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  1. What's your favorite store?
    What's your favorite store
    8 Shopping 56
  2. What is a thrift store?
    9 Shopping 40
  3. What are some "emo" stores?
    2 Shopping 31
  4. What's a cute clothing store?
    what is a cute clothes store?
    31 Shopping 160
  5. What are some common stores in malls?
    4 Shopping 19
  6. What is the most expensive store in the world?
    2 Shopping 18
  7. What age do you have to be to work in a department store such as Macy's or Dillards ?
    5 Money 41
  8. What stores carry Dermablend?
    2 Shopping 114
  9. Are there any Abercrombie stores in Australia?
    2 Shopping 33
  10. What stores are all having sales ON Thanksgiving?
    2 Shopping 25
  11. What are some good book stores?
    5 Literature 41
  12. What are the store names that are like the ones that are prep stores you see in the mall?
    6 Shopping 15
  13. How 2 store music on psp?
    How 2 store music on psp?
    2 Gaming 20
  14. What stores accept sears card?
    What stores accept sears card?
    2 Shopping 485
  15. What stores are in 163rd street mall?
    What stores are in 163rd street mall?
    2 Shopping 290
  16. Best stores?
    Whats your prefrense on best store?
    4 Shopping 58
  17. Verizon store open on Sunday?
    is the verizon store open on sunday?
    2 Shopping 94
  18. How to contact aol fraud department?
    How to contact aol fraud department?
    2 Money 500
  19. What's your favorite chothing store of all time??
    17 Style 17
  20. What is your favorite online clothes store?
    7 Shopping 23
  21. Whats your favorite store in your mall & why?
    17 Shopping 40
  22. How much are the Verizon Blackberry's in stores?
    3 Shopping 11
  23. What store(s) sell cute scarves?
    6 Shopping 23
  24. How can you start getting credit at stores?
    5 Money 21
  25. What store do you shop at the most?
    I shop at Kohls a lot.
    23 Shopping 23
  26. Which store do you go to for food shopping and why?
    13 Shopping 36
  27. What stores do you like to buy your jewelry from?
    8 Shopping 28
  28. What is your favorite store to shop for clothes?
    13 Shopping 71
  29. Is it cheaper to buy online than in stores?
    4 Shopping 26
  30. Where can you get Abercombe clothes other than the Abercombe stores?
    6 Shopping 8
  31. Where can i get a short, VERY CUTE, homecoming dress, like what department stores??
    12 Shopping 42
  32. Why doesn't the PlayStation Store work?
    2 Gaming 13
  33. What kind of stuff do you store in a vanity?
    5 Style 40
  34. How do you pronounce "Russe" in "Charlotte Russe" (the store)?
    2 General 106
  35. What store can I buy a Iphone from, on layby?
    3 Technology 60
  36. What should I do when I meet my teachers with my family at stores?
    13 Education 17
  37. Why are no good stores in Lincoln, Nebraska?
    6 Shopping 32
  38. Is it better to try to start your own clothing boutique OR try to sell your line to a department store?
    5 Shopping 35
  39. Cute stores?
    Whats a store that has really cute clothes?
    3 Shopping 12
  40. Do most eyeglasses/contact stores carry color contacts???
    Do most eyeglasses/contact stores carry color contacts???
    4 Style 40
  41. What can I buy at the store to dye my hair light?
    I what to dye my hair light what can I buy at the store
    4 Style 24
  42. Do you like the dollar store?
    Do you like the dollar store? I wuv it because everything is only a dollar.
    6 Shopping 41
  43. Are stores open on new years day?
    Are any stores open on new years day? !
    4 Shopping 61
  44. Are Forever 21 and Rue 21 the same store?
    are they the same? or different stores?
    3 Shopping 100
  45. Knockoff store in atlanta?
    Where can I find a knockoff store in atlanta,ga
    2 Shopping 66
  46. what clothin store do you like
    what clothin store do you like I like hollister and abercrombie
    7 Style 11
  47. Do Bob's Stores sell Ugg boots?
    Do Bobs' Stores sell Ugg boots?
    3 Shopping 191
  48. Can I rent mcleod's daughters at a video store?
    Can I rent mcleod's daughters at a video store?
    2 Technology 18
  49. What stores have the total gym by chuck norris?
    What stores have the total gym by chuck norris?
