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  1. what designs should I do on my nails?
    what designs should I do on my nails?
    2 Style 54
  2. How can I design a cd?
    2 Music 28
  3. How to build a bench on a deck?
    How to build a bench on a deck?
    2 Homegarden 100
  4. What does graphic design consist of?
    2 Education 64
  5. where can i design a long sleeve shirt online, that allows me to design on the sleeves?
    3 Style 40
  6. What are your opinions on my shoe design?
    12 Style 15
  7. What is your favorite nail design(s)?
    7 Style 29
  8. What are the best schools to go to for Interior Design and Graphic Design?
    3 Education 12
  9. Tatoo Designs that are really cool, how do I design original tatoos?
    What are some really cool tatoo ideas and how should I go about designing an original tatoo?
    3 Style 38
  10. What's a good photo and graphic designer?
    What's a good photo and graphic designer?
    2 Technology 21
  11. Skate board designs
    What are some good skate board designs
    2 Sports 36
  12. What's the difference between a web designer and developer?
    What is the difference between web designer and web developer?
    6 Technology 85
  13. Designer Labels
    Whats Your Fav Designer Label ?
    4 Style 22
  14. nintendo 64 deck
    whats a nintendo 64 deck ?
    2 Gaming 10
  15. Who came up with the Marine uniform design?
    3 Style 42
  16. What are your first impressions of 'interior designer'?
    2 Education 26
  17. is it fun being a game designer or maker?
    5 Money 13
  18. What are different designs you could do on your nails?
    12 Style 18
  19. Who would genetically design their (designer)babies?why or why not?
    I have a paper do and I agree with creating designer babies but I need more pros
    6 Science 14
  20. Web marketing and Designing
    Can you tell me How I start web marketing and designing ?
    5 Technology 51
  21. What kind of gel nail design should I get?
    What kind of gel nail design should I get?
    3 Style 23
  22. What are the best skateboard decks?
    what are the best skate board decks
    7 Gaming 17
  23. pubic shave design
    what is the sexiest shaved design to have on pubes
    4 Sex 74
  24. What makes more money boat designing or car designing?
    I am an industrial designer, just graduated. I really love boat and car designing, and was wondering, what makes more money?
    3 Money 14
  25. Website design
    Does anyone know how to personally design a website
    3 Technology 40
  26. how can i draw peoples figures for fashion designing?
    6 Education 6
  27. How do you make a cute nail designs at home?
    6 Style 24
  28. What is the right name for an interior design shop?
    2 General 15
  29. Is there a website where I can design my own hat and buy it online?
    3 Shopping 30
  30. Do you like the hair I designed
    Do you. the pictures are on my pro
    4 Style 8
  31. What does one do in a graphic design program in college?
    7 Education 14
  32. What is the style, theme, design, and color of your bedroom?
    14 Homegarden 20
  33. What's the distinction between NLP and Design Human Engineering?
    2 General 10
  34. Should schools teach intelligent design and evolution?
    Do you think schools should teach intelligent design and evolution?
    36 Religion 33
  35. How or where do I go to get a design on the back of a iPod touch?
    5 Technology 10
  36. Which graphic is better, which deck is better?
    2 Sports 17
  37. Is Graphic Design a good career path, or will I struggle?
    6 Money 50
  38. What do I need to study in college to be a video game designer?
    10 Education 19
  39. Where can I design shirts online for my high school class?
    3 Style 14
  40. what are some examples of what a graphic artist/designer design ?
    planning on being one ;)
    4 Money 15
  41. What skateboard deck is the best?
    Sup, what deck is the best deck, the lightest, the most durable? What deck should I get next?
    3 Sports 15
  42. Game designing, where to learn it?
    Does any one know a good place to learn about game designing
    2 Gaming 11
  43. Has God designed our personal future?
    Has God designed our personal future? If so, why do we pray for change in circumstances?
    10 Religion 24
  44. Cool hair designs
    I need some cool hair designs I have brown, frizzy, wild hair
    2 Style 77
  45. Salary for web designer
    Whatz the monthly salary of a web designer in india or other countries?
    3 Money 28
  46. Where to get a bicycle black ghost deck of cards?
    where can I get a deck of bicycle black ghost playing cards?
    2 Shopping 62
  47. How to become a fashion designer?
    I want to become a fashion designer.. but I don't know how to start.. I have my designs... how do I go about it..?
    3 Education 23
  48. Interior design
    Is it ok to mix and match a loveseat and couch, or should they be the same.
    4 Homegarden 31
  49. What are some free site builders?
    what are some websites I can build a site off of? like
    3 Technology 12
  50. Is there a name for the art of curled paper designs?
    like this pumpkin,,,
    4 General 5
    10 Style 28
  52. What is so great about teck decks?
    What is so great about teck decks? How do you use them lol!!! I have some but I just sell them at the skate park
    6 Sports 12
  53. Fashion design software
    does anyone know which is the better fashion design software? Optitex or fashion toolbox
    2 Technology 22
  54. Does masturbation negatively effect a body builder?
    hi, whats the effect of mastrubating on a body builder?
    4 Sex 82
  55. What qualifications do you need to become a graphic designer?
    What qualifications do you need to become a graphic designer ?? please help? xx
    3 Education 49
  56. Should I depend on a graphic designer?
    I've been searching for a graphic designer for XR, no luck at all since I started the search. Should I really depend on a graphic designer or should I design it all myself?
