a journey to apendicitis. I went to the ER on Wednesday because the family doctor says it shouldn't wait. They did blood and urine tests and nothing came up. No pregnancy no apendicitis that th...
    3 Health 49
  67. How do I get rid of spyware?
    I've tried Spyware Terminator and Spybot.. (Terminator didn't work, so I tried Spybot) They detected Trojan(virus, not condom) and a few other things. I clicked remove, and it did, but my computer still acts up. Usually when I click on any link, it r...
    3 Technology 35
  68. Could the test be wrong?
    I was due on my period 2 days ago I feared I might be pregnant so I went for a pregnancy test yesterday. The test was negative but the doctor said that I sould wait another week and take the test again if my period doesn't come as it might simply be 2 ...
    2 Sex 14
  69. Need to get marijuana out of system completely and FAST!!!
    I just got interviewed for a desk job at a Medical Facility that Drug Tests in their own lab. I really want the job!! I am an everyday weed smoker usually 1-4 bowls a day depending on how bomb it is. If I don't have to test for another week or so, and ...
    7 Health 164
  70. Possibility of being pregnant?
    I've missed my period for three weeks now-nipples are tender-smell od certain foods make me want to throw up- and I get nauseous in the mornings. I've taken multiple home tests-all negative. Went to the doctor for a blood test the first week- negative,...
    2 Health 16
  71. Odor in my vagina
    I went to the doctor 2 1/2 years ago .the person I was with said I gave him I went the doctor said neg. But I do have something, I argued with the doctor that I had something but he said no. Could it be because before I went for the appt. I p...
    2 Health 27
  72. Good anime suggestions?
    Hey! Can someone suggest some good anime series for someone who likes Naruto, Love Hina, and Detective Conan? Preferably something that can be found on YouTube...but if it's not, at least give me a FREE site...I don't really wanna pay to watch anime on...
    6 Entertainment 20
  73. What's wrong with my computer and how can I fix it?
    For the last 2 days my computer has been acting strange. on tuesday I started getting lost of pop ups, and I had never gotten pop ups before. then I bought an antivirus and it detected 6 problems with my computer. (I got norton internet security 2008) ...
    4 Technology 39
  74. Anti Virus Question
    Hiya Thanks to all who emailed me back on rebooting my laptop. what I done was restored back to a date that my laptop was going good and Ethmer ga\ve me some good advice on restoring my system and virus protection downloads for FREE...Can I just ask ...
    2 Technology 16
  75. How can I get pregnant if I have irregular periods?
    I am trying to concieve however. I have a very irregular period. My last menstrual period took place around July 29th sometime and I havent had one since...however my boyfriend and I recently tried performing sexual intercourse August 15th.( sorry to b...
    2 Sex 32
  76. I have a crazy landlord!!!
    My landlod goes in and out of my house almost once a week without asking for permission. The neighbors tell me they see him in there a lot and he says hes doing maintence work (which nothing needs to be done) and is in there for over hours at a time! R...
    6 Homegarden 41
  77. Is it to soon?
    Well, I was wondering is it to soon... my mom already has a doc planned appt.. But even though it hasnt been but three days can they detect??? I have asked another questions about this..but heres the story again Me & my boyfriend had unprotected s...
    16 Sex 43
  78. Who or what would be walking around bare footed in the middle of the night?
    About a month ago at around 10pm that night I thought I heard something make a growl outside my bedroom window. So when the morning came, I went outside to look around my window to see if I would notice anything. But when I did I all I could see was 3 ...
    3 General 16
  79. How to know if the rootkit is really gone from my system?
    I recetly got the (what I think was) the TDL3 rootkit/virus (a few random popups, CONSTANT redirecting from google links and computer lag) and avg never even noticed that the computer was infected. My dad usedthe CD that came with the computer to relo...
    2 Technology 86
  80. How to Become a Law Enforcement Officer?
    I'm not in it for the money, it's always been something I've wanted to do, and eventually become a detective for a PD. I am currently getting my GED [homeschooled], and will be getting a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice if all goes accordingly... I do s...
