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  1. Is it illegal not to have insurance?
    4 Politics 39
  2. Dental dam
    What is it? And how do you use it/
    3 Health 57
  3. What is it like having dental braces?
    3 Health 33
  4. How can I get liability car insurance?
    How can I get liability car insurance?
    2 Money 25
  5. What to look for in health insurance coverage?
    What to look for in health insurance coverage?
    3 Money 11
  6. Is there pet health insurance?
    Is there such a thing as Health Insurance for pets?
    3 Pets 39
  7. Does homeowners insurance cover main water supply pipes? What about renter's insurance?
    2 Homegarden 29
  8. What would happen to health insurance companies if government takes over the health insurance system?
    3 Money 42
  9. Can you get dental insurance?
    i have medical but i want insurance that can help me cover if my sis gets braces?
    3 Health 10
  10. What I need to know about insurance health coverage?
    What I need to know about insurance health coverage?
    2 Money 12
  11. can a felon become a dental assistant or hygein...
    can a felon become a dental assistant or hygein...
    3 Money 172
  12. dog insurance
    what would be the best dog insurance in the U.S ?
    6 Pets 10
  13. What is hospital Insurance?
    Suggest me some good Hospital Insurance Plan ?
    2 Health 11
  14. What is a dental dam?
    What is a dental dam? And what is a female condom?... And how do you use them
    2 Health 71
  15. What car would be easy to insure in Ireland?
    5 Cars 14
  16. How much would braces cost if you have no insurance?
    22 Health 36
  17. How much do you pay each year for motorcycle insurance?
    2 Cars 9
  18. Could a job offer life insurance to you an your family?
    Could a job offer life insurance to you an your family ?
    3 Money 15
  19. Life Insurance
    what does the word contingent mean,pertaining to life insurance
    4 Money 39
  20. How can I get my ex girlfriend dropped from my car insurance?
    How can I get my ex girlfriend dropped from my car insurance?
    2 Relationships 205
  21. is it true investing in insurance companies is tax free?
    4 Money 42
  22. Is there such a thing as pet insurance?
    you know like for an animal
    4 Pets 31
  23. Do you think people should be forced to get health insurance?
    8 Politics 23
  24. If I have 2 jobs can I have 2 health insurance
    I already have a health insurance but if I get another job in the afternoon and if they have health insurance can I have 2 health insurance from both jobs or not.
    2 Money 191
  25. How much does life insurance cost?
    How much does life insurance cost? How much averagly does it cost for a family of six?
    4 Money 27
  26. Have you had dental work done under sedation due to phobia?
    Has anyone here had there dental work done under sedation from a phobia??
    3 Health 31
  27. How expensive is dental care in Germany?
    Can someone give me information on the Dental care?
    2 Health 11
  28. How long does it take for insurance companys to make settleme
    How long does it take for insurance companys to make settlements?
    2 Money 14
  29. How can I move up from being an insurance secretary?
    I want more than this. I want to make more money. What are some opportunities?
    9 Money 41
  30. Does health insurance cover braces or how much do they really cost??
    6 Health 23
  31. How much do insurance companies like Safe Auto cost?
    5 Cars 13
  32. What is the average price of car insurance for a 20 year old?
    3 Cars 8
  33. Would you buy Earthquake insurance living in Maryland?
    If you were staying in Maryland would you buy Earthquake insurance for your house?
    2 Homegarden 18
  34. car insurance
    how much is monthly car insurance for a 16 year old guy
    4 General 17
  35. Health Insurance and Car Insurance
    uuummm...I'm not sure how this can anyone help me with this??? like...I'm concern about this. 1st...:) I wanna know how can you get health insurance??? 2nd...:) I wanna know how can you get car insurance???
    12 Health 30
  36. Can dental assisting students in connecticut take x-rays?
    Can dental assisting students in connecticut take x-rays?
    2 Education 35
  37. Is insurance expensive for 2-door cars'?
    Is the insurance expensive for small cars compared to larger cars?
    3 General 34
  38. What is the National Insurance number used for in the UK?
    and how old will i be when i get mine?
    7 Politics 36
  39. could switching to geico realy save you 15% or more on car insurance?
    8 Money 21
  40. Can you get life or health insurance if... have severe depression? eating disorder?
    7 Money 14
  41. Dental Hygiene job
    Do you really have to take chemistry in high school to be a dental hygienist?
    2 Education 8
  42. how can a employer pay national insuranceon behalf of a employee without a national insurance number?
    2 Money 20
  43. Getting a physical. and Dental often?
    How often to you visit your doctor for a physical or go to the Dentist?
    3 Health 46
  44. Is there a cheap way to get insurance
    Well, I no longer have health insurance! :( Is there a cheap way to get insurance. My job doesnt offer it anymore.
    2 Health 15
  45. What are your thoughts on the US government making people get health insurance or face penalties?
    26 Politics 52
  46. Health insurance
    What hosital in jacksonville fl pays for a newborn to get circumcised after birth
    3 Health 19
  47. What do you soak dental flippers or dentures in?
    and is it ok to soak them in mouth wash mixed with warm water?
    2 Health 16
  48. Auto Insurance
    Does anyone know any good, cheap auto insurance companies in Ontario? It has to be personal insurance and good quotes for teenagers. Thanks!
    3 Money 12
  49. Can I get insurance for my g1 after I broke it
    Can I get insurance for my g1 after I broke it and pay the insurance and cuple. Days latter say it broke ?will they give me a new one or what?
    3 Technology 35
  50. Is there a grace period for Allstate Car Insurance Payments?
    My payment was due on the 4th but I can't pay it until tomorrow.
    7 Money 3330
  51. Dental Caps?
    I was just wondering, does anyone know how much dental caps would be for my two front teeth? Thankss :)
    2 Style 25
  52. What is better to use for the teeth plackers or dental floss?
    What do you think its more efficient to clean your teeth plackers or dental floss, Tell me please thank you,
    2 Health 110
  53. Do any health insurance plans cover supplements?
    Does anyone know of a health insurance plan that covers supplements like CoQ10 and Alpha Lipoic Acid?
    4 Health 17
  54. Where is a cheap car insurance in Ontario? speficially in Hamilton?
    My dad is just wondering where is a cheap car insurance company in Ontario? We live in Hamilton. Thank you very much.
    3 General 13
  55. do you think its stupid that tmobile is chargingg me $90 to get a new fone even though i have insurance on it?
    8 Technology 13
  56. If my health insurance is not good can I change it for another one
    I have this health insurance from my job but dont cover anything and I need to do this therapy for my arm but my insurance dont cover, can I leave this insurance and apply for a better one.
    3 Money 13
  57. What's the best car insurance in the US?
    If I plan to go to the USA. What Car Insurance company do you recommend? Can someone please explain what I should look for when I choosing?
    5 Money 25
  58. dental career
    I am a dentist just passed from college...can anyone tell me which country is the best for practicing dentistry and what is the procedure to get into that country
    6 Education 22
  59. What should I do if I'm pregnant and dont have health insurance
    I really dont have health insurance right this moment and I really dont know how my babys doing do you think I should go to the hospital for an ultra sound.
