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  1. What steps are there for painting over red paint?
    What steps are there for painting over red paint?
    2 Homegarden 48
  2. decorate the stage
    where is the stage and how do you decorate it
    3 Gaming 80
  3. How to decorate a picture?
    How can I decorate a picture?
    5 Technology 131
  4. Can I paint over wallpaper?
    Can I paint over wallpaper?
    2 Homegarden 31
  5. How do I paint over wallpaper?
    How do I paint over wallpaper?
    2 Homegarden 52
  6. How do you shade when painting?
    10 Literature 33
  7. Can you paint over oil pastels with acrylic paint?
    3 Literature 17
  8. Can you mix acrylic paint in with regular paint to paint walls to give it a darker color?
    2 Homegarden 62
  9. Who makes the best paint?
    Who makes the best paint?
    2 Homegarden 42
  10. How to remove paint from clothing?
    How to remove paint from clothing?
    2 Homegarden 70
  11. Can I paint my door knobs?
    Can I paint my door knobs?
    4 Homegarden 16
  12. What happens when you spray paint on top of paint?
    3 Homegarden 14
  13. How to decorate a corner bathtub?
    2 Homegarden 82
  14. how do i decorate my pictures on facebook??
    2 Technology 63
  15. How to decorate the stage on Urbz?
    How do I decorate the stage on Urbz DS?
    2 Gaming 211
  16. Science fair decoration
    What are some decoration for a science fair board
    3 Education 146
  17. How do I claena a paint ball gun?
    How do I claena a paint ball gun?
    2 Gaming 17
  18. How can I decorate my mirror with artificial flowers?
    How can I decorate my mirror with artificial flowers?
    2 Homegarden 34
  19. What does the painting "Guernica" by Picasso represent?
    4 Literature 89
  20. What brand of paint is best for a Schwinn?
    2 Homegarden 50
  21. How do I get the paint stains out of my jeans?
    2 Homegarden 18
  22. How do I get acrylic paint off my driveway?
    3 Homegarden 112
  23. Where can I get face paint?
    10 Style 52
  24. How much will painting my car cost?
    5 Cars 14
  25. Who has ever been to a cake decorating class?
    12 Food 14
  26. What should I paint for my painting class?
    What should I paint for my painting class? I need something cool... Something that I'll actually keep and hang up.
    2 Education 9
  27. How to get stains off flat painted wall?
    How to get stains off flat painted wall?
    2 Homegarden 70
  28. How to decorate with tree branch for a wedding centerpiece?
    How to decorate with tree branch for a wedding centerpiece?
    2 Relationships 127
  29. What is a cool color to paint your nails
    What is a cool color to paint your nails, that is noticable???
    12 Style 75
  30. How to get a pokemon painting in the gallery in sapphire?
    How to get a pokemon painting in the gallery in sapphire?
    3 Homegarden 64
  31. Paint car
    What color should I paint my 69 impala.
    2 General 62
  32. Where is the stage to decorate in urbz?
    Where is the stage that you have to decorate please please please help me
    3 Gaming 55
  33. Decorating a Dorm
    What are some cute ways to decorate a dorm room?
    2 Homegarden 16
  34. Why is it you just feel so much more pretty with painted nails?
    14 Style 64
  35. What colors should I paint my nails to impress a guy?
    10 Style 145
  36. What should I do to my lamp to decorate it?
    7 Homegarden 13
  37. Is it bad for spray paint to get on your skin?
    5 Health 471
  38. How do I get my oil paints to dry on my canvas?
    6 Literature 18
  39. Painting over red
    Any specific primer to use for painting over red paint in a bathroom?
    4 Homegarden 20
  40. how can i decorate a gazebo for my 16th birthday party ?
    3 Entertainment 92
  41. How do you reselect the text box in the Paint program?
    2 Technology 65
  42. Is it a good idea to paint your piano keys?
    8 Music 9
  43. Cute way to paint your nails?
    Any ideas for a cute/creative/funky way to paint your nails?
    43 Style 253
  44. Should I paint my nails dark purple or lime green?
    Should I paint my nails dark purple or lime green???
    3 Style 17
  45. What is the best way to make photographic slides of paintings
    What is the best way to make photographic slides of paintings?
    2 Technology 50
  46. How do you test for lead in paint?
    Do you know how to test paint? How cautious do we need to be?
    3 Homegarden 38
  47. Decorating my room?
    The best way to decorate a youth room?!?!any ideas ?
    3 Homegarden 122
  48. What funky color should I paint my nails?
    What funky color should I paint my nails??? No special occasion...
    11 Style 28
  49. What kind of paint should I use to paint a mural on a concrete wall?
    keeping in mind that one day that wall will need to be painted white with wall-paint?
    6 Homegarden 47
  50. What are good ways I can decorate my binder?
    12 Homegarden 54
  51. Do black painted toe nails look bad?
    11 Style 25
  52. Does anyone else paint murals?
    I do, and find it very satisfying
    3 Literature 11
  53. Are dollar store face paints good to use?
    3 Shopping 38
  54. What's the best thing to paint with - acrylic, water colors, or ...?
    6 Literature 37
  55. Is there a way I can make old paint new and runny again?
    7 Homegarden 45
  56. HOw would you decorate your room if you could do anyting you wanted?
    18 Homegarden 31
  57. Is a childcare worker's hours more flexible than an Interior Decorator?
    3 Money 12
  58. How do I decorate for a Dare-Devil themed party?
    5 Homegarden 58
  59. Whats your favorite method of art, such as sketching, painting or..?
    20 Literature 20
  60. Does paint color affect the air circulation in houses?
    5 Homegarden 41
  61. Would water colors stay on clay if you painted clay with water colors?
    13 Literature 50
  62. What are some cute car decorations?
    carseats wheelcovers etc
    9 Cars 8
  63. I painted a picture of a forest in the fall, any name ideas?
    I painted a picture of a forest in the fall, any ideas on what I should name it? Lol
    5 General 40
  64. What color to paint my walls?
    I can't decide what color to paint my walls... anybody got any suggestions?
