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  1. What are communication skills?
    what are communication skills
    3 Relationships 16
  2. How do cats communicate?
    How do cats communicate?
    2 Pets 20
  3. What data cable do I use to program my pansat 2700a?
    What data cable do I use to program my pansat 2700a?
    2 Technology 16
  4. how to improve communication skills?
    4 Education 25
  5. Can I use tire cables in wa?
    Can I use tire cables in wa?
    2 Technology 8
  6. How to communicate with a ghost-spirit?
    How to communicate with a ghost-spirit?
    5 Religion 38
  7. What do you like better, satallite or cable?
    14 Technology 23
  8. Which cable company has a package with all the channels?
    3 Entertainment 17
  9. How to recover lost data on a hard drive?
    How to recover lost data on a hard drive?
    2 Technology 70
  10. I want to work online data entry
    I want to work online data entry
    3 Money 22
  11. Does it have to be a specific cable to hook up the printer or it can be any USB?
    4 Technology 20
  12. What are some methods that mute people use to communicate?
    2 General 59
  13. What is Larry The Cable Guy's real name?
    2 General 55
  14. Do I need to have cable to buy a lcd or plasma.
    Do I need to have cable to buy a lcd or plasma, or I dont need cable for this.
    2 Technology 12
  15. How did Adam and Eve communicate with each other if there had not be any human being before them?
    26 Religion 101
  16. whats a better service AT&T | DISH or T.W cable?
    whats a better service AT&T | DISH or T.W cable?
    4 Technology 7
  17. What is the average cost of digital cable tv, and internet?
    What is the average cost of digital cable tv, and internet?
    2 Shopping 149
  18. What kind of cable do I need to connect my desktop to my LCDTV?
    What kind of cable do I need to connect my desktop to my LCDTV?
    3 Technology 101
  19. Who is funnier? Larry the cable guy or bill engvill?
    Who is funnier! Larry the cable guy or bill engvill?
    4 Entertainment 20
  20. How can I save money and data usage when using my iPhone?
    2 Money 12
  21. Where can you work if you majored in business and communications?
    can you work at a bank, be a teacher?
    6 Money 9
  22. How do we communicate with each other if whole electronic system gets destroyed?
    5 Technology 77
  23. Can you send data from your phone to your laptop/computer without wires?
    9 Technology 18
  24. When my hard drive is corrupt how I recover my data?
    My hard drive is corrupt but its detect can you advice me how to recover my data?
    2 Technology 45
  25. Where do I get a USB cable?
    I have a action replay but I dont have a USB cable. Where do I get one?
    2 Gaming 9
  26. Where can I find a 100ft ethernet cable so i can get Xbox Live?
    6 Shopping 50
  27. move pictures in my cell phone to my laptop via a USB cable
    how do I move pictures in my cell phone to my laptop via a USB cable
    3 Technology 216
  28. What is Communication Technology?
    Hey I got a presentation about Communication Technology. What is a good informative website?
    2 Technology 11
  29. How do I add photos to cell from pc without usb cable.
    How do I add photos to cell from pc without usb cable. .and no camphone
    4 Technology 44
  30. I attached my I pod to pc and I tune sync. removed my data from I pod
    I attached my I pod to pc and I tune sync. removed my data from I pod now how can I get back my data ?
    3 Technology 80
  31. How come my Droid doesn't recognize that the USB cable is connected to the computer?
    3 Technology 12
  32. how would groups online affect the internet and communication in specific communites?
    2 General 12
  33. What do I do if my boyfriend has poor communication skills with just me?
    He can carry on with everyone else but just not me. It's crazy.
    4 Relationships 128
  34. How do I communicate with my dead friend?
    I miss her allot :"( She died In a car crash In 2010 :"(
    14 Religion 57
  35. Can a 2001 Volkswagen Jetta alternator be checked by disconnecting the positive battery cable?
    5 Cars 40
  36. What's the hardest and easiest way to communicate?
    What do you think is the hardest and easiest way to talk to a person..By Email/IM, by Phone, or In person??? and why
    2 Technology 38
  37. How does the USB cord work from a PC to cable?
    how does your USB cord work from your computer to your cable box? can you access the internet with it hooked up?
    3 Technology 39
  38. possible to buy a reaaally long ethernet cable for my ps3
    is it possible to buy a reaaally long ethernet cable for my ps3... around 30 feet long?
    3 Shopping 43
    want to start data entry at home.. please suggest any free site.
    2 Money 16
  40. How to upload photos when I don't have the cable?
    I lost the cable for my phone to upload photos from my phone onto the comp. Is there any other way I can do it? I can't ask a friend.
    4 Technology 12
  41. whats data inn a lab report for biology?
    whats data inn a lab report for biology? [Google dosnt answer this] I tired sorry -.-
    3 Science 36
  42. How much is a crosslink cable
    How much money is a crosslink cable? its like an ethernet cable only it hooks two computers or devices and shares the network.
    2 Technology 42
  43. What kind of Verizon phone should I get if I want a phone with a QWERTY keyboard but that does not require a data package?
    3 Technology 13
  44. USB cable to connect Nokia to PC?
    Where can I get a usb cable that will connect my new nokia to my pc?! It didn't come with one...CHEAPSKATES!!!
    4 Technology 70
  45. What is a good way to try and communicate with someone of another language when neither one of you understand the language of the other?
    10 General 58
  46. How do you say the word 'data' properly?
    (dat-ah) or (day-tah)?
    16 General 121
  47. Can you communicate with a dead person?
    hey guys how does one communicate with a lost one , dead person ! can one contact them on one's own or must you go to someone ?
    3 General 57
  48. How can I modify a printer cable?
    Can I take a printer usb cable and an ethernet cable an put them together to make one cable? So I can plug my printer into my router and make it work?
    2 Technology 12
  49. Sue90: are there legitimate data entry jobs?
    hi sue please tell me is there any genuine sites for doing data entry job from home.
    2 Money 13
  50. How to start communication
    I want to know some tips for start a relation with a girl,what should I do to have good impression on her and make her likes me?
    2 Relationships 17
  51. How can I recover lost data on my video camera?
    I have a sony handycam, and it had all my memories on it. I accidentally formated it and it lost all its data.. Can I get it back?
    3 Technology 14
  52. Is there a geniune site to earn money doing data entry online?
    Does anyone know of any site which is genuine work at home doing data entry jobs?
    2 Money 37
  53. who knows if the new tmobile samsung gravity T has yahoo instant messenger included without a data plan?
