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  1. How can I restore my computer?
    How can I restore my computer?
    4 Technology 24
  2. How do I restore a Compaq computer?
    how do I restore a compaq computer
    2 Technology 27
  3. How to build a bench on a deck?
    How to build a bench on a deck?
    2 Homegarden 100
  4. nintendo 64 deck
    whats a nintendo 64 deck ?
    2 Gaming 10
  5. Can I use xp system restore from dos?
    Can I use xp system restore from dos?
    2 Technology 11
  6. What are the best skateboard decks?
    what are the best skate board decks
    7 Gaming 17
  7. The first post after we restore the server
    8 Technology 17
  8. System Restore
    Will doing a system restore on my computer restore a program that I accidentally uninstalled?
    4 Technology 16
  9. Which graphic is better, which deck is better?
    2 Sports 17
  10. What skateboard deck is the best?
    Sup, what deck is the best deck, the lightest, the most durable? What deck should I get next?
    3 Sports 15
  11. Where to get a bicycle black ghost deck of cards?
    where can I get a deck of bicycle black ghost playing cards?
    2 Shopping 62
  12. What is so great about teck decks?
    What is so great about teck decks? How do you use them lol!!! I have some but I just sell them at the skate park
    6 Sports 12
  13. Art for skateboard decks
    I want to get my art on skateboards but I don't know how need help.
    5 Money 50
    in the song whatever you like by TI it is in the chorus. what does it mean?
    2 Music 59
  15. How can I see or restore my files on my USB flash drive?
    My USB Flash disk is full,but I can not see the files.
    2 Technology 19
  16. suit life on deck
    where can I find all the suit life on decks without downloading besides disney channel.
    3 Entertainment 121
  17. What are the best type of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards for a deck?
    What is the best type of deck (Yugioh)?
    2 Gaming 16
  18. Deck paint or stain
    Which is the best for if I am redoing my deck outside? Deck paint or stain? In terms of longevity and cost. Thanks.
    2 Homegarden 41
  19. How do I restore sound on my computer?
    Sound card is installed but volume is at 0. how do I get sound back?
    3 Technology 139
  20. Restore the green color on my monitor?
    how do I restore the green portion of color on my computer screen. everything is orange and blue because of the lack of green
    3 Technology 19
  21. Want to backup and restore my AD
    Want a Active Directory Backup software that will allows us to backup or snapshot of our AD and restore individual users/objects from that backup
    2 Technology 9
  22. High Maintenance.
    My mate said his girlfriend is very high maintenance. And I sound stupid for asking but, What does that actually mean? And is it a good thing?
    6 Relationships 11
  23. Is there a way to restore AOL Favorite Places?
    I suddenly lost my favorite places file and cannot enter anything new in that file. Can I restore it?
    3 Technology 233
  24. Restore Inbox detail-lost two hours ago
    Retrieve all my Inbox detail that I lost 2 hours ago,please
    2 Technology 9
  25. Youtube is down for maintenance, how long will it take?
    so youtube is down for maintenance, it has been for like an hour. Does anyone know how long it will take? Or how long it takes usually? because I really need it for something thanks :)
    9 Technology 532
  26. How do i restore the 'x' on the tabs on a macbook pro?
    All of a sudden the little x is gone..i dont know what happened. How can i fix this?
    2 Technology 8
  27. How can I get back all my files after system restore?
    My computer was not working so my dad put it into system restore and now all my files and docs have all gone. Is there any way of getting any of them back? Please help!
    3 Technology 38
  28. went skateboarding and I got mud on my deck
    So I went skateboarding and I got mud on my deck Am wondering If I wash it does it get messed up? If it doesn't get messed up when you wash it how and with what duld I clean it?Or should I just get a new one?
    6 Sports 37
  29. Can you get a deck of cards customized?
    is it possible to get a deck of playin cards customized? if so let me know where and if it costs a lot...and I mean like the cards you use for poker and what not
    4 Gaming 44
  30. How can I restore sound on my laptop?
    my sigmatel audio was removed by my son an now I have no sound and cant get anything to give me sound please help
    2 Technology 57
  31. What's a good deck?
    I want a deck thats long lasting light and has great pop and wont easily break or crack what kind of deck shouid I get?
    2 Homegarden 20
  32. Where can I buy a Pokemon skateboard deck?
    I have looked on Ebay and our NZ equivalent. I've also done some googling... There don't seem to be any around?
    5 Sports 61
  33. What are the best/cheapest skateboard decks on the market?
    (I usually just just chill on my arbor long board, but I'm getting into tricks and need a board that allows me that privilege)
    3 Shopping 22
  34. restore computer
    I got a dell dimension 8200 and I want to erase everything from the hard drive to start over new but I dont know how and I dont have the restore disk please help
    3 Technology 7
  35. How do you restore deleted history on a Mac?
    I guess it's also a question of CAN you do it, but if anyone knows how to restore the history already deleted can you please tell me? :) Also, is there a way to make a password to GET to the history, so that it can't be deleted unless you use the passw...