    9 Homegarden 21
  65. Where to find spray paint?
    ok where in the world (perferable ohio) can you find spray paint?
    3 Shopping 19
  66. How do I decorate the play at Sims Urbz?
    How do I decorate the one play in Sims Urbz? Where do I get the stuff from??
    3 Gaming 148
  67. Do you need to draw good to be a cake decorator?
    Do you have to know how to draw good to be a cake decorator because I cant draw at all?
    2 Money 58
  68. When decorating for Christmas, do you prefer the childlike decoration or do you decorate more sophisticatedly?
    Me and Chris were talking about this last night, i prefer the childlike decorations. Cartoonlike snowmen, reindeer, and santa clauses. Traditional red and green decorations, glitter, and anything that looks fun.
    31 Homegarden 36
  69. Can you help me decorate a room?
    Can you help me decorate a room? The room I am seeking to re-decorate is my masterbedroom and bathroom.
    2 Sex 37
  70. Painting webbing on lawn furniture
    Is it possible to paint the webbing on outdoor furniture? If so - what kind of paint should be used
    2 Homegarden 11
  71. Lead paint on toys.
    How do I test for lead paint on toys? Is there some way to tell whether or not the paint is dangerous?
    4 Babies 16
  72. Would it look stupid to draw a picture then paint the background?
    6 Literature 13
  73. What are some cool indie/rock (or anything) pictures/designs that I could paint for my boyfriend?
    2 Literature 11
  74. Chrome spray paint
    Can I spray chrome over 80's gold bathroom fixtures?
    2 Homegarden 60
  75. What's a good idea for something I can draw, and then paint, that's part 3D?
    4 Literature 18
  76. Is my carpet ruined from paint?
    I spilled paint on my carpet what do I use to get it up? it was over a 1/2 gallon!!!
    2 Homegarden 31
  77. masquerade decorations Quinceanera
    Does anybody know where they sell awsome masquerade decorations... Any 1 know?
    2 Entertainment 46
  78. Painting Nails
    What are some cool ways to paint my fingure nails for the first day of school ?
    4 Style 24
  79. What do boys think of painted fingernails?
    what do you boys think when gurls paint their finger nails/toe nails?
    4 Style 48
  80. Catalogs for home decor offline?
    does anyone know any good catalogs for home decor that I can oder offline?
    3 Homegarden 10
  81. where is the stage you have to decorate on the urbz sims in the ci
    where is the stage you have to decorate on the urbz sims in the city for nintendo ds
    2 Gaming 87
  82. paint for macbook?
    where can I download a free software for macbook that lets me paint like in a pc in PAINT. freee!
    4 Technology 49
  83. Painting Easter Eggs, does food coloring work?
    Does food coloring work for painting Easter eggs, or is there some speical solution needed to paint them?
    5 Homegarden 39
  84. What colors will your Christmas tree be decorated in this year?
    Mine will be blue and silver :)
    23 Homegarden 40
  85. How hard would it be to decorate a house to look like it's the 20th century?
    4 Homegarden 19
  86. Where can i buy face paint and face sparkles, not to expensive(orange and white and black)?
    2 Style 10
  87. should i paint my room neon blue and bright cherry red or neon blue and bright purple?
    24 Homegarden 40
  88. How should i start my painting career? i want to be a painter,i want to sell them,how should i start it.please advice.
    5 Health 16
  89. where can i download ms paint for free?
    can anyone give me a direct link to it?
    2 Technology 12
  90. Are water colour paints similar to water based paints?
    I'm looking for some water based paints but can't find them anywhere, I've seen water colours but wasn't sure if their the same thing or similar. Anybody know please?
    6 Literature 10
  91. Will poster paint dye my brown hair?
    Will yellow or red poster paint from a dollar store dye my brown hair?
    2 Style 178
  92. How to upload something from Paint to here?
    I am having trouble trying to take me pic from paint to this and upload it .. can someone tell me how
    2 Funadvice 52
  93. cute girly colors I can paint my room ?
    ok so im a girl & soon my room is going to be painted , what are some cute girly colors I can paint my room ?
    5 Homegarden 57
  94. Is painting allowed in Islam?
    is painting allowed in islam? I have heard 1 shud not paint faces of animals and humanbeings.if not y?
    2 Religion 68
  95. What do you usually draw when you paint or sketch?
    i wanted to know what do you guys draw when you do sketching/painting.i usually draw nature.
    19 Education 91
  96. What is a good website where I can find face-painting ideas?
    I need a job that I can do.
    2 Technology 28
  97. How do I get to Paint on an apple laptop?
    please help I need an answer ASAP!!!
    4 Technology 7
  98. How come I can write with my right hand but my left arm is stronger and I can't paint better with my left hand?
    2 General 39
  99. What are some famous works of art paintings?
    What are some famous works of art paintings? like mona lisa, and stuff. I need it for an art project.
