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  1. What is it like having dental braces?
    3 Health 33
  2. Dental dam
    What is it? And how do you use it/
    3 Health 57
  3. whats a fertility clinics? what do they do?
    2 Health 17
  4. is there such thing as an abortion for free from a free clinic???
    11 Health 329
  5. What is a dental dam?
    What is a dental dam? And what is a female condom?... And how do you use them
    2 Health 71
  6. can a felon become a dental assistant or hygein...
    can a felon become a dental assistant or hygein...
    3 Money 172
  7. Abortion clinic that wont tell your parents?
    Is there any such thing as an abortion clinic that wont tell your parents?
    5 Health 33
  8. Have you had dental work done under sedation due to phobia?
    Has anyone here had there dental work done under sedation from a phobia??
    3 Health 31
  9. How expensive is dental care in Germany?
    Can someone give me information on the Dental care?
    2 Health 11
  10. Can dental assisting students in connecticut take x-rays?
    Can dental assisting students in connecticut take x-rays?
    2 Education 35
  11. Why is cell phone use prohibited in medical offices such as hospitals and clinics?
    8 General 81
  12. When it says "employer" on applications (especially going to the clinics) what do people write?
    3 General 11
  13. Dental Hygiene job
    Do you really have to take chemistry in high school to be a dental hygienist?
    2 Education 8
  14. Can you get an accurate result from a clinic?
    When you miss your period is it possible to test and get the actual result from the clinic?
    2 Health 47
  15. Getting a physical. and Dental often?
    How often to you visit your doctor for a physical or go to the Dentist?
    3 Health 46
  16. Can you get dental insurance?
    i have medical but i want insurance that can help me cover if my sis gets braces?
    3 Health 10
  17. whats tge difference from across and infront? say someone says the park is across from the it infront?
    2 General 27
  18. What do you soak dental flippers or dentures in?
    and is it ok to soak them in mouth wash mixed with warm water?
    2 Health 16
  19. Dental Caps?
    I was just wondering, does anyone know how much dental caps would be for my two front teeth? Thankss :)
    2 Style 25
  20. What is better to use for the teeth plackers or dental floss?
    What do you think its more efficient to clean your teeth plackers or dental floss, Tell me please thank you,
    2 Health 110
  21. what the hell is human proinsulin and insulin, antibody production, assy development and clinical application ?
    2 Health 20
  22. Does getting an abortion cost money if you go to a clinic and do you need parental consent in New Jersey?
    3 Health 46
  23. Can you be forced into an eating disorder clinic without a court order?
    or would it be up to the person whether or not they would go? or would the parents decide?
    7 Health 11
  24. dental career
    I am a dentist just passed from college...can anyone tell me which country is the best for practicing dentistry and what is the procedure to get into that country
    6 Education 22
  25. What can a clinical psychologist treat?
    I'm wanting to become a clinical psychologist and Get a psyd in clinical psychology. I was just curouis about what specific things a clinical psychologist can treat? From borderline personality disorders to sexual fetishes what could I do?
    3 Sex 49
  26. Hydroxycut Clinical Strength Green Tea? (Diet Pills)
    does this stuff work? has anyone tried this product.. and what were the results?
    4 Nutritionfitness 53
  27. If the clinic took a bloodtest for a specific test is this all they will look for?
    will they see if something else is wrong with you blood? would they tell you? and are they allowed to test for things other then what the test is for?
    2 Health 15
  28. Do tongue piercings really cause dental problems?
    Hey guys,heard that tongue piercings will get some dental problems.Eg.Clipped teeth,gum disease,bad breath etc.Is there anything I can do to prevent all these?
    6 Style 61
  29. What can i do if my dental crown fell off?
    I have this dental crown for 2 years but its kind of loose i dont know what to do and the dentist wouldnt even remember me now what do you suggestme tell me please and also tell me if there is something that i can buy in the pharmacy for this thank you.
    4 Health 50
  30. what jobs can't you get if you have suffered from clinical depression (or any other type of depression)?
    I wanted to know if anybody could please tell me what jobs you wouldn't be able to do if you suffered from depression (any sort), so if you have any answers, they would be very much appreciated =) thnx
    5 Money 28
  31. What should I do about my sensitive tooth after dental work?
    I had my top 2 front teeth and bottom 2 front teeth filed down a little bit to be straighter and one on the bottom now feels really sensitive like air going through it and it hurts. Should I wait it out or is it serious?
    2 Health 21
  32. What happens, underage, clinic, morning after pill?
    Basically, me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex, and he came inside me, its the first (and last) time I do it unprotected, normally im sensible because I know I wouldnt cope with a child or pregnancy, but gave in this one time, but what I want to kn...
    4 Sex 48
  33. what happens at cheerleading clinics?
    ok soo im going out for cheerleading at my high school. I've never cheered before soo this is my first time. the clincs are in 2 days. I just wanted to know what happens at clinics, is there anything I need to know, or bring, or practice. I really wan...
    2 Sports 71
  34. How do I open up my own clinic?
    what do i need and who do i talk too? i am almost 19 and i want to be successful in something...i don't have a degree and i am not planning on getting one so please don't say earn a degree cause i heard u can open one even if u don't go to college..i j...
    4 Money 33
  35. do the family planning clinic tell your parents ?!
    if you go to a famly planning clinic, and ask for a pregnancy test are they allowed to tell parents, even if it's positive or not, + if you are pregnant and you want a to get rid of it, is there any way you could do that without your parents knowing, ...
