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  1. What's the best recovery from anorexia?
    6 Health 12
  2. I want to work online data entry
    I want to work online data entry
    3 Money 22
  3. How to recover lost data on a hard drive?
    How to recover lost data on a hard drive?
    2 Technology 70
  4. how do i do a password recovery for my windows live account?
    3 Technology 10
  5. What data cable do I use to program my pansat 2700a?
    What data cable do I use to program my pansat 2700a?
    2 Technology 16
  6. How can I save money and data usage when using my iPhone?
    2 Money 12
  7. How long will the recovery time be for a meniscus tear surgery?
    4 Health 12
  8. Can you send data from your phone to your laptop/computer without wires?
    9 Technology 18
  9. When my hard drive is corrupt how I recover my data?
    My hard drive is corrupt but its detect can you advice me how to recover my data?
    2 Technology 45
  10. I attached my I pod to pc and I tune sync. removed my data from I pod
    I attached my I pod to pc and I tune sync. removed my data from I pod now how can I get back my data ?
    3 Technology 80
  11. How long does it take to get a full recovery of severe breakup
    How long does it take to recover from a severe breakup ?
    3 Relationships 10
    want to start data entry at home.. please suggest any free site.
    2 Money 16
  13. Where can I find a free download files recovery software?
    Where can I find a free download files recovery software that I can download...can you give the software name or the website...tanks.
    2 Technology 18
  14. How do you say the word 'data' properly?
    (dat-ah) or (day-tah)?
    16 General 121
  15. What kind of Verizon phone should I get if I want a phone with a QWERTY keyboard but that does not require a data package?
    3 Technology 13
  16. whats data inn a lab report for biology?
    whats data inn a lab report for biology? [Google dosnt answer this] I tired sorry -.-
    3 Science 36
  17. Sue90: are there legitimate data entry jobs?
    hi sue please tell me is there any genuine sites for doing data entry job from home.
    2 Money 13
  18. How can I recover lost data on my video camera?
    I have a sony handycam, and it had all my memories on it. I accidentally formated it and it lost all its data.. Can I get it back?
    3 Technology 14
  19. Is there a geniune site to earn money doing data entry online?
    Does anyone know of any site which is genuine work at home doing data entry jobs?
    2 Money 37
  20. who knows if the new tmobile samsung gravity T has yahoo instant messenger included without a data plan?
    4 Technology 42
  21. Who is IAC Recovery Systems Ltd., they send me a notice?
    They say I owe , but they don't know my name.They come out of Colorado.
    11 General 56
  22. How do you delete files off your computer permanently without chances of getting them back through disk-recovery or anyway else?
    3 Technology 7
  23. LG KS360 Data Transfer
    How do I transfer photos and music from my phone to my pc? I've loaded the software but there is nowhere to transfer the pics!!!???
    2 Technology 74
  24. Can I buy and Data and Text plan without buying a voice plan for my iphone?
    I plan on getting a 4S but i wont be using it to talk, just to text and use the internet, So i was wondering, with Verizon , can i buy just the text and data plan?
    4 Technology 16
  25. Is a private enterprise recovery being ignored ?
    On the Economy: Could it be possible, we're crowding out a private enterprise recovery by doing enormous amounts of government spending to artificially prop it up ?
    3 Politics 18
  26. What exactly is a recovery CD/DVD for my computer?
    My computer is telling me my computer is in danger and asking me if I want to make a recoery CD/DVD. I was wondering was content would be on this CD. Would all my limewire/itunes files be on it?
    3 Technology 9
  27. Ipod touch is in recovery mode-what do I do??
    my ipod kept freezing up and it went into recovery mode. It says it'll erase all my "data". All that is on the ipod touch screen is the itunes disk picture and a usb chord. Has anybody had this problem? How do I get it out of recovery mode?
    2 Technology 46
  28. What are the chances of recovery?
    I had an eating disorder for about 18 mth. Then I was in recovery for about 7yr. Now I've been back in my eating disorder again for about 1yr. It's more severe this time and there's no sign of it stopping any time soon. I heard your chances o...
    3 Health 33
  29. May I purchase and Unlocked iPhone 4 on T-Mobile USA and maybe not want a Data Strategy?
    I am thinking about purchasing a unlocked iphone 4 for tmobile USA, but don't need to purchase data plan, but just use wifi, may the iphone function without the data strategy?
    2 Technology 22
  30. How do you sync your iPhone to a new iTunes account without erasing data off your phone?
    I can add the new music but it says it will erase my existing tunes! thats a big NO! Help please? :)
    4 Technology 9
  31. Currupted data :(
    I play pokemon emerlad with a visualboy on my computer..and anytime I battle the elite 4 an the games restarts it says the data is currupted an my saved file is lost .:( can I stop this from happening???...please help me...
