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  1. How does the dentist put braces on you?
    How do the dentist put braces on you?
    11 Style 200
  2. What is it like having dental braces?
    3 Health 33
  3. What is implantation?
    something about pregnacy
    2 Health 94
  4. Dental dam
    What is it? And how do you use it/
    3 Health 57
  5. Pros and cons of the contraceptive implant
    What are the pros and cons of the contraceptive implant?
    2 Relationships 33
  6. What do dentists fill your teeth with?
    when a dentist fills your teeth what do they fill it with and does it hurt?
    4 Health 221
  7. How much are breast implants in Thailand?
    2 Style 22
  8. How to help your fear of the dentist?
    5 Health 19
  9. Is cleaning your teeth by the dentist optional?
    5 Health 23
  10. What's the difference between an orthodontist, hygienist, and dentist?
    3 Health 20
  11. What are the side effects of the contraceptive implant?
    6 Health 21
  12. How can you tell if a girl has butt implants?
    6 General 178
  13. What's implantation bleeding like; is it like a period?
    4 Health 1112
  14. is it a bad thing to be nervous about going to the dentist?
    is it a bad thing to be nervous about going to the dentist?
    9 Health 45
  15. what is breast implant
    how is breast implant done to increase the size of my breast
    2 Style 112
  16. can a felon become a dental assistant or hygein...
    can a felon become a dental assistant or hygein...
    3 Money 172
  17. What is a dental dam?
    What is a dental dam? And what is a female condom?... And how do you use them
    2 Health 71
  18. Implantation bleeding.
    How long after having sex can you get implantation bleeding?
    3 Sex 543
  19. How can you space your teeth at home without a dentist?
    7 Style 15
  20. When did Dolly Parton get her breast implants?
    6 Style 20
  21. Why does my face feel funny after going to the dentist?
    6 Health 26
  22. Why do people make fun of me for wanting to be a Dentist?
    24 Relationships 61
  23. What are butt implants like?
    & what is the average cost?
    9 Style 29
  24. How long does the dentist numbness stuff last?
    5 Health 107
  25. Does the contraceptive implant stop your periods (for most people)?
    11 Health 42
  26. how do I tell my dentist im pregnant can I say it over the phone?
    how do I tell my dentist im pregnant can I say it over the phone?
    2 Family 43
  27. Shouldn't have to pay dentists for fixing our teeth?
    Do you think we shouldn't have to pay dentists for fixing our teeth?
    9 Health 25
  28. Bigger boobs without implants?
    Is there any way to make my boobs bigger without implants?
    4 Style 123
  29. Contaceptive implant
    Does the contraceptive implant make you gain weight
    4 Health 39
  30. How much to get breast implants?
    4 Style 64
  31. Does every woman have implantation bleeding, or does it just depend on the woman and her body?
    3 Health 105
  32. would you ever get a liposuction or breast implants?
    6 Health 18
  33. Do i need permission from an adult to get my implanon implant out?
    3 Health 18
  34. does it hurt to have the implant or anything, whats the best thing to have ?
    6 Health 20
  35. Would strangers donate money for breast implants?
    do you think strangers would donate $ to me for breast implants?
    5 Style 62
  36. Have you had dental work done under sedation due to phobia?
    Has anyone here had there dental work done under sedation from a phobia??
    3 Health 31
  37. How expensive is dental care in Germany?
    Can someone give me information on the Dental care?
    2 Health 11
  38. implantation bleeding
    implantation bleeding can implantation bleeding start before you period? do you have cramps with implantaion bleeding and what does it look like?
    3 Health 3401
  39. Why is there a rash on my arm right where my contraceptive implant is ?
    Could i be allergic to it ?
    2 Health 12
  40. what is implantation bleeding
    can anyone tell me what inplantation bleeding looks like?
    2 Health 388
  41. Has anyone here had breast implants?
    has anyone ever had breast implants do they hert I really want them done
    4 Style 4
  42. How much would a butt implant cost?
    Does anyone know how much a Butt implant wuld cost???
    2 Style 17
  43. Can dental assisting students in connecticut take x-rays?
    Can dental assisting students in connecticut take x-rays?
    2 Education 35
  44. Why do women get breast implants?
    Breasts are there to feed children... I don't understand the purpose in getting breast implants...
    10 Style 36
  45. Will implants prevent saggy boobs when I'm old?
    Will getting implants prevent saggy boobs when im old???
    2 Style 51
  46. How do you know between implantation blood and your period?
    How do you know bettween inplantation blood and your period??? Just not the fact that its lighter...
    2 Health 2130
  47. How can i tell my mom i want to take my implanon implant out(birth control)?
    2 Health 30
  48. Do Salma Hayek, Halle Berry, and Scarlett Johansson have breast implants?
    2 Entertainment 22
  49. Getting a physical. and Dental often?
    How often to you visit your doctor for a physical or go to the Dentist?
    3 Health 46
  50. Dental Hygiene job
    Do you really have to take chemistry in high school to be a dental hygienist?
    2 Education 8
  51. How can I get rid of numbness fast after coming from the dentist 2 hours ago?
    3 Health 66
  52. Can you get dental insurance?
    i have medical but i want insurance that can help me cover if my sis gets braces?
    3 Health 10
  53. Ways to make numbing from dentist go away?
    I just got back from the dentist is there anyway to make the numbness go away faster?
    4 Health 183
  54. Dentist Hygenist or Ultra sound technician?
    Dentist Hygenist or Ultra sound technician? I cant decide! I want to be both! Whats good?
    4 Money 40
  55. What are butt implants?
    Hi...what are butt implants all about? Are they like silicone breast implants? Is it safe for me to do something like this...I mean what are the side effects, if any?
    7 Style 55
  56. Dental Caps?
    I was just wondering, does anyone know how much dental caps would be for my two front teeth? Thankss :)
    2 Style 25
  57. Are the nipples stretched out whenever you get breast implants?
    I'm getting implants and I was wondering if the nipples are stretched out whenever they are implanted. I don't want my nipples to look extra small.
    2 Style 40
  58. What do you soak dental flippers or dentures in?
    and is it ok to soak them in mouth wash mixed with warm water?
    2 Health 16
  59. Brushing before going to dentist
    Have you ever gone to the dentist to get a tooth cleaning and you had just eaten food and not brushed your teeth?