    7 Shopping 44
  100. Should I paint this?
    I just drew this picture and I think I'm going to paint it on my closet. Its a sketch so of course its not perfect. What do you think?
    6 General 9
  101. finished painting my room, how long before I can sleep there?
    I just finished painting my room last night. How long do I have to wait before things can be against the wall and I can sleep in it?
    5 Homegarden 376
  102. Deck paint or stain
    Which is the best for if I am redoing my deck outside? Deck paint or stain? In terms of longevity and cost. Thanks.
    2 Homegarden 41
  103. Where can I find cheap hermit crabs with painted shells online?
    Can you give me some links to cheap painted hermit crabs with shells? Thank you(:
    6 Pets 27
  104. Decorate notebooks
    I luv 2 decorate my notebooks does any body have any ideas? You know draw on them and glue stuff on them any ideas?
    5 General 58
  105. What brand of paint should I buy to paint my room?
    My dad and I are doing to paint my room this X-Mas and im gonna pay for. I want the paint to have good quality but isn't to pricey, my room isn't that big so I only need about 2 Cans. So What paint do you recommend?
    2 Homegarden 15
  106. Nails painted black
    I like to paint my nails black but my mom keeps trying to convince me that its gay but black is not a gay color is it ok for me to paint my nails black
    5 Style 88
  107. How many people go crazy over painted nails?
    How many girls love boys nails painted? boys love girls nails painted? or anyone who loves it on anyone else?
    8 Style 39
  108. Painting not a painting anymore
    I posted a bulliten recently asking why a building was still called a building if it had already been built. It was later brought to my attention that, railway siding, piping, a painting, a meaning... etc all of these are WRONG a painting has already ...
    2 General 45
  109. christmas decorating
    How do you decorate your tree? do you put decorations that are all one color or do you just do whatever on it ? how do you decorate the outside of your house ? one color or different ? just wondering. lol
    5 Homegarden 11
  110. Solid Stain over Paint
    I have just finished painting my porch deck with Skid-No-More deck paint. Can I use a paint stain like Olympic solid color stain over the Skid no More.
    2 Homegarden 56
  111. What should I buy to make a canvas painting?
    I want to start painting... my mom is an artist and she wants to start painting again but when I ask her what I should buy to start out she gets into all this stuff and all I want to know is what I should buy to make a canvas painting?
    2 General 11
  112. Cupcake decorating idea for kids?
    One of the fun things we did with our kids at a recent party was deocrate cupcakes. Does anybody have a fun cupcake decorating idea for kids?
    5 Babies 57
  113. how do I scan paintings onto electric format?
    I have painting that I need to get onto electric format, does anyone here know how I have to do it? thanks heaps!
    2 Technology 45
  114. Auto paint color name?
    Does anybody know the name of the exact color on this 2005 acura tsx
    2 Shopping 18
  115. How can I decorate a small locker?
    My new locker is going to be really small, and only the inside can be done. Besides pictures and comics, how can I decorate my locker?
    12 Education 32
  116. Where can I get some really badass bathroom decor?
    My sister & I want to redo our bathroom and we want really badass and bright stuff!
    6 Homegarden 44
  117. I wanted to paint my trailor
    My friends parents said its to hot and the paint will bubble. So when should I paint it? In the fall leaves fall and its rainy any ideas?
    3 Homegarden 15
  118. what colour should i paint my nails?
    i have my confirmation tomorrow and i have a white and black dress .. what colour would go with that
    14 Style 40
  119. what are some good things to paint that have a spooky effect to them?
    i have to do a few paintings for work and i want to do some paintings that are spooky and have a bit of a vintage feel to them. i need some inspiration!
    3 Homegarden 41
  120. How should I paint this piece of wood?
    I'm going to paint something on a piece of wood, it's 1ft by 1ft. what do you think people would like to buy, that's on painted on a piece of wood?
    2 General 28
  121. Why does the first painting of Adam and Eve show belly buttons?
    If the world was created, and we did not evolve, why does the first painting of adam and eve clearly show they had belly buttons?
    10 Religion 299
  122. Wall paint thinner
    Hello, just wondering whether using water as paint thinner would work as well as the regular paint thinner.
    2 Homegarden 44
  123. Would it be the same thing to mix paint with clear nailpolish so it would be like regular nail polish?
    3 Style 21
  124. if I stretch my ear lobe with a paint brush get infected?
    if I stretch my ear lobe with a paint brush and then put a straw in it would it get infected or somthing?
    5 Style 122
  125. Where can I find good Paint Shop Pro 8 texture tutorials?
    I am trying to learn how to use textures in Paint Shop Pro 8. Where can I find some good tutorials?
    4 Technology 72
  126. how can i decorate my room in a "paris theme"?
    i really want my room to feel like im in paris when i walk in it.
    2 Homegarden 66
  127. Halloween Decorations
    I need some ideas for halloween decorations. I usually don't decorate for halloween but this year the kids really want to decorate the front yard. The only decoration I have right now is this skull lantern. Any cool ideas?
    3 Homegarden 12
  128. What is the best brand of paint to use on walls?
    I'm painting..well getting ready to paint..and was wondering what is the best kind of paint to use and what store sells the best paint..thanks in advance
    8 Homegarden 23
  129. Whats the best type of paint to buy?
    Whats the best type of paints to buy? I want to practice my painting skills for Art, I have to do a lot of paintings for my coursework and I'm not very good at using paint, so whats the best kind to use?
