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  1. How do I get materials on anorexia?
    how do i get materials on anorexia?
    2 Health 16
  2. How to build a bench on a deck?
    How to build a bench on a deck?
    2 Homegarden 100
  3. Do you think people is more material now.
    Do you think people is more material now than before.
    3 General 15
  4. What is America's fascination with materials?
    3 General 30
  5. nintendo 64 deck
    whats a nintendo 64 deck ?
    2 Gaming 10
  6. Connection between love and material things?
    what does love have to do with material things?
    2 Relationships 11
  7. Is there a Material Girl shop in the Philippines?
    4 Shopping 40
  8. What are the materials I need to make a radio transmitter?
    i only need the materials and not how to make it
    3 Technology 35
  9. Can gold be reduced to an almost worthless material?
    Can gold be reduced to an almost worthless material, if so, what and how?
    7 Science 43
  10. What are the best skateboard decks?
    what are the best skate board decks
    7 Gaming 17
  11. Material called linen is made from what plant?
    Material called linen is made from what plant?
    2 Homegarden 49
  12. What is the best material to make roof of a building?
    3 Homegarden 16
  13. What makes a girl a perfect girlfriend and marriage material?
    What makes a girl a perfect girlfriend and marriage material?
    2 Relationships 62
  14. How can a person come in contact with radio active material?
    11 Science 21
  15. How to make a bracelet out of materials you can find in the average home?
    4 Homegarden 17
  16. Which graphic is better, which deck is better?
    2 Sports 17
  17. What skateboard deck is the best?
    Sup, what deck is the best deck, the lightest, the most durable? What deck should I get next?
    3 Sports 15
  18. Where to get a bicycle black ghost deck of cards?
    where can I get a deck of bicycle black ghost playing cards?
    2 Shopping 62
  19. How do you install a zipper into some sort of material?
    like if your making a dress
    3 Style 14
  20. Where can I find those cute poofy ballerina like material skirts?
    5 Shopping 42
  21. What type of materials are the replica LV handbags bags made of?
    2 Shopping 14
  22. Is there any rhyme or reason to when Netflix adds new material for streaming?
    2 Entertainment 18
  23. What is so great about teck decks?
    What is so great about teck decks? How do you use them lol!!! I have some but I just sell them at the skate park
    6 Sports 12
  24. Over night acne treatment with no store bought materials
    How do I get am overnight acne treatment
    4 Style 29
  25. Art for skateboard decks
    I want to get my art on skateboards but I don't know how need help.
    5 Money 50
  26. would you rather have anything you can ever want (material wise) or be happy?
    7 General 14
    in the song whatever you like by TI it is in the chorus. what does it mean?
    2 Music 59
  28. do you think im boyfriend material.
    do you think im a boyfriend material.Any answer is welcome thank you.
    2 Relationships 47
  29. What materials could I use (that I can find around my house) to make a catapult?
    2 Homegarden 33
  30. suit life on deck
    where can I find all the suit life on decks without downloading besides disney channel.
    3 Entertainment 121
  31. What are the best type of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards for a deck?
    What is the best type of deck (Yugioh)?
    2 Gaming 16
  32. Deck paint or stain
    Which is the best for if I am redoing my deck outside? Deck paint or stain? In terms of longevity and cost. Thanks.
    2 Homegarden 41
  33. What kind of materials do you look for in eyeshadow or any kind of makeup products that determine they are healthy for the skin?
    6 Style 13
  34. What is a material object that you will always need or find very useful aside from your cell phone or other gadgets?
    7 Technology 7
  35. What kind/colour and material underwear you wearing?
    Just curious to know what kind colour material is most popular so girls only please??
    4 Style 25
  36. Is there one material possession you would consider risking your life to save if your house was on fire?
    25 General 26
  37. asking for material about loan pricing
    I work in a commercial bank of state in china.I'm looking for materials about loan pricing. thank you!
    3 Money 15
  38. which of these materials do you think is the best for kitchen cabinets?
    ...melamine board,wood,enamel board,burmatic board,etc,etc.any other material?
    13 Homegarden 42
  39. Material Possession
    This is probably a stupid question but I keep being told different things... What is a material possession?? Is it something you need or don't need?? Or is it something that is just important to you??
    4 General 16
  40. Is there any good, affordable, "rocker chick" styles besides 'Material Girl' that would be good for back to school?
    7 Shopping 40
  41. What material are these shorts made of?
    I think boys look good wearing these kind of shorts and was wondering what material they are made of to give them that cool shiny look?
    2 Style 10
  42. Can you get a deck of cards customized?
    is it possible to get a deck of playin cards customized? if so let me know where and if it costs a lot...and I mean like the cards you use for poker and what not
    4 Gaming 43
  43. went skateboarding and I got mud on my deck
    So I went skateboarding and I got mud on my deck Am wondering If I wash it does it get messed up? If it doesn't get messed up when you wash it how and with what duld I clean it?Or should I just get a new one?
    6 Sports 37
  44. Who has silly bands and is it true that Silly Bands have lead or any other toxic materials in them?
    Are they safe? I have a flip-flop, dog, cat, and moon.
    8 Style 41
  45. Which material conserves heat best, paper, cotton, or aluminum foil
    how will I do this project I found it google how do I set it up and what do I use
    4 Education 180
  46. What's a good deck?
    I want a deck thats long lasting light and has great pop and wont easily break or crack what kind of deck shouid I get?
    2 Homegarden 20
  47. What's the difference between skinny jeans and jeggings if they are made from the same material?
    I was looking on the Abercrombie website and it said skinny jeans and jeggings were both made of 98% cotton and 2% spandex. What's the difference between them then?
    6 Style 63
  48. Where can I buy a Pokemon skateboard deck?
    I have looked on Ebay and our NZ equivalent. I've also done some googling... There don't seem to be any around?
    5 Sports 61
  49. Is it ok to hate material things?
    God says not to hate people but it's ok to hate things right?He tells us not to surround and look fo happiness in possesions so is it ok to resent material things?
    9 Religion 101
  50. What are the best/cheapest skateboard decks on the market?
    (I usually just just chill on my arbor long board, but I'm getting into tricks and need a board that allows me that privilege)
    3 Shopping 22
  51. High school materials
    I don't know what matirials I should get for high school. they didnt put it on da website and I need to bye the things now before I go on my trip. so if you went to high school what materials shuld I get??
    2 Education 11
  52. What organic material are mirrors made of?
    And how to they work as to reflect our selves? This is a serious question btw...I feel right dumb for asking it, but someone has to. XD
    2 General 10
  53. What sort of materials could i use thats recyclable and cheap for packaging design?
    like bottles of facial wash, body cream, foundation?
    3 Environment 10
  54. Do you think children have way to much access to adult orientated material these days?
    After being a member of this site for a few weeks, I have come to the understanding that this generation has access to way more adult orientated content. What is your opinion on this?