    4 Gaming 12
  32. How can I recover the data from the USB?
    I put the USB in my computer and it worked fine I saw my 2 folders and everything inside the folders, but when I put it again the computer asked to format the disk to use it but I didn't do it because I don't to loose the data of my pendrive if anybody...
    2 Technology 18
  33. Is there any sort of post-recovery after laryngitis?
    Is there any sport of post recovery to do after laryngitis? Like athleats have to do physical trainning after getting hurt. I had laryngitisfor over a month and I am just getting over it. My voice is back but I is not as strong. Do I need to do someth...
    3 Health 22
  34. My laptop keeps crashing and I dont have a recovery disk.
    My laptops keep crashing my main one is newish from 06, it came with no recovery disk. Then when I have it clear every thing off it so its like I got it out of the box, it dosen't run the program. I'm acully typing this through a wii. You guys know wha...
    2 Technology 42
  35. Copying game data onto new pc
    hi my friend has bought a laptop today and it has Sims Life built into it. So being a bit cheap =) I would like to install the data onto my comp. Was wondering if anyone with some tech knowledge can assist me in transfering the program data or tell me ...
    3 Gaming 18
  36. Whats the deal with data processing ads, are they for real?
    Saw this is an ad: "data entry processors needed! Earn 3500-5000$ weekly working from home! Guarunteed paychecks! No experinece necessary! Positions available today! Register online" Is this thing for real? Has anyone actually done this? What is it al...
    5 Money 11
  37. Why does my 128 gigabyte Kingston data traveler flash drive keep corrupting?
    I bought a 128 gig flash drive online a while back and ever since i started using it it'll hold whatever i put on it for a little while but then it will corrupt or tell me i need to format it for it to work properly. So i must have formatted this t...
    2 Technology 36
  38. recovery after surgery?
    im having a lump removed in my armpit the size of a plum. im having it removed the reconstruction surgery after to make it look the same as the other arm pit . Unfortunately my work doesnt pay you when off sick so I was wondering how long will it take...
    2 Health 54
  39. What is IAC Recovery Systems Ltd. ?
    Today, I got an email from a company located at IAC Recovery Systems Ltd. 17165 Platte St., Suite 110 Denver, CO 80202 Fax: (303) 756-3400 Email: iacrecoverysystems(at)mail(dot)com but I can not find anything out about it. They are saying I am passed...
    17 Money 61
  40. hook up my phone to computer
    were to hook my data link cable up
    2 Technology 36
  41. Got a virus Cant install anti-virus, malware, Lost recovery disk
    Computer: Emachine Model Number: EL1200 OS: Windows Xp Problem: The screen kept going completely black, then it would pop up comand prompt, close it. Open it close it, and so on. Until it froze the whole system. I found out my mom has no anti-virus...
    5 Technology 42
  42. How do you backup your computer system?
    I have an XP laptop with a built in disc drive..what are the steps of backing up all my data..especially the data in my documents file..I have done it before but I forget.
    6 Technology 11
  43. What is computer memory?
    I know its a hard disk., and the data stored in it as a binary numbers.. But what is the hard disk technology? Is it contains transistors of flip flops? how the data actually hold by the hard disk and how it is retrieved?
    2 Technology 11
  44. How would youdescribe the status of the U.S. economy
    How would youdescribe the status of the U.S. economy - Prosperity, Recovery, Recession, or Depression?
    4 Politics 17
  45. What does this text from my phone company mean?
    You've used 95% or more of your included data. To learn more about data usage, visit Free TELUS msg
    4 Technology 9
  46. My ipod wont do ANYTHING!!
    I bought a used ipod(I don't know what model). it wouldnt turn on. plugged it into my computer and it went into recovery mode. but the screen on the ipod wouldnt come on. then recovery mode popped up again and again. and the ipod wont take a charge eit...
    4 Technology 9
  47. What are some good break-upish songs?
    I'm sad from a break-up... anyone have some good recovery songs??
    10 Music 11
  48. Where to download free backup software?
    Where to download free backup software? Hi friends I am in need to download free backup software as I worked on a very sofisticated data management system. Frequently I need to use the stored data in the dvd. But the dvd are not reliable to use. So nee...
    2 Technology 12
  49. What it mean when they say a apple dont fall to far from a tree?
    I'am in Recovery and they say their to people do you know what it means when people say, A apple don't fall to far from a tree?