    2 Technology 20
  36. How can I restore my discoloured white appliances?
    Over time, several years in fact, the coating on my fridge/freezer, has, in places discoloured. It is not an overall discolouration, which would be OK. Is there a way to bring the white back to white?
    5 Homegarden 47
  37. How do I restore all my music to my ipod after deleting it all ?
    okay I hooked up my ipod and it asked if I wantrewd to update it so I clicked yes and next thing I no my ipod has none of my music on it. Can someone help me with this ? Anyone no a good restore program?
    2 Technology 41
  38. does a restore CD work on its own for crashing computer?
    My computer has been crashing and wont start so we ordered a restore CD from gateway. The only thing is does it need to be installed in order to work? It wont let us start it because it keeps sayin it failed, so if we just turn the computer on and put ...
    3 Technology 15
  39. How do I restore password on my HP touchSmart tm2 if I forgot it?
    I have a HP touchsmart tm2. I forgot my password and cant login. I've tried to shut it down and restore it by pressing f8 but this meathod does NOT work.. how can I restore my password and finally login? p.s take all actions if necessary thanks
    3 Technology 334
  40. Can Doctors restore your hymen?
    well im almost 17 and I've lost my virginity to my x boyfriend & im wondering is there anyways I can get my hymen back? I've heard its possible but im not sure..
    2 Health 25
  41. What does this mean: "Our ticketing system is currently unavailable due to routine maintenance. Please check back at a later time."?
    I went to go and see if some tickets were available it took me through the process so I guess tickets are still available but why did it say this?
    3 Technology 43
  42. How to restore tv shows that have been deleted perminatly?
    hey! please help me... I have accidentaly deleted my tv shows from my itunes and so I looked in recycling bin and they still were not there!!! :( so I am very sad at the moment.. please help me... im desperate Any help would be much appreciated..
    2 Technology 43
  43. How do I stop my ongoing obsession w/ teck decks?
    Today at 6th period,I bought a Teck Deck skateboard from a kid who sits next to me in class for $2,it was cheap I know,but now since I got home I have been getting obsessed with playing with the board and I don't want that at all. How do I stop this be...
    3 General 16
  44. High Maintenance Girls!!
    Well as im sure you'll all notice thers lots of girls out there who take lots of pictures of themselves many being nearly identical so I believe pointless. There's many also taking pictures of themselves in bras and knickers... What's your ideas on thi...
    18 Style 41
  45. How do I use a new computer for my ipod without restoration?
    K so I have the iphone and would like to put new songs on but my computer broke. And if I used another computer it would restore my whole ipod/phone. Is there a way to keep my songsand switch my account so I dont have to delete all my songs pictures vi...
    2 Technology 59
  46. How many people were at the "Restoring Honor" Rally hosted by Glenn Beck?
    The numbers seem to range from 87,000 from one news source, to around 200,000 - 400,000 from most other sources I personally believe that there were around 150,000 from the data I have seen.
    11 Politics 23
  47. computer crashed and wont start, help!!! will a restore Cd work?
    ok thanks guys on my last question about my computer having trouble because it kept freezing and crashin and now it wont even start. it says windows failed to start, im on my friends computer and she said I got a virus. and we order a restore CD for it...
    4 Technology 10
  48. Can I get an old photo restored that's tattered?
    Okay so I just need an answer. I have a picture of my grandma that died... It's the onli thing I have... Yet It's kinda ripping at the corners. I was just asking can I put it to Walmart and they can make a nicer copy? I do anything.. R.I.P.
    3 Technology 66
  49. How do you restore the stickiness on a sticker?
    This is really dumb question, but it's not for me. My friend likes to keep the stickers on his hats that verify they are authentic or whatever. One of them has started to come off and he's wanting to restore the stickiness on the back. I told him to us...
    4 Style 503
  50. How to restore a dark wood dining table that had nailpolish on it?
    pleease someone help me pleeeeeease!!!! my mom is going to kill me. I was taken off my nieces nail polish off that is 100% acetone. is a big spot it feels rough and the color is faded. please tell me where and what do i need to get to make it look bran...
    3 Homegarden 58
  51. Why is My ipod stuck in restore mode?
    Ipod Specs: Ipod Touch 4th gen. 4.3.x firmware Jailbroken The other day away from home I deleted that cydia app called Winterboard and after respringing all my apps and data were deleted for reasons unknown. I tried to restore it today but while re...