    24 Family 35
  55. Am I 'girlfriend material'?
    This is for those familiar with my personality Sorry no pics This is not my computer And I have no way to take one But based on my personality, am I girlfriend material Or am I too annoying/talkative/opinionated Use whatever adjectives you want...
    8 Relationships 29
  56. Why are there so many Americans who love and worship Sarah Palin and think she has the "Presidential" material to become a leader?
    She is not the sharpest tool in the shed when she is being interviewed, so why DO Americans think she is the Saviour to their financial woes?
    33 Politics 26
  57. What would be a good nose piercing material?
    I am getting my nose pierced tomorrow and I want to know what would be good. I've heard gold is the best. And to stay away from nickle and silver. But I don't really know.
    6 Style 15
  58. How do recyclable materials get sterilized or disinfected before becoming new items?
    ie: Old newspapers become pizza boxes and pop bottles becoming milk jugs ect.
    8 Environment 65
  59. Why have virtually all reading materials gotten smaller?
    I'm talking about the print. Road atlas's, phone books, instructions for things, food labels, warnings, disclaimers, even some books, ect. ect. ect.
    7 Literature 16
  60. What kind of materials are there for nose rings?
    I want to buy a gift for my close friend and she is allergic to certain metals (real gold and real silver). She has some sort of a plastic or some other type of plastic - like material. Does anyone have any solutions or ideas?
    2 Style 20
  61. What material would work best for a small electric boat?
    I am working on a project with my two boys over the winter to build a small 2 person electric boat. I want to keep it light and low in the water, has anyone done this?
    4 Cars 42
  62. pro golfer material
    first year of golf and now im a high 3 handicap. is there coachs that will teach me the game to be a pro with out the high prices or get a sponsers? just turned 34, is that too old to start playing to be a pro golfer?
    2 Sports 14
  63. What type of material should I use to mount my rear view mirror back on?
    It keeps falling off, I've tried two-sided-tape and super glue and neither one will hold. Any ideas?
    6 Cars 14
  64. What is the best video player for downloaded material?
    I have Windows Vista and as a audio/video player, I use Windows Media Player. I also use bitsoup to download movies and tv series from. The trouble is that I can't play hardly any of the movies or tv series that I downloaded. Does anyone know what is...
    2 Technology 18
  65. How do I stop my ongoing obsession w/ teck decks?
    Today at 6th period,I bought a Teck Deck skateboard from a kid who sits next to me in class for $2,it was cheap I know,but now since I got home I have been getting obsessed with playing with the board and I don't want that at all. How do I stop this be...
    3 General 16
  66. Is there a way to create a substance out of household materials that is liquid paste then will solidify?
    I want to make a paste i can apply to my sister's face to create a halloween costume for her but i'm not sure how i would go about doing it so if you guys now a recipe or a method in which will allow me to create some sort of paste i would much apperci...
    5 Science 21
  67. Top Model material?
    I've been thinking about trying out for American's Next Top Model. I love the show and have watched almost every season. I don't really consider myself being seen as a model. I definitely don't wear heels everyday or make up everyday. I'll add some...
    5 Entertainment 17
  68. Need some new reading material
    I've run out of good book idea's! What are some pretty interesting/good books that some of you have read. No Twilight please. For some background, some of my favorite books: -Zombie Survival Guide -Go Ask Alice -Marilyn Manson Biography -She's Come ...
    9 Literature 49
  69. How can I give my hands a makover using home materials?
    My hands are kind of dry. And my nails are gross. I also have a lot of dry skin around the fingernails. So my quesiton is: How can I give them a "make over" Please answer vvv- How can I get them softer? How can I get all the Lose skin that...
    2 Style 60
  70. What are some ways to get lean triceps?
    What are some ways to get lean triceps with no materials?
    2 Nutritionfitness 11
  71. How do you patch a wall?
    What are the steps and what materials do I need?
    3 Homegarden 10
  72. Respiration
    What materials are required by plants for the process of respiration?
    2 Science 27
  73. Solid Stain over Paint
    I have just finished painting my porch deck with Skid-No-More deck paint. Can I use a paint stain like Olympic solid color stain over the Skid no More.
    2 Homegarden 56
  74. what the proper English for this phrase is:
    My sister and I want to know what the proper English for this phrase is: Bob & Grace's deck OR Bob's & Grace's deck She says it is the first way and I say it's the second.
    5 Literature 48
  75. Do I sound like girlfriend material?
    I have hazel eyes(about the only thing you can't see clearly in my picture), I'm sort of clumsy, athletically inept except at sports like badminton, I'm kindasortasomewhat (look at me, im making up words to prove my point) funny, I laugh quite a bit (o...
    2 Relationships 12
  76. how can i remove foreign material from my skin?
    """skip to bottom if you don't want to do a lot of reading""" i slammed my hand on unexpected small glass and it shoved into my wrist and i believe deep and broke in many many places so it is not easy getting it out. i got the top part out (could actua...
    3 Health 22
  77. Why are geese so loud?
    so im sitting out here on my deck and... WONK! WONK! WONK! sooo annoying!!
    5 Pets 123
  78. chernobyl nuclear accident
    do you know what radio active material was released?
    2 Environment 9
  79. Can jewelers re size any kind of ring?
    Meaning rings made of any material?
    5 Style 22
  80. How to make your own tutu ?
    I wanted to know like how you make you own one, like what kind of material do you need ? ?
    4 Style 44
  81. Any goos vampire/ romance novels out there apart from twilight?
    I need some more reading material. Any suggestions?
    11 Literature 39
  82. D.I.Y cartilage piercing
    Does a D.I.Y piercing hurt on your cartilage? How do you do it? What material do I use? Whats the hypothesis of ending up with a scar?
    4 Style 78
  83. How do I tell my wife that I love her?
    I am broke and I will be broke till January. How do I show my wife that I love her without being sexual or material?
    11 Sex 59
  84. Which one do you like better?
    Which one do you people out there like suite life on deck orsuite life of zack and cody?
    5 Entertainment 20
  85. What is the first living organism?
    and how did it come to exist? What about viruses? they contain genetic material, and reproduce, but are not alive? how did viruses come to be?
    6 Science 66
  86. how can I pierce my ears ?
    how can I pierce my ears with out getting infection, or making it bleed tips and materials would be nice thank you
    7 Style 43
  87. Do you prefer carrying around a big or small purse (read more)?
    What is usually in it and what type of material do you usually look for in a purse?
    22 Style 46
  88. Why is clothing such a bigg deal?
    Why is clothing such a bigg deal? Its just material used to cover up body parts!! Tell me whatu think
    7 Shopping 12
  89. I have a cat in need of a wheelchair.
    I am working on a cat wheelchair. Does anyone have any advise on how to make it or what materials are the best and light weight?