    2 Nutritionfitness 26
  50. What store sells fallen footwear?
    What store that is not online sells fallen footwear
    4 Shopping 41
  51. What are the advantages of shopping online, as opposed to shopping in stores?
    5 Shopping 76
  52. What are some online stores where I can buy stylish clothes?
    12 Shopping 31
  53. How to make a medieval dress or in what stores do they sell them?
    5 Shopping 12
  54. Can you buy sugar gliders from the pet store?
    7 Pets 16
  55. Are there any clothing stores like Maurice's, but cheaper?
    4 Shopping 153
  56. What are some stores that sell good but inexpensive make up?
    3 Shopping 14
  57. Stores that hire at 15?
    Do anyone know who's hiring at 15 ?
    4 Money 48
  58. Why do they not have more stores that sell items that are just made in the US?
    7 Shopping 37
  59. Is it illegal for a store to sell Redbull to minors?
    17 Shopping 123
  60. Is the Instyler available in stores?
    if so, how much does it cost?
    4 Shopping 15
  61. Can you get GTA 4 from the PSN store?
    3 Gaming 13
  62. What clothing store has the best boyfriend jeans ?
    8 Shopping 23
  63. Where can I buy kelp noodles in stores - not online?
    2 Shopping 91
  64. Fave bra store??
    What is your fave ttpe and brand ?
    11 Style 31
  65. where is a safe place to store photos online?
    6 Technology 16
  66. What are some stores that sell over-sized sweaters?
    5 Shopping 24
  67. Do clothing stores let you try on bras?
    6 Shopping 127
  68. Hot Topic the store
    how much are clothes in hot topic stores, not the website?
    5 Shopping 26
  69. Indie Online Clothing Store?
    Whats The Best Indie Online Clothing Store?
    3 Shopping 24
  70. What is a good indie/rock/vintage clothing store name?
    An original name. For *my* clothing store.
    2 Shopping 22
  71. Dollar store pregnancy tests..
    Are dollar store pregnancy test accurate?
    8 Health 71
  72. Where to get a ferret besides a pet store?
    Where can you bye ferrets at besides a pet store?
    7 Pets 47
  73. Do you know any good online clothing stores for girls?
    Do you know any good online clothing stores for girls?
    3 Shopping 55
  74. Clothing stores
    Does Anyone Know Of any good Clothing stores For Girls ??? !!!
    8 Shopping 49
  75. Can a clothing store tell when something is stolen or missing?
    Can a clothing store tell when something has been stolen or is missing? How??
    2 Shopping 95
  76. Really good store for back to school clothes?
    What is a really good store for back to school clothes.
    11 Shopping 46
  77. Do you prefer shopping online or from stores?
    Do you shop online for everything or still prefer to shop from the store?
    4 Shopping 74
  78. What are some clothing stores that are kind of like Hot Topic?
    9 Shopping 57
  79. What are some good stores to go back to school shopping?
    9 Shopping 26
  80. Which stores do you shop at?
    Just wondering when you go to the mall or just outside where do you shop?
    14 Shopping 29
  81. Is it better to shop online, or to go real stores?
    11 Shopping 96
  82. what stores can i find tea tree oil and is it expensive?
    6 Shopping 42
  83. Can you buy apps with an iTunes gift card, or is there an app store gift card?
    3 Shopping 20
  84. What are really cute stores for pre-teens?
    12 Shopping 30
  85. do you like shopping in big chain store or small shops?
    3 Shopping 87
  86. do they sell piercing kits at walmart the store not online?
    3 Shopping 170
  87. What stores can I buy cheap, straight legged jeans?
    8 Shopping 9
  88. whats a best place to store pics,programs,?
    2 Technology 13
  89. What stores sell cheap, but cute, jewelry and accessories?
    8 Shopping 32
  90. What stores have the best Black Friday sales, in your opinion?
    7 Shopping 30
  91. What is the hottest hot sauce you can find in grocery stores?
    8 Food 97
  92. Are dollar store face paints good to use?
    3 Shopping 38
  93. Good name for a store that sells vintage clothing?
    Whats a good name for a store that sells vintage clothing?
