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  1. How to get driving directions?
    How to get driving directions?
    4 Technology 12
  2. What is your driving force in life?
    19 General 20
  3. How to remember all the theory for driving?
    5 Education 15
  4. Why shouldn't you text and drive?
    17 Politics 27
  5. What are your views on texting and driving?
    10 Technology 24
  6. Which came first, left hand drive or right hand drive?
    9 Cars 112
  7. Do you wash your hands before or after driving?
    Do you wash your hands before or after driveing? sank You. :) .
    5 Health 78
  8. Can I praictice my driving testquestions online?
    Can I praictice my driving testquestions online?
    2 Technology 20
  9. How adjust the rpm on a hard drive?
    How adjust the rpm on a hard drive?
    2 Technology 39
  10. How to burn dvd's to your hard drive?
    How to burn dvd's to your hard drive?
    2 Health 21
  11. how can a short people drive a car ?
    how can a short people drive a car ?
    2 Technology 87
  12. How do you reformat a hard drive?
    How to reformat a computer hard drive?
    2 Technology 19
  13. why do u have to be 16 to be able to drive?
    14 General 31
  14. Do you have to be eighteen to drive a rental car?
    4 Cars 23
  15. What are some relations between Physics and Safe driving?
    2 Science 18
  16. Why does a man's sex drive seem to decrease with age, and a woman's sex drive increase?
    4 Sex 81
  17. Why is there braille on a drive up ATM machine?
    8 General 34
  18. Why is it illegal to drive without shoes on?
    21 Politics 114
  19. What's the weirdest thing you have done while driving?
    9 Cars 26
  20. Which is the best driving school in Sydney?
    5 Education 24
  21. What would be an acceptable excuse in court for not taking my defensive driving class?
    7 Education 28
  22. Is it better to drive barefoot, or with shoes on?
    14 Cars 102
  23. what are you thoughts on self driving cars?
    5 Cars 17
  24. What could it be when a vehicle turns off on its own when driving it?
    11 Cars 24
  25. How to recover lost data on a hard drive?
    How to recover lost data on a hard drive?
    2 Technology 70
  26. Who's going to drive you home at night lyrics?
    Who's going to drive you home at night lyrics?
    2 Homegarden 139
  27. Flashing a 360 hard drive
    how do I flash a hard drive on my xbox 360?
    2 Gaming 57
  28. Do you need a provisional driving license to take the driving theory test?
    Do you need a provisional driving license to take the driving theory test? just wondering if i have to have provisional to take the theory test ? in the UK by the way.
    2 Cars 61
  29. What drives a man into cheating whilst married?
    What drives a man into cheating whilst married?
    2 Relationships 35
  30. Does Obama plan to cut the defense budget ?
    Does Obama plan to cut the defense budget ?
    30 Politics 39
  31. against the law drive while on the phone in Florida?!
    if you drive while on the phone in Florida?!?! Just wondering. :)
    3 Politics 55
  32. What do you think of making laws about NO texting while driving?
    19 Politics 31
  33. What do you think is the biggest driving distraction?
    34 Cars 27
  34. What does it mean when girls drive big trucks?
    11 Money 76
  35. What are some reasons it is safer to drive in the RIGHT lane?
    9 Cars 32
  36. Why is it unlawful in Oregon to drive without shoes?
    2 Politics 27
  37. What is the best fast but healthy food drive through?
    15 Nutritionfitness 36
  38. Is having an international driving license valid for all countries?
    2 General 25
  39. How can I learn to drive if I have no car and no money for drivers
    How can I learn to drive if I have no car and no money for drivers ed?
    7 Education 165
  40. Where can a person with a felony find a truck driving job?
    Where can a person with a felony find a truck driving job?
    2 Money 50
  41. Can I drag and drop programs from one drive to another?
    Can I drag and drop programs from one drive to another?
    3 Technology 87
  42. How many gb's will a dvd take up on a hard drive?
    How many gb's will a dvd take up on a hard drive
    4 Technology 60
  43. How can I delete everything off my hard drive?
    I want to delete everything on my hard drive and then reload. How do I delete everything?
    2 Technology 49
  44. Good driving instructors in the UK
    Wich are the some of best driving instructors in the uk ?
    2 Travel 8
  45. Do Biometric Flash Drives work with macs?
    Do Biometric Flash Drives work with Macbooks?
    2 Technology 8
  46. How old do you have to be to drive in New Jersey?
    How old do you have to be to drive in New Jersey? Thanks for the help!
    2 General 179
  47. how do you get a truck driving job with a felony
    how does a person with a felony get a truck driving job
    2 Money 75
  48. What states prohibit talking on cell phone while driving?
    What states prohibit talking on cell phone while driving?
    2 Technology 10
  49. How can one retrieve their bookmarks off Firefox from another hard drive after you have installed Win7 on a second hard drive in the same computer?
    3 Technology 38
  50. When can you drive in your country?
    What do you think about underage driving ?? Have you done it ?? When is it legal for you to start driving in your country ??
