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Get help with Dentures.

  1. What do you soak dental flippers or dentures in?
    and is it ok to soak them in mouth wash mixed with warm water?
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  2. Denture Advice
    I got dentures 6 months and I'm still having problems keeping the upper denture in. I keep choking on it and then they will fall out and hit the bottom one out. What can I do to calm the reflex to choke on the denture? I've gone to my dentist and he s...
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  3. Funny Commercials
    Whats your favorite Funny Commercial? I have a few, lol. JG Wentworth- Opera- Commercial Hillshire Farm- Go Meat Meat- Commercial Starburst- Berries and Cream- Commercial Seabond- Dentures- Commercial New Car- & - Pirates- ...
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