    2 Health 18
  60. What do these words on an insurance form mean?
    i am updating my paper work for the dentist and on the papers it said PRIMARY INSURANCE: name of insured___ insured's birthdate____ employer___ dental insurance CO.____ Group #___ INS.CO. address___ then it says SECONDARY INSURANCE and then ...
    7 Money 33
  61. What's the subscriber name on the MassHealth insurance card?
    I'm filling out an insurance waiver for college and I need the subscribers name. I don't know what the subscribers name is, is it my name or my mothers? I tried calling the college and the insurance company and neither of them are answering.
    3 General 337
  62. Pregnant and no insurance. Seeking for help.
    Pregnant and no insurance. I was wondering if anyone knows about a program or something that can help me. Im 5 months pregnant and still havent went to a doctor.
    5 Health 34
  63. how much is the insurance on Pitbulls?
    so uh my parents are thinking about getting me a Pitbull, and don`t worry, I`ve done my research and work at an animal shelter and am getting to know the dog I want, know all I need to know is how much is the insurance on Pitbulls and what insurance co...
    11 Pets 139
  64. How much would it cost me to get health insurance with the Obamacare?
    If i dont have a health insurance how much would cost me to get one and i will to have to pay for that every year, every month how that would be if you know tell me please thank you?
    3 Health 21
  65. Can I drive my dad's car or do I have to buy and insure my own? (read more)
    Is it possible for me too have driving lessons & then use my dads car to get around in, or would I have to buy my own and then insure it and everything? I'm a little confused about all this, I don't understand cars (._.)
    8 Cars 40
  66. Is cruise travel insurance worth the cost?
    My family is planning a cruise later this year and the travel agent is recommending that we buy travel insurance. The prices for the cruise are not bad, but when you add on the cost of the insurance it starts to get a little pricey.
    4 Travel 21
  67. where can you get QUAD BIKE insurance ?
    ive been looking for hours and cannot find cover for a quadzilla 500es can someone please help E
    13 Cars 49
  68. What is a HRA health insurance?
    This year my employer is offering HRA, and then the standard high and low PPO. They where really pushing the HRA, offering $1250 in the account with a $2500 deductible.
    5 Money 18
  69. No insurance and sick
    what do I do when I have no insurance and have abdominal pain, lower pelvic region pain, hunry all the time, light headed, and just feel naushous. I dont know what to do because I get them pretty much all at the same time.
    3 Health 34
  70. Why am I required to use insurance money to replace roof?
    My insurance Company paid a claim to replace the roof after a hail storm. After experts told me that the roof is fine for now, do I have to use the money to replace the roof? They are saing that if I don't do that, they will cancel my policy. Thanks
    2 Homegarden 39
  71. Why is medical insurance only for people 65 years and older?
    The goverment only gives medical insurances to older people why is that? Why they never have thougth in the young people. I mean young people get sick too. If you know why is that tell me please thank you.
    6 Health 32
  72. If you're a teenager and starting to drive, will your insurance rate be lower if you get good grades in school?
    I heard that if you get good grades in school the insurance company thinks that you'll be better on the road..
    2 Education 38
  73. Does anyone have a Good Car Insurance Plans?
    Or a website where I could compare rates, or just a plan that you have and like. Or any advice for buying car insurance on minimum wage in California. Thanks for the Help! ~~plainwhitets :)
    5 Money 13
  74. How much is car insurance for a first time driver in Lenoir, NC?
    Just a regular car, not a sports car... and I am just looking for a general idea on the price. I know it varies from company to company.
    4 Cars 41
  75. Do tongue piercings really cause dental problems?
    Hey guys,heard that tongue piercings will get some dental problems.Eg.Clipped teeth,gum disease,bad breath etc.Is there anything I can do to prevent all these?
    6 Style 61
  76. Car insurance cancellation fees
    This morning I phoned to cancel my car insurance, only to get a shock that it was going to cost me 159 pounds. I was gob smaked.I can deal with having to pay a cancellation fee but not that much what can I do. Can someone help me please.
    2 Money 32
  77. Can I get an abortion using a friend's insurance?
    I DO NOT have medical which mean it will be super pricy to get an abortion. If I use a friend's medical, would they check like pictures and such to make sure it is my medical? [Please tell me if you know FOR SURE or JUST A GUESS]
    5 Health 158
  78. What can i do if my dental crown fell off?
    I have this dental crown for 2 years but its kind of loose i dont know what to do and the dentist wouldnt even remember me now what do you suggestme tell me please and also tell me if there is something that i can buy in the pharmacy for this thank you.
    4 Health 50
  79. Should people go to jail for failure to buy health insurance?
    Th reason I ask, is because that's what the current "health care plan" basically does. It forces people buy health insurance. But if you are required to buy it, yet don't have the money to buy it, and can't afford the fine for failing to buy it, you...
    11 Politics 42
  80. Car insurance claim
    The other day I bumped into another car. Her bumper was damaged but my car is fine. I really dont want to claim on my car insurance because my insurance will go up, so am trying to sort it out by cash, but the woman said that she wants all my insurance...
    4 Money 48
  81. I lose my purse and i am freaking out what should i do? I have my whole family social, ID, credit cards, all doc papers. EVERYTHING
    I called the last place i went to and they dont have nothing. No surveillance either.
    3 Money 39
  82. Accident and insurance
    hmm, me and my dad were in a motercycle accident saturday the 9th. we were hit by an ambulince, and my dads plannin g on sewing. im 13 and I have to speek to a lawyer, and im reallly nervous. what are they like going to ask me?
    6 Health 35
  83. What should I do about my sensitive tooth after dental work?
    I had my top 2 front teeth and bottom 2 front teeth filed down a little bit to be straighter and one on the bottom now feels really sensitive like air going through it and it hurts. Should I wait it out or is it serious?
    2 Health 21
  84. Health insurance (military benefits)
    I currently do not have health insurance but if me & my boyfriend decided to have a baby would his military benefits cover the baby even if we are not married and the doctors visit every month? I use to have military benefits but I lost them when I tu...
    3 Health 25
  85. Is it possible for me to claim EI (employment insurance) while I go to school this winter?
    I live in Canada and will be a full time student without time for a full time job does anyone know if they will let me live off EI? or do I have to build houses for class and then work on the weekend?
    6 Money 13
  86. How much should my total be for this iPad with the insurance and iTunes card? (read more)
    So, I am getting an Ipad tomorrow, and am buying the insurance, and a $25 Itunes card. They charge me six cents per dollar, and the insurance cost $75. So, how much should it be? The Ipads at my walmart are $400. The Ipad and Insurance, I got $503.50....
    7 Shopping 37
  87. Home owners insurance pit bulls ok?
    Ok I am going to ask this question again on pitbulls. my son has one that is 13 wks old and is already showing signs of dominating. I need all the feed back on this type of dog. also is this type of dog one that home owners insurance will not let yo...