    5 Politics 18
  51. How long does it take to drive to Nebraska form victorville?
    2 Travel 77
  52. What is better for watching movies - the drive-in or the theatre?
    4 Entertainment 15
  53. would u ever drink and drive in midnight....?????
    43 General 32
  54. What are some things you can do to want to start driving again after having been in a deadly crash?
    11 General 16
  55. Is the age you can start driving different in each state or is it the same for all the U.S.?
    6 Cars 15
  56. Does it cost anything to get a driving permit, if so how much?
    6 General 47
  57. What is the best martial arts to teach myself self defense?
    13 Sports 26
  58. Should 16 year olds be allowed to drive cars?
    26 Cars 111
  59. What age do you have to be to get a provisional driving license in the UK?
    4 Cars 39
  60. What are some movies similar to Sex Drive or The Hot Chick?
    3 Sex 49
  61. Where to watch Driving Lessons with Rubert Grint?
    Where can I watch Driving Lessons, the one the rupert grint is in?
    2 Entertainment 58
  62. What should I do, walk or drive?
    I dont know if I should go walking to a place or drive to the place im going to
    3 Travel 22
  63. When my hard drive is corrupt how I recover my data?
    My hard drive is corrupt but its detect can you advice me how to recover my data?
    2 Technology 45
  64. Test Driving
    How many times did you fail your driving test before you got your license?
    2 General 33
  65. name of the volvo car that Edward drives in the movie twilight?
    What is the name of the volvo car that Edward drives in the movie twilight?
    2 Entertainment 89
  66. How young is too young to learn how to drive?
    I was driving on highways when I was 13 and even I think that is a little young to learn how to drive. What do you think? How young is to young
    2 General 17
  67. Does anyone know who this band is? Please help, it's driving me insane!
    3 Entertainment 8
  68. Would not being old enough to drive be physically or mentally unready?
    3 General 22
  69. Why do some cars have trouble going into neutral and yet go into drive easy?
    2 Cars 12
  70. Tips to drive him wild
    My fiancee's birthdays coming up and I need some tips!
    4 Relationships 115
  71. Is it illegal to drive and talk on a cell phone in the state of Ohio?
    3 Politics 61
  72. how did you learn to drive?
    Im 18 and I still am not ready ughhh
    8 General 25
  73. Why does the U.S. spend so much on the defense budget?
    Should it be cut back?
    3 Politics 8
  74. Do you think insanity should be a legitimate defense to keep murderers out of prison?
    6 Politics 37
  75. how to make my computer drive change to region 0 for free?
    2 Technology 5
  76. What's the most important thing you should know about driving (DMV test related)?
    7 Cars 38
  77. Guitar lessons or driving lessons?
    Hey what do you guys think is bettr and funner, guitar lessons or driving lessons
    6 Education 14
  78. Who drives while talking on a cell phone?
    Just wondering, who drives while talking on a cell phone? If anyone does, do you feel safe or not? Just wondering.
    3 Technology 17
  79. Drive from Baltimore to Boston?
    how long would it take to drive to boston, mass from baltimore, maryland?
    2 Travel 64
  80. What to do on a 10 hour drive?
    I dont wanna be bored on the 10 hour drive what can i do on the long drive that's fun and amusing???
    7 Travel 78
  81. How much trouble would I get in if I get caught driving to work with only a permit?
    8 Politics 50
  82. where can I download cd drive for acer aspire 5720-4126 for free?
    2 Technology 32
  83. How can I see or restore my files on my USB flash drive?
    My USB Flash disk is full,but I can not see the files.
    2 Technology 19
  84. Can a 15 year old teen with a virginia permit drive in minnesota?
    2 Cars 45
  85. Learn to freakin' drive people!
    If this is not possible for you, STAY THE HELL HOME!!!!
    2 General 17
  86. Why won't my computer turn on properly when my two external hard drives are turned on?
    10 Technology 11
  87. Should i be able to drive to skool if im 15yrs old, but i already have a car?
    9 Travel 58
  88. What drives people to do mean things?
    Have you ever done something cruel?
    12 General 43
  89. did you pass your driving test first time around?
    did you past your driving test first time round? x
    4 Education 32
  90. Why in england people drive cars on the left side.
    Why in england people drive cars on the left side any answer is welcome thank you.
    5 General 67
  91. Truck Driving
    Please let me know what truck driving co. will hire convicted felons ??
    2 Money 58
  92. How to put music on xbox 360 hard drive?
    I tried to put music on my xbox 360 from my hard drive and it didn't work
    3 Gaming 60
  93. sex drive
    is it normal to have a very high sex drive even when you married and what to do if your wife cant keep up
    2 Sex 17
  94. Defragmenting Hard Drive
    How do I defragment my Hard Drive in WindowsXP? Is this hard to do. I'm new at this and I don't want to screw up. :) Thanks!
    4 Technology 71
  95. Drive through canada from alaska
    Can a ex felon drive through canada been off probation for a little over 5 years
    2 Travel 119
  96. How do you transfer files with portable hard drives?
    how do you use portable hard drives on pc to tranfer files or games .
    2 Technology 53
  97. Why does my dog bark at every truck that drives by?
    We can't make him stop barking he goes nuts.