    2 Technology 17
  52. Good low maintenence dog?
    I just purchased a home and both my kids (10 and 4 years. old) are desperate for a pet. I love animals but I don't know if I am ready for one. I just put in hardwood floors and I hate to say it but I don't want a dog to scratch them all up as superfici...
    9 Pets 41
  53. Why won't my newly restored iPod sync?
    Hi - I recently bought an HP laptop and had to reconfigure my iPod for the new computer, since it had originally been configured for a Mac. I was told that I needed to restore my iPod to its factory settings, so I did. (I had already backed up my music...
    2 Technology 73
  54. What's some preventive action for sequential tripping?
    Preventive maintenance of sequential tripping?
    2 Health 20
  55. How do I restore my iPod Touch?
    I recently found a iPod Touch that someone must of left or forgot to pick back up, the battery was nearly gone so i took it home and borrowed my friends iPod Touch USB wire to charge it, i then tried to turn it on but it said i needed a passcode. After...
    2 Technology 42
  56. Solid Stain over Paint
    I have just finished painting my porch deck with Skid-No-More deck paint. Can I use a paint stain like Olympic solid color stain over the Skid no More.
    2 Homegarden 56
  57. what the proper English for this phrase is:
    My sister and I want to know what the proper English for this phrase is: Bob & Grace's deck OR Bob's & Grace's deck She says it is the first way and I say it's the second.
    5 Literature 48
  58. How can I get a application for the show Overhaulin'?
    How do I get a application to have my father's 1979 Transam restored on your show overhaulin'? My father is disabled and can't afford to restore it himself and he can't do the physical labor either so can you help?
    2 Entertainment 149
  59. tlc overhauling tv show
    how do I enter my car to have it restored
    6 Entertainment 54
  60. Will doing this restore my computer to default settings?
    Will doing this restore my computer to default settings? Or will I still have everything on my computer? 1. Reboot your machine. 2. Press F8 before the Windows boot screen appears. * Do not press F5 as used on the NT/9x series of Windows. 3. You will ...
    4 Technology 43
  61. Why are geese so loud?
    so im sitting out here on my deck and... WONK! WONK! WONK! sooo annoying!!
    5 Pets 123
  62. What exactly does iCloud do?
    If my computer crashes, can i restore iTunes somehow with iCloud and my iPod touch?
    2 Technology 12
  63. Which one do you like better?
    Which one do you people out there like suite life on deck orsuite life of zack and cody?
    5 Entertainment 20
  64. Dell laptop: What is the source of the problem?
    I have an Inspiron 6400 laptop. Recently, my computer has been giving me a blue error screen saying that hardware I have installed needs new drivers or it may be a problem with new software. IT suggested downloading new drivers or doing a system resto...
    3 Technology 11
  65. How can I restore sex in my relationship?
    I need advice and thx in advance to those who answer. Just turned 50, my boyfriend is living with me in my house and we have had sex 2 times in 8 years!!! I went thru cancer at 40 and it took away my sex drive as I went through extremely high doses o...
    5 Sex 9
  66. which or these shows are kwool'r???
    which do you like better 1.thats so suite life of hannah montana or wizards on deck w/ hannah montana 2.suite life of zack & cody or suite life on deck or 3.thats so raven or corry in the house answer all 3 please and thank you!!!
    3 Entertainment 19
  67. Tarot cleansing
    How do I cleanse the energy from my Tarot card deck? I was taught to simply make a half circle of 7 stacks of 7. is that the only way?
    2 Religion 48
  68. How do I get rid of the "other" content on my ipod?
    I restored it recently and the "other" section increased rapidly, but I need more space for music instead.
    3 Technology 15
  69. Does my computer have a virus?
    Whenever I get on my computer.. like at first it won't let me do anything except sign in on my YIM. Then like after a few hours or so, everything I clicked on earlier... it like pops back up. And it's super slow. A virus? I can't restore it.. I had it ...
    3 Technology 40
  70. No sound on my computer
    I deleted my sound max off my computer. Now theirs no sound. On my device managerit says no multimedia audio controller, I've tried to restore it but with no luck.
    3 Technology 36
  71. How do I clear all the stuff on my computer?
    I am planning on selling my iMac and I need to clear all the files and memory from it before I sell it. Can someone tell me how to restore the settings or clear the stuff or whatever? I have no idea what to do.
    5 Technology 49
  72. How to improve fuel economy?
    I would like to know how I can improve fuel economy. I know that routine maintenance can keep fuel economy stable, but what can I do to improve it? I would like to make enhancements in order to get the most MPG that I can.
    3 Environment 13
  73. Griptape for my board
    Ok so I bought like bright bright green griptape to match my deck. Do you think people will think its gay if I have green??? Would you use it for your skateboard???