    3 Shopping 51
  94. Good Stores?
    are there any good stores that sell graphic tees? ..not too emo though
    4 Shopping 14
  95. What are some good Japanese and Chinese stores?
    What are some good Japanese and chinese stores onlese stores online and offline?ine and offline?
    3 Shopping 12
  96. ::great clothing stores::
    What are really cute stores?! I love shopping on any great stores?
    7 Shopping 9
  97. Store to buy prom dresses?
    Whats a good store (online store or mall store etc) to buy prom dresses...
    5 Shopping 70
  98. What stores in Canada have really nice clothes that aren't too expensive?
    7 Shopping 31
  99. When does Awakened, 8th instalment of the House of Night hit stores?
    2 Literature 14
  100. Whats an affortable store where i can buy alot of hoodies in Canada?
    4 Shopping 16
  101. What are some good questions to ask when being interviewed for a job at a cowboy/western store?
    4 Money 24
  102. Can I use a regular refrigerator for storing wine instead of using a wine fridge?
    5 Food 38
  103. Does Vons or Smiths or any store like that have cameras in a security room?
    4 Shopping 175
  104. What are some fun games I can put on my iPod Touch from The iTunes Store?
    4 Technology 10
  105. What store sells "NoNo's", I don't want to buy it off the internet, or TV.
    6 Shopping 55
  106. Does anyone know any online stores like or ?
    12 Shopping 65
  107. Can I walk into a store and go take pictures of medicine bottles?
    4 General 34
  108. Is there a certain age to be able to buy an animal from the pet store?
    4 Pets 13
  109. What's a name of a cheap store that sells items for $1 - $20?
    5 Shopping 22
  110. why doesnt hardly any black people work at the apple store?
    6 General 18
  111. What's the best stuff or (treatment) for damaged hair that I can get at a store?
    8 Style 38
  112. What are some good websites or even stores for strange/odd/unique body jewelry?
    5 Shopping 15
  113. Is there a free site to build an online store?
    to build my own site so I can sell things
    7 Technology 29
  114. How would you describe the effects of the department’s activities on the advert agency?
    5 Education 11
  115. What are all the little charms made of in the online store Pinc. Stuff?
    3 Shopping 9
  116. Do guys prefer homemade or store bought birthday cards?
    13 Shopping 68
  117. What are some pros and cons to working at large chain retail stores?
    2 Money 68
  118. What "adult" stuff would they have at Spencer's store?
    4 Shopping 87
  119. Where can I find a local vampire/ goth clothing store?
    I need clothes, so where can I find Goth clothing store (NOt online)?
    4 Shopping 52
  120. What stores have cute back to school clothes?
    what stores have cute clothes 4 back to scholl that is cheapish?
    2 Style 63
  121. What is department head hair?
    I saw it in the end of glee with lynda walker in department head hair. What is it?
    7 Relationships 66
  122. Bra stores?
    What are some stores to get cute bras and thongs? What types are the best?
    9 Shopping 31
  123. What store can I work at when I'm 14?
    Where's a good store that a 14-year-old can work at?
    2 Money 41
  124. Where can I find PRELL shampoo in stores?
    Where can I find PRELL shampoo like in stores? I dont want it off the internet.
    3 Style 48
  125. Do you know any good online clothing stores?
    Know any good online clothing stores-that don't cost $100 and up..?!
    6 Shopping 112
  126. What are those TVs called in stores?
    What are those TVs called that are usually at the entrance of a grocery store? The ones you can see yourself on?
    2 Technology 9
  127. Can I trust heat products from Sally's Beauty Supply Store?
    4 Style 40
  128. What are good online stores?
    Im in love with Urbanoutfitters. Is there any other good places to shop online?
    5 Shopping 37
  129. Why do they store water in bottles, and soda in cans?
    Could it be the other way around?
    18 Food 39
  130. Can someone give me a link to Pink Ice's store locator?
    3 Shopping 27
  131. Does anyone like these stores?
    Does anyone like American Eagle, Hollister, and Abercrombie and Fitch
    9 Shopping 31
  132. Where is the deider saches clothing store in gta sa
    I cant find it any where
    2 Gaming 45
  133. Over night acne treatment with no store bought materials
    How do I get am overnight acne treatment
    4 Style 29
  134. What stores sells Jack Skelleton products?
    5 Shopping 44
  135. Which would more likely carry coconut oil - WalMart or a grocery store?
    5 Shopping 27
  136. Where are good places to store a lighter in my room?
    (Bic lighter) (Somewhere hidden, but good)
    8 Homegarden 33
  137. Where to get Abbey Dawn clothes in stores (not online)?
    6 Shopping 51
  138. what is a good online store that have kids back to school clothes on sale?
