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  1. How to strip and repainting a desk?
    How to strip and repainting a desk?
    2 Homegarden 53
  2. why is a Raven like a writing desk?
    13 Entertainment 102
  3. How many of you have an IP phone on your desk at the office?
    2 Technology 11
  4. How do I get my desk top icons to normal size?
    How do I get my desk top icons to normal size?
    2 Technology 84
  5. My desk is so messy!
    What should I do!!! My mom is nagging me to clean it! But it is so messy, I barely even know the color of it!
    7 Homegarden 22
  6. How can determination make you a good candidate for a help desk support job?
    3 Money 47
  7. how do i put all my icons back to my desk top?
    some how I deleted accidently,not familiar with computer thanks
    3 Technology 102
  8. Hi, I'm working as a service desk engineer and I'm from India, is there any way I could get a job in USA or UK?
    I want to get a job as a service desk engineer or any other job relevant to it in USA or UK, is there any way?
    3 Money 10
  9. How come, on average, in every grade I've been in girls have always had better handwriting, neat notebooks, better drawings and cleaner desks and lockers than boys?
    9 General 42
  10. How do you ensure you don't spill coffee on your desk?
    Seemingly, every three weeks or so, I have an accident and spill coffee all over my desk, or keyboard...which is a big problem (it's a bit gross...). Thing is, I'm addicted, so how do I prevent spilling coffee when I am trying to work?
    11 Food 220
  11. Would having one facial piercing (eyebrow) cloud my chances of finding a desk job, in general?
    I want to find an office job, secretary or something similar. I know every company is different, but I wanted to know in general because I was planning on getting an eyebrow piercing.
    10 Money 14
  12. Do you think it is right for a teacher to duct tape a student to his desk....?
    When I was elementary school, there was a boy who wouldn't stay in his seat and do his work. The boy was only about 6 years old. The teacher placed the boy in his seat, got some duct tape, and taped his seat to his desk, trapping him. The duct tape was...
    19 Education 29
  13. What do I wear to an interview for Front Desk at a Museum?
    I'm extremely nervous haha. Some people tell me just wear black pants and a nice shirt... but I don't think that's enough. I have one blouse but it's short sleeve and it's freezing here! I have this work-like looking dress but it looks really 'profes...
    4 Money 61
  14. Computer is locked
    How do I unlock my computer desk top if frogot the password?
    2 Technology 14
  15. Is this cheating on a test?
    Is it cheating if...: You've found a really helpful set of notes, and you memorize them, and right before the test you right them down on the desk? So for instance: A+b=c. Would it be cheating if I wrote that down on my desk?
    12 Education 269
  16. White bedroom furniture
    I really want white bedroom furniture: full bed, nightstand, tv stand, dresser, armoir (possibly), desk, and desk chair. I absolutely have to have white, but all I can find is kids! I dont want like an old person white furniture set, but I dont wand a...
    6 Homegarden 20
  17. How much would be a reasonable price to sell a loft bed for?
    including the futon, desk chair and futon mattress.
    6 Money 14
  18. What could I use under my wireless mouse to make it work?
    I have a wireless mouse, and it works on most surfaces. However, my desk has recently been painted, and now it will not work. :/ I currently have a thin piece of paper taped to the desk that it works on, lol.. but it is tearing and is definitely not a ...
    9 Technology 20
  19. Problem playing my laptop on my tv
    I have windows vista basic and I connect to my tv. Then the desk top shows up on my tv, but then it just keeps flashing on and off. Both on the tv and the laptop.
    2 Technology 11
  20. why does she run when she sees me?
    There is a girl in my office whom i like very much.I think she knows this when because when she passes through my desk i just look at her .But the problem is when is when she comes in the hallway she walks in a normal phase and when she comes near my d...
    3 Relationships 50
  21. Can I file a complaint if I believe the cable technician stole something from me?
    I have searched my room from top to bottom for my phone's USB cord that hooks it up to my laptop, but I can't find it anywhere. The only possibility is, the cable company Charter in Victorville's technician stole it from my desk because it never leaves...
    4 Politics 50
  22. how to make my room look like my sis?
    my sister's room is so kool looking she has a desk and her dresser looks so kool and i'm so jelluse is there anything i can do. and her room is so much bigger i want her room
    7 Homegarden 11
  23. can my flatscreen monitor die if my cat lays in front of it?
    I was told if my cat lays in front of my monitor it could kill it because of the hair flying and that she sheds. Is there a way to keep her off the desk?
