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  1. Can I dance for you jesus?
    Can I dance for you jesus?
    3 Religion 76
  2. Do you dance in the shower?
    Do you dance in the shower
    6 Music 43
  3. Peck dance
    How do you do the peck dance?
    2 General 86
  4. Is dancing a sport?
    8 Sports 28
  5. How do you pole dance?
    How do you pole dance?
    3 Relationships 45
  6. What should I wear to a dance?
    What should I wear to a dance?
    2 Style 44
  7. Can I dance for you jesues?
    Can I dance for you jesues?
    2 Money 33
  8. How do you do the ska dance?
    How do you do the ska dance?
    4 Entertainment 67
  9. Are there any dance auditions in Nottingham for a dance academy?
    3 Money 55
  10. How do you "wall dance"?
    3 General 22
  11. Who can tell me if combination dance is the same as contemporary dance?
    2 Music 21
  12. How to belly dance?
    15 Entertainment 46
  13. Is Dance Dance Revolution on a console?
    cause I don't have one.
    3 Entertainment 15
  14. what is some songs for a cheerleading dance?
    what is some songs for a cheerleading dance
    4 Music 54
  15. How can I dance like the pussycatdolls
    How can I dance like the pussycatdolls ???
    5 Relationships 14
  16. How to ask a girl to the dance?
    How do you ask a girl to the dance?
    2 Relationships 43
  17. What night is so you think you can dance on?
    Is so you think you can dance on ?
    3 Entertainment 14
  18. Where do you learn how to break dance?
    Where do you learn how to break dance?
    3 Sports 119
  19. How to do the pec dance?
    I have my pec's and I was wondering how do I do the pec dance?
    4 Entertainment 102
  20. what are your favorite dance styles?
    7 General 26
  21. Can you exercise and dance while pregnant?
    11 Nutritionfitness 31
  22. How do I crash a school dance?
    9 Health 36
  23. What is a song me and my sister can dance to?
    7 Music 35
  24. what are some cheesy dance moves?
    29 Entertainment 125
  25. Who knows how to do the Safety Dance?
    5 Music 12
  26. Does it matter if you don't dance original dances?
    Does it matter if you don't dance original dances such as brake dancing, ballroom dancing, tango? But make up your own dance steps and dances?
    5 Entertainment 45
  27. Best dancing song?
    What is the best dancing songs out there? I love to dance.
    4 Music 35
  28. What would be the best merengue song to dance for a quinceanera surprise dance?
    3 Music 139
  29. does the game Dance Dance Revolution realy help you lose weight?
    6 Gaming 41
  30. Do you need a dance pad to play the game Dancing with the Stars or can you play with controllers?
    3 Gaming 24
  31. What's "freak dancing?"
    like dirty dancing???
    4 Entertainment 104
  32. How do you give a lap dance?
    How do you start a lap dance?
    2 Relationships 60
  33. How can I dance without making a fool of myself?
    How to dance without making a fool of myself
    5 Entertainment 63
  34. Which boy am I going to the dance with?
    what guy am I going to the dance with
    2 Relationships 17
  35. Belly Dancing Music?
    What is some good belly dancing music?
    3 Music 11
  36. What's the best lap dance song?
    What is the best song to do a lap dance to?
    5 Relationships 127
  37. What are the best dance films and vampire films?
    What are the best dance films and vampire films???
    3 Entertainment 15
  38. What type of dance should I take over the hols?
    What type of dance should I take over the hols?
    3 Entertainment 23
  39. How ballerinas dance movements lilhele?
    How ballerinas dance movements lilhele?
    2 Entertainment 12
  40. Belly dance
    is it ok for christians to belly dance??
    9 Religion 39
  41. Hamster dance?
    Who sings the hamster dance song?
    4 Music 69
  42. how do i get someone to ask me to dance? our dance is in a few weeks.. and i want someone to ask me to slow dance .. how can i give them hints .. thanks!
    7 Relationships 55
  43. How is a guy suppose to dance?
    6 General 28
  44. Can dancing make someone buff?
    11 Nutritionfitness 99
  45. what is the name of the asian guy from so you think you can dance that was also apart of a dance company?
