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  1. how to build confindence?
    what did you do to build confindence and how can I build confindence?
    6 Style 26
  2. what designs should I do on my nails?
    what designs should I do on my nails?
    2 Style 54
  3. Building inspector
    What does a building inspector do
    3 Money 22
  4. How can I design a cd?
    2 Music 28
  5. Which is the good modular building or traditional building technique ?
    2 Homegarden 24
  6. Tallest building in the world?
    What is the tallest building in the world?
    4 General 13
  7. How to build a bench on a deck?
    How to build a bench on a deck?
    2 Homegarden 100
  8. How to get contractor lisence?
    How to get contractor lisence?
    2 Money 54
  9. How to build a hydroelectricity model?
    How to build a hydroelectricity model?
    2 General 62
  10. How to build a burm garden?
    How to build a burm garden?
    2 Homegarden 57
  11. How to build a chicken cope?
    How to build a chicken cope?
    3 Food 46
  12. How build vegetable stand?
    How build vegetable stand?
    2 General 82
  13. How to build a picnic pavilion?
    How to build a picnic pavilion?
    2 General 56
  14. What are your opinions on my shoe design?
    12 Style 15
  15. What is your favorite nail design(s)?
    7 Style 29
  16. where can i design a long sleeve shirt online, that allows me to design on the sleeves?
    3 Style 39
  17. What does graphic design consist of?
    2 Education 64
  18. What are the best schools to go to for Interior Design and Graphic Design?
    3 Education 12
  19. why is a building called a building
    why is a building called a building if its already built your not BUILDING it anymore... im gunna call them builts from now on!
    4 Homegarden 24
  20. Tatoo Designs that are really cool, how do I design original tatoos?
    What are some really cool tatoo ideas and how should I go about designing an original tatoo?
    3 Style 38
  21. Designer Labels
    Whats Your Fav Designer Label ?
    4 Style 22
  22. What's a good photo and graphic designer?
    What's a good photo and graphic designer?
    2 Technology 21
  23. How can I get fat to build muscle?
    How can I get fat to build muscle?
    4 Nutritionfitness 48
  24. How do I build up my self-a-steem?
    How do I build up my self-a-steem?
    3 Style 41
  25. What's the difference between a web designer and developer?
    What is the difference between web designer and web developer?
    6 Technology 85
  26. How to build a fireplace with cinder blocks?
    how to build with cinder blocks
    3 Homegarden 105
  27. How do women build bicep muscle?
    How do women build bicep muscle?
    2 Nutritionfitness 37
  28. How to build up small legs?
    I have small legs how do I build them up just a little?
    2 Nutritionfitness 78
  29. How do I get 'build a bearville' codes
    how to get codes for build a bearville
    3 Gaming 67
  30. Skate board designs
    What are some good skate board designs
    2 Sports 36
  31. how to build a 12'x12' pergalo
    how to build a 12'x12' pergalo
    2 Homegarden 56
  32. What are some muscle building foods?
    what foods should I eat to build muscle?
    4 Nutritionfitness 57
  33. How do I build a simple rope bridge?
    How do I build a simple rope bridge?
    3 Homegarden 209
  34. What helps build personality and character?
    What helps build personality and character?
    6 General 25
  35. Who came up with the Marine uniform design?
    3 Style 42
  36. is it fun being a game designer or maker?
    5 Money 13
  37. How to build a round pen for horses?
    2 Pets 48
  38. What are your first impressions of 'interior designer'?
    2 Education 26
  39. What are different designs you could do on your nails?
    12 Style 18
  40. How to build free standing stairs?
    2 Homegarden 94
  41. Why can I feel the pressure building up in my head?
    2 Health 35
  42. Who would genetically design their (designer)babies?why or why not?
    I have a paper do and I agree with creating designer babies but I need more pros
    6 Science 14
  43. How to build an electric generator?
    I want to build a small generator
    2 Science 37
  44. Web marketing and Designing
    Can you tell me How I start web marketing and designing ?
    5 Technology 51
  45. Website design
    Does anyone know how to personally design a website
    3 Technology 40
  46. What makes more money boat designing or car designing?
    I am an industrial designer, just graduated. I really love boat and car designing, and was wondering, what makes more money?
    3 Money 14
  47. Building PC
    what are the procedures if some one want to build his own PC?
    3 Technology 18
  48. pubic shave design
    what is the sexiest shaved design to have on pubes
    4 Sex 74
  49. What kind of gel nail design should I get?
    What kind of gel nail design should I get?
    3 Style 23
  50. when was the liberty statue of N.Y build?
    4 General 13
  51. Which building is the map on in Urbz?
    Which building in Sims the Urbz for DS is the map on?
    3 Gaming 31
  52. How can we build trust to sell art online?
    4 Money 8
  53. How can I build a High Tech gaming computer?
    3 Technology 46
  54. Do you like the hair I designed
    Do you. the pictures are on my pro
    4 Style 8
  55. What is the style, theme, design, and color of your bedroom?
    14 Homegarden 20
  56. Is there a website where I can design my own hat and buy it online?
    3 Shopping 30
  57. how can i draw peoples figures for fashion designing?