    3 Technology 19
    in the song whatever you like by TI it is in the chorus. what does it mean?
    2 Music 59
  58. Where to go Buy cheap designer clothes and shoes and bags in NYC?
    3 Shopping 11
  59. what are some cute designs to draw on your fingernails with one of those nail art pens?
    14 Style 58
  60. What is so special about a designer brand?
    i know they cost a lot but they ware out like any other brand.
    9 Style 37
  61. Is there a site where I can create customized cases featuring my photos and designs for my phone?
    2 Technology 6
  62. Art for skateboard decks
    I want to get my art on skateboards but I don't know how need help.
    5 Money 50
  63. suit life on deck
    where can I find all the suit life on decks without downloading besides disney channel.
    3 Entertainment 121
  64. Salary of a web designer in Google headquarters, California
    What is the salary of a web designer in Google headquarters california. Can a foreigner get a job there?
    2 Money 44
  65. What are the best type of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards for a deck?
    What is the best type of deck (Yugioh)?
    2 Gaming 16
  66. Deck paint or stain
    Which is the best for if I am redoing my deck outside? Deck paint or stain? In terms of longevity and cost. Thanks.
    2 Homegarden 41
  67. How to be a fashion designer?
    How do I become a fashion desiner when I grow up to be a very famouse person with a lot of money
    3 Money 16
  68. Who is your most favorite fashion designer?
    Mine is John Galliano. No need for explanation. =D
    7 Style 17
  69. What are designs for jean bags?
    i need help with a couple of things for my bags any body want to help me
    2 Style 17
  70. neck tatoo in cursive design, good idea or not?
    I been thinking about getting a tatoo on my neck that have my initials (IAM) in a neat cursive design is this a good idea
    6 Style 44
  71. Resume builder
    Okay I need a good site where I can build my resume for free,,thansk guys
    3 Money 35
  72. What makes a good fashion designer?
    I was just wondering what makes a good fastion designer. Plus I'm thinking that it could be a good career! :)
    4 Money 19
  73. web page design websites
    do you know of any free , non-downloadable web page design websites ? thanks ! - kaytee :)
    4 Technology 37
  74. Where can I take some eclasses to learn web design?
    I want to learn web design, so has anyone have any experience or recommendations for taking online classes?
    2 Technology 22
  75. What tattoo design should I get?
    ok im a juggalette... and im getting a tattoo I want a hatchet girl any suggestions??
    12 Style 50
  76. Is the Pratt Institute of Art and Design a good college?
    Is it hard to get into? Will it get me anywhere once I graduate?
    2 Education 20
  77. why people design products that cannot be recycled
    Ok I have to write a one page essay on why people design products that cannot be recycled. And I ned some help
    4 Environment 12
  78. How to write a profile for an interior design company?
    do any buddy out there can give some advice; on how to generate a company profile for a interior design & renovation company? Any website for reference?
    3 Technology 117
  79. Did God design DNA?
    Did God both design the deeply complex, sophisticated and astoundingly constructive code that is DNA, as well as the ten commandments?
    17 Religion 43
  80. Art & Design BTEC Diploma
    What careers would an art & design BTEC diploma help with?? and I already know artist lol xx
    2 Money 9
  81. How do I make designs around my eyes?
    I've been 'goth' for about 3 years and I am wondering how do I make designs around my eyes? like what would I use?
    3 Style 39
  82. Who can I get to design my college e-folio?
    I want some ideas to design my college E-folio to look like more professional and interesting.
    2 Education 9
  83. Does anyone know where to get dresses that look designer for cheap prices?
    Maybe even similar to this dress?
    7 Shopping 10
  84. Who's your favorite Designer?
    Ok I like Prada im like barely getting addicted to like Prada. Who do you think is the best?
    5 Style 13
  85. Virgo tattoo design websites?
    Any good websites ? Please help it's gunna be my bday present from my mom
    3 Style 18
  86. Need help with blog / web designer
    Is there anyone on this website that is a website designer that I can pay to make my blog look cool once I buy a domain?
    4 Technology 20
  87. What do guys think of girls who wear designer clothes?
    I love designer clothes! I was wondering what boys thought. I don't get a lot of boys either.
    3 Style 71
  88. Whats the name of the thing designers always use to make a dress and such on?
    It looks like a chest of a body...
    6 Style 28
  89. went skateboarding and I got mud on my deck
    So I went skateboarding and I got mud on my deck Am wondering If I wash it does it get messed up? If it doesn't get messed up when you wash it how and with what duld I clean it?Or should I just get a new one?
    6 Sports 37
  90. Web design
    I need to set up a website. Is there software that makes this really easy for someone who has had no experience with web design. I want it to look professional.
    11 Technology 26
  91. Where can I get my shoe design made?
    This may sound real crazy but the DC shoe I designed I am now wanting to get it made by DC or another shoe company,question is,who do I go to for this?
    2 Style 85
  92. Journalism or Graphic Design?
    Journalism or Graphic Designing, which one should I choose as a major? I love both, but I have no idea which one to choose? Which one do you think is better, can anyone help me? please & thank you =]
    6 Education 27
  93. Good fashion design or virtual baby games?
    I am soo boredand I want to know some good fashion design , virtual baby games to play online if you know any please tell me
    5 Gaming 79
  94. Can you get a deck of cards customized?
    is it possible to get a deck of playin cards customized? if so let me know where and if it costs a lot...and I mean like the cards you use for poker and what not
    4 Gaming 61
  95. What are programs I could use to make a design needed for a T-Shirt?
    I need to make a picture logo that I can print off and give to a company so they can make the shirt. What are some programs I could use to do that?