    6 Pets 53
  88. Getting a Car do you need to insure body kit?
    Okay so I was talking to day with my dad about getting this Car because im getting one for my 16th, so I cna do it up.. I want a Vauxhall corsa Opel 1996. and I've told my dad that, and ii was showing him this body kit that im gonna buy for the car onc...
    2 General 36
  89. What car insurance company offers the lowest rates?
    I am 19 years old and a guy, so that means my insurance is very expensive.. I live in Pennsylvania. And I am looking to get a small sedan. I want collision coverage under my plan and anything else can be basic or minimum. I don't want to spend more the...
    7 Cars 19
  90. How does one go about getting a medical card or other cheap forms of "insurance"?
    I live in Illinois. I have no health insurance because I can't afford anything that will take me. I applied for a medical card or something along those terms when I moved back home but was denied. I'm moving to a new county soon, so I'm going to try ...
    3 Money 15
  91. No insurance? What now?
    Okay, I will try to make this short. I had 2 types of insurance---cigna and medi-cal. I lost cigna a few months age b/because my dad lost his job. We called medi-cal to let them know I no longer have a second insurance. They said than my medi-cal was t...
    5 General 22
  92. I think I need therapy, but am poor (in college) and don't have insurance
    I feel that I am ugly. There's really only one thing to do: therapy. Every woman feels ugly from time to time, but the fact that I'm dwelling on it makes me think that talking to a professional will help. My self-esteem seems to be at an all-time low a...
    6 Health 36
  93. Dental Problems...
    I have been told that I should drink nothing but milk and water because it's causing dental problems. I asked if fruit juices were any better and my dentist said no. I don't think I can drink nothing but milk and water. For some weird reason I alway...
    3 Health 23
  94. Does medicaid for a pregnancy cover dental problems?
    Ive searched their entire website and im confused. I tried calling but i cant get a human on the phone either. I have LaMoms through medicaid, and i have two teeth that are broken and have cavaties in them, i dont have an abcess at the moment but i get...
    3 Health 17
  95. Do you think my insurance would cover getting my teeth re-done?
    I don't like my teeth. I have a chipped tooth in the front, they're not white, I have a few cavities, etc... I basically screwed my teeth up from not taking care of them. I want to get them completely re-done...I don't know what it's called, or what...
    4 Health 22
  96. Do I need a national insurance card for a job?
    hey, well I finally turn 16 in august so that means I can get a job..yes but I have to wait for that national insurance card thing? when does it come? because I wana work most of all summer and my birthday is towards the end. So like does the card come...
    2 Money 11
  97. Can I get my teeth whiter without dental whitening?
    OK, so I have many insecurities, as I am a 15 year old girl, but I really hate my teeth. They are soo yellow! And my dentist said he could whiten them but I dont want people to be able to know its a little embaressing! Also they make me look...
    5 Style 46
  98. Dental Health
    I would REALLY appreciate a professional opinion on this issue. I am missing my second premolar on the top right, and my first and second molars on the bottom right. My dentist has suggested doing two bridges, foregoing the root canal and crowning of...
    3 Health 20
  99. What should people know when looking for health insurance?
    I've been asking my family for help with this for a long time and they don't seem to care, so seeking other sources. I'm a 25 year old college student with minor pre-existing conditions that basically make any health insurance impossible to get o affo...
    3 Money 29
  100. Good health insurance offer or not?
    I've been a good customer with my bank with service so they are offering me health insurance, I'm only 19 so I'm still on my parents but my boyfriend and I plan on having our first child within the next 2-3 years so I want to build my own life insuranc...
    2 Health 10
  101. Michigan car accident (no insurance)
    I was moving through an apartment complex when someone backed into my car. He was clearly at fault, however I hace no car insurance at this point in time. We exchanged information, but did not call the cops (at least not yet). My question is, if the...
    8 Money 62
  102. Can an executor make you get home insurance?
    I recently inherited a home (the one I have been living in my whole life). The executor of the will, who is also the lawyer is trying to make me get home insurance. I cant afford it right now and Im moving in a couple months anyways. Can he do this? He...
    3 Politics 22
  103. A few dental related questions...
    Alright so I know you get loose baby teeth because duh you have to lose them to get your adult ones, but my questions is this - Is it possible to get loose ADULT teeth? And if so, what exactly causes that to happen? And if it can happen, how can you...
    9 Health 29
  104. Do I need dental work?
    Ok... so I noticed a few days ago that the tooth all the way in the back on my left side, might have grew in weird. It hurts when it's touched by food/my tounge on that side. I looked in the mirror and it does look like a piece might be digging in. Wil...
    3 Health 16
  105. Friend of mine says suicide related insurance claims are up?
    So a friend of mine yesterday said that they are seeing an increase in suicide related insurance claims, after the market crash. Now, with the AIG quarter million dollar bender the other week & the lack of jail time for these crooks...if the poor peopl...
    2 Money 9
  106. Should I call the police, can I claim insurance?
    I worked at a place called zenith, manager didnt pay me and my friend me and my friend went down there I argued with the manager, and told my other old school friend you dont get paid so dont work here a lady come out [heavily pregnant] started screwin...
    3 Money 19
  107. someone just crashed my car
    what should I do should I call the insurance or what please help me!
    2 General 32
  108. Laws now in effect for owning a pitbull?
    What are the laws now in effect for owning a pitbull? Do you have to have insurance? How much? And where can I get it?
    3 Pets 34
  109. How would I go about getting treated for bi-polar depression without any medical insurance?
    I'm not for sure if I have it or not, but I know that from what I learned in my Psychology class I seem to match some of the symptoms: Mood swings, inspired ideas at times, and depressing lows, lack of sleep, fatigue, and abnormal sleep habits, etc....
    7 Health 21
  110. cosmetic surgery
    I am a dental student ...can I do cosmetic surgery now??? if yes how and from whr...and whats the scope???
    3 Money 9
  111. how can I cure bacterial vignosis
    I dont have insurance. and I really dont know how I can get rid of it.
    3 Health 77
  112. uninsured family
    I have been struggling to pay the bills so far and I had to cut some bills, one including my health insurance. My job cut the pay, and no longer provide health insurance. I am worried because I have a wife(who is injuried), mother with type 2 diabetes,...
    2 Family 25
  113. How much do you have to spend on medicines every month?
    I have three prescriptions that are $5 dollars each and one is $76. That is with health insurance. Without health insurance the $76 dollar one would cost me $246 every month and the other ones aroun $30 each.
    8 Money 53
  114. Where can I find the best rates and quotes for car inurance?
    Where can I find the best rates and quotes for car inurance? The auto insurance company I am currently using is not good at all. I took my second car off the policy and the rate stayed the same for just one car. I really need to find a new auto insuran...
    5 Shopping 18
  115. how much do I pay for coverage?
    if I make 8000 dollars a year how much insurance will be taken away from that
    3 Money 42
  116. About how much do contacts cost?
    I'm thinking about asking for contacts from my parent. He has insurance, but how much, on average would it cost?