    6 Education 6
  58. How long does it take to build up credit?
    6 Money 25
  59. What type of brick should I use if I am building a forge?
    5 Homegarden 44
  60. What is the best material to make roof of a building?
    3 Homegarden 16
  61. What's the distinction between NLP and Design Human Engineering?
    2 General 10
  62. What does one do in a graphic design program in college?
    7 Education 14
  63. What is the right name for an interior design shop?
    2 General 15
  64. How do you make a cute nail designs at home?
    6 Style 24
  65. Should schools teach intelligent design and evolution?
    Do you think schools should teach intelligent design and evolution?
    36 Religion 33
  66. Build a rope bridge
    Where can I get or learn how to build a rope bridge for kids?
    2 General 52
  67. It is OK to date someone in your work building?
    Is it ok to date someone you work with. What if you do not work directly with them but just in the same building?
    5 Relationships 96
  68. building a house
    Where is my best resource for all I need to know about building my own house ?
    2 Homegarden 22
  69. How do you build muscle by working out?
    what is the best way to build muscle? what is the best workout?
    2 Nutritionfitness 32
  70. How can I build or put muscle on skinny arms and legs?
    How can I build or put muscle on skinny arms and legs?
    2 Nutritionfitness 91
  71. What would be an awesome thing to build on Minecraft that's not too confusing?
    7 Gaming 52
  72. Why did the government let the debt build and build up instead of paying it off when it was smaller than what it was today?
    How could they let it get this far and so bad?
    7 Money 32
  73. What government building do I have to call so I can know my last name?
    2 General 14
  74. what are some examples of what a graphic artist/designer design ?
    planning on being one ;)
    4 Money 15
  75. What do I need to study in college to be a video game designer?
    10 Education 19
  76. Is Graphic Design a good career path, or will I struggle?
    6 Money 50
  77. Can you build a tolerance to Niacin if you use it too many times?
    4 Drugs 369
  78. How or where do I go to get a design on the back of a iPod touch?
    5 Technology 10
  79. Do you think it was the plane that made the WTC building tumble down?
    21 Politics 47
  80. Where can I design shirts online for my high school class?
    3 Style 14
  81. Character Building?
    What do you think is character building?? I think being b!tched slapped is character bulding :]
    2 General 20
  82. Game designing, where to learn it?
    Does any one know a good place to learn about game designing
    2 Gaming 11
  83. Cool hair designs
    I need some cool hair designs I have brown, frizzy, wild hair
    2 Style 77
  84. Salary for web designer
    Whatz the monthly salary of a web designer in india or other countries?
    3 Money 28
  85. Has God designed our personal future?
    Has God designed our personal future? If so, why do we pray for change in circumstances?
    10 Religion 24
  86. Is there a free site to build an online store?
    to build my own site so I can sell things
    7 Technology 29
  87. What is the tallest building in the world?
    what is the tallest building in the world? I know it used to be the empire state building, but is it still? and if not, then what is?
    2 Homegarden 51
  88. How to become a fashion designer?
    I want to become a fashion designer.. but I don't know how to start.. I have my designs... how do I go about it..?
    3 Education 23
    10 Style 28
  90. Did the aliens build the pyramids?
    What is the theory about how the aliens built the Egyptian pyramids? What "evidence" do they have?
    11 Science 60
  91. Can I build hotels on sims 2 bonvoyage? is so, how?
    3 Gaming 83
  92. Is there a name for the art of curled paper designs?
    like this pumpkin,,,
    4 General 5
  93. How to build confidence?
    I want to make myself more confident in myself so ill be more social with people?
    4 General 13
  94. Interior design
    Is it ok to mix and match a loveseat and couch, or should they be the same.
    4 Homegarden 31
  95. Fashion design software
    does anyone know which is the better fashion design software? Optitex or fashion toolbox
    2 Technology 22
  96. How much does it cost to build an apartment complex?
    How much does it cost to build an apartment complex in Ga on 17.5 acres?
    2 Homegarden 247
  97. Whats the best free site I can build a layout on?
    What would be the best "free" website that I can build a layout site on?
    3 Technology 33
  98. What qualifications do you need to become a graphic designer?
    What qualifications do you need to become a graphic designer ?? please help? xx
    3 Education 49
  99. How do you build free standing stairs
    All I joined this site for was to know if anyone knows how to build free standing stairs?
    4 Homegarden 215
  100. Want to build more muscle but am having trouble
    My body is slender and tall. I want to build more muscle but am having trouble doing so. Any help?
    4 Nutritionfitness 25
  101. How much does it cost to build an apartment complex for 50,000?
    How much does it cost to build an apartment complex for 50,000 people?