    3 Technology 12
  96. What job or degree would i be going for if i want to design or make plans/blueprints?
    ...for weapons, houses,items, objects, etc..?
    3 Education 9
  97. Do you think this is a cool design?
    I edited this DC shoe while on the phone with a friend,original color is orange - brown - and beige. What do you think of it?
    3 Style 13
  98. What's a good deck?
    I want a deck thats long lasting light and has great pop and wont easily break or crack what kind of deck shouid I get?
    2 Homegarden 20
  99. How long does it usually take to go to school for video game designing?
    i am thinking about going to school for video game design but i am not totally sure if it would be a solid investment for my future.
    7 Education 11
  100. What can I do to get my designs out there?
    I feel I've gotten better at graphic design over the past 2 months,crazy part is,I haven't gotten out there like I want to,how can I?
    3 Technology 35
  101. Tattoo designs
    I really would like to get a cute tattoo on my hip, but I cant decide what to get. Could you give me any ideas? Thanks!
    2 Style 13
  102. Where can you get a cheap designer purse?
    Where can you but a cheap coach purse or chanel purse? it doesnt matter if they are fake I just want a cute one that doesnt cost that much.
    8 Shopping 109
  103. Where can I buy a Pokemon skateboard deck?
    I have looked on Ebay and our NZ equivalent. I've also done some googling... There don't seem to be any around?
    5 Sports 61
  104. Does anyone know who designed the F.A.O Schwarz located in New York?
    (5th avenue) I can't seem to find it anywhere online :(
    3 Shopping 14
  105. How would you all design your own house, if money and construction were not obstacles?
    Use your imagination! I bet we could see some real creative ideas here.
    17 Homegarden 11
  106. How do I design a site that supports accounts?
    Pls help... How can I desing a website where people can sign up.. what software or resources do I need
    2 Technology 11
  107. I'm always looking for new tattoo designs. Any ideas where to look?
    Not the same old sites, give me uniqueness... Thanks in-advance.
    4 Style 32
  108. What's the best design for fake nails?
    Anyone know whats best desighn for fake nails Eg. Pink and white Or white with patterns Or gems ect
    4 Style 18
  109. Why is it only builders that like me??
    Uurghhh every time im out I get attention from builders, but no-one else. Do I have a quality that only builders like? Lol Uuurghh whats wrong with mee???
    2 Relationships 17
  110. What is the best college to go to for video game design?
    i am thinking about going to school after high school for video game design. games have been my passion for many many years and i have always wanted to make my own. i am all about personal design and would like to know where the best school is for vide...
    4 Education 12
  111. I have lots of clothing designs
    and I would like to start my own clothing line. But I don't know how to get my clothes made or anything. Where do I even start when it comes to al lthis?
    3 Style 13
  112. What are the best/cheapest skateboard decks on the market?
    (I usually just just chill on my arbor long board, but I'm getting into tricks and need a board that allows me that privilege)
    3 Shopping 22
  113. Where can I buy cheap designer clothes from?
    Does anyone know any good shops or online shops where I can buy cheap designer clothes from such as Jack Wills, Abercrombie and Fitch, Superdry., Hollister, etc. Thnx
    6 Shopping 21
  114. How...Interior designer qualifications??
    I am 13, and I was wondering what qualifications I would need to become a interior designer(A-levels, GCSE's) Also what subjects would I need to take in GCSE. Thanks. beth...x
    3 Money 19
  115. How to design a emo room?
    Well I'm redesigning my room and I don't know how to design it?? can any of you help me... I'm emo and the colours I'm going for are... "Black, Red, Neon pink, and orande" or maybe some other colours can you guys help??
    4 Homegarden 43
  116. Are there any websites where you can design a book cover?
    Are there any websites where you can design a book cover? For free w/o paying fo it?? Ask me for details on the book if you want to help me out w/ the name of it or to know more about it Thankx Dede2010
    2 Literature 26
  117. What are the owners and designers of FunAdvice up to these days?
    Are they living it up at a beach somewhere? Hard at work every day on a revamped version of FunAdvice? Or a mixed of both? Did they had to get "real" jobs?
    3 Funadvice 25
  118. What sort of materials could i use thats recyclable and cheap for packaging design?
    like bottles of facial wash, body cream, foundation?
    3 Environment 10
  119. Which job do you like best from these three: Chocolatier, Pediatrician, Interior Designer (read more)?
    + please tell me what you want to be, what your studying for, or what career/job you have right now. Thanks! =)
    9 Money 21
  120. Australian museums exhibition on dinosaurs are designed to be touch
    Displays I the Australian museums exhibition on dinosaurs are designed to be touched, offering visitors ___ experience. A.An Odoriferous B. An Archaic C.An Aural D.A Tactile
    2 Education 22
  121. Intelligent design
    Would you not consider dna basically *directions* or an *instruction booklet* made to tell a cell what to do, how to perform, etc.? Would you consider dna to be intelligent design? I know its a very controversial topic, what do you think???
    7 Religion 21
  122. How can I become a famous fashion designer?
    I am 13 and have wished alwyas to become a famous fashion designer.I want to design my own brand of clothes, makeup, shoes and bags. what do I have to pass in school to get this job and how do I get there.