    3 Family 18
  139. whats a store that has its own self check out line and sales' diet pills?
    4 Shopping 11
  140. Where would you find tofu products or meals for vegetarians at a grocery store?
    6 Food 58
  141. Which stores could I find leather pants or leather leggings at a decent price?
    2 Shopping 15
  142. What are some good stores for junior girls?
    like forever 21 and stuff...
    2 Shopping 22
  143. Is an 18 year old allowed in a specs store if he only wants a cigar?
    7 General 84
  144. Which one of these stores has better deals: Target, WalMart or Best Buy?
    5 Shopping 21
  145. A store like hot topic but cheaper?
    Does anyone know of any stores that have clothes like hot topic but A LOT cheaper?
    5 Style 624
  146. Favorite store at the mall.
    What are your favorite stores at the mall? Mine are pac sun, hot topic, and spencers.
    7 Shopping 43
  147. What's the difference between Wal-Mart, and Dollar Stores?
    What's the difference between Wal-Mart and Dollar Stores? Would it be the quallity, or prices?
    3 Shopping 23
  148. How do you get highlights without having to go to the store?
    How do you get highlights without having to go to the store? Like is there anything to put in your hair?
    3 Style 39
  149. What stores do you guys shop at?
    What stores do you guys shop at? I want to see if people sop the same, I shop at hollister and abercrombie
    7 Shopping 60
  150. What are your favorite stores to shop at?
    Soo... Exactly what the title says, what are everyone's fav. store(s) to shop at?
    4 Shopping 14
  151. what is a good teen store that has small sizes?
    what is a good teen store that has small sizes bc im really skinny.
    6 Shopping 36
  152. Gaia store
    When I buy some thing in the gaia store they take my money but dont give me what I bought what do I do?
    4 Gaming 11
  153. Does anyone like shopping at Dollar Stores?
    Just wondering, does anyone like shopping at Dollar Stores? If no, what's the reason? If, Yes, then how do you feel?
    7 Shopping 13
  154. where can i go shopping for kitchen stuff like pots, pans,etc what store?
    2 Shopping 12
  155. What are some stores that sell handbags for school (the long ones that go on the side of you or across you)?
    2 Shopping 23
  156. Does Apple online store (Canada) take debit cards?
    if so how come its not working for me?
    5 Shopping 26
  157. Does anybody know anything about the store "Ross", like if you can have unnaturally colored hair?
    2 Style 14
  158. What stores sell Jordan shoes and how much do they cost, on average?
    Do they also have them in women?
    6 Shopping 15
  159. Removing store bought glue on nails
    How in the crap do I get these darn things off???
    4 Style 640
  160. Do a lot of girls wear fake nails, acrylic, or the plastic ones at stores?
    4 Style 26
  161. Can I use aloe from my garden instead od buying skin cream at the store?
    5 Health 34
  162. What is the best thing you have ever brought at a thrift store/ Opshop/ Garage sale?
    5 Shopping 49
  163. What are some good online stores that sell "scene" or alternative type accsessories or clothing?
    6 Shopping 42
  164. store bought pregnancy tests?
    how long after having sex do I wait to take one?
    4 Sex 14
  165. what are some good online stores that are cheap and sell womens clothing?
    6 Shopping 61
  166. How can you tell if a Coach bag is real or fake if your not buying it from Macy's or the actual Coach store?
    2 Shopping 46
  167. How much do pore strips cost at local stores like Walmart or CVS?
    2 Shopping 70
  168. Do you have to have a cosmetology license or something to buy hair dye from Sally's Beauty Store?
    6 Style 408
  169. What are some good stores that have 1st Communion dresses at a low price?
    6 Shopping 45
  170. Is it offensive to call candy you only find in Mexican food stores "Mexican Candy"?
    11 Food 27
  171. Too old for prep stores
    Is a 24 year old too old for abercrombie, hollister, aeropostale (my FAV)
    4 Shopping 9
  172. How much will it cost to print off like 10 pics from my phone at the kodak store?
    2 Technology 10
  173. What are some (U.S) online stores like Forever 21, maybe less expensive?
    7 Shopping 46
  174. How old do you have to be to buy birth control pills in a store?
    How old do you have to be and how much do they cost? thanks!