    4 Technology 42
  54. Which is better - Comcast or Quest (dish network cable)?
    pros and cons of each? internet cable and phone. (qwest cable is actually dish network) good/bad experiences with either?
    2 Entertainment 16
  55. S-video cable for laptop to TV
    I have an S-video cable and I am trying to hook my laptop up to my tv so I can see whats on my laptop on the tv screen. Do I just need the S-video cable or do I need some type of software to make this work?
    2 Technology 42
  56. No cable until 1st of July
    It's quite disappointing cause our cable was fully turned off and we won't be able to get cable again until July first,what can I do to kill and speed up time?
    5 Entertainment 14
  57. communication help
    my communication skills are poor. I dont know how to talk to people really. my vocabulary is poor.. what can I do to improve? books? anything?!
    2 Relationships 7
  58. What is a wireless ethernet cable for a ps3?
    Is there a wireless ethernet cable? If so how can I get one because I need it for my new ps3 that I got and I want to be able to play on-line!!!
    2 Gaming 40
  59. How can someone connect to XboX live with just a laptop, and a ethernet cable. btw i also have AOL internet service wirelessly?
    2 Gaming 38
  60. How much damage do you think Wikileaks is going to cause to the United States government, with the secret US Embassy Cables?
    5 Politics 12
  61. LG KS360 Data Transfer
    How do I transfer photos and music from my phone to my pc? I've loaded the software but there is nowhere to transfer the pics!!!???
    2 Technology 74
  62. How would I raise my vibrational enegry levels so I can see and communicate with ghosts?
    Any steps, storys ex would be helpful :) Thanks!
    7 Religion 20
  63. Communication problem
    im terrible at conversations, especially with my boyfriend cause I freeze up and my mind goes blank. any tips on conversation?
    2 Relationships 9
  64. Can I buy and Data and Text plan without buying a voice plan for my iphone?
    I plan on getting a 4S but i wont be using it to talk, just to text and use the internet, So i was wondering, with Verizon , can i buy just the text and data plan?
    4 Technology 16
  65. What are cables and conductors and their difference?
    pls guys help me with the difference between cable and conductor, it should be base electrical engineering. Pls i need it now cos im going to submit it tomorrow.
    2 Technology 16
  66. Question about Fun Mail communication.
    Can members communicate through e mail or through instant messaging on this site. I just became a member and do not know a lot about this site yet. Thank you for any answers in advance.
    4 Funadvice 42
  67. What can I do to stop my boyfriend from communicating with the ex ?
    I have been with my boyfriend for two years,he has a baby but he lied mi about the baby's mother after a while he told me that his ex girlfriend is the mother. For him he wants to be with two wives which I dont want.
    4 Relationships 33
  68. Where can I get my hands on a good Cat-6 cable stretcher?
    I have a bunch of 3 foot cables and I want to make them 6 foot cause they are worth more. I feel if I do this I could have the cable stretcher paid off in no time.
    8 Technology 43
  69. May I purchase and Unlocked iPhone 4 on T-Mobile USA and maybe not want a Data Strategy?
    I am thinking about purchasing a unlocked iphone 4 for tmobile USA, but don't need to purchase data plan, but just use wifi, may the iphone function without the data strategy?
    2 Technology 22
  70. Pros and Cons of underground and overhead cables
    I have to make a poster thats in for tomorrow about the pros and cons of overhead and underground cables!!! Does anyone know what they are??? I cant find much info anywhere!! Thanks Becz x
    2 Education 632
  71. How do you sync your iPhone to a new iTunes account without erasing data off your phone?
    I can add the new music but it says it will erase my existing tunes! thats a big NO! Help please? :)
    4 Technology 9
  72. What will be the best form of communication?
    Ok. What will be the best form of communication after internet, cell phones and satilites go down? Im thinking am radio or morse code transmitions. Just wanna know because I want to be prepared for that time.
    2 Technology 9
  73. Do you believe that parenting using "fear" is better or parenting using communication and teaching responsibility is better?
    For instance, is it better to scare your teen into thinking you will kick them out of the house if they do something bad, or is it better to have open communication and teach them about consequences. I personally dont believe in teaching with fear.
    10 Family 43
  74. Currupted data :(
    I play pokemon emerlad with a visualboy on my computer..and anytime I battle the elite 4 an the games restarts it says the data is currupted an my saved file is lost .:( can I stop this from happening???...please help me...
    4 Gaming 12
  75. Why the news tell me that i can lose my cable service if im paying for it?
    I have to wait until eleven tonight to know, but if im paying for that service, why they will cut my cable the news never say something good to hear like there would be a better service. News are always bad news.
    3 Technology 25
  76. No Communication. What can I do?
    Well to me communication is important, I love to text and spend time with friends. This girl I like however is very hard to contact, she has a phone and everything but doesn't use it much and is busy a lot of the time so hard to communicate with her. I...
    3 Relationships 15
  77. Is there anyway to improve my communication skill?
    actually when I'm about to explain something to someone,I have pretty much things to explain but can't just easily come out. I don't understand why this could be happening. Does anyone know what's wrong with me?
    3 General 19
  78. Should i study communication and media or marketing?
    Anyone whos got info about either of these studies (or job prospects) please share! I need to know a bit more about these fields from some different perspectives. Thanks!
    2 Education 14
  79. What does it mean when someone says that they have cable television?
    I know it sounds like a strange and stupid question, but in my country we have 3 varients of television you can get depending on what you can affort, normal, m-net and DSTV. What is cable, what else do you guys have except for cable and is it more expe...
    6 Entertainment 123
  80. How to hook up PS3 internet useing ethernet cable?
    how do you hook up the PS3 to the internet useing the ethernet cable? Apparently it has to go in a LAN port, well my modem only has one LAN port and its being used by my computer of course... Does your computer have to be online at the same time to...
    3 Technology 295
  81. How can I recover the data from the USB?
    I put the USB in my computer and it worked fine I saw my 2 folders and everything inside the folders, but when I put it again the computer asked to format the disk to use it but I didn't do it because I don't to loose the data of my pendrive if anybody...
    2 Technology 18
  82. What do I do when communication doesn't work?
    My husband has a low sex drive. We have talked about it and he always promises to do something about it but he never does! I don't think he's cheating on me. I don't want to bring up the issue too often as I'm afraid it will hurt he's ego! What can I do?