    2 Shopping 13
  130. what color should I paint my room?
    I have orange sheets/curtains/comforter and I need to paint my room but I'm not sure whether I should paint the walls yellow or purple...what do you think?
    13 Homegarden 46
  131. How do I decorate a room that is dark purple?
    Well my child is 13 and we just moved in but she wanted it dark purple so I painted it dark purple but I'm not sure how to decorate it. Any Tips?
    3 Homegarden 12
  132. Advice for painting?
    I'm painting my room and want to paint a mural on one wall (I'm an artist) but I'm having a little creative lapse...any advice? (Please?)
    2 Homegarden 12
  133. How much to paint an 1800 sg. Foot interior of a house?
    Price to paint an 1800 sguare foot interior of a home and pay for I supplys
    2 Homegarden 194
  134. Good store for painting supplies?
    I want to know if anyone knows a good store to buy canvas and acrylic paints-at a good price?
    2 Shopping 18
  135. What color to paint my kitchen?
    I think im gonna paint my kitchen cabinets black. What color would look good on the walls
    6 Homegarden 44
  136. What color to paint my CO2 car?
    hi in my technology class we're building co2 cars and I dont know what color to paint it any suggestions
    2 Technology 160
  137. Why do I want to paint my nails if im a boy?
    Well im 18 years old. I always want my nails painted but am too scared to do them. (black) what should I do?
    6 Style 120
  138. What color should I paint my car?
    I have a 1965 buick gs with a 310 wildcat engine... What color do you think I should paint it? (I like dark colors)
    6 General 41
  139. How do I find the items to decorate the stage in Urbz?
    how do i find the items to decorate the stage? have been stuck on this section for 3 months now getting frustrated help
    2 Gaming 61
  140. How to decorate pics?
    Iwnat to knoee how to makee the pictures look pretty.who can help me decorate a picture.would yall acctually help.
    2 Technology 23
  141. Any Pumpkin Decorating Ideas?
    I did this pumpkin last year, and a lady bug the year before. And garfield. I'm running out of ideas, HELP! :)
    3 General 36
  142. what is a good way to hang a poster without putting a hole in the wall or anything sticky on the paint??
    6 Education 25
  143. What website should I use to decorate pics?
    I was wondering what websites I should use to edit my pics...any website that edits pics will help end my search...thanxx a lot!
    4 Technology 49
  144. How do you get paint to keep from coming off on shoes?
    I painted my white tennis shoes so they would look better but each time I put them on the paint comes off, is there a special spray or something that would keep the paint on?
    2 Homegarden 101
  145. How do I learn more about a painting I have?
    I have a painting of waves crashing into the shore. It is on a felt canvas and in the bottom right it's sined Miguel. Anyone have any ideas about it, or where I can learn more about it?
    4 General 12
  146. Paint shop pro free download?
    Is there some place online where I can download programs to edit pictures on my computer.. (I.e. Paint shop pro) .. And for free ?!
    4 Technology 18
  147. Would you be able to paint the side of your fence facing the neighbour's side of the property line?
    If the fence is on your property, and it's your fence, are you allowed to paint the side facing your neighbour's house any colour you choose?
    13 Homegarden 84
  148. Painting my room
    I want to paint my room turqious, lime green with black you think thaat owuld look good???
    7 Homegarden 43
  149. How do I get better at drawing on MS Paint?
    ok so everytime I try and draw on MS paint it looks like its back to front, how can I get better at it? thanks
    2 Technology 41
  150. how do you break up with a girl, who is attach to you like paint on the wall, ?
    ill be turning this into a offical question soon :D
    22 Relationships 36
  151. Does anyone know where I can find 70's style bedding and room decor like Susie's room in "The Lovely Bones"?
    2 Homegarden 10
  152. How to moisten dried paint?
    Any kind of paint. Also can you revive dried stone paint? (Its like a paint sort of thing that is sorta made of sand or something.. it looks like stones or cement when you paint it on)
    4 Homegarden 46
  153. Christmas decorations
    Christmas is the weirdest time of year, you can put up your decorations the day after Halloween and keep them up until after New years and people don't ask you why you havent taken your decorations down. Has anyone put up their christmas decorations al...
    5 Entertainment 42
  154. Black spray paint
    Where can you buy some Black Spray Paint,no I'm not tagging anything,I want to spray my bat red and black,somewhat similar to Shawn Crahan's bat?
    8 Shopping 36
  155. More advanced paint program?
    Does any one know where I can get a more advanced program similar to paint but with a lot more things... A free download its very important K thnks ^.^
    2 Technology 55
  156. What are some good ideas for decorating a bedroom with a zombie theme?
    also, what are some websites/ stores that have some good decor/ bedding that would go with this theme that is reasonably priced?
    2 Homegarden 54
  157. removing marker and fabric paint from walls
    I just bought a house that has permanent marker and puffy fabric paint all over the walls, how do I safely get this off without ruining my drywall
    3 Homegarden 995
  158. Home decorating crafts
    What are some crafts that are fun, but simple? Like painting a coffee cup or something. I don't know, can you please give me some ideas.
    2 Homegarden 14
  159. What colour of shading should I use when painting hands a peach/flesh colour?
    when painting hands a peach kind of color what color should i use to shade it, like grey, orange, black orr....?