    3 Health 10
  60. What can I do about my implant and bleeding??
    Hi I av had my implant in my arm for about 2 years now but when my period cums I bleed of 2 and more what should I do. Help please.asap
    4 Health 46
  61. Is this bleeding from implantation of pregnancy?
    I have had spotting for about the last 4 days. I am suppose to start my period in about a week. Could this be implantation bleeding?
    3 Health 225
  62. What is better to use for the teeth plackers or dental floss?
    What do you think its more efficient to clean your teeth plackers or dental floss, Tell me please thank you,
    2 Health 110
  63. Microdermal implants
    I'm considering getting a microdermal implant next to my eye tomorrow but I'm worried about work. Is there any way after it heals that I can hide it?
    3 Style 80
  64. dental career
    I am a dentist just passed from college...can anyone tell me which country is the best for practicing dentistry and what is the procedure to get into that country
    6 Education 22
  65. Does implantation bleeding mean that you are pregnant?
    Hi can someone please answer this question and tell me does implantation bleeding mean that you are pregnant? Please can someone get back to me on this question? Thank you
    7 Health 322
  66. Breast implants opinions
    Whats every ones opinion on implants> guys and girls please answer do you think there hot or cheesy
    7 Style 46
  67. what is something i can do when at the dentist to help my nerves?
    ..buts really bad i shake and breath heavy and everything... any advoce?
    8 Health 40
  68. How much are butt implants
    How much are butt implants? just wondering because I wanna get them save your rude mean comments ..but anyway please answer my questions
    3 Style 16
  69. Does anyone else think that breast implants make the breast sometimes go a weird shape and look super ugly?
    10 Style 15
  70. Would my dentist or doctor tell my mom im bulimic if i asked them about it?
    I'm 13 and i was wondering if i told my doctor or dentist if they would be forsed to tell my mom or is there some type of confidentiality?
    4 Health 40
  71. Important question about Implantation Bl
    How soon does implantation bleeding occur? Does it happen before a cycle? What does it look like? Does light brown spotting relate to this?
    2 Health 658
  72. How to whiten teeth without going to dentist?
    How can I whiten my teeth without spending a lot of money on the dentist or buying all those whitening strips and all that stuff. And will putting peroxide in my mouth help whiten them.
    4 Style 40
  73. How does a dentist go to the dentist?
    LOL, thats something I always wanted to ask. I mean, where to they go if they have something with their teeth or stuff? It can always happen. My mom brushes her teeth everyday 4 TIMES, she doesn't eat any sugar, and she's always really concerned about ...
    2 Health 14
  74. Implant scars
    I need help, I want to know more about the implant as I on it, I've had 2 spottings in the last 4 months but im really scared. Please help
    2 Style 14
  75. *implantation bleeding* how early can it occur?
    I was just curious on how early implantation bleeding can occur. I experience something that (from what I've read) seems to be implantation bleeding. It happened I would say 4-5 days after ovulation. could this be implantation bleeding or something else?
    2 Health 576
  76. What should I do to get to become a dentist?
    I Have A 2.9 Gpa In High School As A Junior. I Take My Sat's Next Month. I Want To Be A Dentist. With My Grades Can I Become A Dentist Still? Should I Go To Community College First?
    3 Education 38
  77. Should I get implants for my 17th birthday?
    Im turning 17 on monday and for my birthday I want to change my C cups to DD cups so I can look good. Is this a good idea?
    16 Style 40
  78. When you get a tooth surgically removed by a dentist, do they give you a prescription for pain medicine afterwards?
    My fiance has an appointment tomorrow and hes terrified they wont give him medicine.
    9 Health 20
  79. How can I make my teeth white in just 1 week without the dentist?
    I hate the colour of my teeth and I want it to be a nice white but I do not want to go to the dentist so any ideas how I can make my teeth white in just 1 week ? Need answers a.s.a.p Thanx x :)
    5 Style 58
  80. Sign of pregnancy or implant?
    I got implant in but had unpertected sex before I had it but I dont know whats the signs is pregnancy or the implant. I only want nice comments no one jugding me as I dont know what it is and why this is happpening and it could change my life and I wan...
    6 Sex 25
  81. How bad does the birth control implant in your arm hurt?
    When they put in it does it hurt really bad? On a scale of 1-10 how bad? Also what is some other info. on it? Can someone explain the process of how they put in in and everything?
    4 Health 99
  82. Do tongue piercings really cause dental problems?
    Hey guys,heard that tongue piercings will get some dental problems.Eg.Clipped teeth,gum disease,bad breath etc.Is there anything I can do to prevent all these?
    6 Style 61
  83. Breast Implants!!! HELP
    So im thinking within the next to years to go under the knife and have breast implants done on me. NOT PORN STAR SIZE!!! But enough to know that I have some lol but im not sure if I should! Please help
    8 Style 26
  84. implantation hurting?
    One more question on implantation bleeding. Advisors- Im not posting the same question.. :) just had another question on the same subject lol. Ok, when implantation bleeding occurs..what does it feel there supposed to be cramping? and ...
    2 Health 312
  85. What can i do if my dental crown fell off?
    I have this dental crown for 2 years but its kind of loose i dont know what to do and the dentist wouldnt even remember me now what do you suggestme tell me please and also tell me if there is something that i can buy in the pharmacy for this thank you.
    4 Health 50
  86. How do i know if i am experiencing implantation bleeding?
    its been 2 weeks since i had unprotected sex and i have brownish red spotting, it started out heavy a few days ago but now its more brown and spotting lightly.
    6 Sex 264
  87. Dentist gas
    Does this stuff work? I am getting fillings this monday (they aren't my first) and I HATE the shots that they give ya. my new dentist uses a little bit of gas and then gives the shots. I am scared to death that the gas won't work.
    3 Health 29
  88. Spotting, is it implantation bleeding?
    I've been pregnant before. Never have had a period though. Now... I think I'm having implantation bleeding... I need to know if these are the signs... light pink discharge and I can only see it on the tissue if I stick the tissue up there... and some ...
    2 Health 2313
  89. What can a Dentist do for large front teeth?
    Okay,I've had HUGE front top teeth since I was little. The Two in the middle,they hang lower than all the others. Is there anything a Dentist can do,To even them out? I feel like a Rabbit =/
    7 Style 318
  90. Can the dentist tell if you smoke?
    I've been smoking for about a month, I don't smoke very often maybe one every two days if you average it out? any ways I'm under age and don't want my parents to know.. will the dentist be able to tell?