    5 Pets 87
  90. How exactly would you make a green screen?
    If i use green material, what else would i need, and how do i get it to work?
    10 Technology 30
  91. Where can you find tutus?`
    Where can you find tutus? Instead of hot topic? And I need like a good one Or, How do you make one? Where do you get the material?
    6 Shopping 63
  92. What do you need for a Bar Mitzvah?
    For our religion class in school we're working on acting out a Bar Mitzvah and we are having trouble finding all of the materials we would need. From what I have looked at on the internet at school we need a chair and a scroll. Other then that I am tot...
    2 Religion 35
  93. which or these shows are kwool'r???
    which do you like better 1.thats so suite life of hannah montana or wizards on deck w/ hannah montana 2.suite life of zack & cody or suite life on deck or 3.thats so raven or corry in the house answer all 3 please and thank you!!!
    3 Entertainment 19
  94. Which trampoline is bouncier?
    Okay so I am looking to get a trampoline. The new ones are not made with springs they are made with a nylon material. I was wondering which trampoline was bouncier.
    3 Entertainment 90
  95. Cat scratching the carpet
    Help! New cat's tearing up my carpet. I've got those scratching post things on both levels of my house, one's a rope material, the other's this weird cloth material, but she just wants to tear at the carpet. I don't want to spray or use too much discip...
    4 Pets 15
  96. How do I get girls to notice me?
    Im tired of being a cute friend I wanna be boyfriend material im 16 and I really wanna be in a relationship
    6 Relationships 38
  97. Cloth Diaper Advice
    I am looking into putting my baby in cloth diapers. There are so many brands and inserts and materials and sizes. What's the best and where do I start?
    12 Babies 31
  98. What do I need to make my own jewellery?
    I mean make my own jewelry, is it expensive? what kind of material do i need? If anybody knows tell me please thank you.
    3 Style 14
  99. Tarot cleansing
    How do I cleanse the energy from my Tarot card deck? I was taught to simply make a half circle of 7 stacks of 7. is that the only way?
    2 Religion 48
  100. What do you guys feel about the Pentagon demanding the files that Wikileaks has?
    Wikileaks is in posession of over 15,000 files related to the war in Afghanistan. The Pentagon has demanded them to hand the material over, the reason that these articles haven't been disclosed is to protect the names of the people in it. They've alrea...
    5 Politics 14
  101. How do I clean up my computer ?
    Like how do I clean it up so my computer will run faster for an example if a user on my computer watcher pornagraphic material how do I delete that stuff like it never exsisted
    4 Technology 16
  102. How can I make a corset?
    I want to make a corset dress for halloween. the only material I have though, is a dark blue velvet dress I've worn only once years ago. I figured I'd use the skirt part to make it. I want to make it look really creepy. all I have for material is the d...
    2 Style 40
  103. What is satin, as in, is it inorganic?
    I have to do some homework for school about organic and inorganic materials. Would satin be inorganic or inorganic? In other words did it once come from something that was alive such as a tree or plant? Help would be apreciated :)
    3 Education 62
  104. What is the true meaning to stairway to heaven?
    I know its about materialism but of exactly what?? and don't go on about blaah blaah blaah satanic messages because I don't really care about them I just want to know the meaning of the song.
    6 Music 123
  105. Griptape for my board
    Ok so I bought like bright bright green griptape to match my deck. Do you think people will think its gay if I have green??? Would you use it for your skateboard???
    7 Sports 49
  106. Where could I buy khaki/navy/black pants (read more)?
    Either cordurouy pants or just like regular material that are cheap and preferably skinny rather than like flair
    9 Shopping 21
  107. need to study for my biology SAT tomorrow.
    I really need to study for my biology SAT tomorrow... but I have lost an entire book with all the materials in it!! I can't find it anywhere.. :) I don't know what to do.. I really need help... what do I do?!
    2 Education 45
  108. Building a model refrigerator
    I'm building a model refrigerator, need to find a way to make it work. where do you think I can get the materials small enough for this? Can anyone help?
    2 Science 61
  109. Is it wrong to be selfish?
    Sometimes I am so overwhelmingly selfish,not material wise,but people wise. I change my mind so much on whether I care about a person or not. Like my mom,or my brother.
    5 General 40
  110. I need to create my own costume for hallow's eve
    I need to create my own costume for hallow's eve I want to create a samurai, something like the picture I posted, I need the estimated price of what it will cost, the materials needed, and how much of it. and that should do it.
    2 Style 20
  111. Will blink 182 Ever make new songs again?
    I love blink to death but I know every single one of their songs and I've been hopin for new material lol. will they ever make more?
    2 Music 39
  112. Invention, how to make it?
    Okay so if I have an invention that I think I could create and sell for lots of money, how exactly would I go about making it? Like its not technological at all, but how can I get the materials and such to make it?
    3 Money 10
  113. How come poop is colored, but farts are invisible?
    That is how the human digestive system gets rid of waste after combining the food materials you eat together.
    3 Health 64
  114. how;;;help I dont get this math question!!!?
    oky I dont get this problem I know im like stupid so dont b callin me that stuff k :-) A rectangular pool has a width of 10 feet and a length of 20 feet. the deck that surrounds it is 2 feet wide, what is the area of the deck that surrounds the ...
    12 Education 42
  115. Who can help me with this accounting Question...please!!?
    How is any balance remaining in a suspense account , which is not sufficiently material to warrant any delay in the publishing of a company's financial statements, should be dealt with in its books of account?
    3 Education 35
  116. Where did everything come from?
    I understand that there may have been a big bang theory and that is how the universe started etc. but my question is, even for the big bang to happen, where did any matter or any material in the whole universe ever come from?? I mean, what the f*ck, I...
    13 Science 51
  117. Where is better to buy tarot/karma cards?
    Ok so I was wondering from those who have it better to buy tarot or karma cards from a store or to order it online? Because I dont wanna get a bad deck if ya know what I mean. Lol ohh and some info on them 2,not really sure what the di...
    6 Shopping 17
  118. How do I make a scrapbook for our 7th month anniversary?
    I need to know how to make a scrapbook for our 7 month anniversary 2morrow. Help pleaseee But uhm. How do I make a what do I need..the materials and how to put it 2gether...pleaseee !! Helpp and explainn
    2 General 51
  119. How do you feel about the grading scale?
    In school, the grading scale is as follows: A:100-90 B:89-80 C:79-70 D:69-60 F:59-0 The is completely riduculous to me because if you think about it, understanding half the material or 50 percent, gives you an F. Learning none of the material...
    11 Education 36
  120. Where do they sell really good quality jeans at a reasonable price?
    Not AE, Hollister, Pacsun, Rue 21, Delia's, Target. I don't like stretchy material or really light colored jeans.