    6 Shopping 57
  117. My wife and my 2years old daughter are taking a flight to India next month.
    I already own travel insurance. Do I need to buy a separate health insurance policy to get medical coverage for my pregnant wife?
    4 Travel 9
  118. What are the cheapest and the expensive car colors?
    When it comes to auto insurance, what are the cheapest and the most expensive color? And does automatic or manual make a difference?
    4 Shopping 273
  119. Getting your tubes tied...
    How old do you have to be to get your tubes tied in the state of Colorado? How much does it cost? Would medicade insurance cover the cost?
    2 Health 131
  120. why would you put a comdom on your tounge while you know 'lickin out'??
    The only use for a condom that is not complete would be to use it as a 'dental dam'. To form a dental dam, you cut off about 1 inch of the tip and then cut down the length of the condom, and then lay it flat - but the resulting latex sheet should not ...
    2 Sex 58
  121. Why are women so obsessed with jewelry?
    Why are women so obsessed with jewelery when it also poses a threat on their security? It is a physical hazard, speaking in Insurance jargon.
    3 Style 143
  122. How can you tell?
    ya know when someone dies in a fire and they have to identify the person by their dental records...what if the person had never been to the would they know who the person is?
    2 General 26
  123. My menstrual period
    Ok well I havent had my period in 3 months im sure im not preagnet what can be wrong with me im getting really worried is this bad I dont want to go to the docters I have no insurance and yes I do work but my work dosent ofer insurance I need help im w...
    2 Health 12
  124. What happens if your probation gets revoked?
    I had a car wreck about 3 months ago and had a ticket for inatentive driving and no insurance. I have yet to pay the ticket which was due a week ago. and about a month ago I got pulled over and got a ticket for no insurance and no tail light. I went in...
    4 General 68
  125. what happen if somebody finds the cures to all diseases?
    do you think if somebody finds the cures to all diseases the goverment will kill this guy only to keep the business of the healthcare insurance and doctors.
    2 Money 8
  126. What about the 2010 health care bill?
    does any one know about the 2010 new health care bill that was just past? I heard if you don't have health insurance the first fine is $500 is this true? I am under 26 and it was rumored to me that I can go back under my mothers insurance, she asked h...
    10 Politics 20
  127. question about U.S. federal government run health insurnace plan
    Do you thiink that a federal government run health insurance plan will be approved before midnight ET 31 Dec 2009
    8 Politics 20
  128. Online Surveys
    Is there any online surveys that pay you? I checked out a lot of them and all I get is offers for baby stuff or car insurance and stuff and I just want to take they surveys and stop wasting my time...
    2 Money 51
  129. What can i burn under your tongue feel like?
    can it feel like a poking when you talk lol?And does anybody know what you can do home remedy wise besides all the dental things you do to prevent cavities?
    3 Health 38
  130. Who is that progressive commercial girl?
    well everytime I watch t.v. that progressive car insurance commercial comes up and that cute girl is always on there! Who is she? and does anyone else think she is hot?? because I sure do!
    4 Entertainment 97
  131. Striving for pitbull freedom
    Living in Ohio, there are strick pitbull laws. He has to wear a mussle in public, and I need $100,000 liability insurance. does this happen in any other states???
    4 Pets 22
  132. Is there a site online that you can do practice questions for PA driving permit?
    i am studying the manual and such i just want to know how well i know it and do some practice questions to insure i know the information before take the actual test.
    6 Education 11
  133. When you are losing an argument
    do you jump to personal attacks to weaken and confuse your opponent, enabling you a quicker, more insured win, or do you continue down the path your going, walking into a inevitable loss?
    2 Relationships 34
  134. Do you think government programs such as medicaid should be allowed to test women for illegal substances during their pregnancy?
    Do you feel they should be allowed to test them and deny their medicaid insurance if dr.ugs are found in their system or do you feel that they should have the right to privacy?
    6 Politics 14
  135. Is it ethical for a doctor to request payment up front?
    Would you say that if your doctor was asking for an upfront "deposit" before a surgery is commiting an unethical act? Should he have waited for my insurance to pay first and after the surgery?
    5 Health 20
  136. Health diagnosis
    I have lost 20% of my body weight,I've had swollen lymph nodes,my face ahes,I have severe dental problems,and I am always tired, what diagnosis can you give me?
    2 Health 14
  137. legally an adult?
    I'm having many problems with my parents. I am 18 years old.Am I legally allowed to move out on my own withou their consent or do I have to go to court to get myself emanicipated? and how do I go about getting off of my parents' insurance?
    2 Family 21
  138. Can I get a job? First CV's?
    Hi, I live in the UK. Some of the summer jobs I want to apply for say you have to be 16 and have to have a national insurance card, well I'm 15 (almost 16 in less than 2 months) and my national insurance card came through 2 weeks ago, do you think they...
    2 Money 14
  139. What to take as over the counter depression medicine?
    I'm going through a really bad break up and I'm extremely depressed. I was wondering if there are any over the counter depression medicine? Ps" I can't go see a dr. I won't have health insurance until june 1st
    7 Health 34
  140. What do I do when I'm pregnant at 19?
    I'm 19 years old....and I don't know how to tell my family...I still haven't gone to the doctor because I don't know which one to go to...and because I don't have any insurance or anything...I'm scared and I don't know what to do....Please help!
    2 Health 10
  141. gastric bypass
    I am going through the motions of getting gastric bypass, I was told today that I can get it before getting my insurance approval. I am really excited. Can anyone tell me what your experiacne was this, did it all work out in the end? I was told I MAY B...
    2 Nutritionfitness 35
  142. what is better alternative medicine or regular medicine.
    what is better alternative medicine or regular medicine because regular doctors made you a lot appointments and told you to take a lot of pills and sometimes I think its only to charge the health insurance what do you think about it any answer is welco...
    2 Health 45
  143. braces and invisalign
    can you get your braces off and switch to invisalign halfway through? I know insurance wouldnt pay but is it possible to have your braces taken off to have invisalgin put on? and would this lessen the cost since I wouldnt need as many aligners?
    2 Style 12
  144. How does the American health care system work?
    I am curious, how does the American Health care system work. Overhere we have private hospitals which are for people with medical aid (or as some would say health insurance) and then public hospitals which are for people who cannot afford health care, ...
    12 Politics 37
  145. where is the doctor code.
    Where is the doctor code when they commit to help and cure people because when somebody goes to see a doctor they dont ask what is your pain or how you feel instead they ask what is your insurance what kind of bloody cold doctor ask that right ,any an...
    3 Health 16
  146. go to doctor without parents knowing
    ok I have a question. I am 19 and want to know if there is any way to go to the doctor to get checked if I'm pregnant, if I am under my parents insurance. I'm still covered under them because I am a full time student, but I really really don't want the...
    2 Health 79
  147. What are the benefits that a veterinarian gets?
    im doing a school project and I chose vet as my career, but I cant find one of the requirements- what benefits does a vet have? and by benefits I mean insurance, vaca days, sick leave, etc. any help at all is appreciated!