    2 Money 38
  123. Why are keyboards designed the way they are?
    I mean instead of being alphabetically ordered. I prefer this way of course but I find it odd that the people who invented the computers, keyboards and other hardware didn't make it alphabetically ordered.
    7 Technology 59
  124. Cheerleading uniform design, like it?
    I want to open my own cheerleading gym And have teams and stuff one day Anyways here is a esighn I made for the uniform Is it ugly or do you like it Lol Be honest
    11 Sports 45
  125. Too young to fashion design?
    Hello!! I was just wondering, do you think that 11 is too young to already be dead set on your career choice?? PS- I know this is what I'm going to do when I get older.
    5 Money 16
  126. Would you use a digital rug that changes its design?
    A digital rug has been created that alters the design when someone walks across it. Would you use this rug, or do you think the novelty would get very old, very fast? Read about it:
    9 Technology 10
  127. What style of design to make my uniform look fashionable?
    I style of design should I wear to make my unifourm look fashoinable but still look like an unifourm. and what kind of hair style should I put mi hair next to mi eyebrows but still look differnt them everybody else.
    2 Style 51
  128. What are some jobs you could get if you went into fashion design?
    What are the top schools to go for? The only school I know of atm is the College of Visual Arts (Mn), 'cause I only recently started thinking about this.
    4 Money 18
  129. Nail Designs
    Im getting my nails done but I've run out of ideas lol what should I do? I get acrylics with the tips done. So I need something like a zebra tips etc.. Thanks :D
    8 Style 50
  130. FunAdvice Trivia: Which design was the first mid-engine supercar?
    A) Lotus Europa B) Lamborghini Muira C) Ferrari GTO D) McLaren F1
    5 Funadvice 10
  131. Web designer or information technology specialist
    Hi I just graduated form high school and I'm debating between becoming a web designer or an information technology specialist Give me some advice, which pays more, is easier, more complex, job environment, opportunity
    2 Technology 11
  132. What are some shirt design ideas for a school basketball team?
    I'm designing a tee shirt for my school's basketball team and I need a catchy phrase or slogan for the back any ideas? Our mascot is a viking. and example would be, go big or go home,-- stuff like that
    2 Sports 50
  133. Vinyl wood-look waterproof planks used on divine design
    What is the name and color of the vinyl wood-look tile used to renovate the urban loft bathroom and bedroom on the divine design show which aired june 16, 2009 in atlanta.
    2 Homegarden 48
  134. I need to design a logo!!!need help!!plsss!
    ok I started a clothing line and I need a logo and im having problems to think of a logo for it. so I was wondering if you can help me?give me some ideas plsss. ok the my clothing lines name is *Golden Armie* ...and know its spelled Army but I went w...
    4 General 11
  135. Barbie Designs
    I've thought of some ideas for a Barbie doll, and I've drawn them (theres 2, but I'm not going to give them away unless someone steals my ideas) and I wondered how I can get my designs through to Mattel, the suppliers of Barbie?? I'm surprised no-one h...
    2 General 43
  136. What do you think about my Sonic the hedgehog character design?
    It's the picture in my account picture frame. I always wanted to make my own. Now that I'm learning how to draw better in college I thought now is the time to try it. I had some refrence from the other characters and an online game. What do you all think?
    2 Gaming 36
  137. What T-Shirt or hoodie design should I do?
    December 18th is my best friends birthday and I want to get him a T-shirt Or A hoody. (Preferably a hoody though). I can't think of a design for him though. I want his last name on the Hoody He doesn't play sports, so he doesn't have a sports number so...
    2 Shopping 39
  138. Are there any free games online where you can design items and sell them in a virtual store?
    I would really like to play a game where I could design something, like clothes, accessories, or anything really. And then, sell it in a virtual store. The game must be free online. If anyone knows of anything that would be close to what I am l...
    3 Gaming 14
  139. How do I stop my ongoing obsession w/ teck decks?
    Today at 6th period,I bought a Teck Deck skateboard from a kid who sits next to me in class for $2,it was cheap I know,but now since I got home I have been getting obsessed with playing with the board and I don't want that at all. How do I stop this be...
    3 General 16
  140. What could I use as a visual aid for my presentation about being an interior designer?
    We have to do a presentation with a visual ad about the career we want to do when we get older. What would i use thats not a poster, brochue, or power point. (ex. for a doc. scrubs, doctor equipement)
    3 Education 32
  141. Which career would take me to a brighter future - graphic design or video production?
    I'm not in any of them for the money, more of passion. I haven't edited a video in 2 1/2 months but I have been editing photos more often but I'm not sure which would really take me to high lengths.
    4 Money 10
  142. Female Country Singer Music Video Piano Beach Sand Designs HALP
    There's a female country music singer with a video where shes on the beach playing the piano. And as shes playing, the sand gets some kind of designs in it. I think shes blonde, too. I know its not Julianne Hough - That Song In My Head or Faith Hill'...
    3 Music 250
  143. Do you think TSA went too far when they detained a pregnant teen because her purse had a design of a handgun on it?
    The Transportation Security Administration caused a pregnant teen to miss her flight because they were concerned that her purse had a design of a gun on it - apparently a federal offence. Too far, or within rights? Read about it: http://funadvic...
    4 Family 20
  144. How would I go about creating a tie dye design like this?
    I mean my plan was to di teh shorts in eitehr end but i want three colous, how would i do the middle part? liek where would i fold them and stfuff?