    2 Entertainment 93
  46. Why are studio apartments more than 1 bedroom apartments?
    2 Homegarden 13
  47. Who was the first woman to own her own tv studio?
    11 Entertainment 98
  48. Do you find latin dancing to be sexy?
    4 Sex 19
  49. what kind of music should i dance to for my 15?
    5 Music 20
  50. Is Dance flick??
    4 Entertainment 11
  51. What system do you need for dance dance revalution?
    Do you have to have a wii or xbox or playstation to be able to play dance dance revalution
    2 Gaming 34
  52. How should I feel since this guy asked me to dance, but I'm not sure if he wanted to keep dancing with me or not?
    4 Relationships 52
  53. How do you dance your self thin, like what are some good dance moves to help burn calories?
    6 Nutritionfitness 17
  54. Whats your favorite song(s) to sing or dance to?
    Whats your favorite song(s) to sing to or dance?
    6 Music 49
  55. Freestyle dancing
    For freestyle dancing what's a good style to wear?
    2 Sports 14
  56. Let it Rock or Just Dance
    Which song is better LET IT ROCK or JUST DANCE???
    8 Music 51
  57. Dancing a sport?
    do you consider dancing a sport? If you dont explain
    6 Sports 21
  58. Does anybody know a good dance?
    Does any body know a good dance?
    3 Music 24
  59. Should I do gymnastics or dance I can only do one?
    Should I do gymnastics or dance I can only do one. Please help
    4 Sports 40
  60. Who likes so you think you can dance?
    I love so you think you can dance..who else?
    4 Entertainment 12
  61. metal or dance
    which music type do you pefere metal or dance???
    6 Music 12
  62. How can I dance with a beautiful lady at a party?
    I want to dance a beautiful lady.
    7 Entertainment 11
  63. Is dance a sport?
    Is dance a sport because I think it is and people tell me its not, and I tell them it is.
    7 Sports 26
  64. Belly dancing
    Does belling dancing really tone your belly???
    3 Nutritionfitness 85
  65. who got voted off dancing with the stars?
    who got voted off on tuesday on dancing with the stars?
    2 Entertainment 43
  66. what are some good sexy dance songs?
    what are some good sexy dance songs? I need more.
    4 Sex 76
  67. Who break dances ?
    Any one who break dances or street dances can I have a few tips plzzz?
    3 Sports 13
  68. What is the difference between the program Visual Basic and Visual Studio?
    2 Technology 9
  69. What are some funny modern first dance songs?
    6 Music 31
  70. what is the easiest dance style one can learn?
    7 Entertainment 16
  71. what would be a good outfit too dance merengue?
    2 Style 37
  72. What song gets you up to dance every time?
    26 Music 20
  73. Some good dance songs
    What are some good old school songs?
    3 Music 41
  74. How do you do the dance "Beyonce Wine" or something like that?
    4 Entertainment 10
  75. Does the game 'just dance' help you lose weight?
    5 Nutritionfitness 80
  76. Which is more affordable: one bedroom apartments or a studio?
    2 Homegarden 11
  77. Who knows what the Dance In The Dark lyrics mean?
    3 Music 7
  78. What age do you have to start dancing at to become a professional?
    8 Sports 21
  79. What are some good songs to do modern or contemporary dance to?
    2 Music 74
  80. What's the most tragic first dance wedding song?
    2 Music 32
  81. Dance dance revolution
    In your opinion whats the best dance dance revolution game because im going to buy one but there are so many to chose from.
    2 Gaming 8
  82. Best dance song out right now?
    the best song out right now.>>it doesnt have to be on the radio +& it has to be a dancing song<<
    9 Music 49
  83. What's a good song to dance to in a talent show?
    What is a good song to dance to in a elementary talent show?
    7 Music 162
  84. Where can I learn salsa dancing in Dubai?
    can somebody teach me how to dance salsa here in dubai
    2 Entertainment 49
  85. Where to find a dance school that teaches Irish dancing?
    does anyone know where I can find a dance school that teaches irish dancing because I would like to learn ? oh and is it fun to do???