    2 Homegarden 276
  102. What do you call a person who knows/studies about famous buildings?
    What do you call a person who knows/studies famous buildings (ancient OR modern) /ruins?
    2 Money 44
  103. Should I depend on a graphic designer?
    I've been searching for a graphic designer for XR, no luck at all since I started the search. Should I really depend on a graphic designer or should I design it all myself?
    3 Technology 19
  104. Where to go Buy cheap designer clothes and shoes and bags in NYC?
    3 Shopping 11
  105. What is so special about a designer brand?
    i know they cost a lot but they ware out like any other brand.
    9 Style 37
  106. Is there a site where I can create customized cases featuring my photos and designs for my phone?
    2 Technology 6
  107. what are some cute designs to draw on your fingernails with one of those nail art pens?
    14 Style 58
  108. Does Estrogen have to build up in your body before it starts to work or should you be able to tell after only taking them once?
    8 Health 26
  109. What would be a good, but easy, bridge to build out of spaghetti for a school project?
    5 Education 15
  110. When building a home, should you go for highest efficiency, or is it worth the added expense?
    7 Homegarden 27
  111. Building a good body?
    I am 6ft guy with slim boby...suggest few advices so I can build a good body
    2 Nutritionfitness 27
  112. How to build upper body muscle?? Especially arms??
    Any advice on how to build upper body strength and arm strength? Thanks!
    3 Nutritionfitness 17
  113. How to Invest in an Apartment Building
    Here are the steps to understand what's involved in locating and purchasing your first apartment building.
    7 Money 74
  114. Can I copy rented dvds onto dvd recordable discs to build my
    Can I copy rented dvds onto dvd recordable discs to build my own library?
    3 Technology 38
  115. How do you build self-esteem?
    how do you build your ever you spell that. lol
    3 General 43
  116. Salary of a web designer in Google headquarters, California
    What is the salary of a web designer in Google headquarters california. Can a foreigner get a job there?
    2 Money 44
  117. Where can I find plans to build a dog house?
    Where can I find plans to build a dog house? My dog is an indoor dog, but she likes her crate so much that I want to build her a dog house.
    2 Pets 13
  118. How to be a fashion designer?
    How do I become a fashion desiner when I grow up to be a very famouse person with a lot of money
    3 Money 16
  119. How can I get hard water build up off my shower and tub without spending a fortune?
    6 General 27
  120. What are designs for jean bags?
    i need help with a couple of things for my bags any body want to help me
    2 Style 17
  121. How do you guys feel when you watch movies and see the same ROADS,MARKETS,STREETS and BUILDINGS that you have been to?
    5 Entertainment 21
  122. Who is your most favorite fashion designer?
    Mine is John Galliano. No need for explanation. =D
    7 Style 17
  123. Need money to build a church
    Can anyone help us build or buy a church that is no longer in use
    8 Religion 193
  124. web page design websites
    do you know of any free , non-downloadable web page design websites ? thanks ! - kaytee :)
    4 Technology 37
  125. How can I build traffic to my site?
    I need to know of methods to be used to build traffic on my site. I have already registered with search engines. Do you know of any other methods?
    4 Technology 14
  126. What makes a good fashion designer?
    I was just wondering what makes a good fastion designer. Plus I'm thinking that it could be a good career! :)
    4 Money 19
  127. What tattoo design should I get?
    ok im a juggalette... and im getting a tattoo I want a hatchet girl any suggestions??
    12 Style 50
  128. Where can I take some eclasses to learn web design?
    I want to learn web design, so has anyone have any experience or recommendations for taking online classes?
    2 Technology 22
  129. neck tatoo in cursive design, good idea or not?
    I been thinking about getting a tatoo on my neck that have my initials (IAM) in a neat cursive design is this a good idea
    6 Style 44
  130. Is the Pratt Institute of Art and Design a good college?
    Is it hard to get into? Will it get me anywhere once I graduate?
    2 Education 20
  131. Does anyone know any good websites I can go to to find good body building tips, or programes?
    9 Nutritionfitness 25
  132. What does this sentence mean: "building self-esteem in a child involves a collaboration, not deception"?
    3 Education 394
  133. why people design products that cannot be recycled
    Ok I have to write a one page essay on why people design products that cannot be recycled. And I ned some help
    4 Environment 12
  134. Did God design DNA?
    Did God both design the deeply complex, sophisticated and astoundingly constructive code that is DNA, as well as the ten commandments?
    17 Religion 43
  135. How to write a profile for an interior design company?
    do any buddy out there can give some advice; on how to generate a company profile for a interior design & renovation company? Any website for reference?
    3 Technology 117
  136. Art & Design BTEC Diploma
    What careers would an art & design BTEC diploma help with?? and I already know artist lol xx
    2 Money 9
  137. Who can I get to design my college e-folio?
    I want some ideas to design my college E-folio to look like more professional and interesting.
    2 Education 9
  138. How do I make designs around my eyes?
    I've been 'goth' for about 3 years and I am wondering how do I make designs around my eyes? like what would I use?