    3 Pets 29
  148. Can I report a Doctor for refusing to see me? (short version)
    I had a Dr office treat me badly and refuse to see me. I have been going there for 2 years and it has always been fine and people were nice - no issues. Today I go in for a schedled appointment with a really bad respritory issue and I was clearly ill. ...
    3 Health 15
  149. What: Will a drivers licence from the UK work in the USA?
    A friend is going to the USA in a few months time. He's about to get his full UK drivers licence. Will this drivers licence work in the USA on a permanent or temporary basis as long as he is insured on the vehicle he will be driving? If not, is there...
    2 Travel 39
  150. Waking up scared
    Waking my heart I stop breathing...pretty I am alone...slight left arm tingle...slight numbness...sleep apnea??...I dont have insurance...but this is happing a few times a week...and starting to scare me a littel
    5 Health 44
  151. Pregnant ! need advice on something!
    okay so im in my seventh week of pregnancy and I still haven't been to the OBGYN because me and my boyfriend dont have health insurance yet. im not sure how expensive the visit would be without it but I assume expensive with all the tests and exams and...
    2 Health 12
  152. FAKE TEETH!!!
    I have lost my 4 tooth bridge and I'm now walking around with no theeth and I have no money and my insurance will replace at a cost of $3,000!!! Does anyone know where I can purchase some fake not silly looking teeth I could wear meantime???
    2 Health 47
  153. Welfare
    So I am 21 no health insurance minimum wage job crashing at familys house only thing I own is a car do you think I qualify, if you know of any other state assist programs let me know I need my own place till I can get a better job
    7 Politics 18
  154. Is something wrong with me to make my period so long?
    ok so I've been bleeding for already about a month here and stops then it comes back...I had cramps and everything! is this normal I dont have medical insurance but im sure there are places I can go just freaking out!
    3 Health 14
  155. Is it just me or i feel very different from people?
    Well in family meetings or parties people talk about jobs and what insurance they have and i find all this stuff very boring, and i feel like oh yeah maybe im a freak because i dont find these things interesting lol. What do you think?
    6 General 43
  156. No period for a year
    I have not had a period for a year and now for the past 2 weeks I've had spotting. And slight stabbing pains in my lower abdominal region? What should I do? I have no health insurance and work a minium wage job. Has anyone else ever had a problem like ...
    6 Health 45
  157. Just had a positive pregnancy test... Now what
    Im just had a positive pregnancy test... Now what? What do I do? I already told the fianc'e. We are both freaking out. I dont have insurance. We have plans to get married in september. By that time ill be huge and wont fit into my wedding dress. What s...
    3 Health 72
  158. Where can I work at 15?
    I've left school, and I have my national insurance number, but where can I work? I've left school, but no where seems to want me at just 15. =/ Any ideas? I have seemed to look in EVERY Shop, filled in EVERY form =/ I've work in to places before, i...
    4 Money 68
  159. Getting A Puppy
    Okay, Im 17 years old and my mum said next year 2010 I can get a puppy! I was just you HAVE to get insurance for a puppy?...I was thinking I should to cover an accident or something..TOUCH WOOD THAT'LL NEVER HAPPEN...but is it necessary t...
    6 Pets 14
  160. what should I do about taking my pill?
    I take loestrin24 FE I missed my one pill today I take it at noon and it's now after 2. when should I take it, my doc said to take 2 the next day should I just do that? I gotta get off anyways because of my insurance. so should I just quit noq or finis...
    5 Health 18
  161. Can I start driving alone as soon as I got my driver's license?
    I just took the road test today which I passed, and so I received a temporary sheet for the license while I have to wait a week from now for the actual DL card to be sent to me. As I call today as my first day with the DL, can I can start driving alone...
    2 Cars 56
  162. What is the cheapest, most efficient, and effective legal way to create a will?
    My wife and I have been talking about doing so, but keep putting it off. Life insurance on each other ect is already in place as long as we pay the premiums, but we should get the rest taken care of for others too just in case. We aren't getting any yo...
    3 Politics 10
  163. How can I get pregnant quickley?
    I am 23 years old and have been trying to concieve for two years. We have sex frequently and we cannot afford to go to the doctor about this. Insurance does not cover it. We have tried ovulation kits and calculators online. We are not sure what els...
    5 Sex 40
  164. I dont know what to do and it hurts.
    This is a little embarrassing, but lately when I go to the bathroom it starts to burn real bad.I think it might be a urinary track infection I am not sure and I would go to the doctor, but right now I cant afford it, and I do not have any insurance. I...
    5 Health 51
  165. Who else thinks the David after dentist video is hilarious?
    Some people say the parents are wrong in letting the kid be 'afraid' in the backseat after going through dental surgery. I think it's funny, personally, but they have gone a bit far with "merchandise" (t-shirts) etc.
    5 Entertainment 11
  166. natural kidney stone remedy
    I have a 6 mm kidney stone and the doctor wants to do surgery tomorrow I don't have insurance and money for a doctor. Let alone the hospital bill I'm going to have from an ER visit and two nights in the hospital. Help someone could you give me a na...
    4 Health 113
  167. What to do about chronic ovarian cysts?
    ok to start I only have 1 ovary left other one was so bad they had to remove it. Now my second ovary I keep gettin cists they cut them out and I just get em back I dont know what to do im always in pain and righn now no insurance any advice?
    2 Health 34
  168. Is something wrong with her I need to no
    Like my brothers girlfriend has been going on her period for like along TIME and she doesn't have health insurence so we can't take her to a doctor anyone who might no what going on with her or if something terribly wrong with please tell me cus I'm re...
    2 Health 31
  169. Uti infection
    So I went to the doctors and they said I have a uti(urinary tract infection) well that was last month they gave me some prescriptions, well I took them all and I cant get them refilled I got my doctor bill and nearly shot my self I cant go back because...
    2 Health 11
  170. Broken or not
    ok, so I have a history of punching things, out of frustration, and I've only broken my hand once, but I did it two days ago, and im not sure if its broken or not, its quite swollen, and painful to move, but I cant go to the doctor unless absolutely su...
    3 Health 58
  171. im having major blood clotting
    I have no health insurance, im only 16 and need your advice!!! my period came a week early and im having a lot of blood this a sign of previous a major possibiliy I could of been pregnant. im scared to talk to my mom abo...
    4 Health 30
  172. Why do these people keep calling my cell phone?
    In the last week, this auto insurance place has called 9 times. They keep asking for someone who I dont know. I've told them to stop calling because you have the wrong number, but they are still calling! I sat on the phone while they were talking to me...
    3 Technology 276
  173. What can I do to speed up death? Not suicide but death sooner rather than later?
    I lost the love of my life, I've been unemployed for almost three years and I'm super fat and can't make myself exercise. I know I'm depressed. I eat because. I don't have health insurance anymore. I just want to be in a better place, not here.