    2 Technology 37
  24. She went through my room
    When I came home I saw my stuff unpacked and my computer desk all trashed,I wasn't hiding anything,why would my mom do this and what should I do about it? Yes it did tick me off.
    5 Family 44
  25. How can I stop my laptop from getting hot?
    whenever i use it, the bottom gets REALLY hot, and starts making a humming noise. Even if i have it on a desk for ten minutes this happens.
    7 Technology 35
  26. Do you sit or stand to work at your computer?
    I've sat at my computer for 30 years - until 2 weeks ago when I read that standing at a computer, especially for those who spend (too) many hours a week in front of the screen, can be both healthier and more productive. For example, it is easier to tak...
    9 Money 36
  27. Why do I lose so much hair in just one day?
    I loose hair when I shower, when I brush or comb, during the day ill find hairs on my shirt or car, when i'm on the computer now theres hairs on my desk! Why? Is this unhealthy?
    5 Style 10
  28. Funny moments!
    Ok so I was in my vet study class and my friend was next to me. He was in a deep sleep because we were watchin a movie. He has his hand on the desk and his head on top of his hands. Well I look over at him and he is in a DEEP sleep. He randomly moves h...
    3 General 30
  29. Why do I jump when I sleep?
    I am in high school, and since school started, I've been sleeping in school a lot, perhaps I did not get enough sleep. I rarely slept back in middle school. Usually, when I get so tired or sleepy at school in the classrooms, I would put my head down on...
    2 Health 75
  30. whats up with my computer.?
    I can be right in the middle of doing something or looking at something online and the next thing you know my web page shuts down and im off line and right back to my desk top...then I have to click on the Internet again...
    5 Technology 47
  31. How do I create a workspace in a small room?
    Okay. So I have a small room and on one wall, is my bed, an across is a window so I can't put anything there. On the wall the Edge of my bed is facing, there is a bookshelf, and on the wall with a window, there is my desk, then the window, then next to...
    3 Homegarden 38
  32. Ex has serious staring problems
    Ok my ex is getting really really annoying hes being an jerk to me and he keeps making excuses 4 why he needs 2 tlk 2 me. Im trying 2 ignore him and every day when I walk by him and his girlfriend, with my boyfriend he stares the whole time and he will...
    4 Relationships 40
  33. Tired and I dont know why :(
    I'm always so tired half way through school, and I have no idea why! Some lessons I just rest my head on the desk and do nothing, because I feel so bad. Any reasons as to why I feel exhausted half way through the school day? Thank you x
    2 Health 15
  34. Can I go to the doctor and get a pill that will help me sleep without a doctor's prescription?
    If so what would it be called? And can I get it off the shelf from there or would I have to go up to the big desk? C: Information you may need to know is that I am 15 and I live in sa.
    11 Health 25
  35. What are some childhood habits that you brought to your teenage/adult life?
    For me personally, I still sleep with my teddy. Also as a child I would bring my pillow around, I still do that when I go to watch tv on the couch, or sit at my desk.
    23 Babies 20
  36. Teen bedroom!!!s.o.s
    Ok so I have a middle sized bedroom. I have a desk ,mirror,chest of drawers ,a locker ,shelf, closet and double bed but I have no idea how to put everything to make my room look bigger.
    2 Homegarden 44
  37. Where is your family from?
    I was sitting at my desk and I suddenly just got an idea of what to ask. For everyone that sees this question, What is your backround, meaning where is your family from For me, im half black and chinese. my father's family is from Bermuda Island an...
    8 Family 35
  38. What should I do to make sure they don't find out?
    So I was in town today, and I stopped by my mom's office... I asked for a dog for christmas and they said no... I saw a shake a paw flier on her desk. She didnt notice I saw it but what should I do to make sure they dont find out that I have and idea o...
    6 Pets 15
  39. How to tan indoors?
    is it possible for me to tan without any lotion with the big bright desk lamp I have without using any tanning lotions.I have things like baby oil and regular lotion and I need help.oh yeah and I have very fair pale skin.
    9 Style 46
  40. Something under my nail and it hurts.
    Okay I was on the phone with my friend, and I was scratching this thing off my desk...and I bite my nails a lot, and when I scratched it I think it went under my nail...I"m not sure...but in one certain spot it's red...I don't what to doesn't h...