    11 Shopping 16
  121. Do you think Mattel's recent sustainable packaging initiative will boost product sales?
    Are people buying Mattel products for the product, itself, or have many people stopped buying Mattel products due to the fact that their packaging materials were harvested from endangered rainforests?
    2 Style 7
  122. Where to buy good skinnies?
    I like to wear skinnies and I want some in really dark colors and to not be the annoying stretchy material which is part spandex... the cheaper the better... so non stretchy dark skinnies for men, where online can I buy them?
    6 Shopping 14
  123. what should i bring on my camping trip?
    I got a deck of cards, a multi-tool, a few bucks(for the cards), my mp3 player, and a student ID(in case i get horribly dismembered or lost).
    3 Travel 13
  124. What color for my bedroom?
    Ok what is a very good color for a 15 year old girls bed room? And do you know any good places or websites that have nice room decorations and stuff Nice bed things and decks or whatever Thank you!
    5 Homegarden 30
  125. Nighty or PJ's
    Which do you prefer. Me im the oversized nighty gal. The bigger the better and its got to be t shirt material. I have a secret fetish for new nighty's and I own more than I need lol. But hey im not into shoes so it has to be something. xx Mel
    7 Style 17
  126. What's a cool homemade Halloween costume?
    i dont want the usual witch or skeleton or vampire. I want something cool and funny something i could make and find the materials in my house any ideas? much love xx
    3 Entertainment 12
  127. Homework pleasee help!
    What is a matrix in math? My teacher gave us a homework, we have to bring tomorrow an object that can be compared to a matrix, any ideas pleaseee? I cannot bring any school materials like, pencils, calculator, triangles...
    3 Education 9
  128. Help with fundraising ideas
    I need money money money money money money $$$ In our history class we're doing this presidential campaign thing And our group has to do some fundraising so that we can buy materials for advertising What are some good and cheap fundraising ideas yo...
    6 Education 13
  129. My 5 robins
    I have a nest with 5 baby robins on my porch I watch them from my deck. there seems to be a lot of pushing. is there anything I can do to ensure if one should fall thry won't be injured. I have put a blanket down. is it normal for a robin to have 5 ...
    3 Pets 22
  130. A good place to keep money?
    I want to buy some proper art materials, since I want to go into the illustration/ design career in the future. I don't know exactly what I will buy, as I need to do a very thorough check on everything that I might choose. I know that I should start sa...
    2 Money 36
  131. Did you guys see this?
    I was watching mtv, yesterday and the jonas bros are all over mtv! They are not mtv material they are supposed to leave my tv stations Alone and stay on disney. Urrrgghhh They are everywhere! What is happening? Is the whole world deaf? ...and blind?
    8 Entertainment 12
  132. Homemade things
    What are some cute things that I can make with things around the house. I really wanna start to make my own hair accessories and clothes and stuff but I don't feel like going to buy stuff right now lol so is there anything I can do to make those things...
    2 Style 57
  133. photon light boards
    so I just found out about these and was wondering if there any good cause I skate at night all the time and they seem really cool. But do they last as long a regular deck and do regular skate trucks, wheels, hardware, ect... work on them?
    3 Sports 24
  134. GCSE options.
    If you choose English, maths, science, spanish, ict, child care, media studies, graphics or resistant materials and drama, what sort of jobs could you get? and would you be able to be a doctor/nurse from it ?
    2 Education 10
  135. Ladies Only!!! I'm sooo horny! and I don't know why. haha
    okay, I'm 17 and today I've jacked off about 6 times... is that normal? I was just feeling really horny. But now I need material I guess, or just some hottt talk. Is it bad that I want this?
    7 Relationships 189
  136. What science project should I do?
    I need a science project fast. We go bac to school january 3rd and i should already be starting and testing whatever i would be. help plz. I am 11 years old and in 6th grade. It has to have a scientific question,materials.
    3 Education 14
  137. Is the website hisuprashoes(.)com a fake?
    This website looks genuine but the prices are really cheap and I've been told that they sell fake shoes made from cheaper material compared to the actual shoes and just look alike, the reason why they are so cheap. Can someone please please please conf...
    2 Shopping 15
  138. Agree with this assessment ?
    Pope Benedict said today: "When human beings in the weakest and most defenseless state of their existence are selected, abandoned, killed or used as pure 'biological material,' how can one deny that they are being treated not as 'someone' but as 'somet...
    2 Religion 19
  139. Legal trouble..
    To everyone reading this, please please please help me out... I am in great trouble.. Had joined mba in an institute...(via correspondence) a year back.. Couldn't complete it there properly since the services they porvided weren't good. I had to face ...
    5 Education 36
  140. What can I wear with this bandage skirt to make it less revealing (No leggings though)?
    It's too hot for leggings. Would pantyhose or stockings work? It has two strips of fake-leather-ey like material on both sides of the hips and is really short.
    16 Style 51
  141. Sattelite Shooting?
    What's going to Happen with the Satellite? Where's it supposed to land? I'm very worried that the Toxic Material is going to Kill Hundreds of People. How did the Whole thing happen? I'm hoping-although this is bad too-that the satellite will land in th...
    3 General 11
  142. What type of girl do guys look for?
    At my school the guys go for the preppy, kind of snobby, girls. They don't notice any girl who isn't decked out in tight abercrombie shirts and hollister jeans. I want to know what most guys actually look for because it's like personality doesn't matte...
    3 Relationships 26
  143. How should I break up with him?
    My boyfriend only wants one thing. Sex. And I'm not ready for that. Then the other day he gave me this really pretty ring for my birthday. I know that I shouldn't stay with him for material things. But I just don't want to because he spent a lot of mon...
    3 Sex 23
  144. Land Covering the Earth
    At present I beleive that Land covers about 25 percent of the Earth. I have heard how Dubai is making so many large artifiical islands, made out of natural materials, such as Palm Jumeriah, The World Islands, The Dubai Waterfront etc. I heard some of...
    2 Science 43
  145. Sweater Boots!!!
    Please help me find some sweater boots. They're those kinds of boots that...are pretty much made out of sweater material. Lots of people wear them with their jeans tucked in them...please help me find some! List websites or what would help even more wo...
    4 Style 17
  146. Should I move to Chemistry?
    I'm a freshman and was placed in Honnors Biology I. We took a test the second day of school just to see where everybody was and all, it wasn't a grade. It was a 52 question test, and I only missed one. My teacher said I could move on to chemistry becau...
    2 Education 18
  147. What is a good, warm fabric that doesn't generate a lot of static?
    Basically, I want to sew a cloak, but I don't want a material that gets super static-y and makes my hair go crazy, I also want it to provide some warmth. What would you suggest for something like that?