    7 Sports 49
  74. How can I get into friendster if it's blocked.
    How can I get into friendster if it's blocked. I've tried ultrasurf but friendster page shows Temporary maintenance. So is there any other software like ultrsurf that would get me into friendster? Thank you
    2 Technology 47
  75. Would this be out of line?
    I am transfering to a larger apartment in the same complex. Would it be out of line to ask if the maintenance could install cabinet safety locks before I move in if I buy the equiptment?
    5 Homegarden 9
  76. how;;;help I dont get this math question!!!?
    oky I dont get this problem I know im like stupid so dont b callin me that stuff k :-) A rectangular pool has a width of 10 feet and a length of 20 feet. the deck that surrounds it is 2 feet wide, what is the area of the deck that surrounds the ...
    12 Education 42
  77. I had someone burn music into my ipod nano on their computer
    I had someone burn music into my ipod nano on their computer. I bought my own computer and want to burn my cds into it but I dont know how what do I need to do to restore factory settings again and also what do I need to do to transfer my music from c...
    3 Technology 43
  78. What can I do to help repair my lungs?
    I recently quit smoking cigarettes and am in the process of getting my lungs healthy. I am already exercising and all that to help restore them a bit. Is there anything specific I can be doing to help in this recovery?
    4 Health 41
  79. How much upkeep and expense does it takes to maintain an above ground pool?
    I've been thinking of getting one of those $500-$700 above ground pools you set yourself but I don't know much about how much maintenance do they require.
    3 Homegarden 21
  80. Where is better to buy tarot/karma cards?
    Ok so I was wondering from those who have it better to buy tarot or karma cards from a store or to order it online? Because I dont wanna get a bad deck if ya know what I mean. Lol ohh and some info on them 2,not really sure what the di...
    6 Shopping 17
  81. I need to retrieve my email
    My computer was restored, and I cant seem to find my email. I have WIndows XP. I have backup CDs, but I have no clue where to look. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
    2 Technology 31
  82. What's the best online trading company?
    I wanted to know which online stock trading company is better and have no maintenence fees and no account minimums. I have heard a lot about sharebuilder but I am not sure whether it is the best available.
    2 Money 44
  83. How to get the sound back on my computer?
    I deleted my sound max off my computer and now their is no sound. On my device manager it says no multimedia audio controller I've tried to restore it but with no luck can anyone help me.
    2 Technology 90
  84. Could my roommate sue me over his "derivative work" on my photos?
    I paid a former roommate the cost of ink and photo paper to quickly scan in an old family photograph that I wanted to have fixed up and framed for a relative. He spent less than two minutes on Photoshop doing it, simply adjusting the black levels and...
    2 Politics 26
  85. what should i bring on my camping trip?
    I got a deck of cards, a multi-tool, a few bucks(for the cards), my mp3 player, and a student ID(in case i get horribly dismembered or lost).
    3 Travel 13
  86. How can I retrieve this from my Computer, please?
    My Computer was running so slowly that it took *forever* to come up to speed. I had downloaded some updates yesterday morning and these had seemed to slow the computer down. So I decided to do a System Restore to take the Computer back to early yeste...
    4 Technology 51
  87. How can ipod to sync again to itunes?
    I have an 80gb which I cant sync to itunes, it worked fin before but now it starts syncing and then it gives me and \"error 50 or 69\". I have tried restoring but I keep having the same problem. all software is up to date. HELP! PLEASE!!!
    2 Technology 13
  88. What color for my bedroom?
    Ok what is a very good color for a 15 year old girls bed room? And do you know any good places or websites that have nice room decorations and stuff Nice bed things and decks or whatever Thank you!
    5 Homegarden 30
  89. why has my ipod deleted everything?!?!?!
    PLEASE HELP... i updated it to 4.1 and it restored to default settings then deleted everything music/apps/videos/photos.. and all my game data on my apps have gone! i can't get them back can i? please please help? can't i undo what happened?? omg! help...
    5 Technology 16
  90. Is Chinese or Japanese food healthier than other foods?
    I like rice and fish so I was wondering if Chinese or Japanese food is healthier than other foods. I am trying to stay trim and I figured that changing my diet might help me keep the weight off without so much maintenance.
    12 Food 153
  91. My 5 robins
    I have a nest with 5 baby robins on my porch I watch them from my deck. there seems to be a lot of pushing. is there anything I can do to ensure if one should fall thry won't be injured. I have put a blanket down. is it normal for a robin to have 5 ...
    3 Pets 22
  92. photon light boards
    so I just found out about these and was wondering if there any good cause I skate at night all the time and they seem really cool. But do they last as long a regular deck and do regular skate trucks, wheels, hardware, ect... work on them?
    3 Sports 24
  93. How can I remove softwear from my computer?
    Im trying to get rid of a program on my laptop and it says invalid intallation filies please verrify bla bla bla and I tried doing a restore and that failed too what do I do? Im tired of forematting and redoing everything...