    5 Health 120
  91. Breast Reduction and Implants.
    My boobs have always been HUGE. I'm 18 and I'm a 36DD. I'm on the verge of being an E. I'm thinking about getting a breast reduction and then getting implants. Maybe to a big C. I heard this wasn't possible because of scar tissue? What do you gu...
    4 Style 66
  92. What do guys think of breast implants?
    cos i am a 32DD and was thinking about implants but they always look just stuck in the same position and rock hard Do men really like that?? I like my tits but just want them a bit bigger ut don't want them to be like hard melons stuck on my chest!
    9 Style 71
  93. Should I get the implant removed if I have side effects?
    I got a implant a few months ago so I don't get p regent but the problem is that I have all the side affects : my period has not stoped I am becoming a pimple monster gaining weight! what shouls I do should I get it removed? please HELP
    4 Health 17
  94. Does anyone on here have the birth control implant IUD and what do you think of it?
    Have you had any side effects or problems from it? My doctor isnt too keen on tying my tubes at my age but birth control pills have failed for me in the past and i do not want another child after this. I was thinking about the implant but i dont know a...
    6 Health 16
  95. What should I do about my sensitive tooth after dental work?
    I had my top 2 front teeth and bottom 2 front teeth filed down a little bit to be straighter and one on the bottom now feels really sensitive like air going through it and it hurts. Should I wait it out or is it serious?
    2 Health 21
  96. Implantation could I be pregnant?
    I've recently been seeing pink, red spots and my panties my boyfriend and I been having sex but we always used a condom my period hasnt shown up and im really worried could I be pregnant?? Im really hoping im not.
    2 Sex 23
  97. How to calm my nerves before the dentist?
    duz anyone noe any ways to come your nerves? im going to the dentist in a cuple hours and I noe when it cums to cavitys im not doin so well because my mom hasnt taken me to the dentist in like 9 years!! and please dont say pray because im athiest...
    3 Health 95
  98. Dentist problem
    Hi, I really dont like the dentist and my mum has made me an appoitment and I have a bit than half a tooth I was woundering if they wud av 2 pull it out or just fill it. Pls help I am really worried about this, so this wud b a great help thanks x
    3 Health 28
  99. is this implantation?
    i misse a few pills in my pack and thought nothing of it untill the other night i had stomach pains that lasted about 15minutes. a couple of days later i had dark brown discharge and then it went. could this be what they call implantation bleeding? if ...
    3 Health 140
  100. Has anyone had breast implants?
    Im seriously considering a breast enlargement, in 21 and have thought about all the pros and cons. was just wondering if there is any one whos had one done? Can you tell me what surgeon you used? What company? And what was your experience of it like? ...
    2 Style 15
  101. Who else thinks the David after dentist video is hilarious?
    Some people say the parents are wrong in letting the kid be 'afraid' in the backseat after going through dental surgery. I think it's funny, personally, but they have gone a bit far with "merchandise" (t-shirts) etc.
    5 Entertainment 11
  102. Did Anybody Have a Succesful pregnancy after Implantation?
    I Heard if you implant late its a higher risk of a miscarriage well I implanted 12-14 days later after possible conception dec 7th or 10th haven't seen the doctor yet though. not until the Jan 7th but it wasn't blood it was only there after I would wipe.
    2 Health 127
  103. The dentist- a poem
    What do you think of this poem that my niece wrote. The Dentist He sticks his fingers down my throat desperately trying to make me choke. He turns my face both black and blue grinning as he does it too. He fills my teeth with white cem...
    5 Literature 57
  104. Who can help me become a little more comfortable with the dentist?
    Im like really scared.I have a dentist appt this thurs.And im scared if they tell me i have cavities.Or im scared if like what if they do they x-rays and it hurts.Or what happens if i get a filling and it hurts.Im really scared of pain because of past ...
    8 Health 21
  105. When does implantation bleeding occur?
    hie there, Please tell me that when does implantation bleeding occur , I Mean after how many days after sperm change/intercourse ? I heard its between 5-12 days after OV but I actually do not rem or make out when did I ovoluate? In case of risks, do I ...
    2 Health 211
  106. What can I do to get whiter teeth without going to the dentist ?
    Someone told me to try baking soda on my toothbrush, but I didn't see any results. I used whiteglo system for a few days but the mothguard was a bit much and it was annoying to keep using..any ideas?
    4 Style 39
  107. Im getting implants
    IM getting implants early next year, I'm currently a small d with a little bit of sagging and plan in going to an E or EE. I cant find pics of if on the net of someone who has gone that big. If you know where I can find them or you have them please let...
    10 Style 40
  108. How many years of college to be a dentist?
    However you spell dental w/e lol The people that clean your teeth. Um, I was wondering is that a full four years of college orrr just a 2 year at a comunity college could do that? I mean, my goal is 4 years of if I did something like that...
    3 Education 56
  109. Should I hurry off to a dentist?
    So I got braces 3 months ago, and now, today, I was eating and one of them kinda flipped!! Its still stuck to the wire, but the little block thing is loose and its completely turned around!! Is this okay? Should I hurry off to a dentist? Is it normal t...
    4 Health 24
  110. Do you know the dentist riddle?
    I dig out tiny caves, and store gold and silver in them. I also build bridges of silver and make crowns of gold. They are the smallest you could imagine. Sooner or later everybody needs my help, yet many people are afraid to let me help them. ...
    7 General 401
  111. How normal is it for the implant pill to make you this way ?
    Right I went to the doctors and I told her I want to go on the implant and she gave me a pill to see if my body can take it and then after I go on the implant I've been taking it for 2 months now and my periods have stopped but they said its suppose ...
    2 Health 14
  112. How long does implantation bleeding or spotting lasts?
    I was just wondering how long implantation bleeding or spotting lasts if I'm pregnant or might be pregnant, I’m having this spotting for 14 days now ,does is last days, weeks or months? I have these mild headaches, I don’t know if it is preg symptoms o...
    26 Health 55237
  113. Who has seen David After Dentist video?
    Pretty hysterical (IMO) video of a 7-year-old kid after the dentist, all loopy from the drugs. Has anyone seen it? It's controversial b/c some parents think this kid's Dad is exploiting him by creating a website, tshirts etc based on the video, whic...
    5 Entertainment 29
  114. Dental Problems...
    I have been told that I should drink nothing but milk and water because it's causing dental problems. I asked if fruit juices were any better and my dentist said no. I don't think I can drink nothing but milk and water. For some weird reason I alway...