    4 General 40
  50. Somebody control my pc how can I stop it?
    some time my pc internet stopped or very slow and data also theft
    3 Technology 47
  51. Is an ideological agenda being put ahead of the requisites needed f
    Is an ideological agenda being put ahead of the requisites needed for a national economic recovery ?
    5 Politics 11
  52. Can I buy a Verizon phone from RadioShack?
    Radio shack has verizon phones for sale for free when they are around $70-$150 on the actual verizon store website. If i get the same phone from radioshack for free do i need to buy a certain plan. because right now i don't have a data plan, just a bas...
    4 Technology 29
  53. Hard drive formatted! HELP!
    I accidentally formatted my haddrive. I don't have a vista installation disk or recovery disc. What shall I do?
    3 Technology 11
  54. What is the difference between a robot and an android?
    I have always wondered why Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation says, "I am not a robot, I am an android." What is the difference? Seriously.
    13 Science 180
  55. need help with scanning...
    I wanted to scan something and its not I have to install anything in order for me to scan a data or something? thanks..
    2 Technology 18
  56. How to set this up?
    My friend recently purchashed a laptop from Best Buy I think, and when she bought it they gave her 3 discs. 1. Applications and Drivers 2. Recovery Disc 1 3. Recovery Disc 2 She has no idea if she is suppose to install them or to just keep them in a ...
    2 Technology 16
  57. Remove Computer Virus..
    How do I remove personal antivirus?? I don't have a recovery cd or any money. :( I need help bad... please?
    6 Technology 19
  58. Are tummy tucks painful?
    Are tummy tucks painful? I was thinking it through and I really want to get a tummy tuck and some minor lipo... I just want to know if tthe recovery period is painful
    4 Style 24
  59. cell phone for internet help
    if i buy a blue tooth usb for my laptop and connect it to my cell phone that has a data plan, will i be able to get internet on my laptop from my cell phone?
    7 Technology 13
  60. How do I get my AOL Favorites back?
    How can I access my "AOL Favorite Places" after deleting AOL and then installing AOL 9.1 ?? All my "Favorite Places" information data are gone !! I am lost !! HELP !!!
    4 Technology 2549
  61. Wrist surgery
    I am going to have wrist arthroscopy to repair a torn ligament. What should I expect??? If anyone knows anything, about any part of this process and/or recovery, please answer.
    2 Health 17
  62. What can I do to help repair my lungs?
    I recently quit smoking cigarettes and am in the process of getting my lungs healthy. I am already exercising and all that to help restore them a bit. Is there anything specific I can be doing to help in this recovery?
    4 Health 41
  63. Why do you own an iPod?
    Why do you own an iPod? Music storage? Multi-fuctional? (data, music, photos, ect.) Social? (friends/family have one) Social Status? (increase or decrease popularity with friends/peers)
    9 Technology 11
  64. Meterology Essay...HELP!
    I got a essay I got to answer and google and my book aren't helping a lot. So if you guys could help me out;it would be greatly appreciated. There are four weather fronts used by meteorologists. List the four types. Using the following data,deter...
    2 Education 31
  65. Do I have to buy another product key for Microsoft Office?
    the product key box keep begging my to put the product key in but i don't have any product key. i did recovery of my laptop since there was a problem but now that it's recovered, my microsoft office isn't the same and a box showes up asking for the pro...
    3 Technology 20
  66. What do you think of Canada's pay-per-usage proposal regarding internet usage?
    ISP's want to enforce a per-per-use fee that will charge Canadians every time they download data (music, movies, programs, photos, etc), on top of what they pay for internet service. The government is stepping in to try and stop this from happening, bu...
    9 Politics 8
  67. Making editable PDF files so they can be saved
    I've created catalog pages with editable fields that can be filled in. However, they can't be saved by others that fill them in. How do I make my files so whoever uses them can save them with the data they enter into the fields Rich...
    4 Technology 45
  68. Does second hand smoke harm animals?
    okk, 1st of all I am not a smoker, but am just curious to this...I know it has been proven that second hand smoke harms/kills humans. I am just curious to know if second hand smoke causes cancer/illnesses in animals? Has any data or facts ever been do...
    4 Pets 10
  69. Does laser eye surgery hurt?
    I have to get laser eye surgery. My optometrist said it doesn't hurt, but I was just still wondering if it eve hurts a bit, like during recovery time or anything? Has anybody here had it? Or do you know somebody that has had it? Can you share your expe...
    5 Health 20
  70. I just can't think!?!
    Can anyone think of a type of graph/diagram for this data: sex: male female No. of people: 20 29 I can't really use a pie chart or bar graph, so does anyone know a different one that I could use?