    2 Music 42
  86. think would win in a Dance Off? Victoria or Layla
    Who do you think would win in a Dance Off? Victoria or Layla
    3 Entertainment 8
  87. school dances
    what is a cute way to say yes to a dance??
    3 Education 21
  88. What can my thesis statement be for the topic "Moonwalk" (dance) ?
    My topic is "Moonwalk" as in the dance move. What can my thesis statement be?!?!
    2 Entertainment 47
  89. Dramatic dance songs?
    Are there any dramatic dance songs like "Circus" by Brit?
    3 Music 128
  90. Irish dance
    Does anyone on here do irish dance??? I do and I know its not that common but was wondering if anyone did.
    4 Music 20
  91. I want to make good dancing friends over the internet... but how?
    I want to make good dancing friends over the internet... but how?
    4 Sports 18
  92. Who is really good at Dance Dance Revolution?
    who can play ddr really well like on the green or purple seting?
    2 Gaming 15
  93. How to master DDR?(dance dance revolution)
    How can you master DDR if your shy and have to play it in front of your class?Cause I got to play DDR for gym class.
    4 Gaming 54
  94. What are some good dance songs?
    Hello. What are some good dance songs? I was thinking to dance my fats off. =D
    2 Music 19
  95. I need good dance music.
    I need any good dance, techno, or rave music. Anything you can dance to
    2 Music 22
  96. Homecoming dancing
    I just need advice on how to slow dance at my homecoming dance with a girl. thanks =]
    3 Entertainment 47
  97. Dancing like a Hippie
    Weird question, but I have to dance like a hippie for a skit that I'm doing. How do I dance like a hippie?
    3 General 140
  98. Who on this site loves to dance?
    Who on this site loves to dance ( I mean like for fun at dances and such)? =D
    8 Entertainment 31
  99. Who won dancing with the stars?
    Who won dancing with the stars? I have missed a lot of episodes. Dancing with the stars is awesome, but who won?
    2 Entertainment 143
  100. How do you freak dance?
    I need to know asap having party
    3 Entertainment 55
  101. What questions to ask for an interveiw with my dance teacher for a documentary?
    4 Education 40
  102. How can someone ease tension in their body so they can learn how to do some dances?
    2 Nutritionfitness 20
  103. Did Forrest Gump really teach Elvis how to dance?
    3 Entertainment 169
  104. Are guys intimidated by a girl that dances really well?
    6 Relationships 97
  105. How do you make a PHP file in Aptana Studio 2.0?
    2 Technology 11
  106. What are some ways I can ask a guy to the Sadie Hawkins Dance?
    8 General 18
  107. Dance Dance Revolution game for PS2?
    I'm thinking of buying a DDR game. What is it newest one for PS2 or XBOX, preferably PS2.
    2 Gaming 11
  108. HOw can i create/ choregraph a dance if i cant dance?
    even tho we r gonna work in groups but wat if they dont kno how to dance?
    3 General 19
  109. What to wear to jungle themed dance?
    im having a 'jungle fever' dance at my highschool, what should I wear to it?!
    7 Style 91
  110. How do you freak dance?
    5 Entertainment 64
  111. Is So Good a good dance song?
    do you think So Good by Electrik Red a good song to make a dance to?
    2 Music 41
  112. Where do I find the Dancing Nutria in Urbz?
    In the game urbz for ds where do I find the dancing nutria and how do I capture her?
    20 Gaming 327
  113. dance theme?
    im having a dance at school and im in the commite wht are some ideas for the theme?
    3 Entertainment 47
  114. Good dance group names?
    Whats a good idea for a dance group name, its like street dancing?
    3 General 119
  115. I dont wanna dance too slutty,
    Im going to a party saturday, but I dont wanna dance too slutty, so how do I dance ?
    2 General 23
  116. The dance style jerkin
    Ok when you jerk are there names for each move or is it all just jerkin
    2 Sports 78
  117. What's a new, meaningful song you can dance to?
    ..its for a ctc class project?