    2 Style 13
  145. Re-designing my Bedroom
    My bedroom is halfway between being re-designed. I have it in a mostly beach theme, but I want to make it shabby-chic too. The only things that can't be replaced are the bedding, which it white with sea-shell pillows, and the paint, which is blue. I'm ...
    2 Homegarden 42
  146. FunAdvice Trivia: Why was the Animal Crackers box designed with a string handle?
    A) For children's hands to hold them B) To turn them into fun mobiles when the crackers were gone C) To hang them on pegs, saving space on store shelves D) To hang them on a Christmas tree
    10 Funadvice 139
  147. Design on crochet
    I am making my teacher a blanket for her baby (a surprise for when its born), and its white. I started before she knew if it was a boy or a girl, and I made it white so it could go either way. Now I know its going to be a boy and I wanted to put his n...
    2 Homegarden 11
  148. What fingernail design should I do for my mum?
    Tomorrow I'm going to see my mum and I'm going to attempt doing her nails. It will be the first time I've done somebody else's nails, she won't mind if I mess up, it's all practise. But what simple designs could I start off with? I have the crackle eff...
    10 Style 34
  149. Where do I start to become a lingerie designer?
    My dream is to be a fashion designer, but just lately I have been looking at a lot of lingerie designers and have become really interested in starting my own style of lingerie, obviously I cant really do much now because I am only 16 but the earlia peo...
    2 Money 8
  150. How should I design this kidney camp shirt?
    Okay so I get to design a t-shirt 4 kidney camp 2010 bt I don't know what to put on it like a pic,slogan or something does anybody have an idea they want bright colors, and the name of the hospital is called le bohneur childrens medical center. Thankx.
    3 Style 21
  151. Help with designing a castle/palace?
    I'm doing a comic project and I'm at the stage where I'm preparing the setting. I need to design a castle/palace for it. I want to start by mapping it out with all the rooms but I don't now what sort of rooms I need to include. What are the compulsory/...
    3 Education 14
  152. How could I make a T-Shirt design from scratch?
    something similar to this: It's for the same band. I have until the end of the month to create it. I'm advanced at GIMP, know how to work Inkscape and I have Photoshop but I suck at it. I've never tried making this kin...
    9 Style 48
  153. Soon to be Fashion Designer!
    Ok so I have always loved fashion, it is my dream to make it real! So I have been drawing up some ideas and I feel that this one is one that is simple and with the right studies I can make possible. I need some help with the pattern and I do have a sow...
    6 Shopping 31
  154. What pants to use on Imagine Fashion Designer for DS?
    ok, so I have gotten past a lot of the things, but just help me on the military fashion one, it keeps telling me that my pants are wrong, I have tried almost all of the pants styles and cant find one that works, I leave them long and put camo prints o...
    2 Gaming 42
  155. Can you help me design a tee shirt?
    Me and my school's color guard want to make tee shirts for ourselves. I have a lot of ideas on how to design it, but I can't seem to peice it together to make it look cute. can you help me? I'd like the picture I attatched as the image. An...
    3 Style 55
  156. Are there any artists who could design my tattoo?
    I want a Koi fish with waves around it and cherry blossoms. Kinda like they've done on Miami Ink a few times, for anyone who watches that show. Maybe, If any of you draw when you get bored in your history class or sumthin. And if you could send it to...
    2 Style 12
  157. Who loves Designer Handbags?
    I looovveee them so much! I just cannot get enough. I collect them..and I have a lot so far. Some brands I have are : Coach; Louis Vuitton; Fendi; Gucci; Michael Kors; Armani Exchange. I probably will start selling them for cheaper then I orginally bou...
    6 Style 7
  158. Do you think it's okay for overweight people to go out wearing clothes designed for skinny people?
    Im going shopping soon for school, so should i stick with boring clothes that are safe but i dont like, or clothes that i do like and are fashionable (eg- tight tube skirts, sheer shirts and bandeuo, shrots, short dresses etc)?xox
    12 Style 19
  159. What are some cool design ideas for my bedroom?
    I'm thinking lava lamps but what else? ^-^ I like stuff that glows... lol (P.S The walls are white at the moment - for my colour scheme: anything that works except pink ahah. I like blue and purple just not too girly please. =3) But I'm open to any ...
    4 Homegarden 23
  160. new design of street drugs
    Has anyone seen the new design that they have for Bennies! (Bens, Nemesis, "poor mans E"). Its an amphetamine similar to Ecstasy, and their them in the shape of kids cartoon characters face. (Only one I could make out was Bart Simpson). They look just ...
    4 Drugs 21
  161. What are some unique music tattoo designs?
    I want to get a tattoo on my hip, like along the inside curve of the hip bone. Can you think of anything creative and unique, besides just the standard bass or treble clefs, or a music note? Something really unique that represents my love of music whil...
    4 Style 13
  162. Military outfit on Imagine Fashion Designer!
    I been playing the military outfit on imagine fashion designer for the past like four days and I can't pass it. I tired like every pant and every shirt I can think of. I even looked at some peoples advice on here and NOTHING works. I don't even know wh...
    3 Style 44
  163. Unsure of this tatoo design
    I know im nawt old enuff,but im alredi planning wht tattoo I get when im old enuff.I plan on gettin it th dai I move out ;] I was thinking of getting huge angel wings across mi shoulder blades,but nawt colored in.I just like th idea.will this hert 2 ba...
    5 Style 38
  164. How does intelligent design support your religion?
    There is a gap that creationists have so far not explained to my satisfaction. Let’s assume, ONLY for the sake of argument, that we have agreed that you all are right and the Big Bang and evolution are hoaxes. So from this point, how do I arrive ...