    17 Health 35
  36. Is my sexual health clinic completely private?
    i am currently on the pill at a s3xual health clinic and not my doctors and i was wondering if i get ill and need to go to the doctors will the history or data be revealed/ be accessed at my docotors or is it completely private like they said? im not ...
    7 Sex 8
  37. When you fill out the form at a walk-in clinic, do they send the information to your family doctor (read info)?
    As well, is it a must you put your family doctor in your information? Another semi-related question, can walk-in clinics prescribe birth control? I would appreciate it if someone answers each question straightforward, I have quite a few issues with my ...
    6 Health 14
  38. Dental Problems...
    I have been told that I should drink nothing but milk and water because it's causing dental problems. I asked if fruit juices were any better and my dentist said no. I don't think I can drink nothing but milk and water. For some weird reason I alway...
    3 Health 23
  39. Does medicaid for a pregnancy cover dental problems?
    Ive searched their entire website and im confused. I tried calling but i cant get a human on the phone either. I have LaMoms through medicaid, and i have two teeth that are broken and have cavaties in them, i dont have an abcess at the moment but i get...
    3 Health 17
  40. Can I get my teeth whiter without dental whitening?
    OK, so I have many insecurities, as I am a 15 year old girl, but I really hate my teeth. They are soo yellow! And my dentist said he could whiten them but I dont want people to be able to know its a little embaressing! Also they make me look...
    5 Style 46
  41. Dental Health
    I would REALLY appreciate a professional opinion on this issue. I am missing my second premolar on the top right, and my first and second molars on the bottom right. My dentist has suggested doing two bridges, foregoing the root canal and crowning of...
    3 Health 20
  42. A few dental related questions...
    Alright so I know you get loose baby teeth because duh you have to lose them to get your adult ones, but my questions is this - Is it possible to get loose ADULT teeth? And if so, what exactly causes that to happen? And if it can happen, how can you...
    9 Health 29
  43. Do I need dental work?
    Ok... so I noticed a few days ago that the tooth all the way in the back on my left side, might have grew in weird. It hurts when it's touched by food/my tounge on that side. I looked in the mirror and it does look like a piece might be digging in. Wil...
    3 Health 16
  44. Should I go to the clinic for possible implantation bleeding?
    Hi I got Implantation bleeding on the 2nd May then got a period 2 weeks after on the 16th May. before and on May I did have irregular periods. June, July and august my periods went into patterns and I did experience Pregnancy symptoms in may and June....
    3 Sex 145
  45. What to remember when trying out for cheerleader?
    What are some things to remember when doing cheer clinics and trying out to be cheerleader?
    4 Sports 26
  46. How much does birth control cost?
    If you go to a clinic to get birth control. How much does it cost??
    2 Health 30
  47. Is it worth going to the emergency over a bladder infection?
    All the walk-in clinics are closed because it is late Sunday night, is it worth going to the emergency or should I just wait until the morning when the clinics open?
    6 Health 23
  48. cosmetic surgery
    I am a dental student ...can I do cosmetic surgery now??? if yes how and from whr...and whats the scope???
    3 Money 9
  49. Free birth control?
    What clinics give free birth control? I heard that parent plan hood gives 3months for free, is that true?
    4 Health 45
  50. Do I need parental consent?
    If I want to go to the hospital and go to the free clinic to get a test done, do I need parental consent?
    2 Health 15
  51. What can I do about my underarms?
    I sweat so much under my arms whether its hot or cold. I have used all of theswe Secret clinical protection Degree clinical protection Certain dri Every deoterant on the shelf even boys What to do now..I cant deal with it no more
    2 Health 14
  52. why would you put a comdom on your tounge while you know 'lickin out'??
    The only use for a condom that is not complete would be to use it as a 'dental dam'. To form a dental dam, you cut off about 1 inch of the tip and then cut down the length of the condom, and then lay it flat - but the resulting latex sheet should not ...
    2 Sex 58
  53. Where can I get a copy of my sister's immunization card?
    ..i went to the clinic and just got the paper..i need the yellow card because i lost it where can i go?
    2 Family 30
  54. How can you tell?
    ya know when someone dies in a fire and they have to identify the person by their dental records...what if the person had never been to the would they know who the person is?
    2 General 26
  55. What degree do I need to own and operate my own animal hospital?
    I was just wondering what degree do I need to be able to own and operate my own animal vet clinic. Health care management? Accounting?? Buissness management?
    3 Money 87
  56. Need to pass a drug test tomorrow
    help... I need home remedies... its at a clinic!!! help!!! the last time I smoked was a week and a half ago... and then a week before that!!!
    7 Drugs 151
  57. could they give me a blood pregnancy test?
    if I was to go to a walk in clinic could they give me a blood pregnancy test? how long should I wait after having sex to get one? and how long do the results take?
    2 Sex 52
  58. abortion questions.
    no, not for me for my cousin. do you have to pay up front or could you do it in payments.? and if you go to a clinic to see how many weeks you are, how do they determine that? and how long does it take. . .
    4 Health 32
  59. Weird pains
    What could cause your stomache back and vagina to hurt all the time if you took a pregnancy test at a clinic and it came out negative??
    3 Health 47
  60. How can I get pregnant without taking birth control W/ PCOS?
    I have PCOS and I want to get pregnant, I have been taking birth control to regulate my periods. What can I take to help without going to a fertility clinic?
    2 Health 24
  61. Will a parent be called?
    If I go to a free clinic near me, to have an STD test done, do I have to give out any of my information to them? I don't want my parents to know I'm getting one done.
    7 Health 22
  62. What are some words that make you cringe?
    For me, babe, hun, sweetheart, clinical, chuckled...can't think of any more...completely unrelated but I also hate that moist/wet noise people make while talking.