    2 Health 227
  41. Should I?
    I met this guy on the first day of school. It was in my first hour class and I had started to flirt with him when the five minute bell rang. He went to the teacher desk and started taking role. I turns out he's the teacher! Ever since that day, I j...
    3 Relationships 14
  42. When sitting in your room working or just lazing about, how many things do you have plugged in and turned on?
    I have figured out that I have about 12 things. two amps. sound desk. laptop. soldering iron. de-soldering iron. two lamps. printer. my phone. modem. wireless router.
    11 Technology 16
  43. Can laptops cause cancer?
    So my mom just heard about the facts that cell phones can cause testicular cancer. She now thinks that laptop can cause that also! So can you tell me if it is possiable if a laptop, that have been used for maybe 10 years or so, can cause cancer? If the...
    2 Health 67
  44. Why do I drool randomly?
    I never used to drool like this... When im just out of it or thinking deeply I drool. But then when I say stuff I end up spitting on the person I talk to its sooo embarassing. Also when im out of it and im thinking of a hot guy or someone I seriously ...
    4 Health 394
  45. How can I tidy a big, messy, overloaded room?
    I NEED to tidy my room tomorrow. But its soo big and messy. Theres toys and clothes all over the place, underneath my bed, around my wardrobe, by my chest of drawers. Then theres a pile up of school books and stupid unecessary papers (I always think I ...
    3 Homegarden 40
    3 Homegarden 245
  47. my crush.
    my crush [we'll call him Thomas] and me are good friends. not like BEST friends. but we're good friends. I really like him and I'm not sure if he likes me too. can anyone tell me what this means: 1. he grabs me in the hall at school. and like hugs m...
    4 Relationships 24
  48. Did I overreact?
    ok today I was in class and I tossed a paper to the trash and I didnt make it and this kid that sits next to me which is a senior by the way goes to sharpen his pencil which was right by the trsh can I asked him please would he pick it up and he said n...
    3 Relationships 38
  49. What do I have to take in community college if I want to be a secretary?
    I want to work somewhere like a hospital, clinic, or anywhere that has a front desk or office. I want to do paper work, file papers, answer phones, enter data on computers, etc... So, what would I need to get a job like that.
    8 Education 61
  50. Was the cell phone number a 'hint'?
    So, I was working today. I answer all the calls that come in at the front desk. THEN there's this guy, man I should say. He's thirty one, and I'm absolutely in love with him. We've been talking a lot more than usual lately, in a flirty kind of way I gu...
    3 Relationships 14
  51. What does he mean by putting his hand there?
    today my boyfriend, put his hand between my legs, close to my vagina. What does he mean when he does that? He's also grabbed my boob because he was sitting in a desk at school, and I was sitting with my back torwards him, and I was laying on him, so he...
    2 Relationships 2128
  52. Was the action 'over the top' ?
    DANBURY, Conn. (AP) — Danbury officials have been notified they are being sued by a student who was awakened in class by a teacher who made a loud noise. Documents filed with the Town Clerk, a prelude to a lawsuit, claim that a sleeping student suffere...
    10 Education 22
  53. Are we even supposed to act out like this?
    KK, me and my class really like school, not for learning... the friends part. My whole class laughs at each other and at the teachers for being sucky! We swear, we fight, we talk a lot, we talk back, some people draw d*icks on their desks...are we goi...
    10 Education 23
  54. Whats this plastic triangle folder called?
    Ok, I've been looking for this thing to put like folders, or papers in. its plastic, and shaped like a triangle. You usually put it on a desk, or shelf and it can hold more than one folder at a time. Anyway, I dont know what they are called. Im sure y...
    3 General 61
  55. Parents!!!
    So my arents were going through my shìt when I was at school and they found some pills in my desk. They think it's drugs but I swear to god it cold medicine. Urrgh I tried explaining it but they don't believe me I've never done anything before. Urr...
    4 Family 14
  56. what's a good fun way to annoy your bus driver?
    This is one question that should be fun to answer. But my bus driver suspended me and all my friends from the bus for a week because I said "I hit my elbow on my desk to day ands it hurt like b*tch!" and I said that rite after I got off the bus! Ha ca...
    5 Entertainment 207
  57. Omg lol! Saw My Crush Todaay
    I was in Primark and I was paying at the desk, And I looked behind me and my crush walked past,, I didnt think he saw me so I ducked down, Then he walked next to me so I looked away. As soon as I payed I ran out of the shop he was shouting my name,...