    3 Technology 40
  94. What are cats like as pets, thinking of getting one?
    I am thinking about getting a cat soon. I have had dogs all my life and I love them but I want to get a cat because I want to try having a different animal in the house and I hear they are less maintenance. Could you guys with cats tell me what cats ar...
    6 Pets 30
  95. Why wont my blackrain ipod touch turn on?
    I have recently jailbroken my ipod touch using blackra1n. I turned it of and now it wont turn on. When I turn it on it just come up with the connection to itunes. I know that you have to use blackra1n to turn it back on but it isint working. So I tried...
    4 Technology 38
  96. NTLDR anyone got any knowledge on this ?
    hey , I just did a system restore on my old laptop, I get "NTLDR is compressed,press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart" when I do press ctrl alt del , it just completes the cycle again! I dont know how to sort this anyone got any knowledge on this ?? helpful if...
    2 Technology 41
  97. How do I try to get a" overhaulin "done on my 1970 ltd ??
    Where do I apply or how do you choose who gets to have cars done?? I have a 1970 ltd 429 ci auto & have been trying to get it restored but due to cancer and other things havent been able to get it done is there some where I can try to find help? than...
    2 General 37
  98. What type of girl do guys look for?
    At my school the guys go for the preppy, kind of snobby, girls. They don't notice any girl who isn't decked out in tight abercrombie shirts and hollister jeans. I want to know what most guys actually look for because it's like personality doesn't matte...
    3 Relationships 26
  99. Wedding Ring
    First things first. My wife's old wedding ring got stolen by the maintenance lady. I'm in the process of buying her a new one and plan to give it to her once I get back from Iraq Does anyone know a good store or a sweet way to give it to her?
    8 Shopping 18
  100. Anti Virus Question
    Hiya Thanks to all who emailed me back on rebooting my laptop. what I done was restored back to a date that my laptop was going good and Ethmer ga\ve me some good advice on restoring my system and virus protection downloads for FREE...Can I just ask ...
    2 Technology 16
  101. problems with itunes
    so yesterday i finally caved in and upgraded itunes. it was a terrible mistake. it is awful. so i went to computer restore, and restored my computer to around a week ago. i figured this would also put my itunes back to the way it was. i should have fac...
    4 Technology 10
  102. Accidentally deleted!
    I accidentally deleted Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 off of my computer. Not just the shortcut but the entire program. My computer didn't come with disks (odd I know but it really didn't) and system restore doesn't bring back deleted programs. How do I get...
    3 Technology 41
  103. Punch her or be done?
    I've been dating my boyfriend for 3 1/2 years. He recently told me he cheated on me, besides the point... I am 22 and the girl he cheated on me with is 17. I am seriously contemplating punching her in the face for knowingly going after my boyfriend. ...
    8 Relationships 19
  104. Why won't my ipod nano sync playlists?
    My ipod no longer sync playlists from itunes. I have the second generation ipod nano and people always tell me to click restore or refresh but the thing is that is nowhere on the screen. All the songs fit into my ipod but it won't go in there. Everytim...
    11 Technology 1653
  105. Why doesn't American Airlines admit that it has very old airplanes?
    If the seats of the airplanes of american airlines get loose is because the planes are old and they dont give them a good maintenance, why they make a lot of bad excuses, blaming the sodas or who knows what, they are pathetic. What do you think? Tell m...
    5 Travel 36
  106. Sunburn peeling leaving ugly spots
    I just got a really bad sunburn and it peeled and everything but the area that peeled is a lighter tone than the skin around it and it looks terrible, and the problem is, I gotta go to camp a week from the first day of the burn. How to I restore the na...
    7 Style 1821
  107. What would you do?
    So my chemistry class on the bottom floor of the school. Next to the maintenance rooms. When we go to lunch we pass these doors that lead to the faculty parking lot. Well, today the maintenance guys were sanding in front of those doors. When I walk...
    5 Education 17
  108. What can I do with mattress foam?
    I have more than half a mattress with the cover and stuff all off it. This leaves me with blue thick foam. I like Skateboarding, Break dancing and I play guitar. If that helps. I also yoyo but I already made a box for them out of this foam. I can't dye...
    2 General 34
  109. My soft shirt turned rough after washing...
    Hi everyone, I recently got a soft Hollister shirt. It was soft and I loved it. But then one of my family members, already washing a load of clothes and wanting to be nice, washed mine also and it's rougher now. It's not super rough, but not as soft...
    2 Style 67
  110. how much can I sell my ipod for in craigslist?
    okay so its the new 8gb ipod nano (not the one with the camera but the other one) and its blue. I got it last February and it still works great. it has a few small scratches on it but they aren't bad at all. if I don't restore it, it has 1,466 songs on...