    7 Literature 45
  160. How to keep acrylic paint?
    I have been painting some pictures on my wall with acrylic paint from a dollar store and when I wash my wall some of the paint rubs of on the picture. I want to know if there is something I can put over it like a consealer to prevent it from rubbing o...
    5 Homegarden 20
  161. what are some tips when using acrylic paints?
    everytime i use them im not able to blend well and it looks bad please help
    3 Literature 15
  162. How would you describe Edward Hopper's painting called "room in new york"?
    not so much analyzing, but describing. in full detail
    2 Cars 59
  163. Who originally wrote "Paint it Black"?
    gah so stupid I should know this but I whos the mastermind behind this awesome song?
    5 Music 114
  164. What color should I paint my toenails??
    This is very random. I have a few pinks, purple, black, and blue! It doesn't really matter. I just don't know what color...hahaha!!!
    5 Style 55
  165. What are some cheap ways to decorate walls in a home?
    We havent lived here too long, and havent had alot of money to decorate and plain walls drive me mad. What are ome cheap ideas to help decorate in here.
    8 Homegarden 28
  166. How can I remove a stain from a wall painted red?
    I have painted my chimney in Farrow & Ball Eating Room red but it already has a few marks on it. Does anyone know anyway of removing marks without removing the paint?
    2 Homegarden 17
  167. Which is the best graphic tablet for digital painting?
    does anyone know anything about graphic tablets, such as wacom? if so could you tell what is better for digital painting wacom intuos3, or bamboo fun?
    2 Technology 19
  168. How do I get red paint out of a white carpet?
    Hi I have got red standard matt paint on a new white tight weave carpet any ideas how to get it out thanks guys!
    3 Homegarden 40
  169. How can I remove paint stains from concrete?
    okay i was painting painting a box red outside for an art project and got it all over our concrete floor!!the paint is high gloss!!ho wdo i get rid of it??
    3 Homegarden 41
  170. What can I add or do to acrylic paint to make it so that it will leave my hand print on something?
    It doesnt seems to like to transfer all my hand lines and stuff.
    2 Literature 9
  171. What would make shards of glass stay on my painting?
    I read somewhere. That regular glue will turn yellow over time and so will hot glue.
    7 Literature 23
  172. Where can you find paint by numbers kits?
    what stores can I buy paint by numbers kits at? they really fun to do and I aint seen one since I was 10. they still make em?
    3 Shopping 61
  173. Decorating a small apartment
    K so I just got a new apartment and its small which is fine because its only for me, but I was just wondering if anyone had any websites (with photos) of very eligant nice decorating skills!!! thanks so much
    3 Homegarden 23
  174. Do we need primer to paint plastic milk jugs?
    My class wants to paint plastic milk jugs with themes, but we're not sure if we need to pre-paint the jugs with a base coat or primer before painting with acrylic or whatever. Can anybody help?
    2 Homegarden 315
  175. What color should i paint my room?
    any suggestions? i have white furniture and white carpet and i kind of want my room a dark color... kind of like a calming color if that makes sense lol
    8 Homegarden 10
  176. What do men like paintings of for a gift?
    Im making a painting for a friend of mine for his birthday... do you think thats a good gift? do guys like paintings. its not that big though...??? he is turning 22, and is artsy
    2 Shopping 311
  177. Painting over crayon and chalk?
    Is there a way you can paint over crayon and chalk on a wall? If not, how can you remove them? I want to paint my walls, but they are covered in crayon and chalk that has been there for years. The chalk does not seem to come out of the wall easily,...
    2 Homegarden 109
  178. Remove puff paint from clothes
    Ok, so I just bought a brand new $120.00 hoody, and I got puff paint on it. My hoody is greay and the paint is ocean blue, how do I get it out? Its a pretty large stain.
    3 Homegarden 146
  179. what are some ideas for door decorating ideas for christmas?
    my grade 8 class is working on it tomorrow and i want some good ideas and i just know FA can help me :D
    2 Homegarden 5
  180. What is a good color to paint my toes on tan skin and dark features?
    By dark features i mean dark hair and eyes and i have like a sun kissed tan naturally
    11 Style 53
  181. How do I get paint to wash out of clothing?
    I got some paint on my blazer jacket and I wanted to know what to use to wash the paint out of the cloth. It is wool and I know that our dry cleaner will charge me a small fortune for them to fix it. Is there some sort of miracle product for gettin...
    2 Homegarden 128
  182. Spary paint
    We just got a new sidewalk in front of the house.Some kids spray painted some letters on the new sidewalk. I want to know what can I use to get the spraypaint off the sidewalk. Help Pease!!!
    2 Homegarden 14
  183. When you do you start putting up Christmas decorations and put up your tree?
    Weve already started buying things because this Christmas will be our first Christmas as a family alone in our own home. When do most people start putting up decorations, is it after Thanksgiving or do you wait later?
    9 General 40
  184. Are there special paints that are meant to be using on clothing?
    I got this idea to make my boyfriend a special shirt. I have no idea what's out there to use whether paint works well or some kind of glue and cut out letters.
    2 Homegarden 9
  185. What is the best type of paint to use on a canvas?
    Need to paint a canvas for school and was just wondering what the best type ofpaint to use on it would be,acrylic, oil, water colour orwhatever sort poosterpaint is?