    6 Sex 31
    Im 16 6'3 245 lb Im starting on the defensive line but I have been smoking herb all summer every day all day exept when at practice. Is there any way speed up lungs recovery ?
    4 Sports 13
  72. Who can give me some help on how to care for a child with a fractured femur?
    The child I look after has fractured her femur. She is very small, I was wondering if anybody could give me some information that would help me care for her when I am with her, and anything that could speed up recovery time, and just any info that coul...
    2 Health 15
  73. Math question
    I need to make a line plot with this data Range: 7 Minimum: 6 Median: 10 Modes: 8 and 11 But I cant think of one any help appreciated
    2 Education 37
  74. why has my ipod deleted everything?!?!?!
    PLEASE HELP... i updated it to 4.1 and it restored to default settings then deleted everything music/apps/videos/photos.. and all my game data on my apps have gone! i can't get them back can i? please please help? can't i undo what happened?? omg! help...
    5 Technology 16
  75. more psproblems
    I have recently downloaded some custom firmwares, but none of them work and they all say corrupted or unsupported data, does anybody know about any custom firmware, particularly fimwares that you use?and/or ones that will support final fantasy seven?
    2 Technology 15
  76. how and what to feed your children when they are ill?
    kid (between3-6) cry when he,s ill and dont eat anything at all,they must eat something for recovery,thats why i need help from any one who has answer of this question,it will be much helpful if the advice is from MOTHER
    18 Babies 20
  77. How do I migrate my Pokemon Ruby to Pokemon Diamond?
    Every time I follow the advice in the booklet about migrating my Pokemon from Ruby to Diamond the Migrate option does not appear on the main menu and my save game data is deleted on Pokemon Ruby... anyone have any ideas how to get around this problem?
    3 Gaming 46
  78. Are Self-driving cars really safe?
    Though data suggests that self-driving cars are a far safer option than human-driven cars, the consumers around that world find themselves to be unsafe while driving an autonomous vehicle.
    3 Travel 23
  79. Why is My ipod stuck in restore mode?
    Ipod Specs: Ipod Touch 4th gen. 4.3.x firmware Jailbroken The other day away from home I deleted that cydia app called Winterboard and after respringing all my apps and data were deleted for reasons unknown. I tried to restore it today but while re...
    2 Technology 17
  80. What do you think of schools in your area?
    We keep hearing about how bad American public schools are, but there is data to suggest it's not a national problem, more of a local problem. So whether it's suburban schools, inner city schools, or private schools, how do would you say the level of K...
    10 Education 24
  81. In need of employment
    I am in Nashville, TN. I am a convicted felon that needs a job. I am, contrary to what others say a good guy, in recovery. Where can I find a job. I really need help. A decent job with decent pay. I don't want to be rich but I need enough money to...
    3 Money 46
  82. How many people were at the "Restoring Honor" Rally hosted by Glenn Beck?
    The numbers seem to range from 87,000 from one news source, to around 200,000 - 400,000 from most other sources I personally believe that there were around 150,000 from the data I have seen.
    11 Politics 23
  83. How to connect my PS2 online with a DSL modem?
    im trying to connect my ps2 online w/ dsl modem! i get past the DNAS part! but it says"retieving data from server.please wait" then i get a message saying"you have lost your connection to EA servers." please help what do i need to do???
    2 Gaming 49
  84. how is college math?
    like for ged and high school theres Whole Numbers & Operations,Number Sense,Decimal Numbers And Operations,Fractions And Operations,Number RelationShips,Statistics And Data Analysis,Percents, Probability,Algebra, Measurement, Geometry, is it th...
    3 Education 37
  85. Why won't iTunes recognize my iPod?
    I've already updated my iTunes to the latest version, tried turning off my computer, and have tried pluggin in my iPod to every USB on my computer. I also tried putting my iPod into recovery mode but neither iTunes nor my computer will recognize
    5 Technology 12
  86. How do you get over muscle stiffness?
    My wife and I moved this weekend, and my muscles hurt. Everywhere. Is there anything I can do to speed the recovery, as I feel really stiff from lifting boxes, furniture, computers...etc. Is it as simple as "drink water and stretch?" or is there someth...
    3 Health 39
  87. How do I un-disable my 4th generation iPod Touch?
    I have an iPod touch, and my friends tried to unlock it so many times with a invalid passcode until the point were my iPod says "Disabled- connect to iTunes" But i dont have a charger/cord anymore to do that, is there any other way to un-disable it wit...
    3 Technology 16
  88. AIM Account Hacked
    I can only assume my account as hacked, as my password is no longer working and when I try to use the recovery function, my secret question has changed as well. Apparently the e-mail associated with the account is still mine, however, so is there any w...