    2 Shopping 47
  111. weirddd bug!!!
    alright so I just saw the craiziest thing ever. I likve in ohio. and I was sitting on my deck and a huge bug flew by and landed on the chair. it was about an inch and a half long. but it had like a stinger that was probably another inch and a half. ...
    2 General 32
  112. How to delete movies off my iPod Nano?
    How do I delete movies off my ipod nano? I cannot figure out by reading the manual. It is saying to uncheck want you do want but I did that and it is not working. So I then tried to restore my ipod nano so everything would erase but that didn't work ei...
    5 Technology 185
  113. ..sync songs from iphone to itunes?
    Is there a way I can sync songs from an iPhone to iTunes? Okay here is the thing .. I had to restore my computer to day one .. I had to delete everything .. I put everything on a external hard drive so everything but songs that I had rip from cds tha...
    2 Technology 36
  114. What are some return excuses for Apple devices?
    Okay so when I got my ipod touch 3gen it comes with a 3.1.2 firmware software. I had my ipod jailbroken. Every so often I like to back up and restore my ipod touch and re-jailbreak. The problem is that the last time I restored it, I accidentally agree...
    4 Technology 35
  115. what: im getting my braces off jnuary 29th, painfulll??
    K well imm getting them off january 29th (in two fridays) does it hurt? what do they do? are muhh teeth gonna be white?! k like people say that when you gett them iff they wont b very white, then a month later they restore their natural whiteness. im g...
    3 Health 10
  116. Who's right, the media or Biden ?
    Democrat vice presidential candidate Joe Biden on Sunday guaranteed that if Barack Obama is elected president, there will be an international crisis within six months - From the majority of television and print media I've seen and read for months, Obam...
    10 Politics 18
  117. Ipod Battery Trouble
    Ok so my boyfriend gave me this Ipod and it was perfectly fine when he had it. But now I have it and I put some songs on it and left it on the charger for a while I took it off and it only lasted for about 30 mins. So then I left it on the charger for ...
    2 Technology 17
  118. Why doesn't any shampoo work on my hair?
    All you beauty queens out there, I need your help! My hair is dry, dull and frizzy. I have yet to find a shampoo that really smooths it out and restores its shine. For some reason, my body tends to "rebel" against products, if that makes any sen...
    2 Style 66
  119. What are the ups and downs of going into the airforce?
    I've been taking an aviation class/club in my high school which has more to do with the airforce and aviation maintenance. I was never into airplanes and all those stuff but I took the opportunity to join the class because it sounded interesting. I wan...
    5 Money 48
  120. How do I unfreeze my ipod nano?
    I have a ipod nano, my lock is off. when I shake my ipod it will switch songs and I can listen to it, but the whole screen is frozen and so is the scroll bar. you cannot choose song. so pretty much the screen is always black and the spinny part does no...
    3 Technology 57
  121. How do I help a "stunned" adult robin?
    I came across this adult robin, apparently stunned, just standing in the grass by my deck rocking back and forth. Not wanting the dogs to attack the poor bird, I carefully and gently laid the robin in a nest that she had made earlier this spring for he...
    2 Pets 26
  122. Its you not me who is sick
    Why is when a friend or roommate, is always feeling sick or not well , they continually tell you how to take care of yourself. Because you are disabled, right not handicapped. and have yet to be sick. What seems to be the problem? Why do they believe t...
    2 Health 28
  123. Bought sum tarot cards
    Ok I am sooo confused I got this one deck of cards called the instant tarot reader.. Im probably doing it wrong but how do I read it.. I know you shuffle the cards then pic out which ever ones you feel you shud pick but how does that even determine yo...
    5 Religion 40
  124. 1967 corvette
    My husband gave his 67 vet to this guy Terry to restore in 1990, do you believe ,he still hasnt finished it yet, one personel problem after the other. Well my husband lost hie job over a year ago, and doesnt have the money anymore to intice him to ge...
    2 Cars 10
  125. Why did my laptop not start yesterday (please read)?
    so yesterday mornin i tried opening my laptop and it got to point where i have to sign my user password but all i could see there was my mouse cursor and complete darkness. nothing worked couldn't even open the task manager. restarted the laptop couple...
    3 Technology 9
  126. grown people acting inmature
    well last night my sister had her baby. I didnt go see that night. so I went today with my brother and his girlfriend. and them two have to be the most inmature people ever!. first we walk in the hospital. start walking to her room. my brother girlfri...
    5 General 62
  127. What should I do for him for our 4 month?
    I know some people find it stupid to celebrate each month of dating, but my boyfriend and I do, it's something we both enjoy. Each month we get/make eachother something and I'm totally stumpped on what to do this month. What I've done so far: 1st mon...