    2 Relationships 38
  58. How many calories in a day do we burn?
    How many cals in a day does it take to just sit at my desk and go home not do much activity? And how many cals should I eat to lose weight if I start going to the gym and burn 500-600 cals every other day? I am 5'2 and I weigh 256 lb's I of course have...
    2 Nutritionfitness 126
  59. Holiday advice
    Hello there I am just wondering which is cheaper: Buying a last minute holiday ALL INCLUSIVE OR Buying a last minute holiday either self catering or half board and then upgrade to ALL INCLUSIVE at the hotel desk upon arrival All advice welc...
    4 Travel 11
  60. Need to lose this weight by Halloween
    I'm 23 years old and since I began working a desk job I've gained about 20-25 pounds... I need to loose about 10-15 pounds and tone up because I'm wearing a skimpy outfit for halloween and I want to fit back into my clothes...please please please help...
    4 Nutritionfitness 24
  61. What could this be a symptom of: pain in my neck, right shoulder and arm, slight dizziness?
    Im sitting at the reception desk in my work just now and when i bent down to get a basketball, i got a pain in my neck, when i sat up the pain continued down into my right shoulder and arm. Also when i sat up i experienced slight dizziness too. I've ...
    3 Health 24
  62. Why do I feel I'm being watched by something?
    I seriously don't know where this cam from or how this happened but whenever I'm online or watching tv from my desk,I always feel that I'm being watched,here are 2 examples: 1.Before I got in the shower earlier,I glanced at the door like if I was ju...
    2 General 46
  63. How to re-arrange small bedroom???
    My 10 year old daughter wants to re-arrange her 8X8 bedroom so she can get a desk, However she has a 6' 5" twin bed, 2' bookcase, and a 3' 9"dresser. She wants to make her room seem larger and much more roomy. She only has 3 useable walls 1@ 10' an...
    2 Homegarden 98
  64. Why is my hair changing colors?
    I have blonde hair. Not too light, but not very dark. Like a dirty blonde. But lately I've noticed a lot of brown strands of hair, or half blonde half brown strands of hair... Its bothering me. I dont think ill look good with brown hair, and im ugly e...
    3 Style 29
  65. Don't bring my girlfriend into it
    During 1st period today and yesterday the kid that sits in front of me tries so hard to get me mad,and has worked but I never show it. Today I tried so hard not to snap on him but every time he brang my girlfriend into his insults I wind up kicking his...
    2 Relationships 34
  66. Adoption!
    Okay so I was at the SPCA of Wake County playing with a dog that had just woke up~we had been waiting 4 it 2 wake up 4 2 hours. I was already to call my Dad get the adoption form and fill it in when a lady who had been looking for the exact same breed ...
    3 Pets 17
  67. How can I stay awake without medication?
    Oky so in class im always so bored especially in history, but I do good in that class but latly I've been falling asleep and I cant help it, I get sleep about 8 or 9 hours it depends but I still fall asleep, and I cant have anything on my desk while he...
    4 Education 52
  68. I almost got in a fight during 3rd period
    During 3rd period at school today,I was talking to my teacher about some extra credit work and as soon as I turned around,the kid that sat behind me took my sunglasses,as soon as I saw that,I bolted over to my desk and got in his face about it,he kept ...
    2 Education 39
  69. Still having a guy problem..
    Me and my boyfriend broke up like a week ago and I really really like him..but we kinda ended with a bang!. We got into an arguement about one of our friends because the friend was mad at my boyfriend and then he got mad at me. So I told my boyfriend y...
    2 Relationships 12
  70. Is it normal to react like this when woken up?
    I was sleeping in class one day you will probably think im gay or some crap but I was in ROTC class and we were learning how to command your squad and some stuff.. and I fell asleep and I was dreaming of some war episode of WW2 and all of a sudden my S...
    4 Education 9
  71. What are some little subtle ways to see if a boy likes a girl?
    Because I like a boy & my friends have seen him look at me alot & in Spanish today he did twice once wn I walkd 2 my teachers desk infrnt uv the class & wn I wlkd bak & I looked @ him he turnd his head rly quick & once he looked straight @ me wn I was ...
    4 Relationships 22
  72. Do you think this is funny
    ok I have this really mean, serious, science teacher. Everyone is afraid of getting in trouble with him. Im the only on who is not. I have done many things to him. I have: 1) messed up his rubix cube. it always sits there nice and perfect on his d...