    10 Religion 30
  165. What designs can I do on my bedroom walls so they arn't plain?
    My room is bright lime green. I planned on doing pink and orange designs on the walls but cant think of anything that would look right. I thought abt polka dots but that seems a little child-ish to me. Im not really a girly girls but I happen to love a...
    2 Homegarden 22
  166. How do I design a web layout using Photoshop cs3, dreamweaver cs3,
    How do I design a web layout using Photoshop cs3, dreamweaver cs3, and/or Fireworks cs3? I've seen so many tutorial and time taking tutorial but its written instead of video. So I find it sooo hard to follow. 1) is there any tutorial on how to m...
    2 Technology 47
  167. How do you be a millionaire fashion designer
    Ok so heres my dealio!I am a sophmore going thru so much with my future and literally stressing about what I want to be which I already know I really want to be in the entertainment industry! Like I want to be know be a fashion desinger soo bad and a e...
    3 Money 184
  168. when was the liberty statue of N.Y build?
    4 General 13
  169. Free schoolarship
    How can I get free schoolarship to stydy design?
    6 Education 34
  170. How do you say "the time will come" in a different language?
    how do you say "the time will come" in a different language? please say the language and how it's said. I am working on designing a tattoo and that saying is very important in the design.
    6 General 18
  171. Friendship bracelets.
    Where can ifind different designs to make friendship bracelets ?
    3 General 43
  172. What is the best way to choose between things?
    I am applying for university, I am good in both industrial design and graphic design. The univ. only applies to one, how can you choose..?
    2 Education 48
  173. Solid Stain over Paint
    I have just finished painting my porch deck with Skid-No-More deck paint. Can I use a paint stain like Olympic solid color stain over the Skid no More.
    2 Homegarden 56
  174. what the proper English for this phrase is:
    My sister and I want to know what the proper English for this phrase is: Bob & Grace's deck OR Bob's & Grace's deck She says it is the first way and I say it's the second.
    5 Literature 48
  175. Tribal Tattoo Tshirts??
    Where can I find some awesome TSHIRT's with like tribal tattoo designs on them?
    3 Shopping 8
  176. Room ideas
    I need some room designs ideas that I can afford (between 0-200$)
    4 Homegarden 26
  177. where can I customize my keys?
    where can I go to get designs on my house keys??? I want to customize my keys...where do I go?
    5 Homegarden 57
  178. Where can I find a cute backpack?
    Where can i find cute backpacks other than lesportsac (I don't like the designs they got now)???
    5 Shopping 60
  179. What are you going to study?
    What are you going to study in college? I am going to study video and graphic designing :D
    5 Education 16
  180. where can I find a good site to make a subdomain for free?
    I really would lke if its one that I can design my own home page and background myself with an embed design.
    4 Technology 8
  181. How much would I make
    Once I get into the graphic designing career I know it may pay a bunch,but seeing I write songs,how much would I make with graphic designing alone,same with song writing.
    3 Money 22
  182. Burberry bags
    Is burberry a good place to get bags or accessories or coats? Which is better from there? And what are some really nice designers or just regular designers that sell large fashionable bags
    2 Shopping 21
  183. What was the population of an island in 1700?
    For school i gotta design an island. So in general what would the population be?
    4 General 12
  184. How much would you spent on a snowboard?
    I want a customize design for my snowboard. How much would it cost me?
    5 Shopping 14
  185. How do I make a website on the internet?
    How can I make a website on the internet for a product that me and my friends have designed so that we can sell it easier?
    5 Technology 23
  186. Why are geese so loud?
    so im sitting out here on my deck and... WONK! WONK! WONK! sooo annoying!!
    5 Pets 123
  187. How to change my profiles background?
    how to change my profiles background ?,,I want new design a colorfull one will do..:)
    2 Funadvice 8
  188. What type of fashion would you like in clothes?
    Designs,v necks,ruffels?=&?
    3 Style 45
  189. Where do poplar teens buy their pocketbook at?
    Where do poplar teens in hs buy their designer Pocketbooks at what stores and where do they Buy their clothes at the poplar and their boots
    5 Shopping 12
  190. Desinger bags?
    In Canada, Ontario; what stores can you find big designer bags at? thnkss
    3 Shopping 16
  191. Love fashion?
    so I love shoes and clothes... which are your fav designers for shoes, dresses, etc. thnks-!
    4 Shopping 18
  192. What kind of prom dresses do guys like?
    (color, fit, length, design)
    9 Style 729
  193. Tattoo top!
    I REALLY REALLY wanna get a long sleeve tattoo design top,like the Ed Hardy ones. I can't afford the Ed Hardy ones :( and when I searched them online they were all designer and designed by famous tattoo artists so they cost 100+ :( Does anyone know o...
    3 Style 16
  194. Which one do you like better?
    Which one do you people out there like suite life on deck orsuite life of zack and cody?
    5 Entertainment 20
  195. Code snippets in
    I have to do the distance calculation I located the two images in design page.there arise the problem!! How to calculate the distance between the two images in the design page.there is no need to bother about the height ,width etc... Pls ...
    2 Technology 55
  196. How do I put something on a tshirt at home?
    I printed out something I want on a t shirt, how can I do this at home? I don't know how to put the design onto a t shirt.