    2 General 31
  186. How should I paint my walls?
    How should I paint walls? I have black and lightish blue paint for them. I kinda want that little emo theme in there. except I dont know how I should do that! can you give me some ideas on how I should or some pics would work to. thanks!
    3 Homegarden 13
  187. How can I make black/grey out of watercolor paints?
    I have basic colors but my set didnt come with black or grey.. I dont want to waste my paints trying to figure it out so what colors can I mix?
    2 Literature 20
  188. How much should I charge someone to paint their two car garage?
    A coworker asked if i would paint his garage. hes willing to pay by the hour. minimum wage here is $7.25 per hour.
    2 Money 22
  189. How? Is there a special paint for fiber glass?
    Ok im fourteen and me and my dad are fixing up this moped and I want to repaint it so its a reflection of my personality and I need to know if theres a special paint I need to use
    2 Travel 34
  190. how long does it take for your room to dry after painting?
    im going to paint my room like 3 different colors in stripes. an olive green,tan,and a cream long will it take for it to dry since im paiting it with so much paint?
    2 Homegarden 61
  191. Paint Job For My Car prices and ideas
    I want to get my car painted by a professional does anyone know of websites that have prices? Also is there anywhere that I can find pictures of different paint jobs on cars I could look at ahead of time?
    2 General 52
  192. How to remove water based paint from my carpet?
    ok so I had some wall paint and I left it in the box. I realized hrs later that it leaked all on my carpet! do you know a good way I can get it out? or is my carpet ruined? :( its water-based paint if that helps
    2 Homegarden 50
  193. Cake decorating tips
    My daughter is having an 80's theme party for her 12th bday. She wants me to make her cake (it's kind of our tradition). I'm thinking of splatter painting it, but I'm not sure what to use for the paint. Any suggestions?
    2 Food 46
  194. painting walls
    my room is light purple, and I decided to repaint it. I'm thinking about redoing it as a mango color. will it be cover up the original paint alright? and are there any specific steps I need or can I just paint over? thanks- olivia
    5 Homegarden 41
  195. What are some pictures that are out of the ordinary and good to paint with oil paints?
    I have this project coming up for art and I need to figure out a really good colorful picture that's different than like hand holding or flowers or birds. It needs to be in color and a photgraph and not photomanipulated. (a little is okay, but not so ...
    4 Literature 8
  196. decorating ideas for baby boy bedroom
    does anybody have any websites that have cute baby boy bedroom setups & themes with pics? I looked on babysrus but nothing really caught my eye.
    2 Homegarden 48
  197. What colour should I paint my walls?
    I have a comforter set that has teal sheets, gray bed skirt and the comforter is black, white and teal... Also the curtains are a darker green. What color should I paint the walls.. THANKS!!
    3 Homegarden 56
  198. Paint markers on jeans?
    Does anyone know of any paint markers os anything that would stay on jeans if I drew on them? And I was hoping something that would stick out, not like sharpies where it's like part of the pants. Something that really stays on the outside.
    4 Shopping 35
  199. Decorating pictures online
    Ok so I have tons of pic on my laptop and I was wondering like how can I decorate them like putting hearts and the word love on a pic of me and my man or putting funny stuff or boarders..thanks for the advice
    3 Technology 212
  200. Paint
    this is drivinq me crazy, how do you put an animated picture on your paint computer program without it beinq changed to a regular picture with no movement at all? if yew cant, please tell me, if so, help meh!!
    2 Technology 7
  201. Bedroom Organizing and Decorating Ideas??
    okay so im trying to organize my bedroom and then I want to re-decorate it...I have knee-walls and only a small amout of wall space so if any of yall have ideas that would be great =]
    5 Homegarden 64
  202. Decorating My New Room
    I need some help picking out color I'm leaning towards a dark purple and a light purple my mom said I can only paint it 2 colors but I dont know which 2 colors to pick HELP!!!
    4 Homegarden 10
  203. Get paint in my carpet out?
    how can you get year old water based paint out of frieze carpet? I got up almost all of it during the incident but without furniture in the room its quite noticeable, since we are trying to rent
    2 Homegarden 121
  204. bathroom decorating ideas
    My small bathroom is completely unpleasant to walk into. The landlord won't allow me to paint, but I decided I was going to do anything it takes to make that nasty room shine and be usable again. What are some good ideas for decorating a bathroom?
    2 Homegarden 41
  205. Painting hair blue?
    So for quite a while I've been wanting to paint my hair blue, not a very bright blue but a dark blue. I want a product that will last and that won't damage my hair a lot. So what would be some good products that I can use to paint my hair blue? Thanks...
    2 Style 96
  206. Is it possible to buy face paints/ false eyelashes...
    the above question, I need to buy them cheaply, does anyone know (uk please) whether they are sold in places such as poundland... thanks :)
    2 Style 14
  207. Graffiti artists were told they would be prosecuted if they painted on the city walls. How did they get around this threat and got their graffit
    It was my daily mensa question.. any ideas?
    2 Politics 17
  208. stupid car project. need paint ideas.
    ok in my tech ed class we had to make little cars and we have to design em. what should the design be on mine be? I have noo idea how to paint it. lol any idea thats easy plzzz
    3 Education 38
  209. What color should I paint my finger/toenails for a carnival date?
    Im meeting this guy for the first time so what color should i paint my nails/toes i dont wanna overdue it or be super girly, i have tan skin and dark features
    5 Style 16
  210. How can I get a paint job estimate for my Mercury Mountaineer?
    I'm trying to get a paint job on my Mercury Mountaineer, but im not sure how much it would cost. I've been trying to search on google, but I guess I'm just not searching right because I can't get an estimate. Can anyone help?