    2 Money 20
  81. Compaq and Hp's?
    Okay so my mom but an Hp officejet All-in-one printer/fax/scanner.. It was working kinda okay.. (it only printed). Then recently after my mom moved the computer and the all-in-one around. It put the all-in-one offline. when I put it back online it said...
    5 Technology 37
  82. What are the chances Im pregnant?
    I am over a month late for my perioud, juring that time I had un-protected sex twice with my steady boyfriend. Last week on sunday, I took a First Response pregnancy test (one that detects the pregnancy hormone a week before your expected period) and ...
    2 Sex 122
  83. How to get wifi password ?
    My room mate and I share the cost for our internet He set up the internet for me. I don't know much about computer programmig, so I let him handle all of that. He use a laptop, which has this security password to be able to access the internet. ...
    6 Technology 22
  84. Pregnant or late time of the month?
    Me and my boyfriend had un-protected sex once not even about a week after my last menstration. I knew this wasn't right, and a few times after that he had himself inserted into me. But not for long. It can barly be called sex. I hasd my last menstratio...
    3 Sex 120
  85. how can I prove that someone is 100% NOT addicted?
    Hello, Im 18 and parents HATE my also 18 year old boyfriend because they found out that he used to smoke marijuana a few years ago. Although he has never been addicted and is DEFINITELY NOT addicted now my parents are absolutely convinced that he is a...
    8 Health 87
  86. my cat came in the house 2 days ago .
    she has been missing for 3 days from before she meowed and barley moved . just laid down . i checked her weight and noticed shes down about 2 kilo's she was near 5 her bones are showing and she seemed unable to move she is drinking water but not...
    5 Pets 13
  87. How can you tell a complete stranger your whole story so you can heal?
    I've recently have been having trouble with being open about what has happened to me. Ive been taking theraphy for close to two years now & i kinda need a way to simply move on. Every week i sit down & talk about what troubles me, but what seems to be...
    5 Health 33
  88. I DO have sleeping problems, mom!
    Sleep Test Results This test may help you recognize and detect symptoms of sleep disorders. The test is intended as a general source of educational information and does not contain medical advice. It should not be used for diagnosis or treatment. Gett...
    3 Health 42
  89. Have we all died and gone to hell?
    Well... apparantly... hell is the "absense of God"... How can there be a god... when there are so many bad things going on in the world... everything is kind of falling apart... theres disease, crime, murder, natural disasters, terrorism, recessions...
    17 Religion 60
  90. How can I control my wild daughter?
    Yikes! My 15-year old daughter is totally wild. This kid is fearless! She refuses to go to school (does it online now), totally refuses to help around the house and when she does, it's as minimal as possible, refuses curfew, stays gone for days at a...
    20 Babies 125
  91. Possibly pregnant (please help)?
    Hi girls, (and well guys too) this has been really racking my brain the past week, over whether or not I may be pregnant. I suppose details would be best, so.. here I go. *Between January 1st and January 6th I had sexual intercourse with a guy, I a...
    2 Sex 188
  92. Things You Wouldn't Know Without Movies
    If you can think of some more, post them :). Things You Wouldn't Know Without Movies: -Television news bulletins usually contain a story that affects you personally at that precise moment you turn the television on. -It is always possible to p...
    3 General 32
  93. Should I condone my son's behavior?
    When my son was in junior high he always had trouble with grades. He also recieved occasional referals, for minor things like tardys. He was never a very bad kid, he just didnt concentrate. He only had a small group of friends and he barely talked at a...
    9 Babies 66
  94. What is happening to me?
    The fact is that my problem is a little more complicated. In the end, even though I somehow realize there might not be any problem I am still not sure and continue to search for answears. I think (but don't know for sure) that I suffer of obsessive com...
    3 Health 14
  95. How different people have sex,
    How they have sex, think of more? Post it:) Accountants are good with figures. Actors do it on cue. Advertisers use the "new, improved" method. Ambulance drivers come quicker. Ansi does it in the standard way Archeologists like it old...
    6 Sex 42