    5 Health 47
  175. What are some online clothing stores like forever21 that are cheap like and sell rocker/comfy looking clothes?
    5 Style 34
  176. What is a STORE CREDIT CARD?
    What does it do? What are the benefits/harms? For example, ANGEL CARDS from Victoria's Secret are actually credit cards. So what are they?
    4 Money 15
  177. what store-bought hair dyes will make your hair almost platinum blonde?
    4 Style 55
  178. What store do you like the best
    What store do you like the best Aeropostale (my personal favorite), Abercrombie, Hollster, or American Eagle
    12 Shopping 15
  179. Cute stores for tweens?
    Whats a cute clothing store for tweens thats resonablely priced. (Besides 5.7.9)
    4 Shopping 80
  180. What stores do you visit to shop for clothes?
    just curious to know where people shop. since i don't shop at too many stores, i just wanted to know where other people shop.
    10 Shopping 20
  181. weight loss pills you can buy at the store
    Are there weight loss pills you can buy at the store with no doctors or whatever involved? If so, what's the best kind?
    4 Nutritionfitness 68
  182. Can a 14-year-old work in a clothing store?
    Can 14 year old get job in clothing store in Md
    4 Money 141
  183. What store should I pick for shopping?
    my mom is taking me shopping and I can spend $500 but she said I can only choose one store. what should I pick???
    7 Shopping 38
  184. What are some really good stores?
    I need a store that is similar to the hot topic but with more/other stuff. Know any?
    2 Shopping 8
  185. What age must a person be to buy extenze at a store?
    What age must you be?will they tell you anything if you try to buy extenze at a store if you are under 18?
    2 Shopping 463
  186. Favorite store to buy shoes?
    This question is to the girls and the ladies in here which is your favorite store to shop to buy clothes and sneakers or shoes?
    2 Shopping 44
  187. what stores or cool??
    whatt clothing stores are cool such as hollister? im getin bored of the same places... help?
    7 Shopping 19
  188. Stores for an 11 year old tween?!
    What are some very uniqe stores for tweens? Not too girly! (like limited 2)
    6 Shopping 52
  189. can a 14 year old get a job for after school at the dollar store
    can a 14 year old get a job for after school at the dollar store,,,just to get some extra money?
    8 Money 172
  190. Best stores for preppy plus size clothes?
    Whats the best preppy stores for normal cute styles and for plus sizes?
    7 Shopping 78
  191. What are some stores that I can buy a prom dress at?
    Where can I buy short prom dresses ? Like stores that are like Dillards , JCpenny, Macy's ect.
    3 Shopping 23
  192. Good Stores??
    Does anybody know good stores in NY that sells rock and punk clothing for girls?
    5 Shopping 11
  193. can this be my departed husband
    twice my radio came on by its self thjen my gps that had been turned off for weeks came on by its self can this be my departed husband
    3 Relationships 42
  194. What store has the best prices on diapers and formula?
    What online store or real store has the absolute best prices on baby diapers, formula, wipes, etc?
    6 Babies 101
  195. What would you do if you see a mother treating her 4 year old harshly in a department store?
    What will you do if in a department store you see a mother is talking rudely and hard enough to her 4 year old boy because the boy insists on having an ice cream? In what stage you will decide to interfere?
    17 General 32
  196. What are good drug store make up brands?
    Please list some or any specific product(s) you like :)
    3 Drugs 9
  197. Does anyone know if The Good Will stores will pick up donations if the item is too large to bring to them such as a large dresser?
    5 Shopping 16
  198. A You-Gotta-go-to-store?
    What is a Gotta-go-to-store at the mall? (A store at the mall that is totally awesome and you just gotta visit) *clothing or just ANYTHING!* Any suggestions...?
    3 Shopping 37
  199. What's a store in Ontario that has pretty but cheap clothes?
    i hav no summer clothes but im broke. any ideas?