    3 Style 39
  139. Virgo tattoo design websites?
    Any good websites ? Please help it's gunna be my bday present from my mom
    3 Style 18
  140. Who's your favorite Designer?
    Ok I like Prada im like barely getting addicted to like Prada. Who do you think is the best?
    5 Style 13
  141. Does anyone know where to get dresses that look designer for cheap prices?
    Maybe even similar to this dress?
    7 Shopping 10
  142. What do guys think of girls who wear designer clothes?
    I love designer clothes! I was wondering what boys thought. I don't get a lot of boys either.
    3 Style 71
  143. Need help with blog / web designer
    Is there anyone on this website that is a website designer that I can pay to make my blog look cool once I buy a domain?
    4 Technology 20
  144. How would I get the best results out of a protein powder supplement if I want to try and build lean muscle?
    6 Nutritionfitness 17
  145. Whats the name of the thing designers always use to make a dress and such on?
    It looks like a chest of a body...
    6 Style 28
  146. Build your own pc
    Has anyone got a website that shows me exactly what a builded pc has inside. I want to build my own pc but I need the learn about what components I will need. So if you have any advice pls answer
    3 Technology 11
  147. How can I build university dorms on sims 2?
    Well, I've been wondering weather I can or cant build dorms on sims2 univercity. Also I have been wondering how to if you can build dorms. Please help!!
    2 Gaming 62
  148. Journalism or Graphic Design?
    Journalism or Graphic Designing, which one should I choose as a major? I love both, but I have no idea which one to choose? Which one do you think is better, can anyone help me? please & thank you =]
    6 Education 27
  149. Good fashion design or virtual baby games?
    I am soo boredand I want to know some good fashion design , virtual baby games to play online if you know any please tell me
    5 Gaming 79
  150. Web design
    I need to set up a website. Is there software that makes this really easy for someone who has had no experience with web design. I want it to look professional.
    11 Technology 26
  151. Where can I get my shoe design made?
    This may sound real crazy but the DC shoe I designed I am now wanting to get it made by DC or another shoe company,question is,who do I go to for this?
    2 Style 85
  152. Do you think this is a cool design?
    I edited this DC shoe while on the phone with a friend,original color is orange - brown - and beige. What do you think of it?
    3 Style 13
  153. What job or degree would i be going for if i want to design or make plans/blueprints?
    ...for weapons, houses,items, objects, etc..?
    3 Education 9
  154. What causes tartar build up on my teeth?
    Though I brush my teeth regularly 3 times a day,but it doesn't seem to dissapear :/
    3 Health 23
  155. What do you do if a 6 year old is building a tower with blocks and his 2 year old brother comes by and knocks it over?
    Big brother is really angry.
    4 Babies 51
  156. What are programs I could use to make a design needed for a T-Shirt?
    I need to make a picture logo that I can print off and give to a company so they can make the shirt. What are some programs I could use to do that?
    3 Technology 12
  157. What can I do to get my designs out there?
    I feel I've gotten better at graphic design over the past 2 months,crazy part is,I haven't gotten out there like I want to,how can I?
    3 Technology 35
  158. How long does it usually take to go to school for video game designing?
    i am thinking about going to school for video game design but i am not totally sure if it would be a solid investment for my future.
    7 Education 11
  159. How to build a relationship with my rat?
    I Have a pet rat, what are the best ways to build a relation ship with my pet, he always seems sad..., what are some fun thing for him to make him not bored...
    5 Pets 18
  160. Pimple red from blood build up and its right above my vagina
    I have a pimple in my "area" and im not sure if its bad...I mean its red from blood build up and its right above my vagina where your pubic hair is, and I want to know if it bad or not
    2 Health 917
  161. How to build a website
    I am building a website, and I am past the sites construction, but the next step I dont know how to do. I need a domain name and I need a server to right? Anybody know what I need to do next?
    2 Technology 10
  162. How do I design a site that supports accounts?
    Pls help... How can I desing a website where people can sign up.. what software or resources do I need
    2 Technology 11
  163. Does anyone know who designed the F.A.O Schwarz located in New York?
    (5th avenue) I can't seem to find it anywhere online :(
    3 Shopping 14
  164. Where can you get a cheap designer purse?
    Where can you but a cheap coach purse or chanel purse? it doesnt matter if they are fake I just want a cute one that doesnt cost that much.
    8 Shopping 109
  165. Build pitbull
    I have. 18 monthold rednose pit, I need 2 know how or what to feed him 2 get him stocky , builtup ? Thx
    4 Pets 56
  166. I'm always looking for new tattoo designs. Any ideas where to look?
    Not the same old sites, give me uniqueness... Thanks in-advance.
    4 Style 32
  167. Tattoo designs
    I really would like to get a cute tattoo on my hip, but I cant decide what to get. Could you give me any ideas? Thanks!