    3 Style 9
  148. What is your Christmas Wishlist?
    Do you have a Christmas Wish List? I'd like a full time maid! Wouldn't we all? Really though, I would wish for the health of those I around me (and, of course, everyone in the world). Material-wise, I'd love a new couch. Nothing fancy, just not th...
    7 Entertainment 16
  149. Punch her or be done?
    I've been dating my boyfriend for 3 1/2 years. He recently told me he cheated on me, besides the point... I am 22 and the girl he cheated on me with is 17. I am seriously contemplating punching her in the face for knowingly going after my boyfriend. ...
    8 Relationships 19
  150. cant do this alone
    I have been researching wicca for years, since I was 14, and its very difficult to keep up with learning all the material and history etc. I live in a town that is pretty conservative so it is very hard to find anybody to work with me, I think it would...
    5 Religion 15
  151. Stainless steel cookware recommendations?
    After just finishing thanksgiving with the family, which was wonderful, I was thinking that our stainless steel cookware was getting a bit out of date, and the edges are a bit sharp on some of the pans - I'm afraid when my wife & I bought the cookware,...
    2 Food 13
  152. How do you build an egg protector with limited supplies?
    For my Tech Ed class we have to make a egg protector that will protect an egg from a 16 ft. drop using limited supplies. The supplies are: a plastic bag, half a piece of newspaper, 1/2 a filing folder,24 inces of strin, 8 inches of tape,a cupcake liner...
    12 Education 79
  153. Is there a way to shrink your feet?
    Ok, I'm nearly 6 feet, and I have big big enormous feet, and I was just wanting 2 know if there was a way to make then a tad bit smaller, right now they are a size 11 1/2 ww-12 1/2 ww... Depending on shoe design, material and brand is what the size dep...
    3 Nutritionfitness 4074
  154. What can I do with mattress foam?
    I have more than half a mattress with the cover and stuff all off it. This leaves me with blue thick foam. I like Skateboarding, Break dancing and I play guitar. If that helps. I also yoyo but I already made a box for them out of this foam. I can't dye...
    2 General 34
  155. Does shatterproof crystal stemware really not break?
    A few weeks ago, I saw some crystal stemware that sounded really good for me, because supposedly, it wouldn't breat. Does shatterproof crystal stemware really not break? The description said the product was made out of the same material as fighter jet ...
    3 Homegarden 11
  156. What is a reasonable price for a casual dress?
    when i go south prices for clothing is cheaper so i usually shop there. i need some casual dresses though for a trip im going on in a few days. what is a reasonable price for a casual dress? it isnt like i need something calvin klein, just basic but st...
    4 Shopping 9
  157. Who thinks Descartes failed at first philosophy?
    In Descartes meditations on first philosophy Decartes decides to discard of any belief he has that have any doubt. He then attempts to use logic to find if those beliefs are true or false. However if you read these meditations he seems to fail at disca...
    3 Religion 34
  158. Publishing my
    okayy. write now I am writing some good novels and my friends think that they are publishing material.. I want to know if there ny good publishing places whr I can send my stories... though im really not sure... can anyone in this publishing stuff etc ...
    2 Literature 14
  159. weirddd bug!!!
    alright so I just saw the craiziest thing ever. I likve in ohio. and I was sitting on my deck and a huge bug flew by and landed on the chair. it was about an inch and a half long. but it had like a stinger that was probably another inch and a half. ...
    2 General 32
  160. How do I alter a sleeve of a blouse because it has become to small for me to get my arms through?
    I have a blouse which was made a while ago. The person making it took my measurements but now the sleeve has become to small for me to fit my arms through. The blouse still has extra material so it can be altered. I'd like to do it myself but I'm not s...
    3 Style 45
  161. What is this necklace called?
    Ok so I was wondering does anybody know what this necklace is called its usually black but it can come in a rainbow colour and it was very popular like 3 or 4 years ago its tight around your neck but not that tight and its stretchy and its made of tha...
    5 Style 577
  162. Having sex with birth control?
    I was just wondering how long I need to wait to have sex after starting birth control. The thing is my boyfriend really wants us to have sex (and so do I) and we've decided birth control would be the best way to go since he is actually allergic to the ...
    5 Sex 271
  163. How can I stop my dog from chewing up our blankets?
    This is our second blanket we have had to put on the bed. Between last night, and now...she has chewed about 5 large holes in our blanket! When I see her do it...I tell her "no!", and she runs away. The thing is, she does most of it when we are asle...
    13 Pets 51
  164. What happens when a gas is heated?
    This question seems obvious but the real meaning I am trying to exploit is difficult (for me). I was asked this question in advanced chemistry. It seems easy but I don't remember this covered material. Can anyone help me? Thanks, help is much apprecia...
    6 Science 88
  165. Likes a jerk
    Ight my crush likes a total do*ch that doesn't deserve her. Here's the best part. He has a girlfriend and has been telling my crush to wait till they break up for 7 months now. How can I subtly show her how much of a jerk he really is w/o falling into ...
    2 Relationships 36
  166. How can I get out of this situation?
    Today my mom and I spent $100 on fabric to make infinity scarfs to fundraise for my trip I am going on. We were so focused on finding material we like and getting the right measurements that I JUST remembered that the fabric should look the same on eac...
    3 Homegarden 14
  167. Suture reaction
    I have a 14 month old black lab female who had a spay surgery 7 weeks ago. Her surgery went great and the incision healed well and looked great up until a week ago when we noticed a dime size blister looking area at the base of the healed incision and ...
    2 Pets 142
  168. How do I help a "stunned" adult robin?
    I came across this adult robin, apparently stunned, just standing in the grass by my deck rocking back and forth. Not wanting the dogs to attack the poor bird, I carefully and gently laid the robin in a nest that she had made earlier this spring for he...
    2 Pets 26
  169. What's a good birthday present for my boyfriend?
    my boyfriend's birthday is almost here and a would like to give him something but I don't know what. I want to give him somethng cute like something he will more likely LOVE!! he loves & play baseball. but it doesn't have to be like material. and it wo...
    12 Shopping 301
  170. Bought sum tarot cards
    Ok I am sooo confused I got this one deck of cards called the instant tarot reader.. Im probably doing it wrong but how do I read it.. I know you shuffle the cards then pic out which ever ones you feel you shud pick but how does that even determine yo...
    5 Religion 40
  171. Help me pleaseee. im begging !
    I have twoquestion on my science test that I need answers quick I will greatly apreciate it ! 1. A sample of a radioactive element has a mass of 80 g. How much parent and daughter materials are in the sample after two half-lives? 2. Glacial depo...
    3 Science 113
  172. TOEFL Writing & speaking!!!
    ok so I was practicing for my TOEFL exam next saturday and I wrote this essay in response to a lecture and passage about the system for classifying students according to chronologicl age in schools and how students have to repeat grades if they fail an...