    3 Health 23
  115. Implantation bleeding from what?
    Okay can you have implantation bleeding after being fingered? I was fingered by my boyfriend 5 days ago... I got the implantation bleeding 3 days after... But I had sex march 4th (protected condom with spremidce didnt break or pop not exp. He didnt cum...
    3 Sex 1297
  116. Could this be implantation bleeding?
    I am trying to get pregnant for the last 3 months. I took ovulation test and found my most ovulating days. I have very regular (28days) PMS. My PMS is due on the 7th of may. But on the evening of 5th i had some bleeding and after 2 hours there was noth...
    2 Health 437
  117. Is spotting after my period implantation bleeding?
    If im prego what are some adorable girl names I was thinking about constance marie but I need help because I need a boys name in case I have a boy so thank you I also wanted to know if what I had was implantation bleeding cuzz if it was im sure im preg...
    4 Health 916
  118. Implantation bleeding 5 days?
    Can implanation bleeding occur 5 days after having sex? We are trying to get pregnant, and been having sex everyday this week, unprotected. Well when I peed just now and wipd it was a pink color, very light, and wasnt at all like it is when I get my pe...
    3 Sex 243
  119. Tongue Web Piercing vs. The Dentist
    Hey guys! Well, my step-dad hates the idea of any form of body mod. and hence rejected my idea of piercing my tongue web. However, my mom said she would sign for me to get it done professionally (because she knows I'd just do it anyway). But, when my s...
    4 Style 481
  120. Implantation bleeding or pregnancy?
    Ok I had unprotected sex on feb 26 and on mar 4 I started cramping and bleeding. It started off brown when I started then went red for 2 days. Today it was brown then it stopped of about an hour or so. Then I started dripping drops of red blood. Now im...
    2 Sex 529
  121. cramps,light bleeding, implantation?? anyone?
    I have had cramps since ovulation 10 days ago my period is always on time and is due in 2 days but I have had a light pink & brown discharge on and off for the last day which is abnormal I know that there is no way of telling if I am pregnant until mis...
    2 Health 96
  122. re: implantation bleeding
    i took a preg test sunday, one of those clear blue digital tests and it came out neg. i have a docs appointment the 29th so i guess well see then, but its so far away *sigh*. from what i read though you should be able to test right when you experience ...
    2 Health 108
  123. How long does it take for the egg to implant into the uterous?
    My husband and I are trying to have a baby. I was my period was 5 days late then I got it..well I think I got it, it was just medium flow but it only last for two days, and I normal have my period for 5-6 days and now I been just having so brown spotti...
    2 Health 171
  124. What's better, the pill or an implant as contraception?
    And also to stop my periods as much as possible. I hate them and for my last one the cramps were so painful I couldn't move for 3 days. Girls that have used either method: what's good about it and why is it better than the other? I'm leaning towards ...
    3 Health 42
  125. Does medicaid for a pregnancy cover dental problems?
    Ive searched their entire website and im confused. I tried calling but i cant get a human on the phone either. I have LaMoms through medicaid, and i have two teeth that are broken and have cavaties in them, i dont have an abcess at the moment but i get...
    3 Health 17
  126. Can I get my teeth whiter without dental whitening?
    OK, so I have many insecurities, as I am a 15 year old girl, but I really hate my teeth. They are soo yellow! And my dentist said he could whiten them but I dont want people to be able to know its a little embaressing! Also they make me look...
    5 Style 46
  127. What will the dentist do to fix my mouth?
    hi I am 13 years old and I havnt been to the dentist since I was about 4 or 5, the reason I havnt been for so long is because I was tricked into going and they were rough with me and I really think I need to go to the dentist because about a year or so...
    2 Health 21
  128. Does the dentist terrify anyone else??
    All my life I've had cavities, so the trip to the dentist was always terrifying. I mean, someone drilling into your mouth? And that sound of the drill, and the smell... I have to go to the dentist tomorrow and im scared. But I know I always feel bette...
    6 Health 41
  129. how screwed am I(future,or current dentists out there)please help?
    so ill be 15 soon I have a real f.ed life my dad is a drug user but makes me live wit him...I've been to the dentist twice my whole life I move a lot and so I always lost tooth brushes and lots of soda and fast food ...I have 27 teeth over half have ca...
    5 Nutritionfitness 19
  130. Dental Health
    I would REALLY appreciate a professional opinion on this issue. I am missing my second premolar on the top right, and my first and second molars on the bottom right. My dentist has suggested doing two bridges, foregoing the root canal and crowning of...
    3 Health 20
  131. Implantation bleeding?
    Ok so my last period was on the 22nd of Oct. I had sex on 2 days. The one I'm thinking I got pregnant on is the 2nd of November. On the 15th of Nov. I started spotting dark brown and it only lasted about 5 mins. and no more. I am still experiencing th...
    3 Sex 93
  132. Are these signs of implantation bleeding?
    I am 19 and my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a little over a year now. I have irregular periods and its just now starting to show a pattern. I was on bith control for 8 years and I quit taking it about a year now. But this week I h...
    2 Health 39
  133. Should I have the implant out?
    I'm turning 18 in a few days, And I got the implant in July this year cause of bad side effects to the Pill. I've been having a bad back pains for the past few months. The Doctors don't know why I have them. Everything they give me, helps to start off ...
    4 Sex 36
  134. Do I need dental work?
    Ok... so I noticed a few days ago that the tooth all the way in the back on my left side, might have grew in weird. It hurts when it's touched by food/my tounge on that side. I looked in the mirror and it does look like a piece might be digging in. Wil...
    3 Health 16
  135. Should I let my boyfriend buy me breast implants?
    My boyfriend wants to buy me breast implants & I'm not sure whether to accept the offer or not. We have been together for just under a year, im 24 & he is 32. He earns very good money. My breasts are small, and I am forever padding my dresses & tops to...
    4 Health 169
  136. A few dental related questions...
    Alright so I know you get loose baby teeth because duh you have to lose them to get your adult ones, but my questions is this - Is it possible to get loose ADULT teeth? And if so, what exactly causes that to happen? And if it can happen, how can you...
    9 Health 29
  137. what would a boyfriend most likely dump you for - padding or implants?
    what would make you most likely to dump a girl - to find out that she wears a lot of padding in her bra and that her boobs are wayy smaller than they appear or that she has implants? may sound like a stupid question but I've considered surgery (not fo...