    13 Pets 27
  98. legal driving age in PA?
    What is the legal age that you make get your driver's permit in Pennsylvania?
    2 General 63
  99. When driving, what is the "one thing" that other drivers do on the road that makes you more angry than anything else?
    21 General 24
  100. What age can people drive in America?
    Just curious, England it's 17 but can get lessons before
    4 Cars 52
  101. who else agrees that there should be a drive thru where you can buy chocolate, cake, cookies, ect. ?
    7 Food 24
  102. Why is a person who plays the piano called a pianist, but a person who drives a race car not called a racist?
    4 Music 76
  103. Why is my car shaking while driving 55-65 mph and pulling to the left?
    what is that? is it dangerous?
    11 Cars 65
  104. Is it possible to teach myself some self-defense from websites with videos, pictures, descriptions?
    4 Technology 11
  105. Is it required to drive for one year with your permit before you get your liscence even when you are 16?
    4 General 17
  106. Why do people pass every part of their driving test except parallel parking?
    15 Cars 56
  107. driving without a licence
    what happens if a 14 year old gets caught driving without a licence in tx??
    4 General 47
  108. What's your favorite drive-thru drink?
    What is your favorite drive-thru beverage? Soda? Milk Shake? Coffee? What and why? And, where?
    6 Food 25
  109. Driving test
    Is it hard to pass a driving test?? like the one that you take to get your provisional liscence
    4 General 10
  110. Has anyone gotten away without drinking driving ban
    has any one ever got away without a ban for drink driving
    2 General 8
  111. what does this saying mean?people with small dicks drive big truck?
    what does this saying mean? "people with small d|cks, drive big trucks"
    4 General 165
  112. Which is better to navigate through snow (if you don't have 4WD), rear-wheel or front-wheel drive?
    25 Cars 73
  113. What do I do if my dad is a drunk and won't stop driving my 11 yr old brother while intoxicated?
    4 Family 47
  114. What are exactly rules of driving?
    Are 18 year olds with a permit able to drive alone? Or is it required to have an adult with you or not?
    2 General 15
  115. What happed to the upload videos from your drive?
    I've only just seen that the upload video from drive button is gone. Wasn't it being used enough?
    2 Funadvice 15
  116. Why do some say it is illegal to drive barefoot?
    Is it illegal to drive barefoot? I do because my workboots I cant feel the pedals, so I take them off and I think its better to drive barefoot but people say its illegal
    8 General 67
  117. Ok im 25 year old im shit scared to drive
    I dont drive im shit scared to drive should I be ashame of myself ? I cant get myself to do it
    5 General 60
  118. Can you put the photos from your computer on a flash-drive and take them somewhere to get developed?
    3 Technology 19
  119. Who has taken there permit driving test? Is it hard, im going to take mine in a few days.
    3 General 13
  120. Who here finds people who turn up their base too loud while you are trying to order in drive thru annoying?
    5 Food 10
  121. How to remove a hard drive and clean it ?
    How do you remove a hard drive from your computor --clean it --and re-install it--so it will not have any information on it please help.
    5 Technology 55
  122. drive from vancouver to duluth, minnesota?
    How long do you think it would take to drive from vancouver to duluth, minnesota? Does anyone have routes to recommend?
    3 Travel 14
  123. Tips for my driving test
    Well I have my driving test on the 3rd October. I was wondering if anyone has any tips or such that would help me? Thanks =]
    5 Education 17
  124. My hair drives me nuts
    I have medium legnth hair brown biraceial hair and nothing to do with it!!! I need help!!!
    2 Style 18
  125. Driving without a permit
    Whats the consequence if you drive without a permit(or lisense) Or are in the car with some one who doesnt have a driving permit In california or anywhere else
    5 Money 51
  126. Do you have pointers on how to drive?
    I need help and fast. I am doing drivers ed this Wednesday and I don't know how well I drive. I need good pointers and fast!
    2 Education 12
  127. Why does my laptop say my cd drive is empty when it isn't?
    Help! it can't detect the contents in my disc.
    5 Technology 35
  128. I have a huge zit and it is driving me crazy
    Please help me. I have a huge zit and it is driving me crazy. Does anybody know ways to get rid of it? Please help me.
    11 Style 41
  129. Getting your license? & driving with one foot??
    To get your drivers license in georgia, do I have to drive with one foot? Cause I've tried to drive with one foot and I cant do it!! Uhg. Help?!
    5 General 77
  130. Texting while driving- dangerous stuff!
    So... talking on your cell while driving is illegal, yet texting is not (NY). What's up with that? Isn't texting more dangerous? I don't get it. Shouldn't both be illegal?
    7 Technology 47
  131. Whos heard of the band at the drive in?
    Noise listening to this crunk armed the drive in...
    7 Music 14
  132. HELP its driveing me crazy what is this image!!!
    HELP!!! and I know in inverted (negative) colors the blue is orange HELPPP ITS DRIVEING MEH CRAZY!!