    6 Education 24
  173. Should satanism be considered part of the occult?
    I've researched long & hard & here's a short summary of what I have found out & my thoughts=> Satanism has nothing to do with the other branches of the occult, & wasn't even inspired by any of the occult branches. It was inspired by the rebellio...
    13 Sex 38
  174. How does this look for a request for a letter of recommendation?
    "I would like to ask if you would be willing to write a letter of recommendation for me? the primary use of this letter will be for scholarly purposes, as well as enhancing my career portfolio. in regards of time, there are no true restrictions; the ...
    2 Education 7
  175. a lil math quiz. can you do it??
    Stevens score on Algebra tests are 91, 89, 86, and 93. What is the minimum score Steven can receive on the fifth test so that the average of the five tests will be 90? A music system was sold for $318.75 that includes sales tax. If the price of the ...
    2 General 10
  176. grown people acting inmature
    well last night my sister had her baby. I didnt go see that night. so I went today with my brother and his girlfriend. and them two have to be the most inmature people ever!. first we walk in the hospital. start walking to her room. my brother girlfri...
    5 General 62
  177. Why is it when people have nothing they are happier then when they have a little more more?
    Shouldn't it be the exact opposite, when you have a little more then you should be thankful that you have some to more? I never understood that about people...I have seen pictures of the past when my family had absolutely nothing, my mother had to buy...
    4 General 32
  178. What should I do for him for our 4 month?
    I know some people find it stupid to celebrate each month of dating, but my boyfriend and I do, it's something we both enjoy. Each month we get/make eachother something and I'm totally stumpped on what to do this month. What I've done so far: 1st mon...
    2 Relationships 33
  179. What do I do if I just blew my ear out?
    I just stretched my ears the other day, and I went to clean my plugs today, and when it took one out, there was blood. I have a small tear in my ear. It was 4 months since the last time I stretched so it isnt because I did it too fast, or because I use...
    3 Style 193
  180. Why do people pray about everything?
    I notice more and more lately that people pray about everything from who they can date to them passing a test and simple stuff like that but i dont get why. Im not religious at all and i have nothing against people that are but i find it pointless to p...
    27 Religion 39
  181. Capes and Cloaks
    Do you think Capes and cloakes should come back in style? I have a cape or cloak whatever your definition of each is that is long and black. It has a hood and is a victorian kind of a style. It is the warmest thing I own! The inner material is that sup...
    5 Style 40
  182. Which guy should I choose?
    Me and my boyfriend have been going out 4 about 3 1/2 months and we really like each other but he used 2 pay a lot of attention 2 me now he doesn't that much. My ex-boyfriend's best friend just told me he really likes me and he wants 2 b somethin more ...
    5 Relationships 89
  183. Should I play wrestle with my son?
    Hi i’m a mother of one and 33. I’m in a really difficult situation which started a couple of days ago. It arose after play wrestling with my 10 year old son, who’s a big wrestling fan. Having recently moved house and school he spends much of his free ...
    7 Sex 1113
  184. Questions about oracle cards and tarot cards.
    Hello. Im going to purchase my very first oracle cards and tarot cards within the next few hours. I have to admit that im feeling excited but afraid now. Im feeling excited because this is my very first time. Im afraid because, 1) What if I buy the w...
    4 Religion 7
  185. Go to the bathroom a lot?
    This may sound gross. but how do you crap a lot at once? example: Get yourself some of that crap they make you drink before you have a colonoscopy. Suck it down, sit on the crapper, and crap, crap, crap. Drink more water, and crap some more....
    2 Health 52
  186. Why does he always find fault with me?
    Why if my boyfriend loves me more that anything in the whole wide world does he find fault with everything that I say or do? I feel like he ranks me with "God". He says I am marriage type material and on paper I am the perfect person for him. He says t...
    4 Relationships 610
  187. How to speak up in school?
    I am a very shy, sweet 14 year old girl, and I do good in school, the teachers like me, I get B's and A's but I'm not saying I'm honor roll material. I do good at school work, but once I don't understand something (which is quite often now, but I do pa...
    4 Education 31
  188. Why are artists always the last rung of societys ladder?
    There are so many artists out there, painters, sculpters, writers, you name it. I don't really know what it means to b a "true" artist today. Perhaps technology has a part to play in that, because it's dampened the inner soul of imagination and ra...
    2 General 43
  189. What kind of music would I like based on my preferences (listed)?
    (trying to find some new material for my ipod ) Okay so, i want some new songs-if i don't i shall die of boredom. -_- in general i like alternative, emo pop/punk, rock, pop, punk and other stuff (just not classical or techno) I like bands like Artist v...
    10 Music 26
  190. Can you help me amend my intro letter?
    Hi, I am writing the following intro letter to my direct end user, I have a retail showroom selling custom-made curtain/blinds/wallcovering/carpet. Plus help me amend it to a more appropriately expressed and persuasive letter with the correct format (b...
    2 Literature 32
  191. the worst flight experience
    what was the worst flight experience you've ever had? me, my family are about to go back to Green Bay, WI at the time it was a direct flight coming from LA. we had the worst turbulence, that the plane was like a shaking machine with turning us all t...
    3 Travel 29
  192. What//Should I become a model for Barbizon modeling?!?
    Well a few weeks ago when I was at the mall w/my friend there was a booth for Barbizon modeling.They were having a competition/drawing kinda thing.Today, they called saying that they want me to come in for an interview.All I need to do is bring in a pi...
    6 Money 91
  193. Lacey dress
    Do you think this dress is too mature or to slutty for me?? Im 13 but I look like 15 or 16 and im 5'5" its hot pink really tite but not like strangling tight but its just material that doesnt stretch and its strapless and it has black lace about 7" tal...
    4 Shopping 25
  194. What is the best way to start a modeling career and be represented?
    My mom has modeled for elite modeling and pushes me away from the modeling path. But I have wanted to model ever since I was a little girl. I am not the tallest person, I am average height. However I am athletically toned, and I have long legs (do not ...
    3 Money 51
  195. Why are Levis Jeans not good anymore?
    Customers Beware, Levis are not the quality brand that they once were. I recently purchased a pair of Levis jeans from their Covent Garden store in London, I had owned the jeans for exactly 3 months before 2 holes wore through in the crotch of them ...
    4 Style 245
  196. You've dug my grave and pushed me take me out!
    2 Relationships 36
  197. Is my teacher being rude and unfair?
    Does anyone else think this teacher is being insanely unfair and rude?! I have a civics teacher who is always being so rude to me! She glares at me in class and when I ask a question, she says, "What?!" in a super mean way! I am scared to talk in her c...
    10 Education 127
  198. Can You Express Your Faith In Your OWN Words?
    Can you express your faith, WITHOUT religious or scientific texts, references, quotes, et cetera? I want YOU to think about it, I want YOU to post what makes sense IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Be it an emotional bond with some mystical spiritual energy, your ...