    24 General 84
  63. Could you date someone with depression?
    Do you think you could ever date someone who is clinically depressed and has tried to commit suicide? Regardless of how the look e.g skinny or fat, beautiful or ugly.
    4 Relationships 34
  64. What can i burn under your tongue feel like?
    can it feel like a poking when you talk lol?And does anybody know what you can do home remedy wise besides all the dental things you do to prevent cavities?
    3 Health 38
  65. What's a good deoderant to use to stop sweating?
    along with all my other problems, I sweat so much! I have literally tried everything...natural deoderants, clinical strength deoderants and doctors!! anybody help???
    7 Style 56
  66. How old do you have to be to get on the pill without your parents?
    How old do you have to be to get on the pill without your parents permission? Also what abut the shot or the patch? Please help and also cant you go to a free clinic for that stuff?
    2 Health 46
  67. Health diagnosis
    I have lost 20% of my body weight,I've had swollen lymph nodes,my face ahes,I have severe dental problems,and I am always tired, what diagnosis can you give me?
    2 Health 14
  68. who has suffered from...
    an eating disorder? I know its a lot to ask but I have since I was 12, I've been to clinics and all that stuff and tried everything to get help but I am just wondering who else struggles with eating disorders as well?
    3 Nutritionfitness 14
  69. Depression? -_-
    I was reading symptoms on the Internet fer atypical depression and clinical depression..I have basically all the symptoms fer both. I told my mom. She doesn't wanna take me to tlk to anyone. Idunno what to do because I no that I have depression and so...
    3 Health 13
  70. Can I still be pregnant it preg test says no??
    After not getting my period for 2 weeks I decided to go to the clinic to take a preg test...the test came out neg...its been 6 weeks now and still no period..I have been having pains,gainig weight, and nauses...can I be pregnant?
    3 Health 31
  71. HIV infection
    I recently learned I had trich from my ex-boyfriend I went to the clinic anf was treated, however at the same time they did a HIV test and gave me a paper to come in two weeks to get the results. I am very scared because I been getting reoccruing UTI's...
    2 Sex 30
  72. What are your opinions on abortion?
    Really disturbing to know that I live right next door to an abortion clinic, what are your opinions on abortion? I would have to say, by you even getting into that situation without protection, you should be aware of what you are getting yourself into ...
    10 Health 38
  73. Who has experience with LASER or IPL hair removal?
    Do you have any experience with LASER or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal? Is it any good? Which method is better? Does it really work permanently? Where did you get it? Does it need to be at a clinic or can you go to a beauty salon? How ...
    3 Style 22
  74. Do you think they should or shouldn't offer money for blood and plasma donations?
    I think its a nice incentive to try and get more people to donate, however from my experience the clinics in our area that offer money for donations are usually filled with people donating their blood and plasma to feed their habit/addiction.
    8 Health 38
  75. Do you think it's too early to be starting our baseball season?
    I mean we aren't playing games yet(obviously) but we are into our second week of clinics and practices at my school. Plus we've been in the weightroom since October...
    3 Sports 24
  76. Stopping smoking
    I've been smoking for a year and want to stop before I get older, im going to the stop smoking clinic tommorrow. I want to know when I start quitting, how long till the cravings go away? and will I ever be as healthy as if I haddnt smoked?
    2 Health 18
  77. What can a pimple in the inside of the upper eyelid mean?
    4 days ago I noticed my eye hurting and today I saw a pimple on the inside of my upper eyelid. what causes a pimple in that place, bacteria or a virus or what? I know I should go to the doctor but its a holiday here in my country so the clinics are clo...
    2 Health 583
  78. Who knows where to find jobs with psyhchology?
    I am thinking about taking associate in arts degree Psychology.but where would I work at after I finish? I called my adviser he said he doesn't know..(what kind of adviser) anyone know where can you find jobs..clinics..hospitals? With associate in arts...
    2 Money 10
  79. Does a positive pregnancy result show up after 5 days?
    Hi we have done pregnancy test which was negative (we had sex 5 days back). Are there still chances for her to be pregnant? Shall we go to clinic / wait till her period time?
    3 Sex 46
  80. can I be pregnant if the test says negative??
    after not getting my period over 3 weeks I decided to to get take a preg test to the clinic but the test came out neg...its been about 6 weeks now and im gaining weight and feeling nauses and having you think I may be preg??
    2 Health 51
  81. Bloody diarrhea
    I rescued a dog from someone last night and she has bloody diarrhea, usually bloody diarrhea smells really bad and this does not. I was just wondering if there was any way it could just be stress related? I work at a vet clinic as a groomer so I know I...
    9 Pets 40
  82. Unwanted Baby at 14
    I am only 14 and I was dumb enough to go out and have sex with a guy I barely knew after my boyfriend dumped. I do not know what to do because I can not tell my mom about this. She will put me in foste care. I can not go to the clinic because I do not ...
    4 Sex 18
  83. Lump on my dog after she got spayed.
    I got my dog spayed on the 25th and where her stitches are, theres a hard lump inside her. Do you know if this is normal? I am definitely calling the spay/neuter clinic to ask tomorrow but I would like to hear some answers at the moment. Thank you.
    3 Pets 623
  84. What do these words on an insurance form mean?
    i am updating my paper work for the dentist and on the papers it said PRIMARY INSURANCE: name of insured___ insured's birthdate____ employer___ dental insurance CO.____ Group #___ INS.CO. address___ then it says SECONDARY INSURANCE and then ...