    2 Style 13
  168. How do I build a miniature guitar?
    I have looked on google and yahoo for a way to make a miniature guitar but cant find anything...Can anyone help me please??
    2 Entertainment 68
  169. What's the best design for fake nails?
    Anyone know whats best desighn for fake nails Eg. Pink and white Or white with patterns Or gems ect
    4 Style 18
  170. How would you all design your own house, if money and construction were not obstacles?
    Use your imagination! I bet we could see some real creative ideas here.
    17 Homegarden 11
  171. if someone jumped off a 5 storey building would they survive?
    My cousin was just wondering, if someone jumped off a 5 storey building and landed in a hedge would they survive? I know it's a weird question haha What do you think?
    11 General 22
  172. Building a model refrigerator
    I'm building a model refrigerator, need to find a way to make it work. where do you think I can get the materials small enough for this? Can anyone help?
    2 Science 61
  173. How many floors would my pee reach if I was to pee off a building?
    How many floors would a persons pee reach if they were to pee off a really high building. An average person passes 40 to 60 ounces of pee per day?
    2 Health 23
  174. What to do to build a strong realtionship when it long distance?
    I want ideas to build a strong realationship between my daughter and her father . She is only 1 1/2 and he live in Rhode Island and she is in California.
    3 Family 11
  175. What is the best college to go to for video game design?
    i am thinking about going to school after high school for video game design. games have been my passion for many many years and i have always wanted to make my own. i am all about personal design and would like to know where the best school is for vide...
    4 Education 12
  176. Would buying or renting out a warehouse and building within it and then charging people to use what's in it illegal or legal?
    I'm just having a mad idea xD
    3 Politics 10
  177. I have lots of clothing designs
    and I would like to start my own clothing line. But I don't know how to get my clothes made or anything. Where do I even start when it comes to al lthis?
    3 Style 13
  178. Top 10 Tips To Build Your Professional Network
    Be humble, but don't be afraid to ask for the expertise of a person in your network, they'll likely be happy to show off what they can do.
    10 General 43
  179. How...Interior designer qualifications??
    I am 13, and I was wondering what qualifications I would need to become a interior designer(A-levels, GCSE's) Also what subjects would I need to take in GCSE. Thanks. beth...x
    3 Money 19
  180. Where can I buy cheap designer clothes from?
    Does anyone know any good shops or online shops where I can buy cheap designer clothes from such as Jack Wills, Abercrombie and Fitch, Superdry., Hollister, etc. Thnx
    6 Shopping 21
  181. Are there any websites where you can design a book cover?
    Are there any websites where you can design a book cover? For free w/o paying fo it?? Ask me for details on the book if you want to help me out w/ the name of it or to know more about it Thankx Dede2010
    2 Literature 26
  182. How to design a emo room?
    Well I'm redesigning my room and I don't know how to design it?? can any of you help me... I'm emo and the colours I'm going for are... "Black, Red, Neon pink, and orande" or maybe some other colours can you guys help??
    4 Homegarden 43
  183. Some good build up tan lotions in the uk?
    I need a list of some good build up lotions for a tan etc dove summer gloww .. Gradual build up as im not really keen on going on sunbeds now ... Anybody know any?
    3 Style 21
  184. What are the owners and designers of FunAdvice up to these days?
    Are they living it up at a beach somewhere? Hard at work every day on a revamped version of FunAdvice? Or a mixed of both? Did they had to get "real" jobs?
    3 Funadvice 25
  185. What sort of materials could i use thats recyclable and cheap for packaging design?
    like bottles of facial wash, body cream, foundation?
    3 Environment 10
  186. What are the best exercises to build a strong muscular body
    Please give instructions, because I have a built even though I am a little chubby, I just need to develop it.
    3 Nutritionfitness 24
  187. Do you think making a "build-a-bear" is stupid for an anniversary present for a boyfriend (read more)?
    he loves stuffed animals and how much do they usually cost?
    11 Relationships 72
  188. Which job do you like best from these three: Chocolatier, Pediatrician, Interior Designer (read more)?
    + please tell me what you want to be, what your studying for, or what career/job you have right now. Thanks! =)
    9 Money 21
  189. How can I become a famous fashion designer?
    I am 13 and have wished alwyas to become a famous fashion designer.I want to design my own brand of clothes, makeup, shoes and bags. what do I have to pass in school to get this job and how do I get there.
    2 Money 38
  190. What is a good way to build up my credit?
    what is a good way to build up my credit so I cn get a new truck cause I dont have any right now and I need a vehicle but I cant get approved for nething I need all the advise I can get on this. thanks
    5 Money 19
  191. Intelligent design
    Would you not consider dna basically *directions* or an *instruction booklet* made to tell a cell what to do, how to perform, etc.? Would you consider dna to be intelligent design? I know its a very controversial topic, what do you think???