    2 Relationships 33
  128. Do I have a virus?
    Ok. This started last night, when I went to log on to my moms administrative account ( I have one too, but heres seems to run faster, and is the main admin account.) which is what I always log on to, and something different happened. Something called w...
    10 Technology 39
  129. Questions about oracle cards and tarot cards.
    Hello. Im going to purchase my very first oracle cards and tarot cards within the next few hours. I have to admit that im feeling excited but afraid now. Im feeling excited because this is my very first time. Im afraid because, 1) What if I buy the w...
    4 Religion 7
  130. No limited connectivity network
    Okay my computer worked fine before I restored it, im always re storing it to the first day I got it, because I always use up all the memorey and it work slow well I did it the other day, and nowi cant get the internet to work, it was connecting and th...
    2 Technology 11
  131. Loss of strength in right arm?
    Ok well what happened was I was skating yesterday with my cousin at a party and I fell on my forearm and now today I look at my arms and see that I could no longer see the tricep muscle on my right arm but I could still see the one on the left and my r...
    4 Nutritionfitness 56
  132. Stripping hair question...?
    I have dark hair which was dyed black, it was meant to be brown but the dye was too powerful, I have fine hair and stopped heat styling to help it recover, I frequently use hair restoration products and its relatively healthy now, despite a few split e...
    2 Style 479
  133. What should I do?
    I was not only thinking of a career change, but looking for one. Truck driving isn't for everybody and I'm one of those people. I was thinking of getting a teaching degree in Music Education and, maybe, teach music in a high school (LOVE marching b...
    3 General 7
  134. Virus protectio Antio Virus 360! DELETE
    I downloaed anti virus 360 by acident and its a faake virus protectio, what Virus protections that are FREE can I download to get rid of it!!.. Because it wont go away now ;l .. I've got Norton ( came with laptop) I've got Spybot ( what picks it up. a...
    3 Technology 21
  135. WinWeb Security 2008 REMOVAL!
    Okay so yeah I did a restore on my computer like a week ago and this new thing WinWeb Security 2008 has been on my computer. I know what it is. But I can't get it off of my computer. I go to the Start menu> Control Panel> Add/Remover Programs. And i...
    2 Technology 12
  136. Why isn't my iPod syncing?
    Okay so, this is how it all started out. A few months ago, my computer was fixed by a trusted computer technition. But this time, he lost all of my iTunes music, and then when I went to try to sync it would say everything was synced and then nothing wa...
    2 Technology 75
  137. Why did my windows live stop working?
    My windows live stopped working and I tried restoring but it did not give me a solution to the problem. Can some one help I also tried uninstalling and reistalling but it wont let me do either. Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: wlarp.e...
    3 Technology 35
  138. My computer needs fixed.. help..:)
    Okay, So I have A compaq notebook laptop, Vista.. Im pretty sure.. So any way..It got a virus, so my sister tried restoring it to factory settings 3 times.. then that really screwd it up.. So she put in a restore harddrive c.d from another computer,...
    5 Technology 67
  139. Should I get my hair cut?
    I've been growing my hair for sooo long, but the problem is, I've not had it trimmed or anything since about february, and in that space of time I've dyed my hair a hell of a lot of times, straightened it almost every day and blow dried the hell out of...
    5 Style 47
  140. Shampoo not needed.
    Hi. About 20 years ago a friend of mine read that if you didn't wash your hair for 6 weeks, shampoo would no longer be necessary to keep it clean. The chemicals in shampoo are harmful and destroy the natural oils in one's hair so after a period of time...
    7 Style 56
  141. How do I get these viruses off of my new laptop, and get it back to normal?
    I started up my laptop, and then all of a sudden the desktop background changed and said "Your PC is infected!" Then, "system tools" keeps popping up running scans, saying I have 30 infections/viruses. Trojans, spyware, malware, etc... then it wants me...
    13 Technology 52
  142. officers booked me on something that was tottaly legally prescribed
    I was recently arrested and charged with possesion of controled substance , however it was legally prescribed methadone from a DR for opiate maintenence. I also had marijuana which I have a Doctors recomendation for siezures of which they did not charg...
    2 Health 16
  143. Can you rate the text of my rap song?
    Please tell me how do you like the text of my new rap song. I would appreciate if you tell me if there is something wrong with grammar or sense is not clear. I'm not a native speaker so I need YOUR help. Making a pause Ain't gonna restore what I've lo...
    3 Music 22
  144. How Should Obama Start With Iran?
    One of the more controversial proposals Obama has made in foreign policy is starting diplomatic talks with Iran, possibly with Ahmedinejad. A lot of people have said talking with Iran shows naivety and weakness, and that Iran will exploit such diploma...
    10 Politics 12
  145. How can ex-offenders get employed?
    I have 3 degrees and was a financial advisor for 12 years. It was 2002 when the reality of my sister's tragic death and fathers passing of a heart attack hit me. I incurred several surgeries from a fall to repair a damaged shoulder, was under sedation ...