    9 General 25
  133. Scared to drive.
    All my friends can drive, they are always asking me when am I gunna go for my L's but I just keep saying I dont know. :S
    2 General 50
  134. Would the sims games work if they were instaled on a USB drive?
    Would the sims 2 and it's expansions and sims 1 complete collection install on a USB drive?
    4 Technology 49
  135. What should I do cant drive, its rainging out, and bored?
    lonely. my friends are busy. Please help me im bored just be crative.
    5 Entertainment 31
  136. What is the best hard drive defragger?
    Is there a defragger that can move all my files to the center of my harddrive to make programs faster?
    4 Technology 43
  137. Driving test, (theory)
    if you get 1, or 2 questions wrong you still pass dont you?
    2 General 9
  138. What does weed do to your sex drive?
    Does weed increase your sexual desires or anything like that? Does anyone know..
    8 Sex 83
  139. What's better - online storage or portable hard drive storage?
    to store music, pics, videos, etc
    5 Technology 35
  140. How old were you when you learned how to drive?
    most people were like 12. yet i still havent at 16 :P
    22 Cars 73
  141. What type of car to do you drive?
    What does everyone, who is old enough drive? I'll start it, I can't drive at the moment due to an injury, but I have an Evo8 mr, and a Pathfinder.
    4 Technology 11
  142. Help me find an otr driving job
    Im looking for an otr driving job ... I have a vehicular homicide on my record,four years old
    2 Money 7
  143. do you still need to go to driving school for a permit?
    my bro is 16 and done a certificate completion online (a course) does he still need to go to driving school?
    2 Cars 11
  144. Hard drive formatted! HELP!
    I accidentally formatted my haddrive. I don't have a vista installation disk or recovery disc. What shall I do?
    3 Technology 11
  145. Virus, how to clean hard drive?
    I have a virus and need to redo everything. You know, make my computer start from scratch. How do you do that?
    2 Technology 22
  146. Does anyone know in the state of California of one over the age of 18 still requires a permit while practicing driving?
    2 General 13
  147. Will 911 provide escort services if you're too drunk to drive?
    I saw this on reno 911 yesterday and i was wondering if it was possible.
    5 General 23
  148. Would you drive a car that looks like a smartphone?
    The Toyota Fun-Vii was presented this week.
    9 Cars 20
  149. UBS Flash Drive
    I got bored so I stared to mess with my flash drive and wanted to put games and stuff on it but im not sure how to put stuff on a UBS flash drive how do I do that >_> please help
    5 Technology 39
  150. Who taught you how to drive at a young age?
    How should a 17 year old learn to drive without parents or any adults? Who do you suggest, anyone in particular?
    2 Education 26
  151. How to you connect the xbox 360 hard drive to the comp?
    I put my memory stick in the xbox 360 and was able to listen to all my music but I wasn't able to download it to the xbox 360 hard drive
    2 Gaming 51
  152. Is driving easy?
    ok i am almost fourteen and i know how to drive but im scared that when im 16 ill be scared of like intersections and other people is it easy to deal with??
    2 General 30
  153. What can I put on a portable hard drive?
    I'm thinking of getting a portable hard drive to put all my Photos, videos and music on, so I can get more memory on my laptop without deleteing them, can you put photo and that on it?
    3 Technology 7
  154. Why are driving ages different?
    Why can you legally be allowed to drive at 16 in america yet in england you have to be 17 and in europe 18 ?? I dont get it
    4 General 17
  155. where I can definatly get go;audio-drive to the city?
    does anyone know where I can definatly get go;audio-drive to the city? or could someone send it to me over msn :]? kthxbaii.
    4 Music 8
  156. How do I get out of a reckless driving charge in VA?
    Got pulled over doing 82 in a 65 in Hanover Va. any ideas or legal advice???
    4 General 11
  157. Is there a good site for driving lessons?
    all the ones I saw where like stuopid questions for like 8 year old people
    2 Education 13
  158. Can a felon get a truck driving job in michigan
    I have a long criminal record. But , no sex crimes, never been to prision
    2 Sex 57
  159. If someone was driving drunk?
    would it be moral, or immoral to steal their car? On one hand, you are stealing, but on the other you are keeping a drunk driver off the road? which is it, moral or immoral
    4 Sex 17
  160. What drives you to tears?
    I am not an emotional person at all, but seeing sick or injured animals and severe anger makes me cry. So what makes you guys cry?
    89 Health 39
  161. Why is it bad if you keep driving when you need an oil change?
    Ok I'm supposed to drive about 2 hrs and is it bad if I drive when my thing has said to get an oil change for about 3 weeks?
    7 General 6428
  162. What must I know for the PA driving test?
    I'm going for my driving test tomorrow and all I wanted to know really is what they ask for while in the car, like which controls i must find.
    5 Education 16
  163. NSW Driving Test for Red P's. Help.
    I am going for my test in 2 weeks. I have finished all my hours and have been receiving lessons from a driving school. But what exactly do they go through in the test?
    2 General 36
  164. What drives guys crazy in bed?
    I wanna know what drives quys insane over sex because the sex with my quy is turning into a routine I want something hot so can you quys help?