    2 General 59
  197. What do ya'll want to be when you get older?
    What do yall want to be when you get older. I want to be a fahion designer.(not older older but about the age of 21 or so.)
    11 Money 31
  198. Whats a good job for me?
    im an artist, but im only fifteen and don't want to be an artist for a job. I also do animation. im an art and graphics student. I design logos for companies. I was thinking illustrating? interior design? what do you think I should be? I want to consid...
    5 Money 45
  199. stupid car project. need paint ideas.
    ok in my tech ed class we had to make little cars and we have to design em. what should the design be on mine be? I have noo idea how to paint it. lol any idea thats easy plzzz
    3 Education 38
  200. Clothing Styles
    whats your favorite "type" of clothes emo scene holister ect. because I design a lot of clothes and thinking about becoming a designer what style would I make most money out of? and feel free to put pictures of what you like
    8 Shopping 27
  201. I started a clothing line...need help!!!
    ok I started a clothing line with a friend. I came up with some designs and need more but I've tried thinking of more designs for my shirts but its to hard to think of a new drawing/designs thats not been thought of. I need some ideas and advice. so pl...
    2 Money 22
  202. Does anybody know of a Paul Smith (read description please) ?
    NOT THE FASHION DESIGNER! A Graphics Designer, apparently he released a book called Fabrics, but I can't seem to find much on the internet about him. It's for a project I'm doing at Uni which we've just started and one of my tutors recommended him t...
    4 General 7
  203. What tattoo to get and where?
    I want a tattoo but what design do I get? x]? And where? =o (no not my dik T_T or @ss or anywhere near that area) :O
    8 Style 34
  204. What could I do at Ubisoft as a job?
    Because I am not good at drawing to be a good game designer but I do want to work in video games when I am older.
    3 Money 9
  205. Which one of these logos is the most appealing to you (photo link)?
    I had to design a few initial logo's for my multimedia class and these are some I came up with. Which of these do you think you will remember best? (The logo's are meant to be designed for "my" graphic designing company). I uploaded the picture into m...
    10 Literature 14
  206. What is a youth shoe size 6.5 in mens size is it 5?
    We are trying to design shoes on line my son wears a youth size 6.5 what is this in mens sizes
    2 Shopping 1011
  207. Where can I buy Louis Vuitton stuff?
    Where can I buy Louis Vuitton designer clothing and stuff? I wanna get my girl something special.
    3 Shopping 27
  208. What do you think about full back wing tattoos on guys?
    The design would be unique hand drawn before hand so it would not be like any other.
    9 Style 35
  209. How should I decorate my Bon Jovi Concert t-shirt?
    My friend and I are going to a Bon Jovi concert tomorrow night. We want to design our own shirts. We have iron on paper to print our designs on, but we don't know what we want to do. We thought about playing on the fact that its st patty's day, but ...
    3 Style 34
  210. who is your favorite rapper??
    im doing a survey for a project in my web design class and I need to know your favorite rapper, and your favorite song by that rapper. thanks
    4 Music 19
  211. Where can I get my shirts made?
    You see, I've got a few ideas or designs for shirts and pants and stuff. Only problem is, I dunno where I can get them made...
    3 Style 10
  212. What is this song and who sings it?
    Its on a commercial about designated drivers. Heres how it goes: You! You got what I neeed, but you say hes just a friend. But you say he's just a friend... Who sings it??
    2 Music 41
  213. mechanical engineering
    design an engine which can run 120km/h at a slope of 30 degree by taking mass of 1 ton
    2 Education 14
  214. Tatoos.
    I'm planning on getting a few tattoos when I'm old enough. I have what I want in mind.. What do you want for a tattoo? What design? And the meaning?
    7 Style 53
  215. which or these shows are kwool'r???
    which do you like better 1.thats so suite life of hannah montana or wizards on deck w/ hannah montana 2.suite life of zack & cody or suite life on deck or 3.thats so raven or corry in the house answer all 3 please and thank you!!!
    3 Entertainment 19
  216. What are possible art careers?
    I am really interested in a art career and I am wondering what types of careers there are other that Graphic Design and a Art Teacher. Thank you for any of your help:)
    3 Money 41
  217. art job???
    okay so im a teen. specifically 16 if that matters any. truthfully I cant be picky. but I'm interested in like a way to get paid to design things. I can do it myself. I have experience with spray paint designs and fabric. or I can sketch the desi...
    3 Money 24
  218. Are classes without grades a good idea?
    At New College of Florida students take classes without grades and design their own curriculum - good idea or bad idea, and why ?
    2 Education 48
  219. What do you prefer to have on your couch as display?
    What are some good cushion designs that give a calm relaxing feel to your couch and emphasize the welcomeness of your home?
    4 Homegarden 17
  220. How to start a magazine?
    once I'm done with the design and the planning period, how do I go about putting my plans into action?? any ideas or suggestions are appreciated
    5 Money 23
  221. Tarot cleansing
    How do I cleanse the energy from my Tarot card deck? I was taught to simply make a half circle of 7 stacks of 7. is that the only way?
    2 Religion 48
  222. what could i have as a business name including my first name, "Grace what"?
    .... i do music, makeup and design, i would have creatives but its too used these days
    5 Money 28
  223. How do I get zip-up hoodies for a fairly low price?
    How can I get zip-up hoodies (picture below) for $40.00 or less? (It can be any design, I mean anything)
    4 Style 35
  224. Exercise routines
    Do oyu know the best excersice routine for one week a new routine everyday? But not for body builders just to get healthier
    5 Nutritionfitness 10
  225. Why are women's clothes so uncomfortable?
    I wear medieval style clothes and men clothes so the few times I have tried wearing "Normal" clothes, I was disgusted. Do the designers not think about comfort?