    7 Religion 21
  192. Australian museums exhibition on dinosaurs are designed to be touch
    Displays I the Australian museums exhibition on dinosaurs are designed to be touched, offering visitors ___ experience. A.An Odoriferous B. An Archaic C.An Aural D.A Tactile
    2 Education 22
  193. why they dont build the mosque in another part of the city?
    i dont think every muslim is bad, but they can build the mosque in another part of the city, not close to ground zero i think they can build their mosque in another place for respect to the people who died there, what do you think any answer is welcome...
    6 General 9
  194. Building a rocket for my science fair project? TRYING to build a rocket for my science fair project..but I really dunno howw! im in 7th grade and I want to build it outa household items, if possible. tell me any suggestions!!
    3 Education 146
  195. FunAdvice trivia: Who sang 'Build Me Up Buttercup' in 1969?
    A) KC & The Sunshine Band B) Archie Bell & The Drells C) Foundations D) Lettermen
    10 Funadvice 36
  196. If I wanna build muscle...
    should I workout in the morning or the evening? or does it not even matter. Like in the evening I'd workout from like 7-9 around that time. then go to bed by 10:30
    3 Health 24
  197. Cheerleading uniform design, like it?
    I want to open my own cheerleading gym And have teams and stuff one day Anyways here is a esighn I made for the uniform Is it ugly or do you like it Lol Be honest
    11 Sports 45
  198. Why are keyboards designed the way they are?
    I mean instead of being alphabetically ordered. I prefer this way of course but I find it odd that the people who invented the computers, keyboards and other hardware didn't make it alphabetically ordered.
    7 Technology 59
  199. Which is better to build muscle: running or walking?
    which 1 will be most likely to to help me build mucles in my belly area? i heard that if u walk u lose fat but if u run u gain mucle iz that also true?
    4 Nutritionfitness 58
  200. Hod do I build my chest up
    Heyy =d, I do freerunning yeah and I have a six pack and mucles ect. But my chest looks skinny :v/ I want to sort it out so I can build stamina any advise ?? Thnxs =d
    7 Nutritionfitness 46
  201. Who would you save if in a burning building
    1)A politician 2)A therapist 3)A hippie You can only save ONE.Please say why you would save that person. Personally I would save the therapist beacause he/she could help me get over the truama of being in a burning building
    6 General 26
  202. Too young to fashion design?
    Hello!! I was just wondering, do you think that 11 is too young to already be dead set on your career choice?? PS- I know this is what I'm going to do when I get older.
    5 Money 16
  203. How to build floors on the sims 2 double deluxe ?
    How can I add another floor to my house ? I'm trying to make more than 1 storie , I'm trying to make a huge house so all the sims in the neighbor hood can live in it ^^
    2 Gaming 58
  204. What style of design to make my uniform look fashionable?
    I style of design should I wear to make my unifourm look fashoinable but still look like an unifourm. and what kind of hair style should I put mi hair next to mi eyebrows but still look differnt them everybody else.
    2 Style 51
  205. Would you use a digital rug that changes its design?
    A digital rug has been created that alters the design when someone walks across it. Would you use this rug, or do you think the novelty would get very old, very fast? Read about it:
    9 Technology 10
  206. How do I build a rope and plank bridge?
    I'd like to build a rope and wood plank bridge for my child's outdoor play set. It would be like the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom bridge. Ropes for the hand-rails and wood planks to walk on.
    2 Babies 396
  207. FunAdvice Trivia: Which design was the first mid-engine supercar?
    A) Lotus Europa B) Lamborghini Muira C) Ferrari GTO D) McLaren F1
    5 Funadvice 10
  208. What are some jobs you could get if you went into fashion design?
    What are the top schools to go for? The only school I know of atm is the College of Visual Arts (Mn), 'cause I only recently started thinking about this.
    4 Money 18
  209. Nail Designs
    Im getting my nails done but I've run out of ideas lol what should I do? I get acrylics with the tips done. So I need something like a zebra tips etc.. Thanks :D
    8 Style 50
  210. Web designer or information technology specialist
    Hi I just graduated form high school and I'm debating between becoming a web designer or an information technology specialist Give me some advice, which pays more, is easier, more complex, job environment, opportunity
    2 Technology 11
  211. What are some shirt design ideas for a school basketball team?
    I'm designing a tee shirt for my school's basketball team and I need a catchy phrase or slogan for the back any ideas? Our mascot is a viking. and example would be, go big or go home,-- stuff like that
    2 Sports 50
  212. Should I get my boyfriend a build a bear for his birthday?
    I know this sounds silly, but should I get my boyfriend a build a bear for his birthday? I'm 16 and he's 17 and we've only been going out for 2 weeks. Haha I think it would be really cute if I did. Give me advice for what you think!
    2 Shopping 170
  213. How can I build up enough courage to tell my parents im wiccan?
    K I am going to tell my parents that I am a wiccan but I am sooo scared. Every time I think"all right this is it just say it" I always just can't get any words out of my mouth. How do I tell them that I am wiccan and how do I get the words out of my mo...