    10 Education 34
  73. Need to get marijuana out of system completely and FAST!!!
    I just got interviewed for a desk job at a Medical Facility that Drug Tests in their own lab. I really want the job!! I am an everyday weed smoker usually 1-4 bowls a day depending on how bomb it is. If I don't have to test for another week or so, and ...
    7 Health 164
  74. Who can I sell my cartoon drawlings to?
    I like to draw, add sometimes I wish I could do more then just hang them on the wall or throw them on the desk, why let your talent go to waste right? Right!!! I have a five month old daughter that I stay at home with all day, and I plan on staying wit...
    3 Babies 49
  75. Elbow problem?
    well, I'm not positively sure what's wrong with my elbow. I'm a swimmer so I use my elbow a lot. pretty sure it's not from a blunt injury of some type. if I'm leaning on my hand, with my elbow on a desk (like at the computer) sometimes my elbow will lo...
    2 Health 18
  76. My digital camera wont turn on and it gets really hot.
    Yesterday I was about to upload pictures and I noticed my battery was almost dead, but I want too worried because uploading pictures takes like five seconds. I turned it off and unplugged it when I was done, then tried turning it on again a little late...
    3 Technology 102
  77. What; Is it legall to move out at 16?
    I hate living at home, We always fight and I just wanna live by melself, I hve worked it out that when I am 16 I should b Legally able to move out find myself a nice house, chep rent, hopefull, and use the stuff I've got in my room such as tv,computer...
    5 Family 19
  78. How do I stop my vagina from smelling like rotten fish?
    For some reason, day after day, week after week, I am noticing that my vagina is starting to get smellier and smellier, to the point where I can not even stand it myself anymore. The stink is now permeating my panties, ruining the air quality around my...
    2 Health 489
  79. Who is bored and wants to answer this servey?
    Perfect Partner! *Servey* How tall should they be? What should they weigh? What hair color should they have? What kind of personality should they have? Older or younger? Serious or carefree? Spontainous or hesitant? Brutally honest or ti...
    4 General 35
  80. How do I politely ask my aunt to keep up with the house after I'm done cleaning it?
    I don't mind cleaning the house, I mean hey, she's helping me go to collage(more like she helped me get finiancial aid, but there's still the cost of food & the extra electric I suppose), however I told her I would pay her back, & it's beyond filthy al...
    6 General 45
  81. What do you think of this?
    pens write with ink no. no that's not right. Not now that I think about it. Pens write with blood or gray matter or spit That is incarnated into ink it's transubstantiation, silly I dropped my bottle The ink spreads not so slowly Over this...
    8 General 19
  82. What if it's the last year in school together?
    Well...theres a guy I really like, and have been liking for 3 years now.last year, was major crush year!but there was another girl...he was all over her and totally ignored me when he knew how much I liked him!now that girls gone to middle school, and ...
    2 Relationships 17
  83. Would you talk to the girl you liked?
    So I've liked this guy all year. I've heard from multiple people that he likes me too. We have had the same class together all year, but he won't speak to me. Even if I say something to him he will give a short answer, but he won't look at me. He's had...
    3 Relationships 7
  84. Computers are greek to me-HELP!!!
    I have a Dell with windows XP Pro service pack three,Pentium 4cpu,1.70GHz 1.69 GHz 256 MGB Ram and a little window keeps coming up that says I'm low on virtual memory-What is it and how do I get rid of it it is a pain in the butt, The computer runs slo...
    4 Technology 44
  85. tapeworm in my dog
    my dog has tapeworm. he has been on frontline & interceptor since he was a pup. I guess somehow he ingested a flea & got tapeworm. Anyway. his poop was tested at vet & they started him on drontol plus (spelling?) one pill that day, the second pill ...
    5 Pets 122
  86. Fun quiz! takin this survey! I did...and it was very fun... A- my air conditioner is set on: its winter! B- my bedroom theme is: colors! C- the car in the driveway is: a blue ford taures and a white mustang D- my desk looks: a mess :] E- the exact...
    5 General 31
  87. How to study Accounting?
    Can anyone tell me whats the best way to study Accounting Principles.Please I need specific answers,I am the type who can sit in front of a desk for 5 hours straight.I can't study with noise not even when people whisper.I use lots of colours.I CANNOT r...
    7 Education 63
  88. Is this a sign of OCD?
    Every cup I drink out I have to clean first incase of germs or whatever and same goes for knifes,forks,spoons. I like things to line up straight. I count things like I start tapping on the desk or something and then I will have a bad thought and ...