    2 Sex 20
  83. if I have basic cable I still need the converter for dtv or not.
    the building where I live has basic cable I dont have many channels but I have a few channels like tv guide, tbs, tnt , food channel from time warner but im not sure if this is enough or I still need the converter for dtv any answer is welcome thank ...
    2 Technology 16
  84. Why don't people communicate with their mouths more?
    My aunt wasnted me to move something so she can put her drink down on the like side table by the sofa and my drink was there. But, I was moving and picking up other things and I looked over at my aunt and she's waving away my drink. like saying with ...
    6 General 14
  85. What are some interesting themes you think i could do for my communication studies school based assessment?
    I want something that people will be interested to listen to and want to know about, something unusual. Any help please? I really want to do well. I'm not so good when it comes on to creativity. The theme should be wide. Thank you...
    3 Education 20
  86. Copying game data onto new pc
    hi my friend has bought a laptop today and it has Sims Life built into it. So being a bit cheap =) I would like to install the data onto my comp. Was wondering if anyone with some tech knowledge can assist me in transfering the program data or tell me ...
    3 Gaming 18
  87. What are some interesting themes you think i could do for my communication studies school based assessment?
    I want something that people will be interested to listen to and want to know about, something unusual. Any help please? I really want to do well. I'm not so good when it comes on to creativity. The theme should be wide. Thank you...
    2 Education 16
  88. Can I file a complaint if I believe the cable technician stole something from me?
    I have searched my room from top to bottom for my phone's USB cord that hooks it up to my laptop, but I can't find it anywhere. The only possibility is, the cable company Charter in Victorville's technician stole it from my desk because it never leaves...
    4 Politics 50
  89. verbal communication or hand written better for a relationship
    which 1 is better for a relationship . verbal communication or hand written meaning if you had to choose 1 or the other liike if you are dating someone and you chose verbal you can't decide to write them 1 day because you wont get a response . & if ...
    2 Relationships 18
  90. Whats the deal with data processing ads, are they for real?
    Saw this is an ad: "data entry processors needed! Earn 3500-5000$ weekly working from home! Guarunteed paychecks! No experinece necessary! Positions available today! Register online" Is this thing for real? Has anyone actually done this? What is it al...
    5 Money 11
  91. Do you think she's going to steal my topic for communication class? (read more)
    this grl in my communication class said what will i be doing for my topic and i said it and she sound so fascinated in it, when a girl asked her what shell be doing she looked at me and said don't know yet. I feel like she might snatch it cause shes re...
    9 Education 32
  92. hook up my phone to computer
    were to hook my data link cable up
    2 Technology 36
  93. Communicating with a spirit?
    For a while now I knew that there was a spirit following me. I came across a website the other day that said to use a pendulum to communicate. So far, it has worked, and I trust its guidance. Has anyone here experienced this? Here are some things I kno...
    2 Religion 16
  94. Why won't my LG USB cable work anymore?
    I have had my cellphone LG KS360 for about 6 months and my USB cable worked fine. But suddenly 2 weeks ago I got: found new hardware wizard. And it says that I have to put in something were it came from or it's CD but sin it actually doesn't need a CD ...
    2 Technology 51
  95. lack of communication skills
    hey I have issues communicating I just have nothing to talk about. can somebody give me like a list of what kinds of things I can bring up when im in a crowd? like I usually just keep my mouth shut but I do want to talk I mean everybody seems to have s...
    2 Relationships 46
  96. Why does my 128 gigabyte Kingston data traveler flash drive keep corrupting?
    I bought a 128 gig flash drive online a while back and ever since i started using it it'll hold whatever i put on it for a little while but then it will corrupt or tell me i need to format it for it to work properly. So i must have formatted this t...
    2 Technology 36
  97. How to connect to the internet on my laptop via ethernet cable?
    My PC is connected to a broadband modem, and uses Windows XP. My laptop runs on pre-paid internet data and uses Windows 7. Recently I removed the blue ethernet cable from my PC's modem and connected it to the slot in my laptop. Immediately my laptop co...
    2 Technology 46
  98. How can I communicate with my dad?
    Ok so I pretty much hate my dad. Hes horrible and cruel, he yells all the time, he jumps to conclusions, hes completely disgusting, purposefully embarrassing, and worst of all he's horrible to my mother who I love dearly. He wont listen to me! every ti...
    2 Family 55
  99. How can I get my boyfriend to communicate better?
    4 Relationships 168
  100. Communicating through the mind?
    A week ago, when I was about to go to sleep, I had a feeling my friend was going through life troubles..even though I hadn't talked to him in a long while. I said a prayer, and asked to help him. Then I said "be strong" out loud, as if talking to him i...
    8 Religion 58
  101. What is she trying to communicate to me by looking at me?
    Yesterday a girl from a different school to mine was waiting with me for a late bus. I noticed her when she came, because she was quite attractive. We were about 5 metres apart, and both facing forward towards the road. I looked over in her direction a...
    2 Relationships 37
  102. communication issues.
    My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years now. We just moved into our first apartment and Im kind of having a small issue that I dont know how to bring up. I am a full time student from 8am-3pm, so Im currently unemplyed. He works mostly in...
    3 Relationships 13
  103. Native American Communication
    I was wondering, when European settlers first came to America, how did they communicate with the Native Americans if they spoke different languages. I always see Native Americans in historical films talk in English. There names were even in English l...
    2 General 57
  104. Communacation Skill ?
    How To Develop Good Communication Skill ?
    4 Education 12
  105. How to belive your life
    Are you satisfy by the communication of the atheres
    2 General 17
  106. Communicating with my son's mother
    ok,I recently stopped drinking I was a heavy drinker,I lost my job,and and havnt seen my 4 year old son in three months,I do not have any child support for him and im sure his mother is going crazy wondering where I am,but im now 2months sober and look...
    7 Family 10
  107. What is the concept of language?
    Based on a communication studies question
    3 Education 8
  108. What kind of internet connection do you have?
    What speed do you have, and is it fiber, cable or what?
    10 Technology 26
  109. Early settlers
    How did the early settlers communicate with the native americans... They didn't speak the same language, how did they get things accross.. How did they get their communication accross...
    2 Education 62
  110. Communication Skills
    Iam 35+ and working as software professioanl from past ten years. In this period I have worked for many organizations and I have never make a good career in any of the company due to lack of problems. I have never worked in any of the company for more ...
    4 Money 21
  111. Can I just pay for the internet by itself?
    Can I just pay for the internet alone, or do I have to add it to my phone or cable bill?