    2 Technology 43
  89. What do I have to take in community college if I want to be a secretary?
    I want to work somewhere like a hospital, clinic, or anywhere that has a front desk or office. I want to do paper work, file papers, answer phones, enter data on computers, etc... So, what would I need to get a job like that.
    8 Education 61
  90. What do you think: verizon vs. straight talk?
    Does anyone know anything about straight talk? I don't know which to choose, straight talk from walmart, which is 45 dollars a month for unlimited data, calling, and texting, or verizon (same features) give me your opinion please! and lemme know if...
    3 Technology 58
  91. recovering my xbox live gamertag and email...
    well I can't remember the email that is attached to my gamertag and I was wondering if there is a way or recovering it without the email and in turn figuring out which email is attached to it... and advice would help... I know my password recovery answ...
    4 Gaming 289
  92. PSP Custom firmware
    Okay I need help putting custom firmware on my psp ( im new to this). I have official firmware 4.05 I tried doing it before but it said that the data was corrupted or that it could be read ( I don’t know maybe because I was using the wrong version) ...
    2 Technology 12
    Im 16 6'3 245 lb Im starting on the defensive line but I have been smoking herb all summer every day all day exept when at practice. II decided today to quit I have really no urges to smoke but my lungss hurt. Is there any way speed up my lungs recovery ?
    2 Nutritionfitness 23
  94. How can someone with a felony charge get a nursing license?
    I know someone who has a 12 year old class C felony charge. What happened was, he was drunk and someone came after him.He didn't start the fight, but he took it too far in defending himself. He has been in a recovery program and he would like to get hi...
    3 Money 87
  95. How can I get experience, if I can't get a job right now?
    I want to work at a front desk/office filing paper work, entering data on the computers, answering phones, scheduling appointments, etc... It doesn't matter where at, maybe a hospital, or clinic...anywhere that has a front desk/office. I can't ge...
    5 Money 39
  96. I'm having a laparoscopy in a few days, how can I calm down?
    OK so I've been having really bad pelvic pain for a while now and I've had heaps of Scans and Tests done but they haven't shown anything up so I'm having a laporoscopy in a few days and I'm really worried about it, any tips on how to calm down?and also...
    2 Health 9
  97. How many people in the U.S as of now are Bi-Racial?
    you know like mixed with black and white blood? I am just curious, I mean their has to be over a 1,000 am i correct..i'm talking about the whole United States. And does anyone know when the Census 2010 data comes out? Because is'nt that the place t...
    4 General 30
  98. What if I still think I'm fat after counseling?
    I was told that I was a bulimic 2 years ago, my weight decreased rapidly, I am 5ft7 and at one point I weighd 6 stone. Through the help of my nutritionist I am on the road to recovery my weight is now just under 8 stone, I still have cravings to make ...
    4 Health 43
  99. Why is "god" so cruel?
    I luv these religious debates. I know some have got sick of so many, but it's more interesting than "how pretty am I". So I was thinking... My fiance is dying of cancer...there's no hope of recovery. Obviously he is and will be suffering. He's even mo...
    22 Religion 104
  100. Something different to buy my girlfriend for her birthday???
    I want to buy my girlfriend a few presents for her birthday (obviously) but can't think what??? Over the last year I have bought her diamond neckless, diamond earrings, diamond ring, about 30 bottles of perfume, car activity data, lingerie, books, endl...
    5 Shopping 68
  101. how long does torn bicep surgery take
    I just found out i tore my bicep tendon which is attached to my shoulder, well not anymore, and i possibly tore my labrum but they wont know until i am in surgery. I was wondering how long the actual procedure takes, i know my recovery is 6-8 weeks in ...
    2 Health 48
  102. Facial scars
    I have a bunch of light/ shallow pimple scars all across my forehead. You can't really tell I have them since I wear make-up and have bangs but I was wondering if a light-moderate chemical peel would help. I know for some peels your face needs recovery...
    3 Style 30
  103. Is my sexual health clinic completely private?
    i am currently on the pill at a s3xual health clinic and not my doctors and i was wondering if i get ill and need to go to the doctors will the history or data be revealed/ be accessed at my docotors or is it completely private like they said? im not ...
    7 Sex 8
  104. Is evolution an observable fact?
    Several years ago, pope John Paul II stated officially that evolution is no longer a mere hypothesis. Was he right? - Before you answer, note that in contrast with a common 'theory' (a system of ideas intended to explain something), a 'scientific theo...
    13 Religion 29
  105. What is a tsunami?
    I have to do a essay on tsunami that has to be 2 pages longg. Kill meh ;d or just answer some of these questions pleasee.! What is a tsunami? What an example of a tsunami event. The location, date, death tol, efffects on types of resources, and the r...