    7 Money 33
  85. Okay brown discharge... giving you infor this time
    yesterday my boyfriend fingered me. And today I have brownish discharge... Id if I should go to the doctor's or to the clinic.. aka planned parenthood... anyone help?? might it just bee a scratch or something?!!? help?
    3 Health 1235
  86. What to do about this situation ?
    Ok I went to the clinic last week mon and I got checked and the doc told me I had chlamydia and she gave med for it and I had sex today without a condom and I might have it again...I told my boyfriend today and he said he gonna get check also but what ...
    3 Sex 12
  87. Is this letter asking me to check if I am diabetic? (read more)
    "according to our records,, it is time for your next HgbA1C. this blood test indicates how well your diabetes treatment plan is controlling your blood sugar levels. Please call the clinic and schedule your diabetes follow up appointment.
    5 Health 16
  88. Could the pregnancy test be wrong?
    Ok the day after my period I had sex with my boyfriend and he skeeted and and everytime we had sex after that he skeeted in me...It's been two weeks and my ankles have been swollen my nose has spreaded and also has gotten light. I went to the clinic t...
    3 Sex 33
  89. What do I have to take in community college if I want to be a secretary?
    I want to work somewhere like a hospital, clinic, or anywhere that has a front desk or office. I want to do paper work, file papers, answer phones, enter data on computers, etc... So, what would I need to get a job like that.
    8 Education 61
  90. Who else thinks the David after dentist video is hilarious?
    Some people say the parents are wrong in letting the kid be 'afraid' in the backseat after going through dental surgery. I think it's funny, personally, but they have gone a bit far with "merchandise" (t-shirts) etc.
    5 Entertainment 11
  91. should this help?
    I went to a clinic today to make an made a appointment f or tomorrow tp get my pregnancy test done . But I'm really nervous cause I'm fourteen and I feel really stupid but I know its the right thing to do. What should I do to get rid of this nervousnes
    4 Relationships 13
  92. Would they send me to rehab?
    I havent been eating bc of stress and just plain out not feeling good... i am dropping pounds but not like majorly bc i didnt stop eating just only eat once a day.... do you think wen I go to my therapy appointment they will send me to a rehab for tht ...
    5 Health 44
  93. Has anyone had sperm insemination at home?
    My friend wants to have a baby, She's 25. She does not want to do the insemination at a clinic, she already has the person lined up who will help. Has anyone done the cup/syring thing at home? Any suggestions and information would really help. Please d...
    7 Family 15
  94. Is it normal to have VERY itchy legs while pregnant?
    Im 36 weeks pregnant and my lower legs (between my knee and foot) are so itchy that Ive made my self bleed. Theres bumps all over them, theres also little white spots. The walkin clinic doctor was clueless to what this is, ive herd its normal in pregna...
    6 Health 42
  95. Yew will never guess what!?!?!
    I AM NOT PREGO!! I went to the clinic today with my friend and they told me that it was all just stress. All though I am very glad I am a little disappointed. I thought I was bringing a new life into this world. Whether it was to bless my life or anoth...
    5 Health 11
  96. Is the baby mine?
    MY ex-girlfriend just got results from a pregnancy test she took at the clinic. We had sex at the end of March and she just got her period. She's going through some of the symptoms of being pregnant, ie. peeing a lot. Its only midmonth. I've been ...
    4 Sex 42
  97. Anyone else try this deodarant?
    Alright, I got this new deodorant called "clinical protection" or whatever... I think it's Degree or something. Anyway, does anyone else have it? It's for sweaty pits (hahaha). I'm aware it's man-deo, but they work best. ;D Has anyone else tried it? x]
    3 Health 26
  98. Why are there no full cancer screening checkups?
    In terminally ill cancer patients the main problem is the lack of time the disease was found. if cancer found earlier is more readily treated, then why have the government not set up specific cancer screening clinics? i mean, if the government set it u...
    4 Health 18
  99. How many years of college to be a dentist?
    However you spell dental w/e lol The people that clean your teeth. Um, I was wondering is that a full four years of college orrr just a 2 year at a comunity college could do that? I mean, my goal is 4 years of if I did something like that...
    3 Education 56
  100. Is it too early to tell if I'm pregnant?
    So I went to the clinic this morning, to find out if I am pregnant. It came out Negative the doctor said I'm not pregnant yet, is it to early to find out anyways? its only been 10 days since we had sex and I was only supposed to start my period yesterd...
    3 Sex 114
  101. Can I take my toothpaste on the plane now?
    I am travelling to Spain next week and I was hoping to brush my teeth on the flight. I hear that it might still be banned to take my toothpaste on the plane. Should I take the risk and bring it for the sake of dental hygiene? Or should I leave it an...
    2 Travel 206
  102. What is penile discharge and stinging sensation at tip of penis?
    I have yellow discharge from my penis and a burning sensation/stinging sensation while urinating. I only have discharge for a day or 2 after sex and then it goes away. More discharge during morning after sleeping. I have been to a gu clinic and all tes...
    4 Sex 364
  103. How can I get experience, if I can't get a job right now?
    I want to work at a front desk/office filing paper work, entering data on the computers, answering phones, scheduling appointments, etc... It doesn't matter where at, maybe a hospital, or clinic...anywhere that has a front desk/office. I can't ge...
    5 Money 39
  104. Could I be pregnant without even knowing?
    well here i go.. well i havent started my period in over 3 months. i have been late before but not this late. i took a test before and it came out negative so this time i didnt think much of it. but it was to long this time so i took another test and i...