    3 Relationships 46
  138. Do I need to go to the dentist?
    Ok my question is about my teeth. I do admit I have a nice smile... I like it. And I don't really think my front teeth are too bad. BUT... my back teeth are sorta bad. The one at the very back on the left has a crack in it *it happened like a year or m...
    4 Style 162
  139. Anyone know information about breast implants?
    ok, I have never been big chested, but then I became pregnant and decided to breastfeed. my breast got so big, i loved longer did I have to alter my clothes or look stupid because nothing fit me right..I looked great..ok, well now my little b...
    2 Style 120
  140. Should I go to the clinic for possible implantation bleeding?
    Hi I got Implantation bleeding on the 2nd May then got a period 2 weeks after on the 16th May. before and on May I did have irregular periods. June, July and august my periods went into patterns and I did experience Pregnancy symptoms in may and June....
    3 Sex 145
  141. Has any one on here had the IUD Mirena birth control implant and had problems with it?
    I had the mirena iud put in about 3 weeks ago. Them placing it in wasn't nearly as bad as i thought it would be and i didn't have much bleeding afterwards. The only problem i am having is when it comes to sex. The strings from the Mirena are poking my ...
    2 Sex 17
  142. What can make me know if its implantation bleeding or period?
    I had protected sex a week ago , he didnt even ejaculate , or have any "pre-cum" because it was very fast , it was my first time , it hurt a lot , so we couldnt do much it lasted like 5 minutes , we used a condom , it didnt break , that same day before...
    2 Sex 1637
  143. Is this implantation bleeding?
    Ok I'm really confused right now. I started bleeding the day before yesterday mostly spotting I should say a dark brown blood, now most of you say oh that's old blood BUT I got this very same thing when I was pregnant with my son! But after I had alrea...
    2 Health 107
  144. boob jobs.
    can I get breast implants at 13?
    7 General 98
  145. pregnant. period or implantation bleeding. soo confussseeed.
    I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend a few days before my expected period. I either got it on the date expected, or its implantation bleeding., and I've read that you experience implantion bleeding around the time your supposed to be geting your per...
    6 Sex 218
  146. How can you tell?
    ya know when someone dies in a fire and they have to identify the person by their dental records...what if the person had never been to the would they know who the person is?
    2 General 26
  147. Breasts grow?
    What are some ways that you can make your breasts grow bigger without implants?
    8 Style 92
  148. Silicone cc to grams?
    How much does a 525cc silicone implants weigh ???
    3 General 246
  149. Do you have to pay to see the doctor where you live?
    Do you have to pay to see the doctor,hospital or dentist where you live,I live in Wales and is free here
    10 Money 18
  150. Can you breastfeed if you have impants?
    Anyone know about complications if you had plastic surgery, but still want to breast feed? Should you have the implants removed beforehand? Will the implants be damaged during pregnancy?
    2 Health 27
  151. When should I take a pregnancy test?
    How long after implantation bleeding has started should I wait to take a pregnancy test?
    4 Health 360
  152. cosmetic surgery
    I am a dental student ...can I do cosmetic surgery now??? if yes how and from whr...and whats the scope???
    3 Money 9
  153. Implantaion Bleeding so soon
    Is it possible for implantation bleeding to occur 5 days after conception?
    3 Health 103
  154. How can i ask my parents to bring me to a orhodontist
    I'm 12 and my parents will not bring me and my dentist recommended I should. What should I say?
    2 Family 10
  155. Am I experiencing implantation bleeding?
    I've had severe migraines for many years now. I recently discovered they usually only occur on the days I don't take my birth control. I've been switched to a birth control that I take continuously, and never get a period. I haven't had a real "withdra...
    3 Health 44
  156. implantion bleeding or pregnant?
    hello everyone I have come on this website as I am really really confused as for about 2 weeks I have been bleeding and have had cramps and boobs sore going to the toliet loads in the day and eating loads like I wouldnt normally do and stuff and bloati...
    4 Health 32
  157. How long is implanation bleeding?
    How many days after implantation bleeding should you wait to take a pregnancy test?
    3 Health 1260
  158. Complete sedation?
    I'm absolutely TERRIFIED of the dentist. No matter how much I brush & floss I always have cavities. I hate the sound of the drills. Regardless of how much they numb my mouth I can still feel it. So, my question is, is there any dentist that completely ...
    2 Health 33
  159. How can I still drink fizzy juice?
    My dentist told me to cut down on fizzy juice...but will I still be able to drink it if I brush my teeth straight after?
    3 Health 16
  160. Contriception
    What is better the mirna coil, the injection or the implant for contricepton? - which wouldhave less weight gain?
    2 Health 35
  161. How do I make the sensitivity in my tooth go away?
    everytime i eat my tooth kills, how do i make the pain go away without a dentist?
    5 Health 73
  162. How to treat a cavity, before u actually have a appointment?
    my mom hasnt set a date for me to go to the dentist?
    3 Health 31
  163. How can i know the difference between implantation bleeding and just a weird period?
    okay so it's a really weird question and i find myself beyond stupid for having to ask this at this age. so about five days ago i started getting cramps. its around the time i'm supposed to be getting my period but normally i don't get cramps.I'm still...
    4 Sex 20
  164. when should I take a pregnancy test
    I have been having a lot of pregnancy symptoms and today I started spotting and I believe its implantation bleeding. I want this baby so im really excited... my only question is how soon after implantation bleeding should I take a pregnancy test? I hav...
    3 Health 155
  165. Why do my bottom front teeth hurt sometimes?
    I just went to the dentist a few days ago and i didn't have any cavities so now what lol?
    6 Health 47
  166. Is bleaching your teeth bad for them?
    If so, how??? I'm thinking about going to the dentist and getting it done but my family kept saying its bad.
    6 Style 66
  167. Teeth clenching
    I have a major problem clenching my teeth at night while im asleep, but cant afford to see a dentist..any advice
    6 Health 21
  168. What do these words on an insurance form mean?
    i am updating my paper work for the dentist and on the papers it said PRIMARY INSURANCE: name of insured___ insured's birthdate____ employer___ dental insurance CO.____ Group #___ INS.CO. address___ then it says SECONDARY INSURANCE and then ...
    7 Money 33
  169. why would you put a comdom on your tounge while you know 'lickin out'??
    The only use for a condom that is not complete would be to use it as a 'dental dam'. To form a dental dam, you cut off about 1 inch of the tip and then cut down the length of the condom, and then lay it flat - but the resulting latex sheet should not ...