    15 Music 38
  118. What would be a good name for an in-home pilates studio?
    3 Money 30
  119. How do you do a "baby freeze", "moon walk", and an "air walk" in break dance?
    5 Sports 51
  120. What's that song that was remade and it's kind of rock and it involves the word "dance"?
    6 Music 43
  121. How do you dance the futterwacken like the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland?
    6 Entertainment 45
  122. Why is it that my right ankle has been hurting every time I start dance?
    3 Health 21
  123. what are some cool dance moves 2 do with soulji boy?
    2 General 55
  124. What style does Avril Lavigne dance in music video Girlfriend?
    2 Music 22
  125. Dance or gymnastics?
    which one should I go for dance or gymastics? which one makes you loser more wieghtt?
    9 Sports 37
  126. How do you not be nervous to start a dance class?
    Im nervous to start a dance class what do I do not be nervous anymore for the first day I start?
    3 Entertainment 71
  127. Twirk; stanky legg; dance
    I cant dance for nothing! How do you teach urself to twirk, and do the stanky legg?
    4 Entertainment 50
  128. Dance Gavin Dance
    What do you think of the band "dance gavin dance" All my friends hate them They say the singer has an afwul voice.. but I think its quite unusual and interesting. Whats your opinion on this band?
    2 Music 48
  129. anybody noe who sings dah song Dance Like David ?
    anybody noe who sings dah song Dance Like David ?
    2 Music 43
  130. Where's the Paradise Island Map and Dancing Nutria in Urbz?
    Where do I get the Paradise Island Map and where is the Dancing Nutria in Sims Urbz?
    7 Gaming 91
  131. Any good dance songs?
    I am making up a routine that is for cheerleading. any good dance music? :) thanks!
    2 Music 32
  132. is steve-o from jackass gonna star on dancing with the stars??
    is steve-o from jackass really gonna star on dancing with the stars??
    4 Entertainment 37
  133. Best mic to use in a homemade recording studio ?
    What is the best mic to use in a homemade recording studio ? What type/brand is the most recommended to use ?
    2 Music 14
  134. Can belly dancing get my tummy in shape?
    Is belly danceing a good way to get fat off my tummy and get it in to shape?
    6 Nutritionfitness 74
  135. Christmas Dance. Clothing Ideas?
    can someone give me clothing ideas? I don't know what to wear to the christmas dance!
    3 Style 50
  136. starting to do a mix of yoga and dance and stretching
    I've been thinking about starting to do a mix of yoga and dance and stretching... what do you think of the idea?
    3 Nutritionfitness 36
  137. jerkin is a dance style but are there names for each type of move?
    Ok I know jerkin is a dance style but are there names for each type of move?
    4 Sports 134
  138. Is competitive dancing a sport or is it still just another beautiful art form?
    Is competitive dancing a sport or is it still just another beautiful art form?
    4 Sports 17
  139. Are dance, cheering, and gymnastics sports?
    do you guys consider things like dance, cheering, and gymnastics a sport?
    7 Nutritionfitness 18
  140. Dancing Movies?
    What are some Dancing movies?? Like Dirty Dancing 1 & 2,Step up,ECT..
    3 Entertainment 12
  141. lap dance music
    what is the best music to do a lap dance to? is there any music that you would recomend? what would you like to see your partner dance to?
    6 Music 234
  142. How long has Blood on the Dance Floor and Jeffree Star been around?
    And how old are they?
    4 Music 36
  143. Would dancing for 2 hours be a sufficient way to burn calories?
    7 Nutritionfitness 29
  144. What is Protest The Hero's recording studio called?
    Like the name of the place that records them.
    2 Music 15
  145. lap dance songs
    hey does anyone have any ideas for good lapdancing songs?
    10 Music 64
  146. Does anybody know how to dance the "Hoedown Throwdown" by Hannah Montana?
    5 Entertainment 33
  147. Would playing Just Dance on the Wii help someone lose weight?
    10 Gaming 16
  148. Whats your fav ride at universal studios?
    mines the mummy :) aaawesome ride
    3 Entertainment 39
  149. is it bad for me to dance while im pregnant?
    im not break dancin but its just hip hop dancin?