    2 Health 19
  89. Could this be ushers syndrome?
    ok recently before school was out I had a "hearing episode"... I lost my hearing for about an hour. it was like all I could hear was mumbleing and parts of words... it was real embarrassing because I told my teacher abt it but I can read lips... so she...
    2 Health 13
  90. How to deal with an ex friend??
    I have an ex friend. We got super close and then "something" happened. Long story short, we like silently hate each other. We don't speak. We don't say hi. We don't make eye contact. NOTHING. Not gonna lie, I pretty much hate her. I've never hated some...
    5 Relationships 52
  91. Two girls go figure
    Question I am asking after you read the story is why would sandy (a chunky girl ) tell mary (a thin girl who is always told by strangers, relatives, friends she is thin/skinny, looks like a size 4) that sandy thinks mary is average and size 8, then p...
    3 Style 37
  92. My secrets survey
    1 What's in your wallet? 2 What's under your bed? 3What's on that way top shelf or in the very far back of your closet? 4What's in your underware drawer? 5What's in the trunk of your car? 6What's in your desk or locker? 7D...
    7 General 46
  93. How can I train my cat?
    We have had our cats (one male, one female) for about 16 months, and have been actively training them to stay off the counters, couch, computer desk, table, fridge, stove (especially when hot) but the male just isn't getting it. The female very rarely ...
    16 Pets 36
  94. Why does my stomach burn and make noises and how do I stop it?
    Umm, im not very good at explaining things, but ill try my best...kay, well, about 3 weeks ago at school i was in math class, which is after lunch. (btw im 12 im in 7th grade) and i was sitting in the back with my friend and all of a sudden my stomach ...
    6 Health 138
  95. A Dream I Had if your lazy don't read its long...
    I don't never really wake up dis early but I had dream that 2 teen boys was argueing next door then one of them got shot and my window was half open and I was scared to close it so I told my mom too and the boy that got shot got up and was talkn about ...
    4 Relationships 18
  96. Why, in class, does she keep looking at me but never talks to me?
    im a freshmen in highschool. well in class, we sit a couple desks apart but we can see each other if we look. so I kinda like this girl but I don't know if she likes me. in all the classes we have together, whenever something funny or wierd happens in ...
    2 Relationships 464
  97. What to do when a roommate is disrepecting your belongings?
    Ok so I'm a freshman in college and I live with two other roommates, with three weeks remaining in the semester. We pretty much have nothing in common but I do try to make conversations with them. One of the roommates I have gotten to get along with mo...
    5 Education 12
  98. Can a guy really like you, but never talk to you?
    There is this guy that I like. I've been told he likes me too, but I'm not convinced. We are both really shy. He stares at me a lot & when I see him he looks away really fast & pretends to be doing something else. When we pass each other in the hallway...
    3 Relationships 569
  99. Is it wrong that I'm upset?
    Sorry so long, please.. please read. Well, I was with my boyfriend tonight, who is going to be leaving for a while. Of course I was very excited to see him and I got a dolled up and everything. Long story short, we had just started making love and h...
    5 Relationships 11
  100. Did I push myself too far?
    Ok the past 3 days I have been joggineg, Monday I jogged for 20 mins, tuesday I jogged for 35mins, and today I jogged for 15. And I excercise before, and I walk for about 5 minutes to get warmed up. Then when I'm almost home I walk the rest of the w...
    4 Nutritionfitness 39
  101. I want to stop my period! HELP!
    I CAN"T TAKE IT!! I'm fourteen, I've had been regular for two years now, I hate planning my life around my period! So I want to say SCREW calanders and canceling on my friends and my work, plus being misrible at school is a nightmare! cause it's soo ...
    8 Sex 71
  102. My mum just wont accept that my problem needs medication
    So.. I have moderate insomnia and moderate depression... they create a vicious cycle... but I have medication... wich cant really be called extreme.. I only take andaxine and stilnox.. and ONLY whe im going to sleep... I take two adndaxines 1 hours B...
    6 Family 34
  103. What should I do about my crush on him?
    I've had a huge crush on this guy since last year. It's the biggest crush I've ever had on someone that wasn't a celebrity or something like that. We were in a class last year and he would do a lot of things that led me to believe that he liked me. He ...