    2 Sex 58
  170. Fixing cavities
    Ok so I want to go see a dentist to get my cavities out and filled in... But im afraid of dentist because I dont want to feel the drill in my mouth because some of my cavities are really sensitive... My mom said they could put me to sleep but I dont wa...
    3 Health 19
  171. how will toothpaste on your nipples make you boobs grow?
    I want bigger boobs and I'm trying not to have the implants I heard tooth paste on your nipples will make you boobs grow
    9 Style 32998
  172. Getting a booblift have the same result as a boobjob
    How much do implants cost and does getting a booblift have the same result as a boobjob Oh and its cause I just had a baby and they are not as I would like them anymore
    2 Style 9
  173. Braces yikes!
    Ok I just went to the dentist a few days ago and they said I needed braces I have never had them be4 so I was wondering if they hurt?
    7 Style 5
  174. Taking off my braces
    I have braces and my mom cannot afford to take me to the dentist to have them removed and part of them are coming off, I want to remove them with help, they are pinching my gums and I need help in taking them off. what do I do?
    4 Health 45
  175. Need pregnancy advice
    I am 36,trying to get pregnant.if you take a prenancy test during implantion would it show up neg. ?
    2 Health 13
  176. Where can I buy seaweed?
    Its for a tooth infection for my 4 yr old or how can I help the swollen go down...her dentist penicillen aint working on her...
    4 Shopping 16
  177. Why does my breath smell bad even after I brush my teeth?
    Evn wen I go to the dentist, my breath only smells good for like half an hour?
    9 Health 109
  178. Can guys have surgery on there pe*is to make it larger, etc?
    I mean like, girls can have breast implants and stuff, so I am just wondering if they could. Can they?
    14 Style 21
  179. MY TEETH HURT :(
    My freaking teeth are killing me my back teeth are growing in any advice to stop the hurting ? my dentist told me I have to get them taken out I'm scared :( any advice?
    9 Health 63
  180. How can I fix uneven boobs?
    my boobs are un even but it isnt really that noticible in a shirt but it is when I have no top on im 16 years old and dont think I could handle implants they are too expencive and I was told you can breast feed when you have children if you have implan...
    5 Style 62
  181. Wanting to get pregnant without a man...
    Do single women have the right to get pregnant medically if they want to have kids when they don't have a partner. I heard implants are free by nhs just once
    2 Health 28
  182. How to minimize tooth sensitivity from a chipped tooth...?
    nobody can even notice my tooth is chipped so why does it hurt like it was damaged badly?The dentist didn't even notice..and now im panicking..since i don't go to the dentist for another 9 days..and we can't move the appt up probably because of the hol...
    7 Health 13
  183. Xray while pregnant
    Im about 6 1/2 weeks pregnant I was at the dentist today and they had to take an xray. What could this do to the baby. Is he/she okay? Please help.
    4 Health 42
  184. Can I reproduce breast milk by using my breast pump nine months after giving birth to enhance my breast size?
    i dont want breast implants just yet?
    3 Health 151
  185. Pulling teeth?
    Next wednesday im going to get one of my teeth bad does it hurt??? Im scared, because I hate the dentist, and needles, and all that stuff
    7 Health 36
  186. How do I find out if I have an overbite?
    My top teeth go over my bottom teeth a bit and I get jaw my jaw always cracks and goes out of place at times.. And I thik I might have an overbite but my dentist has never said anything about it..I have the dentist tomorrow.. Should I ...
    5 Health 40
  187. What are all the signs of a cavity?
    What are the signs of a does it feel what does it look like any what else..Can you get a cavity if you had root canal a year ago?And if you were just at the dentist March 25th and she didnt see any cavities do you have them now?
    2 Health 51
  188. How can I be motivated to floss my teeth?
    The dentist told me to try to floss my teeth, but I cant find any motivation. Im so lazy, I just blow it off. I know I should, but that doesnt change anything. So what can I do? Any ideas?
    4 Health 42
  189. How can I stop my tooth from hurting? tooth is been hurting ALL day..and I am deathly scared of Dentists..can anyone help or..let me know anything I can help my toothache go away??
    3 Health 56
  190. why does my breathe always taste horrible?
    after I brush my teeth they taste great! until about an hour later. why is it like this? my dentist say I have good teeth and gums so I dont understand :/
    2 Health 20
  191. Why does it hurt between some of my teeth?
    Im getting wisdom teeth in so is it true that it is moving the teeth down to make room and putting pressure?I've been to the dentist like three times.
    5 Health 30
  192. Who has experienced root canal?
    Hi so uhm..the dentist said that's its either I get rootcanal or I ectract my tooth, so yeah uhm does rootcanal hurt that badly? I mean can the dentist use anestesia or sumthin? Because if it really hurts (I have low tolerance for pain) im just gonna e...
    4 Health 17
  193. What. I think my wisdom tooth is growing?
    okay, so I think my wisdom teeth are growing (one at the top and one at the bottom, both right side). it hurts :S I have taken a painkiller pill but it still hurts. I may only go to the dentist on Thursday and then probably get them extracted if my...
    6 Health 29
  194. Should I get my silver filling replaced?
    Should I get my silver fillings replaced?? They leave a bluish mark on my teeth. Also does anyone have any advice on what to do for a toothache?? I already went to the dentist. I had a few cavities then, but not on that tooth.
    2 Health 37
  195. What can i burn under your tongue feel like?
    can it feel like a poking when you talk lol?And does anybody know what you can do home remedy wise besides all the dental things you do to prevent cavities?
    3 Health 38
  196. im in pain what to do pls help?
    I'm from the Dentist now to take out my useless wisdom tooth,what can I do right now to calm down the unbearable pain that I'm feeling now as I'm writting this question to you for special help.
    5 Health 30
  197. Can you lose weight while keeping a firm butt?
    how can you loose weight but keep your butt size and have your butt firm I have a butt and don't want to loose it and don't kum up wid you cant kuz you can and I aint going to do butt implants are nun of that danx
    2 Nutritionfitness 53
  198. Is there anyway my friend can get braces, with the state paying for them?
    my friend, is telling me on facebook about how she needs braces, but her parents wont pay for it, and how her dentist says she needs them badly, but yet, her parents wont. any advice will be greatly appreciated.