    2 Money 270
  211. Interior decorating idea for the house?
    Can anybody give me their favorite interior decorating idea for the house? The living room needs a bit of "work" and it'd be great if a few people could give me just one solid idea to improve it. Thanks!
    2 Homegarden 22
  212. How much does a appaloosa or paint(horse) usualy cost?
    My parents are thinking about getting me a new horse(my other one is over 30 years old and non rideable now) Ane my two faveorite horses are appaloosas and paints so I was wondering what they usualy cost
    3 Pets 93
  213. should I paint my room teal?
    I like the teal, one of the walls in my room is teal, but everyone's trying to convince me that the whole room in teal would be too much and I should just paint the rest of the room like a light shade of brown (most of my house is painted that color). ...
    5 Homegarden 63
  214. What colour of paint should I use for the house?
    So far all the walls in each room have been painted Magnolia but the feature walls are's what i have painted for the feature walls in each room: 1st room= the feature wall is Aubergine 2nd room= the feature wall is chocolate 3rd...
    3 Homegarden 33
  215. not sure how to decorate my room . Help ?! any ideas ?
    I want to redecorate my room . I want it like a "sneaker head" theme type , well since I am one . lol if anybody knows ideas let me know
    3 Homegarden 44
  216. How can I decorate my bedroom like the 70's or 80's?
    how and where can I get 70's and 80's bedroom accesories/ lighting/ beding for my bedroom? If anyone knows a store/ or know how to make something 70/ 80's style, I would really like to know. thanks a lot : )
    4 Shopping 100
  217. What color should I paint my truck?
    i have a 1980 ford f150! it runs like a champ and everything! but needs a paintjob! im thinking of Flat Black with chrome Trimming or Flat White with everything blacked out? what should i do?
    14 Cars 39
  218. what color should I paint my room?
    okay I wanted to paint it green, but my mom won't let me. umm... maybe light blue? I'm a teen and have a big room. I don't want it to be too bright, I'll have trouble relaxing. any ideas?
    4 Homegarden 38
  219. What Colour To Paint??
    so im going to paint my room a different colour, but I dont know what to choose... I thought maybe a medium-dark sort of blue, but then I was also thinking yellow... I want the colour to be intense but not to dark. what should I do?
    3 Homegarden 51
  220. Painting my baby's room
    I know me and my husband should have done it before we had her... but we just didnt get to it because we just moved in and were working on getting us in the house. so now she is 2 weeks old. and we're planning to paint her room this weekend. ...
    5 Homegarden 44
  221. Who approves of the new style of Christmas decorations?
    I'm not sure if you have them wherever you are, but I've noticed this year that there are a lot of black and brown decorations - black stockings, black garland, brown tree ornaments, etc...what's with that? That's not Christmas-y at all. What do you th...
    14 General 29
  222. What website do you go to put those pixel decorations on your pics?
    okay so my cuzin decorated her pics with these clear things that kinda look like pxels thingys and I reely want to know where to get themmm. HELPPP :l
    3 Technology 47
  223. Pumpkin decorations, is your jack o lantern ready for halloween?
    Is your jack o lantern ready for halloween? We went to a school carnival with some friends today, and the kids did an incredible job decorating the pumpkins. Have you already decorated a pumpkin for hallloween? Any ideas on the best way to decorate a p...
    2 Homegarden 28
  224. What's a light, mature paint color to match a zebra bedspread?
    My bed spread / duvae cover is zebra stripes. I'm thinking of painting my room, but would Like a mature suttle colour to go with it. I was thinking of a light violet. Any suggestions?:)
    5 Homegarden 62
  225. How do you paint an xbox controller?
    I want to paint my Xbox 360 controller some really pimp colors and I know how to do it. BUT every time I paint one it ends up being really sticky to use and not that fun to play with. How do you make it nice and glossy, but not sticky like the pro ones...
    5 Gaming 69
  226. Where could I find safe (non-toxic to animals) paint?
    I'm getting a chinchilla and I found a cage I like but its an ugly faded looking black. I was wondering if it was possible to paint it white to match my room with a safe animal friendly paint and if so were could I find it?
    3 Shopping 18
  227. How do I decorate with vaulted ceilings?
    I have just moved into a new apartment with angled, vaulted ceilings. I am only renting, so I don't want to do anything too drastic or remodel, but I would like to play them up and make them cute, any advice would help! Thanks!
    2 Homegarden 41
  228. What is a good name for a blog about decorating school supplies?
    I have so many ideas for decorating and personalizing school supplies/lockers and I want to start a blog! Ive been sitting here for an hour thinking of names but I'm stuck! I want it to be something cute and girly but to the point about the whole decor...
    12 General 11
  229. Any one know how to make Gold face paint?
    I'm heading to a Vikings game in two weeks. All of us are painting our faces. I know how to make purple face paint but not gold. I don't buy anything online. I don't trust it. SO that isn't an option. And all the stores in the town I live in are out. ...
    3 Style 71
  230. What can I do to decorate my kids room?
    My three kids share a room for now since they are young. I want to paint it and decorate it but its hard since its two boys and one girl. My boys like sonic and mario and my daughter likes princess/tinkerbell. I thought about having one side girly and ...