    39 Religion 77
  199. Where to find the girl of my dreams?
    I had a recent advice and it was "is life hopeless" I felt It was because I had nothing going and my life was going downhill It's a long story and multitudes of promblems. I heard some answers that sue90 and kisskiss me and other users as well gave me ...
    2 Relationships 17
  200. girlfriend help
    Here is the scenario. I have been dating this girl for two years now and she is wonderful. The problem though is that she says that my family is too involved in my life and that she wants to know that someday we will have a life of our own. She has tol...
    3 Relationships 13
  201. What is this paticular lamp called?
    One of my friend's birthday is coming up and I want to purchase her another kind of this lamp I have at home (my parents bought it) and therefore I have no idea what it is called to search it up online and purchase it. I will try my best to describe it...
    5 General 16
  202. Who to tell? How much to tell?
    I am wiccan and I havnt really told a lot of people about it for years, my immediate family knows and are extremely supportive (my mom even helps me get materials etc for rituaals and celebrations and my dad does too) but its outside the family that ge...
    5 Religion 15
  203. Is there still a chance to stop faking my way through school?
    I think I have a problem. Im 19 years old and in my second year of college. I realized that throughout my education I've been taking the easy way out for everything. For tests I would just memorize stuff and not actually learn the material thoroughly. ...
    5 Education 83
  204. Follow a dream?...
    Am at that stage in my life when you know higher education, job hunting so basically the next big decision I make must benefit me for the next few years. But I have always wanted to be a comedian, and I can write material and come up with things so qui...
    6 Entertainment 53
  205. What is the best way to handle this teacher?
    What is the best way to handle this super mean teacher? Should I go see the principal or tell my mom or talk to the teacher directly? She is constantly disturbing my schoolwork by being horribly rude and unfair, but I really want to succeed in her clas...
    10 Education 50
  206. What are good metabolism burning foods for teens?
    Ok, I'm a teen, and I'm under a lot of peer pressure to be thin. I know that I'm pretty and all, but my school work, and life, would be sooo much better if I wasn't so self-conscious. My metabolism is really slow, and I need a quick and free way to los...
    2 Nutritionfitness 16
  207. Do you support an invasion of Pakistan?
    What is becoming apparent to many as one intended outcome of the official narrative of Osama Bin Laden's death, is the basis to invade Pakistan to hunt down "Al-Qaeda" cells there. The Musharaff government has allegedly helped facilitate OBL and we mu...
    8 Politics 33
  208. What with my depression?
    god its really annoying. I've been depressed for 3 years now, and its awful. No one knows how sad and in pain I am, and I feel like one day I will go nuts. At first it was one week out of every month that I was having problems, then 2 weeks every month...
    9 Health 33
  209. How can I turn my lifestyle around?
    Ok,so I'm tired of this life I have. I'm tired of my mom having to work hard and only have mony for a week. I don't mean to sound stuck up but I do not belong in East Austin I belong in West Austin with the good schools big brick houses and sweet smell...
    3 Health 44
  210. Need help with project from evil science teacher
    Hello my science teacher recently assigned my class with an assignment where we have to show erosion. It has to be a 3-d project and I may use whatever material I want to present it. I want to use cake, does anyone have any ideas of what I could do to ...
    2 Education 53
  211. How come comic books have such a bad reputation?
    Hi! This is my first question im asking on funadvice. I've been a comic book fan since the 4th grade (im in 11th now) and I when some people (nongeeks/popular) find out that I collect them and read them they they just call me a nerd, say why waste your...
    2 Literature 54
  212. Is there really such a thing?
    Is there really such a thing as being a "natural" at something; or, are you just better at it than others? Some people believe they're naturals at certain things. Ice skating, art, music, singing. Others, like me, just believe they're better at it d...
    5 General 29
  213. How to put up really short full bangs (cut too short)?
    I got my hair cut, and I got full bangs (bangs that go all the way across your forehead) I originally asked for my bangs to fall right above where your eye starts to cave in (I don't really know how to explain it exactly) like, if you were to open your...
    3 Style 49
  214. Will we ever find a child to adopt?
    I am 32, happily married, and had my first child at 19. I have 2 children of my own, 10 and 13, and two others that live with me 14 and 19. We live in South Texas. and my husband and I see many young girls that are pregnant and say they want what is ...
    4 Family 12
  215. How do I tell this to my parents?
    Well you see my parents signed me up for this summer long twice a week ice skating thing. Before that I was doing a half hour of skating once a week with a friend. That was good enough because I am not into skating, in fact I dread it most times. This ...
    5 Family 6
  216. Why do I always feel like I'm never enough???
    It seems like nomatter how much makeup I wear, no matter how much time I spend on my hair,no matter how much I try to get people to notice or appreciate me or even just be nice to me, people never are. I mean I do have those good friends and Those peop...
    6 General 57
  217. I need help As A Typist in Office - I need help and Business Tips?
    As A Typist in Office - I need help and Business Tips? or as a secretary (not really a sercretary, but im a secretary to my father, a salesperson) I have 8:am to 12:30 pm and 4pm to 7pm I spend all of my time typing. My eyes are poping out. Im typing ...
    2 Money 36
  218. Have you ever wondered...?
    If you can think of any more, post them:). EVER WONDER... Why the sun lightens our hair, but darkens our skin? Why women can't put on mascara with their mouth closed? Why you don't ever see the headline "Psychic Wins Lottery"? Why "abb...
    2 General 20
  219. Should I go to college or university?
    Ok I am a 12 year high school student. I first wanted to go to University for engineering, but I decided I wanted to go into the trade. Now I'm in my 12th year and I've been turned down by 4 employers for an apprenticeship in the trade, 3 out of the 4 ...
    2 Education 78
  220. My song called:Friendship club...
    There's a time and there's a place When people’s race doesn't matter It's a way to show who we are And a pleasure to know we aren't that far! It’s this place that I like so much And a nice thing to do for someone. Oh! Lest we all be free to be whateve...
    2 General 7
  221. Why don't girls want to hang around with me
    Let alone girls, I dont beleive I have any friends at all, but ,whatever it may be, girls just do not find me ''good enough'' to hang out with(like in school, no girls found it, fun to hang out with me, go out with me for movies, I dont htink I have k...
    3 Relationships 170
  222. Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny
    Are there any fans out there? IF so, how much do you like the show? Me, personally, I think GSD is one of the best animes out there. Story line was a little less though out than Gundam SEED, but they managed to balance that out pretty well with epic...
    2 Entertainment 10
  223. I'm 13 and scared of buying?
    I'm an aspiring illustrator and there are a lot of different tools I want to buy, like derwent/ prismacolor/ sakura etc. My mum gave me £15 to spend on the cheaper materials. I went to the shop and found myself analyzing every art item. I looked at the...