    2 Technology 53
  112. What kinds of jobs can I get while in the National Guard?
    I was talking to a friend of mine at my church 2 weeks ago, and he only mentioned Communications. What other jobs are there in the National Guard that I can get into besides Communications?
    2 Money 16
  113. Can I get internet on this?
    Hello, I have an old laptop that can connect to the internet wirelessly and an old desktop that can’t connect wirelessly. I have an Ethernet cable and I was wondering if I could connect to the internet with the laptop and have an Ethernet cable in it...
    2 Technology 21
  114. How do I transfer photos from cell phone to laptop?
    I have cable to connect from cell to laptop but don't know how to transfer photos. how do I do it?
    2 Technology 56
  115. How do you backup your computer system?
    I have an XP laptop with a built in disc drive..what are the steps of backing up all my data..especially the data in my documents file..I have done it before but I forget.
    6 Technology 11
  116. Do you understand this?
    Is poetry a relevant form of communication in today's society in your opinion?
    5 General 15
  117. why does my ex stare but not communicate?
    we dated for 18 month and were on the verge of getting a house together and then after a daft fall out he finished things with me. while when we first split we initially worked together for 2 weeks he ignored me and walked out off rooms then suddenl...
    2 Relationships 213
  118. How to get a network on the PS3?
    How do you get Network on the Playstation 3 if you don't have anything to plug the Ethernet cable into ?
    2 Gaming 42
  119. What is computer memory?
    I know its a hard disk., and the data stored in it as a binary numbers.. But what is the hard disk technology? Is it contains transistors of flip flops? how the data actually hold by the hard disk and how it is retrieved?
    2 Technology 11
  120. Cellphone problem
    Can anybody tell me why I cant activate my usb cable to my laptop computer ?? Im tryna send my cellphone pics to my computer but the usb cable isnt "activated" I guess.>>pleez help<<
    2 Technology 19
  121. Can you take photos/snapshots from a laptop's built-in webcam?
    ... or is it only for videos and communicating with people?
    7 Technology 45
  122. how to display the tv to computer what software do you use?
    i have all the cables hooked in the back of the cpu but what software do i use???
    2 Technology 11
  123. Do you like to bite stuff?
    Such as pens, pencils, the cables of your headphones, straws, etc
    6 Relationships 10
  124. Crying when I'm upset
    When I have a disagreement with anybody, I get so upset and overwhelmed that I cry and it makes it really hard to be coherent and communicate properly with the other person(s). How do I get myself under control so as to better communicate with people? ...
    2 Health 38
  125. What does this text from my phone company mean?
    You've used 95% or more of your included data. To learn more about data usage, visit Free TELUS msg
    4 Technology 9
  126. Lack of communication with my boyfriend
    Iam in a serious relationship since 18 months. Im 20 and my boyfriend is 21. We know each other from school but our relationship started only when we went to different colleges. So its basically a long distance relationship, wid we being able to meet o...
    4 Relationships 77
  127. How do I move pics from cell phone to laptop?
    Trying to move my pics from blackberry flip to my laptop, how do I do that with usb cable?
    2 Technology 45
  128. TV in 2009
    Is it true that in 2009 you will have to at least have cable to watch TV, and you cant get it for free? Wats up with that??
    6 Entertainment 10
  129. Where to download free backup software?
    Where to download free backup software? Hi friends I am in need to download free backup software as I worked on a very sofisticated data management system. Frequently I need to use the stored data in the dvd. But the dvd are not reliable to use. So nee...
    2 Technology 12
  130. why English is spoken in so many countries?
    English is everywhere nowadays...even countries speak English when they communicate with each other..why not any other language?
    3 General 29
  131. What, exactly, is a "concept"?
    is concept an idea, word? for my public speaking class (communication) he said choose a concept?
    2 General 7
  132. Somebody control my pc how can I stop it?
    some time my pc internet stopped or very slow and data also theft
    3 Technology 47
  133. BlackBerry Curve 8310 music?
    I have a BlackBerry Curve 8310 and need to know how to get music on my phone with a USB cable, and where do I get the music at for it?
    2 Technology 52
  134. Can I buy a Verizon phone from RadioShack?
    Radio shack has verizon phones for sale for free when they are around $70-$150 on the actual verizon store website. If i get the same phone from radioshack for free do i need to buy a certain plan. because right now i don't have a data plan, just a bas...
    4 Technology 29
  135. How to use XBOX Live?
    hey I just got a 360 (Friggin SWEET) and now my friends all telling me about Xbox Live. I have a modem and I got the Ethernet cable with the 360. now my problem is that my modem is quite far away from my 360. and I don't know how... But my friend told ...
    3 Gaming 26
  136. What is the best way to study foreign language?
    What is the best way to study foreign language? Age: 7. It's my son. As I understand, the best way is communicating. Am I right?
    3 Education 43
  137. How good are Samsung Toccos?
    How good are Samsung Toccos? -Do they have a hold button which is good so you don't accidently call people? -Do they come with a USB cable?
    2 Technology 5
  138. new channels are for real.
    I dont need to put the dtv box because I have basic cable is very basic but I can see the local channels and a few cable channels without problems, but I have heard that if you put the box you can get new channels like after 4 you get 4.1 and 4.2 is th...
    2 Technology 14
  139. If today you heard God's voice
    If today you heard God's voice, would you gladly listen or seek out a psychiatrist for an explanation? Do you agree that He often uses scripture, circumstances and people to communicate as well? Is prayer a two-way line of communication for you too?
    22 Religion 23
  140. What is the difference between a robot and an android?
    I have always wondered why Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation says, "I am not a robot, I am an android." What is the difference? Seriously.
    13 Science 180
  141. Xbox 360 Elite
    Can anybody tell me how long the ethernet cable that comes with the Xbox 360 elite is? In metres preferrably. Thanks
    2 Gaming 11
  142. What could CP possibly stand for?
    It was a heading in my exam review for communication studies within Canada, but I have no idea what they stand for.
    12 Education 39
  143. How is it possible to transer files?
    I was just wondering if it is possible to transfer files from computer to computer via a usb cable not a flash drive thanks
    3 Technology 18
  144. Do you think paying $195 monthly is too much for phone/net/cable?
    for phone 50, net 60 , cable 85,
    12 General 16
  145. Armageddon week
    Where can I watch the history channel's "armageddon week" ... Besides the history channel obviously ... Dont have cable... Im looking for a website here
    2 Religion 37
  146. Married with someone who speaks different language
    Have you experienced with your marriage which your spouse is not speaking the same language with you? Do you have any trouble in communication? Is it good or bad?