    5 Sex 163
  165. Anyone ever warned by the police while driving?
    So I was driving (may have been speeding) and the unmarked police car infront of me turned on it's lights (I'm assuming as a warning). Has this ever happened to you?
    5 General 10
  166. What would drive him wild?
    I've been dating my boyfriend for three years. Is there any specific sexual thing that drives a man crazy that I don't know already know about.
    6 Sex 86
  167. My hair is driving me crazy
    Any tips for crazy hair? I have to dry and straighten my hair everyday or else it goes everywhere. Lame question, but help needed
    4 Style 48
  168. Why do I always drink and drive?
    Tonight I went out and had some beers and drove home. I know I shouldn't be doing this but it happens a lot and I know I shouldn't be but I do it sucks
    6 General 107
  169. How can I delete everything of of a full flash drive?
    I need to take things off a flash drive.I put some stuff in it that I didn't want to and it filled it up.
    3 Technology 46
  170. Is driving hard?
    Well I'm kind of scared to drive because i think I'm gonna crash or hurt myself, so i just want opinions when you guys learned was it hard & scary? Thanks.
    9 Cars 29
  171. Why is fog able to drive one's emotions ?
    as we get deeper into the fall/winter the fog gets thicker and stops burning of by the afternoon...Do you like this time of year ?
    3 General 12
  172. Did the driving age get changed yet?
    Does anyone know if the driving agge went up. And if so, im 15 do I get my permit at 17 and actuall licence at 18 Or will I get my permit at 16 and drive 17 ?<3
    5 General 12
  173. I want a shirt that says something like "Stop Agressive Driving" Ive looked as
    best I can on the internet, a little help anyone?
    6 Shopping 21
  174. How can I put movies on my computer without a dvd drive?
    I'm going on a long trip and wanted some movies to watch but my laptop doesnt have a dvd drive so how do I put movies on it? I have got the dvds but no way to put them on the computer...
    6 Technology 15
  175. Driving Test
    I know that you can take the driving test when your 16. BUt now I heard that you need to pay 300 bucks to take it and each time you fail you'll need tom pay again to take it??? by the way I live in L.A.
    3 Education 15
  176. Can I drive my dad's car or do I have to buy and insure my own? (read more)
    Is it possible for me too have driving lessons & then use my dads car to get around in, or would I have to buy my own and then insure it and everything? I'm a little confused about all this, I don't understand cars (._.)
    8 Cars 40
  177. Driving test nervous
    I took my driving test for my liscense about 2 wks ago and failed now I'm going back tomorrow and I am so nervous any. Any nerve calming advice lol !?!?
    4 Education 45
  178. Anxiety over learning to drive
    I'm really ancious to learn how 2 drive, but I want 2 know, is it hard to learn? I dont think it will be for me, but was it for u? any funny stories or advice 2 share?
    7 General 65
  179. What can I do to get a present for my mom if I cant drive?
    I can't drive or walk to any stores and my moms birthday is coming up soon. I was told not to tell my dad because my mom is trying to not remind him to see if he remembers. What should I do?
    7 Shopping 25
  180. how many courses do I need to take to have self defense?
    I dont know how to fight, so I dont know how many courses do I need to have self defense just in case, I mean I have to take all the courses to be a black belt or something or with a few courses would be alright. What do you think.
    2 Education 12
  181. What type of vehicle do you (or your parents) drive?
    and would you recommend it? Cody is looking for a new car to replace the one he currently drives (monte carlo) and any recommendations would be great! thanks
    28 Cars 30
  182. Driving in france
    Okay - im soon to be 17 but im moving to france - if I have an english liceance can I drive in frace even though the driving age there is 18... I need to know :S soonish if possible!!x
    2 General 13
  183. Do ratings drive radio programs?
    I read today where some Senators want to 'Silence' talk radio - Isn't talk radio market driven (bottom line = Ratings) and not politically driven ?
    7 Politics 23
  184. Self defense
    Im pretty strong for someone how only weighs 115, But I need to know how to become an awsome kick boxer or how to fight Any advice?
    2 Nutritionfitness 17
  185. How long to drive 2083 miles, Georgia to California?
    how many hours is 2083.0 miles(3352.0 km) long does it takes to go to atlanta georgia from california on car...=D
    3 Travel 341
  186. Can anyone give me tips for my driving test next week?
    I am doing the written part, some people say it is really easy, others say really hard, but i am not sure.
    4 General 35
  187. Best friend is driving me crazy
    My bff is cutting herself. I want it to stop because she is going emo and wont talk to me. I miss the old days. How can I ask her to stop?
    6 Health 40
  188. Can I get a hardship license to drive home from afterschool events?
    if I am in highschool and I am doing all sports is their anyway that I could get a hardship license at 15 in Texas to go from school activities to home only?
    10 General 316
  189. how to remove pen drive virus?
    hi, I using many pen drives in my of my friends pen drive has been infected by virus .tat spreads in my sys.when I inserted my pen drive virus affects m pen drive also. I dono how to remove completely virus in pen drive? so please ...