    2 Health 10
  105. which career path is better for good job opportunities ?
    so i want to start school in January i don't know if i should do dental assistant, teaching assistant, medical assistant, or healthcare assistant.... I want to make sure that i have a job at the end of the course. which option will offer me a wider ...
    3 Money 20
  106. Meds and work
    Ok, so my therapist wants to prescribe me an anti-anxiety medicine and as far as I know my clinic only prescribes xanax. The problem is I am trying to get a job and will most likely have to take a drug test. I know I wouldnt get in trouble if I have a ...
    4 Health 17
  107. What are the side affects of getting 5 needle shots in one day?
    So, the clinic sent my house a note stating that I will need all my 5 vaccines that I missed or else my school will suspend me. I went to the clincic and they gave me 2 needle shots with 5 doses, because im missing 5 vaccines. And I just want to know t...
    2 Health 33
  108. What to expect with an ingrown toenail?
    Okay well i am going to a walk in clinic tomorrow because I have an ingrown toenail. It's red, swollen, sometimes purple and is sore. I KNOW it is infected. I just want to know, what should i do before i leave? Take Advil? What am i to expect from a wa...
    5 Health 646
  109. Trying for a baby more than three years, no luck, advice?
    Me & my wife are trying for a baby more than three years. Recently, we have gone through some fertility tests and our gyno confirmed that each of us have some abnormality which is low sperm mobility in me and anovulation in my wife. We are bit desperat...
    5 Health 19
  110. How can I make him comfortable with me going to a gyno?
    My fiance gets upset when I tell him I need a pap smear. Well ...he gets all offended...because he feels like I am being felt up by someone. I have tried getting a female doctor but no luck. I have asked the clinic and it costs 100 dollars for a physic...
    3 Relationships 37
  111. Best female deodorant?
    Alright, I'm going to Australia/New Zealand on Saturday. And we're not stowing any bags. And I sweat like. A lot. So my mom bought tiny deodorants and she gave me a degree, but degree wears off in like an hour for me. Should I go buy a new secret c...
    3 Style 40
  112. Medi-cal on immigrants
    This is about medi-cal for pregnancy Well I wanted to know why is it that were natural born american citizens worked hard for our money but immigrants get it like nothing here? I mean I applyed for medi-cal when I was pregnant and you have to be 18 ye...
    2 Health 8
  113. Dealing with depression?
    If anyone of you have depression what can you do about it? I have clinical depression. Been in hospital times for it. Other than medication, what are other ways to deal with this somewhat common and harsh condition? What helps? I heard that having a pa...
    6 Health 16
  114. Gum pain
    I am almost 6 months pregnant. The top right of my mouth has severe gum pain. I have no clue why. I have no cavatives nor have I ever had any dental work done other than a cleaning. I even have my wisdom teeth still bc I had enough room in my mouth. (I...
    4 Health 30
  115. Could I be pregnant with a negative test
    So I'm 4 days late and went to a clinic for a urine pregnancy test that came back negative. Today was my 5th day late. I had a 6 hour migraine with nausea which is still persisting and I spotted a tiny bit bur no actual flow. I've had heartburn lately ...
    4 Health 11
  116. Is this my period or pregnancy?
    Hi, I would appreciate your opion on this please. They say you get LIGHT PINK dots because its early preganancy inplantation ( I had that ). The next day my blood was darker. Do you think this means that im on my period and not pregnant? Or does it j...
    5 Health 100
  117. Work issues, should I stay or go?
    I've been a dental assistant for 2 years and I decided to quit on Friday due to two things 1. I started at 8/hour. A girl with no experience recently was hired starting at 14/hour. 2. One of the doctors is a straight jerk to me for absolutely no reaso...
    3 Money 11
  118. Is a lot of discharge a symptom of an STD?
    how much do girls discharge??? I know that his is a weird question but I havent been able to get into a clinic and I've noticed that I've been discharging a bit and thats a symptom of some stds. I always have discharge and maybe I've just been notici...
    6 Health 140
  119. Could I be pregnant?
    me and my boyfriend had sex on friday , but the thing is , he fell out , and then he was checking if it had split and pulled it tight to check , the only thing is , when he started to insert again , the condom split on the side but he wasnt even prop...
    7 Sex 34
  120. What's a good reason for needing $20?
    Recently, I've become short of cash...No one is hiring and I need the money soon. I only need around $20 and I was planning on just taking a lone from one of my parents....the problem is the reason. My girlfriend is finally ready to have sex and I ne...
    6 Sex 4167
  121. Huge Crush, haunting dreams
    I have been seeing a Chiropractor for a few months now from a recent knee injury. I am really attracted to him and since we first met he has always seem to flirt with me and look me in the eyes unlike anyone else would. I really think there is a seriou...
    2 Relationships 34
  122. What is happening with me?
    I'm not sure whats wrong with me or maybe im just over-reacting. I am never hungry at breakfast [which I think is the most important meal to have], and I cant force myself to eat it because I feel really full, and by the time lunch comes, im not hungr...
    11 Health 49
  123. I think I am pregnant
    well im only 15 and I think I am really pregnant.I have tender breast I feel bloated I am spotting and I get headaches and I just got a backache..I am always peeing and I am constipated..also I am really really tired I pregnant ? the test I too...
    8 Health 46
  124. What could I sue the oregon health and science university for?
    first of all I want to warn people if you need any kind of eye surgery do not go to oregon health and science university in portland oregon they dont care about the patients I went their 4 months ago I found out I need buckle surgery any way its been n...