    2 General 36
  147. need help with scanning...
    I wanted to scan something and its not I have to install anything in order for me to scan a data or something? thanks..
    2 Technology 18
  148. What channel is Project Runway on?
    What channel is project runway on? Do you get it on cable? I own the first 3 seasons on dvd, but I wanted to know what channel it's on because we don't get the guide channel anymore.
    6 Entertainment 252
  149. How should I connect a dvd player to a tv?
    I have a av cable consists of red, green and blue cords Which I want to connect to a tv but its not working.
    2 Technology 10
  150. I have hp laptop with wireless
    I have hp laptop with wireless internet router cabled into a modem that is not working I tried everything but nothing worked .help please
    4 Technology 42
  151. Why they force us to get digital tv.
    Why we are force to get digital tv, converter or cable why they dont leave tv just like this and let people to choose if they want to get a digital tv or they want the regulart I think this is only businees to sell digital tv and cable, because even to...
    4 Technology 19
  152. Directv help
    Ok,I just got directv yesterday,it's the most complicated cable service,what channels are the usa network,scifi,spike tv on?
    2 Technology 37
  153. How to program my panasonic tv to connect with my laptop?
    I want to watch movies on my tv connected to my laptop, but need to program my tv settings.. How do I program tv settings , I have connected the vga cable to both tv and laptop already..
    2 Technology 55
  154. How do I get my AOL Favorites back?
    How can I access my "AOL Favorite Places" after deleting AOL and then installing AOL 9.1 ?? All my "Favorite Places" information data are gone !! I am lost !! HELP !!!
    4 Technology 2546
  155. cell phone for internet help
    if i buy a blue tooth usb for my laptop and connect it to my cell phone that has a data plan, will i be able to get internet on my laptop from my cell phone?
    7 Technology 13
  156. Why so many ancient civilization built Pyramids on different continents?
    There was no communication in between them or Knowledge of each other but they ended up building pyramids.
    3 General 90
  157. shorter question
    Aparently my last question was too long... so here we go what can I do to have better communication with my boyfreind? He said he feels like he is talking to a wall when he talks to me...
    2 Relationships 33
  158. How come my built in HP speakers aren't working?
    I have the volume up all the way and I made sure the cables we're plugged in all the way, and they still don't work?
    4 Technology 77
  159. What type of people go to starbucks?
    I am writting a communication plan if women should be allowed to breastfeed in starbucks. So I would like to know what type of people go to starbucks? Thanks
    5 Food 139
  160. Can I sync iPod Touch songs to my PS3?
    I just got an iPod Touch on sunday. When I was trying to sync songs I had on my iPod to my PS3, it doesn't work. This is what I did... 1. Plugged my charger part of my cable into my ipod, and the usb part of my cable into the front usb ports on my PS3...
    2 Technology 48
  161. How to charge rechargable batteries
    I've got some rechargable batteries in my camera and they ran out of charge, I've tried plugging my camera into my computer but it doesn't work, and I've not got like a seperate cable for them :S
    5 Technology 41
  162. windows live messenger problem ?
    I tried to install windows live messenger but I wont do that , it says fail ,, it always get stuck at windows communication platform ,, what is wrong ,, how can I install it ??
    2 Technology 39
  163. Why isn't snake speaking to humans now?
    If ever snake spoke to eve in eden garden why can't it communicate (talk) with human-beings in the present world ??
    10 Religion 19
  164. What should I do my speech on?
    So, I have to do a speech for my communications class on monday. It can be persuasive or informative. I prefer informative. And I HAVE to use visual aids. However, I don't know what to do my essay on. Got any ideas???
    4 Education 52
  165. Why won't my iPod show up on iTunes
    My ipod will no longer show up on itunes when connected to the computer,although the cable is obviously working since it says the ipod is charging - any ideas?
    26 Technology 553
  166. My boyfriend keeps ignoring me, what do I do?
    I have been with my boyfriend for almost a year and for about two months now he will go days without communicating with me. I have talked to him numerous times about communicating with me and putting in effort and he says he will or he makes up an excu...
    2 Relationships 77
  167. How do you hook up a NES?
    I have one of the first nintendos ever made. can someone tell me why nothing comes up on the TV and if I hooked it up wrong. I have a little box with a cable cord that I connected to the back of TV and then hooked cable to that. Plugged into wall a...
    2 Gaming 58
  168. What is this SHARP breast pain?
    I have a SUPER SHARP pain on, and right under, my left breast. It also it pulsing rapidly and violently. I can hardly breathe, and to communicate I have to whisper. WHAT is it? Please answer!
    2 Health 56
  169. What can we do when my boyfriend comes over?
    Muh boyfriendd is supposted to come over tomorrow and I'm afraid it'll be really boring!!! What can we do? I have a laptop, and cable. Lolololol. Not much to work with, I know.
    5 Relationships 107
  170. How do I get songs onto my lg ks360?
    I've plugged my lg ks360 into my computer using the usb cable but nothin is happening, its only lettin me tranfer photos off my phone onto my computer, how can I get songs off my computer onto my phone?
    2 Technology 51
  171. IPod Touch I can't seem to figure it out
    Hi, I have a IPod Touch, that I just got today, and I can't seem to figure it out... I plug the cable in the IPod and the computer, but so far it just has a screen showing a CD and the cable with and arrow. Then I press the button at the top, but it do...
    8 Technology 31
  172. How to see the text message?
    ok my girlfriend sent me a txt msg but it says download failed communication error please try again
    3 Technology 39
  173. What channel plays Friends?
    I have Time Warner Cable and I live in Texas. But I figured it'd be on the same channel no matter where I lived. But they may or may not still show reruns, I don't know. Does any body know?
    6 Entertainment 13
  174. Why do you own an iPod?
    Why do you own an iPod? Music storage? Multi-fuctional? (data, music, photos, ect.) Social? (friends/family have one) Social Status? (increase or decrease popularity with friends/peers)
    9 Technology 11
  175. How do you use your TV as a computer monitor?
    What kind of cable do I need to buy in order to use my television as a second monitor? It doesnt have an hdmi port or anything, just the standard yellow/white/red ports.
    2 Technology 55
  176. My boyfriend is really comfortable with being naked
    Ok so if you have read my earlier questions then you know that my boyfriend is in jail right now. We communicate through letters and through visiting eachother. He is really comfortable with being naked and I don't know I think it is just weird I don't...