    7 Homegarden 41
  231. how should I paint my nails?
    these are some of the solors I have neon orange sparkaly orange neon pink blue light blue clear light pink --- please give me some cool ides on how 2 paint my nails. like a design thats e-z. I normally just paint my nails random color. ple...
    9 Style 70
  232. What colour should I paint my room?
    what colour should I paint my room? I am 14 years old and my room hasn't been changed for a long time it's white and dull I love purple blue green pink but I don't know what colour is the best please help what are the best combinations?
    7 Homegarden 92
  233. Black light paint?
    So im experimenting right now and I got black lights set all over my black wall painted room right? Well I am saving up to get some blacklight paint, but recently I was bored and drew on my wall a little bit with a highlighter. That night I turned my b...
    2 Homegarden 48
  234. Paint Ball - is it painful???
    Got a paint ball session this weekend and never been to one before...for those who have played paint-ball before, does it hurt when you get "shot" and will you bruise later on?? My boyfriend reckons I will be bruised as a strawberry so at the moment I...
    9 Sports 12
  235. How do you get spray paint off of your hands?
    I was working on yet another school project and now I have spray paint all over my hands. I've tried soap and water, nail polish remover, and even trying to peel it off, but nothing seems to work. Any ideas? I need it off by tomorrow morning!
    5 General 43
  236. What type of decor is my style? From what my room picture shows?
    I need to know what the specific style is that I like. for example: modern, country, Victorian, etc. It would be much easier to find decor I would like but I have no idea what to call it. I've added a picture of my bedroom to show you.
    3 Homegarden 8
  237. Portrait painting from photo
    I would like to take two portraits of my children from photos and print them on canvas. does anyone know where I can find a good professional site to do this? does anyone have any experience with ? do you know of any company th...
    2 Family 8
  238. How to decorate my room without ruining it?
    I'm renting an apartment but the owner said not to ruin anything like the paint on the walls for example. So how can I decorate my room under those conditions? I wanted to put hooks behing my door to hold clothes but that would leave a mark on the door...
    3 Homegarden 76
  239. what should I paint my bedroom?
    okay so I'm 13 and my parents said that I could draw stuff in my bedroom an then paint o it and I'm looking for some inspiration on what to draw. I'm gonna draw a large picture of sailor moon somewhere because she was my idol when I was little and I s...
    5 Homegarden 40
  240. Decorate The Stage(((the Urbz))) (((the Bigbucks Players)))
    at the moement iam playing on the urbz gor game boy advance. and iam kinda stuck. iam on one of the last missions its called (the bigbucks players) it says I need to decorate a stage with things. I dont know what objects and were to find them
    5 Gaming 138
  241. Who noticed the typo in "behind the paint" by violent j?
    Did anyone notice the typo in "behind the paint" by violent j? The first chapter is called "the butterfly" yet at the bottom of the first chapters pages it says "the butterly"..don't get me wrong I love the book, I just noticed the misprint and wanted ...
    2 Literature 79
  242. How to decorate my new apartment?
    I am in my new apartment and don't know anything on how to decorate it . I go to the flea market for ideas but I think I need to step up on my standards . I am a combination of a gothic contemporary hippie with no style any suggestions. And I also have...
    5 Homegarden 51
  243. How to decorate a child and teen's room?
    I share a room with my neice who is five. We want our bedroom done, trouble is we both want different things and we get nowhere because she changes her mind constantly or is stubborn about her one idea and i am apparently just as bad. how...?
    2 Homegarden 14
  244. How do I get this stupid paint off?
    Ok so today Im painting my room Im very clumsy and fell off the latter on to my freakin bed and got paint splattered all over myself, in cludeing my face. haha. anyways I have a really improtant dinner tonight and need to know how to get it completely ...
    6 General 15
  245. Face paint issues!!!
    So yeah, I did this haunted house at school and I was required to wear face paint... Long story short, I have sensitive skin and now my face is all blotchy and swollen. I do realize this will go away on its own eventually, but if anyone knows how to sp...
    2 Style 14
  246. How should I decorate my Bon Jovi Concert t-shirt?
    My friend and I are going to a Bon Jovi concert tomorrow night. We want to design our own shirts. We have iron on paper to print our designs on, but we don't know what we want to do. We thought about playing on the fact that its st patty's day, but ...
    3 Style 34
  247. What...Colour To Paint My Room, Suggestions??
    So I'm painting my room pretty soon but still haven't decided what colour. I want it to be calming, but still vibrant and colourful enough (no pastels but nothing too bright either) I'm kinda stuck on what colour and what shade of colour to choose...I ...
    5 Homegarden 41
  248. How would I create a misty effect when using acrylic paints?
    Im doing this painting of a girl looking over a city as the sun is setting and i want the city to have a fog or mist over it and im not sure how i would acheive that effect with acrylics. My teacher said if i used water it could get me that effect but ...
    3 Literature 60
  249. What are home decorating trends this season?
    What are the decorating trends this year/or season for a home? What room scents are the most popular, candles, incense, etc. What flowers are popular for Fall and Winter(store bought of course)? What colors are in as far as wall color and general ro...
    2 Homegarden 16
  250. Do I take down my theme stuff for my rooms when I put up holiday decorations?
    This is my first time decorating my own place for the holidays. My living room is pirate themed, my sons room is star wars, my daughters room is winnie the pooh, my kitchen is fall colors, and me and my husbands room is wizard of oz. so do I take down ...
    3 Homegarden 45