    11 Environment 46
  106. New desktop help
    Im deciding between apple and hp. I would be using it for docs, itunes, movies, internet, and maybe a simple game like wow (I don't want any data being lost if wrote a book, so to say) I like appe because of its all in one design and safeguard a...
    4 Technology 16
  107. Why won't my iPod play songs?
    Any ideas? So, if I click on a song, it'll go to that song, then send me right back out of it to my playlist. It won't play any songs. The songs show up on my playlist, but don't play. It's been like this ever since I reset my iPod, because my 'lock'...
    4 Technology 13
  108. Can you help me with these lip ring questions?
    First of all I want to know how much does it cost to get one becasue im not really sure of it and I also want to know at the age of 17 do you need a parents approval/signature to get one?? And I also want to know do they hurt really bad and like what k...
    6 Style 88
  109. Hope Hearted
    This is a very special song for someone in need,it's called Hope Hearted Fighting through so much pain everyday I hate the way I live I just want it to be taken away from me Supported by so many but loved by more They must see the love in my h...
    3 Music 8
  110. Bluetooth Trouble
    I have a SUDIO bluetooth thumb drive thing that I plug into the computer and stuff. I have been trying to send music to my phone but it gets to around 50% and a box comes up and says :"Sending File Failed" But when I send a small song it works. How ca...
    4 Technology 27
  111. math homework =( need help!
    I dont get this at all! ok here is the instuctions "tell whether a scatter plot made for each set of data would describe a positive trend, a negative trend, or no trend THE questions... 1. amount of education and annual salary 2.weight and speed ...
    5 Education 15
  112. How do I fix my mp3 from playing so badly?
    Most of my posts regard my mp3 but only 1 person answers them. So anyways someone said my data is probably corrupted so I deleted all songs on there, scanned mp3 then but on some more songs and scanned them. They were fixed,ok but it still plays bad wh...
    2 Technology 18
  113. FBI loses lawsuit based on national security letter, then withdraws
    So, three times now the FBI has used a national security letter (NSL) to obtain information, and then was sued and the defendent one, under the grounds that the request was unconstitutional. And each time the FBI lost the lawsuit, they no longer bo...
    3 Literature 16
  114. How do I get a job as a secretary or office admin?
    I'm good at typing, I've taken classes on using programs like microsoft word, excel, access... All of that stuff. Using a computer, to me, is almost easier than riding a bike. So how do I get a data entry type job that will let me use my skills there? ...
    3 Money 9
  115. What should I do with my stupid iPhone??
    So I have this app it's called 'yak' everytime I try to connect without wi-fi it says: network error: YAK can not connect to the server, please check reception or try again later. Data roaming was totally fine last month then suddenly it just stoppe...
    4 Technology 43
  116. Wisdom teeth surgeryy!
    Ok so im guna have my wisdom teeth removed and I was wondering how long is recovery time? Because I have school starting school and I dont want to be swolllen So how long does your mouth stay all big.. & I have my tounge pierced!! Soo I kow the doctor ...
    3 Health 34
  117. How can I fix this game ?
    Okay, there seems to be a problem with my Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas video game. It'll work okay for like 5 minutes, then it just freezes up. The game play wont work, the audio stops, and if you pause the game, it will not get you to the pausing...
    2 Gaming 47
  118. How do you save all your messages from your sidekick into your sim card?
    So on May 31, T-Mobile is going to shut down the sidekicks & delete all the data .. I have 77 messages that I want to save I don't want them to delete... but I could only save 30 into my sim card which is weird because on the other phone I had in the p...
    5 Technology 18
  119. What store do you miss?
    Remember circuit city and borders its hard to think that they are gone. I really miss borders bookstore, it was a lot better and confy than barnes and noble when i took a coffee and singers and famous writers went to give autographs it was cool. Barnes...
    4 Shopping 45
  120. Why does Guitar Hero 3 crash the computer?
    Hi there I saw you were into computers so thought you might be able to help me, two times lately my comp has gone down{ I think prob with broad band provider} and each time it has when my son gos on his guitar heros game on ps 3 all the saved files ha...
    5 Technology 39
  121. Xanax Addiction
    I was previously addicted to Xanax and a few other things and went through rehab and now my doctor has put me on 5 mg of xanax 3 times a day. I'm going to be straight up and say I dont think I'll be able to just take the prescribed ammount. It's ki...
    8 Health 33
  122. What's a legitimate work from home job?
    I've spent hours looking for a legitimite work from home typing job, or data entry; and no luck. If I had the money these sites request, then I probably wouldn't be looking for work, Obviously...But there has to be some real free ones, that pay. Anybod...