    11 Health 19
  199. How can I decrease the swelling and pain of an abscess in my cheek?
    (I am on antibiotics and prescripion pain pills and have a dentist appointment for next week (The earliest they could get me in), but my cheek is still badly swollen and I am still in pain)
    16 Health 86
  200. Toothache
    arrghhh I've had toothache all night and all day today and its sooo sore anyone know how to get rid of it except from going to the dentist? (I have an appointment in 3 weeks)
    12 Health 34
  201. Health diagnosis
    I have lost 20% of my body weight,I've had swollen lymph nodes,my face ahes,I have severe dental problems,and I am always tired, what diagnosis can you give me?
    2 Health 14
  202. How can I strengthen my gums?
    I was supposed to get braces a couple of months ago because I got teeth removed at the back of my mouth so now everything needs shifted back. Anyways so I went and got all the orthodontist work done and he sent me to my dentist to make sure it was oka...
    5 Health 109
  203. Menstrual Period
    My Period normally last 3-4 days, however they only lasted 1 day this month. Could this be implantation bleeding? Should I see a doctor to take a pregnacy test?
    3 Health 62
  204. How to help a toothache from home?
    Got real bad gum,teeth ache , and cant get in dentist, how do I get rid of the pain as in agony . I've got senstive teeth aswellx
    3 Health 204
  205. Gum pain
    I am almost 6 months pregnant. The top right of my mouth has severe gum pain. I have no clue why. I have no cavatives nor have I ever had any dental work done other than a cleaning. I even have my wisdom teeth still bc I had enough room in my mouth. (I...
    4 Health 30
  206. What is a good way to stop stress?
    So, I went to the dentist today,, because whenever I brush my teeth they bleed like everywhere. && soon I gotta go to the docs, because I have this lump in my side. So my dentist says, that stress is whts causing me all these health problems.. && my mo...
    3 Health 13
  207. Tooth taken out
    Im having my tooth out tomorrow and im scared it will hurt :'( my tooth is infected and when I went to the dentist before they didnt give me enough of the numbing fing they put in and it really hurt when she drilled into my tooth :o any advise . . . ..
    3 Health 35
  208. Implanon.
    Has anybody ever had the birth control implanon{ an implant in your arm} and had weird side effects. I have it and its like making me break out on my chest which is disugsting but its the best bc for me right now. So any problems???
    3 Health 34
  209. Wanting to know?
    Hi,my boyfriend and I had sex then the day after I got my period could I be pregnant?2-3 days after my period finished we had sex again then 1-2 days later I bleed a bit.could this be from implantation,could I be pregnant?
    2 Sex 239
  210. Can you bleach your teeth at home?
    So i need to know how to make your own bleaching trays? I have the bleach but not the trays, i know you can go to the dentist or go to a drugstore and buy onesizefits all trays, but i dont want to spend the money. How do i make them on mine own? is thi...
    7 Style 26
  211. When will the numbness of my tongue go away?
    My tongue is numbed since I saw my dentist 3 months ago. He caught my nerve on the side of my tongue with novocaine. Can you please let me know how long will it take to go away?
    2 Health 144
  212. What to do if I just broke a piece of my tooth?
    I just now broke a tooth. A quarter of a back molar is gone - swallowed actually. I called up and left a message for my dentist, but it will probably be tues. before I can go in. There is no pain. Is there anything I should do in the meantime?
    6 Health 243
  213. Wisdom Tooth?
    aaah, I think I have a wisdom tooth >< Do I have a wisdom tooth? it's on the lower jaw of my right side... and my gums there have been hurting for a few days. however, there has been no tooth that seems to be coming out yet. do you think that it'...
    3 Health 29
  214. Why am I bleeding,I havent had a period for 18 mnths?
    I had the birth control implant "implanon" put in my arm 18 months ago and have never had a period. Now im bleeding and have been for about 2 weeks on and off, its not heavy. Is this normal? Xxx
    5 Health 40
  215. Is this brown spot on my tooth a cavity?
    cavityy??? ok I've had about 7 cavities before in my lifee...I've been getting random toothaches... and I can see a little brown spot.. I wet to the dentist and they said there was nothing you think I have a cavity?
    2 Health 460
  216. How to reduce the pain?
    I havent got a cavity in 10 years and after going to the dentist today....i have a little one so if that wasnt heartbreaking enough I'm getting it filled, i want to know if there is any way to reduce the pain of the needle they give you before they sta...
    5 Health 30
  217. My and my partner are trying soo had to concive
    sirously ineeded of advice!!! cause of the implant that go in your arm I now after having it taken out after 6mnths have a period every 2 weeks near enuff .. and my and my partner are trying soo had to concive help please!!
    5 Health 15
  218. What are some fast ways to stop bleeding?
    I just had a surgery done in my mouth and it has been bleeding since(but it was slow) it just not started bleeding heavily. I have alot of gauze but if I run out I'm guns go back to the dentist. But I'd rather not go back...
    11 Health 27
  219. I've been wondering...
    okey.. my friend asked me this and I cant come to an answer... okey, if a guy buys his girlfriend boob implants... and she gets them done... and lets say they break up... dose that meen they are his?
    4 Relationships 30
  220. How do I get my 12 year old stubborn sister to brush her teeth?
    The family check up at the dentist was yesterday & everyone's teeth were okay and fine and then my sister sat on the seat & the dentist told her she has to come back for 3 fillings. She doesnt brush her teeth as she does not like mint or anything minty...
    12 Babies 307
  221. What's the worst you've ever gotten hurt, like, physically?
    I broke my thumb last year, and my dentist poked me in the eye with pliers because he was trying to pull my tooth and I was terrified so I was flailing my arms and freaking out.
    58 Health 49
  222. Choose one
    Doctor or dentist? Mango or pineapple? Rain or cold? Mam or dad? Rabbit or hamster? Coke or crisps? Relationship or single? Work or school? Haha thanx lol xxx
    8 General 27
  223. Is pain normal when first getting braces?
    I just got my braces today, and they're killing me. The're really painful, and I get chew anything. Is this normal, or should I gow and see me dentist (I only have the top on right now, getting the other one tomorrow). Please Help P.S They're the ones...
    8 Style 43
  224. Why does my mom procrasinate so much?
    She never does anything actually.So its very depressing.It took her two months to make a dentist appt , and everyday i reminded her i got yelled there anyway i can make appts myself , even though im a minor?-.-
    4 Family 33
  225. Why is my jaw so messed up???
    Hi im 14 and I dunnnooo wats wrng with my jaw its sooo sa and it clickes and james and its been like thisfor 5 months and my dentist didnt help??? What do I do its irritating and uncomforatable??? Tnx xx
    5 Health 71
    2 Sex 38
  227. Toothache
    I went to the dentist today and my gums hurt really bad, I tried ambasol, doesnt help. what else can I do? I only got a cleaning but the women was rough and it hurts to talk, chew, or move my jaw if my teeth touch.