    2 Relationships 120
  177. NOKIA 6300, how to put pics on computer?
    Just got this phone today, does anyone know how to put my pics music etc onto my computer it didn't come with a usb cable
    2 Technology 430
  178. Meterology Essay...HELP!
    I got a essay I got to answer and google and my book aren't helping a lot. So if you guys could help me out;it would be greatly appreciated. There are four weather fronts used by meteorologists. List the four types. Using the following data,deter...
    2 Education 31
  179. Why is my phone not sending or receiving picture messages?
    My phone keeps saying sending failed communication error please try again later. It done that when I tried to receive messages and send them and both mine and my friends are camera phones. How can I fix it?
    3 Technology 71
  180. My iPod isn't showing up in iTunes...
    It says that iTunes isn't working because something's not letting it communicate with the iPod. I've tried installing iTunes twice already, and nothing seems to be working. Please help!
    2 Technology 54
  181. Whats wrong with the truck?
    We have a 91 suburban. The inside is going on with no problem but the engine wont start or click over. We have tried jumper cables and that is not working. Does anyone have any ideas what the problem can be?
    2 Cars 30
  182. Making editable PDF files so they can be saved
    I've created catalog pages with editable fields that can be filled in. However, they can't be saved by others that fill them in. How do I make my files so whoever uses them can save them with the data they enter into the fields Rich...
    4 Technology 45
  183. What should I do about boyfriend ignoring me?
    Why do boyfriends ignore us? What should I do? When is it time to break up? My boyfriend has been ignoring me on/off for a long time now, and I don't know what the problem is. I just try to talk to him about it and he says I'm "nagging" him, and to "st...
    4 Relationships 90
  184. What do you think of Canada's pay-per-usage proposal regarding internet usage?
    ISP's want to enforce a per-per-use fee that will charge Canadians every time they download data (music, movies, programs, photos, etc), on top of what they pay for internet service. The government is stepping in to try and stop this from happening, bu...
    9 Politics 8
  185. will someone elses charger harm my phone?
    so I have the LG Dare and I lost my charger so I used my friends ENV2 charger that fits into my phone and works, but it says "this cable is not recomended for this phone" and I was just wondering if this is bad or harmful for my phone. thanks.
    3 Technology 156
  186. What should I do?
    I am going to a party the night camp rock premeirs and I am sooo bumed the girls party I am going to doesnt have cable, my tape player is broken and you cant watch it online untill monday. What should I do??? :(
    3 Entertainment 22
  187. PC Access to Live Broadcast TV
    How can I watch a LIVE broadcast of the NYC Ball Drop on New Years Eve on my notebook PC with wi-fi service? There is no cable TV service in the place we will be.
    2 Technology 53
  188. Cell phone Drama with my daughter, what do you think?
    Hey anyone, I just bought my daughter who is 12 a cell phone. My husband is extremely upset with me. He told her that anytime she uses the phone, she is using against his will! what do you think I should do? I feel it is necessary for communication pur...
    11 Babies 77
  189. call ex on birthday
    in two days its going to be my ex girlfriends birthday and I dont know if I should call her or text her on that day. its been about two months since we broke up and we havent had any communication ever since. would it be ok if I call her or do you thin...
    3 Relationships 49
  190. Are hallucinations demonic?
    I went to some of my friends to help me with my problem and they said my visions I saw and felt and the voices I heard were demons trying to communicate with me. I don't have medical problems, drink or do drugs and I don't play with magic.
    17 Religion 120
  191. Does second hand smoke harm animals?
    okk, 1st of all I am not a smoker, but am just curious to this...I know it has been proven that second hand smoke harms/kills humans. I am just curious to know if second hand smoke causes cancer/illnesses in animals? Has any data or facts ever been do...
    4 Pets 10
  192. How to get VGA to HDMI on my TV?
    I have a tv with hdmi input, I have tried to connect my laptop vga to dvi and dvi to hdmi cable to my tv but I dont see anything; is there any thing I have to do to see in order to see it in tv. I really need this to my program in tv. thanks
    3 Technology 49
  193. Y wont my Phone Connect 2 computer???
    I have a LG Cookie (KP500) and when I plug the usb cable in it wont connect... It just says... Failed to Connect the mobile phone to the PC. PLEASE HELP XxX Loves XxX
    4 Technology 58
  194. Why do rats make weird noises?
    Like is it them communicating? Because I have ONE rat, so I'm not sure why it would need to talk D: and she just makes random noises when shes in her cage, and i'll take her out to play with her and she still makes those noises.
    3 Pets 69
  195. How do I sync music to my cellphone?
    i have a samsung reality (sch-u820) and i have a macbook pro. and i keep plugging in the usb cable but nothing pops up on the computer. can someone please help me?
    4 Technology 13
  196. Is there a way for me to watch new york channels in israel?
    Hi, I'm moving to israel for some time and was wondering if there is a way for me to watch new york channels in israel? For example: abc, cw11, we, etc. Is there a website where I can see them, or is there a way to program them into the israeli cable?
    2 Entertainment 11
  197. Where can I watch the US vs. Japan soccer game if I just have regular tv?
    I really want to watch the us vs japan game that starts at 2pm today is there a channel that will be showing it on regular not cable? Or is there an online sorce that will be showing it live?
    3 Entertainment 9
  198. Question about this phone
    I have this, it comes with a USB cable and I can't figure out how to see my text messages from the phone with the computer... I see the pictures, ringtones and all that, but not texts. I'm trying to print them... Thanks!! It keeps putting this in Lo...
    3 Technology 20
  199. I just can't think!?!
    Can anyone think of a type of graph/diagram for this data: sex: male female No. of people: 20 29 I can't really use a pie chart or bar graph, so does anyone know a different one that I could use?
    6 Sex 31
  200. how do I hook up my ps3 to my internet,
    how do I hook up my ps3 to my internet, I have a router which is wireless, but I have my laptop hooked up to my ps3 via internet cable, I tried the connection test it couldnt find the ip address...please give me a giudence I wanna play online again??
    4 Gaming 66
  201. Should I stay or should I go?
    My boyfriend and I have been together for six months tommorow and I really love him a lot, but their are a few problems...He has started not to communicate as well....and he has started to complain that we spend to much time together, and I completly d...
    3 Relationships 11
  202. Ipod touch is in recovery mode-what do I do??
    my ipod kept freezing up and it went into recovery mode. It says it'll erase all my "data". All that is on the ipod touch screen is the itunes disk picture and a usb chord. Has anybody had this problem? How do I get it out of recovery mode?