    6 Money 28
  123. Does anyone have financial advice for this situation?
    6 Money 19
  124. How do I make amends to my ex-fiancé?
    For those of you who don't know I am currently in NA (narcotics annonymous). One of the steps in the program is to make amends to those you have hurt in the past because of your addictions. The main person on my list is an ex-fiance. I am very skepti...
    20 General 312
  125. Is it too early for pregnancy symptoms?
    hi my name is emma, just a quick question, I had an opperation about 4 weeks ago for tubical surgery as me and my husband have been trying for a baby for 4 years now,with still no luck they had to opperate to un twist my faption tube as they found thi...
    3 Sex 57
  126. Did we really need the government stimulus to incentive people to buy houses?
    It ended last month now home sales have dropped 33%, the lowest level on record...gee, even with historically LOW interest rates, without those government programs, NOBODY wants to buy a house right now. I'm really fed up with the idiot I helped put in...
    10 Homegarden 21
  127. having tonsils/adenoid removed..need advice.
    okay im having my tonsils and adnoids removed and my sinus passages shrunk a bit.I can handle some types of pain well and I did fairly well after having my wisdom teeth removed but im not shure on this one and im scared a bit because I have a fear of a...
    3 Health 104
  128. How to connect to the internet on my laptop via ethernet cable?
    My PC is connected to a broadband modem, and uses Windows XP. My laptop runs on pre-paid internet data and uses Windows 7. Recently I removed the blue ethernet cable from my PC's modem and connected it to the slot in my laptop. Immediately my laptop co...
    2 Technology 46
  129. How should I write this report? Need answers fast!-?
    Okay so, at my school all the 8th graders are supposed to be in the science fair and I never wanted to be in it, but unfortunatly we have to. So I team up with my best friend and we deside we want to do colored fire so we do two colors (white and yello...
    5 Education 26
  130. Why do you believe in carbon dating?
    Stick with me here for a moment, I do have a point. I don't believe the Earth is just 6,000 years old (or even 10,000 years old), and I'm a Christian... I do believe that much of the Bible is mistranslated or has been changed over time to fit an agend...
    7 Science 58
  131. Anyone know information about breast implants?
    ok, I have never been big chested, but then I became pregnant and decided to breastfeed. my breast got so big, i loved longer did I have to alter my clothes or look stupid because nothing fit me right..I looked great..ok, well now my little b...
    2 Style 120
    2 Money 53
  133. Facebook: you can check in, but you can't check out.
    So, I'm not very familiar with facebook. However, they are the second largest social network in the world, and backed by the CIA (Cental Intelligence Agency in the US, which has been definitively linked to both good & bad things). Something I found out...
    10 Technology 50
  134. History of Evolution
    Aol news today, reported a Volcano erupting in the Galapagos Islands, of Equador, and it gave the following notation: British scientist Charles Darwin developed his theory of evolution after studying unique animals on the Galapagos Islands. He notic...
    6 Religion 23
  135. Which country should I research?
    I must select a country to research, and I don't know wich country to choose!! can anyone give me any nice cool beautiful countries to write about these things: 1-describe the different seasons 2-main language spoken 3-customs and cultures 4-economic d...
    6 Education 102
  136. Why do we like to make supersized things?
    Around the planet, there are examples on an almost weekly basis - biggest choc bar, sandwich, hummus, etc, and that's without the mainly US examples of fixed objects like world's biggest frying pan made as tourist attractions to bring money to small co...
    6 General 15
  137. My computer needs fixed.. help..:)
    Okay, So I have A compaq notebook laptop, Vista.. Im pretty sure.. So any way..It got a virus, so my sister tried restoring it to factory settings 3 times.. then that really screwd it up.. So she put in a restore harddrive c.d from another computer,...
    5 Technology 67
  138. How to know if the rootkit is really gone from my system?
    I recetly got the (what I think was) the TDL3 rootkit/virus (a few random popups, CONSTANT redirecting from google links and computer lag) and avg never even noticed that the computer was infected. My dad usedthe CD that came with the computer to relo...
    2 Technology 86
  139. He is going through a rough time right now
    I have been talking with one of my ex-boyfriends for a little while now. We were very close for a couple of years, and then lost touch. Now we are back in touch with eachother. We recently were hanging out and had sex. His youngest brother was diagno...
    3 Sex 20
  140. What rehab program for a ruptured Achilles tendon?
    Hello Prof Kasey or anyone else I've read some of the advice you've given to people and really agree with what you say. I've recently completely ruptured my right achilles tendon, 8 days post op. Prior to this I was pretty active playing basketball ...