    10 Shopping 16
  200. What are some good websites or stores I can get a swim suit? I looked at Victoria's secret already
    4 Style 50
  201. Will they find out I stored urine in a condom?
    I had a friend give me a urine sample in a condom, I used this sample and was still warm will this work or will they find out that I stored it in a condom?
    6 Health 1166
  202. Could stores like Walmart, Target, Borders, etc., have the book The Color Purple?
    5 Shopping 25
  203. Does Best Bath Store's acne line (Acne faical bar and gel mostly) work?
    6 Style 15
  204. Are there any other stores like Hot Topic?
    if you know of any stores that are like hot topic would you please give me the name and/or the website please!!!
    5 Shopping 440
  205. Is there any store at the Mall of America where I can buy a Swedish Flag?
    Sorry this is kind of a Minnesnowtan question.
    2 Shopping 46
  206. What pizza store gives more slices in a large pizza?
    I mean 8 slices or more tell me please thank you.
    2 Food 15
  207. Stores for cute swimsuits
    what are some stores that I could find cute swimsuits? besides AE, A&F, HCO,VS, and Target?
    5 Shopping 52
  208. Does anyone know if Theocracy's new album "As the World Bleeds" is in stores anywhere in Winnipeg?
    3 Shopping 10
  209. skateboard stores near Upper Marbloro MD?
    I want to try skateboarding. So is their any skateboard stores near Upper Marbloro MD? Oh! And also skateboard parks?
    3 Shopping 22
  210. Would I be able to walk into the store and buy KY lube even if I'm 16?
    4 Shopping 12
  211. whats your favorite clothing store?
    list your fav clothing store or stores and why you like that store so much?is it because its trendy -not expensive -or etc JUST A FUN QUESTION : ]
    6 Shopping 57
  212. Which store would you prefer to shop at?
    Picture this, in your town there are only 3 department stores. They are Kmart, Target and Walmart. If you had your choice, which would be your preferred shopping place?
    7 Shopping 46
  213. How many items can a customer buy at hollister outlet stores ?
    I try 2 buy some stuff at the hollister store and the store associate refuse 2 sell me
    6 Shopping 32
  214. What's your favorite store?
    wats your favroite store ever? mines probably CD PLUS because I like the cd's and tsuff. haha
    7 Shopping 13
  215. New name for a game store?
    im doing a projetc for my computer class.. on a game store...any suggestion(sp) on what I should call it?
    5 Gaming 6
  216. Good store for painting supplies?
    I want to know if anyone knows a good store to buy canvas and acrylic paints-at a good price?
    2 Shopping 18
  217. can a 15 year old work at McDonalds or a grocery store?
    Can a 15 year old work at McDonalds or a grocery store. Because instead of staying home being lazy teenagers should work.
    3 Money 152
  218. Does anybody here work in advertisement/marketing department in your work place?
    I'd like to gain some knowledge of what it consists of because i'd like to do this in the future.
    3 Money 11
  219. Anyone know of good online clothes stores?
    I need some cute hot clothes. So anyone know online websites? Thank you
    6 Shopping 18
  220. What is the best kind of whitening strips that I can buy at the store?
    I need whitening strips that will last for a while and have good results and are cheap?
    9 Style 17
  221. What stores sell Eminem clothes besides Hot Topic and aren't too expensive?
    websites are good too
    2 Shopping 29
  222. Can you get arrested for going into a drug store and taking pictures of the bottles of say Tylonol and others?
    3 Drugs 60
  223. What is the proper way to store iron skillets if you're not going to use them and what do you need to do to them once you bring them out of storage?
    2 Homegarden 7
  224. What are your favorite stores in the Philippine malls?
    I just LOVE the shops in the malls in the philippines...anyone else? What are your favorite shops/stores/brands? No mean comments!
    3 Shopping 26
  225. How do I store earrings?
    I have allot of earrings and chains. I always have prob storeing them and they can get tangiled up. Just want to know how everyone else stores theirs! Any good ideas?
    4 Style 42
  226. How do I store an orchid so it will re-bloom next season?
    I'm not sure of the kind. It's the kind commonly sold in grocery stores.
    2 Homegarden 47
  227. online emo stores?
    Hey peoplem any of you know any cheapish cute online emo stores??Please tell me cause ya:] THANKS!