    2 General 24
  224. Why does she do this ?
    I got a pitbull possibly a mix of a bulldog or something, she's about a year old now, we got her when she was 9 months old. When she was new she was very calm. She's still pretty mellow accept she gets moments where she's extreamly hyper. She runs arou...
    6 Pets 17
  225. What has life become?
    I feel like there is nothing left to life, or rather that I am living life, but not experiencing it. its become so mundane and brain numbingly boring. like a slow torture, like a slow never ending dance where there is no change in step, or rhythm, or m...
    5 General 18
  226. How do I get a girlfriend?
    im 17 and going to be a senior in high school. I have friends but they are all guy friends. I don't know if you consider girls that you only talk with in school "friends" if they are with there boyfriend when we are hanging out with him, I will talk w...
    4 Relationships 11
  227. BFF's or just some other people?
    so lately, well not that lately but w/e. I have been feeling like I give my friends so much but never receive any thing back. Not like material items, like compliments, encouragements, advice etc. Sometimes I feel like im being jipped. lol ok I will gi...
    2 Relationships 30
  228. What are these mini nervous breakdowns I get when I'm sick and why do I get them?
    It's hard to describe them. The first time I had one was just a few days before I turned 13. I had an ear infection. I was on vacation in Florida and in the hotel room one night I woke up in the middle of the night and felt wierd. I felt lighter... I g...
    3 Health 32
  229. I feel depressed ..
    Hello .. Im a soon to be 16 year old girl, I think you should know more about me so you would understand my problem better. I'm the perfect daughter that anyone could ask for, says everyone. I have very good grades, im the oldest between my siblings,...
    5 Health 44
  230. Is weed worse than alcohol??
    Is weed worse than alcohol? Now I havent drank much but when I have there has always been some sort of a physical altercation, but I've been high countless times and not once has there been a fight. Also if you say "oh weed is really addictive!" You c...
    12 Politics 50
  231. What are some things that come to mind when reading this?
    The man dabbles with his pencil In his own perpetual cognition he muses with his soul, Who whispers to his mind And exasperates that the truth be told and his confessions be made. He turned to his side, A grief expression on his face The sun l...
    13 Relationships 40
  232. Why are teenagers not being responsible?
    I am so po'd with all of the questions I see on here regarding teens,sex, and pregnancy. You guys receive so much more information and materials than we did even 25 years ago. When I graduated hs in 1982, we had 1 girl who was pregnant who graduated wi...
    17 Sex 121
  233. Gift for my boyfriends 17th birthday
    Alllrighty guys, We've only been dating for like.. A month, but by the time his birthday comes around we'll be just a couple days from 2 months. (its october 6 right now, his birthday's october 26th, and our 2 month's november 1st) So, with that in mi...
    2 Shopping 49
  234. Oil from bug poo?
    What do you think of this? (from AMERICANS could one day be filling their tanks with the genetically modified excretions of tiny bugs if one Silicone Valley start-up has its way. LS9 says it is just one month away from beginning it...
    6 Science 54
  235. Ok to read even if you are not a mom
    Mom are you getting something for m.o.m.'s day? well this is something someone sent me I think it's cute, would like to share. (I could've written my own cause I also like to write but this person hit it right on the dot, I would only add "before I wa...
    6 Family 30
  236. A question about recycling?
    I read an article online, but I don't understand one thing about it it. Could someone answer something for me? My question is at the bottom and here is what it said. No. 1: most soft drinks, including poland spring, dasani and even snapple bottles ...
    6 Environment 137
  237. How can you guys... HELP ME!!! :[?
    You know how analogies goes? Well it's the same, but Biology style. You'll have to give the definition for some and the vocab word for others. I did like 20 others, these are just the ones I couldn't get: 1. First response team: arrives at the scene o...
    2 Education 387
  238. Is a dirty bomb headed to a city near you?
    If so... who mailed the care package? Nestled somewhere between the front page and sports section of your favorite newspaper you may have come across the visage of 36 year old CIA contractor Raymond Davis. He is being held by Pakistani authoritie...
    3 Politics 15
  239. Please help me, I really have to have these done
    1. What role did the expanding middle class play in art? how did their role in art compare to the role of the modern middle class in art? 2. How did a greater emphasis on the physical world change art in this period? how might it be regarded as co...
    2 Education 28
  240. Why won't he marry me?
    I have been with my boyfriend for almost 4 years, we have been through a lot together and love each other very much, however he just will not marry me. 2 years ago I asked him to marry me, it was new years eve and a leap year so I decided to do it firs...
    2 Sex 61
  241. It Takes More Faith To Believe in Evolution and The Big Bang
    Why does faith in a Supreme Creator, God, merit any less belief than what others believe. Does it require more faith to believe that God created what we see or to believe that something the size of a baseball exploded and expanded to create what we hav...
    19 Religion 158
  242. To clear up errors with atheists
    Hey, I am trey, I have no problems with atheist, I just want to clear things with them ( this is optional) I made a list of proof that god exist 1. "god" means "creator of the physical universe." 2. Time passes, from the past, into the p...
    16 Religion 45
  243. Why do I have this relationship with my parents?
    Once I was in the car with my mom and stopped by the mall to pick up my sister from work. It was five or ten minutes before 9pm, and she usually comes out five or ten minutes after. So I went inside the mall to look around rather than sit in the car ...
    7 Family 32
  244. What would you do if you were president or has some high power/control in the world?
    If I had the power I'd get rid of government assistance (welfare/food stamps,etc), I'd make people take a test before they were allowed to have kids -- i know it's really controlling, but it's not fair or right for you to have a kid, that you KNOW you ...
    15 Money 22
  245. Is this a good gaming PC?
    I am about to buy a gaming desktop pc and I want to make sure I buy one worth while. I plan is to have one custom build for best performance and graphics. So I want to know if these system components excel in both of those areas. Here`s the list... S...
    4 Gaming 27
  246. Gaining back trust and showing that I love my mom.
    Sorry its long, please read all of it: My mom and I had always had a really close realtionship. I love her with everything I ahve, and my life circles around her, Although I dont think that she realizes. There was a time in my life where I felt like ...
    2 Sex 39
  247. Should I break up with my boyfriend?
    I love this boy. At least I did. But forcing to choose between my parents and my boyfriend is wreaking emotional havoc on me. I'm frikin fed up of it tbh and I feel like giving up. My boyfriend doesnt understand my parents disapproval of our relationsh...
    2 Sex 41
  248. Will I ever move on?
    I seriously need advice, I have nobody to ever talk to about this and I am constantly hurting. This will probably be long, but if you have time to read and can offer advice pleeease do!! Okay, so I just graduated highschool recently and I'm just not...
    2 Relationships 60