    6 Health 53
  141. My boyfriend and porn.
    Okay, so I've been dating my boyfriend for 2 years now, and we're both really good kids and all and waiting to have sex until we're married. He is however a guy and completely day we were in our happiness zone(making out) and he told me he...
    3 Sex 15
  142. How can I learn to run again?
    Im recovering from ACL reconstruction and internal fixation of a tibial fracture, the surgery was in October. Before the ACL surgery, I sat around 6 weeks due to my fracture, so lost a lot of muscle.I have now been given clearance to start running, an...
    3 Nutritionfitness 90
  143. Help/At what age should I spay my female?
    I have a 7 month old short hair dachshund. Her mama was ill and I bottle fed 3 of the 5 in the litter for 10 days to help with the mothers recovery. As a 'thank you' I was able to have my pick of the litter. From the beginning I loved the runt, I, even...
    3 Pets 56
  144. What do you think of my poem?
    I am in recovery for Bulimia, and I thought perhaps writing about some of my experiences and emotions might help. Please tell me what you think of this. FAT You live on my thighs, You cause my demise, You fill in my skin, And breed when you ...
    3 Literature 4
  145. What variables effect a steam/pressure can crushing project?
    I missed a week of school where, in my chemistry class, we did this great big project called the "CanDo Can Crushing Project". The basics of the whole thing is you take a clean aluminum (soda) can, put a little bit of water in it, and heat it on a buns...
    3 Science 92
  146. Do you believe in a god, if so why?
    I personally don't believe that there is any "god", I think if there is a god then he likes to watch us suffer. Because we are taught that one man and one women are to get together and live happily ever after, BUT, There are more men than women of dat...
    11 Religion 25
  147. I don't have much support in getting over Bulimia
    Basically I had Bulimia for over a year and every week I go to a doctor (I've been going to her for about 6 months now). I know well that the recovery from an eating disorder is long and that it takes a lot of time, however my parents (expecially my mu...
    4 Health 22
  148. Does anyone have a spiritual relationship with leaders from Church?
    Does anyone have a spiritual relationship with leaders from church? I can tell you, I do! I love my church leader for he's kind, caring, and is concerned for everyone's spiritual well-being including mine. He won't judge or anything. If you have someth...
    2 Religion 23
  149. What should I do?
    Im 20 years old, and have 1.5 years left in college. Im engaged to a wonderful man, and planning to get married next december (2011). I recently found out that i have a condition that can cause infertility, or extreme difficulty becoming pregnant. I a...
    4 Sex 15
  150. How can I stop creeping this girl out with my mark-changing?
    To start off, I'm a programmer. I'm 18 years old and in grade 12. I have hacked my school computer data and can change any marks I want and read on all the possible informations on other teachers and school. Now, I happen to like this girl so I found ...
    7 Education 81
  151. How do I say goodbye to my baby Zoe ...
    My baby Zoe came into my life when she was only 4 weeks old. When I saw her I instantly fell in love and new she was a special kitten. She turned out to be the world to me. On Christmas Eve she was diagnosed with an aggressive tumour in her leg, I no...
    10 Pets 31
  152. How is this possible?
    Just a little Update on this situation, before I ask my real questions! I have a tiny Chihuahua named Zoe! She weighs 3.5 pounds. She is almost 2 years old. Six months ago, Zoe was diagnosed with Liver Disease, through some bloodwork she had done, when...
    8 Pets 23
  153. Computer Science VS Information Technology
    Computer Science VS Information Technology Undecided Course: Computer Science VS Information Technology - Which is better in, Job opportunity, etc? HI, Im A Freshman ( Undergraduate ), 19 Years Old, From Middleast (Saudi Arabia ) Who Wants To Take...
    4 Education 64
  154. Who thinks I should get this Toshiba laptop, I really like it?
    From Toshiba comes a portable powerhouse you can take with you anywhere you go. The 14.0" Satellite L645D laptop PC comes to you loaded with all the advanced features you expect from Toshiba. An AMD Athlon II P320 processor and 3GB of memory keep your ...
    13 Technology 35
  155. Could someone give me some help on my personal statement?
    This is for my application to university. You may not be a University admissions officer or an expert in psychology (if you are that's a bonus) but if you could give me any tips on how to improve this then it would be great. There may be a few grammati...
    6 Sex 29
  156. To clear up errors with atheists
    Hey, I am trey, I have no problems with atheist, I just want to clear things with them ( this is optional) I made a list of proof that god exist 1. "god" means "creator of the physical universe." 2. Time passes, from the past, into the p...
    16 Religion 45