    2 Relationships 63
  104. Why are my friend's parents acting like this?
    Alright well, I'm here typing, because I can't figure out why my friends parents are wound up so tight! There is this girl, one of my good friends, the same I won't say. She has this awesome pool in her backyard that a lot of people in our neighborhood...
    5 Family 16
  105. What should my aim screenname be?
    I'm going to make a screenname on AIM, but I don't know what to make it. This is what I wrote about myself on my profile: "I'm 14 years old! Yay me! I love to read and write (mostly poems). I love love LOVE music , my mp3 player is like my bes...
    3 Technology 63
  106. How do I know if my crush likes me back?
    So there's a guy at school who I really like, for this I'll refer to him as N. I can't tell if he likes me back tho. He's in 3 of my classes (I'm a freshmen in highschool). In one he sits near me (it's sciecne class so it's the lab tables instead of re...
    22 Relationships 409
  107. How, I'm falling 4 my best guy friend???
    Ok, so I have a friend named Bryant. We've been friends since last year and now we hang a lot. He's on my team and in my homeroom. I always thought of him just as a friend, but lately...We kinda flirt a bit but nothing major. I always thought that he l...
    2 Relationships 39
  108. Why am I falling for my best guy friend(redo)??? pls ans?
    Ok, so I have a friend named Bryant. We've been friends since last year and now we hang a lot. He's on my team and in my homeroom. I always thought of him just as a friend, but lately...We kinda flirt a bit but nothing major. I always thought that he l...
    2 Relationships 28
  109. I'm addicted to punching stuff and yelling at people when pissed?
    Let's see...when I was 8, I threw a textbook across the classroom bc a pencil fell off my desk and rolled out of reach. When I was 9, I threw a photo album across the room because of bad report card. It tore in two. when I was 11, a friend got a ...
    6 Health 130
  110. Is my boyfriend obsessive?
    Me and boyfriend have been together for a year and nearly two months, I've always felt like a fool for thinking about him and just him all of this time and thought im needy and clingy, until we started arguin 3-4 times a week. Me and my boyfriend hav...
    4 Relationships 137
  111. How can ex-offenders get employed?
    I have 3 degrees and was a financial advisor for 12 years. It was 2002 when the reality of my sister's tragic death and fathers passing of a heart attack hit me. I incurred several surgeries from a fall to repair a damaged shoulder, was under sedation ...
    5 Money 44
  112. How do I deal with my mum?
    I love her but I really don't like her sometimes! She makes it really difficult to live in the same house as her. Ill do a list iutll be easier :) I know im going to sound really really selfish but it really is starting to get me down 1) she calls me...
    6 Family 36
  113. Confessions Servey
    What did you last cry over?: I honestly don't remember. What's the last mistake you made?: Uhh, in art class I painted something the wrong color. Who was the last person you said I love you to?: Sandi(my mom) because I don't want her to be mad at me ...
    4 Sex 29
  114. Should I continue writing my novel?
    I'm not really sure if this is good, so could someone please read it and tell me if I should continue writing? Thanks! :) Don't Open this until your ready, Alexa. Those seven words were written in sharpie across my sister's leather bound diar...
    5 Literature 36
  115. need clarification do I like him?
    I'm married to my husband for almost 6 years. I just had a baby 4 months ago and just started a new job after moving in August, 400 miles from our old hometown. Life has always been tough, at least for me. I'm the only one who works to support t...
    3 Relationships 38
  116. Does my shy crush like me back?
    I'll try to keep this simple because I could end up typing to much without a point. Thanks for reading and I hope someone replies :D Well I'm 17 and in grade 12. So I like a guy in my one of my classes, he sits next to me(because of a setting plan ...
    4 Relationships 122
    Untitled `Page 1 Chapter One, Defiance “I don’t want to go to some stupid private school. I was happy where I was! Why can’t you ever just leave me alone?” I pleaded. I could tell by the expression on Paul, my uncles face, that no matter what I ...
    7 Literature 46
  118. The doctors are stumped! Any suggestions?
    I was a healthy 27 year old female until 2 months ago when I got three sessions of sclerotherapy injections (around 50-60 injections) per session. It could just be a coincidence, but I was healthy before this. I do have polycystic ovarian syndrome, hyp...
    11 Health 58
  119. Do I contact my ex-girlfriend that I miss so much??
    This may be a long story but I am in so much need of advice. I met my ex girlfriend 2 years ago, she joined my work place and when I first met her I didn't even batter an eyelid, I just said hi and had no thoughts or instant feelings regarding an inter...
    14 Sex 531