    4 Health 33
  150. How to get noticed for singing and dancing?
    so I love singing and acting. does anyone know how to get noticed?
    2 Money 38
  151. What are some good can dance to party Songs?
    just if you can give me some good songs u like to party too Plz = )?
    6 Music 37
  152. Why are Obama and Sarah Palin going to be on the next season of Dancing with the Stars?
    10 Entertainment 17
  153. Pole dancing lessons.
    Where can my girl get pole dancing lessons? She wants to learn how, but is there somewhere that teaches this?
    3 Education 18
  154. How do you dance?
    Can anyone tell me the proper way to hip roll, pop, and other dances like that?
    7 Music 43
  155. Who will get off Dancing with the Stars Next?
    Who do you want or think is going to get voted off Dancing with the stars tuesday?
    2 Entertainment 17
  156. Bands like Blood On The Dance Floor.
    Hey what are some bands like Blood On The Dance Floor? I know a few but I was wanting to know more :D
    4 Music 51
  157. School dance
    There's a dance at my school tonight what should I wear and any advice how to not be shy and talk to new people???
    5 General 29
  158. How do you dance?
    I never dance at dances like homecoming and stuff because eveyone like grindes and stuff and I feel stupid doing that. any tips??
    8 Music 47
  159. What's some good songs to dance to?
    What's some good songs to dance to (street dancing, sort of) but isn't too repetitive, a little repetitive is ok though.
    4 Music 52
  160. How can I get my dad 2 let me go dancing lessons
    How do I pursuade my dad to let me go to dance lessons for 3.50 a lesson = street dance
    4 Entertainment 17
  161. What song do you wanna learn a dance to ?
    What song would you like to lean a dance to on youtube ? Like what type of dance and what song it can be any thing
    2 Music 55
  162. song that is either just like just dance that us school appropriate
    Ok I need a song that is either just like just dance that us school appropriate or edited just dance for school.
    2 Music 39
  163. What are some good dance songs?
    :) I love to dance Butt im soo use to dancing to other songs. Any really good Danceyy songs? :)
    4 Music 26
  164. What song, right now or one from the past, makes you want to get up to sing and dance?
    51 Music 44
  165. Has anyone ever been into Blood On The Dance Floor (band) or Jeffree Star's music?
    8 Music 16
  166. Does anyone kno any good songs to dance to for hip-hop an jazz?
    7 Music 19
  167. Is it okay for a 14-year-old girl to dress and dance sexy?
    15 Sex 260
  168. Is Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 10 a good video editor?
    3 Technology 27
  169. Do you think I should go to my 8th grade dance?
    But i wouldnt beable to wear my hair down :-(
    10 Entertainment 153
  170. Does anyone know any japanese dance songs?
    such as , caramelldansen speedycake remix? <3
    6 Music 29
  171. sims urbz, how to find the map to the island/ and the dancing anim
    how do i find the map to the island, and what is the Nutra thingy? and were is it???
    2 Gaming 22
  172. Can anybody recommend some really good Blood On The Dance Floor songs to pump you up?
    7 Music 42
  173. WHO:if you r watch Make It or Break It who was laughing at kaylie when she did her dance it was too much , hahahahah?
    3 Entertainment 23
  174. Is this a good outfit for a valentine dance?
    is wearing a mini skirt and areopastale good outfit 4 a valintine dance
    7 Style 45
  175. Do any guys like Dirty Dancing?
    Guys---I've never met any of you that like dirty dancing. do any of you like it? why don't you??? It's the best movie ever!
    3 Entertainment 15
  176. Chimpmunks vs Hamster dance
    Do you prefer Alvin and the Chipmunks or Hamster dance? I like Hamsters, their songs were amazing,
    3 Entertainment 55
  177. What's good dance music?
    need soem hip hop music that isnt well known but good to dance too?
    2 Music 38
  178. how to give a lap dance
    I was wondering how to give a lap dance. how do you start and end it? is there any helpful websites to learn from? thanks.