    4 Shopping 36
  228. What store sells good clubwear?
    I am not a club person but I am going to one next month. What stores in the mall or elsewhere sell good clubwear? Thank you,
    5 Shopping 98
  229. What are some good VERY cheap stores that have VERY similar clothing to forever21?
    I love that store, but more and more people are starting to buy their clothing and i would like to be unique and not have the same clothing.
    6 Shopping 25
  230. How can you masturbate without going to a sex store or getting random things around house and without a hand? Are there any other ways?
    3 Sex 104
  231. What are the most expensive apps in the iTunes store?
    I know: Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are Apple apps that are worth $9.99 each, but I was wondering if there are some that are more expensive.
    5 Technology 10
  232. Do you have to go to the health department in Salt Lake City, UT in order to get a food handler permit?
    2 Food 32
  233. What music is played in Abercrombie stores?
    what music is played in abercrombie? I went to the website but it just says 'track 08' or whatever. not the song title
    3 Music 54
  234. When you go shopping, what are your favorite stores?
    Tell me here ! I like abercrombie and fitch, american eagle, hollister, juicy, and more (:
    15 Shopping 39
  235. What happened to the UK Hot Topic store site?
    i just found the most incredible batman t-shirt and now i can't get it :(((((
    2 Shopping 16
  236. favorite stores?
    Ok im 15 and I need some new fun stores to shop at! I want to change my style so what are a variety of stores I could go to?
    6 Style 53
  237. Does every store accept any coupon if it's not expired?
    Like I'm watching the show extreme couponing and I'm wondering if I just find random coupons online does the store have to accept them?
    5 Shopping 32
  238. Good Store's For TShirt's ?
    School's Coming Up & I Wanna Add Some Kind Of Extra Touch To My Clothing Any Store's You Personally Recommend For T Shirt's ? (:
    3 Shopping 34
  239. How do you hang up pants in a closet - do they sell pant hangers in stores?
    I don't like folding pants over onto a hanger or anything and I've never seen actual pant hangers in stores before?
    7 Homegarden 29
  240. How to get rid of scars without buying stuff from the store?
    I have scars on my arms from cutting myself, and I wanna get rid of them, without stuff from the store.. Is there anything in my house that I can use to get rid of my scars?
    6 Style 44
  241. Hippie Stores
    Anybody know of and e hippie stores around these places (ontario) -Cobourg -Belleville -Trenton -Oshawa -Harwood thnx : )
    2 Shopping 70
  242. What are some cool stores that sell clothes that are fashionable but affordable?
    Ex. shirts that are less than $12 a shirt, and pants that are less than $20 a pair.
    8 Shopping 12
  243. how can you get the smell out of clothing that has been stored w/ mothballs?
    washing in the washing machine w/ tide and downey fabric softner DOES NOT WORK !!
    3 Homegarden 20
  244. How do I set my history on my computer to store everything again...?
    I set my history on my computer to where it didn't keep track of all the websites I went on and everything. Now, I don't know how to undo that. Does anyone know how?
    5 Technology 45
  245. any good stores?
    I wanna have an awesome wardrobe for next year. and places you recremmend like Hollister? (money is not an object :-) )
    2 Shopping 15
  246. hollisterr stores
    omgg I love going to hollister stores I love the smelll ! ahhh :D I love the way it looks . ..I hate the price thoughhh . anyone else love the storee
    4 Shopping 19
  247. Is there a store in Auckland that sells anime merchandise?
    I'm looking for a store in Auckland that sells anime merchandise because there is a particular item I want to get for my friend for her birthday. please do help if you know about a store.
    2 Shopping 99
  248. What are some online Japanese Clothing Stores?
    Here in stupid North Carolina I can't find any clothes that have Japanese symbols on them. I really want some,but can't find any stores (online). What are some online stores that have Japanese clothing with the symbols (not very piece of clothing) and...
    2 Shopping 55
  249. why all the stores only have clothes on bigger size.
    why all the stores only have clothes on bigger size like 40 or 48 I mean not everybody is big I always have trouble finding my size because I only find extra large have you had this problem at the stores.
    3 Shopping 23
  250. What is your favorite online shopping store?
    What is your favorite oneline store? There are so many places, I woul dlove to hear everones. (dont say ebay or amazon)
    8 Shopping 40