    7 Religion 37
  214. How do you build a half pipe?
    me and m dad are going to build a half pipe in our back yard but we dont no how dose anyone no a website we can get the plans are something we can print out that shows us how to build a half pipe I realy need help if anyone noes a website please tell me
    2 Sports 114
  215. Substance building up in my nipples?
    Okay. So I've never had this problem until a few months ago, but I've been having a creamy color substance that builds up in my nipples and has a weird smell. I'll clean it out and everything but it just builds back up after a few hours. Clould this ...
    2 Health 253
  216. How much does it cost to build a nice custom computer?
    I need a computer BADLY. And I know that computers are expensive. But how expensive would it be for me to build one myself? And I mean a decent one, one that I can go online and upload photos/videos and play games on without being really slow.
    6 Technology 112
  217. I need to build a rocket
    Okay so I need to build a rocket for tech it can be made out of anything but it cant be bigger than a soda bottle because its getting launched out a cannon and it needs to protect an egg! I dont have that many options and need every omment so please help!
    2 Education 46
  218. Vinyl wood-look waterproof planks used on divine design
    What is the name and color of the vinyl wood-look tile used to renovate the urban loft bathroom and bedroom on the divine design show which aired june 16, 2009 in atlanta.
    2 Homegarden 48
  219. when are they going to build a time machine?
    When are they going to make a time machine I mean if united states has all this technology and they create new things like iphones ipod blackberries and all these things do you think if all these people focus to build a time machine they can make it or...
    3 Technology 56
  220. I need to design a logo!!!need help!!plsss!
    ok I started a clothing line and I need a logo and im having problems to think of a logo for it. so I was wondering if you can help me?give me some ideas plsss. ok the my clothing lines name is *Golden Armie* ...and know its spelled Army but I went w...
    4 General 11
  221. Does smoking affect body building?
    i have been working out for long( approx 9 months) however the results are not as i expected. I have improved for sure but not that much!! I think because of my smoking habit! any idea on this? i would really appreciate if any.
    9 Nutritionfitness 44
  222. Barbie Designs
    I've thought of some ideas for a Barbie doll, and I've drawn them (theres 2, but I'm not going to give them away unless someone steals my ideas) and I wondered how I can get my designs through to Mattel, the suppliers of Barbie?? I'm surprised no-one h...
    2 General 43
  223. Do you think God frowns upon building cities?
    If paradise was supposed to be one big garden, He must not like cities like Boston and Los Angeles. I'm not talking about the crime and pollution aspect, but the actual buildings and sidewalks and stuff.
    15 Religion 32
  224. What do you think about my Sonic the hedgehog character design?
    It's the picture in my account picture frame. I always wanted to make my own. Now that I'm learning how to draw better in college I thought now is the time to try it. I had some refrence from the other characters and an online game. What do you all think?
    2 Gaming 36
  225. What T-Shirt or hoodie design should I do?
    December 18th is my best friends birthday and I want to get him a T-shirt Or A hoody. (Preferably a hoody though). I can't think of a design for him though. I want his last name on the Hoody He doesn't play sports, so he doesn't have a sports number so...
    2 Shopping 39
  226. Are there any free games online where you can design items and sell them in a virtual store?
    I would really like to play a game where I could design something, like clothes, accessories, or anything really. And then, sell it in a virtual store. The game must be free online. If anyone knows of anything that would be close to what I am l...
    3 Gaming 14
  227. What is the best combination for burning fat and build muscle?
    I wanna know that . I regularly run 30 minutes and ride bicycle 15 minutes and do crunches one day. and next day I swim 2 km in the pool. This combination is ok to burn fat efficiently and build muscle?
    3 Nutritionfitness 18
  228. How do you build up your courage, or have (almost) no fear?
    I want to try a few tricks on my bmx but I'm too scared. And I want to land a frontflip off of the sand dunes at the beach, and I feel ready for it until I am about to try it. I am sure I could do it, I'm just too scared... (by the way I know having ...
    4 General 54
  229. Building muscles
    When im in gym at school I like lifting I weigh about 150 pounds and about 5 feet tall so what should I lift to get muscles or should I lose weight first and pls dont make fun of me for being alittle overweight
    3 Nutritionfitness 18
  230. What are some good dietary options for building endurance and strength while losing weight?
    I am in the Army and I start basics in March. I want to be as prepared as possible. Currently I am 10 pounds over the weight I need to be. What are some good foods that will help me gain endurance and strength, but lose weight? Thank you.
    3 Nutritionfitness 18
  231. What could I use as a visual aid for my presentation about being an interior designer?
    We have to do a presentation with a visual ad about the career we want to do when we get older. What would i use thats not a poster, brochue, or power point. (ex. for a doc. scrubs, doctor equipement)
    3 Education 32
  232. Which career would take me to a brighter future - graphic design or video production?
    I'm not in any of them for the money, more of passion. I haven't edited a video in 2 1/2 months but I have been editing photos more often but I'm not sure which would really take me to high lengths.