    3 Health 22
  125. I think im pregnant but the test are negative
    Hello...I have a question...I think im pregnant actually I have the best of feelings that I am I have all the symptoms I have lower back pains and cramps and I have nausia and I get headaches time to time and I have a dark circle around my nipple and t...
    5 Health 104
  126. Can you cross a dog???
    Ok, I get my braces done in mexico because they're cheaper and western dental f**ked up my teeth anyways but we were crossing the border walking by little stores when we came out of the orthodontics place and there were the people who were selling pup...
    3 Pets 18
  127. What in the world does this means?
    Ok so I went to the clinic today and I got my meds 2day (for chlamydia)but afterwards my stomach started to hurt and I mean I had uprotected sex on fri wit my boyfriend and he ejaculated on my bed(and I dont know if he did inside me )..but I mean I tex...
    3 Sex 12
  128. what should I do???
    ok,right now I'm in school to be a dental assistant, but I recently have been having trouble with trying to keep a strong stomach when it comes to dealing with mouths and I mean I haven't started my internship yet but I was thinking about changing my ...
    2 Education 13
  129. Why is this? Periods?
    I'm a lil confused... not been in this situation before... I went to the family plannin clinic because I wanted to try out some kinda contreception or whatever and so.. I went with the contreception patches! I started them on tues and took it off on ...
    2 Health 32
  130. Sadness
    ok, basically I have depression, like really freaking bad, I got the courage to tell a psychiatrist, and she offered me meds, but guess what my mom wont let me try them, and that makes me really frustrated, and I probably wont even be able to see the g...
    3 Health 23
  131. Which piercings to get?
    I want my boyfriend to get piercings. He said eyebrow is fine but preferably tongue. But I was reading online about tongue piercings and it says that tongue piercing causes all kinds of dental problems such as gum and teeth chipping and breaking. That'...
    6 Style 160
  132. Can you get pregnant without having any kind of sexual intercourse?
    `I was vommiting and had stomache aches. My mom took me to the emergancy room and they took some test with my urine and my blood. Abotu 3 hours later the doctor told me I was pregnant. The thing is that I'm still a virgin. I have never had sex in my en...
    7 Sex 1186
  133. who knows about any of these courses ?
    i am currently unemployed but i have formal qualification however because i have no work experience it is very difficult for me to find a job. i am now at home stressed and depressed i don't know what to do and my mother wants me to move out ASAP so i...
    3 Money 43
  134. About my cracked tooth...
    I probably should of already asked this when I asked my other questions about my dental issues, but I forgot lol On my cracked tooth *which is located in the back*, it's not completely gone at all. The middle is sort of gone... what it looks like is a...
    5 Health 39
  135. Prepared for the responsibility
    I graduated college this past year as a Vet Tech and at the moment I do not have a job in this town that I recently moved to. The vet clinics around here aren't looking for a tech so I've applied at a few places and today I recieved a call from an orga...
    3 Money 36
  136. What if my friend might be pregnant?
    my mate told our other mate that her and her boy friend were haveing sex and everything was ok then when thay finnished her boyfriend told her that the comdom had split. that was 2 weeks ago and she is going to wait untill her period and if it dont c...
    2 Sex 9
  137. Is it a possible pregnancy?
    I'm having such a strong feeling that i'm pregant ...i'm been having all the pregancy symptons . but the problem is i got my period. Now im not 100% sure if im. I toke a preancy test and it said i was so confused boyfirend and i had inter...
    4 Health 23
  138. Is my friend pregnant?
    my friend had unprotected sex and told us two/three days later. shes only 16 and we took her to a clinic to make her take the morning after pill. another friend pretended it was for her because we were still talking her into taking it. when she finally...
    5 Sex 126
  139. What can I do to help my bladder infection?
    I had a doctors appointment and when I was there he took a urine sample, days later they called and said I have a bladder infection. They gave me medication that's okay during pregnancy to help the infection go away. The receptionist said to take the p...
    6 Health 116
  140. Why I'm I scared to go to college.I barely realized I wanna go?
    okay I didn't wanna go to college..but now that I decided to get my certificate/diploma for medical assistant instead of doing it my whole body shivers..its just a yr. and the college I wanna go to don't require exist exams, or SAT and the...
    2 Education 33
  141. Could I be pregnant or could there be something else wrong?
    I have always had regular periods and sometime it can come a day or two late which is normal for me. My last what I thought were periods have all come a week early and I get a good amout of clotting when I get my period and I have had none the last 3 ...
    4 Health 36
  142. Stressed out!!!
    My parents are starting to really get on my nerves. They pretty much tell me that I need to be perfect. I have eight classes, no study hall, and bio+chem. This is really hard. I thought that it would be easy, but it truly is difficult. I also could be ...
    6 Family 18
  143. Lymph Node Leaking?!
    One of my axillary lymphnodes is swollen and was becoming bruised, swelling was increasing and becoming More and more painful.. eventually the second lymph node started to swell as well, so I went to the clinic to have it checked out. THey pretty much ...
    2 Health 74
  144. do my problem of erection is related to molestation ?
    i am now 16 year old, and i don't get proper erection, and i also feel it very difficult, almost 2 year ago,when i was about 14 years old and i was going to be stage of pubirity. In my family i had two older sisters including parents.we would live in a...
    2 Relationships 140
  145. Is there any way to speed up the starting of your period?
    Is there anyway to speed up the starting of your period? ((im going to explain myself first as I dont want anyone thinking I am a slag. basically I am nearl 16 and have been going out with my partner for 5 years. we want to start a family and my p...