    6 Health 21
  174. My period has lasted way too long
    I have been on my period for 10 days & it is very painful . I keep thinking it is going to stop but it hasn't . I was diagnosed with endometrius 3 years ago . The doctor wanted to do a hysterectomy . I do not have medical insurance though ( can't aff...
    3 Health 69
  175. I'm 18, pregnant, and my mom wants me to have an abortion
    im 18 and I just recently found out I'm pregnant. the situation is not that good.. the father doesnt have a job and I'm just starting mine.. which is basically only minimum wage. since I'm 18 I'm not on my parents insurance anymore and they're in a rou...
    13 Family 94
  176. Am I financially stable to move out?
    2 Family 39
  177. How many years of college to be a dentist?
    However you spell dental w/e lol The people that clean your teeth. Um, I was wondering is that a full four years of college orrr just a 2 year at a comunity college could do that? I mean, my goal is 4 years of if I did something like that...
    3 Education 56
  178. Can I take my toothpaste on the plane now?
    I am travelling to Spain next week and I was hoping to brush my teeth on the flight. I hear that it might still be banned to take my toothpaste on the plane. Should I take the risk and bring it for the sake of dental hygiene? Or should I leave it an...
    2 Travel 206
  179. How long does oxycotin stay in my system?
    I had cancer 7 years ago and I'm always in pain except when I take my meds (oxycotin). I seen a new dr a year ago and he put me on methadone. He wasn't doing anything for me and I got a new dr but when they wanted to put me on oxycotin again my insuren...
    3 Health 48
  180. Why are my parents making me pay rent & I'm only 16 ??
    My parents are making me pay rent & I'm only 16 =/ Okay, I'm 16 and turning 17 on December 20th, I'm a minor. Isnt it illegal for a minor to pay rent & Bills??? And there having me pay half of my insurance, When I don't even have my own car. My own cel...
    11 Family 2741
  181. Is SoonerCare considered welfare?
    I am pregnant with my first child and plan on taking off work for a few months to breast feed and care for my baby boy. I'm worried my bf and I won't get married in time for his insurance to covor anything... I have been told from so many people it...
    4 Money 151
  182. what cards you normally carry with you
    okay so im doing summer school and I have to do this thing for english, im supposed to ask ten guys and ten girls but its easier to do this. so: what cards to teenagers carry in there wallets ( what sex has more and what does the media show in this ) ...
    4 Sex 15
  183. Do you feel an adult (over 18) couple should be married before or if they have children?
    Ive been called irresponsible for not being married and having a child and one on the way. Im just curious whats everyones thoughts are on this. We live together, share bills and bank accounts, have joint insurance...the only differece in our relations...
    37 Family 41
  184. How much will birth control cost me from planned parenthood?
    Im 18 and have a job, but I dont make that much. I usually get 10 hours a week and cannot afford to pay that much for birth control because I also pay my car insurance and for gas. How much would the exam and pill cost me? and if I wanted to get the sh...
    3 Health 50
  185. Economy fundamentally sound?
    I read that Leahman Brothers filed the largest bankruptcy in history. Our nation's largest insurer AIG is struggling to come up with funds to stay solvent. Our government had to bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac recently. With all of this hittin...
    7 Politics 29
  186. which career path is better for good job opportunities ?
    so i want to start school in January i don't know if i should do dental assistant, teaching assistant, medical assistant, or healthcare assistant.... I want to make sure that i have a job at the end of the course. which option will offer me a wider ...
    3 Money 20
  187. How much does a vet charge for a cat checkup?
    I have no money and I'm pretty sure my cat doesn't have health insurance. We've only taken my cat to the vet to be declawed and get his shots when he was a little kitten. We've had him for 12 years and now that I'm concerned with his health, I'm stil...
    3 Pets 99
  188. How Do you fix a wet ipod touch?
    Okay so my family from North Carolina came for Christmas and got me an ipod touch ...its been good for a while and today I accidentally drop it into a huge puddle of the rain...and I turned in on and now it has nothing that can be touch and I don't hav...
    3 Technology 35
  189. how can I tell if my tampon got stuck up in me
    I have pain every so often and I'm worried that its stuck up there. I have tried all day long to see if it up there and I dont know. I cant remember if I feel out of I took it out can you please help me out I dont have any health insurance and dont e...
    3 Health 75
  190. Why do you have to have the license plate of the state you live in?
    I was given my car when my grandpa died a little over a year ago. He lived in Oklahoma so the car has an Oklahoma license plate. I live in Texas and I get my insurance and everything taken care of here. I got pulled over the other night because my lice...
    2 Politics 87
  191. What happens if the buyer doesn't get their package on eBay?
    So I sold 2 laptops on ebay both about $350. I printed a shipping label with paypal and shipped them right after with no insurance or delivery confirmation like your supposed to do. I think the post office might have lost the packages. What happens if ...
    3 Shopping 58
  192. Medi-cal on immigrants
    This is about medi-cal for pregnancy Well I wanted to know why is it that were natural born american citizens worked hard for our money but immigrants get it like nothing here? I mean I applyed for medi-cal when I was pregnant and you have to be 18 ye...
    2 Health 8
  193. FedEx Shipping Hours
    I ordered a cell phone though my insurance company and they said my new cell would be here the next day, which would be today. Now it is going on 4:00pm and they have yet to deliver it. I don't think it would be delivered by the US mail, because they r...
    4 Shopping 62
  194. I need to know how much this ticket would cost I got in a crash
    Does anyone know how much ashured clear distance ticket cost because I totaled my car and thats the ticket they gave me because, I hit someone and I have a court date on the 23rd the worst valentines day ever totaled my $8,000 dollor car and my insuran...
    2 General 12
  195. How can I not hate my job?
    My job is very boring, so I would love to find another one. However, we absolutely must keep our health insurance (my hubby has a pre-existing condition he's being treated for), so that rules out finding another job for the time being. I've already a...
    3 Money 20
  196. How do you feel...
    Learning about philosophy and metaphysics are both very big life-long hobbies of myine... And I am very solid in my arguement against the reality of the world in general. I was just wondering... Do any of you guys ever feel like life isnt real?
    4 General 39
  197. how do I know if I have a worm in my stomache?
    I'm 27 years old and I'm pretty skinny being at 120 lbs. I use to be around 130. I eat normally but I never gain weight. my stomache doesn't hurt at all. but I keep thinkin why I can't gain weight. is it possible that I have worm thats eatin my nutrien...
    2 Health 121
  198. eBay refunds
    I recently purchased a phone on eBay for $230.00. The auction claimed that it was used and that postage insurance was not offered. The mobile phone worked perfectly except for one major aspect, the speaker on the phone does not work. When somebody call...
    4 Technology 19
  199. How can I pay for my meds?
    My medications are costing my mom over $600 per month. My mom's unenployment just ran out and she still hasn't found a job. I take meds for BiPolar disorder Depression and ADD and my mom said that we can barely afford them because the allowence from ou...