    5 Style 134
  226. What jobs/careers could be good for a student of CADD?
    I am currently taking CADD (Computer Archtecture Drafting and Design) at my school, and it intrests me a lot
    5 Technology 32
  227. good ideas for tatoo's
    anyone know a good web site to look at free designs of tatoo's!? I would like another one :)
    4 Style 9
  228. How is a price set when you get a tattoo?
    Does it have to do with the style, design, size, time taken? Is there a certain scale? Or does it all depend on the tattoo artist and how he feels it should be?
    9 Style 24
  229. Why girls like colorful lingerie?
    Most of the girls I should say all of them like to wear colorful and designed bra, panty, or lingerie. Although these clothes are worned inside what's the cause of wearing colorful inner clothes?
    10 Style 43
  230. What's your hobby?
    Me and a friend are talking about our hobbies and it gave me this question idea,what's your main hobby that you enjoy doing? Me,I like/love editing and making photos aka graphic design.
    5 General 56
  231. what category is this college in
    i like video editing,graphic designing,audio editing,making videos, what kind of college would i go to in usa chicago like a name of a college?
    3 Education 27
  232. What are some good questions I should ask a college that's out of state(no visit)?
    It's a college for design :) Idk what to ask the lady and I need to call her back!! I feel like I should have some questions prepared :)
    3 Education 13
  233. The girls next door show
    Does any one know where I can get bedroom things like the bedroom things on that show?( re designing my room) Anyone know websites?
    3 Entertainment 12
  234. What game should I get?
    Ok I know this whole thing I am gonna ask is stupid but my mom got me a ds and is gonna get me a game...I like things with designing or weddings...what should I get
    4 Gaming 14
  235. Griptape for my board
    Ok so I bought like bright bright green griptape to match my deck. Do you think people will think its gay if I have green??? Would you use it for your skateboard???
    7 Sports 49
  236. What is the Other word of Creative ?
    I am jai. I am a creative graphic designer. So I am make a E-mail Like CreativeJai But that is no spot of my Name SO Please Help me.
    4 General 23
  237. Which is better for college, toronto or montreal?
    K im so confused. What is a better place to live for college, toronto or montreal? Ill be taking fashion arts or graphic design.
    2 Education 15
  238. I cant decide what career or course to do
    Fashion, Psychology, Journalism, I cant decide to be a designer, journalist, psychologist, teacher, any advice to help me chose please? x
    3 Education 17
  239. How much does hemp jewelry sell for?
    I made lots some with beads some without. Some are spiral, square not, and other harder designs..They are well put together as well. I don't know how much to sell them for.
    6 Money 159
  240. Is Glen Peloso gay?
    Is Canadian interior designer Glen Peloso gay? He is on "Take this House and Sell It!", "Resturant Makevover", and "Renovate My Wardrobe" (which is about closet organization not fashion).
    3 General 60
  241. Would you bathe in a bathroom with clear glass walls showing outside?
    This is just one of a few designs listed as "Extreme", Read about it :
    16 Homegarden 21
  242. Why are my parents trying to choose my life for me?
    MY PARENTS ARE SO ANNOYING AND OVER-PROTECTIVE. Recently, I had to choose my GCSEs and my parents basically chose everything for me. If there was something I wanted to do but they didn't want me to choose it they would try and talk me into it. I also h...
    5 Family 102
  243. how;;;help I dont get this math question!!!?
    oky I dont get this problem I know im like stupid so dont b callin me that stuff k :-) A rectangular pool has a width of 10 feet and a length of 20 feet. the deck that surrounds it is 2 feet wide, what is the area of the deck that surrounds the ...
    12 Education 42
  244. Picture frame grouping hanging
    On devine design, candice had a pattern to hang pictures on a wall and custom frames made of black to hang a families pictures, how do I find this system?, she did say was available.
    2 Homegarden 49
  245. How Could Evolution provide?
    How could evolution provide voiceprints and finger prints that are unique to each of us, and one of a kind? Without a superior intelligence behind the design, that we can't even fathom.
    20 Religion 37
  246. Lost in it
    I wanna major in entepentuing an fashion designing but I don't know which college has both in sacramento california I'm a junior in high scholl and I need to know do you plzzz help me!!!
    2 Education 15
  247. What can I do if a study photography?
    Hi. Well I would love to study photography but the thing is that I don't know what kind of job I can get with it.. Or if I study graphic design. Can anyone tell me.. Thanks
    3 Education 28
  248. Confused about future career
    Im sooo confused about what to take in college next year :( I love fashion design but its hard to get into and you only make good money if your famous, and I cant sew. I love fashion and art... So does anyone know what course to take in college that in...
    2 Education 19
  249. Where is better to buy tarot/karma cards?
    Ok so I was wondering from those who have it better to buy tarot or karma cards from a store or to order it online? Because I dont wanna get a bad deck if ya know what I mean. Lol ohh and some info on them 2,not really sure what the di...
    6 Shopping 17
  250. Does nicotine modifies your brain cells so you will always crave it?
    I don't know if that was a rumor or if it was real, but I think I read somewhere that when they designed cigarettes they altered something and once you smoke it it will alter something in your DNA to always crave cigarettes.
    5 Health 16