    5 Money 44
  146. Father or No Father?
    I have recently given birth to a beautiful little girl. I am a single mom and have been working in a 24 hour job to support her. It has been difficult but my love for her helps me through the days. Her father, my ex, comes in and out of our lives so of...
    7 Family 24
  147. I hate my neighbors, what sould I do?
    I own a classic car that I am restoring on my drive. but yesterday while I was at work my neighbor came round at shouted at my mum like she was a peice of feces that has been spat on. and nobody talks to my mum like that and gets away with it. I have ...
    7 General 110
  148. Is Afghanistan the Bush administration's biggest failure?
    It seems a lot of Americans have forgotten about the "other war", Afghanistan. Many people seem content to think the situation there is under control, and the war basically over. But I think the situation in Afghanistan represents the Bush administra...
    5 Politics 24
  149. Why does she do this ?
    I got a pitbull possibly a mix of a bulldog or something, she's about a year old now, we got her when she was 9 months old. When she was new she was very calm. She's still pretty mellow accept she gets moments where she's extreamly hyper. She runs arou...
    6 Pets 17
  150. What are these mini nervous breakdowns I get when I'm sick and why do I get them?
    It's hard to describe them. The first time I had one was just a few days before I turned 13. I had an ear infection. I was on vacation in Florida and in the hotel room one night I woke up in the middle of the night and felt wierd. I felt lighter... I g...
    3 Health 32
  151. need help to save my dads 1982 Rolis Royce
    My father died on his birthday Dec. 20 2006 and left me his 1982 Silver cloud convertible Rolis Royce. We had it stored in one of my dads buildings and it was stolen. Living in Texas I thought it had probably been taken to mexico because nothing ever s...
    2 General 15
  152. What is wrong with adult stem cells?
    Leukemia Adult stem cells worked at curing Embryonic stem cells create cancer. Multiple Sclerosis Adult stem cells works Embryonic stem cells add cancer. Blindness Adult stem cells have restored vision to the legally blind, in some cases peo...
    19 Politics 56
  153. Who thinks I should get this Toshiba laptop, I really like it?
    From Toshiba comes a portable powerhouse you can take with you anywhere you go. The 14.0" Satellite L645D laptop PC comes to you loaded with all the advanced features you expect from Toshiba. An AMD Athlon II P320 processor and 3GB of memory keep your ...
    13 Technology 35
  154. Help!!! I'm only 21 and I have wrinkles
    I have a question about Anti wrinke creams and lotions that smooth wrinkles and restore skin. I am only 21 years old and I have very deep wrinkles around my eyes and dark circles, in addition to visible lines in my forehead. I've had a lot of stress fr...
    2 Style 71
  155. Should I go lighter or darker? (Hair)
    There's a recent picture of me. As you can see, I have medium/dark brown hair, blue eyes, and SUPER pale skin. I'm planning on dying my hair for the first time ever, but I don't know if I should go lighter or darker. Not blonde or black, but a dark or ...
    6 Style 24
  156. Believers ... "The Holy Spirit"
    Dear believers (whatever your faith); I'm curious to learn if you too have had Holy Spirit experiences and how they have manifested in real time. For instance I can be praying for someone that I haven't seen or heard from in years and my phone will rin...
    7 Religion 68
  157. What would you do if you were president or has some high power/control in the world?
    If I had the power I'd get rid of government assistance (welfare/food stamps,etc), I'd make people take a test before they were allowed to have kids -- i know it's really controlling, but it's not fair or right for you to have a kid, that you KNOW you ...
    15 Money 22
  158. Can you pray for my Mother too?
    My mom is really sick and in the hospital. She's had pneumonia a few times within the past 2 or 3 years. And needed oxygen. Then her insurance ran out, and her meds ran out and by the time we got them all back, she felt horrible, so we called 911. She...
    12 Funadvice 29
  159. What do you think about my story.. ?
    I'm looking for some opinions on a book that I am writing. I've dedicated lots of time to it and before I continue I would like some input. This is only a portion of the story that I am sharing -- a critical portion that is. It's a rough draft so pleas...
    2 Literature 27
  160. How different people have sex,
    How they have sex, think of more? Post it:) Accountants are good with figures. Actors do it on cue. Advertisers use the "new, improved" method. Ambulance drivers come quicker. Ansi does it in the standard way Archeologists like it old...
    6 Sex 42
  161. Messiah from Islam, Judaism, Christian?
    Which is the real AntiChrist? Muslims? The Cristians? or the Jews? Christians believe that the Messiah was Jesus, but Jews do not believe that. Christians believe that Jesus' claims to be God go against the beliefs of Judaism. JUDAISM The concept of...
    8 Sex 61