    39 Relationships 1586
  179. Does anyone remember the hamster dance?
    Doed anyone remember the hamster dance? I know it's on youtbe, but I remember when it was a on song on a cd. We had it, but it broke. But do you remember them?
    6 Music 51
  180. Which song is best for belly dance?
    Which song is best for belly dance? I'm representing my school dancelife club. Sassygal
    2 Music 52
  181. Does anyone here know how to Tahitian dance?
    I want to learn because I'm going to dance at my sweet sixteen
    15 Entertainment 23
  182. what are some good EBM or Industrial dance bands ?
    what are some good EBM or Industrial dance bands like die krupps rammstein combichrist
    2 Music 54
  183. jerk dance
    can anybody tell me how to do the "jerk dance" step by step please..everybody knows how except me :( help??
    8 General 38
  184. How to Ask a girl to The dance
    I need Advice on how to ask A girl out to the school dance I don't want to ask her and she say no! how do I know if she will go with me
    3 Relationships 30
  185. list of differen hip hop/ rap, dances
    I need a list of differen hip hop/ rap, dances .. like tha stanky leg, dances like that
    4 Music 48
  186. Whats a good dancing song.
    A slow song That I can dance a lyrical dance too. A song that touches you, you know ? Makes you feel somethingg. (:
    2 Music 92
  187. anything similar to nickasaur or blood on the dance floor?
    Does anyone know anything similar to nickasaur! Or blood on the dance floor??? I looovveee them and need more songs
    2 Music 35
  188. dance styles
    I have been thinking of starting dancing again. But I dont know what I should I do. ballet tap hip hop jazz or belly dancing?
    4 Entertainment 18
  189. Is it really worth the extra price to buy flash pass tickets at Universal Studios?
    2 Entertainment 45
  190. What are some fun dances some of people did in the 40's-70's?
    i have dance class at school and its supper fun. we are in groups and have to come up with 8 more Fad dances
    3 General 9
  191. What is the name of the song that Taylor Swift sings in the Hannah Montanna movie, While they are dancing in the barn?
    3 Music 11
  192. Dance promblem
    Hey does anyone a good hiphop dvd because I really want to lrean hiphop??
    5 Music 11
  193. What is better for losing weight - running a mile or playing the game "Just Dance" for several hours?
    7 Nutritionfitness 38
    any dance songs like, cascada and all for my cousins 18th b'day party..
    7 Music 37
  195. Looking for seductive music for lap dance
    I am looking for some seducdive music for a lapdance. I was wondering if anyone had any cugrestions...
    3 Music 130
  196. Street dancing
    Whats the best thing to wear to stand out while street dancing, I love tutus but thats not very good for the dance lol ?
    2 Style 40
  197. Halloween dance
    Ok so my school is having a halloween dance and me and a few of my friends are in charge of putting it all together the school gave us 600$ for it what should we do
    3 Entertainment 20
  198. Dancing Tahitian and Hula
    Considering I'm from hawaii, I dance tahitian and hula. I've been dancing for a longtime. If anyone knows what they are, tell me what you think about them?
    4 Entertainment 14
  199. Dancing Beats.
    What's a really good song that has a good beat to dance to?? I'm kinda hyper and I love just random dancing. Sooo...Yea. [:
    4 Music 20
  200. What Islands do hula dancing as part of their culture?
    i know its not just hawaii.. there are more but idk the rest!
    4 Travel 13
  201. Who do you like on America's Best Dance Crew 2?
    Whos your favorite crew so far on ABDC 2!?
    2 Entertainment 11
  202. What's a good dance song?
    hey whats a really good dance song with a good beat?? help me please<3 thank you =]
    10 Music 59
  203. Where can I find the perfect middle school dress up dance dress???
    I have a dress up dance at my middle school and I am dying to find the perfect dress!!! I don't know where to find it and I live in Washington where should I go???
    9 Shopping 64
  204. Have you seen dance flick yet???...
    Has any body seen dance flick yet I have and I think its sooo funny but some parts are boring too wbu???
    3 Entertainment 9
  205. Is "just dance" game for the wii a good game?
    because I want ro buy it & I don't want to waste my money if it's not good you know ?