    6 Health 115
  146. How to lose 12 pounds . In a month.
    Hello you guys I Need to lose 12 pounds in a month before my dance clinic. Is there any tricks to doing this? I've already lost 2 pounds this week!! :) but I dont know if I can keep it up. Im 13 and weigh around 127 and it may sound really small but i...
    2 Nutritionfitness 34
  147. Do you think this is weird?
    I was talking to my cousin yesterday about stuff haha. And then we started talking about sex and she asked me how I want my boyfriend tooo be haha. And I told her. She freaked out, said I was weird, and said she was gonna tell my mom to take me to the ...
    2 Sex 15
  148. Should I have the implant out?
    I'm turning 18 in a few days, And I got the implant in July this year cause of bad side effects to the Pill. I've been having a bad back pains for the past few months. The Doctors don't know why I have them. Everything they give me, helps to start off ...
    4 Sex 36
  149. Does the dentist terrify anyone else??
    All my life I've had cavities, so the trip to the dentist was always terrifying. I mean, someone drilling into your mouth? And that sound of the drill, and the smell... I have to go to the dentist tomorrow and im scared. But I know I always feel bette...
    6 Health 41
  150. Any ideas about forgetting a guy?
    Any ideas on what else I can do? Basically, I was in love with a guy after 2 years who I have been intimate with but we are currently not seeing each other. Actually, he only talks to me in regards to sex and in the last 2 years, I have seen him wit...
    3 Sex 17
  151. Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired
    Okay, does it ever seem like youre sick all the time? I hate it so much. Sometimes im okay, I can talk normally, but usually later on in the day or something, my throat gets all fuzzy again, and I have to clear my throat before I say anything. Seems li...
    3 Health 42
  152. What to do about a hurt chihuahua leg?
    I have a teacup chihuahua and she is one and a half years old. My son and the dog were out side playing and the dog came in limping. I think I heard the dog cry, but I'm not sure. the dog will not walk on her leg and this is day two. I went on an i...
    9 Pets 378
  153. What's the chance I'm pregnant? Which pregnancy test is more accurate?
    Friday night (3 or 4 AM Saturday morning actually) my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex. (I know, it's stupid. But we just weren't thinking because we're idiots.) Anyway, I told him to make sure he pulled out. He did, because he pulled out just in ti...
    5 Sex 28
  154. Switching high schools senior year..
    So I live in Louisiana and am a junior in high school with about a month left until summer. I want to go to the University of Houston for college, you of H is in Texas though. If I am an out-of-state student I will have to pay about $10,000 more than i...
    2 Education 118
  155. What should I do about gilbert, sam, and this possible child?
    I was sposed 2 get with this guy (gilbert) and had sex with a different one(sam), well technically I wasnt with gilbert but was supposed to get with him when he came back from virginia from army training and sam is in the army as well, well I had sex w...
    2 Sex 13
  156. do you think the prolifers are hypocrites?
    I can go either way on this...I mean before I had a child iIdidnt care if people went out and had an abortion or not but I mean its their life what they do but if someone came and asked me now what they should do I would explain to them how a fetus to ...
    16 Politics 10
  157. Do you think doctors sometimes recieve "kick backs" from drug companies for writing prescriptions (read more)?
    Are people taking too much medicine? The television ads for meds are endless and use the power of suggestion to play on people's psyche to try and make them "think" they need it. Especially the ones for antidepressants. Those drugs are powerful and mes...
    11 Drugs 44
  158. Know where I can get $3000, to get a used car?
    I have tried everything I can think of but can't find no help, I am a stay at home mom with three teenage kids, my husband was diagnosed with myotonic dystrophy three years ago, I am unable to work because I stay at home and take care of him, and the ...
    4 Money 48
  159. Can anyone help me find information on herpes products?
    My boyfriend noticed a rash on his penis so he went to the doctor and the doctor said it was some sort of allergic reaction, so he changed soap, laundry soap, cologne, etc. to see if it would help. The rash started to get darker so he went to the docto...
    2 Sex 15
  160. what do I do if I mite be prego?
    ok,so me and my boyfriend have had sex unprotecteted 3 times now but only for like 10 min and he didnt cum or anything I no I no we should have used a condom well about 3 or so monthes ago was the last time I had sex unprotected like a lil bit after my...
    5 Sex 52
  161. I dont know whats wrong with me
    I'm feeling overwhelmed by life and I'm beginning to isolate myself from everyone who loves me. I'm an artist and I haven't sketched anything in close to a year. I feel lonely and unfulfilled but though I'm not satisfied with how things are going, and ...
    3 Sex 16
  162. Was it right for my friend and her husband to move back from Hawaii
    Was it right for my friend and her husband to move back home from Hawaii after two months? Well, as some of you read in a few of my posts that I mentioned about my LDS leader going away to Hawaii, Him and his wife Dawn went to pick up their daughter A...
    2 Relationships 26
  163. Why does she think she's pregnant?
    hello, I have written this site a few times in the past and they all helped me a few times. my girlfriend and I ended last night on a bad note because she believes she maybe pregnant but form the information I got from this site tells me she cant be ...
    15 Sex 86
  164. What do you do if you're scared of someone you live with?
    My sister is a disgusting human being, this is no exgeration, she revolts me and i am not just saying that i promise. She is very large both tall and heavy and scares me like no one else, she lives with me and my mum even though we both live in fearpf...
    16 Family 103
  165. Long but I really need help to deal with this
    k so I need someone from the uk to help me on this I want to know if I can move out of my house with help from any authority the thing is im clinically depressed and I cant do anything, no school work, no college applications, I cant eat properly, I...