    2 Technology 46
  203. What does "copy that" or "roger that" mean?
    In like walkie talkies or like communicators and that people say "copy that" or "roger that" at the end of what they are saying. I have seen it in films and the video bits in computer games and stuff. Im just wondering what it means thx x
    7 General 65
  204. why has my ipod deleted everything?!?!?!
    PLEASE HELP... i updated it to 4.1 and it restored to default settings then deleted everything music/apps/videos/photos.. and all my game data on my apps have gone! i can't get them back can i? please please help? can't i undo what happened?? omg! help...
    5 Technology 16
  205. Math question
    I need to make a line plot with this data Range: 7 Minimum: 6 Median: 10 Modes: 8 and 11 But I cant think of one any help appreciated
    2 Education 37
  206. Can anyone give me advice on my computer hardware problem?
    So I think I might have a hardware problem with my computer. What happens is when I turn it on that it freezes and that the screen then shuts down. I formatted the pc and it still happens. I got new SATA cables, because I thought that it might be the c...
    6 Technology 25
  207. more psproblems
    I have recently downloaded some custom firmwares, but none of them work and they all say corrupted or unsupported data, does anybody know about any custom firmware, particularly fimwares that you use?and/or ones that will support final fantasy seven?
    2 Technology 15
  208. How do I migrate my Pokemon Ruby to Pokemon Diamond?
    Every time I follow the advice in the booklet about migrating my Pokemon from Ruby to Diamond the Migrate option does not appear on the main menu and my save game data is deleted on Pokemon Ruby... anyone have any ideas how to get around this problem?
    3 Gaming 46
  209. Mr. Troop Mom
    Did anyone see the new George Lopez movie on Nick @ Nite,will it be coming on next month cause I missed it due to the no cable thing? Don't tell me anything about it,I want to see it myself.
    3 Entertainment 8
  210. What is wrong with the iPhone?
    So I been playing with my moms iPhone and these last days ilwhen charging it vibrates and says charging is not supported with this accessory. Even when I move it slightly it says that and have to charge it at a weird angle or hold the cable upwards. Is...
    2 Technology 12
  211. Are Self-driving cars really safe?
    Though data suggests that self-driving cars are a far safer option than human-driven cars, the consumers around that world find themselves to be unsafe while driving an autonomous vehicle.
    3 Travel 13
  212. What do you think of schools in your area?
    We keep hearing about how bad American public schools are, but there is data to suggest it's not a national problem, more of a local problem. So whether it's suburban schools, inner city schools, or private schools, how do would you say the level of K...
    10 Education 24
  213. When my flatscreen tv loses power suddenly Will it be damaged?
    The outlet that my tv is plugged into is controlled by a switch on the wall. If I use the switch to turn off everything (cable box, dvd, wii, etc) to save power, and my tv is on ''standby'' would it be damaged eventually by doing this ?
    3 Technology 74
  214. How so I just put a stop to all this without the law involved?
    Ok so my dad stopped hitting me... It was ok and I felt that everything was cool you know that my dad had enter in some reason... But yesterday it came back... He came back from work and then I was doing everything that he asked me to do... I figured o...
    4 Family 8
  215. Anyone unhappy shows getting canceled?
    NBC cancelling My Name is Earl?" FOX cancelling "King Of The Hill?" I am exteremely unhappy about the cancellation of My Name is Earl. That was the only thing I looked forward to on Thursday nights. As for King of The Hill, I liked the show but coul...
    4 Entertainment 11
  216. Which family on T.V would you want to be?
    Sometimes when I watch T.V shows I'm like "I wish my family was like that". I'm not saying there is anything wrong with my family, we just don't communicate that well. If you had to choose, which TV family would you want to be? I think I'd want to be...
    15 Family 13
  217. Ideas on how to word a self appraisal paper for speech?
    Ideas on how to word a self appraisal paper for speech? Since I'm struggling with writing my instructor for speech had us do a self appraisal paper which includes: the introduction, preview which starts with a purpose statement which is, to convey my ...
    2 Education 102
  218. How can I ask my Mom to wear makeup?
    I'm 14, and I want to use make up but I don't know how to ask my mom, since I have very poor communication skills :[ Plus, I have to ask her in Spanish because she doesn't know English and even though I'm fluent in Spanish, I stutter a lot when speak...
    3 Family 109
  219. PS2 to Zenith television
    I recently moved and I want to hook my old PS2 up to my Zenith TV...except I have no idea how to do it. Seriously, I am technologically retarded. I've tried every possible (I think) combination of plug ins, but I don't even know if I have all the c...
    3 Gaming 182
  220. How exactly does a router work?
    I am thinking about getting a laptop. I already have a desktop with internet. (I have charter bundle: phone, cable, and internet) When I get my laptop, it will have wi-fi, but I don't know whether it will pick up anything in my house. I want interne...
    12 Technology 48
  221. How to connect my PS2 online with a DSL modem?
    im trying to connect my ps2 online w/ dsl modem! i get past the DNAS part! but it says"retieving data from server.please wait" then i get a message saying"you have lost your connection to EA servers." please help what do i need to do???
    2 Gaming 49
  222. Why did the climate change documents not make breaking news?
    On thursday 19th november 2009 news began to circulate that hacked documents and communications from the university of east anglia’s hadley climate research unit (aka cru) had been published to the internet. Why did the climate change documents not ma...
    4 Environment 18
  223. how is college math?
    like for ged and high school theres Whole Numbers & Operations,Number Sense,Decimal Numbers And Operations,Fractions And Operations,Number RelationShips,Statistics And Data Analysis,Percents, Probability,Algebra, Measurement, Geometry, is it th...
    3 Education 37
  224. How many people were at the "Restoring Honor" Rally hosted by Glenn Beck?
    The numbers seem to range from 87,000 from one news source, to around 200,000 - 400,000 from most other sources I personally believe that there were around 150,000 from the data I have seen.
    11 Politics 23
  225. Sony ericsson w810i keeps flashing.
    Well a little while ago my brother plugged his w810i into the pc with a usb cable but something happend and now when ever you try to turn it on the screen just flashes black & white. I've read about this happening to other people on the internet and ap...
    2 Technology 65
  226. Playstation 3 blu-ray?
    Alright I'm a ps3 newb for now, I don't even have one! But come 25th of December? (that's Christmas in case you haven't noticed ha ha) I'll have me a brand spankin' new 80G ps3! :) Alright, I cannot stand the wait so, I want to ask this question to al...