    4 Gaming 16
  206. Did salsa dancing come from mambo dancing?
    Did salsa dancing come from mambo dancing? I can't dance the mambo, but at a class a few weeks ago, the back & forth basic was referred to by an instructor as the mambo basic. Is Salsa a newer form of mambo? From what I recall reading / learning before...
    4 Entertainment 36
  207. I want to learn how to dance.
    I want to learn how to dance. I am the worst dancer you can imagine, but I like to do it anyway. I have fun and it would be more fun if I were any good. Where can I find a place to learn how to dance?
    2 Entertainment 48
  208. What is a good dance song?
    does anyone have an good dance song. im talking about some freak dance songs. either techno or hiphop. example: duece poppi- do it again
    4 Music 21
  209. Is it to late to start dancing?
    I started danceing at 3 but stopped when I was 5, I am now 13 and really want to start ballet again but will it be ok to start dancing again or will I never be able to do it again.?
    3 Sports 29
  210. Good song for dance team?
    What is a good song for my school's dance team to dace to? we need an upbeat song but not weird it would have to have an outcome of a very cute but not to sluty dance
    4 Music 84
  211. what csn i do to start learning to dance hip-hop?
    i would like to learn how to dance hip-hop or dance not that flexible or anyhting. so what could i do??
    6 Entertainment 33
  212. Who knows any good "dance & electronic" songs?
    Does anyone know any good "dance & electronic" songs that they can tell me of? I love dance and elecronic, but its kinda hard for me to find good songs though.
    4 Music 46
  213. How do I learn new dances?
    I wanna Shoulder Lean and Poo Palace but I don't know how. How do I learn these new dances so I won't feel left out.
    3 Entertainment 55
  214. Is it true Sean Hannity built a studio in his home?
    Is it true Sean Hannity built a studio in his home? Is it also true he broadcasts from home? I'm referring to the radio show.
    3 Entertainment 75
  215. Should I ask him to the dance if my friend rejects him?
    My friend got asked to the dance -by the class clown- and i like him. i think shes going to say no. if she does say no should i ask him?
    2 Relationships 41
  216. Techno Rave Dance Party...and I need an outfit
    ok so my school is having a techno themed dance party... and I have no idwa what to wear. help?
    2 Style 80
  217. Good songs for a cheerleading dance?
    What are some good songs 4 a cheerleading dance!?? W/ out any curse words my coach would have a heart attack!!!
    38 Sports 3533
  218. instead of homecoming dance?
    so instead of going to the homecoming dance me and my boyfriend want to do something. what should we do? we're 14 and need to do something cheep. any suggestions?
    2 Relationships 62
  219. What to wear to the valentines dance?
    Our school is having a valentines dance on the 6th and the girl asks the guy. Its formal, but I have no idea what to wear that is cute and comfy!
    2 Style 66
  220. Do music studios charge by the hour?
    Do music studios charge by the hour? or the whole day? and how much do they charge? Me and ma frends gonna make a cd :)
    2 Music 8
  221. School dance
    Ohk , so I have a school dance this year and I missed last years. The theme 4 this year is something satrting with f. Any ideas?
    5 Style 38
  222. Good songs for modern/lyrical dance
    For people who have taken lyrical or modern...good songs for a lyrical or modern dance(solo)...not hip hop or jazz
    7 Music 1097
  223. good songs for modern/lyrical dance
    hey I was just wondering if anyone new any good songs to a modern or lyrical type of dance to. thankss!
    4 Music 172
  224. Where can i buy on the internet some pressed pennys from universal studios in florida?
    I have a bunch now but there were some that i didn't have. Can anyone help me?
    6 Shopping 18
  225. Americas best dance crew
    Does anyone one know where I can get a soreal cru shirt at?
    3 Shopping 15
  226. Stanky leg dance
    Who knows how to do da stanky legg really good? I just wondering because I need to learn!