    2 Health 27
  228. Tooth Issue
    OK I don't know how weired this sounds but I have 2 teeth right on top of each other. I have never been to the dentist and now when I eat it flips sideways and its really weird and I'm scared to eat now cause it feels so weird when it does do this an...
    2 Health 22
  229. What to do with bad breath?
    i mean really its not my fault i brush my teeth daily and still my breath smell badly as told it is so embarassing other then goin to the dentist what else should i do..u dont understand it hurts so badly to find out that its kinda hard 2 control it!!!...
    3 Health 33
  230. Teeth pulled?? Please help
    Well I'm going to the dentist tomorrow and I had a baby tooth and the front part chipped off and the adult tooth started to grow in but the back of the tooth is loose do you think I'll have to get it pulled?? Btw I'm 14
    3 Health 35
  231. What helps get rid of the pain for spacers?!?
    Ok.I got the spacers in at yesterday around 5 and they didnt really hurt.but now I cant even eat they hurt so bad!! What is the purpose of theese and what happens after the dentist takes them on? Thanks
    4 Health 638
  232. teeth issues
    how can I strenghen my teeth, they constantly break or crack and its costing me a fortune. I big piece of my front tooth just broke off there now and it really hurts, I have to wait 2 weeks to see the dentist?? any ideas? im only 21, im not old
    4 Health 29
  233. Which birth control do you recommend?
    I've been looking at different types, like injections, patches, pills, and implants, but I want to know what other people think before talking to a doctor so I have a better idea of what to ask about. So, what have you tried, what works best?
    5 Health 13
  234. My boyfriend smells
    My boyfriend has tried everything he has gone to the dentist .. uses pro-fresh mouth wash.. and gets all kinds of smell good stuff.. I think it is his natural smell please help me.. I am so in love with him and this is killing us
    3 Relationships 49
  235. What has no conditions but one condition riddle?
    Sue sugar had toothache. She went to the only dentists in town where she was greeted by dr molar and dr bicuspid, the partners. She noticed that whereas dr molar had a wonderful mouthful of teeth , his partner's teeth seemed in urgent need of attention...
    3 General 126
  236. pregnancy
    help help my period went off on the 18 of march, I had unprotected sex on the 20th..and on the 28 of march I began spotting..I have never bled in between periods before, and I heard that it is possible to get pregnant the dy after your period and I wai...
    4 Sex 22
  237. what do you do when somebody talk to you with a foreign accent?
    i was with my dentist and sometimes is difficult to understand him because he has a strong russian accent and he call somebody to translate me in spanish, the funny thing is i know what is saying in english, and then i have to hear the translation, whe...
    6 General 21
  238. What Is The Best Brand Of Teeth Whitner?
    What Bran Actually Shows Results? (Ex. Crest Whitining Strips) Or Is The Dentist The Best Thing.. I Just Wanna Know If Theres Something Cheaper Than $150 That Shows The Same Quality.. Bright Celebirty White (:
    3 Style 25
  239. What kind of job do I go for?
    I am working at a place now that is most unpleasant as a cashier & I have been tring to get on at a dentist office/ doctors office...thus far with no luck of landing a position. I am wondering if I should try for something different, I just do not know...
    2 Money 17
  240. How can you get rid of phobias without DOING it?
    i'm nervous about going under. like when you get drugged up and put to sleep, mostly i'm afraid of this because everyone is like staring down at you like O.O is she asleep yet? its so weird... i really think its just needles but i'm not so much afraid ...
    4 Health 23
  241. Getting caught smoking cigarettes
    Ok so My mom picked me up when I was chillin with some friends And she said we smelled like smoke and we just got done smoking a cigarette So im going to the dentist tomorrow and she said they out strips on your teeth and they can tell if you are smoki...
    7 Health 121
  242. How do I talk with expander?
    i cant talk. my dentist didnt even tell me what they where going to put in my mouth and the next ting i know, i sound like a retard becuase of the f****** expander. i have a school project i have to present soon too and i dont want to sound like an idi...
    7 Health 2607
  243. More teeth concerns/questions
    If you have an adult tooth that might be starting to become loose, is there something the dentist can do to fix it? I mean I know if it's REALLY noticeable and MAJORLY loose like what happens when you have a loose baby tooth that they probably can't, b...
    3 Health 13
  244. Wouldn't it be better to leave Iraq alone and fix America instead?
    why is it ok to go to iraq and kill thousands of people spend billions of dollars and yet we have thousands of disabled people and homeless families that cant go to a doctor or dentist or eat a meal...would it be better to leave the iraq people be and ...
    14 Politics 32
  245. Why do I have pink discharge after sex?
    The past two times my boyfriend and I have had sex there has been pink discharge, after sex it goes away. The sex wasn't rough and we've both been STD tested in the past 3 months. There was pink on the condom and on the sheets, more when I wiped. Co...
    2 Sex 4362
  246. What is the worst that can happen with an absessed tooth?
    I have an absessed tooth. Two years ago, I cracked my tooth open. My dentist told me I need a root canal and she end up giving me fillings instead. Stupid right? Well, we left there about four months ago and havent gotten a new dentist. About th...
    3 Health 103
  247. Why are my periods weird?
    Well I this month I have been getting a LOT of brown discharge and only a tinytiny bit of blood like a dot and it looks like my periods have turned brown or somthing.I have recently had sex and the condom broke so could this be implantation bleeding or...
    3 Sex 51
  248. unprotected sex a day before ovulation day,sore tender breast
    unprotected sex a day before ovulation day,sore tender breast, stomach feeling funny, lower pain in my stomach,using the bathroom more, eating more, really TIRED. I seen spotting-pink and brownish discharge but dont know if its implantation bleeding......
    2 Sex 653
  249. Does your face become bigger or jaw wider when you have a palatal expander brace?
    my teeth are too big but my face is too small but dentist didn't pull anything even one tooth, he only used something to make my jaw wider. I'm so scared a big face because my face is oval now. can my face become bigger or square or something like that...
    8 Health 101
  250. Child support
    My dad is a dentist and he makes about 300,000 dollars a year. He only pays my mom 1000 a month and we struggle when it comes to paying bills while he is in disney with his step kind buying them what ever they want! Yes I am I just ...
    4 Family 19