    3 Health 17
  200. Could this be an STD or HIV?
    Me and my boyfriend have been trying to have a baby and we have been having unprotected sex for about 10 months now. I just started douching about 9 months ago, and I have been getting this bad fishy smell but i could only smell it after having sex, an...
    3 Sex 57
  201. How do I download pix from my un-chargable Chocolate phone?
    My Chocolate phone works but the input for the charger is broken. So, I can't charge my phone. I do have it insured and plan on having it replaced. But, I have dozens of pictures and videos on it that I would love to have. I know many of them are on t...
    2 Technology 21
  202. Hillary Clinton wants to garnish your wages to pay for healthcare?
    Ok, it's official: I am not in favor of Hillary Clinton's bid for the democratic nomination. Now that she let the cat out of the bag about wanting to garnish people's wages to pay for health care, it's a serious no go. Is she that ignorant that the ...
    9 Politics 46
  203. Reality unreal?
    Learning about Philosophy and Metaphysics are both very big life-long hobbies of myine... and I am very solid in my arguement against the "reality" of the world in general. I was just wondering... do any of you guys ever feel like life isnt real?
    3 Science 19
  204. Gum pain
    I am almost 6 months pregnant. The top right of my mouth has severe gum pain. I have no clue why. I have no cavatives nor have I ever had any dental work done other than a cleaning. I even have my wisdom teeth still bc I had enough room in my mouth. (I...
    4 Health 30
  205. Legalities of owning an apartment?
    I'm currently looking to purchase an apartment building. There are 3 units, and what I'm asking is what legalities will I encounter and have to take care of before I put the units up for rent? Is a lease a good idea? Will I need just home owner's in...
    2 Money 13
  206. Work issues, should I stay or go?
    I've been a dental assistant for 2 years and I decided to quit on Friday due to two things 1. I started at 8/hour. A girl with no experience recently was hired starting at 14/hour. 2. One of the doctors is a straight jerk to me for absolutely no reaso...
    3 Money 11
  207. What do I do with this family situation?
    My mom is ALWAYS bitching. ALWAYS. I'm so sick of it. It's so hard to stay happy-go-lucky with a mom like her. She grew up with an alcoholic father, so that has a play in why she is like this. He had anger issues and I think he might have been eithe...
    4 Family 27
  208. What are some home remedies for this?
    Ok so about 4 days ago I started feeling really nauseated. I don't really feel sick anymore, but I have some light cramping in my lower abdomen on both sides. My legs are retaing water also. I can leave an indent on my shin for a good 15-20 seconds. I ...
    3 Health 19
  209. Stolen cellphone?
    Ok do today this kid stole my cell phone I know who did it for sure hes saying he doesnt have it. I called the police and they went to his house but said because he didnt have the property on him he couldnt do anything. The cop believed he has it but c...
    6 Technology 14
  210. Please any one that knows about the heart area!!!@@@
    Well my left side has been hurting for awhile now right over my heart or is my heart. When it does happen its like a sharp pain and I hold my chest really tight for a minute and my heart rate goes crazy can anyone help me out to findout what it can be ...
    5 Health 34
  211. how fast to go
    When being with a girl on a date or something else, how fast should I take it in steps? You know what I mean. Well I am typing this question is I hung out with 2 girls after school for a bit, sat on the grass hill in the breeze, talked. And my buddy wa...
    2 Relationships 23
  212. Do I have the right to request a different specialist?
    my insurance covers for me but the process takes a month till they get get me a specialist. so i been waiting for a month than i was told my appointment is with a specialist that i HATE..years ago my dad was referred to him and he put my dad ear tubes ...
    2 Health 18
  213. Bumps or boils under my skin
    I am 21 been getting these boils or bumps for years I have scarring from them but lately they have been getting worse I dont know why I used to go to the doctor and hed perscribe antibiotics but as soon as the pills were gone they would come back they ...
    9 Health 198
  214. What kind of rash is this?
    I am trying to figure out what kind of rash I have down there. It is red and dried looking and a clear fluid has excreted from it after I scratched too much. Is it jock itch or could it be somethin else? If its somethin else then I need to know how ...
    2 Health 27
  215. Pitbulls: Are they good pets to own?
    so who has or owned a pitbull in there life? I've got a couple questions to ask, okay well, if you work a lot, are they good pets to manage like I know every dog needs attention and everything but does it need any special training, I want one really...
    9 Pets 75
  216. Help my mouth hurts
    my wisdom teeth are growing in on the bottom and it hurts really bad I cant eat or drink and can barely talk. what home remedies can I use to get rid of this pain? I have tried warm salt water, swishing with peroxide, vodka. what else can I do that wil...
    3 Health 58
  217. When a doctor sees your cuts during a physical can he/she tell your parents or does that come under doctor/patient confidentiality?
    So... I cut myself. And I have to get a physical so that I can take my permit test. Up untill last year I didn't cut deep enough to show the scars but this past year and a half I went through a lot of stuff and you can see my scars pretty damn well. I ...
    10 Health 79
  218. What was your worst travel experience ever?
    My partner and I are in Switzerland for the holidays- on a long train ride yesterday, my partner's bag was swiped by someone getting of the train. The bag contained his new Macbook pro, a rather expensive new watch, but most importantly his passport an...
    4 Travel 65
  219. diabetic or infection
    so I am 21 obese and for the past like 3 years I have been getting these bumps under my arm my breast, my hip, inner thigh and groin area now I have been to the doctor a few times he has given me antibiotics and while taking them the bumps go away but ...
    4 Health 14
  220. Can you cross a dog???
    Ok, I get my braces done in mexico because they're cheaper and western dental f**ked up my teeth anyways but we were crossing the border walking by little stores when we came out of the orthodontics place and there were the people who were selling pup...
    3 Pets 18
  221. Diann Hoffmaster (autistic,cancer remission 4 years )
    Would Miley and as many famous singers like her dad , Dolly parton, Kenny Rogers , etc. help me have a real big concert for the special needs kids, autistic , cancer kids in Laplata Maryland so that the money could go to a non profit foundation that h...
    3 Music 51
  222. lost car registration and Vehicle title number..HELP!
    ok so I crashed my car like yesterday and I couldnt find my car registration and I atempted to get one today online but I need my Vehicle title number which I cant find either. all I have is my insurence card and my TEMPORARY car registration which dos...
    5 Cars 39
  223. Big boobs causing back problems
    I was a early developer as I started my period when 11 and went from a size a - c pretty much over night. I am 15 and now an e they hurt when I run and jump so I cant participate in certain sports. I went to see the doctor with my mum and he said that ...
    7 Health 59
  224. Can you see a therapist without your parents knowing?
    I have been very depressed lately. And about two years ago i cut myself, but i haven't since. Sometimes i think that they only way out of my depression is to commit suicide. I often think of ways to go about doing so. On top of this, my boyfriend brok...
    3 Health 185
  225. I can't live at home anymore!
    I'm a middle child, Older sister and Younger brother. It seems that my brother gets anything he wants, my parents always are helping my sister. My sister is 22, married and has 2 kids, my brother is 15, I'm 19. I have been working since I was 15, My...