    4 Money 10
  233. What is the required diet for building muscle mass?
    I am a thin person about 60kg and 5"7 tall. I've been doing lots of work out but it does not seem to work in fact growing thiner and I heard that doing vigourous work out do decrease your height, is that true?
    3 Nutritionfitness 36
  234. Perfect Protien Drink...for Muscle Building..???
    I just want to know...what will be the perfect protien drink for building muscle...and gaining weight...I go for gym daily ...does 3 hrs of workouts...I want to build muscle wid a mass body...right now I look little slim...not so lean...about medium av...
    2 Nutritionfitness 10
  235. Female Country Singer Music Video Piano Beach Sand Designs HALP
    There's a female country music singer with a video where shes on the beach playing the piano. And as shes playing, the sand gets some kind of designs in it. I think shes blonde, too. I know its not Julianne Hough - That Song In My Head or Faith Hill'...
    3 Music 250
  236. How can someone under 18 build muscle?
    I am 14 years old and training to be a mixed martial arts fighter. I have been lifting and working out for awhile now and I am starting to see less and less results. can you help me find a way to fix this problem??
    3 Nutritionfitness 46
  237. Do you think TSA went too far when they detained a pregnant teen because her purse had a design of a handgun on it?
    The Transportation Security Administration caused a pregnant teen to miss her flight because they were concerned that her purse had a design of a gun on it - apparently a federal offence. Too far, or within rights? Read about it: http://funadvic...
    4 Family 20
  238. How to build a social life in a new town?
    I recently move from California to a small Texas town , and Iam short in time and resources ( clubs, bars, ...) I would like to do more than just drink smoke n ... any advice on how I can find people who dont only like drinking smoking n ...
    5 Entertainment 42
  239. How would I go about creating a tie dye design like this?
    I mean my plan was to di teh shorts in eitehr end but i want three colous, how would i do the middle part? liek where would i fold them and stfuff?
    2 Style 13
  240. Re-designing my Bedroom
    My bedroom is halfway between being re-designed. I have it in a mostly beach theme, but I want to make it shabby-chic too. The only things that can't be replaced are the bedding, which it white with sea-shell pillows, and the paint, which is blue. I'm ...
    2 Homegarden 42
  241. How can I build a swamp in my backyard?
    I have toads and snakes living in my yard, as well as many other fun yard nature type animals. The problem is, I'm always afraid to cut the lawn because I dont want to run any of them over.. I was wondering if anyone knows how to build a swamp or pond ...
    4 Homegarden 105
  242. Help with designing a castle/palace?
    I'm doing a comic project and I'm at the stage where I'm preparing the setting. I need to design a castle/palace for it. I want to start by mapping it out with all the rooms but I don't now what sort of rooms I need to include. What are the compulsory/...
    3 Education 14
  243. Design on crochet
    I am making my teacher a blanket for her baby (a surprise for when its born), and its white. I started before she knew if it was a boy or a girl, and I made it white so it could go either way. Now I know its going to be a boy and I wanted to put his n...
    2 Homegarden 11
  244. FunAdvice Trivia: Why was the Animal Crackers box designed with a string handle?
    A) For children's hands to hold them B) To turn them into fun mobiles when the crackers were gone C) To hang them on pegs, saving space on store shelves D) To hang them on a Christmas tree
    10 Funadvice 139
  245. What fingernail design should I do for my mum?
    Tomorrow I'm going to see my mum and I'm going to attempt doing her nails. It will be the first time I've done somebody else's nails, she won't mind if I mess up, it's all practise. But what simple designs could I start off with? I have the crackle eff...
    10 Style 34
  246. Where do I start to become a lingerie designer?
    My dream is to be a fashion designer, but just lately I have been looking at a lot of lingerie designers and have become really interested in starting my own style of lingerie, obviously I cant really do much now because I am only 16 but the earlia peo...
    2 Money 8
  247. How to build up my credit?
    So i pay bills but non of them are in my name what are some ways i can build up my credit besides paying off my debte bc i only owe like 383 for my old phone bill thts what caused it so after i pay tht off how else can i build it up i was thinking One ...
    2 Money 56
  248. What parts do you need to build a computer?
    So I have a problem with my computer, and I took it somewhere and the guy said I should really get a new computer or build a new one and scrap the one I have now and use its parts. I personally don't know THAT much abut building computers; however, I h...
    5 Technology 98
  249. need help body building
    I bought the York Fitness Horizontal Multi gym and I follow the recommended routine and I do a 1 hour dumbbell routine every other day and I don't seem to be able to develop any real muscle any advice would be great thanks.
    2 Sports 14
  250. How to start and build my own server
    Okay I've been trying for awhile to get a server up and going I have all the programs I think I need and I have a pretty damn good tower to work as a server but exactly how do I get it to work, because I know people that have it work but I mean how do ...
    2 Technology 15