    2 Entertainment 37
  227. What are your favourite dance tracks?
    Looking for some really good up beat music to have at our party! Any ideas? :D
    3 Music 12
  228. How can I get better at dancing?
    I've been taking dance classes since I was 3 and I do cheerleading. I am good at dancing but only if it is a routine I have to memorize. I dont like to dance at school dances but I want to so how can I get better at dancing? Do you have any step by ste...
    3 Entertainment 70
  229. What do I do at a party if I don't like dancing?
    My friend wants me to go and I don't want to just sit around and look lame but then I do because I don't like how people dance... what can I do to still have fun and avoid dancing?
    2 General 18
  230. Where can I Download Dancing with the stars Episodes?
    Dancing with the stars is a reality TV show. I want to download this show because I love to watch Dancing with the stars episodes. So please give me a site where I can get this show.
    2 Entertainment 11
  231. A dance Question.?
    Should dance be considerd a sport? Like ballet, jazz, modern, brake dance, lyrical and ect. P.S suck at spelling.
    6 Sports 20
  232. Bible verses that say dance
    Ok everyone I am doing a dance "recital"thingy at my church this year and I need all the bible verses you can think of that say dance please:) thanks
    4 Religion 87
  233. What are some great new dance mixes?
    I love dance, techno and german dance. I'm a DJ and I'm running out of great music to play. What do you suggest I download?
    4 Music 39
  234. If you could pick a dance class, which would you choose?
    If you had te choice to do 1 dance class .///what would it be and PLEASE explain why you choice it PLEASSEEE
    3 Education 30
  235. How should I wear my skirt to a Halloween dance?
    There is this Halloween dance for my school, and I don't know how to wear my skirt because it is long, but my friends want to roll it very high up with pins. Should I let them, or don't let them.
    3 Style 10
  236. Are hip hop dancing and gymnastics sports?
    is hip hop dancing a sport is gymnastics a sport I love both but I dont quite know so pleez tell me thanx allison
    6 Sports 53
  237. I want to learn to give a really good lap dance
    I want to learn to give a really good lap dance does anyone know some good tips or a web site that teaches you?
    2 Entertainment 45
  238. Does dancing burn fat?
    okay, so I tried dancing... I just started hiphop, just wondering, if it helps burn fat? I heard that it helps a lot.. is it true???
    5 Nutritionfitness 79
  239. Dance music for my party
    help I really need grinding music and dancing music for my prty I need new 2009 songs( hip hop)
    2 Music 52
  240. What are some good house, tencho dance songs?
    Well I just love to dance to tencho and that kinda music. So if you have any songs please leave them below with the artist, thanks
    3 Music 14
  241. How much does a music dance video cost?
    how much does a much music video dance cost? and if anyone has had one before, could you give me some more basic information? what else did you have to do, how was it, ect.?
    3 Entertainment 225
  242. Should I do cheerleading or dance?
    I really want to be a cheerleader, but on the other hand I really want to be a dancer because I made dance team but cheerleading is more fun and you get to travel more, which one should I do? HELP!
    11 Sports 334
  243. How can I make my leaps better in jazz dance?
    Well it's mostly with straighten my legs and jumping higher,how can I fix that?
    4 Sports 44
  244. Why do people say that African Americans can dance but white people can't?
    like i always hear people saying that? no offense to anyone tho!
    10 General 31
  245. Getting out of marching band for a homecoming dance
    I need help I was invited to my girlfriends homecomming and its on a saturday and I am in marching band how can I get out of marching band to go with she pls pls help
    2 Education 49
  246. America's Best Dance Crew follow-up
    wut are yur reactions to the Jabbawockeez winning on the show???
    3 Entertainment 7
  247. Americas best dance crew season 4 week 6
    the taping was today. who got voted off??
    2 Entertainment 42
  248. Where did salsa, and tango (dances) originate from?
    I've always wanted to learn both of them, but I don't think that's ever gonna happen.
    4 Entertainment 36
  249. What crew on America's Best Dance Crew Season 2 is your favorite?
    my favorites are A.S.I.I.D. , So Real, and Super Crew. How bout u?
    5 Entertainment 14
  250. Is Vicom studios (or however the company is spelt) going to ever put Danny Phantom back on tv?
    2 Entertainment 15