    3 Family 29
  166. Jasmine Green Tea??? lose weight???
    Most people hesitate to give up the caffeine they get from sodas, energy drinks and coffee. Green tea is a wonderful alternative. It does contain some caffeine and also provides the health benefits of antioxidants. And, believe it or not, green tea can...
    3 Nutritionfitness 97
  167. How to cope with this depression?
    I have depression, I see a therapist, and I take medication for it. I've actually even gone to school for psychology, So I should know how to help myself better, but I guess when the situation is your own, its entirely different. I dont know what to d...
    6 Health 38
  168. What could be wrong
    Ok first of, dont say take him to the doctors, they dont know nothing, they told us that, and also he cant go anywhere really b/c he has no insurance, he cant get any, they wont accept him and we dont have the money to pay out for test and stuff and im...
    6 Health 32
  169. My dad raped me when I was younger
    When I was younger my dad raped me. He'd come into my room at night. I have been out of his house and on my own living with my boyfriend for about 6 year's now. I went and did a clinical trail for PTSD at the University of Washington, and it seemed to ...
    2 Relationships 186
  170. my sons eating habit
    I got a 2 year old son at home and ever since he was born he got very bad colic and we changed his milk so much to find the right one that would help him to keep his food down, ever since that he was not a good eater but the last few months he has got ...
    3 Babies 19
  171. How do I stop being frozen with fear?
    I have been on a horrific emotional roller coaster the past two years with my wife (she has been having a two year emotional and sexual affair with her sister's husband and keeps coming back saying she's going to break it off but never does). I became...
    2 Sex 67
  172. Does this make Sense?
    A lot of people on this site have been saying stuff like,'There seem to be more Muslim extremists out there and every terrorist is a Muslim'. I found this article.Does it change your opinion or smthin?It makes sense 2 me. V iolence by extrem...
    12 Religion 54
  173. Need help, im worried!!! For both of us.
    Hiya. Me and my girlfiend started to experiment with eachothers bodies around 9 days ago. We were in a field both naked and I was fingering her. When I get really excited I seem to discharge a clear fluid. I've been to the dosh clinic aruond 2 month...
    6 Health 115
  174. Is President Bush NOT interested in reducing need for abortion?
    If President Bush were truly interested in protecting women's health and reducing the need for abortion, he would work to prevent unintended pregnancy. But his policies do exactly the opposite. The following list provides some of the ways President Bus...
    11 Politics 36
  175. Why do some doctors treat chronic pain patients like drug addicts?
    I have fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis. Oh and i fractured my knee over the summer because my ankles give out on me sometimes when i use the stairs. I have to be honest the last part was kind of my fault i was in a hurry and not being very careful,...
    14 Drugs 27
  176. Can I sue for this?
    I took my dog bowser to the vet this recent monday morning (september 22nd) because he was not feeling well and we got him a parvo check and the doctor said that it was negative which means he does not have parvo. So it could mean he have an obstruc...
    9 General 54
  177. I think my parents destructive relationship is causing commitment issues to myself?
    Sometimes I feel like my parents weren't meant to be parents. They argue about the stupidest things, the smallest detail can set off a fight that affects everyone in the family. They're selfish too, specially my mom, she hesitated to bring me in the cl...
    3 Relationships 13
  178. Upsetting or what?
    I don't feel safe anymore knowing these things, do you?... AMERICAN RAPE STATISTICS Somewhere in America, a woman is raped every 2 minutes, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Approximately 28% of victims are raped by husbands or boyfriends,...
    6 Sex 33
  179. Should I kick my 23-year-old daughter out?
    My daughter is 23 and still living at home, we are very frustrated with her and how she is living her life. She does have a full time job as a Dental Assistant, making very little to support herself. She pays no rent and we cover her car insurance an...
    10 Family 1262
  180. poems
    whats a poem by a FAMOUS poet about not judging someone or something that goes with the song below? I need to read a poem while play this song in the background: EVERLAST - WHAT ITS LIKE We've all seen a man at the liquor store beggin' for your chan...
    2 Literature 16
  181. Short story for english class... Please read
    Hey so here is my short story for english has to be this short, which kinda sucks but so here goes... In estacada, oregon it was the last day of school for the students of the local high school. In flint, michigan a teen sulkily washed th...
    4 Education 91
  182. How do I forgive my mother for forcing me to get an abortion?
    im 21 years old... I havent called my mother "mom" in years... shes done a lot of really messed up things smoking crack and abandoning me.. leaving me to raise her 2 kids while she went out and partied..she never really seemd like a mother to me after ...
    9 Family 53
  183. Could someone give me some help on my personal statement?
    This is for my application to university. You may not be a University admissions officer or an expert in psychology (if you are that's a bonus) but if you could give me any tips on how to improve this then it would be great. There may be a few grammati...
    6 Sex 29
  184. How different people have sex,
    How they have sex, think of more? Post it:) Accountants are good with figures. Actors do it on cue. Advertisers use the "new, improved" method. Ambulance drivers come quicker. Ansi does it in the standard way Archeologists like it old...
    6 Sex 42
  185. For all who have or want an eating disorder
    this isnt a question. this is some advice to all of the young people out there constantly asking advice for learning to develop an eating disorder. why on earth would you want to do that to yourself? I can understand pain. I can understand hurt I can u...
    2 Sex 33
  186. How can I get the strength to leave the abusive scapegoaters?
    In my adoptive family I am the oldest of two. I was placed into foster care when I was really little. Lo and behold the first foster parent happened to be the monster that would adopt me. I will just call her monster. Monster made sure to try and convi...
    3 Funadvice 46