    3 Technology 36
  190. what will happen if im cought driving at 14.
    k welll usuallyy; I take my dad/moms car out the drive way for themm. they don't get mad or anything because I could drive goood. but what will happen if a cop catches me takin it out of the drive way? thanksss.
    5 General 62
  191. What side of the street and side of the car do people in Paris, France drive on?
    Ok even though we won't be driving while we're in Paris, I was just wondering what side of the street and what side of the car do they drive on? I don't wanna go there and be like shocked when I realize they drive on one side and I was thinking the co...
    4 Travel 90
  192. How can I convince my parents to drive me around?
    sooo whqats the best way to persuay my parents to give me a ride wherever i want when i want need advice help plz
    2 Family 35
  193. How about the kids who smashed a bulldozer while driving an excavator? Am I the only one wondering where the parents are? Who lets their children run free on a mine site?
    4 Gaming 33
  194. What are the driving laws in pennsylvania?
    I might be living in pa soon in time to get my permit and liscense and stuff. What are their laws in pa such as when you can get a permit, how long you have to wait to get your liscense, and how well do you have to score on your tests?
    3 Politics 32
  195. Is there a site online that you can do practice questions for PA driving permit?
    i am studying the manual and such i just want to know how well i know it and do some practice questions to insure i know the information before take the actual test.
    6 Education 11
  196. At a blood drive
    I'm giving blood at my school Tuesday...and I was just wondering what kind of questions do they ask you? and does it hurt? or does it just feel like getting your blood sampled at the hospital...thanks.
    2 Health 50
  197. Can you play Fallout 3 on a 360 without a hard drive?
    I really need to know this before I go and buy the game, cause I don't want to go get it and not be able to play it.
    2 Gaming 9
  198. Online driving test practice?
    Is there any way to practise online for my drivers online and actualy be able to pass? Like some sort of driving thing online?cas I dont have my drivers yet and I need it seeings how I have a baby now
    2 Education 40
  199. blood drive when they prick your finger to check
    Okay tomorrow is the blood drive at my school, and I'm really nervous about the beginning when they prick your finger to check your iron...does it hurt? I think the part that scared me is the noise. hahaha.Help?
    4 Health 59
  200. Has anyone here felt the need to just drive to clear up your mind
    I find myself doing that today where I just got into my car and just drove until I almost hit empty. While I was driving I was just lost in deep thought. Has anyone else here done this.
    3 General 19
  201. Worst Drive Thru Experiance
    What is your worst drive thru experiance? Was it someone Ghetto? A prep? An Emo? What happend?What was said? Drive thru=Like at McDonalds where you dont get off the car you go to the little window.(sorry I know someone is gunna ask "whats a drive thru?"
    3 Food 53
  202. How do I fix my external hard drive after I dropped it? (read more)
    hello i got a problem with my external hardrive. i dropped my seagate go flex n its been beeping since. does anyone know how to fix it?
    2 Technology 10
  203. How Do i open my CD-drive on my computer?
    the front of it broke off my computer this morning so now the butten to open it is off it, and i can't figure out how to open it now, any one know how to open it now? should i use a paperclip or something to try to press the tiny butten to open it or...
    6 Technology 32
  204. Driving fear
    My best friend was in 5 car accidents when she was under 18 but now she is 22 and needs to get her drivers license but she is scared to get behind the wheel. How can I help her get over her fear? Is there any thing I can do?
    3 General 21
  205. Does upgrading your operating system clear your hard drive?
    If I have Windows XP and I want to upgrade to Windows 7, will it clear out everything on my computer as though it was reformatting, or does it just leave everything intact and simply upgrade the OS?
    15 Technology 33
  206. If you're a teenager and starting to drive, will your insurance rate be lower if you get good grades in school?
    I heard that if you get good grades in school the insurance company thinks that you'll be better on the road..
    2 Education 38
  207. Q Hard Drive advise
    I have recently bought a usb hard drive from ebay, but it has a floppy disk to assist with the setup but I do not have a floopy slot on my pc. any ideas how I can set this up as my pc cannot set it up automatically thanks
    2 Technology 7
  208. What is the law for driving without a rear bumper?
    What is the law in new york state for driving without a rear bumper? I've searched online, but I cant find anything thats actually useful. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
    2 General 102
  209. Are Self-driving cars really safe?
    Though data suggests that self-driving cars are a far safer option than human-driven cars, the consumers around that world find themselves to be unsafe while driving an autonomous vehicle.
    3 Travel 13
  210. ISO to Hard Drive
    Hi I have a game on CD . It is in iso format I installed it unto hubbys computer which is XP mine is Vista. I can not get it to install on my computer. Help please...Thanks in advance
    3 Gaming 45
  211. What kind of van does Juno drive in the movie?
    If you've seen the movie Juno, I was wondering if you could tell me what kindof van Juno drives? I fell in love with that van! I'd love to find one. Does anyone know what kindof van it is? Can anyone help me out here?! Lol. Thanks!
    2 Entertainment 670
  212. What do you think of this new Louisiana law about cellphone use while driving?
    It was just passed that texting while driving is illegal (i agree with this), and that talking on a cellphone while driving is illegal if your under the age of 18. Im just curious as to how they will enforce this...i look younger than 18, they can just...