    3 Gaming 22
  227. Guitar recording?
    I have a cable to plug my guitar into my computer. so im feeding my guitar to my amp, then another cable from my amp into my computer. its going from my amp out of the slot that says Head Phones. anytime im standing anywhere near my amp with my g...
    7 Music 10
  228. How do I un-disable my 4th generation iPod Touch?
    I have an iPod touch, and my friends tried to unlock it so many times with a invalid passcode until the point were my iPod says "Disabled- connect to iTunes" But i dont have a charger/cord anymore to do that, is there any other way to un-disable it wit...
    3 Technology 16
  229. How can people believe in God?
    I'm asking because I'm so shocked sometimes, seeing how blindly people follow their faith. All evidence points to evolution being the cause for evidence but Christians just deny (and not offer any other argument) this scientific theory. How do people b...
    18 Religion 36
  230. x-box 360 Live Connection
    I am connected to Live by an Ethernet cable, and at random times I lag out and get kicked of Live. On a bad day this can happen almost every game. I have high speed internet. I guess Comcast just sucks. Any ideas?
    4 Gaming 34
  231. What are the best websites to watch tv online?
    I've been watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager on my laptop because I don't have cable or satellite. I downloaded the first season and now I'm into the second which a lot of the episodes aren't available in torrents to download. I was wond...
    6 Entertainment 32
  232. What's the BET 106 & Park's Top 10?
    plzzz can someone wacth this show it comes on at 6pm everyday and my cables out and I'm sooo curious to know who's on the count daown so if someone wacthes it can you just write them down in order and answer this question.and you'll make my month!!!
    2 Entertainment 10
  233. Ps3 internet hook up
    My ps3 is thirty feet away in separate room from my computor . Ihave a dynalink modem with 4 lan ports My question is can I get a ethernet cable made to length or will I have to go wireless in which case what is the best way to do this
    2 Gaming 52
  234. What do I have to take in community college if I want to be a secretary?
    I want to work somewhere like a hospital, clinic, or anywhere that has a front desk or office. I want to do paper work, file papers, answer phones, enter data on computers, etc... So, what would I need to get a job like that.
    8 Education 61
  235. Free Music Downloads
    How can I download music LEGALLY and FREE. I was using ares and my cable company sent us a notice saying the site was illegal. Is there anything like itunes but is free? Please help me, I'm dieing for music! I need more songs I change the songs on my M...
    2 Music 41
  236. Are we really bestfriends
    Ok my best friend can be the best to hang around sumtimes...but she catches a lot of attidues and wont talk or communicate with me.we tell each other everything and enjoy each others company.but sumtimes I really wonder are best friends because we are ...
    2 Relationships 35
  237. Which course should I take in Jr. High?
    I am on my way to Jr. high and I've been wondering what course would you suggest I take? My school has: Art Drama Dance Construction Food Studies Clothing Textiles Fashion Visual Communication Band Guitar I was going to go for Drama and stuff but I w...
    2 Education 23
  238. What do you think: verizon vs. straight talk?
    Does anyone know anything about straight talk? I don't know which to choose, straight talk from walmart, which is 45 dollars a month for unlimited data, calling, and texting, or verizon (same features) give me your opinion please! and lemme know if...
    3 Technology 58
  239. Wife really likes girls
    My wife really enjoys being with other women. I have never been with her when she is with another woman but she tells me all the details. I am cool with it. She right now is on a trip with girlfriends in Florida. Things are good between us sexually. Co...
    4 Sex 115
  240. What is the difference between modem and router I need help please?
    What is the difference between a modem and a router because I just got a cable modem for internet and I wanna get internet 4 my psp but I cant find the ssid for it and I tried doing it manually but that dosent work either plzzz help do I need a router ...
    3 Technology 27
  241. Gift for my 1 year old sister
    Hey My lil sister's b day is coming . She will be 1 year old I dno what gift 2 get 4 her /? Any ideas what a 1 year old girl would play with ?? She s interested in mobilephones , remotecontrols cables omgg and loads of other things that hav...
    10 Family 52
  242. Xbox Live Help Needed
    XBOX LIVE! I WANT IS SO BAD! OK so I know I need an ethernet cable. Then Im confused I wanna get xbox live card for 1 month. But I dont want to have xbox live silver I want gold because I want to play multiplayer games. Does that mean I need to buy...
    2 Gaming 10
  243. My ipod won't sync or even register on my pc
    My Ipod won't sync or even register on my PC, please help! I have tried 3 different usb cables, but the same problem. Nothing even comes up on the computer. It's a brand new Ipod nano, only about a month old. If there is anything you can suggest, I wou...
    4 Technology 155
  244. How can I create an informative presentation as an HR employee?
    Hello, I am taking a business communication class this summer. My group is the HR department for a fictional company. We have 3 major presentations: an informative (information) presentation, a presentation from one of textbook's chapters and an interv...
    2 Money 16
  245. PSP Custom firmware
    Okay I need help putting custom firmware on my psp ( im new to this). I have official firmware 4.05 I tried doing it before but it said that the data was corrupted or that it could be read ( I don’t know maybe because I was using the wrong version) ...
    2 Technology 12
  246. did a ghost in my apartment do this?
    I got home earlier the apartment was locked nobody could get in and I found the tablecloths and everything on it on the ground underneath it this has never happened before I wasn't scared it much it was like a friendly ghost was trying to cheer me up o...
    9 Religion 26
  247. only answer if you beleive in spirits being on earth and demons
    sometimes when im in sertain places I feel like theres something with me. I beleive in spirits. I think I might have a gift of sencing them around me. how can I communicate with them. like in my room I feel thats were the strongest part of the energy i...
    8 Religion 14
  248. Xbox Live problems
    I recently changed my broadband to wireless.I bought an Xbox Live wireless adapter and it couldn't connect to Live.. I looked into the support website,I couldn't find ANY sections for help for a wireless broadband... it was all for cabled connections.....
    4 Gaming 38
  249. Silent Treatment for Many
    There is a lot of things about my family and life I don't like and every time I speak to them I feel ashamed because of where I'm at in life. I have given them the silent treatment before and it lasted a month. How should I communicate with them start ...
    2 Family 22
  250. Should I study in The Netherlands or Canada?
    This is a huuge question for me. I live in belgium but i am canadian. I'm debating whether to study at a vocational university in Utrecht (more practical) in holland or a university in canada (york). I just need some help (pros and cons) from people wh...
    2 Education 27