    3 Family 128
  226. what should I do???
    ok,right now I'm in school to be a dental assistant, but I recently have been having trouble with trying to keep a strong stomach when it comes to dealing with mouths and I mean I haven't started my internship yet but I was thinking about changing my ...
    2 Education 13
  227. soon to be husband wants to adopt my son?
    well i gave birth to my son in 2012 theres no record of the biological father though i know who he is.. other than a child support paper i needed to fill out so my son could keep his insurance. the father has a really bad felony againced him making it ...
    2 Babies 27
  228. A few days ago I fell on the back of my head
    A few days ago I fell on the back of my head [I was drunk]... I remember getting RIGHT back up and getting onto my bed and just fell right asleep [I fell right next to my bed]. ANYWAYS, the next morning my head felt bruised and I just figured it would ...
    2 Health 64
  229. Which piercings to get?
    I want my boyfriend to get piercings. He said eyebrow is fine but preferably tongue. But I was reading online about tongue piercings and it says that tongue piercing causes all kinds of dental problems such as gum and teeth chipping and breaking. That'...
    6 Style 160
  230. What is the most memorable TV advertisement you know and why is it memorable?
    Look at me. Now look at your man. Look in my hand. Its that thing you like. Now look at your man again. Im wearing this. But Probably this. All over this. Look im on an old lady. "WHERES THE BEEF?!" Its in my hand. Clap Off. Now its dark. Clap on. Look...
    14 Entertainment 48
  231. About my cracked tooth...
    I probably should of already asked this when I asked my other questions about my dental issues, but I forgot lol On my cracked tooth *which is located in the back*, it's not completely gone at all. The middle is sort of gone... what it looks like is a...
    5 Health 39
  232. who knows about any of these courses ?
    i am currently unemployed but i have formal qualification however because i have no work experience it is very difficult for me to find a job. i am now at home stressed and depressed i don't know what to do and my mother wants me to move out ASAP so i...
    3 Money 43
  233. Pain in lower right abdomen
    Here is the first thing I'll say...I don't have health insurance currently, I just graduated from high school and haven't gotten around to going get it yet, I plan to next week. But since yesterday I have had this pain in my side, earlier in the day ...
    3 Health 26
  234. How can I heal my broken back enough to walk normally?
    Im 21 years old and I broke my back 4 weeks ago. Im still having a lot of trouble walking without holding onto things and I cant even walk far cause the pain comes on worse in my lower back and right hip and right leg. Im starting to get worried that I...
    2 Health 144
  235. Why won't my Mom let me drive?
    Idont inderstand it I get good grades I work I am a good kid I dont really get in trouble yet my mom still wont let me drive!!! I also lend her money when she is short, pay for my dance classes and I am not even asking her to buy me a car or pay for in...
    8 Family 133
  236. How can I talk my parents into letting me get rid of this?
    I made a clock in a shop class last year, a nice looking one that is worth about $400-$600. It has an annoying quarter-hour chime (I had no choice in the clockworks for it) that every time it goes off, I swear I hear a rumbling in my head. So I have a ...
    4 Family 51
  237. Should I buy my stepdaughter clothes?
    My step daughter will bel 23 years old in august. she has lived with my husband and I since she was 11 years old. she use to commute to work about 50 miles. she seemed to love her job in the beginning. my husband co signed for her to get a car so s...
    5 Family 87
  238. Is testicular cancer curable without having to remove one?
    so 8 days ago I noticed I had I small ball in my right testicle n I squeeze it a little n I get a pain in that area all the way up to my lower ab. Could it be cancer it's not on the skin of my sac I have to go in to find it it's next to my testicle I...
    3 Sex 13
  239. what are the regulations to emancipation in Tennessee?
    Im 16 and pregnant. Im 4 1/2 months. My family hates the father of my child who is also my boyfriend and we want to get married and of course my family is completly against it. My dad made it to where I cant have any contact with my biyfriend and its r...
    5 Family 23
  240. Too skinny
    So im a female 5'5 15 almost 16 and not even 100 pounds I dont have a eating disorder or anything I eat heatly while enjoying sweets all the time (: but I never gain weight I cant go to the doctor because we dont have medical insurance I know im underw...
    5 Nutritionfitness 30
  241. Government Assistance.
    This topic came up between a few friends of mine - and I was suprised at some of their thoughts on it. What do you think of people who ask for government assistance? Do you think they are looking for a handout? Do you think they deserve it? Do you ...
    15 Politics 37
  242. Emo??depress??stress?? Which one help me PLs :(
    well I hate life.I don't have any real friends 2 hang wit after school,all I do is stay home Sometimes I think I will b better in haven kuz its more quit and I will not worry about any is very hard for ,me kids make fun of me saying I'm ugly...
    5 Health 21
  243. What's all involved with kidney donation?
    My cousin has lupus and has just been put on the kidney donation list. I'm closest in age to her, so I've always said I'd do it if the time ever came. Well, after years, the time is getting much closer. I'm wondering what's all involved in this proc...
    5 Health 16
  244. Car Wreck.
    I got into a car wreck on December 12th. I pulled out and hit a car in the rear corner panel. The guy called the cops but he left before they got there so there was no report filed and I didnt get a ticket or nothing. They guy got my name, address and ...
    2 Money 54
  245. What do you think about the bill being passed to pretty much end Planned Parenthood?
    Of course the bill doesnt flat out say that, but with the cut in funding it will pretty much bankrupt P.P, in my opinion leaving thousands of women without basic healthcare such as breast cancer sreenings. Planned parenthood already doesnt use the gove...
    5 Politics 42
  246. Who should bear the burden of the taxes?
    Here's some things to consider before answering: 10% of the tax payers with the highest income pay for 2/3's of the income taxes. They also pay a higher rate of taxes, above paying for just a high tax itself. (Rich included.) Social Insurance taxes ...
    5 Politics 48
  247. Should I take my Canon to Sharm El Sheikh with me?
    I have the canon 550D, its an expensive camera and i saved up a VERYY long time for it. I value it very much and i would hate to lose it, its also not insured. n Monday me and my sister and mum are going to Egypt for a week and its our first holiday ...
    8 Technology 20
  248. Should me and my spouse split bills?
    Alright so me and my spouse have been together for 4 years. We've always just put all of our money together to pay the bills and have fun. Now im wondering if maybe we should split the bills and keep our own money as i tend to be a bit selfish and spen...
    10 Money 37
  249. How do I talk my parents into letting me get my teeth whitened?
    So my teeth are stained badly, I NEED them fixed.(bleached,whitened etc.) People make fun of me a lot for it, and it really hurts my self esteem. You wouldn't even know how sad i get when they do that, and my parents don't understand. im embarrassed to...
    6 Family 45
  250. car trouble WWY (you) D
    what would you do if you found yourself monday morning getting ready for work, walking outside to your 95 Honda Accord... then finding that during the night someone took a baseball bat to all your windows... (front driver, back driver, front passenger,...
    2 Cars 33