    11 Politics 40
  213. Why object to 'Defensive' missiles ?
    Today (5/29/07) - Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov said "As of today, Russia has new tactical and strategic complexes that are capable of overcoming any existing or future missile >>>> defensive <<<< systems - Why the objection to 'De...
    2 Politics 17
  214. CD & DVD drives not responding
    I can see that they are showing up in My Computer but when a disk is inserted and I click on that drive to open, I get a message saying that there is "no disk it the drive". I have no idea on how to get around this problem and it effects both CD/DVD d...
    3 Technology 78
  215. Can I drive in a empty parking lot at the age of 14?
    Im 14 years old and I really wanna learn how to drive and im really mature for my age. I will be 15 next year and I wanted to get my permit but I still wanna have a experience of driving before I do So I wanted to know is letting a 14 year old drive in...
    6 General 739
  216. how do you drive a stickshift and is it hard?
    ok so I get my first car this weekend (God help whoever walks on the sidewalk) and it's a 1993 Ford Ranger (great condition!) but it has a manual transmission. help?
    4 General 24
  217. Why do I have a low sex drive and what can I do to change that?
    As the question says... Even though I only lost my v last year and that... I wish my sex drive was a lot higher than it is now... How can I improve that because I know that it is doin my boyfriend's head in aswell as mine =/
    4 Sex 62
  218. Are there any self defense classes in Victorville or Apple Valley?
    My mom and sister told me last night was a test, and in general, I need to learn how to really defend myself. Know any places Moe?
    2 General 7
  219. Driving at 15?
    Ok I really need transportation so I can go to school and get a job. It's impossibe for my mom to drive me anywhere b/c...she just won't. So is there a way I can get my license early? Or even possibly my permit. I really need some help
    7 General 31
  220. What do i do after i get Sims 2 double deluxe onto a flash drive. ?
    ok so i have sims 2 on a flash drive im stupid what do i do now. like i plugged it in and now what do i do ? please help im very stupid..and u guys can agree ith that i just want to play simss!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3 Gaming 23
  221. Do you agree texting while driving is unsafe?
    Are you aware that texting while driving puts you at 20 x the risk of being in a collision? Talking on the phone while driving is = to 4 x the risk of having an accident. So is it worth it to take such risks when you have a 1 in four chance of being in...
    2 Technology 15
  222. What could I wear to drive the boys wild?
    So I am a pole dancer and I wanted to know what is abvery sexy outfit I could wear that will drive boys wild?? Ya know right now I wear like bra,thing and fishnets, but is there anything that will just make em' hot right like Damn!?
    2 Sex 22
  223. Why doesn't my disc drive work?
    I have an e-machines computer and the disc drive doesnt work. I just got it fixed after it wouldnt turn on and had to spend 7 months with out it. I was wondering if I could fix it from home ?? any advice would be helpful. thanks
    4 Technology 45
  224. What do I do when my ear won't stop twitching and it's driving me absolutely mad?
    The cartilage on my left ear won't stop twitching! It's like when your eye twitches... BUT WORSE BECAUSE IT WON'T STOP! It's been twitching non-stop for about 4 hours now and it's actually beginning to drive me up the wall. I want to scream! What can I...
    4 Health 117
  225. How do you drive with a stick shift?
    My boyfriend is supposed to teach me to drive stick. This will be my first time driving stick and I am very scared. I know once I get my hand on it I will probably screw it up. Is there something I can learn about driving with a stick so I can impre...
    2 General 42
  226. How can i find out what is on my d drive?
    My computer says that my D drive is running low on space, I dont know how that can be, Ijust got it for Christmas and I havent really downloaded anything, but when I search there is a lot from 2006, I didnt get it online til2009 cAN I DELETE THOSE FI...
    3 Technology 21
  227. Help with driving
    Ok um I'm 13 and when I start driving which...I think I get my permit at 16? I hope thats right and I would like any website to help get me fully prepared for it all you know? Im one of those people lol but can you help?
    2 General 16
  228. What is tha stupidest thing you have done while driving?
    me and my friend as stuck in tha middle of tha highway because of a wreck, so we said don't panick and we both scarm and everyone around us looked at us like we were dumb but we just laughed lol. So what's your story?
    4 General 25
  229. Why do I have a sudden fear of driving?
    I used to love it. I only have my learners license, but whenever my mom makes me drive for practise, i break out in a huge sweat and i'm like shaking the whole ride...this has all happened only within the past two weeks..
    12 General 32
  230. How do I tell my dad that the hard drive he loaned to my boyfriend stopped working (more)?
    It honestly stopped working on its own but I doubt my dad would believe that. Mike even paid to send it in to get a replacement, a brand new one that's even better, but we have no idea what to tell him.
    2 Family 21
  231. I'm afraid to drive with my dad.
    I've got my permit, which means I can drive with a family member. I'm comfortable driving with my mom. My moms car is small, and I like it. My dad drives my moms old car - it's better on gas - and it's kindof big, I guess you could say. I don't like it...
    4 Family 21
  232. Optical Drive problems
    why is it that when I insert a DVD in my DVD drive nothing happens (normally a window comes up asking if I want to open the folders on the disc, etc.) but when its in the drive nothing happens. When I access my computer and go double click the disc ico...
    4 Technology 12
  233. new driving law?
    are they trying to make a new law saying kids cant drive until they are 18?? I heard this and I think its stupid becasue kids go t ocollege at 18 and it is too hard having them leaving home for the first time and learning how to drive and beiong alone ...
    3 General 22
  234. How do I wipe my hard drive?
    So im building a new computer, but keeping some older parts of my previous comoputer (HD, vid card, sound card, disc drive) And since im starting new im just wondering how can I completley wipe my hard drive so its like brand I have to install...
    3 Technology 35
  235. Democratic leaders are poised to gut America's missle defense, why?
    I read where Democratic leaders are poised to gut America's missile defense - at the same time North Korea and Iran are testing long-range missiles that can strike the U.S. and its allies, including Israel, Japan and Britain. Does this make any sense t...
    3 Politics 40
  236. What car is better to win A1 championship, test drive unlimited 2?
    I was thinking either Koenigsegg CCRX Edition or Bugatti Veyron 16.4 I'm not sure which would be better for it ? Or suggest a better car? Can anyone help. Thanks :)
    2 General 8
  237. Is it illegal to learn to drive in a vacant lot before you have your permit?
    I am 15 and I will be sixteen in like 5 months. I was wondering, is it illegal for your parents to take you to an abandoned place and teach you how to drive as long as it isnt on a main road in pennsylvania? I would like to do this but not if it is ill...
    3 Politics 44
  238. Why are you supposed to pick up your feet when you drive over train tracks?
    I understand why people hold their breath while driving past a Cemitary, so that the 'bad' sperits dont go into you, and i get why your supposed to cover your head with your arms when you drive under a bridge, protection if the bridge crashes. But why ...
    4 General 131
  239. Should the driving age be raised to 18?
    So for english class were getting ready to start writing persuasive essays. So he wants us to pick a topic and that's what I came up with but he said we need to get peoples opinion about it. On both sides, the people that are for and peop...
    17 Politics 60
  240. Did the driving age get changed yet part 2
    Im 15 years old, from long island new york. Im prayyying that the driving age did not change. Becuase im excite to drive at 17/18ish I think that if it doesnt go up, ill get my permit at 16 and full licence at 17 My birthdays january 12, 1994 Let me k...
    3 General 32
  241. Low sex drive???
    Can anyone answer this question or let me know if you are experiencing the same problem and what you are doing to resolve the problem. Why does oral birth control pills cause a low or no sex drive? Have been on different pills and they all are doing th...
    5 Sex 19
  242. How do I transfer memory from one hard drive to another?
    My 80gig ps3 is almost out of memory and i want to get a new hardrive with a lot more memory without losing all of my memory on my old hardrive. is there a way i can transer memory from one hardrive to another? or is there a place i can take it where t...
    2 Technology 98
  243. What are some castle defense games I can download?
    you know those defense/castle defense games you can find on like newgrounds and other sites? the ones where you build archer towers and crap like that to defend your castle from waves of people?do they sell any games like that? like full games you can ...
    4 Gaming 36
  244. Drive in movies or regular?
    I went to a drive-on movies with my boyfriend and his friends the other night. It was not all that cracking and I would've been pissed if it wasn't for my boyfriend being there & the fact that we're actually spending time together. I HATE BEING IN A C...
    2 Relationships 12
  245. Advice for my driving test?
    I am so nervous about my driving test. I am taking the driving part sometime around the 18th or a few days after. I think I'm a pretty good driver, but I'm not sure about my parking. I think I'm just nervous altogether. Everyone who's taken it says its...
    4 General 40
  246. How to play a PC game, without a cd drive?
    Okay, so, the laptop/notebook I have, doesn't have a CD drive at all... but there's loads of MMORPG's I want to play, but they all need a CD. eg. WoW. I reeeally wanna play it xD. I have two usb ports, but one is always in use with my internet dongle-...
    4 Technology 88
  247. cyber defense antivirus
    should I download that?? it is free but Im worried about the whole "legal agreement" thing. Every time I see something that has "trial pay, payment, refund, or LEGAL agreement, or LEGALLY BOUND!" I get freaked out and click cancel. Should I download th...
    3 Technology 41
  248. Will anorexia drive my friends away?
    8 Health 53
  249. What would be a good packing list for a six day trip including the drive?
    I will be in Victoria, British Columbia for six days plus 2ish days of driving and Im not to sure what to bring but I do have awhile before I go to think about it.... I may bring a dog but probably not.... Soo I just want a list or something like that ...
    2 Travel 14
  250. What are some good ideas for my "texting while driving" video?
    In AV class we have to make a commercial, it can either be 30seconds or 60 seconds, no more & no less, not 32 not 56, it has to be exactly 30 or 60. It has to "teach a lesson" or "impact someones point of view" those texting while driving & then crashi...
    7 Education 38